Feb 26, 2022 - Day 3

ℹ️ How to distinguish Ukrainian technology from Russian occupiers?

Russian technology has a dark green and swampy coloring. Sometimes a tricolor coloring is present.

Ukrainian technology has a distinctive feature in the form of a "pixel" or dark green color, similar to olive color ☝️

The invaders' equipment that is currently moving through our country has additional signs that indicate the direction of movement:

🔻 Draw a diagonal line on the body - towards Kherson.

🔻 Z mark on the body - an attack on Kharkiv, also Rosgvardia (Kadyrivtsy) is noticed in this direction. Currently, such equipment from under Sumy is heading to Kyiv.

🔻 Triangle - for units in Sloviansk and Kramatorsk.

🔻 Circle - for mobile backup.

What to do if you see occupation equipment?

❗️📢🚨 Notіfy the Armed Forces of Ukraine about thіs ⚠️🔊 contacts on the website of the General Staff.

! Capture the movement of this equipment on video and post it on social media with the hashtag


If you have the desire and the opportunity - destroy enemy equipment by any means possible.

☝️⚠️ Under no circumstances should you film the movement of Ukrainian military equipment.

Do not help the enemy to destroy you, your home, our cities, and Ukraine.

Fiery greeting to the Russian occupiers! This is a fantastic video that will undoubtedly go down in the history of this war! You couldn't say it better! Let's spread it!


Baba Nadia asked to pass on:


Explosions in Kyiv. What do we know?

The enemy is trying to attack the TEC-6 in the Troieshchyna area. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting back.

Hold on tight for our own!

❗️Be careful. Saboteurs.

Russian scumbags dressed up in Ukrainian police uniforms, drove in vehicles with flashing lights, and shot fighters at a checkpoint near Vasylkiv in the Kyiv region.

‼️ In Kyiv, for over an hour - since 02.10 - explosions are occurring. 💥 The occupiers are trying to destroy the TEC-6 on Troieshchyna. Our air defense is repelling the attacks. Also, saboteurs have become more active.

"This night will be harder than the day. Many cities of our state are under attack... Special attention - to Kyiv. We cannot lose the capital... Tonight the enemy will use all his available forces to break our resistance - treacherously, harshly and inhumanely."

"President Zelensky stated the day before."

He assumed that today Russian forces would attack the capital. Has it begun?

Let's hold on! And let's believe in our Armed Forces of Ukraine! 🙏

Kyiv. Victory Avenue.

Yes, there is shooting in Kyiv. Yes, it's booming. Yes, it's not easy. But the enemy is getting a good beating. Kyiv might deserve another Hero Star!

Information from the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Today, around midnight, two enemy targets were shot down in the area of the operation of the Joint Forces with the C-300 Air Defense Missile System of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - a helicopter and a Su-25 attack aircraft of the Russian occupation forces. Also, at half past midnight, a Su-27 fighter of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully attacked and destroyed a military transport aircraft, the Il-76 MD, of the Russian occupation forces. Victory!!!

‼️Saboteur is being searched in Kyiv.

Driver Vadim, 50 years old, behind the wheel of a red Chevrolet Aveo with license plate AN3492OO, with a taxi sign.

According to the message, the fire adjuster worked in Russian special services.

If you see this car, call 102 to check!

💪 Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Danilov: We are stopping the horde as much as we can, the situation in Kyiv is under control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the citizens of Kyiv.

But in general, think about the paradox. Kiev is the mother of Russian cities. And the Russian scoundrels turned on their mother. Who are they after this? Degenerates and bastards.

⚡️In the Kobleva area, two saboteurs have been captured. They are already giving their testimonies, says Sergey Bratchuk, head of the public council at the Odessa regional state administration. According to him, there is shooting and explosions in the city, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine's PPO is operating.

What the Ukrainian Armed Forces are doing to the Russian paratroopers near Vasilkov can only be called beatings. They are truly burning them. The information comes directly from there.

The communication is terrible. The internet keeps lagging.


Good morning news.

They say there is an air alarm in Lviv.

The Russian attack on Berestey's ended due to the attackers' retreat. (c) Letters

⚡️Facebook officially:

We are taking additional steps in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. We are now prohibiting Russian state media from placing advertisements or monetizing on our platform in any part of the world. We also continue to label additional Russian state media outlets. These changes have already begun to be implemented and will continue over the weekend.

These f@ckers still haven't realized that by attacking Ukraine, they have turned the entire civilized world against themselves. Idiots. Like valenki.

🔥 Today is a pivotal night not only for Kyiv, but also for Ukraine. The Putin blitzkrieg is coming to an end. This is not yet the beginning of the end, but it is definitely the end of the beginning, as Churchill said.

Madonna supported Ukraine and called on Russia to stop the war. And also, Terminator is on our side. Arnold Schwarzenegger stated: "My thoughts are with the Ukrainian people. I have been asked for interviews several times, but I believe that all the news should be focused on what is happening in Ukraine. On the tragedy that has shattered our hearts, and on the courage of the Ukrainian people, which inspires us."

This is important!

This is an example of how Russians spread absolute nonsense and disinformation, and we easily refute it. Do not use anonymous and Russian sources of information.

🤯 And meanwhile, one of the main voices of the Kremlin, Margarita Simonyan, on her Telegram:

"If you are ashamed now that you are Russian, don't worry, you are not Russian."

Ground forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: putting the enemies to sleep 🔥

forever) 🥰

At the Beresteiska Metro station, the 101st brigade destroyed a convoy: 2 cars, 2 trucks with military equipment, a tank. Everything is calm, everyone has been taken care of.

📌Updates on Vasilkov, Kyiv region:

Mayor Vasylkova Natalia Valachynovych announced that the battles are over - they lasted all night. The city remains under the control of Ukrainian troops. "They [Russian paratroopers] landed with parachutes in the fields, forests, and villages of our community. The scariest was on Dekabristiv Street, there were battles, the street was on fire. They dreamed of capturing our airfield to deploy their combat units, but our 40th brigade is strong and repelled the attack."

Cans continue to open. Now, Odessa City Council deputy from the OPZZh Bogdan Giganov urges Zelensky, "if necessary - on his knees," to ask Putin for a pause. But did anyone expect anything different from the OPZZh? 😅

The situation in Kyiv is controlled 100%. Local battles are ongoing, the Ukrainian army is holding its defense - adviser to the head of the OPU, Podolyak.

As of the morning of February 26th, the Russian army has lost over three and a half thousand military personnel, with over two hundred taken as prisoners.

⚡️Telegram users are being sent messages en masse from a fake account, which is named similarly to Zelensky's TG channel. Don't fall for it!

Putin's wet dreams...

☠️🇷🇺Podoliak: "Russian losses: 3500 dead and 200 captured."

Morning is really good ☺️

There are two things that Russians will never take away from us.

Our freedom.

Jokes about dead Russians.

Let's strike a balance.

In Irpin marauders have been detained.

Patrol units and employees of the Municipal Guard work to maintain order and peace for the population. When everything is over, they will be very fortunate if they are kept in custody until the trial. Because if they are released on bail or personal recognizance, anything can happen. They might not even make it to court. The people are currently angry and aggressive. And quick to "educate" miscreants. I believe it is better for them to remain in custody.

Russian paratroopers in Ukraine are changing into the uniform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"Hostomel, my friend's courtyard, where I myself was recently. Russian paratroopers are unpacking Ukrainian uniforms and putting them on. So, guys, expect a lot of provocations and false flag ops."

Wrote User Pavlo Voilov on social media






Don't trust fakes.

‼️ATTENTION! Another air alarm has been declared in Kyiv!

We ask everyone to urgently follow into the shelter of civil protection

Let's remind that the stations on the red line of the metro are operating in shelter mode. Trains do not run between stations!

The movement of trains on the blue and green branches of the subway is currently operating in normal mode.

If necessary, stations may have hermetically sealed doors.

