Feb 16, 2022 - Day -7

That case when in the country after decommunization, there is still a "scoop" in the minds of officials. Here is this "Provide Photo Reports" - this is the main thing in this story. Everything in them is in the name of PR.

Immediately unite! Otherwise, Putin will attack...

Last night a massive hacker attack on the websites of Ukrainian government agencies and banks began. By midnight, the websites of the President of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense, the Security Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Armed Forces, the State Emergency Service, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the Ministry of Justice, etc., were "taken down" by hackers. There is no doubt that our neighbors from Zaporizhzhia did this.

And how can I not remember now the quote of one of Zelensky's team members? Is cybersecurity still not important? And these people want to make electronic voting in the Verkhovna Rada, so that deputies can vote not in the hall, but from anywhere? For example, from the Maldives, Seychelles, or Ibiza. Then I will not be surprised if after the next vote, the deputies themselves will be surprised to learn that they voted for the refusal of Crimea or for something similar. This situation shows that there can be no talk of any remote voting of deputies in the Verkhovna Rada or of electronic voting by citizens. Because if power is in the hands of lamers who are not able to protect government websites, then everything else will be at risk.

And the cherry on top. The NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence is located in Estonia (NATO Cyber Defence Center). And this Center, like the websites of state structures, is regularly but unsuccessfully attacked by Kremlin hackers. I repeat once again. Regularly, but unsuccessfully. And Estonia pays great attention to data cybersecurity. And in Ukraine, the Minister of Digital Transformation, Mikhail Fedorov, publicly stated that the role of cybersecurity in the modern world is exaggerated. Let him go and learn from the Estonians. But for now, there can be no talk of any electronic voting. Otherwise, the Kremlin supporters will "vote" for us in such a way that we will be dealing with it for 100 years.

💩As you know, the Russian Duma appealed to Putin asking to recognize "ORDLO" 🇷🇺

How surprising, but for us it is a victory, not a betrayal.

If Putin really recognizes the occupied "republics", it will only mean that he has recognized our victory. Because from the very beginning he wanted Ukraine - from the San to the Don, not just a part of it.

Ukrainians defeated Putin in 2004 when they prevented Russian political technologists from making Yanukovych president.

In 2013, Putin seemed to think that he had already played his part. Yanukovych had already become president and agreed to the conditions of Ukraine's satelliteization proposed by Putin. Until the Ukrainian people defeated Putin again in February 2014.

Then Putin decided to turn this strategic defeat into a tactical victory. And he annexed Crimea. He got Crimea, but at the same time finally lost Ukraine. Russia became an enemy, and pro-Russian forces in Ukraine lost both power and authority and electoral base. The plan to develop the tactical victory into a strategic one has failed - "Greater Novorossiya" did not happen. Another defeat.

Then Putin decided to exchange it for another tactical victory by sending his ihtamnets, bitter melons, and motorolls to Donbass. The goal was to create a controlled region within Ukraine that would serve as an anchor, tying it to Russia. But the "Ihtamnet" plan failed, and in order to save their provincial creation, the Russians had to engage in direct combat.

Since then, the Russians have been trying for eight years to push through the Minsk agreements in their interpretation. The final step was a demonstrative gathering of troops near the Ukrainian borders and blackmailing the West. Agree to refuse Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic integration, or we will start a war!

If they now recognize the independence of ORDL, they acknowledge that the plan to capture Ukraine did not work. Donbass, let alone reduced to a third of its territory, was never their main goal. The goal was the political subjugation of Ukraine and closing off its path to the West. Recognition

"республік" - The Republic - a statement of fact that it didn't work out, but the face must be preserved.

So far, everything is not going according to Putin's plan. Ukraine stood its ground. The West proved to be united and strong. And the aging and balding "great leader" is already having to think about how to get out of his previous "double games" with minimal loss of face and reputation.

Victor Tregubov, member of the Political Council of DemSokir

The Minister of Internal Affairs Monastyrsky shows that he actively supports the holiday founded by Zelensky. And he is ready to unite. "Unity Day", after all. However, it is not yet known with whom he is ready to unite in the first place. Maybe with Trukhin, to quietly go into the forest? Or maybe he wants to unite with Shevchenko, who is a fan of the Belarusian dictator Lukashenko? Or maybe Monastyrsky plans to unite with Arakhameya, Tretiakova, Tishchenko, Getmantsev, Bezugla, Kuzminykh, Bogutskaya, and other representatives.

#моносброда - #monobrow

I'm sorry, but there is no text or word provided for translation. Could you please provide the specific text or word you would like to have translated?

And maybe with the rapist Ivanisov, with whom he entered the VR in the same party? Or does he want to unite with Anal-Taboo Yaremenko and together order prostitutes while sitting in the VR? By the way, Ivanisov can unite with Yaremenko and they will have a funny duet. But in any case, it's his choice. I won't join them. I disgust.

