Mar 24, 2024 - Day 760

760 days of active phase of a 10-year war. Humanity today is a rarity. The war has consumed many of us. And this will pass. Are we all here?



❗️In Kyiv, the PVO shot down about 10 Russian missiles, - Chief of the Kyiv Military Administration Popko.

According to him, no involvement was recorded in the capital.



General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine published approximate total losses of Russian occupiers.



❗️Ukrainian troops repelled 15 attacks by Russian occupants on the Bahmut direction and also held positions on the left bank of the Dnipro River in the Kherson region, according to the General Staff.

During the past day, the Defense Aviation struck in 10 enemy concentration areas, weapons and military equipment, and one enemy warehouse.

The missile forces units have struck 1 area of the enemy's concentration, 4 command points, 2 air defense systems, 1 artillery weapon, 1 electronic warfare station, and 1 enemy radar station.



🕯At 9:00 in the morning, we observe a minute of silence to honor the memory of those who perished in Russia's brutal war against Ukraine.



🚨Air alarm has been announced in Kyiv and a number of regions!



🤯 Rocket RF flew into Polish territory in the morning in the area of the village of Oserduv, — Ministry of Defense of the country

The department reported that she stayed there for 39 seconds, and then flew to Lviv.



According to the latest information, missile fragments fell in two districts of Kyiv.

As reported by KYIVMMX, the falls were recorded in the Desnyansky district - in the territory of forest plantations and in the Shevchenko district - in the territory of the park area and residential buildings.

In the last case, the facade of a multi-storey residential building was damaged. Without fire.



On the night of March 24, 2024, Russian occupiers attacked with 29 cruise missiles X-101/X-555 from 14 Tu-95MS strategic aviation aircraft (launch area Engels - RF) and 28 attack UAVs of the "Shahed" type (launch areas Primorsko-Akhtarsk - RF, Cape Chauda - Crimea).

Air defense units, fighter aviation of the Air Force, mobile fire groups, electronic warfare means of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were involved in repelling an air attack.

💥As a result of an air battle, 43 air targets were destroyed: 18 cruise missiles X-101/X-555 and 25 strike UAVs "Shahed-136/131" within Dnipropetrovsk, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Odessa, Sumy, Kyiv, Volyn, and Lviv regions.

Thank you all for your hard work!

🇺🇦Together - to victory!


🇺🇦Commander of the Air Force Lieutenant General Mykola Oleschuk



At night, enemy saboteurs and missiles attacked a critical infrastructure object in Lviv region. A fire broke out. Firefighters are working on site - OVA

No information about the victims has been received.



🤯People's Deputy from Holos Roman Lozynskyi said that in March the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine sat for a total of 8.5 hours.

Let's sum up#тижденьвцифрах

Let's be honest, who among you then thought that the war would really last two to three weeks?



💥The Ukrainian Armed Forces struck the large landing ships of Russia, Yamal and Azov, the communication center, and several information facilities in Sevastopol.



After today's incident, American and British allies have decided to leave the "Sky Sabre" air defense and missile defense systems in Poland permanently, rather than until the end of March.

The Minister of Defense of Poland also stressed the need to support Ukraine.



The government has allocated an additional 5 billion hryvnias for security and defense forces, which will be used to purchase drones.

Sum up#тижденьвцифрах

On March 22nd, a terrorist attack took place in the Moscow region. Russia is trying to blame Ukraine for everything, and Russians wonder why Ukrainians do not express their sympathy. Who is behind this terrorist attack? Could it have been organized by the FSB? Why do Ukrainians lack empathy towards Russians? Do people in Russia understand what will happen next? How will Russian conservatives react? When will Russians start asking for forgiveness for their own crimes? I analyzed the situation in my personal blog. Write your thoughts in the comments.



In Slovakia, in the first round of the presidential elections, the pro-Western and pro-Ukrainian candidate Ivan Korchok won.

He received 42% of the votes.

Normal demilitarization of rusni. ))

Nazar Husakov fights all his life for the right to live. Therefore, for Nazar Husakov's thirtieth birthday, we are collecting a total of 3 million hryvnias so that he can maintain his physical condition for the whole year. Our contribution is 750 thousand hryvnias. And then text from Nazar:

Friends, I remind you about my collection for the 30th anniversary.

Without you, it can't be closed.

