Mar 25, 2022 - Day 30



🇦🇺Australia has added 22 Russian propagandists and the Belarusian dictator Lukashenko with his family to the sanction lists.



✂️Russian company Severstal became the first major company in the Russian Federation to be on the brink of default, unable to repay debts in foreign currency due to the blocking of bank transfers.



Japan imposes a new set of sanctions against 25 Russians and 81 Russian organizations.



🚨 Kharkiv region! Air alarm!



We publish the schedule of additional evacuation flights for March 25👇🏻⭕ Kyiv, Darnytsia station: 9:00 - Intercity+ Kyiv - Lviv; 17:00 - Intercity+ Kyiv - Lviv.

⭕ Kharkiv: 8:00 - Intercity+ Kharkiv - Lviv

11:30 - No. 209/210 Kharkiv - Ivano-Frankivsk, 15:00 - Intercity+ Kharkiv - Lviv.


20:00 - №234/233 Dnipro - Chop.


13:00 - Train №290/289 Kramatorsk - Lviv;

16:00 - №292/291 Kramatorsk - Lviv.

An additional flight will also depart from Odessa to Uzhgorod at 22:32.

The updated schedule of regular trains for the next day is refreshed daily around 00:00 on the website



🇪🇺EU leaders, following the summit, supported Ukraine's desire to join the union

Besides, to help in recovery after the war, the EU promises to create a Solidarity Trust Fund with Ukraine.



📰Let's open our hearts and our borders to the people of Ukraine.

For the first time in history, the most popular newspaper in Ireland, Irish Independent, has published the main editorial article in a language other than Irish and English.



🚨Korosten district! Air alarm!



🎛France deployed three nuclear submarines to sea on combat duty simultaneously for the first time in 30 years.



‼️ATTENTION! An air alarm has been declared in Kiev!

Please everyone urgently track into civil defense shelter!


‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!

30 days ago, the hot phase of the 8-year war between Russia and Ukraine began. We will stand and win, because our soldiers are doing everything for this!

Thank you for this Armed Forces of Ukraine! Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Poster author (c) Nikita Titov



🚨Cherkasy! Air alarm!



🚨Kyiv Region! Air alarm!



❗️Operational information from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of 06.00 25.03.2022 regarding the Russian invasion.

The thirtieth day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the Russian military invasion has begun.

The Defense Forces continue to conduct a defensive operation on the Eastern, Southeastern, and Northeastern directions.

▪️The group of united forces is conducting a stable defensive operation on the Donetsk, Slobozhansky and part of the Tavriysky directions in the designated operational zone, concentrating the main efforts on preventing the enemy breakthrough. Thus, during the past day, our soldiers repelled 9 enemy attacks, destroyed 12 tanks, about 20 armored and automotive vehicles, and 9 artillery systems. The enemy lost over 200 servicemen. Air defense units shot down 2 enemy aircraft and 2 enemy UAVs.

▪️The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit 6 enemy air targets in the previous day: 1 aircraft, 1 UAV and 4 cruise missiles. The Air Force aviation carried out patrolling of airspace, covering troops and facilities, and strike aviation had a fire impact on enemy armored columns, logistics centers and troop concentrations.

▪️In Volyn, the main efforts of the defense forces are focused on covering the state border.

▪️The defensive operation continues in Sivershchyna. The group of troops holds the city of Chernihiv and contains the enemy's advance towards Kyiv.

At the same time, the grouping of forces and means of defense of the city of Kyiv continues to repel the enemy's advance, inflict fire damage on him, and hold all designated defense lines.

▪️In the South, defensive operations continue in the designated operational zone, a stabilization operation is being carried out, territorial defense tasks are being performed.

Russian terrorist troops continue to carry out military actions, deliberately violating the norms of international humanitarian law and rules of warfare.



🚨 Vinnytsia region! Air alarm!



🚨Cherkasy region! Air alarm!



🚨City of Stary Kostiantyniv! Air alarm!



🚨Ternopil region! Air alarm!

A little morning positivity



🚷Ukrainian MFA reduced the number of Embassy staff in Belarus to five people.

Near the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, the inscription "Children" appeared. And a few days ago, on the podium in front of the National Theater in Prague, it was also written "Children". Such an inscription was made near the Mariupol Drama Theater, so that the Russians would not bomb the children hiding there. But this did not stop the Russian military. A powerful bomb was dropped on the building where hundreds of civilians were hiding.



🚨Kramatorsk and Izyum districts! Air raid warning!



🚨Kharkiv and region! Air alarm!

Major General Dmytro Marchenko is probably the first general in decades who fights while being in custody. And he does it defending Mykolaiv region. And the NABU is not the first agency that courageously defends Ukraine from the "raschists" today in the hottest spots in Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv regions. ))



🚨 Zhytomyr region! Air alarm!



🚨Odessa region! Air alarm!



⏱ In Zaporizhia, a curfew is being introduced for one and a half days.

It will start at 20:00 on March 26 and end at 05:00 on March 28.

Where to, through the weeded? And he's barefoot too? Some kind of gang, not an army.

Russia could deliver a tactical nuclear strike on the territory of Poland. Such an opinion was expressed on CNN by former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe General Wesley Clark.

If he (Putin) really wants to contain NATO, if he believes he can destroy NATO, he can use tactical nuclear weapons. Where will he use it? Perhaps not in Ukraine, but somewhere in a crowded place in Poland, - Clark said.

I think that Poland sneezed right now. Although, judging by the communication with the deputies of the Polish Sejm and the regular trainings for Poles to hide when the air raid siren goes off, it can be concluded that they themselves understand the full reality of the threat.

Since the invasion of Ukraine, Russian occupiers killed 135 children, another 184 children - wounded.

PS But these are the data that we know for sure. And how many more similar crimes of the Russian occupiers will be revealed after the war...

Scary numbers. Monstrous.



😡In Kherson, the occupiersstolenknown coach, head of the "European Solidarity" faction in the district council Dmitry Afanasyev.



❌ MFA shortened Embassy staff of Belarus in Ukraine up to 5 people.

Kharkiv. One continuous pain and wound. And against the background of the destruction of Kharkiv, the performance of the song "My dear mother" on the guitar touches to the core right on the ruins of the destroyed building.

Regular Moscow district press. And it, too, has already gone crazy from what is happening.



💪In the night Odessa defense shot down several Russian drones.

Nearly every second Russian (49%) is confident that the departure of a number of foreign companies from Russia will not affect the quality of his life - FOM survey.

And maybe they are right? After all, if they lived in shit, drank tincture of hawthorn, ate paper sausage, and saw nothing but the Russian Federation, then nothing will change in their life. Well, maybe they will eat less and drink more. And they will continue to live in shit. And they will continue to make cocks out of it.

Cars of Irpen after entering the city of the Russian world.



🙏0 9:00 National minute of silence for the victims of armed aggression of Russia against Ukraine.

Up to 60% of high-precision cruise missiles launched by the Russian army into Ukraine do not explode, writes Reuters agency, citing representatives of the American administration.

These data can explain why Moscow failed to accomplish many tasks, for example, neutralize the Ukrainian air defense system.

