Feb 25, 2024 - Day 732

732 days of active phase of the 10-year war. I have been leading this roll call every morning for two years. Should I continue or is the relevance lost? Is everyone here?



❗️During the past day, 84 combat clashes took place. The situation in the east and south of Ukraine remains difficult, according to the General Staff.

During the day, the Air Force Defense Forces struck at 13 enemy strongholds. Also, our defenders destroyed 2 X-31 missiles and 4 reconnaissance UAVs.

The missile forces units struck 1 radar station and 2 enemy troop concentrations areas.



General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published approximate losses of Russian occupiers for the past day.



🕯At 9:00 in the morning, we honor the memory of those who died in the cruel war of Russia against Ukraine.

The Russian knows well that they are not winning the war as long as Ukrainians believe in victory and do not give up. That is why the Russian tries to demoralize Ukrainians and promotes the idea that Ukraine cannot win or that it has already lost, that Russian losses are either insignificant or untrue, that the West will abandon Ukraine, that there is no need to mobilize, and so on. The Russian is ready to use any means - lie, manipulate, distort meanings, falsify and suppress facts. The main goal for the Russian is to sow doubt and demoralize.

In the Kremlin, they have long realized how important this direction is and are investing money, time, and resources into it. Not only fair-haired media, bot farms, and various talking heads cooperating with Russia are doing this work. Useful idiots are also being used. Unfortunately, Russia also uses the mistakes of the Ukrainian government, which is not working long in the information field and relies on people like Podolyak or Arestovych, and then rakes over its incompetence.

So, I believe that Zelensky made a mistake when he refused to name the number of dead Ukrainians. This gives the enemy the opportunity to manipulate and lie, while the number of dead occupiers is significantly higher. Yes, I believe that it was a big mistake to close the borders. But tracking what corrupt schemes were built on this, I understand well that it was not even a mistake, but a planned action aimed at enriching certain groups. By the way, the example of Israel, where they name the number of dead and did not close the borders, shows who is right. Yes, today there are problems with Western funding, but they are not so dire that all is lost and the situation will be corrected. But the Russians still try to use all this by exaggerating and lying. And this is not surprising. Because information warfare is one of the components of the overall strategy. And the Russians do not ignore this component.

By the way, the Russian language has evolved. She began to use Ukrainian language better and errors like "hellish flour" are almost never encountered. Russian language no longer lies as openly as before. But the main thing has not changed - Russian language tries to demotivate Ukrainians. Always remember this when you see comments from Russians, comments from anonymous with Russian narratives, and posts from various anonymous people like Marychka Ukrayinka or Nazar Kamyanyar, who talk about how everything is lost, that we should not fight, that we have all been betrayed, or that we should go to Maidan. This is the IPSO of Russian special services. Although we have enough of our own idiots.

Always use critical thinking and don't forget that Russia always lies. How to know that Russia is lying? If she opened her mouth or wrote something, then she's lying. It's an axiom. Unlike theorems, axioms do not need to be proven. Axioms need to be known and remembered. And you also need to believe in yourself and in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and remember that we did not start this war and we are fighting for ourselves, for our families, for our country, for our right to live in our country according to our laws. And we don't need Russia to tell us how to live.



💥 On the night of February 25, the enemy attacked with 18 "Shahed" type UAVs.

16 of them were destroyed by Ukrainian troops.



🤬At night and in the morning, the Russians carried out 9 shelling of border territories and settlements in Sumy region.

34 explosions have been recorded. Shelling was experienced by the communities of Bilopilsk, Velykopysarivsk, Shalyhynsk, Esman, Seredyno-Budsk, Znob-Novgorodska.



🇺🇦🇯🇵During the Conference on Economic Development and Reconstruction in Tokyo, 56 documents on cooperation between Ukraine and Japan were signed.

Summing up#тижденьвцифрах

Russians, always do as your colleague, may the earth be glass to him. You can fend off a FPV drone by throwing a store at it, but there are nuances. ))



Russian occupiers shelled Konstantinovka overnight, destroying the train station.

As a result of the shelling, one woman received minor injuries.

