Mar 8, 2022 - Day 13



❗️In Kherson there are reports of explosions!



❗️The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine warned that Russian forces are accumulating strength to break through the defense of the capital.

In particular, this attempt involves involving additional combat-ready units and subdivisions from the composition of the special regiment of the Rosgvardiya named after Ramzan Kadyrov, the 27th detachment of the Special Purpose Police "Kuzbass," the 604th Center of the Special Purpose Police "Vityaz" of Rosgvardiya, and the private military company "Liga" (formerly known as Wagner PMC).



🎉Russia confidently outperformed Iran and became the first on the list of countries with the highest number of sanctions imposed against it.



🤝 The World Bank's Board of Directors has approved a decision to provide Ukraine with support in the amount of $723 million.



Most likely scenario: Morgan Stanley has predicted the date of default in Russia - April 15.



❗️Head of Sumy Regional State Administration Zhvitsky reported that Russian planes dropped bombs on residential quarters of the city.

Rescuers are working on the scene, there are casualties and injured, including children.



🇪🇺In the European Union, Lukashenko's regime is seen as a co-aggressor in the war that Russia is waging against Ukraine.



The Dictionary of the Foreign Ministry commented on Lavrov's words about the war in Ukraine.

This is an outrageous lie. Russian special operation is fueling the war in Ukraine. Ukraine does not want war.



👥The UN reports that since the beginning of the war, 1.7 million Ukrainians have left Ukraine.



👰🏻‍♀️🤵🏻‍♂️The government allowed getting married to a military serviceman without his personal presence.



🗞Cover of the new issue of The New Yorker, which will be released on March 14.



❗️An air alarm has been announced in Zhytomyr.



❗️ 9 people died in Sumy as a result of air strikes on the residential sector– DSNS.Among the dead - two children.

Rescuers dismantled the destroyed building structures and extinguished the fire. They managed to save one woman from under the rubble.



❕Wanted to run away, but couldn't

A group of one Moldovan citizen and 8 Ukrainian conscripts were detained at the border with Moldova.

Men attempted to illegally cross the Ukrainian border in order to not defend it. Among the detained Ukrainians were the son and grandson of singer Sofia Rotaru.



👱‍♂️ Former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul addressed Russian mothers.



🌷 Fighters congratulated girls on March 8 holiday.

The match is ongoing. Bayraktar (UAV) - Buk (Russian Army) 7:0

Do not switch



A video appeared of Ukrainians who were trying to escape to Moldova.

A little freshness. These are already all. Only home in a package. If they take it. ))



🇺🇸 British Navy sailors arrived at the Ukrainian station Academic Vernadsky in Antarctica.

The guests brought products, made sure that the polar explorers are healthy and everything is fine with them, and also expressed support for our country.

Reacting to the request, FIFA allowed foreign football players from the Russian Premier League to terminate contracts unilaterally.

If a footballer does not reach an agreement with the club on terminating the contract, he will be able to do so unilaterally. In this case, the contract will be suspended until the end of the season on June 30, and after that, the player will become a free agent.

The same option is available for foreign coaches. Carry on. ))

American financial conglomerate Morgan Stanley stated that a default in Russia could occur as early as April 15, 2022.

This is reported with a link to Bloomberg.

According to Morgan Stanley, the chances of Russia repaying its external debt are rapidly diminishing as bond prices fall, a recession looms in the country, and various payment restrictions accumulate after the invasion of Ukraine.

We consider default to be the most likely scenario. In the event of a default, it is unlikely to resemble a typical one, the most apt comparison would probably be with Venezuela," wrote Simon Weaver, global head of strategy for emerging market credit at the company.

He noted that default will occur on April 15th already, as this is when the 30-day grace period for coupon payments ends, which the Russian government must pay on dollar bonds maturing in 2023 and 2024.

Now the approximate prices for these bonds are 29 cents per US dollar. And this is the lowest figure in history.

The text translates to: "The economy of the USSR did not fall so quickly."

At the border with Moldova, a group of "guides"—a Moldovan citizen—and 8 Ukrainian conscripts were detained.

Men tried to illegally cross the border of Ukraine in order not to protect it.

Among the detained Ukrainians are the son and grandson of singer Sofia Rotaru, reports "Ukrainian Truth".

If the information is confirmed, then we expect from Rotaru stories that this is not what we all thought.



❗️Attention Kyiv residents! Do not believe rumors about a shortage of reagents for water purification and problems with its quality!

This is fake!

✅ First of all, Kyivvodokanal has sufficient supplies of disinfectants for water disinfection in accordance with sanitary requirements.

✅Secondly, 40% of the water in Kyiv is disinfected without the use of chlorine, using more modern reagents.

✅Thirdly, use exclusively verified information. It can be found on the website, Facebook page, and Telegram channel of the KMDA, as well as on the website and Facebook page of Kyivvodokanal.

Ahhtyrka, Sumy region. This is what the city center looks like after a night bombardment by Russian occupiers.



Okhtyrka, Sumy region. Consequences of the terrifying night bombardment of the city by occupiers.



Putin congratulated women on March 8th and stated that only professional fighters are involved in combat operations.

The captives decided to refute this information.



🌷 35 thousand flowers for the women of Energodar

Translation: The company "Edel Flowers" and its Dutch partner "Jan de Wit en Zonen B.V." handed over 35 thousand flowers to the city of Energodar, "so that its residents would have a reason to smile," said the mayor of the city, Dmitry Orlov.

In Sumy, 9 people, including 2 children, died from a night air strike on residential buildings on Romenska and Spartaka streets. The State Emergency Service of Ukraine reported this.

Fascists ruthlessly strike residential buildings and civilian population. This is ordinary terrorism and the blood of these people is on Putin's hands and his scum.

Irpen after the arrival in the city of the Russian world in the plot of a German journalist.

Yanukovych appealed to Zelensky: "Personally, you are obligated at any cost to stop the bloodshed and achieve a peaceful agreement."

Strange that he didn't say anything about how he loves ostriches and how he likes being taken to Minsk. Although it would have been more reasonable. But what do we want from someone who sat twice and then fled to Russia? ))



⚡️ The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published up-to-date information from the front on March 8th.