According to Washington's calculations, the share of unsuccessful launches varies daily, but sometimes reaches 50-60%.

Reuters cites three unnamed sources in Washington. The agency's interlocutors did not disclose on what data this information is based, or what such technical issues may be related to.

This week representatives of the American Department of Defense told journalists that since the beginning of the war, the Pentagon has already counted more than 1000 launches of various missiles on Ukraine.

What is the generally accepted norm for unsuccessful rocket launches is hard to say. However, according to two military experts surveyed by the agency, a failure rate of 20% or higher is considered quite high.



🕯In Ukraine due to Russian invasionperished135 children.



Occupantsfired uponRubizhne and Severodonetsk in Luhansk region: five people died.



Irina Vereshchuk about the planned work of humanitarian corridors on March 25th.



‼️From now on "Direct" in Telegram andin English!

Share among relatives, friends, and acquaintances abroad!



❌ According to the Pentagon's estimates, up to 60% of Russian missiles with precise guidance do not reach their targets in Ukraine.



We had almost forgotten about him, but he suddenly resurfaced and threatens.

Former Russian President Medvedev stated that the war “will last until the goals of denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine are achieved”.

Finnish railways will suspend Allegro train services between St. Petersburg and Helsinki starting from March 28.

Because there is no reason to come to Europe. Let them sit in their leprosarium.



🇫🇷FranceBroughtThree nuclear submarines are in the sea at the same time.

This happened for the first time in 30 years in response to the nuclear threat from Russia.

Lukashenkoabout the global information war:

We cannot lose this war. We have a good starting position, so we should not lose it unless we make global mistakes.

Already allowed)

🙊Footage with Shoigu at yesterday's Security Council meeting were pasted from previous sessionsExperts from "Mediazona" came to this conclusion.

From the entire meeting of the Security Council, "Russia 1" aired exactly those frames where problems with the camera near Shoigu are visible.The nature of these disruptions can be called strange: at first glance, it seems that Shoigu has some problems with translation.But when viewed frame by frame in high resolution, it looks more likeThe operator quickly turns the camera to the minister.

This can have two explanations. Theoretically, the video could have been shot at the very beginning of the meeting, which started suddenly, and Shoigu did not put the frame, and then remembered.

The second, more likely version is - in that.what such an effect simply added in post-productionThis was done in order toto draw attention of spectators to this particular angle, to make sure everyone notices that Shoigu is present at the meeting.

And now onto something funny. Against the background of total failures and defeats in the Kremlin, they have turned to the usual practice of staging shows with actors about pseudo-spies. But now they have outdone themselves. The FSB showed footage of the arrest of a suspect in treason from Khabarovsk, who tried to pass on secret information to the Ukrainian special services. Khabarovsk, seriously??? And Russians will believe this trash. Well, they believe any trash. They are Russians after all. And the main thing is that this data from Khabarovsk, according to the FSB, could be used to carry out sabotage. Probably in Chelyabinsk. Or in Vorkuta. Damn, they don't even bother with scripts anymore. They choose who will be appointed as an agent, write scenes, shoot a video - and the FSB wins on all federal channels. ))



Kharkiv was attacked by Grad missiles and Hurricanes, according to the head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration Synehubov.

In the evening, a winged missile fell in the historical center of the city. The occupiers also dropped aerial bombs.

This is probably the shot of the day. A representative of Putin's zombies came to eat at the usual place.

Here it turns out where Abramovich came from - Putin personally approved his participation in Russian-Ukrainian negotiations. About thisreportsFinancial Times with reference to sources. After receiving approval, the billionaire met with a senior official from Zelensky's office to help organize negotiations.

You can guess three times who was this high-ranking official. I bet on Andrey Yermak. And then, apparently, Vladimir ZelenskyaskedBiden to lift sanctions on Abramovich. Well, let him be, not Putin's crony and praise God



🙊Footage with Shoigu at yesterday's Security Council meeting were taken from previous sessionsExperts at "Mediazona" have come to this conclusion.

From the entire Security Council meeting, only those frames were shown on the air of "Russia 1" where problems with the camera on Shoigu are visible.The character of these disturbances can be called strange: at first glance, it seems that Shoigu has some problems with translation.But with frame-by-frame viewing in high resolution, it looks more like thatThe operator quickly switches the camera to the minister.

This could have two explanations. Theoretically, the video could have been taken at the very beginning of the meeting, which started suddenly, and Shoigu, the operator, did not expose the frame, and then remembered.

Second, more likely version - in thatwhat such effect simply added in post-production.. This was done in order toto draw attention of viewers to this corner, so that everyone will definitely notice that Shoigu is present at the meeting.



👊In the Ukrainian army there are now more tanks than before the war, - Forbes.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine captured at least 117 Russian tanks, reported by the publication citing open sources.



🇫🇮Finland discontinues passenger rail connection with Russia from Monday, March 28.



Leader of the Russian party LDPR Zhirinovsky died.

Now they are singing a duet. We are waiting for Putin to join them, for a trio. And Zhirik died. And followed the Russian military ship.



😢Eyewitnesses report that about 300 people were killed as a result of the bombing by a Russian plane at the Mariupol Drama Theater, the city council said.



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The website team remains dedicated to keeping guard on the information front. We work practically around the clock so that our readers know the truth about the war started by the Kremlin leader in Ukraine.

If you also want to find out everything about the latest events in Ukraine first hand - go to link👈



As a result of the shelling of the city polyclinic in Kharkiv, four people died, three were injured – the police of the Kharkiv region.

Yesterday I created a page on TikTok. Haters came running. I greeted them with warmth and love. And invite you to subscribe. There will be a lot of interesting things soon. ))



UPD. Meanwhile, the speaker of the Russian Duma Volodinassertsthat Zhirinovsky is still alive. And the Ministry of Health of Russia says that Zhirinovsky's condition is stable.



Do Russians want war?

They complain that Instagram and Facebook have been blocked for them, that McDonald's and Ikea have been closed in Russia. And they call the war against Ukraine a special operation.

They come to the stadium to support Putin.



The enemy's total combat losses from February 24 to March 25 were estimated to be:

▪️personal composition - about 16100 people,

▪️tanks - 561 units

▪️combat armored vehicles - 1625 pcs.

▪️artillery systems - 291 pcs

▪️RPCV - 90 pcs

▪️means PPE - 49 pcs

▪️planes - 115 units

- helicopters - 125 pcs

▪️automotive technology - 1089 units

▪️ships / boats - 5 pcs

tank with petroleum products - 72

▪️MALE of the operational-tactical level - 53

▪️special equipment - 18.

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine



🔥Russian occupiers hit an oil depot near Kyiv.

📹 Andriy Stasyuk / Suspilne



The chair battle!

🇩🇪Germanyplansby the end of the year to reduce dependence on Russian gas by 30%.

And they want to reduce oil imports from Russia by half.

A very accurate caricature.



In Kherson, the occupiers kidnapped the famous coach, the head of the "European Solidarity" faction in the district council, Dmytro Afanasyev.

