Mar 12, 2022 - Day 17



👤The Cabinet of Ministers will create a specialCoordinationheadquarters for the treatment of prisoners of war

Because as of the 16th day of the war, there are already about 700 Russians in captivity.



🕵️‍♂️Russia is betting on unmanned missiles.UK intelligence

This weapon is relatively inaccurate. Its use will significantly increase the number of civilian casualties.



🚨Kyiv - air alarm!



🏡 Collection of real estate search services

Russia declared war on Ukraine and ruthlessly shells peaceful cities. Thousands of people are urgently evacuating to safer regions. However, most of them have nowhere to go.

For such cases, many volunteers create portals where you can find shelter in just a few clicks both in Ukraine and abroad. We share a collection:

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Share a collection and help each other. Support is what each of us needs right now.

Let's unite 🇺🇦



🪥Colgate-PalmolivesuspendsImport and sale of some goods in Russia, except for essential health and hygiene products for daily use.



🚨Cherkasy! Air alarm!



📱Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri officially confirmed that the social network will be blocked in Russia starting from March 14th.

And meanwhile, someone's already burning hysterically.



🏆Russia leads among all countries in the world in terms of quantity.implemented sanctions against it— 3 577.— 3,577.

According to Castellum (the largest database of sanctions in the world)

She surpassed Iran, Syria, North Korea, Venezuela, Myanmar, and Cuba in the ranking. The European Union introduced the most sanctions against Russia - over 650.



Minister of Foreign Affairs is convinced that the decision of the European Council onУкраїни (Ukraine)means a shift in the issue of rapprochement with the EU.

From now on, we, Ukrainians, know for sure that we will become members of the EU. The only question is when it will happen.



☢️MAGATErenewed communicationwith monitoring systems of Zaporizhzhia NPP.

But there is still no connection to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. At the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant - periodic disruptions in transmission.



🚨There is an air alarm in Kharkiv!



🇵🇱 On the background of Putin's attack on UkrainePolandincreases the size of the army almost threefold.

Currently, there are 110,000 people in the Polish army. And there will be 300,000 - 250,000 in regular forces and another 50,000 in territorial defense.



🚨Dnipro! Sumy district! Air alarm!



🚨Uman, Poltava — air alarm!



🚢Italy has placed a seizure on the yacht owned by Russian billionaire Melnichenko's assets.

The world's largest motor yacht, measuring 150 meters in length, is valued at 530 million euros.



🚨Ivano-Frankivsk, Zakarpattia, Cherkasy, Chernivtsi, Khmelnytskyi and Sumy regions! Everyone to the shelter!



🗣Russian troops have suspended the advance on Kiev, but they have not abandoned their intention to surround the capital — The Head of the Military Administration of Kyiv.Микола Жирнов → Mykola Zhirnov



🇨🇦 Canada allocates30 million dollars, to double the charitable contributions to the Red Cross that its citizens made for the benefit of Ukraine.

And also, Canada will provide humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians.



🛠Damaged power linesat Chernobyl nuclear power plantalready being repaired.

They were damaged as a result of the hostilities, so the station had to be connected to diesel generators, the fuel of which lasts for two days.

American performs the anthem of Ukraine. Performs well. And the anthem is wonderful. In general, everything worked out. Two in one.

"What we had to put terms 'maternity hospital' and 'Russian strike' in one sentence speaks to the level of cruelty that the Kremlin perpetrates against the people of Ukraine," wrote Ned Price, representative of the US State Department, on Twitter.

How to determine that Putin is lying? If you see that Putin opened his mouth, it means he is lying. This is already an axiom. But how cynical, deceitful, and hypocritical creature one must be to lie like that? You just need to be Putin.



🎥 Completely destroyed village of Yatskivka in Kharkiv region after shelling by Russian forces.

The Financial Guard of Italy has arrested the yacht of Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko.

The world's largest mega-yacht is estimated at 530 million euros. The length of the yacht is 150 meters, displacement is almost 13 thousand tons, it was launched in 2008. The yacht took 4 years to build and is simply called A, in honor of the owner's first initial. Now the owner, who is close to Putin, is left without a yacht. But this is not his only yacht, which means that more arrests of assets of Putin's allies and wallets who remain silent or support the invasion of Ukraine await us.

Irpen after the arrival of the Russian world.

Director of Roscosmos Rogozin flies away in front of everyone to reptiloids.))

It is no secret that initially Putin hoped to defeat Ukraine within a couple of days. Then he hoped to take Kharkiv in 3 days. Then he hoped to destroy our air defense with one or two strikes. But as of today, all of this remains only in Putin's wet dreams. In reality, everything turned out to be quite the opposite. Ukrainian and Western analysts are convinced that the failure of the Ukrainian blitzkrieg of the Kremlin's bloody dwarf and his henchmen became a victim of illusions, secrecy, and total corruption. And this article excellently analyzes the 5 main reasons for the failure of Putin's plans.



🚌 Six scheduled from Sumy region for todaygreen corridors

Тростянець — Полтава

Sumy - Poltava

Лебедин — Полтава

Konotop — Poltava

Велика Писарівка — Полтава -> Velika Pysarivka — Poltava

Краснопілля — Полтава



🚨Boryspil - Take cover!

In Kropyvnytskyi and Vasilkov, they report about explosion sounds!

The message from MAGATE informs that data transmission from monitoring systems at the Zaporizhia NPP has been restored. The system at the Chernobyl NPP is still not working! And this causes tremendous tension and concern among experts.



💪 NATO beginsмасштабні навчання -> Massive learning., which will involve 30 thousand military personnel. They will take place in Norway.

Our armed forces are ready to respond to any threat or crisis - and protect our countries and people in safety.

The head of SE "NNEGC "Energoatom", Petro Kotin, said that at Zaporizhzhia NPP the management staff were gathered and informed that the station is now owned by "Rosatom".

They informed the management that this is now the "Rosatom" station and it no longer belongs to Ukraine - Kotin said.

I think someone in the Kremlin has finally fucked up.


I tell my comrade: let's go collect the remains of the fascists from the destroyed tanks...

and he said to me: what to collect? there are only enough for a half-liter jar....

This is the case when idiots are not only in power or in law enforcement agencies, but also idiocy itself is already a national model of behavior for the whole state.



🔥As a result of Russian shelling in Brovarsky district in Kyiv region, a warehouse storing frozen products caught fire overnight.

There are no previous victims or casualties.повідомляє - reportsState Emergency Service

Good job of our informers who work with the western community. The information front is still important.



