Mar 3, 2022 - Day 8

‼️ After 1:40 am, a series of powerful explosions echoed in Kyiv. According to eyewitnesses, the explosions could be heard in the Holosiivskyi, Pecherskyi, and Druzhby Narodiv metro station areas.


An air alarm has been declared in the city.

All residents of the capital were urged to go to the shelter immediately. 🙏

The number of casualties in the attack in Izium has increased to 8 - 6 adults and 2 children were killed, all of them were innocent civilians 😢. The enemy also targeted the police, causing a fire 🔥. There are significant damages in the city center, with windows shattered in the executive committee building - Matzokin.

‼️ There are explosions heard in Kherson.

❕Air raid alert cancelled!

The news feed resembles a fantasy book or some Marvel movie.

Here is evil. Here is good. Forces of good first struggle and argue, but then spit on their own affairs and ambitions, unite their efforts and overcome. And evil, on the contrary, is initially organized, and then collapses, like spring ice. Good initially retreats and evil triumphs, but at some point, the most difficult moment, good counterattacks and prevails.

How many times have we seen such a plot? Thousands, hundreds of thousands of times? It's in "The Lord of the Rings," "Harry Potter," "The Chronicles of Narnia," dozens of comics, and movies about Batman, Superman, whoever - an endless repetition of the plot. Good is weaker, but it has nothing to lose, and it triumphs. Evil is stronger, but it will only face defeat.

But in this story, there are so many details that I wouldn't believe them myself if I hadn't been a direct participant in some events and didn't know about others from reliable sources. Such details belong more to fantasy books than to reality.

But that was it.

Countless people stopped tank columns.

Almost defenseless against a military boat, the border guards send this ship straight to hell, or rather, fuck off.

The Battle of Kruty is happening again in the same city after a century, but the Ukrainian side is celebrating victory.

Peasants hitching a tank to a tractor. Kamaz trucks unloading weapons to the Kyivans just like Aragorn distributed swords to the people at the Battle of Helm's Deep. Burned cities. Cadia is standing.

I do not believe until the end that this is happening exactly like this. But it is happening. Here and now.

Ukrainians make reality more incredible than imagination.

This is my people. My nation. My incredible pride.

These are ours.

📌War of Russia against Ukraine: Hague tribunal began investigation.

The Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, Karim Khan, has stated that he already sees signs of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

🗣️ Putin thought that the West and NATO would not respond, and he thought that he could divide us.

He was wrong.

We opposed Russian lies - the truth.


New "Time " magazine cover

The Assumption Cathedral in Kharkiv was damaged by shelling.

People took refuge in the temple, no one was harmed. But stained-glass windows and windows in the cathedral were broken, church utensils were damaged.

💵 IMF and World Bank support Ukraine.

So, the IMF is considering an emergency financing program and is also reviewing the current Stand-by program, which provides us with $2.2 billion.

The World Bank is ready to provide support in the amount of $3 billion in the near future.

✈️ The Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to destroy the occupiers!

On March 2, the crews of combat aircraft Su-24m and Su-25 destroyed columns of Russian military equipment and forces in the Kiev, Sumy, Chernihiv, and Kharkiv regions.

During the day, three enemy planes and two enemy helicopters were destroyed by anti-aircraft missile units.

Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Together we will win!

More than 6 billion hryvnias have been transferred to a special account for the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

As of March 2, 2022, a total of more than 6 billion UAH has been transferred to the special account opened by the National Bank to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Funds can be transferred both by bank details and by using a payment card.

All details 👉

🪓 Support Your donation will go to the War with Russia Defense Fund and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 🪓

President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, saw signs of genocide in the actions of the Russian Federation.

"Houses, apartment buildings, schools, and hospitals are being shelled. The actions of Russian forces have signs of genocide. I believe that they will not go unpunished and that those responsible will be held accountable for them before international tribunals," said the President of Poland.

"Thank you

For the next sunrise

For what we have done

For that I have plans for tomorrow

For that that tomorrow will happen

Thank you, Ukrainian Army!"

National survey: Ukraine in wartime (March 1, 2022) - Ukraine - Research - Sociological Group Rating.

90% of people interviewed, thinking about the situation in the country, feel hope.

88% of people interviewed believe that Ukraine will be able to repel the attack from Russia. Practically every day this indicator is increasing.

98%. of people interviewed support the activities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 👍🇺🇦

93% support activity of President Zelensky

84% support actions of local leaders

80% Ready to defend the integrity of Ukraine with a weapon in hand.

86% support joining Ukraine to the EU

76% in favor of joining NATO.

61% believe that Ukraine will become a member of the European Union soon.

Head of Mykolaiv Regional State Administration Vitaliy Kim posted a photo of some equipment "taken away" from the enemy.

The translation of the text is: "Victory is behind us."





One of the happiest moment in ukrainian's life - to capture a moskal :)

The team of the American channel CBS witnessed explosions in Kiev, as the presenter was finishing the broadcast. News producer Justin Redman called it "the biggest explosions we have ever seen."

On the night of March 3rd in Kyiv happened four explosions, they were heard in different areas of the capital. Currently, it is unknown if there are any injuries as a result of them.

Video Twitter / Justine Redman

In Paris, the "Europe" station on the third metro line has been temporarily renamed "Europe-Ukraine" station. This is an initiative by the Stand With Ukraine movement. As organizer Katka Mikhalek writes, artists from Ukraine, Poland, France, and Georgia jointly renamed the metro stations.

‼️Attention! Air alarm has been declared in Kyiv!

We ask everyone to urgently take shelter in civil defense!


‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!

Let's take a look at the interim balance. In one week, after the unleashed war against Ukraine, Russia has lost almost 6,000 people and a huge amount of various equipment. In 7 days. It is worth remembering that during the 10-year war in Afghanistan, the USSR lost 15,000 people. As a result, the Afghan war sparked powerful anti-war sentiments in society and became one of the factors that accelerated the collapse of the USSR. In general, Russia has never experienced such losses in such a short time. I suspect that their desire to fight us will decrease and the Kremlin will be looking for ways to get out of this embarrassing adventure while saving face. The latter will be extremely difficult to do. Practically impossible.

Perhaps this is one of the best cartoons about the degenerative leadership of Russia.

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

🇺🇦 Operational information as of 18:00 on March 2, 2022 regarding...


The heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people against the Russian invasion continues for the seventh day.

• In Volyn, reliable defense systems have been created by units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Continuous monitoring of the enemy's actions, who is conducting demonstrative actions along the Ukrainian border.

• On the seaside direction, Ukrainian defenders continue to conduct a defensive operation, successfully restraining the enemy's superior forces. Our units have neutralized the landing attempting to disembark in the area of ​​the city of Mykolaiv.

• The facts of capturing Russian soldiers and officers as prisoners of war continue to occur, as well as the refusal to continue the offensive.

• The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is conducting air defense against attacks from the air. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion on Ukrainian territory, the enemy has launched over 180 rockets. In addition to military targets, significant losses have been suffered by civilian infrastructure and residential quarters in populated areas.

Russian occupation forces, violating the norms of international humanitarian law, resort to looting and killing of the local population, including children. The moral spirit of the occupying forces is extremely low.

• In the past day, up to thirty fighter jets violated Ukrainian airspace, mostly from the side of the Republic of Belarus, and carried out bombings on civilian population.

The units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have liberated Makariv, Kyiv region, and have secured the city.

• Defined forces and means are carrying out the defense of the city of Kyiv, continuing to conduct systematic combat operations and maintain specific areas.

• The enemy is demoralized and continues to suffer losses in personnel and military equipment!

Video of the destroyed School No. 134, in Kharkiv. Apparently, a serious military target, since those "katsaps" treated it like that. And they also bomb hospitals, kindergartens, residential buildings. Are these all military targets, right? Just bitches.

Good Russian cars are running in Gomel. They are lost and they carry the lost.

The exchange rate of the Russian ruble in Baku. 1 ruble = 0 manat. These small coins are not needed by anyone. There is only selling. They are getting rid of what is still left on hand. ))

Infographics of air alarms in Kyiv by Forbes magazine.

This is what's left of Izium after tonight. This is what happens when the "Russian world" arrives.

⚡️Kyiv police has provided phone numbers for citizens to contact, as the 102 hotline could be overloaded - 0672311868

  • Holosiyivske Police Department - 06342543 99
  • Darnytske police station - 0676506921
  • Desnyansky department - 0676506922
  • Dnipro PU - 0676506923
  • Obolonske - 0671241949
  • Pecherske - 0676392835
  • Podil'sky UP - 0978938414
  • Holosiyivska Police department - 098 734 0646
  • Solomianske police station - 0731044138
  • Shevchenkivske PO - 06765069 24
  • Police management in the subway - 0964901698

⚡️A movement of a landing detachment of the Russian Black Sea Fleet consisting of four large landing ships accompanied by three missile boats towards Odessa is observed in the waters of the Black Sea - General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Here's how you wake up in the morning and you're no longer a billionaire dollar.

In the Russian Federation, the number of billionaires is decreasing due to sanctions. Oleg Tinkov and Arkady Volozh, the co-founder of "Yandex", have ceased to be dollar billionaires.

Tinkov's net worth dropped from $4.7 billion to $820 million, and Volozh's went from $2.3 billion to $580 million.

Morning coffee, which is served in cafes in Israel.

❗️During the night, the Russian-occupational forces shelled the city of Izyum in Kharkiv region. As a result of the enemy's projectile hitting, six people were killed, including two children.

Our women are incredible!

Fuck, do they have such tables in Erephia - is it already a fetish?

Ukrainian Mykolaiv sends good morning wishes to the whole world!

The Patrol Police of Mykolaiv sends greetings to the residents of Rusnya! ))

Mercedes-Benz suspends production and deliveries of cars in Russia due to aggression against Ukraine.

At the same time, "AvtoVAZ" will suspend car production at its plant in Tolyatti indefinitely starting from March 5th - the company has encountered a shortage of German semiconductors. They are no longer supplied to Russia. Now they will only be riding on sleds. Or on a cart.