Dmytro went with his family to a pro-Ukrainian rally. He was severely beaten by the occupiers because he stood up for his wife. Beaten, he made his way home, but Russian executioners followed him there. At first, they searched the house, took devices and documents. Then they took Dmytro and drove off in an unknown direction.

It was a few days ago. Still no news about Dmitry. Activists are convinced that he is being tortured.

Currently, we are doing everything possible to release Dmytro.

Unfortunately, there are many cases of abductions and torture. They kidnap heads of cities and villages, activists who went to rallies. They try to intimidate us and force us to surrender. But this will never happen.

With Jirik, the Kremlin has not yet decided. The adventures of Jirik in the afterlife have a simple explanation. Formerly, a lackey was placed in the master's bed first. He warmed the cold sheets. Then, of course, they took him out. Maybe Jirik was just warming and bypassing the grave for a higher-ranking person? Lie down - get out. They jerk the poor man back and forth. Nevzorov@nevzorovtv



⛔️ Europe does not need rubles.

Chancellor of Germany Scholz rejected Russia's demand for the EU and USA to pay for Russian gas in rubles - most existing gas purchase agreements require payment in euros or US dollars.



🎸 Thisvideofrom the official Bon Jovi account on Twitter, where residents are strengthening the city!

Rockers didn't forget to add the hashtag#SlavaUkraini 🇺🇦



Germany has dispersed significantly.

Already, Deutsche Telekom is ceasing the development of software in Russia.

This is all you need to know about the power and combat readiness of the world's second army. Damn, they lost 8 tanks in 3 days without entering the battle, driving 120 kilometers. This is incredible! Endless!!!



🤷🏻‍♂️ The second army of the world in action: in three days, the occupiers lost 8 units of equipment even without a fight.

Talked to the Ghost of Kyiv. Alive. Flying. Destroying the Russian troops. The Russian troops are burning! So do not spread unverified information.

Bomb-rocket! Ukrainian warriors destroyed Yakov Vladimirovich Rezantsev, Lieutenant General, Commander of the 49th Combined Arms Army of the Southern Military District.

Oh, they roasted a fat goose in the SBU!



They declared suspicion to the Russian singer Chicherina.

She, along with the Russian occupiers, removed the Ukrainian flag from the Energodar City Council.



Dutch paint and coatings manufacturer Holland Colours stops all market and business development in Russia and Belarus.



Here is an explanation on Russian television of what the letters Z and V on the occupiers' equipment mean.

Russian propagandists explained that this is actually not Latin at all. You will never guess!

It seems that the bastard has made a closed decision not to send the generals into retirement, but to send them to Ukraine.

For disposal

First you go to Ukraine to win. Glory, adrenaline, money. A hero in your homeland, a terror to your enemies.

Then it turns out that the victory was lost somewhere along the way. Ukrainians resist. You are getting fucked. At home, they changed their shoes: Soloviev is already talking about "this is for a long time, against us is the second army of Europe".

But there is still glory, adrenaline, and money. Risk, but still.

Then your comrade is cremated in a mobile crematorium. He won't go home anymore. His wife won't even receive a funeral, his son won't wait to be slapped on the head. The mother does not go to identify the body. There is no body.

No losses, so there is no body either. Here you are wondering about glory. Where can you get it? What are you fighting for, huh? For the right to become an anonymous pile of ashes?

Adrenaline and money keep the brand a little longer. The day has held on - the necessary dose of drive is already being injected into the blood. Cash, however, is not keeping up. But I want to live. That's why adrenaline hits like crazy.

Only then do you break. The locals send to fuck off, barely noticing your gang. They send in Russian. This is surprising.

After all, you never saw a single swastika on the walls of the house. But what caught your eye were the gas pipes in the villages. Your homeland, it sells gas, but not enough for everyone. For example, for its citizens.

Still, in Ukraine, there are villages with plus-minus good roads. Against the background of your mud - a clean autobahn. And there are no swastikas.

This breaks, exhausts from the inside. Resistance does not decrease, you are hated, and victories and glory are no longer visible. If you die, no one will even remember you. After all, the commander took the documents at the border, for some reason smiling in response to questions.

There is no more adrenaline. The drive has run out.

No, he even evolved, entering the terminal stage of depression. After all, you have nothing. But the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have everything, and with this "everything" they kill your comrades. Successfully so.

Then you decide to die without glory - but the family will receive compensation. And you are a little, if suddenly out. But if not, then no.

And then the money runs out. Completely.

Now you don't need them, in Ukraine you can only buy death for rubles. However, quietly dripping money into your account is important. It motivates. Somehow this sound ran out a week ago, you just didn't pay attention. Now it's noticeable.

And another one from Ryazan... You remember that one who wanted to cut more Ukrainians than you, right? He's such a clumsy contractor, he can't even handle his drink yet. So, he's no longer a contractor. But still clumsy.

He says, he terminated the contract. Something came up at home, need to stay there. Before the war, you agreed to have a good time, but something broke off from yourselves. And then you feel the most important, sacred, clear. You were just ditched.

Do you hear, sucker? We got screwed. The country screwed us, the commander screwed us, even the friend - he also screwed us. He's not a friend anymore, of course. But you didn't have anyone better anyway.

Your family persuaded you to go to war to "remember how it used to be." But fuck that. Your wife just wanted money, and you believed her. When you die - on the way, Charon will stop and whisper in your ear: "Your beloved wife was fucking the neighbor Bichhuchmek all this time, you loser." And he will sail on.

Understood? There is no victory here for you. No glory, no adrenaline, no money. There are only endless fields, on one of which you will lie down peacefully.

GUR MO: "According to our military intelligence, the Russian budget did not provide for expenses for "business trips" for participants in the war in Ukraine. A similar situation is in PMC - many mercenaries refuse to fight due to contract violations and non-payment of money."

Even money, and there won't be any - just died. Died because he is a sucker.




‼️Slavutych! Caution, there are snipers in the city!

Occupiers, your relatives will receive such a burial from Ukrainian military about your disposal in Ukraine. Think, do you want to go to Ukraine to die for Putin? You still have a choice. And then there will be such a call to your mother, wife, daughter or sister. Do you need this?

Even Girkin-Strelkov is already publicly grumbling about the failure of Russian non-commissioned officers in Ukraine and about the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are defeating the enemy. And that's great. But everything is fine with the Kremlin and there are no losses. ))



🇧🇾 Lukashenko stated that "Belarusians genetically do not accept war".



Italian court acquitted Ukrainian director Lavrenchuk.

In December 2021, he was illegally detained in Naples at Russia's request for extradition.



New song about "secret biological pigeonholes" from Lesya Nikitiuk.

Russia is a fantastic and stupid education. Their media write that the Euro has dropped below 100 rubles on the Moscow exchange, and the dollar - 94. But at the same time, it is impossible to buy them in free sale at such a price. This is like in the USSR, when 1 dollar cost 65 kopecks, but was actually sold only on the black market and 10 times more expensive. Now they are the same. ))



🤷🏻‍♂️ One of the largest gold producers in Russia "Petropavlovsk" has reported that due to the sanctions imposed on Gazprombank in the UK, they are experiencing problems with selling their products.



