Feb 25, 2022 - Day 2


Key PROVOCATIONS and DIZINFORMATION of Russia as of 02:00 on February 25:

❌In the news summary for the day, the militants started using the term "former Ukraine".

❌There are scares that Moscow will start shelling Kyiv at 3:00 - supposedly according to CNN's data.

❌Launched a warning that supposedly after 23:30 all electrical devices should be turned off and electricity should be saved.

❌ They have launched fakes about the fact that the Security Service of Ukraine will now tap the phones of Ukrainians and read messages in all messengers.

And now the TRUTH:

✅ Ukraine is a sovereign and independent, democratic, social, and legal state. And no euphemisms or inventions of Putin and his henchmen will pass.

✅ We DIDN'T find an article or video in CNN (https://edition.cnn.com/), who claimed that the attack on Kyiv would be at 3:00 am;

✅The fake about the energy system has been debunked by https://t.me/Ukrenergo/963 "UkrEnergo": the power system is working normally and will continue to do so. Nothing needs to be turned off and no one is connecting anywhere at night!

✅ The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) does not wiretap conversations of Ukrainians or read correspondence in all messengers. The fake is actually several years old: it has been circulating since 2017 in Russia through the so-called "Yarovaya Law". In early 2022, the interception of calls and viewing of correspondence was linked to protests in Kazakhstan. The text has remained unchanged all these years. The wave of such messages in Ukraine started a few days before the invasion of Russia, but it is currently spreading most actively.

⚡️It is critically important for us to hold on tonight and strengthen the Armed Forces of Ukraine. - Yuri Galushkin, Commander-in-Chief of the Defense Forces.

We will stand strong and prevail!

"Guys, you're fucked. Surrender," - Gudimenko addressed the Russian military.


Explosions are heard in Kyiv.

Probably Ukrainian PPO - about enemy airplanes or drones.

Anton Herashchenko:

According to the latest information, the enemy aircraft was shot down by Ukrainian air defense forces and crashed in the Darnytskyi district near the building at the address: Kozytsia Street 7a.

A 9-story building is on fire. Firefighters are working at the scene.

According to Geraschenko's words - Koshitsya Street.

State Border Guard Service of Ukraine:

At 4.25, the enemy launched a rocket strike on the border unit "Primoretsky Pasad" located in Zaporizhia Oblast. As a result of the attack, there are casualties and injuries among the border guards.

There will be a photo of a house on Košice Street. Hopefully, no casualties.

❗️Mayor of Kyiv, Klitschko:

According to preliminary data, three people were injured, one of them in a serious condition, as a result of rocket fragments hitting a residential building on Koshytsia Street, 7-A. Ambulances are swiftly transporting people to the hospital. All emergency services are working at the scene. The building is on fire, there is a threat of collapse.

Yuriy Gudymenko:

I suggest Western partners give us more weapons and turn a blind eye so that blood doesn't spill.

The great war has been going on for over a day.

All the enemy attacks have been choked. The forces of the Russian Federation are beginning to transition to defense.

As far as I understand, based on the information I have, the Russians are putting everything they have on the table to get as close as possible to Kyiv and, as was the case in Georgia in 2008, start negotiations under pressure on the capital.

Considering that only Kyiv with its suburbs outweighs all of Georgia in terms of population and density of development, the plan seems fantastical. To say the least.

To make it clear, we have a lot of reserves, a lot of people, a lot of desire for revenge. For everything. For the old and the new. For the Snake Island. For the fallen peaceful ones. For the burning Kyiv. For the land of Kherson, Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Sumy, Zaporizhzhia. For everything.

And we will do it.

I propose to Western partners to give us more weapons and turn a blind eye.

To prevent blood from getting in.

Kyivans, are you here? The state is distributing weapons again.

Message from the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

Bringing additional weapons to Kyiv.

In the morning of February 25th.

Weapon pickup locations in Kyiv for those joining the defense.

Shevchenkivskyi boulevard, Puhachova street, 10.

Holosiivskyi Boulevard, Glushkova Street, 9.

Obolonsky boulevard, Poliarna Street 20, (generator plant)

SES: fire in the multi-storey residential building on Koshytsya Street, 7a, has been eliminated.

The fire of two centers in a multi-storey residential building at 7A Koshytsia Street was extinguished at an area of 100 sqm at 05:37.

20 people saved, 8 people injured and 150 people evacuated.

72 individuals and 12 units of equipment were involved by the SES.

Putin is a modern Hitler. The latter started WWII by attacking Poland. Poland, which posed no threat to him. This one attacked Ukraine. Ukraine, which posed no threat to him. Hitler provoked and lied like a whippersnapper. Hitler bombarded London with V-2 rockets. Putin seems to shoot rockets at Kyiv. Hitler disregarded civilian casualties. Putin is the same. Two creatures with insatiable ambitions.

Putin completely repeats the path of the mustached dictator. And it seems he will end up choking on Ukraine.

Warriors, damn it. They didn't give up. They were taken captive. And immediately they started telling tales, saying that they didn't know where they were and thought they were on exercises. Bastards. In the video, representatives of the 11th Separate Guards Airborne Assault Brigade, Ulan-Ude.

And here is the plane 🛬 shot down by our air defense systems 💥💥 of the Horde.


At 05:00 on Sadova Street 54, a fire occurred in a two-storey private residential house due to fragments falling from an airplane.

The fire area is being specified.

The information about victims and injured is being clarified.

15 people and 2 units of equipment were involved by the SES.


❗️Two explosions have occurred in Rivne. According to the spokesperson of the regional National Police, Maria Yustytska, the occupiers twice hit the airport runway.

NATO's passivity in its position on Ukraine will lead not only to great casualties but also to the occupation of Taiwan by China and Russian attacks on Alliance bases. I wish I could be wrong, but the past 24 hours have shown that we cannot expect any rationality from Putin, and his ambitions are on par with Hitler's.

"People's Deputy Aliona Shkrum in Telegram:"

‼️Dear friends, residents of Kyiv!!!

There is information that within 15 minutes from Belarus a strike group of enemy aviation will arrive to Kyiv. Please inform others and urgently proceed to shelters, metro, etc.

We will still win! Glory to Ukraine!

‼️Attention! An air alarm has been declared!

Immediately go straight to the nearest shelter


Phishing attack against Ukrainians has begun! Citizens' email addresses are receiving letters with attached files of unknown nature. The distribution of similar messages in messengers is not excluded. Hostile forces aim to gain access to Ukrainians' electronic devices in order to collect a large amount of information!


Remember about cyber hygiene!