Russian mothers have an increasing chance of receiving such a funeral if their children go to fight in Ukraine. And some won't receive anything. They will be told that they have gone missing. Think about it, Russian moms. Your children were not invited.

The Public Relations Department of the Command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that on March 2, three aircraft and two helicopters of the Russian Army were shot down by Ukrainian Air Defense Forces.

It is also reported that Ukrainian Air Force planes Su-24m and Su-25 carried out strikes on columns of Russian military equipment in the Kiev, Sumy, Chernihiv, and Kharkiv regions on Wednesday.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces command denies the statements of the Russian Ministry of Defense that the Russian army fully controls the airspace over Ukraine. The representatives of the Ukrainian Armed Forces also strongly urge the representatives to retrieve the bodies of Russian pilots and several thousand bodies of other soldiers, which have begun to decompose actively due to the warm weather.

⚡️In Katiuzhanka (Kiev Oblast), a column of enemy vehicles has stopped. The reason for the stop is a lack of fuel and ammunition. They are ready to surrender. Negotiations are underway regarding the terms of surrender.

Gorgeous analysis of how Russia will look after the attack on Ukraine. ))

⚽️ 🇺🇦 Zinchenko and Mykolenko - players of the Ukrainian national team are now on the cover of the English Premier League on Twitter. This is the most popular domestic championship in the world.


Germany plans to provide Ukraine with 2,700 Strela anti-aircraft missiles, writes DPA agency, citing sources in the German Ministry of Economy.


President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić stated that his country is facing "great pressure" as it does not want to join the European Union, the United States, and other countries in imposing sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

"Serbia is in an extremely difficult situation, understanding our nation's position is now less than ever."

In Kiev, everything is calm. The infrastructure is operating normally: heating, water, electricity, and communication are available in all areas.

✔️ Night explosions 💥- the work of the Air Defense Forces (ADFs) on enemy missiles.

"During the night, the forces of the PPO were working. And the explosions that were heard were the enemy's missile strikes," said the first deputy chairman of the KMDA, Mykola Povoroznyk.

👷🏽Yesterday, rocket debris damaged a heating pipeline near the railway station. There is no threat to heating supply. Emergency teams are repairing the damaged parts this morning.

Associated Press: The International Paralympic Committee has banned Russian athletes from participating in the games in Beijing.

If you suddenly wonder "what's up with the Muscovites?", here it is.

Ukrzaliznytsia is making all trips from east to west of Ukraine evacuations and is closing ticket sales for them.

Now passengers who need to leave hotspots can use the following graphic trains for free:

✅№1/2 Konstantynivka - Ivano-Frankivsk

✅№3/4 Zaporizhia - UzhhorodTranslation: ✅ No. 3/4 Zaporizhia - Uzhhorod

✅№5/6 Mariupol - RakivTranslation: ✅No. 5/6 Mariupol - Rakiv

✅№7/8 Kyiv - ChernivtsiTranslation: ✅№7/8 Kyiv - Chernivtsi

✅№15/16 Kharkiv - RakhivTranslation: ✅№15/16 Kharkiv - Rakhiv

✅No. 17/18 Kharkiv - Uzhhorod

✅ No. 21/22 Kharkiv - Truskavets

✅№25/26 Odessa - RakivThis text simply states the route number and destinations of a transportation service, which is likely a bus or a train. The route is from Odessa to Rakiv.

✅No. 29/30 Kyiv - Uzhhorod

✅No. 31/32 Kriviy Rih - Uzhhorod

✅ No. 35/36 Odessa - Przemysl

✅№37/38 Odessa - Uzhgorod

✅No. 41/42 Dnipro - Truskavets

✅№45/46 Kramatorsk - UzhgorodTranslated: ✅ No. 45/46 Kramatorsk - Uzhgorod

✅№49/50 Kyiv - Truskavets

✅№55/56 Kyiv - Rakhiv

✅№57/59-№58/60 Kyiv - Vorokhta, Chop

✅№77/78 Odessa - Kovel

✅ No. 81/82 Kyiv - Uzhhorod

✅ №85/87-86/88 Novoleksiyivka - Lviv, Kovel

✅№91/92 Kyiv - LvivTranslation: ✅No. 91/92 Kyiv - Lviv

✅№95/96 Kyiv - RahivThis text is indicating a transportation route. It specifies that there is a train or bus line numbered 95/96 that operates between Kyiv and Rahiv.

✅№97/98 Kyiv - Kovel

✅ №114/Translation: ✅ Number 114/

The translation of the text "113-142/141" into English is "N/A" meaning not applicable or not available.

Limny - Lviv

✅ No. 119/120 Zaporizhia - Lviv

✅ No. 129/130 Kremenchuk - Vorokhta

✅№149/150 Poltava - Chernivtsi

✅ No. 135/136 Odessa - Chernivtsi

✅№249/250 Kiev - Chernivtsi

✅ No. 749/750 Kyiv - Ivano-Frankivsk

✅№ 705 Darnytsia - Kyiv Pas - Lviv

✅ No. 715 Darnytsia - Kyiv Pass - Lviv

✅ No. 723 Kharkiv - Lviv

✅ No. 747 Kyiv - Ternopil.

Boarding these trains, like other evacuation trains, is a priority for children, women, and elderly people. The departure time and route of the trains may vary depending on the operational situation.

🚗 In Kyiv, the Northern and Darnytskyi bridges are open to connect the left and right banks.

▫️This applies to both private and public transportation.

🚇 From 08:00 to 19:00, ground transportation and the metro are operating with reduced service, only along routes where transportation can be provided.

❗️Drivers are strictly prohibited from moving on the lane of public transport. It is needed for emergency vehicles, as well as military vehicles and transport.

❕The city authorities urge not to travel to the city unless it is absolutely necessary!

Data on crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine has been handed over to the International Criminal Court by 38 countries.

⚡️Sanctions can lead to Russia's default.

Russia may find itself in a situation where there is not enough money to pay off external debts. Analysts at JPMorgan warned about this, according to Reuters.

In March, Russia is supposed to pay around $700 million in external debt. The gold and foreign exchange reserves currently enable Moscow to do so. However, sanctions and retaliatory measures within Russia to restrict foreign payments may result in a shortage of capital to repay the debt.

Following Boeing and Airbus, Brazilian Embraer suspends supply and servicing of aircraft in Russia.

💪🔥 This morning message from Resnikov.

"Previously, I never even thought about how many hours there are in a week?"

It turned out - 168. 168 hours. Ukraine has been resisting Russian occupiers for a whole week now.

Nobody. Realize this. Nobody. Neither in Russia, nor in the West, believed that we would last a week.

The only ones who believed were you and I. Two-thirds of Ukrainians were confident, until February 24th, that in the event of a full-scale invasion by Russia, we would withstand.

Today such - almost 90%.

This is the result of the heroism of our defenders. This is the result of the professional actions of our command.

This is the dedication of each one of you.

Our doctors, rescuers, community workers, railway workers, journalists, and financiers are holding their ground. The country hasn't stopped and keeps fighting.

I would like to particularly highlight the heads of military-civilian administrations and mayors who are on the front line today. Chernihiv, Sumy, KonoTop, Kharkiv, Mariupol, Kherson, Mykolaiv - these are the outposts of Europe.

Our army has already destroyed thousands of occupiers. And so much enemy equipment that could arm the armies of several countries.

The capabilities of our Armed Forces are growing, help is coming. In many areas, the fighters of territorial defense have shown themselves brilliantly.

Our air aces have already become legends. Paratroopers, infantry, artillery - all prove that Ukrainians are the best.

Yesterday I called on citizens to engage in total resistance. We need to destroy the enemy's communications. These metastases that he is trying to spread across our land.

Russian occupiers were scared of a shameful defeat and began committing crimes against humanity. They shell hospitals, kill women and children. This is no longer an army - it's just ordinary cowards and terrorists.

There will be many trials ahead. There will be blood, tears, pain.

But now more than ever we have every reason to be confident. And in those who are nearby.

We will definitely win. Glory to Ukraine!


Germany plans to provide Ukraine with 2,700 "Strela" anti-aircraft missiles, according to the DPA agency, citing sources in the Ministry of Economy.

The team of the American channel CBS witnessed explosions in Kyiv while the host was finishing the live broadcast. News producer Justin Redman called it "the biggest explosions we've ever seen."

On the night of March 3 in Kyiv, four explosions were heard, they were heard in different districts of the capital. Currently, it is unknown if there are any injuries as a result of them.

Consequences of shelling in Lysychansk.

‼️ATTENTION! Dear citizens!

Kharkiv region police reports a change in the phone numbers of the duty station of the Main Office of the National Police in the Kharkiv region, which receives calls from the public regarding the commission of crimes and offenses.

You can provide any information about emergencies at the following phone numbers: +38(066) 458 46 16, +38(066) 768 05 06, +38(067) 924 76 20.

If you need police assistance - call immediately!


Remains under the control of Ukraine. The heroic defense of the city has lasted for eight days. Almost the entire city is left without heating, electricity, and water. Many buildings have been destroyed. Mobile communication is unavailable. We pray for the people of Mariupol 🙏.

And this is already inspiring! 🇪🇺🇺🇦Ukraine may become a candidate for EU membership tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, as stated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland.

🏛 The Paris Wax Museum Grevin


Putin's figure - at the museum they say that they can replace it with the figure of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Only one was lucky. He got captured. They slapped the second one. He shouldn't have messed with us.

In total! But Russians have only "lost" 500 soldiers. And the rest apparently resigned. A day before their death. Well, everything as usual.

While the katsaps are saying that they are not here, our Su-24 has sent another column of Russkies to the other world. And now they really are not here.

Damn it!!! This is Oreyro!!! Seeing the eyes leading at the end of the match - priceless! The stock market was buried in the Russian Federation. )))

😂😂😂 LOL

Ukrzalyznytca (National railways operator) provided to Ukrainian Army refrigerated wagons to collect bodies of russian soldiers.

Black smoke from a fire at the oil depot can be seen throughout Chernihiv. There are a lot of fuel reserves there.

