Feb 22, 2024 - Day 729

729 days of active phase of the 10-year war. I'm looking at fresh sociology about trust in power. And who do I trust? I believe in myself and in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Everyone here



At night, the Russians attacked Ukraine with 10 drones. Eight of them were destroyed.

Good news time!



During the past day there were 64 combat clashes.reportsGeneral Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Defense Forces aviation struck 10 areas where enemy personnel are concentrated and 2 anti-aircraft missile systems. In addition, by the forces and means of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a Su-34 fighter-bomber and 3 reconnaissance UAVs were destroyed.

Units of missile troops struck 5 areas where personnel, weapons, and military equipment are concentrated, as well as 2 ammunition depots, 3 command posts, 8 artillery units, and 1 enemy radar station.

Major General Serhiy Krivonos about cause-effect relationship.



🕯Every morning at 9:00, we observe a minute of silence to honor the memory of those killed in Russia's brutal war against Ukraine.

Sweden has provided the largest military aid package to Ukraine to date worth 7.1 billion Swedish crowns (630 million euros).

This support package includes:

• 10 Stridsbåt 90 class amphibious assault boats;

• 20 landing boats;

• underwater weapons, such as mines and torpedoes;

• a series of Robot 70 type anti-aircraft missile systems;

• Anti-tank work of model TOW;

• Grenade launchers with ammunition;

• Artillery ammunition;

• Hand grenades;

• Carl Gustav grenade launchers

• Medical equipment;

• Emergency vehicles



Today we honor the memory of Junior Sergeant Valentin Honchar.

The man was born in the settlement of Horky in Kharkiv region. The connection with the warrior was severed on January 15, 2023, during a battle on the outskirts of Bakhmut. After many months of waiting, and later extensive DNA analysis, Valentin Honchar returned forever to his native land. The soldier was buried in the Alley of Heroes in the Bohodukhiv community. Valentin left behind a father and a brother, who also stood up in defense of the Independence of Ukraine.

Forever in the ranks!

This is a very successful response to Tucker Carlson's interview with Putin. And it is very important that it will be shown on FOX News, which is mainly watched by Republican supporters. The main thing is for this interview not only to raise the issue of war among the channel's viewers, but also to motivate them to demand their politicians to provide assistance to Ukraine. Soon we will find out if they can motivate Zelensky.

Volodymyr Zelensky gave his first front-line interview: 2.5 km from Russian positions on the Kupyansk direction. He answered questions from the American channel FOX News. Bret Baier's special report with the participation of Volodymyr Zelensky will be shown on 23.02 at 1:00 Kiev time.

The main thing is that it helps Ukraine and you need to see what video sequence were shot by American journalists and what was said in this interview.



Yesterday the Russian armyfiredAt least 19 settlements in the Kharkiv region have been destroyed, two civilians have been injured.



The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published approximate losses of Russian occupiers over the past day.

The ECFR survey was conducted in key European countries (not conducted in the Baltic countries).

According to the survey results:

10% believe in Ukraine's victory

20% believe in the victory of the Russian Federation

37% believe in compromise (in our language - defeat)

41% want to push Ukraine into negotiations

33% believe that support should be discontinued if Trump discontinues it. 20% want to increase support if Trump discontinues it.

37% are against 29% believe that Europe played a negative role in the war (it is not specified what this means).

Representativeness of the survey is unknown.

But European politicians will see in it what they want.

I think it's time to rephrase the explanation of victory in other words, because it seems that the old ones are not very effective.

And with the fight against disinformation somehow awkwardly turned out (с)Dmytro Zolotukhin



Russia may soondenounceagreement on the delimitation of maritime spaces and the shelf in the Bering Sea, which was signed with the USA in 1990.

This is written by The Moscow Times with reference to the member of the International Affairs Committee Rosa Chemeris.

It is reported that the 1990 signed agreement, according to which the US received about 30 thousand sq. km of the exclusive economic zone of the USSR and over 40 thousand sq. km of the shelf, may soon be denounced.

The next agreement will be on cooperation regarding the Bering Strait, concluded in 1990 between Shevardnadze and US Secretary of State James Baker," Chemeris said.

According to the publication, her words were confirmed by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Maxim Uvaidov, who was also present at the meeting.

Zelensky plans an interesting event for Sunday. But I have a few questions.

Will shashlik be discussed in achieving Ukrainian goals in the war?

