Mar 13, 2024 - Day 749

749 days of active phase of the 10-year war. In dark times, bright people are needed. I hope that such people are around you now. Everyone here?

Good news time!



The number of casualties as a result of the Russian attack on Kryvyi Rih has increased to 4 people, - OVA.

The 47-year-old woman died in the hospital at night. Currently, 6 more people are in critical condition, including two children.

43 people were injured, including 12 children. 20 people were hospitalized, others are receiving outpatient treatment.

The morning of the Ryazan oil refinery started brightly and with fireworks. The reaction of the workers to the arrival of unknown positive drones is priceless. ))



🤬Russians attacked Sumy UAVs overnight. Hits into a five-storey residential building were recorded.- OVA

According to preliminary information, 10 people were rescued from the rubble, 8 of whom sustained injuries of varying severity. Unfortunately, there are fatalities (information is being clarified).

During the last two years of Russia's war against Ukraine, European companies continued to supply equipment for the project "Arctic LNG 2", one of the largest shareholders of which is the billionaire close to Putin Gennady Timchenko. .

Overall, from the beginning of the introduction of sanctions in May 2022 to the end of January 2024, "Arctic LNG 2" received European equipment totaling almost 580 million euros. The largest suppliers are companies from Italy (112 million euros), France (31.6 million euros), Germany (25 million euros), the Netherlands (12.8 million euros), and Spain (8 million euros).

And that is despite the fact that the European Union banned the supply of any equipment for the production of liquefied gas as early as May 2022, and at the end of 2023 the United States imposed direct sanctions against the Arctic LNG 2 project. Nevertheless, supplies from Europe continue: in January 2024 - for an amount of 24 million euros.

European equipment for "Arctic LNG 2" is mainly imported through China.

But part of the equipment comes directly from the EU: in 2023, 11% of Italian supplies came directly from Italy.

I wonder if there will be an official statement from the authorities on this matter?



😈The Russians in Voronezh did not sleep this night.

They report the hitting of more than 30 pieces, some were hit directly by buildings.

Also under attack were the Kursk, Leningrad, Belgorod, and Bryansk regions.

UPD. COLLECTION CLOSED! THANK YOU!!! 300,000 collected in 2 hours. Thank you! And a HUGE thank you from the guys!!! You are incredible!!! Together we will win!!!

Friends, I'm reaching out to you for help again. The Combat and Action Bureau has arrived to assist the fighters from the reconnaissance unit of the 2nd Mechanized Battalion of the 53rd Separate Mechanized Brigade named after Prince Volodymyr Monomakh. The guys are alive, but the enemy has destroyed the equipment they work with. And they are on the Avdiivka direction. Right now, they urgently need a Mavic 3T drone and an Evenjer antenna. This is not just about making it easier to destroy the enemy, but also about their survival. Because the enemy is crawling like cockroaches - day and night. The Mavic and antenna are needed for detecting and coordinating strikes. That's why I am raising funds for a Mavic 3T and an antenna. It's not just for them, it's for all of us. Thank you to everyone who has the ability and desire to donate! But we can only hope for you. 1,000,000 of the president's drones has gotten lost among 1 billion trees, but our fighters need help right now. Help them! Link to the map and bank details in the first comments.

🎯Goal: 300,000.00 ₴

🔗Link to the bank

💳 Card number bank

5375 4112 1668 3370



🕯In the morning at 9:00, we honor the memory of those who died in the brutal war of Russia against Ukraine.



Today we commemorate the memory of rescuer Oleg Martynenko.

The guy worked at the Slavyansk garrison in Donetsk. On March 4 of this year, while extinguishing a fire in the Kramatorsk district, a rescue worker, together with his colleagues, came under renewed shelling by the Russians. The enemy attacked the rescuers and fire equipment with a drone. The rescuer was 29 years old.

Forever in line!



😂The building of the FSB in Belgorod was hit by a drone attack.- Rossmi

It is written that the facade of the building is damaged and the windows are smashed.



😡Occupiers late in the evening struck Mironohrad in Donetsk region with a missile, partially destroying a five-story building.

Two people died. Another 6 people were rescued from under the rubble, including 1 child. 4 people were injured.



Today there was an explosion in Ryazan.

Drones successfully flew over 500km and damaged an oil refinery.



👊Fighters of the Legion of Freedom of Russia destroyed the control point in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Approaching a crisis for the defense of the bloody regime. Still, it is not working for defense, but for attack.- noted the fighters.



Russian army lost 980 occupants in Ukraine in the past day, over 30 artillery systems and 20 armored vehicles in a day —General Staff



Today, drones of the SBU attacked three oil refineries at once - in Ryazan, in Kstovo (Nizhny Novgorod region) and Kirishakh (Leningrad region).- RBC-Ukraine with reference to sources in the SBU.