❕In Dnipro, sounds of explosions were heard - according to the mayor's words Filatov, this is the PPO system at work.

And now, exclusive. I have several sources in Russia that provide me with information for analysis. The information has always been confirmed. So, analyzing the injuries of Russian occupiers, I noticed with interest that many soldiers from Kuban received their injuries as a result of violating the rules of handling weapons. Shot in the hand or leg. In the people, this is called self-inflicted. In general, in order not to die in Ukraine, Russian soldiers followed the old and reliable Russian tradition. But what about their brave songs? Where is it - "Only a Cossack bullet will catch up in the steppe, only a Cossack bullet will knock down from the horse"? Yes, those Cossacks in Russia have changed. Not the same. They don't want to be fertilizer in Ukrainian soil.

In Russia, someone is always to blame for their problems. It's either Obama-bastard, then Trump-idiot, then Zelensky-devil. Although they could think, analyze the situation and understand that the devil, idiot, and bastard is Putin. But dumb analysis is beyond their capabilities.

This is a "10". They predicted and hit the bullseye. Now they have two options - to live in such a miserable country like Russia, or to go against the authorities. Why am I sure that most will choose the first option?



❗️🗣The head of Energoatom Petro Kotinрозповів - told, that the management staff has gathered at the Zaporizhia NPP and announced that the station is now supposedly owned by Rosatom.



🎥 "Where was I these 8 years?"

Travel blogger Anton Ptushkin is from Luhansk and has 5.55 million subscribers on YouTube, most of them are Russians. He addressed the citizens of RF.



⚡️⚡️ Media reports that Russian occupiers are shelling Severodonetsk.

In Mukachevo, Zakarpattia region, explosions are heard.

The sense of humor in Ukrainians is incredible! Even in difficult times, we smile. New meme from Dmytro Kovalenko.



🤬 In Chernihiv, right in the city center, Russian invaders bombed the "Ukraine" hotel, which was one of the city's landmarks.

The following text is already in English:A scientific researcher of the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences, Serhiy Shumilo, reported this.

"They purposely bomb and destroy peaceful civilian objects and city infrastructure...There is purposeful and deliberate destruction of the ancient city, whose history counts over 1300 years," he added.

From the beginning of the hostilities, thirty-one (!!!) enemy battalion-tactical group, which operated on the territory of Ukraine, lost combat capability.

According to the results of the combat operations, the majority of units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, which had direct fire contact with the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, are demoralized. The morale and psychological state of the personnel continues to decline, and there are cases of surrender by individual groups. Over the past three days, there has been movement of small groups of enemy deserters towards the state border.

Генштаб in English is: Генштаб



‼️ Kramatorsk, air raid



😔 BEFORE and AFTER the arrival of Russian power



❗️In Vasilkov, the oil depot is on fire again after an airstrike.



🥺 BBC published a video about the blockade of Mariupol.



⚡️Donald Tusk appealed to the concerned countries affected by the sanctions and published a photo of a girl from Ukraine with a weapon in her hands.



Head of Mykolaiv Regional State Administration Vitaliy Kim on shelling: at the moment, there are no casualties, two injured.

There are no rules, now we work with them more strictly.



💸 In two weeks after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the aggressor suffered one of the worst economic downturns since the 90s crisis - Russia lost 30 billion dollars of GDP. This is 9% of the country's GDP in 2022.



⚡️ Advisor to the Mayor of Mariupol Petro Andriushchenko about the situation in the city:

▫️Ukrainian soldiers repulsed all attempts by Russian occupiers to break through to the city.

▫️Shelling of residential quarters lasted from six in the morning until six in the evening. Communication in the city is absent.

▫️The humanitarian convoy did not pass - the Russians did not stop shooting. The next attempt to evacuate people is scheduled for March 12.



🤝 Azerbaijan today will send 380 tons of humanitarian aid, including food, medicine, and medical supplies, to Ukraine.



💪 Sumy Oblast. The forces of territorial defense halted the tanks of the Horde.



❗️A humanitarian convoy is heading from Zaporizhia to Mariupol.

This is the fifth attempt to deliver medicine, supplies, and water to the city.



⚡️ The roof of an administrative building in Podil, Kyiv caught fire as a result of enemy shelling - State Emergency Service. The fire has been extinguished, there are no casualties or injuries.

Time for good news.

As a result of the Russian artillery shelling in Kyiv, the roof of one of the buildings in Podil caught fire.



⚡️And for good news

Слава ЗСУ 💙💛Glory to the Armed Forces 💙💛

17th day of war. Explosions in Dnipro, Chernihiv hotel destroyed, oncological hospital shelled in Mykolaiv. Apparently, this is how slaves see liberation for free people.



🥺 In the Kharkiv region, the occupants shelled the Rehabilitation Center for Children yesterday. Fortunately, there are no casualties. The children were in the bomb shelter.



❗️A meeting has started in Melitopol. People have gathered in front of the district administration building and are demanding that the occupiers release the mayor of the city, Ivan Fedorov.

Melitopol - this is Ukraine!



😈 Another good news for today. In the Rostov region, a Ka-52 helicopter crashed. The crew successfully died.



Head of the Chernihiv Regional State Administration Viacheslav Chaus showed the destroyed Hotel "Ukraine" and spoke about the catastrophic state of affairs in the city.



😡 Прем'єр Ізраїлю Нафталі Беннет радив українському президенту прийняти пропозиції Росії для закінчення війни — пише Axios.😡 Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett advised the Ukrainian president to accept Russia's proposals to end the war—according to Axios.



❗️Kharkiv! Air alarm, everyone to shelter.



In KyivCurfew on weekends remains unchanged and will last daily from 20:00 to 7:00.

✔️The night in Kyiv passed peacefully. All information about the work of shops, pharmacies, gas stations, etc. can be found on the websites of city authorities and in relation to "Kyiv Digital".

🚌Kyiv continues to assist with the evacuation from towns located near Kyiv. These include Irpin, Bucha, Hostomel, Vorzel, and Nemishayeve.

❗️🚗 The city reminds drivers of the need to comply with traffic rules and give way to emergency vehicles and humanitarian cargoes.



⚡️⚡️ Parts of a large Russian convoy north of Kiev have scattered.

British intelligence reports that this may indicate an attempt by the occupants to surround the city.



Even Polish doggies know the truth 💙💛



😈 Enemy losses as of March 12



⚡️ The occupiers shelled the Kanatove airfield with missiles., - Head of the Kirovograd Regional State Administration



A video of the shelling appeared.



‼️ Ivano-Frankivsk region — air alarm!

Take cover!



