Feb 22, 2022 - Day -1

Morning has come. But the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Stefanchuk, remains silent. Although we are, according to the Constitution of Ukraine, a parliamentary-presidential republic. And Arakhmiia is also silent. But that's probably for the best, even though he is the leader of the mono-majority. And Shuliak is silent too, as the head of the "SN" party. Apparently, she hasn't been told yet what needs to be said from the Presidential Office. Yes, Ukrainian parliamentarism is like that.

But Zelensky doesn't stay silent, as he is responsible for national security and international affairs. But it would be better if he stayed quiet. On February 1, 2021, Zelensky stated, "And forgive me, if I were the president back then, we would have all died in Crimea, but we wouldn't have let those 'little green men' in." Today, the occupiers, with Russian military insignia, are entering Donetsk. They're not hiding, not removing their distinguishing marks, not pretending to be miners. And Zelensky, who is currently the president, simply films a pompous video. And he doesn't even break off diplomatic relations with Russia. However, the 'little green men' with Russian army insignia are already in ORDLO. How is Zelensky doing there? Is he alive? Or is it one thing to speak beautifully and another to act correctly? And if he is good at the former, the latter stumps him. But with his video, the greatest political leader of our time violated the "Law on the Defense of Ukraine." Beautiful words, but in reality, it's like in an old joke:

"Ladies and gentlemen, let's bathe horses in champagne!"

"Lieutenant, what's wrong with you? Such expenses! And they are also delaying the salary!"

Well, then let's at least pour beer on the cat!

And only Trukhin is a hottie. Quietly went into the forest. And doesn't shine. As tradition dictates.


They are silent about him. Yes, our government has voiced their position normally...

During the night, a meeting of the UN Security Council was held at the request of Ukraine.


🚩🚩🚩Prior to the meeting of the UN Security Council, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stated that Russia's decision to recognize the "LNR" and "DNR" does not comply with the principles of the United Nations Charter.

"By its decision, Russia violates the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine," he said.

🚩Deputy Secretary-General of the UN Rosemary DiCarlo: "Negotiations are the only way to resolve the conflict in Ukraine."

"The risk of conflict is real, and it must be prevented at all costs."

"We urge an immediate cessation of hostilities."

🚩US UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield said that Washington does not intend to supply nuclear weapons to Ukraine, if they do not want it.

She also called Putin's statements about Ukraine seeking to acquire nuclear weapons from Western countries untrue.

The United States representative believes that "recognizing the 'DPR' and 'LPR' obviously serves as a preparation for Russia's attempt to create a pretext for further invasion in Ukraine."

🚩 French ambassador Nicolas de Rivière noted that Paris, along with its allies, is preparing targeted sanctions against those involved in the "illegal decision to recognize the "DPR" and "LNR".

"We are particularly concerned with the president's decision to send the army to separatist territories under the pretext of peacekeeping activities," said the French representative.

🚩British representative Barbara Woodward stated that Russia, through its actions, violates international law, and this will have "the most serious consequences," including economic ones. "Russia has crossed a dangerous line, we call on them to step back," she said.

🚩The representative of Norway expressed concern about the situation in Donbass and emphasized that the recognition of "LNR" and "DNR" undermines the work in the Normandy format and entails violations of international law principles.

Representative Gani said, "The voices of war are loud, but the voices of the world are even louder. We are on the edge already, but we have not fallen into the abyss yet."

🚩Ireland said that "Ukraine has shown resilience despite numerous provocations from Russia." Ireland has called for the immediate withdrawal of Russian armed forces from Ukrainian territory and to refrain from actions that lead to escalation.

Representative of Mexico 🚩

called for the preservation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine within internationally recognized borders. "Time to embark on the path of democracy."

Representative 🚩

Albania condemns the deployment of Russian armed forces to the occupied Ukrainian territories and believes that Russia is violating the integrity and threatening the sovereignty of Ukraine.

🤮The representative of Moscow, which currently chairs the UN Security Council, stated: "I will not tolerate direct attacks on us without a reaction. They hoped that the Maidan regime would fail". He also claimed that the "2014 state coup" is to blame for everything, and Kyiv is not fulfilling the "Minsk agreements" and does not want a diplomatic resolution of the conflict.

Unfortunately, in Volodymyr Zelensky's statement, the word "очікуємо" sounds like "очкуємо".

And it means that Putin, without encountering any resistance to his bold aggression, will have the opportunity to later capture the entire Donbass.

The Verkhovna Rada must today initiate all these issues independently at its meeting, as the Supreme Commander either does not understand the consequences of his inaction or has taken the path of state treason. (c) Yuriy Butusov

8 years ago, Putin took advantage of the moment and captured Crimea. Today, he took advantage of Zelensky and captured ORDLO. Putin is slowly devouring parts of Ukraine piece by piece. And he won't stop. Those who think that the threat of invasion has disappeared are mistaken. No, on the contrary. Appetite comes with eating. And Putin is devouring Ukraine. He enjoys this process. Zelensky's policy, which resembles Trotsky's thesis of "Neither peace, nor war," has failed completely. Now, much depends on the collective West and the sanctions imposed on all those who participated in this operation of annexing ORDLO and what specific sanctions will be imposed on Russia. I have no hope or illusions about our government.

