Mar 8, 2024 - Day 744

744 days of active phase of the 10-year war. For me everything now revolves around three "P" - we will endure, take revenge, win.

Everyone here?

Time for good news!



As a result of the invaders' strike on Chuguiv, 5 people were injured, including a three-year-old child.— Blue-eyed.

Three people were hospitalized. Two, including a child, were provided with medical assistance on the spot.



❌On the night of March 8, 2024, the enemy attacked the south and east of Ukraine, using one anti-aircraft missile S-300, two guided aviation missiles X-59, and 37 combat UAVs of the Shahed type (drone launch area - Balaclava, Crimea).

As a result of the combat work, 33 shaheeds were shot down within the Kirovohrad, Odesa, Kherson, Mykolaiv, and Kharkiv regions.



🤬At night, the aggressor struck Nikopol three times with artillery. About a dozen shells landed there, - OVA.

The Mirivska and Marganetska communities, as well as Nikopol itself, were under attack.

Three private houses and an outbuilding are damaged. People are unharmed.

Joe Biden delivered his annual State of the Union address before Congress. He talked about many things - but began his speech with a call to Congress to support Ukraine. Here's what he said



In the morning at 9:00 with a minute of silence we honor the memory of those who died in Russia's brutal war against Ukraine.

Every day, war takes the lives of our soldiers. You know about some of them because they are media famous or public figures write about them, and you don't hear about others. The second is a question of the government's information policy, but now it's not about that. Behind every name is a life story cut short by Russian killers. Each name is the price Ukraine pays for the right to exist and remain independent. And Ukraine must know them all. Respect must be shown to everyone. No one is more important, and no one is less. They are all knights who fell for our Motherland. And the war does not stop. But you don't see a lot because you don't know something, and something is not shown to you.

And while many feel stronger pain from the loss of those who were close and whom they knew personally. It's something I can understand. I am like that. But more than anyone, my heart hurts for those who selflessly gave their lives in the war against Ukraine. Remember everyone. Yesterday Ukraine lost another one of its Heroes. A great warrior, a Person, a Patriot. Keep the sky above us, Friend. We will avenge! Do not betray the memory of those who died for the Independence of Ukraine.



Today we honor the memory of the Hero of Ukraine, Lieutenant Vira Anatii from Mykolaiv region.

In 2015, she decided to go to the army and signed a contract. She served as the head of the personnel group of the 29th division of surface ships of the main naval base Namiv. Took part in the ATO in the east of Ukraine.

A woman died on the day of the full-scale invasion of Russian occupying forces on the territory of Ukraine - a missile hit the ship on which a servicewoman was located. Two children were left without a mother.

Vera Anatii was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage III degree.

Forever in line!



🇺🇸 Ukraine can stop Putin if we provide the necessary weaponsBiden . In the first minutes of his address about the state of affairs in the country, US President Joe Biden mentioned the need to help Ukraine.

Help to Ukraine is being blocked by those who want to step away from world leadership.

Biden reiterated calls to the United States to continue to provide assistance to Ukraine, stating that freedom and democracy are under threat both at home and abroad.

He said that the purpose of his speech is to awaken Congress and warn the American people that democracy is in danger.

If someone here thinks that Putin will stop in Ukraine, I assure you that he will not stop.

Girls cut hair

Tightly lace up the boots

They dreamed of happiness, it seemed.

Bleeding bandaged heart

Girls pack suitcases,

They lay there grief and weariness.

Prayer is a reliable visa

That you come back home.

Girls gather strength

And they no longer count the wrinkles.

Constantly, there where "it hit"

They whisper: "Bear with it. Just a little more..."

Girls are standing in the chat -

Sleepless, restless eyes.

Weakness squeezes in the clutches

The teary eyes are burning

Girls standing straight

With thoughts of those who are struggling:

The enemy will not stop such

To hit the target is hard.

Girls do not want to lose.

They are loading bullets.

They wear robes.

And learn how to handle a weapon

Author of the poem: Olena Zadorozhna

Artist: Mykhailo Dyachenko

Idea Ministry of Defense of Ukraine



Russian military targeted residential areas in populated areas of the Kherson region, in particular 3 apartment buildings and 12 private houses were damaged.

In Kherson, the theater and museum buildings were damaged as a result of shelling. Hits were recorded in a gas pipeline, enterprise, shop, garage premises, and cars.

As a result of enemy attacks in populated areas of the region, critical infrastructure objects, administrative buildings, and economic facilities were hit.

Through Russian aggression, 5 people were injured.

