Apr 1, 2024 - Day 768

🇺🇸In the US Congress

They plan to vote again for the help of Ukraine

Defense Forcesnamedlosses of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation

Opposition in TurkeywinsErdogan's party in big cities

🤦‍♂️Crocus. In the Russian Federation, they believe that terrorists' ideologies are rooted in their heads.could be microelectronic chips.

Residence of the Prime Minister of Libyafired uponFrom grenade launchers - Reuters



In Israelbegan4-day protest demanding the government's resignation. On Sunday evening, tens of thousands of people took to the streets near the Knesset in Jerusalem with a call for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government to resign, hold early elections, and agree to a deal to release 130 hostages held in the Gaza sector.


Minus 710 occupiers, 20 tanks and 32 artillery systems 💪



Russian troops at nightshelledthe fire station in Kharkiv region. At the time of the strike on duty, there were 6 rescuers, but none of them were injured. The fire station is destroyed.

Photo: SES@babel

🇮🇱In IsraelBeganmassive protests against the government

Thousands of people took to the streets and demanded Netanyahu's resignation, - The Times of Israel.

Currently, it is known that one person has been detained.



Ukrainian esports team NAVIwonAt the Counter-Strike 2 World Championship.

The team became champions in the most prestigious CS 2 tournament - PGL Major Copenhagen 2024, held in Copenhagen (Denmark). In the grand final, NAVI played against the American team FaZe Clan and won with a score of 2:1 on two out of three maps. NAVI will receive $500 thousand for the victory, while Faze will receive $170 thousand.

Video: NAVI , PGL@babel

More than 50% of Russian citizens accused the Ukrainian government of the terrorist attack.

About 27% of Russians put the responsibility on ISIS.reportsFinancial Times with reference to the OpenMinds survey.

👏 Ukrainian esports team NAVI won the Counter-Strike 2 world championship.

They received 500 thousand dollars as a reward.

Video: NAVI



Yesterday, Russian occupiers hit Kharkiv with two UMPB D-30 shells, which they released from a plane reported the Prosecutor's office. Partially destroyed educational institution building, damaged dormitory roof and residential building. No casualties.


Just came from the solarium. Now we are waiting for the barista, drinking latte and then going for a peeling massage.

With a sense of humor, everything is definitely fine with our defenders😅



Agents of the Russian GRUinterestedto the so-called Havana syndrome among American diplomats and intelligence officers. To influence them, agents could use secret weapons, according to The Insider, 60 Minutes, and Der Spiegel investigation.

GRU agents were sent to cities where American diplomats soon exhibited the "Havana syndrome" - severe headaches, dizziness, vision problems, and other symptoms arising after a strange noise.

Two victims saw Russian agents before or immediately after the attack and recognized them from photographs. It also turned out that one of the Russian agents received a state order to develop "acoustic weapon".


❌As a result of the strikes of the RF on the energy system of Ukraine in March damaged or completely destroyed 80% of DTEK's thermal generating capacity, - DTEK Director Dmytro Saharuk.

We have 5 out of 6 TPPs severely damaged, some blocks are almost completely ruined, some partially - DTEK CEO Dmitry Sakharchuk.

"We have spring, and in Donbas - hell": a massive rally in support of Ukrainian prisoners of war took place in Kyiv.

Active military personnel and released from Russian captivity defenders and civilians, including Mariupol defenders, joined the action.

Photo: Coordinating Staff on Prisoner of War Affairs



In July 2023, Russia launched missile strikes on the historical center of Odessa, which is under UNESCO protection. The main temple of the city, the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral of the UOC MP, was heavily damaged.

The cathedral was only built in the 2000s, outside it completely repeats the original church of the early XIX century, which was blown up by the Bolsheviks in the 1930s. In July 2023, a Russian rocket destroyed the additions to the temple, the windows and roof of the cathedral. Inside, part of the icons, the decoration of the temple, and the entire church bench burned down due to the fire.

Immediately after the attack, the Italian government promised to help restore the cathedral. But this is a matter of years and millions of dollars. Currently, new windows and doors have been installed in the cathedral, and services are only held in the lower temple - it is located deeper underground and therefore almost did not suffer."Babel" shows, how the temple looks now.


