Mar 15, 2024 - Day 751

751 days of active phase of the 10-year war. My respect to people who truly do everything possible for the Victory of Ukraine. Everyone here?

Great news time!



❌27 combat UAVs destroyed.

On the night of March 15, 2024, Russian occupiers struck Kharkiv and Donetsk regions with 7 Zenit guided missiles S-300/S-400, one guided aviation missile X-59 in Poltava region, and with 27 Shahed type UAVs (launch areas for drones - Primorsko-Ahtarsk, Kursk region - RF).

As a result of the combat work, 27 shahids were killed in the Kirovograd, Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Kherson, Khmelnytsky, Vinnytsia, Kyiv regions and areas.

The largest buyer of sea batches of Russian oil, India, has not been buying Russian premium grade VSTO oil, which is shipped from the port of Kozmino, for two months. Previously, the country sharply reduced shipments of another premium grade oil, Sokol, from the Sakhalin fields. This was due to disagreements in oil calculations, as well as concerns of Indian buyers that they may fall under Western sanctions after tightening the price ceiling for Russian oil, reports

The Merchant

Also, Kommersant confirms that manufacturers of household appliances Electrolux, Tefal, Braun, and Rowenta have begun actively blocking supplies of products to the Russian Federation through parallel import, including sales on marketplaces. According to retailers, companies are signing moratoriums with partners in other countries with strict sanctions on re-export of electronics to Russia. Analyzing the situation, sellers in Russia admit to the complete disappearance of brands from sale. All of this indicates that the collective West has found ways to effectively counteract circumvention of sanctions at the level of financial penalties," the publication summarizes.

Oh, what happened? Can we help with something?



😠At night, the occupiers struck with a drone the civilian infrastructure of Vinnytsia.— SES.

2 people were rescued and handed over to emergency medical workers, the body of one person was extracted from under the rubble by rescuers.

Besides, in the Tulchyn community, another residential building was damaged by the fall of UAV fragments. Two people were injured and hospitalized.

In the morning watched the plot from

BIHUS.INFOabout the head of the Kiev metro. Journalists once again showed that they are more effective in finding information than law enforcement. But I'm not surprised by anything anymore. The wonder broke.



🔥This is what a normal morning looks like in Belgorod.

Just in case for your information. The acting commander of the French Foreign Legion is Brigadier General Kyrylo Yushchenko🇨🇵 🙂



😔The number of casualties in Vinnytsia oblast due to a drone attack has risen to two. Today a wounded woman died in the hospital., - OVA.

📹: Radio Liberty



🕯️Today we remember the Hero of Ukraine Dmytro Kaplunov.

He was the commander of a group of the Special Operations Center A of the SBU. Dmytro was born into a military family in the city of Veliki Mosty. He graduated with honors from the National Academy of Border Troops named after Bohdan Khmelnytsky. He served for two years in the State Border Guard Service as deputy company commander.

In 2004, he passed the test and became an employee of the SBU. From the first days of the Russian-Ukrainian war, he was a participant. On the night of November 30th to December 1st, 2019, a special forces group was carrying out a combat mission for reconnaissance and observation in Donetsk region. During the transition of the group, Colonel Dmytro Kaplunov was killed on the spot, blown up by a mine.

Eternally in formation!

Yesterday discussed with a girlfriend-volunteer about men who left Ukraine to serve. She strongly condemns them. Asked her three questions:

What makes them worse than those who did not go, but also do not want to serve?

2. Who does more harm to the State - those who left Ukraine, or those who take bribes during the war, engage in corruption, sit on schemes and steal humanitarian aid?

3. What would be better for the State if Lieutenant Bakanov, who did not go to the army and is a close friend of the president, still went to serve or left Ukraine? And how is he better than those who left? Or looking at the situation, is he worse?

Interesting questions that show that the problem is much deeper than it seems. By the way, I have not seen a massive and long-lasting information campaign to popularize service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. So how should we treat the authorities that do not reduce the number of evaders even with the tools they have?



😡In the evening, the aggressor struck at Nikopol. In the city, he targeted with heavy artillery, - Dnipropetrovsk OVA.

Damaged five-story building and industrial plant.

