Feb 29, 2024 - Day 736

736th day of the active phase of the 10-year war. The last day of winter. Unfortunately, I can't say much about this war... Is everyone here?



Another Su-34 was destroyed in the Eastern direction.

Time for great news!



During the past day, there were 99 combat clashes - reports General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

During the day, the defence aviation inflicted strikes on eight areas of concentration of enemy personnel.

Units of missile troops inflicted damage on one command post, two areas of concentration of personnel, weapons, and military equipment, four artillery weapons, one air defence means, one electronic warfare station, and one other important target of the enemy.



🕯Morning at 9:00 with a minute of silence, we honor the memory of those who died in Russia's brutal war against Ukraine.



Special operations forces are informed about Ukrainian soldiers, who heroically died during a combat mission in a collision with Russian occupiers, soldiers of the 73rd Naval Special Operations Center.

It is noted that providing the departure of the main forces of the group after completing a special task, the soldiers had their final battle, forever remaining in the ranks.

It is emphasized that the heroic and extremely difficult combat work of the Special Operations Forces units on land, at sea, and deep in the enemy's rear is a daily contribution of the SOF warriors to the victory over the enemy.

Always remember the price at which our freedom is won. Eternal memory and glory to fallen brothers! Sincere condolences to the families of the deceased! - said in the message.



Today we honor the memory of border guard, Senior Sergeant Volodymyr Vlasov.

The guy was born in the city of Reni in the Odessa region. In 2019 he started military service in the border guard service.

From June 2023 to August 2023, he carried out combat tasks in Eastern Ukraine. He then continued military service in the Kramatorsk border unit.

On December 29, 2023, Senior Sergeant Vlasov, as part of the unit, entered into battle with the occupiers, where he was injured fatally. He was 25 years old.

The presentation of military honors took place in the city of Reni. Family, friends, acquaintances, and comrades came to see off the fighter on his last journey.

Always ready!



New Zealanddeclaredabout the introduction of new sanctions against Russia, which apply to both companies and individuals.

Among the individuals and companies that have been sanctioned are organizations that purchase technologies for the Russian defense industry, as well as the leadership of some Russian banks.

Also sanctioned are individuals involved in purchasing weapons from North Korea.



General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine published estimated losses of Russian occupiers in the past day.

Yarika I have known for a long time. 10 years. And he is always positive, even in very difficult situations. Knows how to hold on. And now he shows that it was not in vain that he went to the armed forces at 22. The goal was to master eastern dances. He succeeded. Only the gray one became completely. Probably from dancing.

Thank you Yarik, and every defender of Ukraine!



😡Today in the morning the Russian army shelled the Darivska community of Kherson district, one civilian died.

In addition, damage was done to residential buildings and outbuildings.

The SBU detained another traitor, who not only нavoided Russian rockets in Kharkiv and wanted to facilitate the capture of the city. Scum.

The unemployed supporter of Putin, Hanna Perepelytsya, was recruited by Russian special services remotely at the end of 2023. She was tasked with photographing "necessary" objects and marking them on Google maps. In correspondence with the occupiers, she urged to shell Kharkiv more often and was very hopeful for the capture of the city and its annexation to the Russian Federation.

After the arrival of "their own", she expected to get a "position" in the occupation administration. The Security Service of Ukraine stopped the activities of the traitor and detained her. She faces life imprisonment.

And so here I have only one question - how did she become like this and what influenced her to choose betrayal? I don't understand this treachery. I don't understand...



🪖 13 NATO member and partner countriesgetting readyto participate in training sessions that will take place in Norway, Finland, and Sweden.

Training will last from March 3 to March 14, with over 20,000 military personnel taking part in them.

President of Argentina Javier Milei plans to hold a summit of Latin American countries to support Ukraine.

He said about it in an interview with the Financial Times. The summit, according to him, will take place "later this year." No more details were provided by Milei.

In the interview, he also mentioned that it is a priority for Argentina to form alliances with "countries that defend freedom", including the United States, Israel, which he visited earlier this month, and Ukraine, to which he gifted two military helicopters of Russian production.



On the Avdiivka and Mariupol directions, Ukrainian soldiersdestroyedTwo more Su-34 Russians.

The planes were shot down around 9 in the morning.



🇵🇱President of Poland Andrzej Duda stated that he does not believe that Russia will attack any NATO country.

"I don't believe in this, so I believe we will be ready," he said.

According to the Polish president's words, Russia will not attack NATO countries on condition that they remain strong.

You do not attack the strong. You attack the weak. Those who can be easily defeated, - explained Duda.

He thinks that if Putin knewwhat awaits him and his army in ukraine, he would not have attacked ukraine.

