Mar 20, 2022 - Day 25



😡Russian occupiers have blocked the buses near Berdiansk, which arrived to pick up and transport people who managed to be evacuated from Mariupol, the column is not allowed into the city.



🇱🇻 In Latvia, seven cases have already been opened for justifying aggression and war crimes of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.



War. Heroes. NSDC.



🚫NSDC during martial law suspends any activities of certain political parties - in particular OPPF, Party of Shariy, Nashi, Opposition Bloc, as well as socialist parties.



🇨🇭Switzerland is ready to act as a mediator or host negotiations between Ukraine and Russia.

Such a statement was made by the president of the confederation, Ignacio Cassis, at a rally in Bern, held under the slogan Solidarity with Ukraine, stop the war!.



🤝A march of mothers in support of Ukraine took place in New York

Translation: Photo: Sky News



📍According to the words of the mayor of Mykolaiv, about a third of the city's residents have left their homes since the beginning of the war with Russia.



❗️Chernihiv region! Air alert!



‼️WARNING! Air alarm is declared in Kyiv!

Please, everyone urgently go to the civil defense shelter!

⚡️⚡️⚡️ - Lightning bolts

‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv! Translated: ‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!



❗️Khmelnytska oblast! Air alarm!



❗️Vinnytsia region! Air alarm!



❗️Odesa region! Air alarm!



❗️Izmail, Rozdilna! Air alarm!



❗️Cherkasy region! Air alarm!



❗️Volyn and Rivne regions! Air alarm!



❗️Ivano-Frankivsk! Air alarm!



❗️Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Lviv, and Dnipropetrovsk regions! Air alarm!



❗️Ternopil, Kharkiv, Kirovohrad and Poltava regions! Air alarm!



❗️Kharkiv! Air alarm!



❗️Mykolaiv and Sumy regions! Air alarm!



🇦🇺 Australia has banned the sale of alumina and aluminum to Russia, which are necessary for creating ammunition.



🔴 Russian military equipment will no longer reach Ukraine by rail.

The head of Ukrzaliznytsia, Oleksandr Kamishin, without specifying details, stated that:

🔻 The railway connection between Ukraine and Belarus, through which the occupiers used to send military trains, is no longer operational.

🔻 "I believe that there are still honest people among Belarusians, especially among Belarusian railway workers, and I would not want to betray them."

🔻 Let's remind that on March 18th it became known that Russian military equipment was being unloaded at Mulyarivka railway station in Gomel region, Belarus.

🔻 By the way, the special operation to return the last four Ukrainian machinists who remained in Belarus has successfully concluded. When the war started, there were 12 Ukrainian machinists in the territory of the Russian Federation and Belarus. Eight of them were returned in the early days of the war. The last four spent 23 days in Belarus, but they are already in Ukraine.




🤝Australia plans to provide Ukraine with an additional $15.5 million in assistance for the Armed Forces and $21.8 million for the protection of women, children, elderly people, and people with disabilities.



❗️Умань! Повітряна тривога! ❗️Uman! Air alarm!



‼️ Operational information as of 06:00 on March 20, 2022 regarding the Russian invasion, day 25.

The air defense of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has shot down three Russian combat helicopters.

During the day, the enemy did not conduct active offensive actions, concentrating efforts on replenishing current losses, restoring partially destroyed equipment, deploying foreign mercenaries to the border areas with Ukraine, and addressing chronic problems of occupying forces operating on Ukrainian territory, logistics.

The occupiers, using terrorist methods, impose a harsh administrative-police regime, deliberately creating conditions for a humanitarian crisis in the temporarily occupied territories.

So, 14 trucks with food and medical supplies of first necessity departed from the city of Apostolove in the Dnipropetrovsk region to the Kherson region. The Russian occupiers unreasonably did not let the humanitarian convoy pass. In this way, they are trying to force the local population into collaborationism. At the same time, the invaders distribute leaflets with proposals to contact the occupation administration.

Citizens are promised cancellation of credit debts, while local entrepreneurs are given preferences in business conduct.

It became known that from the consolidated unit of the 331st Guards Airborne Assault Kostroma Regiment, which took part in combat operations on the Kyiv direction, only one military serviceman survived, and he is in the hospital.

Against the background of similar circumstances, urgent measures are being taken by the command of the Russian Black Sea Fleet to replace 130 contract servicemen of the 810th Marine Infantry Brigade with paratroopers of the 7th Airborne Assault Division. The issue of their further service is being resolved by the FSB.

In addition, on the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk region, Russian curators have announced another wave of mobilization to replenish the 1st Army Corps. The maximum age for demobilized soldiers has been raised to 65. The same is expected on the temporarily occupied territory of Luhansk region, as cargo trucks filled with bodies of soldiers arrive daily from the zone of operation of the 2nd Army Corps to the settlements of Luhansk, Sorokino, and Dovzhanske.

Russian terrorist forces continue to openly violate international conventions regarding the rules of war. Mass incidents of using the Ukrainian Armed Forces' uniforms for subversive and discrediting actions by Russian saboteurs are being recorded.


Good morning, Country! Thank you, Armed Forces of Ukraine, for the defense! Is everyone here?



😎🇺🇦 After serious losses, brave Kadiry veterans are hastily sent back to Russia.

According to preliminary data, the TikTok army has lost hundreds of its fighters.

In the country of roosters, tamkasy have run out entirely. But there is still moss and burdock. In the country of roosters, there's not even that from the shit. But there's a lot of moss.

No problems with supplies and price fluctuations of essential medicines arise in Russia, said Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko.

Agree with him 100%. There won't be a price jump. Because prices cannot be raised on something that is not available for sale. Right now, they already don't have tampax in stock and the price doesn't go up. So everything will stay the same. And there won't be any problems with medicine supplies because most medicines won't be supplied. Currently, dental filling materials are not being supplied to Russia. And 90% of this material is from the USA. But there are no supply problems. And there are no supplies. And if there are no supplies, then what problems can there be? There are still reserves. And there will be no more deliveries. So people will have to rely on chamomile, plantain, and motherwort tinctures to treat themselves. Out of habit.



❓Japan demands a clear response from India regarding Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Currently, India is one of the UN member countries that has not condemned the war started by Russia.

General Staff: In the direction of Izium, the enemy tried to break through the defense of the Ukrainian troops, but was unsuccessful, the attacker's assault units were effectively destroyed. The enemy's elimination continues in all directions.



