Mar 24, 2022 - Day 29



🇺🇸The USA officially recognized Russia's actions in Ukraine as a war crime.



✈️ Russia refuses to return more than 500 aircraft to Western lessors worth $20 billion.



🔥In Sumy region, it has not been possible to extinguish a large fire for over a day



🥊 Ukrainian Yuri Zakharieiev won a gold medal at the European Boxing Championship taking place in Croatia.



Arrival in Kyiv of US President Biden is impossible due to security issues, - ambassador.



In New York, on Manhattan, raised the flag of Ukraine, which will fly until victory.

Good morning, Country! Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! We will win!



🇬🇧Great Britain will provide 6 thousand missiles and 25 million pounds for the Ukrainian army.

In France, two yachts were detained, connected to the sanctioned Russian billionaire Alexey Kuzmichev, as reported by Le Figaro and Liberation.

The cost of yachts La Petite Ourse and La Grande Ourse is estimated at 20 and 50 million euros respectively.

Arrests and confiscation of property of Putin's oligarchs do not stop.



❗️ Today marks exactly one month since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia on the territory of Ukraine.

Ukraine has been holding a heroic defense against Russian occupiers for a month already!



The Russian Defense Ministry refuses to communicate with American colleagues, - WP.



🔥The mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk, Martynkiv, promised 10,000 hryvnias to grass fire whistleblowers.

The first person to catch a smoker and record his apology will receive 10,000 hryvnias.— declared the mayor.

​​Russia transforms his defence industry complex into round-the-clock operation. Is it worth it to be afraid of this?🔥💣

Volodymyr Pikuzo, head of the Ukrainian Future Institute's VPK defence program, convinced - no.

A few days ago, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported in the operational summary about Russia's decision to switch enterprises producing Kalibr and Smerch missiles to round-the-clock mode.

First of all, this means that the aggressor has run out. The only factor in the war in which the Russian Federation had an undeniable advantage is missile weapons. And this weapon has simply run out. The RF has miscalculated absolutely everything and this means that the Victory of Ukraine is just a matter of time.

The announcement is about ammunition (rockets). According to all technical requirements and rules that are in the military-industrial complex, the number of ammunition produced is approximately equal to the technical ability of the firing systems to launch these ammunitions at the enemy.

In simpler terms, if the "Caliber" missile system can launch 20 cruise missiles 3M-14E, then the missile factory will receive an order for 20 missiles.

In this way, threatening Ukraine with the number of missiles, the Russian Federation forgets that these missiles will lie in storage until the launch systems pass the service maintenance.

Friend. Logistics.

In the production of missiles for "Caliber" only among Russian manufacturers involved:

P.I. Snegirev Scientific Research Technological Institute - Moscow Region, Balashikha City.

Research and Design Bureau "Novator" named after Lyulyeva L.V. - Yekaterinburg

Omsk machine-building design bureau - city Omsk

JSC "ODK-Saturn" - city of Rybinsk

State Research Institute of Instrument Engineering - Moscow

UPCB Detail - Sverdlovsk region

VAT NPP Radar MMC - St. Petersburg.

That is, components and parts for missiles are produced thousands of kilometers apart from each other and the Russian Federation needs to solve the problem of transporting such special cargoes in conditions of total economic crisis.

Third. Import substitution.

I have already written before about how Europe was arming the RF since 2014. European manufacturers will have to answer for this. But at this stage of the war, the fact that components are being supplied to the RF from Europe is playing into our hands.

In the conditions of total embargo, European manufacturers of high-tech products for the military-industrial complex will cut off Russia from advanced military technologies. Therefore, no matter how many Russian rocket cases are stamped out, these rockets will still not be able to fly without the "French brain" and the "German engine".

Strategically, Ukraine has already won even in purely military terms. We are waiting for the leadership of the Russian Federation to come to terms with this fact.


Lost, tired, lying down, resting...



The Ukrainian army is increasing pressure on Russian occupiers in the northeast of Kyiv, according to British intelligence.

There is a real possibility that the Armed Forces of Ukraine may surround Russian units in Bucha and Irpin.



Today in Brussels, summits of the European Union, NATO, and G7 will take place.

And now there will be laughter through tears.

A few days ago, the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, Vitaly Savelyev, said approximately the following in a dialogue with a representative of the aviation industry: We took someone else's property (stole airplanes), so they will never be released abroad. While the baby planes will fly here, then we will disassemble them to repair the planes at each other's expense, and then we will hand them over for dismantling.

Now this story has a continuation. "Western lessors have demanded that Russian airlines return more than 500 aircraft worth a total of $20 billion," said Russian Transport Minister Vitaly Savelyev. This means that either the aircraft will still be returned, or Russia will confiscate its property and funds located abroad, in the amount of this sum or even more, to compensate the losses of the owners of the aircraft, which were stolen by the Russian leadership. Everything is logical. But the idiots from the Kremlin could not calculate the situation. Just like with the invasion of Ukraine. Because they are idiots.



🚨Air alarm declared in Kyiv!



March 23, Ukrainian defenders destroyed 11 aerial targets of Russian occupiers.

🔺7 planes;

🔺1 helicopter

🔺1 UAV (ATR);

🔺2 winged missiles.

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine calculated that during the month of war in Ukraine, 15443 families were created.