🚫 Apple has confirmed that they will disable Russian Mir cards in Apple Pay.

The already attached cards will stop working for several days.



⛔️ The government has completely stopped cooperation with Russia in the field of education and science.



❗️Air alarm declared in Kiev and Cherkasy region!



📖All children who are currently studying not in their native schools, but also abroad, will receive a document certifying the completion of the school year.- Minister of Education of Ukraine Shaklet.



☢️ Journalist Alexander Syrota, who was born in Prypiat, reports that the occupants are entrenched in the notorious "Red Forest" near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.



⛷Ukraine won the overall European Cup in freestyle skiing.

❗ Microsoft disabledMail.rufrom all its services. Next on floppy disks 💾. ))



On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the creation of the Security Service of Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky presented state awards to SBU employees for bravery and selflessness and exemplary performance of their official duties in defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our state.




🇵🇱 Poland, Slovenia, and Czech Republic have prepared a 10-point plan to support Ukraine and end the war, Prime Minister of Poland Morawiecki reported.

A wise woman. But those like her are in absolute minority in the Russian Federation. And this is a diagnosis for their society and state.



Life goes on, as if the enemy did not want to destroy it! This is proved by Taras and Natalia, who decided to unite their hearts in this difficult time.

National Police



Rescuers once again urge:do not burn dry grass!

The fire spreads very quickly over a large area in dry windy weather! Our heroes already have enough work.




In Chornobayivtsi, Ukrainian soldiers eliminatedlieutenant generaland the commander of the 49th army of Russia Yakov Ryazantsev.

Superpower, which is not needed by many in the Russian Federation...

A little about the logic of the Kremlin and who governs the Russian Federation.



Rescuers from Lviv region saved a bunny during the elimination of a dry grass fire.

Now the fluffy one is in good hands.


It is reported that traitors in power have become more active in Izyum

Deputies Anatoliy Fomichevsky and Yuri Kozlov, along with former MIA employee Vladislav Sokolov and former mayor Oleksandr Bozhkov, have sold themselves to the Russian occupiers.

This was reported by the mayor Valeriy Marchenko.

Collaborators provide enemies with information about the location of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, report information about local activists, entrepreneurs, volunteers, and members of their families.

Also, they deliberately misinform the residents of Izium that, supposedly, the state and city authorities surrendered Kyiv, Kharkiv and Izium, calling on everyone to cooperate with the Russian occupiers.

"The actions of Fomichev, Kozlov, Sokolov, and Bozhkov are state treason, they will be held accountable for their actions according to the laws of wartime," Marchenko warns.



❗️In Luhansk region, a special light masking mode is set every day from 17:00 to 7:00, informed the head of the Luhansk RSA Haidai.

Enterprises and individuals are required to turn off street lighting, lighting of territories, buildings, structures and houses, as well as turn off the illumination of advertising signs, banners and billboards, shop windows and signs, lights in houses and around them, and to close windows.

Information has appeared in the information space that Ukraine and Russia are close to reaching a consensus on four out of six points. President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan said about this.

Supposedly, these points are:

▪️Ukraine's rejection of the course towards NATO accession;

▪️ Giving official status to the Russian language;

▪️Demilitarization (refusal to deploy offensive weapons);

▪️Problems of collective security.

President of Turkey added that Ukraine does not make concessions on the issues of recognizing the Russian status of Crimea and the republics "DPR" and "LPR"

I have no confirming or denying information on this matter. Let's wait for additional comments.

Prokoshin is still a genius!

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that in Ukraine, 1,351 Russian military personnel were killed and 3,825 were wounded after the invasion.

I understand that the remaining 15,000 either disappeared without a trace or were fired on the eve of the invasion. But the Kremlin will not be collecting their bodies and does not plan to acknowledge them. Well, everything is predictable. The rulers do not consider their own bio-waste for people.



In the Russian 200th separate motorized rifle brigade with 648 military personnel who fought against Ukraine, only three remain alive, two of whom were wounded.

This was reported by the freelance advisor to the head of the Office of the President Arrestovich.

And in Russia, meanwhile, there is a mass refusal to go fight in Ukraine. Still, the instinct of self-preservation is working in the Russians.



The Russian Ministry of Defense has only published data on military losses for the second time during the entire war against Ukraine, which they call a "special operation."

"During a special military operation, there are casualties among our comrades in arms. Today, 1351 military personnel have died, and 3825 have been injured," the Russian Ministry of Defense reported.

Also in Russia, they argue that the Air Force and Air Defense of Ukraine supposedly have practically ceased to exist.

And who then defends the Ukrainian sky from invaders every day?🤫

Mda... It looks like idiocy in the Russian Federation is already a national policy. Sergey Sidorenko from European Pravda published a letter from the Russian Investigative Committee. And it shows that everyone there is idiots, if they write such things. ))



😁 This is not over yet. The Ministry of Defense of Russia has again changed the goals of the special operation. Now it has stated that they will focus on the complete liberation of Donbass.

I sincerely believe that there should be only one official language in Ukraine - Ukrainian. In personal communication, on the street, on social networks or wherever, outside official moments, you can use any language - Ukrainian or English, Hindi or Hebrew, Hungarian or Polish, Armenian or Azerbaijani, Russian or Finnish. Any. But a citizen of Ukraine must know the language of their country, and the official language can only be one - Ukrainian.

Although there is a language of love...But that's a different story. ))



Famous 10 points plan to support Ukraine:

1. Disconnect all Russian banks from SWIFT, otherwise the Russian economy will adapt to new conditions within a few weeks.

2. Introduce a single policy for providing shelter for Russian soldiers who refuse to serve the criminal regime in Moscow.

3. Completely stop Russian propaganda in Europe.

4. Block Russian ships in European ports.

5. Enter such a blockade of automobile transport to Russia and from Russia.

6. Introduce sanctions not only against oligarchs, but also against their entire business environment.

7. Suspend the issuance of visas to all Russian citizens who want to enter the EU - the Russian people must understand the consequences of this war.

8. To introduce sanctions against all members of Putin's party United Russia.

9. Introduce a complete ban on the export of technologies to Russia that could be used for military purposes.

10. Exclude Russia from all international organizations - you cannot sit at the same table with criminals.



‼️ Ivano-Frankivsk, Volyn, Khmelnytsky, Cherkasy, Kirovohrad, Transcarpathian regions air alarm!



Lviv, Chernivtsi regions, air alarm!



⚡️Biden flew to Polish Żeszów.



💸 From March 26, Ukrainian refugees in Poland will be able to receive 500 zlotys (3500 hryvnias) per month. Monthly assistance will be paid for each child under the age of 18.

For whom are the Israelis. On top: thirty people gathered with difficulty from all over Israel at a rally on March 25 in Winter Pond Park (Netanya) - in support of Russia's military operation; among them are strange young guys in hoodies and tracksuits, as well as people in baseball caps with the inscription Chechnya. Plus a dozen photographers and video operators from Russian TV channels.

Below: 20-thousand rally in support of Ukraine against Russian aggression in Habima Square in Tel Aviv on March 20th; in the frame - only a quarter of the huge square filled with people with Ukrainian flags and posters Putin - killer! (c) Shimon Briman



⚡️Vinnytsia. Eyewitnesses report a series of explosions. We are following the information.



