Mar 7, 2024 - Day 743

743 days of active phase of 10-year war. It seems that in the battle with the dragon we have partially turned into it. And this will pass. Everyone here?



During the past day, there were 92 armed clashes.reportsGeneral Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Aviation of the Defense Forces struck 7 areas where the enemy personnel are concentrated.

The units of missile troops have struck at district 1 of the personnel concentration area, 1 ammunition depot, and 4 enemy artillery assets.

Time for some great news!



The Russian Ministry of Defense reported the alleged destruction and interception of six drones over Russian territories.



🇺🇸 The administration of the US president is considering the possibility of involving about 200 million dollars from the financing of the American army to provide assistance to Ukraine.notifiesBloomberg.

Money can be used to pay for critically important weapons, ammunition, and other equipment for Ukraine.

The final decision on the $200 million has not been made yet.



🕯In the morning at 9:00, with a minute of silence, we honor the memory of those who died in Russia's brutal war against Ukraine.

President of the Czech Republic Peter Pavel is not a good person. Bastard. Not only did he find 800K shells and create a coalition of shells, but also at an average price of 1900 euros per unit. Ukrainian special exporters supplying the same ammunition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine at a price of 3100 euros per unit did not join the coalition of shells in protest.

Question: where do we get the funds for defensive structures on the front? ((c)Kostyantyn Kozhem'yaka



Today we honor the memory of Police Lieutenant Colonel Oksana Novik.

The woman worked in Sumy, headed the department of investigation of crimes committed in armed conflict situations.

On February 27, together with colleagues, a police officer went to document the consequences of enemy shelling in the border community when the enemy artillery struck again. As a result of the shelling, two police officers were killed, and four were injured with various degrees of severity. Oksana Novik was injured incompatibly with life. She was 39 years old.

The child and relatives remained with her. The police officer was escorted on her last journey in Sumy region.

Forever in line!

First, it's beautiful! And secondly, the first is enough. Glory to the Ukrainian soldiers!



📢 Trump urged Biden to hold debates before the presidential elections in November.reportsBloomberg

For the good of our country, it is important that we with Joe Biden discuss issues that are vital to the United States and its citizens. I call for debates anytime, anywhere, anyhow, - said Trump.

During the election campaign, Trump dodged five debates with his political opponents and did not participate in similar events, which caused criticism from former candidate Chris Christie, who in his ad called Trump "a coward and a failure".



General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine published an approximate losses of Russian occupiers for the past day.

High oil prices, sanctions evasion, and state investments provide Russia with sufficient resources for the war against Ukraine with the current intensity for at least two more years, according to a report by Lithuanian special services on Thursday. This was reported by REUTERS agency.

Russia has reformed and strengthened its military, which was battered in 2022 by battles in Ukraine, and is now on the path to expanding its military potential along its border with NATO, including Finland, which joined the alliance last year, Lithuanian special services write in their annual assessment of threats facing the Baltic country.

"Moscow is able to assess the lessons learned and increase its combat readiness," Lithuanian authorities added in the report.

Joint report - this is the work of two departments: the Department of Counterintelligence of State Security and the Military Intelligence and Security Service at the Ministry of National Defense.

This information coincides with the analysis of other European intelligence services.



🇪🇺In Europe, Petro Poroshenko is called the leader of the opposition in Ukraine.

Exactly the fifth president was presented at the Congress of the European People's Party.



🇺🇸President Bidenplansraise the issue of assisting Ukraine and call on Congress to immediately adopt the appropriate bill during its address to both houses of lawmakers with a report on the "State of Affairs in the Country".

Regarding Ukraine, the president will continue to insist that Republicans in the House should move forward, the speaker must bring a bill with additional funding for national security needs to the table, White House spokeswoman Jean-Pierre said.

It is noted that the Biden administration is confident that this bill would receive overwhelming support from legislators if brought to a vote.