The banality of terrorism

With each passing year, with each new crime, the Putin regime increasingly resembles a terrorist organization like HAMAS. The story with the poisoning, then the arrest, and ultimately the murder of Alexei Navalny, later with the negotiations surrounding the return of his tortured body to his unfortunate mother essentially does not differ from what HAMAS does in relation to Israel. When it is convenient for the regime, they negotiate with living hostages. As we know, Alexei was about to be exchanged for the Russian killer Krasikov, who was in a German prison. As soon as the regime loses interest in the negotiation for whatever reason, the hostages are killed. We have seen this in the Gaza Strip, we have seen this in the Russian prison "Polar Wolf." There is no difference between the approaches of Hezbollah, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, HAMAS, and the Kremlin: to sow fear with inhumane killings, unleash war, take hostages, deny medical care, food, torture, and then exchange corpses for services or for living people. A traditional set for any terrorists. And Alexei Navalny, unfortunately, is not the first and not the last in the endless list of victims of this regime. Putin has already taken hostages of everyone who could be useful to him: from the Israeli Naama Issachar, the American basketball player Brittney Griner to the journalist Evan Gershkovich. In the first two cases, these completely random girls were exchanged for regime agents, and Evan, apparently, will be exchanged for that same Kremlin killer in Germany. There are hundreds of political prisoners in Kremlin prisons, some of whom Putin has already tried to kill (for example, Vladimir Kara-Murza). Their fate depends on the will of the bloodthirsty leader.

As we all know, contrary to the common myth, it is indeed possible to negotiate with terrorists. But only from a position of strength and with the targeted liquidation of their leaders. Only in this way do they become more pliable and willing to make concessions. However, if you give them a stage like the one Tucker Carlson built for Putin. Or endlessly quote their propaganda sources, as Western press does with Hamas, then the dragon spreads its wings, gaining strength. The dragon feeds on this energy to devour even more. Just look at how much money Russian propaganda is spending today in third world countries to spread their criminal lies. This is an unprecedented campaign, the scale of which history has never known. And believe me, it will bear its rotten fruits.

Terrorists must be called terrorists. After that, they should stop giving them a stage. Terrorists should be eliminated, in extreme cases judged and put in prison. The accounts of terrorists and everyone associated with them should be frozen. And any contacts outside of official negotiations should be made impossible, toxic, and criminal. All those who benefit directly from terrorists or sponsor them must be exposed: no more pretending that the world doesn't know where they keep their bloody money, and who guards their ill-gotten gains. The Putin regime, Iran and all its puppets, Palestinian terrorists under various flags, the Taliban, Sunni radicals. The world can no longer afford to ignore the metastases of this cancerous tumor. The time for decisive action has come.



Together with the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Rustem Umerov, they visited the advanced command points of military units and subdivisions in the area of ​​combat operations.

Commanders of military units listened to the situation in areas of their responsibility. The enemy regularly attacks the positions of our troops. The situation is complex and requires constant monitoring on many fronts.

During the visit, we carefully analyzed the current situation and discussed the necessary further steps, primarily the protection of troops from drones and air strikes with UAVs, as well as strengthening certain sections of the front.

Also, we talked to the commanders of brigades and separate battalions about the situation on the ground. Analyzed the problems that arise in brigades.

Once again, I drew the attention of the commanders to the importance of coordination and proper operational interaction of all Defense Forces, as well as the preservation of the lives of our defenders.

For the improvement of combat readiness, resilience, and unit management, several decisions were made urgently on the spot.

Separately thanked the commanders of brigades and units for their decisive actions and initiative. Despite the difficult situation, our soldiers bravely hold the line and positions. The enemy is suffering irreparable losses.

A year ago, I wrote about 47-year-old entrepreneur Dmitry Skurikhin from the village of Russko-Vysockoye in the Leningrad region, who on the anniversary of the invasion went out with a poster "Forgive, Ukraine" for a single picket in front of his own store.

From the first days of the invasion, Dmitry turned the facade of his store into a platform for political and anti-war statements.

For this, he was fined under the article "discrediting the army" and a case was initiated, during which the police conducted several searches and chose a preventive measure for Dmitry in the form of a ban on actions, including participation in rallies and pickets.

However, on 24.02.23 he went on a picket, this photo spread across z-channels, after which they were torn apart by angry calls to put Skurihin for the maximum 12 years under this article and burn his store.

