Mar 9, 2024 - Day 745

745 days of active phase of the 10-year war. We fight to remain Ukraine and not become Russia. It's difficult, but it will be so. Is everyone here?



❗️Ukrainian military repelled 22 enemy attacks on Novopavlivsky direction and repelled the assaults of the occupation forces on the Kherson direction, - General Staff summary.

During the past day, the aviation of the defense forces struck 10 areas of concentration of enemy personnel, weapons, and military equipment. Defense forces destroyed 12 out of 15 Russian-made "Shahed" UAVs launched by the occupiers.

Units of missile troops have struck at one district of the concentration of weapons and military equipment, one command point, 3 EW stations, including two R-330Zh "Resident", 1 heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A Sunflower and 1 enemy ammunition depot.



💥In the night in the Russian city of Taganrog, the UAV attacked the aviation research and technology complex named after Beriev.

According to preliminary data, they are modernizing the A-50, A-100 AWACS planes and servicing the Tu-95 and Tu-142 strategic bombers.

Prophet! How accurately he spoke about himself.



850 people, 53 artillery systems and 3 anti-aircraft missile systems: The General Staff published updated losses of Russia



🕯 In the morning at 9:00 with a minute of silence, we commemorate the memory of those who died in the brutal war of Russia against Ukraine.

The Economist: What does the war in Ukraine mean for Asia

When Russia started a war with Ukraine, it shocked democratic countries in East Asia - Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea, America's allies. As the confrontation enters its third year, the consequences for East Asian politicians are becoming increasingly serious.

▪️In Europe, they are discussing whether Ukraine will be able to stand up, despite the reduction of American financial support and the specter of Trump's second presidency. If Ukraine loses, it will have catastrophic consequences for peace in Asia. Putin's victory may push China to build a regional system on their own terms.

▪️The biggest impact will be felt by Taiwan. China wants to absorb it, if necessary, by force. Taiwanese see parallels between what Putin is doing with Ukraine and what Xi Jinping can do with Taiwan, especially since these two individuals proclaim a friendship "without borders".

China is increasing its military pace by invading Taiwan's airspace and seas. In response, the Taiwan government has announced a record defense budget equivalent to 2.6% of GDP - not enough to deter China, but more than most European countries.

▪️Future President William Lai Ching promises to further increase spending. Joseph Wu, Minister of Foreign Affairs, who is leaving, indicates that American support for Ukraine is crucial for Asia and suggests that America will also support Taiwan. This harsh sense of realism is also evident in other countries.

After the start of the conflict in Ukraine, the Prime Minister of Japan refused the policy of rapprochement with Russia and accepted Western sanctions. Japan plans to almost double defense spending over the next five years. Despite formal pacifism, it is closer than ever to helping America defend Taiwan. Military ties between America, South Korea, and Japan are growing.

One of the threats lies in the fact that Congress will not be able to finance Ukraine, and the EU will not be able to compensate for the difference. This could lead to Ukraine's defeat, undermining trust in US deterrence forces in Asia.

Another scenario is related to Donald Trump, the inevitable Republican presidential candidate who has refused American guarantees to NATO. He admires Putin, dislikes Ukraine, and cares little about Taiwan. The Japanese phrase moshi Tora - if Trump returns, then what? - is a key question.

▪️ According to discussions, there are two possibilities. The most extreme scenario is that future president Trump will destroy the security guarantees provided by America to its Asian allies. In response, they will strengthen their own security even more. Although defense spending is increasing, the chances of being able to withstand a conventional military threat from China without America are small.

▪️ However, in the medium term, they may resort to nuclear weapons to deter China. South Korea previously openly talked about acquiring nuclear weapons, but stopped doing so after the US implemented a policy of enhanced containment, when its nuclear missiles were demonstratively located in the region.

Similarly, after Trump 2.0's refusal, America's democratic Asian allies may decide they have no choice but to deal with autocratic China, ending seven decades of security order in the region under American leadership and creating a Chinese sphere of influence. This is a terrible scenario.

