Mar 19, 2022 - Day 24



The employees of the Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine have compiled a collection of fakes, manipulations, and disinformation "throw-ins" that the enemy produced during March 18, 2022.

❗️ In Russia, mass cases of involving minors and preschool-aged children to justify terrorist acts by the Russian Federation have been detected.Warning: this is manipulation.!

❗️ During the next briefing of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, information was provided about the "mining of one of the Dnipro city hospitals by the Security Service of Ukraine in order to accuse Russia of shelling civilian infrastructure."Caution: this is disinformation!

❗️ Russian bots on the network spread information that Mariupol residents do not need to leave the city and go to Zaporizhzhia, thus disrupting the evacuation from the city.Warning: this is fake.

Зупинимо -> Let's stop.#інфотерор



🚑Israel will transfer Ukraine four armored ambulances.

Cars have been checked in military conflict zones and are fully prepared to provide assistance during combat operations.



🏗In the European Union, they allow the possibility of using the seized assets of Russian oligarchs for the recovery of Ukraine after the war, Bloomberg reports.



‼️WARNING! An air alarm has been announced in Kyiv!

Please everyone urgently go to the civil defense shelter!

⚡️⚡️⚡️ - Thunder, thunder, thunder

‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv! Translation: ‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!



❗️Zhytomyr Region! Air alarm!



❗️Chernihiv region! Air alarm!



❗️Kyiv region! Air alarm!



😡 Cases of torture and kidnapping of people by Russian occupiers have been documented in Sumy region.

According to the head of the local OVA Žyvytskyi, most of them are carried out with the assistance of local residents who work for the Russian world.



🛡The American Patriot SAM systems, which will be transferred to Slovakia, will be located near Sliač Airport, the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands reports.



We publish the schedule of additional evacuation flights for March 19. 👇🏻

⭕️ Kyiv, Darnytskyi station.

1:00 - Intercity+ Darnytsya - Kharkiv

8:00 - Intercity+ Darnytsia - Lviv.

17:00 - Intercity+ Darnytsia - Lviv.

⭕ Kharkiv:

8:00 - Intercity+ Kharkiv - Lviv

9:40 - №229/230 Kharkiv - Ivano-Frankivsk;

13:00 - №239/240 Kharkiv - Lviv.

⭕ Dnipro:

20:00 - №234/233 Dnipro - Chop.


13:00 - №263/264 Kramatorsk - Lviv;

16:00 - №265/266 Kramatorsk - Lviv.


16:05 - No. 225 Zaporizhia - Kovel.

Additional flights will also depart from Odessa to Uzhhorod at 22:32, from Kyiv to Khmelnytskyi at 19:13.

The current schedule of regular trains for the next day is updated daily around 00:00 on the website

We remind you that Ukrzaliznytsia has updated the chatbot in Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Apple Messages. Now you can also find up-to-date information about flights and answers to key questions about evacuation.



The Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah denied the participation of its fighters in the war in Ukraine on the side of the Russian Federation, as previously stated by Putin.

Even terrorist organizations are distancing themselves from Russia...

Good morning, Country! Everything will be 4.5.0. Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Believe in yourself! Believe in Ukraine! Together, we will win!



🤗The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the positions of the occupiers at the aerodrome in Chornobaivka, located in Kherson region. For the sixth time...

Chornobaivka is a babak day for the Rusni!



‼️WARNING! Air alarm announced in Kyiv!

Please everyone urgently seek shelter in civil defense shelters!

⚡️⚡️⚡️ - Lightning Lightning Lightning

‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!



❗️Chernihiv region! Air alarm!



🇨🇿 Czech Republic temporarily changes the location of its diplomatic institutions in Ukraine. They will be located in Uzhhorod.



Former US Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton visited the Church of St. Volodymyr and St. Olha in a Ukrainian village in Chicago.

They laid bouquets of sunflowers by the cross near the temple, expressing their support for Ukraine.

News for the wall newspaper. I remind you that the Kremlin is silent about its dead soldiers and there are no losses among the Russians. But it's not certain.



❗️Kramatorsk! Air raid!



‼️The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine believes that Russia may begin an open mobilization to continue the protracted, exhausting war.

Before this, possible provocations from the Russian Federation with the killing of civilian population, as in the Chechen scenario.



👊Ukrainian militaryliquidatedCommander of the 8th Combined Arms Army of the Southern Military District of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant General Andriy Mordvichev.



In the capital, there is a slight smog 🌫️

◾This is related to changing weather conditions, including wind direction.

⚠️According to experts, the air quality meets the standards. However, we ask you not to open windows and not to leave home unless necessary.



💸From the middle of next week, Ukrainians in Poland will be able to exchange cash hryvnias for zlotys within the program of the Polish National Bank, - Reuters.



🙅‍♂️German companyBoschFinally, the supply of spare parts to Russia is being stopped. After all, the aggressor state used them for military purposes.