In Melitopol, the Russian army blocked the distribution of humanitarian aid, the mayor reported. 13 tons of food and two tons of baby food and medicine were delivered to the city.

I fully support all that is said below. Stop living in illusions. Do not underestimate the enemy. Forget about the hat-throwing moods. Orcs are fighting against us. Stupid and vile, but numerous. And they have an abundance of technology.

Rumors that Russia is running out of strength and missiles do not correspond to reality, said Brigadier General Alexander Gruzhevich, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Ground Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Does the enemy have strength? Of course they do. All these loud statements about running out of missiles - judging by the intensity of the shelling, we see that everything is not so. The enemy is actively firing, especially at military infrastructure, at our military facilities, - said Hruzevich at a briefing at the Ukrainian media center in Kyiv on Friday.

He pointed out that the enemy has now changed tactics and is tracking Ukrainian air defense assets, air forces, and Ukrainian artillery.

I can boldly state already - he is afraid of it. Only for tonight, 3 tanks and about a dozen combat vehicles were destroyed. Almost half a hundred confirmed Russian invaders have already been destroyed," Hruzhevich said.

He also noted that the Armed Forces have information that Russia is conducting mobilization in Dagestan, pulling in fresh forces.

But you understand, it takes time for them to end up near Kyiv. By air, these forces will not appear. He still has forces, believe me, and he will try to put them into action in the near future," added Hruzhevych.



❗️Russians may be running out of air-based cruise missiles - CNN citing a Pentagon representative.



🤬 President of Turkey Erdogan believes that Russia and Ukraine are close to a consensus on four out of six points of the negotiation process. In particular, regarding the status of the Russian language and NATO membership.

In the meantime, Foreign Minister Kuleba denied Erdogan's statement and emphasized that there is no consensus with Russia on the four points mentioned by Erdogan. In particular, the only state language in Ukraine is and will be Ukrainian.



In Russia, a deputy of the district council stated directly at the meeting that she is against the war in Ukraine.



❗️ Curfew is introduced throughout the Kyiv region.

She will last from 20:00 on March 25 to 07:00 on March 26. Citizens are asked not to go out in the streets and to other public places during this time.



Vinnytsia region, air alarm!



Since February 24th, we are all in a completely different world than before. We have no president, fifth president, opposition leader, leader of the parliamentary majority or ministers. We are all soldiers now. This was said on the air of the British TV channel Channel 4 News.

And today I am here, where Russian tanks are present less than 10 kilometers away. They have been there for over two weeks, attacking the outskirts of Kyiv, including Irpin, Bucha, Vorzel, Hostomel. They are trying to completely destroy these cities, killing hundreds of civilians. However, we are all soldiers here. We are all united. And united we are not today around Zelensky or Poroshenko. We are united around Ukraine.

We sincerely hope that the whole world will be as united around Ukraine, including the unity demonstrated by Great Britain. It is now important to receive anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons, including from Great Britain, from NATO. This will help us to save Ukraine.



‼️ Kharkiv region, air alarm.

📌 Chief of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence Kirill Budanov gave an interview to the publication The Nation. Here are the main thoughts briefly

* Budanov called the Russian army "a medieval collection of living force and old methods of war."

* Ukrainian army effectively uses intelligence of the Russian military leadership, this is helped by informants in the Russian army and government.

* Ukrainians using technical reconnaissance means and intelligence resources monitor the Kadyrov fighters who are fighting on the territory of Ukraine.

* One of the important tasks of the Ukrainian military intelligence is the organization of a partisan movement in the enemy's rear.



🤬 In Melitopol, the self-proclaimed head of the occupation administration Galina Danilchenko issued a personal order to prohibit the distribution of humanitarian aid —Mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov reports.



‼️ATTENTION! Air alarm has been declared in Kyiv!

We ask everyone to urgently go to the civil defense shelter!


‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!



🕯 The widow of poet and dissident Vasyl Stus Valentina Popeliuk has passed away.

Valya died after a serious illness, in the infinitely loving caring hands of her son Dmytro, during the shelling, in a village near Kyiv, where the fighting continues."– wrote her daughter-in-law Tetiana Stus on Facebook."



🍕 President of the United States Joe Biden met with American soldiers and ate pizza with them. Later, he thanked his soldiers for their service.



‼️ Vinnytsia region, air alarm.



⚡️The traitor and the Ukrainophobe Shariy found in Spain

Yesterday Ukrainian activists came to talk to a pro-Russian propagandist. Shariy first turned on the "rooster" mode and then hid behind the security guard's back. Spanish police immediately arrived at the scene of the incident.

Just look at him. He's ready to kill his own just to survive. He's an animal. And I don't understand why he should live, if he has no morality, no basic values, no principles. What will he teach his offspring? What will remain after him? What will he bring to the world? A typical citizen of the Russian Federation. A stomach with reflexes. Ugh...



❗️OLX Group is completely exiting the Russian market.

At the same timeAvitocontinue to operate as an independent Russian company with its own staff and board of directors.



💪🏼 Mayor Yurii Bova of Trostyanets reports that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are liberating the city from Russian occupiers.



Spotify ceases its operations in Russia. Earlier, the service stopped selling premium subscriptions, and now it is completely leaving the market.



Operational information as of 18.00 25.03.2022 regarding the Russian invasion

The thirtieth day of heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to Russian military invasion continues.

During the current 24 hours, the enemy continued to carry out troop relocations to increase strike groups for the resumption of offensive actions. In certain directions, the enemy is trying to conduct assault actions, not abandoning attempts to fire at individual units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. There is no success.

The enemy is taking measures to restore combat readiness, replenish ammunition and fuel and lubricants in order to ensure readiness for offensive actions.

The defense forces continue to conduct a defensive operation in designated areas, carry out a stabilization operation, and perform tasks of territorial defense.

Defense forces participating in the defense of the city of Kyiv continue to repel the enemy's advance, inflict fire damage on him, and hold the designated positions.

The fixation of facts of criminal activity by the Russian military-political leadership, systematic violation of international humanitarian law, norms of humane treatment during wartime, continues.

In the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, the occupiers continue to terrorize the local population, forcibly deporting people to the territory of the Russian Federation. In order to intimidate the local population, Russian invaders carry out random shelling of populated areas, seize vehicles and personal belongings.

In the temporarily occupied Luhansk, in the local hospital, the occupiers set up a military hospital that is completely occupied by wounded servicemen of the Russian Federation. Part of the hospital is designated for storing bodies, as local morgues are overloaded.

The opponent continues to suffer losses among the leadership. Yes,On March 25, Ukrainian defenders eliminated the commander of the 49th combined arms army of the Southern Military District, Lieutenant General Yakov Rezantsev.

Together we will win! Glory to Ukraine!




❗️Vinnytsia region is under rocket fire, people are asked not to ignore sirens and go down to the shelters, - Head of the Regional Military Administration Sergei Borzov.



‼️ Zhytomyr region! Vinnytsia region! Alarm

Racism is the son of Nazism. And racists repeat everything that was previously with the Nazis.

