Feb 18, 2024 - Day 725

725 days of the active phase of the 9-year war. Time of difficult news and complex decisions. God give us wisdom and strength to cope with everything. Is everyone here?

Time for great news!



❗️During the past day, 82 battles took place on the front, according to the General Staff.

During the past day, the Air Force of the Defense Forces struck at 14 enemy concentration areas and 3 enemy air defense systems.

Units of missile troops struck 1 concentration area, 2 command posts, 4 artillery assets, 4 ammunition depots, and 1 enemy EW station.

Good morning, Ukraine!

The Muscovites have "lost again".

Today, around 6.00, another Su-34 "successfully returned" to the base!

Also have 12 destroyed "shahids" and aviation missile X-59.

🇺🇦 Thank you to the Air Force units for successful combat work!

Have a nice day!

Together - to victory! (c) Mykola Oleshchuk



General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine published approximate losses of Russian occupiers for the past day.

The defense forces on the Zaporizhzhya direction have defeated yesterday's Russian offensive.

Destroyed 18 units of equipment (including 3 tanks), about 70 "moskals" were sent to Kobzon's concert, 80 are ordering tickets. After the Russian advance, they withdrew to their previous positions.

In the attack, 30 units of equipment and a fairly large personnel of the enemy were involved.

Glory to the Ukrainian military! Death to the enemies!



🔥Today Ukrainian forces shot down another Russian Su-34 fighter

As reported by the Commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Mykola Oleshchuk, 12 militants and an aviation missile X-59 were also destroyed.

A new survey from the Pew Research Center shows that for 59% of Americans, what happens in Ukraine and Russia is important. The same applies to their understanding of the conflict in the context of U.S. national interests. 74% believe that the current conflict is important in terms of the country's interests and it is necessary to help Ukraine. So it is clear that there is actually no fatigue in the U.S. from the conflict in Ukraine. The vast majority of Americans recognize the importance of helping Ukraine, consider it in the interests of the U.S., and closely monitor the situation. Such surveys show politicians the priorities of their constituents and should sober up Republicans in Congress.



🕯Every morning at 9:00, we observe a minute of silence to honor the memory of those who died in Russia's brutal war against Ukraine.



💥Russians shelled Nikopol district twice during the night, - head of Dnipropetrovsk RSA Lisak.

During the night, the Russians twice shelled the district with heavy artillery in Nikopol and Myrivska community. Fortunately, people were not injured.

These are not people, but Titans!!! Glory to Ukrainian Heroes!



❗️Search operations continued all night in Kramatorsk at the site of Russia's missile strike.

Report for February

Finally, we have completed the distribution of our aid. And I sincerely thank the brave people of the left bank, who risk their lives for others, those who are persecuted by Russians for help, and one careless step that could cost them their lives. The left bank is in a terrible plight. But you can see the news for yourselves.

Collected 150k, this amount became a significant part of the aid to the temporarily occupied left bank of Kherson region.

This month, 80 families were provided with food packages, essential items, baby formula, and diapers, a significant portion of which are large families, also provided assistance to people from particularly affected areas.

Distributed clean water.

They took out 20 people from the occupied territories, including children and elderly people.

Helped Olesk to collect for a volunteer bus.

Thank you all and especially to my friend Borislav Bereza and his subscribers for the opportunity to help.

If you or your loved ones need help with evacuations or food supplies - write to me on Telegram@estervr(c) Irina Vratarova



🤬At night the enemy attacked Poltava region UAV, - OVA

The occupiers struck an infrastructure object in the Poltava region. This caused a fire that has already been extinguished. There were no casualties or injured.

For me today is a black day of the calendar. Exactly ten years ago I changed. Then the pacifist died in me. I changed absolute faith in the power of words to faith in the power of action. We were being killed in Krinov Lane back then. They didn't want to persuade us. They were killing us. We didn't want a violent conflict. Maidan still remained a peaceful form of protest. But...

Berkut attacked us from the side of Institutskaya. Specifically attacked. Their goal was not only to disperse the protest, but also to intimidate participants by killing protesters. They managed to kill them at that time. Intimidation did not work out. They were shooting at us, people in uniform were shooting. Instead of protecting the citizens of their country, they were killing. And this finally undermined the trust in law enforcement, which has not been restored to this day. Especially when you remember that back then Tatarov was among the leadership of the police, and today he oversees the entire law enforcement system. Berkut now say they were following orders and shooting at the legs. But the bullets were also hitting heads. Not random bullets. And I remember how they carried on stretchers the bloodied bodies of the dead, completely covered in cloth. They were killed by police bullets. Then they suffocated with gas. I don't know what kind of gas it was, but I was coughing it up until the end of the summer of 2014.

