Feb 24, 2024 - Day 731

731 days of active phase of the 10-year war. Two years since the full-scale invasion day. We survived these two years, we will survive everything else! Is everyone here?



As a result of the latest Russian attack on Odessa, three wounded are in critical condition.— OVA.

Woman born in 1962 has 70% burns on her body and severe burn shock, her daughter born in 1993 also suffered severe burns on 10% of her body surface and numerous bone fractures.

Another injured 72-year-old woman, who was under the rubble for almost two hours, received thermal burns of 40% body surface area and limb fractures.

Time for good news!



🇪🇺President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen arrived in Kyiv.



Today marks exactly 2 years since February 24, 2022, Russia began a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

731 days ago at dawn, Ukrainian cities were hit by missile strikes. Since then, Ukrainians have been living in conditions of a cruel, brutal full-scale war that has crossed out life until February 24, 2022 and finally destroyed the international order in the world.

At the same time, Russian military aggression against Ukraine has been going on for 10 years. The war started when the Kremlin, hiding behind hybrid aggression, annexed Crimea and occupied parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions in 2014.

Our defenders do everything possible every day to make the Victory Song sound in Ukraine.

Glory to Ukraine!

This video by Valeriy Zaluzhnyi is exactly a year old. But it's not outdated. It will not be outdated in 10 years, or even in 100 years.


People made of concrete.

People of steel.

Ordinary people.

Ordinary HEROES.

Among us.

With us in formation.

Thank you.

I write to you.

Thanks to you we persevered!

Thanks to you we will win.



❌12 ballistic missiles and 2 X-59 missiles have been destroyed.

On the night of February 24, 2024, the occupiers attacked with two ballistic missiles "Iskander-M" (from Rostov region), three guided aviation missiles X-59 (from TOT Kherson region) and 12 combat drones of the "Shahed" type (Primorsko-Akhtarsk, Chauda).

As a result of the military operation, two guided aviation missiles X-59 and 12 "Shahed" were destroyed in the territories of Kirovohrad, Odesa, and Mykolaiv regions.



🕯Every morning at 9:00 a minute of silence honors the memory of those killed in Russia's brutal war against Ukraine.



😈At night, drones attacked the Lipetsk Metallurgical Plant.

The local authorities called it a UAV crash and violation.

By the way, this plant supplies steel, alloys, and rolled products to enterprises that produce ballistic and cruise missiles. This is one of the key enterprises of Russia's strategic industry.



😡Twice in one night, the Russian army shelled Nikopol region. Fired over half a dozen artillery shells, - OVA.

At first, one of the villages of the Marganets community was affected. Then - the district center.

People are uninjured.

We all remember. We remember everyone. We will never forget anything.



🤬Over the past day, the enemy carried out 20 shelling of settlements in the Kherson region.— OVA.

The city of Kherson was attacked 7 times.

Russian military targeted residential areas of settlements in the region.

As a result of Russian aggression, 4 people were injured.



Today, another endless 24th of February has begun.

Instead of an alarm clock - an alarm. Cold shower of news. Waiting is fed from the marathon. Donation instead of coffee. Familiar?

Two years - like one day. Purchased aid for the Armed Forces abroad, brought it in order in Kyiv, delivered it to Donetsk, Kherson, Kharkiv regions. Went abroad to negotiate aid for Ukraine and work in parliament. And then we gather cargo for the front again. And so on in a circle. Day by day, week by week.

He left the countdown of the third year of the decade-long war. It will be very difficult. For 8 years, the insane horde was restrained on the borders of Donetsk and Crimea, buying time to strengthen, but it broke loose from the chain and feeds on human blood.

Our duty is to stop them. For the freedom and prosperity of the entire free world. For this, the best sons and daughters of Ukraine give their lives.

The 730th day began on February 24. But not for everyone. Someone has already forgotten about unity, drags the army into dirty political games, thinks about PR and future elections. Elections that may never happen if "they" do not repent.

