Mar 7, 2022 - Day 12



spoken 🔊 Arakhmiia stated that Ukraineready to considerjointly with international partners guarantee security outside of NATO membership

The response we have from NATO countries is that they are not even ready to discuss our membership in NATO, at least not in the next 5-10 years. We will not fight for submitting an application to NATO, we will fight for a result, not the process.



After the capture of the Novokakhovska Hydroelectric Power Station by the occupiers, the water did not flow to Crimea. We have made it so that it is not easy to restore even after the capture.Arrestovich



❗️Russian forces launched a missile strike from the sea on the village of Tuzla in the Odessa region.

According to the dictionary of the regional headquarters.Serhiy Bratchuk, the enemy targeted critical infrastructure objects. It is now known that there are no casualties.



🇬🇧Great Britainrequested the exclusion of the Russian Federation from Interpol



🚨Pervomaisk! Air alarm!



🇺🇦 In the official Twitter accountUkraineThey listed the values ​​for which our state is fighting against Russian occupiers.



Russia recruits military personnel in Syria who are skilled in urban warfare for the war in Ukraine.Wall Street Journalwith reference to four US officials.

Such volunteers are offered $200 to $300 to go to Ukraine and work as security guards for six months.



Russia has applied 95% of all its forces and resources concentrated near the borders of Ukraine prior to the invasion, according to the data.The Pentagon.

And also, since the beginning of the full-scale war, the occupiers have launched about 600 rockets at our country.



🇩🇰 Denmark will abandon Russian gas as quickly as possible and increase the defense budget.

Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Frederiksen: Senseless and cruel attack by Putin on Ukraine marked a new era in Europe, a new reality.



🚨 There is an air alarm in Kyiv and Chernihiv!



🚨Vinnytsia! Air alarm! Everyone take cover!



💸 South Korea suspends transactions with the Central Bank of Russia



!MykolaivThey were hit by reactive systems of salvo fire.



🚨 Bila Tserkva! Air raid alert! Everyone to shelter!



Video of shellingMykolaivfrom eyewitnesses



🎥Shelling in the Kherson region near Chornobaivka airport



⚠️ ResidentsMykolaivIt is reported that the explosions are heard in all areas of the city.

Also write on social networks that in some areas of the city the lights have gone out.



💰Great Britain will provide an additional $100 million to support the economy of Ukraine.

At 5:15, they struck Mykolaiv with salvo fire from rocket systems. They once again hit residential buildings.



Consequences of powerful shelling in Mykolaiv. According to the preliminary information, the city was hit by BM-30 Smerch rocket artillery system.

Rescuers are working on site.

There has been a sharp exacerbation of schizophrenia in the Russian Ministry of Defense. They report that Ukrainian nationalists have mined the reactor at the experimental nuclear facility located in the Kharkiv Physics and Technology Institute. The Russists have announced that the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Azov Battalion plan to detonate the reactor and accuse the Russian army of allegedly launching a missile strike on the experimental nuclear facility. Well, they always blame either Azov or the Right Sector for everything. There's nothing new here. But the Russians have thrown another fake into the information space.

At the same time, it is worth reminding that on March 6, Russia started spreading messages about Kiev's nuclear preparations. In general, all this indicates that the Russian Ministry of Defense continues to come up with fakes and spread disinformation in an attempt to justify its inhuman actions.

Death, pain, and destruction appear everywhere Russian peace arrives.

All the same, it's reassuring that in the Russian Federation everything goes through "zho". So, yesterday, March 6th, in Omsk, local officials decided to join the general hysteria with the Z swastika. But something went wrong and they wrote "Their_Dumping". This apparently refers to those 11,000 deceased occupiers whom the Russian authorities do not retrieve, and now they are fertilizing Ukrainian soil. Business as usual.



🎥A strong explosion occurred in the occupied city of Luhansk. It is likely that an oil depot, which has not been in operation for several years, is on fire.



🚨Kyiv - air alarm!

A little insider information from an Orthodox Russian. The speech is full of love and humanism. But this is not certain.



📢The Russian Ministry of Defense has announcedsupposedly openinghumanitarian corridors in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Sumy, and Mariupol.

Russian media write that corridors will be made at Macron's request to Putin.

The two largest global auditing firms, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers, are leaving the Russian market. This is due to Russia's ongoing military aggression against Ukraine. As stated in KPMG's Twitter announcement, more than 4,500 people work in the company's offices in Russia and Belarus, and their employment will be terminated. In total, another 4,500 people will personally feel the cost of their silence regarding Russia's invasion of Ukraine. It's all fair. The boomerang principle.

A poem written under the shelling in Kyiv by Oleksandr Irvanets is a verdict to the lawlessness and thievery of Russia.



15-year-old Ukrainian gymnast Daniela Batrona took third place in the balance beam exercises at the World Cup stage.

And at the award ceremony, she refused to rise on the pedestal with representatives from Russia.



Kyiv and Kyiv region - alarm is over!

Good numbers. Israelis are pressing their government to transfer missile defense systems to Ukraine.



👊 Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down another helicopter of the occupiers.



🤬 Russian occupiers shot and robbed Swiss journalist Brіke.They took €3000, a helmet, filmed material on the camera, and a laptop from him.



NATO will not close the airspace over Ukraine because it is responsible for the lives of Europeans.

This was stated by the head of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Annalena Baerbock. According to her, the closure would mean entering into a military conflict with Russia, which would endanger the lives of millions of Europeans.



😞 The occupiers shot the head of the Hostomel community Yuri Prylypko and the volunteers Ruslan Karpenko and Ivan Zorya for distributing bread and medicine to people.

Considering the acute shortage of food among the residents of the Hostomel community, who fell under Moscow's occupation, despite the occupiers' ban, community leader Yuriy Prylypko, along with a group of volunteers, delivered food, medicine, and warm clothing to the people. It was known that the occupiers executed this humanitarian mission and besieged them.

Currently, the death of three people, Ukrainians with big hearts, has been confirmed...



⚡️In Kharkiv, one of the two pilots of the Russian fighter jet was detained!

The detained pilot is reported to be the deputy commander of an aviation regiment, according to Sushpilne. Another pilot is hiding in the city.



YouTube blocked Shariy's channel in Ukraine - Fedorov.



⛴ Ukrainian military in the Black Sea seized a Russian ship, according to spokesperson Sergey Bratchuk of the Operational Headquarters of the Odessa Naval Forces.



Video interrogation of the detained pilot of the Russian plane


It is necessary to identify as soon as possible.constructed pipeline from Mazyr Refinery (Belarus) to the territory of Ukrainethe enemy-organized refueling point for tankers, pipeline route, border crossing point, possible tanks in / near the refueling point.

They need to be choked!!!

We need to spread the word as much as we can!!!

It is important to detect their fuel tap!!!

If you know anything, write to me

@mediaoboronabot - @mediaoboronabot



🚨Alert in Kharkiv!



Under liberated Chuhuyiv, our defenders shot down another helicopter of the occupants.

⚡️⚡️⚡️The pilot of the downed Russian plane near Kharkiv has been captured!