⚽️ Barclays Bank has temporarily blocked the bank account of Chelsea FC due to sanctions against the club owner Roman Abramovich.



😢 UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said that the number of people who have fled from Ukraine has reached 2.5 million people.



Irpin. A man carries his dog across a destroyed bridge.

The Russian army during the invasion of Ukraine has lost over 12 thousand military personnel, 362 tanks, and 1205 combat armored vehicles, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reports on Saturday.

The enemy's overall combat losses from February 24 to March 12 amounted to approximately: personnel - over 12,000 people, tanks - 362 units, armored combat vehicles - 1,205 units, artillery systems - 135 units, MLRS - 62 units, air defense systems - 33 units, aircraft - 58 units, helicopters - 83 units, motor vehicles - 585 units, ships/boats - 3 units, fuel and lubricants tankers - 60 units, tactical-level UAVs - 7 units, according to a message published on Facebook.

In the General Staff, they note that the data is being clarified. The calculation is complicated by the high intensity of the combat actions.

What a storyteller. They leave their weapons ... and beat Kadyrov's men with bare hands. ))



⚡️😡 In Russia, they are avoiding flight bans in the EU by using a Serbian airline.



‼️Vasilkov, air alarm! Missile strike threat!



😡 Russia is already openly threatening the world, and NATO is still sleeping.



⚡️⚡️In Melitopol, they report the kidnapping of the protests coordinator by Russian military.



‼️Vinnytsia — in hiding!



🇺🇦Ukraine for the first time in history won the Paralympics in biathlon.Before, the champion was always Russia.

Glory to Ukraine!



🇺🇦 "Ukraine Forever" - this is how the Scots named the new tartan (traditional Scottish ornament) that was registered as a symbol of support and solidarity with Ukraine.



🪧 Nova Poshta resumes delivery of international shipments

"We know that many people now have relatives or friends abroad who need to send something important: documents, essential items, or a child's favorite toy. From March 12, we are resuming international shipments (except Moldova)."



‼️Krivoy Rog - undercover!



⚡️Georgia's Ministry of Defense has announced that joint NATO exercises will take place from March 20th to 25th in Georgia.



Prime Minister of Israel denies information that Naftali Bennett advised President Zelensky to accept Russia's terms and give up, writes Axios.

The representative of the office said that Bennett could not advise Zelensky to agree to any conditions of the Kremlin, as during his mediation efforts, he did not receive any specific conditions or proposals from Putin addressed to the leadership of Ukraine.



💪 Ukrainian air defense works. SU-34 has been shot down.



Podolyak denied the information that Israel supposedly called on Ukraine to agree to the demands of the Russian Federation.

"Just like any other mediating country, Naftali Bennett did not suggest that Ukraine agree to Russia's demands. This is impossible due to political and military reasons. On the contrary, Israel calls on Russia to perceive the situation more appropriately," wrote Podolyak on Twitter.



😢 79 children have died since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, and about 100 have been injured, according to the Prosecutor General's Office. The number may increase as there is currently no possibility to inspect all the areas attacked by Russian forces.



‼️Zhytomyr, Vinnytsya - take cover!



🙊 Another intercepted conversation of the occupant



❗️Kharkiv and region, air alarm!



⚡️The mayor of Lutsk, Ihor Polischuk, announced that the military airfield, which was hit by four enemy rockets the day before, has been completely destroyed.



‼️Vinnitsa is in shelter!



! In Russia, it was stated that convoys with foreign weapons for Ukraine will become legitimate targets for the armed forces of the RF.



⚡️ In Belarus, they announced that they will send five battalion-tactical groups to the border with Ukraine as a replacement for the currently stationed military.



‼️ Bila Tserkva, Skvyra, Fastiv, air alarm!



Friends! Dear Kyivans!

The capital, near which the battles are taking place, is preparing for defense.

We continue to strengthen the checkpoints.

To create reserves of food, medicine, and essential goods.


Also, for the third day, the capital city has been helping the Kyiv region in evacuating residents of Hostomel, Bucha, Vorzel, and Irpin.


The city provides passenger transport - buses. And Kyiv rescuers meet people at the railway station. And those who want to leave Kiev are sent further by trains to Western Ukraine.


We also continue to ensure the functioning of critical city infrastructure, the life of the capital.



❗️ The head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov, reported that 86 thousand Russian military personnel are still remaining near the borders of Ukraine.

This is awesome!!!

— Convoys with weapons for Ukraine may become targets for the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Ryabkov.

Well, come on! You want to! Come on, shoot! Don't hold yourself back! Shoot at any NATO convoy, idiot. And then Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Rostov will do to you bitches what you did to Mariupol, Chernihiv, and Kharkiv.



❗️ The Armed Forces of Ukraine have withdrawn from Volnovakha - Pavlo Kyrylenko, Head of the Donetsk Regional State Administration.

As Kirienko reported, Ukrainian troops have left Volnovakha. Currently, battles are taking place on the outskirts. The majority of the residents have been evacuated by the forces of the military-civil administration and the State Emergency Service.

He also reported that:

▪️On the south of the region, an offensive is coming from the side of Zaporizhzhia region.

▪️ The offensive is being conducted from the side of Izium (from the north, bordering Kharkiv region).

▪️ Under fire - Toretsk, Avdiivka

▪️ Villages Yatskivka and Rubtsi were bombed with aerial bombs, both of them are destroyed.

▪️ In Mariupol, completely surrounded, the humanitarian situation is deteriorating - another attempt is being made to deliver humanitarian aid there.

▪️ Battles are being fought along the entire contact line in the area of JFO.



Kyiv residents, now information is worth its weight in gold, we all need to be informed and calm. To have internet in shelters - leave your application here: [link]



📸Vice gathered cool portraits from the frontline by Ukrainian photographer Max Levin.. "These soldiers are my friends."



❗️Ohtyrka, air alarm!



❗️White Church, Vasilkov, Uzyn, air alarm!



‼️ Mykolaiv - to the shelter!



🤩 Germany plans to become independent of Russian coal by autumn, and almost independent of Russian oil by the end of the year.



‼️Vinnitsa - in hiding!



🥺 Today, Battalion 206 Defense, which defends Kyiv, was under enemy fire. There was a firefight at one of the positions in the morning. The orcs retreated. Fortunately, no one was injured this time.

In 17 days of aggression, Russia's 206th Battalion, created on the basis of European Solidarity and the NGO Res_Publica, has already lost three soldiers.



Arrestovich calls on residents of western and central Ukraine to return to normal socio-economic activity.



Now it's time that requires all of us to be efficient even in routine matters. Perform your work at a hundred percent, assist colleagues, and take care of your loved ones.