📌 Polish Migration Forum/Polskie Forum Migracyjne:

⚠️ If you or your child have recently experienced severe events, feel strong stress, tension, have sleep problems, concentration problems - we invite you to a webinar. We will tell you how to help yourself during stress or panic.

If you or your child have recently experienced difficult events, feel strong stress, tension, have difficulty sleeping, can't focus on anything - we invite you to our webinars. We will talk about how we can help ourselves in moments of stress or panic.

Have you been given an order to "shoot peaceful civilians"?

Yes, exactly.

About border squads and other crimes from yet another captive russia-supporter.

☠️ A Russian SU-30 aircraft was struck near Irpin, reports the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valeriy Zaluzhny.

I chatted with the military. A good sentence was said:

"Idiots are those who think that their dirty tricks will be forgiven by war. And even bigger idiots are those who keep their mouths shut, sitting quietly on their ass, not showing their position and waiting to see which side will win. We will win. And they can go to hell. Because they are the ones to blame for what happened. They were screwing around with money and playing politics. And they messed with Russia. And they pissed away the money. Nobody will quietly go into the forest anymore. Nobody. And it doesn't matter which side they're from."

We had a good talk. By the way, a lot of public figures are really staying silent and waiting to see who will win. It's a mistake for you to stay silent. Putin won't win, and they will definitely remind you of that. And so will I. ))

🚇Kyiv Metro

works in passenger transportation mode from 08:00 to 19:00

Red line:

From station "Shuliavska" to station "Universytet".

Blue line:

From the station "Heroes of Dnipro" to the station "Teremky". Without stopping at the stations: "Independence Square", "Leo Tolstoy Square".

Green line

From the "Syrets" station to the "Vydubychi" station. Without stopping at the stations:

"Palace of Sports", "Klovska", "Golden Gate".

The "Slavutych" - "Chervonyi Khutir" section is also in operation.

Estimated travel time: 40 minutes.

We would like to inform you that the work schedule may be subject to change as needed.

✔️ Underground metro stations operate 24/7 as shelters.

🚎 Kyiv: how will public transport work starting from March 3rd?

In Kyiv, on March 3rd, with 😄🎉

08:00 to 19:00

Ground transport and the metro operate with reduced capacity only on certain routes.

🚌 Bus routes with changes:Here are the bus routes that have been modified:

№21 – from Miloslavska street to Kashtanova street

No. 73 - Miloslavska Street to Chestnut Street.

No. 101 - from Miloslavska street to Raiuduzhny residential area.

No. 103 - from Svitlytskoho Street to Yefremova Street through Marchenko Square.

No. 51 - through Darnytskyi bridge.

No. 55 - through Darnytskyi Bridge.

No. 115 - through Darnytskyi Bridge.

No. 114 - from Myroslavskaya to Rainbow Metro Station.

№69 - from the Palace of Sports to Hnat Yuri Street.

#90 – from Tupoleva Street to Hnata Yuri Street.

No. 22 - through the Darnytskyi bridge.

No. 91 - through Darnytskyi Bridge.

No. 118 - from the Polytechnic Institute to the Paton Bridge.

❌ Bus routes №№ 1, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 19, 30, 36, 39, 43к, 64, 65, 76, 77, 78, 88, 100, 104 are temporarily not operating.

Other routes operate on a regular basis.

🚎 Trolleybus routes

✔️ Organized operation of trolleybus route from Vasylkivska subway station to Smolycha street.

❌The movement of other routes is temporarily not being carried out.

🚃 Tram routes

✔️Organized work of tram routes No. 2, 8K, 22K, 29K, 33A – according to established schedules.

✔️Organized tram connection on the section "Podil TRED - Kontraktova Square".

❌Movement on other routes is temporarily not available.

❕ Please note that other operational changes may be made to the public transport routes.

Chernihiv Oblast ↘️

On March 3rd, around 08:10 in the city of Chernihiv, on Chudinova Street, at the territory of the "Aistra" plant, during shelling, a projectile hit the oil depot, resulting in a fire in a storage group with a total capacity of 5,000 cubic meters of diesel fuel.

Information regarding the victims and injured is being clarified. 25 persons and 9 units of equipment are involved from the State Emergency Service.

Hunters are already capturing them. Not even the military, but hunters. Like wild animals.

Yesterday there were reports of the disgraceful behavior of occupiers in Sumy region.

They thought they were "crazy warriors", in the sense of being fearless.

In the photo - it's them. Ukrainians showed how the occupant should really look like without a turret.

Photo: 93rd Separate Mountain Battalion Holodnyi Yar

Glory to Ukraine and its heroes 🇺🇦.

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

+1 destroyed SU-30 near Irpyn. Well done, Air Defence kittens!

If Russia hadn't attacked Ukraine, then the Power Rangers, together with the hobbits and the Jedi, would have opened a portal to Narnia.

They don't even try anymore.

🔥🔥🔥The Committee of the Council has supported the draft law on nationalizing Russian property.

The Verkhovna Rada Committee.

Supported unanimously.

Bill on nationalization of property and assets of the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

Not only Russia's assets will be seized, but also the assets of its legal entities operating in Ukraine - this list will be compiled by the government and the National Security and Defense Council.

Russian motherfucker! He's not smiling anymore. And he's already sure that Putin is a ******!

We have been tried to be destroyed so many times. They couldn't. We have been through so much! And if anyone thinks that after overcoming all this, Ukrainians will be scared, broken or surrendered - he knows nothing about Ukraine. And he has nothing to do in Ukraine.

Go home. Defend Russian-speaking people. Not all over the world, but in your own country.

💪🇺🇦Danilov: border guards from the 5th border unit along with units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have advanced to the state border line of Ukraine in Sumy region.

Another good news - the Russian authorities are rapidly approaching the dock of the Hague Tribunal. With each shot and order, this dock extends, and the terms of punishment increase. An unprecedented event for world history, when data on crimes committed by Russia were immediately handed over to the ICC by 39 countries. A tragic illustration of the future process "Ukraine vs Russia" will be the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cathedral in Kharkiv, which survived during World War II but was hit by a Russian projectile in 2022, and Babi Yar, which was hit by Russian missiles. And there will be numerous tragic illustrations in the volumes of accusations, unfortunately, more than one page.

Regarding the overall situation.

Throughout the day, Russian occupational forces were unable to make significant progress in any direction, and the offensive was halted.

The leadership of Belarus is increasingly being documented as an accomplice of the state-terrorist Yerefiy. The Belarusian territory, and according to some data, its armed forces, are being used in the war against Ukraine.

Realizing the failure of their "Barbarossa - 2022" plan and encountering the highly effective actions of the Ukrainian military and special operations forces, the Kremlin shifted tactics and began conducting mass bombardments of residential neighborhoods and civilian infrastructure in dozens of cities, such as Kyiv, Chernihiv, Kherson, and Kharkiv, using weapons prohibited by the Geneva Conventions. The mass tactic of Russian nighttime bombardments of residential neighborhoods in major cities has become widespread.

The hottest trend of the day - Odessa. But here, just like all over Ukraine, the occupant is not welcomed with flowers, but with fire, barricades, and the "Resistance" cocktail. Odessa is Ukraine!

The city of Kyiv continues to heroically defend itself. Efforts to detect and destroy enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups (DRG) are ongoing.

Russian forces are demoralized, while Ukrainian forces are increasingly motivated with each passing day.

And another important event of the past day - the signing by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, of a decree on the establishment of a Coordinating Council for humanitarian and social issues. No Ukrainian will be left in need. Assistance is provided to everyone who needs it.

Glory to Ukraine and death to enemies!

⚡️ Statement of Antonina Samsonova - a former top manager of the search network Yandex.

In connection with the fact that Yandex does not display on the main page information that Russian troops are shelling cities in Ukraine and killing civilians, I request to resign at my own request. I consider the actions of the company today to be a crime and complicity in the attack and war," wrote journalist and founder of The Question project.

Wow! The season of hunting marauders has been declared.

The Committee on Law Enforcement Activities of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has just unanimously voted for a significant increase in criminal liability for looting and lifted all restrictions on the use of firearms by civilians to deter armed aggression from Russia/other country during a state of war.

Burned equipment of the occupiers in Chernihiv region.

One picture for you. Another for your foreign friends.

🇳🇴🇺🇦 Above Norway, a helicopter wrote "Ukraine" in the air.

⚡️Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council reports:

Border guards, together with units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, have arrived at the Ukrainian state border line in Sumy region.

Minus one more piece of shit! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Latvia sent 90 drones to Ukraine.

"We will have even more eyes to kick your asses from the air. Fear any dot in the sky, any whistle of the wind. We are watching you right now. Surrender."

❌🇷🇺Russian military plane, go f*ck yourself.

Wet dreams of occupiers and harsh reality.

Formally, the dollar has reached 116.5 rubles. Plus a 30% commission for individuals when buying (i.e. already closer to 170 rubles per dollar). As many economists predicted, the exchange rate is approaching 200 rubles per dollar.

But soon individuals and the majority of legal entities will not be interested in the official exchange rate.

Russia is rapidly moving towards a quasi-currency market due to a sharp decline in currency revenue. Similar to Iran and Argentina, or how it was in the USSR. There will be an official exchange rate for special importers. And there will be a gray or black currency market. The two rates will differ, let's say, by a factor of 2-3.

Both the economy will quickly deteriorate from dollars and euros, as we won't be selling almost anything for these currencies.

The relevant courses will be Chinese yuan, Turkish lira, Kazakh tenge, Mongolian tugrik, Azerbaijani manat, UAE dirham, etc.

In general, the new reality is flying at a terrifying speed.

This week, the Science and Security Council of the "Bulletin of Atomic Scientists" at the University of Chicago will meet to analyze the situation with the war in Ukraine. And what, you may ask?

I will remind you, these are the same scientists who conduct "Doomsday Clock" – they measure the time that humanity has left to live.

The last time the hands were moved was in January. "Doomsday Clock" was then stopped at 100 seconds to midnight - the lowest point in its entire history.

"We were referring then to the dangerous situation with Ukraine. We also repeatedly emphasized the danger of unintentional escalation at that time, as military doctrines, military funding, and political statements increase the likelihood of nuclear weapon use. This is the exact signal sent 100 seconds before midnight. The situation is dangerous, volatile, and unstable," President Rachel Bronson emphasized, of the "Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists".