Monitoring official Chinese media and state television channels in China, my colleagues and I have noticed one important change. Chinese media has begun to extensively feature photos of damaged Russian technology and footage showing the suffering of the civilian population in Ukraine. At the same time, videos and stories sympathizing with Ukraine have appeared on TV. In China's completely controlled information space, such a thing is impossible without the consent of the leadership of the Middle Kingdom. And this is a very good signal for Ukraine.

While we figure out tennis, I want some positivity in my feed...

Since Putin is being compared to his "brilliant" predecessor strategist, it would be worth analyzing the effectiveness of his idol in Ukraine...

We were told the story for years, how the effusive Soviet army won the Second World War with a little help from Ukrainians and Belarusians.

In fact, the story is as follows...

22.06 - beginning of war

19.09 - taking Kiev...

400 kilometers in 87 days

Writing 400 for the reason that the promotion to the western regions, due to the previously implemented Molotov-Ribbentrop plan, was met with more approval than resistance from the locals.

Deserved and justified in my humble opinion.

Total 400/87 = 4.5 km per day.


Trash. Wikipedia writes that the Battle of Smolensk delayed the German offensive.

Smolensk was taken on 11.07. Twenty days after the strike on the Brest Fortress.

From Smolensk to Moscow 400 km.

Now the main thing.

Battle for Moscow.


After 11 days of capturing Kiev, the Germans were near Moscow.

11 days. 900 km

900/11 = 81 km per day.

Losses of Germans in the capture of Kiev by killed, wounded, and captured amounted to about 500,000 people.

Now important conclusions:

There is no Russian army. There is a Ukrainian one, which gave the Russians time to prepare for the strike.

2. The second army in the world is not Russian, but Ukrainian. And every day we see this in our statistics.

And now we come to the conclusion...


How many Russians does it take to take Kiev now?

2. How many Russians does it take to reach Lviv?



2. Not at all. They all remained lying under Kyiv.

Like this.

🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦Translation: 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

(с) The author asked him not to mention. Not to mention yet.

Bosch suspends supplies to Russia and operations at all 7 factories.

🗞 It was done after Ukraine's statements that Bosch parts were found in Russian military equipment participating in the invasion of Ukrainian territory.

📝 Previously, the magazine Der Spiegel wrote that German authorities are investigating possible export violations by Bosch, considering that companies from the EU are prohibited from supplying goods to Russia of "dual use," which can be used for both civilian and military purposes.



How to recognize a fake

The Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine reminds simple and effective rules of informational hygiene.

How not to fall for misinformation and spot fake

✅ Check informationresource, that spreads information

🔺Try to use only verified and official sources of information

✅Please note whether it is displayedtitleessence of the message

🔺The majority of fake news articles have a manipulative headline that does not correspond to the content of the message.

✅CAPS LOCK, знаки оклику!!!, “100% інфа”, “терміновий репост” - ознаки фейковості✅CAPS LOCK, exclamation marks!!!, "100% info", "urgent repost" - signs of fakeness

🔺Give preference to neutral messages withoutemojional coloring

✅If the information is reported anonymously or not reported at allsource link missing, information should not be trusted

🔺Always ask yourself the question: "Who provided this information?"

✅Usageоціночних суджень -> judgmental thoughts- "нахабно заявив": arrogantly stated- "щиро запевнив": sincerely assured- "підозріло": suspiciously

🔺A large number of emotionally colored adjectives - a sign of manipulation

Don't let yourself be fooled!

Боремо -> Let's fight#інфотерор!



Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Russian occupiers have killed 112 children in Ukraine, and another 140 have been injured.

We will never forgive!

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Britain Liz Truss accused Russia of using peaceful negotiations with Ukraine as an opportunity to regroup its forces.

Trass said that negotiations are a smokescreen, and she is skeptical about the Kremlin's goals

If the country is seriously committed to negotiation, it does not bomb peaceful civilians indiscriminately on this day. What we saw was an attempt to create a space for the repositioning of the Russians," she said.

"We do not see any serious withdrawal of Russian troops or any serious proposals on the table," emphasized the Minister.

According to Trass, Russians lie, lie, and lie. I'm afraid that the negotiations are another attempt to divert attention and create a smokescreen.

The U.S. Department of Commerce has published a list of 99 aircraft that flew to Russia and Belarus during the period from the second of March, thereby violating American sanctions.

The US government notes that any form of servicing these aircraft in any country in the world contradicts American legislation.

Essentially, this means that almost 100 airplanes from the list will no longer be able to fly, according to a statement by the American agency. The list includes airplanes associated with Russian citizens and companies and flying to Russia in the last 16 days.

You will laugh, but Roman Abramovich's plane also fell under these sanctions. Something went wrong for the guy after February 24.



🚨Kharkiv region — air alarm!



🤔Peaceful negotiations with Russia can last at least several weeks, although there are signs that Moscow's position has become more reasonable — Mykhailo Podoliak in an interview with Bloomberg TV.



🚨 Mykolaiv - air alarm!



⏰У Запоріжжі --> ZaporizhzhiaFrom 16:00 on March 19th until 6:00 on March 21st, there will be a curfew.