Everything will be fine! Everything will be Ukraine. As new families appear, so will new lives. Ukraine will revive!



🚨 Air alarm announced in Zhytomyr region!

A hot phase of the 8-year war of Russia against Ukraine began a month ago. We will win! And now the traditional attendance check. Is everyone here?



🇺🇦 Putin's daughter Ekaterina Tikhonova's villa in Biarritz (France) now looks like this



Russian occupiers carried out rocket attacks and bombings with phosphorus shells in the Luhansk region at night.

Four people were killed. Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, Rubizhne, Kremenna, Novodruzhesk, Voyevodivka came under shelling.



The Deputy Ambassador of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyanskiy stated that Russia reserves the right to use nuclear weapons if provoked by NATO.



To city hospitals of Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, representatives of the international strategic initiative "Help East" have transferred over 9 tons of humanitarian aid for medical purposes.

As noted by the founder of the initiative, Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Lieutenant General Serhiy Nayev, this time, three medical communal institutions in the city received humanitarian aid.

The cargo consists of medical consumables, modern medical beds, mattresses, blankets, as well as medical furniture.




🇯🇵🇺🇦 Japan plans to provide Ukraine with additional humanitarian aid of $100 million, double emergency loans to Ukraine to $200 million, and send its doctors to support Ukrainian refugees in Poland and other countries. Japan plans to announce new support measures for Ukraine at the G7 summit.

Yesterday the defenders of Mariupol closed their eyes to a fat goose along with its ordinary composition. So about the goose in the Russian Federation they wrote, but about all the others they didn't. Because for the Kremlin it is bio-waste, which is disposed of in Ukraine. And about bio-waste in the Russian Federation they do not write and do not mourn.



⚡️⚡️ Near the port of Berdyansk, a large landing ship "Orsk" of the occupying army - Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was destroyed.

In the port of the temporarily occupied Berdyansk, the large landing ship (BDK) of the Russian Navy "Orsk" was destroyed along with the crew. Two more ships are on fire. You are not welcome here, Russian scum! Either die or run.

Russian military ship went out! Glory to the Naval Forces of Ukraine!



🕯At 9 am, let us honor our fallen Heroes with a minute of silence.

Eternal memory!

Orcs cry out in Orsk... ))



🇺🇸 Russia expels US diplomats and declares American employees personas non grata.



🇺🇸 Video of raising the Ukrainian flag in New York appeared.

I really want to tell - can't. There are a lot of photos - can't post. But you can still relax for another day. That's awesome! At least something is allowed!



⚡️Director of the Kherson Music Drama Theater and deputy of the regional council Alexander Knigu was released from Russian captivity.



Iryna Vereshchuk about the planned humanitarian corridors operation scheduled for March 24.

Kherson - you are incredible!

How does disinformation and manipulation look like from the side of Russians.



President of Lithuania Gitanas Nauseda addressed the Ukrainian people

The Lithuanian people greet the Ukrainian Heroes. You, who fight for every inch of your land, are an example of immortal feat for all of us! Glory to Ukraine - this is what everyone is admire!

Since the beginning of the war, Russian occupiers have already lost 15,800 people, 530 tanks, and 108 aircraft.

Source: General Staff data

Details: The enemy's total combat losses from February 24 to March 23 amounted approximately to:

personnel - about 15800 people,

tanks - 530 units,

combat armored vehicles - 1597 units

artillery systems - 280 units,

MLRS - 82 units.

air defense funds - 47 units,

aircraft - 108 units,

helicopters - 124 units,

automotive equipment - 1033 pcs

ships/boats - 4 pcs,

tankers with gasoline - 72

UAV tactical-level - 50

Special equipment - 16.

The data is being clarified.



💨 Kyiv ended up on the 8th step of the rating of cities with the most polluted air - the concentration of pollutants in the air exceeds the norm by 13 times.

The way a Russian ship burns can be watched endlessly. ))



💸 Western Union suspends money transfers in Russia from today

BBC reports that the White House has created a secret working group that is developing possible scenarios for Vladimir Putin's behavior and NATO's responses in case Russia uses weapons of mass destruction, whether chemical, bacteriological, or nuclear. The New York Times also writes about this.

The so-called tiger team, which includes national security specialists, has been conducting simulation exercises since February 28 to practice possible response measures.

According to unnamed newspaper sources, the group is also working on a reaction in case of an attack by Putin on NATO territory - for example, if Russian troops begin shelling columns delivering weapons and aid to Ukraine from alliance countries.

The team that meets three times a week also studies Russia's readiness to attack neighboring countries, including Moldova and Georgia.

Just a month ago, such scenarios seemed more hypothetical, the newspaper writes. But today both the White House and NATO headquarters have realized that Russia may resort to the most powerful weapon in its arsenal to break out of the military deadlock.

On Wednesday, March 23, both Biden and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg stated that there are increasing signs indicating that Russia is preparing to use chemical weapons in Ukraine.

It is expected that the possible scenarios for the development of events will be discussed by all NATO leaders on Thursday, March 24, at an extraordinary session in Brussels, where US President Joe Biden will arrive.

The meeting will take place behind closed doors, without assistants and mobile phones, and it will be the first meeting of all NATO leaders since the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

International experts in the field answered the question - what to expect from the next stage of the war and what is Putin's main mistake? Perhaps, Rob Lee's conclusions, a senior researcher at the Institute for Foreign Policy in the United States, can be a general answer from most experts:

1. Landing of marine troops in Odessa is a big risk. When attempting landing, Ukrainian forces may open artillery fire on Russian ships.

