Mar 3, 2024 - Day 739

739th day of active phase of 10-year war. Wait for good news. To make it easier to wait - help the Armed Forces! Is everyone here?



Explosions were heard in occupied Crimea.

Reported that a hailstorm is in Feodosia near the oil base.

Time for great news!



😡After midnight, Russians launched a missile strike on the Dnieper, - OVA.

There was a fire at the scene of the attack. Firefighters managed to put it out.

The aggressor directed a kamikaze drone to Nikopol. He fired artillery at the Myrivska and Chervonohryhorivska communities. A country house was damaged in the latter. Other territories are being surveyed.

Macron raises stakes

In his address to the Federal Assembly, Putin reflected on Macron's initiative to send NATO troops to Ukraine. So, it hit a nerve. Although in Moscow they grumbled that not everyone in the European Union and even at NATO headquarters supported this idea.

But the beginning of the discussion about NATO troops in Ukraine is already a step towards other scenarios than those that existed just yesterday.

This is really the first time in two years of war when it's not Russia, but a NATO country representative raising the stakes. I'll remind you that France is also a nuclear country. And this is a very important nuance.

Until this rattling with a nuclear warhead could only afford Putin and his henchmen. They caught the fear of Western societies and Western leaders - and periodically pulled out a threat of nuclear ash from their "wide trousers". They got, received "ayayay" from China, hid and again went on to the next round of threats.

Exactly until the moment when the world actually stopped being affected by the new drunken rant of Medvedev (just in case - the whole deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council).

And it seems that certain Western leaders have finally overcome paralyzing fear and are beginning to act asymmetrically.

For Macron, who, I suspect, has gone through the entire course of Putin's fake history (and what else could the Kremlin chief talk about for four hours if not about the fact that Lenin invented Ukraine?), today's initiative is a bid for leadership in Europe. Against the backdrop of the declining influence of the United States, which are entering their own political and ideological crisis and losing the functions of the world's policeman. Against the wagging tail of the German Chancellor. Against the desires of individual countries to somehow return to February 24, 2022. But also against the activities of the president of the Czech Republic, the prime minister of Denmark, and the leaders of several other countries who are stepping up to help Ukraine.

On March 7, Macron is gathering leaders of all parliamentary parties to discuss the situation in Ukraine. And the idea of sending special forces to Ukraine, as reported by the French media.

We are following.

P.S. And in order not to get up twice, it would not hurt our political leadership to finally meet with all the faction leaders of the parliament. We've been talking about it for a long time. (c) Viktor Shlinchak



🕯In the morning at 9:00 minutes of silence we honor the memory of those who died in the brutal war of Russia against Ukraine.

Yesterday at the men's tennis tournament in Dubai, Kazakhstan's Alexander Bublik played in the semifinals against the world's 5th racket from who knows what country, Andrey Rublev.

The match was stopped with a score of 67, 76, 65.

I thought Rublev Got Injured And Withdrew.


He, dissatisfied with the decision of the line judge not to fix the out according to Rublev's opinion, rushed at the line judge screaming in English, but in the middle the phrase in Russian You are a moron! popped up. At that moment, the Tournament Supervisor approached the net with the offended linesman. He told Rublev that the guy understood Russian and asked the linesman to repeat what Rublev had said. The linesman repeated, he said You are a moron.

Look at how Rublev explains in English that none of this happened, and supposedly he forgot Russian altogether and did poorly in school. - :))

Here they are, dicks, losers, liars from this damn country 404.

Total - disqualification from the match.

Cancellation of prizes for reaching the semi-finals.

Cancellation of ranking points for reaching the semifinals.


For some reason, I really like it! (c)Yuriy Sapronov



❗️In Odessa, at the site of the Russian strike on a high-rise building, the body of the ninth deceased person was found under the rubble.State Emergency Service.

Work on unblocking continues.



During the past day there were 71 combat clashes, - General Staff.

Overall, the enemy inflicted 1 missile and 50 aviation strikes, carried out 112 shelling from reactive volley fire systems on the positions of our troops and populated areas.