At the same time, attention should be paid to two points. In fact, Putin's decision destroyed the Minsk agreements and freed Ukraine from them, but did not lift the sanctions on Russia. And this provides us with a platform for maneuvering, as well as opens a window of opportunities. Moreover, the statement that Russia will take measures to support the financial and banking system of the "DPR" and "LPR", based on the fact that the currency there is the Russian ruble, relieves all financial obligations of Ukraine to the ORDLO. And it's time to voice this. And now ORDLO has a future like Abkhazia - a depressed territory without a future.

At the same time, it should be noted that Zelensky's position is extremely weak and dull. Just like his empty speech. He is simply dragging out time and not making any decisions. There is no mobilization, no rupture of diplomatic relations with Russia, no visa requirements for Russian citizens, not even targeted sanctions against all those who sanctioned the recognition of ORDLO through their participation in the RF Security Council. There is no imposition of martial law in the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. There is nothing. Instead of a statesmanlike position, there is only a fart in a puddle.

In such a situation, it is parliament that should become the initiator of all actions aimed at protecting the interests and territorial integrity of Ukraine. But considering that an impotent majority, controlled by the President's Office (OP) and scared Zelensky, sits in the Verkhovna Rada (VR) today, we cannot expect any actions from them. Unfortunately, during this period of turmoil, we have the kind of power that is only capable of discreditational or corrupt scandals, and not crisis solutions. And how can we not recall the words of Mykhailo Hrushevsky, spoken by him more than 100 years ago, "The misfortune of Ukraine is that it is governed by those who do not need it." Unfortunately, these words have not lost their relevance today.

The Chairman of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Leonid Kalashnikov, stated that the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics will be recognized by Russia within the borders of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

This can be both a public opinion test and a delineation of the Kremlin's immediate plans. But in any case, it is necessary to introduce martial law in the territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. NECESSARY!!!

Vova, let's have another video! And you can start threatening the Kremlin that you won't sell them the new season of "Svaty".

In the war of nerves that started yesterday, among other things, the Kremlin will seek to discredit Zelensky.

He would do the same with any President of Ukraine, that's a fact.

Zelensky is not my political hero, but I wouldn't rush to spread anonymous shit about him right now.

Chairman of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Leonid Kalashnikov, who previously stated that the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics would be recognized by Russia within the borders of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, now refutes his own words. And what do you expect? They also have idiots working in parliament. Jokers, scoundrels, corrupt officials, puppets, and idiots.

The ruble is falling - and there is no toilet paper in Venezuela. Guys! I know how to help each other!

The first EU sanctions against Russia will be imposed today.

The President of the European Parliament, Josep Borrell, stated that the adopted package of sanctions today is not the entire response of the EU to the recognition of "DNR/LNR".

Sketches of a new economic policy against the backdrop of Putin's threats.

The grand construction project needs to be radically reformat. Minimize road and social infrastructure construction and redirect the freed-up funds to the military-industrial complex, security sector, and energy sector. We can somehow manage without good roads and ice palaces, but not without missiles and heat. Money injection into the military-industrial complex will create a huge multiplier effect for the economy. We need our own version of DARPA for the development of military technologies. We need to deploy a large cluster of military equipment and ammunition production in western Ukraine and relocate production there. The entire east and south are under constant threat.

In simpler terms, what we need is an economy of wartime that will now be permanent.

We also need to negotiate debt restructuring with the West. Ideally, they should forgive them, like they did with Poland in the 90s.

Zelensky also needs to radically reconsider the internal economic policy. In the face of strong pressure from Russia, it is necessary to ease the burden for our citizens. It is not only necessary to cancel the RRO for self-employed individuals, but also to cancel taxes for self-employed individuals for three years. The state will lose 50 billion hryvnias in direct revenue, but will gain more through indirect taxes. Plus, this will significantly expand Zelensky's social base, and a broad social base is fundamentally important for any government in such crisis moments. It needs to be done quickly, along with other easing measures for businesses, which were blocked by Hetmancev. Hetmanceva needs to be removed as soon as possible, so that the business can see the prospect of radical improvement in economic policy. If such perspective is not given right now, Ukraine will face a monstrous capital flight under the conditions of a permanent threat of destruction by Putin. It is necessary to create a system of incentives for businesses to stay in Ukraine. For example, finally introduce a tax on withdrawn capital. It's about time.

In short, Putin's threats and actions require radical steps in the economy. Otherwise, the economy will collapse, and with it the state, which will be unable to perform basic functions due to the fiscal crisis.

Sorry, but Kolya Mitbol is now not in "Servant of the People", but in "United Russia", why does he post such videos in stories?

By the way, I only just realized that if Zelensky took so long to answer, then he didn't have a prepared solution for this case, which means he and his team didn't calculate the scenario of Putin recognizing the LPR and DPR.