26.02.23 Dmitry was arrested, convicted, and is already serving his sentence...

What he did initially was reckless, but extremely decent and worthy! I don't know this person, I want to thank him and say thank you for his courage... (c)Alexander Sokolovsky



The Russian army struck the Khmelnytsky region overnight on February 25, - OTA.

As a result of the attack, damage to the infrastructure object occurred. There is no information about the casualties or damage to residential buildings.

The war for thoughts, views, and support of Ukraine in Europe continues. So at the University of Strasbourg, an exhibition Unseen Diplomas is taking place. This is a global exhibition dedicated to 40 Ukrainian students who will never receive their diplomas because they gave their lives for their country when on 24.02.2022 Russia attacked Ukraine. In Strasbourg, it will continue until March 01.

And this is an important event against the backdrop of another wave of pro-Russian disinformation in the West. And it is also a good way to deliver information to students, who have always been and remain a powerful force in France.

Ukraine was ready to make concessions in negotiations in Istanbul - Foreign Minister of FRGAnnalena Berbok

On the anniversary of the start of the full-scale war, she wrote an article for BILD:


731 days of air raid alarms. 731 days of lessons in school basements. 731 sleepless nights because a brother or daughter is on the front line. Putin's Russia has been at war with Ukraine for two years. There is no one in Ukraine who does not want the war to end. To silence the sirens and to have mothers and fathers return home from the front line. So that children can play again on the playground. And we are doing everything possible for this hope to finally come true. Including supplying weapons so that Ukraine can defend itself.

He who claims that supplying weapons only prolongs the war plays into Putin's hands. Because to say that the West interferes with Ukraine's negotiations is a lie. The fact is: for 731 days we have been tirelessly working with our international partners to finally bring peace back to Ukraine.

And this is also a fact: Ukraine was negotiating with Russia in Istanbul in March 2022 and was ready to make concessions. Of course, the reason was that Russia was withdrawing its troops.But instead of withdrawing troops, the Bucha massacre happened. People were tied up and shot in front of their own homes. Women were raped. Russia was taking children from Ukraine to Russia. And in winter, Russia was bombing Ukrainian power plants so people had to live in darkness and cold.

And no matter how terrible it is, Putin doesn't want negotiations. He doesn't want peace, he wants conquests. He himself says so. And continuing his cruel aggressive war beyond Russia's borders, Putin suppresses any dissent in Russia. He left Alexei Navalny to die in front of the whole world. And now he's arresting Russian teenagers who lay flowers in memory of Navalny. Teenagers who want the same thing as everyone in Ukraine: to finally live in freedom and peace again. For all of them, we call on Putin: release the Ukrainian children, withdraw your troops, stop this war. Then peace will come tomorrow. And the whole world will finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief. (c) Annalena Berbok for BILD



💬I am involved in the destruction of Russians: Poroshenko commented on his recognition as a terrorist and extremist in Russia.

In exclusive interview for the 5th channel, Petro Poroshenko said that he was disappointed, as he was sure that Russians always lie, and here it is one of the unique and exceptional cases when they told the truth.

Russians use the information space to strike at Ukrainians, they try to demoralize us, sow doubt and panic. How to distinguish Russian propaganda? What mistakes of our government helped Russia? Why are we not fighting on the information front? What and how needs to be corrected? Analyzed the situation in my author's blog. Write your thoughts in the comments.




In 2023, Ukraine was granted assistance from the United States, Japan, Norway, Germany, Spain, Finland, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium and Iceland.

Summing up#тижденьвцифрах



🚢 Ukraine has returned maritime exports to pre-war level, - Minister of Economy.

As Yulia Sviridenko reported, in January, 12 million tons of cargo were successfully exported through the Black Sea corridor.



💬The first offenders have already appeared in court, they face up to 5 years behind bars, - Shmyhal about protests by Polish farmers.

Very powerful performance. With a calm voice, Chief Sergeant of the Assault Company Lyudmyla Malva Menyuk addresses our partners and says things that send chills down your spine. Honor and respect to her. She spoke correctly. There is nothing to add.



Budanov commented on the information about the use of North Korean missiles by the RF against Ukrainian cities.