In the area of responsibility of the OSUV "Tavria" in the Avdiivka direction, our defenders repulsed 14 enemy attacks in the areas of the settlements of Berdychiv, Orlivka, Tonenke and Nevelske of Donetsk region.

During the day, the Defense Forces aviation struck 8 areas of concentration of the enemy personnel. The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down a Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber.

3 Aerobombers of the 92nd separate assault brigade named after the ataman Ivan Sirko demonstrate a fantastic fireworks. The destruction of the occupiers on Ukrainian land never stops for a moment. Rusnya has chosen the path of the occupier. The soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine finish their path and send the occupiers to Kobzon's concert.

Glory to Ukrainian soldiers!



The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published the overall estimated losses of Russian occupiers.



10 dead in Odessa 💔

Mom tried to protect her 8-month-old child with herself. Tried to save. They were found in strong embrace...



🤬At night, the occupiers fired 4 S-300 missiles at Mironograd, Donetsk region.

Three wounded. 17 multi-storey buildings, 16 private houses, 2 educational institutions, 2 shops, and a bank were damaged.

In the morning Pokrovsk came under fire. Two people were injured. 9 multi-storey buildings, 3 private houses and 2 educational institutions were damaged.

Turkey offers a platform for talks between Russia and Ukraine. Switzerland has agreed to hold a summit on Zelensky's peace formula. China's special envoy to Eurasian affairs, Li Huie, will visit Russia, Ukraine, and European countries again nearly a year later to conduct a second round of shuttle diplomacy to advance a political settlement to the military conflict. At the end of February, Volodymyr Zelensky held talks with Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is trying to position himself as a potential mediator in talks between Ukraine and the Russian Federation, discussing with him the Ukrainian Peace Formula.

Everyone understands what's going on? We are actively being pushed towards... No, not towards the end of the war, but towards freezing. By the way, the RF is also being pushed. And not just China, which needs to solve its economic problems, and the war of Russia against Ukraine does not contribute to this. We also have a wave of problems that need to be solved, but for many reasons Zelensky and Yermak are not succeeding at it. This is the problem of lack of funding from the US, the increasing hail of corruption and the falling trust in the government against this background, the shell hunger, the absence of built defense lines, despite the promises of Zelensky, and the crisis in state management. And if we add the failure of mobilization in Ukraine and Zelensky's harsh distancing from it, it also pushes us to reflect on what the OP will do to solve problems. So, it seems that everything is going towards freezing. Temporarily. Because the freezing of the war will be used by Russia to learn from its mistakes, increase its army and rearm. And then everything will be like in Chechnya. Whoever doesn't know, google the Hasavyurt agreements. But freezing is still not the main option, although it is extremely likely.

For those who want to start shouting that I hype, lie, spread panic, throw in Russian IPSO, and so on, I want to remind you that they have already shouted all this when I said that there would be a full-scale invasion, that the war is not for two to three weeks, but for years, that if we ignore the refugee problem, most of them will not return, that Zelensky removed Zaluzhny, that... Yes, every time they shouted, and in the end I was right. So there is no need to shout, but it is necessary to think, analyze and draw conclusions. And also do everything to prevent Ukraine from losing overall. Although you can shout. But it is not wise and not effective.



⚔️Belgium will finance the Czech initiative to purchase 800,000 shells for Ukraine outside Europe to provide greater support to the Ukrainian army.

Belgium allocates 200 million euros for the Czech initiative, so more ammunition will be sent to Ukraine in the coming weeks.

Summing up#тижденьвцифрах



❕Three people who were listed as missing have turned to the SES today.

There may be 4 more people under the rubble.



🇨🇦Canada has imposed additional measures to ban the import of Russian diamonds.— Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country.

In particular, citizens of Canada and other persons in the country are prohibited from importing, buying, purchasing uncut or sawn, as well as unsorted diamonds from Russia.

The ban also applies to goods with Russian diamonds, including jewelry, wrist, pocket watches, stopwatches - they will not be able to buy or import.

