Mar 2, 2024 - Day 738

738 days of active phase of the 10-year war. Ahead will be many joys and disappointments. The main thing is that there are no more casualties. Is everyone here?

Time of great news!



🤬At night, the Russians aimed at Odesa, two people died.

According to preliminary data, as a result of the night shelling by the Russians, 18 apartments of a nine-story residential building were destroyed.

Rescuers freed the bodies of 2 dead people from the rubble. Initially, 8 people were injured, including 1 child, and 4 residents were rescued. Firefighters extinguished a fire on an area of 50 square meters.

Also damaged by the explosion was the nearby located boiler building, resulting in 11 multi-storey residential buildings being left without heating. A place has been determined for the temporary resettlement of residents.



❌Destroyed 14 UAVs and Su-34.

On the night of March 2, 2024, the enemy attacked with three guided aviation missiles X-59/X-35 from TOC of Kherson and Donetsk regions and with seventeen attack drones of "Shahed" type - launch areas Primorsko-Akhtarsk - RF, Balakliya - Crimea.

As a result of the anti-aircraft defense work, 14 "Shaheds" were destroyed within the borders of the Odessa, Mykolaiv, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, Sumy, and Dnipropetrovsk regions.

Unfortunately, due to hits and falling debris in Odessa and Kharkiv regions, there are casualties and victims. Condolences to family and friends...

On Friday, March 1, at about 09:00, an enemy Su-34 fighter-bomber was destroyed on the eastern direction as it attempted to strike our positions with guided aviation bombs.



A man was rescued from the rubble in Odesa: preliminary, at the time of the impact, he was in the basement, - Head of OVA.

The man is conscious, now he is being examined by doctors.



In the morning at 9:00 we observe a minute of silence in memory of those killed in Russia's brutal war against Ukraine.



😈 A UAV crashed into a residential house in St. Petersburg.

Locals report hearing the sound of the engine and seeing a bright flash in the sky before the explosion.



😡In the morning, the occupiers struck Shahedami in Kharkiv, - OVA.

As a result of shelling, the glass windows and balconies were damaged, 5 garages, 17 cars, three cars were burned. No victims were found, three people suffered from acute stress reaction.

Also today at 6:35 occupiers struck in Lypci, Kharkiv district. As a result of the shelling, cars were destroyed, private houses were damaged. No casualties.

At 00:20 in the village of Velykyi Burluk, Kupyansk district, a residential building burned down as a result of shelling.The body of a 76-year-old man was recovered from the rubble.The telecommunications infrastructure building was damaged as a result of shelling.

Close to 11:00 in the city of Vovchansk during shelling, a 68-year-old man was injured, hospitalized to a medical facility.



❗️Syrskyi announced about personnel changes among brigade commanders

He noted that he continues to work on the eastern front. As the commander emphasized, the situation on the front remains difficult but controlled.

Syrsky added that groups of specialists were sent to separate brigades where there were problems with the preparation of the staff to pass on experience.

In some cases, when the commander does not understand the situation, and their actions and orders directly threaten the lives and health of subordinates, I am forced to make personnel decisions.

In the publication of The New York Times, an article was released "A remarkably weak Ukrainian defense helps Russian advancement". The main theses of the article make you think that the country's leadership promises a lot and does little. And if we remember the shameful story in Zaporizhia where the Cabinet did not allocate money, and the OVA leadership, responsible for the construction of defense lines, still has not ordered dragon's teeth, this gives an understanding of the overall picture on the Avdiivka direction.

▪In the area west of Avdiivka, which Ukraine is currently trying to defend, rare, rudimentary trench lines are located, according to an analysis of images taken by the commercial satellite company Planet Labs. The trenches lack strong fortifications that could slow down Russian tanks and help protect key roads and important areas of the region.

American officials have stated that Ukraine did not strengthen its defense lines early on well enough and now it may face consequences as Russian units slowly but steadily advance towards Avdiivka.

The British military intelligence reported that over the last two weeks Russian troops have advanced approximately four miles from the center of Avdiivka, which is a small but extremely rapid advancement compared to previous offensive operations.