Two injured people from the enemy attack on Kryvyi Rih sought medical help.

As of now, there are a total of 52 cases. Among them, 13 are children. There are still 16 people in the hospital.



And meanwhile, voting in Belgorod was stopped due to shelling.

In Russia, the presidential elections are taking place from March 15 to March 17.



🎗️ Ukrainians in occupied territories warned about possible Russian provocations during elections, — Yellow ribbon.

According to information from activists, from March 15 to 17, the Russians are planning terrorist attacks and provocations with casualties among the civilian population at polling stations in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine. The Armed Forces of Ukraine traditionally plan to blame them.

We urge everyone living under occupation not to approach "polling stations" from March 15 to 17, stay at home. Do not ignore air alarms.- activists underscored.

In Russia in 2023, the number of men with disabilities aged 31 to 59 increased by 30%. There are 507,000 more of them. What happened?

Last year in Russia, 2.17 million people with disabilities in the age category from 31 to 59 years were registered - this is a record figure for the past eight years. This was reported by the data of the Pension and Social Insurance Fund, analyzed by the publication "Layout". In 2022, there were officially 1.67 million people with disabilities in Russia aged 31 to 59. Thus, in 2023 this indicator increased by 507 thousand or 30%. This is a record increase in the past eight years. The previous maximum value was in 2020 - then the number of people with disabilities in the category of 31-59 years was 2 million. Slightly lower this indicator was in 2016 - 1.97 million. In previous years, data on the number of disabled people by age group were not published. Also in 2023, one of the highest indicators in the category of men with disabilities aged 18 to 30 was recorded - 290 thousand people. So, data on this category for 2022 Rosstat concealed.

Demographer Oleksiy Raksha told "Versti" that the increase in the number of men with disabilities most likely occurred due to disabled participants of the so-called ATO. Another demographer, speaking to "Versti" on condition of anonymity, also emphasized a "certain connection" between the increase in the number of men with disabilities from the ATO.



😠Yesterday the enemy continued the terror of the peaceful population of Kherson region.

Russian military targeted residential areas in the settlements of the region, damaging 6 multi-storey buildings and 5 private houses.

Also, as a result of shelling, hits were recorded in a museum, a store, and a public catering establishment. The garage premises of a motor transport enterprise, buses, communal equipment, and passenger cars were damaged.

Fortunately, there were no civilian casualties during the day.



It is reported that another Russian oil refinery was attacked overnight.

This time the drone struck a plant in the Kaluga region.

News of the Fucked-Uparium. Everything is stable and finally fucked-up, even those who were fucked-up from the start. The absurdization of the regime multiplied by the degradation of society gives such a result. Fucked-Uparium.



🇱🇻Latvian Migration Agency has passed on to the border service data on approximately 800 Russians who do not have the right to reside in Latvia.

If they are still in the country, they will be deported within 30 days.- reported in the department.

Well, what? Did you sleep through the commotion about the French legionnaires marching through Romania? But you will still keep reading those channels that spread this information. Moreover, the question is not about who started and spread it, but about those who were willing to believe and believed. What about critical thinking? Or is it something else?

Although, when Zelensky promised no interference and May kebabs, the vast majority of the population believed him. Because they wanted to believe it. Yes, facts and Western intelligence said otherwise, but the desire to believe in sweet promises won again in Ukraine. Not for the first and not for the last time. By the way, a large number of our fellow citizens still believe in the next kebabs, two to three weeks and five successful Zelensky managers.

Attempts to escape from reality are not surprising. What surprises is the persistent desire of people to preserve their infantilism. And it also shows that we still have many naive people who will believe in another wonder-weapon, the genius of the president, or promises like the end of the era of poverty. Grow up!



The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published approximate total losses of Russian occupiers.

European countries are interested in Ukrainian refugees and creating all necessary conditions for them to speed up the assimilation process. Why does the government not work on the issue of repatriating refugees? Did the bank ignore all warnings? When will the government finally listen to the expert community? Has Ukraine lost refugees forever? Analyzed the situation in his author's blog. Join the discussion in the comments.



😈The explosions in the Kaluga region are caused by the GRU.