At the same time, sanctions do not apply to personal belongings being carried when entering Canada.



All six directions continue to be blocked at the Ukrainian-Polish border.- DPSU dictionary Andriy Demchenko

Overall, there are 2,400 freight vehicles in line on the territory of Poland towards Ukraine.

The longest line is observed in the direction of the checkpoint Krakovets and Yahodyn.

The Russians on the front received the latest weapons. Mosin rifle, model of 1891 and produced in 1946. Now the debate will begin on - which one is better, your HIMARS? ))



👊 Affected and destroyed in Avdiivka.

Footage from drone FPV flights during battles in the Avdiivka direction. Successful liquidation of armored vehicles and the occupiers themselves by attack birds.

Some asked how China can influence Putin and whether he has enough levers for that? Here's your answer.

Russia failed to enter the top of China's largest trading partners, but China is the largest market for Russia's raw materials (32% of exports) and the main supplier of goods (41% of imports).

Russia holds only 3.3% of China's $3.5 trillion exports and is not even in the top 5 of its export markets. And although the amount is really small, China is not dependent on Russia, but Russia is dependent on China.

In the European Union, China sells four times more goods than in the Russian Federation, and 3.3 times more than in the United States. Their shares are 13.2% and 11.2%, respectively. But Russia's dependence on China in the sale of raw materials and the supply of the vast majority of goods sold in the Russian Federation today makes Putin's position weak and forces him to take into account Beijing's wishes. This is an instrument for Chinese influence and coercion if necessary.



Trump won the Republican caucuses in Michigan, Missouri, and Idaho.— Reuters. — Reuters.

The publication notes that Trump easily won the Republican caucuses in Michigan on Saturday, where the party is torn apart by quarrels that some Republicans fear could hurt his campaign in this key state.

According to Edison Research, former US president also won the Republican caucuses in Missouri and Idaho on Saturday.

In all three states Trump defeated Nikki Haley, his main rival among Republicans.

According to the Republican Party of Michigan, Trump defeated Haley in all 13 districts that participated in the caucuses.

Lately it seems that we are being prepared for some new scenario, maybe a war freeze, signals are appearing, pushing us towards it? Who benefits from a war freeze? Could the West go for it? How will the Ukrainian authorities communicate this to society? What awaits us? Analyzed the situation in my author's blog. Write your thoughts in the comments.



📊 84% of Ukrainian citizens support the country's accession to the European Union, according to the results of a sociological survey by the Razumkov Center.

Support for EU accession in Ukraine continues to grow. During a survey by the center in December 2022, 79% of respondents were in favor of joining the international organization.

Do not support such a prospect only 7% of respondents - one percentage point less than in December 2022.

Let's summarize#тижденьвцифрах



Work of Ukrainian maritime drones on enemy ships and infrastructure has seriously changed the situation in the Black Sea.- Dictionary of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by Dmytro Pletenchuk.

According to him, the situation at sea has changed significantly, and Russian ships no longer feel confident in the western and southwestern part of the Black Sea.

Pletenchuk emphasized that the Sea Baby maritime drone used for special operations by the SBU is capable of carrying 850 kg of explosives. This technology has significant power, exceeding even anti-ship missiles. The "Caliber" missile has a warhead of 450 kg and can destroy buildings.

According to the dictionary, the actions of Ukrainian naval drones primarily helped change the strategic situation in the Black Sea and significantly hindered the actions of Russian ships in the region.

I give five for editing! ))



Russia is conducting a disinformation campaign regarding the situation in the South.- Center for Countering Disinformation of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

The information that the evacuation of civil servants from the city of Kherson is supposedly taking place is not true.

This is Russian fake news aimed at stirring up panic. Russia does not have the resources to attack Kherson.



🏃 Violators planned to illegally enter Romania for €5,000.- DPSU.

The men followed the car towards a neighboring country. They were stopped by border guards near the border. The detainees were confused in their stories about where and why they were going. It turned out that the organizer of the transportation was sending the route to Romania to the phones of his clients.