👊 Priests also defend Ukraine



💪 The Ukrainian Armed Forces eliminated the Deputy Commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Captain 1st Rank Andriy Paliy.

We definitely need to watch these videos. Why? To understand what kind of stupid, intimidated, and brainwashed people we are dealing with. And they will remain like that for a long time. Because they are stupid, intimidated, and brainwashed.

Journalists of the Present Time showed Russians photographs from Ukraine, on which destroyed cities by Russian bombs and victims of shelling were visible. And here was the reaction.



⚡️ Veteran of the Warsaw Uprising Novakovskiy addressed Ukrainians.



❗️China declared that it intends to maintain an independent position regarding Ukraine.

At the same time, the head of the PRC called on the US to acknowledge mistakes and review its policy. China considers sanctions against Russia a worsening factor in world politics.

Kadyrov's TikTokers from Chechnya returned home. Not all. Some stayed to rot in Ukraine. Some have already been buried at home. Why did they come? Who invited them? But the saddest part of this story for Kadyrov is that in Russia he was a man feared because of his fighters. And in Ukraine, his fighters became a laughingstock and trophies of Ukrainian warriors. So the question is, why did the TikTokers come? To see Ukraine and die? They're strange...



🕯UN confirmed the death of 847 civilians and injuries to 1,399 in Ukraine. The majority died as a result of shelling from heavy artillery and multiple launch rocket systems, missile and airstrikes.

By the way, an article came out a week ago that shows the real mood in Chechnya, rather than the antics of Kadyrov's TikTokers. Sad article for Kadyrov, Don.



🥺 The world needs to see this

Oh, this is so cute. The daughter of the main chatterbox and at the same time the Kremlin's speaker Dmitry Peskov is "upset" by the sanctions imposed against her.

"To me, this seems completely unfair and unjustified. I was very surprised because it's strange to impose sanctions on a person who is 24 years old and has no connection to the situation. I am upset because I love to travel and enjoy different cultures. I am a citizen of the world, and I can't do anything about it," Elizaveta Peskova said in an interview with Business Insider.

Lizunya, are you so stupid or do you really not understand that while you are getting upset and crying, children are being killed in Ukraine? And your fucking family, or rather your daddy, is directly responsible for this. So, Lizа, go with your daddy and the Russian military ship. This is the right path for you. And don't whine. This is just the beginning.



Through armed aggression by the Russian Federation in Ukraine, 115 children were killed and more than 140 were injured - Office of the Prosecutor General.

In the nineteenth time watched this video. Everything is logical. Are you for Putin and for the invasion of Ukraine? Then battles for sugar and living like scum - this is for you. We will win, but you will remain as scum. This is a choice we all make.



😠 Yesterday, the occupiers dropped air bombs on Art School No. 12 in Mariupol.

There were about 400 Mariupol residents hiding there. The city council reported this. It is known that the building is destroyed, and peaceful people are still under the rubble.



CompanyEpic Gamesпожертвує прибуток з нового сезону Fortnite. translates to:donates profit from the new season of Fortnite.

This is the most popular game among young people - 400 million people play it worldwide. The main goal of the company is to tell about the cruel war that is happening right now and to show the consequences of the Russian Federation's attack on Ukraine.

Thank you Epic Games team for the great initiative and support of the Ukrainian people. Join the new game season, which will take place from March 20th to April 4th.



🌻 Ukraine is currently and will be food secure in the next year.

The reserves of wheat, corn, sunflower oil, and basic products are sufficient for 3-5 years, as we always exported 70-80% of this product.. — said in the office.



🕯 At 9:00 AM - a national minute of silence.



❗️In Kharkiv, as a result of overnight shelling by Russian forces, five civilians and a 9-year-old child were killed - National Police.

And here is the video "Patriots" heading to Slovakia.

By the way, this is not classified information. It can be filmed and published. That's actually what happens on social media.

Let's remind that Slovakia declared that it is ready to transfer its S-300 complexes to Ukraine if the US organizes an adequate replacement for the protection of its own sky.

Germany and the Netherlands promptly agreed to help and deploy Patriot missile defense systems in Slovakia.

But I would not recommend filming the process of sending the S-300 to Ukraine.



Iryna Vereshchuk about the planned operation of humanitarian corridors on March 20.

I am read in Belarus. And there, Facebook and Telegram are still not prohibited. Therefore, I want to address Belarusians and ask everyone to spread this text among groups and personal messages in Belarus.

In the coming days, the Belarusian army will enter into a war with Ukraine. Putin prompted Lukashenko and Belarusians will be sent to Ukraine for slaughter. Like cannon fodder. Belarusians are being thrown into Ukraine after our Armed Forces destroyed the Ryazan VDV, Idritsa-Berlin Order. Kutuzov 150 Motorized Rifle Division, Kantemirovskaya Division, Taman Division, Pskov paratroopers, and Kadyrov's TikTokers. The remnants of the latter have already returned to Chechnya, leaving hundreds of slain comrades in Ukraine.

Now, apparently, Putin and Lukashenko seem to have decided that it's time to throw Belarusians into Ukraine. Belarusian soldiers have no combat experience, do not harbor hatred towards Ukrainians, and are not motivated to carry out military actions against Ukraine. But Lukashenko fulfills his obligations to Putin. And this will lead to the first war in the entire history of Ukrainian-Belarusian relations. At the same time, we know that ordinary Belarusian soldiers and civilians are against this. But Lukashenko doesn't care. After all, it's not his little Kolka who will fight in Ukraine, and it's not his little Kolka who will return home in a coffin. No, ordinary Belarusians will go home in coffins, obeying Lukashenko's will. Yes, Ukrainian soldiers will destroy any occupant, whether they are from Russia, Chechnya, or Belarus. So the choice is up to the Belarusians. Either they become cannon fodder for Putin, or they do not go to war against Ukraine.

No one will pity the Belarusians who come to Ukraine with weapons in their hands. They will be eliminated. And then their mothers, wives, sisters, and children will bury them. If Belarusians do not want to bury their children, husbands, fathers, and brothers, let them take them out of the army or prevent them from going to war. Belarusians still have a choice. They can still save their children, husbands, fathers, and brothers. But time is running out for Belarusians.

