Mar 12, 2024 - Day 748

748 days of active phase of the 10-year war. Can we lose. Only if we surrender. And we don't plan to surrender. Everyone here?

Time for good news!



👊 Legion of Freedom of Russia, RDK and Siberian battalion entered the Kursk and Belgorod regions of the Russian Federation as part of a joint operation.



❗️Freedom Legion fighters of Russia declared that they are going to the elections.

We go to free you from poverty and fear. Free from the dictatorship of a terrorist organization that seized power.- mentioned in the message.




💥At night, a drone attacked the Lukoil refinery in the Nizhny Novgorod region of Russia.

The drone flew directly into the oil refinery. A fire broke out on the site. There is no information about any casualties.

These are my brothers🫂 I am proud of these people! A candidate of historical sciences, an IT specialist, a violinist, an entrepreneur, a deputy, a blogger, an athlete, an aviation engineer, a builder...not everyone is in the photo, but I appreciate and respect each one! None of us planned to be a military man, but how professionally these guys beat the occupiers!! How many more simply better ones are now guarding the future of our country and the world! (c)Alexander Yarmak, military serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, singer



🕯In the morning at 9:00 we honor the memory of those who died in the brutal war of Russia against Ukraine.

And why is he so nervous? Normal arrival. Is this something unexpected? No need to worry, rusnya. You need to get used to it. This is not the last time.



Today we honor the memory of police lieutenant colonel Oleg Jurka.

He began his career in 2000 as a cadet at the Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs. After finishing school, he started his career as an investigator. Served in the police of Sumy city.

On February 27, 2024, together with colleagues, he went to document the consequences of enemy shelling in a border community when the enemy struck again with artillery fire. As a result of the shelling, a policeman was killed.

Always ready!



🗣️The intelligence commented on the actions of the fighters of the Freedom of Russia legion.The Legion of Freedom of Russia, RDC, and the Siberian Battalion operate on the territory of the Russian Federation as independent units, as they consist of citizens of the Russian Federation. After all, they are at home. Probably, a joint operation of these units is currently taking place on the territory of the so-called Russian Federation, - said the representative of the GUR Andriy Yusov.

I am watching this video from the streets of the settlement Lozova Rudka in the Belgorod region and I can't remember if it was like this before February 24, 2022 in Russia? And now the Russians are using weapons and armored vehicles to liberate the territory of the BPR and UNR from the Kremlin occupation and destroy the Russian. Yes, Putin did everything to make it happen! Bravo.



At night, the Russian army dropped a bomb on a residential multi-story building in Kupiansk.— Police of Kharkiv region.

As a result of the impact, there were ruins in a 5-story residential building. Several centers of ignition arose.

Three apartments on the first to third floors burned in one entrance and one more dwelling in another entrance of the building. The fire was successfully extinguished.

No victims or casualties were found.



😔On March 11, Russians wounded 3 residents of Donetsk: 2 in Selidov and 1 in Toretsk.

The total number of Russian victims in Donetsk region is provided without taking into account Mariupol and Volnovakha.



Representatives of Disney Entertainment in a comment to Voice of America explained that due to time constraints, they did not include the awarding of the film 20 Days in Mariupol in the shortened international television version of the Oscars ceremony.

They added that the nominations for the shortened version were determined in advance during the planning process several weeks ago.

However, the summary of all the missing winners, including "20 days in Mariupol", is included in the abbreviated version.— stated Disney Entertainment.

Meanwhile, against the backdrop of the Oscars in France, a festival of Russian cinema titled "Another Russia" dedicated to Navalny is taking place. There is nothing else in this Russia, because in the festival program there are classic films by the Ukrainian Larisa Shepitko and the Armenian born in Georgia Sergey Parajanov "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" based on the novel by a Ukrainian writer about Ukrainians.

I do not understand why the Ukrainian diplomatic mission is not dealing with this issue, if not on the principle issue, then at least the legality of such an event and who benefits from it? Because the rights to Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors supposedly belong to Derzkino. Did they give permission for distribution?

