Mar 23, 2024 - Day 759

759th day of the active phase of the 10-year war. I wonder if everyone who read me back then, on this day two years ago, where are you now? Everyone here?

In the Russian nothing has changed. Kremlin propaganda, warming up Russia's information space, threw in a deepfake where the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Danilov takes responsibility for organizing a terrorist act at "Krokus". Done, primitive and stupid, but the Russians have been fed worse.

The fake first appeared on the TG-channel "Pool №3" and was immediately picked up by the propaganda network of the Kremlin. And immediately after that, the channel of the Russian Ministry of Defense "Star" threw it in and showed it on NTV. The Russians, as always, are fed the most primitive information fishing line. But the Russians like it, so they eat it up and slurp it.

And it doesn't matter that Danilov didn't perform on television this day, his speech was generated by a neural network, and the video was taken from one of the past broadcasts. Because Russians are slanderers.



Last night, 31 out of 34 terrorists were eliminated by Ukrainian forces.

Monitored Russian publics and was pleasantly convinced thatthe versions described by me yesterdaybecame the main ones in the Russian information space. Ukrainians, Jews, RDC - this is what fills the information field of Russophobes. And where would we be without the USA. Not surprised. On the contrary, pleasantly pleased that Russophobia is so calculated and easily predictable.

In general, I don't know who exactly organized this battle at Crocus - the FSB, GRU or some other Russian service, and by whose hands they did it, but the style of setting and throwing versions - in the classic style of the Russian special services. And the frightened people of Russia will believe. It is stupid, primitive and easy to manipulate through the information space. Therefore, we simply observe what version the Kremlin has chosen as the main one for its purposes.

Rusnya, do you like being fed shit? Bon appétit.



❗️In Ukraine on the front line, there were 69 military clashes during the day. The enemy is actively trying to advance on Novopavlivskyi and Avdiivskyi directions, - General Staff data.

Throughout the day, the Air Force of the Defense Forces struck 13 areas where enemy personnel, weapons, and military equipment were concentrated.

The missile troops units have attacked personnel concentrations in two areas, one air defense target, and four important enemy objects.

Drone operators of the RUВPAК Wild Division 82nd ORDShBr decided to help the occupier engage in sports. But he did not show worthy results, disappointed our soldiers and was disqualified. Now he will be collected and will go home. But in different packages.



🕯 In the morning at 9:00, with a minute of silence, we honor the memory of those killed in the cruel war of Russia against Ukraine.

This is Russia. Such trash is possible only in Russia. Why? Because there are no adequate people in this mad house, and it cannot be otherwise. Read to the end.

The Supreme Court of Tatarstan sentenced the murderer Radik Tagirov. He was found guilty of murdering more than 30 elderly women, as well as two attempted murders and an attempted murder to conceal another crime. In addition, the court found him guilty of more than 30 episodes of robberies.

In particular, in the autumn of 2012, an 87-year-old resident of Ivanovo was strangled by them.

Tagirov was sentenced to life imprisonment and is currently preparing to join the russian army to fight in Ukraine. Russia is a failed state.



General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published the approximate total losses of Russian occupiers.



🔥At night, unknown drones attacked the Kuibyshev oil refinery in Samara.

As a result of the hit, a fire broke out in the oil refinery column. There are no victims or injured.

Ruzke propaganda in the standard form. We conduct SO, and they are fighting against us. Opened a second front! Belgorod !!! We are defending, not advancing. Help!

But I would like to ask this jerk with a hare - was it like this before 24.02.22?



❗️The number of victims after the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall has risen to 82. It is also known that at least 147 people were injured. - Russian media

The fire in the building has not been extinguished yet. The wreckage is being removed in the concert hall, which was set on fire by terrorists.



🤬 During the day, occupiers killed a child and two men in Zaporizhzhia, 29 people were injured.— OVA

During the day, the Russians struck 299 times in 12 settlements of the region. 10 private houses were destroyed, more than 400 were damaged.

Special forces of the 8th separate regiment of the Special Operations Forces conducted the elimination of occupants using fpv drones. They spectacularly and effectively destroyed the enemy mortar position and personnel near it. The fate of the occupant is to be destroyed by the Armed Forces warriors!

As a result of the fire attack, 5 occupants were eliminated, 4 more were wounded.

Also damaged BMP.

Glory to the Ukrainian military!



The US Senate on a night vote still approved a $1.2 trillion budget, - AP.

Now the budget is being sent for signature to US President Joe Biden.



🤡 The FSB claimed that the terrorists from Crocus City Hall were connected to Ukraine

It is claimed that they supposedly tried to cross the Russian-Ukrainian border and had contacts on the Ukrainian side.