Channels Evening with Vladimir Solovyov and Soloviev LIVE on YouTube have been blocked. Now the Evening jester will only crap his nightingale droppings on the heads of Russians from TV screens. And he will whine. Loudly and lingeringly.



🌹 Another greeting for International Women's Day from the fighters of the Joint Forces Operation.



😈 The cost of the dollar in the cash market in Russia has reached 190 rubles.



🤦 Yanukovych turned to Zelensky:"Personally, you are obliged to do something to stop the bloodshed and achieve a peaceful agreement."translates "RIA News".

Throughout the day, the enemy reorganized to storm Kyiv.

"For the assault, the occupiers plan to engage the most combat-ready units and divisions from the composition: the special regiment of the National Guard named after Ramzan Kadyrov (Grozny), the 27th detachment of the Special Purpose Police "Kuzbass" (Kemerovo), the 604th center of the Special Purpose Police "Vityaz" (Moscow), and the private military company "Liga" (formerly "Wagner"). This was reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine."

I have only one question, where will we bury them all?



Briefing by Irina Vereschuk regarding the opening of a humanitarian corridor for the city of Sumy.

What do the screens of Russian phones look like after the sanctions are introduced?



🤮 Yanukovych wrote a letter to Zelensky.

The price of a ton of grain on the New York Stock Exchange reached a historical maximum of $461, but then rolled back. "As long as the fighting continues in Ukraine, we cannot expect a resumption of exports from Russia and Ukraine," cites the source at the exchange, according to Spiegel. While buyers urgently seek other suppliers, some countries are imposing restrictions on grain exports - for example, Hungary has done so.

Russia and Ukraine produce over a quarter of the world's grain reserve.

Ad for Russians, which they deserved.



Vitaliy Kim welcomes Ukrainian women on March 8th!



💪 Enemy losses on March 8

Our athletes at the Paralympics in Beijing show excellent results.



🚍 From Kharkiv, it was possible to evacuate more than 600,000 people by train, the roads for departure are overloaded.



Belarusian volunteers are heading to fight for Ukraine.

"Not all Belarusians are aggressors. There is only one aggressor - Lukashenko," - they declare.

News about recycling Russian.



💙💛 Welcome, dear Ukrainians!

Read. Liked. Sharing.

I wrote a novel. Yes, in Russian, because the protagonist is in Russia. Yes, now, and yes, tomorrow too. Probably, I will expand and finish it a little, some shortcomings of this text have already been pointed out to me. But it is important to me that the maximum number of our, and, importantly, not our citizens read it right now, while there is still a chance to stop the rampaging schizophrenic.

Here is a text for 15-20 minutes of reading. Please read and spread as much as possible. Thank you. Alexander Krasovitsky.



Sample SAT, which was supposed to take place on March 19 and 26, has been canceled.- Center for Educational Quality Assessment.



🚶‍♂️One of the world's largest photo banks, Depositphotos, is leaving Russia and Belarus.All sales have been discontinued - subscriptions can only be taken after sanctions have been lifted.



⚡️ Japan bans the export of oil refining equipment to Russia.

Fresh rating of the world's armies. Top 10.



Kyiv region.

4. Kharkiv

5. Mykolaiv


7. Sumi

8. Kyiv


9. Armed Formation of Svyrida Opanasenko Agricultural Farm

10. Gypsies with a tractor

Mad Russia awaits "responsible patriots"

One of the key theses of recent days, on the promotion of which the deafening machine of Russian propaganda persistently works, is the idea of Putin's sanity and composure. In various interpretations, the mantras about his sober calculation, strategic genius, elevated spirits, and good mood are reproduced. The Kremlin's strategist is not working for nothing. More and more Russians are becoming convinced that Putin is not just a paranoid person, whose speeches are pre-edited in the spirit of "just in case something goes wrong," but also a wandering patient of the Kashchenko hospital. Because how else can we explain his suicidal decision to invade Ukraine, which leads the Putin regime towards inevitable and rapid extermination? Instead of victories, the Putin horde brings to Moscow only reports of more and more thousands of liquidated occupiers. What was intended as "Putin's victory" has turned into a disgraceful barbaric adventure led by a deranged madman.

Amazingly, although Putin's psychiatric madness is recognized by qualified doctors, they are not able to fully examine him, and even if the diagnosis is confirmed, according to the Russian constitution, he cannot be removed from power. This is an exceptional paradox: a diagnosed imbecile or idiot can be the president in Russia. No need to bring a certificate about it to the Central Election Commission. Here it is, the trap of the constitutional process in the conditions of Russian totalitarianism.

What is the way out of the current situation, when the patient of the Kremlin mental hospital can press the "red button" of the nuclear briefcase at any moment?

There is a probability that Putin will repeat the path of his idol, the same feeble-minded adventurous tsar Pavel. In 1801, a group of responsible patriots from the ruling elite saved Russia from the tyrant-autocrat. And now the insane Putin, who is afraid of everything for a reason, may expect a brutal murder in the Pavlovian surroundings.

Tsar Paul - Putin's alter ego. They are connected by very, very much. Both were born in October and under the zodiac sign "Libra". The political portraits of the two madmen at the helm of power are also similar.

Pavel intensely hated the elite. Much, if not almost everything in his politics, was determined by the desire to mockingly point out to them, "now it's not too soon for you." Putin has also been strictly dismantling the Russian ruling class under himself for almost a quarter of a century.

Due to political struggle, Pavel was essentially deprived of the love of the people close to him. Putin also doesn't have a family, and the presence of mistresses and illegitimate children, who appeared while he was in the position of president, does not make them close people to him, but merely a resource.

The appearance of Pavel and the reigning gegista coincides: small, unattractive, inspiring fear with their unpredictable behavior.

Not seeing anything good in the surrounding world, Pavel passionately became engrossed in medieval chivalry. Surkov also inspired Putin with the manic thought that he is a "white knight".

One of the main evidence of Pavel's insanity to this day is considered his intention to conquer India at any cost. A direct parallel with Putin's madness, who wants to subjugate Ukraine at any cost.

Well known, Paul was killed in the midst of preparing and promoting the Cossack expeditionary corps towards India. The crowned villain, who wanted to destroy many Russian people, was stopped in time. But Putin is not there yet, and the dictator, on the contrary, succeeded in the agony of disposing of the "deep people".