He is important to me, because constant medication support is the only possibility already at such an age not to get worse. Without it, you constantly become weaker and lose that remaining strength that you still have. I communicate with the city's state apparatus, trying to ensure that next year the treatment will be partly covered by the city's funds, but you still have to live until next year. Please join if you can. Thank you!

🎯 Goal: 750,000 UAH

🔗 Link to the bank

💳Bank card number

5375 4112 1630 9943



🤬The situation with electricity remains extremely difficult in Kharkiv, - press service of the Ministry of Energy.

Currently, hourly restrictions have been introduced in the city.



❗️In the Institute for the Study of War, it is reported that the terrorist group Islamic State (ISIS), most likely, is involved in the shooting at Crocus City Hall in the Moscow Region.

Earlier, related to the terrorist organization the media Amaq also confirmed this information.

Currently, only Russia denies this information.



💥Impressive footage of Defense Forces' work in Sevastopol!

Saw just now. Didn't believe. Checked. Not fake. He really said that. Well, what can you say about that? Urinophthalmologists have reached a new level. It's the partners' fault, not Zelensky with his defense minister Taran, who worked on the missile program, long-range weapon orders, and everything else? So it's the partners' fault that the money didn't go to the army, but to great theft? Well, okay. I believe. I'll go eat May shashlik.



💥Remnants of the Moscow Crocus City Hall after the terrorist attack.



🔥Novokuibyshevsky refinery has suspended operations after a drone attack on March 23, - Russian media

It is reported that the production unit AVT-4 is damaged at the plant.



Since the beginning of full-scale russian aggression in Ukraine, there have already been 22 cases of deaths while trying to cross the Tisa river, which forms the border with Romania.

Summing up#тижденьвцифрах

War does not cancel the fact that today, with the first star, the holiday of Purim will begin. A holiday that Jews have been celebrating for thousands of years and will continue to celebrate for thousands of years in the future. Because tradition!

Purim is the happiest holiday in Judaism, which symbolizes the joy of the nation's salvation from destruction. The main message of the holiday of Purim is that any person or society, in a difficult and seemingly hopeless situation, should not fall into despair and lose hope. And I believe that despite war and all hardships, sorrows and tragedies, Ukraine will pass all tests, the nation will unite, and we will conquer all enemies, both external and internal, and revive Ukraine.

Purim is a very important Jewish holiday. On this day, we celebrate the fact that in ancient times, the Jews who lived in the territory of Ancient Persia were saved from destruction by Haman, the favorite of King Artaxerxes. By the way, one of the traditions is to consume a special triangular pastry with filling called hamantaschen - Haman's ears. Why ears? Well, because Haman, who wanted to destroy the Jews, was ultimately hanged with disgrace: according to the Persian laws of that time, his ears were cut off before punishment. And the Jews, having a great sense of humor, named the festive sweets like that.

So, I wouldn't be offended if the Lord gives me a gift in the form of the ears of the Kremlin's Haman this year on Purim. I am sure that the whole of Ukraine will celebrate this holiday. And not only this year, but every year. But even if it doesn't happen today, I am ready to accept this gift from the Lord any day soon. Any day!

It's difficult to wish for fun in such conditions, but I still wish us to see Victory as soon as possible and celebrate the death of the Kremlin's Aman with joy. And still Happy Purim to all! Chag Purim sameach!

We will win!



😈There a passenger on a flight from Sheremetyevo declared that there was a bomb in her backpack in Russia.

The media reports that the woman from the airport has already been detained, but no explosives were found in her bag.



🤔And in Russian Peter, the shopping center was evacuated due to a supposed bomb threat.

The man who claimed about the mining was detained, but he does not admit where the explosive device is located



❕Poland will demand an explanation from the Russian Federation about the missile launch in its airspace.

First of all, we call on the Russian Federation to stop terrorist air strikes on the residents and territory of Ukraine, to stop the war and resolve the internal problems of the country...

The Republic of Poland condemns all forms of terrorism and attempts to forcibly change its borders," said the spokesperson of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pawel Vronsky.

Why don't even deputies from a mono-majority go abroad? Why is Zelenskiy mocking the Verkhovna Rada, forcing them to obey all his commands? What is happening with the law on mobilization? Is dictatorship really being built in Ukraine? Where do Zelensky's ill-considered statements lead and can Ukraine quarrel with the USA and Europe? What is the forecast for our state in the nearest future? People's Deputy of Ukraine Dmytro Razumkov spoke about this on the YouTube channel of Boryslav Bereza.



