Mar 4, 2022 - Day 9

⚡️Stop! Immediately cease firing at the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant from close range, - Mayor of Energodar.

At the moment, the wind from the station is blowing towards the south-eastern part of Ukraine and in the direction of Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar - according to the windy service.

Information about an increase in radiation background is currently not available.

⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️The fire is ongoing. There is impact on the first power block. Firefighters cannot reach the site of the fire.

press service representative of the station Andriy Tuz

⚡️⚡️⚡️The shelling of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant continues. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are fighting against the occupying forces -

spokesperson of the station's press service Andriy Tuz

The first power unit, where a fire occurred, was undergoing scheduled maintenance.

representative of the press service of station Andriy Tuz

About the situation at Zaporizhzhia NPP.

Dmytro Kuleba

Main page of the publication

The Mirror

Russian troops are attacking the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.

📌 Firefighters allowed at ZAES - Chairman of the Zaporizhzhia Regional State Administration O. Starukh.


STREAM: 🎥🔴 Live streaming

🗞 Attention of the world media is drawn to the fire.

IMPORTANT. Operational information regarding the attack on Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant ⤵️

As of 02:26 in the city of Enerhodar, at Zaporizhia NPP, the third power unit has been disconnected from the unified power system (only 4 units are operational).

Fire safety level at the nuclear power plant is within the norm ☑️

There has been a fire at the training building behind the nuclear power plant.

While the battle is ongoing, the units of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (DSNS) were not allowed to extinguish. Rescuers are on standby.

‼️ "Ukraine has long been a nuclear power ⚛️✨"

‼️- Russian billionaire Deripaska has unexpectedly spoken out against the war with Ukraine.

⚡️ "The peace is very important! Delaying negotiations is madness! Ukraine has long been a nuclear state, with 15 additional nuclear power units and 3 storage facilities for spent nuclear fuel on its territory, in addition to the preserved Chernobyl NPP. For those who do not understand - any incident at these facilities will be remembered by our descendants in the territories of European Russia, Ukraine, and Europe for another 200 years, with curses."

⚡️⚡️The Kadyrov forces burst onto the station - currently there is a battle with the National Guard. They will attempt to plant explosives at the nuclear power plant and blackmail all of Europe - UP sources at the station say.

"At the moment, the information is being clarified, it is difficult to say everything. A white car with representatives of Russian military has left for the station. It is flashing its headlights. Currently, it is being determined whether they will engage in negotiations with them or what to do next." - Andriy Tuz, ZAES press service


The director of the ZAES assured that nuclear safety of the facility is currently ensured.

The head of the Old Woman's House of Regional State Administration.

📌The shelling has currently stopped, but the situation remains extremely uncertain -

Andrii Tuz, ZAES press service, for BBC

No country in the world has ever shelled atomic power plants.

- Zelensky

💣 There is a threat of the nuclear power plant being bombed and the world being blackmailed with a nuclear catastrophe -

Зеленський - Zelenskiy.

⚡️Do not allow the destruction of Europe from a nuclear power plant disaster!


📌Minister of Energy Halushchenko just had a phone conversation with US Minister of Energy Gengrol. The Minister requested to prevent a nuclear catastrophe and close the flight zone over Ukraine.

Facebook Galushchenko

Energoatom, Acting CEO Igor Murashov: nuclear safety at the ZAES is compromised. We are doing everything possible, but the fire continues, firefighters are not allowed. There are enormous risks. There are combat actions at the station. The reactors are in danger.

📌 The head of IAEA is informed about the situation at the Zaporizhzhia NPP, he discussed it with the Ukrainian side.

The USA has taken the first step towards banning Russian oil!

A group of American senators has prepared a bill to ban the import of Russian oil. The bill was presented on March 3rd.


Boris Johnson convenes an emergency UN Security Council meeting.

The Prime Minister of Great Britain had a conversation with Volodymyr Zelensky regarding the situation around the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant and announced that Britain will convene a UN Security Council meeting in the nearest future.

"Evening Urgant"

In Ukraine - everything.

❗❗❗Operational information regarding the attack of Russian invaders on the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant as of 4:00 ⤵️

As a result of the shelling of the territory of the nuclear power plant, one of the buildings of the training complex continues to burn. The fire has engulfed the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors of the five-story building.

Occupiers do not allow the units of the State Emergency Service to start extinguishing the aftermath of the fire.

In the city of Energodar at Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant, one out of six energy blocks is operational.

Fire safety status of the NPP is normal.

The President of the United States keeps a close eye on the events at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

He has already consulted with President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and American officials responsible for nuclear safety.

⚠️The Minister of Energy confirmed the nuclear danger at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant:

There is a hit in the first block. But besides the six blocks, there is a storage for spent nuclear fuel. It is about 150 containers. If these barbarians continue to shoot at the station - hitting these containers will mean a nuclear catastrophe. This can happen in this hour or minute.

⚡️ Employees of the Hague Tribunal Prosecutor's Office have already left for Ukraine in order to investigate Russia's crimes.


⚡️Firefighters were finally allowed onto the territory of the nuclear power plant.

Radiation levels at the station have not been detected.

❗️The representative of the press service of Zaporizhzhia NPP, Andriy Tuz, reported that no threats of radiation spreading have been noticed.

This is confirmed by the experts from the SES (State Emergency Service of Ukraine).

Also, the service said that it is practically impossible to blow up this power unit.

On the territory of the nuclear power plant, firefighters start working to extinguish the fire in the administrative part of the station.


The International Atomic Energy Agency has called on the armed forces of Russia and Ukraine to refrain from conducting combat operations near the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant.

Ukraine reported that a large number of Russian tanks and infantry broke through a checkpoint towards the city of Energodar, which is located a few kilometers away from the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, the press service of the Agency reports.

The CEO of Grossi called for an immediate cessation of the use of force in Energodar, and also urged the armed forces present there to refrain from violence near the nuclear power plant.

The agency continues to conduct consultations with Ukraine and other parties in order to provide the country with maximum possible assistance in its efforts to maintain nuclear and physical nuclear safety in the current complex conditions.


#StopRussianAggressionTranslation: #StopRussianAggression



There was no opportunity to get in touch earlier on the channel. The situation continues to remain difficult, but the fire at the ZAES has indeed been extinguished. The whole world community is with us right now. The shelling has ceased from the third hour.

Attention! The "102" Service of the National Police is hiring volunteers.

Details on ➡️ the link

In Russia, people really love the shturmovik and old Soviet films. Well, okay. Let them watch this excerpt and listen to Shchiritsa's words. Today they sound especially relevant.

‼️ATTENTION! An air alarm has been declared in Kyiv!

We ask everyone urgently to proceed to the shelter of civil defense!


‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!

Boeing will provide Ukraine with urgent humanitarian assistance of $2 million.

One million dollars from this amount will be allocated for assistance to the population - food products, water, hygiene products. The company will also reimburse all contributions made by employees for humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

"The conflict unfolding in Ukraine is leading to a serious humanitarian crisis, and Boeing will take measures to support the Ukrainian people," the message says.

The territory of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant has been captured by the military forces of the Russian Federation - State Inspection of Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine.

The operational staff monitors the condition of the power units and ensures their operation in accordance with the requirements of technological regulations for safe operation.

#StopRussianAggressionTranslation: #StopRussianAggression



The administrative building of the ZAES and the station entrance are under the control of the occupiers. The station's staff continues to work on the power units, ensuring stable operation of the nuclear facilities. The radiation background is normal.

Unfortunately, there are fatalities and injuries among Ukrainian defenders of the station.

In my childhood, my parents sent me to get kvass. They would give me a jar, a bag, and some change, and then I would go to Malysheva Street to the post office, where there was always a barrel of kvass. I loved kvass very much. But I didn't enjoy going for kvass. The thing is, the way to get kvass was past the kindergarten. And next to it, there would be a local gang, who chose me as a target for bullying. The boys who were older than me by several years and clearly stronger took pleasure in taking my money, calling me names, and hitting me. And it wasn't just me, this happened to others as well. So overall, going for kvass brought me much less joy than the taste of kvass. I even walked through the backstreets past School 258 so I wouldn't run into them. Or I tried to walk next to an adult so they wouldn't bother me.

And so, once again, on a Sunday I was walking to buy kvass. I remember it was summer and it was ridiculously hot outside. The bottle was lying in the bag, and the bag was thrown over my shoulder. I was walking to buy kvass and imagining how I would also buy a glass of kvass and drink it. And suddenly, I saw them. The gang was smiling happily, seeing their approaching victim. And then something snapped in my head. I took off the bag from my shoulder and swung it sharply. The bottle, like an improvised club, hit the head of the closest gopnik to me with a dull thud. He screamed and grabbed his head, and I, realizing I had nothing more to lose, swung my makeshift weapon again. The sound of broken glass echoed as the bottle shattered and the gopnik's face was covered in blood, causing him to scream in pain. I took a step back and, waving the bag with fragments, said calmly, "I'll kill you." I said it calmly. Without any emotion.

I had to go back home. Mom scolded me for breaking the jar, but I was ecstatic. And a little scared. Scared that the police would come and take me to the juvenile police room for what I did. Everyone was scared of that. It was the scary story of my childhood. But I wasn't afraid of the bullies anymore. And for a good reason. They no longer bothered me. "Fima, some crazy guy," they said behind my back, but they no longer bothered me. And that became a valuable lesson for me for life.

There's no need to fear Russia. The "second army in the world" got their share from Ukraine. They got it so bad that they started to whine and try to strengthen themselves at the expense of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. Russia got it in 8 days, like they hadn't gotten in years of war with Chechnya. Russian losses in 8 days approached the losses of the USSR in Afghanistan over 10 years. And this is just the beginning. Yes, Putin wants to go all the way. But he has nothing to go with. And this is not only seen by our allies, but also by Putin's entourage. Yes, he still has some forces and missiles, but this is his last resort. And then he will have to declare mobilization, and baristas, students, IT specialists, Instagrammers, and other Russians will join the army. After this, tens of thousands of mothers in Russia will either receive a funeral or be notified that their son has disappeared. Without a trace. This would mean, at best, he is in Ukrainian captivity, and at worst, he was cremated by a Russian army mobile crematorium. Or he lies in a mass grave because Russia doesn't collect him. He's gone. Lost. It will be amusing to see when the Russian cops start getting mobilized. Those cops who previously detained protesters against the war in Russia. The scumbags will quickly realize where they ended up. This is not Russia. They will be crushed just like they are currently crushing the Ryazan paratroopers, Kadyrov's men, or the National Guard. Something mysterious tells me that soon we will see a video of artillerymen shooting peaceful residential areas of Kharkiv. This will demotivate the Russian military even more. And all of this will bring the end of the war closer. Because the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Western sanctions will quickly make life uncomfortable and full of tragedies or funerals for Russians. This will work. Because this herd can only understand through the stomach, pain, and personal discomfort. Like that pack in Darnytsia, in my childhood. That's why we need to stand our ground. And constantly make the enemy suffer. By the way, it's strange that the Crimean Bridge hasn't collapsed yet. After all, Russia, like any thug, understands everything through pain and power. We have enough power. We will give them plenty of pain. The main thing is to maintain discipline and do what everyone should do in their own place.

From today, a state of emergency is being introduced in the Czech Republic due to an influx of refugees from Ukraine.

"Approximately 30,000 refugees from Ukraine have already arrived in the Czech Republic. In order to effectively organize their accommodation in our country, the government declares a state of emergency starting from Friday, March 4," stated Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala.