Understand? Zelensky did not have any prescribed actions given such a development of the situation. What other scenarios has he not thought through? I wonder, is he equally prepared for a possible invasion? I feel an added sense of sadness in my soul after realizing all of this. How would the classic say it? "Fuckin' Denmark! Fucked up all expectations"

Agitation and provocations will continue further, but these rats will not openly crawl out. The photos of Putin behind the long table show that he is scum, but he is paranoidly afraid for his own skin.

And what's the point? The price of oil and ADVANTAGE! He thinks that it is financially beneficial to destabilize the whole world, issue ultimatums to the West, and spin the drum of the military anti-Ukrainian hysteria for as long as possible. And not crossing the red lines outlined by the Americans while doing so.

It turns out that over the course of 4 months of escalation, Putin additionally earned 1 trillion 793.8 billion rubles ($23.5 billion) from hydrocarbons, on top of what was earned in the same period last year!

Information source - open website of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, file "Information on the formation of additional oil and gas revenues of the federal budget in 2018-2022".

The higher the expectation of war in the world, the more expensive oil and gas become, nothing surprising about that. And the expenses for maintaining a 140-thousand-strong army around our borders for 4 months is not even a billion. So they have created a decent business. And as for the fact that the stocks of companies collapsed and the RTS Index dropped by 12.5%, they are confident that they will recover from this.

Yes, by the way, any raider attack is just business. With its own mathematics, risks, and expenses. And international terrorism is also one form of raiding.

But these calculations are not linear, and Western planning horizons will be longer. I am sure they have already drawn their conclusions, and in the end, the Kremlin strategists will lose much more due to a future decrease in purchase volumes. Especially when oil prices start to fall. In any case, Western guys are more technologically advanced than St. Petersburg hooligans. And in the future, they will not want to become dependent on Russian hydrocarbons in the midst of winter.

And I'm sure they also convinced Putin that panic would start in Ukraine, the economy would collapse, and Western investors would start selling off assets and fleeing. It is clear that the current situation is painful for the Ukrainian economy, and everyone is having a tough time. But I don't see anything resembling a flight of businessmen and capital. On the contrary, many insightful and authoritative entrepreneurs whom I know are only waiting for an increase in investment activity once the situation begins to stabilize.

We hold defense, care for our loved ones, think about work, and worry less, friends... (c) Alexander Sokolovsky.

Mirror writes that the UK government has stated that the Russian invasion of Ukraine began with tanks and troops being sent overnight to the east of the country. And that this is indeed an invasion!

Military vehicles were entering the separatist areas of Donetsk and the so-called Luhansk People's Republic after Vladimir Putin's fiery speech.

Putin said that Kyiv will be blamed for any "bloodshed" on the same day when two Ukrainian soldiers were killed as a result of shelling by separatists in the eastern part of the country.

This morning Boris Johnson chaired a meeting of the Cobra committee, as the UK and US are preparing to introduce additional sanctions against Russia.

Also this morning, the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers, Sajid Javid, said: "We are waking up to a very dark day in Europe, and from what we have already seen and learned today, it is clear that the Russians, President Putin, have decided to attack the sovereignty of Ukraine and its territorial integrity."

By the way, in the crime with the recognition of the LPR and DPR, Putin has accomplices. And we must not forget about them. Because their time will come too. Time for condemnation in The Hague. Who and how voted:

Lavrov - to acknowledge.

Bortnikov - recognized.

Shoigu - to admit.

Medvedev - if the situation doesn't change - recognize.

Volodin - recognized.

Matviyenko - recognized.

Patrushev - if the situation doesn't change - admit.

Mishustin - if there are no changes - recognize.

Naryshkin - acknowledged (but tried to remind that there will be problems).

Kolokol'tsev - to acknowledge.

Chaffinch - to admit.

"Zolotov - recognized."

List of criminals. Let it lie here.


►Is there a treatment for this syndrome?

In most cases, according to information from medical journals, the symptoms disappear within 2 months, but sometimes they can last longer. Treatment begins with making the correct diagnosis, which is conducted in a clinic for COVID-19 survivors (MERPAA MAHLIMEI HA-KORONA) by a group of specialists, including neurologists, psychiatrists, and infectious disease specialists.

"Unlike typical attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), symptoms in those who have had coronavirus appear shortly after infection or recovery," says Dr. Madar. "If a proper assessment is conducted, it can be seen that unlike ADHD, which often begins in childhood, problems in those who have had coronavirus arise suddenly. The same applies to sleep and memory disorders."

After excluding other violations, treatment is prescribed in the form of occupational therapy (🚜🛠️), cognitive-behavioral therapy (🧠🔬) and sessions with a speech therapist (👩‍⚕️🗣️). "Sometimes it is a long-term treatment that requires patience from the patient," says Dr. Madar. "If we identify other disorders that combine with brain fog, such as anxiety, depression, and sleep disturbances, medication therapy is prescribed if necessary. The main advice is related to the prevention of post-COVID syndrome, and the only way to prevent it is through vaccination. It has been proven that the vaccine prevents not only the severe course of the disease itself, the need for hospital treatment, and mortality, but also reduces the risk of it progressing into a chronic form, significantly worsening the quality of life."