We are all very hard. But do not let despair and despair get into your heart. We work for victory. I am convinced that if God gave us these trials, then he knew that we would withstand and cope.

Therefore we keep our mind cool, our heart warm, and our back straight.

This is the way.


24.02.2022, 6-00.



🥺Unique footage from the destroyed Avdiivka, filmed by the National Guard fighters.

Continuous shelling, destroyed houses and roads, mountains of mud and ruins. National guards are walking along the streets of the ruined Avdiivka under the explosions of thousands of enemy shells and aerial bombs.

For many months our soldiers held positions on the outskirts of Avdiivka. Tens of thousands of occupiers remained in Ukrainian land forever.



The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published approximate overall losses of Russian occupiers.

Thanks came from the famous 72nd separate mechanized brigade named after the Black Zaporozhians. I also want to thank everyone who had the opportunity and desire to donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Thank you! Together we are strong!



😂First a flash, then explosions! - GUR confirmed the downing of the Russian plane A-50U.


The last flight A50U took place on February 23, 2024 at 15:50 from the Ahktubinsk airport and was supposed to carry out terrorist tasks of the aggressor state Russia near the settlements of Primorsko-Akhtarsk - Zernograd.

Sharp cessation of work in the specified area of the radar complex of the drone equipped with А-50У was recorded by the stations of the radio-technical reconnaissance of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine at 18:45.


The fire damage of the modernized DRLO A-50U of the Russian Aerospace Forces also confirms the interception of the conversation of the Su-35 cover crew.


One of the Russian pilots on the radio reports that he observed the work of the air defense system, flashes and explosions.


An additional sign of the success of the joint operation of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the order to abort the missions for two Su-35 aircraft and three Su-34 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces, which were carrying out tasks near the settlement of Milleorovo - some of them planned to strike near Avdiivka.

The Economist hints to Europe with its cover that it is a potential target for Putin and asks if it is ready for possible consequences and war with the arrival of Trump to power in the USA?



World leaders recorded a message to Ukrainians on the occasion of the second anniversary of Russia's full-scale war against Ukraine.

Thoughts of a former Zelensky supporter. And he will never vote for him again. Never. The main thing is that a person has seen the light, understood the mistake, and drawn conclusions. And there are many of them. Very many. This is good!



Fire at the Sukhoi Aircraft Manufacturer plant in Moscow.

There is reported smoke in one of the hangars on the territory of the enterprise.

The company where the fire occurred is engaged in development, production, marketing, training of flight personnel, after-sales service of Su and Be brand combat and civilian aircraft.

This video was recorded in Kyiv on February 24th at 10 in the morning. The first rocket explosions rang out. Columns of Russians were advancing through Ukraine, while their propagandists were spreading panic messages in Ukrainian segments of social media. But our soldiers were already pushing back. Thoughts that were mixed in my head at that time, and the understanding that we needed to morally support people, transformed into this video. First conclusions, first emotions, first advice. Yes, it wasn't two or three weeks. Yes, I was speaking very confusedly. But the main message I voiced then has not changed and still remains. We will resist. And Ukraine will prevail!




Great people of a great country! Incredibly proud of each and every one. I am fascinated by each and every one. I believe in each and every one. Any normal person wants the war to end. But none of us will allow our country to end.

That is why when it comes to words about the end of the war, we always add: on our terms. That is why next to the word peace always sounds: just. That is why in the future history next to the word Ukraine will always stand the word Independent. We fight for this. And we will win. On the best day of our lives.

Thank you to all of you warriors, our people and everyone in the world who stand by us and truth. Glory to Ukraine!



🇨🇦 Canada has imposed sanctions against ten Russians and 153 Russian enterprises, according to the website of the Canadian government.

Restrictions are aimed at individuals and legal entities that support the Russian army through financing, logistics, and evasion of sanctions.

Ottawa also banned the export of goods to Russia that could be used to manufacture weapons and conduct war against Ukraine.