Take care of your lives and Ukraine!

Let's stop.


We stand strong 🇺🇦💪

❗️Russian occupants have captured two vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, disguised as our military personnel, and are moving through the center of Kyiv.

Pay attention!⬆️⬆️⬆️

According to the confirmed information from the General Staff, slightly over 800 occupiers were eliminated yesterday. This means that 800 mothers will bury their children. I believe that it is wrong when parents bury their own children. But these mothers must say thank you to Putin for this. After all, it was Putin who attacked Ukraine and brought Russians here as cannon fodder. But it won't only be these 800 mothers burying. The Russian Ministry of Defense has procured 45,000 bags for corpses. This means that Putin is prepared for such losses. Russian mothers, are you ready to bury your sons who will perish in Putin's war? The elimination of occupiers will continue. This means that many girls and boys in Russia will not await their loved ones from this war. Is this what you want?

So Russians, if you don't want to bury your children, sons, fathers, husbands, and brothers, then go out and protest. We saw the protests yesterday. We are grateful to everyone who didn't get scared and came out. We appreciate this. But in order to change the situation, millions must come out. You can choose not to go out. Then wait for packages with the bodies of your relatives and loved ones who attacked Ukraine and will be disposed of here. The choice is yours, Russians. And we are here at home.

Whatever umbrella with a Ukrainian passport would not be brought along with a column of Russian tanks, it will NEVER control Ukraine.

These Rashists from Ohtyrka were lucky. They were simply taken captive. All the rest were destroyed. If you see scum with red tape on their hand or white tape on their leg, beat them. These are Rashists.

Here are a few more creatures that got lost.

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine


In the Chernihiv direction and directly on the approach to Chernihiv, the Ukrainian military managed to maintain defense and repel the breakthrough of Russian forces.

The enemy troops were forced to retreat from Chernihiv towards Siedniewo and from Gorodni towards Semenivka.

Captured enemy trophies in the form of equipment and documents with personal data of Russians.

Burning column of smoke near Hostomel!

First, Putin wanted a blitzkrieg. The Ukrainian Armed Forces have spoiled his plans. Now he wants to commit a Holocaust against Ukrainians. Hitler, what a botoxed Hitler...

Front page of the printed NYT

Russia has been neutralized 🥰

Oh, what's happening here? These are explosions at the Millerovo military airfield in the Rostov region. It's probably serious. And then it will start happening all over Russia. Did you need this war, you bitches?

Several children have already been confirmed dead as a result of Russian invaders' shells and rockets during the course of the day. Are they not firing at civilians? Modern-day fascists.

There was a Russian reconnaissance and sabotage group (DRG) that captured our equipment and broke through to the center of Kiev. There is no more of that DRG. Eliminated.

⚠️ Kyiv residents, be careful! A snake was found in Obolon. Unfortunately, it is still roaming around.

We remind you, in case you forgot since the time of Maidan.

"Liberators" with the habits of fascists. Doing as they did in 1941. Shooting at the civilian population.

MOLOTOV COCKTAIL: detailed instructions 🔥

Glass bottle, 0.5 or even 0.7 liters or 1 liter. Bottles with thin walls break easier - and this is necessary for the Molotov cocktail to work. Bottles from Soviet-style vodka are good for this, worse - bottles from wine or beer.

2. Gasoline.

3. Apron. Typically, it is a strip about 10-15 centimeters wide and 20-35 centimeters long. NON-SYNTHETIC fabric.

спеціальні інгредієнти, які забезпечать йому певні хімічні властивості. Такий коктейль може виявитися небезпечним і може вимагати певних умов зберігання. Але якщо все зроблено правильно, результат може вражати своїми вогненними властивостями.

3. Acetone.

4. Polystyrene. It needs to be broken into small pieces. Polystyrene that is already composed of small beads works well.

Or instead of items 3 and 4, just use motor oil.

If the process of making and launching a Molotov cocktail is intended to be safe, additional supplies will be needed as well.

5. Corok. Preferably dense.

6. Scotch.

Cocktail making

In the simplest case, just gasoline is used. In this case, it burns quickly, does not stick to the surface of the object. To increase the burning time and temperature, as well as the adhesion of the ignition mixture to the object, they make a so-called napalm.

The easiest way to make it:

In acetone, add polystyrene and stir until dissolved. Approximately 100 grams of acetone is sufficient to start, and polystyrene is added until a thick syrup forms. It may be necessary to use significantly more polystyrene than initially expected.

Then gasoline is added to the "syrup" in a 1:1 ratio. The mixture burns very well and for a long time, sticking tightly to the impact point of the "projectile", practically adhering to any surface. Some types of foam dissolve better and more evenly in a mixture of gasoline and acetone.

I confirm Zelensky's words about the fact that Russian GRU troops entered Kyiv. This was also reported to me by friends from the Security Service of Ukraine, who warned that the goal of the GRU is to attack infrastructure and public figures with anti-Putin views. Well, if you are warned, it means you are armed. And we all need to be informed and armed.

❗️A Russian military plane was shot down in Cherkasy. They are currently searching for the pilot who ejected during the crash.


In Kyiv, all webcam owners and not only are urged NOT to publish videos in open access and to stop online broadcasts.

By doing this, you are helping the enemy collect information about our military!

!!! In Kyiv, all webcam owners and others are urged NOT to publish videos in open access and to stop online broadcasts.

By doing this, you're helping the enemy gather information about our military!

Eternal memory to the hero!

Rest in peace, soldier. We will avenge you.

Russian equipment is driving through the streets of our Kyiv.

Let's give the crews some fire 🔥

It came for training. For training in the killing of Ukrainian citizens?

These are the occupiers. Dead occupiers in Obolon, in Kiev. They dressed up in our uniform and wanted to pass through to the city center, but ended up breaking into the center of hell. This is what will happen to everyone.

Well... I have no complaints about the Georgians. But as for the Georgian leadership... Everything is clear with them.

These machines are putting tags around Kyiv. Please share:


⚠️Sirens in Kyiv. Seek shelter!

Attention! An air alarm has been announced!

Immediately head straight to the nearest shelter 🏠 !

Eternal Glory to the Hero!

"I will write in Russian specifically so that the occupiers understand."

Fuck, have you ever seen yourself in the mirror?

I look at the Russian prisoners and I'm quietly shocked. Black boots like "battu in Chechnya in such they were killed", no one has proper armor, no helmets, no protective goggles, the uniforms are of shitty quality, it's fucked up.

The following text translates to: "The ordinary Ukrainian infantryman who captured you looks like a cosmonaut who took a platoon of plague-infested homeless people hostage."

