Mar 25, 2024 - Day 761

761 days of active phase of a 10-year war. Every day is a test of survival for the State. Let's go through it only together. Everyone here?

Time for great news!



🤬 At night, the Russians attacked Odessa region with drones, - OVA.

There is damage to the energy infrastructure, part of Odessa is without electricity.

Today the city public transport is not working



💥In the Rostov region, an attack on the Novocherkassk power station occurred at night, a fire broke out.

According to the official version, a fire broke out at a transformer substation, which has already been extinguished. Two power units of the NPP stopped working.

Very clear hints from Romanian MEP Siegfried Muresan (from EPP, whose congress recently took place in Bucharest) - Moldova will not join the EU while having Russian troops on its territory. If very formally, Mr. Muresan hints at OGRV. And what is OGRV? This is the protection of Sausage. Because all other participants in quasi-contingents can be called citizens of Moldova with a stretch, if necessary, and peacekeepers - this is generally about something else. Here, recent words of the Ambassador of Ukraine to Moldova, Marko Shevchenko, are nicely connected in the general context, when he once again officially reminded that Ukraine will provide assistance to Moldova if official Chisinau asks for it. If you know, that I mean.

P.S. The corridors of the EPP congress in Bucharest were obviously interesting and productive :)Maryanna Prysyazhnyuk



❗️During the past day there were 60 armed clashes— General Staff.

Overall, during the past day, the enemy launched 33 missile strikes and 70 air strikes, carried out 91 shelling from reactive volley fire systems on the positions of our troops and civilian populated areas. Due to Russian terrorist attacks, unfortunately, there are casualties and injuries among the civilian population.

At night, Russian occupiers once again attacked Ukraine, using UAVs of the "Shahed" type and various types of cruise missiles. Data on this attack is being clarified.

During the past day, the Air Force Defense struck 8 districts where enemy personnel, weapons, and military equipment were concentrated.

The missile troops units struck 2 air defense facilities, 3 artillery facilities, and 1 enemy electronic warfare station.



🕯In the morning at 9:00, we observe a minute of silence in memory of those who died in Russia's brutal war against Ukraine.



Security Service of Ukraine Day. We thank all the soldiers of the SBU. We are proud of the long-range of the SBU. We rely on the strength of the SBU special forces on the front.

We rely on the strength of the SBU in defending against enemy operations against the internal unity of Ukraine. And we believe - believe that the effectiveness of the SBU as one of the key elements of our defense and security forces of Ukraine will definitely bring our common victory closer.

Thank you to all employees of the Security Service of Ukraine who are effective for Ukraine! May the memory of all the soldiers of the Security Service of Ukraine who gave their lives during the defense of our state and people be bright!

🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦 - Ukraine

The crocus brought everything that floated in Russia to the information space and had long sunk to the bottom. You will be surprised, but even Kuklachyov (yes, that clown with the kittens) suddenly blurted out in an interview to Moscow Komsomolets. I think it's senseless to cut out any quote, so enjoy the full flow of his unconsciousness.))


Our people have now seen what the West and Europe will do to us if, God forbid, they defeat us.They will shoot us like quails, they will implant chips in that we would be their slaves. Everything is clear.

The whole Western world is against us. And the Muslim world, on the contrary, is with us.Because they understood that you should not trust dishonest, dirty, indifferent people who build everything on the destruction of the pure and beautiful. We saw it with our own eyes.

We need to talk to them even more harshly, sparing no one.. Are they going to give long-range rockets? Those who will give are criminals. Sothey also need to be bombed. Why wait?In European cities everythingsit satisfied, drink champagne. When they realize that our missile can fly to them from Siberia, they will understand that we are not puppies that can be shot.And we are people – strong and powerful, who can give a very serious rebuff.And those who particularly imagine can be drowned on some island so as not to interfere on the horizon and not cause confusion.Well, what to do - today is such a time,fortunately, there is the necessary weapon . Our president said about it .


Indeed, when you are a Russian, even cats cease to be such ultimate means for harmonizing everything.)) And another (which already as medicine?) good argument for those who bite off their tails in pieces, cannot immediately divorce Russian peace - this is just a clown/poet/artist/cook/construction blogger, he is good, why should I refuse from him?. Because from each of them sooner or later the desire to destroy us in the most cruel way crawls out, so that as many hated Ukrainians/Europeans die as possible.

