Mar 18, 2024 - Day 754

754 days of active phase of a 10-year war. What happened in the swamps - it is their problem. We have our own work to do. And destroy swamps. Is everyone here?

Time for good news!



Russia struck the fire department in the Kharkiv region with a missile strike,— DSNS.

As a result of the impact, the building of the fire department suffered damage and 4 fire and rescue vehicles were damaged, according to the State Emergency Service.

Eleven firefighters were on duty at the fire station, one of whom injured his hand. This is the driver-rescuer of the local fire and rescue unit. Medical assistance was provided to him on the spot.

There will be no more presidential elections in Russia while Putin is in power.

Russia has finally ceased to be an electoral autocracy and has finally moved into the category of plebiscitary-type dictatorial regimes. This is a process, not a one-time event.

But the forecast allows to give a clear idea. No alternative choices when faced with the next self-appointment. Only a pledge of allegiance in the format of a referendum.

In 2030, if Putin survives and retains power, there will be a ballot with two answer options. To the question: Do you support Vladimir Putin and the policy aimed at strengthening the greatness of Russia, you are allowed to answer in two ways.

Put a tick mark next to the word Yes or come to the polling station with things, so that, circling No, be ready to go to the police station.Professor Preobrazhensky



❌Destroyed 17 out of 22 Shahed.

On the night of March 18, 2024, the enemy attacked with 5 guided anti-aircraft missiles S-300/S-400 in the Kharkiv region, with two guided aviation missiles Kh-59 in the Sumy region and with 22 Shahed type UAVs.

As a result of combat work, 17 militants were shot down within the territories of Kyiv, Poltava, Khmelnytskyi, Cherkasy, Kirovohrad, Dnipropetrovsk, Vinnytsia, Zaporizhzhia, and Rivne regions.



😡In Kryvyi Rih, fragments of a drone fell on a five-story building. A fire broke out, which firefighters managed to extinguish. The roof is damaged. However, the apartments themselves are intact. No one was hurt.

Sappers seized part of the enemy's iron. To work safely, almost three dozen residents were evacuated. Now the debris is being destroyed. People are already at home.

Three times the aggressor fired at Nikopol region. Artillery targeted the communities of Marganetska, Myrivska, and Chervonohryhorivska.

Destroyed private house. 2 outbuildings, car, garages, greenhouses are destroyed. Touched the power line and gas pipeline.

There are no dead or injured.

The Russians wanted to be occupiers. The Russians became occupiers. But there's a catch. The Russians became dead occupiers. There is no other fate for this bio-waste.



🕯In the morning at 9:00 we observe a minute of silence in memory of those who died in the brutal war of Russia against Ukraine.



Today we honor the memory of rescuer Vitaliy Alimov.

The man worked as a firefighter driver in Odessa. On March 15, while performing his official duties, he received severe injuries. That day, the rescuer arrived with colleagues to eliminate the consequences of enemy shelling, but he was hit by a second rocket strike by the Russians. Doctors did everything possible, but they could not save his life. The firefighter was 39 years old.

Forever in rank!

Noted incredible similarity in the statements and behavior of Netanyahu and Zelensky.

Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview with CNN that most Israelis are against early elections to the Knesset. An interesting statement considering that Channel 12 published the results of a survey conducted by the research institute "Midgam" of Professor Manu Geva. Respondents were asked whether early elections to the Knesset should be held.

• 34% responded yes, but after the war is over;

• 30% believe that they should be held right now;

• 29% believe that the election should take place in 2026.

64% of participants supported early elections in one way or another. Among those who voted for coalition parties, there were also many - 40%.

Respondents were also asked who they would consider better as prime minister: Benny Gantz or Benjamin Netanyahu.

• 41% answered "Benny Gantz",

• 29% - "Benjamin Netanyahu".

And how can we not mention the words of Zelensky. - So, if we hold elections now, people will choose me. So there is no need to say that I am trying to stay in power. I would win the elections if they were held, - said Volodymyr Zelensky on February 23, 2024. At the same time, opinion polls show that he, like Netanyahu, is wrong. Or he is lying.

Very noticeable that the leaders of the countries that missed the beginning of the war and did not avoid huge losses want to stay in power and manipulate the facts like this. Countries are different, but the behavior model is the same. And both lose...