2. Will Minister of Defense Tarana discuss the sabotage of the missile program and the lack of purchases of ammunition, body armor, helmets, and other items, for which he was punished by being appointed ambassador to Slovenia?

3. Will they discuss that Defense Minister Reznikov did not order FPV drones from Ukroboronprom, but the Ministry of Defense planned to purchase eggs for 17 hryvnias as part of the work of the Ukrainian defense-industrial complex?

4. Will the sabotage of the Tatar reforms by BEB and the arrest of Mazepa be discussed as a way to ensure economic growth and integration of Ukraine into global markets?

I still have many questions. From whether there will be representatives of opposition media on this forum and whether Lieutenant Bakanov will report there before Zelensky wants to apologize for ignoring warnings about the invasion and refusal to conduct evacuation and mobilization in advance?

Is everything going to be okay?



February 21endedregistration of amendments to the draft law on mobilization

In total, more than 3700 amendments were submitted to the project, said the co-chair of the European Solidarity faction Gerashchenko.

I registered 45 edits with colleagues, which shows that this is not spam, but principled positions, to clean up the project of unconstitutional and corrupt norms, - the deputy said.

After G7 ambassadors sent a letter warning the government not to sabotage the reform of the Bureau of Economic Security. Who in Ukraine benefits from sabotaging the BES reform? Why is Zelensky not reacting to this? In what way are the people from the Presidential Office leading Ukraine? Have we been lied to about the path to the EU? I explained the details in my original blog. Write your thoughts in the comments.




During a search of the headquaters of the Chernihiv Regional Election Commission, almost 1 million US dollars were found, “Suspilne” reports with reference to sources.

Desniansky District Court of Chernihiv sent the suspect to custody without bail.

Currently it is known that the detained worked as the head of the regional examination commission until the summer of 2021.



And from the video of searches and cash withdrawal.



Ukraine is close to reaching an agreement with the International Monetary Fund to receive the next tranche of $900 million from a $15.6 billion loan, - Bloomberg.

It is expected that the representatives of the IMF will announce the allocation of the tranche on Thursday, February 22.

Confident that after such statements Arakhamiya will personally close some section of the front. You can do it together with Stefanchuk, Hetmancev and Dmytruk. And grab shovels instead of weapons.



❗️Several Tu-22m3 aircraft that took off from the Engels airfield are approaching the eastern border of Ukraine, according to the Air Force.

There is a threat of launches of X-22 missiles.



The State Bureau of Investigation has completed a pre-trial investigation in the case of state treason by former MP from the banned political party OPPosition Platform - For Life Vadim Rabinovich.

The indictment is sent to the court.

Sanction of the article provides for up to 15 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property.

In Facebook, I almost do not write. And still, punishments fly in. That's why all the texts are in Telegram, and videos are on YouTube. Facebook is becoming the past.

The Ministry of Defense of Great Britain on Twitter reports that British intelligence has received confirmed information that the Kremlin is preparing residents of the Russian Federation for a protracted war with Ukraine and the West.

It is noted that the Russian authorities are trying to justify the duration of the war and the scale of Russian losses by portraying the war as a direct conflict with the West. Thus, Putin and his entourage want to prepare Russians for a long-term conflict and the associated decrease in the standard of living within the country.

The Kremlin's spokesman Peskov admitted that the special operation may take a little longer, but it will not change the course of events.

This is part of the official Russian version, which is almost certainly aimed at preparing the population of the country for long-term conflict and the associated decrease in living standards within the country, while providing confidence in Russia's ultimate victory" - the Ministry of Defence of Britain said.

It coincides with what Vitaliy Portnykov voiced in our broadcast yesterday. I recommend watching https://youtube.com/live/sn22yLukGmQ



Strategic bombers are moving away from the launch points, - Air Forces.

It became known that slightly more than 4 thousand amendments were made to the draft law on mobilization. This is what I wrote about. And they plan to vote for it on March 6, but there is still no understanding of what the final version of the draft law will look like, and therefore there are no votes for it.




These days two terrible dates coincide: 10 years ago the war began and 2 years ago a large-scale invasion began.

No one of us has any illusions that Putin did not come for Donbas, Avdiyivka or Bakhmut - Putin came to seize all of Ukraine, destroy the entire Ukrainian people, us and you. There should be no illusions: Ukraine is in mortal danger.