The fate of the violators will be decided by the court. The search for the organizer of the scheme continues.

Let's try to make sense of another tragedy in Odessa from the perspective of the right reaction. Apart from purely military, of course.

Now all our embassies should hold urgent press conferences and actions with photos of dead mothers with children from Odessa.

Stands with these photos should be placed on central squares.

All bodies related to the media simply have to purchase advertisements on all social networks with photos of children. Like the Palestinians did with Gaza. Yes, that's how primitive - but effective. Money for this can definitely be found.

So that everyone who just flips through the tapes in search of entertainment on social networks did not pass by this.

The world must see our deaths. See with the appropriate emotion.

By themselves, we are no longer interesting, unfortunately. Therefore - strong emotions that evoke such nightmarish images.

It is not worth wasting time on another video from the authorities and pompous, even if a thousand times correct words.

Words no longer work.

Being emotional - that's what our enemies do.

Time is very precious in such cases.

But I am afraid that the brilliant communication specialists from the PR office will again be capable only of fart-juvenile in their anonymous telegrams. Which Western audience or people from the Middle East or Korea do not read... (c)Bogdan Butkevich



💰The European Parliament approved the creation of an assistance fund for Ukraine in the amount of 50 billion dollars at a plenary session.

Let's sum up#тижденьвцифрах

The latest news from Odessa is pure pain. Stay strong Odessa! My sincere condolences.

Rusnya are not people, bio-waste. And bio-waste needs to be utilized. Convert your pain and anger into help and contribute to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. I do it this way. It helps.



😈 In Feodosia, the Russians destroyed an oil pipeline.— Atesh.

Partisans report that the oil pipeline was damaged last night. The occupiers were putting out the fire until morning.

Two years. Exactly two years ago you, friends, joined in supporting the residents of the Kakhovka geriatric nursing home.

I am incredibly grateful to everyone who contributed their share of help! And separately - to everyone who helped with media support, so that more people would learn about such needy Ukrainians, often wheelchair users, who really need help. Borislav Berezа, Yevhen Magda (, Vitaliy Varbanets (, Vitaliy Kulik (, Kirill Sazonov ( - this is about you, thank you!


In March of the 22nd it was difficult and scary. At that time, the youngest residents of the boarding school wrote in despair that the products were running out, there were no medicines, they were scared, they didn't know what would happen to them, and they were pleading not to leave them alone with the occupation (the enemy entered Kherson on March 1, 2022). At that time, it was still possible to transfer hryvnias, at that time markets, shops, and pharmacies were still operating on supplies from unoccupied territories.

On our money were bought the most necessary medicines, the simplest food (cereals, sugar, tea, cookies, ketchup, eggs, several times managed to take soup meat), diapers and diapers for non-walkers. The situation was getting worse. The process of transferring money and receiving cash was becoming more complicated and more expensive. And then they took them and took them to Russia - stealing wheelchairs along the way.

Since then, money went for a banal bribe - to take out as many helpless Ukrainians as possible from the Kakhovka boarding house. How many they managed to take out with one group - they have long been in Denmark. Then they pulled out a couple more times, one by one.

Some of those we saved with you are already a witness for the future tribunal - testimonies are being collected. I will write the details of all our special operations later, when we can put a line under the story. In the meantime, everything neatly falls into the archive.

Archive and your kindness, each of you. Thank you!



❗️The situation on the Avdiivka direction is stabilizing, the enemy has some local successes.— Dictionary of the Forces of the Defense of the Tavria direction Dmitry Lykhovii.

According to the data that has been confirmed, in the area of the settlements that everyone is interested in, (Berdychiv, Orlivka, Tonenke. - Ed.), the operational situation is stabilizing. There our forces are holding back the enemy within these settlements. Combat actions are ongoing.

Likhoviy emphasized that there are no grounds to speak about the seizure of the specified settlements.

The line of contact has its dynamics. The enemy sometimes has local successes in certain positions. For example, when firing positions are simply destroyed by artillery, then the personnel regroups, withdraws to other, more advantageous positions.



