Mar 2, 2022 - Day 7

⚡️Bayraktars in Sumshchyna.

About 80 pieces of equipment have been neutralized in Romny district, half of them being "Grad" rocket launchers. Additionally, there are about 100 units, mostly tanks and APCs.

🎹 And here's the folk song "Bayraktar" as a gift for you.

The USA plans to close the airspace for Russian planes.

Latest News from the Wall Street Journal: 📰

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Do you remember the tale about "ihthamnet"? Now it's reality: there is no more Russian technology in Sumy region. 💪✅

Thank you to the local defense for cleaning up!

🧠Are Russian deputies starting to wake up? - They are urging Putin to stop the war!


- BBC. Russian service

🌆 Kherson.

The occupiers continue to shell the city. They have hit one of the high-rise buildings.


📹 And this video was sent to us from Kharkiv. They were beating peaceful residents in the city center on Freedom Square.

Kharkiv residents: "Freedom cannot be taken away. Glory to Ukraine!"

The invaders entered Trostianets with three columns and occupied the city.

According to journalists, Russian troops entered Trostyantsa in three columns on March 1st and occupied the city. They demolished the gates to Krugly Dvir (a manor house, an architectural monument of the 18th century) with a tank and destroyed the art gallery.

Direct speech of correspondent Andriy Kramchenkov: "They are hiding behind civilians. Artillery and "Bayraktars" are working on them outside the city, and now they have practically hidden themselves behind the civilian population."

💙💛 "Ukrposhta" conducts a contest of sketches under the title: "Russian military ship, go... f*ck off!"

The competition is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Ukrainian brand.

"The brand will definitely be international, so that everyone can send it to any country. The terms are concise because there is a real hurry to stick it on a postcard," - says the company's message.

Russia without satellites!

At least the hacker group NB65 promises the loss of control by Russia over its spy satellites, supposedly having hacked the flight control center of Roscosmos.

🔥 Compilation of destroyed tanks by the Trostianets territorial defense from the mayor.

Canada has closed its ports and territorial waters for Russian ships!

⚡️ The United States and its allies are closing their airspace for Russian aviation.

- Biden in his address to Congress.

⚡️ What did Joe Biden say?

The USA is blocking the assets of the Central Bank of Russia, which will hinder its efforts to save the ruble from rapid devaluation.

The U.S. Department of Justice is establishing a task force to investigate the assets of Russian oligarchs and their freezing.

The US forces are not being involved and will not directly get involved in defending Ukrainian land, but they will defend every inch of the territory of NATO countries.

🇺🇦🇺🇸 Joe Biden's speech was interrupted by applause for Ukraine.

The entire US Congress, government, judges, and President Joe Biden applauded Ambassador Markarova and Ukraine. The Ukrainian diplomat was invited as an honorary guest and took a seat next to the First Lady of the United States of America.

💪🇺🇦 "President Putin thought he could enter Ukraine - and the world would turn upside down."

On the other hand, he encountered a wall of strength he never imagined.

Ukrainian people.

— Biden declared.

In Kherson, the railway station and river port are under the control of Russian forces.


The city leader of Kolyhaev, however, stated that the municipal authorities continue to work in order to ensure the functioning of the city.

‼️ Attention! When describing the war in Ukraine, do not use such maps!

They do not correspond to reality. Russian forces do not occupy the territory! The occupants are advancing along the main roads and routes, occupying key transportation junctions.

They are unable to capture territory and hold it for long, so maps of Ukrainian land capture are manipulations. In these territories, there are hundreds of villages and settlements that the occupants have not even seen!

Maintain information hygiene and keep a cool mind.

Everything will be Ukraine!

In the Ministry of Defense 😃

They report, that the Belarusian forces are put on combat readiness and deployed in areas close to Ukraine.

"Where the hell are those damn Belarusians, damn it."

Yuri Gudimenko

Epic battle near Bashtanka. The enemy lost over 200 units of equipment. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have a new Pantsir!





Kharkiv before and after "liberation".





In Dnipro air alarm - everyone to the shelter.

⚡️ Kropyvnytskyi, air alarm! Take cover!

Welcoming land, embraced from above,

From your pocket, a sunflower will bloom. ✨

Death, occupant, do not wear black.

Your death wears yellow and blue.

We stand! Glory to Ukraine!

Rostislav Zагорнов

We ask for maximum spread of admins for Ukrainian channels! Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram.

Officially 🇺🇦

The BeginningScale channel is moderated by a Russian IPSO!

Military personnel, stop adjusting the enemy's fire!

Stop giving him online information about object damage, troop movements, positions, and the mood in units.


Death to enemies 🔥


General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the number of Russian military personnel killed in six days in Ukraine was compared to several years during the two Chechen military campaigns.

Putin's army lost as many soldiers in Ukraine in just a couple of days as fallen in the years of the war in Chechnya.

This is the case when the performance of the anthem of Ukraine on the stage of the Metropolitan, on the stage of the world's leading opera, evokes pride for our country. The whole world is with us.

In Russia yesterday, an event occurred that is even beyond one's imagination. The police detained children for... anti-war posters.

Ekaterina Zavizion and her friend Olga Alter and their children (Sofia Gladkova, 7 years old, Lisa Gladkova 11 years old, Gosha Petrov 11 years old, Matvey Petrov 9 years old, and David Petrov 7 years old), yesterday, March 1st, went to lay flowers at the Ukrainian Embassy. The children drew a poster and went with it. The police took them all. At first, they were held in a police van, then taken to the station. After it became known, they were released. But before that, the children's parents had their phones taken away and were threatened with the loss of parental rights. And this is Russia. They can really take away. For an anti-war poster. All of this surpasses even the Nazis.

A brief account of the seventh day of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Sumy region continues to warmly welcome the invaders. The meeting was lively and spirited.

‼️WARNING! An air alarm has been declared in Kiev!

We ask everyone to urgently take shelter in the civil defense!


‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!

Head of Mordovia stated that Russian Colonel Viktor Isaykin was disposed of in Ukraine. And why did he refer to his death as "assistance to the people's republics of Bombassa". I'm wondering, didn't this colonel want to die at home? Maybe after this, the rest of the scum will decide that they have no business coming to us? Not sure. But it would be good.

Soon Russians will be convinced that eating crap is normal. The scum will believe it and consume. It's still scum.

This is outrageous!!! This is the line at an ATM in the south of Moscow. While everyone is waiting in line, the first ones who reached the ATM found out that there is no money left. And what to do? They didn't want to go to a protest against the war with Ukraine, so they will keep queuing at empty ATMs. 👀🏧

Sberbank of Russia has announced that it is leaving the European market. Well, it's not leaving on its own, but it was kicked out, but still, it's nice.

In Israel, citizens are showing massive support for Ukraine - they are going to join the International Battalion, organizing volunteer work, and protesting in order to make the government more loyal to Ukraine. The most interesting thing is that this movement is supported not only by those who are from the former USSR and Ukraine, but also by native Israelis. And I haven't seen any protests in support of Russia's actions, although some people from Russia still talk about propaganda. But after the shelling of Babyn Yar by the Russians, it's difficult. So Israeli people have already figured out who the Russians are and who the victims are.

And here is a link to the most popular Russian-language political Telegram channel in Israel. And it also engages in collecting volunteer assistance for Ukraine.

⚡️Sberbank announced its decision to exit the European market.

The bank announced that its structures encountered "an anomalous outflow" of funds and a threat to the safety of employees and branches.





Ukrainian warriors continue to drive out the occupiers from Ukraine. Some occupiers are lucky and they leave Ukraine alive. But clearly, not everyone is so lucky.

Just now an explosion occurred in the center of Kharkiv. 😮

After the imposition of sanctions, the Central Bank of Russia has not conducted trading on its stock exchange for the third day. Apparently, they will soon switch to barter trade. They will exchange pants for bast shoes. The price for invading Ukraine will continue to rise every day more and more.

Where we are, there are battles.

Glory to Ukraine!

Information from the SES (State Emergency Service)

As of 8:00 on March 2nd, in Kharkiv region.

During the past day, from March 1st to March 2nd, the enemy continued to carry out airstrikes and shell peaceful residential areas of Kharkiv and the region. Bombs, rockets, and shells hit residential buildings and civilian objects. As a result, fires and destruction occurred constantly. People died. Many were injured.

Around 8 am, enemy rockets hit the building of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, causing destruction in the building and claiming the lives of at least 7 people. 24 individuals were injured, 11 of whom are currently in critical condition. These are only preliminary data. Among the injured is 1 child. Rescuers provided assistance in rescuing the victims, clearing the rubble, and retrieving the injured and the bodies of the deceased from under them. 4 fire tankers, a first aid vehicle, SAR-M L, as well as 2 units of communal equipment were involved. Due to constant shelling and the likelihood of further airstrikes, the work on dismantling the structures has been suspended.

Also, since the beginning of the day, 58 departures of rescuers of the State Emergency Service for fire extinguishing have been recorded.

The largest one happened in Kharkiv, on Novovodarsky Ave, 95. There, an enemy missile hit a residential 5-story building. According to preliminary data, 8 people died and 6 were injured. At 13:21, rescue units were dispatched to extinguish the fire. 6 fire tankers, 2 emergency-rescue vehicles SARМ-L, and 1 ladder truck were involved. 38 people were saved by firefighters. The fire was extinguished at 17:45.

Overall, there were fires that occurred:

m. Kharkiv:

Kyivsky - 31

Industrial - 6

Shevchenkisky - 4;

Slobidskyi district - 3

Novovabarsky - 2

Moskovsky - 1

Nemyshliansky -1.

Kharkiv region:

Kharkiv district - 6

Iziumsky - 3

In addition, rescuers made 21 trips to help the population and eliminate the consequences of enemy shelling, which were not accompanied by fires.

Also, rescuers received about 200 applications for the detection of unexploded ordnance. Pyrotechnic units constantly carry out demining and removal of explosive objects.

How to survive in the city during wartime?

The website, the one, which was working on Maidan - has been rebuild ✅

Interactive map with up-to-date information about working people:

💊 Pharmacies

⛽ Gas station

🍴 Grocery stores

📦 Humanitarian aid items (food, clothing)

🐶 Pet stores

🚑 Medical Aid Stations

🛡️ Shelter

You can add new points and comments regarding existing ones. The information will be published immediately after moderation.