In the network they discuss the new interview with the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate Kirill Budanov. Why does the head of intelligence constantly give interviews? Why did Budanov accuse Zaluzhny of failures? Why was the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate MO insincere and forgot about the differences in views between Zelensky and Zaluzhny on mobilization and withdrawal of troops from Avdiivka? Will there be apologies for futile hopes for a counteroffensive and statements about coffee in Crimea? When will high-ranking officials start telling the truth? Analyzed the situation in his author's blog. Join the discussion in the comments.




🚇 In the summer, six stations of the blue branch of the capital metro will work in regular mode again, announced the mayor Klitschko.

I will note that work on the closed section of the blue metro line between Lybidska and Demiivska stations is proceeding according to schedule. Therefore, we should resume train traffic by the summer," Klitschko said.

"From here we will threaten Washington."

I don't understand why Putin's message was called a message to the Federal Assembly, if for the first almost 25 minutes the head of the Kremlin addressed the West, which he almost hated.

This part, which concerned us directly, was predictable. Threats of nuclear weapons, puffing cheeks, and waving fists. It seemed that at some point he would take off his slipper and beat the lectern with it.

It's already obvious: Putin didn't expect that the war with Ukraine would drag on for so long. The text of the message even reveals regret that "the West wants to drag us into an arms race", as it was in the days of the Union, which spent 13% of GDP on armaments.

But the main message of the signal remains the same as it was. This is the so-called "strategic stability in the world," which he is ready to discuss with the USA, because "without a sovereign, strong Russia, no world order is possible."

The strangest thing is that there was not a single word mentioned about China and their previously touted cooperation - as if this third pole doesn't even exist. It will be interesting to see how Beijing, who has been excluded from the conversation, will react to this.

It also did not do without threats to Europe, "which has forgotten what war is." Allegedly, "we can remind" that the consequences for "NATO interventions", if they go into Ukraine, "will be tragic."

And then went on a text about milk yields, education for young people, vodka and other "life problems". Clearly pre-election messages that the aging Russian elite constantly applauded.

The reaction to all these verbal emissions by Elvira Nabiullina, the head of the Russian Central Bank, was especially demonstrative. She constantly looked down as if resigned somewhere. Because obviously, like no one else, she understands perfectly well that the main responsibility lies on her shoulders for covering the pseudo-historical fantasies and geopolitical implementations of the Kremlin leader, as well as for the "stability of the entire economy of the country." This starkly contrasted with the confidence that the speaker tried to instill in the audience.

Finally, we have our own work to do. Let's hold on. (с)Viktor Shlinchak



🇺🇸Trump plans to meet with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on March 8th at his resort Mar-a-Lago in Florida, according to Bloomberg citing an unnamed source.

The Embassy of Hungary in Washington, Trump's campaign headquarters, and the US State Department did not respond to requests for comments.



Putin announced that hypersonic missiles "Zircon" have already been used "in combat".

Earlier, the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise claimed that on February 7, the Russians attacked Kyiv and the region with two 3M22 "Zircon" missiles. However, it was noted that these missiles had a lower speed and power than those claimed by the Russian side.

LDPR has never been so close to failure. ))

Our drivers are charming and deadly at the same time. Ukrainian Amazons!



Putindeclared, that the strategic nuclear forces of the Russian Federation are on full alert.

They began to talk about sending native contingents to Ukraine. But we remember the fate of those who directed the contingents. Now the consequences for the interveners will be much more tragic... They must finally realize that we also have weapons that can strike targets on their territory. Everything that the West comes up with creates a real threat of conflict involving nuclear weapons, and therefore the destruction of civilization, - he said.

In Russia, even ships are already burning. The fire is currently happening on the icebreaker Yermak in the port of St. Petersburg. We are waiting for the Kremlin to burn. And it will happen too.



🇵🇱Prime Minister of Poland Tusk believes that all statements and decisions of Putin should be perceived as his real intentions.

Not only aggressive rhetoric, but also the solutions announced by Putin - regarding increasing Russia's self-sufficiency, shifting the economy to military tracks, modernizing the army - all this should be taken absolutely seriously, warned Tusk.

He added that the EU should make decisions that balance Russia's military potential and make Europe better prepared for worst-case scenarios.

Here is precisely one of the reasons why Tusk is closing the border for Ukrainian products. Because there is a demand for such populist actions in society. And he focuses on ratings and the results of the upcoming local elections, not on global geopolitics and threats to European security. Who does this remind me of?...