2. Russian troops started the war with ambitious plans - and tried to achieve everything at once. They went to Kyiv, went to Odesa, went to Mariupol, tried to surround Kharkiv and Sumy. But they didn't have the strength for it.

3. Putin made two classic mistakes. The first one - he underestimated his opponent. And the second one - he overestimated the abilities and quality of his own army and his military air forces.



The total losses of the enemy by killed, wounded, captured, and missing are already over 40,000 people. Oleksiy Reznikov reported this.



Today is very important for Europe, for the world, and for Ukraine day, as three summits are taking place in Brussels - the summit of the European Union, the NATO summit, and the G7 summit.

At these summits, we turned to state leaders in order to take five steps towards peace in Europe and the world. Clearly, we agreed on these steps, making these proposals to President Zelensky. We firmly emphasize that Ukraine must now act as a united team, and we welcome Zelensky's participation in all three summits in the form of video conferencing, and fully support it.

Because a united Ukraine definitely resists Putin stronger and more effectively.



⚡️ Johnson said the West can do more to prevent Russia from using its gold reserves, - Reuters.



😠 KMGA reports: in Kyiv, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, 87 residential buildings, 10 private estates, 12 schools, and 6 kindergartens have been damaged.



‼️ Rivne, Volyn region, air alarm.

Take cover!



‼️Ternopil region! Alarm!



⚡️❗️Kyiv is negotiating security guarantees with the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, and Turkey, - said the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmitry Kuleba.

Oh! You are already at 115,000 on the channel!!! Thank you for reading!



The largest oil refineries in Japan Eneos and Idemitsu will not buy Russian oil.



⚡️In Melitopol, occupiers are forcing teachers to start the educational process in Russian.— Mayor Ivan Fedorov.

Criminals from the Russian Federation bypass every school and persuade teachers to start the educational process in Russian from April 1 with an incomprehensible program.



💸 Apple Pay can no longer add new Russian "Mir" cards and pay with previously added cards, said Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov.

Started a TikTok account. I don't know why, but let's see how it goes. It's entertaining for now. So subscribe.



On the direction of Bucha-Gostomel-Irpin, not a cauldron, but a semi-concentration of Russian troops

In the direction of Bucha, Hostomel, there is already a semi-encirclement, 2.5 Russian brigades have hoof-like covered. There, the fire control of our artillery over supply routes is gradually being established, - clarified Arestovich.




‼️Kharkiv region! Alarm!



⚖️ The Prosecutor General's Office of Belarus has sent a statement to the Supreme Court requesting the recognition of NEXTA and all their channels as a terrorist organization.



😠 In a month of invasion, Russia committed 148 crimes against journalists in Ukraine, including 5 murders.



🇬🇧 British Prime Minister Boris Johnson compared Volodymyr Zelensky to his political hero Winston Churchill.

He knows how Churchill said of himself that he may not be a lion, but he has the privilege to roar. This Ukrainian people is a lion, and he (Zelensky) expresses its will and feeling of defiance

They are even removing the words war and invaders from everyday use because these words expose them as criminals. The thief has a burning hat.



🛢 The US and the EU are close to a deal to reduce Europe's dependence on Russian energy resources, Bloomberg reports.



‼️Poltava region! Alarm!



Dnipropetrovsk region! Kryvyi Rih! Zaporizhzhia! Alert!



‼️ATTENTION! An air raid alert has been declared in Kyiv!

We ask everyone to urgently go to the civil defense shelter!

⚡️⚡️⚡️ - Lightning bolts

‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!



⚡️ Britain has added 26 legal entities from Russia and Belarus, including Alfa-Bank and the Russian railways, to the sanctions list.



⚡️NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg may remain in office for another year due to the war in UkraineHis current mandate expires in September.



💙💛 Kherson is Ukraine!

The Ukrainian flag was raised again above the Kherson City Hall. This was reported by the mayor Igor Kolikhaiev. According to him, the flag that was previously raised there was damaged during the city's capture.

The racists have not responded to this campaign yet.



Russian military forces have advanced deep into the cities of Rubizhne and Popasna in Luhansk region and entrenched themselves there, but did not fully occupy them - head of the Luhansk regional military administration Serhiy Hayday.



Never again, I beg of you, never tell us that our army does not meet NATO standards. We have shown what our standards are capable of. And how much we can contribute to the overall security in Europe and the world.



🎥 On March 24, a group of Russian propagandists arrived at the occupied Chernobyl NPP to shoot a new fake movie about the station's operation.



❗️The Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine warnsRussia uses American extremists for its international propaganda

During the last few days, the Russian Federation has been spreading information about the former US military Henry Hoefft, who allegedly "left the ranks of Ukraine's territorial defense due to a lack of weapons"


From the very beginning, Hoef's task was to create a video for Russian propaganda discrediting the Armed Forces of Ukraine and foreign legion.

🔺Henry Hoefit - a representative of the American extremist movement "Boogaloo Boys", who stormed the Capitol in January 2021, resulting in people being killed

🔺Foreign media tried to contact Hoef with him to find out why he fled Ukraine, pretending to be a humanitarian worker.