The source in the Armed Forces told RBC-Ukraine that drones attacked the oil refinery company First Plant tonight, which is engaged in oil processing.



Russians launched a missile strike on Odessa, there are casualties.— Keeper.

All relevant services are working on site. Data is being clarified.



❗️Ukraine has returned the bodies of 100 fallen defenders.

The Coordinating Staff for Prisoner of War Affairs reported that after identifying them, they will be handed over to their relatives for burial.



⛓️SBU has detained a Russian agent who was spying on Ukrainian Navy ships near the port of Odesa.

As a result of a special operation in Zaporizhia, an agent of Russian military intelligence who was reconnaissance of the dislocation and movement of Ukrainian warships was detained.

In the zone of his special attention were the bases and exit routes to the open sea of armored artillery boats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

To collect intelligence information, the informant acted under the cover of a long-haul driver who carries out interregional cargo transportation.

While driving a truck, he entered the territory of ports to receive commercial goods, but at the same time tried to secretly record the geolocation of Ukrainian Navy ships.

According to the available data, the occupiers hoped to obtain intelligence information for planning military operations in the maritime waters of Ukraine.

The culprit is in custody. He faces life imprisonment.



President of the European Council Charles Michel indicated that he does not consider Putin's re-election to the presidency in Russia as a democratic expression of will, beforehand congratulating him on victory.

Mikhail sarcastically congratulated Putin on the future unconditional victory.

I would like to congratulate Vladimir Putin on a convincing victory in the elections that start today. Without opposition. Without freedom. Without choice, - Michelle wrote.



Due to the Russian missile attack on Odessa, a paramedic and an emergency worker from the State Emergency Service were killed, who came to help after the first explosion.— OVA

Among the medical staff and rescuers there are also seriously wounded. The total number of victims is specified, everyone is provided with necessary medical assistance.



💩And meanwhile, elections in Russia are held with Cheburashkas, on horses and with drums🤮.



🚧Polish farmers blocked the Hychne checkpoint on the Polish-Slovak border- writes Radio Liberty.

According to farmers, it is on these roads that agricultural products from Ukraine and Russia enter Poland. It is known in advance that the protest will last until the end of March. Agrarians will let one truck pass per hour, passenger cars and buses are not affected by the protest.



😳16 offenders paid the trafficker $111,500 to get to Hungary.- DPSU.


At first, border guards noticed 12 people heading towards the state border. Later - another 5. They were accompanied by a 27-year-old local resident, who, along with the clients, tried to escape from law enforcement officers.

Men were delivered to the border unit. Administrative protocols were drawn up against them. A message has been sent to the National Police regarding the transporter.

Just saw a video from Odessa from a friend. Odessa, stay strong!!! My condolences to all the victims and those who lost loved ones. This is terrible.

Rusnya is not people - biosmittle!



❗️Odessa: Today, as a result of a Russian missile strike on the city, civilian infrastructure was damaged. A fire broke out at the impact site.

Rescuers arrived immediately at the scene of the strike and began to extinguish the fire, dismantle the rubble, and search for the injured. During the work, the enemy launched another missile strike, resulting in the death of a rescuer.

According to preliminary information, 20 people were injured, including 5 employees of the SES. All victims receive necessary assistance.

Also damaged 10 private houses, a technical maintenance station, a low-pressure gas pipeline, and 2 fire trucks. Work is currently underway to extinguish the gas pipeline and private house fire covering an area of approximately 120 square meters.



🚨 Air alarm is spreading in Ukraine!



Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Petr Fiala corrected his speech on the initiative to purchase 800,000 ammunitions for the Armed Forces of Ukraine during a meeting with allies in Paris.— Current.

It is noted that the reason for this is the presence at the meeting of the Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico, who is known for his anti-Ukrainian statements.

Journalists report that FiAl feared that strategically important information could become known in Moscow because of the Slovak premier.



🤬In Odesa, it is already known about 8 killed and more than 20 injured as a result of the Russian strike, -Prosecutor's office of the region.

Please support and sign the petition. Major General Dmytro Marchenko did everything possible and impossible to protect Mykolaiv and Odesa regions in 2022. Ukraine must thank him!