But the tired dwarf is likely not to rejoice for long. March is the most difficult month for Russian tyrants of all kinds. It took away three idols of the mad Putin: not only the hated Pavel, but also the tsar-feldfebel Nicholas I and the bloody butcher Stalin. Let's not hasten events, but simply trust the irresistible force of karma and the firmness of the hand of responsible patriots.



Mikhailo Podoliak on the green corridor from the city of Sumy.



❗️Sumam were given a green corridor, the first stage of evacuation has started, - Deputy Head of the OP Kyrylo Tymoshenko.

Here are two options - either drug addicts come up with this bullshit, or they consider everyone idiots and throw absolutely absurd fakes into the information space. Although, it's possible it's both in one.

The Russian Ministry of Defense suspects the existence of a network of biological laboratories in Ukraine.

Here are the main theses:

📍 Laboratories in Lviv worked with the causative agents of plague and Siberian ulcer, in Kharkiv and Poltava - diphtheria and dysentery.

📍In Ukraine, there has been an uncontrollable increase in the incidence of particularly dangerous and economically significant infections.

📍 Several thousand samples of serum from sick individuals belonging to the Slavic ethnicity have been exported from Ukraine to the USA.

📍 A network of over 30 biological laboratories has been formed on the territory of Ukraine, with the customer of this work being the US Department of Defense.

📍 In Ukraine, biological programs are being urgently terminated.

📍 The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has set the task of completely eliminating bioagents in laboratories from February 24th.

During these days, the whole world realized that Putin is just an old pervert, capable only of grabbing an unprotected woman by the buttocks, but nothing more.

The whole world, except Russia



❌ The Japanese payment system JCB stops providing services in Russia for banks that have been sanctioned. But continues to cooperate with "Sberbank".

⚡️Given the enormous number of Russian soldiers' corpses and the refusal of the Russian army to retrieve them, it can confidently be said that this is the first war in human history where the army refuses to collect its deceased. It is clear that for the Russian authorities, soldiers are cannon fodder, their lives mean nothing, but what will they say to the mothers of the deceased? After all, they won't even be able to bury their children-occupiers. And if the disposal rate of the remains does not decrease, there could be up to 20,000 occupiers' corpses by the end of this week. And what should be done about that? The only option remaining is to bury them in mass graves. And this is the choice of Putin and his generals.



35 buses have already left Poltava region to Sumy to evacuate people.In the column there are representatives of the Red Cross, medical personnel. Also sent 20 tons of humanitarian aid: food and medicine.

Poles joined the disposal of occupiers and tell how they kicked Russian sh*it against the background of this sh*t. ))



⚡️ Russian occupiers are preparing for the storming of the capital city and conducting regrouping, announced Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration Konstantin Usov.

They plan to involve the most combat-ready units and divisions from the composition until the assault.

• Special Regiment of Rosgvardiya named after Ramzan Kadyrov (Grozny);

• 27th compound of the Special Purpose Police Unit Kuzbass (Kemerovo);

• 604 Spetsnaz Center Vityaz (Moscow) Rosgvardiya;

• Private military company Liga (formerly Wagner PMC).

Girls, women, wives, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, colleagues and friends, happy International Women's Day! Sincerely, I wish that all the upcoming holidays you celebrate in a peaceful time, without shootings, sirens' wailing, and forced hiding in bomb shelters, without shelling our cities and towns, without the loss of our compatriots, but with your loved ones, close ones, and beloved!

You are all wonderful and incredible! Thank you all for being with us! Happy holiday to you!



March 8, 1943The liberation of Mykolaiv region from the Nazis has begun, says Vitalii Kim, the head of Mykolaiv Regional State Administration. Mykolaiv has received reinforcement and is preparing to liberate the region.

In the Russian airport Vnukovo-3, complete control over passengers' belongings has been introduced for the first time.

As a rule, private jets of high-ranking officials and oligarchs take off from this airport.

That is, they are snooping around for the purpose of exporting valuables and money, obviously.



❗️Regarding NATO, I cooled down on this issue after we realized that NATO is not ready to accept Ukraine. The Alliance is afraid of conflicting things and confrontation with the Russian Federation., — Zelensky.

What?! Did the old song start again?

We get weapons from NATO member countries. We get money from NATO member countries. The countries that are part of NATO impose devastating sanctions on the Russian economy. And our president says he has cooled towards NATO. Fucked up. Tell him that NATO cannot impose economic sanctions, give money, and transfer weapons to non-member states. These are done by countries that are part of NATO by mutual agreement. But with a couple more statements like that, these countries will cool off towards Ukraine. Then there will be no new weapons or new sanctions. Sometimes, you have to think before you speak. International diplomacy is a very delicate thing.



Vice President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis believes that if President of Russia Vladimir Putin is not stopped in Ukraine, the next victims could be Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.



‼️21 people have died, including 2 children.The Prosecutor General's Office has provided updated statistics on the consequences of yesterday's bombing in Sumy.



Zelensky urged President Putin to dialogue again.He also agrees to seek compromises, in particular regarding NATO, but not to capitulate.



"If the world stands aside, it will lose itself. Forever. Because there are unconditional values. The same for everyone. Above all, it is life. The right to life for everyone. That is exactly what we are fighting for in Ukraine. That is exactly what these weak occupiers want to deprive us of. That is exactly what the world should protect." Address of the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, on the morning of the thirteenth day of the war.



‼️ Lubny, threat of rocket attack!



Official information regarding the humanitarian corridor in Sumy.



🇱🇹 Juris Jurash - the current Chairman of the Legal Committee of the Parliament and the leader of the ruling faction of the Conservative Party of Latvia, came to Ukraine to join the legion and defend Ukraine from the occupant.



⚡️According to the Azov Regiment, the occupiers are attacking Mariupol, not allowing people to leave the city.

For idiots who say that Zelensky did not say that he cooled down about the NATO issue - here is a direct quote:

"Regarding NATO, I cooled down on this issue after we realized that NATO is not ready to accept Ukraine. The Alliance is afraid of contradictory things and confrontation with the Russian Federation," - Zelensky said in an interview with the American television channel ABC News.



⚡️ Right now, a large passenger plane "Qatar Airways", flying from Doha to Montreal, is breaking through the non-flight zone.

