Mar 1, 2024 - Day 737

737 days of active phase of a 10-year war. Everyone needs to take a breath. And remember that it won't always be so hard. Is everyone here?

Time for some good news!



During the past day, there were 83 armed clashes.reportsGeneral Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Defense Forces Aviation struck at 10 areas where enemy personnel were concentrated.

Also, three Su-34 fighter-bombers were destroyed by the Ukrainian Air Force units.

Units of missile troops struck 3 areas of concentration of personnel, weapons and military equipment, 3 MLRS BM-21 "Grad" volley fire systems, 2 artillery systems, 2 command posts, 1 ammunition depot, 1 enemy electronic warfare means.



🇱🇹 Lithuania has closed two more border crossings with Belarus - Lavarrish and Raigard, LRT reports.

Only checkpoints in Myadyntsi and Shalchyntsi will remain operational in the country.

It is noted that the closure of checkpoints is aimed at solving problems of national security, smuggling, and violations of international sanctions.



🕯In the morning at 9:00 minutes of silence we honor the memory of those who died in the brutal war of Russia against Ukraine.



🇯🇵 Japanintroducednew package of sanctions against individuals and organizations involved in financing Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine and annexation of Crimea.

According to the document, the new list includes 12 individuals and 36 organizations.

In honor of the arrival of spring, I remembered that I am a scientist.

The intensity of use, the scale of influence, and the volumes of funding of the Russian propaganda machine in the conditions of the Russian-Ukrainian war allows to call it a separate kind of troops of the Russian Federation army, whose activity consists in spreading fake messages - non-lethal information weapons, optimal for use in terms of cost/efficiency.



Today we honor the memory of serviceman Andriy Potyuk.

The man was from the city of Stryi in Lviv region. At the age of 11, he was left an orphan. In adulthood, he worked both in his hometown and abroad. Later, Andriy started a family.

The news of a full-scale war caught him outside the country. Unable to stay away, the man returned to Ukraine. He volunteered to join the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He served as a machine gunner in a platoon. He underwent military training abroad. However, the departure to the front lines in February of this year was the last for the fighter. He was 35 years old.

Andriy left behind his wife, sons, and sister.

Always on duty!

Remember how Arakhamia told that in 2022 in Istanbul they agreed with the Kremlin, and then Boris Johnson banned signing the crap that Putin offered? I don't know if Johnson prohibited or not, but WSJ publication.published projectthat peaceful treaty. Do you want to know what the Kremlin offered Ukraine to end the war?

Conditions in Russia:

• Crimea will remain under Moscow's influence and will not be considered neutral

• Ukraine, despite the possibility of joining the EU, will not be allowed to join military alliances such as NATO

Foreign weapons will not be allowed into Ukraine

• Russian language should function on par with Ukrainian

The question of the future of eastern Ukraine was not included in the project, leaving it to the discretion of Putin and Zelensky during personal talks.

• The Armed Forces of Ukraine will be reduced to a certain size. Russia wanted to limit everything to certain numbers: 85,000 military personnel, 342 tanks, and 519 artillery pieces. The range of Ukrainian rockets was limited to 40 kilometers. Ukraine wanted to have more.

What do you think about this?



Zarais preparingbefore the shops open in Ukraine, - Financial Times.

The Spanish company Inditex, the owner of the Zara store chain, has informed local landlords about its plans to return to Ukraine in early April. It is planned to open about 50 out of the 80 or more stores owned by the holding.



General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published approximate total losses of Russian occupiers.

The people leading the fight against Maidan-3 are the ones who tried to disperse Maidan-2.

Recipe for manipulation by Zelensky from Yermak and Tatarov is very simple - he needs to be constantly intimidated with threats and gestures, more stress.

At the beginning of Zelensky's war, he was threatened by sabotage attempts - in an interview with Fox News, the president stated that there were 6 assassination attempts against him.

All this is not confirmed by any facts. No evidence of any actions by any Russian sabotage group in Kyiv that would try to approach the president. None.

