Feb 21, 2024 - Day 728

728 days of active phase of the 10-year war. The problems are increasing. This is not a reason to be sad. This is a reason to unite. It's up to us to solve them. Is everyone here?



❌The Air Force destroyed 13 strike UAVs and missile X-59.

The defenders of the sky also shot down the Su-34.This time I can say that the Su-35 pilot was lucky - he maneuvered and no longer takes risks. And the crew of the Su-34 joins our section "Eternal Flight, brothers." I have good results of objective control, so that no one doubts, - said Air Force commander Mykola Oleshchuk.

Time for great news!



☠️It is reported online that yesterday the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck the Chasy training ground in the Volnovakha district.

Shuffling of the soldiers of the 39th separate guards motorized rifle brigade was planned to be carried out at the facility.

60 Russian soldiers have died so far.

Great construction by the Russians turned out. No losses, right? Russians, what's with the dick?



🕯In the morning at 9:00, we observe a minute of silence to honor the memory of those who died in Russia's cruel war against Ukraine.

I only have three questions:

Will it be in Truskavets?

2. Will there be shish kebabs?

3. From what scare did he mention his servant?



Today we honor the memory of the border guard, Junior Sergeant Kyrylo Petruk.

The guy was born in the village of Sokilcha, Zhytomyr region. He began his military path in September 2019 in the Odessa border unit. On November 24, 2023, while carrying out a combat mission in Kherson region, the border guard was killed as a result of enemy artillery shelling.

He was only 24 years old, 5 of which he devoted to the cause of protecting the state border.

Eternal in formation!

A person does not notice how gradually, but very actively, prefers some emotions and states and ignores others. For example, disbelief, a sense of helplessness scare, so they urgently need to be pushed out by opposites - a state of belief or hope. And this is often done by force, when, in fact, the state of helplessness is not experienced, and then hope begins to be stuffed inside.

If someone complains to us that they are sad or offended, or they are worried and scared, what do we usually respond? "Well, stop, everything will be fine." And this skill is perfectly honed, the skill of suppressing negative emotions, experiences.

We rarely know how to experience, but we are good at displacing. But if you bring attention to your life, step by step you can see what this behavior model gives. Repression breeds accumulation, then tension and control, then transition to an emotional outburst through hysteria or depressive state, or liberation of emotions through the body - we start getting sick.

Feeling a state of frustration or helplessness, fear for oneself and for the future is normal, but if you experience them in the present moment, here and now, then it passes, and new states come.

When we prick our finger, we feel pain, experience it for a certain time, but then the finger heals, and the pain goes away. But we can start to suffer about it, scare ourselves, how could a huge inflammation start from this wound or how it could have turned out much worse.

Following the panic, we can begin to regret ourselves, to think and talk about it endlessly. Then keeping it in memory and scaring ourselves again and again. But all this has nothing to do with reality. There is our finger, it got pricked, and it hurts. 10 minutes or 1 day... But that's all there is. And we smeared it with iodine, put a plaster on it to help ourselves, and nothing more is needed.

Pain and negative experiences are unavoidable, but learning to experience them without prolonging suffering and avoiding them is very important for everyone's mental health.



😡 During the past day, the enemy carried out 47 shelling attacks, firing 159 shells, using artillery, mortars, tanks and UAVs, - Khersonska OVA.

The enemy has directed 27 shells towards the city of Kherson.

Russian troops targeted residential areas in the settlements of the region.

Through Russian aggression, 4 people were injured.



🇺🇸The Pentagon called the withdrawal of Ukrainian forces from Avdiivka strategic - in order to preserve artillery and ammunition, which Ukraine critically lacks.

Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh emphasized the importance of the Pentagon receiving funding from the House of Representatives to provide critically needed assistance to Ukraine. If this does not happen, Ukrainian defenders will be forced to choose which cities they can defend with the available weapons.



🤝The Netherlands are already handing over UAVs to Ukraine to fight Russia.I can't give an exact number... Of course, I think this coalition of drones is very important because now we will unite our efforts, which means that we will be able to increase the number of UAVs and also specify according to the needs of Ukraine," the country's defense minister Kaisa Ollongren said.

She also expressed confidence that this year the Netherlands will be able to start transferring F-16.

And we are already participating, of course, very actively, for example, with Patriot systems, as well as with F-16, which are also in the process... I think that, as in the case of drones, we need to determine very precisely what Ukraine needs".