I hope that everyone understands that both the Great Construction and 3 billion dollars to Lukashenko for 2021 are a fucking shame.

Let's continue after the war.

Practically all providers in Russia have blocked access to websites of the publications "Meduza", BBC, "Radio Svoboda", Deutsche Welle, as well as Twitter and Facebook. According to the GlobalCheck service, "Meduza" accessibility is at 17%, BBC - 17%, "Radio Svoboda" - 0%, BBC - 17%, Deutsche Welle - 0%, and social networks Facebook - 37%, Twitter - 17%.

The Black Zaporozhians "took out" 4 BMPs, 2 tanks + gained one BMP for their unit.

What else can be said here?

Glory to Ukraine!

🎯 US Senator Lindsey Graham called to "take down that guy" (referring to Putin).

The enemy's overall combat losses from February 24th to March 4th are estimated as:

Personnel composition - 9166 individuals.

tanks - 251 units.

Combat armored vehicles - 939 units.

artillery systems - 105 mm

RSW - 50 years old.

PPM (personal protective equipment) - 18 units.

airplanes - 33 units (to be specified),

helicopters - 37 pcs.

automotive equipment - 404 units

Fast speed boats - 2 units.

tanker with PPM - 60

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle of operational-tactical level - 3.

The data is being clarified.

❗️The enemy surrounded Mariupol

- General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Losses of the occupiers as of the morning of March 4.

❗️Zaporizhia military regional administration.

The text "▪️" does not convey any meaning or content to be translated. It appears to be a black small square emoji, and as such, it does not have any specific translation in English.

In Energodar, the situation is complicated - ZSU.

In a phone conversation with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Mayor of Energodar Dmitro Orlov stated that the evacuation plan in case of an accident at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant is ready, but currently no one is being evacuated.

One of the six power units is working.

The staff of the ZAES controls the condition of the power units and ensures their operation in accordance with the requirements of the technological regulations of safe operation.

Currently, the territory of Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant is occupied by the military forces of the Russian Federation. Throughout the entire territory of Zaporizhzhia region, the situation is tense and complex.

The actions of the Russian occupying forces are a direct violation of the Hague and Geneva Conventions.

#StopRussianAggressionTranslation: #StopRussianAggression



Mayor Bucchi Anatoliy Fedoruk revealed that the entire city is under Ukraine's control. Overnight, there were battles in the Buchansky district, and the enemy has reached certain neighborhoods. The city is functioning. The situation is more complicated in the surrounding settlements - Kalinivka and Sinyavka are occupied, while the Ukrainian Armed Forces hold Gostomel.


🇪🇺 🇺🇦 European countries are simplifying travel for humanitarian aid carriers to Ukraine.

Currently, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Germany, and Hungary have implemented visa-free travel for humanitarian cargo carriers to Ukraine.

It's about exempting carriers from any additional conditions, including the need to obtain permits for international cargo transportation. This is necessary for the prompt delivery of humanitarian goods during a state of war.

To cross the border with Lithuania 🇱🇹, Latvia 🇱🇻, and Slovakia 🇸🇰, it is not necessary to provide information about the carrier and the means of transportation.

🇬🇧 Today, the Federal Ministry of Digital Technologies and Transport of the Federal Republic of Germany announced that Ukrainian carriers can transport medications and humanitarian aid through the territory of Germany without permits. To carry out such transportation, the carrier needs to provide the vehicle registration number.

🇭🇺 Hungary has cancelled the fee for using roads and registration of events in the electronic system BIREG when transporting humanitarian cargo through their territory to Ukraine. It is important to have a clearly visible announcement on the windshield of the car with the inscription "Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine" and a red cross symbol.

The presence of a completed Declaration of List of Goods Recognized as Humanitarian Aid in Ukrainian/English is required, as well as a covering letter from the organization (in English) sending humanitarian cargo to Ukraine, containing information about the recipient, the registration number of the vehicle, the date of dispatch, and the nature and volume of the cargo.

It is important that information about the vehicle that will be traveling through the territory of Hungary should be provided to the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine for informing the Hungarian side.

🇵🇱 To cross the border with Poland, carriers must fill out the form in advance using the following link:

Sorry, but I cannot access or click on links. Please provide the text you would like me to translate, and I'll be happy to assist you.

Also, the Republic of Poland has canceled the fee for using all roads for humanitarian cargo carriers. For all citizens of Ukraine who are forced to leave their own country, the Polish side will provide free railway transportation.

Thank our European partners for the support provided. The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine continues to work with foreign partners in order to maximize and expedite the process of transporting humanitarian goods in an extremely difficult period for Ukraine.

Logical calls to eliminate the Kremlin maniac have started to sound. US Senator Lindsey Graham called for the elimination of Putin live on Fox.

"Somebody in Russia should take responsibility and get rid of this guy. You will be doing a great favor to your country and the world," - said the senator.

💪🇺🇦 The latest update from Minister of Defense Reznikov.

🔻We have been resisting Russian occupiers for 196 hours already, for the second week. During these hours and days, the situation is changing.

🔻The situation remains difficult in the south, where the enemy has been shelling Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in recent hours. But the fighting spirit of the people in the Cossack land is such that the occupiers are doomed to defeat.

Unconquered fortress stands in Kharkiv.

🔻Sumy and Chernihiv are fighting. They are saving Kyiv from the siege. As long as the country's management and army remain intact, the enemy has no chances.

On the east and south - everywhere - the Ukrainian people are fighting back the enemy and approaching victory.

🔻"According to the results of 8 days, losses of the Russian army exceeded 10,000 killed and wounded. The destruction of at least one Russian general has been confirmed."

🔻Destroyed Russian military equipment now has to be measured not in units, but in battalions and brigades.

🔻The Armed Forces have received almost more tanks and armored vehicles as trophies than in the last 8 years from the Ukrainian defense industry.

Our defenders have captured several vehicles with shells for MLRS, which are used by Russian military criminals to shell our peaceful cities. All these shells will "return" to the enemy.

🔻 We also bear losses. War is a great tragedy. Almost every hour comes news that Russian occupiers have once again killed peaceful residents. Blood boils with anger when our children die...

🔻There are losses among our soldiers. They fight like cyborgs, but with a beating heart in their chests. Each of them will be honored as a hero.

🔻 People are the most valuable to us. This distinguishes Ukraine from Russia. I really hope that the Russian side will fulfill its obligations regarding the creation of humanitarian corridors.

🔻During these days, many difficult decisions have been made. We had to maneuver to preserve the army. But we will reclaim all our land.

🔻We look in pain at the ruined buildings after the Russian shelling. We will rebuild everything.

🔻The commander ordered the flagship of the Ukrainian Navy to be sunk so that the frigate "Hetman Sagaidachniy", which was undergoing repairs, would not fall into the hands of the enemy. It is hard to imagine a more difficult decision for a brave warrior and the entire team. But we will build a new fleet. Modern, powerful.

"The main thing now is to hold on."

🔻I understand perfectly. Everyone is tired, many people are exhausted, shocked by the losses. There is still a very difficult period ahead. We will need a lot of strength and endurance.

But I want to say to everyone. Ukrainians - you are incredible!

🔻We will protect our country and leave it blossoming, successful, and better than it was for future generations.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes of Ukraine!

⚡️The State Duma of Russia has adopted a law on criminal punishment for spreading fake news about the actions of the Russian armed forces - for this, a fine of 700 thousand to 5 million rubles or imprisonment from 3 to 15 years in a penal colony is provided.

President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, Andriy Hunter, called on American companies to cease their operations in Russia.

He wrote about this on his page on Facebook.

"For God's sake, I appeal to US companies and multinational companies to immediately close all operations in Russia. American companies must stop profiting in a state that kills innocent women and children and attacks a nuclear power plant in 21st century Europe," he emphasized.

🇵🇱🇺🇦 The Polish Ambassador Bartosz Cichocki is staying in Kyiv and believes that his departure at this time would be a blow to the moral spirit of Ukrainians.

This is what "European Truth" writes about, according to the agency PAP.

Poland is one of the few countries that keeps its embassy in Kyiv open, while others have relocated their missions either to Lviv or outside the country.

"There are things that you can't do at a distance. Leaving now is something that could weaken the morale of Ukrainians," said Tsihotsky, explaining that he maintains contacts with members of the Ukrainian government and other Western diplomats.

Russian pigs destroyed a school in Zhytomyr.

Minus the Russian bird - it's a plus for all of us.

Why did you shoot at the nuclear power plant?

You don't understand, there is a regime under Putin and we cannot resist...

I didn't ask about resistance, I'm asking why you personally shot at the power plant?

You don't understand, Russia is forced to do this to ensure its safety.

Shooting at the nuclear power plant for safety?

No, well, not about the nuclear power plant, but in general. You don't understand, they told us it would just be a training, we didn't know...

Did you know that you are in front of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant? Nuclear power plant? Training bombardment of a nuclear power plant?

You don't understand, we have to fulfill orders or there will be consequences.

Consequences? So you were not concerned about the consequences of the AES shelling?

You don't understand...

Okay. Don't worry, don't worry. Fired, now go clean up after yourself. Whatever is left of you - we will send home in a lead coffin.

The third Russian ZRPK "Pantsir-S1" with a full ammunition load is damaged and joined the ranks of the ZSU to defend Ukraine.

Enerhodar. "We do not shoot at the civilian population," the Kremlin lied to the whole world.

What I have always said is that in the first wave, Russia will throw the most combat-ready equipment and units at Ukraine, and then, God knows what will happen... And this "God knows what will happen" has already begun.

Interesting photo.

On it is a T-72B tank, without explosive reactive armor blocks and with mismatched rollers.

So, this is not even a modification of the "B3" or "B1" with dynamic protection, but a completely "naked" tank. Moreover, with replaced tracks.

Tank, clearly, either from storage or from those that will never be shown in parades and news.

Actually, this is pleasing. The great Russian army is catching its breath. And it's only the 9th day of the war.

Four horsemen of the apocalypse.

What the West must do. Specifically "must".

The war in Ukraine has ceased to be only Ukraine's business. It is the Third World War, and the sooner the West realizes this, the better. Human nature, and especially the nature of a political person, homo politicus - the one on whom decisions affecting many depend - always puts off the worst for later. And only after some time, looking back, they recognize that if they had made the decision earlier, the heavy consequences in the future could have been avoided.

The Second World War could have never started.

Yodl, who commanded the headquarters of the Wehrmacht, shortly before being hanged by the decision of the Nuremberg Tribunal, said, "If we did not suffer defeat back in 1939, it was only because about 110 French and British divisions, standing during our war with Poland in the West against 25 German divisions, were absolutely inactive."

In the history of Britain and France, this case is known as "The Phoney War". After declaring war on Germany in September '39 following its invasion of Poland, England and France hardly engaged in any combat against Germany until June '40. 9 months. The military potential of the Allies was several times higher than the German's. Only the French Air Force then had about 3300 aircraft, while the Luftwaffe had about 1200.

History repeats itself. The military potential of NATO is many times higher than the military potential of Russia. The economy of the United States alone is five times larger than that of Russia, whose GDP is comparable to that of Germany. And in NATO, besides the United States and Germany, there are 28 other countries.

The West is afraid to cross the line. Their help is important and invaluable, although it has a dollar calculation. But it is not enough. Sanctions hit the target, but let's not forget - Russia is a poor country. They have a lot of weapons, but the standard of living is low. And those who did not have an iPhone due to poverty simply will not buy it for sanction reasons.