Why is the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Paris silent on this matter? (C)Polina Moroz



🚨 Air raid alarm is spreading throughout Ukraine



The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published the approximate losses of Russian occupants for the past day.

The Cabinet of Ministers plans to tie mobilization bookings to the salaries of Ukrainians. This bill "for its own" wants to promote in the Verkhovna Rada. But why does the government not understand the consequences of this decision? After all, the Ukrainian budget will not be replenished, and we will receive public outrage very quickly. How much money will have to be paid to "lawful evaders"? Who and why is dragging out this bill? And what will this change in the Ukrainian mobilization? He told in more detail in his author's blog.



🔥Meanwhile, in the Perm region, the shopping stalls are on fire, the area of the fire is 800 sq.m.



🔥Russian volunteers on the territory of the Russian Federation have already destroyed one APC.



Visited several units on the liman front. Passed on FPV drones and Mavics.

The security situation remains complex. The feeling that the occupiers have intensified before the Russian pseudo-elections, trying to make a gift to their fuhrer.

But our Armed Forces are giving hell to the enemy. Ukrainian soldiers need more drones. So we don't get tired of helping the Armed Forces!


Rusnya thought that one anti-tank mine was not enough for her, and immediately ran over a second one. Well, just to be sure. So that no one survived. And no one from Rusnya survived in the BTR-82AT. It turned out to be a crispy snack. A well-charred snack.



😈 Supposedly a Su-27 aircraft was shot down over the Belgorod region

Local residents reported a large-scale fire in the forest after an explosion.



🚨Air raid alert declared in Kyiv and a number of regions of Ukraine.



👺In Belgorod region, the local population continues to shun z-symbolism.

In the intercepted phone call with a guerrilla from the Belgorod region, the occupiers discuss instructions to remove the letter z from work vehicles, as the symbolism of the Russian invasion causes fear and hostility among the local population.

In Orel, an oil depot is on fire. It burns well. Brightly. With smoke. Is this a flash mob in Russia before Putin's elections? Good flash mob. Fiery. Russian people, was there anything like this before February 24, 2022?



❕At the next meeting of the Verkhovna Rada, several agreements with the Russian Federation and CIS countries will be terminated.пише - writesPeople's Deputy IrinaGeraschenko

Several agreements with partner countries will also be ratified.

Consideration of other bills is not provided.

The draft law on mobilization is not yet ready for the second reading, amendments are still being considered by the committee," added Gerashchenko.



Residents of Russian Ivanovo write that an IL-76 plane caught fire in the air.

Eyewitnesses say the plane did not reach the airport and crashed nearby in the forest.

I wrote this text exactly 11 years ago. Because of these emotions, I later went to Maidan and decided to go into politics. But this annoyance did not go away. On the contrary, it presses even more. And today I am again starting to be overwhelmed by emotions from all the lawlessness that is happening in Ukraine. I am very patient, although I am not a very restrained person. But my patience is not endless...



😈A video of a plane crash in Ivanivska region appeared online.

According to preliminary information, Il-76 caught fire during the flight - it almost did not reach the airport.



🤯 SBU detained a traitor who tried to poison the command of the Armed Forces in Zaporizhzhia.

The culprit turned out to be an active military serviceman of the Ukrainian army. To commit the crime, he planned to add a poisonous substance to the water of the bathing-laundry complex used by the command staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

SBU employees in advance exposed the traitor's connection with the Russian special services and "step by step" documented his subversive activities against Ukraine.

In addition, during the investigation, the SBU found that the perpetrator was carrying out another task - reconnaissance of the locations and movements of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front.

According to the investigation, the suspect was recruited through his parents, who live in the temporarily occupied part of the territory of Luhansk region.

As the investigation found, the invaders kidnapped the relatives of the man right from their home, and then imprisoned them in a local Russian torture chamber.

Victims were subjected to cruel torture, demanding that they persuade their son to work for the aggressor country.

The offender is currently in custody. He faces life imprisonment.