Dear President, Volodymyr Zelensky, I believe that the war will end with Ukraine's victory. For Ukraine, victory means:

Restoration of territorial integrity of Ukraine within internationally recognized borders. Return under full control of Ukrainian authorities and Ukrainian army of annexed Crimea and occupied territories of Donbas. No compromise on Ukrainian territories. Withdrawal of all military equipment and military formations of the Russian Federation from the entire territory of Ukraine.

Nuremberg for Putin and everyone who carries out his criminal orders. We must ensure the establishment of a special tribunal with the authority to hold Putler and his entourage accountable for war crimes against Ukrainians. Putin and his entourage must understand that accountability is irreversible.

Reparations - RF reimburses everything that has been destroyed in Ukraine: critical and social infrastructure is restored (electricity supply, water supply, kindergartens, schools, roads, airports, cultural objects), destroyed homes of people, compensation is paid to the families of the deceased.

Foreign countries commit to create a security system in Ukraine - the air defense system over Ukraine, determine the list of weapons that will be supplied to Ukraine and specific delivery dates to secure Ukraine from future Russian aggression.

All sanctions imposed by foreign countries on the Russian Federation remain in effect until all the points listed above are fully implemented.




🏠Scotland and Wales are readyaccepted4000 Ukrainian refugees.

According to the UN, approximately 6.5 million Ukrainians became internally displaced persons, and 3.2 million people left the country.



Ірина Верещук розповідає про погоджені на 19 березня гуманітарні коридори.Irina Vereshchuk discusses the agreed humanitarian corridors for March 19th.



🚨Air alarm in Kyiv and the region!



🚨Zhytomyr region! Alarm!



🎥Vitaliy Kim, head of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration, about the situation in the region:

Orcs hit sleeping soldiers with a rocket, a rescue operation is underway 👾🚀



🦾 General battleвтрати - lossesRussian army in Ukraine from February 24th to March 19th according to the General Staff



🗣UN Secretary-Generalconsiders that the war in Ukraine disrupts supply chains and causes sharp price increases for fuel, food, and transportation.

We must do everything possible to prevent a hurricane of hunger and the collapse of the global food system.

There is something enchanting about this graffiti. The graffiti itself is in Prague, dedicated to Ukrainian children.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have been repelling Russian occupiers for almost a month now. And the most important thing is that they are doing it effectively. The number of enemy casualties has exceeded 14,000, and the number of wounded is probably three times higher. The successful actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the miscalculations of the Russian army are noted by Western military experts. Recently, British intelligence published a new report on the war in Ukraine. It is noted that Russia has not achieved its initial goals and is now changing its strategy.

What did British intelligence talk about

The Russian Armed Forces continue to experience difficulties due to the terrain on our land.

The occupiers are largely tied to the road network and demonstrate unwillingness to maneuver away from it. Because of this, the destruction of bridges significantly slowed down the enemy's advancement.

Russia cannot seize the airspace of Ukraine, therefore enemy aviation is greatly restricted in conducting maneuvers.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine skillfully used the weak maneuverability of the Russian Federation's army in their tactics. This allowed them to stop the enemy and inflict serious losses on them.

As the occupiers failed to achieve their initial goals, they changed their strategy. Now the enemy will try to wear down the Armed Forces of Ukraine and all Ukrainians. It is likely that bombardments of peaceful cities will intensify, leading to an increase in the number of casualties and a worsening of the humanitarian crisis.

Joke of the day: In the Voronezh region, local officials ask retail chains to give the National Guard a little food "in connection with the situation in Ukraine."

The invaders suddenly ran out of food on their way to victory. Apparently, the second army of the world will start looting again. Or is it easier to send them to Chernobaevka? ))



🪖 Germanysent to Ukraine means of civil protection and fire equipment.



🚌До → 🚌ToЗапоріжжя -> ZaporizhiaFive buses arrived with Mariupol residents who were able to reach Berdiansk. In total, that's about 500 people.

Glory to the heroes!



🌫In Kyiv, air quality deterioration is observed: there is an excess concentration of dust.

🚒The cause was fires on the outskirts of the capital, in particular in Gostomel, Bucha, fires at industrial facilities, as well as the movement of air masses from sources of ignition and low wind speed.

❕The maximum concentration of dust in the atmosphere in the night before March 19 exceeded the permissible limit by 2-3 times.

✔️Concentrations of other pollutants that are being monitored (nitrogen oxide and dioxide, sulfur oxide, ozone, formaldehyde, carbon oxide, hydrogen sulfide) have also increased, but no exceedance of the permissible concentration limits has been found.

✔️As of the morning of March 19, there is a gradual improvement in air quality. Exceeding the maximum permissible concentrations is absent.

❗️Kyiv residents are advised not to go outside, close windows at home and cover them with damp blankets and drink plenty of water. If you have an air purifier, turn it on to maximum.



🔥In Korosten districtin Zhytomyr regionAs a result of shelling by Russian occupiers, the building was completely destroyed.

No victims or casualties, fortunately.

Don't forget to thank those who today do not allow the servicing of Ukrainian cities to stand up. This is very important!