And at the same time give everything that is necessary for our defense.

For our defenders.

This is a domestic war.

This is a civil war.

This is a war for our independence.



💸 Ukrainians were asked to pay by card instead of cash in order to reduce the workload for cash collectors, according to Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Oleksiy Shaban.



⚡️The Government has approved the complete abolition of value-added tax and excise tax on fuel, on gasoline, on diesel. It's now up to the Members of Parliament, - Zelensky.



Moscow. 2022 year. Queue for dollars.



⚡️Three hospitals in occupied Kherson finally received insulin.



🤬 In Melitopol, the occupiers have blocked the operation of the local humanitarian headquarters, where residents come for food, clothing, and medicine.

Some American hedge funds blocked Roman Abramovich's deposits.

According to The Wall Street Journal, this happened after the UK government imposed personal sanctions on him on Thursday.

The following is the translated text:From the dude, the week didn't work out. And it's only Saturday.

By the way, yes.



‼️Vinnitsa is an air alarm.



🙏 Residents of the residential complex Pokrovsky in Hostomel, who were held hostage by occupiers for more than 10 days, have been released!

Ready to subscribe to the answer!



😡 In Kharkiv, saboteurs from Mariupol were caught preparing sabotage.



🚨Alert in Kyiv!



❗️Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr, Myrgorod, Kirovohrad region — air alarm.



‼️Main Intelligence Department: Occupying forces have been instructed to switch to "self-sufficiency". This means that the Russian army command has legalized looting.



💪 The flag bearers are working.

Are they really idiots there? Just in case, that was a rhetorical question.



Deputy of the Kherson Regional Council, Serhiy Khlan, spoke about the occupiers' plans in Kherson region regarding the creation of another pseudo-republic and conducting a referendum.



🤬 Occupants did not allow medics to enter the maternity ward.

A 18-year-old girl from Balakliya started labor, called an ambulance, but Russian military didn't let the medics through the checkpoint.

A local paramedic came to help. Under fire, a healthy girl was born. Another brigade of paramedics was able to safely evacuate the mother with the baby and take them to the hospital.

The commanders said that the civilian population would greet us with a smile on their faces, and our task is to liberate them from the fascists, says a former Wagner member who fought in Syria and in Donbass in 2014-2015 and is now captured by the SBU. Bitch, it's clear that she wants to live, so she will lie and tell such tales. He knew everything.



💪🏻 The Bureau of Investigations initiates the declaration of MP Ilya Kiva in international search., for this purpose, the necessary package of documents has already been collected.

Moscow. Grateful Russians lined up to buy dollars for Putin. Beautiful...



Imperva is leaving Russia and Belarus.

The company has disabled all existing services: web application security, prevention of DDoS attacks, content caching, cloud storage protection, as well as data security and risk prevention.

Thank you Imperva leadership, for your response to our inquiry, we appreciate your support.



Mariupol. 14th day of the city's siege. The occupiers are destroying civilian infrastructure, killing peaceful residents.

Photo: AP/Evgeniy Maloletka

All is as it is. And we love the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.



🚨Alert in Kyiv!



🙍‍♂️Zelensky proposed to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to hold negotiations with Russia in Jerusalem.



⚽️ English Football Premier League removed a Russian oligarchRoman Abramovich's management of Chelsea clubthrough the sanctions of the government of Great Britain.

Corporate cards of club employees have been blocked, Chelsea is also banned from selling tickets and making player transfers.



⚡️The president for the first time named the number of Ukrainian soldiers killed, it is about1300fighters



🗣Volodymyr Zelenskyabout Russian occupiers:

If they decide to erase the historical memory of the entire region - they will come to Kyiv. If they destroy all of us - they will come to Kyiv. They will not find friends among us here.

"About 1300 military members have been killed," - Zelensky...

I will not comment on anything... Eternal Glory to the Heroes!



🚨Chernihiv! Air alarm!



💭Several theses of the President of Ukraine on war and security in a meeting with foreign journalists.

▪️MIt should be the beginning of a ceasefire. This will allow for the unblocking of humanitarian processes, the evacuation of people, as well as the delivery of food and medicine.

▪️Even if a million Russian citizens are brought here to die, it is impossible to occupy Ukrainians.

▪️I do not see bravery in NATO's unity for the sake of Ukraine.

▪️about the closure of the sky over Ukraine:They will be sitting in a cafe and until the bomb flies right into this cafe, they will not believe that this will happen to them...

▪️We are 100% sure that there will be victory, but we do not know when it will be.



☎️The SBU intercepted the conversations of the occupants.In Kharkiv, they were ordered to shoot civilians.

We were given the command to f**k everyone, all in a row: civilians, children, not children.

Also, according to the data.SBU, out of two thousand fighters of the LNR who were supposed to be storming Kharkiv, only 20-25 people remained alive.



❗️Zelensky assured thatMayor of Melitopol is alive., but the Russians torture him.

The occupation forces kidnapped Ivan Fedorov from the municipal crisis center on March 11.



🚨Air alarm in Volyn!

The translation of the text is: Intelligent Jewish boy with a shofar is learning to play the shofar.



🤡Dmitry Rogozin, Director of Roscosmos and one of Putin's clowns, said the forbidden word in Russia, for which they give 15 years there.

He called the war a war!



🚨Zaporizhzhia - air alarm!



😥In the Zaporizhzhia region, a Russian tank.переїхав автомобіль з цивільними - the car moved with civilians, who wanted to save themselves from the dangerous zone.

Two adult men died, while a minor boy burned in a flaming car.



🥚 A pro-Russian candidate for president in France was egged in the head.

Maybe that's why Éric Zemmour advocates for lifting sanctions against Russia?!



🎥40 busesarrivedFrom Nemisheva and Mikulichi to Bilohorodka.

After providing assistance, people will be transported to the capital.



🇺🇸The President of the United States signed an order regarding the allocation of funds to Ukraine in the amount of $200 millionfor military needs



👨‍💻 UkrainianCyberpolicetogether with volunteers created a website for military occupiers who do not want to fight against Ukraine.

This resourcewill help Russian and Belarusian military to find contacts of government organizations and detailed instructions on how to refuse participation in devastating and bloody war against our country



Received 2 million applications for the payment of 6500 UAH of єSupport. Such a number was submitted in 4 days.

Money can be received by all hired workers for whom ERUs and sole proprietors of all groups from settlements where active hostilities are actively taking place are paid.

You can submit an application in a few clicks. Get a special card at one of our partner banks if you still don't have it. Go to Дія and click on Services - Support - Get Help.