To this day, Putin's main success is not on the external front, but on the internal one. Unlike Ukraine, Russian society surrendered unconditionally and immediately. The population has plunged into an information bubble comparable in capacity to Crimea. For now, the rules of the game are simple: the "roar of the tribe" (Muravyov, "Landmarks") must drown out the growling of the stomach. But this cannot continue forever. The air will run out in the lungs, and the stomach will growl even louder from hunger. At some point, these trends will converge. This will be the point of final resolution of the Ukrainian issue.

In the Czech Republic, for many years, ice cream between two wafers was called "Russian ice cream" (ruská zmrzlina). By the way, this tradition started during the occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968, when Soviet occupation forces brought some Soviet products. And some of them became so popular among Czech people that they became national. In Russia, you will rarely find such ice cream now.

So today the largest national ice cream producer, the company Prima, announced that it is renaming its brand "Russian Ice Cream" to "Ukrainian Ice Cream". So now, from now on, their plombir, placed between two wafers, will be called that.

The Danes 🇩🇰 from Lego have announced the cessation of toy deliveries to Russia. Kremlin children will play with wooden toys. Or make toys out of dung. Lego kits are in the past for them.

In his time, Vladimir Sorokin wrote "Day of the Oprichnik". Russia there - a mixture of the Middle Ages with remnants of technological progress.

Having a sip of raspberry tea, I browse the news: thefts by local and zemstvo officials have occurred again on the North Caucasus section of the Southern Wall, the Far Eastern Pipeline will remain closed until the Japanese pay, the Chinese are expanding settlements in Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk, the trial of the money changers from the Ural Treasury continues, the Tatars are building a smart palace for the Jubilee of the Ruler, the brainiacs from the Medical Academy are completing their work on the aging genome, the Murom minstrels will give two concerts in Belokamennaya, Count Trifon Bagrationovich Golitsyn beat his young wife, there will be no pounding on Senna Street in Petrograd in January, the ruble has strengthened against the yuan by one and a half kopecks.

This is what Putin leads to. This is what Russia will be like after a nuclear war. It's amazing. Everything we talked about as fantastic, even phantasmagorical scenarios - has ceased to be such and we seriously discuss it. About the fact that Putin is crazy and has cancer, that a nuclear war is possible, that the collapse of Russia is likely, that the feeble West may not exist like that.

Difficult times. The rules of a new world are being written before our eyes.

Wow! Even mayor Trukhanov is tired of all this sh*t.

This is how our art works!

"Artillery is working, f*cking blast it, guys."

The enemy does not go unpunished. The artillery of the United Forces inflicts powerful fire damage, destroying columns and clusters of Russian occupying forces.

This is complete madness. Crystal clear Reich. Hitler Youth of Putin. Idiots ready to become dust beneath the feet of their Führer.

That's how it is. ))

About motivation!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Diageo has suspended alcohol shipments to Russia.

This company produces brands such as Johnnie Walker, Captain Morgan, Guinness, Smirnoff, White Horse, and others.

There will soon really be only the boyars left.

⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ Under Volnovakha, the enemy's SU-34 was shot down!

🚅Evacuation train! Kharkiv - Poltava - Kyiv - Lviv - Ivano-Frankivsk - Yaremche - Vorokhta. The train will arrive at Poltava-Kyivska station on March 3rd at 15:24 (possible delay). Additionally, 6 more carriages will be attached.

Village Kalinovka, Nikolayev region. Photo published by the Head of the military administration of Nikolayev.

According to CBS TV channel, the wax figure of Russian President Vladimir Putin has been removed from the display of the Wax Figure Museum (Grevin Museum) in Paris. This was done after many visitors repeatedly tried to destroy the figure following the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

They removed the 🍆 from the museum. Logical.

Great idea. We must use it!

Enchanted whore. They're killing us and she's still complaining. Well, isn't that a whore?

The situation regarding the Russian invasion.

In Kyiv, the police have detained a DRG with a weapons arsenal.

Uncovered four saboteurs at one of the subway stations when they were planning an attack. 🚇🕵️‍♂️🔍

They conducted photo evidence. In their car, the police discovered an arsenal of weapons, including RPG-7 and its charge, Kalashnikov rifles with loaded magazines, grenades, homemade explosive devices, and dynamite sticks.

During the provision of public security, employees of the Migration Police Department, together with the police officers of the metropolitan administration, discovered two men who were covertly trying to photograph the entrance to the station and the surrounding area.

Not far away, law enforcement officers found a car in which the accomplices of the detainees were traveling. All the saboteurs were arrested.

During the inspection, law enforcement officers found an arsenal of weapons in their car: RPG-7, its charge, Kalashnikov AK-74 rifles with loaded magazines, and a large quantity of 5.45mm cartridges, grenades, homemade explosive devices, dynamite sticks, and military knives. In addition, the sabotage and reconnaissance group (DRG) had cans of gasoline, maps of Kyiv, and forged passes with them.

The group has been assigned to the employees of the Security Service of Ukraine for further investigative actions.


🇺🇦💪In Bucha, the Ukrainian flag has been raised again.

The saddest horse of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also a rare creature, Sergey Lavrov, has changed his rhetoric. We are for peace. But you b*tches had no business interfering with us!

To expand one's horizons 🌍

War has been ongoing in Ukraine for a week now 🇺🇦💥. It is already clear that Khuylo [offensive term] was preparing for it extensively. Therefore, there may be other problems on the map of Europe.

Requirements for security guarantees from Sweden and Finland from Russia - an obvious attempt to prevent these countries from joining NATO. The assholes need convenient neutrals and "useful refugees"

In Moldova, an information special operation is unfolding around our refugees. Its goal is to use refugees as a battering ram against Kiev and Chisinau's relations.

And we still need to figure out what caused Georgia's desire to sharply accelerate its own Eurointegration.

That is why the European security as a whole depends on the success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

⚡️ The Ukrainian army is transitioning from defense to offense, - the General Staff of Ukraine.

🔥🇺🇦 Amazing news! Refugees from Ukraine are being offered to be housed in the confiscated homes of Russian oligarchs in Britain!

There will be more - yachts and all other confiscated property, everything will go towards repairs and compensation. We will demand a minimum of one million dollars for each family of Ukrainians killed by the invaders!

Bad news. Unfortunately, we also suffered a loss. Major Stepan Choban, the pilot of Su-27, died, who sacrificed his own life to distract enemy aviation above Kropyvnytskyi.

President Volodymyr Zelensky has signed a decree awarding him the title of Hero of Ukraine posthumously!


🏴‍☠️ Russian Navy is engaged in piracy and terrorism. Here are just a few examples of Russia's crimes at sea:

▫️ They killed a citizen of Bangladesh.

On board the "Banglar Samriddhi" ship, which was anchored near Mykolaiv.

▫️ They captured the cargo ship "Helt" and took hostages.

Under the Panamanian flag (owned by the Finns). Russians use this ship as a shield to hide from Ukrainian anti-ship missiles.

▫️ They dictate illegal demands and threats.

For example, a parking ban was announced on the external raid of Ukrainian Black Sea ports from the Danube to Skadovsk.

▫️ Openly threaten the use of weapons against every civilian ship.

which use the right of peaceful passage, calling them a terrorist threat

▫️ Captured 4 ships as hostages.

one of which is the tanker "Athena," was forced to leave the territorial waters of Romania under threat of weapon use.

During attempts to shell southern regions of Ukraine, from time to time ⏺️ Civilian ships are being shot.

- Since the beginning of the war, they hit 4 foreign ships, there are casualties and the injured.

continues to bombard the tanker "Millennium Spirit" with 600 tons of diesel fuel in the nearby zone of Ukraine - it was hit by a Russian missile on February 25.

▫️ Does not allow to extinguish the fire and prevent an environmental disaster.

Yes, being a citizen of the Russian Federation is not only shameful now but also unsafe. No one likes Nazis. Even if they are Russian Nazis.

The Biden administration has asked the US Congress to approve the allocation of $32.5 billion to support Ukraine - The Washington Post.

Once again. 32.5 billion. Not million!

❗️Ukrzaliznytsia is making all trips from the east to the west of Ukraine evacuation ones and is closing ticket sales for them.

"Now passengers who need to leave hotspots can use the following graphic trains for free: ☑️"

✅№1/2 Konstantinivka - Ivano-FrankivskTranslation: ✅№1/2 Konstantinivka - Ivano-Frankivsk

✅№3/4 Zaporizhzhia - UzhhorodThis text is already written in English and does not need to be translated. It represents a transportation route from Zaporizhzhia to Uzhhorod.

✅#5/6 Mariupol - Rakhiv (runs to Zaporizhia)

✅ No. 7/8 Kyiv - Chernivtsi.

✅No. 15/16 Kharkiv - Rakhiv

✅№17/18 Kharkiv - UzhhorodThis text is already in English and does not require translation. It states the route number and destinations for a transportation service.

✅№21/22 Kharkiv - Truskavets.

✅ No. 25/26 Odessa - Rakhiv

✅№29/30 Kyiv - Uzhhorod

✅№31/32 Krivyi Rih - Uzhhorod.

✅№35/36 Odesa - PrzemyslThis text indicates the details of a transportation route or perhaps a train schedule. It specifies the number and direction of the journey, which is from Odessa to Przemysl.

✅№37/38 Odessa - Uzhgorod

✅ #41/42 Dnipro - Truskavets

✅№45/46 Kramatorsk - Uzhhorod.Translation: ✅ No. 45/46 Kramatorsk - Uzhhorod.

✅No. 49/50 Kyiv - Truskavets

✅ No. 55/56 Kyiv - Rakhiv

✅№57/59-№58/60 Kiev - Vorokhta, Chop

✅№77/78 Odessa - Kovel

✅№81/82 Kyiv - UzhhorodThis text is a transportation route description.

