Feb 15, 2024 - Day 722

722 days of active phase of the 9-year war. This war is for our future and for Ukraine. We will defeat the internal and external enemies! All here?



🤬 Russians once again attacked Ukraine.

▪️A infrastructure object in Zaporizhzhia was shelled. According to preliminary data, four people were injured.

Also, it is now known that multi-storey residential buildings, educational institutions, and premises of the trading facility have been damaged (windows have been smashed, roofs have been damaged).

▪️In Lviv, an occurrence in the infrastructure object has been recorded.

The following text is already in English:Also, the explosion wave blew out windows in residential buildings on Naukova Street, also affecting a school.

▪️The enemy attacked Poltava Region. There was a hit in a warehouse in Myrgorod District. This caused a fire with an area of 100 m². Fortunately, there were no casualties or injuries.

▪️Russians attacked civilian infrastructure objects in Dnipropetrovsk region.

▪️In Khmelnytskyi region as a result of the morning attack by the Russian Federation, there are damages to civilian objects.

Good news time!



🔥Nighttime was struck at an oil depot in the Kursk region in Russia.

Russians say that two drones attacked a refinery. Allegedly, after arriving on the territory of the enterprise, 3 gasoline tanks caught fire, one of which partially collapsed.



🕯 Every morning at 9:00, we honor the memory of those who have died in the brutal war of Russia against Ukraine.



Today we honor the memory of defender Mykhailo Bohachyk. 🕯️

The military died on September 2 of last year in the Zaporizhzhia region. He was 37 years old. Mykhailo was born in the Chernivtsi region.

Worked in construction. Participated in the ATO. On February 26, 2022, returned to the ranks of defenders.

Posthumously awarded the Order of Courage, 3rd class.

У Михайла залишилися троє дітей.Translation: There are three children left with Mikhail.

Forever in formation!



❌Destroyed 13 rockets of various types.

At night on February 15, 2024, Russian occupants attacked Ukraine with air-launched cruise missiles Kh-101/Kh-555/Kh-55, sea-based missiles "Kalibr", ballistic missiles "Iskander-M"/KN-23, surface-to-air guided missiles S-300, and guided aviation missiles Kh-59.

A total of 26 launches of various types of rockets were recorded.

❗ 12 winged rockets X-101/X-555/X-55 from strategic aviation aircraft Tu-95MS (Engels);

❗ 6 ballistic missiles "Iskander-M"/ KN-23 (Voronezh)

❗ 2 winged missiles "Calibre" (Novorossiysk - RF);

❗ 4 controlled aviation missiles X-59 (TOT Zaporizhia region, Kursk region – rf.)

❗ 2 guided Zenit rockets C-300 (Belgorod region - Russian Federation).

By the efforts and means of the Air Forces and Defense Forces of Ukraine, 13 missiles of various types have been destroyed.

❗ 8 winged missiles X-101/X-555/X-55;

❗ 1 ballistic missile "Iskander-M"/KN-23;

❗ 2 winged missiles "Kalibr";

❗ 2 guided aviation missiles X-59.

Emotionally, not diplomatically. But honestly, I'm tired of it.

I understand - all "geniuses" of strategies, tactics, etc. The opinion of some major with 10 years of war experience may not be interesting. But, as always, lives of people and the existence of our state are at stake, so I will try to convey my vision.

Cannot fight head-to-head with the Russian army. And in general, with any army, exchanging direct blows like drunken alcoholics is foolish. Why do we constantly rely on the same mistake?!

Non-technological progress will save us, even if you give a million high-mars - it matters how you use them! Everyone knows the saying "War is sh*t, the main thing is MANEUVER"! Maneuvers will bring victory, dammit. Don't attack head-on on the 5th line of defense, don't throw brigades in the direction of the enemy's main strike! There are more of them, you understand?! Maneuver - strike from the flank, dammit. I wrote about it back in January 23, conclusions were not made. Maybe I'm a fool, but I'll bang my head against this impenetrable wall until I break through! I'm saying it straight - cut off the enemy's advancing forces from the flank! All assault and mechanized units will carry out offensive actions more effectively in a direction where the enemy DOES NOT expect, rather than suffer constant shelling without being able to do anything but buy time. Reread Sun Tzu, remember Clausewitz, recall what the Mongols did to the Great Wall of China, and what the Germans did to the Maginot Line! I'm drawing diagrams right over Avdiivka, because apparently no one understands direct hints! I want my friends to live to see victory, and I want this victory! Maybe finally you will want to achieve it too!