Commander of the Air Force Mykola Oleshchuk showed the work of the air command South on the night of February 24, 2024.



Polish farmers for the third time damaged Ukrainian agricultural products at the Polish railway station Dorohusk.— Ministry of Infrastructure.

“Our country is defended and survives also thanks to farmers. Therefore, those who committed these crimes are definitely not interested in Ukrainian peace and the victory of the civilized world. We call on the law enforcement authorities of Poland to give an immediate reaction,” - commented the Minister of Development of Communities, Territories, and Infrastructure, Oleksandr Kubrakov.

Ukrzaliznytsia has turned to Polish law enforcement agencies for the third time.



💬Ukraine is now closer to NATO than ever before. The country's accession to the Alliance is no longer a question of if, but a question of when.— NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

President Putin started this war because he wanted to close the door to NATO and take away Ukraine's right to choose its own path. But he achieved the complete opposite. Ukraine is now closer to NATO than ever before. Ukraine will join NATO, it's not a question of if, but a question of when, - Stoltenberg said.

The Secretary-General added that the Alliance will continue to support Ukraine for your and our security.

A few military stories for you in the feed. We had a similar story with the guys from Transcarpathia. Well... ))

Today is the second anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. We all remember the first hours and days of the invasion, when officials fled to western Ukraine, when the authorities fearfully hid in their offices, and ordinary Ukrainians went out to defend their land. Two years later, the war is still ongoing, and how long it will last is unknown. But we still need to unite around Ukraine and the Armed Forces. No matter who throws sticks in our wheels, no matter what foolishness the current government does, we all need to move towards victory. Will Zelensky form a government of national unity? Will the authorities start persecuting people who took responsibility to defend the country? I shared details in my personal blog. Join the discussions in the comments.




The crew of 10 occupiers died in the shot down Russian aircraft A-50 on February 23.- writes Ukrayinska Pravda with reference to sources in the GUR.

It is noted that all 10 Russians who were on the plane died. Among them - five majors, three captains, a warrant officer, and a lieutenant.



At night, the buildings of world organizations and architectural landmarks were illuminated in the colors of the Ukrainian flag as a sign of solidarity with the Ukrainian people.



My people are! My people always will be!

No one will cross out my people!

These words of Symonenko are in every Ukrainian's heart today. Today is the 730th day of the never-ending 24th of February ten-year war.

Do we really have two years? It feels like the day never ends. Every morning: anxiety instead of an alarm clock, a cold shower of news, the deceitful ugliness of a marathon, and instead of tea or coffee - a doughnut. Day after day we buy equipment abroad and inside Ukraine, Mavics, ammunition, drones, FPV, and everything possible. We arrange everything in Kyiv and send it all to the front: to the East and South.

Today at 6 in the morning I returned from the front. In one day, assistance was provided to 19 brigades: 5 brigades of the 10th Army Corps in the South, 10 mountain-storm, heroes of Avdiivka 110 mechanized, 53 mechanized, 57 motorized infantry, 58 motorized infantry, 68 jäger, 54 reconnaissance, 74 reconnaissance. Everyone has the same question - give FPV, give tractors, give Mavics, when will the shells arrive.

We see no fear, no uncertainty in the eyes of our military. My call to our European partners - help us to pursue our Ukrainian cause, even though it is difficult for everyone.

Never let despair and discouragement get into your heart. Keep your mind cool, your heart warm, and your back straight.




👊Meanwhile, the occupants continue to burn: the night shift of the fire support platoon of the 63rd separate mechanized brigade is working on enemy positions.

Bloomberg: USA dodges the toughest sanctions against Russia

❗️ The USA has imposed another round of sanctions. The 200-page list includes companies located in Russia, the United Arab Emirates, China, and other countries. It became the largest one-day package of financial sanctions since February 24, 2022. However, it is no less notable that companies and sectors are missing from the large list. This concerns the metallurgical sector. As well as tougher sanctions on the energy sector and secondary sanctions on banks.