As my favorite hero from Guy Ritchie's movie "The Gentlemen" said in a similar situation: "You don't see that every day." Yesterday's gathering at Luzhniki Stadium is like a magnifying glass with significant distortion, but the scale of this distortion still astonishes. In general, it's time to think about the future. It will come anyway, even though it seems like today the sun of Russia has been swallowed by a crocodile. And in this future, we will have to do something with these characters because they will transition into it along with us. At first, they will fall into complete, almost clinical depression and apathy, the level of which will correspond to their current excitement. And again, it will seem to us, as it did 30 years ago, that they no longer exist or, if they do, they can be overlooked as an extremely weak entity. And if we repeat the same mistake, they will rise again from their slumber and appear before us in some other exotic form. We should not repeat the same mistakes. What we have today is a consequence of the unfinished decommunization in our country. We limited ourselves to feeble criticism of Stalinism, without touching the foundation from which it grew. And now we are paying for it. Ordinary fascism has grown out of unfinished communism. Everyone is fixated on the lustration of individuals. Perhaps that will have to be done as well. But primarily, we will have to engage in the lustration of ideas. Decommunization and depoliticization are processes that will undoubtedly become the essence of the next era in Russian history.



🚨Ivano-Frankivsk! Rivne! Volyn! Air alarm!



🚨Khmelnytskyi! Also, take cover!



🚨Lviv region! Alarm!

Lukashenko made a statement that makes one ponder about his mental state. He voiced that Russia proposes Ukraine to become like Belarus - Kyiv should not possess nuclear weapons and threaten the RF.

And do we have nuclear weapons and did we threaten Russia? It seems that this Belarusian cockroach has once again forgotten to take his pills 💊 and his schizophrenia has worsened.



🚨Ternopil region - to shelter!



🚨Zhytomyr region and Kyiv - take cover!



💭Mikhailo Podolyak commented on the statement of German Minister of Defense Christine Lambrecht, who once again stated that NATOwill not interfereIn English: "The sky will not close in Ukraine during the war."



🚨Nikopol — take cover!



💨The air quality in Kyiv has normalized.The previous recommendations are canceled - Director of the Kiev City State Administration Ecology Department, Oleksandr Voznyi.



🚨Cherkasy region! Alarm!

In the UN, it is predicted that the war in Ukraine could cause mass hunger worldwide and the collapse of the global food system. They called for maximum effort to prevent this.

This is reported by the media with a reference to the statement of the UN Secretary-General António Guterres on Twitter.

War in Ukraine is already disrupting supply chains and causing sharp increases in fuel, food, and transportation prices. We must do everything possible to prevent a hurricane of hunger and the collapse of the global food system, he wrote.

How I love such messages. So do everything possible to prevent hunger. Close the sky over Ukraine or give Putin a smack on the head. And we will grow everything we need. Right now, we need action, not empty words. And direct assistance to Ukraine!



‼️ATTENTION! IMPORTANT!Due to the possible mine laying in residential neighborhoods in the occupied cities of Ukraine, the Center for Countering Disinformation under the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine once again reminds about the danger of anti-tank and anti-personnel mines, as well as booby traps with tripwires left by enemy forces!

Be especially careful when moving around cities where street battles took place, especially during walks in the woods and parks!

Also, cases of looting of deceased bodies have already been recorded.

Remember:The enemy is cunning and does not hesitate to employ any means to harm civilians!


1. Do not touch it under any circumstances.

2. Immediately report the detected object to the State Emergency Service units (101) or the Police (102).

3. Warn passersby about possible danger.

Move away as far as possible from the suspicious object.

Wait for the arrival of specialists and indicate the location of the suspicious object.


Friends, understanding the situation and the importance of the moment, I decided to restore my YouTube channel. Now every evening I will try to analyze everything that has happened and the prospects. And also I will go on air to address important issues. Subscribe to my channel:



🦾 Ukrainian defenders neutralized.the battery of the reactive system of salvo fire "Uragan" and the battery of the self-propelled artillery installation "MSTA-S" in Chernihiv region - operational commandNorth



👤The occupiers throw mobilized from ORDLO.як гарматне м'ясо -> like cannon meatto the line of collision. That's how they try to determine the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

One such unit had 250-300 people. According to the General Staff, it lost about 200 fighters, and the survivors refuse to participate in combat operations.



🧸 A touching mural dedicated to Ukraine was created in the Czech Republic.

StreetartistChemiS added:Ukraine is now fighting to protect its future and its freedom, as well as ours. As a father of two children, I cannot imagine the helplessness, pain, and fear that ordinary people feel.



⚠️ In Azovпопереджають -> warned, that the occupiers dress the residents of Mariupol in white headbands so that Ukrainian defenders confuse them with Russians



⚡ Free lunches for Kyiv pensioners.

Today, at 49a Velyka Vasylkivska Street (Chornomorka), the Palyanitsa restaurant opened, where Kyiv pensioners are welcome daily from 12:00 to 15:00.пригощатимуть - will treatгарячими стравами - hot dishes

The first visitors of the establishment were satisfied 👍

Костянтин Усов| Subscribe



💥As a result of the air strike by Russian invaders onМакаровуSeven people died in Kyiv region, and another five were injured.

