Feb 27, 2024 - Day 734

734th day of the active phase of the 10-year war. Not easy times require not easy decisions. The main thing is to make them and make them work. Everyone here?

Time for great news!



❌Destroyed 11 attack drones and 2 Kh-59 missiles.

On the night of February 27, 2024, the enemy attacked with Iskander-M ballistic missiles./KN-23 from the Voronezh region, four guided aviation missiles X-59, one anti-radar - X-31P from the TOT of the Kherson Donetsk region and 13 strike drones of the "Shahed" type - the launch areas of Primorsko-Akhtarsk, Kursk region - rf.

As a result of the air defense combat work, two guided aviation missiles X-59 and 11 "shahed" were destroyed within the borders of the regions of Kharkiv, Sumy, Dnipro, Khmelnytsky, and Kirovohrad.



🤔In Moldova, they reacted to the attack of UAVs from their border.

In the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that during the next drone attack by Russian occupiers on Ukraine on February 26, unidentified UAVs flew into the territory of Moldova. There, it was noted that the drones from the border with Moldova were heading towards Khmelnytskyi.

However, the Ministry of Defense of Moldova later denied this information. They stated thatNo drone launched by Russia over Ukraine tonight flew over the airspace of the Republic of Moldova.



❗️In Ukraine, there were 96 combat clashes on the front line during the day. The enemy continues to press on the Avdiivka and Maryinka directions.— General Staff.

During the past day, the air force of the defense forces struck at 9 areas where the enemy personnel were concentrated.

The missile troops units struck 2 areas of concentration of personnel, weapons, and military equipment, 1 command post, 1 ground control station of the enemy's UAV.



🕯Every morning at 9:00, we observe a minute of silence to honor the memory of those who died in Russia's brutal war against Ukraine.



❕ Macron announced that Western partners have created a coalition to supply Ukraine with long-range weapons.A new coalition will be created to supply Ukraine with medium- and long-range missiles and bombs. We are convinced that defeating Russia is necessary for security and stability in Europe, - Macron said.

Macron also does not exclude sending troops to Ukraine, he said after the conference in Paris. He added that the leaders of the countries present did not reach a consensus on this issue.

We've discussed this. At the moment there is no consensus on sending troops. But nothing should be ruled out in the future on this issue. We will do everything possible to prevent Russia from winning this war," Macron said.



Today we honor the memory of border guard and athlete Yaroslav Bylinsky.

The man was born in Vinnytsia. Later he moved with his family to Odesa. There he started practicing canoeing. He repeatedly became a gold and silver medalist in Ukraine. He participated in European and World Championships in canoeing.

In 2011, Yaroslav was called up for mandatory military service to the sports department. And in 2014, he was mobilized to the Odessa border unit. As part of the mobile group, he defended the territory in the east of Ukraine.

In 2017, Yaroslav received the primary officer rank of junior lieutenant. He served as a teacher at the naval lyceum and also worked as a youth coach for canoeing. Later, he returned to guarding the state border. In 2022, he carried out combat missions in the area of the city of Marganets. Then he took part in combat actions on the Svatovo direction. He was repeatedly involved in serving on the most responsible and dangerous sections of the front line. During the conduct of assault enemy actions, he constantly led defense at the positions of units.

The military man's life was cut short on January 23rd. He was 30 years old.

Forever in formation!



At night, the remnants of the enemy UAV damaged the power line in Lubensky district, - Poltava RSA.

As a result, 208 household and 4 legal consumers were left without electricity. Currently, specialists are working in an intensified mode to restore power supply.



15 settlements of Kharkiv region were subjected to enemy artillery and mortar attacks— OVA.

At 00:25 in the city of Derhachi, Kharkiv region, the enemy hit the open territory. As a result of the shelling, the grass was burning. There are no victims or casualties.

In the village of Dovzhik in Bogodukhiv district, an educational institution was damaged due to shelling. Partially destroyed 3-storey building. No casualties.