Russia has started to hibernate. It is no longer interested in even maintaining the appearance of any democratic processes in the country. On the night of March 4, almost all Russian providers blocked the work of independent media websites: "Meduza", BBC, "Radio Liberty", Deutsche Welle. They started limiting access to social networks. The availability of Facebook dropped to 37%, Twitter to 17%. They will be replaced by state propaganda, which will continue to cultivate the demon of lies, chauvinism, and racism in the already not very intelligent minds of Russians.

The West needs to understand - there is no longer a Russia with which one could have a dialogue. There is a dictatorship. At its core - a powerless, impoverished population, slightly above indifferent and brainwashed by propaganda middle class, who are completely dependent on the cowardly top, unable to see any way to retreat, because all around is "one Hague" and trembling in fear of the top of this pyramid - the mad dictator. And he does not need negotiations. He needs my country completely and entirely.

There is no retreat for both Russia and the West. John Bolton, former national security advisor to Trump, announced yesterday.


"Putin has two clear strategic goals: 1) to restore Russian hegemony (or even sovereignty) over the territory of the former Soviet Union, 2) to weaken NATO. Putin sees a dependency in this: the weaker NATO is, the stronger Russia becomes."

It is clear what the collective West is afraid of. They are afraid of nuclear war, afraid of China siding with Russia. But the nuclear war has already begun. The occupant shelled the largest nuclear power plant in Europe - Zaporizhzhia - all night.

I'm not going to give advice to professional diplomats. But it is not difficult to predict how it will all end. Either the West enters into a war with Russia and has every chance of winning. Or the West does not enter into a war and then Ukraine's chances of defeating Russia itself decrease catastrophically. Many of us will die. Does this choice suit you, West? Is this the price you want to pay for your own peace?

Start sanctions, you set a good pace. But now you have slowed down. You gave us what you could, but we need more. You need more. By protecting us, you will protect yourself. We need not only weapons and money. We need you - your armies and aviation.

A claim has already been filed on the Roskomnadzor website regarding the spread of "disinformation aimed at shaping a distorted perception of events among the Russian internet audience and creating protest moods" on YouTube.

Russians, continue to stay at home and try to log into Twitter 😂


Situation regarding the Russian invasion.

4.03.2022 as of 10:00 - Oleksandr Starukh

In the world, there has never been anything like this before.

The enemy is trying to demoralize us when they begin to shoot at the blocks of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant with tanks.

The situation has been normalized. The fire has been localized by the Emergency Service subdivisions.

A battle has taken place. They fired blank rounds to frighten people.

Currently, the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant is under the control of Russian military.

The city is blocked from all sides. There is a lot of enemy hardware there.

The station is working steadily.

Our experts say that such actions by the occupiers are aimed at causing a collapse of the country's energy system and causing power outages.

We need to be ready for this.

Prepare products that do not require refrigeration.

Currently, a large number of energy workers want to leave the city.

Information about the region in the following messages.

👇👇👇The text is missing from your request. Please provide the text you'd like to have translated.




Disgusting!!! In the package - everything that was left of a 17-year-old girl after yesterday's direct hit by a Russian tanker.

Gurivshchina village, 18 km from Kyiv along the Zhytomyr highway. Yesterday, March 3, in the morning, a column of tanks heading towards Kyiv, shot at a Deo car in which a girl and her father were traveling.

Also killed, according to eyewitnesses, was a young woman who was driving a Mercedes. She was traveling on the highway and, upon seeing tanks coming towards her, turned onto a nearby street and parked behind a store. The tank operator wasted no time in stopping, turning the barrel of the cannon by 60 degrees, and hitting the fleeing Mercedes. The woman was not from the area, and it was not possible to identify the car's license plates or the deceased herself. Only a burnt skeleton remained from the latest model of the Mercedes. Part of the woman's torso is lying nearby on the ground, covered with a sheet.

According to the testimony of the village elder, there are 4 people injured with gunshot wounds. I don't know yet how they got caught in the crossfire.

Testimony of crimes against civilians, including videos, was submitted today to the Security Service of Ukraine. Another piece of evidence for The Hague.

(c) Olena Zvarych

🚷What needed to be proven: the level of corruption and betrayal within the Russian special services is extreme. Putin has overdeveloped and even killed off what was working. FSB generals are sitting on the sidelines and busy with paper-pushing in the "fight" against dissidents. In addition, GRU is decimating FSB and FSB is decimating Kadyrov. Our "internal affairs" of the Russian special services are being exposed outside, aiding Ukraine. I am certain this won't be the last case of betrayal by the Russians, which plays into our hands.

Трансляція почалася на 3 каналі. ➡️🔥📺 In Kherson, the occupiers started the broadcast on Channel 3. ➡️🔥📺

started streaming

24 Russian TV and 3 radio channels through the T2 set-top box — Public

We are fighting against a powerful enemy who outnumbers us. Who outnumbers us in terms of equipment. But who is thousands of light years away from normal people who have dignity.

We survived a night that could have stopped the history of Ukraine and Europe. Russian troops attacked the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

Russian propaganda is trying to blame Ukraine for the fire at the Zaporizhia NPP. They realized, idiots, what the actions of their monkeys in the form of the Russian army could lead to. That's why they are singing the same old song in the Kremlin again. Like, it wasn't them. Dumbasses. Maybe it was us who attacked ourselves? Maybe it was us who fired at our own NPP with Russian weapons? Maybe we didn't give ourselves the opportunity to put out the fire? And maybe we forced Russian forces to capture nuclear power plants in Ukraine? In general, all this under-the-belt dandruff is so stupid and primitive that it can't come up with an excuse that would even minimally look truthful.

And I remind you that the Russian ship is going to f**k off. Along with all the r**ssians.

Russian pigs broke into the school and killed the principal - head of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration 🔻🔻🔻

Once again about something important. If you respond to a bot or a troll in the comments, then you are a fool who plays into the enemy's hands.

"If you react to Russian account posts, then you are a fool who fell under the influence of a Russian information special operation."

If someone writes questions or comments like "what's going on there?", "this is fake", "where are the block posts?", "we've been betrayed!" and other similar nonsense, then it's most likely enemy agents or idiots. I don't know which is worse, but I will ban all of them.

If a link appears in my comments, I won't look at it or investigate it. I'll just delete it and ban the person who posted it. Even if it's a text like "complaining about this resource" with a link to a hostile channel. It's a stupid attempt to draw attention to Russian information channels. That's why they get banned.

If you don't like something, it's your problem. There's a war going on now. With the katsaps. I don't have time for sentimentality. So if you don't want to follow the rules of information security, you'll be banned. But I'm happy with everyone else and I'm ready to share all the information with them.

Glory to Ukraine!

Here are the main points of the statement:

📌We survived a night that could have halted the history of Ukraine and Europe - Russian forces attacked the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (the largest in Europe, capable of causing damage equivalent to six Chernobyls).

📌 We fought together in 1986 against the consequences of the Chernobyl explosion. How is it even possible to forget something like that? Radiation doesn't know where Russia is, or where the borders of your country are.

📌Sanctions need to be strengthened immediately and the sky over Ukraine should be closed, so that at least Russia cannot bombard the nuclear power plant from the sky. Energodar residents, drive out the occupiers.

📌The enemy has brought the absolute majority of their troops, almost the entire army, into Ukraine. But the heroic resistance of Ukrainians has been saving us from this onslaught for nine days now. Ukrainian cities have not seen such inhumanity since the Nazi occupation.

📌In Chernihiv, on March 3, Russians killed 47 innocent people within a day.

📌The capital remains a key target for the occupiers, but no matter what they do, they will lose because we are at home, on our own land.

📌We are fighting against a powerful enemy who outnumbers us. Who surpasses us in the quantity of equipment. But who is thousands of light years away from normal people who have dignity.


"You wanted this land, so now blend in with it."

Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant after being shelled by Russian occupation forces.

And another creature has been destroyed. Today, soldiers from the 54th Mechanized Brigade in the Donetsk direction shot down a Russian fighter jet. Judging by the remnants near, it's a Sukhoi. The Russian plane was striking civilian objects and did not expect the skilled actions of the Ukrainian air defense organized by one of our well-known units. Russian planes are terrorists, destroying Ukrainian cities, killing and terrorizing peaceful citizens. (c) Yuri Butusov

📣Russians are using a captured Ukrainian pilot in their propaganda. According to the Air Force Command, under pressure and the threat of punishment, the pilot gives an interview about nationalists, the EU, and NATO, advising Ukraine not to go there and to be friends with their "fraternal" people. The Command has no doubts about the pilot's patriotism, as he has successfully completed several combat missions in just a few days. They are trying to bring the pilot back home.

💣 Just now, a very strong explosion occurred in Energodar! We'll keep you informed about the details.

- Energoatom

Ruins of Lyceum No. 25 in Zhytomyr.

"He fell"

🙂 In the sky above Volnovakha, air defense units shot down a Su-25 attack aircraft.

This airplane used its weapons against residential areas of peaceful citizens and civilian infrastructure. The pilot has ejected, active searches are underway.

Glory to Ukraine! Beat the occupant!

⚡⚡⚡ In Mykolaiv, Russian equipment has arrived.

They captured the school and shot its director.

Announced head of the ODA, Vitaliy Kim.

Corporations AMD and Intel have suspended all deliveries to Russia and Belarus.

Let's remind everyone that IKEA left Russia 😂😂😂

Remains of the biggest and most powerful airplane in the world, the An-225 "Mriya".

During the assault on the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant, three Ukrainian soldiers were killed - this was announced by the Energoatom press service.

Eternal memory to the heroes.

Occupants are preparing staged rallies in Kherson for a "picture" in Russian media.

Russian occupiers are looking for new methods to misinform Ukrainians and justify their aggressive actions, at least before their own population.

To do this, people from Crimea are being brought to Kherson, who are supposed to participate in a staged protest. According to the Security Service, about 60-80 Crimean residents have already been accommodated at the "Fregat" hotel.

Probably today, during the day, they will go out under the guise of local residents for a provocative demonstration in the central square - with Russian flags and "gratitude" to the Russian "liberators".

There is also information that the occupiers seized a warehouse with the clothing of the water police. So, at the rally, Russian military servicemen may also come out in Ukrainian police uniforms, who will also "thank" the invaders.

Occupiers plan to organize such performances for their media. But only Russians can believe in such a picture, who still think that their army is conducting a "special operation in Donbass."

SBU warns: such protests have nothing to do with the real sentiments of Ukrainian citizens in Kherson and other settlements! Similar actions are just as much a part of the information war as fakes and disinformation.

We are all determined to drive out the occupiers from Ukraine! They started a war and commit genocide in peaceful cities. So the only "thanks" can be death to the enemies!




"We survived a night that could have stopped the history of Ukraine and Europe." Address by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Standard & Poor's agency has downgraded Russia's sovereign credit rating to "CCC-". Practically bankrupt.

"Welcome back to the USSR," as they say!))

This is called propaganda and manipulation. And this is brainwashing. So don't be surprised that they are zombies from the other side.

Now they brainwash children there. Preparing Putler Youth.

Russian women will continue to give birth (c) any Russian government.



We received reliable information that the recruiters of the new wave of Russian mercenaries promise only 3 million rubles, but only in case of success.

No social protection or life insurance, no honors or pensions for their loved ones, they go to die only for Putin's promises, which the command of the RF Armed Forces will never fulfill, because Ukraine will stand strong, and the cannon fodder of Russia will be burned or (in the best case scenario for them) captured.

Not all even get captured in captivity, the majority of the occupiers who do not surrender their weapons are immediately destroyed.

