Mar 11, 2024 - Day 747

747th day of the active phase of a 10-year war. Mistakes that the people made in the elections are costing us all very dearly. Is everyone here?



❗️ The movie "20 Days in Mariupol" won an Oscar.

This is the first Ukrainian film that received an Oscar. The film tells about 20 days that director Mstislav Chernov spent with his colleagues in besieged Mariupol after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Probably, I will be the first director to say this here: I wish this film had never been made. I wish Russia had never invaded Ukraine, never occupied our cities. I would give this award for Russia not to kill tens of thousands of my fellow countrymen-Ukrainians, to release all Ukrainian military and civilians who are captive, - film director Mstyslav Chernov.

Time for good news!

"20 Days in Mariupol" received an Oscar for Best Documentary. This is the first Ukrainian film in history to win an Oscar. During the acceptance of the award, its author Mstyslav Chernov said that he would have never made this film, that he would exchange his award and international recognition so that Russia never invaded Ukraine, never killed tens of thousands of people. He called on Hollywood stars in the audience to join together to make the truth win, so that the people in Mariupol and all those who sacrificed their lives are never forgotten. His speech was a contrast to the slightly cringeworthy show with many unsuccessful jokes. It reminded viewers that there is real life where innocent people are killed, prisoners are humiliated, cities and their residents are held under occupation. The film shows news based on video footage sent by a journalistic team from Mariupol under siege. It is hard to imagine a stronger move that would prove the truth of the story even in the conditions of very powerful Russian propaganda.Tatyana Vorozhko



😡 In the evening, the aggressor struck a drone-kamikaze in Nikopol. And at night, he shelled the Chervonohryhorivska community with heavy artillery, - Dnipropetrovsk RSA.

6 private houses and 3 outbuildings are damaged. Several greenhouses, cars, and scooters are wrecked. Power lines and gas pipelines are damaged.



🕯In the morning at 9:00 with a minute of silence, we honor the memory of those who died in Russia's brutal war against Ukraine.



Today we honor the memory of the rescuer from Donetsk Bohdan Ravlyk.

The man died on March 4th. Together with his colleagues, he was extinguishing a fire in the Kramatorsk district when he was caught under Russian shelling. The enemy used a drone to attack rescuers and fire equipment. The rescuer was 31 years old.

Forever in line!



During the night Russian attack in the south, an infrastructure object was hit in the Odessa region, administrative buildings were damaged, - Kiper.

A fire broke out on the spot and was promptly extinguished. The shock wave shattered the windows of private houses around, causing damage to agricultural buildings with debris.

There are no dead or injured.



🎬 In the category of "Best Film of the Year," "Oppenheimer" won. In total, the film took seven Oscars.

🎦The best film is "Oppenheimer."

🎦 Best direction - Christopher Nolan "Oppenheimer".

Best Actor - Cillian Murphy "Oppenheimer".

🎦 Best Actress - Emma Stone "La La Land"

🎦The best documentary film - "20 days in Mariupol".

🎦 The best supporting actress - Devyin Joy Randolph in "Zališeni".

🎦The best supporting actor is Robert Downey Jr. as Oppenheimer.

The best animated film - "The Boy and the Bird" Hayao Miyazaki

"The best visual effects" - "Godzilla: Singular Point".

🎦Best editing - "Oppenheimer" Jennifer Lame.

🎦The best short documentary film - "The Last Repair Shop".

🎦The best operator work is Hoite Van Hoitema's "Opengamer".

🎦The best short film - Henry Sugar's Great Story.

🎦 Best Sound - "Zone of Interest"

🎦The best original music - Ludwig Joransson "Oppenheimer".

🎦The best song for the film - Billie Eilish's "What Was I Made For?" for Barbie.

🎦The best foreign language film - "Zone of Interest".

🎦The best animated short film - War Is Over! Inspired by the music of John and Yoko.

🎦 Best Original Screenplay - Anatomy of a Fall.

🎦Best Adapted Screenplay - Pulp Fiction.

Best makeup and hairstyles - "Poor-unfortunate".

🎦The best costumes - "Poor Unhappy"

🎦The best work of the set designer is "Poor Unfortunate".

⚡️✈️ Ukraine begins negotiations with the US and EU on the resumption of air transportation, - Kubrakov

As Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration - Minister for Development of Communities, Territories, and Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov told in an interview with RBK-Ukraine, Ukraine officially begins negotiations with US and EU regulators on the resumption of passenger air transportation in our country. Consultations are also taking place with the Israeli Civil Aviation Administration.