🔥Our defenders destroyed the enemy complex REP "Zhittel" .

Operators fired the missile-artillery unit of the Defense Forces at the enemy's target. As a result of coordinated work, the "Resident" electronic warfare complex was destroyed.

Video: Special Operations Forces



The USA will provide military assistance to Ukraine on credit.declaredSpeaker of the House of Representatives of Congress Mike Johnson.

According to him, this will be a compromise with conservatives who believe that the US is doing too much for Ukraine. Assistance to Ukraine with funds from frozen Russian assets is also not ruled out.

Photo: Getty Images@babel

💪Anti-tank fighter of the 25th Airborne Brigade works with FGM-148 Javelin.

🤷‍♂️From Moscow UniversityexpelledOleg Tarasov, a student of the Faculty of Public Administration, after naming his Wi-Fi network in the dormitory Slava Ukraine!

Let's remember, In October 2023, Tarasov bought a new router and created the network Slava Ukraine! On March 6, employees of the Center for Combating Extremism learned about this. They conducted a search in his dorm room and drew up a protocol under an article about public demonstration of extremist symbols.



To Ukraine cameI dust from the Sahara desert. It was brought by a wave of heat from the western Mediterranean, through which in Ukraine abnormally high temperatures have been held for several days.

The sky over Ukraine will be cloudy. Yesterday, residents of western regions could observe this effect. Today it will spread to most regions of the country. The Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center published a satellite image from the EUMETSAT platform, on which dust can be seen. It is harmful to people with respiratory diseases, elderly people, and children, so it is recommended to close the windows.




In "Action"endedSurvey of members of the national jury of the "Eurovision-2024" contest. The results will be announced traditionallyMay 11, on the day of the grand final in Malmö.

235,000 Ukrainians voted. The jury will include five with the most votes. Among the candidates - singers FIЇNKA and Olena Topolia (Alyosha), producers Irina Gorova and Yevhen Triplow, music expert Oleksandr Varenytsia and others.

Photo: "Action"@babel

📱March 31, 2023, the law on media came into force - one of the requirements for Ukraine's accession to the EU. This law proposes to depart from the usual concept of the media: from now on, bloggers can also be considered media.

How do the newly introduced legal provisions work in practice, how does it allow to fight Russian propaganda and disinformation, and should Ukraine ban access to Telegram? в interview NVtells the Chairman of the National Council of Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine Olga Gerasimyuk.



🇯🇵🇺🇦 Japan gave to Ukraine $118 million within World Bank projects.

To support the state budget, $70 million will be allocated for the reimbursement of expenses under the medical guarantees program. $48.2 million will go to the housing repair project. Finance Minister Serhiy Marchenko stated that the funds raised will help the government provide assistance to Ukrainians, expand the range of medical services and access to them, as well as rebuild housing infrastructure.


Before the spread among American officials of the so-called Havana syndrome, the Russian GRU may be involved.This is evidenced by the commoninvestigationpublished by The Insider, 60 minutes and Der Spiegel.

The most large-scale incident of the manifestation of Havana syndrome occurred in 2016 in the capital of Cuba. Many American and Canadian employees of the local consulate experienced a strange phenomenon: they felt strong pressure, waves of nausea and panic attacks, complained of strange sounds - symptoms that haunted them for years.

Doctors have at least dozens of cases of brain injuries. What causes this effect is not yet established, but the main working version is pulsed microwave radiation.



SBUdetainedIn Kharkiv, an employee of a kindergarten, who directed Russian missiles and drones to the city.

According to intelligence agencies, the woman received geolocation data of potential targets from the Russians, conducted reconnaissance there, and searched for information about military personnel and equipment. She transmitted the obtained data to the curator in the messenger.

The woman was recruited in the fall of 2023. She fell into the sight of the occupiers through her acquaintance from Kupiansk, who fled to Russia during the capture of the district center and joined the enemy forces. Now the woman faces lifelong imprisonment for state treason.


By the end of the decade the day can lose one second.

The Earth is rotating slightly faster than before, which may require subtraction of a second from the clock by 2029. This is caused by various factors, including the melting of ice at the poles, which, at first glance, may slow down the process, but in fact accelerates it.



