Feb 21, 2022 - Day -2

Telegram channels and media outlets under the Kremlin's control spread fake news and fairy tales. Overall, they are fueling fear and hysteria. It's funny how they themselves might become overwhelmed by fear. At this rate, they will soon start believing in their own fears. ))

If I understood correctly, now the idiots from the FSB have hired scriptwriters from Mosfilm to write fake news. That's why the plot turned out to be crazy but stupid. There, our DRG breaks through to the territory of the Russian Federation. Why do they break through? So that these idiots would write a sequel and the average citizen from Ryazan, Kaluga, Voronezh, or Moscow would start wetting themselves at the thought of Ukrainian DRG. Because if the "binders" break through to Erefia, they will start doing terrible things. For example, they will force people to learn Ukrainian. And by doing this, they hope that the average citizen from Ryazan, Kaluga, Voronezh, or Moscow would support anything against Ukraine. They shape public opinion through fear. And at the same time, they want to sell their heroic victory over an imaginary DRG to society. Scumbags.

Budapest Memorandum. The way out of it.

Primitive conclusion that the proposed alternative to the Budapest Memorandum is the restoration of the status of a nuclear power.

No. The alternative to the Budapest Memorandum is a security system for non-nuclear states.

It is obvious to the child that there are three levels of security in the world: states with nuclear weapons (1), states that are military allies of nuclear states (2), and the rest (3).

I would highlight from the third group a subclass of states that are neighbors, targets or potential victims of states with nuclear weapons. This is us.

This is a case where a country possessing nuclear weapons (i.e. immunity ensured by it), Russia, intoxicated by its impunity, is annexing neighboring neutral territories that do not possess the "weapon of retaliation".

If states like Ukraine are deliberately denied access to military alliances, they become target states. The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, together with a deliberate refusal to join any nuclear power in a military alliance, makes the state a class 3 suicide target.

The presence of target states, in turn, disrupts the balance of the world (in both senses of this word).

The UN today is a non-functioning system of collective security. The case of Ukraine shows that political guarantees of security for non-nuclear states (such as the Budapest Memorandum) also do not work.

What should "we" (Ukraine) do now? Should we really have nuclear bombs and rockets?

If nuclear states think that Ukraine and other neutral states are defenseless (or don't have it), then they should build a new effective security system.

And if such a structure cannot be created, nuclear states must accept non-nuclear states into their military alliance.

In my opinion, the speech is about this.

Therefore, Munich speech is not the beginning of Ukraine creating its own nuclear weapons - it is a boy on the street, shouting "And the king is naked!".

Now it is up to the king to decide what to do with this obvious fact. (c) Sergey Ivanov-Malyavin.

With pleasure, I share this text from Evgeniy Magda. Spread it among Russians and those on the territory of ORDLO.

"Hook for Putin."

(1 part) Russia's aggressive actions towards Ukraine, its demands for "security guarantees" have presented the US and its allies with the question of effective sanctions against the Kremlin. Sanctions are one of the elements of international politics that allow for the demonstration of a position without declaring war. And this is their particularity - the presence of a position.

Although Russia claims in public that the sanctions imposed on it by the West for the occupation of Crimea and the incitement of war in Donbass are not sensitive to it, this is a lie. Sanctions have noticeably slowed down the development of the Russian economy, although energy resources have not been affected by them. Trade between Russia and the EU has halved since 2014. However, thanks to the insane rise in prices on the spot market for blue fuel (natural gas) over the past year, Russia has earned over 200 billion dollars from the export of oil and gas, regularly scaring Europeans with cold heating batteries this winter. Russian energy resources occupy a good third of the EU market, making it difficult to replace them quickly. However, it is evident that the US is interested in sanctions against the Russian energy sector, as the rise in oil prices, which is tied to the price of gas, has made the extraction and supply of shale gas relevant again.

One of the symbols of possible sanctions (also known as a litmus test) is the NordStream2 gas pipeline. It was laid in the waters of the Baltic Sea between the shores of Russia and Germany using Russian money, spending over 10 billion euros. Currently, the certification procedure for this infrastructure object is underway by the relevant authorities of the FRG. German political giants - CDU/CSU and SPD - support its launch into operation, I would say more - without the supply of gas at the projected price (no wonder Putin sang the "feat" of Gerhard Schroeder during a briefing with Olaf Scholz), it is impossible to fulfill the program of the "traffic light" coalition, and its collapse can cause a political crisis. Therefore, official Berlin is fighting for the "pipe," sometimes losing all sense of proportion.