Today is your birthday, dad. But for the third year, I can't congratulate you, dad. For three years I can't even call you and talk. They said time will heal, but no. It's hard without you.



Always pleased to meet with President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen. Provided her with necessary information regarding Ukraine's urgent needs on the battlefield.

We also discussed the priorities of the agenda between our state and the European Union.

Ahead - a lot of work, but I am confident that together we will be able to ensure effective movement of Ukraine towards EU membership. Expressed hope that this month the European Commission will present the corresponding negotiation framework for the start of accession negotiations with Ukraine without any delay and artificial obstacles.

And of course, I wished success to Mrs. von der Leyen in running for a second term as President of the European Commission. I believe in the strong representation of the European People's Party, our political family, in the next composition of the European Commission. Together to victory!

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Ukraine is entering a new phase of war with Russia: she needs to dig, dig and dig, -make conclusions WSJ .

According to the publication, the fortifications are being built west of Avdiivka. But this is only happening now and under occupation fire, not several months ago, as promised by Zelensky.

Ukrainians are trying to replicate the physical barriers that the Russian Federation created on its side of the front line in the occupied territories more than a year ago, according to the article

Ukraine announced in November the construction of fortifications along the frontline, but Ukrainian military and western officials say the campaign has not yielded significant results.

After losing Avdiivka, building defense became even harder: the Ukrainian Armed Forces have to fight against the advancing forces and at the same time try to build fortifications.

Troops assigned to perform combat tasks are forced to dig trenches, often under fire

And it's interesting at what prices all construction materials are bought for these structures? Information is closed and I do not believe in the altruism of officials after 24.02.22. There are too many examples.



Attitudes towards International Women's Day on March 8 have deteriorated, its popularity has been steadily decreasing in recent years, - KIIS survey.

If in 2017 this holiday was one of the most favorite and celebrated as a favorite by approximately half of the population (49%), now - only every fifth (21%).

In general, Ukrainians treat holidays with love and respect, celebrate them in a special way. If a year ago 2% of respondents did not treat any official holidays as important or favorite, now there are no such people left at all.

The majority of the population of Ukraine (approximately 70%) celebrates Christmas and Easter as the most popular holidays, followed by Independence Day of Ukraine (64%) and Defender of Ukraine Day (58%).

In Kazan, the Higher Tank Command School is burning, local publics report. Burning! Burning well!!!



A fire broke out at the tank school in Kazan.

The emergency services report that the barracks building is on fire.

After the publication of the report of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Pramila Patten onunquestionable facts of sexual violenceterrorists over Israeli women,I call on the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to recognize HAMAS as a terrorist organization.Evil must be called evil.



In March-April 2014, thousands of supporters of Ukraine's unity took to the streets of Donetsk.

Participants of the Donetsk Euromaidan were attacked by "titushki" when they were returning home. Then the organizers of the Euromaidan will be attacked by armed fighters brought in by Russia.

The last major march for Ukraine took place in Donetsk on April 28th.

Hromadske.tvmade a documentary "YUZIVSKA SPRING. How we fought for Donetsk" - a film about people who became the driving force of the pro-Ukrainian movement in Donetsk on the eve of the war.

More videos on our TikTok👇



🇩🇪The German Foreign Ministry strongly recommends Germans not to travel to Russia.

The German foreign ministry changed its recommendations for trips to Russia, as the word "urgently" was not in the ministry's warning before.

The change was made due to the further deterioration of the situation, in particular due to the increase in the number of arbitrary arrests.

The latest opinion poll showed that Ukrainians consider President Zelensky and the Office of the President responsible for corruption in the country. Why is Zelensky covering up corruption? How to start cleaning up the government? When will the situation in Ukraine change? Details were told in his author's blog. Write your thoughts in the comments.



Secretary of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defence and Intelligence Roman Kostenko on the last day got his trip to the Munich Security Conference canceled.