Minus 1130 occupiers and 70 BMPs. The Armed Forces of Ukraine updated statistics on enemy losses.



😈 FH70 destroys the Russian BC warehouse.

44 separate artillery brigade demonstrates a master class on sorting and recycling garbage.

Zaporizhzhia direction. We continue to work. The enemy will be destroyed and broken.📹: OK West

An article was published in the American edition of The Washington Post, which stated that the conflict between Zelensky and Zelensky was orchestrated by the Kremlin under the control of Kirienko. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky was once again caught in the Russian disinformation trap. Why is Zelensky so easily influenced by Russian disinformation? How can this be prevented? What else can the Russians prepare? I analyzed the situation in my personal blog. Join the discussion in the comments.




Occupants are conducting house-to-house searches in the occupied territories ahead of Putin's "elections".- Center of National Resistance.

The main reason for the raids that the occupiers carry out on the DAY in advance of the "elections" is the conclusions drawn from the local fake voting in September 2023.

Then the residents of temporarily occupied territories massively sabotaged pseudo-elections: they did not open the doors, ignored visits to polling stations, and so on. Therefore, the occupiers decided to carry out raids in advance in order to document the houses and apartments where people live.



❗️The European Union has approved the 13th package of sanctions against Russia, — Reuters. Translation: , — Reuters.

The list includes almost 200 organizations and individuals, but no new industries have been added.



😔4 rescuers were injured as a result of enemy shelling in Donetsk region.

At night, the enemy once again struck the Pokrovsky district. One of the drones hit a building where rescuers lived. 4 employees of the State Emergency Service were injured.

In addition, in the evening of February 20 as a result of a Russian missile strike on the city of Druzhkivka, the building of the fire and rescue station was damaged. Fortunately, the rescuers were not injured.

Not praying? Then here's your punishment for it. A cyber squad has joined Putin's troops. In general, the fool has gone to the people. Spring has not yet come, but the seasonal exacerbation has already engulfed Rusnya.



🏥 Simferopol military hospital is completely filled with Russian military.- ATEŞ.

Partisans report that a number of military transports are entering the territory of the military hospital on Zhukovskogo Street practically around the clock. The main reason for the crazy influx of wounded and killed is recent assaults in Avdiivka and on the Zaporizhzhia direction. The hospital is literally completely packed.

Bodies are mainly transported in Kamaz trucks because there are too many of them.



🚨In Kyiv and a number of regions, an air alarm is sounding.

The three largest banks of the PRC have stopped accepting payments from the sub-sanctioned financial organizations of the Russian Federation.

ICBC, CCB, and Bank of China hold the first, second, and fourth places in terms of assets in China. These banks have notified all Russian clients about the cessation of accepting payments starting January 2024. This is already reported by Russian media.

According to sources from Izvestia, ICBC and CCB reject all payments coming from Russian entities under sanctions, regardless of the system through which they pass - European SWIFT, Russian SPFS, or Chinese CIPS. Chinese banks explain their decision by the internal policy of credit organizations, as stated in the publication.

Operations against unlicensed credit organizations are ongoing.



🗣️Consul General of Poland in Lviv apologizes to Ukrainians for the actions of Poles at the border.

I thought only Russians could behave so disgracefully.

Eliza Dzvonkevich wrote and reminded about the events of the Warsaw Uprising of 1944, in particular about the refusal of Soviet troops to allow allied planes to land on the territory controlled by them.

And what are Polish farmers and truck drivers doing today? I don't believe they are Poles... A real Pole never stabs a neighbor in the back who is fighting for freedom. It's not about demands, it's about the form of protest. Shame and disgrace. I apologize to Ukraine at war, excuse me, - wrote the diplomat.



🐋 The polar explorers from the Ukrainian station Academic Vernadsky showed whales in Antarctica.

Scientists have identified over 1000 of these mammals.

7 enemy aircraft shot down in a week. Drawing conclusions. The Russophile understands that a factor has reappeared that changes the rules of the game. And when the F-16 appears, the use of CABS and FABs by the Russophile will decrease, and the number of enemy aircraft in the morning summary of the General Staff will increase. Make conclusions.



💬After the Russian planes were shot down, there was a significant decrease in enemy aviation activity.— Dictionary of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuri Ignat.

As practice shows, after the fall of Russian aircraft, after their destruction, for a certain period occupiers do not dare to approach closer. Because the closer the plane with guided bombs under its wings approaches, the further those bombs can fly deep into our defense.