Hmm... Promises about billions of trees do not end because the electorate wants new loud promises and does not ask where the implementation of all that was promised earlier.



For the first time in Ukrainian history, Ukraine received an Oscar.

The film "20 Days in Mariupol" became the best documentary of 2023. Congratulations to the director and the entire team who worked on the film! And it's not just about recognition. Many people have already seen through the prism of cinema the tragedy that Russia brought into our lives. And thanks to the Oscar, even more will see.

So, maybe it would be better if this movie did not exist, like this damn war. But it does. And today, more than ever, it is important to remind the world about the war and the tragedy that the occupiers brought to Ukrainian land. We must show the world the truth.

The film "20 days in Mariupol" not only coped with its mission, but also received the most prestigious awards in world cinema.

I dream that Ukraine will receive the next Oscar for a film about defeating Russia.




General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published approximate losses of Russian occupiers over the past day.



🇫🇷In the near futureMacron will visit Kyiv— AFP cited the Elysée Palace.

This decision was made after a conversation with Zelensky. By the way, a month ago the President of France was already planning a visit to Ukraine. Then, according to the media, he postponed it for security reasons.

In July, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive six F-16 fighter jets, according to The New York Times.

In total, about 45 units were promised but their delivery and pilot training turned out to be more complex than expected, - the publication writes

The planes are ready, the flight instructors are waiting for them at the new training center in Romania, created for training Ukrainian pilots, but they have not arrived themselves yet. And while it is unclear when their training will begin, which has created confusion and chaos in the delivery process.

And reading such news, I have more and more questions, both to those who promised these planes to Ukraine and did not fulfill their promise, and to our government, which could not bring this project to a successful conclusion using all levers and opportunities.



😔On March 10, Russians killed 3 residents of Donbass: 2 in Dobropillia and 1 in Chasiv Yar.

12 people in the region were injured per day.

The total number of Russian victims in Donbass is given without taking into account Mariupol and Volnovakha.

Part two. The first part in the previous post.

When I speak about Ukraine, I speak about cruelty because I have a lot of information about the cruelty imposed by troops. Typically, the cruelest are perhaps those from Russia, but do not adhere to Russian tradition like the Chechens, the Buryats, and so on," said Pope Francis. (28 November 2022)

And then in August 2023, the Pope made a brief excursion into Russian literature and history in addressing Russian students: "Never forget about the heritage. You are heirs of great Russia: great Russia of saints, rulers, great Russia of Peter I, Catherine II, of that empire - great, enlightened, [country] of great culture and great humanity. Never reject this heritage, you are heirs of the great motherland - Russia, move forward with it. And thank you. Thank you for your way of being, for your way of being Russians," Francis said at the time.

Now Dad calls on Ukraine to raise the white flag - that is, de facto, renouncing his faith and calling to acknowledge the victory of Evil.

"Dad and villainy, two incompatible things?"

In theory.

In practice everything is different.

Who does the Pope serve - a question not only of his personal conscience. The Pope is a political figure. I'm afraid someone consistently helps him in writing and broadcasting such ideas.

In Italy, the church is still not separated from the state. This sprout entwines every centimeter of local life. And despite the consistently pro-Ukrainian position of the current government Meloni and the supply of weapons, Putin's narratives, propaganda exploit not only purely economic interests, but also the Italian communist-filia, anti-Americanism, and a very well-rooted myth of a special, mysterious, and beautiful Russian soul and spirituality - from Dostoevsky to Tarkovsky.

The combination of "Santa Russia" and "grande madre Russia" still sounds, but now at least not from each, but from every third iron. It's not surprising. After all, the myth of "holy Russia" and "great culture" was so long and consistently introduced (including, not least, by the efforts of left-wing Slavists, who also have yet to recognize and reconsider their role and recognize the moral share of their responsibility) into the heads of generations and generations — including Catholics, that the footage of Bucha, Mariupol, exhumations in Izyum and blockages of the Dnieper, Krivoy Rog and Kramatorsk, evidence of torture, mass rapes, executions of prisoners, flooding of Kakhovka and killing of Odessa children turned out to be perfect is not enough to extract it from there.