Any great business starts with a small one - this is a well-known fact. But sometimes these small things look overly strange and unexpected, especially by modern standards. When the Polish Jew Michael Marks opened a stall for pins on the market in Leeds, he never thought that one day Marks & Spencer would become a well-known worldwide clothing manufacturer. And you probably wouldn't guess what the Finnish company Nokia started with. But try - go throughtest "Babel" and Googleabout the difficult path of well-known brands, companies, and corporations that have succeeded despite everything.

Google launches a free program "Grow with Google: a program for small businesses", which starts already on April 3. To find out more about the campaign and push your business to new heights, you need toregister on the website.@babel

Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Mike Johnsondeclared, that the aid package to Ukraine, which should be voted on after the Easter holidays, will include "some important new features." This was reported by The Hill.

He mentioned the possibility of providing assistance to Ukraine in the form of a loan. It is noted that this idea gained popularity at the beginning of March.

Over 235 thousand Ukrainiansvotedfor the warehouse of the National Jury at Eurovision 2024.

In the mobile application Dіya, the voting for the composition of the national jury, which will select the winners from a professional point of view from Ukraine, has ended. The survey lasted for a week.

In the National jury composition survey, 235 thousand Ukrainians participated. They chose from 10 people, and five of those who received the most votes will be included in the jury. The jury will be headed by the one who receives the most votes from the audience.



⚠️Since the beginning of 2024, Russialaunchedover Kiev more than 180 missiles and drones.

Over the past four months, the capital was attacked by 5 hypersonic missiles "Zircon", 11 air ballistic missiles "Kinjal", 6 ballistic missiles "Iskander", 3 cruise missiles X-69, 113 cruise missiles X-101, 1 "Caliber", as well as 48 Shahed drones.


🔥The Uralmashzavod plant in Yekaterinburg is on fire. This is reported by Russian news channels.

After his re-election, Putin began actively preparing for possible confrontation with Europe, NATO, and the USA., -declaredrepresentative of the Main Intelligence Directorate Vadim Skibitsky

The strategy of the Russian Federation towards Ukraine remains unchanged. According to him, the Russians primarily want to completely capture the Luhansk and Donetsk regions.



Israeli troopscompleteda two-week operation at Al-Shifa Hospital - the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip.

TSaHAL claimed that HAMAS militants were firing from a hospital and using it as a command center. During the searches at the hospital, many weapons and explosives were found. Several militants were also eliminated at the hospital, according to the Israeli side.

Eyewitnesses say that only ruins remain at the site of Al-Shifa, and nearby are allegedly the bodies of Palestinians. Israel claims that the military operation was carried out "without endangering civilians."

Photo: IDF@babel

🤝Brothers in arms are not only in war. Brothers in arms are for life.

Photo: vlad_beseda/X



🇮🇷🇷🇺 Iran warned Russia of a "security threat" ahead of the attack at the Crocus City Hall shopping center near Moscow.writesReuters citing sources.

Teheran received information about a possible major terrorist attack inside Russia from those arrested on suspicion of involvement in attacks in Iran that killed about 100 people. The information about the preparation was collected during interrogations. Among those detained was the commander of the Afghan wing unit "Islamic State - Khorasan".

Tehran provided Moscow with data without specific details, but indicated that the attack is being prepared by ISIS.




🏦There was a failure at work monobank, co-founder of the bank Oleg Gorokhovskiy reported. Users cannot log in and access the application.


From Iran to Russia, a new batch of military cargo has arrived, which may consist of Shahed and components, -reportedNatalia Humenyuk.

Currently, the aggressor country continues to gather information for future strikes - both missile and drone strikes. Relevant accumulations are in the Russian army, the spokeswoman noted.



The SBU reported aboutsuspicionto Russian propagandist Margarita Simonyan

The head of RT channel is suspected of publicly calling for the killing of Ukrainians and Ukrainian children, as well as advocating for the continuation of missile and bomb strikes on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. She faces up to 10 years in prison with confiscation of property on four counts.


Before the attack on Crocus City Hall IranwarnedThree sources informed Reuters about the possibility of a large terrorist operation in Russia.