❗️This caution demonstrates the fact that, despite all of Biden's talk about sanctions, his team still does not want to aggressively fight the flows of income, the absence of which could really undermine the Russian economy. They are afraid to cause serious shocks that could affect the US economy.

❗ Possible objects of a more aggressive approach could be those foreign banks that help Russia buy technologies and materials, as well as trade in enriched uranium and metals such as aluminum and nickel. And the USA could freeze Russian state reserves. All of these measures are potentially associated with significant risks.

❗️ "In order to truly influence Russia, we will have to take more strategic actions that may have detrimental consequences for the global economy as a whole... We will have to start making more complex decisions and accept the consequences that will accompany these decisions," says former employee of the Ministry of Finance and director of the "Economic State" initiative at the Atlantic Council Kim Donovan, adding that there is no alternative to imposing new sanctions that could deal an economic blow to Russia.



The British government has announced the allocation of 286 million euros for the purchase of artillery shells for Ukraine.

Part of these funds will also be used to improve logistics, said in a message on the government's website.



💩In Poland on the second anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine in the morning of February 24th, activists dumped a large pile of manure near the residence of the Russian ambassador and stuck a bloodied Russian flag there.

Chronicle of events 24.02.22



🔎Russia has lost the amount of personnel and military equipment that was on February 24, 2022, after two years of full-scale war against Ukraine.— British intelligence.

It is noted that Russia has deployed about 130 battalion tactical groups for invasion into Ukraine. This includes approximately 1300 tanks, over 5000 Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) and Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs), as well as at least 100,000 personnel.

Over two years of conflict, Russian losses are matching, and in many cases exceeding, those that made up its initial force. Confirmed Russian losses include over 2700 tanks and 5000 BMPs and APCs. The number of killed and wounded in Russia is likely around 350,000.- It is mentioned in the summary.

According to intelligence, the Russian Federation compensated for losses by mobilization and increased production.

Russian troops in Ukraine now outnumber more than at the beginning of the war. Now it is capable of supporting attacks along the front line and conducting a strategy of exhausting Ukrainian forces., - indicate scouts.

"Damn, you are being held back by one person! One! For ten!", the commander of the occupiers yells in the radio broadcast.

This event took place back in December of last year. Fighter from8 HZYhalive, russian or dead, or escaped. And this is a wonderful example of incredible resilience and heroism of the Ukrainian soldier.



❕Russia committed 567 crimes against journalists and media in Ukraine during two years of full-scale invasion: 70 media workers were killed.mass media institute

10 journalists died in the course of journalistic activities, 47 as participants in hostilities and 13 as a result of Russian shelling or torture.

Overall, over the course of 10 years since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, from 2014 to 2024, 77 Ukrainian and foreign journalists were killed, 13 of them - while performing journalistic activities.



😈"One person is fighting you! One! You ten!"

Hysteria of the Russian commander, who cannot understand how a soldier of the 8th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine single-handedly restrains 10 of his assault rifles.

By the way, our warrior stayed alive, defending the position and waiting for reinforcements.

Recently, government representatives have been pleasantly surprising me. They react to my videos and posts and are willing to comment. If they are ready to respond, then I am ready to ask questions.

What is the state of the Kyiv metro? When will the repair works on the blue metro line be finished? How did such an emergency situation happen? Is it true that 22 more metro stations will be closed? How can people move around the city while the repair works are ongoing? Who will compensate people for their expenses? Director of the Department of Transport Infrastructure of the Kyiv City State Administration Ruslan Kandybor answered these and other questions in a conversation with me.




🇵🇱Polish protesters temporarily stopped blocking the Zosin-Ustyluh checkpoint from the third hour of the night on February 24th in connection with the anniversary of the start of the large-scale war in Ukraine.

Near the rest of the checkpoints from the Polish side, protesters continue to restrict the movement of freight vehicles.



