Feb 24, 2022 - Day 1

Emergency meeting of the UN Security Council can be watched.


The start time according to Kiev - 4:30 AM.

The State Department reminds everyone once again.

By the way, Zelensky's address was good. And correct. And the Russians saw it. That's for sure.

The Kremlin has chosen a bad date - it doesn't fit into the rhyme at all. 😔

"Twenty-fourth of February"

At exactly 4 o'clock...

Until 8 am on February 24, ALL airports are closed for arrivals. It was announced. On the runways, there are trucks to prevent the landing of the troops.

And this is the right decision.

At the UN Security Council meeting on the expected Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, admitted that he was wrong and underestimated the danger of Putin. He also acknowledged that Putin is planning a full-scale invasion.

While the UN Security Council meeting is taking place, Putin announced the start of the invasion of Ukraine. In his statement, he expressed.

🔴 Russia is deploying troops in Donbass - Putin.

▪ This will be a "special military operation".

▪️Putin stated that the clash with nationalists in Ukraine was "a matter of time".

Russia "will not allow" Kiev to attack Crimea and acquire nuclear weapons.

▪️Occupation of Ukraine allegedly is not part of the plans.

Turned to the citizens of Ukraine. "Our actions are self-defense against the threats that are being created for us". Called on Ukrainians to "collaborate".

▪️The Armed Forces of Ukraine called for "immediate disarmament".

Threatened the West with "consequences" if it interferes in Russia's actions regarding Ukraine.

In general, this is war.

Putin has just declared war on Ukraine. Putin has gone against the whole world.

❗️Putin declared war on us❗️

They do not know what Putin is pushing them for. We know. Putin is leading Russians to hell, which begins beyond the border crossing.

There will be no reliable place for Russians here, no moment of peace - just constant fear. A constant fear of dying.

"A simple" Ukrainian will bring doom to the Russian. Civilians will support the Ukrainian army.

This is our land. It's good to die for it. But it's much better to kill the enemy for it. This land gave us life - and this land will take your life.

"Добро пожаловать!" in Ukrainian translates to "Welcome!"

You know what this will be like, "brother"? Imagine the First Chechen War - and multiply everything by 40. Multiply by 40 the number of coffins that will go to Voronezh, Kursk, and Chelyabinsk. Multiply by 40 the number of disabled. Multiply by 40 the number of widows and orphans.

You can become one of them.

Look at the footage where Chechens are cutting off the heads of Russian soldiers, "little brother". We also know how to butcher pigs well - and you'll experience it yourself.

War seems like a great affair, until "Cargo 200" is not referring to you yourself.

Ukraine will fight. This will be a total war - on the front lines, in the forests, and on the streets. The Russian losses will be total. The Russian losses will be irreversible.

The invasion of Ukraine is Russia's final adventure before its end.

Україна буде боротися. Ukraine will resist.

And Ukraine will win.

Glory to the nation - death to the enemies!

Several explosions were heard in Kiev.


Master your trembling hands. Take the phone in your hands. Help those who need it the most. In the coming days, your 100, 200, 500 hryvnias will save many lives. Support the army. Believe in the army.

🪓 InformNapalmTranslation: InformNapalm.

The establishment.

bank - PrivatBank

MFI to the bank - 305299

IBAN - IBAN - UA033052990262076400924891607

Recipient's account - 262076400924891607

Card currency - UAH

Receiver's TIN - 3214609590

Payment purpose - Account top-up, MAKARUK MIKHAILO YURIYOVICH.

🪓 Serg MarcoTranslation: Serg Marco

Приватбанк (Privatbank)

5363 5423 0898 4013 I'm sorry, but this text appears to be a random combination of numbers and does not contain any content to be translated.

Karpuk Alexander

🪓 Yaroslav Matyushin

5358 3808 8463 8811 — Monobank card

Yulia Paievska


5168 7453 2036 6476 private



⚠️ Situation in Kharkiv. We're standing.

⚡️Journalist Andriy Tsaplienko:

The enemy is shelling strategic objects in Kyiv with cruise and ballistic missiles.

Our air defense system is working.

Attacked primarily are military objects throughout the country - air defense units, airbases, management systems.

04.35 attack on checkpoint of the Armed Forces of Ukraine "V.Pisarivka" from the Russian Federation's side.

05:00 from PPr "Chertkovo" (RF) - shelling of PPr "Milove" (Ukraine)

05:05 VPS "N.Sloboda" shelling with GRADs from the side of the Russian Federation.

05:05 Attack on the checkpoint at PP "Hoptivka"

05:15 shelling of Kramatorsk airport

05:20 VPS "Vesele", "Vovchansk", "Derhachi" - artillery shelling from the side of the Russian Federation.