And then, from the side of Hrushevsky, the titushkas were knocked down, whom the police did not touch. They shot somewhere, and after that the crowd beat those who fell or could not escape. They attacked as a crowd on one person. And beat. With hands, feet, bats, reinforcement bars and hammers. On the heads, on the body. They beat the lying and fallen. I remember that. And people ran away. They were caught up with. Knocked down. And beaten again with bats and hammers. Again on the head, body, wherever. I remember that. I remember everything. I haven't forgotten. And you don't forget.

Answer, who ordered is still not received. Executors are still not named. The guilty are still not punished. Many were allowed to escape. Someone was exchanged to Russia. Someone was appointed as a scapegoat. But I know for sure that this debt will be repaid. In full. To those who gave orders back then. And to those who carried out those criminal orders back then. And to those who are covering for them today. And to those who covered for them not so long ago. Just to do this, you need to remember what happened back then and want to repay this debt. Sooner or later the opportunity will arise. And we will repay this debt. In full. Dixi.

I often remember the battle in Krinitsa Lane. I was very lucky then. I survived in that meat grinder. Survived and did not forget anything. And the memory of those events is a very strong motivator for action, which guides me through life and sets the vector for me in politics. That's how it was. That's how it is. That's how it will be. And every time I remind all of us about it, so as not to forget, to remember and to punish everyone who killed us in Krinitsa Lane, on Hrushevsky Street, on Instytutska Street, on Maidan. To pay off this debt that I will not forget. And I won't forget. And you don't forget...



🫂The main countries of the EU that accepted Ukrainians are Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic.




❗️The first F-16s could arrive in Ukraine as early as JuneAbout this were told by two European officials at the Munich Security Conference. According to them, by the end of the financial year in the USA (by September), 12 Ukrainian pilots will undergo training on fighter jets.

Kyiv rescuers maintain physical fitness by going on rescue missions. Thank them for everything they do, saving lives!



🇩🇰The Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Frederiksen said that her country will transfer all its artillery to Ukraine.

She also called on other European countries to provide weapons, ammunition, and air defense systems that they are not yet using.

Who would have thought! The first to sing the anthem of the new Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was not some powder keg, but the golden voice of Podolyak, a sexist, ukrainophobe, Russian chauvinist and advisor to the Office of the President, Arestovich.

I remember how adults, well-educated people, almost prayed for this a#shole at the beginning of the invasion.

In history, there is a very unique sense of humor (c) Serhiy Marchenko



In the united press center of the Armed Forces of the Tavria direction, the results of the heroic defense of Avdiivka were summed up.

10 years ago, during a peaceful protest on Maidan, law enforcement officers started shooting and killing peaceful protesters. From Hrushevsky Street, the titushkas were pouring out, beating the lying ones to death, beating them with sticks and hammers. They tried to scare the protesters, poisoned them with gas, but they couldn't scare them. Why are those who gave orders still unpunished? When will the authorities pay off this debt? Who today in power is among those who gave orders? He told the details in his original blog. Write your thoughts in the comments.




Those were the days when no one could even think that victory was already near.

When no one suspected that soon the authoritarian regime would tremble and fall under the pressure of free people fighting for freedom.

But none of us even thought of giving up. Here, on Maidan, people were ready to go all the way. Under the batons, tear gas, and even bullets. The eyes of the people who came here were shining, where endless strength and courage came from.

Free people did not give up, they went through the darkest times and defeated tyranny. Otherwise it cannot be.




💪🏻From the beginning of the full-scale invasion, people donated €1 billion to the Banks.

Let's sum up#тижденьвцифрах



💀In Russia, the death of the deputy commander of the 18th Russian army has been recognized

The death of officer Magomedali Magomedzhanov was reported by the public chamber of Dagestan. He died in a hospital in Sevastopol from injuries likely sustained as a result of a strike on the duty station.

Love it. And everything falls into place at once. Especially vividly about digging trenches and evacuating people. Zelensky's direct speech. I wonder what his supporters' cult will say about this?



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Global failure in Telegram. Do you see this message?



😂In the Russian city of Tula, the security forces burst into a party about openness and sexuality.

Participants of the event started to beat, insult, andforce to sing the anthem of Russia

Avdiivska defensive operation. Enemy losses

On the Avdiivka direction, Ukrainian defenders inflicted huge losses on the enemy with their courage, resilience, and heroism, and destroyed a significant reserve of Russian occupiers, which they planned to use in other areas of the front for offensive actions.