There was shelling in the village of Kurilivka of Kupiansk district. Hit on a civilian farm. As a result of the shelling, a hangar building was burning. No casualties.

At 12:00 in Vovchansk, a private house was on fire due to enemy shelling. No casualties.



😔On February 26, three residents of Donetsk region were injured by the Russians: in Krasnohorivka, Romaniivka, and the village of Kostiantynivka.

The total number of Russian victims in Donetsk region is presented without taking into account Mariupol and Volnovakha.



Russian military fired at residential areas of Kherson region, damaging a multi-story building and 28 private houses.— OVA.

In one of the districts of the city of Kherson, hits on objects of critical infrastructure were recorded, as well as damage to the administrative building and cars.

As a result of shelling in the settlements of Novomykolaivka in Berislav district and Stanislav in Kherson district, agricultural buildings and agricultural machinery were damaged.

Through Russian aggression, 3 people were injured.

What a shame. Estonia has refused to use the Act as the basis for its state mobile application mRiik and announced a tender for the development of it.


The head of the Department of Mobile Applications of the Information Systems Department of Estonia, Greta Preast, explained this extremely diplomatically: "Our goal is for the state application to serve as an additional platform for using state e-services, which would correspond to the appearance and technical solutions of these e-services." In other words, they didn't even take Action's design, hehe.

Oh, what happened? Wasn't everything good? At the forum in Davos in January 2023, there were such nice photos of the digital minister with the vice-chancellor of the government of Estonia for digital development Lukas Ilves. And they together, I quote: "presented the Estonian state application mRiik, created on the basis of the Ukrainian Diia", here is the publication from the Ministry of Digital Transformation:https://cutt.ly/IwNDIxtT

And then it turns out that the Estonian application will be available for download only in the summer of 2024, and even then it's not certain.

So, is it that mRiik app hasn't been created at all, folks? What did they present in Davos over a year ago then? Did they really make desired a reality? Did they just lie? This has never happened before, and here we go again. And what about "Trust only official sources"? Somehow it's not very nice.

And what is characteristic, the second phase of the development of the Estonian mRiik "will focus on adjusting legislation to identify a person through a mobile application." Just so you know, in Ukraine everything was the opposite: they started adapting legislation to the "most technological application" approximately a year after the release of the first version. And even now, the operation of Diia is not regulated by any law. Moreover: not even any documentation has been published and it is unknown if it even exists. Terms of reference, technical project, all that - it's all for suckers, not for real guys.

In January 2023, I wrote: "..I strongly doubt that mRiik will repeat the mistakes of Dyia and will be similar to her in functionality."https://cutt.ly/O5UHxhj

Here in February 2024 my forecast was fully confirmed. And even more: the subject of pride of the digitally intelligent - the design of the Action - the Estonians did not take it either. Because in Estonia, they hire to work for the government according to completely different principles than in Ukraine, and that's why the government in this country is much more trusted. Also, in Estonia democratic values, human rights and citizens' personal data security are much more important than "being hyped up about digitalization". And another feature: in Estonia, government officials are even afraid to publicly say nonsense directly to the voters. And in Ukraine, this is completely acceptable, normal practice, everyone doesn't care.

I hope this treacherous betrayal from the Estonians will not hinder the Action's victorious progress around the world. And it doesn't matter that so far no other country has succeeded in matching the Action, even though it's only been 4 years since the project was launched. There is still a lot ahead, right? Isn't that true?

Taking this opportunity, I would like to ask: how are things going with the queue of potential buyers of Actions in "at least 5 countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa"?https://cutt.ly/zwNDKOx1

All right? (c)Kostiantyn Korsun



🇳🇱The Netherlands will allocate €100 million to purchase ammunition for Ukraine outside the European Union countries.

Also, Prime Minister Mark Rutte emphasized that the Netherlands will sign a security agreement with Ukraine for 10 years to strengthen support.



850 occupiers, 16 armored vehicles and 16 artillery systems: Russian losses in a day.