❗️As a result of the morning attack by Russians in Lviv, three people were injured.— Sadoviy.

Two schools and one kindergarten were affected. Over 400 windows were broken. In total, 18 residential buildings were damaged.



😡 Houses damaged near Kyiv due to falling debris.

Mayor Buchi Anatoliy Fedoruk reported that as a result of the morning shelling in Buchanska community, five private residential houses were damaged.

Through the falling debris, broken windows, and damaged roof. There were no casualties.

📹: On the video a sinkhole appeared in the village of Buda-Babenetska, Buchansk community.



😠In the past day, the enemy carried out 18 shelling, firing 192 shells, using artillery, mortars, tanks, MLRS, UAVs - Khersonska OVA.

In the city of Kherson, the enemy directed 16 shells.

Russian military targeted residential areas of the region's settlements.

Through Russian aggression, 1 person died, another 5 got injured, including 1 child.



In a day, Russia lost 950 military personnel, 54 artillery systems, and a ship.



😔 On February 14th, Russians killed 8 residents of Donetchyna: 3 in Selydove, 3 in Mykolaivka, and 2 in Bahatyrivka.

13 more people were injured in the region within 24 hours.

The overall number of Russian casualties in Donetsk region is reported without taking into account Mariupol and Volnovakha.



🚨All Ukraine rocket danger - fixed MiG takeoff.

Avdiivka inferno. Third separate assault brigade confirms that it was urgently relocated to reinforce Ukrainian forces in the area of Avdiivka.

The situation in the city at the time the brigade was introduced - extremely critical.

Separate battalions of the 3rd Special Operations Brigade conducted a raid in the enemy-occupied areas of Avdiivka. The enemy forces in our sector consist of approximately 7 brigades.

"Our fighters demonstrate unprecedented heroism. We have to fight on 360 degrees against new, and new brigades which the enemy introduces," declares the commander of the 3rd Special Operations Battalion Andriy Biletsky.

During the period of stay on the Avdiivka direction, two brigades of the Russian armed forces suffered critical damage. The exact losses of the enemy in personnel and equipment will be reported later, after confirmation of the necessary data.

At the same time, the objective situation in Avdiivka remains threatening and unstable. The enemy continues active rotation of their troops and is moving new forces and means to the city.

About changes in the operational situation will be notified.



😈This night there was a fire in Moscow.

On Pushkinska Square, the building of Izvestiya Hall with its nightclubs was on fire. The total area of the fire is 1500 square meters.

A little bit of frontline vibes for you, to understand the conditions our soldiers fight in. This is a serious test. Look and never forget about it. Never forget.



I want to talk to you not in the language of a single propaganda marathon, which no one in the country trusts anymore, but in the language of truth.

I want to emphasize from my international experience and communication: better for Ukrainian diplomacy, the opportunities have already been. In 2022 and early 2023.

Diplomacy of emotions no longer works. We are forced to acknowledge this, and you had the opportunity to see it from Vilnius to Washington. These emotions are ignored by enemies. And friends no longer hear. So I want to emphasize: stop experimenting with Ukraine!

It is not advisable to make decisions for which no one takes responsibility.

I want to apologize to the GUR when they try to involve you in this dirty provocation. I want to apologize to Germany when someone doubts your ability to ensure the security of the Munich Conference on, listen, security issues. Where representatives of countries from around the world will be present at the same time because it is the largest global security forum.

Interference in our activities, particularly in parliamentary diplomacy, is a criminal offense. They think they can make such decisions irresponsibly and with impunity. I can say: it won't be like that.

I believe that we will protect democracy and the international image of our country.




💥Something is unrestful in Belgorod, explosions and smoke during rocket danger.

They report a minimum of 4 dead.

Today I talked to several experts on air transportation. The topic was one - the situation with air transportation in Russia. European experts say that when assessing the aircraft resource, the wear and tear of parts, as well as the fact that in Russia they could not solve their problem of purchasing spare parts through gray and black schemes, the crash of planes in Russia is only a matter of time. Repairs are mainly carried out at the expense of cannibalization of the Russian aviation fleet, when one aircraft is dismantled in order to repair several broken aircraft. At the same time, repairs are carried out using already used parts, the resource of which is already minimal. But this process will not be eternal, and access to aviation spare parts will not be restored. And the minimum amount of spare parts that Russians manage to buy does not affect the situation. Birdfall is not far off.