🔺But the TikTok account he used to document his trip to Ukraine no longer exists

🔺The extremist also does not communicate in other social networks

❗️Remember that all information published even in Western media requires careful verification!



🥃 Italian alcohol producer Campari is limiting business in Russia.



Zaporizhzhia region, air alarm.



🌻 The Minister of Agriculture requests resignation. The Council can approve it as early as this week. The reasons for such a decision by the minister are currently unknown.



‼️Kryvyi Rih! Alarm!



⚡️The candidacy of Mykola Solskyy will be proposed as the new Minister of Agrarian Policy instead of Roman Leshchenko.



❗️200 thousand people do not have access to water in Donetsk region, reported to the UN.



Zhytomyr region! Alarm!



‼️Luhansk region! Alarm!

Rabbi Moshe Asman told me how Ukraine will defeat the occupiers. And I agree with his answer 100%.



Slavutych - the satellite city of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant - is in danger

Russian troops are trying to take the city by storm, Ukrainian checkpoints are being shelled by the invaders. There is another threat of artillery shelling.

Energoatom🇺🇦 | Propose a news⚡️

The Russian Football Union (RFU) will fight for the right to host the European Championship-2028 or the European Championship-2032 in football. And this is despite the ongoing war in Ukraine and the collapsing economy.

It is known that a joint bid from the Football Associations of England, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales is claiming for Euro 2028. Russia and Turkey are interested in hosting Euro 2028 and Euro 2032. Italy, on the other hand, has expressed readiness to host the tournament in 2032.

So, the winner will be announced on April 7, 2022. And I am ready to bet with anyone for any amount that the Russian will not host the championship. Russian just has its own atmosphere and wet fantasies that are clearly detached from reality. ))



Sweden was one of the first to come to our aid. Your support is absolutely sincere. It is based on values. On our love for freedom. On what our blue-yellow national colors symbolize. The whole world knows what Sweden wants. The whole world has seen in a month of this war what Ukraine wants. We are together - in our anti-war coalition. And we must do everything to make Russia seek peace.

Russian tankers lose their minds when they meet SPGs. And this is literally.

According to the operational information received from the hospitals in Homel, it is known that a considerable number of Russian soldiers are admitted with injuries to their arms or legs. In their hospital records, it is written Violation of the rules of handling weapons. From this, we can conclude that Russians prefer self-harm rather than facing the Armed Forces. And this is the right choice.



🔥 Video of today's fire in Berdyansk port appeared on the network



🤔 Russian businessman Roman Abramovich was initially involved in organizing Russian-Ukrainian peace talks - this was confirmed both in Moscow and in Kiev.



The fighters of the separate detachment of the special Azov unit disabled a combat armored vehicle and 3 trucks of Russian occupiers in Mariupol.



❗️Operational information as of 12.00 24.03.2022 regarding the Russian invasion

2️⃣9️⃣ days

The enemy continues to suffer significant losses.

📍Russian aggressors carry out mobilization of reserve officers, ordinary and sergeant personnel among conscripts to replenish their forces.

The practice of hiring mercenaries, recruited by Russian private military companies, is maintained.

📍With the aim of restoring combat readiness, the leadership of the armed forces of the Russian Federation has taken a number of decisions to remove outdated armored vehicles from storage and send them to military units that are restoring combat readiness.

📍 In the temporarily occupied enemy territories, isolated cases of confiscation of cargo trucks and specialized agricultural machinery from private entrepreneurs and farmers are recorded.

Based on the information received,The decision was made by the military-political leadership of the Russian Federation to adjust plans for further military actions on the territory of Ukraine.due to the fact that the goals set before the start of the war with Ukraine were not achieved within the established timeframes.

❗️ Over the past two weeksMore than 20 companies in the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation were forced to completely or partially suspend their activities due to a lack of and details

In particular, the production of aviation missiles has been suspended at the Russian scientific and production enterprise "Vympel".

At the same time, the Russian military leadership is transferring weapons and military equipment from military districts to the territory of Belarus and temporarily occupied Crimea. The goal is to attempt to prepare and carry out offensive actions to surround the city of Kyiv.

The Russian military leadership is beginning to realize that the existing forces and resources are insufficient to maintain temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and conduct defensive operations.

On the Volyn, Polissia, Siversky directionsthe enemy is forced to give up offensive actions, regroups troops, and holds previously occupied positions. Implements measures to deceive our units and continues reconnaissance.

Units of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus continue to be involved in covering certain sections of the Belarusian-Ukrainian border.

Enemy units are trying to block Chernihiv and capture the city of Slavutych, but their goals have not been achieved.

On the Sloboda routeThe enemy continues to block the city of Sumy. No active actions were carried out in the direction of Kharkiv. Main efforts focused on destroying the city's civil infrastructure.

On the Izium direction was unsuccessful. Suffered losses. Retreated to the area of the southern part of the city.

On the Donetsk directionthe enemy does not refuse to conduct offensive actions with the ultimate goal of reaching the administrative borders of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

On the South Buzh directionthe enemy is on the defensive, taking measures to restore combat capability, replenish ammunition and PPM in order to prepare for the resumption of offensive actions.

Units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck a blow on large landing ships located in the port of Berdyansk. As a result, a fire broke out on the large landing ship project 1171 with subsequent detonation of the ammunition (enemy losses are being specified).