But, by the way, Muslim media really liked it. Quoted with pleasure.



Today we commemorate the memory of the border guard Vyacheslav Mamay.

The man started military service back in 1992 when he came as a conscript in the border troops.

With the beginning of Russian aggression in 2014, he returned to the ranks of the border service. Within a year, he was demobilized and returned to civilian life. And in November 2022, fate once again led the fighter back to the border guards. The life of the military man was cut short on July 17 last year in Donetsk region. The tragedy occurred as a result of an enemy drone strike.

Sergeant Viacheslav Mamai was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage III degree. The award was presented to the son of the fallen defender by the President of Ukraine.

Always on duty!



❌Tonight, the defenders of the sky shot down 8 out of 9 Shahed-type attack drones that the enemy was using to attack from Cape Chauda (Crimea).

Shahids destroyed within Mykolaiv and Odesa regions.



Ⓜ️ In Kharkiv, the metro was successfully launched.

The metro is operating on all lines, with a frequency of 20 minutes.

By the way!



The Nikopolshchyna suffered from enemy attacks again.

Late at night, the occupants shelled Nikopol with Grad MLRS. Then they went after the Marganetska and Myrivska communities. Heavy artillery was fired at them.

Overall, the aggressor released almost a dozen shells in the cities and villages of the district.

People are not hurt.



The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published approximate losses of Russian occupiers for the past day.

Congratulations to the true employees of the SBU on SBU Day, those who serve the State, not positions, and who protect the interests of Ukraine, not carry out orders. Thank you for your service! I wish you success in carrying out combat tasks and approaching Victory!

Congratulations on the holiday!



🚨Air alarm declared in Ukraine!



❗️Explosions were heard in Kyiv.



In the Ministry of Defense announced that UAVs are operating in Kyiv.



💪The State Emergency Service has revealed details of the damage to the landing ship Yamal.


According to the assessments of the Ukrainian military intelligence, the nature of the damage to the Yamal vessel is critical: a hole in the upper deck caused a list to the starboard side.


The occupants continuously pump water from the affected ship, which was involved in the annexation of Crimea, and from 2017 to 2023 was under repair.




❗️ Six explosions have occurred within the territory of Kyiv Oblast.

The enemy likely launched modernized Onyx-M missiles from Crimea.

The alarm was not turned on



According to preliminary information, as a result of a missile attack on Kyiv, debris falling in the Pechersk district,- CMA.

The residential building is damaged. Emergency services are following to the scene of the accident.



❗️Emergency service calls in the Pechersk, Solomiansky, and Dniprovsky districts of the capital. Units are heading to the scene.— Klitschko.



As a result of a rocket attack, a multi-story building in the Pechersk district in Kyiv was damaged.-KMBA

Also, previously, a decrease in fragments was fixed in

Солом’янському та - Solomianskyi and

Dniprovskyi district.

Emergency services are following the scene of the accident.

Data on destruction and casualties are being clarified.



In the Goloseevsky district of Kyiv, fragments of a missile were found in a forest belt, - KMVA.

Previously, no information about casualties and destruction has been reported.

Vice Prime Minister, Minister for Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk was involved in a scandal. In her Telegram channel, the official posted a photo showing the evacuation of an elderly woman from the territory temporarily occupied by Russians. It turned out that Vereshchuk had nothing to do with the evacuation of this granny, and when volunteers pointed this out to her, the minister blocked comments. Who is really saving Ukrainians and why the Ministry for Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine does not provide assistance to the affected population and volunteers - I will figure it out, Borislav Bereza, on my channel. Join the discussion in the comments.



❗️In the Pechersk district as a result of falling debris from a rocket, destruction in a non-residential three-story building occured— Klitschko.

Emergency services are working on site. Currently one injured person has been found. She received medical assistance on the spot.



🤯 In the Darnytskyi district of the capital after a missile strike, a private house in the Osokorky neighborhood was damaged by debris without further ignition.Nikola Kalashnik, acting head of Darnytskyi district state administration.

Emergency services are working on the scene. The victims were previously missing



❗️Currently two victims in the Pechersk district— Klitschko.

One woman was helped on the spot. The second one was hospitalized by doctors.