Did a small survey on my YouTube channel. 58 thousand people voted. Interesting results. It is not a classic social survey, but it is suitable for understanding the mood.



Minus one more enemy Su-34 on the Eastern front,- Commander of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk.Yesterday, Russian pilots managed to dodge our missiles, but it will not always be like this! So I advise the occupiers to see their families before each flight just in case. Because who knows, whether it will be lucky this time or not.



👊 Hit with two JDAM air bombs at the location of the Russian occupiers on the left bank of the Dnipro.

They say that drone operators were also present there.

🔥Minus one more⚠️Su-34 on the Eastern front!

Yesterday Russian pilots managed to evade our missiles, but it won't always be like that!

❗️Therefore, I advise the occupiers to see their loved ones before each departure just in case. Because who knows, whether this time will be lucky or not.

Thank you all for your hard work in battle!

We work to win!


🇺🇦Commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk



🗣️Air Force spokesman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuri Ignat said that in Ukraine an enemy Shahed's flight through Moldova was recorded during a massive attack on the night of February 27.

But I noticed that in this case there is no sensation, because something similar has happened before.

This has already happened more than once. I don't even see any particular sensationalism in this news, that pass through Moldova or Transnistria, a Russian enclave, and cruise and Shahed missiles. And this time, of course, such a flight was definitely recorded by radar systems, - said Ignat.



💬 Macron warned that Moscow's actions in recent weeks indicate that Russia may attack NATO countries in the coming years.

Macron said that Russia should not and cannot win this war, and that Europe's security is at stake.

I noted that more or less all the countries represented at this table said... that the general consensus was that we should be ready in a few years for a Russian attack on these countries.

According to Macron, all leaders agree that they do not want to go to war with the Russian people, and also expressed their intention to continue to restrain escalation, as has happened since the start of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

His comments came after the military leadership of European countries has increasingly warned in recent weeks that they believe Russia is attempting to attack NATO in the next decade.

Great investigation. It's no surprise to me that Petrov has always been against Maidan and worked with the Russian-speaking community and those close to it. Much was known before. And it's no surprise that he now works at Bankova. He fits well into the team with Yermak, Tatarov, Shurmo, Getmantsev, and other new faces of the Yanukovych era. Both he and Ivanov bark on command from the OP. But it won't always be like this. Read, and you will know more.




🚧At the border with Poland there are about 2100 trucks in line,State Border Guard Service

Polish farmers continue to block the movement of trucksat six checkpointsYahodyn, Ustylyuh, Uhryniv, Rava-Ruska, Krakivets, and Shehyni, said the spokesperson of the State Border Guard Service Andriy Demchenko.



They report explosions in the Russian Kursk.



⛓️The Security Service of Ukraine has detained a collaborator of the Russians who was repairing Russian tanks during the battles for Kharkiv.

The perpetrator turned out to be a factory worker in Bohodukhiv district. After the capture of the community, he volunteered to help the invaders and began repairing their armored vehicles.

First of all, the protagonist restored the combat capabilities of Russian tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and wheeled transport vehicles that were destroyed by Ukrainian defenders during the battles for Kharkiv.

Also, a prophetic shoulder supported the locals who resisted the armed aggression of the Russian Federation.

In the future, Russians kidnapped Ukrainian patriots and imprisoned them in dungeons, where they subjected them to brutal torture.

Currently, the defendant is in custody. He faces up to 12 years in prison.

Why did Volodymyr Zelensky announce the elimination of corruption, even though it does not correspond to reality? What's wrong with the President's team? What actions can unite Ukrainian society? Why should the government change its strategy to regain trust? What issues should the Ukrainian authorities address? I talked about this and more in my original blog.




❕The medical laboratory Synevo announced the arrest of the main office building and central laboratory in Kyiv at the initiative of the DBR. The company says this could lead to the network of laboratories being stopped.

This became known from the official statement of "Synevo Ukraine" dated February 27.