This is a job for generations. But today, like many Italians, instead of the Pope's fictional white flag, I would prefer to see real white smoke over the Vatican.

Do we have a Pope?

No, thank youKatya Margulis



💪 Over the pastThis week Ukrainian soldiers destroyed: 3 sets of ammunition, 5 bases/CP/command posts and 3 bases with fuel and lubricants of the Russians.



🔥Fire at a warehouse with building materials in the Moscow suburb of Rodniki spread to a neighboring building.

In addition, there was a container depressurization with fuel and lubricants.



🗞️ 12 Ukrainian pilots will be ready to operate F-16 in combat conditions in July— The New York Times. — The New York Times.

It is expected that 12 pilots - essentially a full squadron - will be ready for combat flights on the F-16 this summer after 10 months of training in Denmark, Great Britain, and the United States. However, by the time the pilots return to Ukraine, only six F-16s out of the approximately 45 promised by European allies will have been delivered.- mentioned in the material.

The publication writes that Ukrainian pilots are currently waiting for fighters and instructor pilots at the new training center at the Fetesti airbase in southern Romania, which is expected to play a crucial role in training Ukrainians. But it is still unclear when Ukrainian pilots will start training at this center.

Also, according to officials, there is a lot of uncertainty about when each country will send its planes, how many Ukraine will receive, how quickly pilots can be prepared, and a sufficient number of people who will be able to properly service the fighters.

MP from the "Servant of the People" faction Ruslan Gorbenko suggested doubling the salary for servicemen who are on the front lines. In his opinion, soldiers at "zero" can be paid not 100 thousand hryvnias of combat, but 200. According to him, funds for such indexing can be found in the budget at the cost of dismissing from the Armed Forces those who are unmotivated to fight - i.e., so-called draft dodgers. At the same time, the MP emphasized that the idea of increasing salaries for servicemen was proposed to the president, the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Oleksandr Sierskyi. I, Boryslav Bereza, will discuss how real and useful this initiative is, as well as why the government is not in a hurry to pass a bill on mobilization, and whether the Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive the promised million drones on my channel. Join the discussion in the comments.



⛓️The Security Service of Ukraine detained the wife of a former regional official who was spying for the FSB in Vinnytsia. .

Svitlana Sikorska - wife of the former regional leader who headed the local district council until 2015. And the little woman worked as an FSB agent because she is an ideological supporter of racism - she repeatedly wrote about her love for Putin on Odnoklassniki.

For Russians, Sikorska tried to find airfields with combat aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as anti-aircraft missile systems. Additionally, she sniffed out the geolocation of medical facilities where Ukrainian defenders are being treated.

SBU timely exposed a spy, so it was possible to prevent enemy strikes on the strategic infrastructure in Vinnytsia. Now she faces life imprisonment with property confiscation.

For those who hate Zaluzhny and think he is written off, I want to remind you that they are mistaken. He is still in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Because there is no Decree of the President. And there is none because it is very convenient for the Bankova.

Mirror of the week writes:

The entire Zaaluzhny team, sent to the Minister of Defense, clearly made it clear that there is no place for them in the current defense system of the country. General Zaluzhny has passed the Medical Commission and received a conclusion of unsuitability for military service.

After being dismissed, Zaluzhny wrote a report. The Mirror of the Week writes about it like this: Why did he write a report? Because he knew that both him and anyone from his team of experienced and significant generals in the Ukrainian army would not be allowed to command anything else. They won't even be allowed to teach at the National Defense University of Ukraine. They will have nowhere to apply themselves. And two months after being transferred to the defense minister's disposal, they will only receive a salary for their rank. In particular, Zaluzhny would receive 1762 UAH for his rank, without being able to do anything.

Any questions?



🚧Traffic complications for trucks at the Ukrainian-Polish border continue.— DPSU.

Today from 9.00 protesters will not let trucks through the Ugrinov checkpoint towards Poland. At the exit from Poland, 4 trucks will be allowed per hour.

In addition, on March 13, protesters plan to resume blocking trucks towards the Korcheva-Krakovets checkpoint.

The movement of passenger cars and buses in all directions is not restricted.



War is not an obstacle to the double standards of the ruling power.March 10, 2024 : We have practically exhausted our possibilities- all internal resources go to funding the army- Roksolana Pidlasa (Servant of the People faction), head of the Verkhovna Rada Budget Committee, told the Financial Times.