One of the attackers from Crocus City in Moscow has been identified. He has a beard and an AK-47, so he fits.



So after the fire, Crocus Hall looks like this

All in points. On March 22, a terrorist attack took place in Moscow, terrorists opened fire at "Crocus City Hall" from automatic weapons. Reportedly, more than 40 people died and 100 were injured. Who is behind this terrorist attack? Did Russians immediately blame Ukraine? Could the Kremlin be involved in organizing this attack? Details are provided in my personal blog. Write your thoughts in the comments.



🤬RF shelled Ocheretne in Pokrovsky district," said Vadim Filashkin, head of the Donetsk Regional Administration.

One person died, there is also an injured person.



The number of deaths in the terrorist attack in the Moscow region has risen to 115 people, - Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

First, it's beautiful, and secondly, the first is enough. The UAV Strike Drones Company pilots of the shock rotors of the 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade demonstrate how during the meat rusnyav storm on the Avdiivka direction, the 21st Russian soldier was disposed of, and 16 more were injured. As a result - minus one rusnyavy platoon.



💬Declare FSB — this is a lie and an attempt to attract Ukrainian trail from the Russian regime, which they are actually engaged in from the first minutes, as this terrorist attack occurred, — representative of the GUR MOU in a comment to RBC-Ukraine.

I am very concerned that after the war in the streets of Ukraine, for some time, Colt's law will be in effect. Righteous will be the one with the power of weapons. Not whose side the law is on, but whose side the weapon is on. A pistol, a rifle, grenades or RPGs may become an argument of righteousness. Some of our fellow citizens emotionally decide that this is good, because you can establish order and deal with bad people. These fellow citizens forget that those who will be bad people today will be those who have weapons in their hands. Therefore, it is quite possible that sooner or later these fellow citizens will start shouting, Why me? Support from a crowd that cheers can quickly turn into fear for your own life. Can this happen? Of course it can. Can it be prevented? Maybe! But to do this, a lot needs to be done today. At the very least, legalizing the right to bear arms. The right to legal weapons. And after the war, there will be a huge amount of illegal weapons, which will be the real threat. Although it exists now, as a trophy, its status is still unregulated.

I do not like some people and I could easily fix their physiognomy, taking into account my anthropometric data and skills, but I believe that in a civilized world everything should be resolved on the basis of the law, not force. Otherwise, we are faced not with the creation of a European Ukraine, but with the appearance of an Eastern European Somalia. The threat of this is more than real. Think about it in your spare time.

P.S. Sometimes you really want to make a scoundrel wash himself with bloody broth. This is emotion. Savages act this way, succumbing to emotions and ignoring civilized methods. The only exception is when force can be used - self-defense. In modern civilized society, there is law. And it is our choice if we truly want to live in a civilized and legal state.



The leader of the suspects in the shooting of people in Crocus is being questioned, according to the Russian media.

He also says he received the task through Telegram.

What's wrong with the photo of the captured terrorist.

Boots in "special forces" are clearly not the ones that storm terrorists and run after them in the forest.

2. Pay attention to the tarpaulin strap of the "special forces" gun, which probably remains only in the arsenal of night guards.

3. The "special forces" terrorist holds one hand, and holds the other in his pocket, which speaks of the high professionalism of the fighter in camouflage.

He looks more like a warehouse guard or some participant of the rural self-defense than a professional HR specialist. (c) Andriy Tsaplienko

It seems that the show for the rusny continues.



😂Financial Times reports that the USA allegedly called on Ukraine to stop strikes on Russian oil refineries.

Picture - how Ukrainians perceived this news



💥Advisor to the mayor of Mariupol Petro Andryushenko reports on explosions in the occupied city!

A great example of how idiots, paranoids, and conspiracy theorists are everywhere. In any country or structure. The police are now beating up exactly such an idiot.from the USA .

This is Larry Johnson, who actually worked from 1985 to 1989 in the CIA. But who? His highest achievement - chief regional analyst for Central America, specializing in transportation. Constantly and earlier threw a flash. For example, he predictedщоUkrainian soldiers will rise up against President Zelensky of Ukraine. In an interview with the YouTube channel Dialogue works, he said "I am waiting for this, surprised that this has not happened yet."It's okay. But that asshole didn't even apologize. Now a new bullshit.

Main his message:The terrorist act in Moscow is the work of Kyiv - and the United States knew this very well. . About this Larry Johnson stated in an interview to the Youtube channel Judging Freedom .