I've talked with the government critics. And they told me that the Office of the President instructed its heads of 6 district administrations of Kyiv to strain and find about 1 million for the campaign against Klitschko and Kyiv deputies, not from the Servant of the People. Nothing surprising. Moreover, they will... pay for the work of a fresh parliamentary TSC "against Kyiv" and media that will highlight the achievements of TSC under the leadership of the next Servant of the People, who is a suspect in a criminal case investigated by the NABU under Art. 2 of Art. 110 of the Criminal Code - encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine, committed by a government official. And such a hook motivates the servant to serve the Bankova without complaints.

And all this is steps on the way to control over Kyiv. Look, first the servants in the Rada created a Commission against Klitschko? Then they put "a servant on a hook" Bezgіn at her head, who is facing 10 years in prison for business with his aunt, a deputy of the United Russia party.

Do you know where the servants will get money to support TSC informationally and post news against Klitschko and local authorities? From Kyiv itself! Applause. If they succeed, it will be brilliant.

I have many questions and claims against Klitschko, but I have even more questions and claims against Zelensky. And I believe that we choose both the mayor and the president. I may not like the people's choice, but I recognize it. And I don't demand the immediate replacement of the president. All this should only be done through elections, not when someone feels like it. But gossip says that in the Presidential Administration the desire to control power in Kyiv has only increased.

And they say that for this purpose, the Office of the President has created a whole situation group. Yes, just to informational attack Klitschko and local self-government. If the information is correct, this group was led by Oleksiy Kuleba, former deputy of Klitschko and close friend... of the Head of NABU Semen Kryvonos, whom people only lazy did not call a person of the President's Office. By the way, Kuleba was taken to the Bankova to be a "lookout for what's happening" in local self-government. And here is a new career step.

The group also included:

• Rena Nazarova, who is currently working at the OP. And that makes me sad. Because I treat her well.

Timur Tkachenko, a former official of one of the Kyiv district administrations, who checked the beaches in Kyiv, now works as a deputy in the Ministry of Strategic Industries. Probably they don't have anything for him to do in the ministry and they found where to stick him. It's good that they don't touch the minister in the Office of the President, like back then, when they sent him to monitor cobwebs in Kyiv's basements.

• Oleksiy Ryabikin, staff lawyer, as he himself writes on Facebook "Advisor to the Office of the President of Ukraine".

The bank treats local self-government very coolly and noticeably curtails the decentralization reform, which even our Western partners have already pointed out. So I am not surprised that the idea of ​​the OP was to create TSK against Kyiv, with the goal of putting their minions at the head of the capital, as they did in Chernihiv, Poltava, and Sumy.

And now remember the information from evil tongues that the funds for ensuring the information activity of the commission should be received by the heads of 6 districts of Kyiv, which depend on the Bankova. 1 million hryvnias from each district. These are Obolonsky, Darnitsky, Podolsky, Pechersky, Dniprovsky and Shevchenkivsky. 6 million hryvnias should be found by the heads of the RSA under the president's control from drums, vegetable cutters, repairs on inflated estimates and other tenders.

So, when you see a purchase of vegetable cuts into a shelter next time, keep in mind that these servants collect cash for their tasks: to wet Kyivans for money. And this maniacal craving for absolute power, multiplied by an incredibly high level of corruption in Ukraine, is already starting to annoy.



🤔In Moscow, extremist attacks may occur in the next two days.

The US Embassy in the Russian Federation has warned of a terrorist threat in the RF in the next 48 hours.

The embassy is monitoring reports that extremists have plans to attack large gatherings in Moscow, including concerts, and US citizens should avoid large gatherings for the next 48 hours., - it says in the message.



😔On March 7, the Russians injured 9 residents of Donetsk: 3 in Toretsk, 2 in Kostyantynivka, 1 in Dovha Balta, Myrnograd, Novohrodivka, and Shakhtarsk.

The total number of Russian casualties in Donetsk is given without taking into account Mariupol and Volnovakha.



🤝Canada joins the Drone Coalition for Defense Forces.

Also, the country will allocate funds for the development of innovative solutions for demining Ukraine.

Overall, Ukraine wants the Coalition of Drones to expand to over 20 countries. Allies plan to supply thousands of UAVs for $250 million.

Another thank you to the channel subscribers!!! Thank you for being here! Thank you for helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine! You are the best!!! Together we will win!

UPD ask to add details. Therefore, if there is a possibility and desire, then join the gathering of the team that is fighting for our right to live in Independent Ukraine.

Total amount of the fee - 1,350,000 hryvnias.

At the moment, 743 000 UAH is collected.

Every donation is a contribution to the protection of our tankers and the destruction of the enemy. Map and link in the first comments.

5375 4112 1247 7207



880 people, 25 artillery systems and 19 armored vehicles: General Staff has published updated losses of Russia.



From the bill on mobilization, which is currently being considered in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, restrictions on the use of transport and blocking of citizens' accounts have been preliminarily excluded.

This was reported by the people's deputy from Batkivshchyna, a member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence Vadym Ivchenko on Radio Liberty.