The crash of a military plane was confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

There were eight crew members and seven passengers on board.

It is noted that the plane crashed during takeoff to perform a scheduled flight. The cause of the disaster was a fire in one of the engines during takeoff.

15 people died in the crash of Il-76 in the Ivanovo region.

Russians, remember, I recently promised you that birdfall will begin in Russia and it's just a matter of time? So, the time has come. This is just the beginning. Next will be passenger airplanes. And this was done by your Putin.

What's up, Russian.



🗡️Russian volunteers use trophy weapons during attacks on Russian territories.— representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate Andriy Yusov.

In Ukraine there has been a full-scale war for over 2 years. We are talking about trophy weapons, re-trophy. If we are talking about actions within the Ukrainian security and defense forces, of course Ukrainian weapons, of Ukrainian production. There are no secrets here, - Yusov said.



😈In Belgorod, the building of the city administration was damaged as a result of a UAV attack.



From the bill on mobilization, the entire section of amendments to the Code of Administrative Procedure has been excluded.— reported the People's Deputy Oleksiy Honcharenko.

In this way, proposals to freeze accounts, bank cards, travel restrictions abroad, and car management are removed.



👊 Smolensk region, Kursk region under complete control of Russian liberating forces, reported by fighters of the Legion of Freedom of Russia.

Putin's army is quickly retreating from the village, leaving behind positions and heavy equipment.

Explosions at oil depots and power plants after the arrival of unknown drones in 10 regions of the Russian Federation, the start of Operation LSR and RDK in the territories of Belgorod and Kursk regions, the fall of Il-76 in Ivanovo...

Awesome advertising campaign on the eve of Putin's elections in the Russian Federation. ))



😣Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion in Kyiv, exactly 1000 air alarms have sounded.— KMVA.

The total duration is 1165 hours and 26 minutes. This is over 48 days of continuous alarms... Over a month and a half of life in shelters.— It is mentioned in the message.

The Russian troops in Belgorod region are fleeing flashing their heels from the Armed Forces, abandoning equipment, weapons, and settlements, while Kremlin media write that all this is not true, everything has been destroyed, and everything is not as it seems. Russian troops, do you like living in a parallel reality?))

Rusnya, are you aware that the RDC already controls Tetkino? And all of this was done by Putin.

Screenshot in the first comment.



🔥In the Russian city of Piteyer, a thermal power plant is on fire.

The video shows a strong fire and a thick column of smoke at the scene.



👊3rd company of the 1st mechanized battalion operates in the area of Avdiivka.

In the video - a shootout in urban conditions and the evacuation of a wounded person under artillery fire.

I strongly recommend taking the situation with the start of the RDC and LSB operation calmly and not mistaking the desired for the real. Only later will it be possible to assess the effect of this operation, and not now. And it is necessary to evaluate through many filters - achieved goals, long-term consolidation in positions, publicity on social media, and more.

And we wish success, good luck, and achievement of goals to the patriots of the Russian Federation who are fighting against the Kremlin regime.



The SBU has uncovered new schemes for tax evaders: among the participants are three healthcare officials and a lawyer.

🔹 So, in Mykolaiv region:

neutralized a criminal group that traded in fake certificates of unfitness for service due to health reasons.

Among the defendants is the head of a local charitable foundation, who was looking for evaders, and her accomplice - a hospital official.

🔹 In Poltava:

Local lawyer who offered deserters two options for "solving the issue" caught. The first method - provided them with fake determinations of the military medical board, the second - entered them into the "Shlyakh" information system for going abroad as drivers of international routes.

🔹 In Khmelnytskyi:

Another illegal migration scheme abroad has been eliminated. Involved in its organization were a military hospital psychiatrist and a military medical commission representative who sold fake certificates of "poor health".

🔹 In the Carpathians:

detained a peddler who "cleaned up" dodgers from mobilization.

For this, he sold them counterfeit disability conclusions that he received through his own connections at one of the Kyiv centers for medical and social expertise.