But there are achievements: we have preserved statehood, we have preserved Ukraine. This is the beginning of our victory and its guarantee. This is the merit of all Ukrainians, but first of all of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

From this platform, for 4 months before the start of the large-scale invasion, 11 times we, together with the European Solidarity faction, called for the adoption of bills that were supposed to increase the defense capability of our state: increase the financing of the armed forces, deploy reserves, equip strategic reserves. And it was like fighting against the asphalt. By the way, tenders for the Armed Forces were ten times smaller than tenders for asphalt.

But we will deal with this after the war, and now we need to look ahead, the factor of our victory is unity and once again unity. We must concentrate all diplomatic efforts, including parliamentary diplomacy. And the conclusion should be made by the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, canceling the shameful and illegal order. Such actions are unacceptable.

The strategy should include the following 5 points: fortifications, weapons, production of weapons in Ukraine, drones, EW means. All this requires money from the Ukrainian economy and Ukrainian business, which we must protect.

We support G7 requirements for the law on BEPS, we call on the authorities not to deceive partners.




🇪🇺 The European Parliament's committees have supported a decision to create a multi-year financial assistance program for Ukraine worth 50 billion euros.

Former head of the Chernihiv Regional Administrative Court law enforcement officers found nearly $1 million, reports Suspilne.

Desnyansky district court of Chernihiv sent the suspect into custody without the possibility of posting bail.

Searches were conducted on February 21 as part of an investigation into one of the criminal proceedings.

❗️The most interesting thing is that the detainee worked as the head of the regional VAC until (!!!) the summer of 2021 and all of this was leading up to a full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine.

What's happening at the border? How should we interpret Volodymyr Zelensky's call to the Polish authorities? Why did Shoigu announce the capture of Krynyk? What's wrong with Budanov's statements? Is there a Plan B for Ukraine in the USA? All this and more in an interview with the Youtube channel Fabrika Novin told by Boryslav Bereza




The SBU reported how they liquidated a large-scale scheme in Chernihiv to evade mobilization and illegal departure abroad of men of conscription age.

For money, the former head of the local military medical commission promised conscripts to be removed from military registration based on fictitious certificates of unsuitability for service due to health reasons.

He acted in conjunction with several acting officials of regional commissions and medical institutions.

During the search, the detainee was found to have almost 1 million US dollars, as well as over 22 thousand euros. In addition, documentation for several apartments and land plots was also seized, for which the Security Service of Ukraine has already initiated seizure.

The detainee is being held in custody without the right to bail.



Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Frederiksen announced the signing of a security agreement with Ukraine.

The agreement provides that Denmark undertakes to support Ukraine in both military and civilian spheres for the next ten years.

Screens do not burn...

❗️The border with Poland will be unblocked for military and humanitarian cargoes., - Prime Minister of Poland Tusk

Цеthe solution will workwithin a few hours.Border crossings with Ukraine will be included in the list of critical infrastructure objects.



Ex-MP Portnov filed a lawsuit against the National Agency on Corruption Prevention and the Chesno movement.

He demands to recognize as unreliable and defamatory information of the following content: committing state treason, Traitor to the country, Collaborator of Russian authorities who have undertaken an aggressive war against Ukraine and change its borders. Also recognize as unreliable information - criminal proceedings under st. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (state treason), reported by "Chesno".

Portnov honestly demands a quarter of a million hryvnias, has no financial claims to NACP.

The former deputy is outside of Ukraine. He wants the case to be considered under a simplified procedure without the presence of the parties.

Give a little comment on frog jumping in Russia.




Polish Prime Minister Tusk stated that the proposed government meeting at the border by Ukrainian President Zelensky will not take place.

However, on March 28, a meeting of representatives of the governments of Poland and Ukraine will take place in Warsaw.

Problem with Polish farmers on the border. Can this become a second front against Ukraine? How to solve this problem? Can our government handle this? Are Russian money behind Polish farmers? Head of the Main Intelligence Directorate Kirill Budanov stated that the Russians have "no strength" to seize Donetsk and Luhansk regions this year. Is it still worth self-reassurance? Reuters reported that Iran sent hundreds of ballistic missiles to Russia. This is reported by six sources. Should Ukrainians expect massive shelling? Will this affect an increase in assistance from the West? Political commentator Vitaliy Portnikov answered questions in a conversation with Borislav Berez.




👩‍👧 - Woman and childMothers on maternity leave are not included in the list of internally displaced persons who will automatically have their living expenses payments extended from March 1, 2024.

