Mar 6, 2022 - Day 11

💡 100 thousand Ukrainians have already joined the territorial defense.

Thank you to every brave Ukrainian who demonstrates with us the indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian warrior!

💣✊🏻 Light will conquer darkness.

🇺🇦🇺🇸Zelensky had a conversation with Biden.

⚖️ European Court of Human Rights

Russia is forbidden to bombard the civilian infrastructure of our country.

The appropriate decision has been approved for all future complaints by Ukraine against Russia, announced Judge Hanna Yudkivska from the European Court of Human Rights.

The ECtHR ordered Russia to ensure safe passage of humanitarian aid.

🇺🇦 Operative information as of 06:00 on March 6, 2022 regarding the Russian invasion.

The eleventh day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people against the Russian military invasion has begun.

The Armed Forces and units of the Security and Defense Forces of Ukraine are engaged in fierce battles to maintain certain boundaries.

The enemy, having suffered losses, makes constant attempts to avoid direct combat with our troops.

The defense force is conducting a defensive operation within the South, East, and North operational zones in order to repel the attack of the enemy's strike groups, inflict maximum damage on them, prevent their invasion into the depth, retain control over the areas of the state's territory, create favorable conditions for their defeat and regain control over the lost territories, and counter enemy air strikes.

▫️The Joint Forces Operation is carrying out a defensive operation in the eastern part of the Donetsk operational area. The main efforts are focused on defending the city of Mariupol and causing fire damage to the enemy's superior forces.

Other groups are conducting a defensive operation and engaging in defensive battles in the Sloboda and eastern part of the Tavria direction.

In particular, the subdivisions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stopped the enemy columns, which were trying to advance towards Dnipropetrovsk from the direction of Balakliia.

▫️An operation to defend the city of Chernihiv is being carried out in the northern region.

▫️Measures are being taken in the Volyn direction to prepare the entire defense line in the designated operational zone along the state border of Ukraine.

▫️On the maritime direction, the defense of base points and sea ports on the Black Sea is being carried out. So, in the Mykolaiv region, the capture of a significant amount of armored and automotive enemy equipment was planned and implemented.

▫️In other directions, units and subdivisions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are conducting a stabilization operation and performing tasks of territorial defense in order to prevent offensive actions and the activities of enemy sabotage and intelligence groups.

The Air Force Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has focused its efforts on repelling missile and aviation strikes from the enemy, providing air cover for important (critical) objects of Ukraine and military formations.

Overall, as of this moment, the losses of aviation equipment from the Russian occupying forces amount to 88 planes and helicopters.

Some enemy pilots who ejected and survived were found by Ukrainian soldiers. They have been provided with medical assistance and are already testifying to the crimes of the Putin regime against humanity.

The enemy is trying not to lose its offensive potential but, in the current situation, it has suffered significant losses in weaponry, equipment, and personnel. Thanks to the resistance of the entire Ukrainian people, the enemy has been demoralized. The reserves of Russian occupiers arriving to replenish the units have a very low morale and psychological state due to awareness of the real state of affairs.

Source: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Visa and Mastercard are ceasing operations in Russia. Credit companies Visa and Mastercard have announced that they are working on discontinuing all transactions in the territory of Russia, according to Businesswire.

The activities of companies in Russia will be suspended in the coming days.

Transactions involving Russian clients will not work both within and outside of the country. Visa and Mastercard cards issued in Russia will not work outside the country, while cards issued by foreign financial institutions will not work on Russian territory.

The Russian internal regulator advises taking cash and the "Mir" card abroad (to Turkey, Vietnam, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, South Ossetia, Abkhazia).

And this list of countries remaining accessible for Russians to visit elicits loud laughter.

11 days of resistance.

🇺🇦 Good morning, we are from Ukraine.

The opponent, experiencing losses, constantly tries to evade direct fire contact with our troops.

🔹 The Joint Forces Operation Group is conducting a defensive operation in the eastern part of the Donetsk operational district. The main efforts are focused on the defense of the city of Mariupol.

Other groups are conducting a defensive operation and engaging in defensive battles in the Sloboda and eastern parts of the Tavria directions.

In particular, the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stopped the enemy columns that were trying to advance towards Dnipropetrovsk from the direction of Balakliia.