🚙The movement on Boichuk street in Kyiv is restricted.

The patrol police reports that traffic is difficult in both directions.



❌Destroyed 2 ballistic missiles.

Close to 10:30 the enemy struck Kyiv with two ballistic missiles from the temporarily occupied Crimea.

The goals are destroyed, the type is determined informed in the Air Force.



😡 Four people injured in the Pechersk district have already been reported- Klitschko.

Two women received medical assistance on the spot. Two, including a 16-year-old girl, were hospitalized.



🇺🇸The US Ambassador reacted to the missile strike on Kyiv. She called for providing assistance to Ukraine.



❗️As a result of a missile strike on Kyiv, a non-residential building was damaged in the Pechersk district, without subsequent burning.— KVMA.

In the Solomianskyi district, a multi-storey building was damaged.

Fragments fell in the Dniprovskiy and Holosiivskiy districts.

Emergency services are working at the scene of the accident. Information about the victims is being clarified.



⛑️ In Kyiv, police, SES, and medics are working at the site of the debris fall.



🪫Emergency power outages are applied in Odessa and Odessa region.

To reduce the load on the network today in the city, public transport will not operate, industrial consumption is also limited.



❗️Five injured already in the Pechersk districtKlitschko.

Three medics provided assistance on site. Two were hospitalized.



‼️ As a result of the Russian missile attack, a three-story sports hall building was damaged in the Pechersk district of Kyiv.— DSNS.

Search and rescue operations are ongoing at the site. Rescuers are dismantling debris.

Also in the Goloseyevsky, Dniprovsky, and Solomensky districts there have been preliminary falls of debris, with no casualties. Rescuers are currently inspecting the areas.

In the Darnytsia district, there is damage to a private house. In the Holosiivskyi district, fragments of a rocket were found in the forest belt.



🤬The rocket was flying at a speed of 7,500 km/hMonitoring channels.

It is noted that such missiles are launched from submarines or coastal launchers.



❗️In the Pechersk district of Kyiv, there may be people under the rubble of the destroyed building, - State Emergency Service

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine notes that a Red Cross aid station has been set up in one of the school buildings.

These children, who ran to the shelter from explosions in Kyiv today, are the best motivation for why the Russians should die, and this scum cannot count on any empathy.

They must pay for their crimes.



❕Operational information as a result of a missile strike on Kyiv from KMVA.Pechersk district. Damaged a multi-storey non-residential building Ruins in an area of ​​approximately 100 sq.m. Without subsequent burning.

Solomianskyi districtDamaged multi-storey building. Information about the victims is being clarified.

Dniprovskyi districtFalling of rocket debris. Information about the location of the fall is specified.

Holosiivskyi district.Falling debris in the logging path.

Darnytskyi districtThe fall of debris on residential buildings. Preliminary burning of the non-residential premises.

At the moment, four casualties are known, one of them is a child. There is no information about the dead.



👊The defense forces of Ukraine destroyed the following from 18.03 to 24.03.

🔺personal composition5000(10 battalions*)

🔺tanks68(two tank battalions*)

🔺Combat armored vehicles134(conditional 4 motorized infantry battalions*)

🔺artillery installations179(10 artillery divisions*)

🔺ракети - rockets88 .


1 baht ~ 500 people;

1 tank battalion ~ 31 tanks;

1 motorized infantry battalion ~ 34 vehicles;

1st Artillery Division ~ 18 guns.



❗️ As a result of today's attack, there are no hits on multi-storey residential buildings. And at the moment there are no casualties.- Klichko.

Rescuers continue to dismantle the debris of a destroyed three-story building, which was one of the premises (intended for sports) of a state educational institution. Windows in nearby residential buildings are damaged.

Currently there are 5 injured. Two of them are in the hospital.



Fragments of an enemy missile destroyed part of the building of the Mykhailo Boychuk Decorative-Applied Art and Design Academy in Kyiv.- Ministry of Culture

The sports hall, congress hall, and exhibition center are completely destroyed. The departments and auditoriums of the institution also suffered significant damage.

📹: Radio Liberty



❕ The KMVA clarified that the information about the falling debris in the Dniprovskyi district was not confirmed.



🇺🇸 House Speaker Mike Johnson will bring a bill to vote on assistance to Ukraine after Easter.