Some Russians have come up with quite a risky business plan, but that's just how they orcs are.

Melitopol's TV tower surrounded by russian forces - reported Head of Zaporizhzhia Regional State Administration Oleksandr Starukh, with reference to the Melitopol City Hall.

⚛ Radiation background in Zaporizhzhia is within normal limits. 4.03 | As of 11:00

"Zaporizhzhia Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention, MOH" currently conducts regular measurements of radiation levels.

As of 11:00, the radiation background is such that it does not exceed permissible norms.

Currently, the gamma background in Zaporizhzhia is 11.4 μR/h.

State institution "Zaporizhzhia regional center for disease control and prevention of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine"

This is a very important step. The government must take action on it immediately. And citizens must! Let's go!

⛔ Information on Russian satellite TV channels from the Hotbird satellite constellation and how to defeat Kremlin propaganda! ⛔

Channels of propagandists are broadcasted on the Hotbird satellites 13B/13C/13E in the position of 13 degrees east longitude, covering the territory from the Canary Islands to the Urals.

➡ Frequency 11034 V DVB-S 27500 3/4

RTS Planet

Russia 24



Belarus 24

ТНТ International

8 Channel International

Frequency 11727 V DVB-S2 8PSK 29900 3/4

Victory International

➡ Frequency 12597 V DVB-S 27500 3/4

First Channel Europe (mpeg-2)

First Channel Europe (mpeg-4)

And now, instructions on how to remove propaganda channels from there:

🔹 The satellite capacity, from which the retransmission is conducted, belongs to the company Globecast from France, a part of the Orange company, which is France Telecom. They have direct contracts with propagandists and agreements.

Find the company Globecast on all social networks 😊

🔸 website -

🔸 twitter -

🔸 Facebook -

🔸 LinkedIn -

🔸 employees -

🔸 youtube -

And we all write messages, letters, comments. Massively. From thousands of accounts. We demand to stop retransmitting Russian propaganda channels. We demand to stop supporting the aggressor and the war.

Dear company Globecast.

At the moment, the Russian information space and TV channels are filled with cynical lies about the alleged absence of missile attacks on Ukrainian cities, infrastructure, and shelling of civilians, which are actively broadcast by Russian propaganda channels.

We hope for the help of European companies and citizens of the European Union in the fight against Russian propaganda and are convinced that only joint efforts can stop information aggression.

Your company Globecast France (registered on 01/01/2002, registration number 440 186 740) transmits satellite signal. Thus, RTR Planeta, Russia 24, NTV Mir, Soyuz TV channel, 8 International channel, Belarus 24, Pobeda International, First Channel Europe (2 channels), RT Arabic, RT Documentary, RT NEWS are distributed via Hot Bird 13B, 13C, 13E satellites.

Stop the spread of Russian propaganda, stop the spread of cynical lies, lies and untruths. Stop distribution of anti-human content through your satellite resources.

🇬🇧 At the moment, Russian occupying forces have been bombarding peaceful cities and the population with aircraft, artillery, tanks, and rockets for the 8th day. There are dozens of destroyed cities in Ukraine. Thousands of civilians have been killed.

Help us stop the war. Stop being partners with Putin's bloody regime. Human lives and peace are more valuable than money.

🔺 Do not hesitate to share photos and videos showing the consequences of Russian aggression, in dozens. 🔺

We will win together.

Maximum repost!

P.S. Forgot to mention: Glory to the cats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 🇺🇦 🇺🇦 🇺🇦

Text author (C) Alexander Glushchenko.

Do you know what motives and what a military person who betrayed twice looks like?

In the video of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), they are interrogating another "orca" from Russia, who turned out to be a Ukrainian military traitor and sided with the occupant in Crimea in 2014!

On February 24, his howitzer-artillery division received an order to advance into Ukraine and headed towards Nova Kakhovka. Next was supposed to be Mykolaiv and later, Odessa.

They were promised that everything was agreed upon with the authorities, that they would not shell residential buildings, but simply conduct a raid. They were explained, "Everything will be as in 2014, when Russia took Crimea".

Ukraine greeted the invaders with fierce resistance!

Backing away from the main forces during the battle, the traitor surrendered himself and his entire platoon to the Ukrainian soldiers.

Now investigators and counterintelligence of the SBU are working with him. Such actions cannot go unpunished!




❗️ The situation in Mykolaiv is under control.

💪 The Armed Forces of Ukraine are engaged in combat with the enemy and are destroying enemy equipment, reports the head of the region, Vitaliy Kim.

"Do not rush to burn a Russian tank or APC."

After the victory we can use them.

And this is wonderful. British media report that their government plans to house Ukrainian refugees in confiscated mansions belonging to Russian oligarchs. This idea was voiced by the Minister of Justice, Dominic Raab.

Information for your information.

In Israel, the IDF headquarters has already begun studying the experience of the war in Ukraine, at least based on verified information. This was written by military observer Yosi Yehoshua in "Yedioth Ahronot" on Friday, March 4. So far, three conclusions have been voiced.

Conclusion №1: Both Russia and Ukraine have understood the importance of information warfare, especially on social networks. However, most of the published messages are unverified and contain incorrect information - either by chance or intentionally. Both options have both positive and negative aspects. However, Ukraine's position is clearly more effective due to the higher level of trust in Ukrainian media.

Conclusion № 2 concerns the maneuverability of the Russian army. Huge columns of slowly moving military vehicles, experiencing fuel and maintenance issues, fail to reach their objectives and become easy targets, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine effectively take advantage of.

Conclusion #3, which analysts in the IDF are still puzzled about, concerns Russian aviation. Few understand why the Russian army hardly utilizes combat aircraft and helicopters, preferring ground forces, tanks, and artillery, resulting in significant losses.

📍Brussels. An emergency meeting of the North Atlantic Council has begun.

🔗Participants: Foreign Ministers of NATO member countries, Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, and EU Chief Diplomat Josep Borrell.

"Today the ministers will coordinate our response to the aggressive invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the long-term consequences of these events" - Stoltenberg.

❗️What to do if a house collapse occurred?

Kharkiv. Right now.

‼️In Melitopol they are bringing in a crowd for the "hungry" Melitopol residents fundraising picture.

The atmosphere at the Odessa Railway Station.

Photo: Facebook // Hanna Trushevych

Just now, in the Kiev region, near Severinovka, Russian occupation forces engaged in battle with... Russian occupation forces. As a result, thanks to "friendly fire" 🔥, 9 tanks and 4 armored personnel carriers were destroyed. Accordingly, this saved us 13 Javelins. The Armed Forces of Ukraine understand and support the manifestation of such suicidal tendencies by the occupiers and ask them to continue in this spirit. As for the Russian mothers, we recommend finding out where their offspring are now - in the lists of disposed occupiers or still among the living. But this is only if desired. It is not necessary to find out. Anyway, they will all be in one list, but in different plastic bags.

Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, latest news

▪️The Moscow occupier suffers significant losses in all operational directions - Polissky, Siversky, Slobodzhyansky, Tavriysky and in the area of the Joint Forces Operation.

The enemy does not abandon plans to surround the cities of Kyiv and Kharkiv and reach the administrative borders of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

At the same time, the Russian occupant command has already used at least 95% of the prepared BTGr and requires urgent reinforcement. Zhornova of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, tactical missile troops, and other military units are working efficiently and skillfully in terms of grinding various "Z", "V", "A", and other Russian occupation materials.

Realizing the weakness of its own positions and aiming to buy time for redeployment and renewal, the enemy carries out intense aviation and missile-artillery strikes on military and civilian targets.

🔸Today, in the middle of the night, the Putin regime posed a threat of global catastrophe to the world. Russian terrorist forces shelled the territory of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, resulting in a fire outbreak. It was only thanks to the heroic actions of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Zaporizhzhia region that the danger was successfully contained.

▪️The Hague is approaching rapidly and inevitably for the entire Russian elite.

The Southern direction remains hot 🔥, where the occupant concentrates resources for active actions aimed at attempting to surround Odessa.

The Ukrainian army is ready to repel the occupier and destroy them, no matter where they are!

Glory to Ukraine! Death to enemies!

Did you order a Kyiv cutlet? We have plenty of them here!

Gennadiy Laguta, Head of Kherson Regional State Administration

The occupiers have disconnected the mobile networks.



on the territory of the whole region of Kherson.

‼️Currently, only WiFi is available.

We clarify the situation!

❤️ On 2-3 March, you donated:

Hryvnia: 2,492,983.

Dollar: 950

Euro: 8017


1.9 ETH

0,2592 BTCTranslation: 0.2592 BTC

0.385 LTC

Hugged you frightfully!

Let's go save the world ❤️

Love. Love. Love! And we are proud of you.

Tell your friends about us.


NEW MESSAGES systematically broadcasted by Telegram channels "Legitimate", "Resident", "Cartel", "Gossip Girl", "ZeRada", "Whisperer", "Black Quarter", "Woman with Scythe", "Political Layout", "Atypical Zaporizhia", "Trempel Kharkiv", "Odessa sucker", "Dnipro live", "Nikolaev live", "Kherson live" (LIST NOT EXHAUSTIVE, be attentive).


Accordingly, information messages are relayed from one channel to another based on the principle of mutual pollination.

⛔️ The spread of a video allegedly dropped by the commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - LIES.

⛔️ Spreading videos of our captives.

⛔️ Justification of the attack by Russian forces on Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant

⛔️ Blowing up the thesis about the inefficiency of Ukrainian government.


Do you know what motives and how a soldier who betrayed twice looks like?

In the video of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), there is an interrogation of another "orca" from Russia, who turned out to be a Ukrainian military traitor and in 2014 sided with the occupier in Crimea!

On February 24, his howitzer-artillery division received orders to advance on Ukraine and moved towards Nova Kakhovka. Afterwards, Nikolaev was supposed to be next, followed by Odessa.

They were promised that everything had been agreed upon with the authorities, that they would not shell residential buildings, but would simply conduct a raid. They were explained: "Everything will be like in 2014, when Russia took Crimea."

Ukraine greeted the invaders with fierce resistance!

Stepping back from the main forces during the battle, the traitor surrendered himself and his entire platoon to the Ukrainian soldiers.

Now investigators and counterintelligence of the Security Service of Ukraine are working with him. Such actions cannot go unpunished!


#ПутінуДляГааги -> #PutinForTheHague

#ЗСУ -> #ArmedForces

Chernihiv. 23 civilians dead. They are simply killing us. It's plain racism. Show this to all acquaintances in Russia. They must see this. And understand that it is they who killed these innocent civilians. The blood of ordinary civilians is on their hands. And they must stop the furious führer.

The American magazine "Politico" put Putin on its cover. But something tells me that such a cover doesn't please Putin very much.

❗️Zaporizhzhia Regional Military Administration has officially confirmed that the Russian army has seized a television tower in Melitopol, installed their equipment there, and started broadcasting Russian TV channels.

The Association of Cinema Owners of Russia has reported a possible "industry liquidation" and has requested support from the government.

According to her representatives, stocks of technical equipment for cinemas will be depleted before the middle of the year.

What are the reasons for your dissatisfaction, "katsaps"? Get used to diaporamas and to the shitty content of Russian production. Now you are the main leper colony of the Earth.

In Melitopol, thousands of residents took to the streets in a demonstration for Ukraine. 👍

The city is occupied by enemy forces. Supporters of Russia are not seen, although Russian tanks are in the city, and now no "fascists" are preventing them from going out to rallies and greeting the occupiers.

This is a real catastrophe for Russian propaganda. So now, according to information from Kherson, the occupiers are bringing people there by buses from Crimea to organize a simulation of a pro-Russian rally.