During the 4 months of the active phase of the Avdiivka defensive operation (from October 10, 2023 to February 17, 2024)The total losses of Russian troops in the Avdiivka direction amounted to:

▪️personal composition - 47,186 people

▪️tanks - 364

▪️ artillery systems - 248

▪️combat armored vehicles - 748

▪️ airplanes - 5

Thank you to every warrior for resilience, courage, and heroism! For every destroyed occupant! For every burnt tank and armored vehicle!

The struggle continues!



MEP Viola von Cramon reacted to the absence of Petro Poroshenko at the security conference in Munich.

According to her words, this jeopardizes democratic principles in Ukraine.



🚢From the ports of Odessa, 736 vessels left through a humanitarian corridor, carrying almost 23 million tons of cargo.

Let's sum up#тижденьвцифрах

Just a minute! Which Putin exactly? The one in the fridge? Or the one that is a double? Or is it another Putin, who became a zombie? In general, the Nightingale version is flawed. And you want to understand, so what lies in the fridge - Putin or not Putin? Oh, so much unknown...

Though, if we recall how many people believed in the hoax about Putin's death, I will not be surprised that now there will be a crowd of believers in this nonsense.



❗️War in Ukraine could have developed differently if the EU had made decisions more quickly on supplying new types of weapons.- Borel

Two years ago we discussed supplies of helmets to Ukraine, now we are talking about F-16. But already in two years. If we made decisions about supplying new types of weapons faster, perhaps the war would have developed differently.emphasized the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

Avdeevka has been left. There is nothing to do, the threat of encirclement, people must be saved, there is no point in clinging to the city in ruins. Two years of fierce fighting, two years the Horde fought about its walls, but still broke through. Neither artillery, nor armor, nor meaty assaults, nothing helped, but all resolved the CABs. Air bombs weighing half a ton to a ton demolished fortifications, plus a cruel shortage of ammunition, troops had to be withdrawn from there.

In Russian media there is joy, as if Berlin has been taken again, as if there were no tens of thousands killed and hundreds of units of burned equipment. The New Verdun, but in reality, just a suburb of Donetsk. Bad, but not deadly. Considering the losses, the Horde will not be able to develop success (this is a very conditional definition). To the nearest major city, like walking to the Moon. There is a continuous agglomeration, one village merging into another and so on to Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, or Pavlograd, depending on which direction you are moving.

But overall, the situation is difficult on all fronts, there is a problem with BC, something needs to be changed. Or they will continue to crawl, losses do not matter to them, whether 500 thousand, whether a million.



❤️‍🩹Tonight in Kramatorsk, rescuers pulled a kitten from under the rubble, who was trapped under the debris of a private house destroyed by the Russians.

Gadfly and cardinal - it's power! But only in the novels of Alexandre Dumas and in the wet dreams of Yermak. ))



🛸According to the head of the Ministry of Digital Transformation Fedorov, in December 2023, the delivery of Ukrainian drones was 50 times higher than in the entire 2022.

Let's Summarize#тижденьвцифрах

KMIS released the results of a new survey dedicated to trust/distrust of citizens towards politicians, military personnel, volunteers, and public figures. Valeriy Zaluzhny holds almost 100% of trust. In December 2023, there was 92% of trust - in February 94%. Zelensky lost the most - 13% of trust during the same period. Currently, 64% of citizens trust him, compared to 77% in December. There have been interesting changes with others as well. What is happening in the attitude of Ukrainians towards politicians and military personnel? Journalist and political commentator Bohdan Butkevych told Boris Berez on this topic.




🇨🇳Beijing does not supply lethal weapons to the parties to the conflict, - the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

On February 17, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with his Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba during the Munich Security Conference, the Chinese Foreign Ministry reported.

Van expressed his KulebiBeijing's principled position on the Ukrainian issueand emphasized that China will promote peace and negotiations, and will notadding fuel to the fire.

Thank you to the defenders of Avdiivka. Thank you to everyone who was there from the 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade to border guards and the 3rd Special Forces Regiment. But special thanks to the 110th Separate Mechanized Brigade! You are heroes! Thank you for two years of defense and holding the position in extremely difficult conditions. Thank you for everything you have done! And you have proven that you can do more than what is given to a person. You are true Titans, on whose shoulders this defense has been held for two years. Thank you to everyone who was with a shield. Eternal glory and memory to those who were on the shield.

110 OMBR wrote his name in the modern history of Ukraine with blood and heroism. He was glad to help as much as he could! Glory to you, Heroes!!!




Ukraine will become a full member of the European Union and NATO, but only after the end of the war, - Italian Foreign Ministry.