▪️The second - and currently much more likely - option is that Asian politicians are embracing the US even more tightly in hopes of increasing the chances of the Trump administration fulfilling its security commitments in Asia. America's primary Asian allies may further increase defense spending to deflect accusations that they are free riders. What is happening at one end of the vast Eurasian landmass is shaping expectations elsewhere.



💪🏻 Tonight, the Air Defense Forces destroyed 12 enemy the sky above Ukraine.



🔥 In the Third Assault, they showed GoPro footage from Avdiivka from the first person.

Continuous sounds of salvos and explosions, risky movements of assault groups in open terrain, and conducting a shootout among semi-destroyed buildings.

The whole city has been reduced to scattered brick buildings, and homes riddled by enemy shelling.

And what is he wrong about. The Russophile destroys everything, the Ukrainians revive. And the Russophile steals everything and tries to pass it off as his own. But this is already known.



❗️Overnight, the air defense forces shot down 5 drones over the Kryvyi Rih district. There was a hit on an industrial enterprise, a fire broke out, - said the head of the Dnipropetrovsk RSA Serhiy Lysak.

Also, the enemy shelled Nikopol and Manganese, and one of the villages of the community. Passed without casualties.

Unpacking the Russian with the help of an FPV drone.

About possible terrorists attacks in Moscow. And what? And where? And when? Because that popcorn doesn't fit in me any more.



General Valeriy Zaluzhny and Lieutenant General Serhiy Shaptala have been discharged from military service due to health reasons, - UP with reference to sources in the Ministry of Defense.

And on the renewed earth

Enemy will not be, the adversary

And there shall be a son, and there shall be a mother.

And there will be people on earth...

210 years from the birth of the Kobzar! And it will be as Shevchenko wrote. We will definitely overcome! And there will be no enemy on our land. And even 100 years from now, Ukrainians will remember the genius Shevchenko and celebrate his anniversaries!



An explosion echoed in Kryvyi Rih and a fire started - local publications

Alarm in the city was not declared.



🤔Germany can deliver Taurus cruise missiles to the UK, while London can provide additional Storm Shadow missiles to Ukraine.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain David Cameron proposed such an exchange.



Russian occupiers shelled Chasiv Yar and Ocheretine in Donetsk region with artillery, - head of OVA Filashkin.

One person died, another one got injured.

A video has appeared online of border guards, together with the SBU, stopping a bus in which there are 34 evaders. What happened next disgusts both sides. Why does the SBU allow themselves to make such brutal arrests of people? Is it normal to kick a person lying on the ground in the head? Who gave the order? This discredits the SBU and Ukraine as a whole. In which direction is Ukraine moving? The situation is detailed in his author's blog. Join the discussion in the comments.



💪🏻Shevchenko, the mouth of the fighters of the 3rd Assault

🎥: khorunzha_sluzhba_ab3 / TikTokkhorunzha_sluzhba_ab3 / TikTok

This shaggy animal has fallen into our hands. And these are his plans, which he considered necessary to implement during the war. Not a human, unnecessary. Biowaste. And such as he, cannot be reformed. They only need to be disposed of. Because even after the exchange, he will return to implement his plans. This is an ordinary military criminal. This is a scum.



The next meeting in the Rammstein format will take place on March 19, - the press service of the US Vice President.

It was noted that Austin again invited defense ministers and senior military officials from around the world to discuss the crisis in Ukraine and various security issues faced by US allies and partners

Over 100 years ago, the First Black Zaporizhia Regiment brutally crushed the Bolsheviks, defending Ukraine. The 72nd Separate Mechanized Brigade was put on alert on March 8, 2014. By the end of March, separate units of the brigade will hold the defense around Mariupol and Volnovakha.



😂In Moscow, things are worrying today!

Through information from the US embassy about possible terrorist attacks, the police in the Russian capital were put on high alert.

Congratulations to all the winners of the Shevchenko Prize with an award! Personally, it is nice to see Andriy Yermolenko among the awardees! Congratulations, my friend! This is recognition!



❗️The laureates of the Shevchenko Prize in 2024 have been announced. The size of the prize this year is 429,000 UAH each.