▪ The Armed Forces of Ukraine have enough time to prepare a defense outside Avdiivka. Fighting in this area has been ongoing since 2014. However, Ukrainian defense structures outside Avdiivka are rudimentary earth fortifications, often with a connecting trench for infantry to reach the nearest enemy firing positions, but nothing more.

The lack of strong Ukrainian fortifications in this area is especially noticeable compared to the powerful Russian defense that held back the advance of Kyiv last summer during the counteroffensive.

▪ Russian fortifications near the village of Verbove, which Ukraine tried but failed to take this fall, show a completely different picture. There is a concentric ring of fortifications there. It begins with a trench wide enough to stop advancing tanks and armored vehicles, followed by cement obstacles known as "dragon's teeth," and finally, an infantry trench.

- At the same time, there are plenty of reasons explaining Ukraine's obvious inability to defend itself.

According to American officials and military experts, the Ukrainian government may have been too focused on offensive operations last year to allocate the necessary resources to build so many trenches and tank traps, which Russian engineers have been constructing since the end of 2022 in the country's south. The question, as always, is about money, which the government does not allocate for defense construction.

▪ Perhaps the psychological factor played its role, say American experts. If Ukrainian forces strongly fortified certain areas to prevent Russian advancement, it would be a tacit acknowledgment that they are unlikely to conduct offensive operations in the same area in the future.

While Moscow began building defensive lines in the south more than half a year before Kyiv's counter-offensive, Ukraine seems to have started plans for the construction of new fortifications only three months ago. Responsibility for building the first defense line was placed on military units stationed in the area, with more distant fortifications to be built by civilian authorities with the help of private contractors.

▪Areas in eastern Donetsk region, where Avdiivka is located, "will be given maximum attention," said President Volodymyr Zelensky during a visit to the front line at the end of November, noting the "need to activate and accelerate the construction of structures." However, Pasi Paroinen, an analyst from the Black Bird Group, which analyzes satellite images and social media materials from areas of conflict, stated that after Zelensky's visit, "nothing significant happened." There were words after which there were no actions.

Delays in the construction of fortifications mean that Ukrainian forces may now be forced to strengthen their defensive lines under fire from the Russian army, significantly complicating the task.



Russian military fired at residential neighborhoods in settlements of Kherson region, in particular, 1 multi-storey building and 11 private houses were damaged.

In Kherson, as a result of shelling, the administrative building was damaged.

As a result of enemy attacks in settlements of the region, a cell tower, garage, and car are damaged. Hits on the territory of the farm and plant are also recorded.

No victims or casualties among civilians.

The article in the New York Times once again highlights the main problems of Ukraine - Zelensky with his 5 managers only consider that they manage Ukraine well. The facts speak to the contrary. The overall crisis in the management system deepens and those who are currently managing many areas demonstrate their incompetence and inefficiency, but by showing loyalty to Zelensky and Yermak, they remain in their positions. But Ukraine needs not loyal to the authorities, but competent personnel. And we don't have much time to correct mistakes.



On March 1, Russians injured 2 residents of Donetsk - in Siversk.

The total number of Russian victims in Donetsk region is provided without taking into account Mariupol and Volnovakha.



General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published approximate total losses of Russian occupiers.

High trust in each other, she is such... ))



💪The moment of an airstrike on the location of the Russians in one of the buildings of the Avdiivka coke chemical plant.

The covers of the spring issue of Vogue Ukraine were adorned by two Ukrainians: a machine gunner from the famous 72nd separate mechanized brigade named after the Black Zaporozhyans Oksana Ksena Rubanyak, who is called a red-haired princess-warrior on the internet, and the young model Karina Mazyar, who was photographed within the walls of a military lyceum. The frames were taken by the British photographer Brett Lloyd, who collaborates with Dior, Louis Vuitton, Moncler, Calvin Klein and Fendi.

I like these covers. And you?



🤬🤬🤬On the first floor level, the body of a deceased child was found under the rubble.