The head of the House Committee on International Relations, Republican Congressman Michael McCaul, reported.

At the same time, he refused to answer whether a vote would take place on April 9 when the lower house of Congress returns to work after Easter vacation.



❗️Update on information about the victims. At the moment, five people are known.

The woman is 33 years old, with bruises, she has been hospitalized to the hospital.

The girl is 16 years old - polytrauma, she is hospitalized at Okhmatdyt.

At three women, (including two with hope) - a sharp reaction to stress.

No information on casualties was received.

Information is constantly updating.



Thank you to the rescuers of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the police, utility workers and all the involved services who are eliminating the consequences of the Russian attack on Kyiv this morning.

Russian terrorists struck the capital with ballistic missiles. Unfortunately, there is damage to buildings in ordinary urban development. At this time, there are five known casualties. The rubble is being cleared.

We don't get tired of repeating that Ukraine needs more PPE. This is security for our cities and saved human lives. All of us in the world who respect and protect life need to stop this terror.



The Basmanny court of Moscow chose a preventive measure for four men detained on suspicion of committing a terrorist act at Crocus City Hall on March 22. They were sent to pre-trial detention until May 22.

Dalerjon Mirzoeva, Rachabalizodu Saidakrami Murodali, Muhammad Sobira Zokirchonovich Faizova and Shamsiddin Faridun were accused of an act of terrorism as part of a group. The investigation asked the court to arrest them. Also, the prosecution requested to consider the issue of arresting the suspects in closed session. After that, the court closed the hearing.



😡In Kyiv, the number of victims has increased to seven people, - Klitschko.

Two of them were hospitalized. Other medical workers provided assistance on the spot.

Rescuers continue to dismantle the rubble. Next to the destroyed building of the state educational institution stands a dormitory where there were many people. Fortunately, there is no damage there and no one was hurt.



🤔While the war is ongoing in Ukraine, incidents with violation of Polish airspace by Russian missiles may continue in the future— Speaker of the Polish Sejm Shimon Golovnya.

Such incidents happened, happen, and most likely will continue to happen as long as the war in Ukraine lasts.

He added that the most important thing is that all systems worked. He also called for improving the work of these systems, without sparing either efforts or money to arm themselves.

Head noted that actions regarding missile strikes should be taken in such a way as not to harm civilians.

If you shoot down such a missile, its debris must fall somewhere, this becomes uncontrollable and much more complex. I am absolutely convinced that the military did as they should have done, - he added.



🥺The consequences of a missile attack on Kyiv were shown at KMVA.



🔄The head of the Training Command of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is stepping down and will head a new direction.New challenges, new trials, new victories. The present time demands that every Ukrainian, especially a military one, put in maximum effort and more to defeat the Russian enemy...

"I delegate authority and wish my successor to continue to develop the potential that we have jointly built up over the year," wrote Victor Nikolyuk.



⛓️ SBU detained a mole of the FSB who tried to infiltrate the police in order to spy on the National Guard and the units of the Armed Forces. .

As a result of a special operation in Kyiv region, a traitor was detained, who at the direction of the occupiers was trying to join the National Police.

If successfully enlisted, he was supposed to gather information about the units of the law enforcement agency, primarily those that are part of the Guard of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

In addition, he hoped to get more opportunities to collect data on personnel and movement of military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Intelligence was needed by the Russians to prepare air attacks on defense facilities and plan combat operations.

According to the investigation, in order to ensure the agent's ability to complete the mole's task, the FSB gave him a test task.

In particular, the occupiers ordered their accomplice to spy on the locations of military airfields and hospitals, as well as defensive plants in the Kyiv region.

He faces life imprisonment.

Bloody coronation of Putin. Instead of discussing the murder of Navalny, human rights violations in staged elections, instead of discussing the terrorist bombing raids of Ukraine and the mass murder of innocent Ukrainian citizens, Putin created a reason to extort condolences from the entire world not for the victims of the attack - but for himself personally.

The terrorist attack worldwide has temporarily overshadowed the crimes and mass murders that Putin commits every day in Ukraine.