Ignat noted that the enemy understands that they can already be reached and they no longer behave so impudently.



⛓️SBU detained a Russian agent who ordered missile strikes on civilian buildings in Kharkiv.

At her request on January 23 of this year around 22:00, the fascists fired missiles S-300 and X-22 at the Kyiv and Holodnohirsky districts of the city.

Then as a result of enemy attack, private houses, a school, and a post office were damaged. Due to the destruction, 16 peaceful residents, including two children, had to be evacuated. Nine residents of the regional center suffered serious injuries.

After the enemy attack, the Russian agent was supposed to arrive at the arrival site to collect information about the damaged infrastructure and injured persons.

Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine caught the criminal in the act while she was conducting reconnaissance near the buildings shelled by Russian troops.

She faces life imprisonment.



❕Petro Poroshenko spoke about the key conditions for mobilization.

The fifth president of Ukraine emphasized on live TV that the draft law on mobilization should be based on sufficient provision of military means of defense, as well as conditions for rotation, demobilization, and preparation for the front.

We have enough legislative support to conduct mobilization. Secondly, in the new provisions of the law on mobilization, we insist that we see rotation elements - a guarantee that after being on the front line, soldiers must be rotated to restore combat readiness. A position on demobilization must be determined," Poroshenko notes.https://youtu.be/etBnfMRDiXg?si=x7THHMyssr0Strjf

Oh, how accurate! Polish farmer, how are you?




Fighters of the 40th separate artillery brigade named after Grand Duke Vitovt have a need for 2 Mavic 3 Pro drones to perform tasks of high quality. Thank you for your support!

Glory to Ukraine💙💛

P.s.: previous meeting reports⬇️


🎯Goal: 206,000.00 ₴

🔗Link to the bank


💳Card number bank

5375 4112 1150 8507(the same number, no translation needed)

At the age of 87, human rights defender, public figure, dissident, Hero of Ukraine, deputy of three convocations of the Verkhovna Rada and co-author of the Constitution of Ukraine Stepan Khmara passed away. A legend has gone. An outstanding person he was. He went through Soviet camps and prisons. And he did not break. He was a true patriot and fighter for the Independence of Ukraine. I communicated with him several times. Not a simple person, but very interesting. With character and principles. RIP.



😳In the TOP-10 landowners among parliamentarians, there are 7 representatives of the presidential political party

NV: In the Verkhovna Rada there are people whose land plots would be envied by some medieval barons. NV found this out when he studied the financial statements of the elected officials.- It is stated in the material.

Journalists researchers reviewed all available declarations of Verkhovna Rada deputies for the first year of full-scale war (submitted by 389 out of 401 politicians) and identified ten people with mandates who owned the largest area of land among all their colleagues in the Parliament.

1️⃣Mykola Kyrychenko, a deputy from the Servant of the People party, agrarian

2️⃣Maxim Huzenko, faction of the Servant of the People party

3️⃣Pavlo Khalimon, faction of the Servant of the People party

4️⃣Irina Kormishkina (Allakhverdiyeva), deputy of the Servant of the People

5️⃣Oleg Tarasov, MP from Servant of the People

6️⃣Vitaliy Bort, a representative of the now banned OPZZH

7️⃣Roman Mulik, faction of the Servant of the People party

8️⃣Serhiy Mandziy, faction of the Servant of the People party

9️⃣Ivan Chaikivsky, a member of the parliamentary group For the future

🔟Yuriy Boyko, representative of the banned Opposition Platform - For Life



🕯️At the age of 86, Hero of Ukraine, dissident and people's deputy of several convocations of the Verkhovna Rada Stepan Khmara passed away.

Stepan Ilkovich was born on October 12, 1937 in the village of Bob'iatyn in Lviv region. He received higher education at the Lviv Medical Institute specializing in dentistry. In 1972, he participated in the publication of the underground journal "Ukrainian Herald" and was involved in the distribution of self-published materials.

Hmara was sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment and 5 years of exile under the article "anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda". Stepan Hmara's exile took place in the Perm region. Upon his release in 1987, he actively participated in the reestablishment of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group.

Stepan Khmara and his group of supporters created the Ukrainian Conservative Republican Party (UKRP), of which he was elected chairman. On December 15, 2001, the UKRP dissolved itself.