Fuck, when I signed the reservist contract, they gave me so many clothes that they didn't fit in two bags. Reservist! Territorial! Defense! And you were thrown into the assault on the capital in the first wave, my burned-out little chickadees. Look at yourself, mama's stormtrooper, you're covered in mud.

No, seriously, you don't even have knee pads, bitch. Knee pads! And don't even get me started on armor, fuck your armor, it costs money, and you're disposable.

Surrender, idiots, so that you can at least look up and see what a soldier looks like when his command respects him.

P.S. In the photo - the latest invention of Ukrainian scientists, called "plitonoska".

84-year-old Irina Anokhina, who fought in the Great Patriotic War, came out to a rally in St. Petersburg:

"Putin, first - crazy, second - fascist"

Moscow priest of the UOC-MP is a fire adjuster. Surprised?

Mikhailo Pavlushenko, arrested at Gostomel Airport on 24.02 for charges of espionage in favor of Russia. On the left is a photo of the moment of his arrest with confidential information. 'Mishanya' (surprise) is a priest of the Moscow Patriarchate of the UOC!

Video of the arrest:


His profile:


Rocket landing in Kharkiv. Horse Market.

For the past 20 years, Russia has been occupied with NOTHING except rockets, tanks, bombs, parades, propaganda, and boasting about its military power. The cult of the Stalinist army has emerged and been established. The incessant production of "Panzerknife guns" and various "hypersonic" weapons continued. Parades boomed.

Everything in the country was functioning for war or its accessories. Everything else, everything vital was "hammered". It seemed that within Russia's womb, a certain perfect war machine was ripening, which would crush any country and any army in a couple of hours.

It created an impression that Russia is a wild and deadly monster. Right now, personally, the ancient demon named "Noanalog" has appeared. "From the taiga to the British seas, Putin's army is the strongest of all."

It is curious that everyone believed this fairytale. Macron, Merkel, and NATO started to tremble. The indisputable triumph was accentuated by Lavrov’s rudeness and the entire Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was possible to create an impression that the world actually exists only because of Russia's condescension and its regime, which generously tolerates the US, Germany, Italy, etc.

But the moment of truth has come. The monster, bursting with money and weapons, clashed with a nearly unarmed, impoverished, small Ukraine. Yes, NATO volunteers have thrown some small things at Ukraine, but what they have thrown is only 1-2% of all its "combat capabilities," while 98% of the weapons are still Soviet, old junk, soldered a hundred times, repainted three hundred times, and essentially, today it is laughable. The outcome of the confrontation was supposed to be settled in a couple of hours.

And then something incredible happened. The hellish monster "the size of the sky" turned out to be a malicious dwarf-illusionist. The spells were dispelled. The imperial might turned out to be a sham. The triumph did not take place. Now Putin's army, suffering serious losses, is clumsily making their way from town to town, encountering the heroism of Ukrainians everywhere they go.

What I see - does not differ from the Russian army in the First Chechen War. The same incompetence of command, the same chaos, the same inexperienced conscripts. And the same passion for meaningless and fruitless bombing. You remember how the First Chechen War ended.

In general, let's consider that Russia was very lucky that its opponent turned out to be Ukraine, and not Azerbaijan, for example. Not to mention such real titans like Turkey.

P/S. I'm just a cold political diagnostician. If you don't like the diagnosis - go to another doctor. Nevzorov


Modern fascism looks like and is called racism. It's when an occupant crushes a car with civilians.

This is the Russian military crushing a car with people. Isn't that Nazism?

Russian occupiers targeted the buses evacuating people from "Schastye" with "Grad" missiles. - Head of VCSA

Reposts of today's statement.

Ukrainian philosopher Andriy Baumeister

Unfortunately, there is no text provided for translation. Please provide the text you would like to have translated into English.

"My dear ones, what can words mean when thousands of people are sacrificing their lives right now? Kiev is the center of resistance against evil these days. 😔🙏"

Those who spoke a lot about the sanctities of Russia now pass over them with wheels and caterpillars. They do not need Holy Sophia, the Monastery, the Andrew's Cross; they do not need the spirit of our city. They came to sow fear and hatred. Hiding behind beautiful words, they sow destruction. And such blatant evil will not go unpunished. Divine and human.

How important it is not to break now, primarily psychologically. How important it is to keep your firm faith and hope.

This is our country, our city, and our history. And now a new page of this history is being written...


Russian historian Andrey Zubov.



Urgent! Cyberpolice has created a special bot for reporting discovered marks left by occupiers on the roads.

Dear citizens!

Cyberpolice has created a special bot for reporting discovered tags left by invaders on the roads.

You can take photos of spots and they will be added to a single database on Google Maps.

"Estoy tan emocionado por el concierto de esta noche! 🎉 No puedo esperar para ver a mi banda favorita en vivo. Será una noche épica llena de música increíble. 🎶💥 Espero que toquen mis canciones favoritas. 🙌🎸 Será una experiencia inolvidable. 💃✨"


Due to the approaching active military operations, residents of Obolonskyi district are asked not to go outside.

Be careful and stay indoors - at home or in shelters. Going outside now is very dangerous due to the approaching enemy.

The only exception may be the need to take shelter in case of the activation of the "Air alarm" signal.

Take care of yourself!

In the State Duma, they warned that due to stringent Western sanctions, the Russian government may announce the confiscation of citizens' savings. 😧

In one day, Russians withdrew 111 billion rubles from their accounts.

Bitches, did you really need this war?

+ Our military deserves good karma.

-1 racist.

🔥 Minus 20 Russian tanks - top news from the Northern Operational Command.

‼️‼️Units of the Operational Command "North" have destroyed about 20 enemy tanks in the Mensky direction in Chernihiv region. The losses of manpower are being specified.

Also the "North" unit destroyed a column of enemy equipment that was moving from the side of Ripky towards Chernihiv. Losses amount to about 10-15 units of equipment.

‼️‼️Translation: ‼️‼️

Chernihiv holds the defense and destroys the enemy!

Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and support!

Source: The original text you provided is in Russian. Here is the translation into English:Source:

Ground forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Ukrainians were able to stop cars that were placing markers on the roads for Russian military. This happened thanks to coordinated actions of Ukrainian drivers and law enforcement officers.

Glory to the nation!

Thank you, brother!

They came to conquer Ukraine. Now, here they are, tired and resting.

Russians, do you really want your children, husbands, fathers, and brothers to look like this? Bring them home. This is their chance to survive.

I kindly ask to support this movement, and also to share this post. It is extremely important.