😄 Over the past few weeks, more than 20 defense industry enterprises in Russia have completely or partially suspended their activities due to a lack of components - General Staff.



❗️❗️80% of the city of Irpin has already been liberated, the police are working there," said Vadym Denysenko, an advisor to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, on the UA Together telethon.



🗣 EU diplomacy chief Josep Borrell believes that the course of Russian invasion into Ukraine will be decided within the next 15 days.



UPD. Mykola Solsky has been appointed as the new Minister of Agricultural Policy of Ukraine



🚶5 deputies from the OPZZH have submitted statements to leave the faction - Hnatenko, Kisilov, Lukashev, Moroz, and Prykhodko. In addition, Yatsenko left the "Fatherland" faction.



💪 The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed in the forests of Chernihiv region no less than two "Tigers", a tank and a KamAZ of the occupiers.



💸 The United States has imposed sanctions against more than400 RussiansAmong them are 328 State Duma deputies who supported the recognition of the LPR and DPR, 48 companies of the military-industrial complex and the Russian elite.



⚡️Two commanders of Russian landing ships that were damaged on March 24 in Berdyansk turned out to be sailors who betrayed their oath to Ukraine in 2014. As noted in the Navy, they switched sides to the Russian Federation.



🤬 In Kharkiv, Russian forces shelled a humanitarian aid distribution point, killing six civilians and injuring another 15.



The USA will accept 100 thousand Ukrainian refugees and donate 1 billion dollars to help European countries that have sheltered Ukrainians - NYT.



👏 Most of the deputies of the Energodar City Council have resigned in order to avoid pressure and coercion from the Russian occupiers to create the so-called people's republics.



⚽️British Prime Minister has proposed to hold in UkraineEuro-2028 football.

Also Boris Johnson commented on the idea of Russians applying to host this tournament:

I can't believe someone would seriously consider their proposal. And so, I think it would be better if all Russian forces immediately left Ukraine and the tournament was handed over to the Ukrainians.



Ahaha 🤣 Well, they're stupid! Propagandists spread fake news about how hundreds of medals "For the capture of Crimea" were found in the military registration and enlistment office in Kherson.



❗️Parliament strengthens punishment for aiding the aggressor country.

Cooperation with the aggressor state is providedfrom 10 to 12 yearsdeprivation of liberty and prohibited from holding a number of positions in the future.

And the Council also introduced criminal liability for filming the Armed Forces of Ukraine and military aid.



🔁Ukraine conducted the first full exchange of prisoners of war.

10 Ukrainiansoldiers exchangedon 10 Russians.

The minister also stated that as a result of the exchange, they are returning home.19 Ukrainian civilian sailorsfrom the rescue ship Sapphire, who were captured in an attempt to free Ukrainian soldiers from Snake Island. Under the terms of the exchange, the ship will also be returned to Ukraine.



💻In Kyiv, 650 shelters are already connected to Wi-Fi.

✔️As reportedleader of digital transformation in Kyiv (CDTO) and deputy chairman of Kyiv City State Administration Petro Olenich,this is almost 70% of the applications received.

📲You can apply for connection:

▪️in the urban application"Kyiv Digital"

▪️on the official platform.



👧🏻One month of war in Ukraine has led to the displacement of 4.3 million children - more than half of the country's 7.5 million child population - UNICEF

Over 1.8 million children have moved to neighboring countries as refugees. 2.5 million children have become internally displaced persons.



Better to support Ukraine now with the weapons we really need than to later look for weapons for other countries - Georgia, Moldova, Baltic countries, Poland, Central Asian countries. The sooner what we are asking for happens, the sooner there will be peace in Eastern Europe. It is in our interests. It is in your interests. It is in the interests of all democracies. Freedom must be armed. Life must overcome death.

He turned to the representatives of the "Big Seven" with these words, telling about the atrocities committed by the occupier in Ukraine.

already 4.3 million Ukrainian children have become displaced persons. This is more than half of the country's child population (!), which, according to estimates, is 7.5 million - UNICEF reports.

More than 1.8 million children have been forced to leave Ukraine, and 2.5 million children have been relocated to other regions of the country.

These figures are the result of the RF's invasion of Ukraine. And here is a big question, how to assess the damage? There is a threat that some children with their parents will not return, and this will deal a serious demographic blow to Ukraine. In fact, this is a sabotage with a long-term perspective and unpredictable consequences.



🇨🇭Switzerland has frozen Russian assets worth over $6 billion, - Reuters



⚡️Verkhovna Rada simplifiedCancelled the External Independent Testing and the State Final Certificationfor graduates of the year 2022.

About what the procedure for admission to universities will be - the Ministry of Education and Science will inform later

The commanders of the damaged ships in Berdyansk turned out to be traitors of Ukraine.

Karma in action: the commanders of two damaged landing ships in Berdyansk - among the traitors of Ukraine. Commander of the Saratov BDK, captain 2nd rank Volodymyr Khramchenkov, former commander of the Kirovograd SDK of the Ukrainian Navy, betrayed the oath and joined the side of the occupiers in 2014. His comrade, captain 2nd rank Pavlov Yuriy Viktorovich, commander of the Novocherkassk BDK, at the time of the betrayal was the senior assistant to the commander of the BDK, Kostyantin Olshansky. Today we all saw how the ships were leaving the port of Berdyansk," wrote the command of the Ukrainian Navy.