Funds can be spent on anything without restrictions — withdrawing from ATMs or transferring to other cards.



🚨Air alarm in Dnipropetrovsk region!



🚁Minus two Russian helicopters!

They were shot down over the Skadovsk district of the Kherson region. One of the pilots survived.

Here is a version of Putin's swastika Z, which doesn't irritate me.

The Central Bank of Russia has decided not to resume trading on the Moscow Exchange in the stock market section from March 14 to March 18, 2022.

By the way, absolutely logical move. Because this Russian shit is not needed by anyone today. Toilet paper is more in demand.

And Biden warned that their stock market will collapse. To shreds.



🙋‍♂️A meeting took place outside the office of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

People call for closing the sky over Ukraine and imposing an embargo on the purchase of oil and gas from Russia.

Two more Russian helicopters were shot down in the sky of Ukraine over Skadovsk. One of the pilots survived and is being taken to the hospital.

Interesting document. Everyone who gave the command to cover Ukrainian cities with rockets, Russia has now decided to dispose of. To dismiss. And then, in court, they will say that they didn't have any such thing, it's the first time they've seen it, no, it's all the Ukrainians themselves. In general, the Russian army is stupid meat in the field, supported by blocking detachments, marauders on the loose, creatures killing peaceful citizens, rotten creatures in leadership, ready to betray their own. Tell Suvorov about it, about the great Russian army. Let him turn in his grave.

One, how Russians lose their minds over Ukraine's actions, can watch endlessly.



🚨 Zhytomyr - air alarm!

Not all the occupiers learned. Not all... ))



📱Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President, Mykhailo Podoliak, confirmed that negotiations between Ukraine and Russia are ongoing in video format. And special subgroups have been created for this.

Now it is clear where the main sad horse of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs studied. Disgusting.

Letter from 177 Nobel laureates in support of Ukraine, with a categorical condemnation of Russia's criminal aggression and a demand to stop the war against Ukraine. Published on Friday-Saturday, March 11-12, in leading newspapers worldwide:


The Washington Post

Wall Street Journal

New York Times - National and International

- Great Britain: The Guardian



National Post

Toronto Star

Germany: Suddeutzche Zeitung

Israel: Haaretz – Hebrew and International

I am proud to have contributed my hands and head to the inception and implementation of this initiative. To the credit of Haaretz newspaper, they provided a huge discount in publishing this letter in full page.

And a huge thank you to the wonderful scientist, poet, and humanist Professor Roald Hoffmann, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, who was able to attract more than half (!) of all Nobel laureates living in the world to support Ukraine in writing.

During the Holocaust, the boy Roald was saved along with his mother and her brothers under the roof of the house of Ukrainian teacher Mykola Dyuk in the village of Uniy in Lviv Oblast. Due to hiding for almost two years in a hiding place and wandering around the world after the war, Roald started school with a big delay, but quickly surged ahead: at 25 - doctoral degree from Harvard, at 44 - Nobel Prize.

Roald is still in touch with the children and grandchildren of his saviors. Thus, the good deed done 80 years ago comes back to Ukraine like a boomerang from the Jews who remember this kindness. I wish Ukraine to endure. (c) Shimon Britain, Israeli journalist.

Intelligent Jewish boy with a shofar is learning to blow.



Addressed to the Italian people, to explain the simple difference between Ukraine and Russia. We live. They kill.



🔗In Ivano-Frankivsk regionзатримали -> detainedtwo people, suspected of attempting to seize power in the western regions and create the Republic of Ukraine

In the International Legion, foreigners are learning the Ukrainian language. And most importantly, everyone has already learned.



🤬Russian occupiers shot a column of women and children during an attempt to evacuate from the village of Peremoha in Kyiv region, as agreed.зеленим коридором - with a green corridor.

Seven people died, including one child. The exact number of injured is currently unknown.

Ermak identified directives?

In negotiations with the Russians??? Seriously???



🚨Kharkiv and the region - air alarm!

The Ukrainian army has liberated two more settlements in Chernihiv region and foiled the enemy's intentions to advance towards Kyiv. Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!



💪 In the Chernihiv region, Ukrainian military.звільнили - releasedTwo more settlements that did not allow the occupiers to establish a pontoon crossing, and also hindered the enemy's intentions to advance towards the capital.

81% of Americans consider Ukraine an ally or friendly country, at the same time, for 70% of Americans, Russia is the biggest enemy.

Source: The New York Times with a link to the survey YouGov

Details: The index of friendly attitude towards Ukraine among Americans is higher than towards France or Japan, but lower than the index of Britain, Canada, and Australia.

Among 81% of Americans who have a positive attitude towards Ukraine, 29% consider it an ally.

At the same time, 10% of Americans are still unsure whether Ukraine is friendly.

Ukraine is equally positively perceived by voters of both parties - Democratic and Republican.

At the same time, 70% of Americans believe that Russia is an enemy. This figure is higher than in North Korea or Iran.

In the edition, they note that in September 2019, 36% of Americans were unsure if Ukraine was friendly. Only 41% called Ukraine friendly or an ally.

YouGov - an American firm conducting online surveys, monitoring the views of Americans since 2017.



💳 PayPalblockedall electronic wallets of Russians from March 18

To tears. Handsome!!! Alik from Saratov explained everything popularly and very emotionally to those Russians who do not see anything terrible in the departure of global companies from Russia.

Fascists have decided to repeat the old scenario again, but with a new name. They are preparing to form the "Kherson People's Republic" in the Kherson region. Why? And then, to later tell everyone that it is an independent entity from which they get water for Crimea. Mercenary and predictable. We cannot let them do this. Under no circumstances.



✉️The Head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is clearrepliedfor the possible referendum in Kherson.

By the methodicalness of 2014...

Josep Borrell said: - The EU has serious concerns that Russia may expand its military activity against one of the NATO countries.

Can it be? Really understood? Did you realize that Poland and the Baltic countries are under the threat of attack? And what will be the conclusions? Or besides understanding, nothing will follow yet. We've already said a hundred times that Putin is a maniac, and if he's not stopped now, tomorrow he will follow in Hitler's footsteps. And then he will surpass him.

🆘Russian military personnel confirm information about shootings during the retreat. Putin kills his own soldiers. This is a war crime. Russians must hear this!

March 11, during an evacuation attempt from the village of Peremoha (Baryshivskyi district of Kyiv region) towards the village of Hostruchcha through the agreed upon "green" corridor, the occupiers opened fire on a column of peaceful civilians, consisting exclusively of women and children. Seven people were killed, including one child. The exact number of injured is currently unknown. Rusnya - they are not human beings. They are jackals.