I do not know if he does it for money, through his own stupidity, or to attract attention to himself, but popularity in him is exclusively among brainless people. They see themselves in him.

Suddenly... Encore???



Putin spoke out following the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall.

He claims that 11 people suspected of committing a terrorist act have been detained, and supposedly the Ukrainian side has prepared a window for them to cross the border.

He emphasized that it was a carefully planned and prepared murder.

Special operation by the FSB in Russia looks something like this.



🙈By the way, originally the media reported that the car with the attackers was stopped 16 km from the border with Belarus.

But later this version was quickly changed...

Russian oil has finally been placed under effective sanctions, - Bloomberg notes

▪The gear of the Russian oil export machine, which effectively finances the war in Ukraine, has finally got stuck. Indian oil refining companies - Moscow's second largest clients after February 2022 - will no longer accept tankers owned by state-owned Sovcomflot due to sanctions-related risks. They specifically provide logistics.

From the beginning of October, the United States have tightened restrictions on all tanker fleets carrying Russian oil. According to the analytical company Kpler, since then, dozens of tankers that have fallen under sanctions are idle, and there are more barrels of Russian fuel floating aimlessly in the oceans than ever before since 2017. Also, tankers that have been sanctioned can no longer even transport non-Russian oil, and their accounts are frozen. This discourages others from participating in the transportation of Russian oil in order to avoid falling under the same sanctions.

▪ In aggregate, these steps could lead to a gradual reduction in Russia's oil revenues, which is a key goal of US and their allies' policy. While at this stage a sharp reduction in supply is not expected, the question is how far Western regulators will go in tightening the screws. And everything points to the fact that the White House administration is ready for a maximum.

From October, the USA added 40 Russian oil tankers to the list. Four of the vessels recently sanctioned continue to make shipments, but no tanker that has been sanctioned has taken on cargo since being included on the US Treasury list.

▪ "The attraction of 'Sovkomflot' to responsibility is a significant strengthening of US sanctions against Russia... This will not solve the problem of circumvention, but will lead to an increase in transportation costs and a decrease in prices for Russian oil," believes senior research fellow at the Eastern Europe and Eurasia Department of the German Institute for International Relations and Security Janis Kluge.

▪ "In Washington, as before, there are powerful tools to damage Russian oil exports, but they use them cautiously, fearing a price jump in an election year," Klyuge says.



💥According to Andriushenko, there is also shelling in the northeast of temporarily occupied Mariupol!



🤬The occupiers suddenly damaged the line that supplies the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant in one day.

The Ministry of Energy reported that last night Russian occupiers cut off a 330 kV power line, causing an additional power supply scheme of the station to malfunction.

As of the morning of March 23, the line resumed operation, power supply to the ZAES continues.

I'll go eat a chocolate bar 🍫 or something...

What's going on, dudes!? Bratyuli again stabbed a knife into the dog's side.

As soon as Putin claimed that terrorists were rushing to the Ukrainian border, where a window had been prepared for them, completely different information came from friendly Moscow to Belarus.

"The head of the Belarusian State Security Committee is in direct communication with his colleague in Moscow. And in fact, the main task last night was not to let the terrorists go through our common border. This task has been accomplished," - cites his words "BelTA".

The Lukashenko's henchmen didn't even give Putin a chance. And how wonderfully he lied to the Russians about the direction of the Ukrainian border and about the window! But...



🇫🇷Mistakenly believe that the Russian Federation will stop in Donbas and Crimea, said President of France Macron.

So he responded to Kremlin's comments that Russia believes it is at war due to the West's aid to Ukraine, Reuters reports.

What needs to be done so that the suspect would confess to everything and even take the blame for what he did not do? In Russia, they use torture for this and film it. It's no wonder that after such treatment, the detainee admitted his guilt. Just a little more, and they would have broken him, convincing him that he destroyed the Soviet Union and killed Kennedy. All the Kennedys. And Lincoln too. Along with Erika.



📱 Applicants can register for the national multi-subject test through the Diia application, said the head of the Ministry of Digital Transformation Fedorov.

For this applicant, you need to have an ID card or foreign passport in Diya, and also activate Diya.Signature.

Why did Ukraine not prepare for the shelling of critically important facilities by the Russians? How and when will they be restored? Can Russia "sell" the Moscow terrorist attack as a Ukrainian operation? What is happening in the Verkhovna Rada, can we talk about a parliamentary crisis? Is it true that deputies are not allowed to go abroad on business trips as a form of punishment? This was stated by Ukrainian MP Dmytro Razumkov on Borislaw Bereza's YouTube channel.