💥Meanwhile, everything is stable in Belgorod.



This year the Russians have already dropped over 3500 air bombs on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is 16 times more compared to 2023.

Summing up#тижденьвцифрах



All transformer substations and heat and power stations were destroyed in Kharkiv., - mayor of the city Terekhov.

Answers to the question of how long the restoration work will last are not available. Repair teams are working, but there is very serious destruction, all transformer substations have been destroyed, TPPs have been destroyed, - he said.

According to the mayor, at the moment, electricity has been restored for about 40% of consumers, heating - for 60%. Water supply and sewage have been practically restored in all city buildings.

Hourly schedules of shutdowns are in effect in the city.



🪫Kharkiv Regional Electric Grid published schedules of power outages.

The schedule of hourly power outages will be in effect from March 25 to March 31.

For Kharkiv:

▪️Shevchenkivskyi and Kyivskyi districts: from 9:00 to 15:00.

Slobidskyi, Osnovianskyi districts: from 15:00 to 21:00.

Saltivskyi, Nemishlianskyi, Industrial districts: from 21:00 to 03:00

Holodnohirskyi, Novobavarskyi districts: from 03:00 to 9:00.

For Kharkiv region:

▪️Meref'yans'ka TG, Lyubotyns'ka TG: from 9:00 to 11:00.

▪️Zmiyivska TG, Balakliivska TG: from 11:00 to 13:00.

▪️Chuguev TG, Izyum TG: from 13:00 to 15:00.

▪️ Bohodukhivska TG, Derhachivska TG: from 15:00 to 17:00.



🚧Polish farmers have blocked two border crossings with Ukraine, namely Yagodyn and Rava-Ruska, as there have been zero border crossings on the way out in the last period.- DPSU spokesperson Andriy Demchenko.

"In Yahodyn and Rava-Ruska we have zero border crossing indicators when leaving Ukraine over the last period. Of course, they let a certain amount of freight transport vehicles pass towards Ukraine, but it is far from ideal, from the potential of each of these directions," the spokesperson said.

It is noted that about 60 trucks crossed the border into Ukraine through the Yagodin checkpoint in the past day.

It is worth noting that protesters also block the checkpoint in Ugriniv, in general, about 500 trucks are in queues on these three directions. There are queues at unblocked CPs at the Polish border too, but the movement of trucks is not blocked there.



📰The EU can compensate for Ukraine's lack of assistance from the US,- CNN

"The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has repeatedly emphasized to allies that the biggest problem on the front line is a lack of weapons. The delay by the United States in funding aid to Ukraine exacerbates the problem. Europe is trying to meet Ukraine's needs. Overall, the EU has provided more financial assistance to Ukraine. But out of the $85 billion from the EU, only $5.6 billion went to military aid. The rest is humanitarian aid and financial support.", - said in the article.

It is noted that some European officials believe that Europe can outperform Russia in economic matters. According to the latest data from the World Bank, Russia's GDP is $2.24 trillion compared to the EU's $16.75 trillion.

Actually, Europe has the money to close the "hole" in aid to Ukraine, but there are obstacles. In particular, this concerns the fact that the EU is a bloc of 27 countries. Some states are members of NATO, some are neutral, and others are close to Russia. So there are political obstacles to decision-making, for example, on the purchase of weapons.- emphasized in the publication.

It is reported that Europe takes defense seriously, so the EU recently released a plan to strengthen the defense industry, which could compete with the American one in the future. But we are talking about the long-term perspective, while Ukraine needs weapons now.



🗺️ Map of affected and existing (future goals) Russian refineries.



👊Direct hit to the enemy howitzer.

This is footage of an artillery duel, where the occupiers deployed a firing position, and it was discovered by our fighters. Two accurate hits, and the enemy's D-20 gun-howitzer was successfully eliminated.



❌Two reconnaissance drones were destroyed in Mykolaiv region.

During the day, on March 24, 2024, in Mykolaiv region, the air defense of southern Ukraine destroyed 2 Russian reconnaissance UAVs - 1 Supercam and 1 unmanned aerial vehicle of an operational-tactical level.