So last year the number of aviation accidents in Russia increased by more than two times compared to the year 2022. This was caused by sanctions against the aggressor country, which closed Russia's access to spare parts of Western production. This was reported by The Wall Street Journal.

According to the newspaper, based on the research of the German aviation database Jacdec, last year there were 74 incidents with passenger aircraft in Russia with 19 or more seats. In 2022, only 36 such cases were recorded.

"The sanctions imposed on Russian airlines have significantly complicated the maintenance of flightworthiness and technical condition of aircraft. The accumulating problems raise concerns regarding flight safety," - quotes the newspaper the CEO of the Lithuanian aviation consulting company Friendly Avia Support, Alexander Lanetsky.

According to experts, sanctions have had the greatest impact on the availability of chassis and brakes. As a result, Russia had to send its airplanes for maintenance in Iran. In addition, as noted by The Wall Street Journal, a shortage of spare parts for flight simulators has questioned Russia's ability to train new pilots and conduct necessary qualification courses.

Today, another aviation incident occurred in Russia. The Sukhoi Superjet-100 departing from Vnukovo requested an emergency landing at Sheremetyevo due to one of the engines failing.

According to the forecasts of the consulting company Oliver Wyman, by 2026 the aircraft fleet of the aggressor country may be reduced by more than half, and the probability of an aviation disaster will increase to 40%. Flights on Russian planes are starting to resemble Russian roulette.

"This will be a blow to the largest country in the world in terms of territory, where air transportation plays a crucial role in maintaining the economy," underline the authors of the article in The Wall Street Journal.



📊New KMIS survey recorded a decrease in trust towards Zelensky.

After the resignation of Zaluzhny, sociologists recorded a decrease in trust in the authorities. Specifically, trust in the president decreased by 13% (December - 77%, February - 64%). During this same period, distrust in the president also increased by 13% (December - 22%, February - 35%).

The decline in trust is also recorded for Sergey Pritula by 8% (December - 69%, February - 61%) and for Andriy Yermak, whose trust has decreased by 6% (December - 33%, February - 27%).

It seems that Ukrainians have stopped buying into cheap PR and are starting to be more critical, evaluating the performance of officials and public figures.

Instead, trust in the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate Kirill Budanov increased by 6% (December - 60%, February - 66%) and in Petro Poroshenko by 4% (December - 27%, February - 31%).

Interestingly, currently Poroshenko is trusted more than the number of votes he received in the second round of the 2019 elections. This is a positive trend for a politician who leads the largest opposition party, which may be a reaction to the government's constant attempts to limit the opposition.

Translation: "Peter Poroshenko was once again not allowed to leave the country when he tried to travel on a diplomatic mission. Why is the government so afraid of Poroshenko's departure? How does the West react to such events? Why doesn't the government understand that it should support all actions in the interests of Ukraine, but fails to do so? When will pressure on the opposition end in Ukraine? Details of the situation are told in his personal blog. Share your thoughts in the comments."




😅The Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that the air defense system allegedly shot down 14 rockets flying towards the Belgorod region.

Local channels are already reporting about 9 fatalities in the city.



👺An explosion occurred in the Altai Federal Research Center in Biysk.

This enterprise conducts scientific research and manufactures military products.



Peter Poroshenko was again not allowed to leave the country when he tried to travel with a diplomatic mission. Why is the government so afraid of Poroshenko's departure? How does the West react to such events? Why doesn't the government understand that it should support all actions in the interests of Ukraine, but it doesn't do that? When will the pressure on the opposition in Ukraine stop? Details of the situation were told in his author's blog. Write your thoughts in the comments.




⛓️The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has detained a traitor who wanted to hand over Ukraine's latest developments in the field of military shipbuilding to the special services of Russia and Iran.

As a result of a multi-level special operation in Mykolaiv, an engineer-designer of a strategic enterprise of Ukroboronprom was caught red-handed.

The officer secretly copied and attempted to leak technical documentation on Ukrainian secret developments to foreign special services.

According to the counterintelligence of the SBU, the criminal was supposed to provide information to two clients at once. The first one is a Russian who works at one of the RF's machine-building plants and collaborates with the special services of the aggressor country.

Another customer of intelligence information turned out to be a citizen of Iran, who had previously been convicted of espionage in Ukraine.

Both foreigners acted separately from each other, and they maintained contact with the Ukrainian engineer-traitor through anonymous chats in the messenger.

According to available information, foreign special services expected to receive Ukraine's latest developments for setting up serial production of their own military ship components.