05:13 shelling of mPP "Grabovske" by VPS "Krasnopillya"

05:23 AM, the "Bachivsk" armored vehicles are entering.

05:25 am. Dnipro - 2 explosions on the runway.

05:30, VPS "Topoli" shelling from GRADs on the side of the Russian Federation.

05:30 VPS "Zolochiv" mortar. Shelling from the side of the Russian Federation.

05:50 Vovchansk VPS (volunteer firefighting squad) - shelling with GRAD rockets from the side of the Russian Federation.

We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We hold the defense!

Kharkiv. Now.

Friends. We understand what happened and what is happening. No panic. Now the main thing is effective resistance. The Ukrainian army is working. We help the military. We do not create traffic jams. We do not read propagandists.

At dawn, Russia treacherously, in a Hitler-like manner, fiercely attacked Ukraine with all available forces.

People died.

Fights are ongoing. The Ukrainian army is standing at their positions.

Go sun.

Now is the toughest day of your life.

But the sun rose.

We will fight on all fronts.

We will beat the enemies.

We will not give up.

If you are reading these lines, you are Ukraine.

Fight for yourself and for your descendants.

Today. Tomorrow. Always.

Glory to Ukraine.

Point by point.

Do not panic.

Believe in ZSU.

3. Believe in yourself.

4. Do not trust anonymous sources.

5. Believe only in the verified.

I am in Kiev. And if we do not panic, then the enemy will not defeat us. Let everyone do what they must.


⚡️ A message from Yuriy Gudimenko, who is currently in Mariupol.

"Marіupol stands as it did. On the front."

Everything will be Ukraine 🇺🇦

⚡️News from the State Border Guard Service:

Belarus supported Huylo 🇷🇺🇧🇾

In the morning, the state border of Ukraine, on the section with Russia and the Republic of Belarus, came under attack from Russian forces supported by Belarus.

Attacks on border units, border patrols, and checkpoints are taking place using artillery, heavy equipment, and firearms.

This is happening within the Luhansk, Sumy, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, and Zhytomyr regions.

In addition, the attack is taking place from that AR Crimea.

The work of enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups is also being documented.

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

Odesa - Ukrainian. We give a fight.

Today, February 24, at 5:00, the armed forces of the Russian Federation began intensive shelling of our units in the east, as well as carried out missile and bomb strikes on the airfields in Boryspil, Ozerny, Kulbakino, Chuhuiv, Kramatorsk, Chornobaivtsi, as well as on military facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the same time, the aggressor started artillery shelling of the territory and settlements of Ukraine along the state border.

The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine repel an aerial invasion by the aggressor. The defense forces of the country are in full combat readiness, have occupied and are holding defensive positions. The situation is under control.

The information regarding the landing of Russian troops in Odessa is not true.

⚠️ Belarusian tanks are crossing the border with Ukraine.

The media began spreading information that Russian paratroopers landed in Odessa and Mariupol.

So here it is - this is bullshit and a setup. No landing.

Message from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Russian aviation equipment has turned out to be heavier than air.

According to the Command of the Joint Forces, today, February 24, in the area of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO), 5 enemy planes and a helicopter were shot down.

Together we will win!

Glory to Ukraine!

According to confirmed information from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, our military shot down 5 aircraft and one helicopter of the Russian Federation in the Luhansk region. Because they had it coming.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

By the decision of the Verkhovna Rada, martial law has been introduced in Ukraine.

And Belarusians, we will not forget or forgive this.

❗️National Guard:The original text is already in Ukrainian, which is the official language of Ukraine. Here's the translation from Ukrainian to English:❗️National Guard:

Operative information regarding the consequences of enemy shelling on the territory of Ukraine as of 07:20.

🔹Khmelnytskyi region: as a result of artillery shelling, a warehouse storing military equipment caught fire in the village of Stary Kostiantyniv.

Dnipropetrovsk region: cities of Krasnopillya and Marganets, fire at military warehouses.

Vinnytsia region: Tulchin town and Bohan village - fire in military units.

Kyiv region: fire at a military unit near Brovary.

🔹Enthusiastically captured the villages of Gorodishche and Milove in Luhansk region.

▪️The airport in Lutsk was shelled (1 person from the State Emergency Service was injured)

🔥 Fire at military depots in the village of Radushynets, Poltava region, and the village of Rozsoshkiv, Cherkasy region.

The military unit in the village of Kamyanka Bukska, Lviv oblast, has been shelled.

▪️ S. Ivnytsya, Zhytomyr region - hitting a projectile on the territory of a military depot.

▪️M. Ivano-Frankivsk, hitting a shell into a military unit.