I'm sorry, but I am unable to access external websites or click on links. However, if you provide me with the text you would like to be translated, I would be more than happy to help you with the translation.

And about good news. Due to Putin's recognition of the LPR in UEFA, the transfer of the Champions League final from St. Petersburg to London is urgently being considered. The final is scheduled for May 29th and the Wembley management has already announced that they are ready to host the final.

The RTS index is entering a deep slump. The dollar is already worth more than 80 rubles, and the euro is worth more than 90 rubles. And this is even before the US and EU have announced their full package of sanctions. Everything comes at a price. And Russia will pay for Putin's idiocy. It's expensive.

Very accurate description.

Do not engage in self-soothing. The threat has not gone away. Yesterday's speech by Putin showed one thing - he hates Ukraine to the core and wants to destroy us. And he will be looking for a pretext for a full-scale war. It could be another Gleiwitz or Mainila. It could be something within the framework of a scenario to protect the carriers of Russian passports on the territory of Ukraine. And pay attention, Putin has also made another bookmark for a possible war. It's as if he has acknowledged these "LNR" and "DNR" within the territories that the Kremlin has captured, but his puppets in Donbass are demanding the entire territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions now. And this can also be a pretext for war. And don't forget, there is a shortage of water in Crimea. So it is still too early to breathe out and think that the threat of war has passed. Unfortunately, no!

Therefore, the leadership of Ukraine should focus on replenishing our brigades, strengthening our defense capabilities, and ensuring energy security. As well as obtaining the latest weapons from our allies to ensure maximum effectiveness of our army. Now and for a long time, these are the main priorities for Ukraine. Power should forget about the "Great Theft". Today, it's about Ukraine's survival. And delaying death is similar.

List of deputies of the "Servant of the People" faction who DID NOT support the inclusion of the bill on increasing funding for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the agenda (voted against, abstained, did not vote or were absent):

Arakhamiya David Georgiyovych,

Aristov Yurii Yuriovich,

Babak Sergey Vitaliyovych,

Bezhin Vitaliy Yurievich,

Bezugla Maryana Volodymyrivna,

Boblyakh Andriy Rostyslavovych,

Bogdanets Andriy Volodymyrovych,

Bogutskaya Elizaveta Petrovna,

Bragar Yevgeniy Vadimovich.

Buzhansky Maxim Arkadiyovich,

Wagner, Victoria Aleksandrovna.

Vasilykovsky Igor Igorevich,

Venislavskyi Fedir Volodymyrovych,

"Voytsikhivsky Vitaliy Oleksandrovych. "(Víctor V. Oleksandrovych.)

Volodyna Daria Artemivna,

Halaychuk Vadim Serhiiovych.

Halushko Mykola Leonidovych,

Gerasimenko Igor Leonidovich,

Herus Andriy Mykhailovych,

Hetmanets Danilo Oleksandrovych 💙!

Sparrow Oleksandr Serhiyovych,

Grishina Yulia Mykolaivna,

Guzenko Maksim Vasylovych,

Danutsa Oleksandr Anatoliiovych,

Didenko Yulia Aleksandrivna,

Drahovskyi Anatolii Hryhorovych.

Zhmerenetskyi Oleksii Sergiiovych,

Zavitnevyich Oleksandr Mykhailovych,

Zadorozhnyy Andriy Viktorovych,

Zadorozhnyi Mykola Mykolayovych,

Zdebskyi Yuri Viktorovych,

Ivanov Volodymyr Illich,

Ionushas Sergiy Kostyantynovych,

Kalaury Ivan Romanovich,

Kalchenko Sergey Vitaliyovich,

Kaptelov Roman Volodymyrovych,

Kasai Hennadii Oleksandrovych,

Kasai Kostyantyn Ivanovych,

Kinzburska Victoriya Oleksandrivna,

Kissel Yuriy Hryhorovych,

Kovalov Artem Volodymyrovych,

Kovalov Oleksiy Ivanovich,

Kozir Serhiy Vyacheslavovych 😊

Koleboshin Sergey Valerievich,

Kolisnyk Anna Sergiivna,

Kolyuh Valeriy Viktorovych,

Kopanchuk Olena Yevhenivna.

Kopylenko Oleksandr Liubimovych,

Kostiuk Dmytro Serhiyovych,

Kostyuk Anatoliy Vyacheslavovych 😊

Kravchuk Yevheniia Mykhailivna.

Kreidenko Volodymyr Viktorovych,

Kultenko Artem Valerievich,

Kunaev Artem Yurievich,

Litvinenko Sergey Anatoliyovich 😄

Litvinov Oleksandr Mykolayovych,

Lichman Hanna Vasylivna,

Lyashenko Anastasiya Oleksiyivna,

Marusiak Oleg Romanovich,

Marchuk Igor Petrovich,

Matusevich Oleksandr Borysovych,

Melnik Pavlo Viktorovych,

Movchan Oleksiy Vasylovych,

Motovilovets Andrii Viktorovych,

Swindler Olena Volodymyrivna,

Nikitina Marina Viktorivna,

Beekeeper Oleksandr Stanislavovych.