President Volodymyr Zelensky, with great effort calling on the West to impose preventive sanctions against Russia, does not quite understand how they work. Sanctions not only serve as a punishment for violations of international rules of the game that have already occurred, but also harm those who impose them. Therefore, in 2017-2018, the EU and the US reached a glass ceiling in the issue of imposing sectoral sanctions against Russia. Remember the capture of 24 Ukrainian sailors in the Black Sea by Russian FSB agents: for this act of international aggression, (personal) sanctions were imposed on a group of FSB officers and generals. For them, it was almost like a reward. Let us remind you, for example, that Vladimir Putin holds an account in the Bank "Russia", which in March 2014 fell under Western sanctions and operates exclusively on the territory of the Russian Federation and the occupied Crimea, and exclusively in Russian rubles.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba acknowledged that Russia's exclusion from the international payment system SWIFT is not part of the sanctions package with which the West is preparing to respond to a possible invasion of Russian forces into Ukraine. The reason is simple: such a scenario would cause damage to the economies of EU countries, and they are not interested in its implementation. Therefore, it is not worth discussing significant restrictions on the export of Russian energy resources to the European Union, at least until new sources of energy with the corresponding infrastructure are available.

A week ago, the United Kingdom passed a law allowing its government to impose strict sanctions on companies that are of strategic importance to the Russian economy. So far, the document resembles a loaded rifle for hunting the Russian bear, which they prepared in case of Russian troops invading Ukraine. Representatives from the United States and the European Union are drawing attention to their own determination and formation of the sanctions package.

(2 part) By and large, they shouldn't react any differently to Russia's desire to inflame the flames of war in Europe again, but there may be problems with the implementation of the mechanism.

To speak frankly, introducing effective sanctions that would not resemble a joke about a child who will eat less because of an alcoholic father is not easy. The size of Russia, the size of its foreign exchange reserves, warm relations with China and India, seemingly protect the Kremlin from huge problems. It should be noted that Washington's assumption about Russia's inability to use US dollars for payments and restrictions on ruble conversion into dollars has provoked angry comments from Dmitry Peskov. This reaction not only demonstrated Russia's unwillingness to fall under new sanctions but also emphasized the high degree of dollarization of its economy. Cheerful calls to "switch to yuan" in calculations can only delight the leadership of the PRC.

Freezing the assets of Russian oligarchs in the West could potentially change the microclimate within the Russian establishment. However, such actions would face resistance from Kremlin lobbyists and certain Western politicians. Nonetheless, a real sanction step that Russia does not want is the imposition of personal sanctions against Vladimir Putin. In global practice, sanctions against presidents and foreign ministers are typically not implemented, but Joseph Biden has not publicly ruled out this possibility. Regardless of whether Putin has assets in the West or not, the sub-sanction status itself appears as a painful blow to his self-esteem, as it closes the path to a cohort of politicians who decide on global issues. The US has identified this vulnerability and can strike through it.

I'm sorry, but I cannot access specific websites or links. However, if you provide the text from the website, I'll be happy to translate it for you.

These several photographs from a sports school in Taganrog, where refugees from Donbass are accommodated, clearly show that no one will create conditions for the refugees. "It serves you well, God, that does not go well with me." They are just a picture for the Russian media. And while they sit in these dire conditions in Russia, their apartments are actively being robbed not only by criminals but also by the forces of puppet regimes. They simply don't know any other way but to be marauders.

By the way, we should probably adopt the experience of the information-psychological struggle of the Finns against the Soviet army. ))

When someone writes about the greatness or power of the Russian army, they forget about the real state of affairs. And it's not very good. Because it's the Russian army with its outdated theft, drunkenness, hazing, and Soviet mentality. And today, there's also COVID-19. Therefore, I wasn't surprised to hear the news that Russian soldiers are starving near the Ukrainian border. Here's what they write about it in the group of Russian soldier mothers:

Approximately 100 conscripts are on hunger strike at the train station of Dolbino station.