There are also no signs of any organization called "Maidan-3", no mass organized protests, and no mass calls for the overthrow of the government. None.

And with the subjects of protests, attempted assassinations, and conspiracies, it is very convenient for Zelensky to manipulate and destabilize his psyche so that he does not interfere with Yermak and Tatarov ruling the country further on his behalf. (c) Yuriy Butusov



European Commissioner for Enlargement from Hungary Oliver Varhelyi published on social media X a photo of a letter from the fifth president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko asking to stop the discriminatory practice of not letting representatives of the opposition out of the country.

From the published document, it is clear that Poroshenko received a preliminary invitation to the European People's Party conference, which will take place in Bucharest on March 6-7, from its chairman Manfred Weber.

At the conference, Poroshenko is expected to speak before a distinguished audience about the situation in Ukraine and the role of the European People's Party in strengthening support for our state in these challenging times, as stated in the letter.

However, Poroshenko was informed that the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ruslan Stefanchuk decided not to grant the leader of the European Solidarity permission to participate in the conference.

In a functional democracy, the opposition cannot be restricted, - signed the Hungarian European Commissioner his post.



❗️ Ukraine passed the winter on gas of its own production.

Historical event. 10 years ago no one would have believed it. Two years ago, when a full-scale war began, it was also difficult to believe in it. But we did it and plan to continue supporting the trend of energy independence of Ukraine, said the chairman of the board of Naftogaz of Ukraine Chernyshov.

How they fooled them again

Laughed at the fact that former influential Minister of Yanukovych's times Oleksandr Klymenko became an "investor" in "LNR", but the main thing is the beauty of the game. The story of how some of my fellow countrymen bathe in urine for 10 years in 6 paragraphs.

One of the main Russian myths that were cultivated in the region was that Europe would come and close all the mines. Thatcher closed them, didn't she? And the EU will close them. A mine is a mother, a miner is a son of the earth, a tough guy in a helmet, who swallows dust and mines rock. And then a gay guy with an EU flag will come, close the mine, and drive the miner out to die. So, rise country, Russia will save everyone, and we will feed ourselves with our gold brand marks H.

2. Pumping people with this and other myths [Bandera feeds everyone, Donbass, on the western salary 92 hryvnia, the rest is money Donbass, etc.], Russia began to invade. It turned out that, firstly, she didn't give a damn about the mines, secondly, there was nothing to pump water for, and thirdly, the miners were just meat for the Russians. It should be said that even before the war, the profitability of the mines was doubtful. So by 2017, the mines in the Luhansk region ended up flooded, and somehow, at least, the Bilorichenska mine of the Lutugino district and the mine in Zolote provided themselves with coal. It provided coal for its maintenance and a little to sprinkle on the miners for their homes. In other words, this mess should have been shut down 20 years ago, but the miners stubbornly held on to their myth.

3. Came and a big war in the 22nd year. Russia captured almost the entire Luhansk region. All kinds of Russian marginals from distant corners of the empire came to the "capital". Some deputies of the gathered Ust-Khuyinska and members of the Upper-Zalupinsky duma, who got into trouble at home for bribes or drunken fights. And they were sent to atone for their sins and build statehood in Linyri. At first, the locals didn't like it, they even resisted. But they were quickly caught in various cities, beaten, and quickly explained that they were now nobody.

4. Those who arrived immediately began to organize all sorts of scams, funds, consortia, in order to chop up that unfortunate region and sell everything that the local baboons did not manage to sell in 10 years. Why did they create funds, when they could just steal? This cargo cult game is in law. Like, look, miner, they didn't give you a kick right away, they made you a shareholder! As the hero of the MMM advertisement said: "I'm not a freeloader, I'm a partner." Miners continued to hold onto their myth. The Bilorichenska mine was still somehow pulsating and producing some three kilos of coal for Granny Lida's stove.

5. And the miners were gathered and said that finally Russia has come, we need to restore the region, give us 100500 tons of coal by lunch. And other empty slogans. Miners were happy with their myth, and even gathered in the hall, like shareholders. PARTNERS, could not stand it. They were introduced to a new director of some concern, who will combine industry, lift mines from their knees and everyone will be able to buy Bulgarian panels again, televisions, electronics, and maybe, in 2048 even Zhiguli. In short, like in the "golden 70s".