He explained that blocking of accounts has been excluded from restrictions, because the government can, in principle, do this by regulatory acts of the National Bank. Restrictions on the use of automotive transport have also been preliminarily lifted.

Ivchenko reported that the rest of the restrictions are still supported by the working group, but they are still awaiting consideration by the committee.

The deputy noted that there is still no agreement on, for example, limiting consular services for citizens of Ukraine abroad. The deputy emphasized that there are no final decisions at the moment.

And while some of our domestic experts claim that March 8 is a Soviet past, I want to share information to put an end to this manipulation.

A little history for understanding.Since 1975, the UN, in connection with the International Women's Year, began celebrating International Women's Day on March 8th. In 1977, the UN General Assembly proposed that countries declare, in accordance with their traditions and customs, any day of the year as a Day of Struggle for Women's Rights and International Peace of the United Nations (in other official UN languages: English United Nations Day for Women's Rights and International Peace, Spanish D'A de las Naciones Unidas para los Derechos de la Mujer y la Paz Internacional, French Journée Internationale des droits des Femmes). This was recorded in UN General Assembly resolution No. A/RES/32/142 adopted on December 16, 1977. 71 voted in favor, 19 against, 46 abstained.

By the way, Wikipedia writes about March 8th that gradually the holiday lost its feminist color, becoming a day of men's confessions of love and fidelity. And I like this formulation.

And today I thank every Ukrainian woman, regardless of profession, vocation, activity or occupation! And congratulate all women who celebrate!



😈The enemy was preparing his equipment for an assault on the Bahmut direction, but our artillerymen from the National Guard Rubizh Brigade had other plans for it.

The fire from the cannons of the guards hit the cluster of Russian vehicles. Effectively and spectacularly destroyed:

- 3 MT-LB vehicles

- 3 Msta-B howitzers

- 1 cargo truck Ural.



🗣️ Macron allowed the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine if there is a breakthrough of the front towards Kyiv or Odesa.

Such a course of events was outlined by the head of the French state at a meeting with the leaders of the political forces on March 7, the leader of the French Communist Party Fabien Roussel told L'Independant.

Macron mentioned a scenario that can trigger intervention: advancing the front towards Kyiv or towards Odesa, - said the parliamentarian.

Apart from this, Russell added that during the meeting, the French president used maps to illustrate his theses.

Earlier it became known that at a meeting with the heads of political forces Macron emphasized that France's support for Ukraine knows no bounds.

There are still hard time ahead of us. But this too shall pass.

Putin said that Belgium appeared on the world map thanks to Russia? Previously, he said something like that about Ukraine. Do Russians really believe in such nonsense? Does Putin need treatment? How to live with such neighbors? And how should one react to this? Details told in his author's blog. Join the discussion in the comments.



⛓️ The SBU detained FSB informants who were looking for weak spots in the defense of Slovyansk

To plan air attacks on the city, the occupiers hoped to receive approximate geolocations of the Ukrainian Air Defense Missile Systems from their minions.

In addition, the enemy tried to obtain the coordinates of Ukrainian reactive artillery systems, including the type HIMARS.

Also in the area of particular attention of the aggressors were strongholds and checkpoints on the approaches to the district center.

In case of obtaining key intelligence, the Russians wanted to find weaknesses in the city's defense and take them into account during new mass assaults on this front.

They face up to 12 years in prison.



❕Today the UN Security Council will convene to discuss the shelling of Odessa and consider humanitarian issues related to the war

The meeting will take place at the request of Ukraine and will start at 22:00 Kyiv time, according to the website of the Security Council.



🤯In Mykolaiv region, the enemy's combat drone got stuck in the windmill screw.

They dismantled it at a height of 55 meters. Once on the ground, the explosive technicians destroyed part of the drone with a controlled explosion.

Russia has started mass production of the heaviest planning bomb FAB-1500-M54, and one and a half ton bombs are increasingly being used in Ukraine, - Bild writes. So, last time the Russians dropped a FAB-1500-M54 on a multi-story building in the city of Krasnogorivka near Donetsk and filmed it.

Russian propagandists filmed the explosion of FAB-1500 from two different angles. In one of the recordings, you can see how the bomb is dropped on a residential area, it falls and explodes, releasing a fireball from a height of 20 floors.

Head of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Mykola Oleshchuk warned back in November 2023 that there were "signs of preparation for the mass deployment of FAB-1500" in Russia. In February of this year, Russian Minister of Defense Shoigu visited a factory where these bombs are produced. Propaganda then claimed that their production has been ongoing since the beginning of the war.

According to BILD, about 50 Ukrainian soldiers die on the front lines every day, with the majority of them being killed by Russian military bombs, including the FAB-1500-M54. The F-16 will be able to reduce the impact of using these bombs.



I came to beat the alarm .