The criminal is in custody. He faces life imprisonment.



😔In Great Burluk in the Kharkiv region, the information is already known.about five dead and five injured people,— Kharkiv OVA.

Today, the bodies of three people were found under the rubble of destroyed buildings. The search and rescue operation is ongoing.

Putin gave another interview (to his propapagandist), where he explained what he meant when he spoke with American showman Carlson.

When you have to explain for the second time what you meant - that's a sign that the interview didn't go as expected by the Kremlin. Indeed, it didn't receive a clear assessment (especially among Republican circles).

This time Putin couldn't resist - and went down in history, talking about Jewish pogroms that took place "on the territory of present-day Ukraine" from which Blinken's grandfather escaped. He also dedicated a separate response to Annalena Berbock, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, whose grandfather served in the Wehrmacht. Allegedly, we need to discuss where fascism is more prevalent and how to fight it.

Also, "playing into Trump's hands" was performed. Putin praised Biden and said he is more predictable and "from the old elite". This is an old technique - to praise a competitor in order to knock them out of the game. (There is no doubt that this was a "pass" to Trump. He didn't even think for long and gave his reaction, as if saying, what did I say? Biden is more comfortable for Russia and he will "give them everything, including Ukraine, as a gift").

Strange, but this time Putin didn't talk about negotiations. Instead, he mocked the West, the "Anglo-Saxons," and personally Johnson, whom he portrayed as a puppet of the States.

All the rest was standard. "We didn't start," "wanted to finish," "The West constantly eats us..."

Summing up all this talk, there is a feeling that in the Kremlin they really consider the West weak. This is what I have repeatedly said to foreign politicians and analysts. Putin understands only strength. Everything else - sanctions, restrictions, and postponement of decisions - he perceives as weakness. And if he is not convinced otherwise, there is no doubt that he will only raise the stakes. (c) Viktor Shlinchak



❗️The third separate assault brigade has been urgently relocated to strengthen Ukrainian forces in the Avdiivka area.— press service crew.

The situation in the city at the time of the brigade's arrival is extremely critical.

Separate battalions of the 3rd OSBr conducted a raid in the enemy-occupied areas of Avdiivka. The enemy forces in our sector consist of approximately 7 brigades.

The objective situation in Avdiivka remains threatening and unstable. Russians continue to actively rotate their troops and transfer new forces and equipment to the city.



🇦🇺 Australia allocated Ukraine $32.4 million to strengthen defense capabilities through the IMF.

Funds are directed towards the acquisition of priority military assets. Australia also emphasized that they will continue to train Ukrainian military within the program taking place in the UK.

Our countries are geographically distant, but shared values ​​of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law connect us. We will never forget Australia and its support - President Zelensky thanked for the assistance.

I look at this nonsense and understand that it is not only stupid chauvinistic bullshit, but also an exemplary star of a xenophobe and a carrier of hatred towards people. But these idiots claim that we are the Nazis. Well...



💪Scouts burned down the Russian radar station along with the crew.


As a result of the fire impact, the Russian Caste-2E2 is out of order, and the RLS crew suffered losses.


Before the Ukrainian intelligence strike, the enemy's radar complex was monitoring the airspace over the Kharkiv and Sumy regions of Ukraine, as well as over the Belgorod, and probably the Kursk and Voronezh regions of the Russian Federation.

Analyzed the main reason why Ukrainians love Valeria Zaluzhny and he is respected by the people.

Not only did he, from the first moments of a full-scale invasion, commanding the Armed Forces of Ukraine, disrupt the plans of the Kremlin and push back the occupiers, thus preserving the Independence of Ukraine and becoming a symbol of resistance against Russia. This is important, but it is only half the story.

Main thing, that he is real. It doesn't matter, and remains a person and a warrior at the same time and treats people not superficially. And this honesty is valued by people. And he is like that with everyone. With generals and soldiers, with volunteers and journalists, with politicians and Western partners. And with his wife too. Everyone sees this. And they value it.

And it annoys those who try to imitate this sincerity and pretend to be a simple guy. There is no need to mimic. You need to be yourself. Zaluzhny succeeds in this. That's why he is respected.



📰 Hungary blocked 13th EU sanctions packages against Russia.— Financial Times.

According to journalists, at the meeting of EU ambassadors, Hungary was the only one who voted against sanctions aimed at 200 individuals and organizations from Russia, China, and other countries that support Russian aggression.

It is noted that the list included three Chinese companies and one from India.