The award was given, in particular:

🔸singer Jamala;

🔸to the artist Andriy Yermolenko;

🔸to the poet Dmytro Lazutkin;

🔸 To journalists Evgeny Maloletka, Mstislav Chernov, Vasilisa Stepanenko;

🔸composer Carmeli Tsepkolenko;

🔸poetess Yarina Chernohuz;

🔸director and director Ivan Uryvsky, production designer Tetyana Ovsyichuk, choir director Susanna Karpenko.

Igor Mazur, Topolia, reads from the front of Shevchenko in honor of his anniversary.



💙💛10 Ukrainian children who found themselves in occupation after February 24 were saved and returned to Ukraine by the Save Ukraine team.

As of today, 261 children have already been saved from Russia and occupation by the organization.

The situation in parliament. What is happening there? Are we approaching a parliamentary crisis? How will the authorities resolve this issue? The legitimacy of Zelensky. Why don't they appeal to the Constitutional Court of Ukraine? Do they want to appoint Stefanchuk as the head of the CCU? How will it look? Political technologist Oleg Saakyan answered these questions in a conversation with Borislav Bereza.



That day, when "Kobzar" was printed, Ukraine ceased to be a memory of the past.

As a biblical prophet, Shevchenko reminded the enslaved people of their glorious past in order to gather strength for a great future. That future, in which Ukrainians finally defeated the Moscow empire that had terrified half the world. Now our Ukrainian army is destroying the Russian horde on the eastern border of Europe, and our people are breaking the chains of a foreign language and faith. The strength and courage of Ukrainians inspire the free world.

Who will now dare to deny Shevchenko's prophecy that his people have "grown wings to reach the sky when they fly"? And everyone who read or mentioned his lines on the barricades at Instytutska or in the trenches near Chasove Yar felt this flight.

And Russian executioners can't stop us. A wounded monument in Borodyanka, burnt "Kobzars" in schools that have undergone occupation, only add anger and strength to us. Victory will be ours. And on the way to it was put by Taras Shevchenko.

Happy birthday, Father Taras! Thank you for the knowledge!




Near the border with Romania, the activity of smugglers who tried to illegally smuggle tobacco products was exposed, the State Border Guard Service reports.

Three drones were discovered by border guards during the preparation for illegal activities. Smugglers had just brought two flying machines that they were going to use to transport tobacco products to Romania, the statement said.

Law enforcement officers found vehicles in which there were packages of untaxed cigarettes, equipment for launching drones, control panels, GPS navigators, and batteries.

This is not a joke or a prank. Russophobes have gone crazy. Finally. They are already carrying soil from Navalny's grave as if it were a holy relic. Finished. Their idol was killed, and they didn't even rise up. But they sell and buy soil from his grave. Morons.



The State Bureau of Investigation has opened two cases against the head of the Center for Anti-Corruption Action Shabunin for forging documents and evasion from military service.

Journalist Boykoreported, that the second issue is related to the fact that Shabunin provided several letters with the signatures of the head of NABU Novikov and the deputy head of NABU Sytnyk, asking to transfer him to the military unit where he was listed in service.

Shabunin confirmed in a comment to NV that he saw information that two criminal cases had allegedly been opened against him. He added that he voluntarily joined the army on the second day of the full-scale invasion, so he does not understand why there is talk of draft dodging.

Before judging someone, put on his shoes and walk his path, try his tears, feel his pain. Hit every stone he stumbled upon. Pass everything through yourself. And only then tell him what you know how to live correctly. (c) Dalai Lama XIV



🇵🇱 "All of Poland stops": Polish farmers have announced a protest across the country, Radio Liberty reports.

We continue to stand on the barricades, protesting. On March 20, we announce a protest throughout the Poland, in every municipality, in every county. From 7.00 to 19.00, the whole Poland will stop. Children will not get to schools, people will not get to work, but we have no other way out, - farmer Stanisław Barna said after meeting with Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

He noted thatour farms are on the brink of bankruptcy, we must do everything to make the government take us seriously. .