🔹 In Lviv:

another channel of illegal emigration abroad has been eliminated, which operated disguised as freight transport. During comprehensive measures, a criminal was detained who was registering his clients as drivers of a charitable foundation.



The coronavirus is finally transitioning into the category of seasonal diseases,- Chief State Sanitary Doctor Ihor Kuzin.

"I am confident that the worst of COVID-19 is behind us. Despite the fact that vaccination rates in Ukraine have not yet reached the WHO-recommended levels, we can already say that COVID-19 is definitely transitioning to the category of seasonal diseases," Kuzin said.

He explained that Ukrainians will encounter the coronavirus every year, although the virus itself will continue to mutate. However, at the moment, the current nature of mutations in COVID-19 does not indicate that the virus will become more aggressive.

According to Kuzin, since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in Ukraine, more than 5.5 million cases of COVID-19 have been recorded, and almost 112 thousand people have died from complications. At the same time, over 15 million Ukrainians have received two doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

Give a small comment. Calm and composed.



Combat medics of the renowned 32nd Brigade need help to purchase a vehicle that will ensure the completion of tasks in the Kupiansk direction!

Currently, the charity fund Right to Life has organized a collection, part of the funds have already been collected!

Please do not be indifferent to the fate of the Defenders, because at a high price - the price of their lives - is obtained every day!

All previous reports of the charity fund are here -

Currently, you need to collect 110 thousand hryvnias.

Link to the bank -



🚧Currently, Polish farmers have completely blocked the movement of trucks from Ukraine to Poland at the border crossings of Shehyni, Yahodyn, Uhorniv, and Ustyluh.— dictionary of the SBU Demchenko.As of today, blocking is carried out at five checkpoints. Currently, Polish protesters do not allow trucks to pass in the direction of the Shehyni, Yahodyn, Ugriniv, and Ustyluh checkpoints," he said.

Also, Polish farmers pass through the border checkpoints of Yahodyn and Shehyni with a very small number of cars from Poland to Ukraine - 50 and 30 respectively in the last day.

According to Demchenko, as of Tuesday morning, a total of 1500 trucks are lined up in queues on the territory of Poland on these five routes, with the most at the checkpoint in Yagodin.



Russian volunteers in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine decided to vote in the "elections" of the president of Russia.

Voting has been ongoing since morning in Kursk region.

More videos on our TikTok👇

What do Macron's statements about Western forces in Ukraine mean? Why does the government not have a strategic plan for war? How to unite society around the war? Does Ukraine need a Government of National Unity? Does Zelensky need to address the Constitutional Court to confirm legitimacy? Ukrainian politician and diplomat, one of the authors of the Constitution of Ukraine, 6th Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus, professor Roman Bezsmertnyi answered these questions in a conversation with Boryslav Bereza. Watch all the details in this video.



🖥 There are problems with Telegram at work in the web version.



In Ukraine, the armored vehicle Novator, equipped with the remotely controlled turret Tavria-14.5, successfully passed the tests.

As told in the "Ukrainian Armored Vehicles" enterprise, Tavria-14.5 is a combat remotely controlled turret, armed with a 14.5 mm caliber machine gun with a 200-round ammunition supply. It is equipped with an optic-electronic module that allows detecting targets at a distance of over 5 kilometers both during the day and at night.



The first biggest challenge that Zaluzhny expects is to handle the wave of popularity, because in Britain they are waiting for him, appreciate and know well who he is.

In an interview with "UP," former Ambassador to Great Britain Prystaiko spoke about this.

Not a big secret that Zaluzhny's candidacy has been considered for some time. I think many Ukrainians will be glad that the iron general will continue to do what he has been doing - defending Ukraine. But this time in Great Britain, - he noted.

On the question of the challenges that Zaluzhny will face in Great Britain as an ambassador, Prystaiko noted that“the first biggest challenge that awaits Zaluzhny is to cope with a wave of popularity, because he is awaited, appreciated and well known in Britain, who he is” ,

But when the euphoria passes, I believe that one of the biggest tasks facing the general will be to restore and breathe new life into the support provided by our partners," said the former ambassador of Ukraine to Great Britain.