New saboteurs have been caught in Kiev. Now they are on their knees. So, who should kneel in front of whom there? Damn, where should they all be kept???

‼️ATTENTION! Another air alarm has been declared in Kyiv!

We ask everyone to urgently follow in the shelter of civil defense

Let us remind you that the stations of the red metro line are only working in shelter mode. Trains are not operating between stations!

The movement of trains on the blue and green branches of the subway is currently carried out in regular mode.

If necessary, hermetic closures may be lowered at stations.

By the way, I remembered that almost all the members of the Opposition Platform - For Life left Ukraine before the invasion. And this means that the Kremlin simply warned everyone it considers its agents. This needs to be documented. And not just for history.

Operational information. City of Kyiv ⤵️

On February 26 at 06:24 in the Shevchenkivskyi district on Dovnar-Zapolskyi street, 3/5, a fire broke out in a single-storey warehouse building "Kyivenergo" (measuring 70x30 m).

At 07:07 the fire was localized on an area of 250 sq m, and at 08:06 it was extinguished ☑️.

There are no victims or casualties.

20 people and 5 units of equipment from the State Emergency Service are involved in extinguishing.

What's going on with the light? 💡

And nothing, everything is fine. Minenergo says that the energy system of Ukraine is working steadily.

▪️Kyiv Hydro Power Plant is under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. But currently, the station is not operational, and the staff is in hiding.

▪️Kyiv TPP-6 is operating in normal mode.

Several air lines and substations have been damaged and disconnected from the power grid, including:

- 32 settlements in the Chernihiv region,😊

- There are 53 populated areas in Zaporizhzhia region.

11 populated areas in Sumy region 📍

551 households in the Odessa region in rural areas.

When these Russophobic creatures claim that they do not shoot at the civilian population, show them this. A rocket hit a residential building in Zhuliany! Several floors have been destroyed. There is no information about the victims yet.

And maybe they will tell a tale that it was a center for training Nazis and Binders?

Kyiv, not far from Zhuliany airport, a rocket hit a residential building. The number of victims is currently unknown.

Approximately the only thing known is the number of Russian soldiers who will be responsible for this: shitloads.

And how will Putin and his minions justify their actions? I know how! They will say that it's the Kiev punishers. Themselves. Because the Kremlin guys always lie. They will lie now too. Scumbags, scumbags, scumbags...

A video has emerged from a surveillance camera inside a house in Kiev, where a Russian missile landed.

State Emergency Service of Ukraine: There are no known victims or injured people. Evacuation is underway.

12 people and 3 units of equipment were involved by the State Emergency Service (DSNS).


Dear Russians, from now on we have paid packages. Keep 10 kopecks in your pocket for the future 😉

❗️Video from the cameras in one of the apartments

They will not let anyone through. Let them sit in their own leprosarium.

Or let's take Dimon. A harmless person, soft-hearted. And how he loves Italy! Here he has huge well-kept estates. Vineyards. Olive groves. And tonight - bam! - a sanction hits. And no more vineyards for a long, long time. Let's go complain to Utotchka at Ples.

We still cannot comprehend the abyss into which Putin has pushed Russia.

The EU and Great Britain have officially imposed sanctions against Putin and Lavrov. The EU has suspended the simplified visa regime with Russia.

Civil aviation EVERYTHING. In Russia, there will no longer be any "Airbus" planes and spare parts for them. New leasing agreements cannot be concluded, and existing ones must be terminated. Sanctions against UAC - so no more "Superjets" with the French engine SaM146.

Russian Railways (RZD) is under EU sanctions. Transit to the Kaliningrad region through Lithuania has been interrupted. And at the same time, all Chinese container transit is affected. And no more new trains like "Sapsan" (German SIEMENS Velaro), "Lastochka" (German SIEMENS Desiro), "Strizh" (Spanish Talgo Intercity).

Sanctions on Samara's TsSKB "Progress" - goodbye to launches of any foreign satellites on "Soyuz" rockets. The launch complex in Kourou can be handed over for scrap metal.

"Covent Garden" has canceled the tour of the artists from the Bolshoi Theater. And this will happen with all Russian tours, worldwide.

And even Kazakhstan rejected Russia's request to join its forces in the offensive in Ukraine. They are recruiting volunteers in Syria.

Full... like this? ... full isolation.

The whole world is opposed, absolutely everyone.

The quote in the headline is by Andrey Malgin.

This is the crime of the new Al-Qaeda. Now Ben Laden is sitting in the Kremlin and his name is Putin.

❗️A moment of entering a high-rise building in Kyiv.

Russia is a terrorist country.

❗️Urgent address from Chernihiv Mayor Vladyslav Atroshenko.

Dear citizens of Chernihiv. We need to prepare for street fights. Those who know and understand what I am talking about, prepare incendiary mixtures. Concerned citizens of Chernihiv, guys, I ask you to come to Vereni 2, and approach the commander requesting to receive weapons and defend the city with arms in hand.

Witness statement from a Kyivan who was at home when a rocket struck Lobanovskyi 6a. Lucky that everyone is alive. His wife and eldest son have broken legs.

In the comments, there are Ukrainian trolls and bots. They lie like scum. I may not have time to ban them. But I'm working on it. Anyway, send their lies along with them to hell.

A few minutes after the first hits by the Russians, we were woken up by Sergeant Marko, a Marine Corps officer at the base where we were staying. He informed us that, according to the regulations, all available forces and resources were being mobilized for defense. Therefore, these sleepy forces and resources must immediately get dressed, grab their weapons, and head out for patrol.

We were in Mariupol Dobu, after which we relocated to another direction, between Donetsk and Horlivka, and from there we already asked for a more cheerful disco - home, to Kyiv.

So we returned, you motherfucker.

And here it is wonderful.

Let's dance.

ZSU, you are wonderful ❤️


Here's what you, you creature from Nizhny Novgorod, forgot in Ukraine?

My youngest son found this video. And it perfectly shows what a deceitful creature Lukashenko is.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces during the prolonged battles tonight liberated Kyiv power station, reported the Minister of Energy.

Let's clarify.

This operation Putin and his associates have been developing for years. This is a fact. 😊

According to this plan, the following tasks were supposed to be accomplished:

1. Destruction of the maximum amount of military equipment, bases, and airfields by missile strikes.

2. Airspace control;

3. Full encirclement and blockade of the Kyiv agglomeration.

4. Surroundings or instant capture of Kharkiv;

5. A road connection between Transnistria and Crimea was to be opened by launching an offensive from Crimea, as well as by establishing a corridor between Crimea and Donbass through Melitopol, Berdyansk, and Mariupol. Two columns were planned to move out from Crimea, one to the west and one to the east, while forces from Mariupol were to simultaneously advance towards them, circumventing the city overland.

The goal of these tasks was the destruction of combat-ready military units, panic among the population, disorganization, and as a result - forcing negotiations and surrender.

To carry out these tasks, the Russian Army, Air Force, and Navy were supposed to launch simultaneous strikes from all possible directions, stretching our forces along the incredibly long borders with Russia, Belarus, and the occupied Transnistria region of Moldova.

According to their plans, all tasks were supposed to be completed by the second day from the start of the operation.

And now let's see what they were able to do.

Regarding the destruction of bases - we were aware of the attack, and we managed to save 99% of our aircraft by simply flying them across the border. Russian missiles were practicing on empty airfields. The same applies to bases and warehouses. Of course, we couldn't evacuate everything and everyone in time, so there are some losses, but mostly Russia was using missiles on emptiness.

2. They did not gain full control over the air. Our air defense system has suffered from missile strikes, but it still carries out its tasks. Our planes are flying, our helicopters are working, so here in Russia, it's a downside.

3. Around Kiev - well, well. They came from the north and stationed there, near the "Pioneers" and artillery. There is no surrounding and it's not close at all. I calmly drove in from the Boryspil direction at night.