3 people died and 8 were injured in total. 5 people were saved, including 1 child.



The occupants struck the outskirts of Kupyansk.— Kharkiv Regional Department.According to preliminary information, the enemy used UAV.

As a result of the blows, a 55-year-old volunteer was injured.

The man received shrapnel wounds, hospitalized to a medical institution.

Three minutes of skill and talent.



😔On the first floor level, the fourth body of the deceased person was found under the rubble, work is underway to unblock.— State Emergency Service.

In total, 4 people died, including 1 child, 8 people were injured, including 1 child. 5 persons were rescued.

Search operations are ongoing.



🇯🇵Japan has expanded sanctions against Russian individuals and organizations involved in the RF war against Ukraine.

The list includes 12 individuals and 36 Russian companies.

12 individuals and 36 legal entities, including Tinkoff Bank, have been subject to sanctions, with Japanese assets to be frozen by the end of March 2024.

Also, the sanctions list includes the Kalashnikov Concern, Almaz-Antey, Uralvagonzavod, Atomflot, and the scientific and production associations Aurora and Impulse.

In addition, Japan introduced restrictions against persons with rights of the child in Chechnya, Kaluga, and Rostov regions of Russia and against the son of the former governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory of the Russian Federation, Artem Uss. Financial and trade relations with them are prohibited.

The number of dead in Odessa has increased to three, the body of a 3-month-old child was extracted from the rubble. My condolences.

Rusnya are not people, they are garbage.



🗣️ Russia has struck again in Kharkiv, Odessa, and Sumy oblast. Ukraine calls on allies to invest more in arms production.— Kuleba.

Russia acts every time when the West does not act. For every word that explains why something cannot be done for Ukraine, Russia takes a real human life.

Kuleba emphasized that for every undelivered air defense system, Russia responds with hundreds of missiles and drones attacking cities in Ukraine. And for every bullet smuggled out of Europe instead of being sent to Ukraine, Russia seizes another square meter of European land.

Invest in arms production, buy and ban exports outside Europe now. The goal is not to act as much as necessary, but as quickly as possible and as much as necessary.



💥An explosion occurred at a power station in the Russian Yekaterinburg at night.

She supplies three defense enterprises of the Russian Federation with energy.

Rusnya abandoned her wounded comrades and tried to escape. Russians don't abandon their own? Of course, they don't abandon... )) They do abandon, and how. But it didn't help him. He and his friends, the occupiers, were destroyed.

How are you feeling, Russian? Do you like being an occupant? Then get ready for such a finale, scum.

The New York Times published an article stating that near Avdiivka there are very weak defensive fortifications and that Zelensky did not fulfill his promise, which he made at the end of November 2023, saying that great attention would be paid to the defense of this area. Why does our government constantly lie? Couldn't defensive fortifications be built in 3 months? Why do the Russians immediately dig into the ground, while we only make loud statements? What is the government thinking? Analyzed the situation in his author's blog. Share your thoughts in the comments.



Russian transport Cuban and Nepali mercenaries to temporarily occupied territories.- National Resistance Center.

It is reported that Russian instructors, former Wagner soldiers, are training them at local training grounds.

Russia actively recruits cannibals from poor countries of the world, where it has branched out agent networks, because empires always lead their colonial wars by the hands of foreign peoples.Let us note that mercenaries receive more payment than Russians, as their lives cost more. However, their death does not lead to social growth in the RF itself.- mentioned in CNS.



😈Mariupol resistance found the place where the SU fell, which was shot down yesterday.



Another Russian rocket X-35 landed near the village of Novoshcherbinivska in the Krasnodar region.



Fighters of the 1st self-propelled division of the 32nd Separate Mechanized Brigade are asking for assistance, namely to gather vehicles for the evacuation of heavily wounded and for the movement of personnel.

Also, cars are needed for the mobility of the Fighters, and therefore for better performance of combat tasks on the Kupyansk direction - one of the hottest frontlines!

We ask all caring people not to pass by and join this collection💙💛.