6. But it turned out that the concern was created a week ago, with a charter capital of a thousand rubles, and most importantly, all this is for Klymenko, a former minister of revenues and taxes. Through the concern, he begins to mine the mine and export it to Russia, where apparently he was allowed to extract coal somewhere in the Rostov region. But the miners stick to their myth: What is this, comrades, where to!

And they do not see how the Party of Regions, for which they froze in Mariupol and worshipped so much, their party is a father, salt, miner's strength! The party and Russia once again played a trick on the lips. Because both the Russians and all the former always sneezed on people, especially miners. They are just crepes, so that Yefremov and company could buy houses in Lipki and abroad. And now, to die in the reeds for the empire.

That's what happens when you wash yourself with pee for 10 years (c)Yevhen Spirin

110th separate mechanized brigade named after General-Horunzhii Mark Bezruchko, which held Avdiivka, demonstrated incredible heroism and victory in battles against occupiers! Glory and honor to the Heroes from the 110th OMBR! You have forever inscribed your surnames in the history of Ukraine!

There is one force that defended Ukraine, holds the defense, retakes territories, destroys occupiers, and brings Victory closer - and it is the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Glory to the Ukrainian military!



Accusations against Petro Poroshenko in an attempt to disrupt European integration through his letter to the EU Commissioner complaining about the opposition's not being allowed abroad are distorted logic, says former MP Brigynets.

He commented on the statement of the Deputy Prime Minister on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Stefani regarding Poroshenko's letter.

Logical! Guilty is not the criminal, but the one who exposed the crime or the victim of the crime...

The Wall Street Journal published a document dated April 15, 2022, showing the conditions that the Kremlin put forward in negotiations with the Ukrainian government. Arakhamiya said he was close to reaching an agreement with the Russians on negotiations. Was Ukraine really willing to accept Russian terms? Did Arakhamiya sign this document? Who will take responsibility for this? Details of the situation were shared in his personal blog. Share your thoughts in the comments.



Ukrainian seaway exported a record volume of goods in February.

The cargo turnover of the ports of Great Odessa in the shortest month of the year amounted to 8 million tons, of which 5.2 million tons are products of Ukrainian farmers. These are record export indicators not only through the Ukrainian corridor, but also since the time of full-scale invasion. We are gradually approaching pre-war export indicators through these ports, said the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure Kubrakov.



Ukrainian pilots on F-16 are practicing tasks of attacking air and ground targets.

Pilots practice tactical maneuvers. They actually practice striking air and ground targets. This is very very necessary. Because it is not only necessary to fly but also to control the airspace, they must fight for it. And it is these things that our pilots are currently practicing, said the Air Force spokesman Ignat.

The training is undergoing both aviation personnel and engineers."learn how to service this aircraft, its armament, how to program it, how to strike with precision weapons" .



🇺🇦 Fighters of 25 OHDBr really need specific lightweight protection, namely: 8 plate carriers with side protection and a helmet with a ballistic package (ballistic filling of class II).

Defenders perform certain tasks in which maneuverability saves lives. Due to the active use and the weight of the protective plates, the old equipment broke down.

This type of equipment is expensive, but in terms of quality and durability, it completely justifies itself.

Join the collection that will help protect our soldiers!

🔗Link to the bank:

💳Bank card number:

5375 4112 1317 1213(Note: This appears to be a series of numbers without any context provided)

Obviously, the best option for Putin and all other Russian occupiers is for Ukrainians from the occupied territories to fight against the Ukrainian army in Ukraine. So that some Ukrainians destroy other Ukrainians. And Russian invaders can remain alive and settle in the houses and apartments of Ukrainians in the occupied territories. Or simply so that there are no Ukrainians left on Ukrainian lands.

It is obvious that in the case of the occupied territories by 2022, this is already the case.