The Russian scumbags shelled the maternity hospital in Mariupol, as reported by the Mariupol City Council.

Fortunately, there were no casualties. "The Left Bank Maternity House continues its work! Giving birth, performing surgeries, treating patients! And it will continue this way, despite anything! Today, three babies were born! Life goes on!" - according to the city council's message.

🔥❤️ 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade Holodnyi Yar:

Let's start this morning with some good news. Units of the 93rd Coldyvar Brigade have pushed back the enemy on separate sections to the border with Russia. Coldyvar soldiers have defeated enemy columns and confiscated a lot of equipment from the Russians. Details and photos to follow.

The mentality of Ukrainians and Russians is absolutely opposite. I noticed that in Russia, when mentioning Kadyrov's men, Russians get scared, lower their eyes, and try to be invisible. The main question is "Where to run away?". In Ukraine, when mentioning Kadyrov's men, people's eyes light up and they rush to get rid of them with shouts of "Let's go there quickly! There's a lot of tasty stuff! Just grease your bullets with lard!". The main question is "Where to find them?".

Two neighboring countries and such different reactions. But I like it.

❌🇷🇺 Traffic jams from broken Russian equipment. Bucha. Please don't marry urbanists.

As it turned out, the building of the Sociology Faculty of the National University named after Karazin is on fire, which was located across the road from the Ministry of Internal Affairs building. Kharkiv. The scoundrels were aiming at the Security Service building, but "high-precision" missiles and inherent clumsiness helped them hit a civilian object.

"This is not fake, but my son!" In Russia, they started recognizing their "liberators" in captivity in Ukraine.

Russian mothers have started to panic, demanding that the authorities return their sons - soldiers who went to war in Ukraine and became prisoners of war. The captured invaders were identified through videos and photos that were distributed by the Ukrainian military and media, aiming to make Russians understand that the Russian Federation has invaded our territory.

On one of such videos, a resident of Buryatia recognized her 25-year-old contractor son. After realizing what was happening, she convinces everyone that "this is not fake."

"I want people to understand that this is not fake. Here, I am his mother. He called me and I saw this video. Yesterday, everyone started writing to me: 'Prove that this is not fake.' But I don't want to prove anything. I'm just telling you - this is my son," the woman said.

Resident of the capital of the Republic of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, mother of a captive contractor, who went out into the city streets with a solo picket. The woman stood near the monument of Lenin and unfolded a banner saying "No to war." On camera, she said, "I am the mother of Sergey Ochirov, who was shown yesterday. I don't want there to be a war."

The woman said that allegedly only in February of this year he was sent for training to Belarus, and he contacted his family on the 23rd and "did not mention anything about being transferred to Ukraine"

"If they knew where they were sending him, they would have forced him to leave the army," said the mother of the captive occupant, adding that on February 28th, her son called and confessed that he was injured in the shoulder and was in the hospital. On the same day, she saw a video.

"I see that my son is confused in the video. Why is he alone in the video? Where are the other boys? Where is that column carrying ammunition? No one knows anything. Who captured him as a prisoner? Are these Nazis or Ukrainian forces? These are different concepts, it turns out. Nazis - they are ruthless. I just don't know anything. Absolutely nothing. I just want my son to come home," - the local media quoted the words of the mother of a captured Russian occupant in the style of the usual propaganda for the aggressor country, Russia. All of this is reported by "Observer".

Some thoughts of a political scientist

Vladimir Pastukhov

(RF) - Russia.

Putin, the Kremlin, Russia, and Russians are now seen as synonymous in the eyes of the global public opinion. No one will separate sanctions against the Kremlin from sanctions against Russia anymore. From this moment, Russia bears collective responsibility for the actions of its government.

2. Russia's reputation is equated with the reputations of the most taboo regimes of the 20th century. To fix this, - if it can be fixed, - it will take decades. A sanitary cordon is starting to be built around Russia, like around a quarantine barrack.

3. Sanctions regime against Russia - serious and long-lasting. Over the next few years, there will be a restructuring of global economic relations that will be built around Russia and without its participation. Russia awaits a painful degradation of its entire economic and social infrastructure.

4. Inside Russia, a theocratic totalitarian regime will be established without pretending to be postmodern liberalism. Its guiding ideology will be similar to that found in totalitarian religious sects. Russia itself will conform to all the classic examples of literary dystopias of the 20th century.

5. Striving to break the blockade, the Kremlin's top will constantly balance on the brink of nuclear suicide, and it is not excluded that in the very near future it will officially declare war on the USA. But even without this risk, nuclear catastrophe will become a permanent nightmare for several generations.

Ho-ho-ho! Awakening, it is so painful.

Owner of one of the largest retail networks in Siberia, Victor Shkurenko.

🔥 Block diversionary resources.

📴 Translation: Off

We share the most effective means of blocking👇


Here will be sent disruptive resources for blocking and detailed instructions on how to do it.

Link to the chatbot -

🇯🇵🇧🇾 Japan plans to scare the mustache-wearing cockroach with sanctions. I'm not against it.

🇯🇵The samurai has no goal. There is only a path. And this path is lined with the bodies of Russians.

A mayor has been detained for state treason.

South city of Kharkiv region, Oleksandr Briukhanov.

Together with him - his deputy, the head of the local police department and the district inspector.

This is war. Every action of the enemy is a betrayal of the country. Let's be strong!


In Russian media, surnames of dead occupiers began to appear.

"He still has a wife and two children... Well, first of all, this piece of Russian shit has a widow and two orphans left. You need to write correctly. And secondly, there will be many more widows and orphans like this in Russia. Russians, don't forget to say thank you to Putin for this."

147 hours of defense - report from Oleksiy Reznikov.

🔸Russian occupiers are trying to somehow maintain the combat readiness of their units. But things are getting worse and worse.

This is evidenced by repeated facts of capture of groups of Russian soldiers with officers. And also the refusal to continue the offensive.

📍In Russia, relatives of captives and deceased persons begin to take part in protests. The total deceit of Russian propaganda is starting to crack.

⬛️The enemy was afraid of direct contact with Ukrainian defenders. That is why they switched to the criminal tactic of remote shelling of peaceful cities.

🔘 Strikes by aviation and missiles from the territory of Russia and Belarus on residential buildings and schools, shelling of maternity houses with rocket artillery systems - this is a cowardly behavior of those who have no honor. These are not soldiers - these are terrorists, representatives of a terrorist state. And this stain will last for a long time.

Enemy attacked peaceful Zhytomyr viciously. This is an attempt to retaliate out of fear for the successful execution of the task by the 95th brigade in the Joint Forces Operation (JFO). Occupiers aimed at the brigade's barracks and nearby residential buildings.

Currently, many of our cities and villages are suffering from Russian terror, but perhaps the most affected are Kharkiv, Mariupol, and Kherson.

This is further evidence that there is no such thing as a "Russian world." There is a Nazi ideology in the minds of a few maniacs who are currently holding power in Russia.

◾️There are Ukrainian citizens who speak different languages, go to different churches and prayer houses, and together resist the Russian occupiers heroically.

◾️And we will definitely win!

Yesterday, I had a long conversation with the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. Even experienced American military personnel are impressed by the professionalism of our defenders and the resilience of our people.

The amount of aid we receive is increasing. The number of countries providing this assistance is increasing. Even those who were considered impossible to join are joining.

New Bayraktars have already arrived in Ukraine and are now on combat duty. There will be more Stingers and Javelins.

Europe is turning into our rear and supplying critically necessary defense. We are at the forefront of the free world.

I salute everyone who is defending their home from the Russian invasion today.

I bow my head to those who gave their lives.

After the victory, we will honor their memory so that even after a century, Ukrainians will respect the heroes of Hostomel, Kherson, Chernihiv, Sumy, Schastia, Volnovakha, Kharkiv, Mariupol, Ohtyrka, and other cities, just as we honor our heroic ancestors, starting from the legendary princes.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes of Ukraine!

Bucha, Kiev region. The fascists have come and polluted the entire street with scrap metal. And now we have to clean up this garbage...

Today, Ukrainians are a symbol of resilience. A symbol that people in any country, at any moment, can become the best people on earth. Glory to Ukraine!

It turned out that the invaders have a serious intolerance to borscht. They die just by looking at it. It's simply a disaster.

Consequences of the shelling of Zhytomyr.

Putin ran out of soldiers and decided to take over Ukraine with the help of 9th graders?

In Russia, the research group Russian Field, together with political figure Maxim Katz, conducted a study that revealed the level of support among Russians for Russian aggression against Ukraine. The research results have been published on their website.

"More than half of the respondents, 58.8%, support Russia's actions on the territory of Ukraine. There is a correlation between age and a positive evaluation of the "special operation". The older the respondents, the more they support the "special operation". Thus, the level of support among young people (18-29 years old) is just over 40%, while among Russians over 60 years old it reaches over 70%", the study says.

The research clearly shows a correlation between numbers considering age and education.

"Also, the younger the age of the respondents, the more negative they feel about Russia's actions in Ukraine. Half of the respondents aged 18 to 44 gave a negative evaluation. The higher the level of education of the respondents, the lower the level of support for the "special operation". More than two-thirds of respondents with secondary and vocational education support actions in Ukraine, and almost a quarter do not. Among those who expressed negative views, half have a university degree, and a third have incomplete higher education. Among those who did not finish school or technical college, a quarter do not support actions in Ukraine," clarify the authors of the study.

At the same time, according to the received responses, most Russians expect negative consequences from actions in Ukraine - rising prices, imposition of new sanctions against Russia and an economic crisis. And as for the positives, they mention: increased influence of Russia in the world, recognition of "L/DNR" on the global stage, and expansion of the territory of the Russian Federation.

"Young respondents and middle-aged participants are not inclined to see positive consequences of the 'special operation' in Ukraine. Older respondents often mention the expansion of Russia's influence in the world, however, negative forecasts also dominate among the consequences. Russians also predict a number of other consequences: the risk of a third world war, complete collapse in all spheres of Russian society, economic recovery of Russia, improvement of the lives of Russians, unification of Russia and Ukraine, establishment of order in the territory of Ukraine by Russia, peace in the 'L/DNR' and even a change of regime in the Russian Federation," the research results indicate.

One of Russia's wealthiest oligarchs Roman Abramovich, considered one of the sponsors of the Putin regime, has put up for extremely urgent sale not only his Chelsea football club, but also elite real estate owned by him in London.