March 6, 2024Recognize LLC Avtomagistral-Pivden as the winner of the procurement fromConstruction of a transport interchangeat different levels at the junction of the bridge across the Southern Bug River in the city of Mykolaiv(


Of course, exhausted practicality, because...


Two billion hryvniaswill be spent on the construction of the interchange, and the winner is a company close to the government.


TWO billion hryvnias -this is 50 THOUSAND fpv dronesIt's like 50 thousand shells, which are now in deficit.


A few more tenders for roads - and we will definitely exhaust our ability to compensate for what the government proposes through increasing taxes for businesses and citizens.



💼Former spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nikolenko became the Consul General of Ukraine in Toronto.

New chapter. New responsibility. New opportunities to promote the interests of Ukraine and Ukrainians and bring victory closer. Thank you to Minister Dmytro Kuleba and President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky for their trust, - Nikolenco wrote.



🏚️ The restoration of Ukraine will cost $1 trillion, there is already an approximate plan, -Bloomberg .

The situation on the front line in Ukraine gives no idea of when and how the war may end. However, more and more companies are gradually increasing their investment presence in Ukraine, preparing to begin the recovery process.

As Bloomberg writes, according to the estimates of the European Investment Bank, over $1 trillion of state and private capital may go towards the recovery of Ukraine. Adjusted for inflation, this is more than five times greater than the U.S.-funded Marshall Plan, which contributed to the industrial revival of Europe after Germany's defeat.

As the publication writes, there is already an approximate plan that gives an idea of how future recovery will take place.



🇸🇪The flag of Sweden was raised in front of the NATO headquarters in Brussels.

The country officially became the 32nd member of the North Atlantic Alliance.

Temporary protection in the EU is used by 4.3 million Ukrainians. Mostly people who are fleeing war, have settled in countries such as Germany (1.27 million, 29.5% of the total) and Poland (951,560 people, 22.1%).

This is reported by Eurostat. According to its data, many Ukrainians also went to the Czech Republic - there are currently 381.19 thousand people, 8.9% of the total number.

At the same time, it is emphasized: compared to the end of December 2023, the largest number of Ukrainians who use temporary protection has increased in Germany. Here they have increased by 18,905 people. And also, in:

Czech Republic (+8,155 people);

Spain (+2,830 people)

However, in some countries, there are fewer such Ukrainians - most likely, for certain reasons they leave them. Thus, the largest decrease was recorded in Italy, where the number of those using temporary protection decreased by 18,125 people. Their number also decreased in:

Poland - for 3,235 people;

Estonia - for 225 people;

France - for 205 people;

Luxembourg - 10 people.

Overall, it is emphasized that as of January 31, 2024, Ukrainians among all recipients of temporary protection in the EU constituted 98%. Of them:

adult women - 46.1%;

children - 33.2%;

adult men - 20.7%

Make conclusions on your own.



The volunteers were approached by the defenders of the KRAKEN special forces unit with a request to provide quality tactical clothing and footwear (the question remains relevant).

Boys also need Stalin as their own was destroyed.

We announce a collection for the needs of the unit, and hope for your support 🫶🏻 together to victory!

🎯 Goal: 168 888.00 UAH

🔗Link to the bank

💳Card number bank

5375 4112 1666 0071five three seven five four one one two one six six six zero zero seven one

Reports from previous meetings:

The number of friends who received the Shevchenko Prize has increased. Congratulated Andriy Yermolenko on receiving the award. Nevertheless, I am lucky to have friendship with intelligent, decent, and talented people.



❗️ In the Cabinet plan to tie reservations from mobilization to the level of wages.- informed the people's deputy Oleksiy Honcharenko.

And so all will be reserved:

Officials of category A;

▪️workers of enterprises, institutions and organizations of the defense industry complex, suppliers to the Armed Forces;

▪️police officers

From business book the whole:

▪️employees of the fuel and energy complex;

communication operators;

Also, those receive the opportunity to book.

▪️Who receives a salary of 35,000 UAH.

▪️ Withholds income tax at a rate of 6.3 thousand UAH, and social contributions at a rate of 7.7 thousand UAH.

▪️Aytivtsi, namely residents of Diya City, provided that they pay PIT ≥ 6.3 thousand UAH.

A similar decision was already discussed with the President's Office a month ago. But then it was rejected precisely because of criticism of the norm on a salary of 35,000 UAH. In this form, the approach can be called social Darwinism, - said Honcharenko.