Because they are mobilized by Russians and from Donetsk and Luhansk, and from Crimea.

Now the same thing is happening in the occupied parts of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions. (с)Oleksandr Yankovskiy



Russian army is making a powerful breakthrough at Chasiv Yar, - spokesman of the Ukrainian Ground Forces "Khortytsia" Yevlash.

They accumulate their very powerful forces and as of now this can be considered one of their powerful breakthroughs on Chasyv Yar... Access to Chasyv Yar will open the enemy's path for further offensive actions, a foothold for advancing on Kostyantynivka. And of course, the main goal in Donetsk region is the Kramatorsk-Slovyansk agglomeration," said a spokesperson on Radio Liberty.

Yevlash noted that the enemy does not spare his efforts, tries to take advantage of the moment, looks for weak spots.

According to his words, several defensive rings were built near Chasovoy Yar. In this direction, there are also minefields, both anti-tank and anti-personnel, as well as embankments and anti-tank barriers to obstruct the advancement of heavy equipment of the Russian army.

To the defense of Chasovoy Yar, they were preparing for a long time, even when the enemy was able to capture Bahmut. Of course, it was clear that additional defensive lines needed to be equipped, more advantageous. Since the largest next populated place in this direction was Chasiv Yar, - said Evlash.



🇫🇷 France is not ready for war with Russia, but it plans to take all possible measures to prevent the RF's victory.statedhead of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Stefan Szychurne.

Everything we do is aimed at avoiding war and, obviously, not causing alarm to the French, so our strategy in this time of uncertainty is precisely aimed at not letting Russia win," he explained.

Sezhurne emphasized that the French are not ready to die for Ukraine, but they are ready to act to prevent Russia's victory.

I monitor the news about Navalny's funeral. The difficulties created by the authorities speak of one thing - Putin is afraid of Navalny to the point of shitting his pants even when dead and that he will become a symbol of protest, like a Russian Che Guevara. Not in form, but in substance. The botox guy is afraid that Navalny's image will become attractive to the protest masses of Russia, even though they are completely impotent and weak. But what surprises me most is the cowardice and meanness of Putin's supporters themselves, who suggest beating and twisting those who came to the funeral at the first opportunity. Savages. Typical Soviet savages. But that explains a lot. And that scum agrees to be ruled by scum, and that fear of change unites them all. Yes, apparently Russia was created as a warning to humanity so that everyone could see how not to be.



The election of a president in Ukraine during the war is impossible, there is a public consensus on this issue, said the advisor to the head of the President's Office Podolyak in an interview with The Telegraph.

Regarding the term of the President of Ukraine. Today there is a consensus that in a state of war, it is impossible to ensure a truly transparent and competitive electoral process. This consensus is social. Security parameters, financial parameters, parameters of political competition - all this cannot be resolved today, - he said.

Podolyak emphasized that "this doesn't mean that society's consensus can't change tomorrow".

It may change, and then we will talk about it. But today, the President of Ukraine is an absolutely legitimate figure. Because society considers him legitimate, and legally he is legitimate, - emphasized the advisor to the head of the Office of the President.

The Kremlin fuhrer had not time to call the participants of the SCO "elite", as life immediately provided convincing evidence of this.

In Yakutia, a former prisoner-recidivist, returning from the war, killed the winner of the Best Teacher of Russia contest. On February 24, the man broke the head of a 34-year-old man with a crowbar, with whom he had been drinking, and then went home to a neighbor and chopped up a 64-year-old woman with an ax - "on the grounds of old grievances". She is the teacher of the primary classes of the Kutanyinskaya secondary school with a 40-year experience, the winner of the contest "Best Teacher of Russia" and the recipient of the grant from the President of the Russian Federation.

The representative of the "elite" is called Viktor Savvinov. Since 2010, he has been convicted three times for charges of causing serious bodily harm, theft, car theft, attempted murder, robbery, and attempted robbery.

