Feb 18, 2022 - Day -5

Logical and clear. But in the Kremlin they keep silent and continue their game, blackmailing the whole world with the start of war.

Washington Post

writes that the US has received intelligence data that indicates that Russia's announced withdrawal of troops from the Ukrainian border was a deliberate ploy to deceive Washington.

Quote: "Washington has received reliable information that Russia's statements (about troop withdrawal - CL) may be part of a disinformation campaign intended to mislead."

Everything that worries Zelensky, whether there will be further rollbacks from grand theft. It's a problem for him. He's not full yet.

Biden is convening an urgent meeting of heads of state to discuss threats to Ukraine, while we have a big builder at the helm. The President of Ukraine, according to the Constitution, should take care of defense and foreign relations. Prioritizing road repairs in the face of existing threats can only be done by a fool or an enemy. (c) Volodymyr Ariev.

Despite the active pressure from the Office of the President, the Supreme Court still recognized the NACP's order to terminate the contract with the head of Naftogaz Ukraine, Yuriy Vitrenko, as valid. The Cabinet of Ministers is now obliged to terminate the contract with Vitrenko. However, they want to sabotage it on Bankova Street. The reason is that Naftogaz is one of the sources of financing for Zelensky's desires. And Zelensky also liked to finance his "Great Theft" with Naftogaz's money, the kickbacks from which fill the party's cash box.


So our greatest political leader of modernity will not give away such a chicken that lays golden eggs. As for the violation of the law, he doesn't care. One more article, one less. As they say, what's the difference?))

Understood, the salary and pension of a nardep is the most important thing today. More important than war. After all, in the next convocation, most of the deputies of this convocation will not be there. That's why war is war, but they have lunch according to the schedule. I'm glad that now Trukhin, Arakhmiya, Klochko, Bezuglaya, Anal-taboo, Kamelchuk, Yurchenko, Ivanisov, Kuzminykh, and other worthy members of the Verkhovna Rada have ensured their prosperity and social guarantees. But it smells bad from it.

I am in favor of paying a high salary to a deputy. But for work, not for what they do in the Verkhovna Rada. The salary of a deputy is one of the motivators, but not the main one. And if a deputy does not have competence, knowledge, and decency, then no salary will make him refuse envelopes or "pieces of pie" and honestly work for the state and society. But they want to grab everything they can reach. And once again, this shows that the Verkhovna Rada needs to be re-elected.

Assistant to Deputy Yurchenko also returned foreign passports.

On February 18th, the panel of judges of the High Anti-Corruption Court, consisting of Tetyana Havrylenko (chairperson), Olena Tanasievych, and Kateryna Sikora, decided to return the foreign passports of the unofficial assistant to MP Oleksandr Yurchenko, Ivan Fishchenko.

They have done the same with the passports of the MP who recently went on vacation to the Dominican Republic. Now Fischenko can leave Ukraine without any obstacles. Both of them are obligated not to communicate with experts and witnesses regarding the circumstances of the case, so it is basically impossible to control.

Phenomenal hypocrisy of Putin. Monologue in the top ten!

For me, today is a black day on the calendar. Exactly eight years ago, I changed. Then, the pacifist died in me. I replaced absolute faith in the power of words with faith in the power of action. They were killing us in Krepostny Pereulok then. They didn't want to convince us otherwise. They were specifically killing us. We didn't want a violent conflict. Maidan still remained a peaceful form of protest. But... Berkut attacked from Institutskaya Street. They specifically attacked. Their goal was not only to disperse the protest, but also to intimidate the participants by killing the protesters. They succeeded in killing. The "intimidation" part didn't work out. They were shooting at us then, people in uniform were shooting. Instead of protecting the citizens of their country, they were killing. And by doing so, they completely undermined the trust in law enforcement, which has not been restored to this day. Now they say that they were following orders and only shot at people's legs. But bullets also hit people in the head. Not accidental bullets. And I remember how the bloodied bodies of the deceased were carried on stretchers completely covered in cloth. Then they gassed us. I don't know what gas it was, but I coughed it up until the end of the summer of 2014. And then, from the side of Hrushevskoho Street, thugs attacked, whom the police did not touch. The police shot wherever they could, and then the mob beat those who fell or couldn't escape. They attacked as a mob on one person. And they beat. With their hands, feet, batons, rebar, and hammers. On the head, on the body. They beat those who were lying down and those who had fallen. I remember this. And people ran. They were chased down. Knocked down. And beaten again with batons and hammers. Again on the head, on the body, wherever they could. I remember this. I remember everything. I haven't forgotten. And you shouldn't forget.

