Mar 27, 2022 - Day 32



🤣In Popasna, the occupiers shelled their own positions with mortars due to poor interaction, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports.



💬Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Danilov believes that Russia will not help Armenia in the confrontation with Azerbaijan, because the Russian military force is currently concentrated in Ukraine.



❗️In the liberated Trostianets, the occupiers mined the hospital



We publish a schedule of additional evacuation flights for March 27👇🏻

⭕ Kharkiv:

11:30 - №209/210 Kharkiv - Ivano-Frankivsk.


20:00 - No. 234/233 Dnipro - Chop.


13:00 - No. 278/277 Kramatorsk - Lviv;

16:00 - №280/279 Kramatorsk - Lviv.

An additional flight will depart from Odessa to Uzhgorod at 22:32.

The schedule of regular trains for the next day is updated daily around 00:00 on the website



🚨Odessa! Air alarm!



Russia continues to rely on remote-controlled weapons to reduce the vulnerability of its aircraft to Ukrainian air defenses, according to British intelligence.



Sanctions against Russia will be lifted if it withdraws its troops from the territory of Ukraine and provides guarantees of renunciation of aggression in the future, the British Foreign Ministry said.

However, in case of the resumption of aggressive actions, sanctions will return.



❗️Operational information from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of 06:00 on 27.03.2022 regarding the Russian invasion

According to available information, an average of 50 to 100 wounded people arrive daily at medical facilities in the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, city of Sevastopol.

The morale and psychological state of the enemy troops remains low.

On the routes of movement of Russian military columns through the territory of the Republic of Belarus, isolated cases of the sale of fuel and provisions by soldiers or their exchange for alcoholic beverages are noted.

The enemy does not stop trying to replenish the losses of automotive equipment and improve the rear support of its combat units.

Occupiers continue to terrorize and intimidate the local population in the temporarily occupied territories. There are isolated incidents of looting, kidnapping of people and property.

In the direction of Donetsk and Luhansk, the Joint Forces repulsed 7 enemy attacks. Ukrainian soldiers destroyed 8 tanks, 8 units of enemy armored vehicles, and 3 enemy automotive vehicles, one mortar. The losses of the aggressors in manpower are being clarified.

During the previous day, the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit 1 aircraft, 12 different types of UAVs, and 2 cruise missiles. The Air Force was engaged in air cover for troops and objects. The strike aviation inflicted devastating blows on designated targets and enemy objects as commanded.



⚠️Russia forcibly evacuated 40 thousand Ukrainians in an unknown direction through the so-called humanitarian corridors, reported Irina Vereshchuk.

All corridors were organized without the consent of the Ukrainian side.



Russian occupiers used banned phosphorous ammunition near Avdiivka, reports BuzzFeed News correspondent Christopher Miller.

Translation: There is nothing beautiful in war. War is blood, pain, loss, fatigue, dirt, and stress. War is also an extra 30 kilograms that you carry on yourself, leading to an aching and chafed back. War is not a Hollywood blockbuster, but a stray bullet and a randomly landed mine in a place for shelter. War is severed limbs, deceased friends, and destroyed families. But we did not start this war and the enemy came to us. Therefore, we fight on our land, for the right to live, for the right to raise children, for the right to speak your mind, do what you want, and be able to do it all in OUR country. And our enemies want to kill us and fight for... And what our enemies are fighting for, I do not know. Maybe for Putin and his daughters with their wild board living in Europe? Or maybe our enemies are fighting to bring home a trophy toilet or a rusty meat grinder? Or maybe they are fighting to die in Ukraine and become fertilizer? I don't know what the occupiers are fighting for. I know whose ambitions they serve and at whose command, but I don't know how they explain it to themselves and what justifies their actions. What excuses does a Russian pilot have for dropping bombs on the theater in Mariupol, where children are hiding? What justifies a gunner shelling residential neighborhoods in Kharkiv? I do not know and what justifies the occupier for shooting two pensioners who were riding a bicycle or shooting a 12-year-old girl in the face. Fortunately, one of the pensioners survived, and the girl is currently undergoing rehabilitation and will live. But this is definitely not the merit of the Russian aggressors who came to kill us on our land. And we, of course, are against this. That's why we fight. Some with weapons in hand, some planning and carrying out successful operations, some volunteering, some negotiating arms supplies, or saving lives on the operating table, some pulling Ukrainians out of the rubble or evacuating people through humanitarian corridors, some hacking enemy websites, and some on the information front. All those for whom Ukraine is not just a word have become a united front to defend our Motherland. Yes, there is nothing beautiful in war, but we fight for our right to live on our land, under our laws, and for the right of all future generations to live in their Ukraine, not as part of a wild and inhumane empire.

In war there is nothing beautiful. But victory over the enemy is beautiful. But isn't it wonderful to be able to protect your home, your land, your family, and your country from the occupant? And that is why we are fighting. We fight to win and to live in Ukraine. So it will be. And our strength is in unity. Together we will win!



In Rubizhne and Popasna, in some areas of the cities, street battles are taking place, - Luhansk RSA.



Today, the Finnish company VR Transpoint suspends the acceptance of freight wagons from Russia due to sanctions against Russian Railways.



🚘 The occupiers are already dragging some scrap metal.



📱 In Ukraine allowedcollectinformation on damaged and destroyed property by occupiers using "Actions".



Russian occupiers are concentrating their efforts to try to surround Ukrainian forces in Donbas, according to British intelligence.