In the first post-war election, Zelensky loses. This is a historical principle. Because there will be a choice - either Zelensky loses, or Ukraine loses. And Ukraine cannot afford to lose.



💥Rockets continue to fall from the sky in Belgorod.

Reportedly, there are injured after this.



😡The number of wounded as a result of yesterday's attack in Mykolaiv has increased to nine, two of them are children.— OVA.

Also known about one victim.



🤬At night, the enemy shelled one of the districts of Kherson.

After hitting the projectile, the balconies and rooms in the apartments of the five-story building caught fire.

The fire has been extinguished.

And everything is stable in Belgorod. Arrivals, explosions, shooting. All thanks to Putin. He managed to do it!



🗺️ Maps of attacked oil refineries in Russia.

🟡 - oil refineries that Ukraine has already attacked;

🔵 - other refineries.

There are still 3 factories within a radius of 900 km that have not been attacked.



General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published approximate losses of Russian occupiers for the past day.

The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation officially announced:

▪️In 7028 schools there is no sewage

▪️in 6440 - no water supply

▪️in 6143 - no central heating

▪️At 2200 - no hot meals.

Closed and destroyed:

▪️22,000 rural schools

▪️5,000 city schools.

▪️Shortage of over 6.5 million school places

▪️Shortage of 23 thousand teachers.

Therefore, the pale scumbags destroyed the schools of Mariupol, Severodonetsk, Bakhmut, and Avdiivka, where there were sewage, water supply, central heating, hot meals and people lived happily without Russia. Russia captures territories and makes them similar to its own.



☠️Another Russian committed suicide by detonating a grenade near his head.

📹: RUBpAK 56th OMPBr

Journalist Hugo Dixon wrote an article for Reuters titled Only a drop in oil prices can stop Vladimir Putin. Main theses:

▪ Putin is now winning a war of attrition against Ukraine. Although the Russian people also suffer, this is not enough to force the recently reelected president to change course. Perhaps he will reconsider his decision if the West can curb Moscow's income from oil sales, but this will be difficult to accomplish.

Despite Ukraine's allies refusing Russian oil and Europe finding alternatives to Russian gas, in 2023 Moscow had a positive current account balance of $51 billion. Although it is less than last year - $238 billion, Moscow is still in the black.

The situation may change if Ukraine's allies can lower Russia's export revenues to the point that it begins to feel a deficit affecting internal processes, says senior research fellow Jacob Nell of the Institute for the Study of War.

▪He believes that exports should fall by about $80 billion before Putin has to resort to extreme measures to stabilize the economy. Approximately $30 billion of this amount may come from strengthening the gas embargo, as well as restrictions on the export of fertilizers and metals such as nickel. But the main part must be obtained by reducing the price Moscow receives for oil to $50 per barrel.

▪It is easier said than done. In late 2022, the G7 and other allies set a cap on the price of Russian oil at $60 per barrel, but Urals oil is trading at around $71 per barrel, which is approximately $14 lower than the price of Brent oil. Despite the United States strengthening sanctions against tankers violating the price cap, Russia may partially circumvent them by using its own fleet and those willing to profit from risks.

Allies of Ukraine may be lucky if world oil prices sharply drop. Otherwise, much tougher measures will be needed to reduce the price Russia receives for its oil to $60, let alone $50.

▪ The key moment in achieving this goal will be an attempt to convince India, the largest importer of Russian oil by sea, to stop paying more than the maximum price, Nel believes. Then the country will be able to benefit from cheaper oil, and its oil refineries will increase their profits.

▪The problem is that Russia may refuse to sell oil at such low prices and instead reduce production. This will lead to an increase in world oil prices, which will hit India, as well as Ukraine's allies. Although reducing oil supplies will harm Russia, Putin may take the risk if high oil prices increase the likelihood of Donald Trump's victory in the U.S. presidential elections in November.

Allies of Ukraine are not yet ready to take the necessary risk to undermine Russia's revenues. But until they do, Putin has no financial reason to stop the war.



🛡️ The largest NATO base in Europe is being built in Romania, - Euronews. Translation: , - Euronews.

They say that its area will be 2800 hectares, the total perimeter - 30 km. There will be able to permanently reside up to 10,000 Alliance military personnel and their family members.