Also residential buildings were destroyed, administrative building and other premises were damaged.



🇩🇪From the beginning of the war, about 200 thousand Ukrainians have left for Germany—Spiegel.



🐶 Ukrainian border guards receivedvolunteer assistancefrom Poland

Чотирилапим прикордонникам передали сухий корм, спорядження та медикаментиTranslated: Four-legged border guards were given dry food, equipment, and medications.



Russia struck missile warehouses in Ivano-Frankivsk region, spokesperson of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.Юрій Ігнат - Yuri Ignat.

Information about the type of missiles released and the casualties is being clarified at the moment.



🚨Kharkiv region! Alarm!



🚨Poltava region! Alarm!



🇺🇦Yaroslava Mahuchikh won the gold medal at the World Indoor Athletics Championships in high jump.

This is the first medal for Ukraine at this tournament!



⚽️Football playerRoman Zozuliaconvinced: after February 24, reconciling with Russians is foolish.

Now when you see someone from Italy, Spain, France, or anywhere else, they start putting two flags next to each other and make peace with us — it makes me nauseous.



🙋‍♂️At the border of Poland and Belarus, activistsпоновили блокаду фур Translated: renewed the blockade of trucks, returning from Europe to Belarus and Russia.

Only last weekend there were up to two dozen people, and now - from a hundred to several hundred people.



🚨Vinnytsia and Odessa regions - air alarm!



🚨Dnipropetrovsk region! Alarm!



🚨Volyn, Khmelnytsky, Rivne, and Zaporizhia regions! Ivano-Frankivsk and its region! Lviv! Take cover!



🚨Uman! Poltava and Ternopil Oblasts! Also in shelter!



🍻 CheersЛьвівщині: Lviv regionalcohol sales have been prohibited from 21:00 to 10:00.

Our fight with the enemy requires cold reason and sober calculation!



🚨Kharkiv region! Alarm!



🇵🇱 The Prime Minister of Poland advocates forfull prohibition of tradebetween the European Union and Russia.

We must demonstrate our strength and determination towards Russia, otherwise we will have to pay a high price in the near future.



Fighters of the CORD unit work on the detection of sabotage and reconnaissance groups, respond to operational information regarding possible enemy actions, participate in the protection of administrative buildings of national importance, and if necessary, provide armed resistance to enemy forces. Guys, thank you for your work!



❗️In Kyiv region, the occupants destroyed the dam that was protecting the villages from flooding.

On February 26, the occupiers blew up the dam, which acted as a car bridge at the confluence of the Irpin River into the Dnipro River.

As a result, the village of Demidiv on the shores of the Kyiv Sea is almost completely flooded and the water continues to rise. Several other villages are also at risk of being submerged due to the destruction of the locks at the mouth of the Irpin River.

Many centuries the rivers converged at the same level, but during the construction of the Kiev Reservoir in the 1960s, the water in the Dnieper River rose. To avoid flooding additional territory, a dam with pumps was built to pump water from Irpen to the Dnieper.

GIS analyst Sergey Gapon showed the scale of flooding on satellite maps. According to him, the big water continues to arrive and has already reached almost to Hostomel.

❗️At the same time, the overflow of the Irpin River is actually an additional protection of the borders of Kyiv and significantly narrows the field for the aggressor's ground maneuvers.

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👊 Ukrainian military shot down a Tochka-U rocket with Stinger missiles nearby.Попасної - Popasnoyi.

Forward to victory!



😡Russian occupiers destroyed the ski base in Chernihiv, which hosted skiing and biathlon competitions, including the Ukrainian Championships and Champions' Races, for many years.



✍️ Since the beginning of the war, Russian occupiers have launched 291 missile strikes, using 459 missiles of ground, maritime, and air-based deployment, and carried out 1403 aerial sorties, according to the Ministry of Defense.

It would be a mistake to normalize relations with Putin after the events in Ukraine - Prime Minister of Great Britain Johnson.

The wisest person. I agree with him 100%.

Former British Prime Ministers Gordon Brown and Sir John Major insist on the creation of a new international tribunal to investigate Vladimir Putin's actions in Ukraine.

They and 138 more people have signed a petition for the establishment of a judicial body based on the Nuremberg Trials for Nazi war criminals after World War II.

The International Criminal Court is already investigating Putin on suspicion of war crimes in Ukraine. There are grounds to believe that the tribunal will act in addition to the ICC's current investigations into war crimes.

His abilities, however, are limited: The International Criminal Court cannot investigate Russia's aggression without the sanction of the UN Security Council, on which Moscow will surely veto.

"If we do not send a clear signal now, we will face aggression in other countries, which may also go unpunished," said Brown in an interview with BBC.

With such prospects, it would be better for Putin to go to Chernobaevka. He will quickly and permanently solve all his problems.



🇬🇧With each day of heroic resistance, it becomes clear that Putin made a catastrophic mistake.— Prime Minister of Great BritainJohnson.