Putin has voiced threats to all countries that may want to intervene and help Ukraine. This crazy person actually wants a third world war and nuclear ashes. But if Putin is not stopped today, Moldova and the Baltic countries will be his victims tomorrow. He wants the USSR 2.0.

Let's see how the civilized world responds.

CNN showed how Belarusian tanks are entering Ukraine.

😂Sad news for Russian mothers.

They say that these scum have shelled Ivano-Frankivsk. Monsters. Just monsters.

There are no claims to be made.

Map of shelling by Russia in Ukraine since the beginning of February 24, 2022.

Army, police, veterans, and politicians are united in defense of Ukraine. We are all in our places. We defend Ukraine and its citizens! Yes, it's not easy for us, but we will overcome. Believe in the Armed Forces, believe in us. Don't give in to panic. Everything will be alright, Ukraine!

⚠️: Warning

Operational message of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine at 09:10.

▪️Brovary, military town № 161, during an air strike, a building burned down and a 4-storey building was partially damaged on the 3rd and 4th floors. The military is conducting evacuation, the State Emergency Service and an ambulance are operating. According to preliminary information, there is one fatality, one injured person, and 5 more injured. More detailed information will be provided additionally.

In the Konotop district, a car came under fire, resulting in a woman and child being injured.

🔹In the Odessa region, in the city of Podilsk, there was a bombing incident with 6 fatalities, 7 injured, and 19 people who went missing without a trace.

▪️In the city of Mariupol, Donetsk region, as a result of shelling, one person died, and two were injured.

In the city of Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovsk region, there were three strikes on the warehouses of the 17th Tank Brigade. The combat standby position 4608 in Krasnopillya was also hit by a strike from a UAV.

🔹A city across the Ingulets River has been bombed.

Oh! Another minus - the Ural with occupiers in the Luhansk region. Apparently they liquidated themselves. No need to wander around.

⚠️Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security

❗️Happiness has been reflected, the opponent has suffered losses.

M.Schastia (Luhansk region), which was attacked by the Russian aggressor, has been recaptured. During the attempted attack, enemy vehicles were destroyed and around 50 enemies were killed.

Happiness is in our hands! 😎🇺🇦

Friends, I have a good way for you to stay in touch with each other in case of a network and internet disconnect.

ATTENTION! After readingPlease note: The emojis and punctuation marks in the original text were not provided. The translation has been done using the content of the text only.


Install the necessary applications right away and test them.

Happiness under Ukraine's control. That's the misfortune of the Russian Federation. And the first hundred coffins are heading to Erefia.

⚠️Message from the State Border Guard Service⚠️

❗️Situation regarding Russian invasion.

Border units operate in accordance with the situation unfolding in their areas of responsibility and in cooperation with all defense forces.

In the area of the settlements of Kopani and Ivanovo in the Kherson region, servicemen are engaged in a battle with the enemy.

In the Skadovsk area, the border rapid response command is being shot at from helicopters.

Currently, there are known to be 3 casualties among the border guards. There are also wounded. Nevertheless, the border guards continue to fight against the occupant.

Russian companies are recording huge losses. And this is just the beginning.

And positivity to your feed!

Kharkiv. ATC headquarters reported that 4 tanks were burned near Kharkiv. This is what life-giving javelins do.

❗️Gudimenko is back on the line: there was no Russian blitzkrieg.

Listen to Yuri - it's the best soothing 😌.

🇺🇦 Official state channels for receiving information.

Office of the President of Ukraine


General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine


Ministry of Defense of Ukraine


Ministry of Internal Affairs


The National Police of Ukraine 🇺🇦


State Emergency Service (SES)


State Border Guard Service of Ukraine


Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security


State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection of Ukraine


Ground forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


The text translates to: Military Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


Territorial Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


🚗🚅 Regarding transportation and infrastructure industry operations

Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine








International airport "Boryspil"


Ukrainian Sea Ports Administration


International Airport "Lviv"


State Service of Ukraine for Transport Safety (SSUTS)


We urge all citizens to remain calm and, if possible, stay at home.



The first photos of Russian tanks knocked out. And this looks good.

The stock and financial markets of Russia collapsed after the Russian Army invaded sovereign territory of Ukraine.

The value of the ruble fell to 88 against the dollar, which became a new historical minimum, and the euro now costs 99 rubles.

As of 10 am in Kiev, the Moscow Exchange index fell by almost 29%, approximately to 2200 points. According to the exchange rules, trading was temporarily suspended due to a sharp decline, but after the resumption of trading, the fall continued.

Another Russian index RTS fell by 35% to 790 points.

Among the leaders of the decline on the Russian stock market are the securities of Gazprom (-36.75%), LUKOIL (-36%), Magnit trading network (-34.4%), VK (-32.5%), Sberbank (-28%) and Yandex - by 28%.