And all this, as Russian media assure us, thanks to four Tajiks, to whom someone issued citizenship and registration in the Russian Federation, someone prepared for the terrorist attack, someone provided weapons in Moscow, someone did not interfere with killing, and someone helped to leave from the blocked places in Moscow in a politically necessary direction. (c) Yuri Butusov



Today we celebrate for the first time the great feast of the Annunciation according to the new calendar with the majority of Orthodox world.

For Ukraine, this day symbolizes the approach of the Good News about our Victory. Every day we approach it and work diligently for it.

Let the Lord help and hear our prayers on the bright day of Annunciation.

Happy holiday!


Coffee shop in Kyiv: after the explosions, the girl continues to make coffee - right next to her is a shattered window.

"How can we break ourselves?" - Maria says with a smile to the Radio Liberty correspondent. She explains: she decided to work because it distracts. (c) Radio Liberty



The number of victims in the Pechersk district of the capital has risen to 9 people, two of them are hospitalized.— DSNS.

Work is in progress.



😭The network showed the first seconds after the attack on the Academy of Decorative and Applied Arts and Design named after Boychuk.

Students attended classes in person.



👀 Polish farmers are stopping the blockade of the border with Russia for Easter.

Protesters have suspended the protest action at the border with Russia in Gzhehotka, which they started on Wednesday, March 20.

Previously, protesters announced a blockade of the Russian border for at least a month.



🗣️Kuleba urgently called to strengthen air defense, including to provide Patriot systems and missiles to repel any Russian attack.Children in Kyiv run to shelters at 10:30, when PPO shoots deadly Russian ballistic missiles over the capital. No lawlessness that Russian scoundrels wouldn't commit, including an attempt to strike the heart of a multimillion city, - he noted.



❗️Already 10 injured in the Pechersky district of the capital. Two of them were hospitalized.— Klitschko.

Currently, there is only one injured person in the hospital, the second - a 16-year-old girl, has already been discharged. Other victims were provided with medical assistance on the spot. Rescuers continue to clear the rubble of the destroyed building.

"IDIL" announced new terror attacks, including against Russia, which agrees with Putin's rule.

Militants as a sign of protest against torture and interrogations of organization members organize another terrorist attack in Russia.

After that, the process of repression and tightening the screws in Russia can no longer be stopped. Everything, as they wanted in the Kremlin. I wonder how the Russians will attach Ukraine to this?

Why are Russians targeting high-risk objects? Will they dare to shell dams of hydropower plants and nuclear power plants? How should Ukrainians react? What were Bucha and Mariupol destroyed for? Why is Europe still not increasing aid volumes? What does the increase in corruption lead to, how is it manifested? Politician technologist Oleg Saakyan told about this and not only in an interview with Borislav Bereza.



😂The soldiers of the Third Assault showed a disappearance trick with the occupant.

After one of the battles near Avdiivka, the occupant pretended to be dead. When he decided to crawl away and escape, he was shot by soldiers from the Third Assault Brigade.

First by reconnaissance drone from the sky, and then by direct hit from the FPV drone.



❕In Kharkiv, due to a shortage of electricity, the heating season is ending prematurely, as reported by the mayor of the city, Terkhov.



Men aged 18 to 60 were banned from approaching the border with Moldova.Mohyliv-Podilskyi border patrol.

The relevant bans have been introduced in Vinnytsia region.

The stay of citizens on the bank of the Dniester River in settlements adjacent to the state border, outside their own homes at a distance of less than 30 meters from the water's edge: from April 1 to September 30 - from 23:00 to 05:00; from October 1 to March 31 - from 20:00 to 06:00.— It is stated in the message.

Exceptions: local residents and their relatives/friends, employees, students, landowners passing in transit with relevant documents.



👏Ukraine has almost impressed all Russian refineries in the European part of the Russian Federation.

A little empathy for you in your feed.

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🔧 To restore DniproGES will take years, said the general director of "Ukrhydroenergo" Igor Sirotа.

At the moment, the Dnipro HPP is not working, he reported on "Public" air.

The orphan noted that the situation at the DniproHES dam itself is under control, there is no threat of breakthrough.

After the terrorist attack in "Crocus City Hall," a wave of false mining began throughout Russia. This is not right! Stop terrorizing Russians with false mining! Start real mining. Let them experience not for invented reasons. In general, if without sarcasm, in a confrontation between two terrorists, I wish them mutual destruction.