Statistics of Russian crime. 1403 air flights and 291 missile strikes - within 24 days of the war, the Russian military carried out against Ukraine — General Staff.



🇩🇪 Berlinconsiderspossibility of providing Ukraine with additional weapons for self-defense.



🚁 Today in Buchansky district, enemy combat helicopter K-52 was shot down by units of the Air Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Sorry, but neither to take away, nor to add.))



🚞 During the curfew in Zaporizhia from March 19 to March 21, the railway station will be operational.зачинений - closed, boarding and disembarking of passengers is prohibited.



❗️There is no longer railway connection between Belarus and Ukraine. Chairman of Ukrzaliznytsiaподякував - thankedBelarusian railway workers will receive for this.



😡The elimination of the consequences of the bombing of the Mariupol Drama Theater is being complicated by constant shelling by Russian invaders.Ministry of Defense.



🇺🇦Today is the birthday of the great Ukrainian poetess Lina Kostenko.

The poems of one of the most famous Ukrainian women inspire Ukrainians to fight for dignity, truth, and freedom.



🔥Bulgariawill not continuecontract for the supply of natural gas with the Russian "Gazprom".

"At the moment, we officially have 562 military prisoners of war from Russia."

The official information. В РФ їх вже поховали?

Greetings from our warriors from Rubizhne, Luhansk region.



🇨🇭Zelenskyзакликав - calledSwitzerland freezes the accounts and assets of Russian officials.

Thanks to Putin's incredibly successful foreign policy, we will always have full refrigerators!

(Director of Rostov Morgue)



😡Occupiersnot missedTo Kherson, 14 trucks with humanitarian aid.



☝️Russian occupiers are retreating from Mykolaiv, —Kim.

At the same time, the enemy continues to shell the city from a distance of 50-70 kilometers.

I don't teach my broadcasts here, but here I've put everything on the shelves on the issue of possible deals with the Kremlin. So I'm sharing this little broadcast so as not to write the text.



⚡️⚡️ - ⚡️⚡️In Kyiv since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russian troops228 people died, including 4 children.Received injuries 912 people, including 16 children.




📹 The Guardian

It's hilarious! Nikita Mudenyk Mikhalkov talks about infected birds and the destruction of the Slavic ethnicity. What is it saying? ))

So far this is the best for today.



Approximately 30% of the economy either does not work or temporarily does not work, according to the Ministry of Finance.

All Belarusian diplomats left Ukraine.

This can indicate that Putin put pressure on Lukashenko and the latter plans to start a war with Ukraine. Well, okay. Let's turn these occupiers into fools. The question is whether the Belarusians will tolerate that Lukashenko sent their children to death in Ukraine. This can lead to a rebellion. And that will be good.



🇵🇱🇺🇦 Polandпропонує -> offersCreate "Marshall Plan 2" for Ukraine.

Ukrainian troops launched a missile strike on the Russian city of Norilsk, causing significant destruction.

Upd. Sorry, clarified information. This is just a photo of Norilsk, no one attacked them. (c) Vladimir Popov

Russia is a great power? Nyu-nyu... ))

From the outside, it may seem that Dolkin is sleeping. But no. Dolkin is dead. Like many other occupiers. Russians, take an example from Dolkin.

One of the most insane Russian nationalists Igor Strelkov (Girkin) is already convinced that the Armed Forces of the Occupiers will experience a counteroffensive in the literal nearest weeks: they will go on the offensive and liberate their territories.

Negotiations with the occupier, according to his conviction, are already underway regarding the capitulation of the Russian Federation and the payment of reparations: PAY AND REPENT. INEVITABLE.

Continuing the invasion is absurd: there are no human resources, and there will be none. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have stopped the aggressor's advancement and there are no prospects whatsoever: Russian troops are firmly stuck EVERYWHERE. There is no mobilization. Yesterday, the president didn't even hint at the possibility of it. And without mobilization, victory over the so-called Ukraine is impossible, period.

And if the Russian occupier does not quickly terminate the special operation, then in a very short time everything will be very bad for the losers - to the extent that Girkin is afraid of the advance already onto the territory of the Russian Federation: the Armed Forces of Ukraine ... will soon receive tens of thousands of mobilized, and within a couple of months - their number will reach 200-300 thousand. Expensive Western partners will provide them with weapons - in any quantity, including the most modern. Already sending.


We didn't accidentally betray him there, did we?..))



🐶 News from Patron! The warrior dog — the talisman of Chernihiv pyrotechnics continues to serve!

From the beginning of the war, he, together with the emergency service sappers, neutralized almost 90 explosive items.

📹State Emergency Service



👊 Defenders of Kharkiv recorded a video address.

"Houses were falling, but we are standing! And we will stand until our victory. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!"

And here it is already oreiro!!! This is the official channel of the Federation Council. Not fake. And read the comments. It seems real problems are starting for Putin. But I'm not against it. I'm for it. And the comments - fire!!!



❌ The government of North Macedonia has canceled the visa-free regime for Russians.