Statement Shmyhalya, that every Ukrainian family should have 3 children - is this populism? Depopulation in Ukraine - is it inevitable? How to restore the population after the war? What is Ukraine's program for the return of migrants? What needs to be done for refugees to believe in the future in Ukraine? Are families breaking up because of the war? How common is this phenomenon? Overcrowding in Uzhhorod? Why does the state not build locations for the return of Ukrainians? About this and not only in an interview with Boris Berez about this was told by the director of the Institute of Demography and Social Studies of the National Aviation University Ella Libanova



Since February 24, 2022, the military from the Security Service of Ukraine destroyed nearly a thousand tanks.

Summing up#тижденьвцифрах



💡Odesa is forced to return to the schedule of power outages.

Through an increase in electricity consumption during evening peak hours, measures are taken in Odesa on the instruction of Ukrenergo.stabilization power outages graph.



🔫Three unknown armed individuals tried to invade the district police station in Yerevan, Armenia.

After that, there was shooting and explosions, law enforcement officers reported. Two of the attackers were injured as a result of their own actions and were hospitalized in a moderate to severe condition.

The police started negotiations with the third attacker, who had a grenade, and finally detained him. The motives of the attack remain unknown for now.



💪Fighters of the National Guard brigade Bureviy, after conducting reconnaissance and detecting enemy infantry, advanced on BMP-2 and inflicted damage on the enemy.

One of the moments that shows that citizens have the right priorities. Every day I see baskets filled by evening for the Armed Forces. Put such baskets for the government and they will be empty. And baskets for the Armed Forces are filled. So people have the right priorities in their minds.



📰Britain does not believe Russia's claims of Ukraine's involvement in the terrorist attack in Moscow., — CNN. , — CNN.

We know that they create a propaganda smoke screen to protect the absolutely aggressive invasion of Ukraine. But this does not mean that it is not a tragedy when innocent people die, when terrible bombings occur, - said the Chancellor of the British Exchequer Jeremy Hunt.

The chancellor says he accepts the Russian government, which he speaks to with a high degree of skepticism after what they have seen from him over the past few years.



This week has brought a lot of results in relations with partners. The European Union - a decision on a 5 billion euro aid fund for Ukraine. This will significantly support our defense. There is also a new EU macro-financing tranche - 4.5 billion euros. IMF - a decision on a new tranche, nearly 900 million dollars. Canada - a 2 billion Canadian dollar macro-financing, direct budget support. There are good results also regarding defense support packages - both received and announced new ones. This includes artillery, drones, armored vehicles. I also just spoke with the Prime Minister of Spain Sanchez. And regarding air defense systems for Ukraine - we need more systems. We also discussed our interaction with Spain on a bilateral level and in European institutions. I am grateful to Spain for its unwavering support and our mutual confidence that life will definitely prevail.

Main thing - not to get tired, not to reduce our activity, not to lose faith in Ukraine, in our people and in our ability to show the world that the enemy of human life has no right to win - Putin has no right to win. He must lose the ability to destroy the lives of others. And only this can become the basis of common security - our people, all Europeans, the whole world. Thank you all who are with Ukraine! Glory to all our soldiers, to all our people! Glory to Ukraine!



Russian attack on Ukraine's energy system has become the largest in the entire history of the full-scale invasion.— YASNO company CEO Sergey Kovalenko.

According to him, due to Russian shelling,DTEK overall lost 50% of electricity generation.

If we talk about the DTEK group, then 50% of generating objects are lost. How much time and money will be needed for restoration - we will find out in the next few days. I can say for sure that this process will take not a day, not a week, and not a month, - he said.



💥Explosions heard in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.



😡During the day, the enemy attacked Nikopol region 18 times. Three times - with artillery and a dozen and a half of various types of attack drones, - Dnipropetrovska OVA.

Explosions sounded in the district center, in the Myrivska, Marganetska, and Pokrovska communities.

A multi-storey residential building, seven private houses, a couple of outbuildings were damaged. One garage is damaged, another one is destroyed.

Two private enterprises, an infrastructure object, a store, cars, power lines.

People were not hurt.



Minister of Defense of Great Britain Grant Shapps responded to the hitting of two large landing ships of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in occupied Crimea.

Illegal occupation of Ukrainian territories by Putin causes huge losses to the Black Sea Fleet of Russia, which is currently non-operational. Russia has been sailing the Black Sea since 1783, but now is forced to limit its fleet to the port. And even there Putin's ships are sinking!, - wrote Shapps on the social network X.



In 2023, 2.6 billion hryvnias were spent on the functioning of the Verkhovna Rada and foreign trips for deputies.

This was reportedLiga.netwith reference to the response of the Verkhovna Rada apparatus to the publication's request.