The lady who registered the petition is the wife of a deceased soldier from Mykolaiv (he died on March 18, 2022)



☺️Well, there are also nice shots from Belgorod.

They say that there were as many as 2 injured, also damaged 7 multi-storey buildings, a school, 2 shopping centers and private houses.



❗️The number of casualties in Odessa has increased to 14 people, including local residents, a medic, and a rescuer.- head of THIS Keeper

46 people, including seven SES employees, were injured.

🕯️ Tomorrow in Odessa and the region mourning will be declared.



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🔎Owner of the shopping centerGulliver Polischuk traveled abroad as a volunteer and truck driver -Investigation of the Scheme.

Polishchuk has been free since the beginning of the warwent abroad with a friend for a volunteer vacationand his relative's company bought elite cars for 100 million hryvnias.

"In March 2022, on the second month of full-scale war, the DBR reported that it prevented an attempt to illegally export three elite Rolls-Royce cars worth 50 million hryvnias from the country, presumably based on forged documents. Law enforcement officials said that two of them were registered to a company "associated with one of the high-ranking officials of the RF"."- said in the message.

Polishchuk is a businessman of conscription age, who on the eve of full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation occupied the 36th place in the list of the richest Ukrainians in the Forbes rating.

According to the journalists of the Schemes, he traveled outside of Ukraine at least five times: twice in 2022 and 2023, as well as in 2024.

What could the raids of the Russian Federation Air Forces lead to? Can this operation be scaled? Did Medvedev voice the formula for peace? What can happen in the elections in the Russian Federation? The Kremlin announced readiness for talks? Has a signal been sent to the Ukrainian side? What can Putin refuse? How can Ukraine use the time while the conflict is frozen? Answered the question of the politician, public figure, People's Deputy of Ukraine of the VIII convocation Borislav Bereza

Interview with Borislav Bereza at 00:00

00:10 About the RDC operation on the territory of the Russian Federation

04:37 Medvedev's statement about peace

10:10 The Kremlin is ready for negotiations.

17:15 Putin will give away two regions?

26:32 How to use time while war is frozen



🙃 Pseudo-elections in Russia continue.

Reportedly, four Russians in different regions of the Russian Federation filled the ballot boxes with brilliant green and ink. They say they face up to 5 years in prison.

In Moscow, a woman poured gasoline on a voting booth and set it on fire.

Also, Russians report failures in the online voting system.



🤮Ani Lorak submitted documents to obtain Russian citizenship.

This was reported by the propaganda website RIA Novosti with reference to a source in the singer's entourage.

45-year-old Ani Lorak from Bukovina has been living and working in Russia for many years, as well as publicly performing at government concerts and supporting the terrorist regime. After the start of the full-scale invasion, she made ambiguous statements calling for peace worldwide, but continued to work in Russia.

Russian media claim that the singer has submitted the relevant documents to obtain Russian citizenship by February 2024. Ani Lorak herself has not commented on this information on her social networks.

Let's add that in 2016 the State Duma deputy Vitaliy Milonov announced that he could help the singer get Russian citizenship, however at that time her representative informed that she was not going to change it.



The head of Putin's election headquarters, actor Vladimir Mashkov, was informed of suspicion.

SBU reports that he is promoting aggressive war against Ukraine and justifying the destruction of civilian infrastructure and the seizure of part of our country's territory.

The figurehead is part of Putin's inner circle and is one of the main headline actors in mass protests in Moscow in support of Russia's full-scale invasion.- indicated by the Security Service.

Mashkov was informed of suspicion under two articles: encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine; war propaganda. He faces up to 10 years in prison.



👊The third assault brigade dealt a blow to the occupiers at the checkpoint in the Avdiivka area.

The location of the enemy unit's headquarters, which is being fought against by the Third Assault Brigade on the Avdiivka direction, has been eliminated. Also destroyed the D-30 howitzer in Avdiivka itself, the fire of which the enemy could reach our positions and equipment.

Photo from Odessa, where 20 people were injured by a treacherous Russian missile strike, including 5 employees of the State Emergency Service.



Russians hit Odesa from the Iskander M operational-tactical missile system, Defense forces of the South reported.