4. Kharkiv is the same. They stand under the city and aimlessly shoot at residential neighborhoods as much as they can. There is no escape.

Two columns left Crimea with battles and losses, broke through to the mainland and went to Transnistria and Mariupol. On the Transnistrian direction, they got stuck near Kherson, although it was precisely here where they achieved the greatest success, gaining control over a significant portion of roads in the southern region between the Dnieper and Crimea. The landing in Mykolaiv failed. In the other direction, the same thing happened: they did not break through in Mariupol and got stuck in the Zaporizhia region. There are battles underway in Melitopol.

Blitzkrieg failed completely. The plans were not executed, the troops on the march have stopped and are transitioning to defense. This is not yet a positional war, because the Russians have not yet acknowledged their defeat and have not started fortification works, but it is no longer as maneuverable as it was in the first hours.

There is no panic.

The army controls the front.

We have done much more than we could have done. These days will be the days of our glory as long as there is at least one Ukrainian alive.

We will give you back what you lost.

We will beat all those who came to our land.

And we will finish this war on our terms.

Russia must be destroyed.

Chernihiv is currently preparing for street fights. Local residents are preparing to greet the "liberators" with Molotov cocktails🔥. There is no vodka here. There are cocktails.

"Liberator" met with the freed. And got very scared. The welcome was very... warm. 😳

A child was born in Kyiv. This is not the first and not the last child that is born in the capital of Ukraine. But he was born tonight in a metro, which was used as a bomb shelter. The child was born under Russian shelling. And he was born as a symbol that Ukraine will survive this confrontation with the Kremlin. And then we will destroy Putin's Russia. Although... Putin himself is successfully dealing with it, starting a war against Ukraine.

Another lost soul...

Differentiate the technique!

Ukraine: There is camouflaged equipment, but mainly pixelated camouflage (squares) or green color (olive).

Russians: marsh camouflage, dirty-green and light spots.

Good hunting! 🔥🇺🇦

Public Relations Department of the 58th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade named after Hetman Ivan Vyhovsky.

"We appeal to the Red Cross with a request to evacuate thousands of bodies of Russian occupiers to Russia" - Vereshchuk

Good, it's great that you don't have to spend money on packages. The Russians have already made their purchases 😉

Everyone writes about the consequences for Russia in terms of the economy, sanctions, etc. But they don't write about one consequence, the most important one, because it only comes to the forefront today. The main idea of Putin's ideology is "We are a Victory state!" They are fed by this, they stand on this, they are proud of it.

But let's imagine, and it's coming to this, that Russia will lose. And Russians see that a Victory Parade is taking place on Khreshchatyk, but not the one they wanted. And they see coffins. In that second, Russia will suffer the greatest humiliation, and its eternal ideology of victory will collapse. How to cope with being under sanctions, with your president being banned from leaving the country, and "banderites, fascists, and drug addicts" winning over the "Invincible Russia"? This can lead to unforeseen consequences because the main pillar of the Russian umbrella, "order and stability," will be destroyed. So, it turns out that some drug addicts and "banderites" have defeated Putin? But that's exactly it. Everything is heading towards victory because, judging by how he planned the operation, he did not anticipate that it would take more than two days to take Ukraine. But the Russian army right now, having fired everything they have, cannot replenish supplies - they did not capture a single airport, and today new air defense systems provided by NATO through Poland are arriving in Ukraine - thus, Russia's air dominance will be stopped. In Kyiv, Russian soldiers, having fired everything, jump out of their armored vehicles and scatter, hoping to "blend in with the crowd," but there is no crowd, everyone has dispersed, and they are caught within five minutes. There is no smoke or food - they will have to either steal or beg, but I want to ask, what are these guys doomed to death or such humiliation for? So, now Russia faces its main problem - the destruction of all that "peace" on which the country stood after 1945. The first blow was struck by Afghanistan, the second will be struck by Ukraine. What will Skabeeva trumpet about? What will Volodin and Matviyenko declare? How will they celebrate May 9th? - So, then, in '45, they defeated fascism, and now, in '22, they lost to it? What will they study in schools? - That's what I'm talking about, the last thing, I'm absolutely serious about it because such a huge multinational country like Russia cannot live in humiliation - it can lead to the idea of revenge and retaliation, as happened in the ideology of Nazi Germany. I don't know if the Putin strategists thought about this, but the fact remains - Russia is losing. Putin, who got used to the absence of his own people, believed in their absence in Ukraine. He thought he was fighting against "fascist power," but it turned out he was fighting against the Ukrainian people. (c) Matvey Ganapolsky

WHERE TO GO IN DIRTY BOOTS? Hurry up and put on galoshes.

And now, it's fucked for the kitten. The last country agreed to disconnect Russia from SWIFT. Putin, are you sleeping?

Now, in order to disconnect Russia from SWIFT, we only need to obtain the consent of a close Ukrainian neighbor - Hungary. It is still against it.

❗️Russians have dared to land in Lviv region. And instantly regretted it.

3rd world war.

The Simpsons Twitter tonight at midnight.

Everyone is rooting for Ukraine in the war. Even The Simpsons.

The enemy is already weakened and trying to beg for fuel from the population.

You may not refuse fuel, ❗️BUT before that you will need to "tinker" with it a little so that your machinery doesn't break down completely in the future.

Here is a small "guide" that can quickly be added to the fuel (choose the appropriate option):

📌 If possible, mix diesel fuel with gasoline/kerosene in a ratio of 4:1 (add 1 liter of gasoline/kerosene to 4 liters of diesel fuel).

📌 Add MOTOR oil to diesel to the maximum.

📌 Add 2-3 handfuls of sand/soil/dirt/salt/baking soda to the canister.

📌 Add 4-5 liters of water or a salt solution to the canister.

Use it!

‼️Read? Pass it on.

Together to victory!

So. The information is as follows.

At night there was a meeting. Putin is in the Urals. Businessmen are specifically called for meetings so that no one flies away in panic.

Private planes are not allowed to leave from airports.

In advance, all the fortifications from the Ukrainian side were found and destroyed. There was no tactical plan. Quoting: "we were going with the flow". We hoped to take everything within 1-4 days.

Discussing financial losses.

War costs $20 billion a day.

Putin is raging. He was confident that it would be an easy walk.

Rockets are scarce. They last for about 3-4 days at most. They are being preserved.

No weapons. The Tula factory and the other 2 Rotenberg factories cannot fulfill the orders for weapons. Rifles and bullets. Physically. There is a shortage of weapons. The next weapons can realistically be obtained in 3-4 months. And even then!!!

No raw materials. Consequently, it may take longer.

Previously, the deliveries were mainly from Slovenia, Finland, and Germany. They are now blocked.

Discussed that if Ukraine holds out for 10 days, then they will have to sit at the negotiating table. Because there is a shortage of money, weapons, and resources. Not particularly afraid of sanctions.

Alpha, special operations forces are still somewhere near Kiev since the 18th.

The whole calculation is that they will take Kyiv and install their own puppet. And supposedly there will be no need to spend any money, troops, or weapons.

Preparing a provocation against the civilian population. Attacking children, women. In order to sow panic.

This is their trump card.

The whole plan is a hope for panic.

And what if they surrender themselves or Zelensky will run away.

It is expected that the first city of Kharkiv will surrender. And the rest of the cities will follow its example to avoid bloodshed.

Problems in Russia with airports. No drones. Very saddened by the loss of the convoy under Kharkiv and 200 people died.

The losses on their side are serious.

Quote: encountered fierce resistance from the enemy.

They are in shock.

Task: survive 9 more days.

Remove the panic.

Explain about the rockets, saying that it's all for intimidation. They intentionally hit wherever and "accidentally" hit residential buildings.

To create a sense of massiveness.

So far, this is the best message.

"In Ukraine, thousands of bodies of Russian soldiers," said Irina Vereshchuk, and urged the Red Cross to evacuate them to Russia.

Damn, they finally became fertilizer.