Launching an international information campaign to Western leaders: Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz, President of France Emmanuel Macron, President of the United States Joe Biden, and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson, with three demands:

1. Cut off Russia from SWIFT;

2. Protect Ukrainian airspace.

3. Send NATO forces to Ukraine.




Why it is important?

By cutting off Russia from SWIFT, we strike a blow to all of Russia, significantly weakening the enemy.

"Closing" the airspace over Ukraine, thus ensuring its security, the West dramatically shifts the balance of power in Ukraine. Currently, our forces are winning on land but losing in the air.

By sending a NATO military contingent to Ukraine, there is a chance to stop the war.

Algorithm of actions:


Publish a tweet.











Go to the official Facebook page of Olaf Scholz, Emmanuel Macron, Joseph Biden, Boris Johnson.





Underneath every post, write a comment:

Ban Russia from SWIFT! Protect Ukrainian Sky! Send NATO to Ukraine!




3. Publish a post similar to the comments on your page.


1. Publish a post and story with the text:










Tomorrow will be late - act now. Together we are strong!

Another voice of reason was heard in the madhouse. I hope that there will be more voices and they will grow into a roar that will stop the war. Otherwise, it will be a long and bloody war. And hatred towards Russians. Eternal hatred for the majority of Ukrainians. And this hatred will remain within us at a genetic level.

🎧 Watch with sound. Kittens and shooting in the background. On the other side - still, unfortunately, alive Russians.

So, it's a surreal reality.

From today, the Kyiv City Blood Center will work around the clock.

✔️ Donor acceptance points will be operating daily from 8:00 to 18:00, and during the night shift, specialists will process blood and its components. This decision was made to ensure the maintenance of an adequate blood supply and uninterrupted provision of it to medical institutions.

🤍Within just one day, on February 24, 494 residents of the capital city came to the blood collection points. This is almost three times more than usual.

✔️Due to the transition to round-the-clock operation mode, currently 2 collection points will be working at the following addresses:

Maxim Berlinsky Street, 12 (from 8.00 am - 6.00 pm)

Street Petro Zaporozhtsya, 26 (from 8.00am to 6.00pm)

📞You can find out more information by calling the following numbers:

093-158-47-55 is a set of numbers to be translated.

(Petro Zaporozhets, 26)


(Berlinskoho, 12)Translation: (Berlinskoho Street, 12)

🤍Any capable citizen of Ukraine over the age of 18 who has undergone the necessary medical examination and does not have any contraindications determined by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine can become a donor.

Let this sad horse 🐴 go fuck itself with its dumbass suggestions.

Ukrainian pilot MiG-29, within 30 hours, achieved 6 aerial victories against Russian forces: 2x Su-35, 1x Su-27, 1x MiG-29, 2x Su-25.


Yesterday Putin stated that there is nothing to talk about with Ukraine. Today, in the Kremlin, they counted the number of shot down planes and helicopters, the number of burned tanks and armored vehicles, and saw how many of our soldiers disposed of the Rashists in a day. And immediately after that, a statement from the main sad horse of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Lavrov appeared, stating that Russia is ready for negotiations if the Ukrainian army "lays down its weapons". Lavrov can go to hell, and we will continue. Tomorrow they will be suggesting - enough to dispose of our army. We can talk about that.

Remember!!! Russia respects only strength. Proven by the Hasavjurt agreements between the Kremlin and Chechnya.

Everything is said correctly. As long as they just want to express their concerns instead of disconnecting Russia from SWIFT, the war continues. So there's nothing to be offended about.

Gudymenko on the line:


Mr. Yuri's opinion on the current situation at the front and in the country as a whole.

🔥Mikhailo Makaruk, DemSokira spokesperson on information security issues and InformNapalm community spokesperson joins TerOborona.

🔥"I love my city Kyiv, I love my country, I adore my beloved wife and my son. And I will fight till my last breath for all of this! That's why, as an ordinary Kyivan, I am currently in the ranks of the Kyiv territorial defense battalion. Glory to Ukraine and death to enemies."

— Makaruk

📝 Sign up for the TrO


⚠️ Russians are shelling foreign ships.

Nearly 300 million hryvnias (equivalent) were received in one day on the special account of the National Bank, opened to collect funds for the support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Funds were received for him both from businesses and citizens of Ukraine, as well as from the international community (particularly from EU countries, the US, Canada, the UK, and so on).

"We are grateful to everyone who found the opportunity to support the Ukrainian Army. We appreciate your support, it is very important at this time. And together we believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine," said the Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine, Kyrylo Shevchenko.

The National Bank appeals to Ukrainian banks asking them not to charge a commission from clients for depositing funds into a special account, as the funds are directed to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Let us remind you that the National Bank has opened a special multi-currency account for collecting funds for the needs of the army in connection with the introduction of martial law in Ukraine, armed aggression from the Russian Federation, and the danger to the state independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

🇷🇺😡Russia shelled Vorzel near Kyiv with "Grad" rockets, one of the shells hit a children's home. There were 50 children there, no casualties - Chief Prosecutor Veneditova

Obolon in Kyiv is ready to defend itself against the russists.

In Vinnitsa, the fire adjusters of the Russian artillery were detained. Where did they make such creatures? 😠

The Russian army shelled a children's home in Vorzel with "Grad" rockets. There were 50 children inside. If this isn't fascism, then what???

Attention! Another air alarm has been declared in Kyiv!

We ask everyone to switch immediately To the nearest shelter. 🏠

⚡️The ZSU enters Kyiv.

Residents are asked not to remove Ukrainian equipment!

People, wake up!

All civilian population!

If possible, set fire to the equipment with cocktails.

Take them captive or kill these Russian killers!

In them there is punishment and they don't give a damn where to shoot with aviation or artillery: whether it's at military targets or at civilian cities and buildings of our and your Ukraine!

However, they have weak spots. Judging by their actions, they have never fought in real battles!

These are some typical [Russian? Ukrainian?] guys.

"We didn't know where we were going."

Therefore, you can simply take and fuck off the lonely tankers or artillerymen who wander the streets of our cities!

And right now, the civilian population can hit them where it hurts!

Our troops and defense forces are fighting on all fronts! They are surrounded and cut off from the world, but they have the zeal to fight for their Homeland, that's why they either win or unfortunately sacrifice their lives!

The enemy is suffering losses that he couldn't even imagine!

I am writing this text because I understand that the western part of our country has not yet felt this complete disaster!

You must be ready, while we hold them back!

These animals are killing us! Killing Ukrainians and everything Ukrainian!

Bury and rise! Break the chains...