🇪🇺Until the end of March, the EU will transfer almost 170,000 artillery shells to Ukraine, said the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kuleba.

As the minister noted,"the absolute priority now is artillery shells".



🇺🇦🇮🇹Ukraine and Italy signed a bilateral security agreement, President Zelensky announced.

Our uncompromising and brave resistance continues.

On February 24, 2022, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians did not fear Russian missile attacks and massive columns of vehicles, and rushed as volunteers to the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Thanks to the courage and selflessness of Ukrainian citizens, we managed to hold on. We managed to save ourselves and our State.

Thank you to everyone who is defending our country on the battlefield at this moment. Thank you to all who are helping the Ukrainian army. Who remembers, believes, prays, and does everything possible for Victory.

Eternal memory and honor to the soldiers who gave their lives for the freedom of their Motherland.

I believe and I know for sure - we will win!

Glory to Ukraine! (c) General Valeriy Zaluzhnyi



🇺🇦🇨🇦Ukraine and Canada also signed a security agreement, President Zelensky reported.



🇵🇱Polish police are checking reports of a spill of soybeans from a train that entered from Ukraine and was standing on the railway track in Dorohusk, RMF24 reports.

According to preliminary data, it concerns 5 tons of soybeans.

Ukrainian law enforcement officers are collecting evidence, conducting a crime scene investigation, and questioning witnesses.

It seems that this photo is from 24.02.22 from the monastery, which they like to call zebily and zelevoti. ))




To Ukraine constantly comes arms, but not in sufficient quantity, said the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Kuleba.

There is no such day that something with weapons does not come to Ukraine. Even now. But this is still not enough, because the scale of the war is such that supplies need to be constantly increased, "said Kuleba.



🇪🇺The EU plans to open an innovative defense office in Kyiv, announced the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen.

"We have already provided half a million rounds of ammunition, and by the end of the year we will hand over one million... We want to strengthen Ukraine's defensive capabilities," she noted.

The head of the EC has said that a new strategy for the defense industry is currently being developed and will be presented in three weeks.

This will be the first step towards integrating Ukraine into our defense industrial programs in Europe. We learn from your experience on the battlefield, we want to intensify this cooperation and want to open an innovative defense office in Kyiv for this purpose, - she added.



Information line of Pryamoy broadcasting was hacked by Russian hackers! Our specialists are working on this issue!

Zelensky came to power thanks to the events of 2014 on the Maidan, but how did it happen that in his present entourage there are people who were against the Maidan? What conclusions can be drawn from the history of the Revolution of Dignity? How did Ukraine prepare for war with Russia? Where did our missile program go? Why was Zelensky building roads when the whole world warned of an imminent threat? Why did Zelensky offer Ukrainians shashlik instead of mobilization and evacuation? Zaluzhny saved Kyiv? Why did Zelensky not believe in Russia's attack? What should we fight with next? Will the president announce mobilization?

Details were given by Ukrainian politician and statesman, as well as military officer, former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko in a conversation with Borislav Bereza.




Today at 18:33 the "Pravyy" TV channel experienced a Russian hacker attack.

In the live broadcast of Pryamoy on YouTube, the scrolling news feed was hacked, as a result of which Russian propaganda began to be broadcast instead of news.

Currently, the scroll is disabled, channel experts are working on restoring its normal operation.



❗️Pressure on the business investment company Concorde Capital continues.

As a result of the illegal actions of the investigative group of the NABU and the Prosecutor General's Office in the "Mazepa case", the activities of many enterprises unrelated to the so-called dam land operations have been blocked, the company reported.

In particular, during the search in the office of Concorde Capital on January 18, 2023, corporate documentation, seals, electronic keys, licenses, and other items were confiscated.

And also personal documents, phones, laptops of company employees and partners, who were simply in the office at the time of the search and have no relation to the case.

In this way, some directions of enterprises' activities have been significantly complicated and stopped, to which law enforcement officials have no official claims. Blocking these enterprises in such an illegal way threatens both the company and the state, warned Concorde Capital.