💬Diversifying raids by Ukrainian defenders in the Black Sea are preparation for a "serious operation" in temporarily occupied Crimea.- Budanov.

According to him, operations in the Black Sea are a check of "the correctness of statements about the ways of approaching and leaving from there".

He noted that this is a "good signal" for residents of the peninsula who have been living under occupation for 10 years.

"Many believe that they have been forgotten," Budanov said.

World media, citing Orban's statement, report that Trump promised not to give money to Ukraine if he becomes president, and without the US Europe will not be able to finance the war and it will end.

Loud statement. Although not personally from Trump. But understanding the possible scenarios this statement should push our government to realize the situation. And it should lead to action. Because inaction is a path to certain defeat.



The SBU detained a Russian intelligence informant who adjusted missile strikes on Izyum.

One of her main tasks was tracking the movement routes of military columns of the Armed Forces of Ukraine towards the front line.

Also, she tried to establish the locations of the largest concentration of Ukrainian defenders with heavy weaponry.

In addition, the criminal reported to the occupiers the consequences of RF air attacks on the region's territory.

The information received was used by the invaders to prepare new and adjust repeated shelling of the eastern region, including the city of Izyum.

According to the investigation, the suspect turned out to be a local resident who had been cooperating with the military intelligence of the aggressor country since March 2022.

The criminal is in custody. She faces up to 12 years in prison.

Oleksiy Honcharenko reported that the government plans to tie military conscription to the level of wages. I decided to check this, and my sources in the government confirmed to me that such plans really exist. So, the authorities probably think that there is not enough push for the line and want more. And even more.

That's why the authorities decided to ban everyone:

1. Officials of category A;

2. workers of enterprises, institutions, and organizations of the defense industry, suppliers for the Armed Forces;

3. police workers.

From private business they book completely:

1. employees of the fuel and energy complex

2. communication operators;

And now the most interesting part. In the Cabinet of Ministers, they want to give the opportunity to obtain reservations to those:

1. Who earns a salary of 35,000 UAH.

2. Who pays personal income tax of ≥ 6.3 thousand UAH and ERUs of ≥ 7.7 thousand UAH.

3. Aitivtsi, namely residents of Diya city, provided that the personal income tax (PIT) is ≥ 6.3 thousand UAH.

Well, how do you like salary level filtering?



🤔 The issuance of summonses to men with disabilities is a common complaint to the PSC— OK North.

If a man becomes disabled after being drafted into the military district or is not registered at the territorial center of social services, then they cannot know about his disability there.- explained the military.

The command stated that such cases are regulated by the Minister of Defense's decree from 2022, which specifies that in case of changes in personal data, conscripts must inform the Military Commissariat within seven days.

Also in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they refuted the information that a summons is necessarily a way to the front. In the press service of the operational command, they emphasized that the call to the Military Commissariat is primarily an clarification of the person's information. In case the man is recognized as fit for service, he does not go to the front immediately. He is directed to one of the training centers.



👺Discount on gifts for occupiers.



In 2023, to Ukraine has been transferred from all over the world around $11.6 billion, taking into account both official and unofficial channels of fund transfer.

In particular, using payment transfer systems created by both residents and non-residents, $2.6 billion was transferred.

This amount is 17% less than in the "pre-war" 2021. The average amount of such a cross-border transfer to Ukraine was $255.

The largest volumes of funds to Ukraine through money transfer payment systems came from the USA (18%), Israel (17%), Italy (15%), Germany (9%), and Ireland (5%).

Interesting statement from the Servant of the People faction member, Oleg Dunda. He is a former head of the PrivatBank department in Dnipro, better known as a member of the Kolomoisky group in the Verkhovna Rada, who during his time in the Verkhovna Rada filed 47 amendments, and in the anti-Kolomoisky law filed 1656 amendments to delay its consideration.

And now this creature, who works with his servants-colleagues, rapists, corrupt officials, bribe-takers, liars, lovers of the Russian world and other Arakhamiyas, tells us: After the war, we will talk about democracy, human rights, and freedoms. Now we only have one task - survival. I wonder when he says that survival is our task - is he talking about the servants of the people, or the people themselves?

This servant noted that Ukraine cannot currently act within the legal norms of peacetime. Probably that is why everything is fine with corrupt officials and bribe-takers, while those who point it out are persecuted.