Перебийніс Максим Вікторович, it translates to: "Perebinis Maksim Viktorovich,".

Pilasa Roksolana Andriyivna,

Pushkarenko Arseniy Mykhailovych,

Radina Anastasiia Olegivna 😊

Rudenko Olga Sergiivna,

Savchenko Olga Stanislavivna,

Salamakha Orest Ihorovych,

Sanchenko Oleksandr Volodymyrovych,

Severin Sergey Sergeyevich,

Semin'skyi Oleg Valeriyovych,

Owl Alexander Georgiyovich,

Tarasov Oleg Sergiyovich,

Timofiychuk Volodymyr Yaroslavovych, Tkachenko Maksym Mykolayovych,

Torohtii Bohdan Hryhorovych ,

Trukhin Oleksandr Mykolaiovych 😊

Ustenko Oleksii Olehovych,

Fris Igor Pavlovich,

Andriy Ivanovich Kholodov,

Cherniev Yegor Volodymyrovych ,

Cherniavskyi Stepan Mykolaiovych,

Shvets Sergiy Fedorovich,

Shipailo Ostap Igorevich,

Hey Margarita Vitalievna!

Shuliak Olena Oleksiivna,

Yakoveva Nelli Illivna,

Yaremenko Bogdan Vasyliovych

147 deputies of the Verkhovna Rada voted for it.

Oh! Good news arrived. There are people to defend Ukraine!

And at this time, in Russia, they learned about the stunning news from Germany. And this is not even sanctions yet.

💬This is a conversation or a statement.

Victor Tregubov: Putin recognized L/DNR. This is the best development for Ukraine.

Dear citizens, I ask you to cast aside eternal grief.

Because so far this is the best possible scenario for events. Except for those that involve the landing of aliens, the rise of decent people to power in Russia, or a awakening of conscience in the German political sphere, in other words, except for the fantastical ones.

Why the best? The recognition of the occupied territories could have been done in 2014-2015. This was not done because Russia's strategic goal was to subjugate Ukraine by integrating them into its body, turning Ukraine into a big Bosnia-Herzegovina paralyzed politically and economically.

By this recognition, they acknowledge that everything they did in 2015-2021 years was in vain.

With this acknowledgment, they recognize that Ukraine stood its ground and did not yield.

This recognition gives an answer to what the Minsk agreements meant for Ukraine - betrayal or victory.

The result of the Minsk agreements was that, in a difficult military situation, Ukraine diplomatically stopped Russian advancement, giving Putin hope to exert pressure in the cabinets, which did not come true. In the game of "who blinks first", Russia lost, and it is coming out of the Minsk agreements.

Now the most important thing is what sanctions will be imposed and what further military provocations will be. But even with this decision, Russia has made it more difficult for itself.

We stood up. We look heroic, Putin and his Security Council look like a pathetic parody of the State Committee on the State of Emergency (GKChP). The whole world sympathizes with us, not even China sympathizes with them. We only bear the losses that we have already suffered.

Until 2015 and from which they managed to recover, they are receiving a heap of new troubles and severely narrowing their space for maneuvering.

This round is definitely ours.

Glory to Ukraine!

‼️ Occupants have blocked the Yasinovataya-Gorlovka highway, claiming that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are shelling. As proof of the "shelling," the Ukrainian Armed Forces present a video showing a 5.45 cartridge being removed from a car wheel, which was allegedly hit by the "devious" Ukrainian Armed Forces while the passing car was being shelled...

It's the cartridge, not the bullet!

Once again, I repeat - an intact cartridge, not fired! 🤦♂️

Honestly, the level of incompetence of Russian propagandists is simply disheartening and even exhausting.

All! Stopped!!! Due to Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine, Germany is taking the first steps: The Ministry of Economy has suspended the certification process of "Nord Stream 2". Certification will not be resumed until Russia recognizes the ORDLO.

There are several aspects that urgently need to be translated massively through all available information channels now:

- We survived in 2014 - we will survive now.

The army and the people are united, let's raise volunteers again.

Teaching people in the rear - tactical medicine, weapon handling.

information hygiene at least in Azach

Vision of victory (I see it in joining NATO, but I acknowledge that there may be other possibilities)

Prophet, damn! But that didn't stop him from voting yesterday for recognition. Stupid, WTF!

And there is no arguing with that.

At the meeting with Ilham Aliyev, Putin stated that Russia has no intention of restoring the Russian Empire: "These are all speculations." And he added that Russia supports the sovereignty of former Soviet republics, and the situation with Ukraine is an exception due to external influence on the country.

In fact, Putin confirms that he will continue to try to bite off new chunks of Ukraine as part of his border revision strategy. And he will do this because of our pro-European choice. Because he is afraid that we will be an example for the Russians. An example of how a society can live with freedom of speech and democratic standards. A society that experiences a change in power. And the latter is a real horror 😱 and a personal nightmare for Putin.