◾️On the maritime direction, the defense of the base points and sea ports on the Black Sea is being carried out. Thus, in the Mykolaiv region, the capture of a significant amount of enemy armored and automotive equipment was planned and implemented.

🔹️The Air Force Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has concentrated its efforts on repelling missile and aviation strikes by the enemy, providing air defense for important (critical) objects of Ukraine and military formations.

In general, as of now, the losses of aviation equipment of the Russian occupation forces amount to 88 planes and helicopters.

🇺🇸 The reserves of Russian occupiers that are being sent to reinforce their units have a very low morale and psychological state due to awareness of the real situation.

Source: General Staff

Video was taken yesterday. I suspect that everyone has already taken it apart for scrap metal. ))

⚡️ In Enerhodar, the mobile operator Vodafone is not working.

According to unconfirmed data, a similar situation has occurred in the neighboring city of Dniprorudne and surrounding settlements.

We try to identify the reasons for the absence of mobile communication.

Also in Energodar there is a problem with the work of Internet providers.

Source: The mayor of Energodar

🇺🇸 3000 Americans ARE ALREADY ready to fight in Ukraine.


Even the Israeli press is already writing about the fact that Belarusians are fleeing the country to avoid being drafted into the army. The thing is that Belarusians do not want to fight against Ukraine and do not see it as an enemy. However, when they see a huge number of Russian bodies being brought to morgues in their country from Ukraine, and understanding that the Ukrainian army is cutting down professional Russian soldiers, Belarusians prefer to run away from Belarus or feign illness in order not to become cannon fodder for Lukashenko.

⚡️ Zelensky decided to troll Putin and show that he continues to be in opposition.

🇺🇸 The United States has published a video showing that the whole world supports Ukraine.

Among the trophy equipment in Kharkiv region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine discovered equipment for dispersing demonstrations, including shields and batons.

Clearly, the occupiers hoped to capture the city and were preparing to disperse the demonstrations afterwards.

Journalist Yuriy Butusov.

Interesting analysis from another Israeli publication. This is an analysis of the reasons that motivated Israeli Prime Minister Bennett to become a mediator, how the war is developing, what to expect in different aspects, and what this may lead to.

"The war is becoming protracted. At the same time, the population of the captured cities begins to join civil protest actions. And the more these actions spread, the stronger the dilemma will be for the Russian forces - to transfer control of the cities to the full civilian control of the Ukrainian government and withdraw units from the cities, or suppress unarmed protests by force, which will again lead to casualties among the civilian population and push people towards an armed partisan war.

The Russian army is unlikely to be able to maintain control over the entire occupied territory for a long time - there will not be enough resources."

🤣 Putin has signed a decree allowing payments for external debts owed by the Russian Federation to be made in rubles.

Russian economy confidently hits ROCK BOTTOM. They ALREADY have nothing to repay external debts.

⚡️ A video clip urging Belarusians to ignore Lukashenko's orders and protest against Belarus' participation in the war has appeared on social media.

Real Ukraine

The battles in Russia look like this today. For IKEA.

🤦🏻‍♂️ Real Ukraine

The USA is discussing with Poland the possibility of providing fighter jets to Ukraine.

Details: The countries determine what opportunities the United States could provide to support Poland if it decides to transfer planes to Ukraine.

A representative of the White House said that sending fighter jets to Ukraine is "an independent decision that any country can make," and noted that a number of logistical questions need to be worked out, particularly how to transport the aircraft from Poland to Ukraine. However, this could also be perceived by the Kremlin as an unfriendly act by NATO.

I wrote about the threat of invasion, as well as many other issues. And in response, they told me that it was a paid post, that there would be no invasion, that I wrote it under the influence of some hallucinogens, that I am just scaring people, etc. I am very interested, where are all those armchair experts who wrote this to me? Where are they now and how deep did they stick their tongue in their throat? Where are all those who instead of analyzing and preparing for war, wrote nonsense in the comments and smoked bamboo, under the influence of the Dunning-Kruger effect? Did they quietly go into the woods with Trukhin? By the way, where is Trukhin? Did he really go into the woods? Did he go to join the partisans or offer a bag with 150,000?