Just a reminder 😘

Sberbank's bonds on the London Stock Exchange collapsed by 75%, reaching their lowest point since 2014, according to trading data. And the Russian stock market is plummeting. They are quickly turning into garbage. It's interesting to see who among Putin's circle will cease to be a billionaire by the evening. There are chances.

Video of shelling our territory from Transnistria. Russians are shooting from there. And why shouldn't they shoot? There are puppet regimes there.

And one more Russian bird met the American stinger. Erephy hasn't lost such a large number of airplanes for a long time. But they themselves showed up to us.

Ukraine has completely severed diplomatic relations with Erephia.

Russians, if you are human beings and not mindless herds, come out to a rally against the war with Ukraine in Moscow. If one person comes out, nothing will happen. If a thousand people come out, you still won't be able to do anything. But if hundreds of thousands come out, you might be able not only to stop this but also to look into your children's eyes when they ask you: "What did you do to stop Russian fascism and the killings of Ukrainians?"

You don't have to go out. Germans didn't go out with Hitler. And you can even find yourself an excuse. Or you can take action. The choice is yours!

Confirmation from an official source!

❗️Our military have retaken Mariupol and Schastya. Minus 4 Russian tanks near Kharkiv.

We continue fighting for victory!

And where are we going to dispose of this scrap metal, huh?

Military 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade Kholodnyi Yar.

we took

In the clutches of Russian occupants! 🇷🇺

They are from the 91701 Yamposky Motorized Rifle Regiment.

What's up with the faces, guys? Did you make it to Kyiv?

This is the kind of filth that came to kill us. Pff, suppress it. The first captives.

"91701 Yamposhsky Motorized Rifle Regiment"

As always, remember - death to the enemies!

And the Armed Forces of Ukraine - only glory and rays of infinite love. 💕(c) Lyubov Tsybul'ska.

This is near Kiev. Fascists are attacking with a squadron of 20 helicopters.

Information flow. Just a huge flow of information about battles in different places of Ukraine. And the Armed Forces of Ukraine are doing everything possible and impossible to repel these attacks.

You wanted this earth, so now mix yourself with it.

Suddenly, above Kyiv, UKRAINIAN FIGHTER JETS 🇺🇦

Yuriy Hudyomenko ate while wearing a hat. And he's ready to tell what's happening on the front.

Overall, he describes it with one profane phrase that you will hear within the first minute.

We stand. We defend. We send Russians home.

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📌Yuriy Gudymenko: operational information.

From bad news:

Word does not bring me food where I ordered it, I wonder why (joke).

From good news:

2. Luhansk direction - the situation has been leveled and stabilized.

The Mariupol direction is loud, but the situation is constantly monitored.

4. The Kyiv direction - it's just the beginning, our guys are chasing their aviation and the airborne troops from the downed helicopter near Hostomel, but missile strikes and attempts to approach Kyiv continue.

Donetsk direction - the occupiers were up to something, they got their asses kicked by artillery fire, it seems they stopped crawling, I don't have any more precise information.

6. The Crimean direction - it's just beginning, there has been a breakthrough, now the occupiers will be getting their asses kicked one by one.

7. Kharkiv direction - the situation is difficult, but it has stabilized, they did not let me into the city.

8. Sumy direction - tough, but we got our asses kicked pretty hard.

9. Other directions - I don't have accurate info, and I won't make up any.

You see bodies with red tape - first hit, then sort things out.

Understand: This is only the beginning of a long war that will end in Moscow.

Heroes fell today - glory.

The crew of the Russian helicopter decided to feed the Ukrainian fish near Vyshhorod.

More than just a photo.

Information from border guards: we are fighting Russians near Sumy.

Border guards from the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard have engaged in battle with Russian occupiers on the outskirts of Sumy. Ukrainian military is defending. According to available information, the Russian Federation is launching an offensive from the direction of the settlement Konotop.

The detained by the Kiev region police, near the Russian Helicopter shot down under Hostomel, is a Russian saboteur.

Tried to pass himself off as a Ukrainian. In his possession, records and special devices were found, indicating the reason why he was thrown to us.

Pig Dog

Fresh Russian prisoners of war in battles for Schastya, - JFO

Heavy battles are raging for Happiness and Stanytsia Luhanska. The armed forces of the Russian Federation have repeatedly tried to cross the river and infiltrate our defensive line. Ukrainian units promptly respond to the situation and give the enemy a rebuff.

Currently Happiness is under full control of the Ukrainian military. During the battles, the enemy suffered heavy losses in manpower and equipment and retreated.

Russian occupiers have invaded the territory.


The Armed Forces of Ukraine are actively engaged in combat operations on enemy advance directions.