“Угорці не погодилися через китайські компанії” → "Hungarians disagreed because of Chinese companies"- sources told the publication.

It is reported that another official, informed about the discussions, diplomatically characterized them as "a very fruitful exchange of ideas".

"The Ambassador of Budapest asks for a little more time to analyze the content of the proposals."- he said.



📄The Security Service of Ukraine reported on Taisiia Povalii's in absentia suspicion for calling to capture the entire Ukraine.

On the eve of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, she left for the aggressor country, where she obtained Russian citizenship and openly supported the Kremlin.

During the interview with a Moscow Internet publication, the collaborator praised Putin and called for the seizure of the entire territory of Ukraine.

Also, she tried to discredit Ukrainian defenders who took part in the battles for Kyiv.

In addition, in September 2023 Povaliy, at the invitation of the terrorist Pasichnyk, performed at a concert in temporarily occupied Luhansk.

Then she spoke out in support of the Russian invaders and glorified their participation in the war against Ukraine.

As the criminal is on the territory of Russia, comprehensive measures are being taken to hold her accountable for the crimes committed.



🗞️ NATO plans to open a center for defense training, analysis, and education for Ukrainian military., - The Country.

Sources of the publication report that the purpose of the center is to increase support for Ukraine and help align its forces with Alliance standards. Also, besides military training for soldiers, they want to teach them strategies and defense administration management.

31 military organization allies are currently discussing how the new center will be funded and what type of instructors will work in it...

NATO defense ministers will soon finalize the details of the project, which is expected to receive final approval at the summit in Washington in July., - is mentioned in the article.

Aaaaaaaaaa!!! This is Oreo! Endless!!!

The SBU informed about suspected treason in absentia of Taisiia Povaliia, who called for the seizure of the entire Ukraine. On the eve of a full-scale invasion from RF, she left for RF, where she obtained a katsapsky (derogatory term for Russians) citizenship and publicly supported the Kremlin, calling for the seizure of the entire territory of Ukraine.

This is all understandable, but the one who picked the photo is a handsome person! She can ignore suspicion, but when it comes to the photo... Pavaly's reaction is predictable - she will be criticized to death. Because this botox monster is a failure in her appearance. All her acquaintances and journalists know this. And today, millions of viewers in Ukraine and Russia will see her like this. And it's important and painful for her. Let her suffer, at least that way. And this is a success for the SBU. ))



To mobilize 400-500 thousand soldiers, it will be necessary to find 720 billion UAH. It will be necessary to make unpopular decisions, - Hetmantsev.

This is a lot of money. And where to get them - this is a big question. I do not exclude that there will be proposals to review the revenue side of the budget. Here it should be understood that on one hand, the economy really does not have the potential to raise tax rates, but on the other hand, when it comes to financing the army, and therefore ensuring the most important value - the security of life, the government has no choice but to make difficult decisions, - noted the chairman of the financial committee of the Verkhovna Rada, Danilo Hetmantsev.



🚙Cars with Russian license plates will be confiscated starting today in Latvia.

The corresponding law came into effect after a period that allowed drivers to either re-register the vehicle under Latvian legislation or export the car from the country.

Confiscated cars are planned to be transferred to Ukraine as aid for the Armed Forces. In addition, Russians caught violating will be required to pay a fine from 750 to 2000 euros.

In the annotation to the Law on Road Traffic, the Ministry of Justice indicated that in view of Russia's full-scale attack on Ukraine and aggression, the presence of vehicles registered in Russia on the territory of Latvia is unacceptable.

I want to highlight two comments about Zaluzhny in a separate post:

Personally, I became a supporter of Golovko after his words that Russians should be killed, as much as possible. This is also a slogan for the future pre-election program.

And they believe him because when Ze was talking about shish kebabs, Za v Yanyina said that Russia is our main enemy and his dream is to ride a tank on Red Square. This is the basis from which this story of confrontation and resistance began.




⛓️The SBU reported suspicion to the Russian oligarch Deripaska and detained his Ukrainian top managers who supplied raw materials for the production of Iskanders to the Russian Federation.

As a result of complex measures, Deripaska received a remote notification of suspicion, and two of his top managers were detained in different regions of our state. This includes the director of the nadrovidobuvna company Glukhivskyi career of quartzites and the curator of this institution from the Russian oligarch: a citizen of Ukraine who received a residence permit in the Russian Federation in 2021.

According to the investigation materials, these two suspects helped a businessman from Russia to misappropriate production facilities of the quarry in 2012, despite the existing prohibition on their sale.