The base in Constanta county will be equipped with take-off and landing strips, hangars for aircraft, facilities for storage and placement of weapons, fuel and lubricants, simulators, schools, kindergartens, shops and a hospital.

Cost of construction - €2.5 billion.



⛓️ The SBU detained a family of traitors who, on the orders of the FSB, were preparing missile strikes on Ukraine and burying the remains of dead Russian racists near Kyiv.

Recruited father and son were preparing missile strikes by the RF on the capital region.

In particular, they leaked geolocation data of the Defense Forces, including military personnel of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Also, the criminals passed on to the FSB the coordinates of industrial workshops where Ukrainian drones were produced.

Under the guidance of the figures, the invaders planned to carry out targeted missile strikes on Ukrainian targets.

As the investigation established, those detained previously served in law enforcement agencies.

After being fired, they were remotely recruited by an FSB HR employee who noticed traitors after their anti-Ukrainian comments on YouTube.

They face life imprisonment.

Actually, attendance with the guilty...



💪Legion Freedom of Russia published a list of the first losses of Russians in the civil war.

In the behavior models and statements of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, there are certain similarities. Why did both politicians "miss" the beginning of the war? How do they manipulate the results of polls, and what awaits them in the next elections - I, Boryslav Bereza, will figure it out on my channel. Join the discussion in the comments.



🤦‍♂️The Russian Central Election Commission claims that the voter turnout in the presidential election supposedly amounted to 77.44%, and 87.1 million citizens came to the polling station, setting a record in the history of modern Russia.

By calculations, Putin received 87.29% of the votes on 99.75% of the protocols, the rest of the candidates - from 3.2 to 4.3%.

Officially, the results of the elections will be summed up on Thursday, March 21, but Putin has already been congratulated on his victory, in particular, by the leaders of China, North Korea, and Iran.



📞Ukrainian intelligence publishes another intercepted conversations of Russians

The intercepted conversation of civilians of Grayvoronsky district of Belgorod region discussing military actions on the territory of the Russian Federation.



😡Since the beginning of March, the enemy has shelled the northeast border about 2,000 times. Kharkiv and Sumy regions suffer the most from the terrorist actions of the Russian Federation., - Dictionary of the State Border Service of Ukraine Demchenko.

According to him, the Russians have intensified: they are carrying out comprehensive strikes - using artillery, mortars, tanks, aircraft and drones.

Apart from that, they constantly send DRG to Ukrainian territory. Our defenders prevent this.



🇺🇸US Senator Lindsey Graham arrived in Kyiv.

Today we welcome Senator Lindsey Graham in Kyiv. The unwavering support of the USA is crucial for Ukraine's success in resisting Russia's illegal full-scale war.- reported at the US Embassy in Ukraine.

From a Russian missile, police lieutenant colonel Oleksandr Hostyshev tragically died - commander of the stormtrooper regiment "Tsunami". On March 4, 2024, an interview was recorded with him, the last in his life. Eternal memory to the Hero!

Link to YouTube:



The violator offered the border guard a $9000 bribe to leave the country.

Two men were heading through the Shehyni checkpoint. They passed the border control without documents that would justify their departure. One of them planned to solve this issue by giving a bribe to the law enforcement officer, but he received a categorical refusal.

The informant was detained, he was informed of suspicion.



👊A group of Russian servicemen was destroyed by Special Operations snipers during night work.

On the Kherson direction, during observation of the enemy positions, our soldiers noticed movement from the enemy side and immediately opened fire.

As a result of accurate work, special operations forces snipers destroyed six enemy servicemen.

Attention media, because only publicity can somehow influence the situation here. Namely, on the non-compliance with the law on de-Russification in Odessa (Law No. 3005).

The mayor of Odesa Trukhanov actually created a "pocket" historical-toponymic commission, which invited, in particular, the notorious mother of the UOC-MP Seraphima Shevchik, a former city council deputy from the Party of Regions, an initiator of several trips of Ukrainian children to Gundyaeva in Moscow after the occupation of Crimea and Russia's invasion of Donbas. The role of Seraphima and representatives of the UOC-MP in the events of May 2 in Odesa is a topic worth investigating, in my opinion. This person also "ordered the word" in Gundyaeva, so that Archimandrite Kiril Govorun (according to his information), who is currently countering the destructive anti-Ukrainian information policy of the ROC in the West, would be deprived of his rank.