But despite all this, Ukraine needs to continue redirecting its agricultural exports through other channels. We will still prove our ability even in such conditions. I agree with the last capitalist that let Polish politicians continue to maintain the problems of their subsidized and non-competitive farmers. Sooner or later, it will catch up with them. But we will not forget anything. By the way, Ukraine will also close its border in response to Polish products, which occupy from 5% to 15% of the Ukrainian market? Let Polish farmers and producers look for new sales channels, as Ukraine will look for new logistical channels. But we will find...

And all the information from here:




The mass downing of Russian airplanes in February 2024 was a response by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the increasing presence of Russian aviation in the eastern direction.reportedCommander's Dictionary of the Air Force Ignat.

The enemy increased aviation presence in the eastern direction. Accordingly, there was a response from the top military leadership. And the Air Force is doing what you see. They are shot down far enough, let's not say the exact distance, - said Ignat.

At the same time, according to him, Russian pilots no longer fly so close, because in order to bomb and launch missiles at long distances, they need to take risks, and by taking risks they fall under the sight of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In addition, Ignat emphasized that in the absence of the A-50 aircraft in the sky, it became much easier for the Ukrainian air defense system to work.

The importance of the disappearance of A-50 aircraft, even temporarily, for us is a good sign. It even helps to some extent to work out Russian planes with our means. In addition, the enemy receives less information about our radar stations, air defense means that emit radiation. The latter the enemy fixes using airborne radar, which is A-50, - he explained.

The SBU reported that Russia is buying up Ukrainian Telegram channels and bribing dozens of influential Ukrainians to organize Maidan-3. After this statement, I have only two questions - why aren't those dozens of influential Ukrainians arrested and why haven't their surnames and the names of the Telegram channels been named yet, to show who should not be trusted and minimize harm? These are logical priority actions for counter-propaganda and fighting the influence of the pro-Russian network!

According to the speaker of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) Yusov, the intelligence agencies have lists of these recruited individuals.

I cannot name specific surnames now. There are lists of people that the enemy works with, and there are tasks to involve them in spreading their rhetoric and influence on the socio-political situation in the country. These are tens of people when we talk about influential categories. Now they have the task of buying thousands of pages and accounts at a maximum. These will be the work of bot farms, newly created or already purchased telegram channels, - said Yusov.

Maybe I don't understand something, but every day the work of such TG channels and leaders of public opinion, if they are bought by Russia, is a task to harm Ukraine. In order to minimize this and stop their destructive actions, everyone must be immediately detained, then the evidence must be named and made public. This information will be spread by all patriotic pro-Ukrainian media. But they do the opposite and do not break the pro-Russian network. Am I the only one surprised by this?



A billion for the Armed Forces of Ukraine!"European solidarity" managed to push the Kyiv City Council, which finally allocated additional funds for the military.

🇪🇺Follow the EU on Telegram!

Why did the authorities talk about Maidan-3 again? Should the President appeal to the Constitutional Court? What's wrong with the mobilization law? How to motivate Ukrainians to join the armed forces? This and more were told by military serviceman, People's Deputy of Ukraine Roman Kostenko in an interview with Borislav Bereza.




🔊Russians are massively buying up Ukrainian Telegram channels to spread Russian narratives in society, - representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate Yusov.

In addition, bot farms are created to spread Russian rhetoric on social networks.

And what about Yermak burning in Peter - is this already Maidan 3 or Bolotnaya 2? Did the Russians confuse something and start in the wrong place? ))



Ukrainian hackers attacked Mail.ru, - Ministry of Digital Transformation.

All users outside the RF territory and some internal users have lost access to their accounts.

In the Office of the President, a statement was prepared to the Constitutional Court regarding the legitimacy of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, but they are afraid to submit it, since they are unsure if they will get the decision they want. What happens next? What is the current situation on the front line? What mistakes of the government need to be addressed first? I told Yuri Bibik more about this.




🔥 A boat of Russian border guards caught fire in the Sea of Azov - GUR

The ship's crew urgently requested an evacuation team. The causes of the fire and the nature of the enemy's losses are being clarified.

Currently known are about 5 dead invaders.

Do not forget that all those who are writing about Yermak, who drowned - enemies.

Who writes about Tatarov, Hetmantsyev, Shurma also enemies.

The enemies are those who write about the situation on the front line. Because only enemies can write about retreat and losses, it is obvious.

Enemies write about small pensions, large construction, and mobilization.

Not enemies, only these clear guys who write about enemies.

Thank you for your attention and do not thank! (с) Serhiy Marchenko



😂I still don't understand what denazification is, it's the dumbest thing I've heard.Tucker Carlson about interview with Putin

American host said that he was extremely displeased with the part of the conversation with Putin, where he just tried to discredit Ukraine.

