Feb 17, 2022 - Day -6

"I don't want to escalate the alarmist sentiments, but so far de-escalation on the border between Ukraine and Russia and Belarus exists only in statements by the Russian authorities. Moreover, even more Russian soldiers have been deployed to the border with Ukraine. Polish media."


They quote the words of the American administration that rumors of an alleged Russian de-escalation and withdrawal of some forces from the Ukrainian border are false. After all, another 7,000 Russian soldiers have arrived in the border regions. And besides, it became known that a pontoon crossing was secretly deployed in the area of the Chernobyl zone of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the Kremlin is conducting an intensified disinformation campaign, which is why false statements appear in the Russian media.

At the same time, a representative of the US administration emphasized that Russia may use a false pretext at any moment to resume its invasion of Ukraine, especially considering that, according to the White House, the narrative about alleged threats and crimes against the population in Donbass has intensified in recent days. The official mentioned, in particular, false reports in Russian media about mass burials, the activities of Western mercenaries, or plans to use biological weapons against the Russian-speaking population.

Furthermore, the official announced that Vice President Harris will deliver a speech at the upcoming Munich Security Conference. The speech will be dedicated to the current situation in Europe and the "extraordinary unity" of NATO countries in the face of Russian aggression.

And all this only speaks of the fact that celebrating the disappearance of the threat of a new stage of the Russian invasion is extremely premature. Relaxing is not worth it. The thing is, the Kremlin is only simulating a reduction in confrontation. In fact, Putin continues to seek a pretext and opportunity for direct invasion. Therefore, creating new holidays and a telethon of "servants of the people" on all channels is certainly good for the president's PR and his entourage, but the authorities cannot soothe themselves and believe that the threat is in the past. It is necessary to seriously address the solution of problems related to all elements of national security and redirect funds from various "embezzlement items of the budget" to the army in order to increase Ukraine's defense capability. Putin is a fanatic. He wants to restore the USSR and enter history with this option. And at the end of the year, it will be 100 years since the founding of the USSR. Knowing Putin's manic adherence to significant dates, he will try to implement his plans for Ukraine this year. Therefore,


And Volodymyr Zelensky should not relax, but realize the danger and focus on army and defense issues. Allies will continue to provide us with weapons that will help stop the armed forces of the Russian Federation. But we can only protect ourselves. And the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with proper support, will cope with this. It is necessary to provide the army with everything from fuel to ammunition at 100%. Therefore, the authorities need to work in this direction. And time will tell whether she will do it or try to quietly leave into the forest.


I am the people, and my servants wander somewhere inexplicably!

🧐 Someone will tell what was a Russian doing with a weapon 2,300 kilometers away from his home?

Russian propaganda media and Kremlin-oriented Telegram channels spread disinformation that the daycare center was shelled not in Stanytsia Luhanska but on the uncontrollable side. They lie and show no remorse. So, let them show the video with their separatist faces if they have it. They won't show it. They'll keep lying. Share the video! Fight Russian disinformation.

Shelling a kindergarten is just one element of Putin's game in his game of escalation. And this should be used against him. Tomorrow morning, the Munich Security Conference begins and Zelensky must use this platform. And the story of the shelling of a kindergarten by Russian military is something that can be well-voiced in the West and will be extremely negatively perceived by Western society and media. Anything related to danger to children is perceived very painfully and harshly in the West. And this should be used. Putin set up this trap for himself.

Most importantly, that Zelensky doesn't get scared and that he uses it, and doesn't try to look into Putin's eyes again.

The Verkhovna Rada dismissed Dmitry Sennichenko from the position of the head of the State Property Fund of Ukraine on the second attempt. This decision was supported by 318 deputies. I wonder when he will start telling everything he knows about the scams of the Office of the President. And he knows a lot. A lot.

Marinka is under fire. Scum! Just Kremlin scum with blood on their hands!

As promised to you yesterday - we are starting to provide a text translation of the Ukrnafta shareholders' meeting. In the photo - Pavlo Boyko, one of the Ukrnafta shareholders. He will inform us about the details.

The meeting was scheduled to start at 12:30. But shareholder registration was extended until 13:00.

⚠️ (Emoji and word) - ⚠️ (Emoji and word)

This message will be periodically updated.

⚠️ - Warning sign

12:30. It is highly likely that the meeting will start and the scandal we warned about will take place.

12:37. Shareholders did not receive any documents regarding the offshore acquisition of "Nafto-Activ" assets before the meeting.

12:38. For info: Ernst & Young conducted an assessment of Ukrnafta's assets, which are being transferred to the company "Nafto-Aktiv" (which will be purchased by offshore companies of Kolomoisky). Estimated at 68 billion UAH. The Supervisory Board of Ukrnafta approved this assessment. This is 3000+ UAH per share. Shareholders are offered to sell for 288 UAH per share.

13:04. The shareholders' meeting has begun. Currently, they are addressing minor issues.

I see that the servants decided not to strain too much in March. The thing is, there will be only one plenary week next month. The remaining weeks are work in committees and constituencies, which


Mainly ignored. Apparently, these 38-day winter holidays to many


Liked them and they decided to continue working for the minimum wage. The invasion and problems of the state can wait. This is trash!