People of Ukraine!

If you see or know that enemy equipment will be moving on your roads, block the enemy using all available methods!

⚔️ Cut down the trees, make barricades, and burn the tires! Use EVERYTHING that is at hand!

The invader must understand that they are not welcome here and will face resistance on every street, every road!

▪️Let them be afraid to even look towards our cities!

Together to victory! The occupant will be destroyed!


They are freaking a lot. And this scum throws freshmen into the fire. Simply sacrifices them as expendable material.

We have endured and successfully repelled enemy attacks. The battles are ongoing in many cities and regions of our country. But we know that we are defending – our country, our land, the future of our children. Kyiv and the key cities around the capital are controlled by our army. The occupiers wanted to block the center of our state and install their puppets here, like in Donetsk. We have disrupted their plan.

Deer 🦌 from Olenegorsk. Came to conquer Ukraine. Here, his horns were broken.

In Russia, they sell two-day tours called "See Kyiv and die". Already several thousand Russians have taken advantage of this offer. Now they are participating in a new entertainment - becoming fertilizer. Strange people. They seek such idiotic entertainment for themselves...

Sumy and Sumy region, be careful ❗️

Catch the drug addict! His roof has melted! Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev announced the potential reintroduction of the death penalty for citizens in Russia.

This is his reaction to the fact that the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on Friday decided to suspend the right of the Russian Federation to be represented in two bodies of the CoE - in the Committee of Ministers itself and in the PACE. Damn, maybe he's just crazy?

In Kyiv, they captured a saboteur. The meeting with him was warm and went in a very friendly atmosphere. But this is not certain.

Nikolaev. The Territorial Defense and the police have detained the DRG. After the detention, not all saboteurs were able to move on their own. But that's already their problem.

❗️Operative information from the General Staff as of 11:00 on February 26, 2022:

-The enemy continues offensive actions in the designated directions. The main efforts are focused in the Polissky, Siversky, Slobozhansky, and Tavriysky operational areas.

The main goal of the occupiers' operation is to surround and block KYIV.

- Russian occupant units are losing their offensive pace, they expect additional units to join the battle and are forced to stop to replenish supplies.

- Up to seven enemy battalion tactical groups have been stopped in the areas of Boryspil, Bucha, and Vyshhorod in the Polissya direction. Russian invaders have partially lost combat capability and are attempting to regroup.

Russian occupiers attempted to conduct an airborne assault in the TOMYLIVKA district and at the VASILKIV airfield (the assault was destroyed).

- On the territory of Sivershchyna, Russian occupiers with the forces of up to 14 BTG are continuing their offensive in order to block KYIV from the northeast, but they have been stopped by units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the areas of the cities of NIZHYN, VELYKA DOROGA, and OBICHIV, the offensive of the occupiers has also been stopped in the regions of SUMY, PRYLUKY, and KYIV. In this direction, 17 BTG's have been deployed during the operation. The occupiers have no reserves left.

➖In Sloboda Ukraine, up to 12 battalion tactical groups of occupiers from the 1st tank and 20th general military armies are stopped near Okhtyrka and in the areas of Bohodukhiv, Derhachi, and Pechenegs.

-On the Tavria direction, the enemy continues its offensive actions and is forced to introduce second echelons in the direction - up to the 3rd Tank Brigade from the composition of the 58th Combined Arms Army of the Southern Military District.

Overall, every day the aggressors lose dozens of tanks, hundreds of armored vehicles, and thousands of Russian soldiers.

- The Slobozhansky grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues the defensive operation. It halted and keeps back the predominantly Russian forces of occupation.

The Air Force Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is conducting air strike counterattacks against the enemy. They continue to engage in systematic combat operations. Within a 24-hour period, the Air Force carried out 34 aircraft sorties to strike concentrations of enemy personnel and equipment in the area of the Gorodnya railway station in the Chernihiv region and the automobile bridge in the vicinity of the settlement of Kherson.

➖Vehicles - TV2 surprised the entire south of GOSTOMEL airport.

➖The Joint Forces Operation is conducting a defensive operation, holding positions along the demarcation line. The enemy has no success on any of the directions.

❗️The Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that a residential house in Kyiv was allegedly hit by a missile from the Buk-M1 complex of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

So, we already believe. And we also believe that little animals wrap their paws around a Milka chocolate bar. In general, with such statements, the Ministry of Defense of Russia shows that they are idiots and count on others like them.

Translation: Update:

donation link:

I'm sorry, but I am unable to access external links or view specific content. However, if you provide the text directly, I'll be more than happy to translate it for you.

Attention! Very urgently needed for the needs of the Defense of Kyiv:

Buss, like a Volkswagen T4.

Medicine 💊

individual first aid kits

Dexalgin, Chlorhexidine

Turnstiles, bandages, cellox.

- Shock-resistant

hemostatic agents like Celox, in bandages (NOT POWDER)

Medical supplies unloading

moist wipes

- Distilled water or cooling liquid.


knee pads

carpets, toilet brush

- котелки- saucepans

Footwear size 43-44.

- 40-41 for Anton Shvets ☺️

- Helmets


Stock up 📦

- gasoline, liters 200+

water A LOT

Iron canisters, 20 liters, MANY 😃

For Molotov cocktails 🔥



Food 🌮

Canned foods, pâtés, grains, sausages, spam

sneakers, energy drinks, coffee


cigarettes (a lot)


Unfortunately, the provided text "0637446414" does not contain any languages or identifiable content to be translated. Could you please provide a different text or specify the context?


❗️❗️Powerful explosions in Kharkiv - everyone take cover.

"If the God exists, he wears a Ukrainian Army uniform"

- 100%!!!

There are no longer any European countries opposed to the proposal to disconnect Russia from SWIFT, - the Prime Minister of Lithuania. So, happiness has come to Russia. 😊

⚡️ Communication and mobile internet will not be disconnected, - State Special Communications.

State special service

In terms of communication and information security in Ukraine, as the administrator of communication in Ukraine assures, the information spread through fake Telegram channels and pro-Russian media does not correspond to reality.

Mobile network operators are working steadily, possible disruptions are caused by the overload of these networks.

In areas where combat is taking place, there may be damages. In such cases, the networks will be restored at the earliest opportunity after the completion of combat operations.

Currently, there is no information about significant damage that would prevent the operation of the networks.

Let's remember that starting from February 24th, network management is being carried out in emergency operational mode.


‼️Attention! For a more effective defense of the capital and the safety of its residents, from today, February 26, 2022, curfew will be in effect from 17:00 to 08:00.

You see, what a clever cadet has been found. Dasayev Alikhan Ahmedovich, 12.08.1976. But he became clever only after being detained. But oh, the clever things he says:

"To all brothers, I advise not to interfere in Ukraine! Death awaits us here!"

Why? Because there's no need to wander around here.

Kyivans, do you have any information about suspicious individuals and objects? Then you can report it here.

Resnikov - to the villagers:

Special request for residents of Ukrainian villages and small towns, as well as for anyone who will have the opportunity.

If a column of Russian armored vehicles passed by you, after some time there will be a column with fuel following it. Stop or burn it.

Russian tanks will simply stop, our troops will capture them and use them against the enemy.

At the mention of the word "паляниця" (traditional Ukrainian dish), they simply go blank and cannot pronounce it. ))

First of all, it's beautiful...

And secondly, this is honest.

Letter from the Head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Serhiy Deyneka, to the Belarusian border guards.

🔥🔥🔥Friends! Supporters! Donors of DemSoc! Important announcement!

We have made a decision that from this day on, every penny of your donations goes towards needs:

✔️Ministry of Terriotorial Defense

✔️Information warfare

✔️ Assistance to the population

Now we need to accumulate as many resources as possible to buy equipment, ammunition, medication, team, food, and protective equipment for the fighters of the Territorial Defense. Every minute is important.