"They (members of ISIS-K) received instructions for preparation for a major operation in Russia...One of the terrorists (arrested in Iran) said that some members of the group have already set off for Russia," said the second source.

💔This is what the village of Veseloye in Kakhovka district looks like now…

This is one of the most dangerous settlements of Kherson region. Daily shelling by Russian forces destroyed practically all infrastructure.

Video: Oleksandr Prokudin

The invaders have already entered the heights of the city of Chasiv Yar.reportsCo-founder and analyst of DeepState Roman Pohorily.

Now heavy fighting is going on specifically for the village of Ivanivske, which is located near Chasove Yar. Muscovites have claimed more than once that they have completely taken control of this settlement, which is not true. Our military is fighting there, they are holding back the pressure, - he notes.

🐶Ukrzaliznytsia together with the charity organization UAnimalsupdaterules for transporting animals on trains

Charity organization of animal rights defenders was tagged over 1000 times under the story with a soldier and a Labrador in the hallway.

Together, we will update some outdated points of the rules of travel by trains to make them more inclusive for people with animals," the organization said.

👽Russians claim to have found materials and technologies used in NASA's "Martian mission" in Ukrainian drones. And this is not an April Fool's joke.

It is about, in particular, about batteries found in Ukrainian drones, propagandists said. However, as always, they have no evidence of their theory.

Good thing our washing machines don't look like alien spaceships yet.

If by the end of 2024 the telethon "Unified News" does not change its format and restore trust in itself, then it can be closed - Head of the Committee on Freedom of Speech of the Verkhovna Rada Yaroslav Yurchyshyn.

With a single marathon, trust in the government also begins to fall, and this is quite reasonable, he said.

Yurchishin reminded that this year the broadcast of the telethon is already funded by the state, so it will not be completed until the end of 2024.



In Kharkiv, despite numerous shelling, 1.3 million residents remain. .

Mayor of the city Igor Terekhov told ininterviewLIGA.net, that while the military and authorities do not see a reason to evacuate the population. At the same time, the mayor says that practically all critical energy infrastructure in the city is destroyed, including the Kharkiv CHP. Private is also destroyed. To restore everything that Russia damaged, more than $10 billion is needed. The city is engaging international partners.


More than half of Ukrainians considers the dodgers of mobilization "can be understood, because no one wants to die."

The greatest loyalty in this issue is shown by the residents of the southern part of the country, according to the survey data of the Institute of Social and Political Psychology of the NAPN of Ukraine together with the Association of Political Psychologists of Ukraine.

17.2% disagree with this and about 29% of respondents do not have a clear answer.

The head of the TSK from Rivne region, who was secretly filmed in the office with a women volunarily moved to the combat unit .

Command noted that they have no claims to how the officer performed his duties. At the same time, in the Western Special Purpose Brigade, it was noted that personal issues of military personnel should not be resolved in the workplace.



💥In occupied Starobilsk (Luhansk region), a car with collaborator Valeriy Chaika was blown up. He was a so-called deputy of the center for servicing educational organizations of the "LNR". He switched to the side of the occupiers in 2022. Kremlin media write that Chaika died.


In temporarily occupied Starobilsk, a car with collaborator Valeriy Chaika from the so-called LNR was blown up. About thisreportspropagandistic publication RIA Novosti.



In Kyiv, there is a high level of air pollution with fine particulate matter. The city authoritiesrecommendsrefrain from walking and airing out rooms.


23. Three of them - war, captivity, war: paramedic Pigeontoldasked her fans to congratulate her on her birthday by donating. According to Kateryna, the best gift would be money for drones.

Head of the Antimonopoly Committee Pavlo Kyrylenkodeclaredapartment in Kyiv where he lives with his family. This happened after the investigation of Schemes about the property of the official.

It is about a four-room apartment of 200 square meters in Kyiv. Its approximate value is 6.2 million hryvnias. The apartment is decorated for the 77-year-old grandmother of Kirilenko's wife. Journalists previously found out that the family has been living there since at least 2020.



Full operation of monobank has been restoredCo-founder of the bank Oleg Horokhovskynotified, which there were updates in the application. He apologized for the inconvenience.


The prosecutor's office sent an indictment to court over the death of former ZSU chief of staff Valeriy Zaluzhny's assistant, Hennadiy Chastyakov.