🔥 The Investigative Committee of Russia has initiated a criminal case based on the discovery of five mass graves of local residents in Donbas, who allegedly died in 2014 as a result of "non-selective shelling by Ukrainian armed formations".

‼️ StopFake warns against falling for such provocations. We have already produced a series of materials about how Russian propaganda tells about "genocide in Donbas" by the Armed Forces of Ukraine:


✅ This information is unconfirmed, no international organization has recorded such phenomena. However, "the extermination of the peaceful population of Donbas by Ukrainian military" is constantly asserted by Volodymyr Putin.


you and Sergey Narishkin


🔥 Preparation for the promotion of such fakes was carried out in advance. Pseudo search activities in ORDLO intensified in the summer of this year, when on July 22, 2021, Russia filed a lawsuit against Ukraine with the European Court of Human Rights.

After publishing this photo, the separatists started writing that Ukraine is preparing a naval landing...

Clueless!!! Not a landing, but a concert)))

13:25. In one of the votes, there is a point about a peace agreement with Kolomoisky. It is about 9 billion cubic meters of gas. The details of the settlement are unknown.

13:47. We approached an important vote - the distribution of Ukrnafta. It is about transferring assets to a specially created LLC "Nafta-Active". This is the same company that is supposed to transfer all the assets to Kolomoisky's offshore companies.

Symbol of Russia. Inexpensive and patriotic.

🇺🇦🇷🇺 - Ukraine Russia

In the eighth year of the war, Ukrainians finally extended a helping hand to Russians.

Today information appeared that the Russian Embassy in Kyiv is allegedly smoking and burning. So our activists decided to prove that Ukrainians and Russians are truly fraternal peoples. We quickly found firewood and gasoline and arrived at the scene of the fire to help the Russians.

Finally, the weather in Kiev is wet - I didn't want to leave them alone with the fire. What if they don't succeed and the fire goes out?

P.S. They should bring the barbecue grill 🥩 in a minute.

We are tired of bad news and the lack of good ones. So, here I brought you good news.

Finally, changes have been made to paragraph 114 of Decree 266 of the National Security and Defense Council regarding the sanctions mistakenly imposed on ordinary Ukrainian citizen Vadim Leshchenko! And he has been under sanctions since the summer of 2021. Zelensky simply confused Kiev resident Leshchenko with his namesake from Luhansk. Well, what's the difference, apparently thought Volodymyr Zelensky and did not rush to make immediate changes. I am sure that if the same thing happened to Yermak, Trukhin, or Sergei Leshchenko, the mistake would have been corrected immediately. And Vadim Leshchenko had been waiting for the correction for many months. His bank cards were cancelled, his insurance was cancelled, and problems began on all fronts. This happened because Zelensky uses the National Security and Defense Council as his personal punitive tool and does not rush to correct his mistakes. But thanks to the loud media coverage, progress has been made and now the mistake has been corrected! I am happy for Vadim and delighted that my efforts have been successful. Just another small victory. Our collective victory. And I am grateful to everyone who helped to raise awareness and solve this problem - from journalists from various media outlets to employees of the Security Service. And I would like to express special respect for Vadim's wife, Yelena Yarmoliuk, who systematically fought for her husband's vindication and, through our mutual acquaintances, involved me in this. This deserves respect.

And I went further. I have to help solve problems for ordinary Ukrainians again. Batman, damn it, on public principles. ))

14:42. ⚠️ VICTORY! Ukrnafta assets.

do not transmit

The newly created LLC "Nafta-Active". The company's shareholders voted against. So far, Kolomoisky has not received either a settlement or property of Ukrnafta, which was supposed to be transferred to his offshore company in Cyprus from LLC "Nafta-Active".

The impression is that the decision will still be pushed through, but not now. Kolomoisky's people are waiting for the shareholders to stop attending meetings and do everything quietly.

More than half of Ukrainians - 54% - have no savings at all, while 19% would have enough money for only 1 month.

The results of the survey of the personnel portal indicate this.



"54% of the respondents answered that they have no savings at all, 19% said that they would have enough money for 1 month, 15% have savings for 2-4 months, and 11% have savings for six months or more," the message says.

It is noted that the most common reason why Ukrainians do not save is the insufficient level of income. This answer was chosen by 68% of respondents. 11% chose the answer that nothing prevents them from saving because they have savings. 9% of respondents are hindered by loan repayment, while 6% do not control their expenses and make spontaneous purchases. Lack of knowledge on how to save money was cited as the reason by 3% of Ukrainians. Lack of clear motivation and goals hinders 2%.

According to the study, it turned out that most people start saving from 18-21 years - that's what 45% of the respondents said. At the age of 22-25, 20% started saving money, 14% - at the age of 26-30, 11% - at the age of 31-39, and the fewest people start saving at 40+ - 5%, and at 50+ - 4%.

87% of Ukrainians answered that they are concerned about the lack of savings. And 9% are not worried because they will come up with something in case of anything. 3% of respondents have not saved anything and feel calm about it.