Comments are temporarily disabled. And stop trying to justify stupid statements from the authorities' offices. Stupidity is always liked to be justified in Russia. Don't compare yourself. Even if you are used to it.



⚡️ Ukrzaliznytsia has scheduled an additional evacuation train Dnipro-Lviv - 19:00 - №215/216.



Starobilsk. Luhansk region. (Emoji not available)The locals removed the occupant's flag, and instead hung the Ukrainian flag.

We are on our land! Glory to Ukraine!

This is part of what Russia has devastated in Ukraine. This is just a part.

In less than 12 days of war, Russia managed to destroy a small country. On this graph, there are no hundreds of kilometers of roads, exploded bridges, destroyed ports and airports. Currently, a preliminary assessment of the damage is being carried out.

Ukraine will restore and rebuild everything. But it will not forget anything.



They report that there is a navigation failure in the plane. It has already moved into the sky over Turkey.



🌷 Ukrainian border guards greet men with flowers who are trying to escape across the border.



💙💛 In Odessa, the volunteers' humanitarian center collects aid for the military and doctors.

At the basis of the Odessa food market, activists have set up a humanitarian center, where they accumulate humanitarian and military aid for the defense units of the Armed Forces, and for doctors.

Here they receive, sort and send medicines, power banks, warm clothing, sleeping bags, hygiene products, and more.

Putin did not forget to congratulate Russian women on March 8th.


To speed up our Victory, it is necessary to speed up the movement of transport on the roads of Ukraine!

In the first days after the treacherous invasion of Russian Federation and the call to arms throughout Ukraine, impromptu checkpoints started to be established by the forces of the local TRO.

With the efforts of the United Territorial Communities, in many places, the main roads were blocked by concrete blocks.

But now, when the blitzkrieg of the Nazi dictator failed, it is necessary to organize the work of checkpoints.

Especially this applies to the main transport arteries that lead from EU countries to the besieged Kyiv.

Checkpoint is necessary in order to regulate transportation flows, detain those who need to be detained, and help those who need help while working within a clear vertical military command structure.

Due to the spontaneous emergence of checkpoints and thoughtless blocking of roads with concrete blocks and other barriers, massive traffic jams formed on the entrances and exits to Kiev for tens of kilometers in the first days of treacherous aggression.

Due to the fact that Ukraine is currently completely blocked from the sea, highways are strategically important for the movement of military, food, and fuel!

So, the most important task for today is to organize the work of checkpoints on the main highways.

They should not be at the entrances and exits of almost every Ukrainian town in central, southern, and western Ukraine.

I address the members of territorial defense squads. Your work is very important. And there will be no shortage of sweat, blood, and tears ahead.

But now it is necessary to unquestioningly fulfill the requirements of the military command and the police to organize the work of checkpoints.

And first of all, remove the concrete blocks and other barriers from the roadway, which unreasonably delay the movement of traffic.

By speeding up the logistics of cargo and passengers on the roads of Ukraine, we are approaching our Victory!




Oleshky is Ukraine 🇺🇦



⚡️ Bloomberg reports that one of the largest oil and gas companies Shell is refusing Russian oil and gas.

It is interesting to observe the degradation of Russia's demands. Initially, Russia did not demand anything. It simply started a "special operation" without specific goals, the winner of which takes "everything". But things went awry with "everything". In Ukraine, Russians are not greeted by jubilant men like in Donbass, but by enraged women like in Kherson. Realizing that they made a small mistake, they decided to adapt and ask for the same thing, but "civilly". The first package of demands in the so-called negotiations included Crimea, "Donbass" with unclear borders, non-aligned status, and the unclear beast of "denazification", which can encompass that same "everything". But Ukraine, in an incomprehensible manner to the miserable analysts of the FSB, continues to offer fierce resistance, and the formula had to be adjusted: instead of denazification, there are rumors that they included the demand to appoint a Russian stooge, Boyko, as the Ukrainian Prime Minister (poor man - how will he wash himself clean now!). So, logically speaking, one Boyko can replace the entire denazification. Thus, perhaps the beast wasn't so terrifying to start a war? In any case, the trend is positive; you are going in the right direction, comrades. Among other things, it indicates that, apart from the voices in his head, Putin was heavily misinformed about the real situation and projections at the time of making the decision. Isn't that right, Comrade Surkov, our philosopher of free but plentiful bread and a fan of Hegel and Gödel?



⚡️Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Vereshchuk announced that the second humanitarian corridor has started operating - on the Mariupol-Zaporizhzhia stretch.

How does the Russian army fight? First, they agree on humanitarian corridors so that the civilian population can leave peacefully. For example, in Mariupol. After our soldiers, risking their lives, demine the roads, free the passage, and clear the exit from the city for buses to evacuate refugees from Mariupol, the Russians decided to use this moment for an attack and they attacked. Even though there was an agreement to let the refugees out and not to shoot. Well, aren't they scoundrels?

Did their mothers give birth to them or are they all the victims of Russian abortions?

After unprecedented pressure from the global community, Shell has announced its refusal of Russian oil and gas, according to Bloomberg.



❗️ Occupants have seized the radio station "Azovska Hvylya" in the city of Berdyansk, Zaporizhia region.There they will spread propaganda and anti-Ukrainian narratives.



📞 The captive occupant phoned his mother and said that they are not peacekeepers, but occupiers and fascists who kill innocent people.



Situation regarding the Russian invasion - briefing of the advisor to the Head of the Office of the President Alexey Arestovich.


Azov in Mariupol successfully beat up the Russians.



😄 A little bit of humor. Top-10 strongest armies in the world

Mom and another bitch. Her son says:

Mom, we are not liberators, but occupiers. We shot peaceful people.

"You, Vanechka, are not guilty," this crazy mother answers.

Apparently she and others like her will understand that their children-occupiers are guilty only when they receive them in cellophane packages.



😡 In Mariupol, the Russian army has been violating the agreements on a humanitarian corridor for the fourth day in a row. The evacuation of civilians did not take place again.



💪 Shell is closing petrol stations in Russia.