The principle of internal political unity during the war is unshakable for us. We are strong only when united. We have only one enemy today - Putin's Russia. Together, we must protect Ukraine, forgetting any old disagreements.

Many people are tired, emotionally exhausted. Someone spontaneously wrote an inappropriate post or made an ill-considered statement. And then it goes like in that proverb: "word for word, something on the table." And internal confrontation is provoked, which definitely does not work for Ukraine.

Upset by some discussions on social media. I urge everyone to show restraint. All those who possess words should aim them at one target - the Kremlin.



🇧🇾The last group of Belarusian diplomats left Ukraine.



❗️Today, March 19, 6,623 people were evacuated through humanitarian corridors, reported the Deputy Head of the OP Timoshenko.

From Mariupol to Zaporizhia, 4,128 people left, from Kyiv region - 1,820, from Luhansk region - 675.

Products and medications were delivered to Luhansk region.

In Le Figaro, an article was published about Putin's wealthy environment. Or rather, about his wallets. And it's clear that everyone mentioned in the article is not thrilled about it. Their assets will be seized in the West. Everyone.

To all idiots who think that "sanctions do not bother us, everything will be back to normal soon," I want to remind you that Germany paid the final tranche ($70,000,000) for reparations of the First World War on October 3, 2010.



❗️Kramatorsk, Sloviansk - air alarm!



❌ More than 100 federations have disqualified Russian and Belarusian athletes from participating in international competitions, world championships, and overall sports calendars, according to the Ministry of Sports.



💡Electricity supply has been restored to over 96,000 consumers in the last 24 hours, according to the Cabinet of Ministers.

In the Fuckarium everything is stable.

By the way, where is Yanukovych? Put in mothballs again?



Russian occupiers illegallyвивезли -> Taken awaySeveral thousand Mariupol residents to the territory of Russia.

Deputy Commander of the Black Sea Fleet for military-political work, Captain 1st Rank Andrey Nikolaevich Paliy, decided to become a liberator of Ukraine. And as a result, he joined the list of discarded Russians. However, he can no longer be used as fertilizer. He went to feed the fish.



🚞 Ukrainian RailwaysappointedAdditional evacuation flights on March 20 from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Kramatorsk, Odessa.

Коробок спичек - Box of matches

There is a vague feeling that if the operation, which is clearly following the plan and strictly adhering to all deadlines, lasts for another couple of weeks, then instead of the parade on May 9th, they will show last year's parade in a recording, because there will be no one left to march.

And only a few people in the know realize that the Soviet government did not particularly appreciate parades. After the war, they were only held in 1945, 1965, 1985, and 1990. And only starting from 1995 did the parade become an annual tradition. The reason for such modesty from the Soviet government was only one - fear of the Kremlin criminals before their own people. For no one was this day a celebration with dances and songs. The memories were still too fresh, there were still too many living witnesses of the terrible truth of war. And the truth remains the same throughout all times - war is dirt and killings at the bottom of consciousness, senseless cruelty and monstrous dehumanization, severed limbs, spilled intestines, gouged eyes, and tens of millions of corpses with which Stalin and his incompetent military leaders overwhelmed the German death machine. No veteran wanted anything on this day, except to quietly drink alone, remember fallen comrades, and try to forget what is impossible to forget. To once again aggravate this national wound, to remind of the victory of a bloodless country, where there was not a single person who did not lose their loved ones in the meat grinder of war or in the Gulag, cowardly Stalin, of course, did not want, especially considering how many people returned from the front with trophy weapons in their hands. Because everyone understood for themselves that the victory was achieved despite Stalin, not thanks to him. The bloody tyrant himself understood this.

During the Second World War, 2,576,000 disabled people were demobilized, including 450,000 one-armed or one-legged individuals. They were supposed to cheerfully set up field kitchens in squares, perform scenes with captured Germans, and applaud salutes, just as they do today in the hysteria of victory-worship, the descendants who have lost their sanity romanticizing and glorifying their terrible past, turning a great sorrow into a pompous amusement to boost their national self-esteem.

For the same reasons, at one beautiful moment, war veterans began to disappear from all major cities of the USSR. They simply did not fit into the clean picture of socialist realism - hundreds of thousands of destitute, abandoned cripples who were forced to drown their sorrows in alcohol and beg because their homeland would always abandon you, then and now. The pension for disabled people ranged from 80 to 150 rubles for different categories and it was only paid several years after the end of the war. In the early years, people didn't receive anything at all. What could these meager handouts afford to people with a shattered fate, who shed their blood for this country, if, for example, in the summer of 1947, a liter of milk on the market cost 10 rubles, a kilogram of pork cost 120 rubles, and a pood of rye cost 850 rubles, while a regular men's suit in a state-owned store was astronomically priced at 700-800 rubles? According to different estimates, up to half a million people, who marred the communist paradise with their existence, were forcibly expelled to nursing homes, far away from the public eye. Nothing should remind anyone of the price at which this victory was achieved and how it was later repaid to its victors.