The company informs that the building has been arrested by the Lviv district court of Lychakivsky at the request of the State Bureau of Investigation.

According to Synevo, a criminal case, within the framework of which a building was arrested, is being conducted illegal withdrawal of real estate from state ownership in 2016-2021.

The company says that this building was privately owned at the time of purchase in 2010, not owned by the state. It was bought by the international group Medicover, which includes Synevo.

Network of laboratories reports that from 2013 to 2016, they carried out the reconstruction of the building, increasing its area by more than three times.

The company's statement mentions that the building was seized without an official notice to the owner and without summoning representatives to the court hearing. It involves a ban

use of the building

Synevo named the arrest of the building pressure to the international group Medicover and laboratory.



🇪🇺 The European Parliament has voted to approve €50 billion for Ukraine.

It is reported that the first payment will take place next week.



😈There is a failure in most services in Russia (Telegram, WhatsApp, VK, YouTube) and with local providers (MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Tele2 and Yota).



The Cabinet of Ministers approved the image of the trademark Made in Ukraine.

According to the resolution, the use of the image is recommended to state authorities, local self-government bodies, enterprises, institutions, and organizations regardless of ownership form free of charge.



🇵🇱 Polish farmers are protesting in Warsaw.

They demand to roll back the European Green Deal and ban agro-imports from Ukraine. Ukraine considers accusations against its products unjustified and calls it a political issue.

📹: Radio Liberty

Everyone has already read Macron's words that he does not rule out NATO troops entering Ukraine? Everyone? Alright. Are you already waiting for NATO legions? Have you seen the reaction of other NATO members to this statement? The way this idea was rejected in the UK, Germany, and Sweden speaks volumes - they were just shish kebabs, but in Macron's execution, whose presidential term is coming to an end.

Can this ever happen? Yes, it can. But not in the nearest future. And honestly, the problem is not in Macron's words, but in the illusions they have caused among Ukrainians. He said that he does not rule out the possibility, but many perceived it as immediate plans. Unfortunately, no. This will not happen. And we will defend Ukraine on our own, even with Western weapons and funding. That will happen. But NATO troops - no. Be realistic.

The final point on this issue was made by the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, when he stated that among the allies there is no agreement on sending troops to Ukraine, despite the statements of the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, following the conference in Paris.

So I have no idea why this Macron said. The version about testing society and NATO colleagues' reaction is nonsense.



📝Two Ukrainians, the head of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine Sergiy Tomilenko and the head of the Center for Civil Liberties, which is a laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize, Oleksandra Matviychuk,publishedcolumns at the request of the authoritative British Foreign Policy Center.

While the Russians are convincing the world that they are only shooting at military targets, Ukrainian and international journalists are showing destroyed cities with civilians to the whole world....Ukrainian and international journalists document Russian war crimes so that Putin will be punished by an international court - Sergiy Tomilenko.

The authors of the special series on the war in Ukraine by the Centre for External Policy include well-known international scholars and experts led by Baroness Catherine Ashton, who previously held the position of EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.



❕Sergiy Pashynsky was released on ₴272 million bail.

According to his words, the pledge was made by members of the National Association of Defense Industry Enterprises (NAUDI) - Pashinsky is the head of this association.




Fighters of the 40th separate artillery brigade named after Grand Duke Vytautas need 2 Mavic 3 Pro drones to perform tasks effectively.

Reports from previous meetings⬇️


🎯 There are 46,000 hryvnias left to collect

🔗Link to the bank


💳 Bank card number

5375 4112 1150 8507(Note: This appears to be a series of numbers and does not need translation)

They ask me: why do I not like our farmers so much?

Actually, I don't care about them, but I don't like their impact on our economy.

I do not like that due to the decline of other sectors and the primitivization of our economy, they have become the main source of foreign exchange.

I don't like that this sector is plastered in all important state documents, strategies, diverting attention from more important sectors.