In 2020, the Viluisky district court of Yakutia found Savvinov guilty of murdering a woman with whom he drank alcohol - he beat her and stabbed her with four knives. Savvinov received a total of 11 years of strict regime colony. By the way, it is appropriate to use the word "just" - tea, not Navalny, a terrorist-extremist. But in the end, he was recruited and went to war in Ukraine.

The national project "Time of Heroes" has finally started.

Putin is so furious about Navalny's funeral that the explosions can be heard even in temporarily occupied Crimea. Oh, the explosions sound for another reason. But I like everything.



🙅‍♂️: Man gesturing noMinistry of Energyrefutedinformation about the Ministry's preparation for raising electricity tariffs for the population.

It is noted that at the moment there are no discussions or calculations regarding a possible increase in tariffs.

Friends, I am here again with your help. In short, the 63rd separate mechanized brigade is raising funds to purchase necessary REB equipment for our tanks. This is necessary so that Russian drones cannot strike our tanks. This is necessary to save lives and equipment. This is necessary to win. It is not needed by them, it is needed by all of us. So, if you have the opportunity and desire, join the fundraising for the brigade fighting for our right to live in Independent Ukraine.

Total collection amount - 1,350,000 hryvnias.

At the moment, 516,000 UAH has been collected.

Every donation is a contribution to protecting our tankers and destroying the enemy. Map and link in the first comments.

5375 4112 1247 7207



🇧🇬 Bulgaria stops importing Russian oil.

Today the relevant decision of the Bulgarian parliament on the termination of imports, adopted at the end of 2023, has come into force, reported by "Interfax-Ukraine".

According to the decision, a schedule was approved that provides for a reduction in imports by half from January 1, then - by 25% from February 1, as well as a complete stop on March 1.

Bulgaria and several other EU countries were exempted by Brussels from the ban on importing oil from Russia until the end of 2024. However, the government of the republic decided to refuse Russian raw materials ahead of schedule.



🇺🇦 Ukraine expects to receive 16 billion euros from the European Union assistance package in 2024, announced Prime Minister Shmyhal.

Earlier, the EU approved a four-year plan with 50 billion euros for Ukraine.

Putin spoke at the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. What is the main takeaway from Putin's words? Is it worth paying attention to his speeches at all? The head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine Kirilo Budanov commented on Zelensky's decision to remove Zaluzhny from office. Is this again an attack on Zaluzhny? Why is this being done? Venislavsky stated that "Servant of the People" will not appeal to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine regarding the legitimacy of Zelensky's presidency. What does this mean for Ukraine? How will the West react to this? Will the Kremlin use this in their propaganda?



🤝Signed a bilateral security agreement between Ukraine and the Netherlands€2 billion military aid this year .

The agreement also provides for further defense assistance for 10 years.

How do events of the Holocaust influence the past on current politics and the future?

Senator Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Senate majority, appeals to Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson to urgently put to a vote and approve a $95 billion international aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. Schumer expresses this request with a story of his ancestors killed by the Nazis in western Ukraine.

In 1941 the Nazis came, they told my grandmother, who was well known in the town of Chortkiv, to gather the family on the porch. Thirty-five people gathered, ranging in age from 80 years to three months. The Nazis said, "You will come with us." She said, "We will not move," and they shot each one with automatic weapons. That's what happens when you try to appease dictators. You can't act like that. Johnson must learn this lesson.

From almost 8000 Jews of Chortkiv city of Ternopil region of Ukraine after executions, forced labor in the ghetto and deportation to the death camp of Belzec, less than a hundred Jews who had hidden in the nearby forests, like wild animals, remained alive. All stages of the genocide were carried out by the German police, local Ukrainian police, and the Jewish council (Judenrat) enforcement.

Senator Schumer, being unquestionably a globalist, criticized isolationists among Republicans. They said: "It's far away, we have nothing to worry about." This is what the world said about Hitler in 1938, and America paid the price for it - hundreds of thousands of deaths, billions of dollars spent.