They have been living there for 5 days. They are feeding themselves. All the money has already been spent.

Residents of the village of Vesyolaya Lopan reported that there is a large number of servicemen - contractors interspersed with conscripts (over 100 people) from the Taman Division at the Dolbino station near their village. The guys have been living there for 5 days already, and they are buying their own food. Some of them have already run out of money (note: the monthly allowance for conscripts is about 2,000 rubles), and no one has seen any dry rations. It is also unknown when they will be sent off.

As confirmation of their words, the residents sent photos. It can be seen on them how many fighters are in the small room of the rural train station. They are arranged as best they could - like herrings in a can. They have to sleep right on the tiled floor. Someone is forced to dry their wet uniform on the radiator. There are no hints of food at all. There is no water either. Neither for drinking, nor to wash their hands.

The commandment was informed about the situation. The officer informed the servicemen that they will be sent to their destination soon. The question of food remains open.

Question about food (including hot food) and water remains unresolved. Local residents come to the place where the kids are located with their food supplies. But there's still not enough food for everyone. 😔🍔🥤

So they're fine, as usual. And this only makes their liquidation easier in case of a Russian invasion. And the Kremlin understands this well. And this is very good.

A new rating has appeared. In the Public Opinion, it is not liked. After all, there is still a lot of time before the elections, and the rating of "Servant of the People" continues to confidently decline. And with each month, it gets smaller and smaller. Moreover, the presidential rating does not inspire Zelensky much. Everything is within the margin of error. And if the trend continues, by autumn he will already confidently sit in second place. And maybe even third. If he tries. And if Trukhin...


They will continue to mess up. And they will continue.

In recent days, the Kremlin has launched a real media war against Ukraine. Fake news, disinformation, and lies are flowing incessantly. The result could be bloodshed with a huge number of casualties. And coffins will flow to Moscow, Tver, Samara, Yekaterinburg, Kaluga, St. Petersburg, Murmansk, and other cities in Russia. Mothers will bury their children, wives their husbands, and sisters their brothers. Bury them because they went to someone else's war. Because they are invaders. Because they have been pumped up with lies and fake news by Russian TV screens, influenced by Russian media, and brainwashed by Russian social media. And it is the generals of the Russian disinformation forces - Soloviev, Skabeeva, Kiselyov, Sheinin, and other abominations - who are pumping the information space with lies and fake news. On their hands will be the blood of Russians and Ukrainians. But their own children will not go to war, which the Kremlin is starting with the help of its propaganda lackeys. They are simply making money from this.

Once again, I want to remind these Russian scoundrels that Julius Streicher, the editor-in-chief of the anti-Semitic Nazi newspaper "Der Stürmer," was executed by the Nuremberg Tribunal for anti-Semitic propaganda and calls for genocide. And what Soloviev, Kiselyov, Skabeeva, Sheinin, Peskov, and other Kremlin talking heads are currently doing all deserve a similar punishment. They deserve it for inciting the killing of Ukrainians, for spreading lies, and for instigating senseless war. And this punishment may find these "heroes."

Today is the Security Council of the Russian Federation, tomorrow is the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, and two days later it's Blinken-Lavrov. Something tells me that today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow will be hot in different directions.

But here's what I wanted to remind everyone: when a magician is performing a trick, they need to divert attention from their main manipulation with some parallel bright gesture. That's why you need to look in all directions at once. It's difficult, but necessary.

Today is February 21st. Journalists posted a video with Trukhin on February 1st. The "Servant of the People" party is excluding Trukhin from its ranks for three weeks. They are not in a hurry. And indeed, why rush when there is no reputation and the rating is


Confidently moving downwards. Everything is logical.

Well, this is not even funny anymore, it's primitive and stupid. Apparently, it's aimed at the primitive and stupid. Others won't believe in it. The Russian FSB ominously reported that today at 09:50 "a projectile of an unidentified sample released from the territory of Ukraine" completely destroyed the place of service of the border patrols of the Border Guard Service of the FSB of Russia in the Rostov region, which is located approximately 150 meters from the border with Ukraine. "There are no casualties, sappers are working at the scene," the FSB declares.