Active participant of the Orange Revolution in 2004. Author cloud books "Genocide of Ukrainians in the USSR" and "General Pogrom".

Zelensky is cunning, sly, and without morals. (c) Stepan Khmara

I will remind you how Stepan Khmara perceived Zelensky. It is interesting whether Zelensky will sing him praises today?



😡Polish protesterhas a page on the Russian social network VKontakte and added to the Peacekeeper database as a Russian agent.

Among the Polish activists who are blocking the border with Ukraine, a pro-Russian provocateur Petro Panasiuk was discovered, who has previously been repeatedly observed at pro-Russian actions and the dissemination of Kremlin propaganda.

The mentioned fake Polish farmer, as it turned out, has long been in the database of the Ukrainian portal Peacemaker, where he is marked as an agent of the Russian special services.

On the Internet there are screenshots from his page on the Russian social network VKontakte, where Panasiuk called to stop supporting Ukraine in the war against Russia. This provocateur also has an account on the social network X, where he deceives people by telling them about the alleged mass mobilization of women in Ukraine. Also Petro lies about the fact that a large number of NATO mercenaries are fighting on the side of Ukraine.



⛓️The SBU uncovered new schemes for tax evaders: among those detained - a military commissioner who demanded a bribe for exemption from conscription.

They offered military conscripts to avoid conscription on the basis of forged documents or helped draft dodgers to cross the border outside of checkpoints.

The cost of such services was up to 10,000 American dollars.

🔹 So, in Poltava region:

The head of the district military enlistment office, who demanded money from the managers of enterprises, including local agro-companies, was exposed.

For a bribe, he promised to reserve their subordinates from conscription as critical infrastructure workers.

🔹 In Vinnytsia:

SBU counterintelligence officers detained two officials of the military medical commission who were selling their clients fake health certificates.

In further forgery, they used it to cheat on military records and illegally leave Ukraine.

🔹 In Dnipro:

they detained a lawyer who, for money, entered the personal data of evaders into the lists of charitable foundations.

Then the information about customers was provided to the Path system as drivers of international humanitarian cargo flights.

🔹 In Transcarpathia:

Three local residents who were transporting deserters to a neighboring EU country were exposed.

In order to take potential conscripts outside of Ukraine, the instigators first brought them to the border river, and then showed the water route to a foreign country. Wetsuits were included in the cost of services.

🔹 In Lviv region:

two criminals were caught red-handed offering potential recruits to secretly leave our country as drivers for a volunteer organization.



To find those responsible for Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, it will be necessary after the war is over.

This was stated by the fifth president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on the air of Pravda.

But today we have to do several important things. First, to preserve unity, second, to establish and restore effective dialogue with our partners, which unfortunately is currently eroding. Determine the position on urgent development of our own defense-industrial complex, provide our military units with assistance from our partners, primarily artillery ammunition, mines. First of all, these are means of electronic warfare, very effective positions on long-range missiles, - Poroshenko noted.https://youtu.be/NcfTNVAYDYQ?si=Xmst4WTc6-5mqjda

This is not a joke. This is not photoshop. These are real news of the Ebanarium. Seasonal exacerbation among schizophrenics started in Russia earlier than usual. Although, it never really ended for them. Even the most yobnutye became completely yobnulis. Ebanarium.



📰The first group of Ukrainian pilots will complete training on F-16 fighter jets before the summer of 2024., — CNN.Translated: , — CNN.

The group consists of four people. They began training in mid-October last year at the 162nd Fighter Aviation Regiment in Tucson. The Pentagon said that the training process will last several months.

The second group of four pilots began training in January, and the third group is currently undergoing English language training, which is necessary for flights.



👊Fighters of the Third assault blew up the Russians in Avdiivka: video from UAV.

In this garage in the dacha cooperative, occupiers were hiding during the battles. The fighters of the Third Assault found out about it, and the combat groups approached stealthily and laid explosive devices, in fact, behind the enemy's backs - under the thin walls of the building.

Explosive result - in the video work of the fighters of the 2nd company of the 1st mechanized battalion of the brigade.

Is it possible for the RF to advance from the north? What to do with mobilization? Why does the government not focus on motivating people? How do enemy DRG operate in Ukraine? Why have many Ukrainians started to feel anxious and depressed? Can corruption destroy our state? Why was the commander of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine dismissed? What will Ukrainian society do after the war? Special forces officer, officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, people's deputy of the VIII convocation Igor answered these questions. Watch all the details in this video on the channel of Boris Berezai.