Different people can have different attitudes towards Saakashvili, but I would recommend Lukashenko to listen to this recommendation. Otherwise, he's done for.



Vinnytsia region is under missile attack - head of OVA.



🚫 In Bavaria, criminal liability has been introduced for public demonstration of the Z sign - a symbol of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

We have a real problem in the Nikolayevskaya region. There are huge piles of bodies of occupiers that the Russian army is not taking away. There are already so many bodies that they no longer fit into the refrigerated wagons. And considering that the temperature has risen, they have started to decompose, which could lead to an outbreak of diseases, as well as the spread of difficult poison into the soil. I suspect that similar problems exist in all locations where the Russian army invaded. Therefore, we demand ultimatively from the Russian army and personally from the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Shoigu, to take the bodies of their dead soldiers and officers away. Otherwise, they will be disposed of, which will not allow their identification and then retrieval by relatives for burial. Russians, demand from your authorities to take the dead Russian soldiers out of Ukraine.



‼️Six missiles were launched at Vinnytsia. Part of them were shot down by air defense systems. The rest hit several buildings. The consequences of the missile strike are being clarified.



😱 Will Biden allow American troops to be sent to Ukraine? He made a corresponding hint during his address to the military. The US President stated that they themselves will see everything when they get THERE.

Also known, tomorrow Biden will deliver an important speech that will concern Ukraine.

Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federationlays down to the Kremlinthe way to retreat from maximalist tasks. Previously there were threats from Putin to the sovereignty of Ukraine, if it does not surrender, and now they themselves say that the priority is Donbass, and the rest of the goals - well, maybe we'll try.

In other words, this is an admission that there is no strength to take Kyiv and other major cities, the army is stuck, so we lower the bar in the scheme: "Who told you that we wanted all this? We were only going for Donbass".

To the average Russian TV viewer this can be sold as a victory: they demilitarized Ukraine, destroying its military infrastructure, denazified and crushed "Azov" in Mariupol (which, apparently, will happen, albeit at the cost of turning the city into ruins), "saved" Donbass from genocide by occupying it with their troops. In negotiations, they can force Kyiv to agree to what it seems ready for: neutrality, renunciation of the already mythical accession to NATO, and some formal status for the Russian language.

It is more difficult with the recognition of Crimea and the LPR. Zelensky will not go for it, especially in the new borders of the "republics". So we will have to look for some intermediate options, such as a declaration that "the status of the regions is disputed, but we will not resolve the conflict by force, let's talk about it later", or simply exclude the issue from the agenda, freezing the conflict.

The majority of Russians will accept it, only the imperialists, propagandists, and other Slavophiles (including those of them still living in Belarus), who have been dreaming of dismembering and restructuring Ukraine for a month now, will be dissatisfied.

Such a scenario of an "honorable retreat" Idescribeda couple of weeks ago as an opportunity to avoid political cataclysms within Russia or significantly postpone them.

It's too early to judge whether Putin will go for this option, there are lots of "buts" in it: and global isolation will remain, and Putin's own ego will be hurt (he will know that he couldn't take Ukraine), and the solution is only temporary - Ukraine will remain hostile and quickly militarize back. Well, it's also unclear what lesson the surroundings will take from this, whether there will be a feeling that Akela missed the mark.

But if this option is implemented, it will be beneficial for Minsk. There will be no need or even possibility to keep Russian troops near Kiev indefinitely. If their withdrawal can also be agreed upon from Belarus, it will give Lukashenko at least some leeway for balancing.

Of course, the road to full recognition of legitimacy and normalization with the West is closed to him. Trust is destroyed, no one will count on the stability of the new distancing from Moscow. And the cooling of relations with Russia according to the 2015-2020 model, the Belarusian economy will not survive today. But some easing of Western sanctions, imposed specifically for complicity in the war, can be negotiated.

After all, the EU and the US in this scenario will have an interest in increasing the gap between Minsk and Moscow to reduce the likelihood of a repeat of the attack on Kiev from the north. And if Lukashenko turns the recent cases of political prisoners' release (Tutbyevtsy, women for March 8, Angelika Boris) into a sustainable trend, then after the withdrawal of Russian troops from Belarus and northern Ukraine, Western capitals will think about how to support this process.

I remember, when for many months before the war they asked me if Lukashenko had a chance to emerge from isolation, I said that of course not, unless some regional catastrophe occurs, a new war, where a dialogue with Minsk will be a lesser evil for the West. I said this just for the sake of saying it, considering the probability of such a scenario as minimal.

Paradoxically, Putin has once again managed to outshine Lukashenko in international toxicity. And this means that a background is created for the West to justify contacts with Minsk in the format "this is necessary to solve a more serious problem" for themselves.

P.S. For those who are used to noticing only the main idea of the post and ignoring disclaimers, and then attributing definite forecasts to me, which I did not make, I emphasize once again: we are far from the point that I am writing about, and not even in this rut. Everything can go according to completely different scenarios. But even this one, described,the trajectory also cannot be excluded.

I came to the Russian leadership after the coup and said that the CPSU needed to be put on trial. And if you do not conduct some kind of Nuremberg or its equivalent, you will never end this regime, it will drag on indefinitely, moreover, the communists will revive. It's like a wounded beast - a wounded animal needs to be finished off. If you do not finish it off, it will throw itself at your throat.Vladimir Bukovsky

USSR - this is not soda machines, but GULAG and 4 million denunciations.

USSR - this is madness at the top of power and poverty as a way of life.

USSR is hypocrisy. With ostentatious anti-Westernism, traveling abroad is encouragement, and an item from overseas is an unprecedented success.

The USSR is equality in everything. In clothing, in food, in songs, in thoughts.

USSR -this is a deficitand the lack of any progress.

The USSR is communal apartments, where there is one kitchen and one corridor for everyone. Where the word "neighbor" takes on a special meaning.

USSR - this is a ban on leaving the country, this is prison for currency operations, this is a ban on any political activity outside the party.

The USSR is a ban on private entrepreneurship. A ban on private property as such. A person has nothing personal, their own. A person belongs to society, not to themselves.

USSR - it is an all-pervading censorship and no freedom of opinion and information dissemination.

USSR - it is constant lies, dullness and heaviness.

USSR - these are pioneer lines, Komsomol meetings, public censure and condemnation. Humiliation before everyone, erosion and denigration of any individuality.

USSR - this is widespread pull and extortion.

USSR - this is imposition of militarism and imperial consciousness from earliest childhood.

USSR - levelling.

USSR - this is when the state pretends to pay us for work, and we pretend to work.

USSR - it's humiliating expectation of handouts from the state.

USSR - lack of personal hygiene items.

USSR - this is the poverty of life.

USSR - it is a feeling of meaninglessness and absurdity of what is happening.

USSR is a disrespect to the individual. At school, at the institute, at work - everyone officially intrudes on a person's personal space. And this is considered the norm.

USSR - this is propaganda from every iron, queues and empty shelves.

USSR - this is constant anticipation and fear of war.

USSR - this is a point in questionnaires that puts personal interests above public ones.