Photo (c) Yan Dobronosov

This is a disgrace!!! The opening of today's Verkhovna Rada session. In the foreground, the MP from the "Servant of the People" party, Klochko, wearing an embroidered shirt, holds his hand to his heart and recites the words of the anthem. At the same time, he cannot explain why, right after the start of his tenure and after he became the committee head, his family, represented by his mother and sister, began buying apartments, houses, and land worth millions of hryvnias, but they cannot explain where they got this money from. And these people teach us patriotism? And we are supposed to unite with them?

Informed sources in the President's Office claim that on the occasion of Unity Day, Volodymyr Zelensky will fly on a helicopter around the perimeter of Ukraine, holding Igor Kolomoisky's hand)))

Good video. In memor! ))

When Arakhamiya opens his mouth and comments on something, I understand that he is either an idiot or an infiltrated agent of the FSB. Or maybe both. He should stay silent, but he speaks and makes things worse for Ukraine.

New "Exiles" are already on the site. So take a look. You will learn a lot and be able to understand where the bravado, imitation, and failures from Zelensky are hiding.


100%. The guy has not yet finished dividing up the budget money from "Great Embezzlement". So he no longer plans to relinquish the mandate, but the option of a quiet retreat to the forest is still relevant to him.

In Russia, there are rational and decent people. But there are few of them. Moreover, intelligent and decent Russians are absent in the Kremlin, in the government, on Russian television 📺, and in general in the Russian authorities.

Democratic Sokyra thanked Lithuanian friends for their support 🇺🇦🇱🇹

Today, on February 16th, Lithuanian deputies arrived in Ukraine to hold an on-site meeting of their National Security and Defense Committee of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania. The Lithuanian State Security Department is led by our good friend Laurynas Kaščiūnas (in the photo with Gudymenko).

To hold a meeting in a country targeted by Putin is a bold move. Especially considering that all pro-Russian deputies and oligarchs have long fled Ukraine. In the end, the Greeks, along with them, may not return.

We went outside the Verkhovna Rada to thank the Lithuanian people for this friendly step. We appreciate the support of Lithuanian politicians and value the weapons that our military receive from the Republic of Lithuania, for which Lithuanian taxpayers have paid.

Only together we will win!

United we stand!

Now you can tell. My wife, our friends, and I have a good tradition. Every February we go to the wine fair in Strasbourg. And this year we also planned to come. But the fair was postponed due to the corona epidemic. And the fair was supposed to be from February 11th to 14th. So, we should have arrived on the 10th and left on February 15th. Right in the midst of everything happening in Ukraine. Remember the hysteria on February 12th about planes with businessmen, oligarchs, and politicians leaving Ukraine on the eve of a possible new stage of invasion? Imagine then what kind of tension is building up, and we would be in Strasbourg with Natasha at that time. Who would understand that it's a planned trip? Who, amid the mass hysteria, would believe that it's not fleeing, but a tradition to fly to the wine fair? I would be accused of all sins. Believe me, the powers that be wouldn't spare money, effort, and bots for this "good" cause. And many would believe it. It's easier for people to believe in something bad. Unfortunately.

Therefore, I did not judge anyone and do not judge if they were flying somewhere or were abroad at that moment. Only MPs and government representatives deserve condemnation if they fled and were not on an official trip. I don't consider it my right to judge others. After all, someone definitely had a planned trip for work or personal matters, while others were forcefully taken away by employers. And I know this too. By the way, I do not judge those who are tired of the situation in Ukraine and have left in search of a better life for themselves or their children. This is a choice. And everyone makes it independently, based on their priorities. That's why

But in any case, only wild chance did not allow Zelensky's minions to strike at my reputation. And I am in Kiev. My wife and children are in Kiev. Our parents are with Natasha in Kiev. And this best shows my priorities. Yes, we are in Kiev, not in Europe, the USA or somewhere else. But I don't condemn those who are not in Ukraine today. Because everyone has different reasons. Everyone should be responsible for themselves. Everyone, but specifically themselves. And I am in Kiev. And everything will be Ukraine!

Alina Pash withdrew her candidacy from participating in Eurovision after the scandal and will not go to the contest in Turin. This incident is a minus for her, but a plus for Ukraine. If you want to travel to Moscow or work in a territory occupied by an aggressor country, go ahead and work, but don't expect to represent Ukraine on the international stage afterwards. Earn money at corporate events.

Shit! Pasha did not withdraw her candidacy. She was withdrawn by the management of Suspilne. Well, why did she lie now???

By the way, yes!