From that time until the beginning of the full-scale invasion of RF, the management of the extraction company supplied wholesale batches of ores to Russia for steel smelting.

The received raw materials from Ukraine were sold to enterprises of the military-industrial complex of the aggressor country for the production of ballistic missiles, in particular the Iskander type.

Also, the imported products were used by the occupiers for mass production of combat drones and radar systems.

What was discussed at the first Stavka with Sris'kyi? What are the main tasks of the new command? What is happening on the front? What is the situation in Avdiivka? Have new units been sent to the city? Will the fate of Bachmut repeat itself? Why is the Russian Federation deploying its army to Kharkiv region? Are they preparing for a new offensive? Has a person from Yanukovych's team been appointed to the General Staff? What IPSO have the Russians launched? The answers to these questions were given by a special forces officer, a Ukrainian Armed Forces officer, and a People's Deputy of the VIII convocation, Igor Lapin, in a conversation with Borislav Bereza.




In Ukraine, more people believe that the country is moving in the wrong direction, according to a survey by KMIS.

Compared to December 2023, now for the first time there are more people who consider the direction of affairs wrong.



🚛 Ukrainian drivers have started a protest action near the border crossing point "Yagodin-Dorohusk" in response to the blocking of truck traffic by Polish farmers.

As reported by "Suspilne", a column of 15 Ukrainian trucks and approximately 20 passenger cars arrived at the border.

Ukrainian carriers and drivers who have joined the protest are planning to stop and obstruct the movement of Polish truck drivers who bypass the general queue at the Dorohusk-Yagodin border crossing.

UKIE released the results of a new survey conducted the day before the removal of Valeriy Zaluzhny from the position of Head of the General staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The survey was dedicated to the trust/distrust of citizens towards politicians, military personnel, volunteers, and public figures.

In Valeriy Zaluzhnyy, there is almost absolute trust. In December 2023, there was 92% trust - in February, it became 94%. 5% do not trust him.

In second place of trust is the Head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, Kyrylo Budanov. He has 66% and trust in him has also increased.

Zelensky is in an honorary third place and during the same period lost the most - 13% of trust. Currently, 64% of citizens trust him, compared to 77% in December. Interesting changes have also occurred with others. But this poll answers the main question - why Zelensky immediately wanted to remove Zaluzhny as the head.

Here's what we'll talk about with Bogdan Butkevych at 19:30 on my YouTube channel.



🛰 USA launched six satellites designed for detecting ballistic and hypersonic missiles.

Satellites launched from the Cape Canaveral Spaceport using the Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX company.

Over the next two years, prototypes of the systems will undergo testing in orbit.

I will go and have a chocolate bar 🍫, perhaps...



Ukraine will not announce the date of receiving multifunctional F-16 fighter jets - reported in the Ministry of Defense.

The department noted that as soon as the exact date is known, it will not be disclosed, as the enemy may use such information for their own purposes.

Boryslav Bereza in an interview on the channel Fabrika Novin spoke about Bankova's plans regarding the government change. Negotiations are underway for the formation of a new Cabinet. By the end of February, a new Prime Minister is planned, as well as new leaders for many ministries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the security bloc, there will be a lot of reshuffling, the main thing is who will be the Prime Minister. For all the details and answers to other questions, watch right now.




Russians focused near Orikhove and Robotyne in Zaporizhia, there is a greater number of personnel than in the Avdiivka direction, and they are preparing for an offensive.

Enemy grouping, which has concentrated on the Orikhiv direction, in the last few days or weeks, in terms of its size, outweighs in personnel composition the grouping currently involved in the Avdiivka direction. Obviously, the Muscovites didn't go there for a walk," - said the spokesperson for the operational-strategic grouping of forces "Tavria" Liakhovyi.

According to his words, the Russian army, presumably, will try to achieve success in the direction of the liberated Robitine.

Robotic performance, south of the city of Orikhiv, is the territories that were de-occupied by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the summer. It seems that the Russians set a task to achieve certain successes there through offensive actions, just as they now want to achieve them in Avdiivka," the spokesperson added.



✍️ Zelensky signed a law on the legalization of medical cannabis.

The law creates regulatory conditions for the legal restricted circulation and use of cannabis, its resin, extracts, and tinctures for medical, industrial purposes, scientific and scientific-technical activities.

It takes effect six months after its publication.

Today, on Thursday, February 15, at 19-10, we will be doing a live broadcast together with Bogdan Butkevych.