The information was taken from journalist Denis Kazansky.

In Mykolaiv region, near Bashtanka, our guys have taken away the Pantsir-1S anti-aircraft missile system from the moskals.

Fully operational and in working condition, by the way.

In the village of Tëtkino, Kursk region (Russia), an ammunition depot exploded.

According to official information, the explosion occurred as a result of violation of safety regulations during the repair of military equipment.

Yes, who can argue?

#Good night

Problems have started for the Russians all over the world. It will always be like this. Russians? That means scum!

The Mi-8 helicopter flew after the Su-25 pilot and they also "landed" him 😂

Israel. Ben Gurion Airport. One of the airport workers, in a sign of solidarity with the Ukrainian people and protesting against the policy of silence of the Israeli government, blocks an Aeroflot plane with the Ukrainian flag in their hands.

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank suspends projects associated with Russia and Belarus.

The bank was created on the initiative of the Chairman of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping, in 2016, in order to counter the domination of the West in the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Russia is one of the founding members of ABII and has about six percent of the votes. It also has a seat on the bank's board of directors. However, it cannot make any decisions because the bank's policies are determined by the official Beijing.

Explosion at a distillery in the village of Tyotkino (Kursk region), where there was a storage of Russian weapons.

⚡️ Ukrainian military traitor surrendered our entire platoon!

The soldier previously served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but in 2014 he switched to the side of the enemy during the annexation of Crimea.

When the military came to Nova Kakhovka, Ukrainian military and local residents met the Russian army with resistance. Falling behind in battle from the main forces, the traitor surrendered himself and his entire platoon to the Ukrainian soldiers. In total, 11 Russian soldiers fell into captivity.

Currently, this question has moved forward! We are waiting for a decision to be made. If the sky closes, then it's the end for the "cacao-eaters".

In Kyiv, the NOVUS network no longer sells Coca-Cola. Bottles with the drink are being removed from the shelves. The company has decided that Russian aggression is okay and continues to operate in Russian territory.

Coca-Cola, go fuck yourself, please.

🇺🇸🇺🇦US Embassy in Ukraine: Attack on Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant - a war crime.

A friend from Bucha writes that the Russian occupiers continue to rob apartments and loot. They have robbed several pharmacies and looted the FORA supermarket. But the most horrifying thing is that they are scared and, flinching at every sound, shoot at apartment windows. It reminds me of a gang raid rather than a military operation.

⚡️ NATO will discuss the establishment of a no-fly zone over Ukraine today, March 4. The discussion will take place during the military Alliance summit, led by the United States.

While the "moskals" (a derogatory term for Russians) are bringing zombies to Melitopol for a pro-Russian rally, Ukrainians have come out against the occupation and are showing that they do not welcome any stinking Russians here.

Coca-Cola has decided that the company will continue to operate in Russia. Ok. And I have decided not to buy Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite.

#boycottCocaColaThis hashtag is calling for a boycott of Coca Cola.

Illustration (c) Dmitry Kovalenko

Melitopol resists.

That's the whole difference between us and you, Russians. You are crying now because AppStore is not working, while we are fighting. Because we have freedom, we know its taste, and we won't give it up to anyone.

And you are a sick society that is unable to organize a nationwide protest.

Another Russian occupant got poisoned by something.

The world press writes about Ukraine. I would like the world press to write about the fact that NATO has already closed the sky over Ukraine.

🇬🇧Ukrainian Truth: Russian occupiers took over the premises of the municipal police in Energodar with a fight.

On Apple maps, the "Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation," located in Moscow, has been renamed as the "Ministry of Fascism of the Russian Federation." Yes, that will be more accurate.

Podolyak, Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President:

Just now the Chancellor of Germany

Schultz discusses humanitarian corridors with the Russian president. The world has finally realized the catastrophe that the Russians have organized. On our side, Irina Vereshchuk and Sergey Trusov are responsible for the humanitarian corridors.

NATO briefing on the war in Ukraine in the original language.

Hadiach, Poltava region. Foresters and civil defense forces caught occupiers in the forest from a destroyed military convoy.

🔴I was just informed that the occupiers ❌refused to allow the "green corridor" for the delivery of humanitarian aid to Kherson region.

The Ukrainian authorities have formed 19 trucks to supply the most necessary goods to Kherson and the region.

And now the fascists say that they will provide humanitarian aid themselves.

We will continue to demand from the occupiers the opportunity to deliver Ukrainian humanitarian assistance! 🇺🇦

Also, I would like to thank the mayor of Kherson, Igor Kolikhayev, for the efforts he puts in to meet the needs of the city's residents. ✅

UP: NATO rejects calls for the introduction of a no-fly zone over Ukraine — Stoltenberg

Finally, a normal friendly fire 😂

The Russian occupant shoots at another Russian occupant on Ukrainian land.

Can you always do that?

Part 2. (Part 1 before this post.) Ancient cities like Warsaw and Krakow, among many others, were heavily destroyed, and Lviv was literally wiped off the face of the Earth, apparently, quite consciously." And it seems that in the Kremlin, this piece of writing is being perceived as a guide for action.

And now evaluate how the Kremlin sees the resolution of the "Baltic issue". And it seems that they will act in this paradigm. Here is how it is described in the book. "Once we start the invasion, we will kill and destroy as much as we can because there is no honor for the Balts. But the main part will come afterwards: all Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian cities and settlements, streets and rivers, will be renamed with Russian names. The words "Latvia", "Lithuania", and "Estonia" will be forbidden for public use throughout the territory of the Russian Empire except for historical research. Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian languages will also be forbidden for public use."

Lithuanians, who have distinguished themselves less than others in Russophobia, will retain the right to live on the territory of present-day Lithuania, although all movable and immovable property will be confiscated from them, like the Latvians and Estonians; but in addition, they will also be evicted from the Baltics, with an indefinite deprivation of the right to live there.

And with the Russian-speaking inhabitants of these countries, it will be the same, only with a deprivation for five years. We don't have much love for them either: there was nothing to endure humiliations, by doing so you became their accomplices. Let it be with these countries, like with Sodom and Gomorrah, because their very existence offends us."

In general, it seems that these neo-Nazis have decided to completely repeat Hitler's path - to start a war for world domination, lose it, and kill a huge number of people, either by going to the gallows or shooting themselves in a bunker. Therefore, NATO will have to enter the war, in any case. And this is already predetermined. The sooner NATO realizes this, the fewer people will die and the more likely it is that a third world, nuclear war will not begin.

⚡️ Stoltenberg: "We have made a difficult decision - to impose tough sanctions, provide significant support, but at the same time, not involve NATO forces in the conflict in Ukraine - neither on land nor in the sky"

Stoltenberg added

It is painful to see the ruins, like in World War II, and to see him admire the bravery of the Ukrainian people against Putin and the Russian troops, so NATO has decided to impose the strongest sanctions ever.

Three main directions of the work of the Ukrainian delegation in negotiations with the Russian Federation - Mykhailo Podoliak.

📍Ukraine's position in the negotiation process is strongly reinforced by Western partners.

📍President Zelensky will definitely not take any actions that could in any way diminish our struggle. He understands all the boundaries that we can and cannot cross.

📍The delegation clearly understands the psychological state of the people they work with, their goals, and their understanding of Ukraine - that's why we feel comfortable working, understanding the motives of the Russian side. We understand where they want to go, why they think that way, and what motivates them.


A curfew from 20:00 to 7:00 is being introduced throughout the Kyiv region from March 4 to March 5.

❌We do not go out on the streets and other public places (only with special permits and identification documents).

We continue to defend Kyiv region. Heavy fighting is taking place in some directions.

Please understand the curfew. It is necessary primarily for the safety of the residents in the region.

The situation in Kherson.

In Irpin, Russian scum is shooting residential buildings.

Ninth day after the start of the full-scale invasion of CCP bastards.

We are all extremely tense and focused on our work, everyone wants to do something for the sake of Ukraine, for victory, to save their family, their home, their street, their city, their country. Anything...

And you all do incredibly much. But I ask you very much sometimes to take a breath, to look into your soul and replenish your own resources. We cannot let everyone burn out. Only Russian tank crews should burn out. We must continue working and shining for a long time.

Recently, I spoke with a psychologist 🗣️💭 and she gave me several quite effective tips.

No matter how it may be...

▪️ Hug your loved ones. Hugs reduce anxiety, warm the heart, and provide the necessary feeling of support.

▪️ Drink water. I myself often forget to drink water throughout the day. But it's necessary. Otherwise, you can get dehydrated, exhausted, and fade away much faster.

▪️ Find time for self-love. Remember what used to bring you joy before, and what from that list you can do now. And do it. The world won't collapse if you don't read the news and work for half an hour, but instead make yourself a cup of coffee and calmly drink it.

🔹 DREAM. Dream loud, bright, and together with your loved ones about what you will do after Victory, in a year, in 2, in 10 years. Dare to dream boldly and even cheekily.

▪️Sleep as little as possible, lie down and sleep.

If there are no bombs flying and gunfire in your city, breathe fresh air and walk. Find an opportunity to notice the color of the sky, the sound of the city, and the scents in the air.

Take care of yourself. We need to stand firm and protect ourselves in order to rebuild the country later.

Tatusya Bo, Ukrainian.

Here, parts from the "assemble an occupant" constructor were delivered. But not all the parts and instructions are there. And how do we now return it home?

The Kadyrovtsy at the nuclear power plant killed several workers who were monitoring nuclear safety. We cannot guarantee what is going on in the heads of these Chechen militants. And Russia cannot either because the Kadyrovtsy can blackmail it too.

Everyone should come together on this issue. Other similar captures could happen. Next, there could be a capture of the South Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant. This is a threat of international terrorism at nuclear facilities.


💻 Company Microsoft temporarily suspends the sale of goods and provision of services in Russia.

- Ministry of Digital Transformation

💻EPAM company closing Russian office , stops serving Russian clients and allocates $100 million for Ukrainian employees and their families," - Chairman of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, Fedorov.

Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security

🔴 Defenders of Kharkiv destroyed over 500 units of enemy equipment in a week.

Head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, Oleg Synehubov, presented the results.

🔻 Our army has destroyed so much enemy equipment that it would be enough to arm the armies of several countries.

🔻 In 7 days of fighting with Russia, the residents of Kharkiv eliminated over 500 units of enemy equipment!

🔻 The enemy cannot capture the city, so they cunningly launch missile and bomb attacks from high altitudes outside the range of our air defense.

🔻 The guys are ready to chase the enemy and ask the people of Kharkiv to wait a little longer.

🔻 Even Russians themselves understand that they have lost this war. The occupant will soon be beyond the boundaries of the region!

As promised: we stand, we defend!

Special Operations Forces are conducting an operation to capture all the filth that has "distinguished itself" among the civilian population. They find everyone. And they will find everyone who is left. Glory to SOF.

And another one made it. Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!!!

The Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny says that another Russian Su-25 has been destroyed.

Together with the pilot. This devil will no longer bomb our cities.

Oh! This is very pleasant. My challenge is already supported by NOVUS, Сільпо, Фора, and FOZZY.

These trade networks have refused to sell Coca-Cola's products and are removing them from their shelves. Who's next?


In Kherson, the occupants wanted to create a picture for their TV. But the locals sent them off after the Russian military ship. In general, there were no queues to film with the Russian humanitarian aid. It seems that they will bring extras again for imitation. Morons!