Oh! New paranoia delivered. ))

Putin decided to threaten the West. But it's scary to threaten him personally. Therefore, the role of the spokesperson was entrusted to another empty position named Svetlana Goryacheva. And she suggested "Expel Western businesses from Russia and nationalize them." Abramovich, Rotenbergs, and the rest of Putin's entourage, who keep their money in the West, nervously swallowed and slightly tensed.

For such a mistake in Russia, one can become deaf and dumb too...

Separatist-Katsap scum shell the town of Happiness. They hit the power plant. Bitches.

Russia attacked Ukraine. And now a new wave of Russian soldiers has swept us away.

We will put them in a bag. Such a black one. And then in another bag. And send them home to their mothers.

This is exactly why we need bundles with bundles.

I brought you betrayal. No, not even.


And this is a story about those high-ranking security officials who, it seems, are waiting for Putin to come to Ukraine and are preparing to meet him with a caravan in their hands. Against the background of everything that is happening, with the possible start of another stage of war against Ukraine, "cans" begin to be opened.

There is such a person, Sergey Shaykhet. He is the head of the National Police Department in the Mykolaiv region. A whole colonel. And his father, Oleg Shaykhet, a former militia officer who rose to the rank of colonel while commanding the special unit "Sokol" of the Volyn region's UBOP, now has a connection to... Kolomoisky's security. And that's why it doesn't surprise anyone that Sergey Shaykhet received such a high position. By the way, on December 7, 2015, Sergey Shaykhet was dismissed from the police due to professional incompetence: he failed the certification. But he appealed the decision of the certification commission in court, managed to resolve it, and was reinstated in his position. And after Zelensky's arrival, this young talent became the head of the Mykolaiv National Police Department in the land of Arakhania in July 2020. And that's when things started... But that is not relevant to our story.

Now about the main thing. The command of the brigade of territorial defense of the Nikolayev region turned to Oleg Shaykhet with a request to allow regular exercises at the training center of the National Police. And they were refused. Without explanations. They started explaining to him that it was necessary for Ukraine, but even that didn't have an impact. Apparently, Shaykhet considered that he knew better what Ukraine needed or, on the contrary, he decided that untrained people would pose a smaller threat to potential invaders. In general, it became known that he is sabotaging the process and not allowing access to the range.

Had to resort to a proven argument - a delegation of ATO veterans. It helped to resolve the issue, but not necessarily for long. Sergey Shaykhet clearly did it reluctantly and without joy. And as one of the participants in the "communication" said, "The guy clearly considers himself some sort of Gogilashvili."

And here I have a question, how many of these "sent Cossacks" are sitting in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Police, the SBU, and the Office of the President, waiting for the time when they can put on their collarless shirts and embrace the Kremlin's people? But I really want a reaction from the Minister of Internal Affairs, Denis Monastyrsky, and the head of the National Police of Ukraine, Igor Klimenko, regarding this situation. Because if someone on the ground sabotages the preparation for territorial defense, it is clearly not in the interests of Ukraine. So figure out this issue, if you care about this problem. And preferably before the invasion.

Important article. Important analysis. Important conclusions. Important recommendations.


So, the interim losses of the Russian oligarchy from the Russian invasion in Donbas:

Roman Abramovich - minus 114 million dollars.

Suleiman Kerimov - minus 420 million.

Mikhail Fridman - minus 206 million.

Leonid Fedun - minus 631 million.

You are cooler than before:

Vagit Alekperov - approximately 2 billion dollars.

Leonid Mikhelson - about 2 billion

Gennadiy Timchenko - about 2 billion

Aleksey Mordashov - slightly over one billion.

Vladimir Lisin - a little over one billion.

This is within less than a day, on 22.02.2022, and before the imposition of sanctions by the US and EU.

But someone will say "this is not enough" again and start complaining online. It's alright - we, intelligent people, see more. So let's stick together.

🔥 Estonia 🇪🇪 completely shuts down Russian TV.

The country's largest operators are refusing Russian TV channels. Telia and Elisa companies announced the termination of cooperation with Nord Print firm.

Reuers reports that the government of Great Britain intends to present a bill to the House of Commons for discussion, which aims to ban the sale of Russian bonds in the stock market. The reason for developing this legislation was Vladimir Putin's decision to recognize the self-proclaimed republics in eastern Ukraine. To be continued...

Honestly, I like this post on the Facebook page of the US Embassy in Ukraine. Short but understandable response to Putin's long video address with a tour of pseudo-history yesterday. Now he has been reminded of actual history.

Oh, people!!! What is happening? British hooligans will cancel visas for children and families of those who voted to recognize the LPR and DPR. And that's not all yet.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain has announced that the country will impose sanctions against those members of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and the Council of the Federation of the Russian Federation who voted for the recognition of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics.

In addition, the restrictions adopted in relation to Crimea will be extended to the territories of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) and the Luhansk People's Republic (LPR).

Very interesting position. I advise you to familiarize yourself. Professor of the Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Sciences (MVShSEN), Russian sociologist, supporter of left views, and political scientist Boris Kagarlitsky - about recognizing the sovereignty of the Donetsk People's Republic and the Luhansk People's Republic by Russia.