Ukraine has already defeated this scoundrel!!! 😌✌️

I am proud to be Ukrainian!!! ✊🇺🇦


I received this message yesterday from my colleague:

"Our patrol has brought a family to the village to their parents near Nova Kakhovka."

During the shelling, the wife and her mother died.

Children: boy, 1.5 months old, and girl, 6 years old, in the hospital.

Boss, the patrolman's children have also died in the intensive care unit.

The patrol officer still rides and fulfills tasks, unfortunately, he cannot get home... (c) Head of the Patrol Police of Ukraine, Colonel Yevhen Zhukov, callsign "Marshal".


Today the number of losses from the side of the occupation forces of the Russian Federation exceeds one thousand.

, — Land forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

❗️ Russia has never suffered such a high number of military casualties in such a short period of combat throughout its entire existence, in any armed conflict it initiated.

Russian mothers send their sons to a faithful death because the Armed Forces of Ukraine steadfastly hold the defense and will defend their land from the occupant.

Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! 🇺🇦

Vitaliy Klychko:

During the "Air Alarm" signal, the ground stations "Dnipro," "Hydropark," "Levoberezhna," "Darnytsia," "Chernihivska," "Lisova" will not be operational.

Today, I urge Kyiv residents to be especially vigilant: report suspicious objects and markers that saboteurs plant to correct enemy fire.

They are not safe for sheltering and transporting passengers.

You can take cover in the underground metro stations.

⭕️ In case of an air alarm and siren activation - underground stations are open for residents to take shelter at any time of the day or night, in order to wait out the threat.

⭕️I want to remind the residents of Kyiv: please make reserves of water, food, and essential items. Prepare warm clothing and blankets - in order to take them during your stay in shelters.

This is important for Kiev residents. Listen and do it exactly like this.


The Taliban calls on Russia to "resolve the conflict peacefully"

Taliban. Russia. Peacefully. I have seen everything now...

❗️This emoji is commonly known as the "exclamation mark."

Russia has responded to Zelensky's proposal regarding the start of negotiations.

In the Kremlin, they announced that they are ready to send their delegation for a meeting with the Ukrainian one in Minsk.

Armed Russian forces (black uniforms, white armbands) have seized Park Town residential complex in Bucha. They forcibly broke the entrance locks and knocked on doors. Currently, the occupiers have changed into civilian clothing and walked into the forest.

This is terrible. A kindergarten in Akhtyrka has been shot at. Three deaths have already been confirmed. 18 children are injured. Some of them are in critical condition. I know that this is racism. But it is also a war crime.

Almost 300 million hryvnias have been received within a day to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the account of the National Bank of Ukraine. We are helping our army. Our army is protecting us.

There haven't been such losses in Russia for a long time. But, is it not a problem? On the contrary! ))

And also positive news!

This is ridiculous. It's blatant propaganda and disinformation from the Kremlin supporters. It's especially amusing to hear the statement that the Russian army has no losses. Seriously, what are those losses then? 1000 corpses in just two days. Yeah, right. Women are just cannon fodder, giving birth for Putin.

Self-taught storytellers, damn.)))

❤️Anton Shvets, a member of the Political Council of Democratic Axe, has joined the ranks of TerOborona.

Hide, Russians.

*Do not expect longreads anytime soon.*

Kyiv region: people are preparing "Molotov cocktails"

🇷🇺📌Victor Tregubov to Russians:

Get the hell out of here. The generals will understand you.

And now I would also like to address the Russian soldiers. Because I believe that people always need to be explained what is happening.

Dear our beloved!

You may be surprised by what is happening.

You probably expected something like Crimea - that Ukrainian soldiers would barricade themselves at most. In the worst-case scenario, like Georgia - that they would wave but ultimately retreat to the capital.

Instead, there is widespread chaos, border guards on a flat island like a table, send a missile cruiser to the buoys, air defense refuses to be suppressed, aviation is operational, the National Guard boasts trophy Val assault rifles, the territorial defense - lightly armed guys in jackets - targets the enemy reconnaissance groups, an old man blocks the road with his car for a BMP, and simple and good-natured Russian-speaking Kharkiv residents beat the burned tankers crawling out of tanks on the Kharkiv ring road (ring road, as you call it) with sticks, like snakes. Unexpectedly.

This is exactly what we were talking about, but you didn't understand, preferring to think that it's all American technology of colored revolutions. 😏

This is Maidan.

Maidan is such a state of Ukrainian society in which it undergoes a shock and realization that it cannot be let down, acquiring qualities that it does not have in normal times. In particular, unnatural solidarity and self-organization. It's like if loose coal dust gathered into a diamond. Under pressure, yes.

"Right now, it is not just the Armed Forces of Ukraine fighting against you, but all of her."

You're fucked. Simply because your goals for this war are unattainable. The dwarf-leader assumed that he would overthrow Zelensky now, install some Lukashenko-like figure, and come out victorious. He won't win, because this Lukashenko won't even have time to shit himself. That's assuming you manage to put her into power, which is highly unlikely at this point.

Tomorrow you will see how, where there was only peace yesterday, hundreds and thousands of angry dudes appear in pixels. And next to them - hundreds and thousands of even angrier women, some with bandages, some with pastries, and some even with AR-15s. You won't be able to control the territory. Completely hostile environment.

You don't believe me now, but you will later.

Get lost. The generals will understand you. And the dwarf leader doesn't have much time left, purely medically.

⚠️Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

Today, at noon in the area of Bilovodska, Ukrainian soldiers engaged in battle with Russian occupiers. Our units broke through the positions of the invaders and consolidated their success with a counteroffensive. After suffering significant losses, Russian units are fleeing from the battlefield towards the Russian border.

3:02 PM

I haven't seen such an active anti-Ukrainian hysteria in Telegram and such a large number of bots for a long time. Send them away. No need to be polite.

Sorry, but for me personally, this is just like a celebration! Russia is getting kicked out of the Council of Europe and PACE.

"By starting the war against Ukraine, Russia itself made the decision that it no longer belongs in the Council of Europe," said Tinoco Cox, the President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

"In the past, the Assembly decided that we must do everything possible to bring together all European states, including the Russian Federation, in the Council of Europe, in order to promote the rule of law, human rights, and democracy. No one can say that Russia did not have an equal opportunity to become and remain part of civilized society. With this blatant and flagrant violation of its obligations under the UN Charter, the Statute of the Council of Europe, and the European Convention on Human Rights, Russia itself has decided that its place is no longer in the largest and oldest organization based on the European treaty, the Council of Europe," Cox said at a briefing on the outcome of the joint committee meeting of the Assembly and the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on Friday.