There they confirmed that these attacks are a continuation of a series of special operations against enemy oil refineries, previously started by the Security Service.

Sources add that the attacked refineries today are in the top 5 largest plants in Russia.

Also, the SBU together with other representatives of the armed forcesattacked by drones airbase of the Russian Armed Forces in Buturlinovka and military airfield in Voronezh.

For now, our allies provide us with millions, not billions(?) from the USA.

Million and billion are similar only in sound, but mathematically they are very different.

For example:

1 million seconds is approximately 11 days.

1 billion seconds is approximately 32 years.

Or, for example, for motorists.

A million and a billion is like a shot glass (20 grams) of gasoline and a 20-liter canister.

300 million that we should receive compared to 60 billion that we were promised is like a three-liter jar of gasoline and 30 twenty-liter cans.

If you can drive 50 kilometers on a small car on 3 liters, then on 30 canisters about 10,000 kilometers.

Such visualization of the difference between what we were promised and what is being provided.

With 30 cans, you can drive from Kyiv to Portugal, travel around Europe, and return home with a full tank of fuel, but with a 3-liter can, we won't even get to Zhytomyr from Kyiv.

Oh, what nonsense...

That is, the difference between millions and billions is SIGNIFICANT. (c)Oleksiy Hetman



😔 On March 12, two residents of Donetsk were killed by the Russians - in Mironovka.

11 more people in the region were injured during the day.

The total number of Russian casualties in Donbas is given without taking into account Mariupol and Volnovakha.

COLLECTION CLOSED! THANK YOU!!! 300,000 collected in 2 hours. Thank you! And from the guys from the reconnaissance platoon of the 2nd mechanized battalion of the 53rd separate mechanized brigade named after Prince Volodymyr Monomakh, GREAT gratitude!!! You are amazing!!! So together we will win!!!



Today's meeting of the defense committee of the Verkhovna Rada on consideration of amendments to the bill on mobilization strengthening has been canceled!- People's Deputy Alexey Goncharenko.

Yesterday the committee began reviewing amendments for the first time, worked for less than an hour, canceled all punishments for the dodgers, and the meeting was closed.

The previous plenary week was canceled in the Verkhovna Rada, and they plan to cancel the next one.

ATTENTION fans of Within Temptation!

The band Within Temptation is coming to Ukraine and looking for their Ukrainian fans who can and want to participate in a very special filming of their new video clip this Sunday, March 17th, in Kyiv!

I'm just passing on information at the request of the band. So write to the band directly in the DM on FB.

PS.Within Temptationyou are handsome!



🗞️ Emmanuel Macron, Donald Tusk and Olaf Scholz will meet in Berlin to discuss differences regarding Ukraine.— Politician.

Leaders of the countries want to show unity after a tense period, when disagreements between Germany and France turned into open hostility.

The peak of this tension came when Macron refused to rule out the possibility of sending Western troops to Ukraine. Scholz then rejected that idea.

In a few days, the French president said:Europe has come to a moment when there will be no room for cowards.

After a personal meeting between Scholz and Macron, a trilateral discussion with Tusk will take place. The Polish Foreign Ministry has previously stated that the presence of NATO troops in Ukraine is not inconceivable.



⛓️ The Security Service of Ukraine detained a Russian informant who tried to sabotage the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region.

From June to September 2022, she handed over the geolocation of the units of the Armed Forces concentrated on the Kupyansk direction to the occupiers.

Also, she reported on the presence of heavy armament and the approximate number of personnel in the Ukrainian troops.

To collect information, the informant bypassed the front-line area and covertly photographed the locations of the temporary deployment of Defense Forces.

Then the relevant coordinates with a textual description were sent to the Russian intelligence connection.

He turned out to be her familiar collaborator, who at that time was part of the occupation Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Balakliya. The information he received was passed on to the personnel of the special services of the aggressor country.

After being released from Kharkiv region, the person settled down at the bottom in the de-occupied Balakliia, where they tried to destroy evidence of their cooperation with the aggressor.

The criminal is in custody. She faces up to 12 years in prison.

On Friday, an unplanned summit of the Weimar Triangle will take place, - writesPolish Radio

After returning from the USA, Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk announced this to the media.

"I will be in Berlin, communicating with President Macron and Chancellor Scholz. The situation is difficult, there's nothing to hide," said Prime Minister Donald Tusk on TVP Info Tuesday evening after talks with U.S. President Joe Biden in Washington.

Donald Tusk reminded that this is a critical moment in the war, while in the House of Representatives in the USA, there is still no agreement on providing assistance to Ukraine.

"President Macron and Chancellor Scholz are waiting for my information on the negotiations in Washington," Tusk added.

Also, Donald Tusk noted that the American side has signaled that they take NATO and their commitments seriously, for them this is important.