🇵🇱Polish protesters stop buses with Ukrainians and hold people without any explanations.

Minister for Community Development, Territories, and Infrastructure Kubrakov said that Polish protesters and law enforcement officers at the border are stopping buses with Ukrainians.

From the blocked Polish border come unpleasant news. Protesters and police stop buses going to and from Poland. Passengers are being held without any explanation," Kubrakov wrote on the social network X.

He emphasized that such actions are unacceptable towards the citizens of Ukraine.

During the war in Ukraine, the passengers of these buses are women with young children, socially vulnerable layers of the population, military personnel returning or going to study, and transit people. Trying to make them hostages of protest looks inappropriate for the civilized world, - added the government official.

Ukrainian consul heads to the Yagodin-Dorohusk border crossing point due to reports of protesters stopping passenger buses, said Ukraine's ambassador to Poland, Vasyl Zvarych

If this is true, then not a Ukrainian consul should go there, but special forces of the Polish police. And if they are not going there on their own, then this should be achieved by the president or prime minister of Ukraine. But if this is not happening, then maybe one is not interested, and the other will not even call their dentist without the president's command. This is called a crisis of state governance. They did it together.

PS Going to the border of the Government is not necessary. This will not affect anything. They have already gone. And the president should URGENTLY call his Polish colleague, and this is what the prime minister and the minister of foreign affairs should do. But it is unlikely that this will happen without a command from Bakovaya.



Ukrainian border guards do not record problems with the passage of passenger transport directly across the border with Poland.

DPSU spokesman Demchenko said in a comment to UP that the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine did not receive information from the Polish side that protesters in Poland were restricting or blocking traffic for buses.

I cannot give a full assessment of what is happening in Poland. I hope that Polish protesters do not block the movement for buses, but considering that they are on the highways leading to and from the border, it cannot be ruled out that the passage of buses through these blockade locations may be complicated," explained Demchenko.

Honor, Samsung, Acer and Xiaomi have resumed advertising campaigns in Russia, reported by the Russian publication Kommersant.

Last year, brand marketing activity increased by 65-100% compared to 2021. To avoid sanctions, companies "mostly rely on the cooperation with Russian bloggers" and delegate the management of product promotion in the Russian market and advertising budget to third parties, mainly retailers, marketplaces, and distributors.

I wonder if there will be any reaction from the National Security and Defense Council and the government? There were sanctions before, but what about now?



Ukrainian pilots hit enemy command post, Air Force commander Oleshchuk reported.

Oh, what happened? Can we help with something? How is the shabby control center feeling? Feeling a little dismantled? It happens. And it won't pass.

The Thirteenth land is glassy, like all the occupiers.

Youtube star now. But the goal is right. And he achieved it. ))



President of Poland DudaperformedWith the initiative to increase NATO countries' defense spending from 2% to 3% of GDP.

He emphasized the need to strengthen the Alliance's defense so that no state would dare to attack a country ready to defend its borders.

Duda also expressed hope that the decision to admit Ukraine to NATO will be made in the near future.

Today, on Monday, March 11th, at 19:00, we will be on the air with Roman Bezsmertnyi

The idea of providing reservation based on income level has outraged society. Is this fair?

- US Aid. Is it even worth waiting for help from the US after Orban's statement that Trump will not help Ukraine?

- The new plan of war, the backup plan, the new plan for events - these theses we have already heard from the Bankova. But is there a plan for victory from the authorities? What is victory for Zelensky and what does it mean for society?

- The government's struggle systematically destroys everyone it sees as opponents in potential elections. Is this struggle only for power or something else?

What's happening with us now? And what should Ukrainians be preparing for?

- The leader of France said that his country is ready to send its contingent to Ukraine, if necessary. How could this affect?

- Pope Francis made a statement about the war between Ukraine and Russia. What does this statement mean in the diplomatic field? And what can it change?



🇫🇷President of France Macron continues to postpone his visit to Ukraine, as he wants to come with tangible results to help our country.

Unnamed French diplomat told Politico that the reason for such postponements of the visit is Macron's desire to take time to discuss with allies in order to visit Ukraine with tangible results.



NATO does not plan to send troops to Ukraine and is not a party to the conflict, said Alliance Secretary-General Stoltenberg.