The call of Schumer to resist the President of Russia Putin was made immediately after the senator's trip to Ukraine last week, during which he met with President Zelensky. The US Congress🇺🇸 is still dragging on a vote on providing aid💰💵 to Ukraine🇺🇦 and Israel🇮🇱..😙🥺 (c)Shimon Breiman, Israeli journalist



Today there is a new military support package for our soldiers - from the Netherlands. By the way, the Netherlands actively help us with air defense systems, with the F-16 coalition. This year, new fighters will be in our sky, and we need to make this year effective in defending against Russian guided aerial bombs, Russian aircraft, and missiles.

Alexander Syrsky, Air Force Commander Oleshchuk, Defense Minister Umierov held a special military briefing for Mark Rutte regarding the situation on the front line now, regarding our capabilities in active operations and in defense on specific directions. Of course, we also talked specifically about Kharkiv. Grateful for the willingness of the Netherlands to help further. This is really a strong visit today. I am grateful to Mark personally, and to all the people of the Netherlands for supporting Ukraine.

Key you are that Russia must lose. And our country, our partners - restore security. We do everything for this. And I thank everyone who helps!

Glory to Ukraine!

In the popular German newspaper Tagesspiegel, the topic of abducted Ukrainian civilians was raised. Now in Germany they will read about them, they will talk about them, and this will help exert international pressure on the Russian Federation to return our people home.

And this is a confirmation that we need to work with German media, as with all others. And I thank those Ukrainians who do it. Unfortunately, this is happening without the help of the authorities.



🙈In Moscow, people at demonstrations in memory Navalny demands "Bring soldiers home!"

Russians also chant "Ukrainians are good people!"

Do we believe?

Controversial statement. But there the whole country is like that.

A pile of dead Russians next to a knocked-out Russian T-80BV in the occupied Steppe. This is just a small part of the price that the Russians pay for Putin's imperial ambitions, advancing another hundred meters forward. The next hundred meters will also be littered with the bodies of Russian occupiers. These are someone's children, fathers, brothers, husbands, friends, or neighbors. But now they are all dead. They had a choice to become occupiers and die or refuse to fight and live in Russia. They made a choice and were destroyed by Ukrainian warriors.

Russkie, are you ready to keep dying for Putin?



NATO planes intercepted Russian Su-30 fighter jets and the An-72 transport plane over the Baltic Sea.

Today, on Friday, March 1, at 19:00, we will be doing a broadcast together with Oleg Saakyan.

The Wall Street Journal published a document dated April 15, 2022, showing the conditions the Kremlin put forward in negotiations with the Ukrainian government. Arahamia said that he had nearly come to an agreement with the Russians on negotiations. What really happened there?

- Thousands of Russians were not afraid to attend Alexey Navalny's funeral. Why don't these people rise up against the war? Is Putin even afraid of the dead Navalny?

The struggle with Maidan-3 is led by people who tried to disperse Maidan-2. What are they planning on Bankova?

- Vlada announces the intention to block Telegram's manager. Will this app be closed in Ukraine and do we really need such a decision?

Ukraine has already signed security agreements with six countries. According to President Zelensky, the document was signed by: Great Britain, Germany, France, Denmark, Canada, and Italy. Can these agreements really help Ukraine with security issues?



💬 "Shipments of Taurus missiles to Ukraine, as well as the dispatch of German soldiers, will not happen," Olaf Scholz reiterated.

The Chancellor of Germany also called for preventing escalation of war between Russia and NATO.



🙈Putin signed an annual decree on conscription for military training of citizens in reserve in 2024.

It is interesting that two out of five points of the document are classified as "for official use only".

🇳🇱 The Netherlands will provide 250 million euros to the Czech initiative to transfer 800,000 shells to Ukraine., said the country's prime minister Rutte.

Also in the Ministry of Defense of the country, they revealed the contents of the aid package to Kyiv: 14 inflatable boats with rigid hulls, eight militarized river patrol boats and combat boats CB90

EarlierCanada has announced that it is ready to allocate funds to supply weapons from the Czech Republic to Ukraine.CBC News reports. Sources say the Canadian government may allocate up to $22 million.