According to Tusk, "people will increasingly look at this triangle - Paris, Berlin, and Warsaw."

"In my opinion, these three capitals now have the task and the power to mobilize all of Europe," he added.

Responding to the question about the role of the Weimar Triangle, the head of the Polish government emphasized that there are two important formats of intergovernmental cooperation in Europe that are crucial for Poland and its security. These are the Weimar Triangle and the so-called Northern Group, which includes the Baltic countries, as well as, among others, Norway and Great Britain.

"Do not deceive ourselves. In Europe, it is possible to set the tone on various issues if the three capitals agree and act together. This is Warsaw, Berlin, and Paris. I believe we are on the right track to restore the Weimar Triangle to have a real, strong influence on all European decisions," the Prime Minister said.

Important meeting on one single issue - the future of Ukraine and helping us.



😈In the Rostov region, the refinery was shut down due to a drone attack.- Governor of Rostov region Vasily Golubev.

According to him, as a result of the so-called RER work, this morning a drone crashed on the territory of the Novoshakhtinsk oil products plant.



Every time we visit the Donetsk region, we come to our dear Stepan Barna and his "Edelweiss".

We are pleased that the unit of friends is expanding its ability to destroy the enemy. Every time Stepan shows us the expansion of his "workshop", where they produce bombs for drones. It's nice that our previously provided help - kamikaze drones, 3D printers used to produce explosive capsules, come in handy:)

We are very proud of the 10th brigade, which has been fighting on one of the toughest frontlines for 2 years.

We pass on to friends two laptops and 3 radio electronic reconnaissance tools that detect enemy drones. Unfortunately, there are many Russian UAVs in our sky now and we need to look for countermeasures. We need a lot more drones and RERs.

Thank you, Stepan, for the most delicious coffee. Thank you and the boys for defending Ukraine!


Why is Russia mobilizing 400 thousand people, while mobilization in Ukraine is stagnant? How do we stop this onslaught? What is the Bank preparing us for? The talking heads of the Bank say we need negotiations. Could negotiations begin in Istanbul? He revealed the details in his author's blog. Join the discussion in the comments.



💔 Police showed the first minutes after yesterday's shelling of Kryvyi Rih by Russian terrorists.

Also, tomorrow - March 14, the city will declare a day of mourning for those killed as a result of the Russian attack.



🚙In Lithuania, a car with Russian license plates was confiscated for the first time - it may be transferred to Ukraine.

Driver - a citizen of Moldova, he planned to travel to Belarus by car, the owner of which is a Russian woman. He says he did not know about the restrictions that started to apply in Lithuania from March 11. By that time, cars with Russian registration had to leave the country or be re-registered in Lithuania.

In the photo - a car that can be transferred to Ukraine.



💩Putin claimed that Russia is supposedly ready for a peaceful resolution of the war it started in Ukraine, but only with the consideration of the territories it captured and with guarantees for Moscow.Are we ready for negotiations? Yes, we are ready, but only ready for negotiations not based on some whims after the use of psychotropic substances, but based on the realities that have formed, as they say in such cases, on the ground.

He added that possible negotiations are not a pause for Kyiv's rearmament, but a serious conversation with security guarantees for Moscow.

Putin noted that he knows the carrots they are going to show him to convince that the moment for negotiations has come 🤦‍♀️.



❗️The Legion of Freedom of Russia, RDC and the Siberian Battalion called on the residents of Belgorod and Kursk to evacuate.

Every day, dozens of innocent people die from shelling from Belgorod. The shelling of Ukraine from Belgorod must stop!

As a result, we are forced to inflict fire defeat from military positions located in the cities of Belgorod and Kursk.- noted the fighters.



👹Captured footage of a Russian soldier taken by a fighter from the Third Assault Brigade.

Assault groups were knocking out the enemy from positions on the outskirts of Avdiivka, and this is one of the Russians who managed to survive, hiding in shelter pits.



😔 It became known about the death of the fifth person as a result of yesterday's missile attack on Kryvyi Rih.— Vil'kul.

The man was found when dismantling the rubble on one of the floors.

I want to live in a country where lawyers, diplomats, doctors, teachers, engineers, architects and others have professional education and experience. I want to live in a country where parliament is not occupied by corrupt officials, bribe-takers, rapists, anal-taboos, liars, corrupt officials, freaks and other arakhamias. I want to live in a state where the rule of law is the foundation of everything, and freedom of speech is such a value that no one encroaches upon. And I also want this state to have exclusively a service function. And most importantly, I want Ukraine to become such a state. But for now, everything is the opposite...

I hope it won't always be like this.



🤷‍♂️ In Poland, two Ukrainian journalists conducting an investigation into trade between Poland and Russia have been arrested., — ,

EditorYuriy Konkevychand videographerOleksandra PiliukDetained on March 7 during the fixing of the border crossing by freight trains and cars between the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Poland.