-KMIS released the results of a new survey. Valeriy Zaluzhnyy maintains almost 100% trust leadership. In December 2023, there was 92% trust - in February 94%. But Zelensky now is trusted by 64% of Ukrainian citizens, compared to 77% in December. Interesting changes have also occurred with others. What is happening in Ukrainians' attitudes towards politicians and the military?

- What awaits us there in the near future in Avdiivka? Will the transfer of reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the Avdiivka area help?

- The first steps of the new head of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Syrskyi. What tasks were set before the Head?

- Petro Poroshenko was not allowed to leave Ukraine for a diplomatic trip abroad. Why? What is the real reason? Is it due to Zelensky's personal dislike for Poroshenko? How will the West react?

- Freedom of speech in Ukraine. Why does the government try to silence even those who provide constructive criticism? When will the persecution of journalists and pressure on the opposition end?




Western allies plan to deliver Ukraine one million drones by 2024 - reported NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg.

A group of allies is gathering to unite efforts and deliver Ukraine a million drones, 20 NATO allies also agreed to create a demining coalition. All this will help save the lives of Ukrainians, he said.

In addition, the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance expressed hope that the US Congress would pass the bill on military aid to Ukraine as soon as possible.

How interesting people live...

Understanding that Telegram can also be banned for us, I created a channel on Viber. If you have a desire and need, then subscribe. Exclusive content will also be available there.




Special services keep an eye on Petr Poroshenko every time he brings crucial Ukrainian defenders' equipment to the front line for the combat units.

So, on January 19, 2024, Poroshenko's team identified suspicious individuals who were monitoring the group. One of them couldn't answer why they were keeping an eye on the leader of the "European Solidarity".

This is not the first and, it seems, far from the last time of illegal surveillance of the Ukrainian opposition leader.

Unknown people accompany Poroshenko on practically all trips to the front. Eventually, it was possible to find out that representatives of special services are following the fifth president of Ukraine.

Recently it became known that the special services are monitoring not only politicians but also journalists, as evidenced by the investigation of the Bihus.Info team.

And for this, Ukrainians pay billions of hryvnias out of their own pockets, so that during the war, on orders from government cabinets, special services would spend resources not to counter Russian aggression, but to illegally monitor the leader and members of the opposition and Ukrainian journalists.

Reading the post by Yuriy Butusov and disagreeing with his proposal, even understanding his motives. Let me explain why. But first, Yuriy's post:

Gentlemen Zelensky, Sirsky, Umerov, you have nothing to do in Kyiv today. Your place is at the command posts of the brigades, where tasks are assigned in Avdiivka. It is precisely there that the fate of many good people is being decided now.

You must give orders looking in the eyes.

You have to listen to real reports without your rose-colored glasses and without lies, with which you surround yourself. You allow yourself to lie about the "tense-controlled situation," and you need to see how you look in the eyes of people who receive orders.

You and some other leaders have created a situation with your decisions that the fighters are now having to deal with. It's not up to you to go into battle, but you do not have the right to sit back in cozy offices; you should watch how the crisis caused by your decisions and your lack of action is being resolved. You should at least learn something and finally draw conclusions.

To all evaders of responsibility at higher levels, I want to say - do not think that they will keep silent about you.. (c) Yuriy Butusov

Emotionally everything is clear, but I still do not agree with Yuriy Butusov. Let me explain why.

1. Сирський - SirskyThe General has nothing to do there. He must understand the operational situation and know all the information about the situation in Avdiivka while being at the General Staff Headquarters in Kyiv. Otherwise, why do we need the whole reporting system and reports through the chain of command? Does he not trust it? If the General is killed, it will be a powerful blow to the command and control system of the Armed Forces. And this must be taken into account. Can the General visit such positions? Yes, in extremely exceptional cases, when his presence affects the morale of the troops or in similar situations, but in the case of Suhovsky, it is not the case, for many reasons. A general next to soldiers is a Soviet standard. Grandiose, but not effective. A general is management. The loss of a general is a blow to the management system, which can lead to a catastrophe. If someone lies in reports on the operational situation - to the tribunal. That's it.

2. Умеров - Umerov. A civilian without any understanding of military operations, without military experience or specialized education. What is he doing there? There is no benefit in Avdiivka from him, like milk from a cat. He is an administrator. A manager. So let him mind his own business, especially since there are enough problems in the Armed Forces. It's better for him to be involved in providing for the Armed Forces rather than being the fifth wheel in this situation.