The recognition of the Luhansk People's Republic and the Donetsk People's Republic undoubtedly crossed Putin's mind and that of his inner circle as an event capable of changing the political situation. The same, of course, was thought and felt by thousands of residents of Donetsk and Luhansk, who poured out onto the streets to celebrate the recognition of their independence. They truly believed that everything would be different now. But the real meaning of recognition is precisely that everything remains the same.

Russian military forces stationed in Donetsk must no longer claim that "they are not there". In fact, their presence will even increase significantly. But what else has changed?

Contrary to expectations, the Ukrainian authorities have reacted quite calmly, without any escalation of the conflict from Kiev's side. Ukraine responds to the papers signed in Moscow with its own paper - a complaint to the United Nations. There is also no particular frenzy in the West. The fact that Russian officials have officially formalized their relations with officials from Donetsk and Luhansk is not an event for anyone except domestic propagandists who, of course, will try to squeeze the most out of it, but this topic will still be forgotten in two to three days.

Of course, the residents of the DPR and LPR hope that their lives will undergo a profound change now.

But they are in for a cruel disappointment - the republics have been recognized not to make any changes there, but vice versa, to have the opportunity to change nothing there.

It remains unclear what to do with the people who were provoked into leaving for Russia: should they be brought back or left behind? If they are brought back, then why was this whole story initiated in the first place? If the evacuation continues, does it mean that Russia is not ready to protect the citizens of the recognized republics? The same goes for the mobilization declared in Luhansk and Donetsk. Should it be continued or scaled back? Was it necessary at all if the Russian army was called upon?

The Minsk agreements have finally been broken, but no one was following them anyway. Russia's unilateral withdrawal from them completely deprives Moscow of all diplomatic trump cards that our diplomats tried to play. But on the other hand, diplomacy has already come down to exchanging mutual reproaches.

The greatest benefit from what happened was obtained by two specific individuals: the presidents of the DPR and LPR, Pushilin and Pasechnik. Now they can come to Moscow as official figures and state dignitaries, with observance of protocol and honors. However, the leaders in Donetsk and Lugansk need not only that, but also the opportunity to embezzle huge funds that will go towards the region's reconstruction. Most likely, they will have this opportunity, although it is not entirely clear: there will be many people from the Russian side eager to warm their hands. However, it is not worth hoping for extensive assistance similar to what Crimea received in the past. Times have changed.

The patriotic community was rejoicing over the fact that the Russian tank armies were about to make a leap towards Kyiv to overthrow the local regime and replace it... with what?

Alas, the Kremlin's lack of answer to this question guarantees Ukraine's safety much better than any NATO statements.

In order to actually change something, the Russian leadership needs to either start a full-scale war with Western neighbors or make peace with them. But there is no determination for either option. At least, not for now. 😐

German Foreign Minister Anna Berbock has announced the freezing of "Nord Stream 2". Maria Zakharova, how are you feeling? Are you sleeping? Hello to Skabeeva and Simonyan. Are you going to celebrate this victory? Because you also contributed to it. But this is just the beginning.))

Putin raises the stakes to the limit. An appeal from the President of the Russian Federation regarding the use of the Russian army abroad has been received in the Federation Council. This was reported by Valentina Matviyenko, who was born in Ukraine and is the speaker of the Federation Council. "This is necessary to maintain peace in the region," Senator Klishas explained. To be honest, I haven't heard such cynical lies in a long time.

I agree with the diagnosis.

Putin received permission from the Federation Council to use Russian troops abroad.

Luka put on a military uniform, felt like a cockroach-Fuhrer, and addressed Ukraine. He threatens with war and a scar on the hearts of Slavic nations. What a scoundrel. Deceitful, vile, cowardly, petty creature under Putin's patronage. In fact, he is just a puppet who obediently fulfills everything they want from him in the Kremlin.

Well, here's the answer. Putin stated that he recognizes the borders of the LPR and DPR as the borders of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. And just now the Federation Council gave him permission to use the army outside of the Russian Federation. Add to this what our allies wrote, and this puzzle will come together. Vladimir Zelensky, do we understand what to expect?

Well... We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, clean our weapons, believe in ourselves, and prepare to defend Ukraine. We will endure. We will win. I believe in it. I know it. And everything will be Ukraine.

And the second quote! In general, it seems that the war will indeed happen. He wants it.

His ultimatum is unfeasible. And he knows it. He doesn't need the ultimatum to be fulfilled. He wants war and USSR 2.0.

Putin presented Ukraine;

Recognize Crimea as Russian.

2. Refusal to join NATO.

Recognition of the legitimacy of the LNR and DPR.

4. Demilitarization of Ukraine.

Here at the first point, we can finish. Therefore, the defense of Ukraine. I hope that the government understands this and has started to prepare. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready. We are ready. And we have no choice - only to win, if he begins the active phase of invasion, as our allies and partners have warned.

Metropolitan Epiphanius addressed the parishioners, calling on them to stand up for the defense of Ukraine.

"We, the Ukrainian people, may have different beliefs, but Ukraine is our one and only state... Therefore, I call on everyone to defend Ukraine against Russian aggression. I call on you to fight for Ukrainian statehood, to support the armed forces and all our defenders. Together, we are able to stand strong. With God's help, we will overcome in this struggle," - says the statement of the metropolitan on the website of the OCU.