This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I still don't understand what denazification means. There is no Nazi movement in 2024. Calling Ukrainians Nazis is very childish.

The Air Force destroyed 13 Russian aircraft in February, said Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ignat.

Although it is winter, Ukrainian hunters have gathered a good harvest of partridges.



💬These are quite serious topics. Every word I say on this subject is considered, deliberate, and thoughtful," - French President Emmanuel Macron.

Thus, the politician commented on his earlier statement about sending allies' troops to Ukraine in the future.

Tucker Carlson in an American journalist's podcast Friedman expressed some Putin's over the interview, which he himself took botulinum toxin: - This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

I did not like at all the part of the conversation with Putin, in which he was simply trying to discredit Ukraine. This is the dumbest thing I ever heard, - said the journalist.

I still do not understand what denazification means. There is no Nazi movement in 2024. Calling Ukrainians Nazis is somehow very childish, said Tucker Carlson.

So, it was stupid. But it was also stupid about everything else, from the saved Jews in Tsarist Russia to Zelensky's father, who fought against the Nazis before his birth. When you interview Putin, you shouldn't be surprised by a large amount of nonsense. One would be surprised if there was less of it.

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution that directly states that Alexei Navalny was killed, and the Russian authorities and President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin are responsible for his murder. The resolution was supported by 506 MEPs, nine voted against, and 32 abstained.

Against this background, I am curious how to perceive the statement of the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Kyrylo Budanov that Navalny died because a blood clot broke off in him. Such a version was published by pro-Kremlin media. Interesting...



🤬Over the day, the aggressor shelled Nikopol region four times with artillery, sending half a dozen UAVs there, said the head of the Dnipropetrovsk RSA Lysak.

Voice of America correspondent Kateryna Lisunova was able to obtain a comment from the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Mike Johnson about when Ukraine can receive assistance from the US.

As soon as the government receives funding, we will move on to the issue of providing assistance to Ukraine.

I hope this happens soon.



Today held a meeting on the European direction - our relations with the European Union, - on tasks for this year and overall on integration and specifically on relations with neighbors in the European Union.

Our priority is obvious: all agreements that exist must be fulfilled, and every word spoken must work in reality. Ukraine ensures such an approach in the European direction. And it is thanks to this that we have already achieved historical results.

And this year should be a time for real talks about admission: we can start in the spring, take the first negotiating steps. And this year should also be a time of maximum pragmatism in relations with neighbors.

Everyone sees that Russia is not going to stop - they there, in Moscow, want both an arms race and new waves of destabilization. We all in Europe must clearly realize this. If the freedom of one falls, the freedom of all others will not withstand. Such a reality.

We must defend ourselves. And we can defend ourselves. We must achieve our common goals. 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

An interesting study has been released about anonymous and non-anonymous Telegram channels that attack honest judges and spread or have spread Kremlin narratives. The majority of these channels are familiar to me and are part of the Russian propaganda and disinformation network, while I have only recently learned about some of them. I have several questions about this article, but they do not fundamentally change the overall situation described in the article. The article also has quite good infographics. So, at the very least, I recommend reading it.




🔥The 3rd Assault Brigade showed the first frames of the cleansing of Krasnohorivka from the occupiers.

The situation among the rashists is eloquently described in the video at 1:28😈

Today, on Thursday, February 29th, at 8:00 PM, we will be going on air with Igor Lapin.

- GUR reported that Russia is buying up Ukrainian Telegram channels and bribing dozens of influential Ukrainians to organize Maidan-3. Why haven't they been named and arrested yet?

The investigation about the hosts of the "Iceland" TV channel Volodymyr Petrov and Serhiy Ivanov was released. When will the SBU come to them? Or is it something else?

Putin spoke in Russia for over an hour. What is the main takeaway from Putin's words? Was it a sad stand-up comedy?

The situation on the front. What is happening near Avdiivka? What to expect next?

- Kirill Budanov practically supported Zelensky's decision to dismiss Zaluzhny. Is this another attack on Zaluzhny? Why is this being done?

- Venislavsky stated that "servants" will not appeal to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine regarding the legitimacy of Zelensky as President. Why was this decision made and what will be the consequences?

- The Committee of Ukraine on Freedom of Speech stated that in Ukraine it is necessary to ban Telegram. How feasible is this?




❗️Zelensky changed the commander of the Logistics Forces of the Armed Forces - the new commander became General Volodymyr Karpenko.



💬Pentagon leader Lloyd Austin called the daily advancement of Russian troops very alarming.

He warned that without the restoration of American aid, Ukraine would remain in a disadvantageous position.