British MP Chris Bryant, quoted by The Times, reported this.

Bryant says that Abramovich is "horrified by the sanctions". The deputy appeals to the British government with a public call to act as quickly as possible to impose sanctions before the sale of assets and prevent Abramovich's money from entering. "He plans to sell his London house tomorrow, as well as his apartment," claims the parliamentarian from the opposition Labour Party.

Oil magnate and one of Putin's close oligarchs, Abramovich, whose fortune was estimated at $14.5 billion in 2021, is a citizen of Russia, Portugal, and Israel, as well as a resident of London. Formally, he is considered the wealthiest "Portuguese" in the world and is among the top ten richest Londoners.

The National Bank has allowed citizens to withdraw cash currency from their accounts.

But subject to limitation. The equivalent is no more than 30,000 hryvnias.

This is how we will remember spring 2022.

Come up with a caption yourself 😂

In the meantime in Russia: boys as young as 20 are sent into battle.

You are much better than your worthless army.

Russian military before departure to Ukraine.

Wow! Pleasantly surprised! By the way, what about the others?

The latest invasion map from analyst Nathan Ruser from ASPI Cyber Policy.

Russian occupation forces are practically only on the highways. They do not have control over the territories.

Guitar player!

Homework for Ukraine

Sorry, but it's amazing! And this celebration isn't ending. ))

February 1, 2022

Gazprom: $102 billion.

Sberbank: $75 billion.

Rosneft: $63 billion

1st of March 2022

Gazprom: $36 billion

Rosneft: $31 billion.

Sberbank: $7 billion

At least 70 volunteers from Japan are heading to Ukraine to aid the armed forces in the war against Russia, Reuters reports. Among them are 50 veterans of the Japanese self-defense forces and two from the French Foreign Legion.

That's the end of Sichkovschina. Just as I said. I fully support the decision to change these leaders. It's interesting to see if they will leave Ukraine. I won't be surprised.

She is now my hero. She told the Prime Minister of Great Britain to his face what we all think. My gratitude to her!!!

After the closure of Apple stores in Russia, they started selling MacBooks for over 1 million rubles. That's 10,000 dollars 💲.

Konotop. Mayor of Konotop Artem Semenikhin sent the occupiers after a ship.

"The Russians came to us and said that I should give the city under their control. I said, 'Go fuck yourselves! You are occupiers.' And they replied, 'We are not occupiers. We have a special operation. Let's cooperate. Burin is cooperating.' I said, we will not cooperate. It's a fucking disaster. They are coming to us at 12:00. We are preparing cocktails, weapons, and fighting."

Crazy country. Absolutely crazy!

Oh, these Ukrainian nationalists-fascists! 😂

Starobilsk and Energodar. People are blocking the advancement of Russians.

Yevhen Zhukov, call sign "Marshal". Leader of the Patrol Police of Ukraine and a cyborg who went through the Battle of Donetsk Airport. His address to Belarusians. Zhenya knows what he's talking about. They should listen to him. It would be better.

Ah, come on Yanukovych, come back. We really missed you here.

Russian marking technique with the label Z, which is now nowhere to go.

Z - значить роZ’єбали.Translation: Z - means got fucked up.

😂The Russian paratroopers have landed at the airport in Mykolaiv: They are already suppressed to the ground.

They are asking to surrender - head of the ODA Kim

The fugitive president Viktor Yanukovych is currently in Minsk. The Kremlin is preparing him for a special operation, Ukrainian intelligence reports. According to one scenario, they will try to declare him "the president of Ukraine".

Vitya! Vityulya! Vitenka! Come, my dear. You can't even imagine how much we're waiting, you scoundrel, to reach you. Come. Fly or crawl. Anyway, get out of your hiding place. And surround yourself with Kadyrov's people. Well, just to be sure. And we'll meet you. Just to be sure. You, most importantly, show yourself. Bayraktars are waiting for you, imbecile.

PS Maybe he's just teaching Luka how to run away to Rostov better?

Breaking news! Yanukovych has been brought to Minsk so that he can lead a repair automotive depot for the damaged Russian machinery.

Akhtyrka. Hospitable warriors of the ZSU have collected sets of both whole and not very intact bodies of occupiers around the city and are now trying to give this garbage back to the Khokhols. Khokhols don't want to take out the trash.

Sobchak is escaping from Russia.

And where the hell are you going to fly, except go fuck yourself?

Another captive orc. And he also knew nothing. Apparently, there is an army of clueless ones there! And damn it.

! Mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy повідомив - informed

Men aged 18 to 60 who have been evacuated to Lviv region must arrive no later than 24 hours after their arrival.

To appear in the territorial centers of recruitment and social support in Lviv region for military registration.

During a state of war, orders from military administrations must be obeyed.

The Danish Armed Forces delivered 2700 disposable anti-tank rocket launchers M72 to Ukraine. Burn in hell, you beasts!

Bryansk. Hearse car with the marking Z providing ritual services.

🇧🇾🇺🇦 We were heading for training in Belarus, but we met the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Chernihiv region.

This is what happens when you go to "liberate" free and independent people! 😏

Glory to Ukraine!

‼️ In Kherson, unknown individuals on buses are using loudspeakers to call on people to go out onto the street.

They do this under the pretext of free bread distribution. Head of the Kherson Regional State Administration, Hennadiy Laguta, announces that

Regional and local authorities do not conduct such activities - this could be a provocation by the occupiers!

But in general, anyone can become a hero. For example, if Yanukovych had shot himself today, he would have become a hero. But he is a coward.

Head of the MFA of Ukraine Kuleba:

"Now we are ready for negotiations, but we are by no means going to accept any Russian ultimatums. When new negotiations will take place - is currently unknown."

To residents of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus

You apparently do not fully understand what is happening with us. I am writing this text without much hope that you will see the light, but maybe it will help someone.

We are not fascists. We love our country.

For many years, you have consumed tons of garbage information about Ukraine being captured by Nazis, Bandera followers who have taken control of power and are ruthlessly dealing with dissent. Even the best among you allowed themselves to entertain the thought and express it that we have been in a civil war since 2014.

This never happened.

Yes, in Donbass a resident of Horlivka shot at a resident of Berydchev. But who gave him the weapon? Who implanted the idea in his head that the person in front of him was an enemy? Who carried out these actions with their own hands? Who provided the money? Your authorities did this, and by the way, with your money. They started selling you a beautiful picture of us tearing each other apart, Ukrainians. And you enjoyed it, feeling superior to us. You liked it.

We are a democratic country and we have different views on everything. Until recently, it was very difficult to find agreement with Ukrainians. We always argue and we have our own opinion 😊 Now we are united. We have overcome authoritarianism like you have. We don't know how to march in formation. We don't want to think the same thought as everyone else. You thought about us without seeing us and without trying to understand us. You believed in the picture that your propagandists gave you, and since you are just human, you didn't even resist it.

Now you see who we are.

There is not a single city or village where you are now greeted as liberators. You are killed, burned, shot, and taken hostage. There is a very simple explanation for this, which most of you do not want to understand. But it is really very simple. So simple that even a very unintelligent person can realize it if they make a little effort.

You are not needed by us. We are not one people. We don't want to have anything to do with you. F*ck off from us and take care of yourself.

I reached these lines and caught myself thinking that not all of you are "lost sheep," involuntarily following Putin. Among you, there are those who consciously wanted to kill Ukrainians, those to whom their land was not enough, who lived in the captivity of ephemeral historical claims and have now decided to present them all at once.

I have only one answer for you. If you don't stop and come to our land with your nonsense - you will be killed.

Believe me, I take no pleasure in writing the word "kill". But that's how it is. You're not a superpower, you don't have the kind of country where a normal person would want to live, you're not an example to follow. You need to reassess yourself and calm down.

This text, surely, will not change anything. But it will hurt you. Within one week, you have become outcasts all over the planet. Your economy will continue to weaken. You and your children will be oppressed even more. Your contributions will be devalued, and in any part of the world (if, of course, you manage to leave somewhere), people will look at you contemptuously and spit on your back.

This is not a Bandera text, and if you heard any patriotic shout in it, it was just your imagination. I am completely calm and not trying to prove anything to anyone. Those to whom this text is addressed should understand everything themselves. We are normal people. We lived in peace with ourselves until you started shelling us. We don't expect you here and we will defend ourselves from you as much as we can.

Mayor of Kharkiv, Igor Terekhov, declared that the attitude of Kharkiv residents towards Russia has drastically changed and referred to the actions of the occupiers as genocide of the Ukrainian people.

Smila, Cherkasy region. New signs are being installed.

The saddest horse of the Russian Foreign Ministry has spoken. "Russia has many friends, and it cannot be isolated," Lavrov said.

Well, I don't know. Belarus, North Korea, Venezuela, and a couple of outcasts. Are these friends? With such friends, there's no need for enemies. It's a club of the miserable and damaged.

Approximately 400 Swedes have volunteered for the Ukrainian army, writes Anders Aslund, a Swedish citizen and economist living in Ukraine. "The foreign legion in Ukraine can become powerful," he notes.

This is a memorial book for the fallen patrol police officers. Today, these books closed the windows for possible defense against the enemy. Even after their death, the patrol officers protect the lives of their living colleagues.

The defense took equipment away from the "katsaps". Anyone surprised? This is now a new Ukrainian tradition.

🇷🇺🏦 Sberbank shares cost 1 cent on the London Stock Exchange.

Spread it.

Irpin. Terror. Two Russian Su-25 aircraft strike residential buildings. This happened today around ten in the morning, say eyewitnesses who captured these horrifying shots.

Who is stronger: the Russian army or the guys with smartphones? Here it's like everything is clear.

People force the Russian occupiers, raising their hands, to go f*ck off.

Putin is awesome! He managed to devalue Sberbank's shares to 1 cent. That's talent! Useless to anyone, but talent.

Here's a photo.


We have collected 20 of the scariest photos from yesterday's shelling in Kyiv.

Everyone of your foreign friend should see them.

Don't worry that their heart will start beating faster from the sight of a charred body of a Ukrainian, who just happened to be nearby. This, damn it, is reality.

And everyone should see it. The Russians are killing.

Let's already admit that the fascist invaders are indeed greeted with bread and flowers. First, they ask to repeat "slava Ukraine" (glory to Ukraine), and then they shoot and carry a wreath. Funeral.