😢Since the beginning of the war, 139 children have died, 205 have been injured.



Iryna Vereshchuk on the planned humanitarian corridors work on March 27.



❗️Russian troops launched a barrage rocket attack using “Tornado-S” multiple launch rocket systems on the residential sector of the town of Krasnohorivka.

The occupiers have used prohibited cassette ammunition.

Currently, police explosive ordnance disposal and SES are identifying and neutralizing combat cumulatives elements.

Residents are urged not to approach ammunition - self-liquidation of elements may take up to 40 hours.

📷National Police of Ukraine



In Lviv, a fire at the territory of one of the industrial enterprises for storing fuel has been extinguished.


The speech in which Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the invasion of Ukraine turned out to be similar to the one Adolf Hitler gave in Reichstag after Germany attacked Poland. Listen for yourselves



In London, tens of thousands of people marched through the city in support of the people of Ukraine.

📷Embassy of Ukraine to the UK(Note: The text is already in English)



Morning summary from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

By the way, where is our lost one? Returned to the mothballs again? Along with the bloodsuckers and other riffraff?



🚀Elon Musk asked Twitter followers if a "new platform" is needed.

Did the founder of SpaceX and Tesla Inc think about creating a new or buying an existing social network?

Under Musk's tweet, there are already over 37 thousand comments. He also pinned this post on the page of his account.



In Chernihiv there is no electricity, heating or water supply, gas supply is partially provided, - head of the OVA Chaus.

Renovation work is carried out as much as possible.

The treacherous invasion of Ukraine and underestimation of the Ukrainian army with overestimation of one's own played a cruel joke with the Kremlin. The fact is that Putin needs new combat-ready units to wage war with Ukraine, and there are none. He does not want to declare a mass conscription yet, understanding that it will cause even greater tension in the Russian Federation. Therefore, he is forced to withdraw his troops around the perimeter of the Russian Federation or transfer them from hot spots like Syria. And now this has led to the fact that the entire system of creating frozen conflicts by the Kremlin has begun to crumble.

Azerbaijan was the first to react, continuing the restoration of territorial integrity and demanding that Russia withdraw the remnants of the Armenian army from the territory of the unrecognized republic. In addition, Azerbaijan asks not to use the expression "Nagorno-Karabakh" and correctly indicate the name of its territories.

Also, it should be noted that Georgia may regain its territories because Putin withdrew most of his troops from this region. But everything depends on the political will of the Georgian leadership, which is currently showing maximum loyalty to the Kremlin. As for Moldova, it is unlikely to reclaim the territory of Transnistria now. The reason is that the armed forces of Moldova are not ready today to regain their territory.

But Poland began publicly voicing claims to the Kaliningrad territory, and Japan refused to negotiate a peace treaty with Russia, but now it ultimatively demands the return of the Kurils. In general, everything that Putin has built now collapses like a house of cards due to the stupid invasion of Ukraine. But I expect something else. I am aware of nationalist sentiments in the Republic of Tatarstan and in the Caucasus. Considering that troops are being transferred from there to Ukraine, sooner or later there should be an outbreak. And the sanctions imposed on Russia today will heat up this soup to a boil. And then the collapse of Russia, which Putin launched with his invasion of Ukraine, will begin.

I do not claim that this will happen in the near future, but what is happening is clearly visible even to the naked eye. And the fact that many experts say that this year the Caucasus factor will play a role in Russia, sets me up positively on this issue. Let Russia fall apart. I'm all for it! And the final for Putin's Russia will be similar to the final of the USSR. After all, Putin is doing everything for this.



🇯🇵🇺🇦 Japan will provide Ukraine with an additional $100 million in humanitarian assistance, - The Japan Times.



👩‍👧‍👦For over a month now, children have been hiding from the war in the shelter of rescuers in Kharkiv region.

Near them constantly psychologists DSNS: hold entertainment events, games, read fairy tales.

📷MVS Ukraine

A very interesting article with commentators who are very well versed in the issue of who and how handed over Kherson? And one of the main reasons can be called this excerpt:

Current governor Gennady Luguta, according to colleagues, on the first day of the war, put the keys on the table for the mayor with the words: "I am not participating in this" - and left the region. Along with him - on the first day of the special operation - the management of the police, prosecution, courts left, and shortly after that, the employees of the Security Service were evacuated.

I will not tell you who appointed all these fugitives, according to whose quota, from whose party, and by what agreements. But I remember all this. And I am not the only one. So I will remind. Or remind. After the war. Yes, Ermak?



✍️Zelensky signed a law on criminal liability for unauthorized dissemination of information aboutdirection, movement of weapons, armament and ammunition into Ukraine and movement, relocation or deployment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, committed under conditions of war or state of emergency.

Russia has already lost 7 generals in just one month of war against Ukraine; the USSR in 10 years in Afghanistan - only 5.

This is a huge number, even compared to the Second World War. Then the number of deaths per month in the war never exceeded one or two generals. And here already 7, - noted military expert Oleg Zhdanov.

Let's debunk a new batch of enemy lies.

At the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security, we have collected another selection of Russian fakes for you and explain how Russian propaganda works during the war.

Here everything is in the best traditions of deceitful Russia: fabrication of evidence of military crimes, nuclear blackmail, pseudo-victories and hysterical criticism of sanctions.

More - in our new digest:

The Ministry of Defense of Great Britain published on March 26 its assessment of further dynamics of the war of Russia against Ukraine, according to which it is necessary to expect random shelling of peaceful cities. The Russian occupation army will reduce ground operations and intensify bombing, disregarding civilian casualties.

