Mar 16, 2024 - Day 752

752 days of the active phase of the 10-year war. We live for the Victory, and we win for the sake of life. Life in Ukraine. Is everyone here?

Time for some great news!

You may think that the video shows the aftermath of unknown drones attacking the refineries in Sizran and Novokuybishivsk. But this is a mistake. It's not an attack on the Russian refineries, but a promotion of Adding Fire to the Life of Russia. Russia is cold, and drones provide the opportunity to warm up around the burning refineries. And there will be more and more of such opportunities to warm up in Russia with each passing day.



🔥Minus 1160 occupiers in 24 hours - General Staff released data on RF losses in Ukraine.



🕯In the morning at 9:00 with a minute of silence, we honor the memory of those killed in Russia's brutal war against Ukraine.

First of all, it is beautiful. And secondly, the first is enough. Glory to the Ukrainian military!



Petro Poroshenko in an exclusive interview with "Direct" stated that fortifications are currently the guarantee of Ukraine's existence.

He again called on the authorities to unite efforts and urgently increase the pace of construction of defense structures, as well as warned against corruption schemes in fortifications.

Oreyro!!! Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, what's with the dick? Ministries? )))



💥In the Samara region (RF), an oil refinery is on fire, allegedly due to drone attacksAs reported by local publics, burningRosneft refinery in Syzran. Under attack AVT-6 - installation of two rectification columns - the heart of the plant, where oil is processed.



On the night of March 16, 2024, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 2 out of 2 attack UAVs of the "Shahed" type in the Kharkiv region.



Mariupol. Drama Theatre. The inscription "Children". Two years have passed...

The world must remember everything Russia has done against Ukraine and Ukrainians, and every Russian killer must be held accountable for their actions. We will ensure such accountability.

Bright memory to all whose lives were taken by Russian terror.

United24 Media

On March 16, 2022, Russian military criminals struck the Mariupol Drama Theatre, killing hundreds of innocent Ukrainians.

We all remember. And we will retaliate.



😂Residents of Moscow began to receive messages calling on them to vote calmly, without queues and provocations



🕯One of the casualties as a result of a missile strike on Odessa was 30-year-old police officer Oleksandr Boyarsky.

It is reported that he died while on duty. He is survived by a three-month-old daughter.

And did you know that the Commander of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Vice Admiral Oleksiy Neizhpapu and the Commander of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk are planned to be changed soon? Didn't know? Now you know.

Do you know that one of the best military speakers, Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuriy Ignat is no longer the spokesman for the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and does not appear on air anymore? Didn't know that? And now you know.

The cleansing in the Armed Forces continues after the change of the Head and the Chief of Staff. Interestingly, nothing is said about the justification and effectiveness of these actions in the General Staff. Why? Because there is nothing to say.



With Ukraine, NATO will be stronger than without Ukraine, - Petro Poroshenko in an exclusive interview with "Pravo".

The fifth president also noted that the fate of Ukraine should be decided exclusively by the Ukrainians, so

we do not let anyone discuss it behind our backs.



💥 Reported an explosion at a polling station in Bilhorod

Investigative journalist Mykhailo Tkach found out that MP Mykola Tyshchenko has a large business in Zakarpattia. When asked where Tyshchenko got such wealth, the deputy started to count and say that he doesn't know. When will law enforcement start dealing with questions of illegal enrichment, not journalists? Does the government cover up corrupt officials? When will deputies open their declarations and we will see a lot of interesting things? Will these deputies flee from Ukraine when the government changes? Boris Berezin analyzed the situation in his author's blog. Join the discussion in the comments.



❗️In Belgorod, shopping centers, schools, and colleges are suspending operations due to shelling

The local authorities reported this.



A blow in Odessa on Friday - the most massive in terms of the number of victims: 21 dead.

A day of mourning has been declared in the city and region.

This is now on Maidan. These people came out of hopelessness. They are waiting for their loved ones and have no information about any processes for their release. They feel very bad. And they are in a difficult emotional state. They need to be communicated with. But from the conversations, I understood that no one from the Presidential Office is communicating with them and they are simply being ignored. This is stupid. I highly recommend that the ATMs at the Presidential Office remind themselves that they serve the president and that we are all presidents, so these people are also presidents. Therefore, communication should be held with them. It is not the Bankova Street that needs it, but the people. But who will come out to them? Yermak? Tataryanov? Shurma? Or maybe Tishchenko, Bezugla, or Arahhamiya? Although, what Arahhamiya? If Abramovich asked him, he would talk to people and write another letter in defense of Abramovich in a London court. But here, probably, it's not interesting.

In any case, these people need to be talked to. They require attention and support from the government. I hope the government will hear this.