The answer, who gave the order, is still not received. The performers are still not named. The guilty are still not punished. And many were given the opportunity to escape. Someone was exchanged to Russia. But I know for sure that we will repay this debt. Fully. To those who gave the orders then. And to those who carried out these criminal orders then. And to those who cover them today. And to those who covered them not long ago. Just for this, we need to remember what happened then and want to repay this debt. Sooner or later, the opportunity will present itself. And we will pay off this debt. Fully. Dixi.

I often remember the massacre in Krupyansky Lane. I was very lucky back then. I survived in that meat grinder. I survived and haven't forgotten anything. And the memory of those events is a very strong motivator for action, which guides me through life and sets the direction for me in politics. That's how it was. That's how it is. And that's how it will be. And every time I remind all of us about it, so as not to forget, to remember, and to eventually punish everyone who killed us in Krupyansky Lane, on Hrushevsky, on Institutskaya, on Maidan. To repay this debt that I will not forget.

WHAT A PRAGMATIC president we have here... He wants an army at someone else's expense, but wants to build roads with our own...

What guarantees will they give us, including a point about a strong, secure, funded, armed army. These must still be countries that, if something happens suddenly, must take responsibility - the strong of this world.

- And what responsibility: to join the war on our side, to finance the army?

- Army funding - number one. Training, rehabilitation, etc. A powerful independent army in Eastern Europe, in Ukraine, that protects Ukraine and not only, because it restrains any further encroachments. There is no innovation in this. Only today, all this is supported by the budget of Ukraine. With the exception of some weapons that are supplied to us by partners. But I say again - they are helping themselves.

These data are an indicator that we still have a failure in information policy, and Ukraine does not work with the Western audience. And our enemy is actively working through the media, social networks, and LOMs.

The majority of Germans are opposed to Ukraine joining NATO. 53% of Germans expressed their opposition to our country's membership in the North Atlantic Alliance.

The data of the survey conducted by Infratest dimap institute on behalf of the public law television channel ARD, as reported by RND.

According to sociologists:

31% of respondents were against Ukraine's membership in NATO in the coming years;

22% completely excluded Ukraine's membership in the alliance.

28% oppose Ukraine's refusal to join NATO in the current situation.

19% cannot or do not want to comment on this question.

Sorry, but this is funny. On Friday, February 18, the head of the pseudo-public organization "Veterans of Russia," controlled by the Russian FSB, Ildar Rezyapov, told the online publication "Podem" that he had appealed to the Prime Minister of Israel with a request to deprive Viktor Shenderovich of Israeli citizenship, ban his tours in Israel, and extradite him.

These are fantastic idiots who initiated the start of an investigation of the society "Memorial" by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation under the article of "rehabilitation of Nazism". Yes, they can do that. But these cretins apparently do not know and do not understand that the Prime Minister of Israel Naftali Bennett is not involved in depriving Israeli citizenship. He is also not involved in extradition issues, let alone guest performances. But the Russian nationalists are not very smart, so you shouldn't expect logic from their actions. Just stupid pro-Kremlin scum. ))

Today I have a reason to be happy! Because it's today, after the court's decision, the story of the fight for justice that started 4 years ago, on February 8th, 2018, has come to an end.

Then the patrol police conducted raids on Lviv's gambling halls. In one of such establishments, one of the visitors was asked to empty all his pockets. He began to take out the contents of his pockets, but suddenly pushed the police officer away and turned sharply. The patrolmen decided that he wanted to get rid of something and, fixing him, put handcuffs on his hands behind his back. They did not see that when this person turned away from them, he swallowed a packet with contents that he did not want the cops to find. There were drugs in that package. The package got into his respiratory tract and he choked. When the cops realized that there was something in the detainee's mouth, they repeatedly told him to open his mouth, tried to open his mouth themselves, but it was not possible to reach that package. In general, the attempt to hide the packet with drugs in his stomach became fatal.