The press also asked why President Zelensky announced the appointment of Zaluzhny as ambassador before the British side officially agreed to approve such a proposal.

You are right, the British side not only did not approve the appointment, but also found out about it from the press just like many Ukrainians.

In the message of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs it was said that the request for agrément has been sent. Of course, it is right to do the opposite. First, the country is asked, which gives the country the opportunity to agree or refuse. But I don't think it matters in the context of General Zaluzhny. This is a well-known person. Great Britain will be happy to welcome such a person, - believes Prystaiko.

He noticed that in Zaluzhnyi"at first it will not be easy to switch from a military to a diplomat" .

But I am confident that this will not only be a successful mission, but also something new in general. Not all systems have political appointees among their ambassadors, and the general is becoming a political appointee right now. This will be a very interesting life experience for Zaluzhny, - added Prystayko.

Super Tuesday-2 is important, but for us, it's more of a political curiosity. Today could be movement in Congress to allocate aid to Ukraine (as well as Taiwan and Israel). Remember - Republican congressman Brian Fitzpatrick. He is the main lobbyist for Ukraine among Republican lawmakers. Fitzpatrick is a former FBI agent who worked in Kyiv before coming to Congress. Fitzpatrick and his allies may begin collecting signatures in Congress today to consider a bill on providing assistance bypassing Speaker Johnson. If 218 votes are collected, this document can be put to a vote without the Speaker's permission.



🇺🇸USAare preparinghighlight a new package of military aid to Ukraine in the amount of $400 million, which could be the first such step in 2024, - media.

I have always been interested in how laws are passed in the State Duma of the Russian Federation, which are absolutely idiotic and undemocratic? I thought they were voted for out of stupidity or in a state of drug intoxication. And it turned out that it's just drunkards voting. No, not Dimon Alkach Medvedev, even though he doesn't stay sober either. And the rest of them are drunkards too. Don't believe me? Look at the speech of the United Russia deputy Veremeenko in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. That explains a lot.



🇪🇺European Unionextendedsanctions that were imposed against the Russian Federation in connection with the war in Ukraine.

Sanctions will be in effect until September 15, 2024.

KuNR, how are you feeling? Something cottage cheese-like is about you. It's good that at least it's not yogurt-like. ))



Farmers will receive 3 billion hryvnias compensation for purchasing demining services, said Prime Minister of Ukraine Shmyhal.

Previously, this amount was 2 billion hryvnias.

Compensation will be provided for 80% of the cost of demining work, and the purchase of services will take place through Prozorro.

After Politico newspaper reported that the United States today, on Tuesday, will announce its intention to send ATACMS missiles to Ukraine as part of a $300 million aid package, hysteria started in the Kremlin and threats are being heard again.

I can't understand what the rush is not satisfied with. What didn't they give them those missiles? We'll give it to them. We'll send it from all possible places. So, no need to complain. Wait for ATACMS. We will send it. But there are nuances.



🇩🇰Denmark will provide Ukraine with a new package of military assistance totaling approximately 2.3 billion Danish kroner ($336.6 million).

The aid package includes providing self-propelled artillery systems CAESAR and ammunition to Ukraine.

Today, on Tuesday, March 12, at 19:00, we will be doing a live broadcast together with Igor Lapin

Activities of Russian volunteer battalions in Belgorod Oblast. In the Russian Federation, this is being denied. So what is really happening in Russia on the eve of the elections?

- The possibility of booking is mobilized depending on the salary level, actively promoted by "servants". Why does the government ignore the principles of equality and justice?

- In Ukraine, cases of illegal actions by the Military Commissariat continue to be recorded. We are talking about "buses". But citizens also do not stand in lines at the Military Commissariat. What to do about this and when will the system admit its mistake? Meanwhile, Zelensky in an interview with the French media says "There is no demobilization during the war." But when will there be a proper mobilization in Ukraine?