NATO troops will not be fighting on Ukrainian territory, - emphasized NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg once again at a briefing after the Alliance summit.

We've already understood it. I am more interested in whether NATO military understand that they will have to fight in the near future anyway? At least after the Kremlin strikes Poland. Or will Stoltenberg say something similar at that time? Although, Ukraine may offer another option. NATO can simply transfer weapons and planes to Ukraine, and we will do everything ourselves. And then NATO soldiers won't have to fight.



Freedheroesheading home now!

Analysts and experts in Washington finally admit: the Russian invasion of Ukraine is blocked and stalled. Moreover, Ukraine, obviously, will win, writes Elliot Cohen for The Atlantic.

At first, the researchers of the Russian army expected a swift victory. Then they said that the Russians would take a pause, account for their mistakes, and regroup. Then they said that everything would have worked out for the Russians if they had followed their military doctrine. Now all that's left for these experts is to constantly say that the Russians have a quantitative advantage, the war is not over yet, and everything can change.

As the author of the material writes, their analytics has also become one of the elements of the war that deserves separate attention.

There is a dynamic of war: the more successful you are, the higher the probability that you will continue to succeed. And vice versa, if you fail, the chances of further failures increase even more, writes the publication.

Seeing what is happening in Russia, Azerbaijani journalists began to raise the issue of information hygiene and excluding Russian propaganda from the information field of Azerbaijan.

To tears. ))

So, one step left to the news about the crucified boy in panties from wherever. And they will do it in three, two, one second. And... )))



🇵🇱 The Polish oil and gas company PGNiG will not pay in rubles for Russian gas.



The Ukrainian Air Defense shot down the Su-34 fighter jet and drone on the Kharkiv direction, - Air CommandEast



🤦🏻‍♂️Was McDonald's - became Uncle Vanya

Russians are not used to stealing anything, here is another proof



❗ The UN General Assembly called on Russiastopfull-scale war against Ukraine

Resolution was supported by 140 countries, opposed by five (Russia, Syria, North Korea, Eritrea and Belarus), 38 abstained.



🚚10 truckshumanitarian aidFrom Poland arrived in the Kiev region, —Oleksiy Kuleba.

Mainly, these are medical supplies and food products.



🚨Odessa! Air alarm! Everyone to shelter!



🚨Cherkasy region! Kropyvnytskyi! Kryvyi Rih! Mykolaiv! Air raid!



🚨Dnipro! Zaporizhzhia region! Everyone take cover!

This is trash!!! Rusnya is a chipmunk nation. And you can't argue. ))



🦾MLRS liberated Lukyanivka in Baryshivsky district in Kyiv region.

Destroyed 3 enemy tanks and 9 BMPs - Dmytro Linko

You had to come all the way from Krasnodar Krai to Ukraine just to get captured. Idiot.



🚨Vinnytsia region! Alarm!



🚶‍♂️Ukraine mirror-wise responded to Belarus by reducing the number of Belarusian embassy staff in Ukraine to five people, - Oleg Nikolenko.

Many are surprised that the Russians, in the temporarily occupied territory, began to confiscate books on the history of Ukraine and the ATO, as well as Ukrainian literature. But this is exactly a logical action. A person perceives a connection with his country and his people through history, culture, and national heroes. This is what the occupiers are trying to deprive Ukrainians of in order to start tearing their ties with Ukraine. This is how the communists and Nazis acted. The same path was taken by the Russists. But they are wrong to do this. Soon the Armed Forces of Ukraine will kick them out of the territory of Ukraine and at the same time knock this nonsense out of their stupid heads.

Anyway, any occupiers behave like the rashists now. And they only set themselves up against it. So don't be surprised at what is happening. Occupiers, such occupiers. Zombies.



🚨Kyiv! Air alarm! Everyone to shelter!

Andrey from Chernihiv lost his mother during the bombing of his hometown, where just one month and one day ago he was enjoying life, dreaming and making plans for a happy future. On March 24, he shared his story with the international television corporation CNN.

A 15-year-old teenager was wounded in the leg as the car, in which he and his mother were hastily leaving the shelled Chernihiv, detonated on a mine or another projectile. Now he is being treated at a hospital in Lviv, where he was found by a correspondent from CNN.

Suddenly some force threw me and dropped me on the road. I saw how fire engulfed my mom, - Andrey remembers the most terrifying moment of his life and can't hold back tears. After the explosion, I saw a yellow cloud and heard a bang. I woke up lying on the road and saw a burning car and a burning mom. At that moment she was still alive. I felt blood rushing to my ears. I heard gunfire. But not automatic, but missile.

The teenager said he couldn't get up and go by himself. All he could do was scream as loud as he could. Local residents evacuated him and sent him to a safe place.

My mom was a very beautiful woman," the boy remembers from the hospital bed. "She loved cleanliness and order. Dad and I always treated her with understanding and fully supported her. I don't know how to live without her.

Despite the tragic memories, Andrey says that after the war he plans to return to Chernihiv. I want to participate in its restoration, because it is my city. I do not know any other. And it is very hard for me to see what it has become now, - the boy admits.

But now, before returning home, he is undergoing treatment and dreams of playing the guitar again as in the good old pre-war times.



🚬 Tobacco company Philip Morris International Inc. is halting investments and winding down production in Russia.