NATO does not plan to send troops to Ukraine, and NATO is not a party to the conflict, nor are NATO allies," Stoltenberg said.

He noted that even if NATO countries decide to send troops separately to Ukraine, it will affect the Alliance as a whole, as its members are connected by a collective defense agreement.

Alright! If they got rid of Teplynsky, then it's not just a bottle of champagne to uncork, but a whole case! It's worth it!

Help and buses with civilians pass through the border with Ukraine without any problems, said the spokeswoman for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration Paulina Klimek. Just as in the State Traffic Police Department, they refuted information from Kiev that Ukrainian buses are stopping protesting farmers and Polish police.

Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov wrote on Monday that protesters on the Polish side of the border, as well as the Polish police, should stop buses traveling across the border.

In the evening, this was refuted by the spokesperson of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration of Poland, Paulina Klimak. The information provided does not correspond to reality. Humanitarian, medical and military aid, as well as buses with civilians, pass without any difficulties, - said Klimak PAP.

Also acting as the spokesperson of the Main Police Department in Poland, Junior Inspector Katarzyna Nowak did not let the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine in the second half of the day. This is not true, nothing like this happens. We, as the police, absolutely do not control either humanitarian, military, medical assistance, or buses with people. They pass peacefully, - said PAP Junior Inspector Katarzyna Nowak.

On Monday, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov wrote on X platform that the participants of the protests organized on the Polish side of the border with Ukraine, as well as the Polish police, are stopping buses traveling from Ukraine to Poland and in the opposite direction.

Unpleasant news from the blocked Polish border. Passengers (buses) are being detained without any explanation. During the war in Ukraine, these passengers - women with small children, representatives of particularly vulnerable social groups, military personnel returning from training or going to training, as well as people in transit. The attempt to make them hostages of the protest seems inappropriate in the civilized world," Kubrakov wrote in a message on the X ).

With this message, the politician turned to the National Security Bureau and the head of this institution, Jacek Sєveri, the Polish police and the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration Marcin Kervinski.

Earlier on Monday in an interview with the website RBC-Ukraine, Vice Prime Minister Kubrakov emphasized that Poles should not look for an enemy in Ukraine, because our common enemy is Russia, and Ukrainian agricultural products pose no threat to the Polish market.

For several weeks now, farmers have been protesting in many countries of the European Union. In Poland, demonstrators are protesting against the guiding principles of the EU's Green Deal and the opening of Poland's borders for agrifood products from Ukraine.

In the second half of February, Prime Minister Donald Tusk stated that in order to fully guarantee that military and humanitarian aid will be delivered to Ukraine without delays, border crossings with Ukraine and specified sections of roads and railway tracks will be included in the list of critical infrastructure. resources. (c) PAP



📱 Ukraine will participate in testing prototypes of European digital wallets using Diia, announced the head of the Ministry of Digital Transformation Fedorov.

According to him, after the launch of the pilot in the EU, Ukrainians will be able to use Diya in the EU, and Europeans - digital wallets of their countries in Ukraine.



😡 Victory 20 days in Mariupol was cut from the international TV version of the Oscar, "Suspilne".

The organizers cut out the nomination for Best Feature Documentary, in which the film "20 Days in Mariupol" by Ukrainian director Mstislav Chernov won, from the shortened international television version of the 96th Academy Awards ceremony.

Today, March 11, at 20:30 on the public channel Culture, the broadcast of the international shortened version was planned. However, after receiving the materials for the broadcast from the organizers, the team found that the awarding of Ukrainian documentarians was missing.



Today most of the day - military, war issues. The first - the Stavka. Detailed reports on each direction on our front, from Kupyansk to Kherson region. Chief, Chief of the General Staff, commanders by directions, Ministry of Defense.

They were today at a separate briefing by Chiefsirsky, Minister of Defense Umjerov. Both current situation at the front and planning of our actions were discussed today. Today, we discussed preparation for the next meeting in the "‎Ramstein‎" format and key accents of our communication with partners regarding weapons and ammunition.

Also at a separate report was the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate Budanov. Several questions. Primarily about Russia's military plans. Not only against our state - but also against other nations. The world's common task now is to bring down this sick Putin's fantasy that he supposedly has time to continue the war. Maybe he will increase mobilization after the imitation of "elections" now, in March - the mobilization of Russians. But the mobilization of resources and finances, the remnants of Russian ties with the world, we must restrict even more, even more forcefully.