✅№85/87-86/88 Novooleksiivka - Lviv, Kovel (runs to Zaporizhzhia)

✅№91/92 Kyiv - Lviv

✅№95/96 Kyiv - Rakhiv

✅№97/98 Kyiv - Kovel

✅№114/Translation: ✅ No. 114/

113-142/141This text appears to be a mathematical expression or calculation involving numbers and symbols. It does not convey any specific content that can be translated into English.

Limans are Lutsk.

✅ №119/120 Zaporizhzhia - LvivThis text is a train route from Zaporizhzhia to Lviv, indicated by the train numbers 119 and 120.

✅№129/130 Kremenchuk - VorokhtaTranslation: ✅ No. 129/130 Kremenchuk - Vorokhta

✅No. 149/150 Poltava - Chernivtsi

✅No. 135/136 Odessa - Chernivtsi

✅No. 249/250 Kyiv - Chernivtsi.

✅ No. 749/750 Kyiv - Ivano-Frankivsk

✅№ 705 Darnytsia - Kyiv Pas – LvivTranslation: ✅№ 705 Darnytsia - Kyiv Pass - Lviv

✅№ 715 Darnytsia - Kyiv Pass - LvivThis text is already written in English and does not require translation. It represents a transportation route or number where the starting point is "Darnytsia," the middle point or stop is "Kyiv Pass," and the final destination is "Lviv."

✅№ 723 Kharkiv - LvivThis is a train route number 723 from Kharkiv to Lviv.

✅№ 747 Kyiv - Ternopil.

Boarding these trains, like other evacuation trains, is prioritized for children, women, and elderly people. The departure time and route of the trains may vary depending on the operational situation.

The ZSU funds have acquired one BTR-82A and two T-72B3 tanks. Yes, captured ones. Yes, in perfect condition. Yes, they will beat the "rashists." 🚀

Russian special services are conducting another information and psychological operation against Ukraine. Many identical videos with the same direction have appeared. In the videos, people who call themselves Moldovans talk about how Ukrainians behave poorly and cause scandals. The thesis of "ungrateful Ukrainian refugees" is being introduced. There is an artificial marginalization of Ukrainians by the forces of the information space. It is particularly noteworthy that Russian special services "get caught", as always, on trivial matters. I won't go into detail about all these trivialities, but one of the Russian narratives is that Ukrainians are outraged that they are being served in Russian rather than Ukrainian. This is an old Russian theme. So be careful. Follow informational hygiene and do not spread such nonsense. If you publish things like this, you are simply helping Ukraine's enemies in conducting their special operation. Don't be fools and pawns. Do not help the FSB and GRU. Crush them.

Hold on, Mariupol, hold on dear ones. In this difficult time for the region, we send you the warmest words of support.

To every family forced to leave their home, to every rescuer working tirelessly, and to every soldier defending our Ukrainian land ✊🇺🇦

In France, they arrested the 85-meter yacht of the CEO of Rosneft, Igor Sechin. The vessel was valued at 100 million dollars.

Well, no time without positive news. Kremlin people, how are you?

🔥🔥🔥IKEA is closing its stores in Russia.

Well, here come the blows that will be more painful for Russians than the closure of Apple Stores and the disappearance of Apple products from sale. IKEA is ceasing operations in Russia. Moskals, now you only have furniture from "Volzhsky Worker" and "Red Samara" production. In short, furniture made of crap and sticks.

"On the way to negotiations with the Russian Federation. Already in helicopters," - adviser to the Chief of Staff Mykhailo Podolyak

Important. Information from the Security Service of Ukraine: In the Russian village of Popovka, bordering the Krasnopolsky district of the Sumy region, Russian "Grad" missiles have been deployed towards Russia along the course of movement from the Ukrainian border.

In the SBU, they suppose that the occupiers are preparing to arrange a provocation and shelling their own territory - with the aim of accusing Ukraine of attacking the civilian population of the Russian Federation.

The SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) asks to widely spread this message, in order to expose it to the public and foil the provocation.

Google services working with difficulties

Access to many websites is limited.

Problems manifest in different ways - search functions, Youtube, Google Maps, and Gmail are not working properly. Access to them either disappears completely or works intermittently - pages load, but slowly.

Reports of problems with Google services are also coming from abroad. Information from the Downdetector website also confirms this.

Some users also mention problems with Telegram's performance.

Turkish Airlines have launched a new service for Russians. Delivery of packages for their military from Ukrainians. )))

Skoda stops its activities in Russia. Also, Honda and Mazda cease exporting cars, motorcycles, and all components to Russia. You can make carts by yourself. )))

Apple will hold a spring presentation on March 8th at 21:00 with the slogan "Peak Performance." They may show the updated iPhone SE and iPad Air, as well as the final version of iOS 15.4.

Russians can skip this message. Because this service, like Apple products, is now unavailable to them.)))

🇱🇹Mayor of Vilnius: now the Russian embassy has a new address - Heroes of Ukraine.

It's a pity the editing. It could have saved many lives. But this cannibal didn't calm down. So there will be a lot more Russians who will become fertilizer in our land.

The occupiers were driven out of Hostomel. Kadyrov's forces and the self-defense forces are finishing them off. The task is not to take prisoners.

🇮🇱🇺🇦 - translates to Israel Ukraine.

European Union signed a memorandum on the provision of 1.2 billion euros for Ukraine. These funds will be allocated for macro financial assistance.

Great Russian warrior. )))

War is war, but cats need to be petted. Pet your cats.

Comments are temporarily disabled. ))

Horrible photo from Reuters. Borodyanka, Kyiv region.

We will strip you down to the bone, you b****, for everything.

Russian aviation bombed two schools in Chernigov. Nine dead are already known. We are waiting for tales of victories over Ukraine's military infrastructure. Is a school considered military infrastructure?

Another yacht confiscated. Now already by the French 🇫🇷

And this is Borodianka. Photo (c) Reuters.

From Irpin and Bucha, which are in Kyiv region, 🚈 Ukrainian rescuers evacuated more than 1,500 women and children - recently these cities were mercilessly shelled by Russian forces.

Now Irpin and Bucha are fully controlled by the Ukrainian authorities, and they are bringing 6 trucks with food products there for the local residents.

When the occupiers say they control certain areas or roads, they are simply lying. This was the situation in the morning. But tomorrow, the enemy will control significantly fewer territories. And there will be more dead Russian invaders. Bucha is liberated, Irpen is liberated, and the cleanup in Hostomel is almost finished.

So we believe in Armed Forces of Ukraine, which cleanse Ukraine from Russkies.

! Occupiers turned their artillery.

"They are pointing their weapons towards Russia. Probably preparing for provocation."

About this Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, announced:

"Knowing the barbaric nature of Russia's actions, we fear that this could be a prepared operation under a foreign flag to blame Ukraine"

One of the units of the GRU captured the Russian reconnaissance and control module 9C932-1 (Barnaul-T).

The captured machine for surveillance of air targets is already being used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We thank the Russian Federation for continually increasing the power of the Ukrainian army with its equipment.

It turns out that in Russia, one can be a unique idiot among similar ones. ))

Rogozin stated that Russia is halting the supply of rocket engines to the USA. However, in September 2021, the USA announced that they are ceasing to buy Russian engines. How outdated. )))

Damn, are they being taught to be idiots on some kind of course? ))

"Moskals drive on the roads of Ukraine. And they cause traffic accidents. With each other. And not because they, as drivers, are crap, but because they are being provoked by guys from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Such a typical Russia. )))"

The motherfuckers from the Russian Armed Forces never stop replenishing their ZSU vehicle fleet with new equipment. Now the occupiers have delivered our Ukrainian soldiers the second TOS-1A "Sunheat" with a full ammunition load. There will be something to fuck up the Russians with. Funny. We'll fuck them up with their own weapons.

❤️💍 The most important thing for today is that our soldier and volunteer got married! And they went on to unload trucks and send everything we bought thanks to your donations.

🇺🇦 Expenses:

221 211 ⏤ bullets for soldiers in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

60,000 ⏤ Two copters for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we are bringing them from Poland.

69 435,45 ⏤ three thermal imagers for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

121,343.88 ⏤ 6 laptops, mice, keyboards for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

41 102 - purchase for the unit of the 128th separate mountain assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: sleeping bags, sleeping mats, warm clothing, blankets, footwear, pouches, hygiene products, backpacks.

23,600 - production of 100 quilted blankets in Dnipro for our soldiers.

46 701.62 ⏤ organization of delivery of dual-use goods from abroad: medical and other goods, logistics in Ukraine.

110 813 ⏤ purchasing warm clothing, footwear, socks, buffs, gloves, insoles, chemical warmers for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (ZSU) and the Territorial Defense Forces (TRO).

The total amount is 694,206.95.

What else? We are building logistics in cities and helping restaurants and shops deliver food, medicine, and evacuate people. We have built a sorting hub in Lviv for receiving humanitarian aid.

We are getting ammunition. Getting ready to buy armor! So, let's not relax!

🇺🇦 We value every hryvnia of yours. And we will win. We will definitely win!

Well, stop! Tell your friends about us. Tell our international partners.

🇺🇸 You can help in hryvnia, dollars, euros, and cryptocurrencies here —

And today is the day of the Russian trophy? In Sumy region, ordinary villagers hijacked a crew and took away their self-propelled explosive ordnance disposal system UR-77. RF, don't stop.

Calm and unmalicious monologue of a Ukrainian warrior over the body of a dead occupant.

Oh-ho-ho! After it became known that IKEA stores in Russia are closing, Muscovites rushed to grab everything from the shelves. They don't want to buy Russian products made from crap and sticks, so they are grabbing what's available. And then it's either crap or shortage. ))

🇨🇿 Prague, municipal workers are painting the fence in yellow-blue.

Everything would be fine, but this is right in front of the Russian embassy 😂

Russian soldiers knew they were not going for training, but for war. Maybe not all of them, but these ones - for sure.

- Head of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration, Kim.

In the photo are signatures of volunteers who agreed to participate in military actions on the territory of another country.

And even here, Russia fucked up. Because of its invasion of Ukraine, the deal for the Alexandrov Suburb in Jerusalem, which was supposed to become Kremlin's property, has been canceled. The rashists fought for this for decades. And now they have failed!