Cargo spacecraft Cargo Dragon CRS-30 of SpaceX with food for astronauts today successfullyclungto the International Space Station

He delivered 2841 kilograms of food, equipment, and materials for conducting scientific experiments to the station.

This is already the 30th commercial mission of SpaceX to resupply the ISS.

Combatant Ruslan Kaganez: It is impossible to win this war without people. We will not make a million robots with artificial intelligence that will fight for us.. Journalist Olga Moskalyuk did a cool interview. I highly recommend reading.

Ruslan Kaganets currently commands the Volunteer Reconnaissance Battalion Sonechko, which is part of the special forces of the Timur's GRU. Has a call sign Komendant, which he received at the beginning of the Revolution of Dignity. The truth is, he has been wearing a military uniform since 2008. Then he transferred to distance learning at university and joined the army.

In 2008-2009, I served in the army. After the army, I was in nationalist organizations Carpathian Sich and Trident of Stepan Bandera, which was then led by Dmytro Yarosh. Training camps were constantly held in the forests, training, field games. I was always in uniform. Then the Revolution of Dignity happened. On the first night at the student Maidan in Uzhhorod, I was the commandant. That's where I still have this nickname. From the Maidan - to the ATO. These events followed one after another and things took off.



🙅‍♂️ - No man gestureSupreme Court of Spainadoptdecision to suspend the operation of the Telegram messenger in the country from March 25.

This is related to Telegram's accusations of disseminating pirated content.

This messaging exchange service is used by almost 19% of Spaniards.

Another failure in the trashy show. One of the body bags near Crocus got stuck lying and wanted to roll.



🇬🇧The Ministry of Defense of Great Britain has shown photos from the release of the first pilots of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who were trained on F-16.

The first Ukrainian pilots who underwent intensive training under the guidance of the Royal Air Force have completed their training, the department reported.

And they added that after that, Ukrainian pilots will move on to the next stage of training in France.

Text in two parts. Part two. The first part in the previous post.

Pay attention, after such a big tragedy we still haven't seen a statement from Putin. Or even Peskov. Or anyone from high-ranking officials.

Understandably, recognizing the total incompetence of the Russian special services, which could not prevent a huge ISIS attack in the capital and let all the terrorists escape, is difficult and unpleasant. Even after being warned by the Americans. And in principle, after hunting down grandmothers with anti-war posts on Facebook, there is no strength left for ISIS.

Moreover, Putin himself made a fool of himself a few days ago when he publicly stated that the Americans' warning about a terrorist attack was a provocation.

Yesterday's version with the involvement of Ukrainians was supposed to justify any repressions in Russia and any strikes against Ukraine in the eyes of the world. And it was meant to undermine international support for Ukraine.

Now the world will not believe it. Therefore, it makes no sense to openly lie about the organization and execution of a terrorist act by Ukraine in Moscow.

But I think in the Kremlin they are carefully choosing the right place for Ukraine in the official Russian version. And can't find the right place for over 17 hours. (с) Vitaliy Sich



Friends, attention ‼️

A request has been received from military personnel of the field communication node 41 OSB military unit A4066 who defend our land on the front line.

They now need additional equipment to support and maintain continuous communication between them, namely:

batteries for Motorola radios - 50 pcs.

Communication is the nerve of the army!

🎯Goal 100,000 UAH.

Help save the lives of those who bravely fight for Ukraine and our future. Make your contribution to Victory, support the Armed Forces with donations.

Glory to Ukraine!🇺🇦

🔗link to the bank

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5355 2802 1243 3328



Bank details of the Charitable Foundation Let's unite

Code: 45046691

Recipient's account: UA943220010000026002910000825

Bank name: Universal Bank

Purpose of payment: Charitable help

Collection from the Charity Foundation Let's Unite. Reporting:

What is wrong with the air defense in the regions of Ukraine? Are the Russians testing new weapons at the border? What does Putin's latest victory in the elections indicate? How has Putin destroyed Russian regions in 20 years? How has the attitude towards Ukraine changed in Europe and the USA in the last two years? What should we be grateful to the European Union and the USA for? Will Ukraine win in the long war with Russia? This and more was told by the famous Ukrainian scientist, political scientist, and political technologist Viktor Bobyrenko in a conversation with Boryslav Bereza.

0:00 Interview with Victor Bobyrenko

2:06 Sumy is home to a bunch of ChAVs.

17:29 About the elections in Russia

27:43 How Europe has changed during the war in Ukraine

37:40 Ukraine will not lose the war if it has the support of the USA and Europe.