Our links have not changed:


Thank you! We keep fighting! Everything will be Ukraine 🇺🇦


BTC: 1Jjt6rrCrxeoqFofSF4wTS8CffMXgtSaWB

▪️ETH: 0x5f67ecddfd58ed3f6b9407f123c5a9cb1be93b25Translation: Ethereum address: 0x5f67ecddfd58ed3f6b9407f123c5a9cb1be93b25

DASH: Xj3fKVy5CFidaBmPkKsyT6Ldq1HBpoDtrq


MONERO: 843oduRuJ5uD2vZx92eLM3DaMNiAhfFAQYwywV3GCCbehw6JCc5e2KWXZtQxWG6pghjUq1ZFiH4TQ7ih2D1R2ceb8REWfFV

I see that a large number of Ukrainians still have doubts about Hungary's position on SWIFT. Here is the official response. Any more questions?

Nikopol. And it didn't even help that we changed into our uniforms. DRG neutralized.

💪🇺🇦"Better war to victory than occupation"

, - fighter of the Ukrainian Resistance Organization (Tro) about the struggle against Russians in Kyiv.

Minister of Defense of Ukraine Resnikov Oleksiy

As of this morning, the number of destroyed Russian invaders exceeded 3000 persons.

Over 200 interventions were captured. The number of captives is increasing. They did not expect such resistance and are surrendering themselves.

Destroyed hundreds of armored vehicles, including over a hundred Russian tanks.

Yesterday 7 helicopters were shot down by stingers.

I'm feeling 😊 today, the sun is shining ☀️ and the birds are singing 🐦.

The enemy is trying to change tactics. Russian forces are shelling residential quarters, hospitals, and educational institutions.

Since the rapid advance of large columns has stalled, the use of special forces and airborne units has become more active. Our army and territorial defense effectively neutralize them. However, the defense forces need assistance to act preemptively.

Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦

Russia has closed its airspace for planes from Bulgaria, Poland, and the Czech Republic - Rosaviation. Imbeciles. Soon the whole world will be closed off from you. You will be living in your own leper colony.


We have intelligence information from temporarily occupied Donetsk.

There, the occupiers are distributing gas masks to local militants and Russian soldiers. There is a possibility of provocation – blowing up industrial containers with chemical substances.

In this diversion aimed at the civilian population, they plan to accuse Ukrainian forces. We declare that unlike the Russian occupiers, Ukraine does not resort to such methods.

We call on our citizens in the temporarily occupied territory to be vigilant!


We have intelligence information from temporarily occupied Donetsk.

There, the occupiers are distributing gas masks to the local militants and Russian military. There is a possibility of provocation - the undermining of industrial containers with chemical substances.

In this diversion related to the civilian population, Ukrainian military personnel are planned to be accused. We declare that, unlike Russian occupiers, Ukraine does not resort to such methods.

We urge our citizens in the temporarily occupied territory to be vigilant!

The Kremlin has stated that the ▶️ anti-Russian sanctions from the West are very serious. Russia was prepared for them in advance and is taking measures to ensure uninterrupted operation of the economy. There is potential.

Therefore, the population's savings will be confiscated. And it's time for the population to learn how to collect tree bark and moss, as well as how to weave bast shoes. This is a useful skill for savages. Bast shoes instead of new iPhones. That's what they wanted...

Kharkiv. Children's playground. "Gift" from Putin. Apparently, the "khokh*ls" (*derogatory term for Ukrainians) think that there is a Nazi headquarters there. Or they simply wanted to kill children. I believe the latter more.

Haters. Soon they will be reset right in their place. The mood is exactly like that.


This is a rocket hitting a multi-storey apartment building in Kyiv. It happened this morning.

Two people died and six Kyiv residents were seriously injured. Putin is shooting missiles at the peaceful population of Ukraine.

This is a crime against humanity, against all of civilization. It cannot be forgiven or forgotten.

World tour operators are banning Russia!

🔥The website of the tourist operator Berge & Meer states: "Due to the current situation, Berge & Meer will no longer travel to Russia for ethical and moral reasons until further notice," reported "Antitrust League."

FTI also cancels vacations in Russia. FTI boss Ralf Schiller to BILD: "Regarding trips to Russia, we are suspending them until further notice. We have already done this for Ukraine in mid-February."

🔥TUI no longer offers trips to Putin's empire.

Manfred Hoipl, the head of Hauser Excursions company, explains his company's refusal to offer trips to Russia as follows: "You cannot tolerate anyone who deliberately violates international law and actively invades neighboring countries."

Michael Buller, CEO of the Internet Travel Sales Association, is also impressed: "The tourism industry stands for international understanding, for intercultural exchange. For people who meet across national borders. They do not argue with each other, they develop friendship. And that is why the current developments in Ukraine are shaking the tourist world."


Russians who think they are going to Ukraine with weapons are once again mistaken. We have told them a million times that it should be "to Ukraine" and "to the land of Ukraine". Well, they're just dumb. Maybe they'll understand now?

Germany, the last EU country that has refrained from supporting the disconnection of Russia from SWIFT due to the war in Ukraine, has agreed to impose this sanction.

At least that's what correspondent Rikard Jozwiak writes, "Radio Liberty" reports, "European Truth" writes.

Let's hope for the best. Let's hope that the Russian economy will fall just like Russian Il-76 planes with a pile of paratroopers inside.

100%. And they surrender in droves by Putin's order, and they die by the thousands solely by Putin's order, and their tanks melt from Javelins, also by Putin's order. And how wonderfully their Il plane with paratroopers fell. Also by Putin's order. Because if this botox scum hadn't given the order to attack Ukraine, none of this would have happened. And now Ukraine can respond to this bloody criminal and thug with words that are clear to him:

What, you loser, gave up?

Not my type for you.

Although you can do it our way:

Russian ship, go fuck yourself.

In general, on February 25th, our Armed Forces destroyed so many occupiers and burned so much equipment that the offensive was drowned in the blood of the Russo-Putin invaders. And now he's coming up with some excuses. It's not his order, but the heroic actions of our Armed Forces that stopped the Kremlin's henchmen. So let him not lie. Even to save his face.

Kyiv. Another DRG. It's time to start thinking about where to keep this scum?

⚡️Turkey closes the passage to the Bosporus Strait for Russian military ships.

And here it is, top news! Turkey prohibits Russian ships from passing through the Bosphorus. The Katsaps (derogatory term for Russians) have more problems now. We are waiting for similar decisions from all others.

Pots, let's note, are also predominantly Chinese (99%).

The point is that a saucepan is a complex device, which implies the presence of: handles, a lid, as well as indentations in the metal where the cooking process takes place.

Nadezhda, there is no hope that putinism will quickly master the technology of making pots.

Perhaps some Russian pots will fly. But flying pots will not be able to fully meet the demand for air transportation. Even if some of the pots are hypersonic. Nevzorov 😄


Radio Liberty conducted a poll among Muscovites about their attitude towards the war. Take a look.

Guys, you're not fighting in the right place...


Final goodbye!

Kuleba: technical preparations for disconnecting Russia from SWIFT have begun.

🪓 - AxeTranslation: Axe

- Your donation will go to the Troops and the Armed Forces.

UVT with an automaton? Now I've seen everything! ))

A good example of responsible business. At "Silpo" cash registers, you can withdraw 6000 hryvnias.


By the way, a very accurate definition.

⚡️❗️Attention! Curfew in Kiev will be in effect from today (Saturday) from 17:00 until 8:00 on February 28th (Monday).

The curfew in Kiev will start today at 17:00 and end at 17:00 on February 28, Monday.

At this time, movement by private transport is prohibited, except for those with special permits.

Kiev residents are urged to minimize travel and avoid going out until the curfew begins..

❗️Reminder: all civilian individuals who are outside during curfew will be considered members of enemy sabotage and intelligence groups.

In case of an air alarm, it is necessary to follow to the nearest shelter.