PS Asked why they are gathering on Maidan? They say they are not allowed near the Cabinet of Ministers, but here or near the Kyiv City State Administration - no questions asked.

Surprised that such nonsense needs official refutation. What can Russians expect by going to Kyiv? By what? This can happen if they can accumulate at least 100,000 to start the operation. And that's just the beginning, much more is needed for an attack on Kyiv and equipment is also needed. But all of this cannot be done discreetly. And it's not there. Ukrainian and Western intelligence would have seen it. But it's not there. So what are we talking about? Nonsense. And I'm curious, who is ready to believe in this?



Manipulation: "Kyiv plans to mobilize three million childless women"#спростуванняЦентруNonsense:In case of escalation of war or increase in the number of Russian troops, the Ukrainian government is considering mobilizing three million Ukrainian women who do not have children. This news is being spread by a propaganda channel on Telegram with a reference to the publication Texty.

Truth:The article referred to by the Putin fake maker isanalytical material, which explores the volume of mobilization reserve of Ukraine - Ukrainian women have the right to join the Defense Forces on a voluntary basis.

Dutyto serveonly women with a medical degree. The new bill on mobilization, on which the Verkhovna Rada is working, also does not include provisions for the mass mobilization of women.

In addition, Texty is an independent publication thatnot associated with the Ukrainian government, sohis materials do not reflect the position of the military or political leadership of Ukraine.

The goal of such provocations is to spread panic moods in Ukrainian society and is part of the comprehensive efforts of the Russian special services to disruptмобілізацію -> mobilizationin Ukraine.

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🤯The Russian woman threw a Molotov cocktail at one of the polling stations in the Volgograd region.

It is reported that she is currently in pre-trial detention center, facing up to 5 years of imprisonment.

I'll go eat some chocolate 🍫 or something...



🤡Is this already an article discrediting the armed forces of Russia, or not yet?

The word patriotism they made with their phrasing, thirst for glory, ambition, deceitful romanticism, their stupidity, and mercenary greed, and presented it to us as a radiant ideal. And we perceived all of this as sounds of fanfare heralding a new, beautiful, powerful existence! Don't you understand that? Without knowing it, we waged war against ourselves! And every accurate shot hit one of us! So listen - I'm shouting in your ear: the youth of the whole world rose up to fight, and in every country it believed it was fighting for freedom! And in every country they deceived and betrayed it, and in every country it fought for someone's material interests, not for ideals; and in every country bullets struck it, and with its own hands it destroyed itself! Don't you understand? There is only one kind of struggle: it is a struggle against lies, half-heartedness, compromises, relics! And we fell for their phrases, and instead of fighting against them, we fought for them. (c)E.M.Remarque, Return



💛Zelensky awarded the Deflympics team, which for the first time in years of Ukraine's independence won the overall team score at the Winter Games.



From today, all vehicles with RF license plates must leave Finland. .

Exception - for cars whose owners have a special permit to stay in the country.

Under the new rules, cars belonging to students and people who work officially in Finland are also exempt.

Defensive structures, which the authorities are happy to report on and which deputies checked. Is everything as we are told? What conclusions can be drawn? The inactivity of the Verkhovna Rada. Why are deputies not working and canceling meetings one after another? Why does the government not have enough votes for the mobilization bill? Can this situation be corrected? People's Deputy Volodymyr Ariev answered questions in a conversation with Borislaw Bereza.



Russian publics report explosions in Belgorod.

Something is burning in the area of Kreid - this is a district in the eastern part of Belgorod.

As some claim, the name of the district comes from the Ukrainian word "kreyda".



✍️ Zelensky appointed former head of the Lugansk Regional State Administration Gaiday as head of the Mukachevo District State Administration of the Zakarpattia region.

Former Haidai held the position of head of the Luhansk regional state administration.

He was also the head of Mukachevo RSA from September 2015 to November 2018.



The Russian Ministry of Defense reports that supposedly fifteen RM-70 Vampire multiple rocket launcher shells were shot down over the Belgorod region.

As Governor Gladkov reported, shopping centers will not be operating in Belgorod and the region on Sunday and Monday. In addition, classes in schools and colleges will be canceled on Monday and Tuesday.



🏦 On the night of March 17, PrivatBank is conducting scheduled maintenance, reported by the financial institution.

During the work on March 17 from 0:00 to 5:00 am, payments, mobile top-ups, and transfers in the Privat24 application and web version will be temporarily unavailable.

Wonderful actor. As a parliament man - total disgrace, but as an actor - bomb. Although he overacts a little.))



🇩🇪The German Foreign Ministry called the Russian strikes on Odessa insidious.

In the department stated that Russia once again attacked innocent civilians in Odesa, including rescue workers.