As of the evening of March 9, border guards brought journalists to the checkpoint.Dorohusk-Yahodyn

According to the editorial assignment, journalists were supposed to investigate the topic of freight transportation, assess the flow of goods, and find out which transport is used for crossing the border - Polish or Russian. Also, it was planned to talk to eyewitnesses and experts to assess the scale of such trade.- reported to the editorial office.

The reason for the detention, the police said, was that journalists were photographing critical infrastructure, namely Russian wagons of liquefied gas, for too long.

The editorial office has now independently started the deportation appeal process.



🇺🇸 Donald Trump and Joe Biden won their party primaries and will be the candidates for the US presidential election scheduled for November 5, 2024.

These will be the 60th presidential elections in the country's history, where they are to elect the 47th leader of the United States.



😔Rescuers unblocked the body of a person at the site of debris removal in a five-story residential building in Sumy.— DSNS.

Work continues. People may still be under the rubble.

Exactly a year ago, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote a powerful post about the fact that personnel hunger pushes the ministry to search for ambassadors without specialized education, without experience, without relevant knowledge. In fact, ambassadors by announcement. I wrote then that diplomatic etiquette or basic knowledge takes a back seat. They were looking for ambassadors. Ukraine needs ambassadors. I agree that they are very much needed. But what quality? Maybe Povoroznyuk can be appointed as an ambassador somewhere? And what? The person was constantly present on TV at the Unity Marathon. Well, they won't let scum in the marathon. Can they? Then I remembered that history already remembers a similar situation with diplomats. It was in Soviet Russia. Some were killed, and others worked for the commissars. They started to take people from the streets and opportunists. Similar situation? And who brought it to this? And why, with a large number of experienced career diplomats, are appointments based more often on loyalty, or to solve their own issues and send someone away from sight? Although why be surprised when the question of who to appoint as ambassador is not decided by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, but by the Head of the Presidential Office Yermak.

But the question is different. Then that post was liked by both government officials and public opinion leaders, and ordinary citizens. A large number of reposts and caps thrown in the air out of joy. And my quiet voice saying it's nonsense and nothing good will come of it. So how did it end? How many were selected? A couple of dozen? Great. And how many were appointed as ambassadors? None? Well, okay. Keep liking. In a warring country, hype remains a tool that attracts attention but doesn't solve problems. And it's not just about this story.



🗣️The process of resuming air travel with Ukraine has been brought into practical terms.— Deputy Head of the Office of the President Andriy Sybiha.

The vision of the process is confirmed by two regulators, this is the European regulator that grants permission for such a combination and the American regulator. The goal is restoration, - said the deputy head of the SO.

Sibiga said that the resumption of air traffic should take place at one of the airports.



❕As a result of the drone attack on the aircraft factory in Taganrog on the night of March 9, one of the Russian reconnaissance aircraft A-50 was damaged, — the media with reference to sources in the State Border Guard Service.

UPD. A friend wrote that this is not an evacuation handle, but a quick release handle for the fashionable 5.11 plate carrier. Honestly, I never had one. And such heroic photos too. ))

Sorry, but what are the Minister of Defense Umyrov's PR specialists paid for? The photo, of course, is heroic. A-la, Zelensky style. But everything else is the same. Tell him that when you have the evacuation handle on your bulletproof vest in front, it means you put it on backwards. Although, they can say that it is for biting down and moving forward. And you don't need to retake the photo. They will fix it in Photoshop. And where is Syrsky's gun? And even a very heroic photo came out. Everything they love in the OP.

By the way, if anyone in Moscow wants advice from me, you can transfer money for consultation as a donation to any fundraiser that I announce.



⛓️ The Security Service of Ukraine detained a deputy of the Kherson Regional Council, who helped Saldо open military hospitals of the Russian Federation in captured hospitals.

The current deputy of the local regional council turned out to be a participant. After the capture of the regional center, she supported the Russian invaders and offered them her help in the war against Ukraine.

Under the personal protection of the hauptman Saldo, the collaborator was appointed as the head of the so-called health department within the local occupation administration of the Russian Federation.

In this position, she organized the re-equipping of captured hospitals into military hospitals for wounded Nazis.

In addition, the criminal was involved in supplying medical supplies to Russian troops and occupation authorities of the aggressor country.

After being released from Kherson, the defendant settled in the city, hoping to avoid justice, positioning herself outside of politics.

After some time, the villain planned to escape to temporarily occupied Crimea under a fake name. But the Security Service of Ukraine timely exposed the collaborator and detained her.

Currently, the deputy is in custody. She faces up to 10 years in prison with confiscation of property.