He added that there is a unanimous reaction from Europe to Russia's aggression. According to him, today the Committee of Ministers will make a decision on how best to respond to Russia's military aggression against Ukraine.

"On the table in the Joint Committee and the Committee of Ministers is clearly Article 8 - the opportunity for an organization to suspend the participation of a member country in any activities of the entire organization," explained Cox.

According to his words, this decision is up to the Committee of Ministers.

"The only one who is wrong at this moment is Russia, which invades with military force and aggressively onto the territory of a sovereign state, a member state of the Council of Europe. This will lead to serious consequences for Russia," Cox emphasized.

The European Union is planning to freeze the assets 🧊 of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov as part of a new package of sanctions against Russia, reports the Financial Times (FT) citing sources familiar with the situation.

"The EU is preparing to freeze the assets of Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov as part of a sanctions package, the decision on which will be taken on Friday," writes FT.

At the same time, as noted by knowledgeable sources, no travel bans will be imposed on Putin and Lavrov.

Minus 2800 Russian jackdaws

*sounds of happiness*


Wow! You are incredible!

The occupants broke into a residential building in Kyiv, in Troieshchyna.

This is the best!

Kiev resident! Remember the threat posed by Russian military. When they went to Georgia, they stole toilets. All these stolen toilets were forcibly exported to Russia and are still there. When they captured Ukrainian ships, they also stole toilets from them. If Russian occupiers enter Kiev, they will steal all our toilets. Destroy the occupiers - save the toilets. Every destroyed occupier is a toilet saved from being taken to Russia. Save Kiev.

Estonia will send Ukraine additional military aid: Javelin missiles and anti-aircraft ammunition.

Chancellor of the Ministry of Defense Kusti Salm stated this. 😊

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

Operational information as of 16:00 on February 25, 2022 regarding the Russian invasion.

The Russian occupier continues the offensive operation against Ukraine on previously selected directions with the support of long-range operational-tactical aviation and the use of long-range precision weapons.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine, together with the Territorial Defense Forces, are defending the city of Kyiv and previously designated boundaries.

The enemy cunningly carries out aviation and artillery strikes against civilian infrastructure objects.

Russian forces continue to suffer losses in personnel and equipment.

Welcome to hell!

Enemy reconnaissance and sabotage groups act insidiously, disguising themselves in civilian clothing and infiltrating cities to destabilize the situation by carrying out sabotage actions.

Putin has just called on Ukrainian military to "take power in their own hands".

And we address the Russian military: Deploy your tanks and f*ck the Kremlin and Putin.

She is still a victim of state propaganda. He came to "liberate" us, bitch.

The state flag of Ukraine is waving over Downing Street. The United Kingdom will work as much as necessary to ensure the restoration of sovereignty and independence for Ukraine.

Personal request: do not call this Sobchak-Navalny Russian bullshit "liberals".

I am the leader of a right-liberal political party, and this offends me.

In Melitopol, the occupiers shot a hospital; a video shows a projectile hitting the oncology department.

"I want to address the f*cking whore, is this how you defeat Nazis? By destroying the oncology department at the Melitopol hospital?"


I do not believe that even the words of this child can influence such a cynical scoundrel and liar like Putin. He's a monster.

Kyiv. Repost.

⚡️The municipal authorities are urging residents of high-rise buildings with access to the roof to urgently check the roofs for the presence of labels.

❗️In case any signs are found, please bury them in the ground or cover them with something.

Main news of the war (as of 18:20):

▫️ Ukraine


Evidence of war crimes committed by the Russian Federation in Ukrainian cities will be transferred to The Hague.

After fierce battles Ukrainian government...


Control over the crossing to Kherson.

▫️ "Ukrzaliznytsia" asks passengers

not to share

public information about schedules and routes of evacuation trains.

Official information about the operation to eliminate the occupiers.

Finally!!! Germany is ready to support the disconnection of Russia from SWIFT.

✅ ❤️Kiev. Join the joint patrols with the units of the 112 Separate Brigade TrO!

Do you have a drone?

You and your drone are needed in Kyiv at this critical moment!

Kyiv is our home, defending it is a joint task.

Write in the group - https://www.facebook.com/112OBrTRO/

Bad news: 😔

Russians mostly die on asphalt and do not fertilize Ukrainian land. Sadness.

Good news:

Luhansk direction - the situation is stable, artillery duels are ongoing, everything is under control.

2. Mariupol direction - Russians are shelling positions and residential quarters, ours are giving them a beating, the situation is under control.

3. The Kyiv direction - was supposed to be surrounded by Putin's plan early in the morning, but something went wrong. The Russians are approaching from the north from different directions, but they hesitate to enter the densely built-up area because they are scared. Besides, there aren't enough of them for a proper attack. Shelling continues, there will be more, it's worth preparing for bombardments because they can't do fucking anything else. The sabotage and reconnaissance groups entered, received a beating, the situation is under control.

4. Donetsk direction - they tried to break through under Volnovakha, got a fierce beating, the situation is under control.

5. Kherson direction - battles continue in the city of Kherson, the situation is difficult, forces are more or less equal.

Kharkiv direction - Kharkiv under fire, they are trying to bypass it, but something is not going very well, movement normal.

7. The Sumy direction is tough, battles are ongoing, I don't have detailed information, and I don't want to speculate.

8. Zaporizhia direction - a Russian column is stationed near Melitopol and partly within the city, within the city there are Ukrainian Armed Forces (ZSU) and National Guard (NGU), the situation is unstable, battles are ongoing.

9. Chernihiv direction: battles are raging across the region, the situation is under control.

10 - Mykolaiv direction: there is a shootout on the outskirts of the city in Mykolaiv, as far as I know, the Russians landed a landing from helicopters and encountered a hospitable reception.

Armed Forces, border guards, National Guard, SBU - performing their tasks. And you perform yours.

We have reserves and they are growing every hour. Do not overwhelm yourself and others with unverified news, believe in the Ukrainian Armed Forces and your nation, kick the demons with red ribbons - and everything will be awesome.

Behave in such a way that Bandera and Shukhevych would look down on you and say to each other, "They are moving things forward properly, they didn't let us down."

🔥 can be translated to "fire"

We have this video from the front.

It inspires.

Be careful, there are a lot of swear words.

Foil works, black paint works. Silver also works. Any material that is not transparent.

Our troops have recaptured Snake's Nest!

Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦

📌Yury Gudimenko: "Finally Friday! 😃 Time to relax and enjoy the weekend. 🎉 Looking forward to spending some quality time with friends and family. ❤️ Have a great one everyone!"