Make a choice, Belarusians! You can still do it. Or you'll return home, like many occupiers from Russia did. In cellophane bags or in coffins. But you can also choose not to fight or surrender. There is a choice. While it still exists.



🇦🇺 Australia will provide temporary humanitarian visas to evacuated Ukrainians. They will allow working and receiving medical assistance in Australia for 3 years. Currently, the country has issued about 5 thousand of such visas to Ukrainians.



🚌 Ukraine has agreed on a series of humanitarian corridors on March 20th for the evacuation of people and delivery of goods.

▪️Donetsk region:


Buses will be waiting in the square in Berdyansk from 9:30. Departure to Zaporizhzhia at 11:00. Private cars of Mariupol residents moving along the route continue to refuel in Berdyansk.

▪️Kyiv region:

Бобрик-Бровари --> Bobriki-Brovari

Meeting place: Shevchenko Street 2 Cultural House. Buses will depart from Brovary.

Тарасівка-Бровари – Tarasivka-Brovary

Meeting place: 9th January street 6. Buses from Brovary.

Бородянка-Біла Церква -> Borodyanka-Bila Tserkva

Meeting point: Central Street 331. Buses will depart from Malyna.

▪️Kharkiv region:

From Kharkiv, products, medicines, water for Vovchansk and the villages of Rogan and Nova Rogan will be sent.

The child weeps over the body of his mother, who died as a result of shelling a residential building in Kyiv on March 17.

Go to hell, fascist bitches.



💪 The USA has proposed that Turkey transfer the Russian-made missile system to Ukraine. This concerns the S-400 air defense system.



👏 Oleksandr Vilkhul made it clear where the occupiers should go from his city.

The City Council of Mariupol reported about the attack by Russian militants on the local School of Arts building, where around 400 people sought shelter from shelling. Women, children, pensioners. Some of them are still trapped under the rubble.

Creatures continue to fight with a peaceful mood.

I once had a friend in Volokolamsk (where I was sent after being assigned). I was 22 and she was over 30. A good woman, overall. Kind. And then, in a moment of great tenderness, I told her that I wanted to leave for the US from this damn Soviet Union. And she hugged me, pressed against me, and almost screamed, "Dimochka! But they hang black people there!" And before that, she was telling me that blisters on her hands were from frogs. I don't know what happened to her, I haven't been to Volokolamsk in a hundred years, and my sexual preferences have long changed - but when I read the reaction of the deep Russians to the war in Ukraine, I feel like it's happening again: they hang black people there and blisters on their hands are from frogs. So, fucking the deep Russian people is quite possible, but listening to or respecting them - God forbid. (c) Dmitry Gubin, German journalist



❗️The head of the Chernihiv Regional State Administration, Viacheslav Chaus, announced that the Russians shelled Nizhyn and Chernihiv.

Rare case, even the first, when me and Vilukh have a common position on some issue.

Tsarev is often sent to fuck, so soon it will be perceived as his second name - Oleg Fuck Tsarev.



🙅‍♂️ Ukrainian and Polish activists continue to block crossing points on the Polish-Belarusian border, so that trucks with goods from the EU cannot pass through to Belarus and Russia.

A queue of trucks heading towards Belarus has already stretched to 45 kilometers. Activists demand that Poland and the EU completely ban trade with Russia and cease the supply of goods.



⚡️Another column of five buses headed to Berdyansk, where residents of Mariupol are awaiting evacuation.I am a city council.



📈 The sociological group "Rating" conducted a new study. 93% of the respondents believe that Ukraine will be able to repel Russia's attack. Half (47%) of the respondents hope that Ukraine will be able to win the war with Russia in the next few weeks.



😎 Yesterday, the entire leadership of the Volodymyrsk SOBR was buried in one day.



🦾 Good day, "Azov" is working.



🇺🇦 - Ukraine👊 - FistTherefore, the translation would be: Ukraine FistRubizhne and Popasna are Ukraine! Overnight, we did NOT lose a single centimeter of Ukrainian cities. In the central part of Rubizhne, cleanup is being carried out.— Head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration Serhiy Haidai.



❗️Reminder: how to act if your city is stormed.

❇️Заклейте вікна скотчем.

Glue the entire surface of the window! Strip by strip, not crosswise. Do not even approach the pasted windows.

❇️Alwayskeep your phone charged

Be prepared for the fact that the light may go out.

❇️ Usecamouflage lighting in the night

If you turn on the light at night, make sure it is not visible from the street. Do not mark your location to the enemy.

❇️During the shelling, stay in place.

Do not try to escape from the shelling, as you expose yourself to even greater danger. Running out into the street during shelling is dangerous.




Famous details of the liquidation of the Russian occupant - Deputy Commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet Andriy Paliy.

He was killed near Mariupol during an attack by marine infantry. This was written by a former Russian naval officer.

Palii was originally from Kyiv, but betrayed our country back in the 1990s. It is known that he was involved in combat operations in Georgia.



🤔The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, stated that.Kyiv and Moscow have a convergence of positions.important questions, especially critical ones.



👏 "Ukrzaliznytsia" has already transported 2.7 million people to western Ukraine.

Nothing special. Just the weekday Shit-show.



⚔️ The General Staff believes that there is a high threat of attack on Ukraine from the territory of Belarus. However, the defense forces of Ukraine are ready to repel.



The SBU intercepted information about another "secret tactic" of Russian invaders: they want to retreat "with minimal losses".

Okay, in a conversation with his wife, the occupant admits that their army can no longer fulfill its tasks. In his battalion, out of 60 military personnel, only 13 remain, and 70% of the equipment has been destroyed by Ukrainian forces.

"Glorious Putin's army" - demoralized and lost its combat strength. Therefore, the battalion commander made a courageous decision - "TI-KA-TI".

The more such decisions the occupiers make, the better it is for them. Because our goal is to destroy not 70%, but 100% of Russian invaders. So the tactic of "running away" is the only correct one for the invaders.

Ukraine will definitely win! Glory to Ukraine!




🔥A column of Russian paratroopers was sent to hell, - Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.



We must together force Putin to peace! On the air of the French TV channel BFMTV, he called on allies to be more determined.

I am convinced that negotiations should always continue. And diplomatic means to stop the fire - this is exactly what we need now. But for those who are conducting negotiations, I have a few recommendations.