On the 24th day of the war, the death toll of Russians remained frozen at 498 people. The word "war" is forbidden to speak aloud, and Ukrainian refrigerators are filled with the bodies of conscripts, whom the Russian command refuses to retrieve and bury. The Motherland will always abandon you, just as it mercilessly abandoned your grandfathers and grandmothers, either to executions, camps, or bullets, where the German shoots in the chest, and your own blocking detachment shoots in the back. This country is built on lies and cynicism and has never been any different. Don't go to Ukrainian land, buddy, it's foreign land, it's not your war, they don't wait for you there, you have no reason to die there.Одумайся - Think twice, you will perish there forever, and your mother will not even be told about it, because you are disposable material for your country and your life is valued cheaper than a box of matches.


After reading the words of Oleksandr Dovzhenko today, only the strong are given the right to immortality.

Nothing to add!

Our defenders are now creating the immortality of Ukraine.

Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine!



⛔️ The Russian intelligence has concluded that it is impossible to establish pro-Russian government in the temporarily occupied territories due to strong resistance from Ukrainians, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.



Papa Romanaвідвідав - visitedUkrainian children in the Vatican hospital.

📷Vatican News: Vatican News



From the ruined Bucha, a 106-year-old woman was evacuated.

She has a good memory, she remembers everything, knows everything and understands everything. She is very brave," says the daughter of the long-liver.



Today, from midnight until 10:00 in the morning, there will be technical work in Privat24, so clients will not be able to make payments during a certain period of time.



🎷 In Mykolaiv, every day at 12:00, one of the residents performs the national anthem of Ukraine on the saxophone from the balcony.



❗️There is an air alarm in Kyiv!



The ruined dramatic theater in Mariupol.

📷Maxar, Christopher Miller



🏥 Russian occupiers shelled a hospital in Chernihiv.

All broken windows are smashed and sick people lie in the corridors at a temperature of +10-11 degrees Celsius.— said the mayor Vladyslav Atroshenko.



📊 86.6% of Russians support armed invasion into EU countries.



📈The Office of the President called on citizens to report price increases.

Currently in Ukraine, there is a system of state price regulation, so trading networks will be held accountable for such actions.



👊🇺🇦During the past day, Ukrainian air defense forces shot down three Russian helicopters. The Air Force Command notes that Russia has significantly reduced its presence in the sky.



❗️Russian military equipment is approaching the Belarusian border, while Belarusian diplomats have left the territory of Ukraine.

Advisor to the head of the MIA (Ministry of Internal Affairs) Denysenko considers this an alarm signal, but says that Ukraine is ready to defend itself in case of a new invasion.



‼️Attention! An air alarm has been declared in Kiev!

We ask everyone to urgently take shelter in civil defense!

⚡️⚡️⚡️ - Lightning bolts

‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!



Генеральний штаб ЗСУ / General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Operational information as of 24.00 19.03.2022 regarding Russian invasion.

The twenty-fourth day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the full-scale armed aggression of the Russian Federation is coming to an end.

The Ukrainian defense forces continue the defensive operation on the Eastern, South-Eastern, and North-Eastern directions. Measures of the legal regime of martial law are being carried out, stabilization actions are being taken, and tasks of territorial defense are being performed.

The Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carry out the repulsion of concentrated missile and aviation strikes and air attacks by the enemy, air defense of densely populated cities, important industrial facilities of Ukraine, and operational military groups.

On the southern front, the forward defense line has been restored at separate sectors. The enemy is forced to regroup, deploy additional reserves, and take measures to restore the combat readiness of units.

On the Donetsk direction, Russian occupation forces are conducting assault actions and firing attacks.

On the Volyn and Polissya directions, the enemy did not conduct active operations, but rather increased the development of fire attack systems, engineering support, and logistics in preparation for an attack on the city of Kyiv.

On the Siverskyi and Slobozhanskyi directions, offensive actions are also not being carried out. Hostile forces are shelling Ukrainian settlements.

The enemy tried to break through the defense of our troops in the direction of Izyum, but was unsuccessful. The assault units of the invader were practically destroyed.

Occupants incur significant losses. The morale and psychological state of personnel is low and deteriorates with each subsequent day of hostilities. Punitive units of the Russian National Guard involved in combat operations have lost a considerable amount of weapons and military equipment. Losses are being replenished with outdated and partially faulty equipment.

The investigation is underway by the military police of the Russian city of Belgorod regarding 10 servicemen of the 138th Motorized Rifle Brigade who participated in the attack on Kharkiv. Due to heavy losses suffered by their unit, they refused to continue participating in combat operations and incited others to return home.

It is evident that the chief of the 652nd group of Information-Psychological Operations of the Russian terrorist forces received a stern reprimand for weak work on creating the so-called "Kherson People's Republic". The Kremlin leadership is dissatisfied that due to people's resistance, there is not even a conditionally demonstrative "picture".

Keep faith in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and our Victory!!!

Glory to Ukraine!!!




🤝Ukraine will receive OVO from the USA in the coming days.

Among the weapons, Stinger, Javelin, and anti-tank systems will be transferred, said Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Danilov.



😂Tel Aviv. Guess which embassy's car is in the photos?