⚖️MP Shufrych, who is suspected of state treason, has had his preventive measure extended, he will remain in custody until May 11.

The prosecutor requested detention in custody, without an alternative bail. Shufrych stated that he has already been in custody for six months and, together with his lawyers, requested to revoke this decision.

In Russia, they reached the flowers. Now they will ban them and everything will be messed up. In general, all this reminds me more and more of the times of the USSR, when they fought against everything foreign, from capron tights to ballpoint pens. The country of dulebov is going the same path and will end the same way. Sooner or later...



🗣️ Stefanchuk admits the possibility of exemption from mobilization depending on the income level.If I am not mistaken, in the 12th or 13th century in England, there was a tax on cowardice. When they paid money not to go to the knights, - said the Speaker of the House.

According to him, for one soldier defending Ukraine, there should be eight people who will support him.



📰 The US Department of Defense is ready to send Ukraine long-range tactical ATACMS ballistic missiles.— The Wall Street Journal.

In the publication citing sources, it is written that the USA refused this request, arguing that the American army itself needed such ammunition.

Now the USA can use new high-precision missiles Precision Strike Missile, and are ready to send long-range ATACMS to Kyiv.— mentioned in the material.

One of the subscribers sent this photo. Says it's in Kyiv. For me, there is something calming and positive in this photo. We need more of this right now. So I am sharing.



🪖 On NATO's side, 300,000 soldiers are on high alert for deployment to Poland., declared the deputy chief of the general staff of the Polish Armed Forces Karol Dymnowski.

Earlier there were 40,000 soldiers prepared to become a shield of NATO, and now there are 300,000 in high readiness, - said Dimanovsky.

Having touched on the American contingent presence in Poland, the deputy head of the general staff did not exclude the increase in its number to 100,000 people, as such prospects were approved during the last NATO summit in Vilnius. He added that military support for Poland from the alliance is not limited to ground forces.

It should be remembered that Americans and other allies support us not only on the ground, but also in the air, in space, in cyberspace, - noted Dymanovsky.

What is happening in the Belgorod and Kursk regions of the Russian Federation? What can the RDK and the Legion "Freedom of Russia" achieve? Has a "plane crash" begun in the Russian Federation? What is happening with mobilization in Ukraine? How are "servants" pulling the bill on mobilization from the level of wages? Do deputies have a new scheme for "their own"? The answers to these questions were given by a special forces soldier, a officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and a member of the VIII convocation Igor Lapin. See all the details in this video on my channel



The Russian army dropped an air bomb on Vovchansk, Kharkiv region, - head of the OVA Synyubov.

The occupiers fired at a two-story residential building. All emergency services are working at the scene, there may be people under the rubble.

Sad video of how the Russians are destroying our helicopters. And considering their number and everything else, it is very sad.

Experts say that helicopters landed at the refueling point and were already waiting for them. This is evidenced by the fact that the Russian already held his UAV in that place and immediately struck with a cassette as soon as the helicopters landed, and then finished off with Lancets, which were on hand.

And this situation pushes me to conclusions and to questions. First of all, lately we have seen a lot of losses of valuable equipment, which we have in limited quantities. But this did not happen before. So, the question arises, whether someone suddenly became efficient or someone has been appointed recently, who leaks information about the movements? Answers to these questions should be provided by the security services of Ukraine. It can be not publicly. The main thing is to be effective and to solve the problem. Because something smells fishy. And the president also said that counteroffensive plans were on the table in the Kremlin before the operation began. This information leak needs to be stopped! As soon as possible.



Polish farmers promise to unblock the Jagodin checkpoint, - Reuters

Protest leader Wojciech Los announced at the Dorohusk checkpoint that after 13:00 (14:00 in Kyiv) farmers from the Polish side will allow trucks to pass to the border.



Russia will not participate in the conference on Ukraine in Switzerland, even if invited.- MFA RF

In February it was reported that Ukraine was planning to invite representatives from over 160 countries to the summit, and that Russia would not be among the invitees. China and Switzerland stated that Moscow should be invited.

Today, on Wednesday, March 13, at 6:00 PM, we will be going live with Yevhen Magda.

- March 15th marks the beginning of the presidential elections in Russia. What could happen in these days? Should we expect any surprises? What will change in Russia after Putin's reelection?

Putin announced that the Kremlin is ready for peaceful negotiations, but with security guarantees for the Russian Federation and taking into account the occupied territories. Is this a real readiness for negotiations, or an attempt to show that Russia is good and Kyiv does not want to talk? Does anyone want to?

- Bill on mobilization in Ukraine. Why are the meetings of the Verkhovna Rada being canceled again? When will we be able to see the result?

- Problems at the border with Poland. What is the current situation there? Are there any movements towards resolving the situation?