Her cultural knowledge in Ukrainian history "in unity with the Moscow patriarch", where she complains that the youth doesn't even know who Pushkin is, I won't comment.

Actually, having the support of such characters at the city level (in OMR, he has the majority), Trukhanov is sabotaging not only the law on de-Russification (the majority of monuments to Russian imperialists, opened with the participation of Russians and Putin's advisers - remain in place, because "not timely"). The dismantling of Catherine 2 - it was a big beautiful screen, which also became possible thanks to the nationwide publicity.

But the biggest cynicism is that Trukhanov (just like the Russian occupiers did in the USSR), allows naming (at best) a street in honor of a modern hero of Ukraine only on the outskirts of Odessa, in the private sector.

In public and among families of veterans there is an initiative to rename specifically 6 (!) imperial toponyms with the names of six deceased soldiers. They have been working on this for over half a year, if not more, even held an exhibition. But everything is being done to prevent this from happening. As for openly Russian markers-monuments - the argument is made that they cannot be touched because they are in the UNESCO zone.

Against the background of the methodical destruction of residents of Odessa by Russians, this does not make any sense to any healthy mind. (с)Daria Girna



🗞️Czech Republic buys ammunition for Ukraine from Russia's allies.— The Wall Street Journal.

It is noted that the Czech Republic uses Cold War contacts for this purpose. The first tranche of 300,000 shells has already been provided, with Germany making the largest contribution.

The publication claims that among the suppliers there are also allies of the Russian Federation, although the Czech Republic itself remains silent about the origin of the ammunition. Yes, the agreements stipulate that supplies will be made through the Czech Republic or third countries to hide the direct link between the countries of origin and Ukraine, as well as not to provoke the anger of Moscow against the supplier.

Confidentiality is a key moment: we talk and will talk with everyone, regardless of their loyalty or political position - with some exceptions, such as North Korea,- said Tomasz Pojar, advisor on national security to Prime Minister Petr Fiala.

In addition, according to the words of the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic Jan Jires, the Czech initiative revealed a contradiction between the friendly public attitude of some governments towards the Russian Federation and their willingness to conclude agreements with Ukraine's allies in private.



UPDATE: most likely - this is fake!Source very dubious - type of document from Buckingham Palace. On the official website of the royal family - not a word about it.

‼️King of Britain Charles III died at the age of 75 (but this is not accurate!)— document.



❗️In Ukraine, groups will be created to search for missing persons during the war.

Today, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the relevant draft law. The document proposes to establish search groups for the period of martial law and within one year after the revocation of the authority of the General Staff of the Armed Forces regarding the creation of search groups. They will be created with the coordination of the Coordinating Staff on Prisoners of War.

The Coordinating Staff is granted the right to negotiate with humanitarian missions, public associations, individuals who conduct activities in temporarily occupied territories in order to search for missing persons under special circumstances.

Putin is drawn 87% of the votes in the elections in Putin. Almost guessed. I thought they would draw him 86%. This is more than they drew in the pseudo-elections of Lukashenko, but not 99% drawn in Chechnya. Everything is predictable.

Further actions we will see in the next 2 months and much depends on them. Will he conduct total mobilization right now? Most likely not, because in Russia they finish mobilizing 400,000 orcs, which they started last year. Will they continue to tighten the screws and restrict the rights and freedoms of Russians? Of course they will. This is the logic of a totalitarian society and if Russians have forgotten the traditions of the USSR, then it is time to remember. There will be more restrictions, less freedom and opportunities. The Internet will be restricted in the near future and will resemble the Chinese one. Russia is entering a period of self-isolation.

In Moscow and St. Petersburg, there will be no special changes, and all others will live worse. Putin and his inner circle have chosen a model of governance in which power will be passed on to their own heirs, and the people will be servants without rights.



⛓️ The SBU detained a repeat offender who tried to track the locations of Ukrainian checkpoints near Avdiivka.

As a result of the special operation, an FSB agent who was scouting the combat positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the Avdiivka direction was detained.

The local resident turned out to be the accomplice, who was wanted for fraud and theft. To avoid punishment for these crimes, in the summer of 2023, the woman fled to Zhytomyr region.

Hiding in a rented house, she actively communicated in the chats of Russian Telegram channels, where she tried to find earnings.