Attention! Attention! In the Messiah's team, there is a substitution. I repeat, there is a substitution in the team. Zelensky is taking the position of the Savior. He will save all of us! But it's not certain. ))

Yesterday, after the pre-premiere screening of Oleg Sentsov's film "Rhino," my wife and I returned home and I couldn't write a review. I couldn't. Emotions, memories from my youth, and scenes from the movie were getting in the way, which were right in front of my eyes. I had to gather my thoughts. I'll start with the fact that the film makes a strong impression. Everything is impressive. And everything is top-notch - the story of the main character, the direction, the editing, the acting, and the choice of actors. Special attention should be given to the details, from the carpet on the wall to the disco or monkey room. And of course, the combination of the soundtrack with the visuals is breathtaking. You can feel the atmosphere. Especially when you hear the familiar "When My Friends Are with Me" from childhood, and something incredible is happening on the screen. This has to be seen. No words can convey the feelings of what I saw.

And it's worth watching the movie. Because it's an event. In fact, it's the best "gangster saga" filmed in Ukraine. It's our equivalent of "Once Upon a Time in America" and it's "Anti-Brigade" at the same time. Without glorifying and romanticizing criminals, like it was in "Boomer" and in "Brigade", without criminal romance and without idealizing the main hero. It's a film about the turbulent 90s and it's filmed very realistically, harshly, and boldly. And besides, it's a story about how we pay for everything in this life, that karma exists and everything comes back to us. And then you realize that the film raises a series of important questions:

- What does a person live for?

- What is our place in life?

What trace will remain after us?

But everyone will answer these questions themselves. And the main character found his answer. One, but for all questions. Which one? Watch and find out. But I'm grateful to Sentsov for this film. Because films of such quality haven't been made in Ukraine for a long time. So thank you, Oleg Sentsov, for "The Rhino". Keep making more. You really make awesome movies!

Photos from the pre-premiere screening of "Rhino". Go. You will be impressed.

To tears. If it hadn't happened, it would have been worth inventing it for some comedy film. But this is the reality of our life. Kiva, who inexplicably ran away to Spain, announced that he would file lawsuits in international courts against the President of the United States for constantly talking about the threat of Russian invasion of Ukraine. Kiva claims that it was specifically Biden who "caused him emotional and psychological trauma". Traumatized. )))

Sorry, but this is the best for today. ))

⚠️ Late, but very important post ⚠️

Kolomoisky is one of the few oligarchs who did not flee Ukraine before Russia's attack. But this does not mean that Igor Valerich is a brave patriot who will defend the country against Russians.

Tomorrow Igor Valeriyovich may have dominant influence in the oil refining industry of Ukraine.

Tomorrow, billions of our money may end up in the pockets of the oligarch, if it's in cash. And if it's assets, then the most lucrative part of Ukrnafta's property - the oil section - may go to Kolomoisky's "Privat" group. For a moment, the largest oil extraction company in Ukraine.

He had already tried to pull off this trick at the end of last year. But then DemSokiri managed to draw attention to this and the Beni operation failed.

He Kolomoisky decided to go to the end. Even before the threat of Russian invasion, he wants to deprive the state of influence over oil processing. And he wants to become the actual monopolist in the oil market of Ukraine.

How to do this?

Roughly speaking, now Ukrnafta is 50% owned by Naftogaz (state), 40% by Kolomoisky, and 10% by small shareholders (businessmen, non-residents, individuals).

On February 17, that is tomorrow, the shareholders' meeting will be held again, where they will discuss the issue of a peace agreement with Kolomoisky.

We assume that the plan is as follows: Ukrnafta transfers (deposits, plants, the entire oil business) to its daughter company "Nafto-Active" (specially created for Kolomoisky's cunning equipment). And it, in turn, sells the property to Cypriot offshore companies. Then Ukrnafta redeems the shares of Benia and other shareholders. And Benia then buys "Nafto-Active" for the received money through the offshore companies.

Result: Ukrnafta (on which gas assets remain) remains under the control of Naftogaz. Kolomoisky receives oil assets. Once again - over 70% of Ukrnafta's best assets are severed from it and transferred to Kolomoisky.

Why is the whole fuss?

Why should the state negotiate with Kolomoisky and give something away? Because there are 9.7 billion cubic meters of gas that Ukrnafta (Beni) owes Naftogaz (the state). And Kolomoisky plans to pay off the debt in exactly this way.

But there is a very significant but. At the time when the debt appeared, the price of gas was 10 times lower.

Tomorrow at the shareholders' meeting of Ukrnafta, under pressure from Kolomoyskyi, wants to transfer all the powers of the shareholders to the supervisory board, which will be able to do whatever it wants with the company. Behind closed doors. This is particularly dangerous, as control over the company will ultimately pass to Kolomoyskyi's people.

This cannot be allowed.

Tomorrow will be.

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Our ambassador in Japan, Sergei Korsunsky, said in the evening before the expected attack: "We know what we are fighting for. And Russia?"

In my opinion, the best photo on this topic.