In temporarily occupied territories, Russians have banned Ukrainians from undergoing medical examinations - Center for National Resistance.

In this way, they encourage local residents to obtain Russian passports.

When receiving a Russian passport, Russians force Ukrainians to write a disclaimer of Ukrainian citizenship, although this is not recognized by Ukrainian legislation and is not required by Russian law.



Our "crazy bees" continue to help destroy the enemy!

The guys from the 57th separate motorized infantry brigade shared a report with our Mavics: here are the sallies, and adjustment of artillery.

Not sure if these drones appeal to the Russians, but our military is definitely satisfied. That's why our team is working hard!)

Thank you, guys!


Wow! The operator of the FPV drone of the 3rd Assault Brigade made bingo! Knocked down all from all possible. I wonder, is it already enough?



💪During February, the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported the destruction of 13 Russian planes.

In particular, three Russian Su-34 bomber aircraft destroyed only on February 29th.




Russian military shelled, presumably with a guided air bomb, the center of the city Kurakhove in Donetsk region, - head of the UAV Filashkin.

Preliminarily - 16 people were injured.

Russians used one miscalculation of our army on the front line, so now it is simply necessary to correct the situation. Currently, the task of the Commander-in-Chief and the President is to knock out shells and intercept the initiative. This and not only this was told by the serviceman, People's Deputy of Ukraine Roman Kostenko in an interview with Borislav Berez.



According to British intelligence, Russian losses in February 2024 were the highest since the full-scale invasion.

On average, there are 983 occupiers killed and wounded per day.

This is fake.

2. I understand why this was thrown in.

3. Having asked the people around Zaluzhny and received an answer that he did not plan and does not plan to join any political force. Considers that all political conversations can only be after victory. Zaluzhny believes that the only goal now is victory in the war, not in the elections.



❗️Zelensky said that out of the promised million weapons by the European Union, Ukraine has only received 30% so far. According to him, the indicator of these received weapons has not changed since November 2023.

Summing up#тижденьвцифрах

Can it be said that state officials govern Ukraine? Why did the government ban deputies from going to the USA? When will the situation change? Why is the government afraid to submit to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine a submission on the legitimacy of Zelensky? When will we learn the truth about the document on negotiations in 2022? Who put their signature there? Is this state treason? Why does Ukraine have such a problem with appointing ambassadors? Why doesn't intelligence show surnames and names of telegram channels that, in their opinion, Russia bought? What awaits Ukraine in the near future? Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of World Policy Viktor Shlinchak answered in an interview to Borislav Bereza.

00:00 Interview with Viktor Shlinchak

1:05 Are the politicians governing Ukraine?

8:23 Deputies were banned from going to the United States

18:12 Question of Zelensky's legitimacy

24:48 Agreement document between Ukraine and the Russian Federation in 2022.

35:17 On the issue of ambassadors from Ukraine

44:34 About Maidan-3

53:05 What to expect in Ukraine in the near future?



Sappers of the Ministry of Defense neutralized 4,599 explosive objects in a week, - Ministry of Defense.

The demining units cleared more than 15 hectares of liberated territories during the week.



🚨An air alarm has been declared in Kyiv and a number of regions!

Degenerates. Although, does this surprise anyone?



The bill on mobilization in the second reading will be considered after March 10: a pessimistic scenario — after the 20th, — said Fedir Venislavsky, a member of the Defense Committee of the Verkhovna Rada.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Russia used the escape of Russians during the 2022 mobilization to send and integrate their agents in the EU. Why am I not surprised?

It is claimed that Russian agents may be behind the killing of pilot Maksym Kuzminov and are involved in various operations to destabilize the situation in Europe.

This once again confirms the thesis that Russia uses any crisis to cause harm. Russia is a lousy country that creates only problems and crises.



💔In Odessa, rescuers of the State Emergency Service have completed search and rescue operations.

As a result of the Russian attack, 12 people died, including 5 children.

Russian happy? Russian satisfied? Russian achieved all goals killing Ukrainian children?