In any case, three years ago and all subsequent time, I constantly warned about the reality of the invasion threat. They didn't listen. They laughed. They indifferently treated Ukraine's security. I sincerely hope that society has learned this lesson and there will never be indifference towards the formation of the state's defense. We are paying a huge price for this lesson in thousands of lives.

⚡️ Due to a rocket strike on the city of Ovruch in the Zhytomyr region, 15 buildings have been destroyed.


In New York, a Russian man decided to stick a symbol (Z) on his car, after which his car suddenly broke down.

Consequences of a missile strike on the private sector in the city of Ovruch: 15 houses destroyed, 5 of them completely.

There are no casualties or injured persons at this moment.

During the shelling of Mariupol, an 18-month-old baby died.

Mr. President, did you really know everything?

Russian soldiers continue a military operation 👮‍♂️💥

Rocket strike.

According to the State Emergency Service, one person has died and two others have been injured in the private sector of the city of Korosten, Zhytomyr region.

"10 private residential houses were destroyed with the subsequent burning of one building. 5 children were saved from the basement," the State Emergency Service reported.

One of the promotional videos. From the occupant's KAMAZ, only one remained after encountering the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Are you in training? Then learn how to crawl!

A minute of bloodthirstiness by Viktor Tregubov.

Just as the main heroes of this war for me are Ukrainian armed forces, the main scoundrels are Russian pilots.

They can no longer say they didn't know they were sending little boys for training. These are rare, valuable, highly skilled terrorists who systematically and consciously killed the civilian population in Chechnya, Syria, and now Ukraine.

I, of course, am in favor of strict adherence to conventions.

But really hope that in case of a failed landing these characters will only suffer relatively small but unpleasant injuries that will permanently end their flying career. Yes, flying without thumbs would be hard even for Meresiev.

And to renew the pilots' frames - that takes years.

Putin, don't procrastinate. Create a payment card system.

The cost of the dollar in Russia has tripled! Furthermore, restrictions on products have already been introduced for Russians.

The exchange rate for the dollar in Russia on March 6 is around 180 rubles per dollar at currency exchange offices. The situation in the aggressor country is becoming more tense every day. Russians rushed to the stores to buy up products, as a result of which the Russian government was forced to impose restrictions.

Oppositionist and former billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky claimed: the sooner the stocks of products in supermarkets run out, the faster prices will skyrocket.

According to him, currently there will be enough supplies in stores for one to two weeks. After that, a price increase of 2-3 times is expected. And due to the fact that global brands are leaving the Russian Federation, Russians are engaging in real fights for the remaining items on store shelves.

Yes, this is just the beginning of their journey into the Stone Age.

Every day in Ukraine, drivers who are under the influence of alcohol continue to be detected on the roads. And I fully support the confiscation of their cars and their transfer for the needs of the army.

Here it is good. Oil refineries have started refusing to work with Russian oil. In this context, "The Sunday People" issued a statement to President Vladimir Putin on the cover: "shove your oil, Vlade."

Today in the comments, under one of the posts, a war broke out between supporters of Zelensky and Poroshenko. There was profanity and insults. I asked them not to fight each other and instead direct their negativity towards the enemy. It didn't help. It continued on. Moreover, pro-Russian bots joined in the comments, which only added fuel to the fire. I warned that I would ban them. The swearing didn't stop. I banned them. Both those who were fighting and the bots. One of the banned individuals sent me a message on Facebook expressing their grievances. They believe it's unfair. I replied to them that during a war, there is no division based on political preferences. There is a division between those who are for Ukraine and those who are against Ukraine. And everything else can only be discussed after the Victory over Russia.

Therefore, I ask once again to remain restrained and remember that we have one common enemy. And discord and mutual hostility between us play into the hands of the enemy. This is unacceptable.

Everyone familiar with Jewish tradition knows for what God punished the Jews and allowed the destruction of the First and Second Temple. "Why was the First Temple destroyed? Because of three sins: idolatry, immorality, and bloodshed. And why was the Second Temple destroyed, during which they studied the Torah, observed the commandments, and performed good deeds? Because of baseless hatred among the Jews, which is like three sins combined: idolatry, immorality, and bloodshed" (Babylonian Talmud, Yoma, 9b).

So, let's not allow this unjustified enmity to cause even greater harm than the occupiers have done. Together we will conquer.