⚡️⚡️He turned out to be the commander of an entire aviation regiment stationed in Voronezh. Personally made 3 flights between Izium and Balakliia.

⚡️⚡️Is one of the main participants and witnesses of crimes committed by the Russian aggressor against the peaceful Ukrainian population.

⚡️⚡️As reported by the head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Sinegubov, the Russian pilot surrendered his coordinators and revealed criminal orders.

⚡️It is also clarified that there were two enemy aircraft pilots, both alive. One of them is still managing to hide in the city. The search continues.

Ukraine has suspended the export of rye, oats, buckwheat, millet, sugar, and table salt suitable for consumption. This is stated in the Cabinet Resolution №207.

To the goods that can be exported with the permission of the Ministry of Economy, wheat, corn, poultry meat, chicken eggs, and vegetable oil have been added.

Experts predict that in less than a month, the whole world will feel the consequences of the war in Ukraine, which is one of the top 5 world food exporters. 10% of grain supplies are Ukrainian, and half of the sunflower oil export in the marketing year 2021/2022 is also ours. These data are provided by the analytical service of the All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council.

211 Ukrainian schools have been destroyed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Putin is a modern war criminal.



🔥 "U"In English:"Luts'k has created a catapult for the Bandera's strip - 'Ja Volyn'."



⚡️The subway is operating in transport mode. Information about train movements on 07.03.2022.

🔴 We inform you that the movement along the red line is organized from the station "Shuliavska" to the station "Universytet".

🔵 Trains run on the blue line from the station "Heroes of the Dnipro" to the station "Teremky".

❗️Trains pass stations without stopping

🚇 "Maidan Nezalezhnosti"

🚇 "Lvivska Square"

🟢 The green line operates from the "Syrets" station to the "Vydubychi" station.

Trains pass stations non-stop!

🚇 "Palace of Sports"

🚇 "Klovska"

🚇 "Golden Gate"

✔️ The section between the stations "Slavutych" and "Chervonyi Khutir" is also operational.

Approximate movement interval 40 minutes.

Please note that the work schedule may change as needed.

Important! Ground transport and metro for passenger transport will operate until 19:00.

❗️Underground metro stations will operate around the clock as shelters.

What do you love, bitch?

Russian scum who bombed Kharkiv. Being captured, became a fan of anti-war views. His name is Colonel Gestok Maxim Sergeyevich. Deputy Commander of the 47th Air Group Regiment. Stationed in Voronezh. Regiment Commander - Colonel Loboda. Ordered cities to be bombed - Commander of the Aviation Corps General Makovets Oleg Vladimirovich. In general, a crowd of Nazis in Putin's service.



😡 Russian occupying forces shot and ran over a vehicle of "Ukrposhta" with a tank. Employees were delivering pensions along the route Orikhiv-Omelnyk-Yehorivka-Novoselivka. A man and a woman were killed on the spot. Evacuation of the bodies is impossible due to the ongoing conflict.



🔥 The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed over 30 enemy helicopters, which were stationed at the Chornobaivka airfield in the Kherson region.

Also, 3 enemy columns were destroyed on the approaches to Mykolaiv - Command of the Marine Infantry.

Glory to Ukraine!

Sliced well.



⚡️The Russian army is not strong, it is just long., — Adviser to the Head of the Office of the President Arestovych.

According to him, Russians are not capable of conducting massive air strikes, and the Kalibr cruise missiles are running out. It is likely that the Russian forces will transition from active combat operations to tactical ones.

A friend sent it from the USA. I especially liked our colors and the slogan on the Tesla electric charger in Jersey.



❗️ Russia is disconnecting from the global internet from March 11th, according to Market Rebellion.

Artists in Yekaterinburg continue to express their protest against war. Putin and the police are against such actions.

Who is a fucktard? This is the one who killed people at Maidan, escaped to Russia, then invaded Ukraine with the Russians and became a piece of shit over here. In short, a fucktard. A dead one.



Enemy losses by the 12th day of the war between Russia and Ukraine.



Podolyak once again appealed to NATO representatives demanding to close the sky over Ukraine.

Decided to see how the life of Russians has improved over the last day.

Finnish companies Valio and Paulig have announced that they are leaving Russia and Belarus.

Also, the Finnish food manufacturer Fazer has announced that it intends to halt its operations in Russia and Belarus.

On the night of March 7th, a major retailer of cosmetics and perfumes, Sephora, announced that it will cease its operations in Russia.

Netflix suspends operations in Russia.

PVH Corp., the company that owns, among other things, the fashion brands Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, has announced that as of March 7, it will temporarily close all of its stores in Russia and Belarus. Temporarily in this situation means forever.

American Express stops its operations in Russia and Belarus.

The world's largest video card manufacturer, Nvidia, has announced its withdrawal from the Russian market.

And now the cherry on top. Russia completely disconnects from the global internet on March 11, according to Market Rebellion. Only servers and websites in the Russian zone will be accessible. And not even a VPN will help. Welcome to the new North Korea, Russians.

I am not worried about Putin, but about the constructed sharp military psychosis of the common people by him. We will sooner or later overthrow Putin, but the deranged common people will remain with us for a long time. What worries me now is not even those who shoot, but those who arrange dying children in hospices in the shape of the letter Z, who mold it on their forehead and on everything below. They create drive. A herd of bison with altered consciousness in a hundred million brainless heads will not be able to stop or turn. It will trample its own and others, destroy anyone who gets in its way. The crazed from fear and therefore insane herd of bison is a new political fact in the life of modern Russia, its new reality. I am unaware of the technologies that can stop this race. I am afraid they are also unknown to those who started the process...



Briefing by Iryna Vereshchuk on the need to organize humanitarian corridors and establish a ceasefire regime for the evacuation of civilians.



🤦‍♀️ Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories Irina Vereshchuk confirmed that Russia has proposed opening humanitarian corridors. However, Russia suggests delivering people to Belarus so that they can then fly to Russia by plane.

Mdy, they are even dumber than I thought. And again, in Russia they proceed with the Soviet method. Only the people in Ukraine nowadays are not the same. Not the same at all.

Russian authorities have instructed the FSB to prepare punitive operations in the seized Ukrainian cities in order to crush the resistance of the population.

Source: British newspaper Financial Times with reference to European intelligence agencies and officials.

Details: According to representatives of European intelligence, the Russian FSB, successor to the KGB, was tasked with maintaining political order in the captured cities.

Direct speech: Russian officials are considering aggressive measures to suppress possible protests and resistance… [including] violent crowd control, repressive arrests of protest organizers, and possibly public executions to deter Ukrainian protesters.

According to analysts, the use of terrorism to subjugate warring populations is a proven tactic, inexpensive and effective.

The edition notes that usually 20 soldiers per 1000 inhabitants are required for the occupation of the entire country, although, according to a study by the US Army War College, in 2003 Russia sent more than 150 military personnel to Chechnya per 1000 inhabitants. In Ukraine, this would mean the presence of over 6 million Russian soldiers, writes FT.