- Zelensky gave an interview to BFM TV and Le Monde and said a lot. What do his words mean?

- Servant Oleg Dunda said that in Ukraine you can talk about democracy, rights and human freedoms only after the war, and now the only task is survival. Where do the servants lead the country?



Krivyi Rih was attacked, as a result of the enemy attack, a fire broke out in a multi-storey building, - head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional military administration Lysak.

An air raid alert has been declared in several regions of Ukraine.



🇺🇸The White House will announce on Tuesday a $300 million military aid package for Ukraine, Politico reports.

The package will include several anti-personnel weapons called APAM. This is the long-range ATACMS system version that can cover a distance of 100 miles and carry warheads containing hundreds of cluster bombs.



😢 In Kryvyi Rih, two dead, injured — head of the OWA Lysak.



Over 30 injured have already been taken to hospitals in Kryvyi Rih, - the head of the OVA Lysak.

Five in surgery. Critical. Among the wounded – a child.



The Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that 234 "Ukrainian saboteurs" were allegedly eliminated while attempting to break through the border.

Ukraine also allegedly "lost seven tanks, three Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, and two armored personnel carriers".

Konashenkov told about it. Remember him?



⚡️The White House has announced a new aid package for Ukraine of $300 million.

Kryvyi Rih, hold on! Russians are not people, they are biological waste.

My condolences...



The rescue operation is currently underway in Kryvyi Rih. Consequences of Russian missile attack. Destruction in a nine-story residential building. Many wounded, some in critical condition. There is also a child. As of now, two people have died. My condolences to their families and loved ones.

Under the rubble, they are searching for people. The work will continue for as long as necessary. I am grateful to everyone who is working there, on site, rescuing, providing medical assistance. I have instructed to provide assistance as quickly as possible to all who need it.

Today, an acquaintance sent a link to a video where I am being targeted on his million-view channel (!) Diana Zduta Panchenko. Supposedly, no one has achieved anything in life, nothing is known about him, except for photo memes about Panchenko, I strive for power (?) and want to get money from the West (?)... And she didn't even feel ashamed to (twice!) insert my line about her from a dialogue with Borislav Bereza - that she is a scumbag and her channel should be shut down.


Well then. The assessment is unknown, especially from Panchenko - in my opinion, not a reason for suffering. Although he still remembers memes and even promoted this.

And what I limited myself to regarding her this time as a modest scoundrel - I admit, I was wrong. I called much more significant anti-Ukrainian figures much harsher and less censored. For Panchenko, I could find an epithet more appropriate for her occupation, but then I transferred all the emotions of indignation to myself Boris Berezov.

Although I once publicly praised her quite a bit - yes, to the point where a well-known journalist (I won't mention his name) even challenged me to a duel through FB and the media to defend the honor of this then blossoming liar. Because, I remind you, she worked for a long time on Ukrainian TV channels. She was promoted, her popularity was boosted. And the result: a million-channel (actually already 1.25 million) and active work against Ukraine.

Maybe, at least this example can make you draw some conclusions: that we need to seriously engage with the information space and its content, instead of enjoying a decorative one marathon.



In Kryvyi Rih, 3 people died and 38 were injured, including injured children, - head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Klymenko.



The first priority of our team now is to save as many lives of our military as possible.

Today we have produced five more mobile auto repair shops, including the jubilee number 50. Currently, this equipment serves in all airborne brigades, the presidential brigade, and parts of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Soldiers and volunteers know well that the equipment at the front, driving on shelled roads, breaks down very often. That is why it is necessary to quickly and comfortably return the equipment to battle, and these RAMPs are needed. They help save time and restore the combat readiness of the equipment faster.

To further secure the lives of military personnel, we are also passing on camouflage nets along with the workshops. I would like to thank separately to a member of our team, the deputy of the Kyiv City Council Oleksandr Tymchenko, who has organized the production of these nets.

Now we don't have the right to stop and continue to supply assistance to our defense forces.