And then the most interesting thing began. It turned out that the family of the deceased had serious connections at various levels in the prosecutor's office and the Security Service. And they decided to use them to seek revenge on patrol policemen. In our country, money and connections can be stronger than the law. That's why they fabricated a case against the patrol policemen, falsified the expertise, pressured the judge, and gave them a sentence. It was lawlessness. I would like to remind you that the detainee tried to destroy the evidence and eat it, and that's why he choked. I have a question, why did he do that? Clearly not so that the patrol officers would discover this package on him and later ask who he intended to sell drugs to? And then different people got involved in this story, who, after reviewing the materials of the case, the videos, and the facts, stood up in defense of the patrol policemen.

We all understood then that against the background of the total discrediting of the police, unfair condemnation of 6 policemen for performing their duties can lead to the fact that the police will refuse to perform their duties. This means that the dealers will "push" drugs to children at school, and the police will be afraid to detain criminals because they can also be punished for performing their duties, like these six. Do you understand? Scoundrels on the basis of this story will spread drugs to our children with impunity!

Today this story has come to an end, after the Ternopil Court of Appeals acquitted all six patrol police officers and closed the case. Today the law and justice prevailed. And I want to thank everyone who did not remain indifferent to this story and helped restore justice. And of course, special thanks to lawyer Vasilii Pritula. His contribution to the victory is undeniable and deserves respect. He did everything possible and impossible, and I want to thank him for agreeing to defend the patrol officers back then. I want to thank the judges who not only understood the essence of the case but also withstood the pressure from the authorities. And of course, my respect goes to the leadership of the Patrol Police, Yevhenii Zhukov and Oleksii Biloshpitskyi, who did not yield to pressure but supported the unfairly accused patrol officers. And I hope that this will serve as an additional motivator for all patrol police officers to serve the society honestly and protect Ukrainians. Because if you serve Ukraine and uphold the rule of law, you should be protected. Protected from pressure from people with connections, money, and influence. Then the criminals will know that the Patrol Police will always uphold the law, and the bandits will not even have a chance to "quietly disappear into the woods."

We will definitely win!

These creatures don't even try to change the script, but repeat everything, like in Georgia in 2008. Bitches.

I remind those who have forgotten what it was like in Georgia.

Generation grown up in ORDLO and their reaction to sirens and evacuation. Yes, the high style of language imposed on them by the Rushists. Immediately, quotes from Pushkin, Tolstoy, and Blok can be heard.

In the center of Donetsk, a military UAZ was blown up. Provocations of "katsaps" have started.

🔥🔥🔥Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Valeriy Zaluzhny addressed the residents of the occupied Donbas and stated that the Ukrainian army does not plan to launch an offensive, and such a scenario is not even being considered. Hopefully, this will help stop the war planned by the Kremlin. No? We will eliminate the "katsaps" on our own land.

And again, everything is predictable. Now the Russian propaganda machine is using children for the sake of appearances. I sincerely fear for these children. No, not because they have been zombified and the children simply do not understand what is really happening, but because the Kremlin's people will easily turn them into victims and shoot buses with them for their script.

The following text or emoji is translated into English: Due to the leader's punishment of the so-called "LNR," they are mobilizing Pasechnik's men, including boys born in 2005 - that is 16-17 years old.

MILITARY crime in line

In the declared evacuation of the residents of Donetsk and Luhansk, the whole cynicism of the "Russian world" is manifested. They - the residents - are simply not needed by anyone. Neither RF, nor traitors and separatists. They - the residents - are not sorry. Let them get nervous because of the siren, stand in line for gasoline, panic, let them gather their things, let them storm the shops. For them - RF and separatists - the main thing is to play a spectacle, a stupid play about the Ukrainian fascists, who will come and eat everyone right now. And surely some of them - the residents - are assigned the role of victims. I confess, no one would have convinced me to get on a bus on which these - RF and separatists - can only give a one-way ticket.

I monitor Russian Telegram channels. Hysteria is being stirred up and the impression is being created that Ukraine has either already begun an attack on Donetsk and Luhansk, or will start any moment. Bitches continue to escalate.

I want to address my fellow citizens who are in the uncontrolled territory in ORDLO. I know that you are reading me. I ask you this time not only to read this post, but also to tell your acquaintances, neighbors, and everyone you think is necessary. Share this information.

It is difficult to call me a sympathizer of Zelensky and the Ukrainian government. Moreover, I ruthlessly criticize them for every mistake, stupidity, or failure. But I know for sure that even in a nightmare, the Ukrainian authorities do not imagine an attack on ORDLO and will not authorize any diversions. Do not believe this lie. Russia is fueling a media story and wants to create the impression that Ukraine has either already started an attack on Donetsk and Luhansk, or is about to. This is a vile information operation within the framework of a propaganda scenario implemented by the Kremlin.