As a result of the blow, a three-story building of a recreational facility was destroyed, at least 10 private houses were damaged, a service station, a low-pressure gas pipeline, ambulance cars and fire rescue vehicles.

Currently, 14 deaths are known.

Olya, are you stupid? You don't have to answer. Because only a stupid person could not notice the words Without opposition. Without freedom. Without choice. Olya, you are stupid. But we already know that. Stupid and frivolous. But you know that too.



😢 The number of victims of the Russian missile attack has risen to 16 people, with another 55 people wounded in hospital, - OVA.

Bloger, nicknamed Kots, surprised by the decrease in Russian successes. A scoundrel, he did not mention two submarines, two HIMARS, two imperial galactic cruisers.twoThree Nimitz-class aircraft carriers and 4 legions of NATO. And three tape recorders, three foreign cameras, three domestic cigarette cases, a suede jacket... three... three jackets.

And there are idiots who trust Kot's fool. Although he is a fool there, and in life he does not even reach that. So, a petty thief.



🇺🇸Russia will not stop its bold aggression in Europe, we must help Ukraine stop Russia now, - US Ambassador to Ukraine reacted to the shelling of Odessa.

Today Russia again shelled Odessa, killing innocent civilians and targeting rescuers. This brutal shelling underscores that Russia will not stop its brazen aggression in Europe. We must help Ukraine stop Russia now. We cannot waste any minute, wrote Bridget Brink on the social network X.

Draft law on mobilization in Ukraine. Why are the meetings of the Verkhovna Rada being canceled again? When will we be able to see some results? Will President Zelensky sign this bill? Problems on the border with Poland. What is the current situation there now? Are there any movements towards resolving the situation? Stefanchuk proposes to introduce a "cowardice tax" so that people can buy their way out of mobilization. Where can such proposals lead? Will the poor fight and die, while the rich sit back for money? When will the foolish statements cease and real actions towards victory begin? Political expert, scientist, and lecturer Yevhen Mahda answered questions in a conversation with Boryslav Bereza.



📄 Today the government will approve a document that allows investors to receive compensation for the engineering and transportation infrastructure objects they have built.

That is, if an investor builds a road, water, gas, or electricity to their plant or other investment object, the state compensates them for these costs, - Prime Minister Shmyhal announced.

He noted that the investor will also have the opportunity to receive compensation for their costs for connection and joining to engineering and transport networks.

This will provide additional investments and new major projects for our economy," explained the head of the government.



😡 At 16:20, the Russians fired S-300 missiles at Zolochiv, reported the head of the Kharkiv regional military administration, Synehubov.

As a result of the strike, the dormitory building and the emergency medical center building were destroyed. The building of Zolochiv Hospital was damaged.

Two ambulances of the brigade were destroyed, two were partially damaged.

Oh, that's interesting. Especially if you look at the overall situation. Further,quote :

The Committee of Voters of Ukraine analyzed data on budget expenditures of regional centers and the city of Kyiv on defense forces in 2023. The results of the analysis are presented in the form of a rating. Kyiv (Mayor - Vitali Klitschko) took the first place in the rating, directing about 9 billion for the support of defense forces last year. This is almost as much as all other regional centers combined.

What can I say? This is a case when I am proud of my native Kyiv, which sets an example for all other cities. Also, thank you to every city that spends money on strengthening the defense forces of Ukraine. You are doing a great job! And this is also an example for the central government, which is drowning in scandals. OP, how are you feeling?

And I have one request. The money that remains in the city budget should be spent on supporting infrastructure and restoring roads. Not on parks or sidewalks, not on other projects that can wait during the war. First on the army, and everything else on supporting Kyiv's infrastructure.



How to win the war and what is victory? What is the army lacking now?

On these and other questions today at 21:00 in an exclusive interview on "Pravo" will answer the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.



🇲🇩 Today's shelling of Odessa by the Russian armyreactedis the president of Moldova Maia Sandu

Russia's war against Ukraine knows no bounds. Ukraine urgently needs help to protect itself and peace in Europe. My heart is with Odessa, - noted Sandu.