Here is the English translation of the text:"And when Ukrainians save money, what exactly do they save for? It turns out that the majority of savings are made "just in case." This was answered by 26% of respondents. 18% save for real estate, 17% save for important purchases such as a washing machine, refrigerator, or laptop. 10% save for traveling, and 9% save for their children's education. 8% save for a means of transportation, and 7% save for their own education. And finally, 5% of respondents save money for retirement," - reported in


I'm sorry, but you haven't provided any text or word to translate. Could you please provide the text or word that you would like to have translated into English?

This is a masterpiece! A person with powdered brains. ))

As of 14 hours on February 17, the number of enemy shelling in Donbass has increased to 34. They reported 29 shellings in JFO at 11:00.

The press service of the Ministry of Defense informs about this.

Since the beginning of the day, the following locations have come under shelling: Yuzhne, Mayorsk, Lobachevo, Novoselovka Vtoraya, Luhanske, Svitlodarsk, Troitske, Popasna, Zaytsevo, Nevelske, Shumy, Novozvanivka, Travniove, Avdiivka, Peski, Novotoshkivske, Vodyane, Trudovske, Starohnativka, Stary Aidar, and Maryinka, Holmovskyi, and Khraschevka. In total, the Russian-occupation forces fired shells at 24 settlements.

Goebbels' damn tribe. ((

The following text has been translated to English, keeping all the punctuation marks:"Rumor has it that some gossipers from the President's Office have shared certain plans. Now I know that Zelensky will try to close the TV channel 'Pravyy' by summer and wants 'Ukraine-24' to be closed by the end of the year. Vova just really wants a second term. At any cost. Apparently, he dreams of 'Great Stealing 2.0'. Why he would do such harm to Ukraine is unclear. But it seems that he will do anything for reelection."

P.S. The OP has a plan. They will continue to clean up the information field.

This is an endless debate!!! Russians were asked whether they "give a shit" about sanctions or not. The answers - pure gold!

By the way, if the management of the "Dom" channel had professionals who focused on protecting the interests of Ukraine, rather than serving Zelensky, then within an hour they would not only have filmed a report about the shelling of a kindergarten from the scene, but also distributed it to all the world's news agencies. And then the whole world would see what the Kremlin is doing. But we have the former head of 1+1, Tkachenko, responsible for the state's information policy, and the "DOM" channel embezzles budgets and licks the authorities. That's why we miss even such an opportunity...

Interesting, and Vova and Ermak grow their cheeks synchronously or just coincidentally?

And now more about another victory over Kolomoisky ⬇️

While Russian militants were shelling schools and kindergartens, Kolomoisky was trying to bite off a good-sized piece of Ukrnafta. Moreover, it was precisely the part of the pie with the most sweet filling.

But the oligarch will be hungry today. He will not receive the best oil wells or billions of dollars. Why?

✅ The noise we generated around the case attracted too much attention. Including from our foreign partners. The question "What the dick are you giving the oligarch oilfields while asking for macrofinancial assistance from the West" was ripe.

✔️ Among the small shareholders of Ukrnafta, there are many conscious patriotic businessmen. They do not miss meetings, speak out loudly about betrayal, and do not let the case be dropped.

Today, people planned to separate oil extraction from Ukrnafta separately, so that later this asset could be bought by Benya.

But today he received NOTHING. The case is so resonant that even financially motivated voters refrained from voting "in favor". They abstained.

Today we won. But the war is not over.

finished. We assume that the decision will be tried again, but not now.

But we won't let them do it again. Neither today, nor tomorrow -- never.

Democratic Axe. We leave Kolomoisky hungry for the third year in a row.

Just read the words of Yaroslavsky, whose entourage was involved in a fatal accident, about his willingness to cooperate with the investigation when his schedule allows it and was shocked. He is ready, if there is a window between the sauna, football, and signing the contract??? And this is said by a person who is the main suspect??? Next, his direct speech.

As soon as the schedule allows, I will be ready to personally participate in all investigative actions in order to establish the truth and prevent falsification and politicization of the case.

So, was it possible? Or is it possible, but not for everyone? And after that, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Monastyrsky, remains silent. Now I've seen everything...

This f**k is now being broadcasted at the UN meeting. Where is the SBU?

"Interesting, but does anyone believe in this? Or is it not important and they are just exaggerating? ))"

The Ministry of Defence of Great Britain published a map of a potential invasion and stated that it could start at any moment. I don't know if they are right or not, but we are ready to defend Ukraine. We will stand firm. In any scenario. We have no other Ukraine.

Zelensky called the Minsk agreements a poorly drafted document.

Well, that's clear. He would definitely have made a better one. Yes, he has already composed a new document that became an alternative to the "Minsk Agreements" and convinced Putin to sign it. Or is it something else? Balabol!

This is funny. ))

17.02.2022 at 21:24 a message was received from the 102 service about an incident at the address: Stanychno-Luhanske district, st. Magistralna, building 8, 10 minutes ago there was a hit in a residential house with heavy weapons. A fire started, the house is burning. There are no casualties.

Again, this scum is shooting at civilians.