Feb 19, 2022 - Day -4

What did you have to do so that they wouldn't love you so much and make such videos with you? Shufrich knows. But he won't say.

I will write what many people will not like. But to remain silent would be wrong. Yuriy Butusov is my friend and like-minded person. Nestor Shufrych is my ideological opponent. But that's not a reason to punch Shufrych in the face. I believe it is wrong. If he committed a crime, he should be punished by a court, not by one of us. But I understand very well why people are happy that Yura dragged Shufrych. Because it is at least some punishment for someone who has long and consistently defends the values of the Russian Federation and the "Russian world" in Ukraine, but does not bear any responsibility for it.

Shufrich during his life did and said a lot of things that caused "love" towards him from a large number of people. But hitting him in the face? By what law or act is this allowed? And if tomorrow someone uses force against you based on the fact that your neighbors don't like you? Or Shufrich's supporters will use force against those who are close to you ideologically? Respect for the rights of others, human dignity, and personal inviolability towards a person are basic European norms, not just standards from the practice of the ECHR. Physical violence is definitely not a standard of political discussions.

Therefore, I cannot support the general rejoicing regarding what happened to Shufrich yesterday. Yes, there is something karmic about the fact that the Head of the Committee on Freedom of Speech got his face beaten on the "Freedom of Speech" program, and it was done by the editor-in-chief of one of Ukraine's largest media outlets. But this definitely has nothing to do with the supremacy of law. It is more like the law of the jungle. And I certainly do not want the rule of force to dominate alongside the supremacy of law.

Sorry, but I am like that. As one politician said - "Bereza, you have greatly spoiled PACE". I am definitely not an angel and I am very emotional, but I always remember that I am a public figure and a person who consistently defends and promotes European standards of morality and law, and I do not allow my emotions to prevail over reason. Although sometimes I really want to cut someone. And even though my size and experience allow it, I cannot. It's not just a "white coat", it's a life principle. And I try to follow it. That's why I have never fought in the VR or in the committee. Although my fists itched more than once. But it's not allowed.

And moreover, Shufrich is a provocateur. And now he is also a "victim". And he will definitely be able to be re-elected again now. Because he will "sell" to his electorate a story about how he was beaten for his convictions and defending the positions of the voters. Therefore, even by defeating Shufrich, you will not achieve a change in the electorate's point of view, which consistently supports him. Alas. And a brawl will only worsen the situation.

Sorry if disappointed and spoiled the rejoicing. But these are my beliefs. And I am not ready to give them up, even in the name of your support.

And this is already more like the provocation they were talking about. The Mainila incident. Then the USSR conducted an artillery strike on the bordering Soviet village of Mainila. The incident became a formal pretext for the start of the Soviet-Finnish war in 1939. And it seems that these creatures are following the same scenario.

Today, February 19th, as a result of the shelling by separatists, a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was killed in Donbas. This was reported by the press service of the Joint Forces Operation Headquarters. Another son of Ukraine was killed by Kremlin mercenaries. Eternal glory to the fallen hero. My condolences to his family and loved ones.

Another scum has shown itself. This needs to be documented and international structures need to impose sanctions on him and his relatives - from visa cancellations to freezing accounts. And then this scum will whimper, not bark, like it does now. Meanwhile, State Duma deputy Alexey Zhuravlev has called for the creation of volunteer groups in Russia and to go to Donbass to "defend the Russian world and show the Bandera scum that Russians are always together".

Just a creature.

Good dialogue. Warm, so. ))

And the Kremlin folks confidently continue to lead in the competition for the dumbest people on planet Earth. Now they got caught with another fake, just like with the pre-recorded videos of the Kremlin's puppets Pasechnik and Pushilin. Journalists analyzed the metadata of the fake video from an action camera supposedly belonging to the Ukrainian DRG and found out that it was uploaded on February 8th. If you check the file using the Metadata2go service, you can see that the project was named "2021-02-04 DRG.prproj" and was located in a folder called "2021".

In general, as the saddest horse of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs says - "DBL BLD".

🇷🇺 Putin cannot shoot civilians. Why? He did this many times, and will do again.

The country that undermined skyscrapers would not dare to shell a convoy. This is foolish.

Putin can't.

just attack Ukraine like that. He needs a casus belli. Cause for war.

The drive for war is needed by Putin not to explain to his own people the flow of soldier's coffins to Pskov or Buryatia.