📌Oleksiy Arestovych announced that today, March 2, the second round of negotiations with Russia will take place. The delegations will be composed of the same members.

Good news from Mordor:

Apple Pay - full block

Apple - full exit from the market. As they say, the last iPhone is the one you have.

Adidas - refusal to work with the national football team.

Audi - leaving the market.

AMD - ban on the supply of microchips and soon a ban on the supply of graphics cards.

Amazon - the full block of all retail will be for dessert.

Adobe - propaganda will now be drawn in paint. Oh, wait! Probably not. By hand.

British Petroleum - sold 20% of shares in Rosneft.

BBC - revocation of broadcasting licenses

BMW - closes factories, blocks shipments.

Bolt - 5 million euros in aid to Ukraine, to you - screw up.

Boeing - soon victory within the country only on low-cost airlines ✈️🏆

Chevrolet - leaving the market.

Cannes Festival - RF Block Delegation

Cadillac - leaving the market.

Carlsberg - import/export restriction.

Cex Io - crypto platform bans Russian users.

Cinema 4D - the application is not working.

Coca Cola - market exit.

Danone - leaving the market along with its subsidiary Prostokvashino, which your kids drink while ours sleep in basements.

Disney - cancellation of all movies

Dell - exit from the market

Dropbox will stop working in the country in a few days.

DHL - contact us for advice on how to deliver packages by hand and on foot, we are currently doing this with food and medicine throughout the city.

Eurovision - disqualification.

Ericsson - market exit

Exxon Mobil recalls all specialists from Russian oil companies.

Etsy - block of all balances on ru accounts

Facebook - bans accounts of Russian media.

FedEx - complete ban on deliveries.

Formula 1 - cancellation of the tournament in Sochi

Ford - is closing all stores.

FIFA - disqualification of the national team from the World Cup and a ban on playing any international matches in Russia.

Google Pay - partial block

Google - $15 million for humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Google Maps - info block for Russians

Get Contact - mailing to all users of truth.

General Motors - stops export.

HP - no more laptops will be imported.

Harley Davidson - end of supplies. Night Wolves will now be racing on Izh motorcycles with sidecars.

Instagram - blocking propaganda

Intel - ban on supply of microchips

Jaguar - leaving the market.

Jooble - they deleted the service and made a statement. However, why bother looking for a job now. Soon, only the OMON [Special Purpose Mobile Unit] will have it.

KUNA - mining crypto for Russian users without chances.

Lenovo - market exit.

LinkedIn is preparing for a full exit from the country.

MOK - cancellation of all competitions.

Mastercard - suspension of card production, disconnection of several banks.

Maersk - supply halt to/from Russia - farewell to clothes from Ali express and ASOS 🚫🛳️🇷🇺

Mercedes - leaving the country.

Megogo - removing all Russian movies 😔

Metro - 10k employees - going out.

Mitsubishi - employees of the 141 service center - are leaving.

Microsoft Office - a wide range of measures is discussed.

Mobile World Congress - the delegation was not accredited.

NFT - funds block of users from Russia and Belarus, transferring their money to Ukraine.

NHL - a complete block for players from Russia.

Netflix - a block for Russian subscriptions, stopping the production of Russian TV series.

Nike - closing all stores.

Nintendo - ban on purchases in rubles.

Nestle is closing all 6 factories in Russia.

OnlyFans - closure in the country, girls - onto the stage.

Paysera - блокировкаPaysera - блокировка translates to "Paysera - blockage" in English.

PayPal - freezing accounts for withdrawal.

Paramount - film distribution block.

Parimatch - franchise revoked.

Play Station - it is not possible to make a payment.

Pornhub - restricted access to content. Masturbate to Regina Todorenko or Maruv, who sang praises to your mega market a week ago.

Porsche - exiting Russia.

Renault - exit from the market.

Samsung pay - service blocked

Snapchat - out of the app in Russia and whoreussia, $15 million aid to Ukraine.

Scania - exit from Russia

SpaceX - delivery of Starlink to Ukraine.

Shell - termination of contract with Gazprom.

Spotify - subscription payment is not possible.

Sony - film distribution unit.

Twitter - citizens of the Russian Federation cannot create accounts 🚫 🇷🇺

TikTok - a massive ban on aggressive idiots and so-called media.

And this world hasn't even rolled up its sleeves yet. ))


‼️ Every Ukrainian should know their names!

The General Staff of Ukraine publishes lists of personnel of the 18th brigades and 23rd artillery regiments of the 303rd brigade of the 11th Army of the Airborne Forces and Air Defense of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, who are bombing Ukraine and killing civilians. ❗️

🦉 The individuals themselves, by committing criminal acts, signed their own sentence.

Merciless destruction! We are already looking for you!

Glory to Ukraine!

List 👉🏻

March has always been an extremely difficult and lethal month for many Russian rulers.

Stalin died on March 5th.

Alexander II was killed on March 13th.

Nicholas II abdicated on March 15th.

Ivan the Terrible died on March 18th.

Pavel I was killed with a snuffbox on March 24th.

As far as I remember, tobacco pouches are still available in Russia. So let's wait for good news.

⚡️⚡️The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed a Russian command post in the village of Dityatki near Chernobyl. Chief of Staff of the 36th Army of the Eastern Military District, Major General Sergei Nyrkov, fled during the Ukrainian special operation to Belarus, the city of Mozyr, abandoning the personnel who were subsequently destroyed by our army.

The European Union has disconnected VTB, banks "Russia," "Otkritie," Novikombank, Promsvyazbank, Sovcombank, and VEB from SWIFT.

I have only one question, but did the "katsapy" not want to hand over this equipment to us without intruding? Was it necessary to invade?

This is spot on!

I have a feeling that these scoundrels have decided to wipe Kharkiv off the face of the Earth. With some manic savagery, they are attacking residential areas and civilian population. But so far, what they have achieved is not panic and fear, but sincere, crystalline, exemplary hatred towards the occupiers. And this is in a city that has always been renowned for its pro-Russian views and maximum support for Kernes, Dobkin, the Opposition Platform - For Life, and other pro-Russian forces. And now the Kremlin is burning this Russophilia. It is burning it with bombs and missiles. These creatures cannot defeat us. That's why they want to destroy us. To suffocate us.

People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Roman Kostenko, in Nikolaev, right by the monument to those who died in World War II, explains to the locals that the Nazis - that's them. The rashists don't argue. They already understood that.

This is the number of the day. And this is Ukraine, babe!

TV tower in Lisichansk. Am I the only one who feels like there is some personal negative attitude towards TV towers?

Finally, there is a normal social advertisement.

The "Polyanitsa" Bread Factory invites captive occupiers to work. They guarantee a social (and not a funeral) package.

The EU has banned selling, supplying, and exporting banknotes denominated in euros to Russia. Euros will no longer be sent to Russia.

In addition, the European Union has banned investing money into projects financed jointly with the Russian Direct Investment Fund.

Putin, are you sleeping?

Chernihiv. Morning shelling.

The Russian patrol ship, which tried to create panic throughout Odessa this morning, went to hell.

We have nothing to do, except for rescuing various Russian sailors from the water.


School in Kharkiv. But in Russian reports, it will be another destroyed object of MILITARY infrastructure. Simply scum fighting against people.

The house in Irpen after it was shot by Russian aggressors.

Russian mental abilities have never been outstanding, but this dumbass just surpasses everyone. Although it's not certain that there aren't people there who are even bigger dumbasses than this one.

Official authorities have stated that over 2000 civilians have died since the start of the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

In the Israeli Russian-speaking press, a strong anti-Russian trend has emerged.

🔥Hello from the TerDefense and Rex 🐕

From one orc mobile in Bucha they got the documents. The orc itself is well done, baked strongly. And the documents have been preserved. In a leather bag. So pass it on to his relatives in the Russian Federation, so they don't need to wait for the occupant to return. Job well done.

Kharkiv after "denazification" in civilian objects.

Death to the invaders.

And at the same time in the center of Warsaw. Not photoshopped.

And this is great. YouTube has blocked the channel "Solovyov LIVE" in Europe. We are waiting for them to completely remove it.

And at this time, some marauders are lucky. Because they weren't killed. But they are being raised differently. This is the process of raising a marauder in Netyshyn, a satellite city of Khmelnytskyi Nuclear Power Plant. People here are kind. And they could have just shot them.

❗️🇺🇦 Ukraine has made a decision to release prisoners to their Russian mothers, if they come to Ukraine personally to retrieve them.

Tell your relatives and friends in Russia.

Russian soldiers. Surrender. And you will soon find yourself back home. Alive.

Good evening, we are from Ukraine 😂

"The threat of a direct collision between Russia and NATO exists," says Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, Grushko. 😟

Dude, are you stupid? Your scumbag army got swept away by ours like no one has ever beaten you before. Do you even understand what NATO will do to you? Or is this some strange Kremlin-suicide???

"Fantastic idiot!"

⚡️❗️Kievans, be cautious! Saboteurs have been found at the metro station, one of whom was hiding ammunition in a child's toy.

❕Currently, metro stations are functioning as civil defense shelters. Therefore, police are on duty there around the clock and carefully implement safety measures.

👮🏻The police are calling on:

In case of detecting suspicious individuals, follow personal safety measures and immediately inform law enforcement officers.

❕Keep calm and use official sources of information.

Our war in English-language memes.

God bless you, United States! It is not by chance that I chose to say "united". The seventh day in this terrible war has begun. A war in which we all feel as one.

We were all bombed last night in Kiev, and we all died again in Babi Yar from a missile attack. Despite the world consistently promising "never again!".

To the normative person who knows history, Babyn Yar is a special place in Kyiv. A special place in Europe. A place of prayers. A place of memory for thousands and hundreds of thousands of years who were murdered by the Nazis. A place of the ancient cemeteries of Kyiv. Why turn such a place into a target for missile attacks? You are killing the Holocaust victims once again.

During the Soviet era, a television center and a sports center were established from scratch, as well as a park, in order to erase the troubled history of Babi Yar. But why was it blown up? This act goes beyond human understanding. Such an attack proves that for many in Russia, Kyiv is completely foreign. They know nothing about our capital, about our history. Yet, despite this, they were instructed to destroy our history, our homeland. To destroy all of us.