📃Mayor of Henicheskrefused to surrender the city to Russian invaders and resigned with the whole team.

Alexander Tulupov explained that the occupants put him in such conditions to which he could not agree.



🇺🇸81% of Americans consider Ukraine a friendly country or ally, and for 70% Russia is the biggest enemy – The New York Times with a reference to the YouGov poll.

The Babel edition reports that the reputable bankrupt Sergey Leshchenko became an advisor to the head of the Office of the President, Andriy Yermak, outside the staff 10 days ago. In general, one reputable bankrupt advises another reputable bankrupt. At the same time, Leshchenko is responsible for countering fakes and disinformation. Well, considering his level of competence and the fact that his wife did not hesitate to go to Moscow for earnings during the war, this direction is doomed. In general, it is sad to observe how the serving staff supports each other and thereby discredits the president.

In the battle near Volnovakha on March 12, Captain Pavlo Sbytov, a hero and officer of the 503rd Marine Infantry Battalion, was killed in action.

The battalion covered the gap between Mariupol and Volnovakha, and took the main blow of three battalion tactical groups of the 150th motorized rifle division of the Russian Armed Forces. Captain Sbitov did everything possible to stop the enemy, and the Russians could not break through our defense from the east. The enemy suffered heavy losses. And Captain Sbitov remained on his post until the end.

27-year-old Warrior was recognized as the best commander of the marine infantry unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And he, like a marine, remained Faithful forever. Forever.

His gaze is the story of each of us. (c) Yuriy Butusov



⏰The hostilities will subside in 1-1.5 months, - predicts the advisor to the head of the Office of the President.Арестович → ArestovichAccording to him, the turning point in the war in favor of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has already happened.



✊Ukrainian border guardsdestroyed15 Russian invaders near Mariupol.

Також ще двох окупантів взяли в полон, решта — втекла.Also, two more occupiers were captured, the rest escaped.

The newly appointed Mayor of Melitopol. Galina Danilchenko, head of the Melitopol branch of OPZZ. I wonder how long she will live? But remembering her predecessors in ORDLO... Not for long. The rascists will quickly get rid of her. But the idiots are incapable of analyzing and drawing conclusions. Screw her. She is just expendable for the Russians.

Here is what's funny.

I am familiar with a certain local European party of our compatriots, which made money by being the nominees of "avuars" and the owners of property that fell under sanctions.

Well, or in simpler terms, who were the bills, real estate, boats, and cars recorded to. And they paid a little for it. Sometimes not quite a little, but overall incomparable to the property they nominally owned.

Including, I know a couple of people here who were owed money by Solovyov. Maybe not everyone, of course, but a large amount. Fifty million.

So now, straightaway, it is clearly visible that the personal well-being of this public has clearly started to grow. They themselves bought expensive cars, discussions began about where to buy real estate of the kind that is more expensive, in short, it seems that this rabble privatizes the money of that rabble.

What is predictable. Julian Semyonov, the author of books about Stirlitz, in the adaptation of some of them "Seventeen Moments of Spring" Tatyana Mikhailovna Lióznova filmed, there is the last book in this series, called "Desperation".

There is quite a large part dedicated to how in Argentina the locals are making money off the cash taken out by escaping fascists after the war for themselves personally. The point is that by creating complex schemes for exporting money, precious items, and works of art, they come across ordinary local thugs who do not understand all these intricate maneuvers, but know very well how to hit someone on the head and simply take everything on the spot. But Julian Semyonov clearly overestimated the intelligence potential of our modern fascists, they didn't even bother with schemes, they simply recorded everything on the nominees, thinking that they have enough power to hire someone and get revenge on the nominee if anything happens.

Only the problem is that our fascists can no longer pay those who should be wiped out, which the nominees feel perfectly and immediately start behaving arrogantly.

Well, one more thing. I have known Vova Solovyov for probably almost thirty years. Maybe a little less.

It is even difficult to imagine a more Western-oriented person. You cannot even imagine what a personal tragedy it is for him that he has now been deprived of everything and locked up in Russia.

He now feels much more deprived of freedom than Navalny. Because Navalny will definitely someday be released, and even if he doesn't get released, he is still a hero and a man of principle for the masses.

And Vova is a mercenary scumbag for almost everyone, who with the charm of his salesmanship, shit on his children and grandchildren. He cursed himself to the seventh generation. And he is well aware of that.

So, even though he bathes in money, lives in a nice apartment, wears a watch that costs an average Russian salary for a lifetime, and moves around in a new Mercedes, he lives in hell inside himself. And this hell will be with him not only after death, but also before it.

So, I'll tell you, it's a prospect for myself. Very so-so.

And second. I also know Peskov for many years. It's probably almost forty years now. Peskov's situation is similar. Besides, he still faces the wrath of the sanctions against Nafta and the adult children who got caught up because of him. Of course, they all hope that when the tension subsides, their personal sanctions will be lifted. But what is certain is that there is absolutely no chance of that.

They can probably soften the oil and gas embargo and even thaw the Ukrainian crisis, but personal sanctions will never be lifted under any circumstances. Those who end up in the West will be handcuffed and on their way to The Hague. Nothing more.

Well, and the nominees..., and what about the nominees, they will get richer for a while. Temporarily. Because sooner or later, local financial authorities will start asking the question - "Where did you get it?". However, there will be no satisfactory answer to this question. So all the property of Solovyov-Peskov, like a baton, will be transferred into the tight grip of tax authorities. And it will be used for compensating the losses suffered by the EU. Which is fair enough.

Nikita Nebylitsky

Better Russia cannot be depicted.

Historians in the future will describe the Third World War (starting from 02/24/2022) as a certain inevitable consequence of the established forces, trends, and tensions. And in the future, of course, they will see all the logic and inevitability of what will happen.

This is usually a description of the past from the present - all the past is arranged under the present. And personal, and social.

But, in reality, not everything is so obvious. Here is the same story with Putin - the overwhelming majority wrote that he cannot be predicted.

Why is it difficult or impossible to predict something?

One factor - the lack of information. Everything is clear here, you need to search for information. This is not a problem, it's a task.

The second factor - there is information, but the subject does not realize that the information is of poor quality. The forecast is made, but it is completely inadequate. This is Putin's situation in February 2022. It turned out that he was completely immersed in a fantastic reality regarding his army, the Ukrainian army, the moods of Ukrainians, and the resolve of the West.