Tense situation on the Northern and Southern fronts.

Battles are taking place for the Hostomel airport, as well as the cities of Henichesk, Skadovsk, Chaplynka.

Russians, who for some reason want to provoke war in Ukraine, were captured near S happiness. Someone managed to find their misfortune near S happiness. And what's the problem?

⚡️Belarus has launched 4 rockets towards Ukraine.

Killers!!! Kremlin killers! In Ugledar (Donetsk region), an occupant's shell hit a hospital, four people died, and ten others were wounded. Six medical workers were injured.

‼️ATTENTION! An air threat has been detected! In the event of sirens being turned on, we kindly ask everyone to urgently proceed to civil defense shelter!

⚡️ OOС: 3 more Russian tanks have become scrap metal, and their crew has turned into waste. NLAW is working.

As of 15:00, the fights continue along the entire frontline. No breakthrough has been allowed.

Currently, fierce battles are taking place in the area near the settlement of Pishchevik.

Russian occupation forces tried to break through the defense, using 16 tanks. The servicemen of the Joint Forces used the NLAW anti-tank rocket system. Three enemy tanks were destroyed.

And here is the news. The population of Zaporebrik has been cut off from information and news.

Chernivtsi on the line.

Deputy of the Chernivtsi District Council, Artem Zhuk, reports that the situation is stable.

⚠️ Ukrainian Ground Forces: near Glukhiv, the "Javelin" anti-tank missile system destroyed 15 (FIFTEEN) Russian T-72 tanks.

Source: This text is in Russian. To translate it into English, the source text needs to be provided.

Ground forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Anton Herashchenko: Important information about the Russian invasion!

The occupying forces from the territory of Belarus entered the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

National Guard soldiers protecting the repository of hazardous radioactive waste resist fiercely. If the artillery strikes of the occupants destroy the nuclear waste repository, then the radioactive dust can spread over the territories of Ukraine, Belarus, and EU countries!

In the area of Glukhov, Ukrainian soldiers launched a strike from "Javelin" missiles on a convoy of Russian military equipment. 15 T-72 tanks have been destroyed, reports the advisor to the commander of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Finally started using Bayraktars. Effective. Stopped enemy tank offensive in the Putivl area.

Example of a drone's work in a video.

This is no longer a war for Donbas, for Crimea, for Kharkiv, and not for Kyiv.

This is a war for our existence.

Remember this. Now and always.

Either us or them.

"You came to our land"

A woman and a Russian occupier. Henichesk, Kherson region.


Dear citizens!

Please read and inform all your contacts of the short instructions that can save your life:


During artillery shelling by salvo fire systems ⚙️🔥

◾️ During artillery fire

◾️ During an attack with firearms 🔫

Keep calm. Follow safety rules. Do not panic.

Glory to Ukraine!


⚠️ State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

There is a struggle for the island of Zmiinyi. 😣

❗️Situation regarding the Russian invasion.

The aggressor has used combat aviation against border guards and Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters on Snake Island. Shelling of the island from naval weapons also continues.

Border guards and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are holding the defense.

🔥News from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Russian occupiers, encountering total resistance from Ukrainian defenders, surrender and are taken prisoner.

Under Chernihiv, an entire reconnaissance platoon of the 74th Motorized Infantry Brigade surrendered.

Sergeant Buynichev Kostiantyn Serhiiovych. 74th Motorized Rifle Brigade, Kemerovo Oblast.

The training was in Yelnya, yesterday we learned about the attack on Ukraine, we thought we would be going back home. 😔

"No one thought that we were going to kill. We didn't plan to fight, we were gathering information."

Actually, in the photo, a Russian scumbag.

⚡️ News from the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

regarding o. Zmiinyi

Situation regarding Russian invasion: Russia is attempting to seize the island of Zmijny. The territory was shelled by the artillery of the cruiser "Moskva" and the patrol ship "Vasily Bykov". After this, a Russian Su-24 conducted an aerial attack. Currently, there are no surviving buildings left on the island.

But Ukrainian marines, together with the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, are defending the island.

President Volodymyr Zelensky shared about the blocking of the Russian paratroopers in Hostomel. He also noted that the most challenging directions are the Kharkiv direction and the south of Ukraine.

He reported this at the briefing on February 24th.

"An enemy landing in Hostomel is being blocked, troops have received orders to destroy," said Zelensky.

According to him, the military received an order to destroy the Russian army's landing group.

The most challenging areas are the Kharkiv direction and the south of Ukraine. In particular, the Russian army is pressing from the side of Crimea and heading towards Melitopol.

In the north, Russian military are exerting pressure in the Chernihiv region, but they are being restrained.