On the first day of the war, an artist was heavily bombed. The place where hundreds and thousands of Jews come to pray each year. Afterwards, they attacked Babi Yar, where hundreds of thousands of Jews were shot to death.

I am addressing now, to all the Jews in the world- Can't you see what is happening here? Therefore, it is important that millions of Jews around the world do not remain silent to these sights. Because Nazism was born out of silence.

They cried out against the killing of civilians. They cried out the cry of the killing of Ukrainians!

Look at this elite Russian captive special forces. 10th separate special purpose brigade of the GRU v/ch 51532, based in Molkino, Krasnodar Krai. This brigade consists of several separate units, the 85th, 95th, 104th, and 551st. And as always, it didn't know that attacking Ukraine is not allowed. Now it knows. Other comrades of his were less fortunate. Our airborne troops simply wiped them out.

😂 Powerful response of Moscovites to sanctions!

Actually, it's a really dumb move. This tablet can be exchanged for a loaf of bread.

ASOS is a veeery popular online clothing store.

But not in Russia.

🚀 During the night, our anti-aircraft defense destroyed two Russian SU-35c fighter jets in Sumy region.

Together with the "air-to-air" missiles from the MiG-29, the local air defense missile brigade of the Air Command "Center" also practiced using the guided anti-aircraft missiles of the S-300 complex on the occupiers.

Air Force Command of UA Armed Forces

🚜🌻 Russians, don't be angry with our farmers.

Soon it will be planting season. You will become fertilizer, and your machinery will help sow the fields and harvest the crops.

Do you need it? Now the whole world sees your impotence against Ukraine.

Yarmola is amazing! A real dedication from him as he says to the Russian national football team: "Why are you sitting there like shit-smeared and not saying anything?"

⚠️ Yuri Gudimenko:

I have bad news:

We don't have the Belarusian paratroopers, damn it, we are tired of waiting for them. We need their tanks.

Good news:

The Luhansk direction is difficult, but stable; peaceful people with Ukrainian flags are blocking Russian military equipment in Starobilsk, Luhansk region (roll the last phrase on your tongue, say it out loud); fierce battles are taking place in the east of the region against the occupiers.

Zaporizhzhia direction - the situation is unstable, battles are underway near Vasylivka - on the way to Zaporizhzhia, the city itself is preparing for a siege, columns of the enemy are moving in search of a fight in the south of the region; hundreds of people in Enerhodar came out to the outskirts to prevent the passage of Russian equipment.

3. Mariupol direction - and here they found a great fight, and quite successfully: destroying equipment, the work of the Ukrainian aviation, abandoned tanks, a crew improved to the level of fertilizers, and so on; the city is shelled, adults and children die, but you don't know Mariupol if you think it will help the enemy. Mariupol only becomes angrier and prepares for any development of events, knowing that this development of events will end in victory. Marine, artillery, the Regiment-Which-Cannot-Be-Named-on-Facebook, and all the others generously supply the enemy with a beating, accumulated during the years of the "ceasefire regime".

Kyiv direction - this time they got fucked where they shouldn't be buried, because it's prohibited - in the village of Dityatki near Chernobyl. How to solve the problem - it's unclear, we were prepared for such a life. In general, rocket attacks are being carried out throughout the region and the city of Kyiv, but the occupation forces did not attempt a decisive breakthrough and ceased advancing; the situation is stable.

5. Donetsk direction - and here the counterattack of Ukraine began. Specifically, the 95th airborne assault brigade, which seems to have gotten bored, handed the Russians an incredibly impressive and effective beating and entered Horlivka, which has been occupied since 2014; now the paratroopers are consolidating on the outskirts and preparing for an advance.

6. Kherson direction - the situation is difficult; enemy equipment has entered the city, fierce battles are taking place, there is a lack of information;

Kharkiv direction - the enemy, it seems, has given up and refused to capture the city, at least he has switched from attempts to capture to attempts to destroy. The situation is difficult but under control; the city stands and will continue to stand.

8. Sumy direction - the fighting continues in the region and directly near Sumy; the enemy is learning about the peculiarities of the "Bayraktars" work and losing equipment and tanks. The enemy entered Trostianets but does not try to consolidate; the situation is difficult but controlled;

9. Chernihiv direction - and here the occupiers receive beatings on an industrial scale. The 93rd brigade, which has been fighting for the ninth year, chases Russian conscripts all over the region like raging bulls, while other brigades try not to fall behind.

10 - Mykolayiv direction - the city under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the city is being attacked from the air; a group of the bravest idiots tried to break through to the regional center, but after being invited to the queue to receive a beating, he decided to retreat and left the city, leaving behind the dead, injured, captured, and several "tigers"; more than 200 units of equipment have been destroyed in the region with the help of the Ukrainian aviation; the situation is unstable but controlled.

11 - Zhytomyr direction - battles are taking place throughout the region, airstrikes are being carried out, the situation is under control.

12 – Odessa direction – marine infantry asked to pass on to the occupiers that they are tired of waiting for that promised landing, because the bastards are already ready and waiting. Overall, the situation is relatively calm.

So, the enemy has lost enough initiative and is stopping, trying to scare us and conquer through missile and aviation attacks, but it only makes us very, very angry. And the anger of a Ukrainian turns him into a god of war.

Don't believe it - ask thousands of dead enemies.

These idiots should be spanked by their mothers on their asses. I understand that this is a staged video, but because of it, some kids will believe the propaganda and join the Russian army. And in the end, they will rot in our land. Idiots. Both those who filmed and those who starred in the video.

🇷🇺Tanks, rocket artillery systems, trucks that were thrown by Russian sсumbags fleeing from the 93rd separate mechanic brigade "Kholodny Yar".

"Why are you sitting like shit and not saying anything?"

🇺🇦⚽️ Yarmolenko, the captain of the national team, addressed the Russian football players.

Every person who kills an enemy under conditions of extreme necessity, will not be questioned about his responsibility — judge.

In Ukraine, Elon Musk's satellite internet - Starlink, has started working.

This is a system of low-orbit satellites that provides connectivity even in conditions when other forms of communication are not available. What is the speed and whether it poses a danger?

I was thinking the other day that after the war, I would open a literary cafe and name it "Russian Ship - go fuck yourself". But now I think I should open a network for collecting various scrap metal - armored personnel carriers, reconnaissance vehicles, air defense systems, tanks, helicopters, airplanes, and other Russian junk. Because they have thoroughly polluted our land with this shit. And this way I'll have two in one. Business and the pleasure of cleaning our homeland from all this garbage. Isn't that a great idea? )))

👆🏻The Center for Countering Disinformation of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine informs about how to act during shelling.

🔺On the street

Lie down on the ground, cover your head with your hands, open your mouth - this will protect you from a concussion.

Find the nearest shelter from the opposite side where the shooting is coming from. 🟢 It can be:

Entrance of the building and underground passage.

"If there is no cover in sight, simply lie down on the ground, covering your head with your hands."

🔺 In the transport...

If shelling catches you in transport, you should immediately stop, move away from the road, and lie on the ground.

ATTENTION! Not intended for hiding places under vehicles (truck, bus, car).

⚠️ The given text is incomplete. Please provide the full text for translation.

Taking only the essentials, go down to the shelter (basement).

Do not use the elevator, only use the stairs.

If you are still in the apartment, remember: the strongest places in the living space are the corners, especially the corners of load-bearing walls.

💪🇺🇦 Take care of your lives!

🤛 We fight.




⚡️An 82-year-old grandpa in Bukovina donated to the Ukrainian army 100,000 UAH and 10,000 dollars. All his savings ❤️

This holy person is called 🇺🇦Shevchuk Mykola Hryhorovych.

⚠️ Dear friends! ATTENTION! Important information! ⚠️

Starting from March 1, 2022, the validity period of Ukrainian citizens' passports for traveling abroad may be extended by 5 years! The corresponding resolution was adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on February 28, 2022, due to the military aggression of the Russian Federation and the introduction of martial law throughout the territory of Ukraine.

In addition, children's passport holders or legal representatives have their photographs pasted in, indicating their personal information. This information serves to verify their identity and confirm their Ukrainian citizenship.

Extension of passport validity, insertion of child's photographs into parents' or legal representatives' passports is carried out by territorial bodies/subdivisions of the State Migration Service, as well as embassies and consular establishments of Ukraine.

But the enemy is cunning and treacherous. It is aimed, among other things, at obtaining confidential information about Ukrainian citizens. We deliberately removed the addresses of our territorial units - this is a necessary measure in the interests of national security.

State Migration Service of Ukraine

The first graves with Russian soldiers have already been returned to Russia.

⚡️The EU prohibited the use of the euro in Russia. And soon normal life will be banned there.

The voice of reason from Saint Petersburg is heard...

SBU, the fund "Come back alive," and volunteers have created another joint service for collecting data on the movements of occupiers.

❗Link to this resource:

On the website, you should choose a convenient platform for you: Telegram, Viber, or Google Form. Then, briefly answer the bot's questions about the type of technology you saw, the time and place of its discovery, as well as any identifying marks on it.

You transmit information - the military process the received data, and then unwanted "guests" from RF receive a fiery greeting from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

❗Please share this message from the official pages of the Security Service of Ukraine with your friends and family!

Let's remind you that our chatbot also works.

Enemy impoverished together! To victory!




And another Russian Tor-M2 air defense system for Ukrainian farmers during sowing. They wanted to kill us with its help. And with its help, we will grow crops.

To those who send Russian warships, one can watch forever.

I listened to the speech of the head of the Russian Central Bank, Nabiullina. In it, she says that the Russian economy has faced an extreme and "completely non-standard situation."

Quote: "Of course, we all wish this had not happened. But we did everything to ensure that our financial systems, and we ourselves as the Central Bank, could cope with these shocks of economic and political nature. Friends, let's remember that a lot depends on us right now. Therefore, we must be united - we need to set aside any disagreements and help our colleagues."

Well, you fuckin' dumbasses! You, bitch, can't distinguish cause from effect?! You, fuck, don't understand at all why this happened and what you should do? To stop suffering, you need to stop killing my fellow citizens! What do you deserve and call for unity?! Go to Putin, talk to him, and ask him for it.

The moment of the projectile hitting the building right above the head of the Ukrainian volunteer.

People with disabilities are making Molotov cocktails in Chernivtsi.


Natasha, do you see the Russian ship? Go after it. Go. Don't stop.