The temptation in Moscow to resort to terrorism in the vast expanses of Ukraine will be great. This is also a cheap and proven method when you do not have enough people," said Sergio Haramillo, senior advisor at the European Institute of Peace in Brussels and former employee of the Ministry of Defense of Colombia, who developed the peace process in the country.



The Ukrainian military captured the occupiers in Sumy!



😡 Head of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration Vitaliy Kim has stated that the occupiers have entered Mykolaiv Airport. Ukrainian military forces are preparing to advance.



🚨Boryspil, Vasilkiv - air alarm!



⚡️The delegation of Russia flew to Belarus for the third round of negotiations with Ukraine., - Russian and Belarusian media report

Shattered Russky (a derogatory term for Russians) in battle under Nikolaev. Tell Mom that they don't need to take them. They already have everyone.



⚡️ The hearing in Ukraine's lawsuit against Russia has begun.



In Enerhodar, they bid farewell to the fallen heroes who defended the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant.

In Sumy, the capture of some wild but not very combat-ready Russians occurred. They moo, they baa. Seems like they also came for training...



In Ukraine, a Telegram channel has been created that promptly provides information about found children and missing children. Link here:

The request must specify:

🔸The name and surname of the missing person.

🔸 Birth year

🔸 circumstances under which she disappeared

🔸When was the last time there was communication with her.

🔸 contact number

Using the search database, you can also find adults whose contact has been lost.

Also, we ask everyone to thoroughly verify information, as fakes may appear to spread even more panic among people.

By the way, this is true. The flow of emigration from Russia is simply unbelievable. And it's not only oligarchs or media personnel who are leaving, but everyone who has understood what is happening and is able to leave. Only serfs, bars, the tsar, whores, and servants will remain.



⚡️The order for bombing Kharkiv was provided by a major general from Kharkiv region!



There is no blood on our flag. There are no and never will be any black spots, no swastikas. The Ukrainian flag is the land. Peaceful, fertile, golden, and without tanks. This sky is peaceful, clean, blue, and without rockets. It was like this. And it will be like this.

When the war started, I put some of my principles aside and offered assistance to the authorities. Because I was opposed to the government, not the state. I offered my knowledge, experience, and skills. I offered contacts and communication in Ukraine and abroad. Our authorities are diverse, but everyone agreed to collaborate. It's understandable. War requires unity and consolidation of efforts. So, everyone agreed, but only one structure did not go beyond words of agreement. That is the Office of the President. They said in the President's Office that they were interested in what I proposed and asked me to write down the key points. I wrote them down, sent them, and explained that the solution I proposed was oriented towards PACE deputies and the Council of Europe. Then I waited for the process to start. One day, two, three. But nothing happened. Absolutely nothing. I asked if something was wrong. I received a response that everything was fine, but they were thinking about how to launch it. As a result, time was wasted, and it is now impossible to implement that strategy. The same happened with all my proposals. Then I asked some people in the Presidential Office, whom I had previously communicated with, about what was happening. And I got the answer that I am an outsider to this team, and everything there is based on principles of personal loyalty. They are ready to use me as a tool and an information channel, but nothing more, because I am not loyal to the authorities and was in opposition. I don't know if it's the envy of the President's team or a diversion by his surroundings, but I understood that they didn't need my brains, knowledge, experience, and contacts. And the main reason is that I am not part of their team. Well, okay. I agree. I am definitely not part of the team where Leshchenko and Trukhin are. Although I thought that during the war, there are those who are for Ukraine and those who are against. But for the Presidential Office, apparently, it's different. As a result, I work with different government agencies, but I will no longer even try to work with the Presidential Office. The Presidential Office made it so, and I am not used to begging.

Professor Teplov was right after all, who told me: Never, under any circumstances, work with idiots. You won't make money, you'll waste your time, and you won't preserve your reputation. That was his life principle. And he managed to instill it in me. And for the first time, because of the war, I abandoned this principle. Apparently, in vain. And I want to say that I support the president in his confrontation with Russia, but I definitely won't work with idiots from the OP. Because it's not worth it. And seeing the level of their competence, I understand that we are currently being saved by the fact that there are even bigger idiots on the other side. I'm not criticizing the government today, but I won't turn a blind eye to something like this. I continue to work on all fronts in the interests of Ukraine. And my only hope, as before, is on the Armed Forces and our people. Because we have wonderful people and Armed Forces!



Vinnytsia! Air alarm!



🚨Zhytomyr. Alarm



Netflix has indeed stopped operating in Russia.



❗️Odessa, Kharkiv! Air alarm!



❗️211 schools in Ukraine have been damaged or destroyed by Russian forces.

The number is increasing every day. Russian military are shelling and carrying out airstrikes on schools in the region.

At the beginning of the Russian military aggression in Ukraine, a two-week vacation was announced, but classes are being resumed if possible (many children have moved to regions where the educational process can still be conducted). Individual distance learning is planned to be launched where it is not possible.

The main address of Volodymyr Zelensky is:

✅ If the invasion continues and Russia does not abandon its plans for Ukraine, sanctions should be strengthened: boycott of Russian exports (refusal of oil and petroleum products), imports.

At night, the occupiers attacked residential areas of Mykolaiv with rocket artillery. They targeted residential areas of Kharkiv. No military sense - just terror, holding people from villages temporarily occupied as hostages.

The enemy is tired, demoralized. They came looking for something that was never here - cowardice, consent to slavery.

✅How many more deaths does it take to secure the sky over Ukraine? We are waiting for a decision on clearing the sky: either by force that you possess or you will provide us with combat aircraft and anti-aircraft defense systems that will give us the necessary power.



💙💛 The rock band Deep Purple in blue and yellow colors.



Up to 5000 Elon Musk's Starlink satellite internet terminals will be sent to Ukraine from Slovenia.

Slovenia is collecting all available Starlink satellite internet reception stations in the EU. It is expected that up to 5000 units will be sent to Ukraine in the coming days.– says the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal



🥇 Continuing to gather awards

Ukrainian athlete Oksana Shyshkova became a two-time champion of the Paralympics in Beijing. She won her first "gold" in biathlon in the sprint distance, and the second one in cross-country skiing in the 15 km race.



Melitopol rallied again.



⚖️ The Russian government informed the United Nations International Court that the Russian Federation is not interested in defending itself against Ukraine's accusations of violating the Convention on the Prevention of Genocide.



The text translates to: "The order to bomb Kharkiv was given by Oleg Makovetsky, a native of the city of Chuguev in the Kharkiv region, commander of the 6th Leningrad Red Banner Air Army. This was reported by captured Russian pilots."

War criminal for The Hague.



What does the center of Odessa look like now? Local residents are preparing to protect their city.



⚡️A Russian drone was shot down in Nizhyn district. This was reported by the head of the Chernihiv Regional State Administration, Vyacheslav Chaus.



✈️ Boeing stops titanium procurement in Russia - The Wall Street Journal.



Zhytomyr - alarm!



📃 The Russian government has approved a list of foreign countries that are carrying out unfriendly actions towards Russia, including:

Australia, Great Britain, EU countries, Iceland, Canada, Liechtenstein, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Korea, San Marino, Singapore, USA, Taiwan, Ukraine, Montenegro, Switzerland, Japan.