Understood. In the Kremlin, they believe that the time for Glaive's arrival has apparently not yet come. Therefore, in order to maintain tension, they simply blew up some garbage and blamed Ukraine. Everything as usual.

That's how they live with this perception of Ukraine in the Kremlin. Well, idiots. What can you do? ))

Seeing everything that's happening, I'm genuinely worried about Voronezh. They will really bomb it. Or blow it up for their own purposes. Voronezh people, save yourselves before these clumsy Kremlin guys wipe your city off the face of the Earth!

Russian media managed to obtain a photograph of the Ukrainian DRG. The photo is genuine and leaves no doubt.

I really don't want war. But it doesn't depend on me. Because Putin wants this war. That's why I accept the situation as it is and do what I have to. And I am ready for war. Mentally ready. Physically ready. My weapon is cleaned, ammunition is ready. People who have seen war not on TV and not through social media don't want war. War is blood, pain, and dirt. But these people are ready. Because we remember that "if you want peace, prepare for war." And you should prepare too. Just in case. You should know what to do if military actions start. Keep in mind that most likely the communication and internet will be cut off. So plan your actions in advance. And don't panic. Remember that we have the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which can defend Ukraine. We have the collective support of the West. We have our Ukraine. And if we don't defend it, no one else will. That's why let's defend and eliminate any invaders.

Don't panic. Believe in yourself. Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Follow information hygiene. Do what you have to do. Then we will win! Glory to Ukraine!

Note that they are writing this seriously. And a major STATE news agency is writing it. There is no evidence, but it is not required for those aquarium fish who will be fed this informational garbage.

This is hilarious! Even an official statement appeared. Well, a completely stupid provocation and lie.

This is how it looks like. ))

Kremlin puppets appointed by Putin as leaders of "L/DNR", Pushilin and Pasechnik, asked Putin to recognize the "republics". And so the scenario of the situation's development becomes clear.

And once again, the Russians have messed up their propaganda. They write that they transported 53,000 refugees on 142 buses. That means there were 370 people in one bus. The buses are the size of Boeing 747. Damn it, they're caught lying everywhere.

This is some garbage. While tension with Russia is escalating and war is becoming more real, Zelensky and his team are busy with their own "little issues" and pushing decisions in their favor. They are doing this to improve their results in future elections, not for Ukraine. Well, aren't they just a bunch of slackers? 😒

The granting of the "Dom" channel national status has been included in the agenda of the Parliament for February 22.

If the Parliament supports the changes specified in the draft law, the channel will be able to become part of the Universal Program Service, which is provided free of charge to Ukrainians. Currently, the Public Broadcasting Company and the channel "Rada" are included in the UPS.

Thus, the state-owned Russian-language channel "Dom", which was created to broadcast in the temporarily occupied territories, de facto will acquire a nationwide scale and will be able to compete with private television channels.

After Russian President Vladimir Putin started holding an unscheduled meeting of the Security Council, the Moscow Exchange index plummeted 11.34% below 3000 points for the first time since November 10, 2020.

The RTS index has already fallen by 14.5% as of 17:00 in Kyiv - below 1200 points, according to trading data. Below the mark of 1200 points, the index has decreased for the first time since January 25th.

The dollar exchange rate, in the meantime, rose by 1.15%, reaching 78.19 rubles, according to the trading data on the Moscow Exchange. The last time the dollar was more expensive than 78 rubles was a week ago - on February 14th. The euro exchange rate increased by 1.7%, reaching 89.03 rubles.

"In the near future, the ruble is likely to remain weak. We still believe that the short-term potential for strengthening the ruble will remain limited, especially in the conditions of further geopolitical escalation," analysts noted in a daily note from "BCS World of Investments".

The head of the bank and money market analysis department at Velez Capital, Yuri Kravchenko, also noted that the decisions and geopolitical rhetoric following the meetings of the Security Council and the Federation Council will set the tone for the market in the coming days.

On Monday at noon, the shares of "Yandex" (-3.6%), Sberbank (-6.05%), "LUKOIL" (-3.1%), "Rosneft" (-3.1%), VTB (-3%), "NOVATEK" (-2.4%), "Gazprom" (-2%), "Aeroflot" (-1.6%), "Gazprom Neft" (-1.6%), "Tatneft" (-1.3%) have also decreased, according to Interfax.