Diplomacy of emotions and of one person - does not work. That time has passed.

Today not only the president is supposed to deal with diplomacy. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, parliament should be involved in diplomacy. Because we have connections with the largest political organizations, which are not accessible either through the presidential or foreign ministry vertical.

It is absolutely obvious to me that public activists and journalists should be involved. And this is our common task. We must speak with one voice - the voice of Ukraine.

One cannot allow the situation in Poland where a party that lost the elections is now trying to "rock" farmers in order to return to politics during local elections.

For this, you have plenty of tools: presidential commission, bilateral government commission, interregional links.

For Poland, it's only about money, but for Ukraine, it's about life. If farmers are compensated for part of their losses, it quickly and easily solves the problem (if there is no political component). But this needs to be professionally addressed.

Diplomacy is also about NOT obstructing international opposition activity. Otherwise, it is proof that there are political persecutions in Ukraine. Journalists, opposition politicians, public activists. This is a direct norm, and for its violation, we will not be admitted neither to the EU nor to NATO.




🤔In Parliament, they propose to introduce video surveillance of citizens - the bill is already on the VR website.

They say it is necessary for national security and will help prevent and eliminate potential threats.

This piece of garbage is a Russian. He illegally sold cannabis in Kyiv - he was arrested. On his phone they found a video, in which he walks through the ruined streets of Irpin and proudly says that there were Russians here. Bio trash.



I want to address everyone who remembers what the true meaning of "solidarity" is. A word that has so greatly changed the history of all of Europe for the better. It was. And in many ways it still is. But we see excessive and unfair politicization now, through which common achievements may begin to fall apart.

I have instructed our government to be at the border between our states by the nearest hour, by February 24. And I ask you, Donald, Mr. Prime Minister, to come to the border too. Andriy, Mr. President, I ask you to support this dialogue. This is national security. We cannot delay this. The next few days give us a chance to do this.

I am ready to be at the border together with our government. And I want to address the European Commission now: unity in Europe must be preserved. This is the fundamental interest of the European Union. Therefore, Ukraine calls on the European Commission to have a representative of the European Commission participate in this meeting.

Enough of Moscow on our land. Enough misunderstandings.


Now I want to address all those who remember what the full sense of the word solidarity means. A word that has so greatly changed the history of our entire Europe for the better. That's right. And in many ways it still is. But now we also see excessive and unfair politicization, through which common achievements can begin to crumble.

I have recommended to our Government, in the near future, by the twenty-fourth of February, to come to the border between our countries. And I ask you, Donald, Mr. Prime Minister, to also come to the border. Andrzej, Mr. President, I ask you for support in this dialogue. This is national security. We cannot postpone this. The coming days give us a chance.

I am ready to be on the border with our Government. And I want to appeal to the European Commission now - unity in Europe must be maintained. This is a fundamental interest of the European Union. Therefore, Ukraine appeals to the European Commission for a representative of the European Commission to participate in this meeting.

Enough of Moscow on our lands. Enough of misunderstandings.

All according to Orwell. Big brother is watching you. But there are nuances.

Servants of the People want to introduce a system of video surveillance of the people and collecting personal data of this very same people, - bill №11031

Identifying citizens will be based on a specific set of biometric data and information about the individual, such as name, date of birth, information about registered or declared place of residence (stay), digitized image of the person, registration number of the taxpayer's account card.

The stated goals are very reasonable. But in reality - it is a system of total surveillance, which, combined with the Action, puts Ukrainians under a magnifying glass. The question is, under whose magnifying glass? Because if these are Chinese cameras with servers in Russia or they are simply hacked, this can become help for the cats in the search for those they consider enemies. But who thinks about such trifles? Right?

It would be interesting to hear about human rights compliance, funding for this project, and cybersecurity in relation to this bill.



Serbia has received another batch of weapons from Russia despite international sanctions, AP reports.

Apart from Belarus, Serbia is the only European country that has refused to join EU sanctions after Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Interesting that Russia delivered weapons to Serbian territory despite the fact that Serbia's airspace is almost completely surrounded by NATO member countries that have agreed with Western sanctions against Russia.

So, Serbia received a new radio-electronic warfare station "Repellent-1", which is designed to suppress the work of drones and was developed back in 2016.

This station was used by the Russians during the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. However, the Ukrainian armed forces have repeatedly destroyed Russian "Repellent-1" stations.