I want to tell you about a very interesting goose that we captured. Alexander Krasnoyartsev, a major, first-class pilot, chief of air, fire, and tactical training of the 2nd mixed aviation regiment of the 21st mixed aviation division of the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation (Shagol airfield, Chelyabinsk). He was shot down on his Su-34 aircraft on March 5th while bombing residential neighborhoods in the city of Chernigov. He had previously participated in bombing raids on the civilian population in Syria. There is a photo of him with the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

So, the residents of Krasnoyarsk have testified that orders for bomb attacks on civilian infrastructure and residential districts in Ukrainian cities are being deliberately given by the Russian military command. Moreover, these attacks are carried out using unguided free-fall bombs (not precision weapons) such as OFAB-250-270, FAB-500, OFZAB-500, contrary to the claims of the Russian Ministry of Defense. This has led to significant destruction of civilian infrastructure and casualties among the civilian population.

And now the icing on the cake, which I promised to tell a few days ago, but it was not possible then. I am absolutely certain that the fate of Major Krasnoyartsev has already attracted a lot of interest from the international legal community. Soon there will be a question of his extradition to The Hague. After all, at the request of 39 states parties to the Rome Statute, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan, announced on March 2 the start of an investigation into crimes falling under the jurisdiction of the ICC, committed by the Russian Federation in Ukraine.

The camera is waiting for the bastard in The Hague, from where, after receiving all the necessary information from him, he will apparently move to the place of the new tribunal for crimes of aggression by Russia against Ukraine, which is being created right now at the demand of several European countries. And from there, German prosecutors will most likely happily take him away: he still has to talk about Syria; and the law that came into force in Germany in 2002 provides universal jurisdiction to prosecute crimes against humanity, recently a former colonel of the Syrian special services was sentenced to life imprisonment there - they will be sitting side by side.

This is how his European tour will be.

PS And yes, it cannot be changed! His testimony is a disaster for Putin.

PPS Video with him after this post.



In the Netherlands, a fundraiser was held to help the victims of the war in Ukraine. Over 106 million euros were raised in just one day.

This is the previous amount. It is expected to increase in the coming days.

Here is this scum, Major Krasnoyartsev. Fat goose. Christmas. They are waiting for him in Europe as the most desired gift 🎁.



🎷 Near the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater, a music orchestra plays.

Turning on the comments. And at the same time, I'm opening the doors to the bank. Let's be restrained.

PS Don't write to or reply to bots and trolls. I ban and clean them as time and energy permit.



⚡️ General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports:

There remains a possibility of Belarus's large-scale participation in military actions against Ukraine on the side of the Russian Federation.

The units of the ground forces and the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been raised to higher levels of combat readiness, but the morale and psychological state of the personnel is extremely low. The majority of soldiers are aware of the future actions and do not want to fight on the side of the Russian occupiers.



🚫 British BP will not enter into new agreements to purchase Russian oil and gas!

For the letter Z on the car, they have already started stealing. Good. But not enough.



Know, boy, that our girls' eggs are stronger than your soldiers.

British Petroleum also announced that it is discontinuing cooperation with Russia. And Shell has not only stopped purchasing Russian oil, but now even closing gas stations in Russia.

New money of Russia. )))

⚡️⚡️⚡️The Ukrainian Air Defense has shot down 52 enemy aircraft and 69 Russian helicopters since the beginning of the war.

⚡️⚡️ According to unwritten rules of war, an aerial offensive operation ceases if the losses of the air fleet reach 30%.

⚡️⚡️At the moment, Russia has concentrated around Ukraine 500 aircraft, 30% - this equals 150 units.

⚡️We have to shoot down 98 more enemy planes.



⚡️"If NATO does not want or cannot 'close the sky' over Ukraine, we will do it ourselves, give us weapons, if yours lie in cases", - Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov.



😊 Arestovych addressed women:If it weren't for you — there wouldn't have been such a crazy resistance..

Russia, most likely, will not see a new version of "The Lord of the Rings", such a movie, yes. What a pity. By the way, there is no 100% guarantee yet whether the film will include episodes showing the military-patriotic training of young orcs in Mordor, but most likely, yes. It is precisely this that explains the ferocity of these creatures and their readiness to die for their Mordor regime. But for the first time, by the way, this film epic should feature scenes with captive orcs, in which they cry and assure the elves that they were just going for training.

From childhood, orcs are taught, they conduct training in their schools, they are impressed that hobbits, humans, and elves threaten the orcish hordes. They sometimes even sniff towards Mordor, undermining its greatness. Standing in front of the portrait of Sauron, the leader of their thousands of little crooked-eared orcs, they sing in chorus, "Uncle Sauron, we are with you!"

Of course, this is a film. Nowhere else but in a film about orcs, their crazy, demented all-powerful leader, will you see anything like this. It turns out that all the wars and land conquests in Middle-earth are only related to the fact that in the presence of elves, hobbits, and humans, Mordor just can't feel safe, not at all. Sauron constantly demands guarantees and intends to ensure the safety of his Mordor by depopulating humans, dehobbitizing hobbits, and fully elvenizing all the forests.

In the movie, scenes and meetings of the Council of Security of Mordor under Sauron may be included. It turns out that the monster is terribly obsessed with the history of Mordor and constantly reads long lectures to the members of the Council about rings and battles on this matter. The last lecture was shorter than the others, it only took 7000 years.

"Knockout," 06.03.2022.



⚡️ The Russian army shot a civilian car with passengers.

A video appeared showing how some Russians fired shots at a car with civilians in the town of Makarov, west of Kyiv. Then these scumbags will say they were on a training exercise?...



🚌 Evacuation column from Sumy is moving according to plan.



A new batch of NLAW and Javelin has arrived. Someone will have palatinate.☺️

Another good news from Mordor. The largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance will no longer support Mastercard and Visa cards issued in Russia from March 9th.

Besides, all operations with Mastercard and Visa cards initiated by financial institutions outside of Russia will also be unavailable in the territory of the Russian Federation and on Binance.



🚫 Dmitry Kuleba asks all socially responsible global businesses to cease operations with Russia or in Russia.

And this is really funny. Deputy of the State Duma, Leonid Slutsky, who has been accused with evidence of sexual harassment, congratulates women on the 8th of March. Lenya, you should not use force against women and it would become a holiday for them. By the way, Slutsky could not become the vice-president of PACE in 2019 because of this story of sexual harassment. Because Europeans despised electing such a disgrace. And he was running on the absolute quota of the Russian Federation. But he did not pass.