USSR - this is suspicion toward everyone who stands out.

USSR - this is the inability to read, watch and listen to what you want.

USSR - this is a line for sausage, where people were losing consciousness.

USSR is an attitude towards a person as expendable material.

USSR is a multinational state.

USSR - this is the hopelessness of tomorrow, an imitation of life as such. This is vitality.

USSR - it is hatred of intellect and love of the machine.

USSR is a persistent antisemitism coming from above, reaching the last communal kitchen.

USSR - это унизительное отсутствие выбора во всём. USSR is a humiliating lack of choice in everything.

USSR - this is sycophancy and awe before the boss. Groveling before the power.

USSR - this is when the end justifies the means.

USSR - this is an ideology of hatred, envy, and meanness.

The USSR is the opposite of freedom as such. The absence of freedom of movement, freedom of conscience, freedom of opinion, freedom of thought. And constant declarations, meetings, parades, fiery speeches, processions, plans, norms, posters, honor boards, shame boards - huge, plywood screens covering the true picture of things.

USSR - this is a lie and once again a lie. Violent distortion of human nature. Substitution of all universal human values.

USSR - the longest unbeaten in history man-hating regime.

And here we are again, behind the familiar Iron fence with barbed wire, where the dragon can finally continue with delight his briefly interrupted romance with his food. On the rails of treacherous war, up to our throats in foreign blood, we rolled back to the scaffold with masochistic nostalgia, where our executioners were already waiting for us.

History, like a chronic disease, is prone to relapses. And the radical cure is one - timely chemotherapy of cells carrying death. We did not have this happen, from the USSR to the "new Russia" we moved with all the Soviet bugs.

Anna PolitkovskayaBELL XXI

Before moving on to the cemetery news from the Russian Federation, I want to make an important, in my opinion, remark. Because there are notes in the coverage of events that I do not like.

In Russia there are very qualified units. In Russia professional and well-prepared airborne troops. Watched some materials about how they fight (including in different points near Kyiv) - once again convinced. This is a very strong opponent. But they have faced two problems.

First: our warriors do not yield to them (let there be such a conservative wording). Individually and collectively. Specialists will then analyze the practical aspects (tactics, weapons, logistics, communication, etc.).

The fact is that the most prepared forces of the Russian Federation have encountered those who are equally professional. And surpasses in motivation.

Second: in terms of decision-making, the decisions of our General Staff turned out to be more adequate and corresponding to the situation. As a result, the occupiers were put in conditions where they could not fully use their strengths. Where enemy stormtroopers were able to establish themselves and do what they were prepared for, it is very difficult with them. Our forces with great difficulty and risk are driving them out in Irpin, Bucha...

But thanks to cutting off reinforcements (here the Air Force and army air defense units had their say); 2) by maneuvers it was possible to turn some elite stormtroopers into ordinary infantry, surround them with artillery, the Russian landing could not solve the task.

Also, we do not fully realize what the defenders of Mariupol are doing right now. The enemy has total air superiority, covers us with artillery, missiles, and shells into the sea. Significantly exceeds us in manpower (I'm already having trouble saying how many times). We are used to perceiving the attacking orcs of Mariupol as mindless biomass, overwhelming the city with their bodies. This is true only in part.

In addition to the hordes of average troops, Mariupol is being attacked by parts of the very strong 810th Marine Brigade, as well as (!) the 22nd GRU Special Purpose Brigade. The latter is one of the best, if not the best, in Russia. Plus various Chechens, etc.

So, our 36th brigade, "4zov" and everyone who is holding the defense in Mariupol, are performing a real miracle.

Western experts walk with open mouths and cannot find explanations. Westerners say: if we take into account rational and measurable parameters, Mariupol should have ceased resistance a week ago. If not earlier.

Therefore, the Russians are in shock. They have absolutely wild losses in those areas where people were prepared for a long time, investing colossal resources. Kostroma, Pskov, Tula, Kamyshin, Ryazan, Ulan-Ude are in mourning. It will take years to restore this potential.

They are already preparing public opinion to perceive the damage that the Russian army suffered in Ukraine. If before they were going to force a bunch of drug addicts and Bandera supporters to make peace, now they have sung with different voices that they are opposed by the "second army of Europe" (after the Russian one), "which has long been preparing for war."

Our strength is that we do not lose touch with reality. And soberly assess the situation. We have losses. Active defense requires huge resources, they need to be replenished. And it is not easy. There are dramatically complex sections of the front line. And all the more valuable is what our army is doing now and everyone who works in defense.

The enemy could not crush us with the quality of their attack, so he will change tactics. He is trying to shift the war to a convenient for the Kremlin plane - quantitative, through exhaustion.

So do not lose concentration. We really have victories. A lot. They fuel our strength, add optimism. But not all decisions will be popular.

Russia has recovered from the initial shock and will mobilize all remaining resources. The second month of war will require no less patience and resilience. And unity is our main trump card. (c) Alexey Kopytko



📸 Company Maxar showed images of the destroyed Russian landing ship "Saratov" in occupied Berdyansk.

To tears. This is the best! )))



🇺🇦 An action in support of Ukraine took place in Warsaw..



👏 Head of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration Vitaliy Kim reported that the Russian occupiers have left Snihurivka and "hidden".He assumed that the Russians could strike the city and blame the Armed Forces of Ukraine for it.



⚡️The Armed Forces destroyed the electronic warfare complex used by the occupants to jam communication, electronics, and the operation of our UAVs and AD systems. Along with it, 50 enemies who were working with the equipment were also destroyed, - Head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration.



💪 The Pentagon states that Russia no longer has full control over Kherson - NYT.

Ukrainian armed forces are fighting fierce battles in Kherson, they have managed to push back the occupiers somewhat.



The Kramatorsk district!

Pavlograd district!

‼️Synelnykivskyi district!




Zaporizhzhia region! Alarm!



💬"We did not start this war!"...



English writer Joanne Rowling responded to Putin, who used her as an example when criticizing the international community for its sharp rejection of some works of art and culture.

Criticism of Western culture is canceled, I think it's better not to engage in those who are now killing peaceful citizens for their resistance, or those who put in prison and poison their political opponents.- wrote Rowling.



Interview for a Russian-speaking television channel with the editorial board in Prague "Current Time" I gave in Ukrainian. This is my principled position.

Today, more than 140 countries around the world support Ukraine. These are the same partners who voted for the UN General Assembly Resolution. Ukraine's position in the world is supported by the absolute majority.

We can compare with partners of the Russian Federation who support the aggressive actions of Russian fascists. There turned out to be five such countries: this is Russia itself, Belarus, which is currently a colony of Russia with an illegitimate president, this is Syria, which is sustained only by Russian military support, this is Eritrea and the "symbol of democracy" North Korea. Russia has not found more allies in the world.

I would very much like for those viewers who watch this channel from Russia to just imagine how the world perceives these war crimes against humanity and that those responsible will have to be held accountable for these crimes. Everyone who supports the killing, torture of Ukrainians will have to answer for it. And the war, against which the whole world stands today.



⚡️ Roman Abramovich came to Poland for negotiations with President of the United States Joe Biden - Polish journalist.

