Feb 20, 2022 - Day -3

I have always been interested in what Comandarma Yaghir felt when giving orders to mass shoot the male population of the stanitsas on the Don. Was he proud of this or did he do it out of fear that he would be put against the wall if he did not prove himself in the fight against the "class enemy"? Did he try to drown those terrible memories with vodka or, on the contrary, proudly tell about them at meetings with schoolchildren? And did he remember the innocently killed when Stalin's executioners led him to the execution?

I have always been curious about what the commandant of the concentration camp "Bergen-Belsen," Josef Kramer, felt, who was held responsible for the deaths of tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of innocent people and was dubbed the "Beast of Belsen" by the prisoners. Did he not wake up from nightmares at night and did he not want to shoot himself? Or perhaps he came home in the evening and told his wife Rosine how he tortured the prisoners, mocked them, and set the dogs on them, along with Irma Grese? And what was he thinking before his hanging in the prison of the city of Hameln, about the unfairness of his execution or about it being retribution for what he had done?

I have always been interested in what the commander of the "Berkut" company, Dmitry Sadovnik, felt when giving orders to kill people on the Maidan? Did he find justification in the fact that he was following orders? Or did he enjoy feeling like a predator among herbivores, which motivated him and his team to unjustifiable cruelty and killing using weapons? Will he tell his children that it was thanks to his commands and orders that people lost their lives? Or will he remain silent and lower his eyes when asked by his children?

But I have no answer to any of these questions. There are only assumptions that I form based on personal perception. In any case, I believe that the Gardener and his subordinates deserve to be brought to trial and sentenced. And to be punished. Exactly 8 years ago, the "black squad" under the leadership of this coward, who fled responsibility to Russia, killed 39 activists of Maidan on Institutskaya Street. And I remember that. And I believe that he cannot escape from karma. And from the stigma of a cowardly murderer, too.

And about the good! From childhood for the Finns. ))

By the way, throughout the history of personal meetings, Russia has lost to Finland in 6 out of 8 matches at all Olympic tournaments. So that's good statistics. ))

February 18 - beginning of the most intense battles on Maidan.

Eternal memory to the fallen.

That case when we ourselves came up with, ourselves filmed a report, ourselves showed it, and ourselves scared shitless. Russian directorial staging doesn't even bother with plausibility. And indeed, why should they? After all, the plot is designed for idiots. And there are mostly such people there.

Waiting for a story about the Ukrainian DRG, which consists of cannibals. This DRG should be caught after they ate a Russian journalist. And of course, there should be a recording of an interview with the journalist, in which he will tell how they ate him. Viewers will love it.

That case when the Russian propaganda machine finds new broadcasting channels and tries to shape public opinion even through porn channels in Telegram channels.

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The Russians were asked on the street if they were willing to give up the 13th salary for the so-called DNR and LNR. The reaction is more than vivid. ))

Half of the respondents are foreign agents, no doubt.

By the way, journalists found properties worth 110 million rubles in the family of the same deputy Kazbek Taisaev, who said that Russians are ready to give up their 13th salary for the so-called DPR and LPR. So maybe he will share too? Or is it something else? ))

Here is this creature, is an element of false propaganda and a being spreading misinformation. But it doesn't bother it much. Because it's an animal. And for its 30 kopecks [Russian expression meaning a small amount of money], it is ready to fulfill the Kremlin's agenda.

And now he tells a new horror story to build up hysteria. "The attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine may be intensified on the night of Monday approaching Donetsk and Luhansk," said TASS by the First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs Viktor Vodolatsky. He knows that this will not happen, but without his involvement, the Kremlin's provocations will not occur. That's why he rehearses his piece. Just cynical scum.

I listened to Volodymyr Zelensky's speech live. Afterwards, at home, my wife read me several reviews of the performance from Facebook, including those from mutual acquaintances. The reviews were enthusiastic. I reread the speech. And then one more time. Certain moments were interestingly written. I am genuinely annoyed by the literary technique of playing with words, such as "if there's silence, there won't be peace in the east of our state" and "open doors are good, but we need open answers, not unanswered questions for years." Mentioning the dead and children caused a silent anger. The strong episode about the Bucharest Memorandum and the "last Chinese warning" to the guarantor countries evoked silent anger. Although I find it difficult to imagine how Ukraine, not being the North Korea of Europe, will be able to revive its nuclear potential.