In shelter mode, metro stations are operating. If necessary, hermetic closures can be lowered at the stations.

Here's how Madonna supported us with this video.

Can't you tell, all the Russian celebrities compared Putin to Hitler, or are they waiting for some kind of sign?

The United States will immediately pay Ukraine $350 million for the army.

The hacker group Anonymous is active. They hacked a satellite. Ukraine on Russian channels. ))

🔥 Beautiful. ZSU has put an enddddd to the column of Russian occupiers "Z"...

"We brought buckets with us..."

Glory to Ukraine!


This was sent by my friends from PACE. Strasbourg now. And honestly, I have never seen anything like this in this quiet French town before. Here are both French people, Ukrainians, and PACE employees. Putin's actions have brought them all to a protest. Thank you for your support, friends.

When reposting, the link to the channel is mandatory.

‼️National police warns: do not lift suspicious or valuable objects.

Such findings can be dangerous for health and even life.

🇺🇸 Due to military aggression from the Russian Federation on Ukrainian territory, information resources are reporting the discovery of dangerous objects. Specifically, there have been reports of finding anti-personnel mines, which are prohibited by international humanitarian law and are commonly referred to as "butterflies."

▪️In addition, the messages refer to the possibility of finding a mobile phone or other valuable item that can be exchanged. Similar findings can not only cause harm to a person's health but also take their life.

In connection with this,

The police urge citizens to be vigilant and cautious, and also explain to children the necessity of being attentive and not touching suspicious items.

⚠️ If similar suspicious findings are detected, it is necessary to report them to the nearest police department, territorial defense headquarters, or government authority.

Another saboteur has been apprehended. Although he is not just a Russian, but worse - a traitor. And a monster. Therefore, upon his capture, he encountered a lack of understanding from his compatriots who gave him a little lesson.

Anton sends greetings 😉

The "katsapy" fell into an ambush and were destroyed. The disposal continues!

Boryspil highway! Correct and, most importantly, up-to-date information has appeared 😂

Tank crew.



30-year-old Misha Kulikov from Aleysk just went for a ride along Ukraine. He doesn't know why he came to Ukraine. He doesn't know why he shot at cities. He doesn't know why he went to fight. Unknown, damn. (Note: The last word contains offensive language.)

In the waters of the Black Sea, the Russian Su-30СМ fighter jet was destroyed by the Ukrainian Air Force's Zenith Missile Division of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.



"Only complete bastards can shoot at a Red Cross vehicle. When they are caught, they cry and whine. And before that, they calmly shoot innocent civilians. Fascists. Burn in hell, bitches."

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, addressed Russians and cleverly hinted that they can overthrow Putin, stop the war, and not have blood on their hands.

📌 The Latvian Minister of Defense has an interesting idea: providing shelter in Europe for Russian soldiers who surrender to our troops. A wonderful opportunity for Russians to escape from their "sovok."

Wow!!! This is a bombshell! Bloomberg reports that the US government may block the reserves of the Central Bank of Russia worth $643 billion. This is currently being seen as a harsh measure to pressure Putin into making peace.

Belgium will supply Ukraine with 2000 machine guns and 3800 tons of fuel to support the Ukrainian army. This was stated by the Prime Minister of Belgium, Alexander De Croo.

⚡️⚡️Cyber police has developed a Telegram chat-bot to block disinformation services.

With the help of the bot, you can block Telegram channels, YouTube channels, Facebook groups, Instagram profiles that spread disinformation, as well as information about the locations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Users of the chatbot will be provided with detailed instructions on how to block each of the services.

⚠️ We invite everyone to actively participate in blocking subversive resources.

Link to the chatbot - https://t.me/stopdrugsbot

Here citizens send the detected resources for their verification and further blocking.

Link to Telegram channel - https://t.me/stoprussiachannel

Here will be sent diversionary resources for blocking and detailed instructions on how to do it.

Another crime of racists.

Russian occupiers shot a bus near the village of Volokhov Yar in the Kharkiv region. Five people died, six were injured, reports "Hromadske" citing the chairman of the Donetsk Regional State Administration, Pavel Kirilenko.

"Occupiers have shot a passenger bus near the village of Volokhov Yar in the Kharkiv region... 5 people died, 6 were injured. All of them are residents of the Toretsk community," - says the message.

I expressed my opinion about the Darwin Award, and then my acquaintances from Odessa came at me, saying that the nominees are actually fools and not nominees.

So, the nomination for the Darwin Award from residents of Odessa (and their friends).

3rd place. A Russian paratrooper group consisting of 25 people, who are trying to jump onto the territory of the air defense unit. Two times in a row. Apparently, the second time was the encore of the ground team's command.

2nd place: 20 brave Russian paratroopers, who were wet but proud, crawled out of the swamps near the Ingul Bridge (in Nikolaev) right onto the positions of the 79th Airborne Brigade.

Place. It's difficult to argue here. We present a picture. Odessa port. In the port, the 28th separate motorized rifle brigade in full gear and with equipment is moving around industriously and choosing where to settle. And then a small landing party tries to land right on their heads. Ukrainian fighters were incredibly happy with such a gift, but quickly became disappointed - the landing party ended, and there wasn't enough for everyone.

New "Felisien Kabugi employees" are on their way to the new tribunal. They are so happy about attacking Ukraine, bastards!..

Sorry, but I need the text you want me to translate in order to assist you.

Language about Rwanda, "Radio of Hatred". The radio presenters from Radio Kabugi have received life imprisonment.

Has he gone crazy or is it something else?

Russians were caught faking again. They have the same face in different stories. Stupid idiots. Russian ship, go f*ck yourself.

Kaliningrad can now only fly like this: all neighboring countries have banned Russian aircraft from flying over their territory. And soon this possibility will no longer exist.

War changes people. Some even for the better. For example, Russians. They are dying 🙃

⚡️⚡️Russian train, go fuck yourself!

On February 26, Ukrainian forces detonated railway junctions connecting Ukrainian railways with Russian railways.

This was done to block the possibility for Russian Railways to deliver equipment and personnel to the Russian army.

The Russians were supposedly invited to restore communication with the central headquarters of "Ukrzaliznytsia" with humanitarian goals. To which the Ukrainian dispatchers responded: "Russian train, go fuck yourself!" 🤬

💥 - This emoji translates to "boom" in English.

In "Ukrzaliznytsia," they emphasize that the dispatcher's response to the RZD request is the position of the entire company.

Ukrzaliznytsia PJSC has terminated any relationship and interaction with Russian Railways JSC.

Railway crossings between countries, which previously ensured the transportation of thousands of goods and brought millions of dollars to the economies of both countries, have been destroyed. Dispatcher communication with Russia has also been terminated.

The request from RZD to restore communication with Ukrzaliznytsia had nothing to do with a humanitarian mission, it was a futile attempt to restore the supply of military equipment. Our dispatcher's response was the position of the entire company.

Ukrzaliznytsia will completely redirect freight transportation to Europe and continue to develop the "Silk Road" bypassing Russia. The company is ready to become a full-fledged participant in the logistics chain of the European Union.

Also, Ukrzaliznytsia will continue to develop transportation with Asian countries, in particular with China, and will ensure high-quality and fast logistics between Asia and the EU, but without the participation of Russia.

"Russians are starting to understand what Putin has dragged them into."

"For Russian mothers and women!"

I am proud of our Armed Forces of Ukraine! I am proud that the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces is combat general Valeriy Zaluzhnyy. I believe in the Armed Forces and Zaluzhnyy! I believe in Ukraine! Believe in it too! We are unbeatable as long as we are united! Everything will be alright, Ukraine!

Beat the enemy's dess!

Official bot from the cyberpolice to ban trolls and enemies.


You see Russian lies on FB, Instagram, Telegram or on YouTube - throw it at him.

Do you watch channels that post about the movement of our troops? Same here.

The bot will provide all instructions on how to block the misinformer.

All very simple, but effective. Join the fight!