⚡️ Oleksiy Arestovych about the situation on the fronts of Ukraine



❗️Discussions between the Ukrainian and Russian delegations will commence at 16:00.



Just given a strike to the Olvia seaport, no casualties.



🇮🇪 Owners of houses from Ireland are ready to provide housing for people fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Currently, there are over 100 applications on the Irish Red Cross website expressing readiness to accept refugees.



⚡️ Tomorrow the European Commission will present a plan for the rapid abandonment of EU's dependence on Russian oil and gas.



❗️In Odessa and Biliaivka, Ohtyrka in Sumy region, Zhytomyr, Uman in Cherkasy region, there is an air alarm.

Eight types of posts that are currently only harmful:

1. "Reliable information, which knowledgeable people from my mother's friend's son said: today in Kyiv/Kharkiv/Lviv there will be a chemical attack/invasion/rocket attack on the city. Evacuate immediately."

Because there has already been a lot of such information, it appears every day, works on panic, and does not bring anything more. Those who could/wanted to have already left/are leaving. No one will start leaving because of your panic post. But it intensifies moral tension and panic. Therefore, it plays into the hands of the enemy. Don't do it.

2. "These goats refugees/escaped, and even ask for help/housing/information/volunteer assistance/moral support. Traitors, let them rejoice that they are not under fire."

Each person has their own level of psychological resilience, their own reasons to leave, illnesses that you may not know about and are not obliged to talk about, and so on. Being without money, belongings, loved ones, food, and housing in a foreign city/country is very scary, especially with a child. Let's not compare our sorrows and not harm each other. We all share the same grief.

3. "It's really bad there, urgently need help, read about it in this post, copied it literally without specifying the source, figure it out"

This is the visibility of assistance that only harms and confuses. It is smart to post only those requests for help where you personally participate in the organization/communication with people, etc. Because someone else's information may be outdated/irrelevant/fake. You will only waste time and clutter the information space.

"Those who have left for safety— are you doing anything at all? Do something."

You don't know who does what, and no one has to report to you. But with such posts, you generalize and demotivate those who help. Many of those who left gather humanitarian aid around the clock, organize protests, work on the information front, and so on.

Posts with hatred towards Zelensky.

Because this is currently our president, the commander-in-chief of our army. Keep your attitude away until the victory.

"Everything is very bad, we are losing, but no one is telling us about it."

Such posts are launched into our information space by the enemy in order to demotivate. This is a lie, and such posts do not bring any benefit a priori.

7. *Copying news from some media or Telegram channel without indicating the source. When asked about the information's origin and whether it is fake, the person says that all questions should be directed to that media outlet.*

No, when you post anything, all questions go to you, and the source is you. Especially if you don't specify the exact place where you got it from. The responsibility for any information you share on your page is solely on you.

Any information given with the statement "it's being hidden", "nobody is told this", "a source from higher circles has definitely informed in secret", "we all don't realize it, but in reality it's like this".

Because it's manipulation and stupid conspiracy theories. In this form, it's easiest for the enemy to throw any fake at confused people who are overwhelmed with information and lack basic information literacy. Don't be fooled.

In short, before posting anything, take a deep breath and try to understand what result you can achieve with this post.

Meet! This is Major General Oleg Makovetsky. As reported by the captured Russian pilot, it is this killer who gives orders to bomb Ukrainian cities, including Kharkiv and Chuguev.

Born in 1966 in Chuguev. He was recognized by the Russian command for bombing Syrian cities. And now he is the target.

Kharkiv. Russists are shooting at the civilian population again. This absolutely inhumane crime shows them as beasts and maniacal killers.

Is there a question of who are friends of Ukraine?

Let's summarize based on the information that I obtained from various reliable sources.

The plan of a quick capture of Ukraine and the seizure of Kyiv within a few days was based on false conclusions made by the leadership of the Russian Federation. This led to the collapse of the entire campaign and showed that Russian specialists are unable to predict the real development of the situation. This means that in the future they will make similar mistakes.

2. Putin was confident that due to the winter and strong energy dependence, Europe would not impose the sanctions that are currently imposed on Russia. Moreover, in the Kremlin, they did not believe in such a strict position of the USA, which is evident today. Russian analysts also failed to calculate the development of a negative scenario and the real outcome of Western business leaving Russia, which became an economic and image blow to Russia. And the sanctions and restrictions have brought the economic system of Russia into an extremely unstable state, which will lead to catastrophic consequences in the short term if they continue to be imposed on a permanent basis.

On the present day, the Russian army has suffered heavy losses - over 11,000 killed, a huge number of wounded, and hundreds of captives. Additionally, Russia has lost a significant amount of armored vehicles, some of which ended up in working condition with the Ukrainian army, strengthening their forces. It is worth noting separately that within 11 days, Russia has lost dozens of planes and helicopters, which is more than their combat losses in the past 30 years. All of this has led to a severe demoralization within the troops. Impacted by their losses, Russian military personnel are starting to surrender massively, simply to survive Putin's war.

4. Everything that is happening has exacerbated the internal conflicts within the elite in Russia. One of the best examples of such a conflict was the leakage of information about the Kadyrovites. The FSB not only provided Ukraine with information about the routes, quantity, and personnel of the Kadyrovites, but also managed to lead the column of occupiers to a well-aimed point. There are also other obvious signs that the war in Ukraine will be used for personal interests by different Kremlin towers. And this means that someone's crushing defeats in Ukraine are an opportunity for someone in Russia to devour a competitor or opponent in power.

It should be noted that currently Russia does not have an advantage on the ground, despite having an advantage in terms of the number of soldiers and technology. Additionally, Putin's combat-capable forces are running out, which means he will have to declare mobilization. This will not only be negatively perceived in Russia, but it will also be ineffective. The army of students, baristas, bloggers, and coaches will not be able to resist the experienced, aggressive, and highly motivated Ukrainian army. And considering that the experience of Ukrainian military leadership clearly surpasses that of the Russians, the prospects for the Kremlin's continuation of a ground operation are dire. It should be noted that victories are already extremely necessary for Putin. But there are none. Therefore, it can be expected that out of spite and in order to break morale, Putin will continue to bomb civilian population. However, this will not be effective.

The war in Ukraine has triggered a series of crises in the world. It is not only the increase in migration flows, food prices, and energy resources. The fact is that Ukraine, which has not yet started sowing, and Russia, whose products are subject to an embargo, occupy a significant share in the supply of agricultural products. Bloomberg provides an estimate according to which the combined share of Russia and Ukraine accounts for over 25% of all global wheat supplies and almost 20% of all sold corn. But now these supplies are highly uncertain, and there are no replacements. Therefore, famine is possible in some countries.

The war in Ukraine will put pressure on world leaders and affect elections in other countries. We must not forget that Macron has elections in April, and for Biden, the Senate elections in November are important. The dying children in Ukraine and new crises clearly do not add points to their ratings. By the way, Boris Johnson's activity on Ukraine has reduced the likelihood of his resignation as Prime Minister, but this question is not completely resolved. This means that Johnson, too, remains interested in helping Ukraine.