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Russians seized the AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel radar from the NASAMS anti-aircraft missile system in Avdiivka and were very happy about it. Only one thing... the radar is wooden! 😆😁



❗️ In Odesa, under the rubble of the house hit by a Russian shell, the body of the fifth victim was found.

Under the rubble, there may still be up to 10 people.



🔋 Ukraine provided emergency assistance to the Polish energy system.Press service of the Ministry of Energy.

Poland submitted a request for emergency assistance on March 1. Ukraine provided assistance from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 17:00 totaling 1540 MW hours.

In Ukraine, there is no deficit of capacities, 14 units of generating equipment of thermal power plants are in reserve, including 11 blocks and 3 buildings of generating equipment of thermal and combined heat and power plants, which will be involved if necessary.— It says in the message.

18+. Polonena rusnya gives advice to her brothers not to mess with Robotin and not only because there...



😠For $6000-$11000, social networks sold instructions on how to cross the border, - State Border Guard Service

Border guards discovered seven people near the state border with the Transnistrian region of Moldova. It is not difficult to guess the intentions of the men, but the way they chose to obtain information is interesting: the direction of movement towards the neighboring country was indicated to them in one of the messengers. The violators had previously paid for the services - from $6000 to $11000.

For an attempt of illegal border crossing, citizens are held accountable under administrative responsibility. Cases have been sent to court.

"How's it going? Shitty!"

This is the interception of enemy conversations in Krasnohorivka. In the video - the first frames of clearing the settlement from occupiers.Third assault brigade.

Passing through minefields, the brigade units entered the city on armor and began to advance through the streets. The enemy did not intend to retreat and clung to every house. They knocked the Russians out with force, bullets, and grenades.

Over 100 destroyed occupiers and the city captured from the enemy - accomplished by the soldiers3rd platoon1st Assault Battalionfighters1st company2nd assault battalionbrigade

3OSHBr | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | | TikTok | Support the Third Assault🇺🇦



Russian military deliberately struck at a residential building in Odessa, near which there were no military objects.declaredAttorney General Kostin.

He emphasized that this is not just shelling, but a policy aimed at terror and the destruction of Ukrainian citizens. Kostin stressed that such a policy is dictated by orders from the Kremlin.



🇩🇪Germanytransferred50 thousand pharmacies for Ukrainian soldiers.

Currently, they have already arrived at the warehouses and will soon be transferred to the Armed Forces. In total, a contract was signed for 500 thousand first aid kits.

Near Rabotino, in the Zaporizhia region, deposits of dead Russian servicemen from the 291st Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment were found. By the way, this regiment is stationed in the village of Borzoy, in Chechnya. Apparently they got lost and wandered into Ukraine. And our servicemen have identified a sharp intolerance of Ukraine in these Russians. It seems that Russians have an allergy to Ukraine. So they die...



❗️ The air defense forces engaged two Russian aircraft Su-34 and Su-35, said Air Force commander Oleshchuk.

Just now, there was combat use of anti-aircraft guided missiles against two enemy aircraft Su-34 and Su-35. We are awaiting confirmation of the desired result, - Olechuk said.

Aerobombers from the 93rd separate mechanized brigade "Holodnyi Yar" train the Rusnya. It seems they have been taught acrobatic tricks. Not right away, but they were taught.



ArgentinatransmittedUkraine has two Russian helicopters, reports Financial Times.



The number of fatalities as a result of the night Russian attack on Odesa has risen to six - SES.

Also known about eight wounded, including one child. Five people were saved.

The SBU reported that Russia is buying Ukrainian Telegram channels and bribing dozens of influential Ukrainians to organize Maidan-3. Why aren't those dozens of influential Ukrainians arrested and why haven't their names and Telegram channel names been released yet to show who should not be trusted and minimize the damage? Journalist Dmytro Gordon published a sensational investigation into the years of anti-Ukrainian activities of well-known political technologists, bloggers, and hosts of the "Iceland" channel Vladimir Petrov and Sergiy Ivanov. When will the SBU come to them? Why aren't they canceled despite everything they did? Special Forces soldier, officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, People's Deputy of the VIII convocation Igor Lapin answered these questions in a conversation with Borislav Bereza.