And now for the main thing. Claims - not mine to the president, but his to the audience. Volodymyr Zelensky chose the wrong addressee for his fiery rhetoric. He sets conditions for his friends and does not set them for his enemy. It's like when you shout at a cat at the moment when a mad dog barks at you. Are you hitting your own to make the stranger afraid? But the result of such tactics seems to be the opposite - your own will turn away and the stranger will become even stronger.

But the most surprising thing was not the point about the memorandum. It is this constant give, give, give. And the culmination of this is Zelensky's response to the question after his speech: "... If you are afraid, then give us "cheap money". Give us money without conditions". I would even understand if it was about forgiveness, debt restructuring of Ukraine, but apparently not in this sense. They need money, which Volodymyr Zelensky and those standing beside him are planning to gather and are already ready to use.

And most importantly. The President of Ukraine demanded nothing from Putin. He did not present him with any ultimatums. He didn't shame him. He didn't remind him about the children. He didn't tell him what he will say to the killed Ukrainian soldiers about what they died for. All of this he said to the Americans, the British, the Poles, the French, the Germans, the Canadians - representatives of countries that do not kill Ukrainians. But to that moron who leads the country that is killing us, he didn't say anything.

There is one important and interesting nuance in recent events.

Justified calls by Volodymyr Zelensky to change the architecture of international security are not made in a vacuum, but against the background of Russian proposals for security guarantees. And X... is roaring loudly and massively on this subject.

So we run at least the risk of a certain regional unification of perceptions of initiatives from the post-Soviet space.

I understand that Zelensky's self-love is delighting in the opportunity to ask questions to world leaders, which makes them nervous. But for real positioning, consolidation inside the country is needed, not on Unity Day, but based on values and national interests.

Otherwise, too many recipients of information will experience cognitive dissonance(((

♨️ Our report on Kremlin information operations was published by The New York Times.

In detail about how Russia, through disinformation, creates the groundwork for conducting operations under a "foreign flag" to initiate military escalation in Donbass, as well as the channels through which it spreads this disinformation.

Read, you will see there are many familiar sources. Exposure of channels used by Russian special services, works to strengthen Ukraine's position. We must confront Russia on all fronts.


I monitor what Russian propagandists throw through the Telegram channel, I read the comments under their posts and understand that hysteria and lies are one step away from reaching their peak. And then the Kremlin will need to make a decision - what to do. Because the inflation of hysteria is necessary for Putin to gain public support for his subsequent actions. But I still don't understand which scenario he will choose. And honestly, I suspect that he doesn't even know himself, because public opinion in the West is clearly not on his side. And that means any transition to an active phase of military invasion will be perceived extremely negatively and aggressively. But Putin must offer something to his electorate to not look bad and foolish. That's why everything is so uncertain. And meanwhile, take a look at three pieces of news that are actively circulated on Russian Telegram channels.

"Right Sector", the Ukrainian Armed Forces are making breakthroughs, more and more towards Luhansk and Donetsk. This indicates that in the near future, tonight, there will be intensified offensive actions through these breakthroughs. This is what the leadership of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) was talking about. On the other side, they do not shy away from the desire to start large-scale combat operations: all these breakthroughs occurred in places where the previous night, using heavy artillery, they made breakthroughs in minefields.

Around 05:00 as part of the unified plan of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Luhansk direction, in the area of the Pionerskoye settlement, militants of the "Right Sector" with the support of the 79th Brigade attempted to cross the Seversky Donets River and break through the defense in the direction of Luhansk, as a result of the clash, there are wounded from the Luhansk People's Republic (LNR) side, and losses from the advancing side.

3. Attempts were made on the Donetsk front by Polish and British PMCs, an attempt was made to break through in the area of the village of Novomykhailivka, the advancing forces were stopped during clashes.

And believe me, there are plenty of idiots in Russia who believe in it and have no doubts that it's all happening. But in the West, they openly say that this is a lie and misinformation. And the residents of Russia can be fed such informational bullshit. They swallow it all. Alas.