Before the actual train, they told me "I'm sorry" - (after) they said in the morning, that "there is a business trip, all is well - Munich conference, go ahead, defend the interests of the country". And in the evening they said: "Sorry, you misunderstood us, there is no such team for you to go abroad," - Kostyanko said.

He also noted that officials are sent on business trips from the Office of the President to the Verkhovna Rada.

There are special people who decide who goes abroad and who doesn't. And the Council executes it, - added Kostenko.



🚙 Owners of cars with Ukrainian license plates, which do not receive German registration after a year in Germany, will be fined starting April 1, reports DW.

On March 31, the deadline for transitional provisions expires, allowing Ukrainian refugees in Germany to drive on Ukrainian license plates for over a year.

Driving a car without German registration for more than a year is an administrative offense.

Driving a car without proper registration carries a fine of 70 euros and one penalty point. With 8 penalty points, a driver in Germany loses their driver's license.

Rusnya, meet the heroes of the SOBR!



🛠 Since the beginning of 2024, the number of new vacancies has exceeded the level of 2021, the NBU reports.

At the same time, the number of resumes is significantly lower than the indicators of 2022-2023.

This may indicate that businesses have significantly adapted to wartime conditions and require personnel for further recovery of activity. Instead, the labor supply is limited by migration and mobilization. It is also likely that job seekers have either found it or stopped searching due to personal circumstances, - according to a message from the National Bank of Ukraine.



🇸🇪Sweden officially joins NATO today and becomes its 32nd member.

Sweden is a strong democracy with a highly capable army that shares our values and world view, according to a message from the White House.

There was also an emphasis that Sweden's presence in NATO will make the United States and other allies even safer.

Synchronous fall, performed by the Russian after hitting them an American drone Switchblade 300, can be considered flawless. The case when the collective disposal of Russian takes place excellently.



Let's remind you that in January 2022, the deputy minister of foreign affairs of Russia, Ryabkov, stated that NATO should collect manatees and return to the borders of 1997.

Since that time, NATO has been joined by two new members — on April 4, 2023, Finland officially became a member of NATO.

Sweden is officially joining the Alliance today. And the ceremony of raising the Swedish flag at NATO headquarters in Brussels is already scheduled for Monday.



🚇 In Kyiv from March 8will start workingmetro station "Dnipro", which was closed from the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

The station will operate from 05:41 to 22:36.

However, during the air alarm, the station will be closed for passenger transport for safety reasons.

Today I found out that there is some kind of conflict between Yefrosiniya and Soloviy. Although not even between them, but among the supporters of the views of the two aforementioned celebrities. I have no idea. Absolutely. Somehow it didn't happen in my information bubble at all. But I don't regret it, just as I don't regret all the other conflicts I'm not aware of, or aware of and not participating in. I'm not proud that I'm not aware, and I'm not sorry. Just indifferent. Probably it's not something that interests me. Did this conflict affect you? Have you heard anything about it or did it pass you by?

I conducted a small survey among my subscribers. The result is close to what was in Socis. In Socis, it was slightly less - 83%. I wonder what conclusions the authorities will draw from this? Will they start to correct their mistakes and stop covering up corrupt officials, or on the contrary, will they try to shut up those who point out corruption in the government?

Link to survey



🇫🇷French support for Ukraine has no borders or red lines, President Macron emphasized.

He told political parties about it, La Depeche reports.




In Bucharest, at the Congress of the European People's Party, old friends met - the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk.



⚡️ Sweden officially became the 32nd member of NATO.

Vlada handed over to Telegram a list of problematic TG channels. What does this mean? Is it a real fight against Russian propaganda or against freedom of speech in Ukraine? Russia is manipulating talks again. What will be the West's reaction? What's wrong with electronic declaration in Ukraine? How do servant-corrupters create new schemes? And how to fight them? Are there RF agents in Ukraine and how actively do they work? The answers to these questions were given by a special forces officer, a member of the Armed Forces, a member of the VIII convocation, Igor Lapin, in a conversation with Borislav Bereza.