In the document of the British Ministry of Defense it is stated:

Russia continues to besiege major Ukrainian cities, including Kharkov, Chernigov, and Mariupol.

Russian troops are showing reluctance to participate in large-scale ground operations within city limits, preferring indiscriminate aerial and artillery bombardments in an attempt to demoralize defending forces.

■ It is quite possible that Russia will continue to use its heavy firepower in urban areas, as it hopes to reduce its already significant losses even at the cost of new victims among the civilian population.

The captive russians. They no longer talk about teachings. They realized that no one would believe it after a month of war. But the captive russians behave quietly. Quiet russians is norm.

Scary photo. After all, people sitting in the foreground perceive the war as something ordinary. And Putin brought this to Ukraine.



📚 Educational process in distance format resumes in Kyiv from March 28, - Kyiv City State Administration.



❤️ We also adored Keanu Reeves, and now even more!

I know these people. And they have their own front. But they need financial support. If you can, then help them. Together we will win!

The special services report:

According to available information, Captain 1st rank of the Russian Armed Forces Igor Vitaliyovych Tatarchenko (who betrayed the People of Ukraine in 2014 and went to serve in Russia) is currently in the city of Bucha.

In 2011-2012 he served as the commander of the 73rd Naval Special Operations Center of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Tatarchenko I.V. was born in the city of Vyshhorod, Kyiv region. He is well oriented in the Kyiv region.

Tall in height.

According to available information, the units of the marines of the fascists are commanded.

Maybe you will have to go out in civilian clothes. Please pass this info on to your people who work north of Kyiv.

Needed, if possible, alive.



🇨🇭Swiss insurance company Zurich Insurance has rejected the letter "Z" — Reuters.

The company has removed this letter from their logo on social networks, as "Z" is associated with Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Russians, this is about you. This is for you. Watch out until you are sent to Ukraine, where our soldiers will kill or cripple you. You are not welcome here.



89 enterprises from different regions of Ukraine have already been moved to the west of Ukraine from the combat zone, - Hetmantsev.

47 enterprises are already operating.

Two girls from Belarus and Ukraine organized Teronlyfans - a movement that motivates people to send money for the needs of the Ukrainian army, resisting Russian aggression. The girls help as they can. The main thing is that they help. And for some reason I remembered the police officers who were proud to fight against webcam models. Do you remember these stories? I wonder where are those fighters for morality today? In the TRO or together with the DBR defending the borders of Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk regions? Well, we'll deal with this later. And for now, everything is for Victory!



At the Chornobayivka airfield, Russian forces were attacked for the eleventh time, - adviser to the Office of the President of Ukraine.Arrestovich.

Bitch!!! This is an oreiro. The freak from the Russian MO was able to wish the occupant who lost his legs something that made his eyes pop out of his forehead. Yes, there are no brains there. And that's good. ))



👊ZSU liberated Husarivka, and in some directions near Kharkiv they launched a counteroffensive - head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration Syniehubov.

Fighting continues in the Izyum direction. Today, mobile units of the air defense forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Izyum district destroyed the Russian Su-34 fighter.



🇺🇦In Nova Kakhovka, townspeople took to the streets to protest against the Russian occupiers.



🗣 Russia may try to impose the division of free and occupied territories of Ukraine according to the "Korean scenario," said the head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Budanov.

Occupants will try to gather the occupied territories into a single quasi-state formation that will stand against independent Ukraine.— he warned.

So, our guys have never been disposed of like this before. Well, then they will be a new fertilizer in our soil.



In "LNR"spokeabout the plans to hold a referendum on joining russia.

From the military, there is still no confirmation about 11 times in Chernobaevka. And I am not used to trusting talking heads from the service. But the Armed Forces of Ukraine have not confirmed yet. I will wait.

Puppets decided to no longer hide their intentions. Interfax reports that the head of the Luhansk People's Republic Leonid Pasechnik stated that a referendum on joining Russia could take place in the territory of LNR.

Quote: "I think that in the near future there will be a referendum held in the territory of the republic, in which people will exercise their absolute constitutional right and express their opinion on joining the Russian Federation. For some reason, I am confident that this is exactly how it will be."

The enemy must be destroyed. The territorial integrity of Ukraine is restored.

Russian media write: A six-year-old Russian boy in the Netherlands was beaten because of the Russian language. The boy's mother filed a complaint with the police after her son was pushed away with shouts of "For Ukraine!". The woman does not understand why the child is to blame. Before that, local RF immigrants told how eggs were thrown at Russian-speaking children.


The toxicity of the whole nation is gradually recognized at the beginning by Europe. And naturally, it does not want to see Russians as part of itself - because it does not want the creation of these diasporas of the Russian world in its countries to be a danger. Europe has seen what this has led to in Ukraine, how it has undermined the security and independence of Germany...

EU citizens, apparently, simply reflexively began to push out carriers of the Russian world from their homes regardless of age and gender. And that's logical: they are not Europeans, have never belonged to Europe legally, mentally, culturally, or in any other way.

Although, of course, it is more comfortable to live in Europe than in sanctions-stricken Russia behind the Iron Curtain - so will they succeed with the EU...

Scary memories of a young couple from Brovary about the Russian occupation.



🛑 Occupants tried to storm Krasnohorivka in Donetsk region, but suffered losses and retreated, - General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Russia continues to relocate its units to the territory of Belarus in order to rotate, replenish food supplies, fuel and ammunition.