More videos on our TikTok👇




🪖 The Ministry of Defense announced the launch of the Army+ application for the military - it is planned for the summer of 2024.

According to the head of MOU Umerov, developers plan to digitize everything as much as possible. In the application, in particular, military personnel will have templates for reports that can be signed and sent in a few clicks.

Did the conflict between Zelensky and Zaluzhnyi been planned in the Kremlin for several years? Did Zelensky believe in the Russian IPSO for the third time? Did Bezuhla attack Sirskyi? Is Zelensky planning a government reboot? Could Yermak be appointed prime minister? Why isn't Zelensky turning to the constitutional court? What does the OP plan to do in May when Zelensky's term expires? How is Ukraine solving problems with partners? What is happening on the Polish border? Is the Russian Federation behind this? Borislav Bereza answered the questions in an interview with Olena Kyryk.

00:00 Interview with Borislav Bereza

0:19 Zelensky believed in Russian IPSO three times

4:55 Bezuhla attacked Sіrskogo

8:28 Government reboot coming soon

15:05 Yermak appoints Prime Minister

18:16 Will VR's head be replaced with Kornienko's?

23:05 Problems with foreign policy

28:04 Situation with Poland




👥 Today urgent meetings were heldalmost simultaneouslytwo committees: on financial, tax and customs policy(Getmantsev's head)and on law enforcement issues(Head Ionushas)

📑 Considereddraft laws on rebooting the Bureau of Economic Securityand improving the "legal principles of its activities".

🥷 These are two projects that the Shmyhal government developed to address the entire NSDC and Zelensky's order after a huge scandal (leak of information widely covered in the media) regarding illegal actions by law enforcement agencies against business and its owners.

🗣 But the President's promises to members of the public organization "Manifest 42" to create a Council for Entrepreneurship Support in conditions of martial law turned out to be mere words.

Once again, by the way, about what she wrote abouthere іhere.

🗳 Regarding the creation of a competition commission for the election of a new BEB director, on conducting the competition (when it is supposed to take place) - exclusively framework regulations (SOMETIME AFTER THE END OF THE WAR).

Regarding amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code - as several members of the relevant committee expressed, the proposals do not provide anything, do not clarify, but rather lead to even greater chaos.

In this case, I have a question for those who pushed through the creation of the Economic Security Bureau in parliament at all.

✅ Did you realize that the norms of the "On BEB" law do not provide for the preventive function of this body⁉️

✅ Did you understand that the lack of a conceptual vision of implementing a risk-oriented approach will be the main problem and that this body will not react to risks - only to already committed crimes⁉️

✅ Who will be responsible for the funds spent from the state budget on maintaining BEBs over all years❓❓❓

I am amazed at the level of irresponsibility and cynical promises that turned out to be lies❗️❗️❗️😡



❗️Kherson is under enemy shelling, a series of powerful explosions sounded in the coastal area, - MFA.

The reaction of Italian military expert Thomas Teiner to the news from Reuters thatIran sent hundreds of ballistic missiles to RussiaAnd I share his emotions.

The advancement towards European integration is powerful. Very powerful. So powerful that Ukraine is being directly asked to stop sabotaging the reform of the Bureau of Economic, because it does not meet the requirements of European integration and the International Monetary Fund program. Again. UKRAINE is asked to STOP SABOTAGE. You idiots, what are you doing? Are you doing this on purpose?

Interesting that the letter is written to everyone except Zelensky. This also says a lot.



Russian troops strike Romativka village in Donetsk region, - regional prosecutor's office.

An 83-year-old woman is injured, she was taken to the hospital.

I see that in 2022, everything was going pretty well for the servants. Especially in the top four. And while the whole country donated to the Armed Forces, they invested money in the land. Believed in the Armed Forces, it's good. And let NAPC and NABU think about everything else.

Today, on Wednesday, February 21, at 20-00, we will be going live together with Vitaliy Portnikov.

- 10 years ago peaceful protesters were shot dead on the Maidan in Kyiv. At the same time, Russia began an undeclared war and annexation of Crimea. Why are people still sitting in government offices who were involved in the killings on the Maidan?

- The problem with Polish farmers on the border. Can this become a second front against Ukraine? How to solve this problem? Can our government handle this?

- The Washington Post reports that the administration of the President of the Russian Federation promoted the idea that Zelensky could become the next President of Ukraine. Could it be that Zelensky fell for Russian propaganda and that's why he removed Zelensky from office?