Third, and key factor, our personal stereotypes, mindset cannot accept reality, for example Putin's intentions. That is, in our thinking, a full-scale war in the center of Europe, Russia's attack on Ukraine, bombing of peaceful cities, nuclear threat - this cannot happen. It's all in the past.

And as for personal stereotypes - it's called positive thinking: not mentally engaging with anything terrible. Well, more broadly - any concentration on the bright world, sending rays of love, and all other ritual actions to make everything good. Therefore, a person is unable to accept what is happening.

This is attachment to the current way of life, when the mind is fully immersed in household chores, we are not interested in politics.

This is better not to provoke, because it will get even worse. If you be peaceful and negotiate, you can tame the enemy. This is the position of the EU, NATO. If anything, we'll deal with it later...

In 1991 he lamented that Lenin created republics instead of a unified Russia. In 2007, he officially announced his leadership ambitions. In December 2021, Putin issued an ultimatum to NATO. Throughout his 20-year presidency, Putin militarized Russia. The main holiday of the Russian Federation - We can repeat, May 9th.

Again, from the present, the past now appears more distinct, and the future emerges amid illusions.

While the process of final disappointment in Putin is still ongoing. If the United States understands unequivocally that the war has begun and Ukraine is the battlefield where the enemy can be maximally weakened. Then in the EU, the traders are still hesitant. Ideally for them - peace: Ukraine has lost and agreements with Russia have been signed. Such a mood is a part of Putin's successful policy in past years: to feed, to tie, to intimidate. They are not yet ready to accept that Putin's plans are Hitler's plans for world domination. Ukraine is the battlefield with the United States, then Europe is the battlefield with the United States.

And when will they understand? This is when they will transition to intensive war preparation.

Our propaganda is aimed at peaceful residents of Russia and Belarus - to provoke a fear of war through funerals. But there are also peaceful residents of the EU - there, it is necessary to show that they too are awaiting bombings and the Russian army. Because EU politicians are populists and cannot refuse the people.

In the sense that our enemy is not only Putin, but also the cowardice of the West. A strong Ukraine is also not an easy task for them. Why? What should be done with it later?

It is important to understand that you should not wait and beg for help, but rather force others to help, realizing that this help is calculated and without illusions. (c) Oleg Khomyak



🇷🇴🇺🇦 In Bucharest, a concert in support of Ukraine was organized.

Armin Van Buren appeared on stage with the Ukrainian flag. And the collected funds organizers plan to transfer to our state.

Variant of almost perfect urban camouflage.



💪An emergency session of the regional council was held in Kherson - deputies adopted an appeal stating that Kherson Oblast is Ukraine and there will be no pseudo republics in the region.

In Khmelnytsky region, hundreds of people got down on their knees to welcome the fallen defender Oleksandr Troyanovsky. This is how we treat our warriors. Glory to the heroes!



👊 Ukrainian army, according to Forbes estimates, currentlydestroyedRussian technology worth over $5 billion.

Among this equipment are 58 airplanes, 83 helicopters, 362 tanks, and 1,205 combat armored vehicles.



❕ Russian troops took controlгуманітарний - humanitarianconvoy that traveled from Zaporizhzhia to Mariupol

Took part in the broadcast with Taras Berezovets. Sounds funny, by the way - Berezovets and Berezа. Discussed all the questions. I'm not exaggerating. We discussed everything that worries Ukrainians today. I must say that I didn't carefully choose my words and it turned out a bit rough. What can you do, times are like that. But in any case, the broadcast turned out to be bright. If you want to, take a look. Although I'm sure that many people won't like my answers and predictions. But I'm not trying to please, I'm trying to analyze and be a realist. So sorry if anything is not right.



🚫Restrictions on Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro cards will also apply to Belarus.



🤦‍♀️ Temporarily occupied by Russian forcesМелітополі -> Melitopollocal deputy from the Opposition Bloc announced that she is creating a so-called committee of popular elected representatives, which will govern the city.

Galina Danilchenko's appeal is already being broadcast on local television channels. Moreover, she calls on the city residents to adapt and not to participate in extremist activities.

This is the best description of the strength level of the Russian occupation army.

This is not a comedic show. No, everything here is very serious. And it looks very stupid. The country of fake bird-watchers.



Irina Vereshchuk - on the results of the work of humanitarian corridors on March 12, as well as on tomorrow's routes.

Russia is already mastering import substitution. Truthfully, by stealing someone else's design. But they cannot not steal.

Nothing special, just the Russians are shellacking the ring road in Kiev. The monsters don't even try to disguise the fact that they are fighting against the civilian population.

📌 What the world wrote about the war in Ukraine on March 12.Review of publications of leading foreign publications

✏️ У - ✏️ Incolon.в T → в TThe New York TimesDescribed is the devastating effect of the Russian invasion on Ukrainian architectural and cultural heritage. The author writes that in Ukraine, many architectural landmarks have already been damaged and destroyed, and many more are under threat of destruction. The column mentions the destructive strikes on Babi Yar in Kyiv, as well as Freedom Square in Kharkiv, and churches in central Ukraine. All of this is well described by a quote from a Ukrainian journalist who says that it gives the impression that Russia "is trying to destroy the history and memory of the Ukrainian people."

Google Translate: Where do Russian oligarchs hide their money that has fallen under sanctions? According toстаттею - article на DW- in the United Arab Emirates! Since the UAE themselves are under sanctions and because there are tools for combining "clean" and "dirty" money in the Emirates, this country has become the main "haven" for Russian billionaires who have been sanctioned due to Russian aggression in Ukraine. Researchers, using websites about maritime traffic, have already identified several super yachts moored in Dubai.

✏️ The Guardianpublishedcolumnof his editor Technologies section, which explores Russia's potential response to the ban on global social networks. While blocking is part of sanctions, it also leads to further isolation of Russians and reduced access to other sources of information and news. At the same time, some experts believe that Russia is moving towards establishing something similar to China's Great "Internet Wall".

✏️ The Wall Street JournalcollectedStories of several foreigners who decided to join the Ukrainian International Legion. Most of them already have military experience and want to help Ukraine win the war. Volunteers joining the International Legion must sign contracts that commit them to military service until the end of the war. After that, they will be able to obtain Ukrainian citizenship. Currently, there is a priority in the Legion for the formation of infantry units, but there is a speculation that Ukraine is not fully utilizing the skills and abilities of foreign volunteers.