Sergeant Sanya Moroziv contacted me and asked for help for the GUR MO. For a good cause. They plan to add some fire to the life of the BNR, as the military rusniavy are sad there. 85,000 are missing to complete the collection. And the cause is really good. So, if you have the opportunity and desire, then join the collection. Your anger is best converted into donations, which are transformed into the utilization of rusny. Thank you to everyone who donates.

5375 4112 1611 3998 - five three seven five four one one two one six one one three nine nine eight



🇰🇿Kazakhstan is investigating the murder of its citizens by Russian security forces during an attempted terrorist attack in Russia.

Kazakh citizenship and the departure of these individuals to Russia are confirmed. The National Security Committee of Kazakhstan is conducting a pre-trial investigation into this fact. Verification is being carried out in close contact with the FSB of Russia within the framework of existing channels of cooperation, the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan reported.

On March 7, the FSB of the Russian Federation announced the prevention of a terrorist attack in a synagogue in Moscow, which, as they claimed, was being prepared by militants of the ISIS branch in Afghanistan - Wilayat Khorasan.

During the arrest, the terrorists offered armed resistance to the FSB officers and were neutralized by fire in response, - reported the Russian special services.

The place of residence of the killed suspects was found firearms, ammunition, and components for making an improvised explosive device.

What is happening in parliament? Have the deputies rebelled? How and when will this end? When will we see a vote on the mobilization bill? Can Zaluzhny go into politics? Is this necessary for Ukraine? Is the Veterans' Party good or bad for the state? Does the people hold Zelensky responsible for the high level of corruption? Will the authorities draw conclusions from the latest surveys? Why do people become disillusioned? Famous Ukrainian scientist, political scientist and political technologist Viktor Bobyrenko answered these questions in a conversation with Borislav Berezoy. Watch all the details in this video.

00:00 Interview with Viktor Bobyrenko for Boryslav Bereza

0:40 Rebellion in Parliament

19:40 Zaluzhnyi needs politics?

36:00 The president is responsible for corruption. Results of a public opinion poll.

48:28 We cannot distinguish between good and evil

"What does Sumy region live on"



🇬🇧British Foreign Minister Cameron against sending troops to Ukraine even for training.

Training missions are better conducted outside the country. In the UK, we prepared 60,000 Ukrainian soldiers," - Cameron quotes "EP".

According to a British government official, placing a foreign mission in Ukraine will create targets for Russia.

We must avoid setting obvious goals for Putin, - he explained.



🇫🇷France is working on an alliance of countries ready to send their troops to Ukraine, - Politico.

Yesterday, March 8, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, Stephane Sejourne, arrived in Lithuania, where he met with Baltic colleagues and the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba.

Russia will not tell us how we should help Ukraine in the coming months or years. This is not Russia's business. Therefore, we decide among ourselves, - emphasized the French official after the meeting.

At the meeting of ministers, as Politico writes, the possibility of assistance from foreign troops in demining Ukrainian territory was discussed.

Sezhurne repeatedly called demining operations the possibility, noting that this may mean the presence of certain personnel in Ukraine, but not involvement in the war.

Instead of Russia Today and Sputnik, which have been banned in Europe (although not fully effective),new "multilingual international media" have appeared, writing as the Kremlin likes. .

The most active of these platforms are in Germany and France. The most aggressive and radical of them praise Russia and Putin, justifying Russian military aggression against Ukraine, calling for an end to support for Ukraine.

They also criticize the West and encourage protest moods in Europe.

Most of them claim that the victory of the Russian Federation is inevitable.

To gain more trust, these sites include pompous and trendy words in their name - geopolitics, diplomacy, strategy, research, global, globalization, freedom, new world, investigation, media "for all" and so on.

Websites from the mentioned network are also cited by Russian state media (RT, Ria, Lenta) to reinforce their narratives within Russia and to attempt to show that Moscow has some support in Europe.



The bill allowing the mobilization of convicts and prisoners will be registered in parliament next week, Justice Minister Maliuska said.

The military asked us to exclude from possible mobilization those who violated military discipline and committed crimes while performing military duty. Similarly, they do not want to see those who committed crimes against the state. Therefore, these categories probably will not be subject to mobilization, - explained the minister.