And this is already funny. The head of the State Duma committee on the CIS affairs, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots Leonid Kalashnikov believes that now is not the time to conduct a "referendum" on the entry of the "LNR" into the Russian Federation, TASS reports.

Kalashnikov, together with other deputies from the CPRF, was the initiator of the appeal to the President of the Russian Federation on recognizing the independence of the "LNR" and "DPR".

Referendum on the entry of the terrorist organization "Luhansk People's Republic" into the Russian Federation was announced today by the head of the "LPR" Leonid Pasechnik. According to him, the referendum should take place in the near future.

But in the Russian Federation, many already understand that such a decision will only worsen the situation of the Russian Federation and everyone who will support it. And the communist felt that it smelled like something was burning and decided to jump off the topic. ))



🚫Roskomnadzor restricts access to one of the most popular German publications Bild website.

The editorial call to the German government was published by dismissCommander of the Navy of the country Kay-Akhim Shyonbah after his scandalous statement about the occupied Crimea.

Also, in December 2021, the publication released a possible scenario of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.



🌾 Ukraine has exported the first batches of grain to Europe by rail.

This was reported by Reuters citing analysts from the APK-Inform agency.

Bitch, ripped. To rags. )))



London will provide £3 million in assistance to Ukrainian researchers who are in a risk zone.

In addition, the British government will not fund any new research projects with Russia through its structures.



Yesterday in Mykolaiv region PPO of the Armed Forces of Ukrainebeatenthree winged missiles of Russian occupiers.



🇺🇦Residents of Kherson gathered again for a rally against the Russian occupiers.



❗️On Monday, March 28, it is plannedopeningthe green corridor from Energodar to Zaporizhzhia.

Local residents will be able to evacuate by their own cars.



Where are Zhadan and Vakarchuk? They are in Kharkiv.

"A little sang) It's cold in Kharkov, but the people are bright and warm. Slava brought a starlink for the guys. Because the guys have a lot of work to do. And they are used to doing their work well."— told Zhadan.



⚠️ The evil that Russia has sown in Ukraine will return to it tenfold, surpassing the terrible sufferings of the Ukrainian people from the Russian people. And this is not a wish. This is a warning...



Czech Republic has frozen property worth hundreds of millions of crowns belonging to Russians subject to EU sanctions, the country's prime minister reported.



😡Russian occupiers damaged 90% of residential buildings in Mariupol, - the mayorBoychenko.



"No country in the world recognizes the forcible change of internationally recognized borders of our state."— inMinistry of Foreign Affairs of UkraineReacted to plans to hold a referendum in the "LNR."

Photo for Russians. Can't buy sugar? Then at least look at it, barefooted. Here it lies in stores and there is no queue.



🤦🏻‍♂️Macron says he would not allow himself to verbally insult Putin like Biden did by calling the Kremlin chiefbutcher.

The President of France believes that there is hope to stop Russia's war against Ukraine. However, according to him, any escalation, even verbal, can hinder this.

Oh, how painful it will be for Putin's wallets right now... )))



🚛The mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk got under fire near Chernihiv.

To deliver humanitarian assistance to civilians and military personnel was successful, despite the fact that until the cityRuslan Martynkivnever made it



🛩President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson during the extraordinary NATO summit in Brussels. At the meeting, the parties agreed on new assistance for Ukraine. This was reported by the Turkish edition Yeni Safak.

💥Britain plans to supply Ukraine with anti-battery complexes to destroy Russian long-range artillery., which is currently shelling Mariupol. British artillerywill be able to destroy Russian ships at long range.

Turkey will send another batch of Bayraktar drones to Ukraine,as well as a batch of powerful wheel tractors.

🛬 According to the British publication Daily Mail, during the meetingJohnson noted that Ukraine is winning the war against Russia, despite the contradictions within NATOon the supply of tanks and airplanes to Ukraine.



🚨Kyiv! Air raid alert!

Could not help but send greetings to the Russians in a video full of warmth and sugar. ))



🇩🇪 In BerlinToday once again went out on the streets of the city to express solidarity with Ukrainians.

By the way, Germany has already registered more than 260 thousand refugees from Ukraine.



I swear never to betray the Ukrainian people!

I serve the people of Ukraine!

These are the closing words of the military oath, which the combat brothers of the 206th territorial defense battalion, NGO "Brothers in Arms," took today. Most of them swore loyalty to Ukraine back in 2014 when they were defending our lands in the east of the country. They are ready to give their lives for our victory, for Ukraine, and now.

We will never surrender neither Kyiv, nor Ukraine. We will drive the russist-fascist invaders out of our land and rebuild Ukraine even stronger, more flourishing, independent.

Let's win! Glory to our defenders! 🇺🇦



⛽️The USA is sending fuel to Europe for Ukraine's needs, - advisor to the Minister of Energy Olena Zerkal

Our warriors stabbed an orc. A Syrian banknote was found in the pocket of the dead occupier. It looks like those whom Putin threw into Ukraine. Well, now this thrown one has become a filler for a cellophane bag.



🥊Russian occupiers captured the house of Ukrainian boxer and world champion Oleksandr Usyk in Vorzel.

His wife announced it on Instagram

Just don't laugh, but in the Russian Federation, battles between spiders in the barrel have begun. Now the commies have arrived, who faithfully serve the Kremlin. But who cares, there are no victories and something must be presented, as an imitation of victory. Therefore, the FSB announced today... the liquidation of a terrorist cell in Ufa, which allegedly was preparing a coup.