At least now he is a member of the negotiating group between Russia and Ukraine.

And this is one of the articles on the topic of Slutskiy's shame.



⚡️The largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance will no longer support Mastercard and Visa cards issued in the territory of the Russian Federation starting from March 9.

And a bit of good music wouldn't hurt any of us!



‼️ Mykolaiv, Odessa, air alarm!



⚡️ Former prosecutor of occupied Crimea Natalia Poklonskaia arrived in Kherson region together with the occupying forces. She writes that she came to help peaceful residents.

In the Russian Federation, a contest for the main fuck-up of the year has begun. The first participant has appeared. ))



In the morning, the service was launched and already received over 700,000 applications for eSupport.

The monetary aid amounts to 6,500 UAH.

Who can receive it? Hired workers for whom the ERV and FOP of all groups are paid. The payment is intended to support the population in areas where the most active combat actions are taking place. It will also support FOPs who cannot provide for themselves due to the start of the war.

Apply through the Diya app. You can spend the money on anything.



How does mobilization take place in the territories that Russia has decided to "protect"?



‼️Uman, air alarm!

To shelter!



🥺 Russia has effectively taken hostage 300,000 residents of Mariupol and does not allow them to be evacuated, despite agreements involving the International Committee of the Red Cross — Kuleba.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine called on the international community to put pressure on Russia in order to save people.

Through the blockade by Russian occupiers, a 6-year-old girl died from dehydration in Mariupol.



🤬 The Mayor of Kharkiv, Igor Terekhov, revealed that he received an offer from the Russian occupiers to surrender the city. Of course, he refused.



From Ukraine, 2 million people have left since the beginning of the full-scale war - UN.

Hackers from Anonymous hacked federal TV channels in Russia. Videos from Kharkiv and the results of Russian influence in Ukraine were broadcasted on all state channels. In the end, there was a call to the population to wake up and protest.

But zombies are unable to wake up.

This is an interesting screenshot. It seems that these are exactly the helicopters of the Russian occupiers that were destroyed recently at the airfield near Kherson! There are 49 of them in the screenshot.

Understood? 49 newest Russian helicopters went to the scrap metal. Russian Aerospace Forces have never experienced such a blow in their inglorious history.

And here's how Anonymous hacked Russia today.



⚡️The White House will announce today a ban on the import of Russian oil, fuel prices will rise worldwide, but "this is the price of freedom" - Senator Chris Coons on CNN.

The United States today intends to ban the import of Russian oil — Bloomberg



‼️ Kiev, air alarm!



💪 Another column of military equipment was destroyed in the Kyiv region, which was reported through a chat bot.



❗️KFC and Pizza Hut announced that they are suspending investments and development in Russia and redirecting income towards humanitarian goals.



🌺 Odessa trolleybuses celebrate International Women's Day on March 8.

This is Kherson, baby! The occupiers wanted someone to bring flowers to them. And here in Kherson, people brought flowers to the occupiers: two carnations with a black ribbon.



😢From the beginningincursionRussian occupiers in Ukraine 41 children were killed, 76 children were injured.



😡 Russian occupiersобстріляли - shelled.central city hospital of Izium city

Through shelling, the most modern department of the hospital, which was built half a year ago, has been destroyed.



⚡️The second evacuation column has left Sumy.

The European Commission has a plan to replace more than 70% of Russian gas imports this year by increasing purchases of liquefied natural gas, clean energy, and gas storage. This is reported by Reuters.

"Replacing a large part of Russian gas by next winter will be difficult. The commission wants to reduce it by 112 billion cubic meters just this year," the publication notes.



✈️ Ryanair promises to become the first airline to return to Ukraine.

Again we will plan where to go to Europe for the weekend 🙃

Executive Vice President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis: "It'll be damn hard for the EU to replace two-thirds of Russian gas this year, but it's possible."

This is a ten!

The party Servant of the People expressed its position on the negotiations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

This is certainly very cute that the party SPOKE UP, but maybe it should first MAKE A DECISION to exclude Trukhin and Kuzminih from its faction? Or do Servant of the People think that everyone has forgotten everything? Even OPZZ found time to exclude Kiva from its ranks, but#слугиTheir own still cover and disgrace this president, idiots. Mda...

Lieutenant Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Nikolai Kondratsky appealed to his first cousin - a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Security Anatoly Vyborny, and called on him not to disgrace the family and stop the war.

At what stage did you sell your soul to the devil and forget that your homeland is in danger?


This is fantastic. The UN representative of Ukraine shows a tweet by the Foreign Minister Lavrov stating that "the goal of the war in Ukraine is to prevent a war in Ukraine" and reminds of the phone number to call for urgent psychiatric help.

I am interested in observing how a large number of traitors are now being captured and detained by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). These are Ukrainian citizens who, during the annexation of Crimea and the occupation of Donbas, were serving in the armed forces or working for the SBU and police, but betrayed Ukraine and switched to the side of Russia. Now they have invaded Ukraine as part of the occupying forces. Yes, they have been captured and detained, but their future is absolutely hopeless. They are disposable assets for Russia. And if the Kremlin may still want to get back Russian prisoners, these creatures, even with Russian passports, are not needed by Putin. They were truly used and discarded like condoms after sex. It is interesting whether they understand this, and whether their families understand that they should no longer wait for them to come home. Traitors are not needed or cared about by anyone, except those who will punish them. So the fate of traitors is unenviable but predictable.

The Irish Times writes: "The UN prohibits employees from using the words 'war' or 'invasion' in relation to Ukraine." According to journalists from the publication, this is done to "balance sensitive political moments" at a time when the powerful UN member state, Russia, "is dealing with those who use these words within the country." Instead, UN employees are instructed to use the words "conflict" or "military offensive." Journalists refer to a document that was sent to UN employees on Monday by the communications department. Additionally, the UN has banned its employees from using Ukrainian flags on social media profiles or websites - "this phenomenon has become a widespread expression of solidarity with the country since the start of the invasion on February 24," The Irish Times notes. The argument presented by the UN is "a way to avoid reputational risk."

If this is true, then such an attempt to distance oneself from taking a position will lead the UN to failure, just like the League of Nations once did.