Stefanchuk proposes to introduce a "cowardice tax" so that one could buy their way out of mobilization. What could such proposals lead to? The poor will fight and die, while the rich will be able to sit out for money?



Near the border with Belarus in Rivne region, new fortifications have started to be constructed, - head of the OWA Oleksandr Koval.

Currently, construction of non-explosive barriers and platoon fire support positions is being carried out in close coordination with the military.




More than 30 million hryvnias. And this is already the fourth batch that we will deliver to our Defense Forces.

The names are already familiar to many: "Bandera-bumi", "Pegasus", "Molfars", "Mammoths". We have started to fully equip some of them. In addition to the initiation fees, some are supplied with combat components (explosives). Of course, we install it together with the military, but we supply everything. Taking the average effectiveness - this is at least 50% accurate hits on target. That is, out of two thousand drones - about a thousand hits.

So, not much reason to celebrate now. But when you realize that we are helping to destroy several battalions of orcs every month, it becomes somewhat easier)

Thank you to our soldiers who use these FPV drones effectively and efficiently.

Together we are approaching Victory!


Today, on Wednesday, March 13, at 19:00, we will be going live with Ukrainian politician, statesman, and former military prosecutor of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko

Today we are talking about:

- The problem of defense fortifications in Ukraine. Who is engaged in the construction of defense? Does the government perpetuate the scheme in the Ministry of Defense? Why are state officials not in charge of Ukraine, but advisors to the Office of the President? Why was construction equipment from the "Great Construction" not involved in creating defensive structures?

-Question of negotiations with Russia. Is the government warming up society? Are negotiations planned in Istanbul? What scenarios do we have? What is considered a victory?

External enemies. Russia is using all possible means of influence. Orban - is he a Russian agent? What special operations does Russia conduct against Ukraine in Europe?



❗️Ukrainian prisoners are offered to be released early if they sign a contract with the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The corresponding bill has already been registered in the Verkhovna Rada. The text is currently absent.



Austria expels two Russian diplomats from the country .

According to preliminary data, they were suspected of espionage.

The House of Representatives approved a bill that bans the operation of the social network Tik Tok in the USA.CNN

The bill was supported by 352 members of the House of Representatives, with 65 against, including 15 Republicans and 50 Democrats.



Volunteers were asked by the defenders of the KRAKEN special unit to provide quality tactical clothing and footwear (the question remains relevant).

Boys also need Starlink, as theirs was destroyed.

We announce a collection for the needs of the unit, and hope for your support 🫶🏻 together to victory!

🎯 Goal: 168,888.00 UAH

🔗Link to the bank

💳Bank card number

5375 4112 1666 0071(Note: This sequence of numbers does not have a specific translation in English)

Reports of previous meetings:

One example of how the SBU uses the article on state betrayal against business. Vietnamese instant noodle factory "ROLTON" in Bila Tserkva.

June 2022 - a case of overthrowing the constitutional order opens

July - searches

August - factory arrest

- September - transfer of the plant to ARMA. Plant stop

November - arrest of corporate rights and accounts

From October to December the courts systematically refuse to lift the arrests to the lawyers. The latest refusal: December 20th.

And on December 29, the case was closed "due to lack of evidence of a crime." By the way, the arrests were lifted only at the beginning of February, and that was through the court. Because the prosecutor didn't feel like following the rules of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Link to a small text and one of the quotes of the prosecutor, with which he "scared criminals" in court:

(copyright)Oleksa Shalaisky



Disney Entertainment explained why the awarding of 20 days in Mariupol was not included in the Oscar telecast.

More videos on our TikTok👇

Interesting idea from a deputy from Holos:

There is no demobilization during the war, - said Zelensky.With all due respect, but Volodymyr Zelensky, as the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, should not publicly disclose his feelings and evaluations of various aspects of mobilization and the ongoing legislative process to which he formally has no relation, and together with his Cabinet of Ministers should have long since resolved and settled ALL issues without exception, which directly or indirectly relate to conscription into the army during a state of war, as well as all aspects of mobilization in the broadest sense of the term as defined by law. He and the Cabinet of Ministers have full authority for this!

Eight (!) months have passed since the National Security and Defense Council and the President publicly acknowledged that we have major problems with military conscription. Eight months of solving urgent, critical military issues for a warring country. It seemed impossible, but as we can see, so far all key players are satisfied with the format of public exchange of opinions, experiences, discussions of thousands of amendments, changes in regulations, and endless meetings.Andriy Osadchuk



❗️Russia again flew to the BNR: the city of Grayvoron was also shelled.

A repeated landing was recorded in the district administration area. There is a partial absence of electricity in the city.

I recommend reading the article by Osman Pashaev. It's about arguments, authorities, hypocrisy, lies, and truth. An excellent illustration of how the talking heads of the Kremlin lie, show hypocrisy, manipulate, and how easy it is to oppose them when you have the material. I will give an excerpt from it, and to those whom it interests, I advise reading it .