Fragments of the hypersonic missile Zircon with which RF attacked Kyiv today.

Photo: Defense Express

(Kirill Danilchenko Text)

We certainly sympathize with Moscow. But Russia is itself a terrorist state, which once again terrorized the Ukrainian civilian population with missile and drone attacks last night. Those who sow terror will reap terror.

Speaker of the Bundestag on Foreign Affairs on a quota from the ruling party Michael Roth.

At this point, it cannot be ruled out that this is not an operation under a foreign flag by Russia itself, even if Islamist origin seems quite probable, especially since ISIS has taken responsibility for it.

Rodrik Kizevetter, representative of the ruling party of Germany for foreign policy.

Good, good, well. The EU names things by their names.

The whole world sees how the Russians screwed up and are trying to blame the USA for not warning them in time, condolences expressed so late by the president of Tajikistan, Ukraine with a window through an active front.

To just not notice the gravy that Russian special services poured under the feet.

For this so smack from Berlin was slapped on the cheek - we sympathize that terrorists have attacked terrorists.

Did you notice, by the way, that we really started to instill fear in the Russians?

Well, who else could arrange Crocus Hall for us besides the Ukrainians - even liberals throw up their hands.

Sorry, they were scared, thought of you - apologies Latynina.

The bridge in Crimea was dropped twice, former submarine captains struggle with fat while jogging, Golden Vladlen figurines are being distributed, strategic bombers are being sabotaged by divers, 10-12 rockets arrive in Sevastopol, there is a panoramic shot there like from Baghdad.

Jokes about Mikola have run out, who else should we think about?

But, in principle, even in the Russian brain, there should be a difference between diversions for legitimate purposes and terrorism. And how all the tasks in Syria and Picnic concerts are performed.

And then I carefully watched the detention of the unknown, whom they call Tajiks from Dushanbe. They don't understand anything.

A flock that cannot cover each other with fire, disassemble sectors, back up partners.

Instead, they beat up the captive, talk about fucking in the ass, threaten with a knife, cut off an ear, mutilate.

They then put the knife up for auction - as if it were an artifact, valuable to the Russian world.

A militant could have a suicide belt, could have a button, his comrades hiding in the forest may return.

None of them are targeting the detainee. No one is preparing to fend off a potential attack.

Moreover, there was a school in the Russian Federation that was engaged in underground activities in the Caucasus - they worked as agents, carried out raids, in principle, localized and extinguished to a large extent.

While the rest were riding in helicopters at the prom and keeping the taxi receipt to the GRU.

Now when everything that can work and at least somehow think went to the occupied territories (can you imagine what they are doing there, if they are cutting off ears in the middle belt), there are only professionals left in Moscow who can storm in an hour and escape with the dog from the scene of the attack, I have no other Russian special forces for you.

At the border with Belarus only airsoft players with sadistic tendencies. Proud of their electric shock tortures, wood carving, and runes on their sleeves.

With the full approval of society, which demands the death penalty, rejoices in torture, the Kuklachevs demand bombing. Not a single clown was interested in how the shooters left, how they left the region where they took the weapons, who are these people with runes and knives?

Hell is empty, all the demons are here. It's good that they don't really hide. The whole world can see the shackles.



On March 25th, Russians likely used hypersonic anti-ship missiles Zircon to strike Kyiv.

However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down both missiles directly over the capital. Less than a minute passed from the announcement of the air raid to the shooting down.

Zircon is the newest and most mysterious missile in the arsenal of the Russian Federation, Defense Express reported.

This is the second publicly known use of this missile after a failed attempt to attack Kyiv on February 7th.

More videos on our TikTok👇



❗️In Kyiv and several regions, an air alert has been declared.

Threat of using ballistic weapons from the south, - Air Force.



Reported explosion in Odessa.

Earlier in the Air Force warned that a missile is heading towards the city.

Another rocket is moving towards Kirovohrad region, heading to Kremenchuk.

Congratulations on Annunciation to all who celebrate today. I heard that if a person is faithful and sincerely makes a wish on this holiday, it will come true. Make a wish. You know which one!

Victories and good news to all of us!



🇵🇱In Poland, it is hoped that the transit of Ukrainian grain will "practically stop" from April 1.