First - no compromises at the expense of Ukraine, because it is weakness, and Putin effectively exploits weakness. Second - do not trust Putin. Not once did he fulfill the obligations that Russia and Putin assumed. We must be strong and force Putin to make peace.

It all depends on us. Do not trust Putin. Learn from us, Ukrainians. Be determined. This is our joint war. And I firmly believe this will be our joint victory.



💰Bahamian banks hold $3 billion of Russian origin. Previously, The Bahamas condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine and ordered a halt to all operations with Russian organizations on which the West imposed sanctions.



🎸 The leader of Bumboks, Andriy Klyvnyuk, who is currently defending the Motherland as part of the Kyiv self-defense, addressed the orcs.



❗️ In temporarily occupied Kherson, there are currently no law enforcement agencies, except for rescuers and municipal guards.

About this in the ether of the All-Ukrainian telethon said the mayor of Kherson Igor Kolyhaiev.

"Without law enforcement and judicial system it is very difficult. There is looting, but we are fighting it as best we can. We created a municipal guard where all volunteers signed up. They guard the city round the clock by sectors."— said Kolikhayev



❗️Vinnytsia, air alarm.



‼️Kyiv, air alarm.



‼️Uman! Alarm!



‼️Zhytomyr region! Alert!



🚷 The National Bank of Ukraine recognized Alfa-Bank shareholders Mikhail Fridman and Pyotr Aven as those who have lost their impeccable business reputation and deprived them of their voting rights in the bank.



⚡️In the Kyiv region, people are prohibited from going into the forest.



‼️Chernihiv region! Alarm!



🤞Розвідка України --> Ukrainian Intelligence: Russian business-political elite considers options (poisoning, sudden illness, unfortunate accident)відсторонення путінаTranslation: Putin's suspensionfrom power

The elite wants to save the economy of the Russian Federation, which is rapidly deteriorating due to sanctions and the departure of companies. They are considering the director of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov as a successor, who fell out of favor with Putin.

Also, the leadership of the FSB probably wants to weaken the influence of the Kadyrov. This is indicated by the concentration of Chechen units in the north of Kyiv.



⚡️ The Verkhovna Rada is currently studying the decision of the National Security Council regarding the suspension of activities of parties with ties to Russia.



👏 Combat losses of the invaders as of March 20.



❗️Volodymyr Zelensky issued a Decree on the Decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine dated March 18, 2022, Regarding the Implementation of a Unified Information Policy in Conditions of Martial Law.



🗣 Solo picket in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.



😡 Just now, Mariupol was shelled by 4 ships from the Russian military-naval fleet, reports the Azov regiment.



⚡️Ukrainian military intelligence reports that today, March 20, another group of militants associated with Yevgeny Prigozhin, who controls the PMC "Wagner", began to arrive in Ukraine. The key "targets" of the mercenaries are Volodymyr Zelensky, Andriy Yermak, and Denys Shmyhal.



‼️ In the Zaporizhzhia region, cases of Russian military personnel using the form of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for sabotage actions have been recorded.



❕ In one of the villages of Korosten district, marauders were caught. A man and a woman robbed the house of a deceased Defender of Ukraine.

Виховували мародерів всім селомTranslated: Educated marauders throughout the whole village



Friends! Dear Kyiv residents!


Kyiv continues to live under martial law and is ready to defend itself.

Every day I ride around the block, communicate with the military, with the fighters of defense.

I am monitoring the work of the humanitarian headquarters.


All critical infrastructure enterprises, city life support systems are operating.

Today I especially want to thank our utility workers. By the way, they celebrate a professional holiday.

Every day you go to work - regardless of shelling and risk - you collect garbage, emergency crews eliminate network damages.


You clean the streets of the capital. - It's nice to see them taken care of even at such a time.

There is light, warmth, and water for Kyivans.


Residents of the city see it and are grateful to you! Thank you for your work!



🤬Putin and Shoigu are preparing to involve minors in the war against Ukraine.

The Kremlin leadership is considering the possibility of involving underage citizens of the Russian Federation in military actions. The respective order on the organization of involvement of members of the military-patriotic public movement Yunarmiya in conducting a special operation on the territory of Ukraine was signed by the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation.



⚡️The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has banned the sale and use of medicines produced in Belarus.

This is reported on the official website of the Ukrainian authority.



Operational information fromГенштабу - General StaffAs of 12:00:

▫️The threat of missile strikes with high-precision long-range weapons persists, in particular,"гіперзвуковим ракетним комплексом «Кинжал»" translates to:hypersonic missile system "Kinjal".

There are signs thatBelarusian troops are preparing for an invasion.To Ukraine on the Volyn direction.

🔳On the Polissian direction, the Russians are expecting reinforcements andpreparing to attack Kyiv.

▫️The invaders have resumed aerial reconnaissance and shelling of positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine using aviation and artillery. In the territory of Belgorod region, Russian Federation, near the border, identified... (emoji or links not affected)positions of heavy artillery.

▫️The enemy's main efforts are concentrated on the assault of populated areas in the Donetsk direction.Rubizhne, Severodonetsk, PopasnaThe following text is translated to English:. Blocking and shelling continueМаріуполя - Mariupol.

▫️U russyansSignificant losses among senior management and command staffThe commander of the 346th separate special purpose brigade from Prokhladny was injured, commanders were eliminated: the 331st Kostroma airborne assault strike regiment, the 247th airborne assault Caucasian Cossack regiment from Stavropol, the 6th Guards Tank Red Banner Regiment from Chebarkul.



🤬 Occupiers fired at a house for elderly people in Kremenna, Luhansk region - 56 people were killed on the spot.

15 people survived, their captors took them to the occupied territory in Svatove - to the regional geriatric nursing home.



🗣 In the meantime, in Kherson, people also took to the streets in protests against the occupiers.



❗️In the city of Enerhodar, Zaporizhia region, Russian occupiers kidnapped the first deputy mayor Ivan Samoyduka.

In which condition he is in - unknown. He has not been in contact since yesterday, March 19. Mayor of Enerhodar Dmytro Orlov reported that today they received confirmed information that he was kidnapped.

Today I met with my old friend, a professional ornithologist, who told me about the peculiarities of shooting down migratory wild geese. The reason for shooting them is that these geese are rabid and aggressive. And unwanted. But we have enough ornithologists who ensure the protection of Ukraine's ecosystem. Therefore, the utilization of geese is carried out systematically, continuously, and according to plan.