Sorry for my cynicism in evaluations, but that's just the way it is. Therefore, we need to continue demanding from ALL our partners to close the sky. This will work.

8. Europeans still haven't realized that Putin is the reincarnation of Hitler. And he won't stop at Ukraine. It is very likely that the next victim of Kremlin's policies will be Moldova, followed by the Baltic countries and Poland. By the way, Moldova could become the country where Putin achieves a quick victory. Unfortunately, the Moldovan army is not a capable institution. Provocations from Transnistria can be expected. This will be a reason for seizure. And it will give Putin some sort of victory that he yearns to present to his plebs. Therefore, Moldova should already be concerned about this problem. Finland and Sweden also need to be prepared. And this is not a scare tactic. Putin's rationality is highly questionable. Therefore, the threat of a new global war is more than relevant. But there is one thing. He can start a war, but he doesn't have the capability to win. Why? Because he lacks resources. I remind you of what I wrote above - his analysts are monstrously mistaken. I won't be surprised if they have provided him with false or erroneous data here as well, suggesting that everything could work out for them.

Based on the above, I draw the following conclusions. It is necessary to achieve: closing the sky, imposing new sanctions on Russia, personal sanctions on the expulsion of all relatives of the Russian leadership to Russia, continued acquisition of weapons, including offensive ones, disconnecting new Russian banks from SWIFT. But the most important thing is that the West should refrain from buying oil and gas from Russia. At least for a while. And if military actions continue in Ukraine, then the embargo should be extended. This will force Putin to end the war. Negotiations at different levels can still continue. But without all of the above, we will not achieve results. Because Putin has really gone mad. There is still hope for a palace coup, but that is still unlikely. The people around him are just too cowardly. Foolish, cowardly, and blood-stained. And courage and intelligence are needed for a revolution.

A good guy he was. Calm. Thoughtful. Rest in peace.

Heirs. Inherited...



⚡️Bloomberg reports that the EU is preparing new sanctions against Russia. It is expected that they will affect ports, military technologies, and individuals.



⚡️ The evacuation of Buchansky district is taking place.

Rescuers of the State Emergency Service together with volunteers and the Red Cross help people to leave the hottest cities near Kyiv:

✔️accompanied to buses, which take them to the capital;

✔️Provide first medical and psychological aid.

✔️ They organize logistics and support.

❗️On the channelКостянтин Усов: Konstantin Usovyou will find the latest and most important news of Kyiv, information firsthand about the work of the city council, current photos and videos.Subscribe, to not miss important news from the life of the capital and beyond.

How captured, then we are in training, did not want to fight... And before that, to change ourselves as liberators, scum

Well, Vova, even an Orthodox Jew in Jerusalem knows who you are.



The whole world believes in us! We will win! Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦



🤩 Mykolaiv Airport under control of Ukrainian military - Head of Regional State Administration, Kim

Why did you destroy Ukrainian children? How did they harm you?

I carried out the order. I worked according to the coordinates.

Nazis also said that they were just following orders.



💶 10.2 billion UAH transferred to support the Ukrainian Army on the special account of the National Bank.



New volunteers have arrived at the international legion of defense of Ukraine. The military personnel flew in from Brazil and Portugal.



❗️Kyiv, Dnipro, Vinnytsia air alarm! Take cover!



🦾🇺🇦: UkrainianDo not scare the residents of Chaplynka with shots.Glory to Ukraine!



‼️ Mirgorod, Pyriatyn, air alarm!

Take cover!



Di Caprio donated 10 million dollars to Ukraine. Once again, we are convinced that the world is with us!

Yanukovych was brought to Minsk again. They transport him like a monkey. But that's secondary. It seems that Kremlin officials may bring Yanukovych to the negotiations. I, on the other hand, hope that our delegation will have the sense not to shake hands and not to discuss anything with this criminal, who has already served two terms and received a third sentence by court decision after Maidan.



🇺🇦 Charles Michel announced that Ukraine's application for EU membership will be discussed in the coming days.

The Russian army is the most fucked up army in the world. Proven in Ukraine.

How to stop yelling and laughing???

The Government of Russia has approved a list of countries that "carry out unfriendly actions towards Russia".

The list includes the USA and Canada, European Union states, Great Britain, Ukraine, Montenegro, Switzerland, Albania, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, North Macedonia, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Micronesia, New Zealand, and Taiwan.

Damn it! Restrict their supplies of birch bark, turnips, and leather! Prohibit citizens of these countries from doing business or traveling to Russia! And it would be even better if you don't give them the opportunity to buy Lada Kalina! Oh, but Russian cars can't be assembled because there are no German components. Well, there you go! Russia failed even in this.



The Ukrainian delegation has arrived at the negotiation site.



⚡️Kim reports that the battles for the airport have resumed again.

There is a hostile military equipment near the airplane monument at the airport, firing at civilian vehicles. DO NOT GO there. Tanks are once again heading towards the airport.

And about the good. Info from a dead Russian phone.

Russians break the mold.



⚡️ In Irpin this morning, several thousand local residents, 200 of whom are children, were saved from occupation.

People were taken away by buses from under the Romanivsky Bridge.

Vyshgorod. Another katsapski helicopter 🚁 felt like a submarine.

‼️ ATTENTION to everyone looking for their loved ones. A Telegram channel called "Missing Persons Search" has been created.

The channel provides information promptly about adults who are lost and children who have been found or lost.

Please enter the channel:

☑️The request must specify:

name and surname of a missing person.

her year of birth

circumstances under which she disappeared

when was the last time there was contact with her;

- her contact number.

You can also find adults whose contact has been lost using the search database.

Everything will be Ukraine!

And this is absolutely logical. Now a decision may be made to keep captured russhists in civilian facilities. If they start bombing, then let them die at the hands of their fellow countrymen. So Russian mothers, take care that there are no more bombings. Otherwise, you will get minced at home.



Bashkanska thermobrona sets new records.

Third Russian battleship in 10 days —Head of Mykolaiv Regional State Administration



A new stage of negotiations between Ukraine and Russia has begun.



👋 Famous actor and comedianJim Carreyon the side of Ukraine.

And with the inscription on the T-shirt, you can't argue!



❗️In the captured town of Chaplynka, in the Kherson region, Russian military forces opened fire on the protesters who are opposing the occupation.



🔥In Kyiv, a massive fire in the area of Lavina Mall shopping center.



🚨Air alarm in Rivne, Volyn, and Khmelnytskyi regions!

Barbarians. They fight with children, women, and old people. They bomb and shell the houses of Ukrainians, hospitals, schools, and... churches. At the same time, their conscience does not work. Monsters, just monsters.



Russian ruble hits bottom again.

Today he updated the historical minimum - 140 rubles per dollar.

Next will be...

Grandson, damn it?

The leadership of Belarus, under pressure from the Russian side, is considering options for justifying the possible deployment of Belarusian military units in combat operations on the territory of Ukraine.

Accusations of Ukraine's involvement in shelling critical infrastructure objects in the border zone (objects of the oil refining industry, objects of the energy sector), sabotage of railways and railway control points are being considered among the options.