Minister of Defense of Britain Grant Shapps, who has been on a visit to Ukraine since yesterday, has posted a video from the capital.

I am in Kiev to sound the alarm to the democratic world - we must ensure that Ukraine wins this war. The United Kingdom has done more than ever, providing the largest military support package to date. Now every nation must do the same and ensure victory of freedom over tyranny," Shapps said.



I was very glad to see our Olena Teterya - she came to the Congress in Bucharest straight from Vuhledar direction.

Since February 24, Olena has been defending Ukraine as part of the unmanned systems group of the 58th brigade, fighting in hot spots. Today, Olena also represents European Solidarity at the EPP Congress because she is also our deputy in the Konotop district council.

In Bucharest to deliver from the first lips to Europe and its leaders how important their help is to the front and our joint victory over the enemy. The convincing truth from the front directly to the international arena - that's how our diplomatic special forces work)

I am proud the incredible people who work on our team, defend, change, and represent Ukraine.

Thank you and take care, Olena!




🔥They say that another fire was recorded in Russia.

At night, a furniture workshop was on fire in Kirov. The area of the fire is 700 sq.m.

The Sejm of the Republic of Poland adopted a resolution on the introduction of sanctions in connection with the import of Russian and Belarusian food and agricultural products to the European Union - Polish Radio.

According to the message, 441 deputies voted, and two abstained from voting.



💪 Yesterday, the PPO forces practiced on Russian aircraft at a distance of over 150 km.- Air Force Commander Mykola OleschukDo not zenith missile calculations Air Force hunt down Russian fighters every day. Literally yesterday, there was combat use against enemy aircraft at a distance of over 150 km. We are working today too! Checking the results of combat work!

According to Oleshchuk, the Russians continue to attack Defense Force positions with guided air bombs, but they no longer dare to fly too close.

After significant losses of long-range radar detection aircraft A-50 and fighters Su-34/Su-35, the occupiers significantly reduced the number of air strikes with cruise missiles. And there are still no DRLO aircraft in the Azov Sea and other directions, which reduces the enemy's capabilities in conducting radar reconnaissance.

According to our data, among Russian pilots, certain discussions have already begun regarding the decisions of the military leadership – to send them one way. Such conversations, and possibly sabotage, during the execution of tasks by occupiers, will only increase when the Air Force receives more tools from Western partners to protect our sky from enemy air attacks, - summed up Oleshchuk.



😈In occupied Melitopol, a warehouse with ammunition belonging to the Russian army exploded, and in Tokmak, an explosion occurred in an area where the occupants deployed a military base.

This was written by Ivan Fedorov from the Zaporizhzhia Regional State Administration with reference to local residents.

"Yesterday in Melitopol, the cotton factory exploded - the warehouse in the temporarily occupied city and the car that brought ammunition, took off into the air,” Fedorov reported.

Also, according to him, an explosion was recorded last night in Tokmak, near the Kovalsko-stamping plant district. According to Fedorov, the Russians have turned this area into a military base.

How do people with spinal muscular atrophy live? Why doesn't the state help with treatment? How much money do you have to spend on medications? What gives you the strength to keep fighting? How do you deal with haters? Nazariy Husakov answered these questions and talked about his life in an interview with Borislav Bereza.

Friends, in a month, on April 7, Nazariy's birthday. 30 years. He is collecting 3 million hryvnias for a gift, so he can afford to support himself with at least one pack of medicine per month all year round. Let's support him!



☺️The number of women in the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues to increase.As of January 2024

In the Ukrainian army, 45,587 servicewomen serve. This is 2,108 more than in October 2023. Of them, 13,487 have combatant status.



📊 Over a quarter of Ukrainians consider Poroshenko the opposition leader.- KMIS.

Kyiv International Institute of Sociology conducted a sociological survey, during which, in particular, respondents were asked who they consider to be the leader of the opposition. The majority of respondents consider P. Poroshenko to be the leader of the opposition. The leader of the opposition, the head of the European Solidarity party, was named by the most respondents in all regions of Ukraine.

As noted in a comment by the Executive Director of KMIS A. Hrushevsky, 93% of Ukrainians want to see Ukraine as a fully functioning democracy, and 70% believe that the government should be criticized for possible mistakes decisions and actions. Therefore, the functioning of the political opposition is crucial for the development of Ukraine, and currently, the majority of Ukrainians believe that there is an opposition in Ukraine and have their own opinion on who its leader is.



🧒 The USA has joined the International Coalition to return Ukrainian children.The United States announces its accession as a member state to the International Coalition for the Return of Ukrainian Children in order to support the safe return of all Ukrainian children who have been illegally deported or forcibly displaced by Russia, as well as to ensure accountability for those involved.- according to the statement of the state Department.

Bobroedka is suspicious. And why is that?