Earlier, Czech President Peter Pavel announced that they managed to find sources abroad for hundreds of thousands of artillery munitions - 500,000 rounds of 155 mm caliber and 300,000 - 122 mm. But Czechia has no money to buy these shells.

It is interesting, has the Ukrainian government turned to the Czech Republic with a proposal to also finance this initiative? This is especially interesting against the background that, for example, at the Unified telethon, the government allocates 2 billion UAH, which is approximately equal to 52.5 million $. Is the Unified telethon more important for Zelensky than missiles?



📰France is considering allowing special forces and other military units to cross the border of Ukraine — Le Monde.

They say that this decision is considered by the French authorities as creating a strategic dilemma for Russia.

Thus, the French military presence could protect some territories of Ukraine and limit attacks from the occupiers., зазначають у виданні. , mentioned in the publication.

Ukrainian company INGUAR DEFENCE presents the first domestic MRAP with NATO STANAG LVL 3 protection level - INGUAR 3. They write that the armored vehicle is completely developed and created in Ukraine. Not bad. Very good.



🇨🇭Switzerland has introduced new sanctions against the Russian Federation: restrictions apply to 106 individuals and 88 legal entities and organizations.

In this way, the country joined the 13th package of EU sanctions against Russia.

Say that sport is beyond politics?



❗️The President of the United States, Joe Biden, signed a law on a temporary budget.

This will allow to avoid a shutdown of the country's federal government. The law will be valid until March 22nd.



🤬In Mykolaiv region, a fire broke out as a result of a hit, rescuers are already working, - head of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration Kim.

Currently, there is no information about the victims.

The question of whether there is room for politics during a war. This text was published today in Foreign Affairs. Its author Ehud Barak is a former Prime Minister of Israel (1999-2001) and Chief of General Staff (1991-1995). The text is called"Israel must decide where it is going - and who should lead it there. The issue of early elections"Quote:"After more than four months of war in Gaza, two absolutely different but equally accurate portraits of Israel have emerged. On one hand, the war demonstrated the tactical skill of the Israel Defense Forces, formed a high level of unity among the military, and contributed to a sense of solidarity among Israeli citizens who remain collectively traumatized by the barbaric terrorist attacks of HAMAS since October 7th."

On the other hand, the war revealed stunning strategic incompetence of the Israeli government and an astonishing leadership vacuum at the top. Members of the ruling coalition hesitated to make important decisions, did not cooperate with each other during the war, attacked the command structure of the Israeli Defense Forces, and appeared extremely indifferent and directionless when it comes to relations with Israel's most important ally - the United States.

And why should they feel sorry for them? On the contrary, everything is great! We are happy for the utilization.



We have collected for you the most important things you may have missed for March 1st:

🔹Ukraine and the Netherlands signedbilateral security agreementin the next ten years.

🔹Canada and four other NATO countriesready to send their troops to Ukraine.

🔹Ukrainefor the first time in history winter has passedwith own gas production.

🔹Japan expandedsanctions against Russia

🔹ZSU for a monthshot down 13 Russian planes.

🔹Ministry of Energy has refuted information aboutincrease in electricity tarifffor the population



❗️Canada has banned indirect import of Russian diamonds, - country's Foreign Ministry.

This applies to jewelry over one carat. The ministry clarified that the restriction supplements the ban on Russian diamonds announced in December 2023.

-You are a fascist and a bender!

Yes, I know, our whole synagogue is like that. ))



The first shipments of ammunition, at the Czech initiative, will be able to be delivered to Kyiv in a few weeks, - Czech Deputy Minister of Defense for Bloomberg.

In total, it is planned to purchase 800 thousand shells.

Shabbat shalom from Sema and Dina, not Winchesters.



❗️Russian troops are conducting offensive actions on four fronts, a total of 73 combat clashes took place on March 1, according to the General Staff.

During the day, the defense aviation struck 13 enemy personnel concentration areas.

Units of missile troops struck at district of concentration of military equipment, 2 artillery units, 3 command points, 3 enemy ammunition depots.



🥈Yaroslava Mahuchikh won a silver medal in the final of the high jump at the World Athletics Indoor Championships.