The head of the region Ivan Fedorov showed how fortifications are being built on the Zaporizhzhia direction

According to him, military and civilian contractors are currently working around the clock.

⚡️Sweden officially joined NATO and became the 32nd member of the Alliance. This happened today, March 7!

In the Kremlin, they are already having a heart attack and such a scar on the face. ))



Well, here you go, you finally got it .

🔇 It is planned to install complexes for blocking TV and radio signalsin 45 locations of Volyn, Rivne, Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, Vinnytsia and Odesa regions.

💸The Cabinet of Ministers allocatedfrom the reserve fund of the state budget of the State Special Communications Administration152 million UAH for the creation of special radio communication systems in the territory of nine regions.

📺❌📻 Blocking of anti-Ukrainian television and radio broadcasting in border areas of Ukraine from the territory of Russia, Belarus, and unrecognized Transnistria is mentioned.

Funds allocated by the governmentthey direct for the purchase and installation of signal blocking complexes,And the costs of operating these complexes for the next 8 months.

The complexes themselves must be installed by May 1, 2024.

☝️ The decision, without exaggeration, is delayed.

Because enemy propaganda has not stopped all this time - starting with the implantation of "native speech" in general education institutions in temporarily occupied territories and ending with brainwashing older people.

All, as expected. Well, it's no coincidence that Zelensky presented Kornienko, the potential speaker, with a ship pine in Davos. And he didn't just show up for the show. But the fact that Zelensky once again is trying to appoint loyal, rather than competent, people to positions speaks volumes about the kind of state he is building. Stefanchuk, who is not a constitutional lawyer, played in KVK with Zelensky, received compensation from the state while living with his mother-in-law, and took part in unconstitutional actions to restrict the travel of Ukrainian MPs abroad. Leading the Constitutional Court of Ukraine will not only be a disgrace, but also a copy of Russia, where Putin places his friends and cooperative partners everywhere. After this, Stefanchuk will make decisions not according to the Constitution, but according to Zelensky's wishes, as he is currently restricting the travel of opposition MPs abroad.



🥴Almost half of the 26 farmers detained yesterday at the protest in Warsaw were intoxicated. This was stated by the Warsaw police.



Vice-President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis has been sincerely supporting Ukraine for many years.

Informed him about the military needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in air defense and electronic warfare, ammunition, aviation and drones.

Thanked the European Commission for presenting a new strategy for the development of the European defense industry, which will stimulate the growth of production and supply of military products to Ukraine.

We have discussed the ways to implement the mechanism of supporting Ukraine in the amount of 50 billion euros based on the program of political and economic reforms, as well as the possibility of using frozen Russian assets for the needs of the Ukrainian army and the rebuilding of our state.

Emphasized the importance of the European Union's continuation of trade preferences for Ukraine in the conditions of war and the resolution of the issue of unblocking the Polish border for Ukrainian products.

Called on the European Commission to complete work on the report on Ukraine's compliance with the conditions and the draft negotiating framework in March to ensure the fastest possible start to negotiations on Ukraine's accession to the EU.




Ukraine is spreading air alarm due to the takeoff of the Russian MiG from Savaslake.

Police in Odessa region detained con artists who were "selling" drones online for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Cyberpolice of Odessa region together with investigators of the investigative department of the National Police in the Odessa region exposed two individuals who misappropriated citizens' funds under the pretext of selling quadcopters and importing cars from abroad for the needs of Ukraine's defenders.

The scheme is simple: volunteers and military look for drones on the internet, there are dealers offering "their products" here and receive payments to fake cards. The result - money paid, but no one received anything. The big problem is the same cards, which can be bought and successfully used by scammers.

One of the suspects was searching for bank cards and selling them to his accomplice for cryptocurrency equivalent 200 dollars. The latter provided victims with details of the purchased cards to make a prepaid subscription for non-existent goods or car racing.

Their activity is stopped. But how many more are there? By the way, this is the answer to everyone who asked me why I bought on Rozetka? To not lose money!