Masterpiece by Dmitry Kovalenko.

🔥Fresh news from Shwetz:

So, Putin initially stated that he is conducting some special operation. The goal of this special operation is "denazification of Ukraine" and "demilitarization". That is, the destruction of armed forces, and then the establishment of a puppet government.

Then Putin said every day that the special operation was going according to plan. Everything is great, beautiful marquise. Almost drowned. Just need to polish it and that's it, we can have a parade. At the same time, Putin categorically denied that there was a war.

After tomorrow, there will be a meeting of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, which is most likely to approve martial law in Russia. There will also be restrictions on food products and certain groups of goods. In other words, there will be rationing. Like during Hitler's invasion during World War II.

Freakin' awesome topic.

The special operation in the Kremlin is underway in Ukraine, and as they say from the Kremlin, it is a very successful special operation, but for some reason it is necessary to introduce martial law and a card system for food in Russia.

I understand that the Kremlin will say that the special operation has expanded. And therefore, martial law and identification cards are needed.

I feel that the special operation will extend to Crimea and Donbass.

And there—who knows where further.

I wonder if there will be any questions on this matter from the broad layers of the Russian population to Putin.

How did it happen that there is a special operation in Ukraine, and bread cards in Vologda?

What do you think, will there be any questions for Putin?

❄️ A big snow storm 🌩 is approaching the eastern regions (Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk) of Ukraine.

They predict up to 20 cm of snow and wind 💨 up to 50 km/h tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Visibility will also be affected.

I hope the weather is on our side. 🤞 May it freeze all the occupiers in Ukrainian territory and prevent them from bombing our cities 🌆.

Aaaaaaaaaaah! This is simply outrageous!!! According to the media, EA Sports has informed its employees in a letter that they have decided to remove Russia from the FIFA and NHL game series due to the situation in Ukraine. 😡

And Russians also report mass difficulties with purchasing games on Steam - the payment simply does not go through.

What kind of shitty country do you have to be for even in computer games they don't want to associate with you? To achieve this, you have to be Russki and attack Ukraine. Everything fell into place.

❤️ You are wonderful.

Received from you yesterday:

1,284,710 hryvnias

1000 euros (for the purpose of Berlin for Russian Warship. Go to hell)


0.3 ETH (880 dollars)

0,1328 (15 доларів) translates to "0.1328 (15 dollars)" in English.

We work like champions. Tonight we will return to our bomb shelters and give a detailed report on expenses.

Grateful. Love.

Glory to Ukraine!

Don't stop! You can help here —

And tell our friends about us 🙂

💪 Ukraine helps those affected by the war.

📌 Kyiv.

Private entrepreneurs bring and distribute free bread, drinking water, and even the first cucumbers from their own greenhouses.

📌 Volyn.

Volunteers have collected a whole truckload of aid - medicine, clothing, food products, and are ready to deliver this assistance to where it is currently needed most - where the Russian army is carrying out missile strikes on residential areas.

📌 Pokrovsk.

In just two days, over 500 kg of aid - warm clothes, blankets, food products, and hygiene items - were collected for the displaced persons from Avdiivka, Mariupol, and Volnovakha, whose homes were destroyed by Russian occupiers.

📌 Krivy Rih.

The youth of Metinvest enterprises have united and are collecting the most necessary items for Ukrainians - warm clothing, shoes, blankets, and hygiene products.

📌 Zaporizhzhia.

Employees of Zaporizhkokos are donating blood en masse, while at BK Metallurgists they are collecting humanitarian aid.

🇺🇸 The United States and 🇲🇪 Montenegro have joined the list of countries that have closed their airspace for Russia.

Now there are 38 of them and it keeps increasing.

As of now, the most dangerous direction remains the Zhytomyr highway, Bucha-Irpin-Gostomel, as well as the northern part of Vyshhorod district.

❌Russian occupiers continue to accumulate a large number of troops and equipment. Constant concerns about possible airstrikes throughout the region.

❌In all regions of Kyiv region, the fight against sabotage groups is ongoing.

‼️ We are taking all necessary measures to control the complex situation in the region.

Payment cards issued by banks of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus no longer work in Ukraine.

National Bank of Ukraine


Today the Ukrainian delegation will participate in negotiations with Russia.


People who experienced the Second World War turned to Putin...

It is impossible to watch calmly...

Vodyane village, near Energodar. Occupiers simply shoot Ukrainian citizens who, unarmed, are protesting against the fascistic invasion. Monsters. Inhuman monsters.

💙💛 Putin is determined to destroy.

All things Ukrainian! We need to unite because Ukrainians are changing the world. And we will win. 👍🏼🇺🇦

Energy workers stood up in defense of Energodar. Employees of Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant and DTEK Zaporizhzhia Thermal Power Plant are blocking the equipment of the occupiers at the city's entrance and organizing street patrols.

Residents of Energodar this morning did not let the occupiers into the city and turned back the column of Russian armored vehicles, which intended to seize the local thermal power plants and nuclear power plants. People are bringing food and warm clothes to the checkpoints. 💪

Energodar residents are blocking russian vehicles. Russian bastards used weapon against them.

📌 We will nationalize all the assets of the Russian Federation.

Ukraine: a draft law is being prepared.

"It is necessary to nationalize all property, assets, funds and deposits of the aggressor that are located within the territory of Ukraine." - Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Economic Development.


💙💛We defend, because we love! They protect us because they love us!

🙏❤️ We support and love.

And about good things!

Please take care of yourself.

😆😆😆 Made us laugh.

‼️ Russia planned to capture Ukraine for 15 days.

Our military have obtained the enemy's planning documents, which were approved on January 18. The operation to capture Ukraine is scheduled to take place from February 20 to March 6.

So, when someone among the captives says again that he came for training and got lost - don't believe it! They knew, they carefully planned and prepared.

Let’s meet in The Hague, devils! 🤬

💙💛💪 And there will be more and more news like this!!!

🤑 Fresh news from the stock markets.

Russians, do you still like what is happening in Russia? The exchange rate of the dollar, the rise in mortgage interest rates, the disappearance of services and goods? If you don't start protesting and continue silently watching what's going on, you risk living even worse. Because these are just the flowers. The berries will come soon. Especially when you are called up for the army, sent to us in Ukraine, and you return home in a coffin or a cellophane package. It's a regular procedure for occupiers here. If you want this, then keep silent. If you understand the danger, then organize yourselves into groups and strive to end this war. If you don't want to stop the war, then remember that the war can come to you. And you might just become that nuclear ash that your television joked about.

Russians, make a choice. Don't sit idly by. Or then don't cry.

👆🏻The Center for Countering Disinformation under the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine warns about a possible enemy provocation!

🔺Russian occupiers disguised as the Ukrainian Azov regiment are preparing an attack on the evacuation convoy organized by the Greek General Consulate in Mariupol.

🔺In this way, the Russian side is trying to discredit Ukraine on the international level in order to diminish the level of support provided to us!

Let's stop.




Well-well. Did you arrive? Now, please relax. )

The Russian delegation arrives at the negotiating place in the Bialowieza Forest, reports RIA Novosti correspondent. Considering that earlier there was information that Yanukovych is also in Belarus, it is possible that the Russian delegation plans to hand him over to the Ukrainian delegation as a first gesture of goodwill.

Meanwhile, the ruling party of Georgia announced that on March 3rd they will submit an application to the EU for membership in the union.

Disrespectful Georgian authorities - go fuck yourself! They don't give a damn, fucking moments. On our blood.

💵 600 dollars - for two neutralized occupiers.

‼️ The mayor of Chernihiv Vladislav Atroshenko:

As promised, I started paying money for killed and captured Russians.

On March 2, he paid our fighters 600 dollars - for two neutralized occupants.


Earlier, Atroshenko promised to pay money out of his own pocket for killed and disabled Russians and damaged equipment.

➖ BTR (destroyed burnt BTR) - 150,000 hryvnia;

- Burnt BMP - 200,000 hryvnias.

- burnt tank - 250,000 hryvnias;

- Captured or killed Russian-fascist occupiers - $300 per head.

💣 Even people in wheelchairs help make Molotov Cocktails in Ukraine.Note: The translation provided is a literal translation of the text. The content may not reflect the views or actions endorsed by OpenAI.

🇺🇦Every Ukrainian! Everyone will fight for UKRAINE until the end!

The Ministry of Defense of Russia announced for the first time the losses of the Russian army as a result of the invasion in Ukraine: 498 Russian military personnel died.

Russian idiots from the Ministry of Defense, take away the rest. Because you can't even count them. So it turns out that you have 500 corpses. And the remaining 5500 are lying with us and polluting our land. DBL BLD.

💪We will not give up!

We will withstand!

📹 Video: Russian content, go to hell.



Over 180 rockets have been launched by the enemy into the territory of Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion.

- General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Russians are attacking military objects, civilian infrastructure, and residential areas of Ukrainian cities and villages. The aggressor's warplanes are bombing the peaceful population.

The citizens helps the territorial defense units and the boys from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The biggest problem in the "barn case" is the search for necessary ingredients.


They will help you find everything you need to prepare Molotov cocktails.

What they can do:

- search for missing ingredients by location.

donation of components and searching for potential recipients

You will be able to find everything you need nearby and join the general aid movement. Bottles, gasoline, fabric, oil - everything is needed.

Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦.

UN Resolution on the war in Ukraine, which condemns Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

The UN demands that Russia immediately withdraw its troops from Ukrainian territory.

🤝 The decision was made with an unprecedented number of votes amidst applause - 141 countries voted "for", 5 voted "against", and 35 abstained. Russia, Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea, and Syria voted against.

The United Nations General Assembly condemns the decision of the Russian Federation dated February 24, 2022, regarding the "special military operation" in Ukraine, expresses serious concern over reports of attacks on civilian objects, such as residential buildings, schools, and hospitals, as well as casualties among the civilian population, including women, elderly people, disabled individuals, and children.

☑️ "The military actions of the Russian Federation on the sovereign territory of Ukraine have reached a scale that the international community has not seen in Europe for decades," the resolution states, and "urgent actions are necessary to save this generation from the calamity of war."

⚡️The Governor of Mykolaiv region, Kim, showed the equipment that our defenders took from the Russians.

We collected the loot quite nicely 🙂

❗️The UN General Assembly has adopted a resolution demanding that Russia stop using force in Ukraine and withdraw its troops.