"No one will be able to convince or force us, Ukrainians, to give up our freedom, our independence, our sovereignty. But it seems that the Russian leadership is trying to do this at the expense of destroying the potential of their country. Everything that Russia has done since 2000 can now be burned live in front of the whole world's eyes," noted Zelensky.

He also called on the EU to impose the toughest sanctions against Russia and provide assistance to Ukraine, otherwise "tomorrow war will knock on your door".

Near Chernihiv, an entire Russian reconnaissance platoon surrendered to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Commander's headquarters of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Bad news:

Russia still exists.

Good news!

1. Luhansk direction - the situation is stable.

4. Mariupol direction - loud, Russians shelled residential quarters, destroyed the most important, from their point of view, building - a pawnshop; there are affected local residents, there are injured soldiers on the front line, but the situation is under control.

5. Kyiv direction - rocket strikes are not over yet; according to my information, the air assault in Hostomel is surrounded and being destroyed right now; attempts to approach Kyiv continue from different directions.

Donetsk direction - heavy fighting on the front line, there are wounded; a considerable number of Russians have been sent to hell, artillery is working for all years of the "ceasefire regime".

7. Crimean direction - information about water in Crimea is not confirmed, unless it rained there; our troops with fights left part of the territories in the Kherson region, regrouped, brought in reserves, and are pounding the enemies; the situation is unstable and the most difficult among all attack directions.

8. Kharkiv direction - the situation has stabilized, I don't have detailed information.

9. Sumy direction - difficult, battles are taking place within the city, the situation is unstable.

10. Zaporizhzhia direction - there is unconfirmed information about battles near Melitopol, I cannot confirm or refute it.

11. Chernihiv direction: fights are happening in several places, the situation is under control.

Armed Forces, border guards, National Guard - they carry out their tasks. And you carry out yours.

We have reserves, we are controlling the situation, and we are crushing enemies.

Alright, it's not like in the movies.

So, this is for a long time.

Okay, we are facing losses.

But this is war. And we won't lose it.

This day, you bitches, will remember for a long time.

P.S. Just a reminder: when you see bodies taped in red, hit them first and then figure out. The police will understand.

P.P.S. And don't walk, damn it, in jackets with red sleeves. The police won't understand.

❗️Shevtsova first wrote that the Russians captured the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant, later reported that the information is not confirmed.

"You will lie here." In Genichesk, a woman.

chased away

Russian soldiers.

‼️ The RF spreads FAKE news.

Ukrainian soldiers are on the ground and defending every inch of land!


under the control of Ukrainian military

Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦

Anton Gerashchenko, advisor to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs:

City of Snovsk, old name - Shchors. A ring road. Today, a tank - a mine clearer - stalled on it. Simple Ukrainian men pulled out the tank crew and set the tank on fire. The tank crew is safe. They are treated well.

When we kick out the army of aggressors - guys will return them to their mothers. We warned that we will not greet the occupiers with flowers and round loaves!

"Video received through the channels of the Chernihiv region police."

We read it quickly and sent it to our friends. This will save your life ☝️

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal confirmed that the Russian military has taken control of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. And this is dangerous not only for Ukraine, but also for Europe. In general, this situation is like a monkey with a grenade - you never know where it will throw it. And this is one of those cases.

Nothing special. Just had time and inspiration to chat with pleasant people. People are interesting, the conversation was pleasant, and most importantly, our views coincide. We really don't like fascists.

PS And there is hardly any connection and internet here. That is why I did not have the opportunity to post any information.

❗️Currently, the zone of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant is under the control of the occupiers.

There are no affected people from Ukraine.

And do you remember how the "katsaps" laughed that they did not attack us on February 16 and 20? They were still saying back then that Americans were spreading fakes. But today, on February 24, they attacked. This is another proof that you can't trust "katsaps". Never. But allies should be trusted. I hope that this will be a good lesson for some of our fellow citizens.

⚠️Message from

State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Keep fighting! The entire security and defense sector puts up a worthy resistance. It will be tough, but we will withstand. The blitzkrieg failed for the Russians. They will wash themselves in their own blood!

We have the truth behind us. And Victory will be ours!


Even in Israeli media, attention was drawn to this mass "heroism" of the occupiers.

The words of a true Commander-in-Chief!


Conditions for moving citizens during curfew.

Today, in several cities of Ukraine, operational headquarters have made a decision to impose a curfew.

At the entrances/exits of settlements, checkpoints are installed. Police officers check the documents of individuals, stop vehicles, conduct inspections of belongings and cars.

Important! Cities where curfew is in effect are closed for entry, but functioning for exit.

Citizens are prohibited from being on the streets of populated areas during curfew.

In the Government quarter of Kyiv, only members of Parliament, government officials, other public figures, and media workers who are included in the respective lists have round-the-clock access. The police will check the documents of these individuals and conduct their inspection.