Our message to Russia is very clear: Ukraine will be a member of the EU, and we are working to make Ukraine a member of NATO," - emphasized the Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani.

However, according to the minister, the end of the war speaks to Ukraine's membership in the Alliance prematurely.

We must be very careful, because the situation where a full member of NATO is at war with Russia means World War III," he added.



Today in Kyiv honored the memory of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred and fighters for the independence of Ukraine.

A procession and moleben took place in St. Michael's Golden-Domed Cathedral in honor of the fallen in the capital.

📷 Yana Pronina

This is a strike! Works RUBRAK "BULAVA" glorious 72nd separate mechanized brigade named after Black Zaporozhians.

Laughter through tears is our usual state.



😡 Today Russian occupiersexecutedtwo Ukrainian soldiers who surrendered.

The tragedy occurred in the morning in the area of responsibility of the Operational-Strategic Group of Troops "Khortytsia".

A week ago, this scoundrel stood in line for humanitarian aid in Avdiivka, and now for Russian propagandists he says he is glad for Russia. Disgrace. This scoundrel's name is Oleksiy Magnitsky. This scoundrel must be known. Do not forget and punish him as a traitor and a coward. Unfortunately, we have plenty of such scoundrels. Even in the Verkhovna Rada.



Canada provides Ukraine with approximately $46 million for servicing F-16 fighter jets.

Summing up#тижденьвцифрах

Maryana Bezuhla stated that Pashynskyi is a close person to Zaluzhnyi, which was denied by the closest circle of Zaluzhnyi. Why does Bezuhla make such statements? What are the possible scenarios for political life in Ukraine? Under what conditions will elections have to be held? Ukrainian politician and statesman, military man, former General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko answered these questions in a conversation with Borislav Bereza.




During the day, 56 battles took place - reported in the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

During the day, the Defence Aviation struck 4 areas where the enemy personnel were concentrated. Also on the eastern front, the units of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Su-34 fighter-bomber.

The missile troops units struck 3 enemy command points and 1 ammunition depot.

I will not write much here, but we will take back what is ours, we will avenge for friends and comrades! Losses are hard to bear.... Avdiyivka is not a story of defeat, it is a story of heroism! (c) Andriy Yermolenko



An investigation has been initiated into the facts of unarmed Ukrainian prisoners of war being shot in Avdiivka and Vesele, the Donetsk regional prosecutor's office reported.

The prosecutors said that on February 18, a message was posted in one of the Telegram channels about the shooting of 6 captured defenders of the mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces on one of the positions in Avdiivka. The defenders were seriously wounded, unable to move on their own, and were waiting for evacuation.

Also found a video recording with a fragment of the murder of two more Ukrainian soldiers in the forest strip near the village of Vesele in Bakhmut district. The footage from the drone camera shows how today, during the assault on our positions, a representative of the armed forces of the Russian Federation shoots point-blank first at one captured Ukrainian serviceman, and then at another. Not wanting to leave the captives alive, the occupant deliberately finishes them off with automatic weapons.

The killing of prisoners of war is a serious violation of the Geneva Conventions and qualifies as a serious international crime, reminded the prosecution.

News Ebanarium. Everything is stable there. And even the ebanates are out of luck. Finally.



Australia has allocated over $32 million to support Ukraine's defense.

Summing up#тижденьвцифрах

Sometimes it's worth revisiting old videos. Then you can remember interesting moments, which explain why we can't overcome smuggling, and around Zelensky gathered the entire Anti-Maidan. A lot explains. Especially on the day when 10 years ago all these scumbags were killing us on Maidan, on Hrushevskoho, on Instytutska. And in Kriposny Provulok...



In Germany urged to deliver winged rockets Taurus to Ukraine.

The head of the Bundestag committee on defence Mari-Agnes Shtark-Zimmermann stated that the death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny should push Germany to make a decision regarding the Taurus air-to-surface missiles to Ukraine.

The correct answer is to send everything we have now, even this Taurus, - she emphasized.

Called Babchenko. Talked about life. Arkasha joyfully reported that he managed to buy an air-cushioned boat for the Armed Forces. And asked to highlight his auction. Which I am doing. Babchenko is doing a good deed. Needed for the Armed Forces. So join in..




Gratitude to all our soldiers, to all who work in defense, to all who help. This week all caring hearts - not only in Ukraine - worried about our heroes, about our Avdiivka, about each of its defenders and about the fate of all our people, about the fate of the whole state.