"″ - 141 states in favor, 5 against (the list of countries being moral freaks: Russia, Belarus, Syria, North Korea, Eritrea), 35 countries abstained."

Look at how well-equipped the Russian soldiers are, who call themselves "one of the strongest armies in the world"…

SBU shows what Russians bring to war.

Separate like for the music.

Glory to the Ukrainian heroes, who crushed the convoy of enemy Russian Armed Forces vehicles.

We will win!

Glory to Ukraine!

These people will be cursed. This is Konotop. Every second woman is a witch 🧙‍♀️! ))


The Brotherhood of the Special Security Organization of Ukraine sends greetings to the Russian artillerymen!

We congratulate you: after you covered our peaceful cities, our loved ones, children, and close ones with the fiercest shelling, you worms have become our number one target.

We explain to you, Vanka: you seem to be far away and shooting at targets you can't see. You don't see little children, old people, homes, kindergartens, schools, and hospitals— all of this just for the sake of a target. You shoot, it flies, you hit - cool, right guys?

And now watch, worms: you don't see your goals and therefore it seems easier for you. But believe me: you scumbags won't have it easy anymore. We already have information about you. And if there is still someone we don't have information on, it's just a matter of minutes.

From now on, there will be no more Russian artillerymen captured. No mercy, no more "please don't kill me, I surrender" will work.

Every calculation, no matter: commander, driver, gunner, loader - will be slaughtered like pigs. Shit in your pants, we have already come for you.

Call mom for the last time. Tell her you're gonna die soon, you jackal.

We are not death, we are worse!

The Russians are using "blocking detachments" against their allies from the "LNR" 😟

Stalin would apprecite it definitely.

Yes, we have 👌 Twitter.

There is a lack of subscribers.

I want to share with you my thoughts. I must say that they are based on the analysis of the information I have, which is not much, on communication with experts, and on assumptions. So this is not my classic analytics, which is based solely on accurate data, but rather thoughts.

Let's start with the fact that operations like the invasion of Ukraine are prepared for a very long time and thoroughly. This means that the preparation took at least a year. Now add to this the fact that a huge team of analysts, experts, military personnel, and special services was working. It is necessary not to forget that a large number of spies were integrated into various levels of power and supplied the enemy with information all this time. And besides, through them, sabotage was carried out in those military directions that are especially painful for the Kremlin. And still, Putin is losing this war. Not just one battle. But the war itself. Moreover, both on the battlefield and in the information field. Evaluate!

Yesterday evening, under the Bash-tank, ZSU destroyed a column of over 200 cars. The remaining occupants took up a circular defense. After which they were covered. There are no survivors. I spoke with a direct participant in the events and he said it was like a dash. Moreover, the column was led to a pre-positioned firing position. And this says a lot. This means that our people were not just waiting for the occupiers and had information about them, but they led them like a herd to slaughter.

Before that, there was an attempt to land troops in the Odessa port. Several dozen Russian paratroopers were thrown... into the icy water. And of course, they drowned. Our fighters watched calmly, not firing a single shot. It was all due to the water temperature. And those who sent the paratroopers to certain death.

Now about the destruction of Kadyrovites and Chechen General Magomed Tushaev, the leader of the 141st motorized regiment of Kadyrov's Guard. Our military received information about their plans, route, and quantity from a direct leak of information from the FSB. And this is not our mole. This is better. These are their internal Russian conflicts. And our forces verified the information and, after confirming all the data, used it to inflict damage and eliminate as many occupiers as possible. And it worked.

In addition, it should be noted that there were quite a few similar operations where Russian equipment raced ahead and ran out of fuel. But at the same time, the fuel that was left behind was never brought in. Our Bayraktars destroyed it or it was simply seized by enemy forces. And then this equipment was either

Destroyed or captured her. And all operations, like a copy.

I could list many more such operations that say one thing - we are actively getting information leaked from enemy headquarters. The question arises: is this our agency or is there a palace coup ripening in Russia, which could be led by one of the Russian generals who are already trying on the crown of the new President of Russia. And indeed, then it will be possible to accuse Putin of sending a large number of Russia's sons to slaughter, and due to his ambitions, a lot of expensive equipment has been lost. Plus sanctions and dissatisfaction of major Russian businesses... All this suggests that such conditions may arise where a scarf or snuffbox will be in demand again for active influence on the power in Russia.

These are just my musings. Nothing more. But something tells me that the situation may unfold according to this scenario. Or it is already going that way. After all, even Russian army generals or the FSB don't really want to turn into nuclear ash and have a nuclear explosion cover their homes on Rublyovka. And there are also their children, grandchildren, mistresses, and lovers who also don't dream of such a future. That's why I think that we might see in the near future a mentally unstable dictator die suddenly. From a heart attack, "novichok," or a cigar. Of course, a cigar looks historically more appealing, but the Russian authorities are poorly familiar with history and may prefer "novichok." Time will tell. And for now, we are witnessing how the Russian living force and expensive equipment systematically get destroyed, targeted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And we await the development of the situation in the Kremlin.

🇪🇪🇺🇦 Estonian brothers have delivered us a second batch of Javelins. It is already in the country. ☺️

"From decision to delivery - just a few days"

"Russian warship, idi nahui" - US Senator Ben Sasse joined the flash mob.

Balenciaga - a globally renowned fashion house - deleted all posts, leaving only one.

12.7 million subscribers.

Sorry, but they're doomed. I personally know these guys. They will be completely destroyed. In the most brutal and demonstrative way.

This is Konotop. Every second woman here is a witch. Tomorrow, you won't have a boner anymore.

"Do not threaten the Konotop women while sitting in your tank."

Good evening, the show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" is on the air.

Russian businessman announced 1-mil $ bounty for putin's head

⚡️ H&M network has stopped sales in Russia. Well, this is already just a normal phenomenon.

Republican Senator from Nebraska, Ben Sasse, perfectly cited the well-known motto-message from Snake Island.

Just a week and a half ago, Germany did not want to give us any weapons (any), so as not to provoke a conflict.

Thank you.

‼️ Air alarm is ongoing in Kyiv, with sounds of explosions in different areas of the city.

People are being urged not to leave their shelters.

Panzerfaust 3 - is such a thing, by the way, that we will get from the Germans.

Another Buryat. And I am not happy about it.

❗️Russian terrorists carried out an aviation strike on the Southern Railway Station in Kyiv, where the evacuation of thousands of Ukrainian women and children is taking place.

A projectile hit near the Ibis hotel, the train station building stood and suffered minor damage.

Information about the victims is being clarified.

Train traffic continues.

Oleksiy Reznikov, Minister of Defense of Ukraine:

Dear Ukrainians!

160 years of defense.

Russia couldn't handle it and started acknowledging the losses.

This happened thanks to the heroism of our defenders. And also thanks to the fighters of the information front who broke the information blockade.

‼️Time to increase the pressure on the enemy who has lost the initiative.

Time to switch to total resistance!

Our army successfully repels frontal attacks from the Russian occupiers.

Our special units - SOF, SBU special forces, and Main Intelligence Directorate - effectively destroy Russian forces on the march.

I address the citizens who are located in the temporarily occupied territories. With your help, our army will defeat and drive out the occupiers faster.

Russian support forces need to be eliminated.

✔️ Do not touch tanks. Only if you really want to.

✔️Destroy enemy columns.

They are going behind columns with armored vehicles.

✔️ If the enemy runs out of fuel, ammunition, food, engineering and repair support, they will become helpless.

Hunters. Gamekeepers. Foresters. You know every trail and every ravine in your country. This is your time.

The enemy must feel that every step without an invitation on Ukrainian land could be their last.

It is necessary that the occupant has only one motivation - to escape our country as quickly as possible.

Glory to Ukraine!🇺🇦

"Mama, we need to rally people against Putin!"

Another captured Russian soldier is trying to convey to his mother that their silence equals thousands of deaths of their sons.

A group of Russian fighters intruded into the airspace of Sweden, which is not a member of NATO. This was announced by the Chief Commander of the Air Force, Karl-Johan Edström. It consists of two Su-27 fighters and two Su-24 front-line bombers.

Note that Putin, like a typical sadist, starts launching missile strikes on infrastructure and civilian objects specifically in the evening and at night. This is a tactical decision. They do this to create excessive tension in society, to fuel anxiety, and to not even allow the civilian population to rest. This is one of the tools of destabilization. We should not give in.

And yes, sirens, explosions, danger, the need to take cover, and much more also bother me. But I try to keep myself in control. The only thing that grows is the hatred towards the occupiers. And I understand that I am not alone. The war will end. The hatred will remain.

PS: And do you remember those who voted for pro-Russian parties? I wonder if they will vote for them again after everything that's been happening. I have serious and justified doubts about that.

The American corporation Oracle, one of the largest software producers in the world, has announced the suspension of all operations in Russia. This was reported by the corporation on Twitter in response to a message from Ukraine's Minister of Digital Transformation, Mikhail Fedorov.

"On behalf of 150,000 employees of Oracle worldwide and in support of the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian people, Oracle Corporation has already suspended all operations in Russia," - Oracle wrote.

According to Minister Fyodorov, the more sanctions are imposed against the Russian Federation, the quicker peace will be restored in Ukraine.

In addition to Oracle, Fedorov also called for similar sanctions against the German corporation SAP - Oracle's competitor.

💳 Money from eSupport can now be spent on any products or goods. The program no longer has restrictions on a specific business direction.

We understand that now every hryvnia can save someone's life or significantly help.

The phrase "Covid thousand" can be sent to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. By the way, in 6 days Ukrainians have already transferred over 1.5 billion hryvnias to the army.

At the next meeting, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation discussed the possibility of nationalizing foreign aircraft. This was reported to RBC by a source, as Radio Liberty writes.

According to sources of the publication, such a measure was considered as a possible response to the ban on the supply of new aircraft from the EU and the termination of leasing agreements, under which many aircraft are owned by Russian airlines.

"The nationalization of the fleet is the most realistic scenario, there are currently no other options (for maintaining efficiency)," according to the source of RBC.

But there is one aspect that was overlooked in Russia. Where will they get spare parts for repairs? And what will be confiscated from them? For example, real estate or assets outside of Russia. Some embassy or cultural center. Well, and of course, any plane that lands in Turkey, UAE, or elsewhere, where there are partners of the USA and the EU, will be arrested. Therefore, nationalization will not solve the problem.