Vova, don't stop! Crush the Russian economy!!!

Well, what.... I think in about 40-60 minutes Putin will announce that Russia recognizes the independence of ORDLO. Right now, Dmitry Kozak handed in the main question of the Security Council. After Putin offered him to take a seat, he took the initiative and asked if he should speak out now on the main question - to recognize or not to recognize - or later? Putin's face showed how shocked he was by the exposure of the plans... This mockery gathering is assembled for one purpose – to legalize the necessity of recognizing the independence of ORDLO with fictional facts, simulations, and propaganda clichés. Of course, for humanitarian reasons. Saviors, damn it.

When after Kozak, the head of the SVR, Naryshkin, suggested joining Donbass to Erephia, and the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia suggested recognizing the "DPR" and "LPR" within the borders of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, I immediately remembered this picture, which perfectly illustrates the wretchedness of their actions and the weak adequacy of everything that is happening. Apparently, these clowns think that there is someone who doesn't see the whole setup? But then they are just surviving clowns with a nuclear briefcase.

A dialogue from today's staged show in the Kremlin, which is worth watching. Everything is clear.

Sha! No one is going anywhere anymore! Don't freak out about Putin acknowledging the ORDLO today, but listen again to what he said and how he said it. This is mega important! He said, "The decision will be made... today... I want to thank you for this meeting, for this consultation."

He did a very technical warm-up. Almost everyone heard that he will make a decision today. And he... thanked Naryshkin, Kozak, Medvedev, Matviyenko, and other participants of this staged show. He WILL NOT MAKE ANY DECISION until he communicates with the US. Otherwise, this conversation will not make sense. He definitely has a ready-made solution. And it's not just one. But today, don't expect him to announce it until Putin talks to Biden. Furthermore, Putin will later say that everyone pressured him to make a decision today, but he, as a "great peacemaker," tried to find solutions and didn't succumb to pressure. But it's all just an imitation. The options are already known. He can acknowledge it and pretend it's all over. He can acknowledge it and then place his permanent bases there. Or he can acknowledge it, place bases, and try to expand the currently occupied borders. But he fears sanctions. And he understands what they can do to Russia.

Understood, he will propose to Biden - to give him Donbass, but without imposing sanctions. And then it's up to our partners and us. Together we will win! But specifically, together!

Look and listen carefully to what Putin says. This is what I wrote about in the previous post.

They write that the first civilian victim has appeared after the separatist shelling. The deceased is a 1970-born man. My condolences to his family and loved ones.

💩🇷🇺 - Poop Russia.

Today, during the meeting of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Putin asked Naryshkin (the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia) what he thinks about recognizing the "LPR" and "DPR".

First, he almost sh*t his pants. And then he apologized, saying that he is not against the annexation of these territories to Russia.

It all looked very funny. The situation when you transfer to a new school and you are already called to the board on the first lesson. 😅

Zelensky, are you sleeping?

❌🇷🇺If Narishkin doesn't die sooner, he will be able to finish this book in prison, where he will end up according to the tribunal's decision.

In the next 5 years, the most promising sector of the Russian economy.



In the center of occupied Luhansk, a car exploded. To be honest, these staged explosions are starting to get tiresome. Or in the end, should they explode Pasechnik and Chepushilin, and will this start the operation?

Meanwhile, the stupidity of these fake commentators is saddening. We are waiting for accusations from Ukrainian DRGs in this regard. All these years they did not blow up cars, but as soon as the Kremlin brought more than 100,000 troops to the border, they started. L - logic. But Russian.

In all this chaos, Medvedchuk decided to grab the cash and flee Ukraine.

His wife, Oksana Marchenko, left three days ago.

Unknown guys in black carried weapons and bulletproof vests out of the Medvedchuk mansion. The police arrived in response to a call from the State Bureau of Investigations (DBR) and blocked the street. Now they are checking the cars.

Where do you think Medvedchuk is running to?

Photo: Investigation.Info

Putin told Scholz and Macron that he intends to sign a decree recognizing the independence of the "DNR" and "LNR." Following this, France announced that it is convening an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation between Russia and Ukraine - Élysée Palace.

⚠️ - Warning

Putin begs to be given at least something.