Zaporizhzhia NPP is under the control of the Russian Armed Forces - STATEATOMREGULATION

There are 2 power units of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in the network.

One block is under repair, the others are stopped.

The operational personnel of Zaporizhzhia NPP monitors the condition of the power units and ensures their safe operation in accordance with the requirements of the operational documentation.

The automated radiation control system of the nuclear power plant and the automated radiation monitoring system in the sanitary protection zone and observation zone are working normally, no changes in radiation levels have been recorded on the nuclear power plant site, in the observation zone, and in the sanitary protection zone.

The presence of armed enemy military and heavy machinery near the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant and in the city of Energodar creates psychological pressure on both the plant's staff and the population.

There are interruptions in mobile communication in the city, most internet providers are not working, difficulties with food products. All of this has a negative impact on the morale of the station's personnel and significantly affects the provision of nuclear and radiation safety at the nuclear power plant.




Very good thought. Bring it to the West. Digitize and publish it. The scum will die of rage when the world learns about all the crimes of the Cheka-NKVD-KGB.

⚡️ The evacuation of the civilian population begins in Mariupol at 12:00.

As a humanitarian green corridor, the route Mariupol - Portovske - Mangush - (bypassing Mykilske) Respublika - Rozivka - Bilmak - Pologi - Orikhiv - Zaporizhzhia has been chosen.

Deviation from the route is prohibited!

Evacuation of the population will be carried out from three points by municipal buses:

- FC "Illichivets" (Nakhimova Avenue, 53)

- Drama Theater (Theatre Square, 1)

– Kalmius District Administration (193 Metallurhiv Avenue).

"A total of 3,973 couples got married and 4,311 children were born since the start of hostilities in Ukraine - Ministry of Justice."

Ukraine is alive!

Ordinary fascism looks exactly like this. Not fake. And it's a complete low.

‼️Spread among all acquaintances and friends in Russia‼️

Estimated total enemy losses as of 6:00 AM on March 5, 2022.

Personal staff - more than 11000+

Tanks - 285

Combat armored vehicles - 985

Cannons - 109

MLRS - 50

Air Defense Systems - 21

Airplanes - 44

Helicopters - 48

Automotive technology - 447

Ships/boats - 2

Tankers - 60

BPLA - 4

How this damn Botox creature annoys me with air alarms. ((

Konashenkov: During the "operation", 2203 objects of Ukraine's military infrastructure have been hit.

Konashenkov scum, for some reason, didn't mention that primarily these are residential buildings, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, maternity hospitals, theaters, and churches. So why did he keep silent? Burn in hell, you beast.

Zyuganov: The United States intended to poison Russians with bacteria from Ukrainian territory. Crazy. Although they have a majority there.

A brand new and fully operational Pantsir S1 anti-aircraft missile and gun system has been captured by the Ukrainian defense. It seems to be the fastest way to modernize our army with state-of-the-art air defense systems. The export price for such an AA missile and gun system is $12 million. This is already at least the third Pantsir that the Russian army has lost in Ukraine. (c) Yuriy Butusov

I am writing updates for the website - "On the Kharkiv front, Ukrainian forces have launched counterattacks and pushed Russian troops towards the border." I am writing this, and I can't believe that I am writing this. My brain refuses to comprehend such information. I am from the second post-war generation, and we were always taught from kindergarten, "just to avoid war." Russian tanks are burning in the suburbs of Kharkiv. How did we let this happen?

A buddy called. He's fighting with the Horde near Hostomel. As soon as the connection is established, he updates me on the matters. He's alive and doing well, thank God.

"Serega," he says, "they keep coming and coming. We shoot them, but they keep coming. Like they're drugged. We crushed the infantry, then the Ryazan paratroopers came after them. Then they ran out, and the riot police came. We beat them up, and now some marines have shown up."

"One after another, explosions flared up, and the stones trembled. Hooks were thrown onto the wall, and they climbed up on the rope ladders. Orcs rolled in by the hundreds and fell off the wall by the hundreds: the defense of Hornburg was strong."

Sends a photo: what happens to a tank after being hit by a "Javelin" (throw in the first comment). "The crew got concussed, but didn't leave the battle" - says that general with a stone face. The crew indeed didn't leave the battle, and didn't leave the tank. They just left. Completely. In pieces.