There are no boundaries or red lines in supporting Ukraine,,, -reports The to Macron.

Macron has started actively promoting pro-Ukrainian messages. It remains to reinforce them with actions.



❗️ Forced and compulsory evacuation from a number of populated areas in the Kupiansk direction has been announced in Kharkiv region, - Syniehubov.

According to him, all residents must evacuate from another 55 settlements, the names of which are not disclosed.

"Cotton Belt RF". Awesome naming. And the result is fire! In every sense. )))

Today, on Thursday March 7th, at 19:00, we will be going live together with Bohdan Butkevych.

- Ukraine is entering a new phase of war with Russia: it needs to dig, dig, and dig - concludes WSJ. What awaits us on the front?

- Russia reformed and strengthened its war-torn army in 2022. How does Ukraine respond?

What is happening in the Verkhovna Rada? Deputies refuse to vote? Is this a rebellion or a crisis? How to solve the problem?

- Recent studies show that the division in society is only deepening. Unwillingness to accept another opinion, hatred towards political opponents, attempts to close oneself in one's own echo chamber do not help to unite society. The unity of February 2022 is a thing of the past. How to change the situation? Can any authority change the situation?

Ukrainians believe that Zelensky is personally responsible for high levels of corruption and that corruption today is higher than it was before. The opinion of Ukrainians may influence the actions of the authorities, or will Zelensky not change anything because everything suits him?



🔥As of the morning of March 7, the full amount needed to purchase 800,000 units of ammunition for Ukraine has been collected, - ČTK with reference to the President of the Czech Republic.



❗️ Zelensky agreed to the candidacy of Valeriy Zaluzhny as the ambassador of Ukraine to Great Britain.- Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine



❗ Zelensky signed a bill on the dismissal of conscripts to the reserve after the end of the military service period during a state of war.

Briefly about the appointment of Valerii Zaluzhnyi as ambassador to Great Britain.



Today, the candidacy of the Ambassador of our country to Great Britain was approved. General Valeriy Zaluzhny spoke to me specifically about this direction for himself - diplomatic. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has sent a relevant request for agrément. Our alliance with Britain should only strengthen.

There are several decrees today that are worth mentioning. Signed two decrees on awarding state awards to our soldiers - another 520 servicemen of the Armed Forces. Each and every one deserves our gratitude and respect. And today there is a decree on the dismissal of conscripts - those who were called up for military service before the start of full-scale invasion.

Now, at the request of the military command, it will take several weeks for preparatory procedures - to replace people in terms of defense tasks, and from April conscripts will be sent to the reserves. I know that some of them have signed a contract for military service in the Armed Forces. Grateful to everyone.

Thank you to everyone who is in Ukraine and with Ukraine! Glory to all who fight and work for our state and people!

Glory to Ukraine!



🤡 If Macron says that there are no more red lines in support of Ukraine, then in Russia there are no more red lines regarding France - Medvedev

In this way, Putin's keychain commentedthe statement of French President Emmanuel Macronabout help to Ukraine

Information has appeared that Britain will fund over 10,000 drones for Ukraine with a total amount of over 325 million pounds. This was announced by the Minister of Defense of Britain in Kyiv.

This is about 32,500 pounds per drone. I wonder what kind of drones they are? Clearly not FPV. Very interesting. But the range is deadly!

PS Is this what we got instead of Zaluzhny?



❗️President of the USA Joe Biden announced that a decision has been made to build a temporary port on the coast of the Gaza sector through which humanitarian aid can be delivered by sea.

Wow !!! Will Smith announced that in Bad Boys 4 there will be a Ukrainian Sherp car. That's cool. A good promotion for a Ukrainian brand! Although I am sure that there will always be those who will consider this a betrayal.



🤝Great Britain will provide Ukraine with £325 million, - Defense Minister Grant Shapps.