Today, as a result of a rocket attack on Odessa, a good person and a true warrior died, 41-year-old commander of the special police battalion "Tsunami" police lieutenant colonel Oleksandr Hostychev

Since the beginning of the war in 2014, he went as a volunteer to the "Dnipro-1" battalion. From June 2014, he served in the ATO zone. He took part in the liberation of Mariupol, Ilovaisk, and other operations in the Donetsk region. Then he went to serve in the police. He headed the units of the patrol police in the front-line cities of Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, and Rubizhne in the Luhansk region. On December 13, 2021, he was appointed Deputy Chief of the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Odesa region. After the full-scale invasion, he took up arms and became the commander of the Tsunami battalion, personally participating in combat operations.

Eternal memory Hero! RIP.



Rescue operations are still ongoing in Odessa after a Russian missile strike - a very vile strike by these savages: two missiles, and the second, when rescuers and doctors arrived at the scene of the hit. Among the dead and injured are paramedics from the "emergency care", rescuers from the SES. My condolences to all relatives and close ones.

Dozens of wounded. The search for people under the rubble continues. All necessary services are involved.

Grateful to everyone who supports people now and saves lives. Thanks to all the police, and the SES, and the medics, and the volunteers, and the public services.

I instructed the regional authorities to fully support all the affected. Our Defense Forces will definitely do everything to make the Russian killers feel our just reaction.

I thank everyone who works for our country and people. Thank you to everyone fighting for Ukraine!

Glory to Ukraine!

Today, on Friday, March 15th, at 19:00, we will be doing a live broadcast together with Oleg Saakyan

- Shelling of Odessa. Why is Russia shelling civilian cities? Will casualties among civilians lead to a faster understanding in the West of the need to help Ukraine?

- The elections in Russia are shaping up to be stormy. Both partisans and fly-ins. Will Russians understand that Putin himself has led to all this? Will there be conclusions?

- Macron's statement on the introduction of EU troops into Ukraine. Why is everyone clinging to this statement? Are we waiting for a miracle?

The Washington Post writes, despite Biden's pressure on Congress - we need to prepare for the fact that the money will not be allocated. Who can replace it? What to expect?

- After the mobilization is not conducted and the speakers of the OP are talking about negotiations, is Istanbul 2 possible in the near future and if so, under what conditions?

Abbreviation of ministries. Will it work?

-Fear of stupid commanders has a real basis. Why does this problem become bigger with Sursky and Bargilyevich?



😢 The number of deaths as a result of an enemy missile strike on Odessa has increased to 20 people, - State Emergency Service.

Mykhailo Tkach asked Mykola Mitbolu Tyshchenko the question. The answer killed. But it is still not clear whether Tyshchenko rents call centers from which he wants a constant, and whether he understands that a large number of people are not idiots?



During the day, 68 combat clashes were recorded.reportsGeneral Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The hottest near Avdiivka - there Ukrainian defenders repelled over 20 enemy attacks.

During the day, the Defense Forces aviation struck in 7 areas of concentration of personnel, weapons, and enemy military equipment.

What I have always loved about Israel - is the attitude towards children, kings, and gods. Because of the future.

The famous journalist Amit Segal came to us on air on 9 with a little daughter. Mom is on a business trip, something didn't work out with the babysitter.

At first he asked the producer to hold on for a while during the broadcast, the child frowned and a problem arose, she will scream all the way while dad is talking about his book and the intricacies of Israeli politics. Therefore, he was told - sit down with her and explain. He sat down. So there were two Segals on the air. But only one was speaking.Sergey Auslander



🌾 Cabinet expands program to support Ukrainian farmers, focusing primarily on farmers in the de-occupied territories.reportedPrime Minister Shmyhal.

Small farms in the occupied territories and farmers in communities where hostilities took place will be able to receive 8,000 hryvnias per hectare of their cultivated lands. The maximum area is up to 120 hectares, - the head of government informed.

He added thatthese are the funds that will help carry out planting, and then harvest the crop .



We are in Odessa today, where inhumans have just shelled civilian infrastructure. And when rescuers arrived, they attacked again. Almost fifty people are injured, unfortunately, there are casualties…

Today explosions rang out in many villages and regions. But I know that for Ukrainians - this is an additional motivation to destroy the enemy and help the Armed Forces in this work.