New detained invader - a police captain from Novokuznetsk - ended up in "military training" in Belarus. And from there he set off in a column to "go to the streets of Kyiv". But he did not make it.

And now he says, "it's not our war", calling on Russia to stop bombing Ukraine. What a sudden awakening! 😮

Share this and other videos so that as many Russians as possible understand what awaits them on our land.

Let's protect Ukraine together!

🇺🇦 - Ukraine




🔥 Our Cossacks from TerDefense recorded a message for you.🔥

"All alive and well. Not quite full, but with a fighting spirit.

The fight continues. Glory to Ukraine!"

Hold on, brothers! The whole world and all the people are on our side. Against us are the fascists, inhumans, and other vermin! Victory will be ours!

‼️WARNING! Air alarm is declared in Kyiv!

We kindly ask everyone to urgently track to civil defense shelter

Let's remind everyone that subway stations are operating only in shelter mode. Trains do not run between stations!

If necessary, airlocks may be lowered at the stations.

B*tch! There is a siren in Kiev!!!

Haters! Bastards! Bitches! You've annoyed me with your shelling. I will never forget this, you bitches!!!

Situation regarding the Russian invasion.

In Kharkiv, soldiers 😄

National Guard of Ukraine

We captured an enemy reconnaissance group that was trying to infiltrate the territory of one of the military units.

The occupiers had firearms, sniper rifles, drones for aerial filming, handheld and smoke grenades, GGG .308 Win ammunition, tactical equipment, money, and documents with them.

They also seized a list of special forces personnel from the OMON "Vimpel" of the Russian National Guard in the Vologda region of the Russian Federation, who are participating in the operational-strategic exercises "Zaslon - 2022".


Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs Viktor Andrusiv announced that the killed Kadiryvskyi general is Magomed Tushaev, the leader of the 141st Motorized Regiment of the National Guard of Chechnya. The most elite unit of Kadirev. The information that their convoy was defeated was confirmed by a captive. So the Kadirevtsy are done for. Right now, Alpha and the National Guard will finish them off in Hostomel.

In Kharkiv region, local residents neutralized the armored vehicle with the help of a Molotov cocktail. That's exactly how it works.

Maximum repost and subscription to this resource. It is aimed at informing the world about the crimes of the Russian army against civilians.

Hello from Ukraine!

We are not indifferent people who want to struggle against Russian propaganda. 😡 We spread the truthful information about military operations on the territory of Ukraine. 📰 We show Russian's REAL attitude towards us. 😤 Our mission is to show the whole world what is happening right now. 🌍 Everything that is hidden or not being told. 🙊 People should be informed! 💪

Power is in the TRUTH!


Instagram deleted Kadyrov's account with 4.7 million subscribers. Sanctions have only just begun.

"If you have acquaintances in Russia, then forward this to them. Share this news everywhere you can. They should expect exactly this ending."

Finally, he told the truth!

Conscripts from Crimea are running away!

53% of conscripts from Crimea have scattered and refuse to participate in the operation against Ukraine. Arrestovich.

The Cabinet of Germany announces that the transfer of 400 German-made anti-tank guns from the Netherlands and 9 D-30 howitzers and ammunition from Estonia to Ukraine has been approved. Additionally, Germany will supply Ukraine with 1000 units of anti-aircraft artillery and 500 Stinger rockets. Normal news for the evening.

Shelling of the Greek village of Bugas near Mariupol. There are casualties and wounded.

❗️Another air alarm in Kyiv.

Let's hug!

Mobile military hospital deployed on the territory of a hospital in Krasnoperekopsk in the annexed Crimea in the north. It is overwhelmed with injured soldiers who are being brought from the mainland part of Ukraine. This was reported by the hospital's medical staff to the correspondent of Krym.Realii.

"The Krasnoperekopsk hospital, which was established in the city, is overwhelmed. Surgeons are not allowed to go home. The morgue is full," emphasized the speaker to the correspondent.

He added that the morgue in Armiansk is filled with the bodies of soldiers.

According to a source, employees of the hospital in Krasnoperekopsk are allowed to work only with passes after a previous inspection of their cars.

The source clarified that the hospital started being built on the first day of the Russian invasion, even before it was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian heavy thermobaric launcher for "vacuum bombs" TOC-A1 "Solntsepek" is spotted 85 km from Zaporizhzhia NPP, in Tokmak.

This should be immediately reported to the leaders of all European states, NATO and the EU, as well as the White House. It is in their best interests to take some effective preventive measures. God forbid...

Nova Kakhovka.

Stinger in action!

Attention! (Contains explicit language)

Odessa is getting ready with enthusiasm and great hospitality to welcome the occupants with cocktails. The cocktails are waiting for uninvited guests.

The situation in the capital is difficult and tense.

🔥 In Kyiv, sabotage groups are operating - the city mayor Klitschko.

The enemy did not break into the city, but sabotage groups are operating in Kyiv. The military, law enforcement, and national security forces identify and neutralize the saboteurs.

❗️In Kyiv, since the beginning of the attack on the capital, 6 civilians, including 1 child, have died or perished. Additionally, 14 military personnel and fighters were killed in action.

71 people were injured. Of them, 25 are civilians. Specifically, 3 children.

Curfew will be in effect from 17:00 on February 26th until 08:00 on February 28th. In case of an air raid alert, people may leave their homes to seek shelter nearby.

It feels as if Putin dreams of being hated by everyone in Ukraine. Vaccination against the "Russian world" for many generations to come.

This is just some kind of celebration. This morning a train with fuel arrived from the Russian Federation to the Nizhkovka station in the Koryukovsk district for the Kolon Russian-fascist troops advancing from the Chernihiv-Sumy direction.

Local residents provided this information through social media in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Our artillerymen worked at the station and exploded a train with over 3000 units of fuel for the enemy army! There's nothing left there. And no one. Just a sea of fire. You are in hell, fascists.

Grozhev claims that it is possible to verify no less than three thousand deaths among Russian soldiers.

The following text translates to: "The third day of the war was happening."

Losses of Russia in the First Chechen War: 5732 people.

In the second: 7217—7425

I don't understand how some fucking bastards still continue to celebrate war.

But this is a complete disaster!!!

"What does your civil position express?"

"I am against the war in Ukraine."

— Let's go;

This country cannot be defeated!

‼️ PHONE 103 is working ‼️

☝🏻 There is no reason to panic. Let's stay strong together!


❗️Putin kills children ❗️

Occupiers or their accomplices have placed sensors for guiding missiles on the children's hospital "Okhmatdyt" (Kyiv)!

Source: Military television of Ukraine

Workers noticed them today, but surveillance camera metadata at the hospital reveals that they were placed there on January 18th.

Sensors detected from all four sides of the institution.

We call on Ukrainians to be vigilant and, if possible, inspect the surrounding structures.


The Russian army major came to kill us. Now he's lying on the ground. Apparently, he got tired of walking.

Darnytsia district police destroyed the Russian DRG. Well, it's still nice to see such work in the neighborhood where I spent my childhood! Glory to our police officers!

Sniper, suka! He also didn't know why he came? Trash!

Are children also Nazis and Banderites? These monsters will be held accountable for everything!

⚡️Be careful!

Russian occupiers are disguising fuel tankers as covered trucks. - General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Russia lost more military personnel in the first day of war against Ukraine than in 8 years of war in Syria and the first Chechen war - The Economist.

🚷 Ukraine is closing border crossing points with Russia and Belarus – Shmyhal

Citizens who are currently on the territory of these countries and want to return home will be able to return to Ukraine peacefully and unhindered.

Ukrainians, come back home. Prove that you are on the side of light.

🪓 translates to "axe".

- Your donation will go to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Aid to the Wounded program.

You can watch this forever! )))

It became known that Russian saboteurs marked the children's hospital in Ohmadit with fire adjustment marks as early as February 18. Today, during the shelling, a boy was killed there, and four children were injured.