Reading Russian news:

Doctors complained en masse about a shortage of medicines and medical equipment.

While TV tells fairy tales about how "sanctions are good for us", the overwhelming majority of doctors—78.5% of those surveyed by the "Doctors of Russia" community—complain about a sharp shortage of about 400 (!) drugs . Of them, more than 70 drugs are on the list of essential.The most acute problem with antibiotics, insulin for diabetics, drugs against epilepsy, neuroleptics, which are prescribed, for example, to patients with schizophrenia. In addition, doctors have noticed a shortage of drugs to reduce blood pressure, vaccines, basic anti-inflammatory drugs, including nurofen. Anesthesiologists generally complain of a lack of funds for general anesthesia.More than half of the medics -52% - reported problems with medical equipment.: lack of CT, MRI, ultrasound, and mechanical ventilation devices, and already existing equipmentit became difficult to buy spare parts because of Western sanctions.Well, what can you say about this? Only one thing. Go to hell, scum who supported the war against Ukraine!

BBC made a short but very interesting story for a few minutes about how mobilization issues are taken in Israel today. Society believes that everyone should fight. Even those who previously had the opportunity not to serve. Because this is a question of justice and the survival of the country. Against the stupid ideas of our government about the possibility of booking those with high salaries from mobilization, this looks interesting. It also shows who has what priorities. I recommend watching.

Until now, ultra-Orthodox Jews had the opportunity not to serve in the Israeli army. Instead, they could study in a seminary for three years.

However, this month they were going to cancel such an exception for the believers. The Supreme Court is currently considering the case.

Ultra-Orthodox say they cannot go against their own values.

The rest of the Israelis believe that the burden of war should be evenly distributed among all layers of the population, because this is a principle of justice.



🇺🇸Advisor to the US President on National Security Jake Sullivan said what was included in the new aid package:

🔺intercepting anti-aircraft missiles;

🔺ammunition for HIMARS

artillery shells of caliber 155 mm, including high-explosive fragmentation and dual-purpose cassette ammunition

🔺105-mm artillery shells;

🔺84 antitank complexes



At this time, the rescue operation is still ongoing in Kryvyi Rih after a Russian missile strike. The destroyed part of the nine-story building, the ceiling between the floors, was on fire. Many injured. All necessary assistance is provided. There are, unfortunately, casualties. My condolences to all relatives and loved ones.

We will inflict losses on the Russian state in response - quite fairly. They in the Kremlin must learn that terror is not impunity for them. These sick people will no longer be cured of evil, but they will feel the losses. The Russian state will suffer losses, and only this can make it safe for neighbors. Not only for Ukraine - our actions now are life-saving for different peoples.

Today the Head of the Syrian Command reported on our actions on the battlefield, the actions of our scouts, and the achievements of Ukrainian drones. The Head is now on the front line. And the necessary dynamics of actions for Ukraine.

Also today received preliminary results regarding the use of our drones by the Armed Forces, GUR and SBU. I think everyone sees that our drones are working. And they work long-distance. Our long-range capability is a real approach to security for all.

🔻 "Ten years ago I knew that Putin was attacking Europe," - military correspondent and deputy editor of BILD Paul Ronzhaymer

The journalist published a column in BILD criticizing the authorities of Western countries for their "weak reaction" to the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Crimea, March 2014. The Maidan Revolution in Kyiv has just successfully ended. Pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych fled, and the Ukrainian people won. But Moscow's puppeteer Yanukovych had other plans.

On the sunny peninsula, green little men appeared. Soldiers without national insignia, standing in front of Ukrainian military bases and gradually taking them under control.

I asked them one by one who they are, which country they fight for, and what they are doing here, in Crimea. In response - icy silence.

Until suddenly one soldier spoke. I am a Russian soldier, explained the young man. Why doesn't he have a Russian distinguishing mark on him: It's a secret mission.

The order for a secret mission came from Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and consisted of occupying Crimea, disabling Ukrainian soldiers, and annexing the peninsula. Even if the Russians managed to do this without firing a single shot, it was clear that this was Russia's attack on Europe!