The Alexandrov Estate in Jerusalem will not be transferred to Russia but will remain under the auspices of the Palestinian Imperial Orthodox Society (IPPO) - the organization that has been overseeing this property for many years. This decision was issued by the Jerusalem District Court on Thursday, March 3. Judge Mordechai Kaduri thus annulled the registration of rights to the Alexandrov Estate in the name of the Russian Federation.

Putin, are you sleeping?

Our delegation (Arakhmiia, Podoliak) has arrived for negotiations with Russia.

Do I alone feel like Russians are losing their minds over Ukraine? Especially in Sumy region near Trostentsky. Although, maybe it's the effect of the 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade, Kholodny Yar?

Most representatives of the Russian elite are currently engaged in the evacuation of their relatives and loved ones from Moscow to Georgia, Israel, UAE -

Intelligence data, UP

And the people promptly reacted to the closure of IKEA. They are buying everything stupidly 📦

⚡️ Verkhovna Rada (Supreme Council) accepted draft law on forced expropriation of property rights objects of the Russian Federation and its residents in Ukraine.

Dear Russians, say "final goodbye" to your possessions, offices, and banks.

Putin to Macron: there is no rocket attack on Kyiv.

We are Putin. There are no 9,000 thousand dead enemies. But this is not for sure.

Maybe, there are already 10,000 dead Russians.

🙏 In Brovary (Kyiv Oblast) we launched humanitarian help headquarters.

He is not only for defense needs, but also for ordinary citizens. Phone: (099) 529 58 48

The Verkhovna Rada has passed a bill on the forced seizure of Russian property in Ukraine. Russia, goodbye. Completely!

You will now laugh. The CEO of the airline "Pobeda", Andrey Kalmikov, may soon be fired from his positions. And Kalmikov will be fired for leaving the country, to Switzerland, and refusing to return after February 24, 2022.

"How sources are voiced in Calmykov's airline, Calmykov wrote that he is not an idiot to return to Russia, and this infuriated the Kremlin. Even top managers ran away from Russia."

In general, Russian aviation is going to hell. Following the ship. ))

Mr. Snoop Dogg, come to Ukraine after your victory. Soon we will have legalized cannabis 🌿👀

They all knew. Scum. Now we will talk to them differently.

City Mayor of Enerhodar:

An enemy column of over 100 units of heavy equipment is advancing towards the city. Leave the streets immediately. Move away from the windows. Do not use elevators!

❗️❗️❗️The prosecutor of the Criminal Court in The Hague urgently requests Ukrainians to send him testimonies about Russia's crimes on the territory of Ukraine.

⬅️⬅️⬅️The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Karim Khan, who has started an investigation into Russian war crimes in Ukraine, is asking everyone who has documentary evidence of these crimes to send him information via email.

This was reported to Ukrinform by the SBU.

🔍🔍🔍 "Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Karim Khan, who has initiated an investigation into war crimes committed by Russian barbarians in Ukraine, requests that anyone who has documentary evidence of these war crimes to submit it to him by email."


"Every witness who can report facts about the murders of peaceful civilians by Russian occupiers, barbaric missile and bomb attacks, and artillery strikes on hospitals, schools, residential buildings, and other civilian objects, please do so. You can write to the prosecutor in any language, and they will arrange for a translation," the department stated.

As reported, on March 1, the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Karim Khan, decided to initiate an investigation into the commission of a war crime and a crime against humanity by Russia in Ukraine.

The negotiations have begun.

Near Odessa, the Helt cargo ship, which had been shelled, sank. It belonged to an Estonian company but sailed under the Panamanian flag.

Requirements of the Ukrainian side

In Russia, they suggest conscripting into service in the DPR and LPR those Russians who participated in protests against the war.


Occupiers seem to either be stupid or don't know that people in Ukraine value freedom and are ready to defend it. This is not Russia for you. You've mistaken the country. Our people are the best! Ukraine!!!

Occupier-de-Nazificator. Captive. One piece. Bitch.

📌 Putin strives to seize all of Ukraine, and "the worst is yet to come" - President Macron after a phone conversation with Putin.


We respond: Yes, the worst is yet to come - for Putin!!!

According to the poll, 55% of Ukrainians believe that the Russian authorities are to blame for the war against Ukraine, another 38% blame both the government and the people of Russia.

Source: results of the survey by the social group "Rating".

Word for word: "According to the survey, 55% of respondents believe that only the Russian authorities are to blame in the war against Ukraine. Another 38% hold the authorities and the Russian people responsible."

Speaking about Belarus, 70% blame the Belarusian authorities exclusively for the invasion, and only 24% blame the power and people of Belarus.

It is noted that in the southern and eastern regions, people and authorities in Russia are relatively less accused of starting a war against Ukraine, with only the leadership of the Russian Federation being blamed for it.

As for Belarus, in all macro-regions the majority (from 60% in the West to 80% in the East) attribute the blame for the invasion solely to the leadership of this state.

"We need to talk not only about closing the sky, but also about the systemic and serious support of Ukraine's air defense. We need a more serious air defense."

Minister of Foreign Affairs Kuleba

Ukraine wants to receive from NATO countries state-of-the-art air defense systems capable of repelling missile and other aerial attacks from the aggressor.

Ukraine will ask about it during the NATO ministerial meeting on March 4th.


❌ The occupants in the city are spreading fakes about appeals coming from Kherson region to the fascists, asking them to annex the region to Russia!

💛💙Do not believe any information you see on unofficial sources! It's FAKE.

❌#Racists#Go to Hell!!

🟧Kherson region was, is, and will be UKRAINE🇺🇦

Kherson Regional State Administration

What did the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine do today?

📌Urgently reached out to the world to provide protection for the civilian population of Ukraine against armed attacks by Russian invaders.

📌The Decree of the President of Ukraine "On General Mobilization" has been approved.


criminal liability for cooperation with the aggressor state

I'm sorry, but you haven't provided any text to be translated. Please provide the text you want to be translated, and I'll be happy to assist you.

📌 Production and distribution of informational products promoting the actions of the aggressor state have been prohibited.

📌Ensured inevitability of punishment for individuals who committed separate crimes during a state of war.

📌 The maximum punishment for treason and sabotage during wartime is imprisonment for 15 years or life imprisonment, with confiscation of all property.

📌Possibility of obtaining


Providing ammunition to civilians during martial law.

📌Determined the legal principles of compulsory seizure of property rights objects from the Russian Federation and its residents in Ukraine.

📌Stronger accountability for looting has been enforced.

Head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ruslan Stefanchuk.

The battles near Bucha have been lasting for 4 hours in a row. Kadiryvtsi entered, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are pushing them out - ‼️

Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk

Citizens in bomb shelters, there is no panic. The city is managed, controlled.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine put up a worthy resistance, the battles are continuing between Bucha and Vorzel, and from the direction of Hostomel.

A resident of Akhtyrka captured on video a column of smoke coming from the power plant, a minute after being bombed by a Russian aircraft. Monsters are fighting with the civilian population.

Ukrainian tennis player.

Sergiy Stakhovsky

Having returned from Slovakia, to join the ranks of the Ukrainian army.

"Never in my life did I expect that I would have to wear a bulletproof vest in Kyiv."

This is a disaster, as RUSSIA has invaded Ukraine 🇺🇦.... "

🇲🇩 Moldova's President Maia Sandu warned Russia that her country will seek to join the European Union.

🇺🇸 Georgian Prime Minister Garibashvili signed Georgia's application for membership in the European Union an hour ago.

Russia is a country where protesting against war is prohibited. It's all Orwellian.

Tens of thousands of Russians take part in protests every day to show the Kremlin their stance - the people of Russia are against military actions in Ukraine and against the killing of civilians.

More than 6500 Russian citizens have been arrested in the past week following protests against Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

In recent days, demonstrations have taken place in 100 cities in Russia. Tens of thousands of protesters carried signs and chanted slogans against war, while others laid wreaths at the Ukrainian embassy in Moscow.

The Kremlin does not approve of these protests and orders the law enforcement agencies to arrest the demonstrators. In some videos published in recent days, it can be seen how mothers try to explain to their frightened little children, who have been arrested, why they are behind bars in a police van. This is not a state. This is an ordinary fascist organization.

🏦 PayPal is still available to the aggressor. And that means PayPal is helping to finance the bloody war against Ukraine.

We are absolutely convinced that modern technologies are a powerful answer to tanks, artillery, and missiles. We call on the company PayPal to block its services in Russia and launch them in Ukraine, to provide the opportunity to raise funds for the restoration of justice and peace in our country and the world.

We created a petition:

Vote and share! Now everyone is a defender of their country!


When did Russians become cheaper than pigs?

⚡️Zelensky appealed to Putin: "Go away from our land. If you don't want to go now, sit down with me at the negotiating table, I am available. Just not 30 meters away, like with Macron, Scholz - I am your neighbor! I won't bite. I am a normal guy, sit down with me, let's talk, what are you afraid of?"

In the company Coca-Cola reported that the company continues its work in Russia. This is one of the few global corporations that remained in the Russian market. Well, I think nobody will be sorry if Coca-Cola follows the Russian ship, right?

Hello invaders from Odessa (in understandable language):

You tore your shirts and beat your chests, claiming there is no war.

You tried to keep us scared, and it seemed to us that you were strong.

But in essence, we have come to understand that the ranking of the world's armies is a lie.

And my people no longer believe in your "Russian danger" ...

⚡️Zelensky: "If I hadn't been president, I would have been in territorial defense."

This is a rocket. Russian soldiers shot it at Kyiv. Ukrainian air defense shot it down. And now this junk is lying on the asphalt and is no longer a threat to the citizens of Ukraine. Therefore, once again, I want to say thank you to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who do everything possible and impossible to save the lives of Ukrainians from attacks by the Russians.

⚡️The end of the world has happened. Ukraine can now be called a fence between civilization and non-civilization.

📌Negotiations with the Russian side continue.

‼️ Meanwhile, after the shelling of Kharkiv by Russian forces, fires broke out in over 40 multi-story and private houses.

"In the Zaporizhia region, a hospital was shelled‼️"

‼️In Chernihiv, there has been an airstrike on a residential area.