Believe in the Ukrainian Armed Forces! Believe in yourself and Ukraine! Together, we will win!



⚡️The Azov Regiment destroyed the Special Forces of the GRU military unit from the Kabardino-Balkar Republic.

The news from Israeli media is very positive. But not for the Russians. ))



😅 The Sunday Times reports that after Ukraine, Putin intends to return Alaska to Russia.



⚡️Russia is desperately looking for reserves and asking for help from the countries of the CSTO.– Podolyak.



💔 When you were forced to separate due to war and finally reunited.



‼️Novograd-Volynskyi district! Alarm!



‼️Rivne! Sarny! Alarm!



‼️Volyn region! Alarm!



💸 France froze assets of the Russian Central Bank in the amount of 22 billion euros.– Ministry of Economy of Russia



‼️Ternopil region! Alert!



😠 In Berdiansk, people took part in a peaceful protest against the occupiers - they began to detain and beat them.



The situation regarding the Russian invasion – briefing by the advisor to the head of the Office of the President Oleksiy Arestovych (20.03.2022 – day).#stoprussia



Derhachi, Kharkiv region. Russian rocket broke through the ceiling and got stuck in the kitchen..



‼️Khmelnytsky region! Alarm!



🤦‍♀️ Zelensky "divided society" - Chairman of the State Duma of Russia Vyacheslav Volodin commented on the suspension of the activity of the OPZZH and 10 other parties.



We do not have a vast territory - from ocean to ocean, we do not have nuclear weapons, we do not dominate the world market with oil and gas. But we have our people and our land. For us, this is gold.

Photo: Artem Dorofeev, Chris McGrath, Stas Yurchenko, Adam Desiderio, Aris Messinis, Wojciech Grzedzinski, Daniel Leal.


We do not have a huge territory - from ocean to ocean, we do not have nuclear weapons, we do not fill the world market with oil and gas. But we have our people and our land. For us it is gold.Translated text: We do not have a huge territory - from ocean to ocean, we do not have nuclear weapons, we do not fill the world market with oil and gas. But we have our people and our land. For us it is gold.

Photo: Artem Dorofeev, Chris McGrath, Stas Yurchenko, Adam Desiderio, Aris Messinis, Wojciech Grzedzinski, Daniel Leal.



❗️Kyiv. About an hour ago, in one of the districts of the city, an enemy rocket fell, presumably shot down by air defense system. Official information has not yet been announced.



In Enerhodar, people went out to a rally to free the kidnapped deputy mayor.



Podolyak on losses among the highest command staff of Russia.



Hamburg now. Meeting in support of Ukraine.



🥺 A fragment of a rocket landed in a house in Kyiv. No casualties. There was a fire.



❗️ Ministry of Defense of the FRG: Germany is concerned about Russia's use of hypersonic weapons in Ukraine.



At the rally in Energodar, about one and a half thousand people gathered. When the action was ending, the occupiers arrived and tried to grab and push several participants of the rally into a car.

"But other participants 'became a solid wall and literally repelled their compatriots from captivity,'" - writes the mayor of Enerhodar Dmytro Orlov.

According to his words, the occupiers started shooting into the air, but ultimately abandoned attempts to capture people.

You haven't understood yet that this is not your Russia..



⚡️Zelensky signed a law extending the term of actionвоєнного стану <-> state of warin Ukraine for 30 days from March 26.




According to intelligence agency data, there are signs of preparations by Russians to seize the humanitarian convoy with a path mined on the temporarily uncontrollable territory along the agreed humanitarian corridor Kharkiv-Mala Rogan.

Please urgently spread this information. Responsible persons should take safety measures.

I demand the Russian side to cease provocations and cynical violations of international humanitarian law!

Ірина Верещук -> Iryna Vereshchuk



🚨Zhytomyr region! Alarm!



⏰ The curfew will last from 20:00 to 7:00 in the Kyiv region from March 20 to 21, - OVA.



⛔️Чотири найбільші нафтосервісні компанії світу⛔️ The four largest oil service companies in the worldвідмовились - declinedfrom investments in Russia.

Weatherford International, Halliburton, Schlumberger and Baker Hughes.



🚨Poltava region! Kryvyi Rih! Alarm!



‼️CAUTION! An air alarm has been declared in Kyiv!

Please urgently go to the civil defense shelter!

⚡️⚡️⚡️ = ⚡️⚡️⚡️

‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!



🗣Volodymyr Zelensky on negotiations with Putin ininterview CNN

I'm ready to negotiate with him. I have been ready for the last two years... But if these attempts fail, it will mean the third world war.



🚨 Attention! Lubny, Vasylkiv, Nikopol and Vinnytsia region! Alarm!



🤦🏻‍♂️Rapper from Odessa Jigan, who has been living and working in Russia for a long time, seems to still not understand that there is a war going on in Ukraine, which was started by the Russian Federation.

Or maybe he doesn't want to understand anything at all since he is on vacation.

And also, a wider list of artists, influencers, and public figures who have not spoken out against the war in Ukraine or openly supported the actions of the war criminal Putin.see here👨‍💻 - Man Technologist



France has frozen the funds of the Central Bank of Russia.22 billion euros, as well as the accounts and real estate of private individuals who have fallen under sanctions



🙏Kakhovskoho journalistОлега Батуріна - Olega Baturina, якого росіяни утримували в полоні протягом восьми днів, відпустили., which the Russians held captive for eight days, was released.

What he writes about torture:

Almost eight days. 187 hours of captivity. Almost without food. Several days without water. Without soap, without change of clothes. Not understanding where I am. But they knew exactly why. They wanted to break, trample. Show what will happen to every journalist: you will be deprived. You will be killed.

Almost 8 days I sat with my head low or covered. They were afraid that I could see their faces.



🙅‍♂️ - 🙅‍♂️No compromises related to our territorial integrity and sovereignty, and that is what the Ukrainian people spoke about., — -> , —Зеленський - Zelensky

Ending the war between Russia and Ukraine through negotiations will not be possible, and any compromise result is unlikely to mean a stable peace. This was stated by the chairman of the Bundestag committee on control over the special services of Germany, Roderich Kiesewetter, in an interview with Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland.

There is nothing to negotiate with Putin. "Putin wants Ukraine to collapse," says Kisevetter.