Each of us is a little bit Trehubov right now 🙂

And now the wailing, sniffling, and tears will begin in Erefia. They have been deprived of their most beloved - performing under their flag in the Kabayev-style of sports. Mourning has come to your home, Katsaps.

The International Gymnastics Federation has banned Russian athletes and officials, including judges, from participating in competitions under its auspices.

Russian propaganda disperses the fake news that Zelensky is in Poland. Echoes, they think shallowly. They could have sent him straight to Mars. But they're just liars, not fantasizers. That's why they lie about Poland, idiots.

⚠️ Translation: Shufrych arrested., when he photographed positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - Yuri Biryukov.

When was the last time he got fucked?

The first Belarusian died for Ukraine.

Belarusian volunteer Ilya.


He died in battles for Bucha. He received a mortal wound, and they could not save him.

Eternal memory to the hero.

It's like a joke: Ukrainians scorn Russian gamers on gaming platforms.

But how keenly they feel it - the entire propaganda machine is outraged by the scale and organization of propaganda work. Therefore, there are no trifles in this war. Every front is a movement towards victory.

And here is a video of what happened in Kherson with the occupiers, it captured the failure with long queues on camera.

This is just a celebration of some kind! And this is just the beginning! Russian senator Lyudmila Narusova admitted at a session of the Federation Council the huge losses of the Russian army in Ukraine. Out of a company of 100 conscripts, only... 4 people remained.

The old woman is waiting for her son to come home in vain.

Only a funeral will come to her.

After all, her first son came to us with a war.

Now instead of a son, a black hole.

Started to acknowledge, bitches!

❗️The humanitarian headquarters of the capital city needs volunteers for the food warehouses.

To do this, you need to contact the humanitarian headquarters at the following link:

Please fill out the volunteer form.

🚗We remind you that drivers in the capital are called upon to give way not only to "emergency" vehicles, but also to vehicles with humanitarian aid!

And now, digital news for today.

Microsoft has announced that it is suspending the sales of its products and provision of services in Russia. This applies to everything related to XBOX.

The corporation Google has stopped selling online advertising in Russia.

Intel and AMD have confirmed that they are ceasing supplies of their products to Russia and Belarus.

Amazon has decided to cancel the previously planned Russian localization of New World.

Users from Russia cannot buy Gran Turismo 7 on PlayStation. Access to this game is now unavailable even for those who pre-ordered. The same situation will occur with other new releases.

CD Projekt, the creators of "The Witcher 3" and "Cyberpunk 2077," are discontinuing the sale of their games in Russia and Belarus.

Mayor of Mariupol Vadim Boychenko

told about the situation in the city

Mariupol has been under devastating shelling of residential infrastructure for five days. We are simply being destroyed by "Grad" rockets, howitzers, and aircraft. There is no need to talk about stabilization.

We have 300 wounded, who are in hospitals. However, the enemy occupiers are even shooting at hospitals.

We shout at all levels: the Armed Forces of Ukraine need help. "I ask, I beg for support for the city of Mariupol"

Yesterday, as part of the negotiation process, one of the points was the provision of a humanitarian green corridor for Mariupol. We are currently organizing this route. But it is very difficult to do so without a ceasefire in place. I don't know if the Russian side has the desire. Perhaps they have a desire to wipe Mariupol off the face of the Earth.

By that time, damaged Russian equipment started to appear on AutoRia. ))

Inside there is an unpleasant smell from a dead mouse, but this can be fixed with dry cleaning. It was imported illegally, therefore it is not cleared by customs.

Mykolaiv. 17:30, March 4th.


This is on the outskirts of the city.

About how the crowd failed and what the occupiers will do next. These fake creators act stupidly and primitively. Because they rely on stupid and primitive people.

🇺🇦💪🏻From Mykolaiv, the occupiers were eliminated! Kulbakino airport was also liberated.

🔥Putin turned Kharkiv into Aleppo.

Oh, the little Muscovites have decided to go on the counteroffensive.

Why? They'll get into trouble again.

Mykolaiv. 17:30 on March 4th.


This is on the outskirts of the city.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine sincerely thank the employees of the FSB who continue to promptly inform about the location of Kadyrov's forces and their movements. The reasons for leaking the information are unclear, but considering its 100% accuracy, we can still say thank you. ))

🔥 Shoot in the leg and fuck off home. Gudimenko said what the occupant should do to stay alive and make money out of it.

Our people will not let good disappear. We stole a mortar from the Russians. And something tells me it's not the last one.

If our guys launch ATGM at the tank of the invaders, then it's a 10 out of 10. The ammunition exploded, tearing off the turret. The Russians really knock off the turret due to the professionalism of our SPA. )))

⚡️ Russian senator Lyudmila Narusova acknowledged massive losses of the Russian army in Ukraine during the meeting of the Radfed.

🗣 "Yesterday, conscripts were withdrawn from the combat zone in Ukraine, who were forced to sign contracts or contracts were signed for them. But as a result, only four out of a hundred people from the company remained alive."

Subscribe to TSN.

Ukrainian soldiers recaptured Kulbakino Airport in Mykolaiv and raised the national flag there! I believe that after the Victory, Mykolaiv should be granted the status of "hero city"!

Here's this hymn, by the way.

This war simply blows my mind...

Jazz band that CSO taught to sing correctly.

We need to talk about something else!!! About something else, Vladimir Alexandrovich. It is time to raise the question of debt cancellation. And not only with them. The timing is perfect. We will need this in the future. And we need to solve it now.

🤝 Podoliak about handshake with the delegation from Russia:

Let's give me the result.


", but let's not play games. Okay, let me come to the negotiations and say, 'Guys, you're killers', turn around and leave. You will say to me, 'Thank you'."

I will have people dying. Let's do it without grandiosity. Let's prove that we understand everything, instead of saying, "Oh, they shook hands, the end of the world."

Here is this anthem, by the way-2

❗️In the village of Marhalivka, Kiev region, as a result of shelling...

They perished.

Five people, three of whom are children.

This is a rally in Kherson, not a production of occupiers. Because Kherson is Ukraine!

Remember I wrote about the data that the FSB gave on the Kadyrovtsy? They didn't lie. Here you have the Kadyrovtsy. In Hostomel. But they are not very combative anymore.

🛑IMPORTANT. Share among friends🛑

What information should not be shared on social media during war and how do saboteurs learn info about us?

Do not share information on social media during the war that could be helpful to divers, and how saboteurs get information about us.

About Shufrich. He is not a hero. He is too cowardly to spy on and expose our positions. And he is smart enough to do it in a demonstrative way. After all, his recognizability will work against him. And after he is arrested, they will show him not only in Russia but also in the West. They will say that he is a victim of Binderyovtsy. And they will also add that there is no law in Ukraine and tell more scary stories about the junta. Shufrich, who is still a deputy in the Verkhovna Rada, will be the illustration for these horror stories. And it seems that this is the main goal, as well as the goal of his curators in the Kremlin.

Shufrich already pulled off something similar in 2014 when he went to Odessa and got a telling off. I pleaded very strongly at that time not to touch him, understanding that he is just a tool for information warfare. They didn't listen to me then. Shufrich got a slap in the face and this ensured not only the necessary image for Russia TV but also votes for himself and for the Opposition Bloc in the Verkhovna Rada from the loyal electorate.

Sorry to have disappointed you. But don't look for simple explanations where Kremlin's special operations take place.

Georgia, let's go!

⚡️Georgians are ready to reclaim their lands and are calling for an offensive against Abkhazia and Samachablo, which are occupied by Russia.

💪Forward, guys, we'll cover!

🔴 Europeans are well familiar with the word "Chernobyl".

But if they don't help us stop Putin, who has engaged in nuclear blackmail, they may find out the words "Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant."

It is reported that Shufrych, along with his own security, shot at the defenders. One of the guard's guns allegedly had its serial number erased - activist.


Darn, it's impossible to go through properly anymore. These racists have made a mess of the whole land. And who will clean up this sh*t?

Gagarin, Dmitry Anatolyevich.

11.07.2001 гTranslation: 11th July 2001

Solikamsk city

212 District Training Center

Captured Russophile. Will the mother take her Russophile son away?

Another important political and security victory! Ukraine becomes a contributor-participant of the NATO Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence!

In the meantime, in Tbilisi. 🙏

⚡️How to fight the occupiers on the digital front?

Now, there are a lot of fakes and disinformation on social media and the media. All these enemies do it in order for Ukrainians to lose faith in victory and give up.

So, we ask you to adhere to the rules that will help you withstand the informational attack of the occupiers:

1️⃣ Use official sources of information. We have gathered them here. As well as the official pages of civil servants and local authorities.

2️⃣ Under no circumstances should you fall for advertising posts on social media from pseudo-accounts of the Security Service of Ukraine or other government agencies. The enemy publishes them to gain your trust. Verify the truthfulness of such information on the official pages of the institutions.

3️⃣ In no way spread information about the movement of Ukrainian troops, as you are betraying our forces to the enemy!

4️⃣ Spread the truth about the war that the Russian Federation is waging in Ukraine on your social media platforms. Remember, they too are an informational weapon against the enemy!

5️⃣ Make posts for your audience on social media, communicate with familiar admins of groups and channels in other countries, and spread information through them. Spread the truth to Russians, as access to truthful information is completely restricted there.

6️⃣ Support the "hygiene of your devices": lock your devices every time after work, install applications only from official services, do not use unknown Wi-Fi.

7️⃣ Protect your social media: set up complex passwords, do not add unknown accounts as friends, enable two-factor authentication.

8️⃣ Support the spirit of our Army! Write words of gratitude, encourage Ukrainians!

9️⃣ Join the ranks of Ukraine's IT army or the Internet Army.

💪🇺🇦 Together, we will defeat infoterror!


You wanted this land, so now blend in with it.

🛑 What would you say to Shufrich?


Information is spreading on the network that unknown numbers will call Ukrainians at night in order to set targets for aerial bombardment.

☝️ This information is not accurate because it is physically impossible to determine the exact whereabouts of a person in this way, therefore it is IMPOSSIBLE to target for an air bombing.

The occupiers have a vivid imagination, so they come up with many new fakes 🥸

⚠️ Please note that the spread of such fakes is a continuation of an information-psychological operation to intimidate Ukrainians, as well as to prevent our citizens from reporting the movements of hostile technology.

Trust official sources, believe in Ukraine and the Armed Forces 💛💙

Victory will be ours ✌️🇺🇦

🤬OPZH! If you wander around checkpoints, you will be shot on the spot.

🇬🇪🇺🇦Zelensky in addressing Georgians: (Note: There are no specific words or content mentioned in the original text. The text appears to be about Ukrainian President Zelensky addressing Georgians. However, without any specific context or content provided, it is not possible to accurately translate the text.)

"Don't stay silent, take to the streets, support Ukraine. If Ukraine falls, all of Europe will fall."

Facebook is blocked in Russia by the decision of Roskomnadzor. But it still works through a VPN. So I use it, citizens of Russia, to know the real data and facts. Although currently in Russia, it's a real "sovok" (a term used to describe the mentality of the Soviet era) and millions are brainwashed.

⚡️Facebook has been officially blocked across the entire territory of Russia - Roskomnadzor.

💛💙 (A yellow heart and a blue heart)

Ninth day.

In the direction of Volyn.

The position of our troops remains unchanged.

On This is the beginning of a sentence or a phrase in Russian.

Siversky direction

Chernihiv carries out heroic defense.

In the area near the settlement of Mykhailo-Kotsiubynske in Chernihiv region, there is a column of up to 200 units of machinery and personnel in front of a water obstacle. The bridge over the river is destroyed.