Curfew - a necessary measure in the conditions of active military phase of aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. Implemented to strengthen law and order and ensure people's safety. We call on everyone to strictly adhere to the current restrictions.

At the same time, we remind you to be prepared for emergency evacuation at any moment. In case the siren sounds, immediately go to the shelter areas.

⚡️Officially: The Armed Forces of Ukraine have eliminated all occupants in Hostomel. The disposal was carried out smoothly according to the operation plan.

Situation regarding Russian invasion

The Russian Federation is trying to work towards a breakthrough or the capture of objects with active use of aviation.

The enemy is actively trying to use helicopters and assault aviation for fire support and landing of paratroopers.

Most collisions without its use ended in failure.

On the ground, Ukrainian soldiers are putting up a worthy resistance and inflicting significant losses on the enemy.


Dear Ukrainians! This hellish day is only coming to an end at first glance.

Ahead is the night - dark and full of dead Russians. We will survive it and witness the sunrise, which will be red from the spilled blood of the enemies.

We now want to say thank you to the Armed Forces, border guards, police, rescuers, doctors, and National Guard - all those who are involved in protecting our state. You are superheroes! We do not dare to compare you to the Russians, because it is simply degrading. Thank you.

What do we have now and what should we prepare for?

Currently, it can be stated that Moscow's planned lightning operation has failed and there have been no major breakthroughs in any direction. The night will allow both us and the enemy to regroup and analyze the events of the previous day.

♦️Most likely, it is worth expecting rocket strikes on military facilities and infrastructure. But let's be confident that our General Staff, as it did last night, promptly received a signal from intelligence and will move our main means of resistance, such as anti-aircraft missile systems, aviation, and tanks.

♦️Russian forces have completely occupied the Chernobyl zone and all the facilities of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant after prolonged battles, which, in the event of the sarcophagus being destroyed, will lead to a man-made global catastrophe. This is exactly what we need to convey to all international partners!

Their detachments continue to control the suburbs and, according to different estimates, several districts of Sumy, where orcs in their favorite style rob shops. On these fronts, the night, most likely, will not bring any drastic changes and will give us the opportunity to prepare for the repulsion of further advances.

♦️In the Rivne region, at the end of the day, a tank battle was ongoing in the areas of Velyki Osnyaky – Rivnopillia, but overall the advance was stopped at the Uzh river. The same situation is observed in the outskirts of Chernihiv and on the bypass road of Kharkiv. Most likely, it will remain unchanged until morning, although there may be provocations or "combat reconnaissance" by small enemy forces.

♦️ The main victory of this evening is undoubtedly the liquidation of the landing at Gostomel airport, which posed a danger of landing new units by landing planes on the runway 17 kilometers from Kyiv.

♦️In the South, the situation is actually more threatening. If we ignore the nonsense about a marine landing in Odessa and Mykolaiv, the most difficult area is primarily Kherson, where the enemy managed to capture the half-destroyed bridge across the Dnipro and reach the suburbs. At the moment, there is information about the evacuation of the Kherson Regional State Administration. And until morning, this situation is likely to remain uncertain.

♦️The city of Genichesk (where the mayor announced communication with the NEW administration) and several other settlements have come under the control of the occupiers in the Kherson region. The Oleshkivsky landfill and the crossings over the North-Crimean Canal (whose launch they are already reporting) are also under enemy control. However, the operation to unblock Tavria is progressing, as the city of Nova Kakhovka was recaptured on the ninth evening and the orcs also failed to break through to Melitopol.

♦️Most likely during the night there will be an accumulation of forces and resources to defeat the enemy at sea (best-case scenario), or a slow retreat (more realistic).

♦️A small but unexpected victory in this chaos, it's Snake Island. Russia is trying to capture it for the second time and can't! The territory of the island was shelled by the cruiser "Moscow," the patrol ship "Vasiliy Bykov," and aviation. Currently, there is not a single surviving building on the island, but the marines and border guards are holding the defense of the island.

♦️In addition, Russian occupiers shelled a Turkish vessel, and Turkey is a member of NATO!

♦️In the eastern direction, fights are ongoing along the entire line of contact. But this area has long been surveyed by us, so the enemy has not achieved any significant success during the day. Luckily for us, Vuhledar also failed to break through in the area of the settlement Pishchevyk, just like the river crossing in the area of Stanytsia Luhanska. After the daytime repulsion, the Russians, together with mobilized separatists, quickly regroup, so until morning, apart from sporadic shelling, there will be no news.

Be ready. The night will be "fun".

Glory to Ukraine! And death to the Moscow invaders!

Mikhailo Vedmid, veteran of the ATO.