He also noted that he did not meet any deputies who were against the bill, informs RBC-Ukraine.

Not all military commanders are ready to take convicts and prisoners to themselves, but we will not and do not plan to impose such mobilized on anyone. Most likely, these will be separate units, - Maluska said.



During the day, 58 battles took place.reportsGeneral Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

During the day, the aviation of the Defense Forces struck in eight areas of concentration of enemy personnel, weapons, and military equipment.

The missile troops units hit one concentration area of personnel, one radio-electronic warfare station, and one enemy air defense means.

Today is the 210th anniversary of the Ukrainian poet and writer Taras Shevchenko. How is this personality perceived in Ukraine? Why did the Russian authorities try to destroy him? What was the goal of the Kobzar? Did Shevchenko predict the war? Details were told by Vitaliy Portnikov in a conversation with Boryslav Bereza.



🇵🇱Prime Minister of Poland Tusk, at a meeting with Polish farmers, declared that he will not close the Polish border to goods from outside the EU.

Tusk promised to try to persuade the European Commission to make concessions regarding the so-called Green Deal.



We have gathered the main things you might have missed for March 9th:

🔹 USA announced new meeting in "Rammstein" format

🔹Three French defence companies, will produce arms in Ukraine.

🔹In Ukraine can disband five out of the 19 existing ministries.

🔹Armenia discusses possibility of joining the European Union

🔹Polish farmers announced new large-scale protest action across the country on March 20.

Being a soldier under the command of the battalion Groza has its advantages.



The procedure of appointing former Chief Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valeriy Zaluzhny as an ambassador to Great Britain has already begun. The relevant documents are currently being processed.

About this reported Deputy head of the Office of the President Sibiga on the air of the telethon.

According to him, after Zaluzhny's candidacy is approved, certain procedures still need to take place.

And after that, the formal conclusion of this story is the president's decree appointing an ambassador from the respective candidate, which will appear after receiving the agreement from the British side, - he added.

⚡️ Pope Roman called on Ukraine to raise the white flag and conduct negotiations with the Russian Federation

Francis made statements in an interview with the Swiss radio and television company RSI. Reuters agency received a transcript and video elements from the conversation.

I think the strongest person is the one who looks at the situation, thinks about people, has the courage of a white flag, and negotiates. The word negotiations is a brave word. When you see that you are defeated, things are going badly, you must have the courage to negotiate, - declared the Pope.

According to Francis, negotiations should take place with the help of international forces.

👀Espresso | Join us



Ministry of Defence Philippines punished its military to implement a new strategy for protecting the territory and economic interests of the country a few days after the last clash with Chinese ships in the South China Sea.

At the beginning of this week, four Filipino soldiers were injured after two Chinese coast guard ships used water cannons against a vessel chartered by Filipino military personnel to replenish supplies.

Well, here is the first massive drone attack. This time the raid was on Taganrog, presumably targeting the Beriev Aircraft Company, where they repair the A-50 aircraft that was hit by a quadcopter in Machulishchi a year ago.

It is not yet clear whether they hit or not, eyewitnesses write that they did, propagandists that they did not - we will find out later when some scatterbrained person posts a photo or video from there on the internet. But the air defense system of this most important enterprise (the only place where long-range detection aircraft can be repaired) obviously did not cope - drones broke through to the attacked object, although Russian military officials claimed that they "shot down everything, but some fell on...".

Once again: the task of air defense is not just to shoot down the threat, but not to let it approach the protected object. Because shooting down drones directly above the object is like throwing a bundle of grenades under a tank, not a fact that you will stop it, but definitely will kill with a close explosion.

And Ukrainians quickly figured out that launching drones two or three at a time is pointless - even the leaky Russian air defense system, poorly but somehow copes. Therefore, they switched to such massive attacks in order to overload the air defense system. The economics of war remain just as profitable - neither 50 drones, nor even 150 in cost come close to comparison with the A-50 aircraft, let alone military value.

By the way...



In Odessa and the Odessa region explosions sounded, - "Suspilne".

Earlier, the Air Force reported "the Shaheds approaching Odessa from the Black Sea."

Our person!