The source in the Pentagon claims that the Ukrainian army has begun to repel Kherson, and Russian forces no longer control some part of the city, which they captured after the invasion. The New York Times reports this. Also, the Pentagon claims that the Russian army is losing control over the rest of Kherson. And now Ukrainian forces are engaged in fierce fighting in the city and pushing back the occupiers.

Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine!



‼️ Kyiv - air alarm



🇬🇪 Russian leadership can involve reinforcement from Georgia (Abkhazia, South Ossetia) in the war in Ukraine. This was reported by The Washington Post with reference to the Pentagon.



👮During the war, the police of Poltava region confiscated 11 tanks, 2 armored vehicles, 8 machine guns, 9 rifles, 5 sniper rifles, 10 pistols, about 4,000 rounds, 14 grenades, and about 200 other types of ammunition from illegal circulation.

An interesting situation. The Pentagon says that some part of Kherson is already under Ukraine's control. Local residents do not confirm. But something tells me that there will be good news in the morning.

The information was from here

In Kharkov, new Russian troops are captured. The exchange fund is replenished.



🇨🇿🙏🇺🇦 Czech Defense Minister Jana Chernochova refused to travel to Budapest for a meeting of the Visegrad Four countries' ministers due to Hungary's resistance on issues related to assistance to Ukraine.



‼️Kharkiv region! Alarm!



The mayor of Vinnytsia states that as a result of the missile strike on the territory of the Air Force Command, there are no casualties.



❌ The United States Communication Commission included Kaspersky Lab in the list of companies posing a threat to national security.



Over the past week, our heroic Armed Forces have inflicted powerful blows on the enemy. No significant losses. They say the Russian defense minister has disappeared somewhere... Interesting, maybe he also personally wanted to visit Chornobayivka?



😉 Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Danilov said that there is currently an investigation into the relationship within the military-political leadership of the Russian Federation, why they did not take Kyiv in the next few days.

Danilov emphasizes that this does not mean that the Russians have thrown up their hands and raised a white flag.



Irina Vereshchuk talks about the results of the humanitarian corridors' work on March 25th.



⚡️The Cabinet of Ministers is preparing a program for resettlers.

Regional administrations have been instructed to allocate land for temporary housing for displaced persons.



Did you look for Shoigu?

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation issued an order that everything is fine with Shoigu and he did not disappear anywhere.

Interesting that the decree was signed by the acting general of the Army Bulgakov.



⚡️⚡️⚡️ZSU liberated the eastern suburbs of Kharkiv - Vilkhivka and Mala Rohan!



📺 The Hollywood Reporter: The International Emmy Award will not allow Russian programs and series to participate in the competition.

Finished. Up to the head. By the way, if they are offered an extra half a kilogram of sugar for burning portraits of Putin and the tricolor, then line up in turn, like in the Mausoleum. Because sugar is currently worth its weight in gold there. Why? Because this is an Eb-anarium!



❗️Anonymous leaked 28GB of secret documents from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.



‼️Odesa region! Mykolaiv region! Alarm!



⚡️A rocket hit a military unit in Zhytomyr. This was reported by the mayor of the city, Serhiy Sukhomlyn.



Kirovohrad region! Alarm!



Air defense units in the sky of Ukrainian Donbass today shot down three enemy aircraft and three drones.



‼️ATTENTION! Air alarm declared in Kyiv!

We urge everyone to quickly take shelter in civil defense!

⚡️⚡️⚡️ - ⚡️⚡️⚡️

‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!



Zhytomyr region! Alarm!

In Kyiv, first there were explosions, and then a siren. Am I the only one who thinks that it's not in the right order? In general, the Russian bastards. This is already an axiom.



Continuing to replenish the history of memes 😅



🔴 Two temples a day. Occupants destroy Ukrainian churches and spiritual structures.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, 59 temples have already been affected. Occupiers destroy two spiritual buildings every day, according to the Ministry of Culture.

🔻 Ruined spiritual structures are found in at least 8 regions of Ukraine: Kyiv, Donetsk, Zhytomyr, Zaporizhzhia, Luhansk, Sumy, Kharkiv, and Chernihiv. The vast majority of them are Orthodox churches.

🔻 In addition, mosques, synagogues, Protestant churches, religious educational institutions and administrative buildings of religious organizations also suffered damage.

At the same time, while the Kremlin propagandists cynically cover up their own imperial ambitions with theses about "protecting Orthodoxy", the aggressive attack of Russian troops destroys Orthodox churches and other shrines of Ukraine.




🤔 Yermak offers the United States to deploy Patriot air defense systems and air policing missions in Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Greece, which will instead provide fighter jets and air defense systems to Ukraine.



⚡️ "Now there is Teroborona in Poland."



🤔Over the month, law enforcement officers in Poltava region seized 11 enemy tanks from local residents.



❗️During the last day, in Donbas, a child was killed and another one was wounded as a result of enemy shelling.



‼️Operational information from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of 24:00 on 25.03.2022 regarding the Russian invasion

In addition to conducting ground and air campaigns, the enemy is trying to continue preparations to introduce Russian rubles into circulation on temporarily occupied territories of Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions instead of hryvnia. In Kharkiv region, the opponent restricts the movement of the civilian population by establishing a network of checkpoints.

Occupiers do not hesitate to try to suppress the resistance of the inhabitants of Ukrainian cities Kherson, Henichesk, Melitopol, about 90% of the population of which is opposed to Russian invaders, involving units of the Russian National Guard.

▪️On the Volyn front, the enemy did not conduct offensive actions. The involvement of separate units of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus in aggression against Ukraine remains probable.

▪️ On the Polissia direction, the enemy continued to exert fire influence on the units of our troops in certain areas.

▪️On the Siversky direction, the enemy concentrated its main efforts on holding the previously occupied front lines. He continued to strengthen his positions and fire on individual units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

▪️On the Sloboda direction, in the area of Sumy, the main efforts were focused on securing and holding previously occupied positions; in the area of Kharkiv, attempts continue to block our units and try to carry out demonstration actions, causing damage to the infrastructure and defensive objects of the city. They are trying to increase their efforts in the Izium direction by moving additional units and equipment.

▪️In the Donetsk direction, the enemy continues to regroup in order to resume offensive actions aimed at reaching the administrative borders of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

▪️On the South Buzky direction, measures are being taken to restore combat readiness, replenish supplies, in preparation for the resumption of offensive actions.

The forces of the Defense of Ukraine continue to defend Ukraine on land and in the air, gradually liberating it from Russian occupiers.

Strong together! We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Keep calm! Glory to Ukraine!



⛔️The United States intends to impose sanctions against Russian companies that provide services and goods to intelligence services and the Russian military, reports The Wall Street Journal.



💳The head of the Ministry of Digital Transformation Fedorov announced that Apple and Google are stopping support for Russian Mir cards.



🇺🇦👊In the last day, the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 3 aircraft of Russian occupiers and at least 5 enemy cruise missiles.

In addition, three enemy unmanned aerial vehicles of the Orlan-10 type were shot down in the sky of the Ukrainian Donbass.