Malynivka village in Zaporizhzhia region liberated from Russian occupiers - head of Malynivka community



📊67% of Belarusiansagainstshelling of Ukrainian territory from Belarus, and 52% of people are generally against the use of the country's territory as a Russian springboard for war with Ukraine.

At the same time, almost no one wants Belarus to join the war on the side of RF or Ukraine.



🇺🇸Joe Biden held a press conference after the NATO and G7 summits. What did he say?

▪️Would the US or NATO respond with military action if Putin usedchemical weapons: We will answer if he applies it. The nature of the response will depend on the nature of the application.

▪️The President of the United States does not think that Ukraine will have to give up part of its territory to stop the war.

▪️And also spoke in favorRussia excluded from G20та навіть запропонував запросити Україну.and even suggested inviting Ukraine.

▪️BidenIt is clear that China understands.about the consequences of supporting Russian actions in Ukraine

The UN General Assembly called on Russia to stop full-scale war against Ukraine

"За" - 140 countries

"Against" - 5 (Russia, Syria, North Korea, Eritrea, and Belarus)

Abstained - 38 countries.

And how? Have you stopped already? Well, okay. I suggested what needs to be done to force the Russian Federation to stop. And this information has been brought to the attention of the state leadership. But it probably knows better what needs to be done. I do not argue or criticize. Just stating.

And this is for all those who forgot what exactly I was suggesting.



🛩Russian helicopter in Kharkiv regionfiredown positions. He destroyed a huge number of personnel and military equipment.

Way to go!🙃



❗️The occupiers steal Ukrainian children

🔸In the part of Kharkiv region where Russian troops have temporarily settled to terrorize local residents, invaders are compelling collaborators to kidnappings.

🔸A resident of Kharkiv region, people working for the invaders, kidnapped children. They were informed that the man has weapons collected in the areas of hostilities.

🔸The collaborators of the homeowner were not found, instead they took two of his underage sons. Their father had just left for another settlement for humanitarian aid to feed his six-month-old grandson.

🔸The informers began to blackmail the man. He admitted that he had indeed found a vending machine that was willing to give away for the children. The enemy informers replied that for one vending machine they are willing to give away only one son, or they will have to negotiate...

👉🏻 State Border Guard Service of Ukraine



The smog observed in Kyiv for several days is related to fires in the region caused by hostilities.

This was reported by the press secretary of the State Emergency Service of Kiev region Victoria Ruban.



🚊Evacuation train Kyiv — Ivano-Frankivskgot under fireunder the cornflowers in Kyiv region.

According to preliminary information, there are no victims, but windows were broken in three carriages, - Oleksandr Kamyshin, the head of Ukrzaliznytsia.

Normal Z-president for zombies from Zombieland.

Eh, the evening bell-ringer was touched by a month. What will he sing in another month? ))



📚Russians are withdrawing anddestroyedin temporarily occupied territories Ukrainian literature and history textbooks.

The most interesting books for police officers are those about the history of Ukrainian Maidans, ATO/ОOS, and the history of Ukrainian liberation struggles.

Finally! Not bad news from the occupied Kakhovka: food was delivered to the disabled from the Kakhovka geriatric nursing home!

Finally managed to withdraw cash from the money you transferred to them - and brought groceries from the village.

As you can see, brought a bunch of everything: pasta, eggs, canned goods. And pork with meat: the pig operation was successful!))

People are incredibly grateful, because immobility in an occupied city without access for humanitarian aid trucks is almost a death sentence. But your help keeps them going!

You are amazing! Thanks to your efforts and kindness, 200 elderly and disabled people have been successfully taken care of for a month in these frightening times of war.

Nothing, Vitaliy Kim today announced that the occupiers have already been pushed from Mykolaiv region to the border with Kherson region. Kherson region will also be liberated from the invaders. People will hold out - because you do not abandon them!

Together we will win!

Biden: The question of possible NATO intervention will be on the agenda if Russia uses chemical weapons in Ukraine.

Wow! And earlier he always said that NATO would not intervene even when the Russian Federation used chemical weapons. But now the situation is changing. Biden is raising the stakes.



Russian occupiers searched and looted the apartment of the deceased activist Kateryna Handziuk in Kherson - Watchers

The occupants explained their actions by referring to the threats to Russian statehood and carried out several large bags with belongings from the house.



🎥The result of the work of the artillerymen of the Azov regiment.

DestroyedRussian APC, together with infantry, brightly finishes its campaign in Ukraine.

Putin, congratulations! This is also your merit, you idiot.



❗️Russian occupiers shelled outskirts of Vyshhorod in Kyiv region with heavy artillery.

As a result of shelling, a multi-story building was damaged. According to preliminary data, there are no casualties.



⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️Attention! Kyiv residents are asked to close windows: due to a fire in the Kyiv region, smoke is observed in the Svyatoshynsky and Holosiivsky districts

❗️The city authorities urge Kyiv residents to keep their windows closed, especially at night and in the morning. And also, if possible, not to be outdoors.

In the presence of a trace, air conditioning and air purification systems should be turned on.

✔️Experts also recommend doing wet cleaning in such cases. It is useful to place containers with water to increase humidity in the air; increase fluid intake to 2-3 liters per day for adults. If you have shortness of breath and cough, you need to see a doctor.

🙏🏻Please keep calm and use official sources of information!