👗 Zara, Pull&Bear, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Stradivarius, Oysho, Zara Home - return to Ukraine, - MFA.

The return of large international companies to the Ukrainian market creates new jobs for Ukrainians, gives them access to quality goods and services, supports the economy of Ukraine in times of war, deepens its integration into the world economy, strengthens trust between international business and investors in our country and its victory.— It says in the message.

There is only one force that defended Ukraine, holds the defense, returns territories, destroys occupiers, and brings Victory closer - and this is the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Glory to the Ukrainian soldiers!



☢️The Board of Governors of the IAEA approved a resolution for the urgent return of Zaporizhzhia NPP under full control of Ukraine.

Document, in particular, calls on Russia to urgently withdraw all unauthorized personnel, including military personnel, from the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and to immediately return the station under the full control of the competent authorities of Ukraine.

Also, the resolution expresses serious concern about the unstable state of nuclear safety and security at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant.

People who care about the privacy and security of their communications use so-called "encrypted" messengers (E2EE). And one of the most popular in Ukraine is Signal.

Recently, new features have appeared in it, which further increase the privacy of this wonderful messenger - one of the best in terms of security (in my humble opinion).

First of all, now in group chats your phone number is no longer shown. Before, I was a little uncomfortable when you were added to a chat and all its participants could see your mobile number. And this is a positive innovation, since, for example, I am not always sure that all chat participants should know your cell phone number.

Secondly, now you can create a username that other people can find you by - if you inform them of this nickname. Previously, it was necessary to give out your mobile number, and every time it made me anxious.

Third, now to invite a person to chat with you on Signal, you can send them a link to your profile or a QR code. This is convenient when, for example, you are chatting on another messenger, but for a more confidential conversation, you want to switch to Signal, and also do not disclose your mobile number.

All this is improvements, for sure. Signal develops and takes into account the wishes and comments of users - remaining free. It's not perfect, of course, and has its problems. And all its competitors also have their problems, but there are slightly fewer claims to Signal than to others.

For those who still (for some reason) do not use Signal, I give a hint where to download it. First of all, this is the official website:

Secondly, these are the official mobile platform stores: the App Store and Google Play. In order not to make a mistake, the Signal logo (in these stores) looks like a white circle with a dot, outlined with a white dotted line, all enclosed in a blue square with rounded corners. But there is another logo - a blue circle and blue dots on a white background. If you doubt whether this is "the same Signal" - you go to the official website and click Get Signal.

Therefore, install Signal and start worrying much less about the security and privacy of your communication.

But it is also important not to forget about other rules of personal cyber hygiene: "do not poke poop", unique long complex passwords, "one resource - one password", VPN, Tor, 2FA, updates, backups, wote-thing.

And you will be happy. (c)Konstantin Korsun



Three French defense companies will deploy production in Ukraine.- Minister of Defense of the country Sebastien Lecornu.

Three French companies will establish partnership relations with Ukrainian companies, including in the field of drones and ground equipment, to produce spare parts in Ukraine, and in the future, possibly, ammunition - BFMTV quotes Le Cornu.



📞The main intelligence department of Ukraine has released a conversation of a Russian serviceman talking about constant losses and the poor state of the Russian army.

This is Viktor Shuleshko. He built one of the largest vertical farms in Ukraine right in... a bomb shelter near the Dnipro river. All photos in the first comment.

And then the greens from it conquered not only the country's restaurateurs, but also agrarians in the UAE, Germany, and even florists in the Netherlands!

Next step - giant tulip plantation and microcloning 🙂

The story of Viktor is a plot for a Netflix series.

Because Victor's first farm was born in one of the premises of an airport, which was completely destroyed by RF missiles.

This did not stop him and he rebuilt version 2.0 in the bomb shelter.

Just as I managed to set up all the processes - blackout.

Greenery in a vertical farm is powered by energy from LEDs.

Three days of darkness is a point of no return, after which the greenery cannot be revived.

Green on the farm - worth half a million hryvnias.

But everything that's left - immediately cut and distribute the greens to the trade points at the price they are willing to take.

- The seller from "Nahorka" Eugenia, who developed a super-pesto recipe and took the lion's share of basil for it, saved us the most. - Viktor smiles.

Now at Green Future farm they grow not only basil, but also lettuce, coriander, arugula, Mizuna, mustard.

But Victor leaves the lion's share of the farm's area for secret agro-experiments in order to continue improving the technology.

So, numerous experiments helped to develop an advanced hydroponic system, which ultimately made it the most productive in Ukraine and doubled green production: from 1.5 to 3 kg per m².

And the restaurateurs began ordering whole farms for growing their own eco-greens

One time Viktor was called from Dubai:

- We heard that you are doing miracles. But can you grow salad... in the desert?

So, the first Ukrainian vertical farm has appeared in the UAE on 600 m².