Therefore, we provide the boys of the Naval Forces and the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with two DAF YA trucks and three DAF Leyland trucks to transport the most necessary.

Also closing the request of the whole platoon and handing over 30 wetsuits for performing tasks in cold water. They not only keep warm, but also energy, which is very necessary for them during combat missions.

We must do everything for the enemy's revenge! We must do everything for our Victory!




Petro Poroshenko in an exclusive interview with "Pravo" about the extraordinary importance of fortifications on the front line, who should decide the fate of Ukraine and how the euroatlantic path of the state is being disrupted from within.

Turn on "Direct" right now!

🕵️‍♀️ DetectiveTishchenko and sunny Transcarpathia. "UP" investigated what business the deputy acquired while he was the head of the regional party organization

Apartments, beauty salon, funeral bureau, five-star park hotel, their own people in high positions - this is far from a complete list of the "estate" that, it seems, the people's deputy Mykola Tyshchenko and his family have acquired in Uzhgorod during the years of war - concludes Mykhailo Tkach in hisnew investigation

📍Journalists found out that the deputy uses an expensive electric car, keeps two bodyguards and lives in one of the most expensive residential complexes in Uzhgorod, where former wife Tyshchenko Alla Baranovska lives with her son.

Investigators reminded thatcouple announcedabout the divorce right before electronic declarations of public officials were reopened in Ukraine, and that Tishchenko actively opposed the opening of declarations during the war.




The possible entry of Western troops into Ukraine will increase the risk of the Third World War, said Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani.

I don't think NATO should enter Ukraine. I hope this doesn't happen," he said, responding to a question about the possibility of French troops being deployed in Ukraine.

To start a war with Russia means creating the risk of a Third World War," explained Tayan.

I am reading now. I am getting incredible pleasure. The text is not only informative, but also wonderfully translated. It is easy to read, and the stories of Mossad's battles are impressive. And these are not made-up stories, but real undercover operations. I hope that someday there will be a book about our heroines. But for now, I advise you to read this one. It is worth your time.



We collected the most important things you might have missed by March 15:

🔹As a result of the Russian missile strike in Odessaperished20 people.

Independent international commission of the UNdiscoverednew evidence of torture of Ukrainian prisoners of war in places of detention on the territory of the Russian Federation

🔹Polish farmersdeclaredabout plans to conduct a blockade-control on the road between Poland and Slovakia until the end of March.

🔹To Ukraineturnedbodies of 100 fallen defenders.

🔹Pentagoncriticizedthe idea of providing assistance to Ukraine in the form of a loan



🇺🇦Petro Poroshenko in an exclusive interview "Direct" told who is to blame for the failure of European and Euro-Atlantic integration, although these norms are a direct requirement of the Constitution of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia has published statistics on the "number of foreign mercenaries" in Ukraine. Analyzing Shoigu-Konashenkov's statistics is to disrespect oneself.

Another thing catches the eye: representatives of all post-Soviet countries are present in this statistics. The only exception - Belarusians. And this despite the fact that

Russian propaganda regularly mentions the Kalinovsky Regiment.

For Putin's regime, foreigners-Belarusians do not exist in principle, even if they fight against Russia.

P.S. Medvedev today called Latvia a "non-existent country". However, for the Kremlin, the "non-existent country" is actually Belarus.



The government officiallydeterminedLocation of the National Military Memorial Cemetery.

The decision has been definitively approved that the memorial cemetery will be located in the Gatne rural territorial community of Fastiv district of Kyiv region.

Russians voted, got tired, and are resting on the Lyman front. Probably not the best place to vote...



The UN World Food Program has purchased demining machines for Kharkiv region, as reported by OVA.

The UN World Food Program has purchased 3 machines for preparing soil for demining, which were developed in Kharkiv. The first machine was tested and handed over to FSD pyrotechnic units. Two more machines are being manufactured, according to the message.

I remind you that Russophobia are not people, but bio-waste. No objections?

Peaceful night 🌙 to all good people

Let the Russian trash die.