The company emphasized that all searches in the case of businessman Mazepa at the Concorde Capital office on January 18, 2024, took place without the necessary resolution of the investigative judge, and for investigative reasons..urgency and necessity of preserving evidencedespite the fact that the investigation has been going on for ten years.



Turned to the leaders of the G7 - the largest democracies in the world.

I thank you for these two years together. That terrible day February 24 and all the horror brought by Russia did not deprive Ukraine of a normal future after all.

Please remember that imperial ambitions and revanchism disappear only from the defeat of those infected by them, and it is precisely this that opens up space for real security and democracy. We hear at this time: History is watching. And this is absolutely true.

You know very well what we need to protect our sky, strengthen our army on the ground. And you know everything we need to support and continue our success at sea. And you understand well that we need all this in time. We rely on you.

Our leadership is enough to restore security. When the leading democracies of the world are truly decisive, this determination overcomes all challenges.

Israel, Tel Aviv, City Hall. Now.

Sweden, Stockholm, today. Rally on the occasion of two years since the invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine.

France, Strasbourg, city center. Meeting on the occasion of two years since the invasion of Russia in Ukraine.



In two years of full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 1905 missiles of various types.

As Commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Mykola Oleshchuk said, statistics on the destruction of air targets is updated practically every hour.

In general, Air Forces working in cooperation with the Defense Forces of Ukraine have destroyed:

💥1905 rockets of various types. Among them: 43 ballistic and 25 aeroballistic - Kh-47M2 "Dagger"

💥4844 striking drones and 7660 tactical-level UAVs.

💥340 planes.

💥325 helicopters.

All you need to know about the deceitfulness of Russia. She lies always and on any occasion. And she lied, as always, on February 24, 2022. She lies now. This must not be forgotten.



Ukraine had agreements with the Russian side regarding wounded military personnel who could not be evacuated from Avdiivka, ombudsman Lubinets reported.

We had the opportunity to communicate with the Russian side. We had previously agreed that the wounded Ukrainian soldiers would be officially taken prisoner, provided with assistance, and then returned through the exchange procedure. Unfortunately, the Russian side once again showed that any agreements may not be fulfilled," he explained.

Lubinets said, Ukraine constantly faces Russia breaking agreements and norms of humanitarian law.

"We don't know what to do with this," the ombudsman added.

The General Directorate of Internal Security of France (DGSI) February report has fallen into the hands of the AFP agency. The special services warn of Moscow's attempts to interfere in France's internal affairs in order to destabilize the situation in the country. This concerns, in particular, the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris, where Russian athletes are unlikely to participate, but the temptation to sabotage or tarnish them at the Kremlin is definitely present. The report also mentions Ukrainian refugees and Russian political emigres in France, who could be targeted by Russian special services.

As an example of the activities of Russian special services, the story of graffiti in the form of David's stars is given, which citizens of Moldova applied to the walls of Parisian houses after the attack of HAMAS on Israel, and the organizer turned out to be businessman from this country Anatoly Prizenko. Prizenko himself initially did not deny his participation in the action and as early as November claimed that it did not have an anti-Semitic character, but was a kind of act of solidarity with the Jews and Israel. However, the DGSI came to the conclusion that Prizenko and his people were acting on the orders of the FSB.

The conclusion of the French special services is not a sensation. It was obvious as early as last autumn, and the Russian side did everything to facilitate the work of the French investigators. The performers of the action were frank dilettantes, acting extremely clumsily and quickly falling into the hands of the police. Prizenko's cynical statements are even made in the style of today's Russian chekists.

In fact, the Russian side has long been acting brazenly and openly, not even trying to disguise its actions and wants to show its strength in this way: this was the case with Litvinenko, Skripal, Navalny, and Kuzminov. This was also the case in Paris at the end of last year.


Canada. Ottawa. The Parliament is illuminated in honor of support for Ukraine.