As Minister of Development and Technology Krzysztof Hetman told in the air on Radio Lublin, Poland and Ukraine are negotiating the introduction of licenses for agricultural products.

We hope that, as discussed with the Ukrainian side, even transit, primarily corn and wheat, will practically cease from April 1," a Polish government official said.

News from Israel. Two terrorist countries supplied weapons to HAMAS. But unsuccessful. And that's good!



📄 Ministry of Justice filed a lawsuit to the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court for the application of sanctions to former Minister of Education Dmytro Tabachnyk, as provided by the Sanctions Law.



Over 2000 Russian cruise and ballistic missiles have been shot down by Ukraine's air defense since the start of the full-scale invasion.

This is the result of the titanic work of Ukrainian sky defenders. Modern air defense systems provided by our partners have saved thousands of lives, - reported the Ministry of Defense.

The department emphasized that Ukraine still needs more anti-aircraft missile systems to protect citizens from Russian terror.

Because civil infrastructure remains the main target of Russian strikes, - added the Ministry of Defense.

Today, on Monday, March 25, at 19:00 I will be doing a live broadcast with Ukrainian politician, diplomat, public and state figure Valeriy Chaly.

We are talking about:

Results of the Crimean Platform. Ukraine's position and our partners' stance on NATO membership and security guarantees.

- NATO Admiral Rob Bauer stated that if NATO has to fight alongside Ukraine on the battlefield, Kyiv needs to accomplish a number of tasks to make it possible and effective. What are our real prospects?

- At what stage are the negotiations with the USA and NATO today? What is the likelihood of receiving an invitation to the Alliance at the summit in the USA?

How will the war end. Is there a threat of a repeat of the Korean scenario in Ukraine?

- France has declared the highest level of terrorist threat due to the attack in Russia. French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal announced this. Is this a real threat?



The barista in the Kyiv cafe continues to make coffee despite the damage to the building caused by fragments of a Russian rocket.

💙💛Ukrainians - unbreakable!



As a result of the Odessa strike, three women were injured, the injuries are not serious, - head of the OVA Kiper.

There is damage to civil infrastructure, broken glass.



During the years of war, our civil society has shown incredible activity, responsibility, and mature right actions. Therefore, together with Marina Poroshenko, we continue our unique initiative - providing grants to support cool civic initiatives.

Our priorities #1 are protection of the state, support for youth, return of people from abroad.

Geography of the proposed projects is impressive: Kharkiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia, Kyiv, Cherkasy, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Kropyvnytskyi, Chernihiv, Khmelnytskyi, Vinnytsia, Rivne, Kherson, Ternopil, Chernivtsi, Volyn, Zakarpattia - practically all Ukraine.

Production of drones for the Armed Forces, tactical medicine school, rehabilitation of soldiers, creation of volunteer spaces, first aid training, assistance to children affected by armed conflict, psychological and emotional support to military families, training and production of portable charging stations for the military, course of assistance to severely wounded, manufacturing of camouflage equipment for the military.

Not a penny for goals that are not aimed at protecting the state. No sidewalks, no marathons, no TV series, no incomprehensible projects distributed "under the carpet" and for which no one is accountable. Only the most important, high-quality and transparent.

Glad that our Poroshenko Fund can help implement these cool ambitious initiatives.

Let's continue working! Because the unity of Ukraine is the consolidation around the Armed Forces and concrete steps for victory.




DTek has lost nearly half of its generating capacity due to recent widespread shelling of Ukraine's power system. .

Destruction of energy facilities is so massive that it is estimated in billions of hryvnias and Ukrainian energy companies alone will not be able to recoverinformedExecutive Director of DTEK Dmitry Sakharuk.



🇪🇺EU condemns repeated attacks on Ukraine over the past week, - head of European diplomacy Borrell.

Russia used nearly 190 missiles to target civilian populations and destroy energy infrastructure, as well as deprive ordinary citizens of basic electricity and heating systems. These are war crimes," he wrote on social media X.



🇺🇸The USA has imposed sanctions against 13 legal entities and 2 individuals for activities in the financial services and technology sectors of the Russian economy, including individuals who develop or offer services in virtual assets that allow to evade US sanctions.



💡 At this point, there is no decision on revising electricity tariffs for the population or banning the export of electricity.notifiedMinister of Energy of Ukraine Halushchenko.