In this way, the villainess fell into the field of view of the Russian special services. Later, she was remotely recruited by an FSB staff member, whose identity was established by the Security Service.

At his direction, the agent resumed communication with former fellow villagers in Donetsk region in order to secretly obtain the necessary information from them.

It has been established that the traitor, under the guise of casual phone conversations, tried to find out facts about the work of the Ukrainian PPO during air attacks by the fascists.

The criminal is in custody. She faces life imprisonment.



Volunteers were approached by the defenders of the special unit KRAKEN with a request to provide quality tactical clothing and footwear (the question remains relevant).

The guys also need Starlink, as theirs was destroyed.

We are raising funds for the needs of the unit, and hope for your support 🫶🏻 together to victory!

🎯Goal: 168 888.00 UAH

🔗Link to the bank

💳Bank card number

5375 4112 1666 0071 = five three seven five four one one two one six six six zero zero seven one

Reports of previous meetings:

This screenshot is all you need to know about a hype lover who works as a parasite in the OP and takes information from Russian TG channels. For hype, he will spread fakes and attack those whom the OP points to. And now he took information about the death of the king from Russian channels, which started the fake.

And I remind you that Lachen is a faggot.



⚡️⚡️⚡️This day is coming!

We are finally launching an English-language YouTube channel. We will be bringing to Americans what they can even not notice from their America - what is said about them in Russia.


Saw. Liked.



😈The air raid siren is sounding in Belgorod.

In the city, explosions and screams of terrified Russians are heard.



🧒The demographic situation is critical, families should have at least three children, - Shmyhal.

We have lost a huge number of people. Unfortunately, people are dying because of this full-scale war. Unfortunately, we have also lost those people who left Ukraine with children. Over a million Ukrainian children are abroad. The task is to return these families, return these children, and also motivate Ukrainians to have as many children as possible so that Ukraine flourishes in its peaceful future after our victory," Shmyhal said.

He also added that to solve this problem, every Ukrainian family should have at least three children. He noted that money to increase child birth payments plans to attract from abroad. After all, currently every Ukrainian hryvnia goes to finance the Armed Forces of Ukraine.



Destruction of the enemy pillbox with infantry and clearance of positions of Russian occupiers on the Bakhmut direction.

📹: 93 OMB Cold Yar

Member of the Houthis greeted Putin. But it is not yet known whether the liver, kidneys, and legs of the Houthis will greet him. And the greetings from the member are expected. Asshole, after all...



😔The body of a man was found in Tisi— State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.


Border guards were informed by Romanian colleagues about the discovery of a human body in the river. The drowned person turned out to be a 33-year-old resident of Kharkiv.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, this is already the 22nd case of men dying while trying to cross the river.



🚨 Air alarm has been declared in Kyiv and a number of regions.

Rusnya, do you still want to go to Ukraine? You'll lie down next to them. They will roast you the same way. Rusnya, do you want this? The Armed Forces of Ukraine will organize it!

In Estonia there is a corruption scandal. Decided to figure it out. Now I laugh. They have a scandal there and the minister resigns, and after a similar offense, our people's deputy Stefanchuk became the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada! This is to understand what kind of country the servants and Zelensky are building.

The Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) confirmed that an investigation into Justice Minister Kalle Laanet (Reform Party) has been launched for a violation of the Law on Anti-Corruption, which concerns unauthorized activity.

Eesti Ekspress wrote on Saturday that Laanet, when he was Minister of Defense, and now, as Minister of Justice, paid bills for renting his Tallinn apartment totaling over 12,000 euros, and the owner of the apartment is his stepson.

Remind that Ruslan Stefanchuk, being the Vice-Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, lived in his mother-in-law's apartment in Kyiv and at the same time received compensation from the budget for this housing. For servants, this is normal. And in Estonia, after such things, they resign and are held accountable by law.



☢️Zaporizhzhia NPP in critical condition - IAEA

The head of the Agency Rafael Grossi said at a meeting of leaders that the situation at the station, occupied since March 2022, remains extremely alarming.



🤯Polish farmers have blocked two important routes on the way from Poland to Germany, traffic is seriously affected. — RMF24



Lithuania has strengthened control over the import of grain from Russia and the occupied territories of Ukraine, - Ministry of Agriculture of the country.

From today, all imports of fodder grain and feed products from high-risk countries will be stopped, and samples will be taken from each wagon.