The true purpose of creating casus belli is to convince at least part of the global society that "not everything is so unambiguous".

Putin remembers well that after the so-called "War 08.08.08" (the Russian army's invasion of Georgia) Russia did not receive any significant sanctions precisely because the world perceived the Russian invasion as the protection of the civilian population. He wants to pull off the same trick if he succeeds.

And in fact, considering the absolute lack of empathy in the Kremlin towards the residents of the territories it occupies, this casus belli can be anything.

They can shoot at the buses that are currently taking residents of Donetsk Oblast to Russia. They can cause an ecological catastrophe by causing an explosion at a factory. They can blow up a residential building or school, and then, under torture, force someone from the Ukrainian prisoners to take the blame on camera. There are countless options, and the Russians will most likely choose the bloodiest of these options.

📌 We appeal to residents of occupied territories and to those who have relatives in occupied territories.


You must understand that now everyone who lives in the territories occupied by the Russians is just a puppet in a future bloody theatrical performance. You are hostages of the Kremlin and the situation.

⚠️Do not interact with the occupiers! Do not use the transportation they offer!

⚠️Evacuate as quickly as possible by your own means of transportation to the territory controlled by Ukraine!

⚠️Do not put your life and health at risk, do not put the lives and health of your loved ones at risk!

⚠️Do it immediately. Otherwise, Russia will pay for its imperial ambitions with your blood.

Video shelling of the entry-exit checkpoint "Shchastia" today at 11:30.

Given that times are not easy and many people hide behind anonymous avatars in Telegram, I cannot always quickly determine who is writing in the comments and for what purpose. Therefore, I warn that a moratorium is being imposed on videos and links in the comments, as well as on any unverified information. I will ban those who try to use my channel to spread disinformation or information that is aimed at creating panic. Unfortunately, the FSB (Federal Security Service) is very active in the information field and many people fall for their provocative releases. Do not spread such information and do not help them in informational attacks. Be selective in information channels and trust only verified sources.

This is oreiro!!! The actors of the burnt theater are filming another fake for Russian TV. The idiots will believe it. ))

And here's how the Kremlin's state propaganda is already working. Hysteria is being whipped up before the start of active operations and within the framework of Russia's hybrid war against Ukraine.

And the fakes do not stop. They already have a second projectile exploded on the territory of the Russian Federation.

In the Center for Defense Strategies, they analyzed the situation in Donbass, announcing its deterioration over the past two days. This is evidenced by the number of shelling by militants of the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, for example, yesterday there were more than 60. Russian mercenaries continue to use weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements. All this, as well as the intensification of disinformation from Moscow and its puppets, confirms a new escalation, according to the CDS.

Comparing the resources of Russian militants and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, experts have come to the conclusion that the implementation of the Russian Federation's "full-scale invasion" scenario is unlikely. However, there is still a threat of limited operations by Russian groups. Taking this into account, specialists named two most vulnerable directions - the eastern direction (ORDLO) and the Azov-Black Sea region.

Also, in the SOC, they announced the possibility of conducting new informational and cyber attacks.

It should not be forgotten that Russia has issued its passports to the residents of ORDLO. According to different data, around 850 thousand inhabitants of the occupied territories have obtained such documents, although the Central Election Commission (CEC) cites the number as 600 thousand. Allegedly, the necessity to "protect Russian citizens" may serve as a pretext for Russia to engage in new provocations. The consequence of this may be a local military operation aimed at expanding ORDLO. This would mean Russia's open involvement in combat operations in Donbass.

This is absolutely a masterpiece!

Listened to Pushilin 🤣🤣🤣

The operational-tactical group "East" reports that the "Wagnerites" have appeared in Donetsk in order to blow up houses and commit terrorist acts in which Ukrainian DRGs will be accused. Someone in the Kremlin apparently remembered how they blew up two buildings on Kashirka in Moscow to start the war in Chechnya. I feel sorry for the locals who the "Wagnerites" choose as victims of their dirty deeds. Volodymyr Zelensky, among them could be those who were not detained because you canceled the operation against the "Wagnerites" and helped them avoid responsibility. And how do you feel after this?

🔥Wow! China supported Ukraine.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of China stated that Beijing supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and that they must be protected. And also, that Ukraine is not an exception. This is a very good signal.