And already next year the team plans to start from the project of their own vertical farm in the German Rhine.

Victor is one of those who is moving Ukrainian science forward and making it highly demanded in the world and a real competitor to Siemens and Philips. (с)Vlada Mikolyuk



Near the Russian border.

Task for the 24th year - maximum strengthening of our borders, restoration of such frontiers and defense lines that will be a problem for the enemy.

The front needs more forest, earthmoving equipment, concrete slabs, cement, reinforced concrete structures, hedgehogs. The center should help the Army with this.

Important communication with departments, exchange of opinions on how to strengthen our defense lines to the maximum.

Trench digging is a very difficult and tedious task. Digging with sapper shovels is correct, but for trenches and bunkers we need bulldozers and excavators, community help.

With Artur Gerasimov, Viktoriia Syumar, Rostyslav Pavlenko, and Volodymyr Ar'iev visited several units on the border. Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!


President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis made a joint visit to Odessa. During the officials' stay at one of the local ports, the Russians struck the city with ballistic missiles. How would the West react in the event of the assassination of the President of Ukraine and a representative of a NATO and EU member country? What are the USA and Europe afraid of? How close is the world to a nuclear war? Political analyst Vitaliy Portnikov discussed this on Borislav Bereza's YouTube channel.



In "Дії", beta testing of educational documents has started, stated the head of the Ministry of Digital Transformation Fedorov.



NBU is currently preparing a bill to limit card transfers by Ukrainians, but the changes will affect less than 1% of citizens and will only apply to "certain abnormal operations"notifiedMP Getmantsev.

According to him, the restrictions will not affect 99% of cashless transactions that are carried out every day. It is only about certain abnormal operations used by drug dealers, illegal alcohol and tobacco traders, as well as representatives of illegal gambling business.

These are major criminal "businesses" that try to involve many individuals in their schemes," added Hetmantsev, explaining that 99% of the population's non-cash transactions are typical.

In addition, Hetmantsyev noted that the NBU bill, when ready, will be publicly discussed and the finance committee, in his words, "will adopt a balanced comprehensive decision."

Friends, the publication The Page is conducting a rating among its readers regarding who among the political influencers has the greatest influence on Ukrainians? Who do people listen to, who do they trust? To find answers to these questions, The Page announces the start of a reader's vote in the rating of political influencers and suggests choosing your candidate from the list compiled by the editorial board. You can vote only once. While I am between these people. It's even impossible to make up. But you can add your votes to me and change that. It won't affect my self-esteem and self-confidence much, but a kind word and a cat are always welcome. If you don't want to vote for me, it's your right too. And the voting is here:

I wonder how quickly someone's bots will appear in the voting and start influencing the results?



The state will compensate farmers 80% of the cost for humanitarian demining of agricultural lands, said Prime Minister Shmyhal.

He noted that the demining service will be compensated if it is purchased at an open auction.

⚠️About F-35, Gripen and other aircraft in the Ukrainian war

A recent statement by the Singapore Defense Minister caused quite a furor. He stated that American F-35 aircraft are already involved in the Russian-Ukrainian war. However, this statement was quickly refuted by the Pentagon. Yet, the truth in these words is apparently present.

Immediately, running ahead: the F-35 does not work from the territory of Ukraine.

But! NATO countries actively use the F-35 for long-range radar detection, collecting information and passing it on to us.

📡On board this plane stands verypowerful radar AN/ASQ-239which has a detection range, WARNING, at926 km . This is enough to completely "scan" all of Belarus from the Polish city of Lublin to the Bryansk region.

↪️Thus, the tasks of the F-35 in Ukraine are as follows:

▶️collection of information about launch facilities and means of destruction on the northern border of Ukraine;

▶️help to Ukraine in identifying and detecting targets during a missile attack. But not shoot down, as it is already escalation. Only - detection.⁉️Wait, why use F-35 for reconnaissance if NATO has AWACS long-range radar detection aircraft (like the Russian A-50)?

Logical question, to which there is also an answer.⚠️AWACS are also used for airborne reconnaissance of Russian targets.But now NATO, apparently, is developing a new tactic, so it is implementing more active involvement in intelligence through the F-35 platforms.

BecauseE-3 Sentry AWACS- This is the American version of the Russian long-range radar detection aircraft A-50. AWACS has a detection range of 800 km, but is also used as a command post. Such an aircraft regularly patrols in the Black Sea and near the Polish-Belarusian border.

👀But now the F-35 is used more often, because:

➡️Continuestactics substitution AWACS. One mission can send a limited number of them - 6-7 pieces at a time. And a fleet of 20-30 F-35 aircraft can provide much better and more coverage within the combat radius of action;

➡️Developmenttactics of interaction with drones.Sensors F-35 can collect and transmit information to a strike drone that will perform a combat mission instead of an aircraft. That is, the valuable F-35 remains out of the combat zone. And reconnaissance is all training and maneuvers in preparation for this.