3. Зеленський - ZelenskyThe arrival of the president in Avdiivka, known for his love of simple solutions leading to major problems, will not help the situation. And he can take pompous photos not only there. Furthermore, the president's demise will lead to problems in the country's governance that the Kremlin can take advantage of. I am not a sympathizer of Zelensky, but such actions have a more negative effect overall, except for the PR component. And advice and experience from Zelensky, as a hypothetical military, as a tactician, as a strategist, and as a person without a specialized education, will rather cause harm than benefit. Although this is also understandable.

Therefore, emotionally I can understand Butusov's post. But rationally... Rationally, we need to either cut off the Russian claws around Avdiivka or withdraw our soldiers from there to new prepared defense lines if there are no resources to cut off the claws. We shouldn't throw reserves there, but rather save our soldiers, of whom we do not have many.

I hope that nobody wants to create a fortress in Avdiivka, not even for the sake of promoting Yermak's PR manager, Dasha Zarivna, talking about "successful communication cases in Bakhmut". The defense of Avdiivka is a political decision today, which has no real strategic justification. Everything can be justified, but we need to be pragmatists and care about the lives of our soldiers. Moreover, Sircsky himself mentioned it. And it's good if his words don't contradict his actions.



The situation on the Avdiivka direction is very difficult, the occupiers are advancing in numbers that significantly exceed the Defense Forces reported spokesman of the Third Separate Assault Brigade Borodin.

The situation is very difficult. The Russians are currently advancing. They are advancing in a quantity that significantly exceeds. It can be stated that this is one to seven. There is a constant advance in different areas. These are two [Russian] armies that are advancing there. About seven brigades. At the moment, we are carrying out the order to hold [positions], - he said.

Borodin said that Ukrainian defenders on the front recently reached a record in destroying enemy personnel per day for this year.

However, he noted, the situation is difficult as regular army and special forces from the main intelligence directorate of the Russian Federation are fighting on the front line.

Very difficult. If we work in proportion to the forces and means - one to seven, you can imagine - summed up the spokesman of the 3rd OSHB.

Today, on February 15th, in the brigade, it was officially confirmed that the reinforcement was urgently transferred to the Avdiivka area to strengthen the Ukrainian garrison. According to the military, at the time of the brigade's arrival in the city, the situation there was "extremely critical."



😢 Today evening Russians attacked Kharkiv region, informs Emergency Situations Service (DSNS).

Three people died: a man, a woman and a girl (approximately 17-18 years old), who were near the car, and two others were injured.



Collected for you the most important things you could have missed on February 15th:

🔹NATO countries planing to open educational center for training fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

🔹Ukrainian truck drivers started protest action under the checkpoint "Yahodyn" at the border with Poland in the Volyn region.

🔹Australia announced support the defense of Ukraine, 32 million dollars.

🔹Trump insists to provide Ukraine with a loan instead of non-repayable assistance.

🔹Zelensky signed law on the legalization of medical cannabis in Ukraine.

We are all people and we do not always restrain emotions. Therefore, everything is clear. ))



I held several preparatory meetings today before our international activity. Now I'm on my way.

Scheduled important meetings with partners. New agreements. We are doing everything to make them strong for Ukraine and I am confident that it will be exactly like that. We are creating a new security architecture for our state, which will help not only here and now, but also in the long term. And this is something that Ukraine has never had, although it has always been necessary.

Thank you to everyone who fights and works for our state and people! Thank you to everyone who helps us!



Avdiivka may be captured by the Russians due to a lack of artillery shells in the AF, warned coordinator of the White House National Security Council Kirby.

Unfortunately, Ukrainians report that the situation is critical. Russians continue to press on Ukrainian positions every day. Avdiivka may fall under Russian control. To a large extent, this is happening because the Ukrainian forces on the ground are running out of artillery ammunition, - Kirby noted.

He called on the House of Representatives to approve additional funding for Ukraine as soon as possible because otherwiseWhat is happening in Avdiivka right now can easily happen in other places on the front..



The Russians continue to recruit mercenaries in Africa and Asia, reports the Center for National Resistance.

The CNS reported that the preparation of foreign mercenaries, who are then sent to Ukraine, continues on the territory of the Russian Federation. Russians promise them a salary ranging from $2000 to $4000, but actually pay only a few hundred dollars as provision.

Russian special services actively recruit citizens of Syria, Nepal, Afghanistan, India, Congo, Egypt, and countries of Central Asia.

In general, Russians use them to storm Ukrainian positions.

Good night to all good people.