Slobodzhan direction

Subunits from the composition of the group continue to engage in defensive battles, successfully inflicting fire damage on the enemy.

The united forces continue the defensive operation as before, with the forces of two operational-tactical groups.

To the seaside direction

The special forces unit is providing cover for the coastline and carries out tasks to prevent the city of Mykolaiv from being encircled.

At this time, the Russian aggressors have already lost 37 planes and 37 helicopters.

The enemy is demoralized. The local population is showing in every possible way that they are not happy with Russia here.

Info -

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

😡 Shell has purchased a batch of Russian oil with a great discount, despite its aggression against Ukraine


🇩🇪 Rammstein leader Till Lindemann cancels concerts in Russia and clearly indicates that he is on the side of good!

In the Russian language, a number of words are prohibited. The word "war" is forbidden to be called a war, and the Mordor control commands to call it a special operation.

Ol', I can tell you something amazing. Do you know who introduced the term "special operation" into regular and permanent use? It was "Unit 731". It was a unit of Japanese doctors who conducted live dissections on people in concentration camps, removing one organ after another without anesthesia, in order to observe the agony and the effects of removing various organs on a person. This was the unit that infected people with gangrene, ulcers, plague, cholera, and then measured the time of suffering, time of death, and the time it took for limbs to decay. This is a very well-known unit of medics that became infamous for these criminal experiments.

Alongside this, in concentration camps, of course, regular operations were also carried out, they were called "operations", but what "Squad 731" did was called "special operation". That is, I would say, such a significant name. We will see that Mordor control has excellent teachers and, in general, very clear guidelines.

"Nevzorovskie circles", 02.03.2022.

NEVZOROV —Note: The given text is incomplete. Please provide the complete text for an accurate translation.


⚡️ "Among the G7 countries, there is agreement on the need to refrain from using Russian gas" - UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss.

Let's go!!!

❗️"Among the G7 countries, there is an agreement on the need to stop using Russian gas."

Head of the UK Foreign Office, Liz Truss.

💪 "We will support Ukraine together, undermine Russia's economy with sanctions, and work towards Putin's defeat."

That very case when I am glad about Russian equipment in Ukraine. These are refrigerators. And they are transporting thousands of Russian military corpses. And it is very good that this bio-waste will be removed from the territory of Ukraine. Expect gifts from Russian mothers 🎁 on March 8th. Couldn't raise normal children? Take home, in Russia, the corpses of your children-occupiers.

In Kyiv, women raise a marauder. It's his choice. He knew what he was getting into.

This country needs a hero. A hero, whose role is to receive punches in the face.

Extinguish it all. You can't just take and shoot innocent people like that.

Russian partners of one of the largest backbone providers, Cogent, have received a notification that today, March 4th, at 20:00 Moscow time, they will be disconnected from their equipment, as reported by "Kommersant". The publication states that in the Cogent letter, it was noted that the company will leave the servers of Russian providers on racks for 30 days so that they can retrieve them. After the expiration of this period, the equipment will be disconnected and sent to storage; there will be no access to the servers after the termination of service.

"Kommersant" reported that the receipt of the letter was confirmed by three sources of the publication in different Russian communication providers. As one of the interviewees of the publication claims, "Vympelkom", "MegaFon", "Rostelecom", MTS, Tele2, and VK work with Cogent in Russia. Tele2 noted that they do not cooperate with Cogent. MTS discontinued its cooperation with this company in 2013 for commercial reasons. "Rostelecom" is still studying the situation. "Vympelkom", "MegaFon", "TransTelekom" declined to comment, VK and Cogent did not respond to "Kommersant's" requests. "Yandex" stated that they have connections to Cogent's networks, but they have not received any letters from them.

Sorry, we can't stop post memes about Shufrich.

One of the largest backbone providers, American company Cogent, is disconnecting Russian operators from its networks.

The company offers operators to pick up server equipment within a month. "Rostelecom", "Vympelcom", "Megafon", "Yandex" and VK work with Cogent.

Very soon this will lead to a deterioration in the quality of access of Russians to foreign internet services.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken states that the war between Russia and Ukraine, perhaps, will not end soon, so it is necessary to continue putting pressure on Putin.

"Unfortunately, tragically, terribly, it may not end soon. And therefore, these efforts that we're making together, we must support. We must rely on them. We must get to the heart of the matter," said Blinken.

The Secretary of State emphasized that we must not stop our efforts against the actions of Russian President Putin.

"We must support this until it stops, until the war is over - Russian forces will leave and the Ukrainian people will restore their independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity. We are determined to do this," Blinken emphasized.

And I believe that there is a chance for a swift end if Putin faces the consequences. This is the only chance for the entire world. Otherwise, it will be World War III.

Which companies have not yet left Russia?

5 companies with the highest turnover in the world continue working for the aggressor.

This is:


🔻P&G;The translation is: 🔻P&G;




When the war will end.

My good friend just called me and told me that he finally signed a contract with the Armed Forces. He had a hard time achieving this. He was not accepted into the defense forces. They said there were more applicants than spots available. But with difficulty, he managed to get a contract. He told me that he understands that later, after our Victory, he may be asked "where were you on February 24, 2002?" And he wants to be proud of his answer. I know that many will not be ashamed. Quite a lot. 😊

So, when the war is over, each of us will tell not only where they were, but also a lot of interesting things about others. I will tell about how someone called me and asked if anyone needed 100 hot meals every day. And this allowed us to provide hot food for 100 soldiers. I will tell who and how helped me to get hemostatic agents for the patrolmen, which are now coming from Switzerland. I will tell about several stunning information special operations and their results. I will tell about a group of hackers who pulled off such a trick that the Russian authorities trembled. I will tell about a hero who has already gone to the orcs four times, placed a marker, and helped not only to neutralize the orcs, but also to suffocate the onslaught from one of the directions. I will tell about Russian political emigrants who helped us collect information from enemy territory. And I will also tell about a religious Jew who, with his head, helped demoralize the occupiers. Even I was surprised. I will definitely tell about the patrol policemen who remained loyal to their oath and continued to serve and protect. I will tell about my friends from Aspen who became an effective force in resistance against the occupiers. There will be stories about how foreign citizens flocked to defend Ukraine from the neo-Nazis of the Kremlin and how we smuggled them into Ukraine. Because it's not enough to invite foreigners to defend Ukraine, there was also a need to establish an algorithm and processes, but no one took care of that. But that's after the war. After Victory, I will talk about many good people. Because the war revealed them from unexpected sides. And there are many such people.

Yes, the war has shown who is a friend and who just happened to cross paths in life. This invasion of Russians into Ukraine has shown who is a patriot, and who is merely pretending. Who was willing to make sacrifices, and who was ready to step over others. Who is willing to burn for others, and who is willing to burn everyone in the name of their own interests. The war has shown people and their essence, not always in the best way. But I am grateful to everyone who helped me when I needed assistance, although not everyone helped. But that doesn't matter anymore. In any case, these are a huge number of stories. They are worthy of a book. But I will take care of that after the war. For now, we continue. Our battle is not yet over. Our war is not yet won. Our enemies are not yet defeated. But it all needs to be done. And we will do it. I am 100% sure.

PS And I also promised my wife and children that I would leave politics after the Victory. And I will do that too.

I and the whole Ukraine see and feel the support of the entire world. Thank you for this, PEOPLE!

😴 In the Czech Republic, pillows with Zelensky are being sold for 570 crowns (730 UAH). The money raised will go to help Ukraine.

A new major NLAW party has arrived in Kyiv! 😃

According to Bloomberg, the USA is considering the possibility of banning the import of oil from Russia.

For me, this is a photo of the day. It inspires and gives hope. We will restore everything. We will settle everything. And everything will be Ukraine. And children will never again hear sirens or have to run to bomb shelters. Incredible photo. Filled with life!

🇷🇺💩Putin has signed a law on criminal punishment for "fakes" about the army.

Now, publishing information that the official authorities of Russia consider a "fake" could be punished with up to 15 years in prison.

Spreading false information about the actions of the Russian armed forces is punishable by up to three years in prison.

If a fake is spread as part of an organized group or is accompanied by falsification of evidence, the maximum punishment term increases to 10 years of imprisonment.

If the spread of false information has caused serious consequences, the culprit will be threatened with up to 15 years in prison.

❌🇷🇺Russia has blocked Twitter. Is it already North Korea or not?

Due to the recent lockdown in Russia, we would like to declare the following:

*Sad music is playing*

We took down this video from one channel, but we reuploaded it on another.

Trying to deceive YouTube.

But you still should go in. And subscribe to Yuri Gudimenko's channel.

Do you play poker?

I play sometimes.

In poker, there is such a term - all-in. This is when a player pushes all of their chips and bets on their combination. The cards are closed, so no one knows for sure why they are doing this. Maybe they have perfect cards. Or maybe it's a mess, but they are bluffing to pretend that the cards are great. Or maybe they're bluffing doubly, or maybe, maybe...

But real life is not poker. Everyone sees your cards. And everyone sees, the whole world, that Putin has nothing in his hands. Empty. No combination. He made a mistake in this game from the very beginning, when he decided that the Ukrainian people remained Soviet and would welcome him with roses.

And now its paratroopers, who booked tables in Kyiv restaurants for March 1st, are rotting in our land. The planes are burning. There is no dominance in the air. The technology - to the joyful laughter of billions of spectators - goes to Ukrainian farmers. Desertion and surrender are increasing. Tanks are already driving without protection, pulled out of the warehouses of the USSR era. And the countries of the world are competing with each other in the number and radicalness of imposed sanctions.

And Putin goes all-in. He begins killing peaceful residents with "grads". Bombards Babin Yar. Shells the nuclear station with tanks. Puts hundreds of rockets on Ukrainian homes, schools, and hospitals. He tries to show everyone that he is crazed, that he will go to the end, that one should be afraid.

But only his people are actually afraid of him. But what kind of people are they? They are just a bunch of simpletons.

And the Ukrainians, gritting their teeth, hold on to Kyiv, hold on to Kharkiv, hold on to Mykolaiv and Mariupol. They demonstrate everything they have learned during the years of war. They show every person on the planet how a free nation should fight.

Ukrainians wipe away tears and laugh. Ukrainians bury their own and kill ten for one. Ukrainians behave like gods, and gods behave like Ukrainians.

We're not just holding on. We grind the Russian army with our mill. We bury it in our land.

And when we come to ask the Russians about Kherson, about Crimea, about Donetsk and about Luhansk, about Kyiv and about Kharkiv, about Melitopol and about Hostomel - their army will not protect them.

Because it will lie in our land.

According to globalcheck, YouTube is still being actively blocked in Russia! ❗️

I'm so excited for the concert tonight! 🎵🎉 I've been waiting for this moment for months. It's going to be amazing! 🤩

The Iron Curtain loudly closes.

Russia, you are in a "bunker"! Rejoice.

The occupiers in Kharkiv region lost 😔

offensive potential, - the head of the OVA.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine withstood the occupiers' attack in Kharkiv region and even began a counteroffensive. Meanwhile, the enemy has lost almost all of its offensive resources.

This was stated by the head of the Kharkiv regional military administration, Oleg Synehubov.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have pushed the enemy line away from Kharkiv in the Sumy direction, fully occupying positions along the state border.

Roskomnadzor, try writing to the official Apple account on Twitter. Perhaps, they will give you a response 😂

This can be watched forever. ))


This is a Moscow store operated by Auchan.