✏️ Voxoffers comprehensiveoverviewThe translation is as follows:The new phase of the war in Ukraine. In short, the forecast is pessimistic. The longer and stronger Ukraine resists, the more likely it is that Russia will use more aggressive means in an attempt to achieve its goal. Looking at Putin's history, he was able to usurp power using the same "means" - in particular, in Chechnya in 1999. Analyzing the package of sanctions imposed on Russia, Vox writes that their scope is unprecedented. President Zelensky deserves special recognition, as his passionate speeches have prompted the West to provide Ukraine with more lethal weapons and impose strict sanctions against Russia. Experts say that there are still unused economic sanctions in the "treasury" - although the current ones are already causing significant problems for the Russian economy.



🗣 European diplomacy headJosip Borrellassuming that Putin may attack one of the NATO countries

We must isolate Russia from the international community, we must support Ukraine.



🚨Air alarm in Sumy district!



🎥Vitaliy Kim talked about the situation in the region.

Head of Mykolaiv regional administration says that the enemy continues to suffer losses and attempts to regroup, but

This does not bother us, we are moving forward.

This is the only map that shows the real situation of the occupiers' advancement across the territory of Ukraine. Firstly, the Russian occupation forces have not been able to capture any major cities to this day. Secondly, the Russians do not control the territories, and their forces are concentrated solely on the roads, along the roads, and in those cities or villages that they managed to enter.

So do not fall for the tricks of Russian propaganda and do not trust any Kremlin falsehoods.



🙏A fallen Hero is being welcomed in Khmelnytskyi region.

Hundreds of people knelt down on the streets of Volochysk.

Heroes never die!



👀 Danilov named the country that Putin can attack after Ukraine —This is Lithuania.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council noted that NATO believes that they will be spared from Russian aggression, but currently Ukraine is maintaining the security of Europe by repelling attacks from enemy forces.

Reuters: The new package of military aid from the United States to Ukraine will include anti-tank, anti-aircraft systems, as well as small arms.

Zenith systems, you say? Ok, I'm waiting. Very!

Lullaby of our time...

35 seconds of an inspiring speech from Mariupol.



🐶The Sirius shelter in Kiev regionblocked due to shellingmore than three thousand dogs and cats

Demerska community is in a week-long blockade by Russian troops, and there is only enough supplies for the animals for a few days. The shelter asks to create.humanitarian corridor, to save animals

Belarusian Service of Radio Libertyповідомляє - reports, that hospitals and morgues in the Belarusian cities of Gomel, Mozyr, and Narovlya are overcrowded with Russian soldiers who have been arriving since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine.

According to reports, Belarusian doctors have signed a non-disclosure agreement for such information, in some cases under the threat of dismissal.


In the Kremlin, they are afraid of any protests. Any indignation. Therefore, it no longer surprises anyone that in Nizhny Novgorod local police officers detained a girl just for a white sheet of paper. They also saw protest in it. Crazy country.

And also a positive mood from Kharkov.




Peaceful residents tried to evacuate from the village of Peremoha in Kyiv region independently, without a coordinated green corridor from the parties.Main Intelligence Directorate of the Armed Forces

We call on all citizens who are in danger to follow official information regarding evacuation routes and use only safe paths.



🤑 JournalistsInvestigation. Infovisited the unfinished palace of Medvedchuk near Pushcha-Voditsa.

In the estate, which covers over 2,000 m², there were supposed to be over a hundred separate rooms: halls, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and a large swimming pool, the walls of which have already been decorated with marble tiles.

There they found a coat storage, and dishes for $345, and a Maxim machine gun.



✍️ The President of Poland has signed a law on assistance to Ukrainian refugees.

In particular, they will be able to receive a tax identification number, work in Poland, and access medical assistance. One-time financial assistance will amount to 300 zlotys per person.



❗️Employees of the disinformation counteraction center have found a manual for occupiers in social networks for creating fakes against Ukraine.



📍Russian occupiers shelled the Sviatohirsk Lavra in Donetsk region, where peaceful residents were taking shelter.



General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of 24:00 March 12: enemy actions indicate the uncertainty of the military leadership of the Russian Federation regarding strategic objectives and the ultimate goal of the so-called "special military operation".

Throughout the entire time, the occupier did not achieve the goal of the operation; there is a high probability of direct involvement of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus in a military operation against Ukraine.

▪️The enemy is restoring combat capability and troop regrouping, as well as preparing for further offensive operations in the Polissky, Siversky, Slobozhansky, Donetsk, Tavriysky, and Southern Buh directions.

▪️Occupying forces are suffering significant losses, slowing down the pace of advancement, and being halted on the majority of fronts.

▪️The enemy did not conduct offensive operations on the Volyn direction.

▪️The military leadership of the Republic of Belarus has increased border security with Ukraine. There is a high probability of direct involvement of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus in a military operation against Ukraine. It is noted that aerial reconnaissance of objects on the territory of Ukraine is being conducted using drones, presumably from the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

▪️The enemy conducted offensive operations in the area of Izium and subsequently tries to advance towards Sloviansk. After suffering losses in the Kharkiv region, they withdrew to the territory of the Russian Federation (Belgorod Oblast), with one of the BTGr units of the 6th Combined Arms Army being sent there for reconstitution. At the same time, they strengthened their forces in the designated direction by introducing units from the composition of the Northern Fleet into the operation.

▪️Russian occupiers are trying to prepare reserves and advance towards Severodonetsk, Vuhledar, and Zaporizhia. They do not give up attempts to storm the city of Mariupol. The enemy has had some success on the Volnovakha front - they have captured the eastern outskirts and are trying to advance further.

▪️The enemy tries to advance on Kryvyi Rih. No success achieved.



❗️An air alarm has been announced in Kharkiv and Kryvyi Rih!



"Russian occupiers cannot subjugate us. They do not have such power. There is no such spirit. They hold on only through violence. Only through terror. Only through weapons, of which they have plenty. But the occupiers have no natural basis for a normal life. For people to be able to feel happiness. And dream. They are inherently incapable of making life normal! Everywhere Russia has come to foreign land, dreams are impossible." Address of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in the evening of the 17th day of the war.



❗️Alert in Uman air!



🇺🇦👊 Ukrainian forces of the Joint Forces Operation destroyed today:

❌Two Russian helicopters Ka-52;

❌One Su-34;

❌One unidentified destroyer (presumably Su-30SM or Su-34);

❌ Two unmanned aerial vehicles.



🇺🇸 The United States will soon transfer a large batch of weapons to Ukraine worth $200 million.



❗️In Kakhovka, Kherson region, on the evening of March 12, journalist Oleg Baturin of the newspaper Novyi Den disappeared.

In the city, there are currently no Russian occupiers, but they have occupied the neighboring city of Nova Kakhovka. There is an attempt to create a military-civil administration there, under Russian control.