It turned out that the detained are the deputy of the State Council from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Dmitry Chuvilin, left-wing activists Alexey Dmitriev, Rinat Burkeev, Pavel Matisov and Yuri Efimov. All of them were members of the Marxist circle in Ufa. All the detained deny the accusations.

And we are waiting for the FSB to detain Stepan Bandera. They are capable of much more. )))

In the Chernobyl exclusion zone, more than 10 thousand hectares of forest are burning.

Due to constant fighting in the exclusion zone, a fire broke out. As of March 27, the fire covered over 10 thousand hectares of forest. This threatens us with an ecological catastrophe, an increase in radiation background, and unpredictable consequences.



💔In Budapest, 300 pairs of used shoes were placed — so.honored memoryPerished in the Mariupol Drama Theater.

The action took place near the memorialFootwear on the banks of the Danube, who honors the memory of Hungarian Jews exterminated by the Nazis. Before being murdered, they forced people to take off their shoes.

Various Russian propagandists and Kremlin-controlled media outlets are drooling and whining on the subject Look at how Ukraine treats Russian prisoners of war!. What kind of prisoners of war are they, if this is not a war? Putin said that it is a special operation. Or did he lie and it is still a war? Let them figure out the terminology in the Kremlin for now, and we will consider all detainees as terrorists. And treat them accordingly.

But we, on the contrary, treat the captives with dignity. They are treated, dressed, and not tortured, unlike in the Russian Federation. But we treat them as they deserve - murderers, marauders, and rapists who call themselves the Russian army. We despise them.



🚨Kyiv! Air alarm!



☢️In the area of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant, over 10 thousand hectares of forests are burning due to hostilities. A total of 31 fires have been recorded.

Extinguishing fires is impossible due to the occupation of the exclusion zone by Russian troops.

As a result of burningRadionuclides are released into the atmosphere, which is carried by the wind for considerable distances. This poses a threat of radiation to Ukraine, Belarus, and European countries.



🦾Dnipro Air Command East once againhitmodern enemy destroyer Su-34 on the Slobodkinsk direction

Here, I don't even know how to comment on this. Trash, not a state.



🚊Ukrzaliznytsia launches a circular electric train route in Kyiv. The cost of the ticket is 15 hryvnias.

Full list of stopslook here

This is a record! The Insider reports that on March 26, Russia launched a record number of missiles at the territory of Ukraine. 52 from ships of the Black Sea Fleet from the waters of Sevastopol and at least 18 from the territory of Belarus.

At the same time, Ukraine's air defense system set a record for targets hit: out of roughly 70 missiles launched by Russia, only eight reached their targets. So the record professionalism of our air defense impresses me.

Thank you, air defense troops! Thank you, artillery troops!



⚡️The next round of negotiations between Ukraine and Russiawill take placein Turkey, March 28-30



🇺🇦In Amsterdam, people take to the streets to support Ukrainian Mariupol, which is still under siege by Russian occupiers.

They sent a video from Azerbaijan of how they are now deporting Russian peacekeepers from the village of Farrukh in Karabakh. Russian military personnel are being helped to follow the Russian military ship. Azerbaijan is skillfully using the situation. After all, the Kremlin withdrew its troops from there and left only dust.

I draw your attention to the fact that the sound is muted at the right places. This is when positions and coordinates are called out. This is how military censorship works.



🤝Today at 18:30, the international charity event startedconcert marathonin support of Ukraine Save Ukraine#StopWarThe telethon takes place on the basis of the Polish TV channel TVP from Warsaw.

He is currently being broadcast in over 20 countries around the world.

Among the participants are Fatboy Slim, Imagine Dragons, Nothing But Thieves, as well as Jamala, Okean Elzy, Go_A, and others



🕊Pope Francisurged political leaders to stop the war in Ukraine before it destroys humanity.

Every day of war worsens the situation for everyone. So I appeal again: enough, stop this, stop the weapons, move seriously towards peace!

Maria Zakharova: The only one who was genuinely interested in the sovereignty of Ukraine was the Russian Federation.

Is she drunk or high? But this is something very cool, if her brains are swimming like that. ))



‼️ Russia simultaneously launched at least 70 rockets at Ukraine March 26 — The Insider.

Of them 52 are ships of the Black Sea Fleet and 18 are from Belarus. Most of these missiles were shot down by Ukraine and only 8 reached the target.

All these missiles cost $340 million as of 2020.

Now I have seen everything. The Russian daddy just got frostbitten and ditched his son. Such a Russian, such a Russian.

Reading the news that investigative journalist from Bellingcat Christo Grozev said that Russia has spent billions of dollars since 2014 on a network of pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine, but they simply took their money.

And his promise is before my eyes. No, not that the war will end in a week. That was also off the mark. And about the resources that Russia was supposed to run out of on March 6. And today is March 27? Well, okay. Maybe you should listen to Arestovich too? Listen. It's your choice. But still, it's better to comment on the war by military personnel or those directly in touch with them. Although it can also be done by others. But then this is the result.



🇺🇸Joe Biden wrote on his Twitter:

My message to the people of Ukraine: We are with you. Period.



Russian troops used in Dnipropetrovsk region ❗️forbidden cartridge ammunition

The prosecutor's office has opened an investigation into this



🙆‍♂️ Journalist-investigator Hristo Grozev said that Russia has spentbillions of dollarspro-Russian politicians in Ukraine, but they threw them on money.