Colonel Andriy Tymchenko, who donated combat grenades, will be in the court. The maximum penalty of articles provides for up to 15 years of imprisonment.



💥Russian Belgorod again came under fire. Authorities reported 8 wounded and 10 rockets hit. The Russian Ministry of Defense claims that fire was conducted from the RM-70 Vampire MLRS. Allegedly, the air defense system shot down 17 rockets.


Ukrainian military personnel raised The flag of Ukraine is practically above the positions of Russian occupiers near Bakhmut.

Video: State Border Guard Service

Hawk wanted to join the "Ukrposhta" team 😅

Workers at the sorting department noticed a bird and caught it. In the comments, people write that in fact it is not a hawk, but a sparrow hawk. So far, postal workers have not reported on the fate of the bird.

Photo: Ukrposhta



🇸🇾🇮🇷🇮🇱 In Syrian Damascus, a rocket strike destroyed the residence near the Iranian embassy. The building completely collapsed. Iranian state mediathey write, that was an Israeli strike. Killed from 6 to 8 people.

Low mediawritesDuring the strike on the building, a meeting of high-ranking officials of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps took place. There is information about the death of influential Brigade General Mohammed Zahedi. The Iranian side officially does not confirm this yet.


Employee of the capital TCKproposeddeferment from mobilization for $300. The violator was informed of suspicion and now faces up to five years in prison.



In Kyiv, the square of fires in ecosystemsgrownby 923% compared to last year. In the first three months of 2024, fires covered 4.5 hectares of land, compared to 0.44 hectares last year. Rescuers almost daily go out to extinguish fires. The Ministry of Internal Affairs urges not to burn dry grass.


The camera trap captured a wild cat in the natural reserve "Medobory" in Ternopil region.

In Ukraine, this species (Felis sylvestris) is listed in the Red Book and is considered practically extinct.

Wild cat - a predatory mammal that is the ancestor of the modern domestic cat. It appeared 650 thousand years ago.



Throughout the day, the anti-aircraft gunners destroyed the Russian reconnaissance drone "Forpost" over the Black Sea, and in the Kryvyi Rih district of Dnipropetrovsk region - a guided aviation missile Kh-59.


In Kyiv collaboratorsuppliedTo Russia building materials for the construction of fortifications on temporarily occupied territories in the south of Ukraine. He faces up to five years in prison with confiscation of property.



🏠 Government prohibited eviction of vulnerable groups of displaced persons from temporary housing during the war. We are talking about people with disabilities, people over 60 years old, orphans, large and low-income families, single parents raising a child, and others.


In Kyivrecordedhigh levels of air pollution with fine particulate matter, reported by the KMDA.

In the Department they advise to avoid physical exertion in the open air, drink plenty of water and use an air purifier until the air quality normalizes.



Journalists are asked not to take things from the plane of US President Joe Biden as souvenirs - they are for years.tookFrom the presidential plane are removed branded whiskey glasses, wine glasses, plates, and even pillowcases. White House journalists who board the plane usually receive packs of M&M's chocolates, decorated with the presidential seal.


Air ForcebeatenThe Russian drone Forpost over the Black Sea, reported by the Chief of Public Affairs of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ilya Yevlash.

The cost of the shot down Russian drone is approximately seven million dollars.

The spokesman noted that the Forpost drone can conduct reconnaissance and also carry additional combat load in the form of two missiles or other weapons to strike ground targets.

Russian troops, presumablyconductedon the Avdiivka direction, one of the largest tank attacks since the beginning of the full-scale war and suffered heavy losses, which indicates a successful defense strategy of Ukraine, Forbes reports.



On the Ukrainian scientific research station "NooSphere" in Antarcticastartednew international research - Polish and Ukrainian scientists for the first time collected samples of marine fauna from the bottom of the Southern Ocean. They found sponges, large sea stars, sea cucumbers, moss animals. This will help researchers study the marine ecosystem.

Photo: National Antarctic Scientific Center




ChatGPT can now be used without registration. Developersmention, that this possibility becomes available gradually, but in Ukraine the chat-bot already works without logging into the account. In addition, now it is possible to remove the setting through which ChatGPT remembers and learns from user requests.