We have gathered for you the main things that you may have missed on February 24th:

🔹On the anniversary of the full-scale invasion, Ukrainesignedsatisfy security guarantees with Italy and Canada.

🔹King of Great Britain Charles IIIturnedto Ukrainians on the second anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion. The monarch expressed his support for Ukraine.

🔹Unknown people again at the railway station in Polanddamagedfreight cars and dumped Ukrainian agricultural products. This is the third case in recent days.

Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant due to shellingзалишаєтьсяremainson the same power line since February 21, 2024.

🔹To UkrainearrivedPresident of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and the Prime Ministers of Italy, Canada, and Belgium.

Remember such a bearded anecdote, like at MGIMO a teacher gives students an assignment: - In today's practical lesson, we will consider the following situation. Our missile, by mistake, flew to Africa and exploded there on the territory of some state. You, as a employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, must write an official letter to the head of this country.

At the next lesson:- I checked what you wrote! Only one work pleased me. You can immediately see a future diplomat here. A solid “A”, except for a couple of grammatical errors. The word “неебёт” is written separately, and the phrase “черножопая обезьяна”, when addressing the head of state, should be capitalized, after all he is the president.

Since life cannot be whispered, he made this joke a reality. The former president of Mongolia laughed at citizen Zakharova (who is the press secretary of the Russian Foreign Ministry), who was agitated by his joke with a map of the Mongolian Empire and called her a "strongly drinking lady."

Maria Zakharova commented on Elbegdorj's words as follows: "crooked fascists were not given words." Solid five, you can immediately see a real diplomat.

Every 24th of February, I congratulate my Estonian friends on Independence Day. I have great respect for Estonia and its citizens, who in a short time managed to go from a post-Soviet republic to a modern democratic country, a full member of the EU and NATO. Today Estonia celebrates its 106th Independence Day. Over a century ago, in 1918, the Estonian Salvation Committee proclaimed the Manifesto of all peoples of Estonia. The document was publicly read on February 23 in the city of Pärnu, and the next day the country woke up independent.

As former head of the inter-parliamentary friendship group Ukraine-Estonia and a friend of the Republic of Estonia, I sincerely wish our countries fruitful and close cooperation in various directions and achieving maximum results. The Estonians have really managed to build a State and join the EU and NATO. I hope we will succeed too. And today I sincerely congratulate all Estonian friends on this holiday. You have something to be proud of!

Congratulations, dear Estonia 💙🖤🤍!!!

Republic of Estonia !!!



🇺🇦Ukraine will strongly defend its economic interests, said the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kuleba to "Voice of America".

He explained that they are trying to shift all the responsibility for the problems of European farmers onto Ukraine.

For some reason, other countries do not talk about Russian grain that enters the European market. For some reason, no one is fighting it. For some reason, no one fights with grain from outside of Europe, which enters the European market in huge volumes. And they started spinning one topic that Ukraine is to blame for everything. And this belief exists at the level of these protesters, - explained Kuleba.

He believes that governments of responsible countries should start speaking honestly with their farmers, that the problem is much broader and not everything should be blamed on Ukraine.

We are not, have not been, and will not be some sort of go-with-the-flow goat that will tolerate all these baseless attacks. And where necessary, we will act tough, and let them not be offended afterwards that we showed character. We will fiercely defend our economic interests, - said the Minister.

At the same time, he stressed that both the government of Poland and the government of Ukraine are working on solving the problem.

Czech Republic, Prague, today. Meeting on the occasion of two years since the invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine.

2 years of full-scale invasion. We will not tire, we will not surrender, we will not be subdued. And we will defeat enemies, both external and internal.



Leaders of the G7 countriespromisedhelp satisfy "urgent financial needs" of Ukraine.

And also never recognize pseudo-elections in the occupied territories and continue to support Ukrainian internally displaced persons and refugees.

Peaceful night 🌙 to all good people