Registry screamers from Bachisaray and Kyiv can plunge people into deep depression at no cost. Traders of destructive emotions set people against each other on the peninsula, the mainland, and abroad.

Ava Azamatova. There is such a name in the history of the Crimean Tatar national movement. Now this name is used to justify the Russian occupation of Crimea. Ava-khanum's latest text is addressed to the "waiters" - people who believe in the return of Ukraine. His words are reprinted by the most poignant voices of the occupiers.

I will not dwell on the stylistic merits of the longread. I will touch only on a few key arguments of the author.

So, Ava Azamatova accuses Ukraine of hindering the return of Crimean Tatars to Crimea in 1956-1957. Allegedly, all peoples deported by Stalin were able to return, but Crimean Tatars were the only exception. As evidence of the incredible power and independence of Kiev, Azamatova points to the membership of the USSR in the UN along with Belarus and the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic on equal terms with other independent states.

Azamatova's mistake.The RSFSR was not a member of the UN. The USSR joined the UN as a permanent member of the Security Council, and under pressure from Stalin, two union republics were admitted there, which gave Moscow two additional votes in the General Assembly. Error at the level of primitive Wikipedia. Doesn't Mrs. Azamatova think that the Ukrainian SSR was more powerful than the RSFSR and Moscow? Maybe there are facts about Kiev's independent voting in the UN? Disclose the entire list.

Not so much to Mrs. Azamatova, as to her young readers, it is worth reminding how autonomous entities act under dictatorships. In China there is the Xinjiang-Uyghur Autonomous Region. A huge region. The area of autonomy is 1.6 million sq. km. And its leader is Uyghur. But this does not prevent Beijing from sending 2 million Uyghurs to camps, settling the region with Han Chinese, and forcing Uyghur women to cohabit with Chinese men. We are talking about state-organized rape. The USSR committed a similar crime in a more brutal form with 5 million German women in its occupation zone in 1945.

The lie of Azamatova.Not all deported peoples returned to their historical homeland in 1957. The Germans of the Volga region, the Meskhetian Turks, the Koreans, and the Crimean Tatars remained in the places of deportation. This lie leads to intentional manipulation by Mrs. Azamatova. After all, of the four peoples mentioned, only the Crimean Tatars managed to return to Crimea with relatively weak resistance from Kiev. The historical homeland of two other peoples - Koreans and Germans - is the territory of the Russian Federation, but for some reason, beloved Russia of Mrs. Azamatova did not allow them to return. Did Kiev also interfere? A separate tragic theme is the deported Karelians, whose descendants now live in Finland, while on their historical homeland the population has decreased to less than 9% and is on the verge of disappearance. Where did the Karelians disappear to, Ava Khanum?

Now a little about countering the return from Kiev with the beginning of reconstruction. Soviet Ukraine was not a friend of the Crimean Tatars, but it was an enemy of Ukrainians seeking independence. In terms of the cruelty of repression, Soviet Ukraine surpassed the liberal Moscow. That is why many Ukrainian dissidents left for the Soviet capital, where it was easier for anti-Soviet people of any origin to breathe. Ava Khanum forgets to mention that the greatest resistance to the return of the Crimean Tatars was provided by the local authorities in Crimea, which have been oriented towards Moscow throughout the existence of the USSR. And even during the period of Ukraine's independence, local chauvinistic policies hindered any initiatives from Kiev and waited for instructions from Moscow curators. We only fully understood how little Kiev controlled Crimea in 2014. Ukraine was occupied, like all other nations in the Union. (c)Osman Pashaev



🔥According to Bloomberg, Ukraine destroyed 12% of Russia's oil refining capacity in two days!

The publication states that since the beginning of this year, Ukraine has been using drones to target important Russian oil facilities from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea.



The Poles agreed to let two trucks pass through the Ugryniv checkpoint per hour, - DPSU spokesperson.

Currently, the movement of trucks towards Poland through the checkpoints Shehyni, Yahodyn, and Ustyluh is completely blocked. A total of 1150 trucks are waiting in queues in Poland.- Andrii Demchenko said.

Two candidates for the position of judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. Both judges, both hit rock bottom. One violates the law on copyright and lies, the other considers everyone fools and lies explaining where the apartments, house, and garages worth... in 1 hryvnia appeared in his declaration. Did they make fools of us or what???



We have gathered for you the most important things you may have missed on March 13th:

🔹Russian occupiers once again shelled settlementsSumy region , Donetsk та Kharkiv region .

🔹 In Krivoy RogThe number of people killed by the Russian strike has risen to five.