I don't like that some agrarians have turned into oligarchs and can thus promote their own selfish interests at the state level.

I do not like that excessive attention to this sector has led to the decline of industry, science, education. Because in agrarian economics all these things are unnecessary. And now we cannot produce weapons.

I don't like that all our agrarians know how to do business well, but none of them see their own nose and do not know how to develop the state. And the current situation in the country is also the result of their lobbying and influence on state policy.

I do not like that the current agrarian model of the economy perpetuates the poverty of our country and as a result its inability to protect itself from external threats. (с)Pavlo Vernivsky

The main thing to understand is that the post is about agroholdings, not about farmers with 5-15-20-100-1000 hectares. It is specifically about agroholdings and about speculators in power.



☠️Fighters of the 12th Special Purpose Brigade Azov Volunteer Corps are working on occupiers in Serebryansk forest with the help of drops of ammunition from strike drones.



Great news from the European Parliament about the approval of the Support Mechanism for Ukraine for 50 billion euros for the next 4 years!

Thank you to our political family in the European People's Party and to all friends of Ukraine in the European Parliament for clear and strong support.

I will have the opportunity to personally greet partners and discuss ways to implement the initiative at the European People's Party Congress in Bucharest on March 6-7.




⛓️ According to the SBU materials, two clerics-communists of the UOC received suspicion in Transcarpathia.

Both clerics were ideological supporters of the communist regime and spread propaganda of the former USSR.

According to the investigation, the suspects publicly disseminated banned communist symbolism and Soviet slogans through the internet.

Documented facts of publishing enemy content on their own pages on social networks.

Initiated by the SBU, expert examinations confirmed the facts of criminal activities of clerics.

During searches in the premises of the suspects, computer equipment and mobile phones were found, which they used to spread Kremlin narratives.

Criminals face up to 5 years in prison with confiscation of property.

The news of the alleged destruction of the first Abrams passed.

I will not comment on a specific case now, but I will talk about the problem of protecting armored vehicles from drones.

For some reason all the photos of Abrams and leopards I meet - they are without protection from drones. The same applies to Soviet tanks, I am already talking about Bradley and other BMPs.

For an FPV pilot (or a bomber, it doesn't matter), armored vehicles are target number one. In some combat areas, up to 75% of hits are achieved precisely with the help of small UAVs. Either FPV with a Soviet charge for a grenade launcher, or a drone with a release of something similar, starting from grenades on MK19 and ending with heavy cumulative — all of this is hunting for a great prey.

Armor on top is the least protected. If the frontal armor of a tank sometimes has a large thickness that even an anti-tank bomb or PTRC cannot pierce, then on top it is too thin both on the turret and on the rear of the hull.

A separate story is artillery, that is, self-propelled guns. They try to hit them with double the force because they cost a lot, can shoot far, and do a lot of harm to the enemy.

Despite the fact that artillery usually stays away from the front line - 10 km, for example, more technologically advanced drones like Lancelot also hunt for it, and cause a lot of trouble. But now even for regular fpv 10 km is a completely real distance for the radio horizon to allow.

At the beginning of last year, in addition to my direct duties, I also took up the protection of artillery from Lancets. Together with specialists, we developed designs with nets to cover self-propelled guns from Lancets. As of now, more than fifty of them have been delivered to the troops. The second generation of the design has already been released. There are several cases where this design saved from UAV attacks.

Why so few, only 50? After all, we have hundreds and hundreds of artillery installations that need to be covered? The banal answer is that it's all about sponsorship money. Ukraine is not in a hurry to cover its Ukrainian equipment from drones.

My (meaning "my" condition) decision on protection is not the only one. A year ago, one military unit, understanding the need to protect armored vehicles, also developed a wonderful solution to protect tanks, etc. I emphasize that we thought synchronously with these respected gentlemen, although we were not acquainted at that time. They went the proper path, documented their development.

I - the result is zero, almost like mine. The state decision has not been needed yet.