The army of the 21st century is fighting against the Horde.

Take care, brother. We haven't had a drink together yet!

Captured soldier calls home: Mom, the tank stalled, we've been taken captive. Mom: Son, why did the tank stall, something wrong with the engine? I have nothing to say. Complete breakdown of personality on a national scale.

They really believe that they are winning. It's simply unthinkable, incredible, impossible. Mountains of corpses, everything filled with burned equipment, but they believe that they are winning.

I will not write anything more about Israel's position. I am doing what I can. Money, help, support. Recently I helped people from Kharkiv, and I helped others with medication.

I really hope that we just don't know something else.

It will be very difficult now. They will try to destroy everything they can reach.

Hold on, brothers. The Horde is not infinite. (c) Sergey Auslender, Israeli journalist

We often have an open window (a small one) in our kitchen, and the children think that I can't hear them while I'm in the shed.

When they're alone, they turn on the Ukrainian anthem at full volume on my Mac, jump on the sofa, and, having fun, they shout in unison: "Russian ship, go fuck yourself!".

It is so wonderful to hear this from a nine-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl who can't even pronounce all the letters yet.

Wonderful, but pleasant.

We will explain to them later that such words are not for everyday life. Someday...

Victor Puzanov

And it has begun!!!

Russian mothers are starting to tear apart their governors and local authorities, realizing that their children are being turned into minced meat in Ukraine. Come on, don't stop. 😠

They used them...

Our children were used???

Yes, Russian moms, they were used. Like cannon fodder. In the interests of Putin.

"The Russian world", which does not war with the civilian population. How does it not war? Like this, as shown on the video.

A statement allegedly made by the Chief of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus about resignation appeared on the network.

If this is not fake, then the Belarusian command does not really want to send its soldiers to death, but wants to make themselves war criminals and accomplices of Putin.

If this is fake, then nothing changes for us. It's just that in Russia they have a few extra bags of potatoes that they can throw at the Zhytomyr and Kyiv regions.

❗️During the evacuation from Irpen, Russian armed forces...

opened fire

There are casualties in the civilian population - Radio Liberty correspondent.

A column of the Russian OMON was destroyed near Kharkiv. These clowns seriously thought they were occupying the city and suppressing popular uprisings.

And it turned out to go fuck yourself.

📱📺Now, at Dyia, they have made a television.

It will be possible to watch a marathon of TV channels that have joined together to cover the Russia-Ukraine war 24/7.

Soon they promise to create content for children.

This is very funny. Symonyan is so dumb that she doesn't understand basic principles of business. She plans to assemble cars at the factories of Western companies that closed after the Russian Federation's invasion of Ukraine. But she's so stupid that she doesn't realize that there are no parts and electronics for this assembly in the Russian Federation. She doesn't understand anything else either. A spectacular idiot. Where did they gather these idiots? In what garbage dumps? Some buffoons.

Near Mykolaiv, Ukrainian forces destroyed a battalion-tactical group of occupiers.

The majority of its personnel are former Ukrainian military members who betrayed our state and switched sides to Russia in Crimea in 2014.

In the photo - their positions and call signs.

Traitors got what they deserved.

In addition, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has seized documents from Russian military. We have a table of call signs, mobile phone numbers, flash drives, SIM cards, and personal documents of Russian invaders.

Today is Forgiveness Sunday. But now few people in Ukraine will forgive the Russians...

Traitors got what they deserved.

Near Mykolaiv, Ukrainian law enforcement officers destroyed a battalion-tactical group of occupiers.

Most of its personnel are former Ukrainian military who betrayed our country in 2014 and sided with the Russian Federation in Crimea. And now the battle near Kulbakino has started again. Tank attack. Armed Forces of Ukraine are using Javelin. Russia is burning.

Nova Kakhovka. Kherson region. Protest against Russian occupation.

Topaz never gave the command 😂

Sanctions have caused an unprecedented shortage of tablets.

Ukrainian cities BEFORE/AFTER Russian "denazification".

We want to address Russians who do not get involved in politics and are currently thinking about how to buy a game on Steam.

We will take every penny from you. Pay for every broken window, every smashed sidewalk tile, and scratched paint on the fences of our yards.