It is about 150-160 highly paid FSB officers. Each of them had an unlimited budget to recruit Ukrainians of any level.

To tears! The Russian Ministry of Defense reports that after negotiations, the Azerbaijani side withdrew its units from the settlement of Fuzuli in Karabakh.

And in the video it is clearly seen how Faruk is being left by the so-called peacekeepers of the Russian Federation, not Azerbaijanis. And they do this after the demand of the Azerbaijani army. It's incredible. Another lie from the creators, we have no losses. )))



Russian journalists from the YouTube channel "Zygar", the TV channel "Dozhd", the portal "Meduza", and the publications "Kommersant" and "Novaya Gazeta" received answers to all questions. Clearly and in detail.

Here I am a little confused. If Sukabeyeva is a man, as Gordon claims, then Popov is a woman? Well, that Popov, who is a deputy of the State Duma and Sukabeyeva's husband. Or is he already a wife? In general, I'm confused. With these propagandons, everything is not so simple...)))



🙅‍♂️RoskomnadzorprohibitedRussian media publish an interview with Zelensky.

Also, checks have been started there regarding the media outlets that conducted the interviews.

Just in case if someone had any doubts



🤔 Qatar has no plans for new investments in Russia, - CNN

However, the head of the country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that there is also no talk of ending cooperation with the Russian Federation. Qatar is one of the investors of the Russian state company Rosneft.



👤 Russia claimed that it forcibly deported nearly half a million peaceful residents from Ukraine - ombudswoman Denisova



🚨Kyiv! Air alarm!



🚨Zhytomyr region! Air alarm!



🚨Donetsk region! Alarm!



🇬🇧The Ministry of Defense of Great Britain has transferred to Ukraine a batch of portable air defense missile systems Starstreak.

Minister of Defense Ben Wallace believes that Britaindo more than anyone else,to help our state.



😐The leader of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic Leonid Pasechnik hinted that the occupied territory will try to join Russia if it manages to get rid of Ukrainians.



🚨Odesa region! Alarm!



🙍‍♂️ President Zelensky gave an interview to Russian media.What did he say?

🔹Denazification and demilitarization - we don't even discuss this at all. For me, these are completely incomprehensible things

🔹About attitudes towards Russians:This month witnessed a global historical rift. This is not just a war, I believe it's much worse... It's disappointment that has turned into hatred between peoples.

🔹About defendersMariupol:I allowed the defenders of Mariupol to leave the city. They replied: We cannot abandon the city. There are wounded people here. We will not leave the wounded.

🔹Mariupol is simply not there. Volnovakha is simply not there. Towns near Kyiv are not there - simply scorched earth. We just can't show all this, even to our population.

🔹About neutral status:We are ready to go for it. This is the most important point. This was the first important point for Russia, as far as I remember. And as far as I remember, they started a war because of it. However, it is important that this is not just another piece of paper like the Budapest Memorandum.



🚨Kryvyi Rih! Kropyvnytskyi and region! Mykolaiv and region! Zaporizhzhia region! Dnipropetrovsk region! Air alarm!

Was a guest on Taras Berezovets' live stream yesterday on the new YouTube channel: Morning of February.

This channel, created by Ilya Ponomarev and his colleagues, tells the truth about what is happening in Ukraine and is engaged in de-zombification.

Talked about the most important:

-destabilization of Ukraine: new shelling in Lviv

Conscripts are fleeing the country in large numbers: "legitimate" corruption at the border

- Who wins the information war?

Watch the full video here:

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Biden posted a tweet with a message to the Ukrainian people: We are with you. Period.



❤️Tamara Nazarova evacuated 24 animals from Irpen.

Her house was bombed by occupiers. So she took 12 of her own and 12 other four-legged women with her.


Evening Mudzvon is tearing it like crazy.)))

The meeting of the delegations of Ukraine and Russia will take place next week in Istanbul. And now the insider. Sources in Israel say that preparations have begun for a meeting between Zelensky and Putin in Jerusalem. The date of the meeting depends on when the delegations of negotiators reach a consensus. So far, tentatively - it's April.



Vinnytsia region! Alarm!



❗️In Snovsk city council in Chernihiv regionstolen7 community members, including the mayor. They were taken to Gorodnya on cars and not returned.



🚨Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast! Volyn! Air alarm!

Zenitnye raketnye kompleksy Starstreak britanskogo proizvodstva uzhe peredany ZSU i vot-vot vpervye budut razverty dlya zaschity Ukrainy. Ob etom zayavil ministr oborony Ben Uolles v intervyu The Mail.



🚨In Lviv and Khmelnytskyi regions, air raid warning - seek shelter!



🚨Kharkiv, Cherkasy, Poltava, Ternopil, Transcarpathian regions! Alarm!

Billionaire Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and co-owner of SpaceX, distanced himself from the title of the richest person on the planet, reports the economic edition Calcalist on Sunday, March 27th. In an interview with the European media conglomerate Axel Springer, the ideological inspirer of Tesla assured that he occupies only the second honorable place in the list of the wealthiest people in the world - immediately after the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Let us remind you that according to Forbes, Musk's fortune is about $268 billion, and he is in first place on the list of billionaires (in second place is Jeff Bezos, founder of the Internet company Amazon - $188 billion, followed by Bernard Arnault, president of the group of companies Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy - $187 billion, Bill Gates is only in fourth place - $134 billion).