The politician believes that negotiations will not lead to a solution of the problem. He asserts that even Ukraine's agreement to a neutral status and other compromises will not lead to the cessation of Russian aggression.

"There will be no peace with Putin anymore," said Kisevetter.

Will be soaked. In the toilet. Ugh! In the bunker. But this is really the best solution for everyone.



🏠10 million Ukrainians have left their homes inside the country or as refugees abroad due to the devastating war, according to the UN

56 killed in Kremenchuk. Shot at close range from a tank.

On March 11, Russian occupiers shelled a house for elderly people in Kremenna.

Cynically and deliberately. They simply brought in a tank, positioned it in front of the house, and started shooting.

Those who survived, and this is 15 people, were kidnapped and taken to the occupied territory in Svatove to the regional geriatric institution.

To reach the scene of the tragedy is still impossible. (c) Head of Luhansk Regional State Administration, Sergiy Hajday.

The military infrastructure object was denazified by a precision strike in the Kharkiv region. Nazi scum.

Saboteurs tried to penetrate the city, but they got tired and now they are resting.



🚊 Ukrzaliznytsia returns paid travel abroad to neighboring countries, - said the head of the company, Oleksandr Kamishyn.

Also, there is a fee for trips going from west to east, to the center, and to the south of the country.



🔁It was possible to conduct at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plantpartial personnel rotationта евакуацію людей.And the evacuation of people.

The workers remained at their workplaces for approximately.600 hours, and they were replaced by 46 station employee volunteers.

In 1941 the Nazis attacked us, and in 2014 - the Rashists. We defeated those, and we will defeat these. Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine!



Ukrainian defenders shot down a Tochka-U missile that was heading towards civilians.

📷Артем Вітко - Artem Vitko



🚨Kremenchuk! Nikopol! Alert!



🕊Pope FranciswroteA Twitter post in Ukrainian language in support of Ukrainians.



🚨Chernihiv, Zaporizhia, Zhytomyr regions! Alarm!



🎥David Beckhamgave his Instagram to a Ukrainian doctor for a day to show the work of the perinatal center in Kharkiv during the war.

The famous former footballer and his wife previously donated $1.3 million to help Ukrainian children..

Doesn't remind you of anything? Rusnya also scoops it up. The second army in the world met with the 6th tractor brigade of Hostomel and scooped it up.



❤️ In the Czech zoo, a rare ________ was born a week after Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.носоріг - rhinoceros, which is called Kyiv in honor of Ukrainian heroes

Professor Mark Eidelman from Haifa's Rambam saved a Ukrainian combat officer.

War comes to the homes of Haifchans. The night call from a military hospital near Kyiv woke up Professor Mark Aidelman; on the other end of the line was Doctor Rozinsky, with an officer on his desk, who had a severed hand. More precisely, almost severed, miraculously hanging on vessels.

Doctors in Haifa, unfortunately, have significant experience in operating on those injured in explosions. The head of the orthopedics department, Mark Eidelman, quickly adapted and conducted a nighttime operation online. There were difficult decisions to be made as the hospital is in close proximity to the military action. They do not have a fully equipped operating room or all the necessary equipment there.

So an iron pin, for strengthening the limb, he proposed to make out of...a long nail. It was reinforced with medical cement with an antibiotic and fixed to the injured bone.

The hand of the Ukrainian Armed Forces officer was saved. And this story, one of many, shows how small the world is. How everything is close and interconnected.

Author Lev Inna Kloz

And in Tel Aviv now there is a huge rally in support of Ukraine with demands to provide assistance to our country.

David Beckham gave his Instagram with over 70 million followers to a Kharkiv doctor for a day, so the world could see what is happening in Ukraine.

In addition, Beckham, together with UNICEF, launched a fundraiser to support those affected by the war in Ukraine.



👨🏻‍🦳Bidendoes not planDuring my visit to Europe next week, I will be visiting Ukraine.

Zelensky - to Israel: Indifference kills

Translation: To Vladimir Zelensky, addressing foreign parliaments in recent days is not a novelty. However, his speech before the members of the Israeli Knesset still stood out from the rest.

Israel did not join Western sanctions against Russia. With the start of the war, Israel effectively canceled the visa-free regime for Ukrainians. Israel refused to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine. In the end, Israel did not condemn the denazification of the country, whose president is an ethnic Jew.

Denazification, which manifested itself, among other things, in the bombing of the Kiev TV tower located in the territory of Babyn Yar - the site of the mass murder of Jews by the Nazis during World War II.

In Zelensky's speech there were no claims. There were no direct questions. It contained an appeal to the deep feelings of the Jewish people.

Own match he started with a quote from a native of Kiev and one of the founders of the State of Israel Golda Meir: We want to live. Our neighbors want to see us dead. We don't have much room for compromise.

In Ukraine, the special military operation conducted by Russia is often compared to Hitler's attack on Poland and later on the Soviet Union. But now Vladimir Zelensky, perhaps for the first time, has drawn such direct parallels on the international stage.

"What is the difference between the final solution to the Jewish question that Hitler raved about and the solution to the Ukrainian question, which is being discussed in the Kremlin and written about in the Russian press?" he asked. "And is it not symbolic that exactly 102 years before the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, on February 24, 1920, the NSDAP was founded?"

How can we explain the current position of Israel in relation to the war in Ukraine, Zelensky wondered. Is it indifference? Calculation? Aspiration to become a mediator in negotiations between Ukraine and Russia? But indifference kills. Calculations can be mistaken. And a mediator can be between states, but not between good and evil, - he addressed Israeli deputies.

Ukrainians made their choice. 80 years ago they saved Jews, so there are Righteous Among the Nations among us. People of Israel, now you have such a choice too," Vladimir Zelensky concluded his speech.


A little bit of good news for Kadyrov's TikTokers from the deputy mayor of Dnipro, Mikhail Lysenko.



Ukrainians made their choice 80 years ago when they saved Jews. And that is why we have Righteous Among the Nations among us. People of Israel! Now you have such a choice.



Cover of the American magazine Time.

Russia has fallen! Forever!

The best cover of the year. Russia has fallen. Forever.



25th day of heroic resistance to Russian orcs. Day after day, the fascists continue cynically and cold-bloodedly shelling our cities, villages, and everyone who is there, with heavy weaponry.