During his visit to Kyiv, he announced that this money will be allocated for over 10 thousand drones



We have gathered the most important things you might have missed on March 7th:

🔹Occupants struck again at the territorySumska , Zaporizhzhia та Donetskareas.

🔹Norwayjoined the coalitionin support of Ukraine's air defense.

🔹 Zelensky signed a decree onthe demobilization of conscripts.

🔹Sweden officially becamea member of NATO

🔹 Zelensky agreedValeriy Zaluzhny's candidacyto the position of the Ambassador of Ukraine to Great Britain

🔹 The US Congress started verification.through the use of Russian troops Starlink terminals on the front line.

When a machine gun jams in the hands of the occupier, it's a sign of the drone's arrival. Reliable omen. Proven in practice once again. ))

The head of the Chechen government in exile, Akhmed Zakayev, stated in an interview with TSN that right now, with the help of our government, a Chechen army is being formed on the territory of Ukraine as part of the newly established Chechen Ministry of Defense, the purpose of which is to dismantle Russia.


"In Ukraine, a Chechen army is being formed, which will further de-occupy the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. The Ministry of Defense has been formed, units are being recruited, battalions are being formed. Today, at the level of the European Union, we have managed to create a State Committee for the Restoration of Nations and Statehood of the Caucasus. This is a legal and political platform that in many ways will contribute to the disintegration of Russia and the Russian Empire. And all this is happening with the help and support of Ukraine and the Ukrainian state."


I'll remind you that this work, particularly regarding the Chechens, has been going on since 2014. It started as a private initiative of individual enthusiasts, then our special services took up the topic, and now it seems to be a fully-fledged direction of state policy.

Considering that this has a clear strategic long-term direction - the dismantling of Russia as a state - this is the right and beneficial activity.

Russians have already reacted to the information: justifiably believe that now not only drones will fly to important objects, not only will refineries, bridges and logistics hubs suddenly explode, warehouses and production facilities will burn. But something will start in the North Caucasus Federal District.

By the way, it is quite possible that this will be supported from the Russian side: because right now Kadyrov's clan is actively dismantling seized foreign assets on the territory of the Russian Federation - without having, in the opinion of old Russian players, the strength, experience, and personnel for it. Many believe that Kadryov's economic and power appetites should be quickly and forcefully curtailed. Therefore, Zakayev's fighters may receive powerful situational allies right in Russia.



🇱🇹 Lithuania provides Ukraine with a batch of 155-mm artillery shells in an unspecified quantity, - the Ministry of Defense of the country.

When you really went in the wrong door...

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🤝Zelensky will visit Turkey on March 8 and hold talks with Turkish leader Erdogan, - Reuters.



❗️Ukrainian soldiers continue to hold positions on the left bank of the Dnipro, also repulsed attacks by the Russians near Nevelske, in Donetsk region, - General Staff summary.

During the day, the aviation of the defense forces struck at 11 areas of concentration of enemy personnel.

Units of rocket troops inflicted damage on 1 district of concentration of personnel, 2 means of air defense, 1 electronic warfare station, and 1 fuel and lubricants depot of the enemy.



💥Explosions are reported in Odessa!

Currently, an air alarm has been announced in the region!

The Central Bureau of Investigation of India announces the disclosure of a large network for human trafficking, which deceived young Indians into working in Russia. There, they were sent to the front as part of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Searches took place in Delhi and in a number of other cities.

In official messages, the work of the network on the territory of India is described, but there is no detailed information about the organization of recruitment in Russia yet. It is difficult to imagine, however, that the recruitment of Indians was carried out without the sanction of the military leadership of the Russian Federation.

India is not escalating and refrains from accusing Moscow. The goal of the media campaign, however, is to show western partners that India has nothing to do with the Russian war against Ukraine.



The occupiers struck Kupyansk, presumably - from the SMM, - the head of the OWA Sinehubov.

He reported that two people died as a result of the shelling.

The Russian looks tired somehow. Probably tired of being occupiers. But now they will rest. Forever.

Peaceful night 🌙 to all the good people