Therefore, know that the explosions in Donetsk and Luhansk or possible executions of civilians are nothing but the Kremlin's operation against Ukraine. And sadly, you are being used for their purposes. So, do not believe in the lies of the Kremlin propagandists who escalate the situation and spread panic. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. And do not become pawns and victims in the game of Kremlin scoundrels.

So far, the staging of the "occupation of Donbass" looks inept. It would have been better to have more pyrotechnics, ruins, and explosions. By morning, it will become clear that the occupiers are not involved in the occupation and everything that is happening is a shitty circus of drunken puppets of the DNR and LNR.

Невзоров - Nezorov

In 20-15 (2015) I finished monitoring all the main speakers of "Servant of the People". None of them said anything about the situation in ORDLO. But Arakhamia, Shulyak, Stefanchuk, Trukhin, Anal-taboo, Tishchenko, and others.


They are silent on this subject. Asked one of the acquaintances.


What is the reason? The answer is impressive

- So, there are currently no instructions and theses from the Strategic Plan on how to articulate this. And nobody will say anything without the necessary information.

This is everything you need to know about the party "SN" and Ukrainian parliamentarism.

Haters don't even hide their agenda. I'm scared for the people being led like sheep to slaughter. ((

Well, how stupid idiots they are in the Kremlin after all. They would even take second place in the idiots' competition. Because they are idiots.

Video appeal about the evacuation of the so-called "LPR" leader Pasechnik and the stupid Gauleiter of the so-called "DPR" Pushilin was recorded on February 16th. They messed up even here and showed that all of this is staged, and the video was recorded in advance.

This became known from the video metadata. It is noteworthy that according to the version of the Russian Federation and the "republics", "Ukraine began an offensive on February 17th".

By the way, the folder in which the files were stored is called "Mongoose throw". They're stupid, they give themselves away.

One of the speaking heads of the Kremlin made an announcement. Putin raises the stakes. Maniac.

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine reports.

Ukrainian military intelligence has information regarding the mining of a number of social infrastructure objects in Donetsk by Russian special services for their further detonation.

These measures are aimed at destabilizing the situation in the temporarily occupied territories of our country and creating grounds for accusing Ukraine of terrorist acts.

The urban management department of Ukraine calls on Donetsk residents not to leave their homes and not to use public transport.

It became known that Russia has compiled lists of Ukrainian politicians and other opponents who will become targets for arrests or killings in the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine.

The United States has received information that Russia may target prominent political opponents, activists fighting corruption, as well as Belarusian and Russian dissidents living in Ukraine if it continues to implement its plans for an invasion of Ukraine. This is reported by Foreign Policy.

At the same time, four individuals familiar with American intelligence informed the publication that Russia has indeed compiled lists of Ukrainian political figures and other prominent activists who are to be arrested or killed in the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine. These are the plans of the Kremlin.


MinTOT Irina Vereshchuk called on residents of the occupied territories to travel to government-controlled areas... through the demarcation line. During periods of escalation. God grant this woman wisdom.

The best in the situation in ORDLО:-)))

The best poster for today.

And here is the evening oreiro! It turned out that all this time the numbers from the blown-up UAZ in Donetsk were hanging on... a cruiser. This bastard was being greedy with his car and just got burned! In general, these assholes are like that in everything. ))

With love and warmth, Russians welcome refugees from ORDLO. This is precisely what comments from residents of Rostov testify to. But it's not certain. And these are still the most restrained commenters.

How are you? Russia, generous soul. LMAO!!!

The situation is getting funnier and funnier.


It is reported that a loud explosion was heard in Luhansk. Also, they write on social networks that it is presumably a gas pipeline fire, the district is Nyzhnia Kambroda - Vergunka.

Yura Butusov punched Nestor Shufrich in the live broadcast with Savik Shuster.

🔥Sorry for writing so late. But you have to see this. Shufrich got punched in the face.

Please share!

❗️The counter reset. Shufrich was not beaten: 0 days.

Oksana Marchenko, wife of the MP from the "Opposition Platform - For Life" Viktor Medvedchuk, urgently left Ukraine.

Marchenko crossed the state border accompanied by several men, presumably guards, through a checkpoint in Chernihiv region to Belarus.

Two "Toyota" cars, before leaving the territory of Ukraine, were thoroughly checked.