In September last year, 34-year-old model, blogger and TV presenter from Kyiv, who left the country due to Russian invasion, Zlata was taken from her by social services in the UK.

For the six months that have passed since her daughter was taken, Shchelko has met with Zlata in person only once. She is currently entitled to a phone call once a week for an hour.

NV askedI wrote to a Ukrainian about the situation that has arisen and learned how the mother is trying to get the child back.

To fully rebuild Kharkiv, more than $10 billion is needed.declaredMayor of the city Igor Terekhov.

Mayor of Kharkiv also noted that most of the destruction is in North Saltivka.



🇺🇸 At the Pentagontold, at last year's NATO summit in Vilnius, the official from the Ministry of Defense had symptoms of "Havana syndrome." At the same time, the White House did not confirm Russia's involvement in cases of "Havana syndrome."

About this, American officials discussed against the background of a journalistic investigation, which concerns the involvement of Russian special services in the emergence of the "Havana syndrome" (headaches, dizziness, vision problems, loss of work capacity) in American diplomats.


Ukraine already produces drones capable of flying over a thousand kilometers,declaredMinister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov.

RussiahasA huge number of bombs weighing 1500 kg, which are capable of completely destroying residential high-rise buildings. The Russian Federation uses such bombs to exhaust Ukrainian air defense system, said the spokesman of the Air Force Command Illya Yevlash.

Since the beginning of 2024, the aggressor country Russia.usedTowards Kyiv, more than 180 means of attack. Among them are ballistic, cruise missiles and drones, reports Kyiv City Military Administration.



📰 How the Russians suffered a fiasco in a massive tank attack last Saturday. Overview of foreign media materials on the war April 1

36 tanks and 18 BMPs of the occupiers attacked the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Avdiivka last Saturday - they were moving from the occupied village of Tonenke to the west, to the free village of Umanske. Soon, 12 tanks and 8 BMPs were left smashed on the field near Tonenke, the rest of the Russian equipment was evacuated during the retreat. The offensive failed.writeswith reference to numerous sources American publication authorForbesDavid Axe. Having studied reports from monitoring organizations and testimonies from military personnel, he tells how it happened.

Saturday's attack by the Russians demonstrated two trends, the author claims. The first - they delivered new military equipment to the Avdiivka area and after several weeks of attacks mainly by infantry (significant losses in equipment during the occupiers' advance on the city) restored active application, including tanks. The second - despite the lack of artillery shells, Ukrainians are able to effectively resist this pressure, and their defense is quite strong.

How exactly the 25th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled this attack, it is difficult to track down to the minute, but the key moments are obvious: the column of Russian armored vehicles was noticed, artillery was used against it, mines and anti-tank shells neutralized another part of tanks and BMPs, and FPV drones picked off Russians trying to escape on foot. This tactic, combining different types of weapons, was born out of necessity - primarily due to the delay of the American Congress in providing a new package of military aid to Ukraine. But it turned out to be effective. The Ukrainian Center for Defense Strategies identified the battles near Tonenki as positional - the occupiers, if they achieved anything, did so at the cost of insignificant territory.

Currently, the Ukrainian industry is capable of producing about 50 thousand drones per month, writes Ex. So, they will actively feature in every such battle. However, as soon as artillery shells start actively coming into Ukraine at the initiative of the Czech Republic, which found them over a million in countries from the former orbit of influence of the USSR, their share in this mix of means will increase, writes Ex. Artillery is more destructive - and Czech assistance "could be a blessing for Ukraine, as the number of similar attacks from the Russians, most likely, will increase - so a greater force will be needed to stop them."

🖌 Also worth attentionmaterialAl Jazeeraabout why Russia manages to recruit migrants from South Asia for war in Ukraine,textCNNabout the fact that Ukrainians "do not even have the mood for the presidential elections", which under peaceful conditions should have taken place on Sunday, March 31, andстаттяArticlenature conservation publicationThe Revelatorabout Ukrainian storks and how a full-scale Russian invasion affected their nesting sites.


MOZplansrehcouns VLK

РФ  put veto on sanctions against the DPRK through a weapons supply agreement - State Department