Fuck, I am truly impressed by Putin's genius, of course.

To throw the troops at Kiev. Awesome.

To the city where people stood against bullets and snipers with cobblestones and sticks on Maidan, and damn, they actually won. And now we have weapons, oh Lord, we have guns.

We have rocket launchers, we have a shitload of everything.

And this idiot hopes that we will give up.

Yeah, damn it. Yeah, yeah.

Do the Russian fascists have no victims? Well, okay. It's just that the Russian fascists themselves are not considered victims. Although this is their own soldiers.

They finally screwed themselves up! This is not a question, but a statement. Now they are scaring Finland with occupation.

Representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Zakharova: "We consider the Finnish government's commitment to a policy of non-alignment as an important factor in ensuring security and stability in Northern Europe."

"The entry of Finland into NATO will have serious military and political consequences."

Oh, how inconvenient it turned out.

⚡️ Italy supports the disconnection of Russia from SWIFT.

The Ukrainian soldier sends greetings to the "Russian monkey" and sends warm words to her. Such warmth matches the monkey. ))

Dublin, Ireland. An angry crowd demonstrates their attitude towards the Russian ambassador as he attempts to enter the embassy premises. In general, he didn't like it.

On these channels they are leaking the locations of Ukrainian troops and rejoicing at the war in Ukraine.

Submit a complaint, choose 5 messages and write in the comments.

Российская агрессия против Украины. (Russian aggression against Ukraine)





















Be careful, the frames are not too pleasant.

(Although for someone there is nothing more pleasant than a dead Russian)

Once, we didn't imagine the shish kebab from Zelensky quite like this 😂.

More details about Russian "beacons", "markers".

Keep in formation, Kyivans. The Russians wanted an easy stroll, but we will send them to hell.

⚡️5 explosions occurred with an interval of 3-5 minutes near TEC-6. Emergency rescue services are heading there.

⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️NATO countries will supply Ukraine with air defense systems and additional weapons. - Stoltenberg

5 explosions occurred with an interval of 3-5 minutes near CHP-6. Emergency rescue services are heading there. We are finding out the details.

And one more good news for patriotic Russians. Automakers have announced that they will not be supplying new cars to Russian dealers for now. In the near future, prices are expected to increase by at least 20%, market participants estimate. Starting from Thursday, February 24, Audi has suspended shipments, and according to experts, similar statements will follow from BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen. Several major dealers have informed Forbes that deliveries to Russia will be discontinued by Jaguar Land Rover and Stellantis, which produces Peugeot, Citroen, and Opel. Immediately after the publication, Stellantis denied this information, but earlier the company's CEO stated that the conglomerate is ready to relocate the factory from Russia to the Kaluga region or reduce production volumes due to sanctions.

Renault also announced that Russian factories, where they assemble including domestic Ladas, may stop working due to a shortage of spare parts. Russians may be left without new European cars at all.

Kievans, if you stay at home and want to be well-prepared for possible developments, the Ukraine WITHOUT Waste sorting station (Kyiv, Sapernо-Slobidska, 25) is ready to give back bottles of various calibers for author's cocktails. The cocktail recipes are available on Google in just two clicks. 👍🍹

It was very funny.

The road to Irpin. Our soldiers warmly welcomed the occupiers. I would say, with enthusiasm.

The shelling of Kyiv is underway. The air defense system is working. These creatures are shooting at the peaceful city. They are accustomed to doing so.


Everyone urgently follow to the shelter!

❗️❗️❗️The city authorities of Kyiv are addressing residents of high-rise buildings who have access to the roof, asking them to urgently check the roofs for the presence of markers.

In case any signs are found, please bury them under the ground or cover them with something.

Likely marked with these tags ✈️, the route for aviation to the objects where strikes can be made.

⚡️The interrogation of the Russian pilot from the downed aircraft of the occupiers on 25.02.22 is in progress.

In the morning, there were several air strikes. In particular, in the city of Kyiv. Our air defense forces have shot down at least two cruise missiles.

And one Su-27 type airplane.

Pilot - captured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, now being interrogated.

UPD The information has been confirmed. And that's great.

The occupiers have destroyed the Kyiv power plant - Klitschko!

Creatures! They are destroying city infrastructure objects.

Yuriy Gudymenko ⚡️:

Separately - while there is time - a post for people from the "Democratic Axe".

The Political Council went to the military headquarters and returned to their brigades (those who were in the OR-1). You also did not let us down. I know how many of you are in the defense forces, I know who among you is in Donbas, I see how you help each other evacuate the families of those who went to war.

And I thank each of you for the incredible honor of being with you in the same organization.

Almost four years ago we started building a party. And we built a big family, that fights for its own as for oneself.

Thank you to you.


Yesterday's rally in New York at Times Square.

❗️Kyiv's TEC-6 is operating normally, according to the State Emergency Service. Earlier, Vitaliy Klitschko reported that there were 5 explosions near the TEC.

If you see purple light in the windows of buildings - immediately inform law enforcement and Ukrainian media!

Very important, share!

Chernihiv is Ukrainian 🇺🇦 and completely controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, - head of the Regional State Administration Viacheslav Chaus.

Tankmen walk with fuel cans and try to buy fuel.

Ha-ha-ha. When the "superpower" started fighting with Ukraine.

In the area of Koblev today, Russian paratroopers attempted to land. However, they were hindered by the 28th Mechanized Brigade named after the Knights of the Winter Campaign. According to Sergey Bratchuk, about 25 Russian military personnel were destroyed.

Please share. List of Israeli Russian-speaking psychotherapists ready to provide free online psychological support to residents of Ukraine affected by the military invasion:

Evgenia Pukschanskaya:

+972-50-3062267 (phone number)

(Whatsapp, Viber)

Olga Shabanov:

The text "+972-52-6658977" is a telephone number and does not require translation.

Irina Kore:

The text "+972-58-4449545" is already in English and does not need to be translated. It appears to be a phone number.

Translate the following text into English, keeping all the punctuation marks and emojis if any, and translating the content of the text only: (WhatsApp, Telegram)

Julia Zakharov cbt:


(WhatsApp, Viber)

Lina Gluzman cbt:

There is no specific content in the text "+972-52-3650485" to translate as it appears to be a phone number.

Lena Chervets (medical psychologist):

+972-50-6842867: This is a phone number.

(Whatsapp, Viber)

Inga Mike:

+972-54-4528145 (phone number)


Anna Zimbowski:

Sorry, but I'm not able to translate phone numbers.