50:57 What motivations are lacking for deputies in the Rada;

01:04:50 Humiliation of deputies from the Office of the President



That's how discounts from drones on enemy landings work.

Exactly for this purpose we transmit them by tens and hundreds every week. This video was sent by the guys from the 57th separate motorized brigade - they skillfully adjust artillery fire and drop explosives on the heads of Russians.

More drones - fewer enemies.




🇺🇸The State Department of the United States has again urged American citizens to leave Russia.



The analysis of blockages at the Dnipro HPP is ongoing, new attacks may be repeated, -Ministry of Energy .

We need to understand if this was a deliberate blow to the dam or if they simply missed the hydroelectric power station. If this was a deliberate blow and they intend to destroy the dam, these attacks will be repeated, and they will attack the dam itself. Therefore, repair work will be carried out, it is important to understand the scale of these attacks, if they are planning them specifically for the purpose of destroying the dam, - said the Minister of Energy Halushchenko.

Currently, according to his words, the situation is difficult, at this time there is equipment malfunction. Only after that it is possible to determine how much time is needed to restore the operation of the hydroelectric power station.



In Kharkiv, about 35% of the buildings are connected to electricity, 50% of the buildings already have heating.

The mayor Tereshov reported this on air telethon.

He said that the street lighting in the city is turned off, and the electric transport is not working.

The mayor added that if necessarywe will schedule power outages so that all Kharkiv residents have electricity at certain hours .



Throughout the day, 64 combat clashes were recorded.reportsGeneral Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Defense Aviation struck in 8 areas of concentration of enemy personnel, weapons and military equipment.

Units of missile troops struck 1 district of concentration of personnel, 4 control points, 1 air defense facility, 1 artillery unit, and 1 enemy radar station.



What happened in Moscow yesterday is obviously just Putin and other scoundrels trying to blame someone else. They always use the same methods. It's been before. And there were blown-up buildings, and shootings, and explosions. And they always blame others.

They came to Ukraine, burning our cities - and they are trying to blame Ukraine. They torture, rape our people - and then accuse them. They brought hundreds of thousands of their terrorists to Ukrainian land, fighting against us, and they don't care what is happening inside their own country. All of this happened yesterday, and this useless Putin, instead of dealing with his Russian citizens, turning to them, remained silent - thinking of how to draw them to Ukraine. Absolutely predictable.

Hundreds of thousands of Russians who are now killing on Ukrainian soil would be enough to stop any terrorists. And if Russians are ready to silently die in "Crocuses" and not ask any questions to their special services, then Putin will try to turn such a situation to his personal advantage.

Terrorists must always lose, and I thank everyone who truly defends lives! Thank you to all our people who fight against terror. And we must all defend ourselves against those who see people as expendable material.

One subject matter expert wrote to me about the terrorist attack in Crocus:

Strange are these Tajiks, Slava. Driving at a speed of over two hundred kilometers an hour towards Ukraine. And no one was stopping them, despite the interception plans of Sirena, Vulkan, and Groza. Look at the actions of the shooter in the Crocus foyer. He shoots in short bursts of two shots. After emptying the magazine, he doesn't drop it to the floor, but puts it behind his back, changes the magazine with one hand without lowering the barrel, and immediately continues to fire to incapacitate. His actions are calm and methodical, as if in training. Clearly a prepared professional soldier, trained for combat in restricted conditions. Special forces. Looks like FSB, not GRU. Different tactics there. These are probably from Alpha or Vympel. Tajiks from Alpha. I believe. But not really. Looks like a substitution of performers.



Russians reported a hostile missile attack, an air alarm has been declared in temporarily occupied Sevastopol.

Also reported on the work of the PPO in Sevastopol.

Publications publish videos with sounds of explosions in so-called Crimea.



In Crimea, it is very noisy.



Gathered for you the main things you might have missed on March 23:

🔹Russian occupation forces again! "пошкодили" - damagedline feeding Zaporizhzhia NPP.

🔹In Washingtondeclared, which "do not encourage" to strike at the territory of the Russian Federation.

🔹United States Senateapproveddraft law on financing the government for 1.2 trillion dollars.

🔹Supreme Court of SpainadoptThe decision to suspend the work of the Telegram messenger in the country from March 25th.

🔹In the State Border Guard Service and the National Security and Defense Council, categoricallyrefutedThe involvement of Ukraine in the terrorist act in the Russian Federation.

This is a good Russian. Already good. And could have been a living Russian, if not became an occupant. But he became good. Occupant, remember your fate. You will die.



It is reported that these are shots from the so-called Sevastopol.

Peaceful night 🌙 to all good people

Let the Russian die