At that time, no one was ready for this. Neither Ukraine, nor the West.

I remember Ukrainian soldiers who were not ready to defend themselves from Russian forces. Some military personnel in Crimea and in the east of the country switched to Russia's side. They believed Russian state propaganda that the revolution is a Western coup, and that Putin will maintain peace. Other Ukrainian fighters understood that they simply didn't stand a chance against the green men from Moscow.

But Ukraine switched. The West - no.

Every time I hear that Putin attacked Ukraine two years ago, I think: no, that's not true. The invasion of the entire territory of Ukraine happened in 2022, but Putin declared war in 2014.

This is what many Western leaders, especially the government of Germany under the leadership of Angela Merkel and Frank-Walter Steinmeier, simply did not want to see.

They did not want to see that Putin was expanding his military positions at the expense of annexing Crimea and building the Crimean bridge in order to later attack the whole of Ukraine.

I still remember the phone conversations I had with German politicians at that time.

They did not want to admit that Putin's soldiers invaded a European country and are at war. They did not want to admit that Putin uses the money obtained from trading with us for investments in his armed forces. They did not want to hear that Putin's propaganda tells Russians that they have long been at war with the West.

I remember how Ukrainian politicians, such as the then president Petro Poroshenko and the current mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko, warned: now Putin is attacking Crimea, soon it will be Kiev's turn.

But western politicians just shook their heads and laughed.

"This huge war started with the annexation of Crimea. And it was the weak reaction of the West that allowed Putin to prepare for it all these years". (c) BILD



Yuriy Lutsenko criticized Ukraine's information policy and suggested allocating funds from the single telethon to cover Ukraine's position in the EU.

We have a "single marathon". Tens of millions of budget funds are spent on it. What is its meaning? Its meaning is to lie to Ukrainians and embellish the situation on the front, said Lutsenko.

He noted that Ukrainians receive information from relatives and acquaintances who are on the front lines.

Let's take this money back - and there's no need to fool Ukrainians anymore, tell them fairy tales - and we'll give it to information programs of pro-Ukrainian propaganda in the European Union.



We have gathered the main things that you might have missed by March 12:

🔹Russians massedshelledKryvyi Rih, three people died, another 38 injured, including children.

🔹Ukraineturnedfrom the occupied territories another five children.

🔹During the day, aviation of the Defense Forcescausedstrikes in 9 districts of concentration of personnel, weapons and military equipment of the enemy. Rocket troops units inflicted damage on the area of concentration of personnel, artillery weapon and 2 air defense means of the enemy.

🔹European Unioncontinuedsanctions against Russia.

The White House announced a new $300 million aid package to Ukraine.

When the 59th separate mechanized brigade "Inquisition" is working, it is always not only effective, but also beautiful. And the Russians cannot escape from the righteous wrath of the Ukrainian "Inquisition" neither in burrows, nor in the open terrain.

Glory to Ukrainian soldiers!

Well, fuckers! Ordinary blond fuckers who hang on to the scraps of their hohol heritage and see their idols in Stalin and Lenin. Fucked up. And there are no others there.



🇺🇸The US Ambassador to Ukraine Blink reacted to the Russian attack on Kryvyi Rih.

Today Russia again attacked Kryvyi Rih, hitting a residential building, injuring and killing civilians. Russia has been waging a full-scale war against Ukraine for 748 days already. And Russia will continue it if not stopped. That is why it is critically important to adopt funding for Ukraine right now, - she wrote on the social media X.



🇫🇷The National Assembly of France supported the French strategy of supporting Ukraine and the recently signed security guarantee agreement.

I really want for Рашка to disappear. In general. With all its inhabitants, cities, towns, and territories. I really want. But the physical disappearance of Рашка is impossible. At least for now, it is impossible. So we need to do everything possible and impossible to make a country like Рашка disappear. Political disappearance, on the other hand, can happen at any time. It will not happen quickly. But if we work on it, we can speed up the process. That is the goal.