Such insidious attacks are an integral part of the Russian imperialist war. We stand firmly on the side of Ukraine like never before, - assured the German Foreign Ministry.



🇫🇮Head of the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Elina Valtonendeclared, that the West should not completely dismiss the idea of ​​sending troops to Ukraine if the situation deteriorates.

According to the head of Finland's foreign ministry, the West should not exclude everything in the long term perspective.because we never know how serious the situation will become. .

At the same time Waltinnen emphasized that Finland currently does not plan to send any troops to Ukraine and does not want to discuss this issue.

Why do Ukrainians hope for military assistance from other countries, not realizing that no one will fight for us? Is there a threat that dishonest veterans will come to power, discrediting true heroes? If the Ministry of Veterans is disbanded, who will solve the problems of veterans? The authorities offer the rich to buy out of the war, only those who have no money will fight? Where will this lead? Is there a Russian agent in Zelensky's entourage? Why is Zelensky not ready to change himself and change his environment? Famous Ukrainian scientist, political scientist and political technologist Viktor Bobyrenko answered questions in a conversation with Borislav Bereza. Watch all the details in this video.

00:00 Interview with Viktor Bobyrenko for Boryslav Bereza

1:19 People are looking for the Messiah.

8:25 Threat of discrediting veterans

19:48 The abbreviation of ministries. Who will take care of veterans' problems?

40:47 The rich will ransom themselves, but the poor will fight.

50:32 Moles around the President

59:03 Zelensky is not ready to change?



📄 Politicopredictedwhat can happen during Putin's new presidential term, which will last at least until 2030.

Scenario one - the dawn of democracy

The publication notes that the first scenario is based on the blossoming of democracy in Russia, and the likelihood of it ranges from 5-10%.

As the anti-communist and anti-colonial revolutions of 1989 in Eastern Europe showed, totalitarian regimes can resist against loose sands and quickly crumble in the face of democratic movements.

Putin's destructive decisions in Ukraine have already led to unpredictable consequences that will only breed more discontent and greater interest in potential alternatives, including direct democracy.

Scenario two - breakdown

In another scenario, in the opinion of the publication, with a probability of 10-15%, Russia may simply fall apart.

Politico explains that against the background of devastating war, when hundreds of thousands of Moscow soldiers died in senseless fighting, the Russians are protesting en masse and overthrowing the aging regime clinging to power.

Long-buried frustrations and disappointments creep across the country, and the nation, seemingly united under Moscow's iron hand, suddenly splits along ethnonationalist lines. Chaos engulfs the country, sinking into a blend of anarchy, territorial fragmentation, and violence that leaves no region, no family untouched., - the publication writes.

Scenario three - the rampage of nationalism

The probability of the third scenario, according to the publication, is already increasing to 15-20%, and the scenario itself is based on the idea of activating Russian nationalists.

A year ago, the idea that renegade defectors led by a passionate nationalist might almost march on Moscow, causing Russian officials to flee for cover, was fantastic.

And then, in June of last year, the head of the militia, Yevgeny Prigozhin, did just that. And although Prigozhin's PMC "Wagner" never made it to Moscow, it was not due to lack of opportunity; on the contrary, the path was wide open. If Prigozhin achieved anything, it was making Putin look like the emperor with no clothes.

For these reasons, this scenario seems to be one of the most likely for post-Putin Russia. The flames of nationalism, fueled by Putin, are unlikely to die down anytime soon.

Scenario four - "Khrushchev thaw"

Technocratic reboot, as Politico named the fourth scenario of events after Putin's re-election. This scenario has an approximate likelihood of 20-25%.

The publication noted that two years have passed since the failed invasion of Moscow into Ukraine, and its consequences for Russia are already evident.

These costs, whether in the form of economic downturn or in the form of a spiraling increase in the number of fatalities, will continue to accumulate.

That's why the idea that the closest circle of Kremlin officials will meet with Putin and inform him that they value his service and wish him all the best in retirement - in other words, a repeat of the situation with Nikita Khrushchev's resignation in 1964 - is a scenario, the likelihood of which will only increase over time.

According to the publication, there is a high probability that a new regime will appear in Russia by 2030.

Scenario five - "long live President Putin"

The most likely scenario for events in Russia after the re-election of the Russian dictator as president, with a probability of 45-50%, the publication called "Long live President Putin."

With the death of Navalny, the democratic opposition is in ruins. The Russian economy, despite the barrage of Western sanctions, is unlikely to have collapsed, even if it has become sluggish. Although Putin has not subjugated Kyiv, the worst in the Ukrainian war may still be ahead, especially given the restraint of the United States regarding arming Ukraine. And compared to American presidents, at 71 Putin still has relative youth on his side.- indicates the publication.