‼️ Fights are ongoing on the approaches to Bucha, and in some places Russian forces have managed to break through to the city.

Russians, happiness is knocking on your door. Get used to the new world. ))

Putin: The Russian army in Ukraine is successfully completing the assigned tasks. Everything is going according to schedule, just as planned.

So, it turns out that all these thousands of Russian soldiers and officers were sacrificed by Putin? Was all this destroyed equipment and downed aircraft planned for them? Did he just want to mow down the youth through this war? He's really crazy and not very rational. Compared to him, Kim Jong Un is a sane pacifist.

PS: Listened to what amounts he promises? I wonder, will he just print the money? And how much will a loaf of bread cost? 5 million rubles? Yes, they are crazy. Crazy...

They say that in Chaika near Kyiv, the "khokhols" got hit by a shell into the administrative building.

🟥 For Ukraine, we will not die - but kill! - a new address from Yuriy Hudymenko.

I wonder, does Putin copy Hitler intuitively or consciously?

Vakarchuk indicated the directions of movement for the invaders.

Up Down Left Right And Even Down-Right

In general, the second round of negotiations ended predictably. Almost nothing. This means that there are still a sufficient number of "Rashists" left to rot in Ukrainian soil or have returned to their graves, mama's boys.

PS Comments are open again. ))

PPS But in case of anything, I will close them again. I won't let them be used by RASHists. ))

📌Results of the NEGOTIATIONS. Podolyak's briefing.

"We discussed the humanitarian aspect" - an adviser to the head of the President's Office, Podolyak, stated that Ukraine and Russia have concluded negotiations today. The parties have agreed on a third round.

And a traditional card, full of love and warmth, for all Russian readers who are reading me.

Hungary has unlocked the supply of NATO's powerful missile defense systems to Ukraine. This is a very important breakthrough for our diplomacy.

💪 Let's help operators relieve mobile networks so that everyone can call their loved ones!

Now all Ukrainians keep their finger on the pulse: hundreds of thousands of people read news, watch videos and photos every minute, and messengers like Telegram, Viber, etc. are the fastest channel for receiving such information. And this significantly impacts the mobile network.

👆But not everyone noticed that when viewing news in various chats, their photos/videos are automatically downloaded to our smartphones. This heavily congests the network and prevents us from calling our loved ones when it's so important.

In order not to overload the network, please:

1️⃣ always take advantage of the opportunity to connect to a home Wi-Fi network!

2️⃣ Disable the function of automatic media file downloading on phones.

How to do it❓

In many messengers, the way to reach them is the same, only the names of the sections differ slightly.

✅Go to the "Settings" of your messenger:

✅ Choose "Data and Storage" or "Media Files":

Turn off the "Background Download" option ✅.

✅ In the section "Through the mobile network", turn off "Autoload media".

How to do it in Telegram, watch the video🔽

After this, you will be able to choose yourself which photos or videos to upload.

Let's help all Ukrainians stay connected during this difficult time! 🇺🇦

🚍 We have already started repairing the trophy equipment. It's the BRDM "Tiger".

Almost new, low mileage, engine, gearbox and chassis intact.

The car will serve Ukraine well.

📌Zelensky called on Germany to act as a guarantor of Ukraine's security.

🔹 At the request of the President of Ukraine, the Government is starting work on creating four funds, the funds of which will be allocated for the recovery of Ukraine.

▪️Recovery Fund for Ruined Property and Infrastructure

▪️ Foundation for Economic Recovery and Transformation

▪️ Debt servicing and repayment fund

▪️ Support Fund for Affected Businesses.

We are rebuilding everything. And with the support of our partners, we will create a modern European Ukraine 🇺🇦

The Head of Mykolaiv Regional State Administration showed how Russian equipment is burning.


This is how the special forces GRU of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine operates. 10 enemy BMDs have been destroyed.

There are already 9000 of these "warriors" like this one.

They are cold and packed in bags.

Survived. But won't be able to reproduce.

Defense of Chernivtsi, appeal to Kadyrov.

We live in an amazing time. My friend came over to visit his girlfriend with such a cake. The girlfriend is delighted. New times, new traditions.

Energodar and Chernobyl - these are two problems. For now, they are our problems. But if voices start again in Putin's head, then anything can happen. Then it will become not only our problem, but also a problem for Belarus, Europe, and even Russia. The last one doesn't bother me much. But it seems that Putin doesn't care about it either. That's why it is necessary to make a decision urgently and "treat" this "disease". Together with our partners. Otherwise, we all together will be looking for ways to minimize the consequences of this problem.

We are definitely not ageists here. But a 23-year-old social media manager didn't understand the joke.

In any case, there is something about the death of Russians. So we just laugh 😂.

The tradition is old and well-known. I fully support it. Vova, don't let me down.

Kyiv region:

‼️ 25 marauders, who took property worth 10 million, went to the Martusivska colony.

"25 marauders who were exposed in Boryspil were detained for up to 30 days under martial law and are currently held in Martusivska colony," said Andriy Nyebytov, head of the Kyiv region police. 💬

Let's remind that on February 28 at the "Boryspil" airport, marauders who were trying to steal computer equipment worth over 10 million hryvnias from the warehouses, were detained on 6 buses. A confrontation occurred. The criminals were arrested and a criminal case was initiated regarding violence against the population in the area of ​​military operations and theft committed on a large scale or by an organized group. The offenders face up to 12 years of imprisonment for the committed crimes.

Boryspil city district court of Kyiv region has taken marauders into custody with the possibility of bail set at almost 250 thousand hryvnias each.

🔴The headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine's General Staff.

🔻 Ukrainian Armed Forces are holding the front lines in the Volyn direction.

🔻 Mechanized and armored units are holding defense around Chernihiv in the Sivershchyna region.

🔻 In Sloboda Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are engaged in effective defensive battles against the enemy's overwhelming forces and inflicting significant losses on them.

🔻 The occupiers are not able to capture the heroic city of Mariupol in the East and they cannot reach the administrative borders of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

🔻 Mobilized in temporarily occupied territories in January-February, the enemy urgently wants to transfer to Kharkiv. Men are extremely dissatisfied with the fact that they are being turned into "cannon fodder".

🔻 The Armed Forces of Ukraine are conducting a defensive operation and covering a part of the coastal area on the Primorsky direction. Additionally, some units are tasked with preventing enemy breakthroughs from the side of Mykolaiv and Kherson.

🔻 Kyiv continues to repel enemy attacks, holding the lines around the city and the main airfields.

The tank was on fire, blazing!!! ))

Volodymyr Zelensky spoke with representatives of Western media. Part 2

☠️ This combination consists of the skull and crossbones emoji, and the flag of Russia emoji 🇷🇺.

Russia demands to delete bots for searching for killed and captive soldiers of the Russian Federation from Telegram.

I really can't keep up with the hectic agenda or has grandpa already entered orbit? What other f*ck*ng Indian students hostages? What is he even talking about?

While the Russians are storming IKEA to buy a stool, Peskov's daughter is partying in Paris.

Here is such a unique nation! 🤣

Catch a meme from abroad.

Russians are not amused.

This emoji is called an exclamation mark which is used to indicate surprise or emphasis in a sentence.

The Center for Countering Disinformation under the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine reminds again!

🔴Do not help the enemy!

We appeal to all bloggers, media, and those who post photos and videos of the shelling of Ukrainian lands by occupiers in live broadcasts. Do not help the enemy adjust the fire!

🔹The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports that the operational footage of where enemy missiles hit and the extent of the damage inflicted only helps enemy artillerymen and targeters to hit their own targets.

🔹 Postpone the publication for at least a few hours - this way you will save someone's life.

Take care of yourself and Ukraine! 🇺🇦

🔴 Canada and France provide Ukraine with more lethal weapons

🇨🇦Canada will give:

🔻 4500 M-72 LAW rocket launchers (photo 1)

🔻 7500 hand grenades

🔻 800 thousand dollars for detailed satellite images.

🇫🇷 France will provide modern anti-tank missile systems MMR (photo 2) and Enforcer (photo 3).

Fire, fire burn bright!

Village Gatne, Fastiv district, Kyiv region.

Bastards launched an air strike on the residential sector. Scum.

"Sedative" by Viktor Tregubov:

Folks, if you are currently doing something to win and it seems to you that it is not enough, that someone is doing a lot while you are barely scraping by...

This is not just okay, it should be this way.

This is a normal psychological state of a fighter. Regardless of what he actually does. Because in critical moments you don't think about such things, and when the critical moment ends - you start blaming yourself that someone is having a harder time than you.

Deprived of such a feeling until narcissists and sociopaths, who actually do nothing. In fact, if you don't have it, it's a worrying sign.

You will still worry, but I tell you - don't worry.


NEW MESSAGES that are systematically broadcasted by TG channels "Legitimny", "Resident", "Cartel", "Gossip Girl", "Black Quarter", "Woman with a scythe", "Political scenario", "Atypical Zaporizhia", "Trempl Kharkiv", "Odessa sucker", "Dnipro live", "Mykolaiv live", "Kherson live" (LIST IS NOT EXHAUSTIVE, be attentive).


Accordingly - informational messages are relayed from one channel to another based on the principle of mutual pollination.

⛔️ Promotion solely of the Russian version of the coverage of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

⛔️ Escalation of panic in cities where fighting continues.

⛔️ Direct calls for cooperation with occupiers and cessation of resistance.

⛔️ Drop the idea of escaping from Ukraine for government officials.

⛔️ Discrediting cooperation with Western partners.


⚒️The enterprises of the SC "UkrOboronProm" have already started accepting and repairing captured equipment.

This is the SBRM "Tiger". Almost new, low mileage, engine, gearbox, and chassis are intact. There are traces of burning and small remains of organic matter.

The car will serve Ukraine well.

How to confess your love during times of war with Russia 💖🔥🇺🇦

Author (c) Dmitro Kovalenko

I don't want to believe that this is a real video and not a staged performance with actors. I don't want to believe that these creatures think like this. I am horrified at the thought that the Soviet regime did not die, but is living in this trash. And I understand that this war is never-ending. So, we will continue to eliminate their children, fathers, husbands, and brothers. Because they are fascists who want to kill us, while we want to live. So, we will live. And they won't. But this is a complete hell. Hellish. And utter filth. I am in shock...