One of the main options considered is the shelling and destruction of the humanitarian convoy from the territory of the Russian Federation, intended for the alleged evacuation of Russian citizens from the territory of Ukraine.

Troops can be deployed under the pretext of protecting the citizens of the Republic of Belarus who are in the combat zone.

Hairy animal



🙄The plane used by Yanukovych in Ukrainelandedin Belarus.

This is reported by Radio Liberty and Ukrainian Truth with reference to their own sources in the aviation industry.

Is the ostrich lover lost?!



🎥У MykolaivThe following text translates to English as: "Occupants surrounded the residential neighborhood of Balabanivka in the southern part of the city."



🇯🇵 The Prime Minister of Japan referred to the southern part of the Kuril Islands.timeless territoriesstate


🔹 Online marathon "Meditation based on memories of what Netflix used to be."

🔹 Individual coaching for executives: "How to take control of yourself if you live in Russia"

🔹 Conference "Leadership and Conspiracy Management".

Online course "Cross-cultural communication: values of Venezuela"

🔹 Business Seminar "5 Ways to Overcome the Objection 'Go fuck yourself'."

🔹 Seminar-workshop for HR "Rules for dismissal when liquidating a western enterprise".

Career consulting "Downshifting. Master a new profession: Cart driver, midwife, herald. Jester."

🔹 Business training for specialists "Techniques of bowing to the Master".

🔹 School of logisticians "Features of cargo documentation when transporting horses".

🔹 Finance for Non-Financial Professionals "Reparations: Calculation Formulas in Management Accounting."

🔹 Training for trainers "Group Hysteria: Techniques for Managing Dynamics".

🔹 Training on Effective Communication "How to send a malyava". The leading trainer - Sipliy, a former convict with a 20-year experience in the best correctional colonies of the Russian Federation.

Team-building training "Burlaks on the Volga", rope course.

🔹 Video course from NGO "Civil Position: Consequences of its Absence"

Tourist seminar "See Ukraine and die. Guides, routes, cocktails"

🔹 Business course in public speaking "Russian military ship - go fuck yourself!"

🔹 General educational training "Eat beavers if there is no strawberries" by Simonyan and Sukabeeva. When booking the public manipulation course by Solovyov "Evening wordy-gossip" as additional, you will be fed with a pumpkin.



🚚A truck crashed into the gates of the Russian embassy in Dublin.

The action against the aggressor state took place right there. No one was harmed, but one person was detained.

Sorry, but now 1045 foreign journalists cannot get accreditation and come to Ukraine to cover the RF's war against our Motherland. Their documents are stuck in the SBU. Mr. President, Volodymyr Zelensky, please call this dog, Bakanov, and tell him not to block this process. Coverage is needed for us as a weapon, and the SBU is blocking it. All applications were submitted more than 10 days ago, and now they are all on hold in the SBU. Who is blocking them there and why? Maybe this is sabotage in the interests of Russia? And I'm not joking about the 1045 journalists. They are a real media army that Ukraine needs, but someone in the SBU is blocking them. Who? Bakanov has already been told about this. Zero reaction. So maybe the president can influence at least?

Illustration (c) Nikita Titov



Appeal by the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denys Shmyhal.

Text (English):



❗️In Makariv, Kyiv region, as a result of an airstrike by Russian forces on a bread factory.died13 people— according to preliminary information, there were about 30 people on the factory premises.

Cool! An Irishman rammed the gates of the Russian embassy in Dublin with a truck. The driver explained his actions as a protest against the war in Ukraine: "I want the ambassador and his colleagues to leave this country. This free country." There were no casualties. The man was arrested by the police.

Even the Irish are already telling the Russian ship to fuck off, as well as all Russian citizens represented by the ambassador.



😤 Hungary has banned the delivery of weapons to Ukraine through its territory.



Evacuation of the residents of Irpin is underway in Romanivka.



🚨Cherkasy! Air alarm!



🇨🇦Canada imposed sanctions against Peskov, Solovyov, Simonyan, Ernst, and Deripaska.



☝️ Ukrainians can receive free medical consultation through the contact center#МОЗ0-800-60-20-19 Translated text: 0-800-60-20-19.

👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️As of today, the contact center involves medical professionals with specialties such as psychologists, therapists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, gynecologists, surgeons, and pediatricians.

👉We also invite doctors of various specializations, who are ready to join the provision of remote medical consultations. To do this, please fill out the form using the link➡

✊Working. Holding. Winning.

Occupiers. They wanted to kill us, and now they say that war is not necessary.

Well done! So there are decent people on TV in Russia. But why are there so few of them?



📍In Melitopol, Russian troops have seized the city's TV tower, as well as radio communication towers.



The text translates to: "🥷Russian singer Baskov will be declared internationally wanted - General Prosecutor Venediktova"

Tina, Kolya,...

12th day of the war. Nerves are messed up. If I was sharp, then I apologize. But overall, I understand that it will only get harder from here on. Tension and stress are taking their toll.

The price of invading Ukraine for Russians will be increasing every day.



🔗An FSB agent was exposed in Zakarpattia.

One of the Kremlin's aides was supposed to deal withdisinformationHis task was to prepare a series of fakes in the media.



🚨In Poltava, there is an air alarm, and in Myrhorod, there is a threat of missile shelling!

Marauder filth. Here it is, the main goal of liberators.

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of UkraineValeriy Zaluzhnyi

Dear brothers and sisters!

Thank you to each and every one of you. You have shown the whole world how to fight for freedom and native land.

I am proud to stand with you.

Warriors-heroes, cities-heroes - this is our reality. No matter how difficult it may be for us, but we will definitely no longer be ashamed.

The enemy is demoralized and exhausted. His plans for a "blitzkrieg", change of power, and Ukraine's foreign policy course are destroyed.

Using a complex operative-strategic situation, Russian occupying forces continue to intensify their efforts in the southern direction and at the same time do not cease attempts to surround Kyiv.

The strong defense of our cities - Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Sumy, Mariupol - and national resistance prevent the enemy from achieving success. No matter how many kilometers the enemy advances into our territory, he will not be able to hold it.

I call on residents of the occupied areas to join the resistance movement. You have weapons, ammunition, and motivation. Defend your homeland!

Ukrainian sky is heroically guarded by the Air Force and the forces and means of air defense of the Ground Forces. They have already inflicted and continue to inflict significant losses on the enemy's grouping of air attack means.

The basis of our resistance is primarily the courage and skill of the Ukrainian soldier, who, despite the significant numerical superiority of the enemy, selflessly restrains the advance.

I appeal to the commanders - protect the personnel! Carefully plan operations and respond immediately to changes in the situation! Human life is our top priority. This is what sets us apart from the enemy, who doesn't even retrieve the bodies of their dead and is willing to use them to pave the way for their advance.

We will always remember and avenge every fallen defender of Ukraine. The pain of loss strengthens our will to Victory. We know exactly what and for whom we are fighting.

Remember, Ukraine relies on our shoulders!

Glory to Ukraine!

Vova, but this is recognition. And the fact that you are a lying bastard.

Crimea is Ukraine.

Russia recognizes Ukraine within its borders.