According to the official, the decision on revising electricity tariffs for the population or banning the export of electricity will be made by the government after fixing the consequences of the mass attack of the Russian Federation on energy facilities.



Last year we started a new tradition - to celebrate the holy Ramadan together: the political leadership of our state, and the military command, and representatives of our, Ukrainian, Muslim community, and the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people, and the diplomatic corps - all together. Unity is always important. Unity is even more important when life is clouded by war and the blows of evil.

Since March 11, when Ramadan began this year, for all Ukrainians, there has been no peaceful and safe day without Russian terror for the Ukrainian Muslim community. Putin has nothing sacred and valuable to him - he doesn't care who he exposes to suffering and what faith he destroys, because he himself believes only in violence. And he must lose - for sure. This is what all our people together ensure - everyone who makes efforts for the common good.

Saying this during iftar. May this time of Ramadan support all of us - our people, our state. And may our unity remain unchanged. Happy Ramadan!

Dumbass! Dumbass! He blamed Ukraine for the terrorist attack in Krokus. And dumbasses will believe it. Russian dumbasses.



We have gathered the most important things for you that you may have missed by March 25th:

🔹Two ballistic missiles that werelaunchedfrom the occupied by Russia Crimea to Kyiv in the morning of March 25, were aimed at the offices of the Security Service of Ukraine, - media.

🔹DTEK CompanylostAlmost half of its generating capacity due to recent mass shelling of Ukraine's energy system.

🔹As a result of the Russian attack on Kyiv on March 25destroyedPart of the building of the Academy of Decorative Applied Arts and Design named after Boychuk.

🔹Polandcreatehelicopter military base near the border with Ukraine.

🔹In Krivoy Rogcanceledemergency power outage.

Fantastically beautiful vanishing trick with a red-haired T-80 performed by the 100th OBTR. Glory to the Ukrainian military!

The bill submitted by Bezugly and Tretyakov smells of the USSR and North Korea.

The bank's service offers 12 years in prison "for misappropriation of state functions by a citizen and representation of Ukraine at international events, including in correspondence and phone calls without approvals in the prescribed by law".

It may seem like a threat to all politicians and activists who defend our country's interests on the international stage, advocate, and seek greater support for Ukraine by communicating with Western politicians, civil organizations, opinion leaders, and influential institutions. But it seems so simple. Because this is a project of the servants against Yermak, for trying to perform functions not peculiar to him. Andriy Borisovich, the servants want to put you in jail! Is this still an OP idea against everyone who is not from the Bankova team? Oh, so much that is unclear...



The heating season in Kramatorsk will also end prematurely - on the night from 28 to 29 March.

This will be done given the significant increase in air temperature, the city council reported.



Thank you to everyone who is working to eliminate the consequences of Russian strikes. Kyiv - ballistic today, damaged houses, building of the Academy of Arts. People were injured - everyone has been provided with the necessary assistance. Thank God, there were no children at the Academy. The rubble is being cleared all day. Odessa and Mykolaiv - after strikes on energy facilities the situation is difficult, all necessary services, repair crews were involved. During the day another strike on Odessa - people were injured. Kharkiv - still particularly difficult, but every day adds a little energy to the city. I am grateful to everyone who works for the sake of the city, to everyone who cares for people and helps their neighbor.

Now it is extremely important to pay attention to those who need support. And even if people find it difficult to ask others for help, please pay attention yourself, support, do not leave people alone with difficulties.

I thank everyone who protects people and values life! I thank everyone who is with Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!

There is nothing to add. ))



SAPO and NABU have initiated criminal proceedings against the head of the Antimonopoly Committee, Pavlo Krylenko, for articles on illegal enrichment and declaring unreliable information.

As reported by "Radio Liberty", law enforcement officers started a criminal investigation on March 22 - the day after the release of the "Schemes" material, in which journalists found that the official's family acquired real estate and cars with a total market value of over 70 million hryvnias in the period from 2020 to 2023.

The number of idiots in our government is too high. Their proposals resemble stupid initiatives and the craving for autocracy is annoying. It's comforting that there are fewer of them every day. But the amount of nonsense from them does not decrease. That's irritating. Small bug, but it stinks. And it's the same with the servants.

Kursk, what's up?