Approximately 400 journalists from leading international media outlets are currently unable to obtain accreditation to access the front lines in the area of the Joint Forces Operation. As a result, only 25 foreign journalists have been granted permission to cover the shelling of a kindergarten and school in Donbas.

For example, one of the largest German television channels, ZDF, cannot get access to cover the situation on the front. And at the same time, Zelensky and the Servant of the People allow themselves to make comments about insufficient support in Europe, in Germany in particular. So you are not doing anything to take the opportunity to sway public opinion in our favor!

No logical explanation for this fact is in place - the military says that such instructions come from the country's leadership. There are journalists who have been unable to obtain permission to go to the front in Ukraine for more than a month.

The President is going to Germany to complain about the insufficient support of the West, and when Western media came to Ukraine to create support, their work is blocked. The Office of President Volodymyr Zelensky does not understand how important access of foreign media is in the conflict zone to demonstrate the scale of Russian aggression. And why do we even keep the Ministry of Information Policy with our taxes?

Understandably, why this is happening. For almost three years Zelensky preached to the society how he supposedly is ending the war already, and about a comprehensive ceasefire, and "the war will end by the end of the year." It turned out all of this was a lie - the war continued and the war is still ongoing now. And Western media called the "Servants of the People" disseminators of panic and fakes many times.

Now Ukraine has the greatest opportunities in our history to reveal the truth about the war to the whole world, to achieve complete victory in public opinion worldwide, to create a decisive informational and political advantage over the Russian aggressors. For this, the authorities must apologize for insulting journalists and properly organize war coverage.

Inactivity of the authorities and preventing Western media from entering the combat zone is not working in favor of Ukraine, but working against Ukraine.

Immediately open access to the world media on the front! (c) Yuriy Butusov

People who were evacuated from Donetsk to Russia are waiting in buses in the Rostov region. Russia used them again and threw them away. But it seems they finally understood that for the Kremlin they are only expendable material. It's late and not everyone, but they understood. Listen to what they are saying.

Yesterday, February 19, early in the morning at 6:45, while defending Ukraine, Assistant Chief of Staff - Chief of Intelligence of the 30th Mechanized Brigade, Captain Anton Sidorov, was killed. A warrior, a hero, and the author of the amazing song "Sleep, My Brothers". From the first days of the war, he was on the front lines protecting our right to live in Independent Ukraine, together with you. Now, Putin has the blood of this father of three children on his hands. My sincere condolences to his family, relatives, and loved ones. Eternal glory to the hero. Eternal memory to all defenders of Ukraine.

How Muscovites are now building the "casus belli" system reminds me of a singer who falsifies and sings off key, everyone sees it and whistles, but he continues to sing diligently, poorly expressing all the words.

Insane asylum "Veselka".

How to learn the Ukrainian language in 30 seconds. If you want to live, you will understand everything. ))

Interesting, when we call Kremlinoids and Putinoids animals and scum, are animals and scum really offended by that? After all, we are putting them on the same level as Kremlinoids and Putinoids...

If this is an actor, then he is an asshole, because he took part in a criminal falsification. If this is an unfortunate person who was appointed as a saboteur and forced to confess through torture, then I sympathize with him. It's strange that he still hasn't confessed to planning to blow up the Kremlin and rape Pushilin. And in this video, the testimony of a person whom the Kremlin appointed as a Ukrainian agent is shown. The man tells how the "Kiev forces are preparing an offensive and sabotage in Donbass and sending spies to Belarus". The most interesting thing is that these frames were shown by the Russian First Channel. So everything is going according to Hleivitsa's script.

By the way, this person confessed both generally and specifically to the explosion of the police chief's car in Donetsk. Yes, we're talking about that UAZ car with separatist license plates, even though just a couple of days ago they were hanging on the Land Cruiser. Just idiots.

Oh, pro-Kremlin idiots have become active and simulate intense activity. The so-called "president" of the pro-Russian self-proclaimed "Republic of Abkhazia" (territory of Georgia), Aslan Bzhania, expressed readiness for Abkhazia to provide "military and humanitarian assistance" to the occupying authorities of the "ORDLO".