🟢What other aviation news? Maybe we'll talk about Gripen after Sweden joins NATO?

We can. With pleasure.

🇸🇪Yesterday, Sweden officially became the new 32nd member of the North Atlantic Alliance.

And it was this very requirement of the ruling coalition in the Swedish parliament regarding the transfer of Gripen aircraft to us.

In fact, all government circles in Sweden are in favor of transferring these aircraft to us. Moreover, the leader of the opposition party called on the government to transfer these birds to us as soon as possible. In addition, the manufacturer Saab itself has stated that it is ready to assemble new aircraft, meaning the country will be able to put new planes into service quickly. And Ukrainian pilots have already been trained.

Everything, it seemed, was ready for transmission.

🔴But the question is only how many planes Sweden will be able to transfer on a charitable basis?

Currently, about 30 out of 204 Swedish Air Force planes are actively not being used. Perhaps this is what we can count on.

Or buy them.The Gripen is quite expensive. About 60 million dollars for one. Nevertheless, Ukraine recently purchased ammunition independently.

Why not move to the next level?

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This is awesome! Author Nastya Gaydaenko



😡 Starting from 2014, the Russian Federation governmentsawin the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine there are over 4 million passports.

Today, on Friday, March 8, at 7:00 PM, we will be broadcasting live with Oleg Saakyan.

Main topics of the broadcast:

- Situation in parliament. What is happening there? Are we approaching a parliamentary crisis? How will the authorities resolve this issue?

Question of Zelensky's legitimacy. Why not appeal to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine? They want to appoint Stefanchuk as the head of the CCU? How will that look?

Why don't authorities involve experts, people who know what and how to do? Is loyalty the main concern for the authorities? When will the authorities change their attitude?

- Sweden joined NATO. Macron said that Ukraine should not limit itself. What is the situation in Europe now? What game is France playing? How will Russia react?

Christo Grozev stated that he has a list of people from Ukraine who collaborated with the FSB of the Russian Federation. Is it worth publishing this list?

About this and other things on the air:



🇱🇹 Lithuania will allocate 5 million euros to restore schools and kindergartens destroyed during the war in Ukraine, .

During this visit, we announced the allocation of 5 million euros to support the reconstruction and adaptation of destroyed schools and kindergartens in Ukraine by installing shelters in them, - said the Minister of Finance of Lithuania Gintarė Skaište.



Zelensky meets with Erdogan.

The Ukrainian president noted that Ukraine is interested in strengthening bilateral cooperation and joint production with Turkish defense companies.

We also need Turkey's help in releasing our prisoners of war and all of our people, including Crimean Tatars who are in Russian captivity, - added Zelensky.

If some ancient Greek heard the military outside of politics, it would sound to him like farmers outside of agriculture. (c) Boris Tseitlin

The embassies of the USA, Great Britain, Lithuania, South Korea, Sweden, and many other countries are calling on their citizens to leave Russia immediately due to possible terrorist attacks in the next 2 days. I'm already finishing the second pack of popcorn. Where are those terrorist attacks??? Well, okay. I'm going for the third.



Former deputy head of the Office of the President Kirilo Timoshenko began working as an advisor to the Minister of Defense Rustem Umerov.

The press service of the Ministry of Defense provided this response to NV publication's inquiry.

The main direction of Kirill Timoshenko's activities is media and communications, coordination of information policy in the Ministry of Defense and subordinate structures of the Ministry of Defense, as well as the establishment of a unified information order in the agenda of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the state of war, - explained in the Ministry of Defense.

This piece of scum in green camouflage, outwardly resembling a human, is a Russian military criminal. His name is Dmitry Kurashov and he EXECUTED A MILITARY PRISONER. He shot an unarmed prisoner of the Ukrainian Armed Forces by firing three times at him. There is not only testimony of this crime, but also confirming evidence. Now he is so scared that he can't stop having diarrhea. And he will stand trial for the execution of the Ukrainian military prisoner. When he was killing, he wasn't so scared and was convinced that nothing would happen to him. He was wrong. Just like other Russian military criminals are wrong. They await either destruction or punishment. They have no other option.

Eternal memory to the fallen Heroes. We will revenge!



Ukraine has returned 10 more children who found themselves in the occupation after February 24, as reported by the head of the charity organization Save Ukraine Kuleba.

Children were finally able to hug their loved ones after a long separation, and now all families are safe.

Develop a plan and then negotiations? Or is it something else?



The, as always, completely sincere and productive negotiations between Ukraine and Turkey took place. Arrangements on joint projects have been reached in the defense sector and at the government level, as well as at the level of companies of our states.