He reported that currently they were only releasing them in small quantities.

Also, Budanov denied the information that Iran transferred its missiles to the Russians.



❗️The International Red Cross Committee is working to determine the fate of 23 thousand people whose families have no news from them.

Let's summarize#тижденьвцифрах



In OSUV Tavria refuted Deep State's information about the capture of Lastochkino by the RF troops.

According to the dictionary of Dmytro Lykhoviya, battles are currently taking place on the outskirts of the settlement.

He emphasized that fierce battles are ongoing, the enemy constantly uses guided aerial bombs, artillery, FPV drones on the positions of Ukrainian soldiers.

I have known the author since the beginning of the war. I know where she has been and what she has done. And her view on the war is not from the couch. I recommend reading.

We are fighting in this war for our country. So that it does not disappear from the world map. We correct the mistakes of politicians, but at what cost! I will not leave from here until one day I hear that long-awaited - VICTORY!




💪🏻Petro Poroshenkoin an exclusive interview with Channel 5told about the next batch of aid he took to the military in the East

We are going to Donbass. Right now, specifically in this DAF, we have tires for Hummers, but today we have a caravan of ten cars. I think many people will be happy with this gift. This DAF can pull up to eight tons. Very reliable, bought from NATO stocks.

One FPV drone, operated by operators of the "Black Raven" unit of the 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade "Holodnyi Yar", reduced the population of ruffians by two individuals. I wonder, when one drone eliminates two occupants, is it a twix, strike, bingo or hoist?



Incredibly spectacular work of Ukrainian pilots!

It's very funny. But honestly. Journalists on 1+1 subconsciously placed accents on what is relevant and what is not. Because Yermak is all about self-promotion and nothing else, but Ignat with information about the war - that's really important. )))



The SkyRanger R70 drone is funded through a $500 million military aid package to Ukraine.


How did it happen that there are people in Zelensky's circle who were against the Maidan in 2014? What really happened then? How did Russia manage to easily seize Crimea and start a war? Why was Ukraine not prepared for a full-scale invasion? Ukrainian politician and statesman, former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko, shared details in a conversation with Boryslav Bereza.




Fighters of the 1st self-propelled division of the 32nd airborne brigade are asking for help, namely to gather vehicles for the evacuation of heavily wounded and for the movement of personnel.

And also, cars are needed for the mobility of the Fighters, and therefore for the better performance of combat missions in the Kupyansk direction - one of the hottest frontlines!

Please all concerned do not pass by and join this collection💙💛

link to the bank 👇🏻


✅ bank card number 👇🏻


✅ PayPal👇🏻(Note: As there is no specific text to translate, only the emojis and formatting are provided in English)


✅ link to the collection 👇🏻




In Poland, Ukrainian grain was scattered again, announced the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure Kubrakov.

In these photos, 160 tons of destroyed Ukrainian grain. The grain was in transit to the port of Gdansk, and then to other countries. The fourth case of vandalism at Polish railway stations. The fourth case of impunity and irresponsibility. How long will the government and the Polish police allow this vandalism to continue? - Kubrakov wondered.

He noted that all Ukrainian agricultural products are transported in sealed wagons and are destined for transit to other countries.



🇩🇪Germany will allocate another 100 million euros of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Our assistance to Ukraine primarily consists of supporting people on the ground. The central element of our international assistance is civil recovery. We are increasing our humanitarian aid by 100 million euros to a total of 1 billion euros, - said the head of the German Foreign Ministry Annalena Berbock during a visit to Mykolaiv.

Oh, this has already happened. Last year. And now what is this? A new song in an old way?... ))

Russia is currently conducting an operation called Maidan-3. This is the official name in Russian documents, said in the corridors of the Ukraine forum. Head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense Kirill Budanov in 2024.

According to him, this is the most expensive operation and it will fail. All the plans are known to Ukraine.

However, as part of this operation, they planned the following: to create a situation in which to put into question not so much the president, but decision-making in general in Ukraine in the period after May 21 and May 20, - he said.

Is this definitely Maidan-3 and not Shatun-2? Or maybe it's already Maidan-4? But seriously, they already scared Zelensky with so many Maidans that he believes in them.