Mufti of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine "Umma" Said Ismagilov called on the eve of Russia's decision not to lose optimism and to believe that Ukraine will withstand Russian aggression.

"Optimism should never be lost. And in the Quran it is said that only unbelievers despair in the mercy of Allah. That means you cannot despair in God's mercy and support. There should always be hope and positivity... That is why I am absolutely certain that Ukraine will prevail, and not just prevail: we will be the bone that Russian imperial ambitions choke on," he said.

The head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate Onufriy made a statement regarding the escalation of the situation in Eastern Ukraine. He called on believers to pray for peace in Ukraine.

"The UOC-MP has consistently supported and continues to support the territorial integrity of Ukraine 🇺🇦, and calls on its loyal followers to pray for peace in our Ukrainian state and around the world," he said.

Onufriy also called on "leaders of states and everyone it depends on" not to allow a new war on the territory of Ukraine.

"War is a grave sin before God!" - underlined the head of the UOC MP.

The Chief Rabbi of Ukraine, Moshe Reuven Azman, recorded a video message to Jews living in Ukraine. He promised that the Jewish community will provide all the necessary assistance to those who find themselves in a difficult situation.

"I witnessed every war that occurred in Israel with my own eyes. We helped people as much as we could, those who were under fire... Today, I am here, I haven't gone anywhere, we are here to support you morally and physically. We will not be indifferent," said Rabbi Azman.

The member countries of the European Union unanimously approved sanctions against Russia due to the recognition of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics (DNR and LNR), said the French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian and the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell.

The European Union has imposed sanctions against 351 State Duma deputies, as well as 27 individuals and legal entities, due to the recognition of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics, which was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin the day before. This was announced on Tuesday evening by the EU's chief diplomat Josep Borrell.

"Sanctions will also be directed at banks and organizations financing Russian operations in Donbass, as well as banks financing individuals who are 'making decisions' in Russia, and representatives of the defense sector," said Borrell.

According to him, it has also been decided to restrict Russia's access to the financial market of the EU.

I will not let Putin ruin the premiere of the new episode of "Zaslantsi" for me. So today, on Tuesday, at 22:00 on our YouTube channel, we will talk about how Ukrainian registries were hacked, what is the connection with "Diya," who embezzled money, who is responsible for the cybersecurity vulnerabilities, how hackers stole all the correspondence of the Ministry of Regional Development, and obtained all the passwords from the registries. We will also talk about how the government lies to you about the security of your data. And believe me, you have not seen such an exclusive before. And don't forget to subscribe to our channel.

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📌While Biden is not here,

hold on

Good vibes 📌

The main diplomat of the European Union, Josep Borrell, wrote a post-trolling to the deputies of the State Duma who fell under sanctions on his Twitter.

No more:

"Milan shopping 🛍️"

- parties in Saint-Tropez,

diamonds in Antwerp.


Damn it!!! And here they brought clowns. And even dressed a napkin around one of them's neck. Such a ruffle. In general, when this Soviet-era dandruff dies, Russia will have a chance. But for now, it's a dead-end. )))

Biden is awesome! The sanctions are stronger and more powerful than those of the EU. The first package of US sanctions hits the Russian elite and the sovereign debt of the Russian Federation. And it hurts badly. Really painful. Special attention to VEB bank, through which Russia conducts its foreign economic activity. And it's not just a blow, but a sucker punch. And the icing on the cake. We will continue to receive weapons. I think someone in Russia today will ponder the prospects. By the way, Biden could have also suggested a deal - bring Putin to The Hague, hand him over and get 50% of his billion-dollar accounts in the West. It might work!

Every country has its own special smell..

Italy smells of freshly baked pastries.

France smells like wine and perfume.

Well, in Switzerland it smells like cheese.

Smells like the Netherlands with a spicy scent.

Coffee, tulips, marijuana.

Belgium smells like the European Union.

And in Luxembourg - fruit smoothies.

It smells like Germany and Czech beer.

The Maldives smell of mercenary love.

Brazil smells like sex and dance.

🇬🇧 The British smell like tea and toast.

The states of America smell like freedom 🇺🇸

The sand in the Emirates smells like oil.

Smells like Chinese workforce 👃💪

It smells like Muay Thai boxing in Thailand.

It smells like Japan's sharp wasabi.

In India, Ganges really stinks!

Smells like hashish Afghanistan.

Pakistan is fragrant with a sweet aroma.

Colombia smells only like cocaine.

It smells like wheat and rye in Ukraine.

Mexico smells like tequila and tacos.

Cuba smells like fragrant tobacco.

With an unwashed body, shit, and reek

Garlic suffocation, rot, craziness, 😵

Decay and blood, a bald messiah...

What stinks so much? Of course, Russia. (c) Oleg Kashin

Good night, Ukraine. And let feathers grow in their mouths...

Blinken will not meet Lavrov in Geneva. The meeting was supposed to take place if the Kremlin rejects the idea of invasion.