😢 As a result of a Russian drone strike on a multi-story building in Odessa, the number of dead people.grownUp to seven people.

The body of a woman and a baby were successfully extracted from the rubble.

Why doesn't the authorities name the surnames of those they think were bought by the FSB? Who and why invented the IPSO about Maidan-3? Why does Budanov make strange attacks on Zaluzhny? Is he planning to become president? Did Arakhamia really in 2022 in Istanbul have been ready to sign a contract with the RF? What fate awaits him? Why does the authorities attack everyone, starting from Poroshenko and ending with Klitschko? Why did the Office of the President ban deputies from going on a business trip to the USA? answered these questions by well-known Ukrainian scientist, political scientist and politologist Viktor Bobyrenko in a conversation with Borislav Bereza. See all the details in this video.

00:00 Interview with Viktor Bobyrenko for Boryslav Bereza

01:53 Maidan-3. Why won't the authorities name names?

20:06 Game Budanova

37:11 Was Arakhamiya ready to sign the terms of the Russian Federation?

50:07 Vlada attacks everyone. Why?

1:00:42 The Office of the President banned deputies from going to the USA



In the Air Force commented on the situation with two Russian planes.

19.00 - clear sky! This is the result of the work of the Air Force!



Representatives of the FSB of the Russian Federation recruit citizens of Ukraine who illegally crossed the border with the self-proclaimed "Transnistrian Moldovan Republic".

Ukrainians are trying to extract information about military facilities and arrangement of the Ukrainian border with PMR.reportedIn the center of national resistance.

Ukrainians are also inclined to work as freelancers and informants on a permanent basis, otherwise they threaten to send them back to Ukraine.

It is hard to collect funds in the present times. Because the times are difficult and earning money is getting harder. But I turn to you again for help. In short, the 63rd separate mechanized brigade has opened a fundraiser to purchase necessary REB equipment for our tanks. They reached out to me. And yet the fundraiser has not been closed. But it needs to be closed. It is necessary so that enemy drones cannot hit our tanks. This is needed to preserve lives and equipment. This is needed to win. It is not needed for them, but for all of us. Therefore, if there is a possibility and desire, then join the fundraiser for the brigade fighting for our right to live in Independent Ukraine.

Total amount of the fee - 1,350,000 hryvnias.

At the moment, 743,000 UAH has been collected.

Every donation is a contribution to the protection of our tankers and the destruction of the enemy. Map and link in the first comments.

5375 4112 1247 7207



All day in Odessa, a rescue operation was carried out at the site of the Russian "shahed" hit. Now the SES, police and other services continue to work - there is information about people under the rubble.

In such attacks, the so-called "shahids" have no military sense and cannot be - this is terror aimed solely at destroying lives, solely at intimidating people.

The world knows that terror can be countered. The world has enough air defense systems, systems to protect against "shaheds" and rockets. And delaying the supply of weapons to Ukraine, air defense systems to protect our people leads, unfortunately, to such losses, to the point that the list of children whose lives Russia takes away constantly grows.

Ukraine did not ask for anything more than necessary to protect lives. And when lives are lost, and partners simply play internal political games or disputes that limit our protection, it is impossible to understand. It is impossible to agree with this. And it will be impossible to forget - the world will remember this.

Russian terror must be defeated. It is crucial.



In Odesa, the body of the eighth deceased person was found under the rubble at the site of a Russian strike on a multi-storey building, - State Emergency Service.



👥 In Germany, a spy scandal erupted with "eavesdropping" on conversations of Bundeswehr officers.

Russian propagandists published recordings of supposedly intercepted conversations of Bundeswehr officers discussing possible strikes on a bridge across the Kerch Strait.

Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholzpromisedprovide an explanation regarding the possible eavesdropping by Russian special services. He said that it was"дуже серйозна справа" Translation: very serious matter .

Therefore, now we need to carefully, very intensively and very quickly figure it out - it is also necessary, - added Schultz.