Russia under Putin's leadership can attack NATO member countries.declaredPrime Minister of Great Britain Johnson.

According to him, today essentially a new world war is going on, but of a new type. At the same time, it should bring a clear result - victory of Ukraine over Russia.

So, he (Putin) can attack. I believe that this cannot be ruled out, - said Johnson.

In this context, he mentioned, among other things, Putin's interview with American journalist Carlson.

For example, I didn't like how he talked about Poland in his terrible interview. And I think he might try to do something like that, - Johnson explained.

Vova said he talked to Emmanuel. Earlier Vova spoke about Valera. Here's a fraternal mention of the president of France and the ex-Head of Committee on many topics. Mmm...

Zelensky reported that 31 thousand Ukrainian military personnel have died in the war against the occupiers. He did not mention the number of wounded. It makes sense.

Ukraine seeks invitation to NATO summit in Washington in the summer of 2024, - wrote in the TG-channel of the Head of the President's Office one of the writers who leads Yermak's channel and illustrated the post with a photo with Johnson.

Ah, Ukraine under Yermak and Zelensky is so eager to receive an invitation to NATO that nothing is being done in that direction, they are not pressing the partners in any way, and Americans are directly saying so. For example, this was pointed out by former US ambassadors Herbst and Vershbow at the KBF at the end of last year. Experts in Washington also say so. And this is a conscious choice of Zelensky and Yermak. To talk, do nothing, and then offendedly claim that they were expecting, and the West again deceived them. Shameful practice with a predictable outcome. They can continue to write. Telegram can handle everything. But writing about the desire and only simulating it is a waste of time.

Our counteroffensive plan was on the table in the Kremlin from last year until the beginning of this offensive. So, I will not disclose the details of the new plan. The fewer people know about the plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the faster victory will come.

I understand correctly that the president acknowledged that there is Russian influence in the country's top leadership? Less than a dozen people saw the full plan. So who is the mole with access?



Zelensky stated that during the full-scale invasion of Russia, 31 thousand Ukrainian soldiers died.

Thirty-one thousand Ukrainian soldiers have died in this war. Not 300 thousand, not 150 thousand, as Putin and his lying circle claim. But each loss is a great loss for us. One hundred and eighty thousand Russians have died, the president said.

He noted that 180,000 Russians have died, and the total losses along with the wounded amount to 500,000.



Putin is not calling, as he does not want to end the war, Zelensky stated.

He doesn't have a mobile phone, how will he call me? And I don't work with a telegraph from 1917 anymore. He won't call me, he doesn't want to end this war. As of today, - he said at a press conference.

Why does this remind me of the story about May kebabs and coffee in Crimea? Are they deliberately not working on mistakes?



The Ukrainian Armed Forces already have a new counteroffensive plan, reported Zelensky.

The main thing is to have a plan. And this plan exists. I cannot tell you the details of this plan. I will explain to you: the fewer people know the plans of the Ukrainian army, the faster victory will come and an unexpected result for the Russians, - the President of Ukraine said.

He said that Ukraine's counteroffensive plan in 2023 was known to the Russians even before it began.

I will say frankly, our counteroffensive actions of last year were on the Kremlin's table even before the counteroffensive actions started. Period, - said Zelensky.



Sweden will provide military assistance to Ukraine in excess of $680 million.

Summing up#тижденьвцифрах

Understanding that Telegram may be banned for us, I created a channel on Viber. If you have a desire and need, then subscribe. Exclusives will be there too.




Minister of Defense and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces will be responsible for the construction of fortifications.

The head and the Minister of Defense will be responsible for this. As far as I know, this was done at a high level on the Kupyansk direction and is taken as an example for other areas, - said Zelensky at the press conference.

Is a new RF offensive possible from the north? Why does the government refuse to acknowledge its mistakes and not apologize for them? Why is Zelensky interested in ratings? Are they preparing for elections in the Office? Why did they start removing other generals after Zaluzhny? What is happening in the Armed Forces of Ukraine? Is the government aiming to discredit mayors of cities? What commission was created to control Klitschko? When will there be normal communication between the government and society? What can Ukraine expect in the near future? Renowned Ukrainian scientist, political scientist and political technologist Victor Bobyrenko answered these questions in a conversation with Borislav Bereza. Watch all the details in this video.