As far as I know, the mesh protection against drones is produced by the company of a well-known oligarch. The protection is quite clumsy, in my opinion, but it's better than nothing.

That is, in the hypothetical "market" there are at least three solutions, three players-developers, players-manufacturers. Take and put AT LEAST SOMETHING on expensive foreign tanks!

But - do not install. In the so-called counteroffensive-2023, mostly naked tanks, naked BMPs, and naked BTRs went.

By the way, the enemy is also concerned about the problem of drone protection. They have invested a lot of resources there. Exotic designs can be seen on the enemy's armored vehicles. But our designs are orders of magnitude better (both my colleagues and "mine"). However, there are very few of them. And the enemy will have more and more.

And not that the Ukrainian military leadership did not know about this problem. Last summer, I personally spoke with the command about it. I informed them that the people who were tasked with addressing this issue were not handling the task. They still haven't handled it to this day.

Now, when the chiefs have changed, I am starting all over again. New people at the General Staff, among whom there are those with just colossal frontline experience. Maybe there they will show interest systemically and raise money, push towards creating even better solutions?

Because right now NO armor should go to the combat zone without overhead protection from shelling and UAVs. This is a matter of life and death. And now it's a question of "pressure from below". The solution is there, you just need to take them and start implementing them massively.

Grateful for the repost, and other forms of spreading this information. Let tankers and their families, and all who care, read this and help make protection from FPV the standard. (c)Igor Lutsenko, serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, People's Deputy of the 8th convocation.



Despite sanctions, Russia imported directly from the EU goods for military equipment worth almost €450 million in the first 9 months of last year,— Bloomberg.

Although trade data shows that direct trade between the EU and Russia has fallen since the start of the full-scale invasion, exports to Turkey, the UAE, Serbia, China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Armenia have sharply increased, which may indicate that Russia is trying to completely fill this gap in trade.

Journalists report that these countries help Russia bypass sanctions and purchase goods for various purposes amounting to tens of millions of euros.

In parallel, the European Union in recent months has been trying to strengthen restrictions for countries that re-export goods to Russia, including imposing sanctions on local companies.

Global YouTube crash due to updates. The same case when the enemy is better than the 'good. And for some reason I remembered an old joke:

Sitting, meaning, a programmer is deeply immersed in setting up the program for several days. And then his little son runs up to him:

- Tattoo, why does the sun rise in the east and set in the west?

Come in?

- Exactly go in and out?


-Every day?


- Does not brake, does not hang?

- You no.

-Then, son, don't touch anything better. In general, do not touch anything. Let it work.

By the way, can you see anything on YouTube now? Did you also see the latest video on my channel? Or is it not visible?



🔥Ukrainian military destroyed another Russian Su-34Around 14.00, they completed another Su-34 mission. The direction is the same! The goal is unchanged! With such losses of combat and special aviation, the Russians should reconsider, at least for a while, to stop aviation meat raids," - Commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk.



❕The Cabinet appointed Viktor Pavlushchik as the head of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption.

Let's note that on February 25, it became known that the competition commission for the selection of the head of NACP announced Viktor Pavlushchik as the winner of the competition. All six members of the commission voted for his candidacy.

Pavlushchyk held the position of senior detective - head of the detective department of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine.

Rusnya, what's up with your dick?

Public disposal was carried out in Krasnoyarsk

Russian military criminal who admitted to killing Ukrainian prisoners. This was reported by the "Extremist" partisan movement.

Not long ago Konkeev Sergei boasted on video that he shot at least 3 Ukrainians and killed 2 Polish volunteers. He was executed for this. The car was blown up by our partisans. This will happen to all Russian scum!

Rusnya, how is unlocking iPhone going there?



As a result of the Russian shelling of Sumy region, two police officers were killed, six were wounded, - Interior Ministry leader Klymenko.

According to him, the investigative team went to document the aftermath of strikes on a building of a farm in the region, at that time the Russian army launched a second strike.