This period - our maximum concentration. Maximum of our initiative, so that Ukraine defines a just end to this war. We can withstand. We must win.

Glory to everyone who fights and works for the sake of Ukraine and Ukrainians! Glory to everyone in the world who defends justice! Glory to Ukraine!

I was recording a short vlog about legislative initiatives of the Servants right now. A friend was sitting next to me watching the recording. I finished and he says:

YouTube will block you for this video.

- Why?

- There are a lot of curses. Or you need to bake them. Then it will be constantly piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

Watched the video. He's right. Rewrote it to be without swearing. Twice. Because it's very hard to talk about idiots without swearing.

A little positivity to you from our defender. Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and in yourself! Always!



🇵🇱The Polish police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs deny that protesters and police are stopping Ukrainian buses with passengers.

Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Poland Paulina Klimcz assured that"Help and buses with passengers pass through the border with Ukraine without any problems" .

That case, when luck was on your side!



Collected for you the main things you might have missed by March 11:

🔹The film "20 Days in Mariupol" for the first time in historybroughtUkraine Oscar.

🔹Work of NATO troops in the territory of Ukrainedoes not violateinternational rules, - President of the Czech Republic Pavel.

🔹Russianscreatenew direction of attacks in Zaporizhia region

🔹In Franceannouncedvisit Macron to Ukraine.

🔹At NATO headquarters in Brusselsliftedflag of Sweden.

Oh, what happened? Aeroflot's Boeing 777 returned to Dubai 15 minutes after takeoff due to technical issues. After landing the flight from Dubai to Moscow, passengers were informed of the aircraft issue, but did not specify the cause of the malfunction and did not even provide water. Currently, Russian media reports that 400 passengers have been waiting for a replacement aircraft for over five hours, and the Arabs refuse to repair the plane, explaining that it is under sanctions.

Sorry, is this already Goyda? ))



Ambassador of the European Union to Ukraine Katarina Maternovadeclared, that corruption in Ukraine has not disappeared, however, there are institutions that are actively working to solve this problem.

Before the full-scale invasion, corruption was not among the top five sectors considered a problem by society. And now corruption is the second most important problem in society after security, and this creates pressure. This speaks to the fact that the values of the population have changed, - she noted.

According to Maternova, the need for systematic work to eradicate corruption is very important.

Has corruption disappeared in Ukraine? Of course not: there is corruption in Ukraine. But now there are institutions working on this, solving this problem, - emphasized the ambassador.

The Russian is trolling Rusnya. Rusnya is getting angry. So what? It's funny and accurate.))

Now many people are having a hard time. Physically, psychologically, financially, or emotionally. I understand everyone. Unfortunately, I can't help everyone. But we must endure this. Pull yourselves together, endure and overcome. We must overcome ourselves and defeat the enemy. It won't be quick. But we can do it. I believe in you. And I believe that everything will be for Ukraine. For those who laid down their lives for Ukraine's Independence. For those who have the right to live on their land by right of birth, not under the yoke of occupiers! For those for whom Ukraine is love and the meaning of life! Stand strong wherever you are! Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Believe in yourselves! Victory will be ours! Glory to Ukraine!



Zelenskydeclaredthe situation on the front line is now much better than in the last three months.

According to him, the Ukrainian army faced difficulties due to a lack of artillery ammunition, means of air defense, and capabilities to counter Russian long-range weapons and the high density of Russian drones.

The occupiers did not capture Avdiivka, but leveled it to the ground, which indicates that the enemy still maintains a significant advantage in long-range weapons. They are 20 kilometers ahead of us, - Zelensky said in an interview with BFMTV.

79 ODSB carries out the utilization of Russian in the Novomykhailivka area. Another Russian became good. And he could be with his family, drink, as always, or watch Solovyov's TV show with Sukabeyeva. But he chose the path of the occupier. And ended up, like the occupier. Died IN Ukraine ON Ukrainian land.



Defense forces on the left bank of Kherson region continue to expand and consolidate the beachhead.informedin OK "South".

After two days of silence without storming, gathering minimal forces, managed to carry out 4 storming attacks. Having suffered irreversible and sanitary losses, he retreated to his original positions. Our soldiers continue to hold the occupied positions and take measures to expand the bridgehead," - the message states.

Peaceful night 🌙 to all the good people.

Fucking russians! But here nothing has changed.