- Head of the General Staff Ruslan Khomchak stated that the Russians "do not have the strength" to capture the Donetsk and Luhansk regions this year. Is it still worth self-reassurance?

- Reuters reported that Iran sent hundreds of ballistic missiles to Russia. Can this affect Western aid?




❗️ Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Poland announced that official negotiations with farmers protesting on the border with Ukraine will start on February 26, - Polskie Radio 24.

According to him, the details are currently being worked out, the ministry's goal is to reach an agreement with farmers.



I want to thank our Air Force, everyone who defends our sky. There are good results regarding Russian military aircraft. Seven fighter jets - Russian "Sushki" - in one week. Thank you, our warriors, for your accuracy. And one of the main tasks of our state this year is precisely to protect the sky and our front-line positions from Russian aviation and missile strikes.

Thank you to everyone who is in battle, at combat posts, on combat missions. Thank you to each and every one who works for Ukraine and defense. Thank you to everyone who helps. Believing in Ukraine is believing in ourselves and working for common strength. We must achieve our Ukrainian goals. We must win.

🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦



🤯Spy programs were found on the phones of members of the defense committee of the European Parliament, - Politico

Spyware traces were found on at least 2 devices, and all legislators were recommended to take their phones to the IT department for inspection.

As reported by the publication, the European Parliament is currently on high alert for cyber attacks and foreign interference ahead of the EU elections in June.

The Russians are provoking again. This time in the temporarily occupied territory of Kherson region.

Is it just me who saw it? )))



We have gathered for you the main things that you might have missed by February 21.

🔹At the State Regulatory Service, three main directions were named, on whichRussian army will press.

🔹In the 13th package of sanctions against the Russian Federation, restrictions were imposed on Russians and Belarusians involvedbefore the abduction of Ukrainian children.

🔹Zelensky proposed Tusk and Dudahold a meeting at the border, through protests of Polish farmers.

🔹The Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down anotherRussian fighter jet.

🔹Regarding former MP Pashinskya new criminal case has been openedfor facts of pressure and threat

🔹The United Kingdom became the first country to impose sanctionsin response to Navalny's death.

American comedian and host John Stewart roasts Tucker Carlson and his interview with Putin. This is hilarious!!! I recommend watching.



The occupiers write about another landing at the training ground. This time in Kherson region.

It is reported that there are casualties



#ЦПД_пояснює:⚡️Russian propagandists spread a video provocation with the so-called "son of Syrsky". This video is part ofmassive enemy IEDdirected against the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

▪️ In the Russian Federation, they are trying to take advantage of the fact that many Ukrainians, including military, have relatives in Russia. With this, the enemies are trying to discredit Ukrainians.

❗️Ivan Sirsky, who became the hero of Russian videos, is not the son of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. He is the son of Alexander Sirsky's former wife from her other marriage. Ivan Alexander Sirsky was not adopted, but he divorced his mother back in 2009.

▪️Alexander Syrsky's ex-wife left 14 years ago with her children and new husband to Australia. General-Colonel Syrsky does not maintain any relationship with her family.

👆Do not succumb to enemy propaganda and trust only verified sources of information.


The president proposed to increase the salary of military personnel at the forefront to 200,000 hryvnias.

Not for everyone. But for those soldiers who have been on the front lines for two years.

To increase payments to soldiers, it is necessary to find money and make changes to legislation.

DetailshereWhere to look for money the president doesn't know. This is not in the article either. I think these money will be searched using 1 million drones among 1 billion trees.



💬Biden called on the US Congress to resist Putin with the help of Ukraine.

The President of the United States also appealed to the Speaker of the House of Representatives Johnson to put the bill on assistance to Ukraine to a vote.



Ukrainian soldiers continue to hold positions on the left bank of the Dnipro, as well as repelled attacks by the Russians near Stepove in Donetsk region - General Staff data.

During the day, the aviation of the Defense Forces struck at 10 areas of the enemy's concentration and 2 enemy air defense missile systems.

Also, subdivisions of the Air Force destroyed another Su-34 fighter-bomber and 3 reconnaissance UAVs.

The units of missile troops struck 5 areas with concentration of personnel, weapons and military equipment, 2 fuel and lubricant depots, 3 command posts, 8 artillery units, and 1 enemy radar station.

Better than what I have seen recently. Watched twice.))

Peaceful night 🌙 to all good people