Oligarch Abramovich sells Chelsea: the money will go to help Ukrainians.

"I have entrusted my team to create a charitable fund, where all the net profits from sales will be donated. The fund will work for the benefit of all war victims in Ukraine," the oligarch said.

The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution demanding that the Russian Federation immediately withdraw its troops from Ukraine.

The states that voted against are such "powerful" countries as Russia, Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea, Syria. ❌

Children. They were not supposed to find out what war is. In 2014, Putin started a war against Ukraine in Crimea and Donbas. In 2022, he started a war against all of Ukraine. And against children. May he burn in hell for this.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Oleksiy Danilov mentioned, those people close to Putin are confident that he is out of his mind.

Antimilitary rally. These bastards are screwing over grandma. Grandma, damn it!!!

"Kalibri" and "Iskander": With which missiles does Russia shell cities in Ukraine?

There are so many of them that it's time to make teams out of them and start restoring the infrastructure. Did they destroy it? Let them repair it too.

02.03.2022. The center of Kharkiv after the Russian Federation's airstrikes.

National Police Regional Office building.

Photo: Pavlo Dorogoi

In general, there are too many dead bodies of Russian soldiers, but Russians do not want to retrieve the bodies of their deceased soldiers. And the temperature is rising. Therefore, they will be buried in such graves. How to later identify who and where they are? What should be given to their relatives? Perhaps the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation will come to their senses and retrieve the bodies of their soldiers and officers? Or do they not care? 😕

He wanted to "snap" it, and he "snapped" it. And the Su-25SM of the Russians crashed into Irpen land.

Russian soldier held captive:

"Mom, our hospitals, kindergartens, and maternity homes are being bombed here. Peaceful life was here."

What is Russia?

This is when a grandma joins the riot police at a protest against the war with Ukraine, and a bunch of people are standing and filming video.

Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine! 💪🏻🇺🇦

Meme Defense


⚡️⚡️Sanctions against Russia could result in default.

– international analysts

Only in March, Russia has to pay external creditors over $700 million.

However, the country may be unable to repay its external debts due to the sanctions imposed against it, which have significantly increased the likelihood of default, according to analysts at JPMorgan agency.

First, the default of Russia will hit international investors, which causes their concern.

Previously, their concerns about default were expressed by the International Institute of Finance (IIF) and the consulting company Capital Economics.

According to Reuters materials

Mayor Vadim Boichenko's video message to the residents of Mariupol. Today was the most challenging day for the city since the beginning of the war.

🇷🇴The Romanian MiG-21 disappeared from radar while patrolling near the Black Sea coast.

Romanian military also lost contact with the Puma helicopter sent on a rescue operation.

Suddenly what — Romania is a member of NATO.

❗️❗️❗️❗️Maximum spread!

We have accomplished something incredible with you in just two days: we have collected 97% of the signatures under the petition to close the sky over Ukraine!

Noble Information Army, we need your help! Just 3% or 34,713 signatures and we are on track to protect our beloved Ukraine!!!


German authorities have confiscated a 156-meter yacht, worth about $600 million, belonging to Alisher Usmanov, who is under sanctions, according to Forbes sources.

If this is true, then great. The more news like this, the more chances there are that Putin will be overthrown.

Oh, now I would like to listen to the "top" "military" "experts" who claimed that Russian tanks were unreachable for Javelins 🤭

I know not everyone will understand this, but I am genuinely frightened by the trends of dehumanization in society. It's some kind of nightmare. People easily lose control over themselves, succumb to emotions, and behave extremely aggressively. Usually, this is a characteristic of Russians. But they have been gradually and consistently dehumanized and turned into aggressive animals. And I see how today we, under the influence of grief, pain, and anger, are turning into bitter beings. I wonder how long it will take us to recover from this state. I am terrified of what awaits us. I am afraid that we will need serious help from psychologists, of whom we do not have enough.

That is why I try not to give in to emotions, not to surrender myself to anger, hatred, and malice. It doesn't always work out. I restrain myself with great difficulty. But I want us not to lose our humanity today, not to start justifying everything with war, and not to stoop to the level of our enemies. We must remain human. Although sometimes it takes extraordinary efforts to do so.

🛥🇩🇪 Germany confiscated the yacht of Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov. This is Putin's wallet. — Forbes

The length of the yacht is 156 meters.

Cost - 600 million dollars.

He showed up👿 Volodymyr Ruban has been detained at the Lviv train station.

He worked with Medvedchuk and "LPR" —

Who are the good guys?

Flight Petition 🛫

closing sky

"Over a million signatures collected in support of Ukraine joining NATO!"

Ⓜ️ Be careful, the doors are closing. The next station is "Europe - Ukraine".

🇫🇷In France, a collective of artists has temporarily renamed a station on 3 lines of the Paris metro.

Well, cool, right? 🤟

Employee of the Special Monitoring Mission of the OSCE in Ukraine, Marina Fenina, was killed during the shelling of Kharkiv, the OSCE Secretariat in Vienna reported.

The World Bank has stopped all its programs in Russia and Belarus, Reuters reports.

🇬🇧This is a British volunteer who is going to fight with Russia.

He has no connection to Ukraine and, moreover, has no military experience, but he is ready to join the fighting and put his life on the line.

Sky News

🇩🇪 And this is Catherine Herzner - an artist from Germany - sending us her support ❤️. How nice it is!

In 2013-2014, Catherine embarked on a solo walking journey along the 48th parallel from Germany to Ukraine.

In Kharkiv, an OSCE mission employee died.

"On March 1st, it was reported that a native employee of the mission from Kharkiv was killed at her own home as a result of shelling."

Its In the organization's report from March 2nd.

The evacuation of the monitoring team from Kharkiv to western Ukraine is ongoing, with several local members of the Mission from Kramatorsk and Dnipro joining.

👵 Pensions - they will be.

Despite the military period, Ukraine🇺🇦 conducted pension calculations for March 2022.

Funded 8.2 billion hryvnias.

📌List of service centers of the main offices of the Pension Fund of Ukraine:


It is reported that if necessary, the payment period can be extended even after the 25th day.

Ukraine is a great country, with a heroic nation. We will overcome everything, rebuild everything.

Every invader must know: they will receive fierce resistance from Ukrainians. Such that they will remember forever, that we will not give up our own!

National Security and Defense Council (NSDC)

Danilov: Hello everyone! I hope you're doing well. Just wanted to update you on the new project we're working on. It's really exciting and I can't wait to share more details with you soon. 🎉 We've been putting a lot of effort into this and I think you're going to love it. 💪 Stay tuned for updates! 😉

According to Ukrainian intelligence, on March 4th, Russia may declare martial law.

❗️Close circle of Putin is convinced that he is insane.

❗️ The Belarusian military has been put on alert #1.

❗️Horlivka is a Ukrainian city. We are taking back what is ours.

❗️ If the enemy thinks that we will only defend ourselves, they are mistaken.

❗️The invaders don't understand where they have ended up, and they are disoriented, frightened, and without fuel. They only desire to go back home.

❗️Our people will go out and defend our country. Our President will not betray us, and our people will not betray us either.

❗️We are working on the issue of closing the sky over Ukraine. Right now, this is the number one issue.


Special Communication Department

Jews who survived the Holocaust curse Putin from the bomb shelter in Kyiv.

📌 Russia has reduced its pace and is not deploying additional troops. However, this does not mean that they have no remaining forces at their disposal.


Kyiv. Life at one of the metro stations. Photo -

Timothy Fadek, CNN

⚡️ Speech of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. Key themes:

▪️Ukrainians are a nation that has disrupted the enemy's plans in just one week. Plans that were cunningly built for years. With hatred towards our country, towards our people. But we have stopped them and we fight back.

"Our soldiers, border guards, territorial defense, even simple farmers daily capture Russian military personnel. The enemy's morale continues to deteriorate. More and more occupiers are fleeing back to Russia."

Ukrainians are fighting the enemy even without weapons. I am sincerely amazed by the heroic peaceful inhabitants of Konotop, Bashtanka, Enerhodar, Melitopol, and other cities and villages of Ukraine who do not let the occupants in. If the enemies entered any city, then only temporarily. Let's drive them away in disgrace.

Every occupant should know: they will not get anything here, they will not subjugate anyone. Occupants will only get one thing here: resistance, fierce resistance. One that will be remembered forever, that we do not give up what is ours!

For us, Ukrainians, this war is Homeland's.

▪️Our army is doing everything to finally defeat the enemy. Almost 9000 Russians killed in one week. On the Mykolaiv front, the occupiers have to evacuate their 200s and 300s by the dozens.

This text contains only an emoji of a black square.

Stop the war and restore peace as soon as possible!

Today was an active day in terms of negotiations with the leaders of other states - participants of our anti-war coalition. I held talks with the heads of governments of Norway and Israel, the President of Kazakhstan, the President of the European Council, the Prime Minister of Canada, and the President of Poland.

▪️Brilliant result at the UN General Assembly - 141 countries supported the resolution demanding Russia's immediate withdrawal from Ukraine. Only 4 countries voted against us - North Korea, Eritrea, Syria, Belarus.

▪️I signed a decree awarding the title of Hero of Ukraine to fifteen military personnel. Some of them posthumously.

Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦

Apple Pay - full block.

Apple - complete exit from the market.

Adidas - refusal to work with the national football team

Audi is leaving the market.

AMD - ban on microchip supplies

Amazon - the complete block of all retail will be for dessert.

Adobe - propaganda will now be drawn in Paint. Oh, wait! Probably not. By hand.

British Petroleum has sold 20% of its shares to Rosneft.

BBC - review of broadcasting licenses

BMW - closing factories, blocking supplies.

Bolt - 5 million euros in aid for Ukraine, to you - bolt.

Boeing - inside the country

Chevrolet is going out of the market.

Cannes Festival - block of the Russian delegation.

Cadillac is exiting the market.

Carlsberg - export restriction.

Cex Io - cryptocurrency platform bans Russian users.

Cinema 4D - not working.

Coca Cola - exit from the market

Danone - exiting the market.

Disney - cancellation of all movies.

Dell - Leaving the market.

Dropbox will stop working.


Eurovision - disqualification

Ericsson – market exit

Exxon Mobil is recalling all experts from oil companies in Russia.

Etsy - block all balances on ru bank accounts.

(to be continued...)