Any discussions about territorial claims to Ukraine are provocations.

The USA and the EU have stopped supplying Russia with dollars and euros in cash. In Russia, currency can only be purchased on the black market. The difference between the real and official exchange rate of the ruble is 35%.

In the meantime, the ruble has already crossed the mark of 174 per 1 dollar.



More than 500 residents of Irpin were able to evacuate today by our 206th Kyiv Territorial Defense Battalion.

During the rescue of people, an enemy drone was detected. Our fighters tried to shoot it down and came under Russian shelling. Now they and the evacuated are safe.

And this is already a sentence for all the occupiers. Because even they admitted:

In the 95th year in Chechnya, it was better.

We will erase you from the face of the earth.



The enemy has intensified aviation to inflict missile and bomb strikes on major cities and industrial infrastructure — AFU.



🙅‍♂️Deloitte recently announced its exit from Russia among the Big Four companies.

The text translates to: "Previously severed ties with companies PwC, KPMG, and Ernst & Young."



🇪🇺The European Union has begun the procedure for considering applications from Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova — AFP



📺The occupiers plannedremove fakeabout assistance to the staff of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

The staff categorically refused such humanitarian aid, so the Russians decided to dress their military in NOVARKA concern uniforms and filmed the story.

However, the NOVARKA staff completed their work in the exclusion zone back in September 2020.



We strengthen the southern direction of defense in Kyiv.

The battalion of territorial defense "Scythian", which protects Vasylkiv, was brought machine guns, rifles, communication devices, winter uniforms, and other necessary items to expedite the retreat of Russian occupiers from their ships.

Logic of Russians in one video:

Are you ready to admit that you are stupid idiots and will now eat shit because of Putin?

Well, okay. Let's eat. After all, we support Putin. And we are used to eating crap.

Translation: Pavel Durov commented on the situation in Ukraine. This is a translation of his message from the English-speaking channel.

"If you follow my posts, you know that my maternal lineage traces back to Kyiv. Her maiden name is Ivanenko, which is Ukrainian, and to this day we have many relatives living in Ukraine. Therefore, this tragic conflict holds personal significance for both me and Telegram."

Some people wondered if Telegram is somehow less safe for Ukrainians because I used to live in Russia. Allow me to tell these people how my career in Russia ended.

Nine years ago, I was the CEO of VKontakte, which was the largest social network in Russia and Ukraine. In 2013, the FSB demanded that I provide them with private data of Ukrainian VK users who were protesting against the pro-Russian president.

I refused to fulfill these requirements because it would mean betraying our Ukrainian users. After that, I was fired from the company I founded, and I was forced to leave Russia.

I lost my company and my home, but I would do it again - without hesitation. I smile with pride when I read my VKontakte post from April 2014, where scanned orders from the FSB and my signature response to them are shown - a dog in a hood.

When I refused these demands, the stakes were high for me personally. I was still living in Russia, and my team and my old company were also based in this country.

Many years have passed since then. Much has changed: I no longer live in Russia, I no longer have any companies or employees there. But one thing remains unchanged: I defend the interests of our users, no matter what. Their right to privacy is sacred. Now more than ever.

Respect to Pavel!



🤦🏻‍♂️In Moscow, the police came to the home of a sixth grader who was questioning the history teacher during the lesson.about the war with Ukraine and shouted Glory to Ukraine!on break.

The parents of the boy were called to the police station, and the policemen also cut off the electricity in the student's apartment.

What else would you like to know about freedom of speech in this country?

Lucky one. Only one remains. And the rest will go home in cellophane. If they are taken.



⚡️Third round of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.finished



‼️ATTENTION! Air alarm announced in Kiev!

We urgently ask everyone to go to the civil defense shelter!

⚡️⚡️⚡️ --> Lightning, lightning, lightning

‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!



🗣Михайло Подоляк: Mykhailo Podoliakabout the results of negotiations:

There are small positive shifts towards improving the logistics of humanitarian corridors... The basic political framework for resolution, along with ceasefire and security guarantees, has led to intense consultations continuing.



🏃‍♂️During crossing the border with Poland, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU)detained Ukrainian deputy Shevchenkoand delivered to Kyiv.

Well, well, the very deputy who constantly went to bow to Lukashenko and became a frequent hero of propagandistic stories on Belarusian television.



⚡️ Mikhailo Podolyak about the results of the third round of negotiations.



Deputy Head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Semyonukha said that the occupiers offered him to surrender and start negotiations.

Funny ones. Victory soon!



⚠️Russian propaganda is spreading another fake claim that E. Blinken allegedly stated during his visit to Lithuania that the Russian army surpasses the Ukrainian army by far and is capable of crushing it.

❗️This is conscious misinformation within the framework of an information war against Ukraine.

In fact, US Secretary of State A. Blinken said in an interview with CNN on March 6: "The war unleashed by the Kremlin against Ukraine is doomed to fail, and even despite gaining control over some Ukrainian cities, Putin was destined to lose due to the courage and fierce resistance of the Ukrainians."




After the end of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, according to UP, Yanukovych's airplane remains on the territory of Belarus.

Whether he was on board of this flight - currently unknown.

However, the coincidence is interesting.

It is reported that an attempt to cross the border with Poland resulted in the capture of Ukrainian deputy Shevchenko by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). He entered the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) on the Servant of the People party's list, but was later expelled from the faction due to his support for Lukashenko. He has now been brought to Kyiv. A good ending for a pro-Russian career.



Biden's administrationready to implementban on the import of Russian oil to the United States without the involvement of European allies - sources Reuters



🤯 Investigative Journalism Production TeamInvestigation.InfoThey attacked during a report at Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.

It's all because the journalist tried to find out the position of the clergy regarding the invasion of Russia into Ukraine and the killing of innocent people.



🤨PremierBulgariasaid that the country may demand an exemption if the new EU sanctions include a ban on the import of oil and gas from Russia.



🤮Baskov decided to fuel the fire of hatred and threaten the Attorney General Irina Venediktova.

And not on, but in Ukraine!



🔥In Zhytomyr region, Russians shelled oil depots.

As a result of two air strikeslit up, ignitedReservoirs in Zhytomyr and Cherniakhiv village. There are no injured people now.

Sorry, but this is very funny.



💪 Two enemy Russian planes were shot down over Kyiv.

What a positive picture.))

And again great news from the Nikolaev region. More specifically from Voznesensk. When you receive the message "We are alive. Voznesensk defended", you call to find out the details. And they answer you, but you hear that there is a battle on the other side. And then a second message comes: "We finished cleansing. We messed up a bit when we were chopping up the firewood. The mayor is clever )). I call and ask what's up?

Everything is fine, - I hear in response, - We completed the task according to the plan.

And then there were details about what wonders were performed by the 80th separate airborne assault brigade and the Special Operations Forces, about how they completed the task of holding the TRO bridge, about how they practiced artillery coordination with Marchenko, and much more. By the way, once again I heard military words of admiration for Marchello and how he led the defense. I really want to tell you about how the guys from the Special Operations Forces slaughtered those pigs. Literally. But I cannot describe it and upload videos. There are reasons. So I will say it simpler - there are no more Russians there. At all. And there are no tanks. And there is no Russian artillery. And there are no armored personnel carriers there. And there isn't even a plane with paratroopers. Well, there is, but everything is in non-working condition.