Another batch of captured orcs from the Nikolaev region. But these captives are very necessary. They will dig common graves for thousands of their fellow citizens-occupiers, who lie on Ukrainian soil and rot. And they need to be removed somewhere. Since the Kremlin doesn't need these corpses, we will bury them. And these glasses will take care of the grave-digging work.



🎓 The Ministry of Education and Science wants to cancel the state final certification (SFC), external independent evaluation (EIE), unified entrance exam (UEE), and unified professional entrance exam (UPEE) of 2022.

If briefly, the Ministry of Education plans to exempt applicants from exams due to the state of war and the attack of Russian occupiers.

Oh, what beauty was hung up in Riga, opposite the Russian embassy.


We also have losses.

I have an idea about numbers.

Our losses are ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE smaller than those of the Russian occupiers.

Exactly IN ORDER, not several times.


Most of our troops (primarily in the JFO) met the enemy on prepared defensive positions.

On the other directions, our troops actively maneuver. Nobody drives multi-kilometer columns through the steppe / hostile forest.

Our gods of war work just like gods. The quality of artillery work is incomparable. Air defense and the Air Force as a whole also work effectively.

4) Russians still have an advantage in armored vehicles. But this equipment mostly doesn't have time to truly engage in combat. These are green coffins on wheels/tracks. Russians were clearly not prepared for the fact that all those who run on the ground - army, Special Forces, guards, police, border guards - can burn them with various means of destruction.

Since they can hardly get into our army, these creatures bombard peaceful cities...


our army, TRP, other security forces were injured, exhausted, but maintain combat readiness and manageability.

Our reserve is hardly involved yet. While combat brigades, special forces, and artillery are hunting down the occupiers on the move, serious reinforcement is being prepared. All trophies come in handy. Plus, there is assistance that we do not talk about.

Our losses are not hidden, information is conveyed to relatives as it becomes ready.

In order not to disclose the enemy the condition of the units, publicly data about the losses in our combat units will either not be disclosed at all, or they will be maximally blurred/depersonalized. Currently, it is a necessity. After the war, the names of all heroes will be announced.

At the same time, as you can see, no one is hiding the loss of civilian population, as well as the death of people in the rear. That is, it does not give an idea of ​​combat readiness. There will be no lies here. Mutual trust is the basis for mobilizing the whole country. (c) Alexey Kopytko

This is one of the creatures that shell the civilian population in Kharkiv. The creature is not very brave and closed its mouth. But that doesn't mean our Special Operations Forces won't find this creature. And they won't take the creature prisoner. Let her suffer.



🇺🇦Viewers of "Pravo" responded to the question "where will you go after the war?"TwitterThe following cities are indicated: Kharkiv, Sumy, Chernihiv, Horlivka, Mariupol, Kherson, Odessa, Melitopol, Mykolaiv, Berdiansk.



⚡️The USA prohibits the import of oil from Russian territory.

I have never watched Soloviev's broadcasts. Because there has always been crystal-standard propaganda and lies there. But today something went wrong for him. These 5 minutes are worth watching. And enjoy his pessimism, swearing, and obvious longing. Also, enjoy this funny admission that he doesn't understand why this war had to start. And the good thing is that he understands - sanctions won't be lifted. So Russia is screwed. And that is priceless. Because if even one of the main propagandists of the Kremlin doesn't hide his shock from what is happening, then what is happening in the Kremlin itself?

Nikolaev region becomes one of the main suppliers of Russian helicopter scrap metal. Keep it up. Another destroyed Russian Mi-24 attack helicopter. And there will definitely be more trophies like these.

And a little more of today's trophies from the Nikolaev region.

Biden: The US is imposing a ban on all imports of energy resources from Russia. In the US, they understand that European allies will not be able to join the ban. The decision to ban the import of oil and gas from Russia will also hit the US itself, but Washington believes it must take this step.

The American president also added that against the backdrop of these sanctions, gasoline prices in the US will continue to rise.



If Ryanair really returns to flights in Ukraine, then we will propose a new logo.

How do you like it? 🤔

This is four frames from the Nikolaev region too. This occupant came to our land. And he was met with enthusiasm. As it should be. It will be the same with all occupiers. Share with the Russians. Let them cringe at the thought of what will happen to them if they come to Ukraine.



⚡️ Volodymyr Zelensky addresses the Parliament of Great Britain.



😢 On Chernihiv region civilian car.підірвалося -> explodedIn the following translation you requested, the punctuation marks will be kept, emojis and links will not be translated, and the translated text or emojis will be shown:In a shootout in the [exact translation: "on the prototype hunt mini"], three people died, and three children were injured.

This is part of the trophies obtained in battle, when the SPG knocked out the occupiers from Voznesensk in the Mykolaiv region.

Sooner or later, but these and other trophies will be exhibited in the Museum of Victory, which we will create in Kyiv. And this will be a museum of our glorious victories and a museum of shame for the Russian army. Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Photographs (c) Pavel Lugovoy



❗️McDonald's is closing 850 of its restaurants on Russian territory.






📄GQ, Vogue, Tatler, Glamour, AD have suspended all publishing operations in Russia.




KFC announced the cessation of work on Russian territory.

McDonald's announced that it is temporarily closing all 850 restaurants in Russia, where 60,000 Russians work. It is important for us that another 60,000 McDonald's employees will be left without a job. When there will be millions of them, they will start suspecting that something went wrong. But for now, they still haven't understood the reason for what is happening to them. They are stupid, stupid.

A little black humor. But all is fair. ))

Wagnerites, Kadyrovites... Some gangs of Basmachis, not an army. ))



❗️ Today, three rockets flew to Borispol airport.

Two of them were eliminated by air defense forces.

Glory to our defenders! 💪

The US refusal of Russian oil and gas. When will Putin be forced to sit at the negotiating table.

Actually, American embargo has practically nothing to do with Ukraine. Although we are a key player in this geopolitical game.

2. The war of RF against Ukraine has become a catalyst for the global redistribution of the energy market around the world. The United States will try to limit the role of RF in the global gas and oil balance in the next few years (oil is a key driver of the Russian economy).

3. RF may (must) replace Iran, Venezuela, countries of the Persian Gulf and first of all Saudis. Now the USA works in all three directions.