Source: Statement from Bzhani, Echo of the Caucasus

Literal translation:"The Republic of Abkhazia is ready to provide military and humanitarian assistance to Donbass if necessary."Translated text:"The Republic of Abkhazia is ready to provide military and humanitarian assistance to Donbass if necessary."

Details: According to Bzhania, in Abkhazia they regretfully note that official Kyiv allegedly vividly demonstrates a refusal to resolve the conflict within the framework of the negotiation process.

"Encouraged by Western curators, Ukraine is deliberately moving towards creating a provocation that could pose a threat to security in the entire region," the statement says.

In Abkhazia, the "Unified Headquarters for Donbass Assistance" has also been established, which includes a number of public organizations.

Detained on Thursday, but exploded on Friday? Mdy, Schtilrc has never been so close to failure. Solovyov once again managed to mess up himself. Talent!

The COVID-19 has been detected in Queen Elizabeth II. British media reports that the illness is mild. And this is one of those cases where it is appropriate to say - God Save the Queen!

In the occupied city of Luhansk, the "military command" is taking men directly from the street and forcibly putting them on buses. Witnesses report that this is happening throughout the city. The Kremlin needs cannon fodder to send to the positions of the Ukrainian Army and to create an image for Russian TV.

☢️💣Why being a nuclear state is nothing but a distant dream for Ukraine☢️💣

At the Munich Security Conference, Zelensky announced that he can annul the Budapest Memorandum. In the wet dreams of many Ukrainians, a big and strong nuclear missile appeared, flying straight to Putin.

up the ass

under his nose.

But hoping that Ukraine will become a nuclear state is not worth it.


What we have the largest deposits of uranium ore in Europe and 15 operating nuclear power units does not mean that Ukraine can acquire nuclear weapons again.


We lack critical elements of the production cycle - uranium enrichment plants and plants for the production and assembly of warheads. And the only plant that mines uranium ore is not in the best condition.


In a nuclear reactor, uranium with a concentration of U-235 is used at 3-5%.

This is enough for electricity production, but insufficient for creating nuclear weapons; here, the concentration of U-235 must be over 85%.

Usually, gas centrifugation is used for uranium enrichment. Uranium is combined with fluorine to obtain uranium hexafluoride - a gas heavier than air, which is directed towards the centrifuge.

To effectively separate them, they are combined into a cascade of hundreds and thousands of centrifuges.

Therefore, the uranium enrichment plant to the condition of the пwordeny is a city-forming enterprise with thousands of employees, a huge area and a very characteristic H-shaped layout of workshops, that is, it can be seen from space even by the Sich-2-30 satellite.

On the third hand,

There are no funds for the construction of such an enterprise in the country, and none are expected nearby.

But the main thing is not even that, but the fact that such construction will greatly sadden our allies. Although that is putting it mildly. In the case of independent development of a nuclear weapons program, sanctions and international isolation are expected for Ukraine. Not the best perspective, considering the aggressor's forces on the border.

About such a trifle as the absence of a nuclear testing ground, I tactfully stay silent (no, the Chernobyl zone, Snake Island, or your neighbor's summer cottage, with whom you had a fight, do not fit).

It would be much easier and more beneficial for our country to take a step towards creating a permanent military base in Ukraine for our NATO partners, complete with an airfield, arsenals, and various weapons, including nuclear, that can be stored there.

We have enough neglected military bases and airfields.

Unfortunately, Article 17 of our Constitution directly prohibits the placement of foreign military bases in Ukraine, as our Constitution was written during the signing of the Budapest Memorandum and the elimination of nuclear weapons.

You will ask, and why

then in our Crimea was the base of the Black Sea Fleet of the RF? And because it already existed at the time of writing the Constitution, and the law of retroactive effect does not have.

By the way, one can speculate who pushed for this requirement and why it appeared in our Constitution.

Yelysei Khodolovs'kyi, a member of the Politburo of the Democratic Axe.

This is exactly the case when he lies like a gray stallion and doesn't blush. Putin's press secretary and one of the main official Russian liars, Peskov, stated that Russia has never attacked anyone throughout its history.

Did he go crazy? I'm sure that Chechnya, Afghanistan, Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland, Poland, Georgia, and Ukraine were just stunned by such hypocrisy and audacity from Peskov.