⚠️ - Caution(Translation: Caution)

All these theatrical pauses between the meetings of the manual Council of the Federation, all these "I will respond today" - all of this is poorly disguised pleas for actions, all of this is a delaying tactic in admitting their diplomatic defeat.

There is no action. There is only an inevitable strategic defeat.

Because the world has refused to duplicate the "Georgian script" scenario. Because all these videos about "blown up Ukrainian APCs" and "sabotage groups" don't convince anyone. Because Russia's recognition of the "independence" of ORDLO is a defeat.

All these years of war, Putin only wanted to insert the ORDLO into Ukraine on his own terms - to have a leverage of influence. And what has he achieved during these years?

Nothing. Everything is lost.

Ukraine understood that Russia is an enemy.

Ukraine has built a modern army.

Ukraine has preserved its language.

Ukraine is going to join NATO and the EU.

Putin does not have the ability to influence Ukraine politically. He has lost such an opportunity.

Putin does not have the ability to influence Ukraine diplomatically. He has also lost this opportunity.

All he has is cannon meat. And this is his final argument.

Strategically, Putin has already lost the war. Tactically, there is still a lot of bloodshed and battles ahead. The war may last for years. It needs to be recognized as a fact.

But Putin knows that he is losing. And we know it too.


Difficult days are ahead. Very difficult. But we will conquer. It is clear today. We did not start the war. But we will finish it on our terms.

We keep order.

Yuriy Gudymenko, a member of the Political Council of the Democratic Axe.

Do you understand that Putin is now talking about which parts of Ukraine he will try to capture?

💪🇺🇦 And what do you do during Putin's speech?

Throw in the comments ⬇️

Russia has done everything to preserve the territorial integrity of Ukraine. (c) Putin

He finally went crazy.

Russian media brought together a couple of dozen marginal individuals and are posting videos with them from Donetsk after Putin recognized the LPR and DPR. These feeble-minded people are happy that they and their children have no future.

Understand, this hypocritical scoundrel is playing his game. He brazenly lies, manipulates, distorts the truth, and justifies himself. And he wants to scare people with his madness. Yes, he's waiting for people to be frightened and succumb to panic. We must not play by his rules. There's no need to make him happy. We need to stick to our plan and win.

That's why we strengthen the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And also, we believe in ourselves and Ukraine. And we unite. How does the saying go? "It's easier to beat together." And of course, it's even harder for the enemy!

PS By the way, after Putin's words "Russia has done everything to preserve the territorial integrity of Ukraine" I was once again convinced that he has completely lost it. But it's incurable. It's a Soviet mindset.

🔥🔥🔥This is fire! The White House of the United States: "Biden intends to sign a decree allowing sanctions to be imposed against any person who is engaged in activities in the "DPR" and "LNR". Any bank, any politician, any business will fall under sanctions. A splendid perspective for idiots. ))

🇷🇺Putin recognized L/DNR. What now?

Putin thinks he is leading the Russians into a "little victorious war". But in reality, he is leading them to hell, which begins beyond the border crossing.

Putin has already lost. We just have to finish him off. This will be the hardest thing that the Ukrainian nation has ever done.

What are we going to do? And how are we going to fight?

Here it is.

13 minutes of quite peaceful Good Solgim, who will tell you everything.

Unfortunately, at the time of the Russian Security Council meeting, our National Security and Defense Council did not have several options for the development of events... This is already obvious.

Here we are not Munich, sorry.

Occupiers, with Russian military insignia, are entering Donetsk. They do not hide, do not remove identification marks, do not pretend to be miners. And Zelensky is silent. Silent. The entire civilized world voices its position. But Zelensky is silent. And time is passing. Slipping away. And Ukraine's position weakens. And this will have negative consequences for all of us.

🔥 US Secretary of State 🇺🇸 Blinken said that Russia's decision 🇷🇺 to recognize the "L/DNR" 🏴‍☠ means a complete refusal by Moscow to fulfill its obligations within the framework of the Minsk agreements and is an attack on Ukraine's sovereignty 🇺🇦.

Well, "Minsk" is definitely dead ⚰️. But what will replace it?

Do not film, do not post on social media, and do not spread videos and photos about the movement of our troops on the territory of Ukraine. Enemies are monitoring! Do not assist the Kremlin!

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