At the same time, the authenticity of the recording that Russian propaganda is trying to debunk is not currently confirmed, but neither is it refuted by official German authorities. However, a number of media outlets, citing their own sources, claim that the conversation took place.

It is worth congratulating talented people who have shown results by creating the center for training operators of the Kruk UAV after a full-scale invasion. The result is! And this result looks like a destroyed nest. Respect for such a result!!!

Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sirsky has the authority to make any personnel changes in the army.— announced President Zelensky.

Interesting, why didn't he give such opportunities to Zaluzhny? And it's also interesting, will SIRSyk really not interfere and stay silent when he starts removing those appointed by Bankova or is it just more loud words from Zelensky? Everyone understands that SIRSyk needs to show results. But few believe it because of the attempts of the Office of the President to interfere in military affairs. And the attitude of the military towards SIRSyk, to put it mildly, is ambiguous, which is also not in his favor. Let's wait and see.



We have collected for you the main things that you might have missed on March 2nd:

🔹RussiansstoppedActive offensive near Avdiivka, which they started after the withdrawal of the Armed Forces from the city to new defensive positions.

🔹In Odessa and the regiondeclaredMourning for those who died as a result of the Russian attack on the night of March 2.

🔹Russian military deliberately targeted a residential building in Odessa, near which there were no military objects.declaredProsecutor General Andriy Kostin.

🔹Air Forceconfirmeddowning of the Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber.

🔹Syrskyannouncedpersonnel rotation in the leadership of some brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Hristo Grozev, investigator from Bellingcat made a very loud statement:

Among the recipients of Western grants and political activists in Ukraine, even from pro-liberal organizations, there are many people who received money from Russian special services by February 24, 2022. Some of them were under the supervision of the GRU, but most - by the 5th department of the FSB. Now we do not see their activity in favor of the occupiers and they take a public pro-Ukrainian position, and maybe something has changed inside them.

And then he says that he is not sure if their surnames should be disclosed now because they are currently white and fluffy. No, it doesn't work like that. If they took money from Russian special services, they should be named. Otherwise, these preserves will eventually work off the Kremlin's money. Either we get rid of this fifth column, or they will eventually work for the next buyer.

So I'm waiting for the lists and evidence. And it would be preferable if it wasn't like the movie about the scandal with the Wagnerians that Hristo Grozev promised to show, but we never saw it.

In the Ingush Karabulak, the rebels continue their actions of those who believe that the peoples oppressed by Russia have the right to freedom. Successes and victories to the Ingush who are killing the Russians now.



🇵🇱У Міноборони Польщі Translation: In the Ministry of Defense of Polandcommentedthe idea of President Macron of sending troops to Ukraine.

This is not a NATO initiative. This is a French initiative," Defense minister Kosiniak-Kamysz said.

However, according to the official's conviction, Warsaw considers it better to provide the Armed Forces with equipment. In addition, he emphasized that Poland trains a third of Ukrainian military personnel.

We have neither such plans nor such intentions. We say it directly and clearly to our allies. NATO has no such plans," emphasized the Polish Minister of Defense.

Traitors and traitors. I am not surprised by their number in the occupied territories, especially since some may be actors. But it disturbs me how many of them are still among us. That's the problem...



🇱🇹In Lithuania from March 11 will start confiscate cars with Russian licence plates.

In this way, the country meets the requirements of the EU for the import and export of goods from the RF.

Avoiding confiscation is possible if you change the registration number of the car to Lithuanian or another European Union country before this day, or if you export the car from the country.

At the same time, the Lithuanian customs will make an exception only for those Russian citizens who are transiting to or from the Kaliningrad region on vehicles registered in Russia under a simplified travel document.

But this transit cannot last more than 24 hours. Also, during transit, the vehicle must be accompanied by its owner. If the owner is not in the car, the vehicle will not be allowed into Lithuania.

Work of the 47th OMBR. Interaction of FPV and M2 Bradley led to mass utilization of the enemy. It is incredibly beautiful and efficient!!!

Peaceful night 🌙 to all good people