Several tips on what to do when your settlement is under siege👇

✅Cover the windows with tape, note that you need to glue the entire surface of the window - strip by strip.

❌ Do not approach the windows under any circumstances, even if they are covered.

✅Make sure your phone is charged, and if available – also have a power bank.

❗️The light can go out at any moment, do not panic, you should be prepared for this.

✅ Remember: in the dark hours of the day, use camouflage.

If you really need to turn on the light, make sure it is not visible outside.

✅If shelling has started, it is too late to run. Stay in place to avoid even greater danger.

❌Do not run out into the street during shelling. Immediately remember the rule of two walls - a safe room in the house where you can hide from gunfire and explosions. There should be at least two walls between a person and the street, and even better, more. The first wall takes the force of the explosion - a window or the entire wall may collapse. The second wall absorbs the fragments. This can be a hallway, entrance hall, or bathroom if it is located inside the apartment. And the most dangerous rooms are the side ones.

Take care of yourself and believe in Victory🇺🇦


Professional analysis from Evgen Magdi. Very useful to get rid of illusions that some still have.

Oh! What happened in Russia? There is information about the hacking of the Russian social network VKontakte on social media and Telegram channels. Many users received a message from the official VKontakte group with information about the war in Ukraine. And Russians read it. Glory to the Ukrainian cyber warriors.



💪During the next attempt to advance on Kyiv, the Russian occupiers lost a combined unit of the 6th tank regiment, —Генштаб ЗСУTranslation: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

I am proud to communicate with a living legend who defends Ukraine!

Thank you, Mr. General Zaluzhny! With faith in the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Everything you need to know about the desire of Belarusians to fight against Ukraine. Don't want to fight? Don't fight!



🙋‍♂️In Israel today, a large-scale rally in support of Ukraine is taking place.

Second army in the world. This army is made of shit and sticks. And their country is just the same.



🚨Sumy Oblast! Alarm!



❗️As a result of an airstrike on settlements in the Korosten district in Zhytomyr region, there are damages.13 buildings.

SubdivisionsDSNSThey continue to clear the rubble, and according to preliminary data, three people have been injured.

))) -> )))This text does not require translation as it consists of repeated closing brackets, commonly used in informal communication to represent a smile or happiness.



🔎The current situation in Kyiv region - Kyiv Regional State Administration



🚨Zhytomyr, Kharkiv, and Sumy regions! Alarm!



🚨Korosten district! Alarm!

In Kherson, the assistant of the Russian collaborator Vladimir Saldo, who supported the occupation of Kherson, Pavel Slobodchikov, was shot. He was killed in his own car.

Betrayal of Ukraine is dangerous for the lives of traitors and collaborators.



⚖️ Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and Sweden have started.investigationwar crimes of Russia



🚨 Fastov, Bila Tserkva, Uzyn - alarm!



🚨Kyiv — air alarm

Russia has postponed the repayment of Belarus' obligations on state loans for 5-6 years, said Yuri Seliverstov, the head of the Ministry of Finance of Belarus.

Percentages will take the lives of Belarusians, whom Putin demands Lukashenko to send to fight in Ukraine.



🙋‍♂️Around ten thousand people came to the concert in solidarity with Ukraine today in the center of Berlin.

And also Ukrainian singer Jamala addressed the attendees via video call.



🚫Three Belarusian banks were disconnected from SWIFT..

ПідUndersanctionsThe European Union has included the Development Bank of Belarus, Belagroprombank, and Dabrabyt Bank.



🗣 The Prime Minister of Britain spoke with the president.Зеленським: ZelenskyAnd promised to promote Ukraine's interests at NATO and G7 summits.

And Boris Johnson also promised to increase military, diplomatic, and economic support for Kyiv.

Forward to familiar Belarusians. Maybe this will save their lives. Or maybe it will change their priorities in life and make them think about the fact that it's easier to get rid of Lukashenko than to die in Ukraine.



🦾Armed forces in battles with Russian occupiersliquidatedCommander of the fighters of the so-called LPR with the call sign Lyudoyed Sergey Mashkin



👤Talks between Ukraine and Russia could resume tomorrow, March 21st, —Арестович - Arestovich



Irina Vereshchuk talks about the results of the work of humanitarian corridors on March 20.



🙏 Prayer for Ukraine

ProductionIdea Media Groupcreated a video with footage of shelling of cities in our country, which has been going on for 25 days already.

Prayer in two languages, but one trouble for all.

Russophobia becomes the norm, citizens of the Russian Federation are indignant. And what did they expect after the invasion of Ukraine? What did they want after the bombings in Mariupol, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Irpin, Bucha, Kyiv, and other places in Ukraine? And what did they want after the Russian occupiers killed 115 children? Let them rejoice that they are only being beaten for now. For now, they are only being beaten. This is part of their price for Putin's invasion of Ukraine. Russians are now synonymous with the word inhuman.



🚘In Ukraine, drivers are prohibited from using video recorders., not to assist the enemy.

This was reported by the Public Relations Department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine..

Заборона стосується зокрема: Translation: The prohibition applies in particular:

🔹public roads

🔹general purpose objects

🔹 infrastructure objects, checkpoints, fortifications

🔹Location, concentration or movement of military units (subdivisions) of defense forces

I knew that Arestovych was shady and irresponsible. But since I don't follow this freak on Facebook, I didn't fully realize the extent of his moral decline. So I'll just quote his post at the end of this text. I won't even mention the content: he sows discord among Ukrainians, drives a wedge between us and our allies, and uses Russian propaganda clichés. And all this with foul language. And then they ask me on international programs live, what his words mean.

Remind you that his official position is the advisor to the chief (Yermak) of the Office of the President of Ukraine (Zelensky). Why do they keep him? Since during the war, we do not criticize our government, I limit myself to this question.

There is another person with the same position - Mr. Podolyak, who looks like the main negotiator with Russia and the main spokesman for the government. I remind you that according to a series of messages, this political technologist probably worked with Lyovochkin and Yura Yenakiyevsky (Ivanyuchenko), not to mention such a trifle as the mayoral candidate of Kyiv, Dumshev. After his appointment to the current OP, he became the author of a special genre of events coverage in the state - statements of the Office of the President of Ukraine, in which he distinguished himself by apologizing for populism and attacks on the opposition. Podoliak's (as well as Shefira's) tax declarations are not publicly available - they are not civil servants. And here this person is allowed to access the highest secrets - he is conducting negotiations (just like Arakhamia, who is also unknown how he ended up in this delegation).