That case when even Russians are tired of being fed with information crap about Ukrainian DRGs. But the Kremlin's people do not stop and continue to inflate the information space with lies and disinformation.

I would like to remind these katsap creatures that Julius Streicher, the chief editor of the anti-Semitic newspaper "Stürmer", was executed by the Nuremberg Tribunal for anti-Semitic propaganda and incitement to genocide. And what Soloviev, Kiselyov, Skabeeva, Peskov, and other Kremlin talking heads are doing now all deserve similar punishment for lies, calls for the killing of Ukrainians, and incitement to war.

Once again it has been confirmed that in Russia it is prohibited to protest against the war. If you speak out against the war with Ukraine, you will be detained for it. Orwell did not know he was a prophet when he wrote "1984".

Today, on Sunday, February 20, on Pushkin Square in Moscow, the police detained six participants of individual anti-war pickets. One of the detainees is human rights activist Lev Ponomarev. In addition to Ponomarev, as reported, they also detained Mikhail Krieger, Nikolay Rekubratsky, Yuri Samodurov, Mikhail Udimov, and Olga Mazurova.

The detained had posters with inscriptions "Russia, hands off Ukraine", "Down with the power of chekists", "Hands off Ukraine", "Schools and hospitals instead of bombs and shells", "No war with Ukraine" and "Freedom to Ukrainian political prisoners".

Thank you to the decent Russians who are trying to open the eyes of other citizens of the Russian Federation and doing everything possible from them to prevent war. There are few of you, but you exist! We appreciate it!

A little positivity wouldn't hurt us all. Funny video with today's broadcast of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dmitry Kuleba. ))

Now everyone who was taken out by the Russians for their information campaign has to settle in tents. Or you can stay on the bus.

Under such conditions, evacuated residents of the "LPR" will now live in the Rostov region. Inflatable tents stand somewhere in the field, inside tightly fitted bunk beds, separated by a narrow corridor for passage.

"There are all the conditions," they said. "Russia will deceive you and throw you out," we explained to them.

Donetsk now. Madness in its purest form.

In Baku, an employee of the Russian Embassy hit a woman with a car. On a pedestrian crossing. He was drunk. Like a log. Not surprising at all. All within the framework of an old Russian tradition. But there is no need to export it beyond Zaporebrika.

I highly recommend reading this article. Vladimir Pastukhov wrote a fantastic analysis of the situation that coincides with my opinion by 90 percent and evaluates the main points at 100 percent. Therefore, I decided to share this text so that you can familiarize yourself with this article and assess the situation.


In Rostov-on-Don, a blogger decided to portray himself as a needy person from outside and turned to a local resident, a kind Samaritan, with a request. The result turned out to be epic! In general, it's a masterpiece!

Stopped at a gas station in Kiev, and there's a crowd, queues, people filling fuel in canisters! Oh, no! Made a mistake. It's just in fakes and hoaxes, but at the gas station it's calm and everything is unchanged right now. So don't believe Russian hoaxes and disinformation.

These are stories from Russian media showing the gatherings of conscripts in the ORDLO. In the first video - footage from the "mobilization point" in Luhansk. In the second - the "preliminary assembly point for citizens of conscription age" at School No. 19 in Donetsk. The faces, well, not very happy. People understand that they will simply be used as slaughter. And then, in the stories, their bodies will be shown and "accidentally" Russian passports will be lying next to them. They might even be "slapped" just for the picture. That's always what happens when you call for Putin and the Russian world, but don't want to live in peaceful Ukraine.

Prostitution at the Kremlin service. Everything, as I wrote this morning.

And the news from the madhouse continues to amaze with the level of idiocy. ))

One of the main Russian propagandists on Russian television claims that "war is necessary for Americans" and that they will soon "stage provocations to accuse Donbass and Russia of invading Ukraine". As you can see, the old Soviet tradition of blaming everyone for their own deeds in the Russian Federation is still relevant.

I have a couple of sources in the occupied territory. So, one of them wrote to me from Donetsk. Everyone there understands everything. And they can see who is shooting.

All will be Ukraine!!! Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in yourself and in our Victory! And don't panic. That's how we will win!