My colleague Oleksiy Honcharenko drew attention to this.


✍️ In detail about what is provided for by the government Resolution of January 26, 2024 No. 94 "Some issues of social support for internally displaced persons and other vulnerable categories of persons", I wrotehere.


Vlada was so excited about exceptions for some people and restrictions for others that she did not anticipate support forVPO - women who are on childcare leave after the child turns 3 years old.


🔖 That is, financial assistance in the amount of 2000 hryvnias for adults and 3000 hryvnias for children and persons with disabilities will be provided only with additional confirmation of the mother's inability to work and earn income.


😒 I hope that this unfortunate mistake was due to the negligence of officials, not a deliberate act, and it will be corrected immediately.



One of the Kiev enlistment offices removed from military records over two dozen reserve officers. Among them the owner of the Vidi group of companies and former head of the board of a large insurance company "VUSO".

Investigative journalistsInvestigation.InfoIt was found that at the Pechersk military enlistment office during 2022-2023 without reason, dismissed from military records at least 24 reserve officers, from junior lieutenants to majors.

Currently, following the verification results, the violation has been qualified as a criminal offense of "Negligence towards military service." Moreover, as reported in the investigation, such situations are not isolated — similar violations have been recorded at the Golosiivskyi TCC in Kyiv.

When a dog doesn't have anything to do, it licks its balls. The Presidential Office under the leadership of the Bankova works in a similar paradigm. For example, they create a special commission to... attack Klitschko. No, they didn't create a special commission for Bakanov, Taran, and other individuals who were appointed by Zelensky and scandals surrounding them. They didn't create a special commission for eggs at 17 hryvnia. And they didn't create a special commission for the theft of humanitarian aid. They didn't even create a special commission on the issue of why Servant of the People Trubitsyn, suspected of corruption, left abroad on a letter from the Main Intelligence Directorate Ministry of Defense. What is that? Why didn't they create it? Is it prohibited by the Presidential Office? Well, then ok.

And now created to be like Klitschko, who annoys the President's Office. I'm not a fan of Klitschko, but I'm curious, will they investigate the purchases of vegetable cutters and drums by heads of districts appointed to Bankova? If not, then why?

But the most interesting thing is that the head of the commission was appointed... a representative of the authorities, not the opposition - the servant Bezgin, who faces 10 years for a business scheme with a deputy of the RF, who is his relative. On such a hook, he will do everything they say. Mhm...



Members of the Bundestag recommended providing Ukraine with Taurus guided missiles, now the decision must be made by Chancellor Scholz, - Deputy Chairman of the Council Committee on National Security Cherniev.



❗️DBB operatives exposed civil servants in embezzling almost a million hryvnias of budgetary funds: the former head of the financial department and her acquaintance carried out an illegal scheme.

At the beginning of 2020, one of the accomplices decided to increase her income and offered to her subordinate to commit a fraud. Later, due to friendly relations with the boss, the specialist of the department took a position as the head of one of the sectors of financial management.

In the future, she practically did not appear at work and did not perform her functional duties, but successfully received a salary and bonuses. As a result of such manipulations, the defendants managed to embezzle nearly a million hryvnias of state funds.

In 2023, after the fact of embezzlement of money was revealed, participants of the criminal scheme were dismissed from the National Police of Odessa, according to the principled position of the leadership.

Now they face 7 to 12 years of imprisonment.

In Moscow it was decided that the level of escalation should be raised, so Transnistria must declare its intention to join Russia.

According to opposition activist Hennadii Chorb, the leader of "PMR" Vadim Krasnosils'kyi initiates a congress of deputies of all levels in Tiraspol on February 28 in connection with the "pressure from the Republic of Moldova".

According to the activist's statement, the team came from Moscow to hold this congress. Then it is easy to draw conclusions.

The opposition expects that at these meetings, a request for the annexation of Transnistria to Russia will be voiced, and Putin will announce this request on February 29 before the federal assembly.

If the information is confirmed, then Maia Sandu has little time to solve this problem. And the solution is obvious. Otherwise, she will go down in history as someone who could have restored the territorial integrity of the country, but wasted the opportunity.



🤔Spanish special services are convinced that Moscow is behind the murder of the pilot of the Russian Mi-8 Kuzminov, - El Pais.

Sources among diplomats point out that the matter is very serious, despite the fact that Spanish law enforcement agencies are still looking for evidence.

If the involvement of the Russian authorities is confirmed, Spain is ready for a decisive response.