Finally, in the OP understood what needs to be done to justify Zelensky's position as president. Only two moments are unclear. Why didn't they do it earlier and why are they afraid?

The Office of the President prepared a letter to the Constitutional Court regarding the legitimacy of Zelensky's presidency, considering that this spring his term expires. However, the Office of the President has not yet decided what to do with the letter, as they are afraid of not getting the necessary decision.

SourcesZN.UAIn the NAP it is reported that the submission to the CC has already been prepared and it contains several questions.

Does the Constitution allow for the holding of presidential elections in conditions of martial law. The Constitutional Court should clarify the compliance of the Constitution with the prohibition of holding elections in conditions of martial law, as provided for in the Electoral Code and the law on martial law.

2: for the OP, it is more important and concerns the legitimacy of the president's powers after the end of the five-year term in office as president, that is, after May 20th.

Will they serve or not?



❗️Ukrainian army confirmed leaving the villages of Pivnichne and Stepove near Avdiivka, OSUV Tavria dictionary.

Everything was once in the Simpsons 🛩️🔥 (c)Dmytro Kovalenko



🤯The Polish law enforcement officers detained journalist Tkach at the border while filming material about the transit of goods between Poland and Russia and Belarus.

According to the journalist, he and the cameraman were taken to the police station and about 10 people started searching their car.

As a result, Ukrainians were held in the garrison for at least 4 hours and only then released after permission from above. During all this time, journalists were not allowed to contact anyone.

After journalists returned memory cards, it became known that some of the recorded materials had been deleted.

Journalists are currently talking to lawyers.

The President of the Czech Republic, General Petr Pavel, once again surprised the country with an extraordinary act, taking part in a sports event without warning. During the live broadcast, he jumped with a parachute.

Pavel's participation remained a secret until the last moment for everyone except his wife and the immediate organizers. Residents of the Czech Republic learned about it practically from TV screens.

Pavel made a jump during the gala evening of a major sports event (Aviator of the year-2023). This is reported by a number of Czech publications, including Blesk.

I Suski - not bagels, and Sasha does not suck them on the road. And it's not Sasha. (c) Stanislav Chepurko

How did Zelensky's press conference go? What were they talking about and what questions surprised society? Was it right to announce the losses of the Defense Forces? Did people not believe the authorities' statements? Do Western partners control the activities of the Office? Famous Ukrainian political scientist Oleksiy Holobutsky answered these questions in a conversation with Borislav Bereza. Watch all the details in this video.




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In it you will find channels of patriotic and conscious like-minded people, for whom the war did not start on 24.02.2022, who either fight or do their best to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and work for victory, for whom "whatever" is never the case, but Ukraine is Above All.

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Together to victory! 🇺🇦⚔️



🤬 RF hit the village of Veletenske in Kherson region, - head of the OVA Prokudin.

As a result of the Russian attack, an 82-year-old woman died.



❗️These are the harsh Avdiivka daily routine and task completion under continuous hunting conditions - fighters against occupiers, and vice versa.

The 3rd OSBr showed episodes of the work of fighters of the 2nd company.1st Storm Battalionin Avdiivka.

About legitimacy

During wartime, she is beyond doubt.

And those who are greatly disturbed by it could be shown the decision of the Constitutional Court. This is not the case - known to us - when 1+1=1.

Instead, the legitimacy was supported by a joint statement of law enforcement officials.

The Law could have been applied.

But they preferred strength (c) Alexander Cherevko



🇺🇸The USA will not send their military to Ukraine., — White House National Security Press Secretary Adrienne Watson.



President of the United States Joe Biden began meeting with congressional leaders.

During it, they must discuss the urgency of adopting a package of aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. In addition, they are to discuss legislation that will ensure the federal government's operation until the end of September.

For those who think that the West will abandon us and leave us without help to lose to Russia, I will give three arguments why this is a mistaken idea. No, I'm not talking about defending democracy and restraining Putin, although these are also arguments. It's all more pragmatic and mercenary.