The network itself says that there is no shortage, everything is fine, charming marquise. Literally: The press service of the Russian "Auchan" clarified to RBC that the company is witnessing an increase in demand for socially significant goods, including from businesses that make purchases. "Delivery from the warehouse and replenishment of shelves after several such large purchases may take time, during which part of the buyers will be left without goods," explains the representative of the retailer. Therefore, the company recommended that in stores where such high demand is observed, if necessary, offer customers not to buy large quantities at once in order to give everyone the opportunity to make a purchase.

Photo - Chris McGrath.

Irpin, Kyiv region, Ukraine. March 3, 2022.

Sorry, but it's worth not passing by such. The request "how do they live in North Korea" is gaining popularity in the Russian search engine "Yandex".

They are not waiting, just preparing. ))

We continue to fight. We will defend our country. We will liberate our land. Thanks to our heroes.

"Auchan, which is currently operating in the Russian Federation, is implementing restrictions on food sales."

To one customer on hand— no more than 10kg of sugar, no more than 10 bottles of oil, 5 packs of flour, and 3 packs of salt.

This is still bold... but not for long. Soon "soap, salt, matches" and "carp for the deprived"

We continue to fight. We will defend our state. We will liberate our land. Thanks to our heroes.

Today, Kherson welcomed a humanitarian convoy from Russia. Only a few units took boxes of Russian food.

"Guys, who wants to grab a bite courtesy of the occupiers?"

— No!

I'm so excited for the beach vacation! 🏖️☀️It's been a long time since I enjoyed some quality time by the sea. I can already picture myself laying on the sand, feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, and listening to the soothing sound of the waves. 🌊🌴 This will be the perfect opportunity to relax, recharge, and create unforgettable memories. Can't wait! 😍😎

— Russian ship?

"Go fuck yourself!"

Today in Russia, Facebook was blocked. Later, Twitter was blocked too. Now, there is information that YouTube has also been blocked by them.

But I am interested, when did they block their mind, conscience, and humanity? When did they have all of this blocked and turned into a willless, heartless, and vicious herd? Clearly not today. Maybe it all atrophied due to lack of necessity? But now I understand my great-grandfather Shiku perfectly, who, after experiencing the war, couldn't forgive the Germans. He wanted to, but he couldn't. And we won't be able to either. Even if we want to.

⚡️ Main theses from Zelensky's address.

— Time to remember security guarantees. Today the NATO summit took place. Weak and confused. All NATO countries' intelligence services know about the enemy's plans and confirm that Russia wants to continue the offensive. 💪✌️

All the people who died from this day die because of you.

(re. appeal to NATO countries)As an AI language model, I can definitely help you translate the content of the text from Ukrainian to English. However, since you haven't provided the actual text you want to translate, I won't be able to give you an accurate translation. Please provide the text you want to be translated, and I'll be more than happy to assist you.

"Knowing that new strikes and victims are inevitable, NATO deliberately decided not to close the sky over Ukraine! By refusing to close the sky, NATO has given the green light for bombing our cities."

All that NATO has managed to do now is buy 50 tons of diesel fuel for Ukraine. Probably so that we burn the Budapest Memorandum. But it has already burned for us in the fire of Russian forces.

- They won't be able to buy us off with liters of fuel for the liters of our spilled blood.

— But we don't feel alone. Our partner countries support us despite everything.

Anton Shvets: What do I want right now?

You warm the NLAW battery around the heart so it has enough charge.

You are angry with the tube, even though it is covered in frost and you instantly stop feeling your own cheek. Your shoulder hurts because the grenade launcher is still heavy, and the support occasionally slips off the strap.

You dig in the rain and wet snow, under the cold wind during the day and at night. After a day, your trench fills with water.

Your fingers are wounded by the devilish Kalashnikov, created by the gloomy Soviet genius, so that all its users would suffer.

You screw the powder to the shot of the PG-7V with fingers that no longer bend, but quickly so that it doesn't have time to get wet.

You understand that your contribution to the war is not even remotely comparable to what the Armed Forces of Ukraine, aviation, air defense, artillery, special forces, rockets, and reconnaissance are doing.

What do I want right now?

I want to get enough sleep. To sleep in a way that I don't have to go anywhere. Then I want to get up, have a cup of tea, and spend half an hour choosing which hookah bar to go to. Then go there and chill for about three hours. With tea and maybe a hundred shots of vodka. Or maybe not.

Then I want to go for a walk with the child in the park. Where there is a playground for children. So that the child could play with other kids, while I'm glued to my phone. Just a couple of hours, at least, and then hear "Dad, just five more minutes."

Then I will choose some arch, under a popular patronage here. It will take a while, not just one day. And in the evening, I want to go to a restaurant with my family. And also, to spend an hour choosing, because everything is occupied.

So, this is exactly what I want right now.

But this will only be possible after our victory. When we repel the Russian aggression, divide Russia into democratic republics, and carry out the denazification of the Russian population. So that at least for another 50 years every Russian knows what a Valuyev circular is and where the Ukrainian language came from.

We didn't want this war. And we didn't want any war.

We wanted to live normally. In a free, democratic, prosperous, and European country. Go to restaurants and cafes, earn and spend money, wanted to choose and be chosen.

But our neighbors didn't give a damn. And now our normal and usual life can be restored only after victory.

And we will win, no matter what we have to go through.

It will be difficult. Maybe as difficult as it is now. Maybe even worse.

But we will still win.

Because we want to live a normal life, and those who hinder us from doing so should be reeducated. To achieve this, we must first give them a slap in the face.

And for this, NLAW, trenches, MiG-29, Pion and reactors are needed.

Only like this.

Do you recognize it?

Famous "Legend Destroyers" send greetings to Ukrainians!

🇬🇧🇺🇦The Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson addressed Ukrainians in the Ukrainian language.

That's why I rewatched almost all seasons of "MythBusters" back in the day. Jamie Hyneman nailed it! And the most important thing is that he said everything correctly!

From the beginning of Russia's attack on Ukraine, over 840 children received Injuries - Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Danilov.

Unfortunately, they managed to take the elevator.

There would have been a large cosplay of Motorola.

🌐 The key American internet provider in Russia Cogent Communications.

plans to stop.

Servicing Russian networks through the war with Ukraine.

This is the final step towards complete isolation of Russia from the global online community.

This is reported by The Washington Post.

✈️The majority of the Ukrainian Air Force maintains combat readiness - Pentagon.


According to a high-ranking official from the US Department of Defense, Ukraine has managed to keep the majority of its Air Force in combat-ready condition on the ninth day of full-scale war with Russia. ✈️🔥

Source: Reuters, with a comment from an unnamed Pentagon official.

Direct speech of an official: "The majority of our Air Force is still in combat-ready condition: including airplanes, helicopters, drones, and anti-aircraft defense systems."

Details: The official said that the Ukrainian Armed Forces did suffer partial losses due to the actions of Russian occupiers. However, he did not give specific numbers of losses from the Ukrainian side.

Despite this, the majority of the Air Forces remain combat-ready, which forces the Russian occupiers to remain in the Ukrainian sky under the threat of destruction.



, who deliberately created barriers in the armament of military formations in order to protect Kharkiv from the Russian military - is already

under arrest 👮‍♂️

The Prosecutor's Office has announced suspicion of state treason to the head of the Yuzhnograd community in the Kharkiv region, Oleksandr Briukhanov. Further investigation will be conducted by the Security Service of Ukraine.

‼️Mariupol has been fighting the Russian horde for 9 days.

Heavy battles are constantly ongoing. However, the defenders of Mariupol bravely fight against the enemy's overwhelming forces.

Mariupol is standing!

Mariupol - this is Ukraine!

Victory is ours!🇺🇦


🗣 - Translation: "🗣" Note: The emoji "🗣" represents a speech balloon or speaking head.

Viktor Tregubov: Russia is self-destructing before our eyes.

It is very interesting to see how in less than two weeks, a country falls back thirty or forty years in history. A unique experience.

And if you don't really love this country, so to speak, then you are even pleasant.

Putin is now playing the role of the golden fish from the joke - and is returning Russians to the USSR completely and entirely. Not the imaginary USSR with smartphones, but the real USSR - without smartphones and social media, but with closed borders and articles for dissenters.

Russia is self-destructing before our eyes. They always reminded me of Shardik, the giant, insane, dying and insanely aggressive cyborg from King's "The Dark Tower". Shardik is dying. But he tries to drag as many people as possible with him to hell before he dies. Starting with us.

We are fighting not just on the side of good, but on the side of the future, against savagery, against stagnation, against the raw grave. We hold the sky over Europe and determine the rules that will prevail in the new era.

Hristo Grozev believes that in Russia the reserves and supplies will only last until the end of the week. After that, it will be necessary to either mobilize both people and economic resources, or lose.

We are mobilizing too. But our mobilizers are OR-1, these are people with combat experience and crazy motivation to bite the enemy's throat in destroyed cities. Their mobilizers are Moscow barbers-hipsters, whom Major Zalupiev from the National Guard catches on the streets, beats on the kidneys, and sends to Ukraine with AK-47s and without body armor. That's how grandfathers fought. That's how they will repeat.

We stand united. And we will keep standing until the resource planned for a "quick victorious war" in Russia is depleted. Meanwhile, our allies will destroy their economy, finances, and social sphere.

It is very difficult right now, and it will be very difficult for some time. We will be thrown from euphoria to depression, everyone will feel like they are not doing enough, their hands will drop more than once. But then they will rise again. And they will finally strike that osinovy thorn in the throat of a dying creature.

We endure.

🔴 Occupiers have enough resources until March 6th — Bellingcat.

Bellingcat investigator Christo Grozev believes that Russia has resources for war only until Sunday, March 6, after which the occupiers will face a collapse.

According to his information, next week sanctions will be imposed against the Russian Federation, the scale of which "they haven't seen yet". The restrictions will specifically touch Putin personally. 😮

Hristo Grozev is an independent journalist, the head of the investigation department of Bellingcat, an organization that concluded that Russia is involved in the downing of flight MH17.

There is no confirmation of this from other sources yet. But let's hope that the investigator has reliable information.

This is Kharkiv! This is Ukraine! And these are our children!

Close the sky above our children!

Photo -

Olena Mozgova

📱Samsung suspends supply of phones and chips to Russia, reported Bloomberg agency.

By the way, it turns out to be cool too, coming from the Russian Federation.

🙏 The Muslim community of Ukraine, including the religious community of Nedzhad, condemned the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

"There are few places on the planet like Ukraine, where representatives of different nations and races would have felt as free and respected as they did in Ukraine."

, - Jafarov Jumshud Vidavi oglu

🤬Russian troops have dropped cassette aerial bombs on the resort village of Zatoka in Odessa region. These submunitions often fail to explode upon impact and pose a significant threat to civilians.

Info - former British officer, researcher of the group.


Nick Waters.

Sumy region. Ohtyrka

March 4th

In Ohtirka, the boilers and machine compartment of the Ohtirka thermal power plant are destroyed.

Their city was left without heating by the Russian aviation.

Half of the city continues to be without electricity. The power lines and poles are destroyed, both high-voltage and those of the power transmission lines "Oblesnrgo".

The Russian army, which came to us with war, is destroying our cities. It is destroying critical infrastructure objects.

Yesterday five employees of the thermal power plant, who were inside during the bombing, died.

✝️Just a reminder

🛑 The city of Trostyanets (Sumy region) is under occupation by the Russian army.

The local population does not have the possibility to buy products and other goods. All stores have been looted, and there are constant searches and snipers working in the city. There is also no possibility to get into the city to help the population.

Dmytro Zhvitskyi, Head of Sumy Regional State Administration.