00:00 Interview with Viktor Bobyrenko for Borislav Bereza

01:30 Is a possible RF attack on Kyiv?

13:03 Why doesn't the government apologize for its mistakes?

31:44 Why are other generals being removed after Zaluzhny?

43:08 Did the GPU take up the discredit of the mayors of the city?

53:06 When will there be normal communication between the government and society?

59:03 Are they preparing for elections on Bankova Street?

01:05:12 What are the closest scenarios for Ukraine




The use of Russian and Iranian drones and North Korean weapons indicates a "grave deficit," Zelensky said.

If Russia takes on Iranian Shahed drones, North Korean Soviet artillery and their missiles, this means that for them, this year is also crucial. They also have a great deficit, - said the president.

He believes that for Russians, the year 2024 will also be a turning point due to a major shortage on the front.



Russian drone tracked the motorcade in which the head of the German Foreign Ministry Annalena Berbock was during her visit to Mykolaiv.

The drone approached a convoy of cars with the German minister on the way to the desalination plant located 50 kilometers from the front line. Usually, the appearance of a UAV is followed by an air attack.

The visit to the hydraulic structures had to be canceled for safety reasons.



The coming months will be difficult for Ukraine, warned President Zelensky.

He noted that“it will be difficult for us in March-April”.

We will go through periods of different waves: political, financial, and different pressure. Russia will prepare counter-offensive actions at the beginning of summer or in late May, if they can - said Zelensky.

He said that the Russians"будуть готуватися” -> "will be prepared", however, Ukraine will also be preparing for battle.

I believe that their fight, which started on October 8, did not bring any results. On our part, we will prepare our plan. The turning point will be the elections in the USA. And after that, we will understand what will happen next, - explained Zelensky.



More than 21 thousand military personnel and 8 thousand units of equipment were lost by the Russians on just the Tavriysky direction since the beginning of 2024.

Let's sum up#тижденьвцифрах



😢Russians again shot Ukrainian soldiers who surrendered.

Another war crime likely occurred on February 24, 2024 in the Bahmut region. In the video we managed to obtain, it is seen that Ukrainian soldiers surrender: their hands were raised up, they showed they were unarmed and not a threat. Instead of taking them as prisoners, the Russians ruthlessly shot them, reported ombudsman Lubinets.

He pointed out that the exact number of executed Ukrainians by the Russians is unknown, probably there were at least seven. These are members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This execution is a war crime! Currently, we also know from which military unit of the Russian army soldiers brutally executed Ukrainians," the ombudsman said.

This festive tank exploded on the Ukrainian mine and its fire pleases our eyes. Oh, they can when they want. Good Russian tank. Very good. ))



The winner of the competition for the position of the head of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption was Viktor Pavlushchik.

All six members of the commission voted for him, but there still needs to be a corresponding decision by the government.

Currently Pavlushchyk is a senior detective, head of the detectives department of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine.

Dmytro Marchenko! Happy birthday, mate! Until you turn 120, Marcello, and may everything you have planned come true! And may feathers grow in the throats of your enemies!



Ukraine can still win the war against Russia, said White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

Of course, Ukraine can win. Of course, Ukraine has already achieved military success in one of the most important goals it had, which was to prevent the country from falling into the hands of Russia," Sullivan said during an interview on NBC's Sunday program.

But Ukraine can only do thisif she has the necessary tools.

And that's why the United States needs to provide the aid package that was adopted as a result of broad bipartisan Senate voting - the House [of Representatives] needs to step up and approve it, - Politico quotes Sullivan.

He noted thatWe observe some failures, including in recent days, because Ukraine did not have enough ammunition to defend the city of Avdiivka in the east..

But in the end, Ukraine still has the potential, if we give it the tools and resources needed to win this war, - Sullivan said.

It depends on us, the United States and our allies and partners, to fulfill our commitments, - added advisor.



Ukraine began investigating the shooting of unarmed Ukrainian prisoners of war in the Bachmut district.

The footage from a drone camera shows that representatives of the RF Armed Forces initially ordered our defenders to leave the trench. Then, having gathered all the defenders in one place and stepped back a few meters, the enemy opened fire on them with automatic rounds. The military of the aggressor state deliberately killed the wounded and unarmed Ukrainian soldiers, ignoring the norms of international humanitarian law, - reported in the Prosecutor General's Office.