I will go eat a chocolate bar 🍫, I guess...



⚡️ After G7 countries again officially expressed disappointment in the appointment by Parliament on December 21 of four new members of the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine, one of whom was appointed new chairman on January 10

📨 In the email that was just senthead of VR, heads of profile committees, prime minister and members of the government, is specified,what such appointments took place before the implementation of key reforms, which will ensure a reliable selection process, independence and integrity of this important institution.


The administration of internal revenues in Ukraine should inspire trust from those considering investing in Ukraine.


The emphasis is on the leaf, that reforms for the trusted, independent, and professional Accounting Chamber, necessary to promote greater transparency and accountability to accelerate the rebuilding of Ukraine, should be such:


1️⃣) creation of an open, competitive, and merit-based process for selecting members of the Accounting Chamber, including mandatory integrity checks;


2) as soon as possible after completing the above step conducting the reappointment process for all members of the Audit Chamber within the reformed selection processу;


3) strengthening the powers of the Chamber regarding the audit of local self-government bodies, state enterprises, and off-budget expenditures;


4️⃣) codification of official parliamentary procedures for consideration of audit reports and implementation of their recommendations.


"We call on the government to adopt these reforms as soon as possible and recommend not appointing new members until the reforms are implemented."


☝️The G7 emphasizes: the new, trusted, independent Accounting Chamber will ensure the effectiveness, efficiency and savings of state resources during recovery in wartime, further strengthening public trust in Ukraine's commitment to fighting corruption and overseeing international assistance.


Well, we are waiting for actions from the authorities, or will they once again demonstrate disrespect to our creditors⁉️

SBU! I know that I am being read in the service. I want to ask, doesn't it surprise them that someone is selling a military radio station HARRIS? By the way, Ukraine bought such ones. It seems that it strangely ended up in private hands. Will there be a reaction?

Today, on Thursday, February 22nd, at 7:00 PM I will be live with the People's Deputy of Ukraine Volodymyr Aryev.

- Volodymyr Zelensky proposed to increase the salary of servicemen who have been serving on the front line for more than two years to 200 000. How realistic is it to do this? Does Ukraine have the money or where to get it?

- Polish Prime Minister Tusk stated that the border will be unblocked for military and humanitarian supplies. Is the situation starting to move?

- What is the VR living with today? Why do so many deputies want to resign?

- Arakhamia said that if there is no weapons, the front will be closed by people. Will he close it himself? What are they preparing us for? What's on his mind?

- Deputy head of the Radbez of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev said that the RF troops will have to reach Kyiv and that Russia has already waited for Odesa. Why does Medvedev make such statements?

- Zelensky gave an interview to Fox News near the front line and said: There is no Plan B, we need to survive. What does this statement really testify to?




Forecasting troops shelled one of the settlements of the Bilozerska community in the Kherson region, - the regional administration of the State Emergency Service

The economic building and passenger car caught fire. Firefighters quickly extinguished the fire.



🤬The Minister of Agriculture of Poland voiced an expanded list of Ukrainian agricultural products that Poland wants to ban. In particular, it is about:


🔻poultry meat


🔻frozen raspberries

🔻apple juice

🔻 sunflower and rapeseed oil.



🤯 The Houthis banned any ships related to Israel, the USA, and Britain from entering the Red Sea.

As reported by Reuters, the ban also covers neighboring waters - the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea.

Our soldier's patch reads "There is no enemy scarier than the commander idiot." This photo appeared on the front page of the British Evening Standard.

I want to add that jerks are always a real problem next to us, and they won't go anywhere. Unfortunately.



❗️Ukraine is evacuating destroyed agricultural machinery to the border with Poland from Russian mines and shelling.

So the farmers want to show the protesters at what price Ukrainians get grain.

Two years ago I was not prepared for shashliks, listened to the outraged cries of citizens that I was dispersing panic and planned with friends what to do with the beginning of the invasion. And none of them let us down.

In general, I am not a prophet. I just communicate with many sources of information, know a lot, and can analyze. I share information with you and it is only your choice to listen to me or ignore. My dad always said - You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. So draw your own conclusions.



❗️The United Nations has confirmed 30,457 civilian casualties during two years of full-scale invasion in Ukraine.

According to the organization's mission data, at least 10,582 civilians were killed, and 19,875 were injured.