Attention. Message from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine:

This is a demand of time: everyone should turn off the geolocation on their mobile phones, both their own and their loved ones'.

"Labels" are mostly neutralized, the enemy starts orienting himself towards the concentration of mobile traffic. Please spread in communities!

OPZZ expelled Ilya Kiva from the faction. And what have you been able to achieve? ))

Another world. Feeling.

The first rockets began to fall on Kyiv when, in New York, UN ambassadors at an emergency session of the Security Council were trying to persuade Russia to abandon its intentions of attacking Ukraine. When the explosions started, it seems that a representative from Ghana was speaking.

Many events took place during the first three days of the Third World War. They were so compressed among themselves that often the brain could not comprehend their scale or the mechanics of their execution. The potential effect remained inside of you. Will Russia be disconnected from SWIFT? This magical question was asked by everyone, and only a few understood what was being discussed. The system of exchange of banking messages ceased to be of interest after it was replaced - as the main sanction tool - by actions that were not as serious in their incomprehensibility, but were vivid.

BMW refused to supply cars to Russia. Madonna filmed a video with the word "lie" against the backdrop of changing photos of Putin and Hitler. The UEFA Champions League final will not take place in Russia, and all national football teams seeded in the same group as Russia refused to play matches against them. The Simpsons became Ukrainians. Protests in support of Ukraine and condemning Russia took place around the world. The vibrant carnival of sanctions, global public support, and promises to help with money and weapons were perceived in the country with restrained gratitude. We had a more important matter. We were reborn.

Externally, Kyiv and the whole country are getting used to living in new conditions, which include curfews, bombings, and running to bomb shelters, nighttime searches and elimination of sabotage and reconnaissance groups, recipes for making "Molotov cocktails" on television news, long queues for firearms and ammunition, crash courses in shooting from rocket launchers, searching for targeting marks, empty streets, telegram channels filled with various information, closed stores, and constantly playing television with news channels. We started studying geography anew, based on the intensity of the fighting. Hostomel, Vasylkiv, Kharkiv, Melitopol, again Hostomel, and again Kharkiv... We started asking ourselves strange questions. "Guys from Obolon?" "What is TEC-6?"

Internal changes seem imperceptible, but they are exponentially more intense. Instincts have awakened in many. Ukraine was suddenly filled with brave people. They are not afraid to pick up weapons and use them. The perception of peace-loving, kind-hearted, simple-minded Ukrainians dies the next second after our slain enemy falls from a burst of automatic gunfire.

Everyone finds something new in themselves. Someone finds that fear is dulled by fatigue. Someone finds that it is possible to avoid arguments by emphasizing their inflated "I". The possibility of sudden death quickly sorts out life's values, putting the brightest ones forward. The inner struggle, if there is time for it, seems to occur between "important now" and "important forever". Once pompous words like "homeland", "freedom", "patriotism" quickly turn into homeland, freedom, and patriotism - becoming as natural and simple as the air you breathe but cannot see. A feeling of "I understood myself, but I am not special" comes. And it becomes shameful that you used to think flatly about those who experienced the realities of war earlier. You did not understand their pain or the simple, ordinary discomforts.

We were forced to become ourselves. Many (I dare not say all) have realized that understanding oneself can be achieved through pain and denial, not prosperity and iPhones. And this pure (for now pure) feeling will become important for many (I won't say all) in the future. Through inner self-awareness, we will change everything around us. We need to carry this knowledge further. Take it as far as possible, without losing it on the path to a peaceful life that (here I am sure) will definitely come.

The siren is wailing. And here comes such a message...

⚡ Journalist Matthias Daisss from Germany stated that all EU countries are ready to close their skies for Russian airlines.

Close the sky above Ukraine! And we will quickly deal with this impurity on the ground ourselves.

⚡️⚡️⚡️Information about tracking Ukrainians by geolocation does not correspond to reality!


👉 Enabled geolocation on the phone does not help the enemy to target.

But we urge you not to share photos and videos with your geolocation tags in public access.

In detail.


1️⃣ Smartphones on Android or iOS do not send location. If you want to "disappear," you need to activate airplane mode.

2️⃣ Randomly sending a message with your location somewhere can be done, for example, through Viber or Telegram. Do not share information in public chats about where it is easy to go. Only in personal messages with friends, but it is best to do it in a phone call.

3️⃣ Don't give your enemy a "compliment": if Russians had the technology to track your location for the past two days, why would they need to put markers?

4️⃣ In chat rooms, they often "scare" that enemy strikes will be corrected thanks to geolocation. However, addresses of shelters and bomb shelters are already publicly available.

Don't panic

✌️Trust in the Armed Forces of Ukraine 🇺🇦💪 Follow the information promptly and officially on...



Special Communication Department.

Kievites, take cover immediately! ❗️❗️❗️


The Russian-funded Telegram channels, like "Legitimnoye," continue to publish numerous photos/videos about the war in Ukraine, often mentioning the Ukrainian army's casualties and the occupation of certain objects by the aggressors. They also simply publish textual information that the Russian army is advancing towards a particular city (which mostly remains unverified).

Trusting such videos is not worth it, official information about the losses suffered by the Ukrainian army should be found on the official pages of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces.

We ask everyone to urgently follow up in civil defense shelter

Air alarm declared in Kyiv! 😱

Please proceed to the shelters!

Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Stop panicking. This is not a landing, our air defense system is functioning. Follow the information hygiene. I haven't posted anything about paratroopers. Notice!

Oh, what a fantastic result of the survey on CNN!!! Ukraine supports such a result. NATO, let's go!

Defense motto: "MY FORTRESS - MY HOME"

News one. The assets of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation - $643 billion. All of them are frozen.

News 2. EU will freeze the assets of the Russian Central Bank and Russian businessmen. EU is ready to continue isolating Russia from the international financial system - European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

News three. It will hurt the Russians. A lot.

Evening update from the Armed Forces:

🔻 City of Kharkiv

Successfully repelled attacks, the city is under Ukrainian control. Many Russian vehicles have been destroyed: tanks, armored vehicles, etc. There are damages to residential buildings and casualties.


The situation is under control of the Ukrainian defenders. Throughout the day, shelling from artillery has been recorded, there are casualties. The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a column of enemy vehicles with fuel, two Russians were captured.

🔻Luhansk region

The enemy's attempts to capture populated areas continue, advancing from Belgorod to Starobilsk. The Russians were unable to reach the border between Luhansk and Donetsk regions, as the Ukrainian army holds a strong defense.


The Armed Forces of Ukraine thwarted the enemy's intentions to capture the city. The damaged local power plant has now resumed its operation. It is reported that 6 people were killed as a result of the shelling.

🔻In Volyn region

Demonstration actions of the occupiers from the side of Belarus are observed.

🔻Skadovsk Kherson

In Goliya Prystan, the enemy has temporarily managed to reach the front line. Fierce battles are ongoing, the defense forces are not allowing the enemy to consolidate.

🔻 Black sea

The Ukrainian Air Force destroyed the Russian military aircraft Su-30 SM. The defense of the southern border of Ukraine continues.

💙💛 1 billion 160 million hryvnias - sent to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. PrivatBank calculations.

Ukrainians, you are amazing.

⚡️Elon Musk responded to the request of the head of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov.

Terminals Starlink are being delivered to Ukraine.

The sky of Vasilkov after the shelling.

NATO allies are increasing support for Ukraine.

⚠️ Now. Near Vasilkov, an oil depot is on fire (Kyiv region).

Russian aggressors have launched a missile strike on Vasilkov.

🔥EVIL MUST BE PUNISHED. Russia is being disconnected from SWIFT!

This will stop the operations of Russian banks worldwide and effectively block Russian exports and imports.

A joint statement by the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, and Canada, announces, as reported by Reuters.

SWIFT is an electronic system for transmitting and conducting payments that unites more than 11,000 financial institutions from over 200 countries around the world.