Oh well, the unfinished directors. Sooner or later, they will end up in Voronezh anyway. And they continue to provoke and stage, monsters.

And that's awesome! The serfs will be blown away, not the ones who sent them to the slaughter by the Kremlinites.

At the Munich Security Conference, Zelensky instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to convene a summit of the Budapest Memorandum participating countries.

He emphasized that if the summit does not take place in the near future or Ukraine does not receive security guarantees, then our country will officially declare the 1994 document invalid. It is worth noting that we are talking about the possible restoration of Ukraine's nuclear potential.

Reading the news in Russian media about the Acting Head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, Alexander Chupriyan, instructing the department to determine the regions ready to accommodate citizens of the so-called DNR and LNR. This is stated on the ministry's website. And immediately I remember this news from the screenshot. Yes, Russia hasn't seen such an influx of slaves for a long time. But I feel sorry for these people and I don't envy them.

Zelensky's performance in Munich can be called good. This will be fair. Although the habit of constantly criticizing allies, both today and on Twitter, is already annoying. But he still doesn't know how to communicate with the press. Especially, if he is not prepared for questions. Alas.

Listened to Vladimir Zelensky in Munich. As I understand it, he hinted that if the guarantor countries of the Budapest Memorandum ignore it, we will ignore the conditions of its signing. That is, we reserve the right to resume nuclear weapon production. Quite audacious, if true. It is not only Russia that can raise the stakes.

Quote: "As president, I am initiating consultations within the framework of the Budapest Memorandum for the first time. Ukraine is doing this for the fourth time. But both Ukraine and I are doing this for the last time..."

If they do not happen again or specific decisions regarding security guarantees for our state are not adopted as a result of them, Ukraine will have every right to consider that the Budapest Memorandum is not working, and all package decisions of 1994 are in doubt.

The "Servant of the People" dictionary reported that the people's deputies from "SN", who arrived in Donbass, came under shelling in the OOS zone. If Trukhin is with them, it can help them solve this problem. Trukhin needs to be sent with a sports bag to the shooters so that he can offer them 150,000 and they can provide an opportunity.


Go quietly into the forest. And Monastyrsky won't need to call. Because he definitely won't solve this issue. So, where is Trukhin?

Nuts are expensive when it comes to Ukrainian weapons. They say, where do we get the money, etc.


Russia has been, is, and remains a nuclear power. All these barking toys need to be loaded with something on time, slightly enriched. That is, with uranium.

And we have uranium deposits, which the Kremlin has been reaching out to for years.

So if we don't insure ourselves now - Ukrainian uranium will already be in Russian nuclear weapons. Aimed at the West as well, if anyone didn't understand.

To do this, you don't even need to capture the entire Ukraine. It's enough to have a tiny spot of gray territory.

Factories cannot be taken apart and what? Did it greatly help Donbass, from where all the metal was taken out? That's right. So, even theoretical progress of Russia cannot be allowed.

Otherwise, a bag. They are ass-holders, you can't give them uranium.

Look at it from this angle. We are even now too valuable to just take and fuck. Ukraine is not devoid of problems, but everyone has them. We need to somehow put an end to appeasing the aggressor - otherwise there will be even more of them.

Regardless, the West will have to fuck Russia, sooner or later. Let's save time.


Orcs are looking for options for staging. Nothing new.

Sorry, but the person who says on Thursday that we cannot increase the Armed Forces of Ukraine because in that case we will stop building roads and on Saturday is afraid of restoring nuclear status should consult a psychiatrist...

Damn, to tears. This is Pushilin, who started as a "scammer" and now tries to make himself into something. Although in fact, he is full of nonsense. ))

I expected everything, but I didn't expect such a quick reaction from Russia and for it to be THAT kind of reaction after Volodymyr Zelensky's performance. In general, the toastmaster is cheerful and he has interesting contests. ))

A very accurate verse about another Kremlin fake about Donbass.

German Ambassador to Ukraine Anka Feldhusen stated on the "Ukraine 24" TV show that the Budapest Memorandum has no legal obligations.

I think that after this, it's time to print the Budapest Agreement on toilet paper and distribute it near embassies. Lviv works too.

Epic! Authors (c) Ilya Repin and Stanislav Chepurko. ))

F*ck!!! They're broadcasting "Mother Donbass". )))

The translated text: Owls clearly explained why the United States is an enemy of America. Why? Because it's an enemy. Brain racism. ))