Musk is not the first to talk about Putin's incalculable wealth registered to dummy faces or fictitious companies in offshore accounts managed by Putin's wallets. According to experts' estimates, Putin's fortune is estimated at 250-400 billion dollars, but everything is registered under other people's names.

President Vladimir Zelensky said that Ukraine is ready to discuss security guarantees and non-aligned status. The head of state said this in an interview with Russian media.

Security guarantees and neutrality, the non-nuclear status of our state. We are ready to go for it. This is the most important point. This was the first fundamental point for the Russian Federation, as far as I remember. And as far as I can remember, they started a war because of this, - Zelensky noted.

At the same time, he emphasized that it must be a serious agreement, not just another piece of paper like the Budapest Memorandum.

Therefore, this point - the point of security guarantees for Ukraine. And since they say that these guarantees are for them as well, it is clear to me. And it is being discussed. It is deeply worked out, but I am interested in ensuring that it does not become another piece of paper like the Budapest Memorandum. We are interested in turning this document into a serious agreement, - said Zelensky.

At the same time, he added that Ukraine may decide on neutral status in a referendum, as the corresponding changes to the Constitution would take at least a year.

A referendum must be held in Ukraine. Why? Because we have a law on referendums. Security guarantees imply a neutral status, and this implies constitutional changes. These are two sessions. A referendum is a faster step than changing the Constitution. Therefore, a referendum - because only the people can decide what status and guarantees will be. The referendum will take place within a few months, while changes to the Constitution will take at least a year, according to our current legislation. At least a year, - said Zelensky.



🏆Head of the Office of the Presidentannouncednew award in Ukraine - a peace distinction. It will be received by those corporations that have already left from Russia, and those companies that will join them as soon as possible

Foreign press reports on terrorists from "Hezbollah" who are being hired in Syria and Lebanon with the help of the PMC "Wagner" to be sent to Ukraine. They write about this being well-prepared fighters who "can change the course of the war." According to sources, "Hezbollah" will receive $1500 for each one.

Let's calm everyone - they can't. We are talking about sending 800 people. This is one battalion-tactical group, which, no matter how we try, will not be able to change the overall picture on the front. It is unknown how many similar groups have already been defeated-destroyed in Ukraine, but it is definitely a matter of dozens.

In addition to everything, they also need to be delivered there, armed, integrated into the command and communication system. Most of them probably do not understand Russian, so translators from Arabic are needed. Besides, "Hezbollah" is unlikely to be familiar with the tactics of modern armies and may operate in conditions of high-intensity conflict. At most, what they can achieve is limited success on a small section of the front. If a 150,000-strong group of the Russian army could not capture any major city in a month, then what difference will the arrival of even a thousand people, even if well-prepared, make.

And another thing is to fight with semi-partisan formations in Syria, another with a completely modern and highly motivated Ukrainian army.



🎥In Israel, unknown persons opened fire in the city of Hadera.

Five people were injured, including two police officers. Two attackers were eliminated by Israeli law enforcement.



🚨Air raid alert has been declared almost throughout the territory of Ukraine! Follow the notifications!



❗️The explosion is reported in Lutsk.

Stay safe!



🕵🏻‍♂️ Police conducted searches at the home of Medvedchuk's associate and political technologist MykhailoPohrebinsky, but did not detain him



🗣Leader of the band Druga rika Valeriy Kharchyshy told that Russian occupants destroyed his house near Hostomel



Irina Vereschuk talks about the results of the humanitarian corridors' work on March 27.



❕Explosions were heard in Volyn. Stay in shelters. More information will come later, - Head of the Volyn Regional State AdministrationYuri Pogulyaiko



❗️Volyn Regional Administration confirmed the explosions and reported that the occupiers hit theoil depot

What kind of mothers are these? Wolves have more warmth and care for their children than these walking stomachs. How could they have become so rough? Some kind of animals...

This is the best for today. The girl 👧 is clever.

And at the same time, one of the central newspapers in Spain writes that Ukraine has won and Putin is withdrawing troops. I like the headline. But it seems they published it all too early. Maybe they know something, damn it? )))



On the air of the Polish TV channel Polsat News emphasized on five things that need to be done, because the situation in Ukraine is changing every hour and every day. We need:


✅Sky under control.

✅ Second front.

✅Marshall Plan.

✅ Accelerated integration of Ukraine into the European Union.

I admire and respect Poland's actions in support of Ukraine on all five points. We count on strong statements from President Biden, who is now in Poland.



📢UkrainedemandsThe United Nations Security Council should immediately take steps to demilitarize the exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and introduce a special UN mission there.



🚨Kyiv! Air alarm!



✍️PublishedlistFrom 36 public figures and activists whom the Russians arrested in the temporarily occupied territories.



🚨Kharkiv and region, Kramatorsk - air alarm!


With the aim of discrediting the Ukrainian defence forces, the enemy films and spreads staged videos with inhuman treatment allegedly by "Ukrainian soldiers" towards "Russian prisoners".

I emphasize, servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other legitimate military formations strictly adhere to the norms of international humanitarian law.

I urge you to consider the realities of information-psychological warfare and to trust only official sources.

I emphasize that service members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other legitimate military formations strictly adhere to the norms of International Humanitarian law.

I urge taking into account the realities of informational and psychological warfare and trust only official sources.

Normal movement! Famous American singer Katy Perry called on the audience to make noise for Ukraine and sent Putin at five concerts in Las Vegas from the stage. Where did she send? After the Russian military ship. Naah!