❗️ The head of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ignat was dismissed from his post.

Commander of the Air Force, Lieutenant General Oleshchuk reported this.

"He will remain in the Air Force and work in another direction no less successfully," Olechuk noted.

Yuriy Ignat resigns as Air Force speaker - this information was confirmed by the Air Force Commander-in-Chief and thanked Ignat.

And I agree - The main thing is for everyone to remain human!

And now remember my morning post...



These weeks, many have already seen that the Russian war system has vulnerabilities and that we can reach these vulnerabilities with our weapons. And I thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the SBU, and the Main Intelligence Directorate for the new Ukrainian long-range weapons. Of course, I also thank our defense-industrial complex - everyone who works for the Ukrainian power, because it is truly Ukrainian long-range capabilities - what our own drones can do. Ukraine will now always have its own striking force in the sky.

🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

Kramatorsk. Children say goodbye to dad through the window of the train.

Despite active combat operations in the East, Ukrainian defenders sometimes manage to find time to meet with their relatives and loved ones.

One of the most common meeting places is Kramatorsk, which is located over 50 km from the front line. (c) BBC



During the day 50 military clashes were recorded.reportsGeneral Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

During the day, the Defense Aviation struck at 4 areas of concentration of enemy personnel, weapons, and military equipment.

Units of missile troops struck at the command post, 2 areas of personnel concentration, and 1 means of enemy air defense.

Here it is, when she wants. The moment when a Russian woman succeeded. I want the rest of the Russian women to be able to repeat it. ))



The mother of the 24-year-old Ukrainian journalist Alexandra Kuvshynova, who died near Irpin in March 2022, accused the American TV channel Fox News of her daughter's death, wrote Business insider.

The appeal to the Supreme Court of the state of New York was filed by lawyers on behalf of the parents of a journalist and Shane Thompson, a security adviser for the British security agency Separ, who contracted with a telecommunication company to accompany a film crew.

Fox News is accused of violating "any reasonable standards of caution in promoting the team" into the zone of active hostilities, despite the ban by the Ukrainian authorities and a security consultant, as well as concealing information about the death of Oleksandra Kuvshynova.

Several people from the film crew, including Kuvshinova, were also killed during the assignment on March 14, including Pierre Zakshevsy, an experienced operator from Fox News.

The Fox News Corporation has stated that it is still mourning the loss of Oleksandra Kuvshynova and Pierre Zakhevsky, but will "respectfully defend against the false claims made in this lawsuit."



We have gathered the main things you may have missed after March 16:

🔹Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland Elina Valtonendeclared, that the West should not completely dismiss the idea of sending troops to Ukraine if the situation worsens.

🔹German intelligence servicesgaveGovernment analysis of Russian military threats, stating that Russia may attack NATO territory "from 2026".

🔹President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayevzapropovavconsider the issue of changing the state coat of arms, as it is believed that the current coat of arms has "signs of the Soviet era".

🔹In the spring, the Russian troopscancontinue attempts of local attacks and prepare for a new offensive in the summer of 2024, - ISW.

🔹NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenbergdeclared, which Alliance currently does not feel a military threat from Russia, as it has almost all its ground forces involved in aggressive war against Ukraine.



🇫🇷President of France Macron announced that he intends to come to Ukraine with specific proposals and decisions.

He said this to Ukrainian media.

I have a rule that my visit is as useful as possible for Ukraine. That's how we always agreed and did with President Zelensky. I will go to Berlin, negotiate with Chancellor Scholz and the Prime Minister of Poland. I am sure that we will be able to allocate additional funds, - Macron said.

He explained that when hephysically cometo Ukraine - this will mean specific proposals and solutions.

Pay attention to this. By the way, Zaluzhny warned about such a development of events. But someone at Bankova didn't like the fact that he was making such forecasts. And the threat of such a scenario coming true hasn't gone anywhere. How about the millions of Ukrainian fpv?



🇫🇷🇺🇦President of France Macron talked with President of Ukraine Zelenskyconfirmedmy visit to Ukraine in the near future.

All will be as it is. In two to three weeks. But it's not certain.

They are irreparable.

The story of how a person perceives help from the military as their personal responsibility. A priest from Chernivtsi already owes 900,000 hryvnias due to the purchase of drones for the front, - told "Suspilne"

Father Vasil Hasinets together with parishioners tries to send about 150 drones to the front every month. Sometimes the UAV takes on debt, also takes out loans from banks, but has already reached the "red" line - a debt of 900 thousand UAH.

But still promises to find ways to send drones to the front. A person lives with this help. And this is another example of when a citizen lives the future of the country. It is immediately obvious that he is not a servant of the people.