🔹In Rada, a bill on the registration ofmobilization of prisoners

🔹The USA announced the first ever in 2024military aid package to Ukrainefor 300 million dollars.

🔹Estonia has developedplan of assistance to UkraineThe translation is: 120 billion euros.

Biden and Trump won the primaries of their parties and will be officially nominatedcandidates for President of the United States.

This is an incredibly wonderful illustration, which Zelensky brought to the Verkhovna Rada absolutely ignorant fools and barbarians. This servant writes about... defensive structures near Orikhiv. Defensive structures?

This idiot doesn't even realize that it was betrayal. Deep betrayal, where in 2022 those who were brainwashed voted to divert money to the Great Theft instead of allocating money to the army. It didn't forget this. It doesn't understand this. And precisely because the servants did not provide the army with everything necessary, they voted for all that trash and for Minister of Defense Taran, who sabotaged the missile program and the purchase of ammunition, that's why we see today Orikhiv as a front-line city.

Thank you, Volodymyr Zelensky, for such quality of the parliamentary corps. If not a corrupt official, a rapist, or a traitor, then a fool. Did you deliberately choose them like that?



I want to thank everyone once again who is involved in rescue operations, working to dismantle debris, helping, supporting people who have lost their loved ones. It is very important that after the Russian strikes our people do not remain alone with pain and problems.

And it is the duty of local authorities, all state and communal services, and if necessary, central government, in particular the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, to respond and regulate all situations so that people really feel that Ukraine is always helping. And no matter what happens, support will be in every corner of our state. That's exactly what is needed.

I especially want to mention the employees of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Sumy region. Sergeants Oleg Sakhnenko and Ivan Vorozhko, master sergeant Volodymyr Ponomarenko, captain Oleksandr Moiseienko and colonel Volodymyr Prokopchuk. Also, I want to mention the team of the State Emergency Service in Dnipropetrovsk region, in particular those who work in Kryvyi Rih, helping to preserve the normal life of people. Sergeant Maksym Zalizny, master sergeant Oleksandr Makhno, senior lieutenant Illia Mustiatsa, captain Volodymyr Havryliuk and employees of the State Mining and Rescue Unit of the SES Pavlo Doroshenko and Yevhenii Konovalov. Thank you, guys, and all your colleagues!

Glory to everyone who fights and works for the sake of Ukraine! Glory to our people! Thank you to everyone who is with Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine!



🇩🇰 Denmark plans for the first time to extend mandatory military service to women, - Prime Minister of the country Frederiksen.

The expansion of the conscription system is scheduled from 2026.

Do you remember that idiot from DerzhIdury RF, like General Gurulev? He used to come drunk on the air, offering to shoot all Russians who don't like Putin and licking the authorities to faint. So from the middle of December, he disappeared from the airwaves of state-run Russian TV channels and pro-government YouTube channels. And it's very funny. Because he licked the common ass of the Russian authorities so much that he probably licked it off. Probably this is why he was kicked out of TV. Or because his tongue was too rough. The case when kicked out of a brothel for debauchery. But this shows that even the most ardent supporters of Putin in Rashka are used and thrown away. Like condoms. )))



🤯 Ukrainian "Diya" app opens code - other countries will be able to import it and launch their own state services, - Minister of Digital Transformation Fedorov

He also assured that the data of Ukrainians is completely safe: the code does not have access to the registries. If someone wants to make a request to the registry, then fictitious users will be specially created for this purpose.

In 2016, I told Arthur Gerasimov, who was the head of the PPB, that I advise the coalition to adopt an opposition law. And not because I was in opposition myself and felt the pressure of the coalition, which squeezed opposition bills, did not give voice to the opposition, and did a lot to make the opposition feel uncomfortable. I advised this because I already understood then that they would be in opposition and they would be treated the same as they did. And I told Arthur that then. It happened as I warned then. Even worse. Because today there are even fewer opportunities in the opposition than we had then. This is classical Ukrainian politics in the format of you are the boss - I am a fool, I am the boss - you are a fool.

So, it can already be said that if part of the servants manage to get into the Verkhovna Rada in the next convocation, and the fate of the People's Front will not be waiting for them, then they will be in opposition. And they will be waiting for the same thing that they are now doing with the opposition. Maybe even worse. Can they lay straws for themselves, knowing where they will fall? Yes, they can. They need to adopt a law on the rights of the opposition. But these are servants and they are managed by the Presidential Office. Therefore, they will not do this. And after the elections to the Verkhovna Rada, the fate of the Ukrainian opposition will await them, which will be happy to take revenge and will face many other challenges.

I understand that many people do not believe in it today. Arthur Gerasimov also did not believe then. Ask him today if he thinks it was a mistake that the opposition law was not adopted? And with the servants will be the same as I predicted. As bad or worse. Time will tell. )))

Peaceful night 🌙 to all good people.