Let's sum up#тижденьвцифрах

Nothing new. In Russia, everyone does everything by the template. Especially FSB agents.



We have gathered the most important things for you that you may have missed on March 24th.

🔹 russians againattacked Lviv region"кинджалами": initially, hit the critical infrastructure object.

🔹 Sili PPOdestroyed 18 Russian cruise missiles and 25 "Shahed"s.

Protesters in Poland completelyblockedtwo checkpoints at the border with Ukraine.

🔹 The ZSU hittwo landing ships and a communication center in Sevastopol.

🔹 In Kharkiv, by Russian shellingdestroyed CHPand all transformer substations.

Oh, what happened? And what happened with the SVO hero? The finale was explosive!

Rusnya, what's up with your dick?



❗️During the day, 52 combat clashes were recorded, - General Staff.

Overall, the enemy delivered 32 missile and 47 air strikes, carried out 48 shelling from reactive systems of volley fire on the positions of our troops and residential areas.

Throughout the day, the aviation of the Defense Forces struck 8 areas where the enemy's personnel, weapons, and military equipment were concentrated.

Units of missile troops hit 2 air defense systems, 3 artillery systems, and 1 enemy EW station.



The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Jan Lipavsky announced the receipt of the first 300 thousand ammunition within the initiative for their purchase outside the EU and transfer to Ukraine.

Let's summarize#тижденьвцифрах

Sergiy Leshchenko goes to the nearest TSK after a hard service to mobilize and change the boys to zero. But that's not accurate.



Satellite images of the aftermath of a missile strike on the communications hub of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation in Sevastopol .

Planet Labs satellite recorded that one of the buildings on Rudneva Street in the city of Sevastopol was hit as a result of rocket attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Comparing satellite images of this area on March 21 and 24, it can be seen that the roof of the building collapsed after a missile strike. Next to the building, fire department vehicles are also visible.

📷: Schemes

Near Bakhmut, not only the disposal of scrap metal is ongoing, but also the disposal of Russian equipment. Another two BTR-82As less for the occupants.

I want to tell my biological Ukrainian parents that Down syndrome is not scary, - Sofia Sanchez, actress of the film "The Hunger Games"

Sophie Sanchez is 14 years old and she starred in the latest Hunger Games movie. The girl told Voice of America about the filming process, how she ended up in the USA from an orphanage, and why Down syndrome is not scary.

Her American parents adopted her in 2010 from one of the shelters in Dnipro.I am from Ukraine and my biological parents were so scared of my Down syndrome that they were afraid to have a daughter. They couldn't handle it. So they left me in a cradle with other children.

- Sofía Sánchez told.

Sophia, although she grew up in the USA, considers herself Ukrainian.It deeply saddened her the Russian invasion in Ukraine. The first months of the war, she prayed.

I was sad because I want them to stop fighting each other and have the opportunity to fulfill their own dreams, to be further away from the Russians. My people are dying, but I just don't want them to be afraid, but to be in danger. I want them to be proud and safe.

- says Sofia.

Sophia assumes that her biological parents from Ukraine were scared.I could have talked to them and said, that I feel great and have a big family, but we still miss you, and I think I want to ask, what was wrong, why were you so afraid to have a daughter with Down syndrome?

- says Sofia.

Subscribe to@holosameryky



🇵🇱 The spokesman of the Operational Command of the Armed Forces of Poland, Lieutenant Colonel Jacek Goriscewski, stated that the Russian missile was not shot down because they understood that it would leave Polish airspace, and an attempt to shoot down the missile would pose a risk to the local population.

The spokesman explained that the decision that the missile will not be shot down was made by the commander of the operational command of the Armed Forces.

Never before has this happened:


The Kremlin bot network sends out articles that ISIS is not responsible for the terrorist attack in Moscow. The guilty parties are supposedly the USA, Kiev, and Britain.

The spam attack is carried out by IT companies "National Technologies" and "Agency for Social Project Management" (ASP) that are under European sanctions. The ultimate owner of LLC "National Technologies" is "Rostec." Bots also promoted the EuroBRICS website, which has proven links to the Special Service Center (unit 54777) of the GRU.

Facebook reminded me of how Troeschyna looked in Kyiv 11 years ago on March 24. When I was taking some of these photos, I was just capturing the moment, and today they are already memories. And I also remember digging out my car for almost an hour. An experience that will stay with me forever...