The battle continues, the main thing – in this battle we do everything possible and impossible to defeat the Russian evil and protect as many Ukrainian lives as possible. Ukrainians are not fighting heroically for the first time, but for the first time in their history Ukraine has achieved such global solidarity and support. And although there are different political moods in the world, different flashes of problems that distract attention, we still – all together – do our best to make the world be with us – with Ukraine. Therefore, so that our soldiers can stop the Russian inhumans and return the Ukrainian to Ukraine. I thank everyone who is fighting, who is helping, who is preserving resilience and determination.

We must continue to be resilient, we must continue to be determined. We must achieve our Ukrainian goals in this war.

Glory to Ukraine!

It is interesting whether these positive bloggers and white coats who are currently working in the President's Office do not receive subpoenas for this and receive money in cash or in cryptocurrency, will their names be published after the change of power, with a high probability?

From I imagine how they will go crazy after that, Lachen and other shit.



We have gathered the main things for you that you might have missed by February 18th:

🔹Today, the Russian occupiers.shottwo Ukrainian soldiers who surrendered.

🔹Ukrainian drones that are analogues of the Russian "Lancet",passedprevious trials and will soon be tested in combat conditions.

🔹GermanygatheredMore than 500 pieces of evidence of Russia's war crimes against Ukraine.

🔹Ukrainewill receivethe first F-16 in the summer, - media.

🔹Russian troopswentthe advance on the Zaporizhzhya direction, however, was repulsed by Ukrainian military.



In the Kharkiv region, there is a threat of strikes by Russian drones, warned the Air Force and UAV.

In Strasbourg, I got around with Uber. It is fast and cheap there. But sometimes there are nuances. For example, the driver suddenly cancels the order or instead of 4 minutes, drives 12. But this is more of an exception to the rule. So, this time I got talkative drivers. The first one was from Armenia, the second from Azerbaijan, the third from Lebanon. The Lebanese driver asked where I was from and after my answer, he said that he heard about the war but does not understand why it is happening and considers Putin the new Hitler. And he is scared of him. The Armenian and the Azerbaijani sincerely wished for victory over Russia. The Armenian said that if we lose, then Armenia and Moldova are next. And the Azerbaijani said that we are fighting for everyone who wants to break free from Russia's grip. And for them too. In general, an interesting conversation. There will be no conclusions. I could have had other drivers who have a different attitude towards Russia's attack on Ukraine, but it turned out the way it turned out.

I can add that among Western politicians there are different thoughts and views on the processes around the war, but the vast majority of those I have spoken with perceive Putin as a real threat to Europe. And I haven't heard about fatigue from them. But I have heard repeatedly in private conversations that providing assistance to Ukraine is a real investment in EU security, which clearly was not aimed at PR. And I have also heard from everyone that internal conflicts in the US show real signs of destabilization threat to the world. But the US doesn't understand this. So Europe will help us. There will be those who will try to hinder it. But they are fewer.

And everything else depends on us. With what to fight and we will have money. It remains to understand who will fight with this weapon? But here the ball is already in the court of our government. And I would like the understanding of responsibility to come to Zelensky and company as soon as possible. And so that it is not too late.



Last year, OnlyFans paid 1.3 million dollars to the budget of Ukraine.

Let's sum up#тижденьвцифрах



MEP Michael Gahler stated that there was no need to exclude the leader of "European Solidarity" Petro Poroshenko from the Munich Security Conference.

Member of the European Parliament from Germany and member of the European People's Party faction noted that "this is unnecessary and unpleasant."

I hope this will not happen again. Everyone expresses support for Ukraine. Right now there can't be too much support for you. Now, everyone who can, should represent the interests of Ukraine," Galer explained.

On February 20th in Tel Avivinteresting eventdedicated to the heroic struggle of the Ukrainian people against Russian invaders. It will all happen in the ANU – Museum of the Jewish People. And the speakers there will be really interesting. But I am especially curious about what former Minister of Defense of Ukraine Aleksei Reznikov will talk about there? Here, very interesting. No, of course I understand that by such a simple way they are trying to legitimize him, but I am really interested in what questions will be asked to the former minister?

Will there be questions about eggs for 17 hryvnias, the contract for which has been confirmed not only by the State Audit Service? Will there be a question about why the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine did not order FPV drones from Ukroboronprom under Reznikov? Will there be a question about the purchase of shells, when the money was transferred, but the shells were not delivered? Will they ask Reznikov about it ... In general, there are questions for him and it will be very interesting to see if they will be asked in Israel or if they will not be asked as agreed upon? Or maybe all this will be called stuffing, disinformation, and manipulation? It's worth taking popcorn

Peaceful night 🌙 to all good people