Friends, I address those of you who live in Israel! 🇺🇦🇮🇱

On Friday, February 23, as part of a series of events dedicated to two wars of Israel and Ukraine, we will gather at Habima Square in Tel Aviv to mark the second anniversary of the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russian occupation forces in Ukraine, as well as 4.5 months since the horrific terrorist attack in Israel and the beginning of the "Swords of Steel" war in Gaza.

We will remember together with you the unbreakable Ukrainian and Israeli heroism, which defends their states and the entire civilized world from invaders, criminals, and killers. We will show how even despite the unspeakable horrors that Ukraine and Israel experience in times of war, we still believe in our future victories and do everything in our power to bring them closer.

The anniversary of the start of full-scale war in Ukraine will take place this year in the conditions of yet another war. A war in which the Kremlin regime is also involved. Evil, which aims to destroy everything democratic, is united: it is impossible to speak about the war in Ukraine without mentioning the Iranian Shahids, or to fight against terrorist groups around Israel without blaming Russia for supplying weapons and military training. That is why it is important this year to unite our efforts to fight against the common enemy that we all face today.

Come and join us on this important anniversary.



🦾The defense forces received M113 armored personnel carriers equipped for evacuating wounded soldiers from the battlefield.

Oreiro!!! And in an apple!!! )))



We have gathered for you the main things that you might have missed by February 22:

🔹Russian occupiers once again struck theKherson region, Mykolaiv region та Donetsk region.

The Bundestag supported the resolution on supplying Ukrainelong-range weapons.

🔹Great Britain will transfer to Ukraine200 anti-tank missilesBrimstone.

🔹Russian troops are tryingcontinue the assault actionsfurther to the west from Avdiivka.

🔹Denmark announced signingsecurity agreement with Ukraine.

🔹Tusk announcedmeeting of the governments of Ukraine and PolandMarch 28 regarding the border blockade.

Not right are those who say that all Russians are evil and do not feel good feelings towards others. Here, for example, this Russian woman feeds our piglets. Yes, she feeds herself, but she does a good deed. ))



Today began with a briefing. Not only about the current situation on the front line, but also on other strategic issues, including the preparation of our state for transition to F-16 - there was a special report on this.

All parameters regarding the first batch of aircraft: specific delivery terms, necessary technical and infrastructure support. Details are positive. This year our Air Force will become stronger, these are fundamental tasks. Specifically - protection against Russian guided aerial bombs and overall new capabilities on the front line.

Of course, today there were reports from the Headquarters, intelligence, minister of defense, and other government officials responsible for armaments at Stavtsi. Special attention was paid to several directions: Avdiivka and the southern one.

Thank you to everyone who fights for Ukraine, works for Ukraine, and helps!

Glory to Ukraine!



❗️Reports of explosions in Odessa!

Air alert continues in the region!

Amazing plot. No, it's not about corruption, not about schemes in power, and it's not an investigation of OP machinations. It's much more colorful. The plot is about stupidity, when people receive real sentences for porn or debauchery. And someone gets rewards, titles, and salaries for these things from our taxes. But this is typical only... for totalitarian countries. And we inherited this from the USSR. We need to get rid of it. And the plot is bomb. I recommend watching it. It won't appeal to hypocrites, snobs, Soviet people, and the uncultured. It will make others reflect. Maybe it will change something. For the better.


Syrsky started an audit of the Armed Forces and has already found thousands of fighters who have never been on the front line.

Oh, wow, what a surprise! And when he was leading the Ground Forces, this bright idea didn't come to mind?? And there were wonders, whole battalions didn't smell gunpowder... It has never happened before, and here we go again. (с)Tim Zlatkin



🚆Ukrzaliznytsia will deliver passengers who are late for the train due to protests in Poland on the next flights.

The carrier does not guarantee the availability of free seats, but promises to do everything possible to conveniently accommodate additional passengers on trains and deliver them on schedule.

Biden announced personal sanctions against Putin

Tomorrow we will announce sanctions against Putin, who is responsible for his (Navalny's) death," Biden said after meeting with the widow and daughter of the deceased politician.

Interesting, Putin killed tens of thousands of Ukrainians, ruined hundreds of thousands of lives, destroyed several cities and settlements in Ukraine, but sanctions are imposed on him only after the murder of Navalny. Well, probably everyone he killed before did not deserve these sanctions. Otherwise, these sanctions would have been imposed on Putin earlier. Am I not right?

Peaceful night 🌙 to all good people