Met with representatives of the defense industry complex of Turkey - we are ready to move as quickly as possible in the implementation of the projects we discussed. And I am very pleased with the conversation with the companies and businesses of Turkey, and therefore, with the results that will, I am sure, be strong. Also ready to quickly resolve all issues regarding economic cooperation, including in reconstruction, as well as in promoting the necessary bilateral agreements for our peoples.

Today, by the way, an agreement has been signed that simplifies our trade - between Ukraine and Turkey - and removes barriers for business. Important documents have also been signed at the level of defense ministries.

Ukraine and Turkey together strengthen each other and our entire region.

🇺🇦🇹🇷Ukraine Turkey

Disposal of Russian waste by aerobombers of the 30th Separate Mechanized Brigade named after Prince Konstantin Ostrozhsky. Spectacular and effective. Glory to Ukrainian soldiers!

We don't abandon our own. We don't send messengers anywhere.

I think everyone remembers the charming figure of OP Kyrylo Tymoshenko. The same one whose name was somehow mentioned in various news stories next to scandals about humanitarian aid, the only telethon. And he also rode an American humanitarian car.

However, he is more than good.

He got a job at the Ministry of Defense.

In response to the appropriate request by NV, the Ministry of Defense press service informed that Timoshenko has been appointed as a full-time advisor to the Minister of Defense since March 1, 2024, based on the relevant appointment order.

"The main direction of activity of Kyrylo Tymoshenko - media and communications, coordination of information policy in the Ministry of Defense and subordinate structures of the Ministry of Defense, as well as the establishment of a single information order of the day in the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the martial law," - added to the MO press service.

This means that the press officers of the Defense Forces will have their own telethon? Sincerely, I heartfelt sympathize with them.

You will definitely see the portrait of this war victor on the election billboard in a green sweater. The team of war and horses at the crossing do not change) (c)Marina Danilyuk-Yarmolayeva



❗️An air alarm has been announced in Kyiv and a number of regions.



We have gathered the most important things you may have missed for March 8th:

🔹Throughout the day it happened 74 armed clashes. The Defence Forces aviation struck 10 areas where enemy personnel, weapons, and military equipment were concentrated.

🔹Starting from 2014, the government of the Russian Federation granted in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, over 4 million passports.

🔹Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners worked on Russian planes at a distance of over 150 kilometres.

🔹USA and Great Britain warned about possible "extremist attacks" in Moscow over the next two days.

🔹 Switzerland supported the use of frozen assets of the Russian Federation for the benefit of Ukraine.

What do Ukrainians think about March 8th?

In Ukraine, March 8 was a day off until 2022. After the full-scale invasion of Russia in 2022, due to martial law, this day became a working day, like many other holidays.

What do Ukrainians and Ukrainian women think about this day - watch in the video. (c) Radio Liberty

And about the characteristics of the conflict: a pro-Palestinian activist in Cambridge destroyed with paint and knife a portrait of Lord Arthur James Balfour, who once supported the idea of creating a homeland for the Jewish people.


TP, and P is not a Palestinian.



20-year-old Ukrainian Olga Loek, who runs her blog on YouTube, found her clone on Chinese social networks generated by artificial intelligence.

In Chinese social networks she is not Olga Loek, but a Russian woman who speaks Chinese, loves China, and wants to marry a Chinese man. Her name is Natasha, Anna, or Grace, depending on the social media platform in China.

I started translating videos using Google Translate and realized that most of these accounts talk about things like China, Russia, about how good the relationship between China and Russia is, - she told the Voice of America. - This is very offensive.

Loek said that after she and her YouTube subscribers sent complaints to Chinese social media companies, around a dozen accounts that were impersonating her were deleted.

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A legal state is a state in which the rights and freedoms of not only citizens, but also criminals, are protected. Because before the law everyone is equal and the state protects law-abiding citizens and punishes criminals according to the law. It is a country where there are no tortures in prison and detainees are not beaten unless they resist. And what I see in this video cannot be justified. I am disgusted by those who disrespect the state and run away, and those who beat them when the evaders are defenseless. This is a throwback to the old times. And it is the result of the management of the country by Zelensky, Yermak, and Tatarov. A country where there is political persecution, growing corruption, surveillance of journalists, and all that in any civilized country is a crime and carries responsibility of the country's top leadership - will not be in the EU.

I can say in advance that this will be discussed not only in the ECHR, but also in other European institutions. And this is guaranteed not to contribute to our progress towards the EU. This video will discredit Ukraine and will become a big problem. Just not everyone understands it.

Impressive finale. Russian vs Ukrainian FPV drone. It is not known what the Russian thought at that moment, but she ended predictably. The Russian was disposed of.



🇫🇮Finlandforbadevehicles with Russian license plates.

Drivers were given a week, until March 16, to take them out of the country.

Peaceful night 🌙 to all good people