🇺🇸Joe Bidenconfirmed that the USA will accept up to 100,000 citizens fleeing from Russian aggression, including Ukrainian refugees escaping from Russian invasion



❗️Results of the humanitarian corridors' work on March 24th.

Iryna Vereshchuk



All seven humanitarian corridors planned for today have worked.

Overall, 3343 people were evacuated during the day.

Yes indeed! Ten out of ten. Like lemmings, they are heading to the slaughter in Chernobaevka. ))



🙃Chornobaivka celebrates anniversary. Yes, again!

Oleksiy Arestovychconfirmed, that the Armed Forces of Ukraine repeatedly dealt a devastating blow to Russian troops at the airfield near Kherson.



🚨Cherkasy, Kirovohrad, and Mykolaiv regions! Alarm!



😰In Kalynivtsi in Kiev region as a result of Russian shelling, there are dead, also three people were injured.

Fighting continues in the Bucha district.

Aaaaaaaa! This is oreyro!!! Endless!!! Watch to the end! Azarenok shit himself. By 200%!!! ))



🕯Russians killed two more children in Donetsk region: an 11-year-old girl was killed in Mariupol, and a 14-year-old boy in Yasna Polyana.

In addition, it became known about one more dead and 5 injured in Mariupol.



⚡️Russian occupiers struck a missile at a military unit in Dnipro, the consequences are being clarified, - Southern Command East

The Ukrainian army now uses 43 more tanks than at the beginning of the war. This is probably the first war of its kind.

Analysts Forbes report this. According to their calculations, since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Russian army has lost 530 tanks, while the Ukrainian Armed Forces have lost 74 units.

At the same time, our warriors captured 117 enemy tanks. As a result, Russia is the main supplier of tanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2022.



✈️State enterprise Antonov offers to establish an International Aircraft Revival FundAn-225 Mriyawhich were destroyed by the occupants in Hostomel.

Details for supporthere



🚨Vinnytsia and Zhytomyr regions! Air alarm!



🚨 Lubni! Air alarm!



In Armenia, it is reported that Azerbaijani armed forces have crossed the line of demarcation in Nagorno-Karabakh.

At the same time, the Azerbaijani side denies this information.



‼️ATTENTION! Air alarm has been declared in Kyiv!

We ask everyone to urgently go to the civil defense shelter!


‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!



🚨Kyiv Oblast! Air alarm!



Turning to the Council of Europe and the peoples of Europe, he stressed that Ukraine did not go to foreign land. Never dreamed of any war. It shoots down missiles. Calls on foreigners to lay down their arms and go home. For the sake of life. Ukraine has united for the sake of peace. And still unites the world for the sake of peace.



🚨State Emergency Service reports that as a result of a missile strike on the outskirts of Dnipro, military unit buildings have been significantly destroyed. Information on the deceased and injured is being established.



Glory to all our heroes!

Glory to all our people!

🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦 - Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine



🎖Bucha, Irpin, Okhtyrka, Mykolaiv became hero cities. The corresponding Decree was signed by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.



❗️Operational information of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of 24.00 24.03.2022 regarding the Russian invasion

The twenty-ninth day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the Russian military invasion is coming to an end.

The tasks of the occupiers regarding the entry into the administrative borders of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, the encirclement of the city of Kyiv, and the establishment of control over the left-bank part of Ukraine were not fulfilled. The enemy has partially succeeded in the Donetsk operational region, regarding the extension of temporary maintenance of the land corridor between Rostov region and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

The enemy continues to replenish losses by preparing and moving reserve units of the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

▪️On the Volyn front, the enemy did not conduct offensive operations.

▪️On the Polissya direction, the enemy did not conduct offensive actions by identified groups, continued to inflict artillery and aviation strikes, trying to restore the positions of its forces in the areas of the cities of Kyiv and Makariv.

▪️In the Siversky direction, the enemy, with the forces of certain units, is trying to concentrate forces and means to resume offensive operations. Makes unsuccessful attempts to block Chernihiv.

▪️On the Brovarsky direction switched to defense, carries out engineering equipment of positions.

Likely, the enemy will try again to resume offensive actions towards the cities of Brovary and Boryspil in order to block the capital of Ukraine, the city of Kyiv, from the eastern direction.

▪️The enemy is blocking the bridge of Sumy and Kharkiv in the Slobozhansky direction. Strikes on objects of civilian infrastructure. Trying to resume offensive actions in the area of the city of Izyum, suffering losses.

The withdrawal of individual units of the occupying forces operating in the specified area to the territory of the Russian Federation due to losses exceeding 50 percent of personnel.

▪️In the Donetsk direction, the enemy holds occupied positions. The main efforts are focused on capturing the cities of Popasna, Rubizhne, and Mariupol, with no success.

▪️On the Zaporizhzhya direction, forces of up to five BTGr have switched to defense.

▪️In the Southern Bug direction, the enemy forces occupy the established defense lines, trying to take measures to restore the combat readiness of units and replenish supplies.

In the operational zone of the Sea of Azov, according to clarified information, during the strike on the occupied port of Berdyansk, a large landing ship "Saratov" was destroyed. Large landing ships "Caesar Kunikov" and "Novocherkassk" were damaged. Clarification of other enemy losses is ongoing.



🇺🇦👊During the day, Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners destroyed a Su-34 fighter-bomber, four cruise missiles, and a drone of Russian occupiers.