This story should now become the main theme in the communication of our government with the West. It should be on all briefings of Ukrainian embassies and in all statements of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This should be discussed at the UN and at the Council of Europe. It should appear on the Times Square billboard and on the front pages of world media. The government has all the possibilities to do this. And is obliged to do so. Because this is what harshly affects the public opinion of the Western voter - the mass murder of children. And this should become part of Ukraine's information campaign. The world must remember that the Russians are murderers and inhumans. The main thing is not to be silent...

My sincere condolences to all who have lost loved ones.



🛸France will provide Ukraine with 100 modern kamikaze drones - they are expected to arrive this summer.


It would have been an interesting article if it were not for... several generalizations and errors. The article is calledBehind the scenes of the war: what happens in the "schools" of the Armed Forces of UkraineBut in the article about"учебки" -> "school bags"TRO. And the commander TRO is responsible for them. By the way, he is now appointed Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Probably for these "training courses." So, for the "training courses" the Commander of the Ground Forces is responsible. For the "training courses" the Commander of the Airborne Forces. And so on. The specific situations described in the article are organized into a system. There are many problems in our army, but generalizing them and saying that it's the same everywhere is a big mistake, like judging all MPs of the Verkhovna Rada based on Arakhamia, Tyshchenko or Bezuhliy. We have a lot of problems from "training courses" to VVK, but we shouldn't say that if there's a problem in TRO then all the Armed Forces of Ukraine are the same. I know and respect the author of the article. It's Stanislav Aseev. I remember what he went through. But I don't have a question for him, I have a question for the editorial team - why did they make these generalizations in the headline? It came out loud. And manipulative.



We managed to shoot down seven Russian military planes just this week. The ones dropping those bombs and killing.

Since the beginning of February, Russia lost 15 military aircraft. This is the correct dynamics of their losses.

And the more opportunities we have to shoot down Russian aviation, the further we will destroy Russian logistics on our occupied territory, the more Ukrainian lives will be saved.

This war must become hopeless for Russia, for terrorists. And they must feel to the maximum that there is a force that destroys those who want to destroy lives. We are able to provide this. Each of the partners knows what is needed.

Main thing - political will to implement everything. To provide such a level of supply that will help. If this does not happen, it will become one of the most shameful pages in history - if America or Europe lose to Iranian "shahids" or Russian interceptors.

Do not encourage Russian evil either by the weakness of decisions, delays in supplies, or indecision. Our joint successes must be felt - by everyone in the world who values life.



We have gathered for you the most important things that you may have missed by March 3:

Russian occupiers attacked once againDnipropetrovsk region , Donetsk та Kherson region .

🔹After the enemy attack on Odesa on March 2discovered the bodies of two more children.

🔹 The average number of Russian losses per day in Februarybecame the largestsince the beginning of the war.

🔹Arrived in Moscowspecial representative to Chinafor discussing the issue of Russia's war against Ukraine.

🔹The main goal of the enemy in the Bahmut direction is tocaptivation of the Time Rift.

🔹In Turkey againcalled for negotiationsRussia and Ukraine.

We live in wonderful and most interesting times. In times when ordinary people become heroes, when the frightened become brave, when Sharikov crawls out of nice people, when the clever agree to be fooled, and the honest agree to exchange their moral values for a good price. In times when bots shape human thought, people believe those who play by the rules, and true honesty is perceived as strangeness. In times when dirty deeds hide behind beautiful words, when hypocrites try to teach morals, when Judas meet more often than Lancelots, and among scoundrels... No, everything is stable and without surprises here. Scoundrels do not change.

Overall, we live in such a time when either the best qualities are revealed in people, or they uncontrollably prevail from them. And everyone makes their choice. The main thing is not to be ashamed of it later. Each of us.



🇺🇸The U.S. House of Representatives may consider a package of over $60 billion in aid to Ukraine in March - CNN.

"When we don't like a person, we will find any reason to refuse to help them. If we like them, we will always convince ourselves that they need help."

This is not a quote from Stethem, but Shaw Bernard. Do you want foreign aid to continue? There is an option. Make it so that it stops being aid.