In case of a deterioration of events in Ukraine and Russia's victory, the German government expects no less than 10 million additional refugees from Ukraine. But such a number will cause a collapse in the EU. The leadership of the Western European countries, where the refugees will head, understand this well. That is why they will invest money in Ukraine to prevent such a scenario. The EU is not against 200-400 thousand migrants per year, but too much is unhealthy.

2. In the event of such a scenario, there will be a large number of refugees among them who will have crossed with weapons in hand and will have experience of service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Experts say this is from 400,000 to 600,000. These are both military personnel and veterans who understand what awaits them in case Russia is defeated. This number of war-injured people in the EU is a nightmare for European officials. For many reasons. Therefore, they are very interested in Ukraine not losing.

3. Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia understand that they could become potential victims of Russia. And even the Hungarians, despite their Russophilia, do not want to have a common border with Russia and prefer to show their love for the Russians from a distance. So the attitudes of European politicians can be understood. The existence of a buffer between them and the hordes is crucial to them. And they also understand that as long as the Russian Federation is using its military potential in Ukraine, Moscow is not interested in European countries.

All this looks very cynical, but it is what it is. And don't forget how much money the West has invested in Ukraine, what a potential market we are, and how the West views the opportunities to rebuild Ukraine in the context of revitalizing their economies and much more. I have heard all this many times from Western politicians. Therefore, they will not abandon us, no matter how much the Russians may want it. Moscow may get an earful at most. But a lot also depends on us. And we must not forget about it. No one will fight for us. They will give us weapons. And they will give us money. What remains is for everyone to fight with the occupiers. And that is already the task for the government and citizens. So get rid of the panic thoughts. Prepare for a long marathon. Not the only marathon of TV news from the President's Office, but a long military marathon. It is a war of attrition. And we will need to endure and reach victory. And we will.



😩Poland may introduce a ban on the import of new Ukrainian goods, - Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

According to him, this can happen if the European Union does not offer any solution to the problem for Polish farmers.




💬We will help Ukraine vote on time, butthe priority is to resolve the issue of border protection, — statement by Speaker Johnson after meeting at the White House

❗️The Wall Street JournalHouse Speaker Mike Johnson said he is very optimistic about preventing the government shutdown after meeting at the White House with other congressional leaders and President Biden.

▪️With regard to Ukraine, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said that the discussion was "the most intense I have ever encountered in all my numerous meetings in the Oval Office".

The meeting started shortly before noon and lasted about an hour. Johnson briefly spoke with the president face-to-face after the meeting.

In the near future we will see if Biden was able to reach an agreement with the Republicans.



We have gathered the most important things that you might have missed for February 27.

🔹Russian occupiers once again struck the territoryKherson's, Sumy та Poltava'sareas

🔹The Air Force shot downsecond Russian Su-34 of the day.

🔹The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) believes that Putin is preparingbefore the war against NATO.

🔹USAthey will not send their soldiersto participate in military actions on the territory of Ukraine.

🔹The European Parliament approved50 billion euros in aidfor Ukraine.

🔹The Cabinet of Ministers has appointed Viktor Pavlushchikhead of NACP.

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Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Together to victory! 🇺🇦



💪🏻The 110th separate mechanized brigade is being rotated for the first time since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

Fighters defended Avdiivka for two years.



The process of landing of Shahed by Ukrainian fighters in Kharkiv region!



❗️Ukrainian soldiers hold positions on the left bank of the Dnipro River, and also repelled attacks by Russians near Klyshchyivka, Donetsk region, - General Staff summary.

During the day, the aviation of the defense forces struck in 15 areas of concentration of enemy personnel. Also, Air Force units destroyed 2 Su-34 fighter-bombers and 4 reconnaissance UAVs.

Units of missile troops struck at 3 areas of concentration of enemy personnel, weapons, and military equipment, 2 artillery pieces, an air defense system, and an enemy radar station.

Peaceful night to all good people 🌙