My decalogue. By points:

1. ZSU - you are strong! Thank you!

2. National Guard - you are the force! Thank you!

3. Teroborona - you are force! Thank you!

4. Airborne troops and Air Force - you are strong! Thank you!

5. The SSO and the Border Guards - you are strong!

6. Aerobomers and drone pilots - you are a flying force! Thank you!

7. Police - you are strong! Thank you!

8. SBU, GUR MO and DSNS - you are powerful! Thank you!

9. All forces of defense of Ukraine - you are strength! Thank you very much!

10. People of Ukraine - incredible power!

PS. Russian fascists - you're shit! Potentially already dead. Mostly stupid, aggressive and stinky. You're welcome!



If today or in the coming months Ukraine could get 10 Patriot systems for key industrial centers, if we could apply these systems closer to the front line, we would break their defense lines and move forward. This would drastically change the situation.



We have gathered for you the most important things you might have missed by February 25th:

🔹Unknowns in Poland scattered from Ukrainian wagons 160 tons of grain at a Polish railway station, which were travelling in transit to other countries of the world.

🔹Behind the motorcade in which the head of the German Foreign Ministry, Annalena Berbock, was travelling during a visit to Mykolaiv region, tracked Russian drone.

🔹Russian troops from a drone threw an explosive device onto the territory of an enterprise in Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk region. A man died.

🔹As a result of the massive Russian nocturnal shelling of Kostiantynivka in Donetsk region damaged over 70 buildings.

🔹 Energetics restored reserve line of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which provides power supply to the facilities on the nuclear power plant site.

🔥SBU detained a group of residents of Chernihiv and Kyiv regions who were preparing a drone attack on the Patriot air defense missile system. Scum.

"They were detained just before the task was carried out, when they were already assembling the drones. Prior to that, at the request of the FSB, they underwent the appropriate operator training," said Malyuk.

I don't even know what to call them. And I believe that if their guilt is proven, life imprisonment would be fair. They are not human. Bio-waste, like rubbish.



Great Britain will provide Ukraine with another 200 Brimstone missiles.

Let's summarize#тижденьвцифрах

Levada published the results of a survey conducted in Russia. I understand well that sociology in Russia is influenced by fear of potential punishment and overall level of hysteria. At the same time, the Levada Center remains the only social service that is perceived in the West as a source of data. And now the data themselves:

Do you support Putin if he immediately concludes peace (ceasefire) with Ukraine? Yes - 70%

Would you support Putin if, upon reaching peace with Ukraine, he returns the "conquered territories"? Yes - 34%

Well then. So, another 36% of Russians have not buried their children, fathers, husbands, friends, neighbors or colleagues to change their mind. So, they have not had enough of war. So, the Armed Forces will work on strengthening the desire of the Russian people to give up territories and end the war. But the fact that there is an increase in the number of people tired of war in Russia is good. And this is seen in the Kremlin. And when they exceed 50% - then changes will come.



What can three huge men oppose to one woman? However, she resists.lioness.

📹 Science girl / X

Russians have now shelled Kherson, Dnipro, and Kharkiv. Hold on, friends. I am not surprised that the Russians are hitting civilian population. This rabble only knows how to fight like that. Russians are not human. Bio garbage.



Ursula von der Leyen, Justin Trudeau, and Alexander De Croo enjoy Ukrainian borscht with dumplings on the train "Ukrzaliznytsia".

📹 "Ukrzaliznytsia"



Some people doubt this experiment. They say that the rope is at an angle, so people lose.

And what about this experiment?

There are such dates that you want to hate...

It's worth talking about them after all,

At least to remember

Who is true, though and unprofitable.

Remember those who have made decisions

Despite that, everything around gave a crack.

Be stronger and braver.

Who walks the sinful roads all these days,

Meeting those who died in the war

Only in a dream... where it is peaceful and cozy.

Mariupol angels... Evgen Malishev.

Matsievsky, Da Vinci, Town Hall

Tens of thousands of brave people who left this world with dignity...

Rest peacefully now...

In memory of those who preserved Ukraine...