💥Ukraine can produce 30 to 60 long-range drones for Russia every night, - BILD

Yulian Repke calculated that since the beginning of the year, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have attacked 12 oil refineries in Russia with drones, delivering 17 strikes on them. The maximum range of the strikes is 900 km. These attacks affected 12% of Russia's oil refining capacities.

Good people need help. We did it together. Sincere thanks to all of you says Father Vasyl Hasynets. And I performed my usual function of uniting people for a good cause! I want to thank everyone for participating in the collection. Together we will win!



❗️ The new speaker of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine instead of Yuri Ignat is appointed Ilya Yevlash. .



This is a mobile command post - our cool new product specifically for Ukrainian combat aviation!

He is needed for planning and accompanying combat sorties, rest and work of personnel far in the fields. This is a large double complex based on our DAF YA and huge containers.

The first block is the main office with 6 workstations, equipped with necessary equipment, where all the required information is entered. It will be used for flight planning and monitoring. For this purpose, there are computers, communication, autonomous power supply, air conditioner, refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave.

Second block - sleeping premises. Here fighters will be able to surf the internet with a cup of coffee, relax and sleep. For this purpose there is autonomous communication, generator, comfortable beds, coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator, air conditioner, individual safes for personal belongings.

We created it at the request of our military pilots, who have meticulously inspected the product and rated it "excellent"

The conditions are really cool. For very professional guys who perform extremely important tasks. I am proud that we are not just buying - we are making. It is nice that the variety of our products for the army is constantly increasing.


Ugh... Negative progress.

Can you give feedback at 5:00 PM?

- No, at 17-00 I will be on the air of Israeli Best Radio.

- Ok. And what about 5:30?

- At 17:30 I will be on air on the 9th Israeli channel.

- Israel is so interested in what is happening to us?

- Interesting. And not just them. You need to tell the story so that they don't lose interest.

- And what about 18:00?

- And at 18:00 I will be giving a comment to the British.

Understood. And at 19-00 you will have your own broadcast?

So today with Babchenko.

- And tomorrow?

- And tomorrow there will be no broadcast with Babchenko. ))




🤝Zelensky met with American Senator, Republican Lindsey Graham.

The parties discussed Ukraine's needs for weapons and Euro-Atlantic integration. Also, Zelensky emphasized that it is critical to further provide Ukraine with air defense systems and missiles for them.



❗️Border troops will increase by 15,000 people

As informed by the permanent representative of the Cabinet of Ministers in the Verkhovna Rada Taras Melnychuk, the government has registered the relevant bill in parliament.

Today, on Monday, March 18, at 7:00 PM, we will be going live together with Arkadiy Babchenko.

- In the Russian Federation, the elections of Putin to Putin were held again, the result of which was already known to everyone. How did the opposition react to this? What will change in Russia after the elections?

Propaganda of the enemy country is working at full capacity. This time the Russians are spreading fakes about the death of King Charles. But why?

- Why doesn't Zelensky admit that he would not have won the elections now? What is he guided by? What threats does this pose to Ukraine?

- The raid of Russian volunteers in the Russian Federation continues. The RDK and other units are taking over new settlements. But what is the goal of this raid and how will it all end?

- In Estonia a corruption scandal erupted with the Minister of Justice. And Stefanchuk led the Verkhovna Rada after that. Are we Europe or not?

In 2020, Zelensky told us that Putin understands the need to end the war in Donbass. Now the president says that the dictator in the Russian Federation is "addicted to power" and "will go to the end." When will Zelensky start responding in a timely manner?



❗️ The Legion of Freedom of Russia calls on residents of Belgorod to immediately leave the city or find reliable shelter

Volunteers announce strikes on military targets.

Today in Arkadiy Babchenko Birthday! I wish Arkadiy that everything conceived will be realized. And a trip on Abrams too! Many years, friend!

The photo is old, but it has not lost its relevance!



I want to thank the leadership of the European Union and all member states for creating a new Aid Fund for Ukraine within the European Peace Fund today. The amount is 5 billion euros, which will go towards supporting our defense efforts this year. We also expect this Fund to become part of a comprehensive security agreement between Ukraine and the European Union.