⚠️Office of the President's AdvisorPodolyakreported that Russian troops carried out air strikes on Lutsk, Kharkiv, Zhytomyr and Rivne.

Panin is known to us as an actor and freak. But for me, he is more decent and adequate than most Russians, who may not be distinguished by scandalousness, but are not burdened with decency either. His anti-Putin position has long been known, and he left the Russian Federation just as long ago. And today he sent greetings to Mashkov, Pevtsov, and Bezrukov, who have put their tongues up Putin's ass and feel comfortable.

In general, respect to him for this speech.

Monument to Shevchenko in Kharkiv

Two people were killed, and six were injured as a result of a terrorist shooting in the Israeli city of Hadera, the state radio station Kan reported. The terrorists have been eliminated.

While Russia refuses to pick up the bodies of its soldiers, dogs are fed by them. More precisely, puppies. I am for them to take the corpses of their soldiers. But the Kremlin is fundamentally not taking them. Such a mess, that Russian mess.

In the Ebanarium, a new twist of absurdity. Now

Roskomnadzor, at the Kremlin's request, began blocking the website with the series of the cartoon "Masyanya," said its author Oleg Kuvaev. Damn, they are even afraid of criticism and jokes in cartoons.



🗣Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valerii Zaluzhnyiemphasized, that the enemy spreads staged videos on the network about how supposedly Ukrainian soldiers treat Russian prisoners poorly.

I emphasize that servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other legitimate military formations strictly adhere to the norms of international humanitarian law.



🎥Singer Katy Perry directly from the stage during the concert sent a message to Putin, and also called on the audience to make noise for Ukraine.



🙋‍♂️In Vienna, over 100,000 people gathered today for the concertYes We Carein support of Ukraine

The President of Austria, who came to the concert with his wife, also addressed the audience from the stage.No child should sit in a bunker, basement. No child should experience war.



Ahead is a new round of negotiations, as we are seeking peace. Our priorities are known. The sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine are not in doubt. Effective guarantees of security for our state are mandatory. Our goal is obvious - peace and the quickest possible restoration of normal life in Ukraine.



‼️ATTENTION! Air alarm declared in Kyiv!

We ask everyone to immediately move to the civil defense shelter!

⚡️⚡️⚡️ = ⚡️⚡️⚡️

‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!



🇺🇦Volodymyr Zelensky awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine to 15 soldiers, three of whom posthumously.



🚨Kyiv region! Air alarm!



❗️So, 12:0 💪🇺🇦




❗️Operational information of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of 24:00 27.03.2022 regarding the Russian invasion

With the aim of continuing full-scale armed aggression against Ukraine, the enemy continues to transfer additional units from the composition of the Pacific Fleet and the Western Military District. At the same time, a significant decrease in the intensity of transportation from the depths of the territory of the Russian Federation is noted.

▪️There is a high probability of involvement of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus in aggression against Ukraine in the Volyn direction. Air reconnaissance continues in the directions of Kovel, Varash, Sarny. Delivery of missiles to the Iskander-M OTRK to the area of the settlement of Kalinkovichi by motor transport is recorded.

▪️On the Polissya direction, the enemy did not conduct active offensive actions. The re-grouping of individual units from the composition of the Eastern Military District continues. Units that have suffered significant losses during offensive operations are usually withdrawn to the territory of Belarus to restore combat capability. Thus, the withdrawal of 2 BTGr from the composition of the 106th Airborne Division from the territory of Kyiv region to the territory of the Republic of Belarus is noted.

The occupiers continue missile and air strikes on important military infrastructure and front-line positions in order to cause losses and deplete personnel.

▪️The enemy did not conduct offensive operations in the Siversky direction. They focused on consolidating and holding previously occupied positions.

▪️On the Slobodan direction, the enemy refused offensive actions in the Sumy region, trying to regroup and withdraw units in other directions. Thus, one of the BTRs from the composition of the 1st tank army of the enemy, which was involved in hostilities, was completely withdrawn from Ukraine to the territory of the Russian Federation.

▪️The occupiers continued to strike at infrastructure objects in the city of Kharkiv. They attempted to carry out offensive actions towards the city of Izyum.

On the Donetsk direction, the enemy has concentrated its main efforts on capturing the populated areas of Popasna, Rubizhne, and the exit to the Novotroitske area, as well as capturing the city of Mariupol, without success.

The enemy conducted artillery and mortar shelling of the towns of Toretske, Svitlodarsk, Troitske, and Pisky.

The main goal of the occupiers remains to gain access to the administrative borders of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

▪️In the Tavriysk direction, units of the Russian Guard continue to carry out filtration measures in temporarily occupied territories in the Kherson region.

▪️ In the Southern Bug direction, the position and actions of the enemy remained unchanged.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to inflict significant losses on the enemy. According to available information, over the past five days, about 600 bodies of servicemen who died in Ukraine have been brought to military garrisons in the Nizhny Novgorod region, most of whom served in the 47th Tank Division of the 1st Tank Army of the Western Military District.



According to preliminary data, there are no victims as a result of missile strikes on an oil depot in Lutsk. Currently, rescuers are working at the scene.

Local air defense detected that the missile launched from Belarusian territory was flying at a low altitude, so it could not be picked up by radars.



🇺🇦👊Throughout the day, the Ukrainian Air Force eliminated 4 planes, 1 helicopter, 2 drones, and two guided missiles of the occupiers.