4. In Iran, Israel, with the help of Germany and Russia), partially managed to block the agreement to lift sanctions. Israel fears that after the lifting of sanctions, Iran, thanks to energy exports, will quickly enter the top 15 world economies. While the agreement is stalled, it is important for the United States that Iran partially replaces Russia.

5. Americans, de facto, promised Venezuela the lifting of sanctions in exchange for distancing from RF. We have no response from Maduro yet, although, judging by everything, the proposal is more than tempting.

For the first time after the journalist's murder, the US President will visit Saudi Arabia to negotiate a new oil redistribution worldwide.

7. The game of displacing RF has begun, although at first glance, the currently soaring price of oil and gas will play into the hands of RF in the coming months.


The translation of the text is as follows:"High oil prices globally hit the world economy, particularly the EU and China. For them, it is crucial to stop soaring prices."

The EU (Germany) will try to hold onto Russia for some time (Europe objectively cannot do without Russian energy carriers for the next 2-3 years). But for them, the speedy completion of the war in Ukraine is important.

3. China did not expect that Russia is involved in Ukraine. And the current oil situation forces China to participate in negotiations on Ukraine. And even a situation where China will start negotiations with the USA on resolving the oil issue is not excluded.

4. We have become too important to the world. The whole world is now forced to play the game "how to reduce the gas price" and one of the most important elements of reducing the price is the resolution of the Ukrainian issue.

5. Russia cannot fail to understand how far Putin has gone with his adventure. And before they are forced into productive negotiations, they need some sort of victory (the main strike being Mariupol and an attempt to do something in Kyiv). Therefore, our task is to hold out for the next 7-10 days. Furthermore, with a high probability, Putin will be forced to sit at the negotiation table. And whatever the results of these negotiations may be, Russia will start being expelled from the global oil and gas market. (c) Vadym Denysenko



🙅🏻‍♂️ В ООН -> 🙅🏻‍♂️ In the UNdeniedThe presence of a ban on the use of the word "war" regarding the situation in Ukraine.



🏎 Russian territory remains without new Ferrari & Lamborghini.

The Polish national team automatically reached the final of the qualifying tournament for the 2022 World Cup, following the suspension of the Russian national team — FIFA statement.

Mda, and like they wouldn't have gone out like that? They would have, but they would also have kicked Erefiya’s ass.



Why are you still in your city or town?

At least someone there has their wits and decency intact. Although, there are very few people there. Tremendously few.

It is useful to remember that our defenders were able to thwart the Kremlin's blitzkrieg, did not allow the RF to dictate terms to us.Translated text: It is useful to remember that our defenders were able to thwart the Kremlin's blitzkrieg, did not allow the RF to dictate terms to us.

Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they are invincible.



📺 Digital retransmission of Ukrainian television channels has been restored in Kharkiv.

Now I've seen it all! The Russian Ministry of Defense proudly presented the Russian armored train. This fantastic Iron Ko-peet, literally created from shit and sticks, evokes hilarious laughter. Damn, it would be shameful to even blow up this crap. We'll just burn it. Along with the rusnya on board. )))

Andriy Tsaplienko announces that 40,000 foreign military personnel have arrived in Kyiv, and a separate unit will be created for Canadians. Canadian presenter Dean Blundell tweeted that about 40,000 foreign military personnel and veterans have reached Kyiv. Among them are over 500 Canadians (who are still arriving), so a separate unit will be created for them.



❗️The Ministry of Defense asks not to write about what weapons and equipment are being transferred to Ukraine.

Russian Nasrulaev realized that Russia has messed up in Ukraine. It started to dawn on them...



❌ Starbucks stops operating in Russian territory.

The topic of the transfer of Polish MiGs to the Americans and their relocation to Ramstein base definitely appealed to me. I don't know how many of them will be there, but I think it will be the same number as the Ukrainian tourists with combat plane driving skills who wander around the base after their arrival. Well, you du hast mich.

No, of course, Russians will make a fuss, like, what the hell? Where did the planes go? In this situation, my advice is: talk to them in their language.

Variant 1. Turn on the fool.

- Where are the airplanes?

We have no idea. It's not us. How could you think such a thing about us after threatening us with a nuclear club? Are we our own enemies?

Variant 2. Bykuyem

Where the fuck are your fucking planes?

- Losers, you should shut up, lousy watchmen. You shit on Ukrainian fields with tanks like tractors. So, go fuck yourself, Russian ship.

Variant 3. Mysterious

(признаюсь, мой любимый) - (admittedly, my favorite)

Where did the Polish planes from the American military base go?

They flew away...



❗️Coca-Cola stops operations on Russian territory.



💰Westпідготує => prepare"Marshall Plan" for the reconstruction of Ukraine.



"The world does not believe in the future of Russia. It does not talk about it. They talk about us, help us, and are preparing to support our reconstruction after the war. Because everyone has seen: for a people who defend themselves heroically, this 'post-war' will definitely come. Address of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in the evening of the thirteenth day of the war."



Mayor of Irpin Alexander Markushin announced that on March 9, the evacuation of city residents is expected by bus.10:00 to 15:00



‼️WARNING! An air alarm has been declared in Kyiv!

Please all urgently proceed to civil defense shelter!


‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!



🥳 The largest holding of record labels in the music industryUniversal Music Groupstops business in Russia and closes its offices.



🇬🇧✈️ Great Britain is introducingcriminalResponsibility against any Russian aircraft in its airspace.



👌 The credit rating agency Fitch, following Moody's, has lowered Russia's credit rating from B to C - that is, to a pre-default state.



🗣 Prime MinisterHungarianstating that the country does not support sanctions against Russia regarding the ban on the import of Russian energy resources:

Although we condemn Russia's armed aggression and condemn war, we will not allow Hungarian families to suffer due to the war, and therefore sanctions should not apply to oil and gas extraction.



👋 Taxi service Bolt will leave the Belarusian market and transfer 5 million euros to Ukraine



💸The Central Bank of Russia has banned the sale of currency at bank cash desks, but only dollars can be withdrawn from deposits, and only up to $10,000.

Restrictions have been introduced at least until September 9th.



🤯The personnel of the occupied by Russians Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant is being tortured.

The occupation forces forced the station management to record an appeal, which they plan to use for propaganda purposes - Minister of Energy.German Galushchenko