Thank you to all our people who are fighting and working for the sake of Ukraine and Ukrainians, who support each of our city and community. And especially those who are now facing the most difficult: Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv, Sumy, Chernihiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Mykolaiv, Kherson, our Odessa. We are doing everything possible to provide more protection, more strength to Ukraine and to each of our regions. Thank you to everyone in the world who is with Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!

On Growing Up.

Expecting, much less asking an infantile to grow up is not worth it (a lot of effort with a negative effect). Any explanations of the essence of adult life to a person who sincerely wants others to solve their problems, to make everything rainbows and comfortable, will not be attracted by any arguments of independent decisions and responsibility for actions. Especially by intimidation. There are children who behave like adults in their childhood years, and there are adults who persistently embody the lifestyle of a child. Asking them to become adults - only ignites fear and reinforces the search for caretakers. Imagine: you are a little child inside, and someone tells you that you MUST grow up! 😨. You can only grow up in a autoimmune euphoria from the desire to be an adult. Everything else does not work.

And what about the infants? The fact that they enjoy: grouping into circles (info bubbles), encouragement to make bright little jugs, games outdoors in interesting games, storytelling fairy tales and funny verses, organizing leisure and interesting activities. The main thing is that they should not be scared or bored. Let them do all the serious things, and they will sincerely rejoice that adults are making the world magical and full. Adults just need to organize this children's world. That's why they are adults. And children... let them dream, create, fantasize and imagine pink ponies and saturate the world with faith in the incredible. No matter how many years ago the little child was.

I do not believe in compulsory and incentivized maturity. I do not believe. (с)Alla Petrenko

China may boycott future peace talks on a ceasefire in Ukraine if Russia is not present, Politico reports, citing officials. .

China is trying to persuade Europe to allow Russia to sit at the table of future peace talks, potentially in Switzerland - or Beijing will boycott such meetings - reads a Politico message.

Information from Politico is confirmed by other sources. So, we see direct blackmail from Beijing. Interestingly, China has resorted to this method because it really believes it will help restore peace in Ukraine, or it believes that the West will not go for it and it will not only break off negotiations, but also lead to a postponement of any process in this direction. The answer lies solely in the plane of China's personal interests. And we will soon see what exactly Beijing wants. And this will explain a lot.



🔥In Belgorod - direct arrival at the Energomash plant

The projectile pierced the roof, damaging the equipment.



🤬Three men who were dismantling a found FPV drone died in Kherson region, - OVA.

The situation occurred in the village of Lvovo in Berislav district. Men aged 45, 55 and 67 found a drone in the yard and started to dismantle it. The ammunition detonated.



We have gathered for you the most important things you might have missed on March 18th:

🔹Zelensky held anotherChief Commander's meeting, where, in particular, they discussed the protection of critical infrastructure objects.

🔹 New dictionary of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of UkraineMajor Ilya Yevlash appointed.

🔹Representatives of "Freedom of Russia" calledlosses of Russian troopsin battles in the Belgorod and Kursk regions.

🔹Romania agreedtraining of Ukrainian pilotson F-16.

🔹The Embassy of Great Britaindenied the newsabout the death of King Charles III

🔹In Ukraine will exhibitfor sale yacht Medvedchuk



🥉 The Ukrainian women's fencing team won the bronze at the World Cup.

Belgium is preparing a military aid package for Ukraine worth 412 million euros. It will include 300 LMV armored vehicles. This was reported by Shephard Media

Thank you for your help!



❗️During the day, 56 combat clashes were recorded. Overall, the enemy dealt 5 missile and 55 aviation strikes, carried out 60 shelling with MLRS on the positions of our troops and settlements, - General Staff summary.

Defense Aviation strikes hit 9 areas of concentration of enemy personnel, equipment and military vehicles.

The units of missile troops have inflicted damage on 1 enemy air defense system.



At least two explosions are reported near Kharkov.

Currently, there is an air alert in the region!



💬The White House commented on Macron's words about sending French troops to Ukraine.

According to the words of the US President's national security advisor Jake Sullivan, the President of France as the leader of a sovereign state has every right to consider the possibility of sending its troops to the territory of Ukraine.

We are having a hard time now. But believe me, in any case, russkiy pidor! And Ukraine will win! Even if you think I'm calming you down, you are mistaken. Remember this post. Let's talk in a year. And we will get through this year. Even if someone doesn't like it.

Peaceful night 🌙 to all good people