Member of the Political Council of DeMSokiry.


⚠️What's happening on the borders right now? We suggest checking out the comment of Mykhailo Makaruk, our speaker on information security.

❗️Situation regarding Russian invasion.

🔴After the shelling of Zmijiny from ship weapons and combat aviation, the infrastructure on the island was destroyed.

🔴In addition, communication with border guards stationed on the island with Ukrainian armed forces has been lost.

🔴According to available information

Snake Island is captured.

Sorry, but I cannot provide a translation without the text that needs to be translated. Please provide the text you would like me to translate into English.

🔴Let's remind that the enemy today repeatedly tried in vain to scare Ukrainian defenders on the island with demands to surrender.🔴Border guards and the Armed Forces of Ukraine bravely held their defense.

🔴Let's note that the State Border Guard Service continues to actively cooperate with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard to stop the enemy who cunningly attacked our country.

Victory will be ours!

The "❗️" emoji does not have any specific content to be translated. It is generally used to emphasize or highlight something.


🔴 With active actions, the Armed Forces of Ukraine

not allowed to disembark 🚫

The main enemy landing forces are in Hostomel. The battle with the advanced group, which has suffered losses after the fire strike, continues.


Tonight in Tel Aviv there was rain with hail. But that didn't stop over 1500 people from coming out to protest in front of the Russian Embassy in Israel against the invasion in Ukraine. At the end of the protest, the embassy was pelted with eggs. The police did not intervene. Thank you for your support!

By the way, don't forget to simply thank the Patrol Police of Ukraine, which today not only performed their duty throughout the territory of Ukraine, but also maintained order, caught saboteurs, and EVERYONE was on duty!

From me - thank you! There is a reason for it!


Our paratroopers practiced the airstrip in Gostomel with helicopters using NURS. After that, they landed and cleared the airstrip from the enemy!

Russian paratroopers, or rather their remnants, were running away in all directions. Victory!

The Russian ship offered the garrison of Snake Island to surrender.

And he was sent to fuck by our border guards (Audio)

We will someday make a film about Snake Island. About real heroes. About Spartans of our time, who knew the value of honor and didn't trade it for a price. They fought, fell like brave warriors, but never surrendered. Glory to the Heroes of Ukraine!

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine: Regarding restrictions on crossing the border when leaving Ukraine as a separate category of citizens.

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine announces that due to the introduction of martial law in Ukraine, the departure from Ukraine is temporarily restricted for a separate category of citizens.

In particular, it is prohibited for male citizens of Ukraine aged 18 to 60 years old to travel outside of Ukraine.

This norm will be in effect during the period of the legal regime of martial law.

We ask citizens to take this information into account.


I didn't expect to see such a large number of Russians participating in an anti-war rally in St. Petersburg. Surprised. Honestly.

Anton Shvets is one of those people who experienced war on their own skin 8 years ago. And in his life, there were already the rumble of war, explosions, and the alarms of evacuation.

Who else but him should share practical advice on how to survive during an attack.


‼️Additional weapons are being imported into Kyiv.

This was reported by Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Maliar:

Starting tomorrow, February 25th, those who join the defense forces can receive weapons in Kyiv.

⚠️Places to obtain weapons:

✔️Шевченковський б-н, вул. Пугачова, 10.✔️Shevchenkivskyi Blvd, Pugachova Street, 10.

✔️Golosiivskyi Boulevard, Glushkova Street, 9.

✔️ Obolonsky Boulevard, Poliarna Street 20, (generator plant).

⚡️⚡️⚡️ Zelensky signed a decree on general mobilization.

Ukrainian soldiers send warm greetings to the Muscovites!

"You will all die, and Ukraine will be flourishing and free" - these are the words that true Ukrainian warriors address to Putinite minions.

Video that you can listen to instead of meditating and put on repeat.

Everything will be Ukraine!

⚡️⚡️Zelensky on losses:

We lost 137 of our heroes, 10 of whom were officers. Injured - 316.

On our island Zmiinyi, all our boys died but did not surrender. They will all be posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine. Eternal memory to those who gave their lives for Ukraine.

‼️ The enemy's estimated losses are as follows: over 30 tanks, up to 130 combat armored vehicles, 5 planes, and 6 helicopters.

We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and our Victory! 💙💛

‼️ Attention! General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Dear fellow citizens - residents of the Sumy, Chernihiv, Kherson, Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Kharkiv regions!

Chances are, the fascists will be mobilizing their troops with fuel and ammunition overnight.

Pass information about the movement of enemy equipment to Ukrainian soldiers or the leadership of your settlements, districts, regions!

Together we will win!

Russian propaganda russia today - ❌ Is that all?!

This is the first gift from our new allies - The anonymous.