❗️The bill on mobilization will be considered by the Verkhovna Rada no earlier than the second half of March, - Ukrinform, with reference to the Secretary of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence Roman Kostenko.

According to his words, the table of amendments will be considered approximately on March 5th.



In the nearest future, the issue of forced evacuation of families with children from 18 villages of the Velykoburlutska and Vilkhuvatska communities will be raised at the Rada of Defense of Kharkiv region. - OVA

There are families with 161 children living there now.

🇺🇸 Do you want to hear another interesting story:

The US Embassy recently organized a visit in March for a number of members of parliament to Washington and the states.

The perfect moment to support the adoption of Congress of such necessary 🇺🇦 Ukraine. What has been said many times.

Moreover, the organizers were ready to pay for it out of their own pocket.

🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ And the authorities as well as the opposition did not agree on this trip and departure of the deputies.

🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️Even don't know how to comment on this



We have gathered for you the most important things you may have missed on February 29th:

🔹The Air Force destroyedtwo SU-34 Russian aircraft.

🔹The most intense areasAvdiivka and Zaporizhia remain on the front line.

🔹The European Parliament called on EU countries to increase and acceleratemilitary support to Ukraine

🔹Russia massivelybuys Ukrainian telegram channelsfor the special operation "Maidan-3".

🔹The Cabinet of Ministers allowedconducting vaccinationin pharmacies

🔹NATO prepares forlarge-scale military exercises.

British, French, and German experts wonder why Scholz, explaining his reluctance to supply winged missiles Taurus to Ukraine, referred to the fact that Kiev could use them to strike at the capital of Russia, and specialists from Germany will be needed to service the missiles. According to Scholz, Germany (unlike France and the United Kingdom in the case of Storm Shadow/Scalp missiles) cannot send such specialists to Ukraine, as this would involve them in a ground war.

Kyiv has repeatedly stated that it does not intend to use Western missiles to strike Russian territory. However, the Chancellor clearly does not trust the Ukrainians. The reasoning about Moscow does not stand up to criticism at all: the Taurus missiles simply will not reach the Kremlin of Moscow; even if the Ukrainians manage to capture the Belgorod region and launch these missiles from Belgorod: the range of Taurus is up to 500 km.

2) If the FRG does not want to send "its specialists", then there are such in other countries. These missiles are, in particular, in service with the armies of Spain and South Korea.

Hints at the French and British helping Ukrainians with Storm Shadow/Scalp caused a storm of indignation in London and Paris: the presence of specialists from these countries in Ukraine is an open secret, but why make official statements on this topic, expose allies, and thereby play into the hands of the Kremlin?

4) At the same time, Sholts must know (and probably knows) that information about German specialists servicing the equipment that Berlin has already supplied to Ukraine has long been circulating in Russia. In other words: if they want to strike at German territory - they will find (invent) a reason and strike.

5) Olaf Scholz is too experienced a politician to make such amateur statements and allow such strange reservations. Everything seems much more banal and cynical. The chancellor deliberately expressed himself like this, hoping to raise popularity (both his own and that of the Social Democrats) with the help of anti-militaristic rhetoric.

It is interesting what they will choose in the Prosecutor General's Office and the SBU? Or will they acknowledge that Petrov and Ivanov work for the President's Office and will not interfere, despite the presence of a crime, or punish for the crime. Any decision will suit me. For many reasons.



❗️Ukrainian soldiers continue to hold positions on the left bank of the Dnipro, and also repelled attacks by Russians near Klyshivka in Donetsk region, - General Staff summary.

Throughout the day, the defense aviation forces struck at 10 areas where enemy personnel were concentrated.

Also, three Su-34 fighter-bombers were destroyed by the Air Force units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Units of missile troops hit 2 areas of concentration of personnel, weapons and military equipment, 3 volley fire systems BM-21 "Grad", 1 ammunition depot, 1 means of enemy electronic warfare.



🛰 Satellite images published with another Russian long-range radar detection and control aircraft A-50.

He is located in the city of Taganrog, namely at the Taganrog-Pivdenny airport. This is 130 km away from the front line in Donbas. This is evidenced by a fresh photo from February 29th.


Rusnya, which went on the assault, on the Avdiivsky direction, not only finished her path, but will now return home. But there are nuances. She will return in plastic bags.



🚧Around Kyiv itself, several defense lines have been created, stretching for about a thousand kilometers, - head of the Kyiv Military Administration Serhiy Popko

The first outpost of Kyiv is located quite far from the capital.

Reliable enemy fire systems built, engineering barriers of all types, air and anti-tank defense, comprehensive support, etc.




February turned out to be a difficult month for Russian aviation - 13 planes in 13 days😈

Peaceful night 🌙 to all good people.