Everything and everyone was disposed of. Because there's no reason to invade us.

And such news fills me with pride for our AFU, for the Special Operations Forces, for the Territorial Defense Forces, and for the commanders. Because with these warriors, we will not only withstand the Russian aggression, but also drive out the occupiers from Ukraine. And once again, I never tire of expressing gratitude to all of our soldiers! You are our strength! You are our defense! You are the future of Ukraine. A strong, new, united, independent Ukraine!

Believe in the AFU! Believe in Ukraine!

PS And the video in the next message. ))

And video from Voznesensk. The city is free from the Putinists.



🤦🏻‍♂️Sergey Lavrov, the head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, called the Kremlin's latest version, whyPutin attacked Ukraine., — stop any war



Sport brandAdidascloses its stores in Russia, but is currently not leaving the Russian market until further notice



👀Biden is considering the possibility of easing sanctions against Venezuela, so that it can begin extracting more oil and selling it on the international market.New York Times

The discharge from the maternity ward during the war looks like this. The son was born into the family of a Kiev policeman. He found a minute with his colleagues to congratulate his wife and the baby.

By the way, my middle son, Ilya, was born in this maternity ward. ))



Legendary football playerAndriy Shevchenkocould not hold back tears on Italian television

My relatives tell me about what is happening. It's horrifying, something I want to wake up from. Cities are being bombed, children and elderly people who cannot leave are being killed. It feels like a nightmare, like I will wake up tomorrow and return to normal life, but I understand that this won't happen... Such is the reality...



🚨Poltava, Chernihiv - alarm!



🗣Dmytro Kuleba emphasized the importance of direct talks between Zelensky and Putin.

Also, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is ready for a substantive conversation with Sergey Lavrov to end the war if he is willing.

Our president is not afraid of anything. Including a direct meeting with Putin. If Putin is also not afraid, let them sit down and talk.



🚨 There is an air alarm in Sumy and Kryvyi Rih!



😶 Russians announce that they are supposedly ready to openhumanitarian corridorsfor the evacuation of the population of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol, Sumy and Chernihiv at 10:00 on March 8

That moment when they looked at you during battles with the Ukrainian army, assessed your level, and started making fun of you. An account similar to Activision apologized for using Russia as an antagonist and a serious opponent in their games.

In the tweet they stated that if they knew the whole truth and the actual level of the Russian army, they would use a more competent army as an antagonist, for example, Cuba or Laos. Facepalm. 🤦‍♂️

Understood, it's a joke, but still honest towards the Russian army. ))



Video of the Russian plane shot down over Kyiv, which was posted on Facebook by photojournalist Max Levin.

The fall occurred near the Zhytomyr highway.

I noticed that some people clearly read in the wrong place. Everything, as in this old verse.

People read with their buttocks. People read with their buttocks.

People are generally good, but they act like assholes.

Well, nothing, but with your backside. The main thing is that they read.

You can read with your butt, there is a special meaning in the butt...

You write "I eat dumplings," it would seem everything is clear.

I! Eat! Dumplings! Dixie. As simple as three rubles.

But people read with their buttocks, which means in these dumplings

The butt will always see something "very unique".

Why are you writing this? Are you boasting that you are rich?

And in Africa they are starving, you should be ashamed"

Why are you eating dumplings! There are cows and pigs in dumplings.

You eat ladybugs and piglets, you are a woman - a corpse-eater.

"You're teasing with pelmeni, b*tch... And we are on a diet."

At least we will have muscles, and soon your husband will leave you.

Here I only buy dumplings from Tamara.

Here is her website, here is VKontakte, and here is her Instagram.

What the hell is this and where did it come from? Some woman with a dumpling...

Why did you come into my feed? Get out of here".

I remember in the 1950s… those were amazing dumplings!

And today, are there any dumplings? Stalin does not give a damn about you...

"Pelmeni is not Russian food. Apparently, you are a Jewish girl!"

Well, or Chinese. Or maybe Mordvin.

I! Eat! Dumplings. Dixie. But people read with their butt.

People are generally good. But they're assholes.

© Lialia Brynza



I stay in Kyiv.

На Банковій - On Bankova Street.

Not hiding.

I'm not afraid of anyone.

As much as needed to win this war!



✍️ Zelenskyrecalls Ukrainian peacekeepers— Highly professional military, from all missions in the world. Together with equipment.

To strengthen our army in countering Russian aggression right now.

The latest news for today. But good news again. From Nikolaevsk airport. The airport is under control. The occupiers have been neutralized. Our soldiers and police are the best!

The Chief of the Patrol Police of the Nikolaev region has reported.

Vitaliy Danila. ))



Apple has halted advertising in the App Store for Russia, - Mikhail Fedorov



🤝 Leaders of the United Kingdom, Canada, and the Netherlands, Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau, and Mark Rutte, have recorded a video in support of Ukraine.

‼️ The Russian army major general was eliminated near Kharkiv.

📌 Another loss among the senior command staff of the occupying country's army. Vitaliy Gerasimov, a Russian military commander, Major General, Chief of Staff, and Deputy Commander of the 41st Army of the Central Military District of Russia, was eliminated during the fighting near Kharkiv. A number of senior officers in the Russian army were also killed or injured.

📌 Vitaliy Gerasimov participated in the Second Chechen War and the Russian military operation in Syria. He received the medal "for the return of Crimea."

📌 Also, the received data indicate significant communication problems in the occupant's army and with the evacuation of their damaged units.

Audio interception according to the link:



⛔️ Russia may respond to the ban on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline by halting the operation of Nord Stream 1 - stated Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Novak.



⚠️Under KharkiveliminatedMajor General of the Russian Army Vitaliy Gerasimov.

He participated in the Second Chechen War and the Russian military operation in Syria, and received a medal for the return of Crimea.

Also, a number of senior officers of the Russian army were killed and injured.



🎮The gaming company Rockstar has banned all of its games on Steam for Russian gamers, including the famous GTA.

Even the gaming industry hints to Russians that it's time to go outside!



🗣 In the video address for March 8th, Putin promised Russian women not to involve Russian conscripts and reservists in military actions on the territory of Ukraine.

And who is this then?



⛔️The United States confirms information about possible involvement of foreign mercenaries hired by Russia in the war against Ukraine.



🌐 Minister of Foreign Affairs Kuleba has announced that his meeting with the head of the occupant's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lavrov, is scheduled for March 10. It is supposed to take place in Ankara.



❗️Air alarm in Ohtyrka!



🪄The National Police demonstrated a magic trick with the disappearance of enemy tanks and BMPs performed by Ukrainian soldiers.



⚡️Ukrainian servicemen will receive an additional 30,000 per month during the period of martial law, according to the Ministry of Defense.



📹 YouTube has deleted the main and backup channels of Russian propagandist Solovyov.

The last one already threatens the company with closure in Russia, if it does not apologize 🤣