Viktor Tregubov: You requested an update? Here it is.

From the good side: The enemy has completely lost initiative under Kyiv, they are being burned in satellite cities and quietly pushed back towards the Exclusion Zone. The opponent has supply problems. They can't do anything to Kyiv, but they shell the city from afar. However, without any significant effect. Kharkiv holds on and destroys the enemy with hordes. Attempts by the commanders to throw a "bone" to Mykolaiv are bought by our forces with great losses for them.

From the bad: Southeast. The enemy crawled to Energodar and entered into street battles there. Mariupol is partially affected - our forces inflict huge losses on the opponent, but there are many of them, damn it. Certain threat is posed by those units that are currently near Izyum and want to surround ours in Joint Forces Operation from behind. They say "Hetman Sagaidachny" is damaged.

Once again, about something good: the Russian economy. It sucks 3.14. Moreover, it seems to suck regardless of the course of military action. Russians are being thrown back not even to the 90s, but to the late 80s, crippling their ability to work with any more recent technologies. And the counter-sanctions here are harming them perhaps even more than the sanctions themselves.

Currently, so.

Address of the Vice-Speaker of the Parliament Olena Kondratiuk

Minister of Foreign Affairs Kuleba called on partners to provide Ukraine with combat aircraft.

In Mykolaiv, the legendary flagship of the Ukrainian fleet, "Hetman Sahaidachny", was flooded. This was done because it was not operational, undergoing repairs, and to prevent the enemy from obtaining it.

🔥 Head of the Mykolaiv Regional Military Administration Vitaliy Kim on the results of March 3rd:

There is such an airport, an aerodrome in Kuybyshev, and a large military base. We are "smoothing" it for two days, and at the end of two days -

This is about 245 units of equipment, personnel, and a lot of fuel.

"For understanding, it is a very important strategic point that received cargo and then sent it to us," Vitaliy Kim says.

According to Vitaliy Kym, Ukrainian military destroyed approximately 30 helicopters and a lot of personnel of Russian occupiers.

✔️"20 helicopters took off, the strike group was around 50, something like that. We didn't manage to get to them. Many fuel trucks, many armored personnel carriers (BTRs). This is thanks to our friends from the neighboring region, who illuminated these objects. This is the main bulk of destroyed equipment in these two days right on the airfield and the nearby base," says Vitaliy Kim.

Ukrainians: on the first day of the war, they hack the FSB website.

Russian: on the 8th day, the website of Kremenets city council was hacked.

Oh, so the "superstate" is really fighting against us.

The top requests of Muscovites in Yandex.

Let's not tell them that they will soon go nowhere except f*ck.

"I want to recommend you the Telegram channel of my close friend, a true warrior and cyborg from the DAP, not a couch expert, a professional military and the leader of the Patrol Police of Ukraine, Yevhen Zhukov, call sign 'Marshal.' Zhenya not only knows how to fight Russians in close combat but also burns them with his words. So, welcome to his channel!"

Vitaliy Mykolenko, a player of the Ukrainian national team and English "Everton", led his team as captain for the match of the English Cup.

Check out the atmosphere.

"What do you think about Putin?"

"What a killer he is. Now his target is us, because our country borders with Russia. But what country will be left after us?"


Private Israeli intelligence firm ImageSat Intl. has released photos of a Belarusian airbase.

❗️Attention, manipulation! In Kherson, a mass performance of occupiers is being prepared!

The Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine reports on the spread of a new wave of disinformation by Russian infoterorists.

🔴On March 4th, Russian invaders will wave Russian flags and shout that Kherson is the "Kherson People's Republic" at the Kherson square of Freedom.

🔴For this, the city is brought in 2 large buses, 20 cars, 2 sprinters, and 7 "Gazelles".

‼️We appeal to the residents of the city of Kherson! Do not let yourselves be misled! Do not approach this mob closely!

❌ Do not trust fakes!

💪🇺🇦 We will overcome.



Command of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

The air defense system destroyed three more Russian occupant planes today. Lost in minus:

❌Su-30SMThis text is written in Russian and it mentions the name "Su-30SM," which refers to a specific aircraft.

❌ Su-34This text is already written in English and does not require any translation.

❌Su-25The Su-25 is a Soviet-origin ground-attack aircraft.

Losses from enemy helicopters are being clarified.

I'm angry.

Immediately stop nuclear terrorism from Russia.

Ukraine asks the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to appeal to NATO and prevent nuclear terrorism at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant, the Ministry of Energy reports.

In the respective appeal, the representatives of Ukraine ask the IAEA to turn to NATO with a demand to close access to the airspace over our nuclear facilities, as well as to take measures to prevent acts of nuclear terrorism, which is evidenced by the capture of the Chernobyl NPP and the exclusion zone by Russian troops.

A bedtime story from Zhadan

(Who here is getting ready to sleep, confess)

A acquaintance told me about Cossack Lopan, it is our border with them. On the 24th in the morning, their tanks entered there. Our peaceful ones came out to listen. The colonel of the Russian army was speaking. He said: don't be afraid, everything is fine, we are going around, not touching anyone, quickly to Kyiv, we will change the government, you will live like us. Literally. End of quote. They believed that Ukraine could be taken by going around. And now I wonder - is he still alive? Or is it already over?

📌The Russian economy will collapse to the level of the 1998 crisis - JPMorgan.


Occupation forces started to act more actively, using residential buildings for parking equipment and placing fire positions.

▪️The enemy has brought the majority of their group intended for the invasion of Ukraine onto Ukrainian territory.

The enemy is delaying the landing of the assault in the Odesa-Zatoka area, carrying out demonstration actions with the aim of diverting some of the Ukrainian defenders' forces in that direction.

To carry out rocket strikes, the invaders used almost the entire stock of Caliber missiles, which were intended for an offensive operation in Ukraine. At present, the opponent is conducting replenishment of supplies.

▪️During the latest failed attempt to capture Hostomel, the invaders clashed with Ukrainian defenders and lost about 20 units of equipment in the battle. The exact number of personnel casualties is yet to be determined.

Info -Note: The text provided is in Ukrainian. Here's the translated version in English:Info -

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The fight continues! Victory will be ours!

Glory to Ukraine!!! 🇺🇦

⚡️ In Russia, websites such as "Radio Svoboda", Deutsche Welle, the Russian service of BBC, as well as the website "Meduza" are being blocked. Facebook is also not working.

Will only Skabeeva remain???

So, hello, my people.

The war has entered a new phase. And this phase is also difficult, but easier than the previous one.

Enemy retreats. Enemy drowns. Enemy throws their last reserves. The enemy is running out of capable people and rockets.

His next step, which he is afraid of himself, is mobilization, conscription, and scared eighteen-year-old draftees on armor (for those who forgot how it looks, we watch footage from the First and Second Chechen). This very step will be catastrophic for him because if they refuse to go into battle now or go and surrender as demoralized contractors, imagine how quickly the conscripts will surrender. Look at how it happens in the occupied Donbas, where forcibly mobilized individuals surrender one by one, in World War II helmets. We won't actually be able to capture them as prisoners.

And the only trump card left for the enemy (besides a nuclear strike, which is actually equivalent to shooting oneself in the head) is the army of Belarus. And this trump card is at most a trump six.

The Belarusian army is small, weak, demoralized (because Lukashenko has been selling them peace and absence of armed conflicts as their main achievement for a quarter of a century). And this army hasn't fought with anyone for a very long time. Our Armed Forces, which have been fighting for nine years, fighting on their own land and for their land, and who are currently kicking the asses of one of the strongest (not anymore) armies in the world - they are tigers, while Lukashenko's army is wild boars, without two diagonal legs. In other words, for those Belarusians who won't surrender immediately after crossing the border, there are no chances.

So, they are causing us problems. But compared to what we crushed in a week, the best forces of the Russian army, which... well, you know about the tiger, the boar, and diagonal legs, then this looks really shitty. (Note: The translation provided includes explicit language.)

For Belarusian soldiers, of course.

You can also throw in Tajiks and Kyrgyz simultaneously. Or the Armed Forces of Eritrea. Actually, I couldn't care less.

We endured during the scariest, strongest, and sneakiest blow. Now we're taking the initiative. This is not the end of the war, nor even the end of its beginning. But with each day, we're getting closer to victory.

We are taking the initiative. We are taking the lives of enemies and equipment. We are receiving new weapons, volunteers, money, fuel, equipment, and airplanes. And Russia is only losing.

We will win. But until then, not a single rocket will fall on our cities, not a single Russian stray column will enter any settlement, and not a single Ukrainian defender will give their life for the world to rid itself of a terrorist country. This is a fact that must be acknowledged.

But on our side there is truth and hatred. And also peace. Terrifying peace, behind which boils, like lava, incredible anger towards bitches who kill our children, cities and friends.

This war, the war of fierce anger, will be won. The price will be high. But there is no choice.

In a war of destruction, we will not allow ourselves to be destroyed.

And if there is trouble – you should refer to me.

For over an hour, fierce battles have been taking place at the approaches to the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant. Our Armed Forces are defending. It is known that there are casualties, but we cannot currently provide precise information on the number and condition of the injured in these circumstances.

🇺🇸 Kanye West supports Ukraine.

He deleted all the posts from the feed and left only 2 in support of Ukraine.

On the buildings of diplomatic missions in Kyiv, markings similar to conditional signs for adjusting the fire of Russian occupiers were found.

Head of the EU representation Matti Maasikas

⚡️WARNING! Russian technology is firing at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant!

There is a real threat of nuclear danger at the largest nuclear power plant in Europe!

⚡️⚡️⚡️As a result of the shelling, there is a fire at the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant! -

Spokesperson for the station, Andrii Tuz.

Also, Twitter, Wikipedia, App Store, and Google Play stopped opening.

Workers are calling on the international community and NATO to react to the outrageous and barbaric actions of Russian occupiers!