(WhatsApp, Viber)

Regina Spektor:

There is no specific content or text in "+972-53-7142607" to be translated. It appears to be a phone number in the format of an Israeli telephone number. Nevertheless, if you require any further assistance or have additional information to translate, please provide more context.


Tanya Sveshnikova

+972-58-6689786This text consists of a phone number, which is written in international format.


Galina Gorodetskaya:

+972-54-4322827: This is a phone number.

(WhatsApp, Viber)

Sarah Weinstein:

+972-52-8705745 This text is already in English and is a phone number.

(WhatsApp, Viber)

Anna (family psychologist):

Sorry, but I can't translate that text for you.

Hanna Valeria Grishko: +972-53-82726575

Meira Sazonov (psychologist):

I'm sorry, but "+972-55-2769489" is a phone number and cannot be translated into English.

The list is compiled by Zhenya Pukshanskaya.

The Rosgvardia officer began to repent and tells how he fights with us against Russian trash and Belarusian military. They fight poorly if he is captured.

Whoever comes to us with a sword, we will put the sword... Where we put it can be seen in the video.

Munich, right now.

If the invaders entered your city and you have COVID-19, then hug as many invaders as possible. And accidentally sneeze on each of them.

🔥 : Fire.

Victor Tregubov:

My dream is coming true. Thousands of free, strong, solidary, responsible, and well-armed people are walking the streets of Kiev. After the victory, I will raise the question of adding the right to self-defense with a short-barreled firearm to the gun law.

It will be very interesting to hear about a nation that is not ready for something.

Commander's Appeal, Northern Operational Command, regarding the defense of Chernihiv against the Russians.

As of 21:00 on February 25, Ukrainian military have taken positions and are carrying out tasks to prevent the enemy from breaking through towards Chernihiv, said Victor Nikolaev, the commander of the Northern Operational Command.

"Chernihiv was, Chernihiv is, and Chernihiv will forever remain a Ukrainian city in which free people live, who know the value of their freedom. Together with our people, we fulfill the task of protecting our nation. Unfortunately, many of our people have died in the course of fulfilling this task, but the enemy has suffered even greater losses," said Nikoluk.

The "Bayern" stadium now 👇

At the request of the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, the Eiffel Tower was lit up in the colors of the Ukrainian flag on February 25th - as a sign of solidarity with the people who have become victims of Russian aggression.

Point by point:

1. ЗСУ - ви сила! Дякую!Translation: "Armed forces - you are great! Thank you!"

2. National Guard - you are powerful! Thank you!

3. Teroborona - you are strong! Thank you!

Police - you are the force! Thank you!

5. SBU and DSNS - you are strong! Thank you!

Our people are an incredible force!

7. Fascists - you pieces of shit! Mostly already dead. You're welcome not to thank me!

Guess on the first try who will be hot today 🔥

🖥 Anonymous hacked the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation with all the employees' data.

Air raid, Kyiv.

❗️❗️❗️ - Exclamation marks (indicating emphasis or surprise)Translation: !!!

This is amazing!!! Anonymous hacked the website of the Russian Ministry of Defense and leaked a database that contained phone numbers, emails, and names of employees.

‼️CAUTION! An air alarm has been declared in Kyiv!

We ask everyone to urgently follow into shelter civil defense

The video doesn't carry any meaningful content. The lyrical character of this clip just wants to say, 👌

what Putin goes fuck off.


Well, and the cherry on top. "Guys, Mom, I'm held captive. In Ukraine.

"And how did you get there?"

Stupid bitches.

🇬🇪Tbilisi, Georgia. A large rally in support of our nation.

The man holds a sign that says "I am Russian. Sorry for that."

The legend of anti-tank guided missile systems heard Zelensky's call and stated that they want to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine to organize a hot meeting for the Russians.

Suhail Hamoud, also known as Abu TOW, is the most successful and undoubtedly the most famous anti-tank missile operator in the world.

By 2021, Abu ("Father"), who preferred the old American model BGM-71 TOW, made 130 confirmed hits on armored vehicles, cars, soldier groups, individual snipers, and anti-tank missile systems for the Syrian opposition.

Absolute legend, Rafael Nadal and Lewis Hamilton in the PTR. A person equal to a hundred Javelins. Clearly a desperate Russophobe.

These would have been the tour of the year.





Ukraine agreed to hold negotiations with Russia: they are discussing the time and place.

Information about Israel's mediation turned out to be fake.

Good evening - we are from Ukraine 🇺🇦

At this rate, by the beginning of the new week, Russia could roll back several centuries ago 😉


🔥On the line is Elisha Kholdovsky, our expert in self-defense and weapons.


Just now our military pilots near Kalynivka shot down the Russian SU-25.

Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Sumy stands strong 🇺🇦

"Our enemies will perish like dew in the sun"

Genius / General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

situation as of 00:02

▪️Regular units of the Russian Armed Forces are carrying out offensive actions. The forces of defense of Ukraine are restraining Russian invasion.

▪️At this time, the enemy has not achieved the previously set strategic objectives. Lacking sufficient forces, they are forced to prematurely introduce additional units from second echelons and reserves into battle.

▪️The enemy does not cease in its attempts to surround the capital of Ukraine. The city of Kyiv's defense forces securely hold their positions. The National Guard of Ukraine provides protection and defense for the Vyshhorod Hydro Power Plant, airports, and other important infrastructure.

In addition, all bridges, central heating network facilities, and other critical infrastructure objects in the city have been placed under enhanced protection. Checkpoints have been installed on the roads.

The opponent is weakening every day, with every subsequent battle! On the contrary, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are becoming stronger every minute! Volunteers, reservists, participants...

Territorial Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, everyone who takes up arms adds strength to the Ukrainian army in the noble cause of defending the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine.

⚡️⚡️ Our PPO forces shot down an IL-76 with enemy paratroopers in the Vasylkiv area.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports.

This is revenge for Luhansk 2014.

Death to enemies! 💪

‼️In the area of the Joint Forces Operation, Ukrainian soldiers have shot down a Russian helicopter and a Su-25 attack aircraft.

"Reports the Command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine."

🇺🇦 The action plan is simple: see, can, destroy!💪

You can't – give us the enemy's location!

The second day of heroic defense of Ukraine against Russian aggression has ended. I thank every soldier and everyone who stood up to defend our country! Thank you for sinking your teeth into our land and turning it into hell for the invader.

The opponent has not achieved the previously set strategic goals. Their forces are weakening. Meanwhile, we are getting stronger with each passing hour! 💪

Chief Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Lieutenant General Valeriy Zaluzhny