So, Podoliak is the main negotiator with Russia, Arestovych is the spokesperson for defense matters. And not the spokespersons of the President, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Ministry of Defense. In short, there are questions. But I must admit, Podoliak's case is more complicated than Arestovych's, because Podoliak is more cautious. Arestovych's Facebook creativity speaks for him. Our mate - regarding Russian killers. Arestovych covers his with curses, it seems that it is in his blood, like with Russians, criminals or scammers.

Such must be driven. And immediately!

App. Careful, swearing one step away.



The Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine reminds of things that save.


🟢Camouflage saves lives!

Once again, we urge all citizens to take measures to camouflage their homes with lighting.

✅ Turn off the lights in your homes.

✅ Curtain the windows.

✅ Turn off street lighting in your houses.

Thus residential buildings will become invisible to the enemy in the dark hour of the day. This applies to both cities that are targeted by airstrikes and cities where street battles are taking place, as well as cities that are currently relatively safe.

Energy supply in many cities is damaged, but the state is doing everything possible to restore it as quickly as possible.

Take care of your lives. Do not show the enemy where you are.


Ukrainian military eliminated the commander of the reconnaissance unit "DNR" Sergey Mashkin with the call sign "cannibal" - Operational-Tactical Group "East"

Interesting story. People destroyed the "man-eater." And it's normal.



🚨 Kyiv - Air Alarm



🚨Korosten District! Alarm!

Shit! I didn't even recognize this creature. And this is Combat-Batyan Rastorguev from the band Lube. He's gone crazy about Putin during his performances. But he doesn't live in Russia, he lives in Baden-Baden, Germany. Russian kvas patriotism is just like that.



🤯The Russian Ministry of Defense declared its supposed readiness to open a humanitarian corridor from Mariupol on March 21, and also propose surrendering the city's mayor.

From 10 to 12 o'clock, Russians expect that Ukrainian defenders and some foreign mercenaries will leave the city, laying down their weapons.



💳 PrivatBank warns that on March 21, temporary interruptions may occur again.паузи - pauseat work of the application Privat24

22 idiots went to ban. In total, 187 idiots went to hell. Idiots who consider Aristovich as power and don't understand that he is a servant - can unsubscribe. I'm in favor. Bots can follow the Russian military ship. Power in Ukraine - it's the parliament, the president, and the cabinet. The strength of Ukraine is the armed forces! Those who don't understand this - idiots. And for now, I've disabled comments. Will turn them on in the morning. But it's not certain.

PS I write and share other people's posts for those people who are capable of not only reading the text but understanding what is written. For the rest, to Arestovich, Podolyak, and other staff. ))



🇦🇺AustraliaWill provide at least 70 thousand tons of coal to enhance Ukraine's energy security

In Russia, they finally found a replacement for Instagram. ))



💥Several explosions sounded in Kyiv.explosionsIn the Podilskyi district near one of the shopping centers, rescuers are working at the scene - Mayor Klitschko.

Kinaha needs to negotiate with the enemy, Kinaha. And I hear his dense, emotionless voice well.

— Demilitarization? Yes, but based on transparent, constructive, fully democratic cooperation with the world community, as well as the global community, using advanced means of mutually beneficial artillery and exclusively peaceful depoliticized large-scale raids of the Ukrainian military aviation. Let's write it down in the agreement like that...

— Decommunization? Only on the basis of mutually beneficial optimization of nationalization processes, provided that the socio-nationalization processes are stabilized, with a focus on adapting old processes to new conditions. Where is nationalization? Where is it? Do you see it? (The Russian delegation looks confused around). And indeed, it does not exist because only under the conditions of standardization of the process we have already discussed, will the socially significant grain of consensus that we will talk about in a few hours ripen...

The first one who cannot stand it is Medinsky: he vomits for a long time with hysterical notes over the toilet. The representative of the General Staff of the Russian Federation stupidly looks at the wallpaper decorated with a red rooster. Lavrov's diaper starts to leak.

And Kinakh meanwhile raises his eyes upwards, fixing the luxurious chandelier with a heavy gaze. A new file is launched in his head. (c) Yevhen Kuzmenko



🏠Ukrainians who provided shelter for freerefugees, receive about 450 UAH per month per person to compensate for utility expenses.



🎥The moment of explosion in Kyiv was captured on video. Windows were blown out by the shockwave in the building.



🚨Kharkiv and region — air alarm!



🚨Sumy, Okhtyrka! Air alarm!



Rescuers are extinguishing a strong fire on the territory of one of the shopping centers in the Podilskyi district of the capital. At this time - one casualty. All services - rescuers, doctors, police - are working on site. The information is being clarified.



🚨Mirgorod, Lubny! Air alarm!



👊🇺🇦Throughout the day, Ukrainian PEO forces eliminated one aircraft, four unmanned aerial vehicles, and two cruise missiles above Ukraine.



Already the 25th day, as the Russian military is searching and cannot find the "Nazis" they invented, whom they allegedly wanted to protect our people from. How they search and cannot find Ukrainians who would meet them with flowers. And the main thing is that the Russian military cannot find their way home. Therefore, our military helps them find their way to God's court.



‼️ Operational summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of 24:00 on March 20, 2022 regarding the Russian invasion.



🚨Kramatorsk and Pershotravensk! Air alarm!



🚨Lozivskyi district! Air alarm!



🚫Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba announced new sanctions against Russia.



🇺🇦The mayor's advisor in Mariupol suggested giving a response to the occupiers' ultimatum regarding the surrender of the city without waiting for morning.

Mariupol is Ukraine!



🇫🇮The Prime Minister of Finland expressed readiness for the country to accept more refugees from Ukraine.



‼️WARNING! An air alarm has been declared in Kyiv!

Please everyone urgently go to the civil defense shelter!

⚡️⚡️⚡️ (Lightning bolt emoji)

‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv! ‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!



🚨Khmelnytskyi, Lviv region! Air alarm!



🇸🇮Prime Minister of Slovenia Janes Janša announced that the country's diplomats will return to Kyiv and called on other EU countries to do the same.



🚨Ternopil, Rivne, Volyn regions, Lutsk! Air alarm!



🚨Kyiv region! Alarm!