Instead of the candy-bouquet period - move in together and get married.

Help is accepted to ask. We demand it more often lately, rather than ask. You can argue. Some will say: we are at war, we need it more. Others will argue that sticking your nose is harmful to health. Both will be right.

Let's formulate it differently. Do we need money, weapons, and technologies? In my opinion, yes.

What's better - asking them from morning till night, not controlling the situation? Or maybe switch everything to purely business relationships? Spoiler: the second option is more reliable. The other thing is that then you have to pull the load in 24/7 mode.

I understand that they can now shout at me. They say Gadyukin is giving away the country piece by piece. No, hell no.

We are just talking about stable relationships instead of ephemeral charity. Do you want to receive rockets instead of asking for them for a year and a half? Do you want tanks instead of promises of tanks? Please, make an effort.

If in business you are given something, and you do nothing - that's not business.

"In the depths there are about 20 thousand deposits of 117 types of useful minerals. 8,172 deposits with reserves of 94 types of mineral raw materials have industrial significance." This is what I found for you.

We are at war with a country that has more of these resources. And we will fight with it. But now it is under sanctions, and it pushes its lots in a black market.

We don't push them in any way. We sit with the trump cards, all waiting for the moment.

"Oil, gas, coal, peat, shale, uranium deposits have been developed and identified in Ukraine; iron, manganese, chromium, nickel, titanium, magnesium, as well as aluminum, copper, zinc, and lead. There is gold, silver, mercury, beryllium, lithium, zirconium, hafnium, tantalum, niobium, cobalt, tin, tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, yttrium and lanthanides, and scattered elements of germanium, scandium."

Simplify. What is needed for the battery production line? Lithium, cadmium, nickel, iron, zinc, manganese.

Do we produce them? No.

Before the invasion, did we plan to break into the world markets with them? Also no.


The situation dictates this, not only for no one to need Gadyukin. The world is changing. The same republicans now understand everything perfectly well. Yes, we have a rich country that is doing its best not to be rich. And there across the ocean they charge: let's not help, but borrow or pay right away.

I like the idea. Just better in terms of resources, we are not Israel Taiwanovich South-Korean.

About this last Augustписал - wroteKashpur. As you can see, we are at a standstill. When help is lacking and things get tough, we don't try to spin the pedals. We just wait and ask. Meanwhile, the British are already tapping into our lithium. What I'm talking about, they have already planned and will do.

Therefore, there will be either no problems with them, or fewer. And with others?

The recipe I wrote.




This week, another 5 children returned to Ukraine from temporarily occupied territories: two girls and three boys aged 4 to 16. ❤️‍🩹


On-board shooter of Mi-8 of the Army Aviation of Ukraine, armed with PKT.

February 2024.

Together we will win! (c) Serhiy Nayev



Ministers of Defense of Lithuania and the USA will discuss support for Ukraine

Lithuanian Minister of Defense Arvydas Anušauskas will visit Washington on an official visit from March 3-6. As part of this visit, he will meet with Lloyd Austin.

The U.S. House of Representatives may consider a $60 billion aid package for Ukraine in March, CNN reports.

We recently talked about this with Oleg Saakyan on the Friday broadcast on the channel. Undoubtedly, they will adopt it. The main thing is that people vote for it. And there are chances. Quite high chances.

Pessimists will now begin to sing their song about everything being bad. It's their right. I don't plan to persuade them. But now everything is going as we need. So, let's be realists and hope that everything will be voted on.



❗Operational situation in the east and south of Ukraine remains difficult, during the day there were 68 combat clashes on the front - General Staff summary.

During the day, the aviation of the defense forces struck at 7 areas where enemy personnel were concentrated.

Graffiti in Portugal that visualizes Putler.



The toughest battles on the Bahmut sector are happening near Ivanivske, - Yevlash

According to the head of the press service of the Eastern grouping, the Russians are attacking Ivanivske and serious battles are currently taking place there. Moreover, now the battles are already taking place within the village.

Peaceful night 🌙 to all good people