More video from Nova Kakhovka.

Kakhovka ❤️🇺🇦

You are super.

⚡️British intelligence said on Sunday that Russian forces are shelling populated areas in Ukraine, as they encountered strong resistance from Ukrainian forces. This is stated in the updated information regularly published by the British intelligence agency on the Russo-Ukrainian war.

The guests from Great Britain have arrived 🇬🇧🇺🇦.

Former British marines came to fight against Russia.

I stopped communicating with Misha since 2016. He used to tell me nonsense about the friendship of brotherly nations, about the great Russian culture, about the mysterious Russian soul, and about how it was me, the "Maidanuties" and "pendos" who caused the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. I didn't argue with him about culture, but I offered him to come with me to the frontlines and see what the "Russian world" is doing there. He replied that he didn't need it because he had seen everything with Solovyov and Kiselyov. And he knows who is actually shelling Donbass. In general, he really exhausted me and I told him to go away. Today he messaged me for the first time. Yes, he is one of those who were easily cured not only of Russian propaganda but also of sympathies towards the Kremlin by the shelling and bombings of the "Rasheasts" (derogatory term for Russians). Misha, forgetting his Cossack roots, long called for the Russian world in Ukraine. And it came. Now Mikhail Nikolaevich is asking to be saved from the Russian world. We need to thank the Kremlin for this awakening of those who recently looked at Russia with loving eyes. It's a pity that we all pay such a high price for it.

Ukrainians! We have already won our future. But we are still fighting for our present. We fight for where the border will be. Between life and slavery.

😎 Good news

Anton Shvets is alive.

One more piece of good news: Anton Shvets is reading the news and can tell us what troubles the Russians. 😏

And the third piece of good news: he is lying leaning on NLAW.

And these bastards today, apparently, it's "Forgiveness Sunday".

Do you think they collectively, from dawn till dusk, beg for forgiveness from the souls of the Ukrainian infants, children, women, and defenders they have killed? Or at least ask God for humility, collectively resolve to reject war? Not at all.

Their "holy elders," supported by the military, preach about how Mother of God and Archangel Michael love them for killing Ukrainians and destroying our country.

I'm so excited for the concert tonight! 🎉🎶 It's going to be amazing. Can't wait to see my favorite band live on stage. 🤩🎸

I don't know how, but specifically Russian Orthodoxy should be declared a terrorist inhumane ideology and banned. At the very least - in Ukraine. At most - worldwide. With the inclusion of hierarchs in the lists of terrorists.

God hears Greek Catholics and Catholics perfectly fine... But these people are only heard downstairs, accompanied by the choir of the Alexandrov ensemble.

At the time when all Ukraine has united and is helping our military, there are also those who want to profit from the war...

The SBU has uncovered dealers who, taking advantage of the situation, intended to smuggle contraband into Ukraine under the guise of humanitarian aid.

But thanks to the intervention of the SBU, the truck with sweets and food products did become real humanitarian aid - it was passed on for the needs of the Ukrainian army.

Justice will be served!

Abuse on a person's grief is not acceptable!

Our strength is in unity!




Love saves lives ❤️

This post is very atypical for the official page of the SBU.

In the video - a Russian aggressor, originally from northern Ossetia, calls his girlfriend from Berdychiv, Ukraine and... says that he surrendered as a prisoner.

"I have done as you asked: I dropped my weapon and surrendered to Ukrainian military. I want to stop the war and be with you!" - says the occupant.

In this case, love saved his life. Captivity is the only way out for invaders.

Because Ukraine will definitely win!

Glory to Ukraine!




Harsh arrests in Yekaterinburg. There, protesters against the war with Ukraine are beaten with batons like garbage. A crowd against one. All in the best Kremlin traditions.

Nova Kakhovka, you are incredible!!! You, new Ukraine!

Houston, we have a big problem. I repeat, we have real problems. The whole world is uniting against the Kremlin!

Fox News journalist reported that former British Royal Marines arrived in Ukraine to help in the fight against the Russian occupant.

"Gorgeous two-minute speech by Nevzorov. Sounds like a funeral eulogy for Russia."

I have a friend. His name is Zurab. Zurab is a pure-blooded Georgian who fate has brought to Israel. Zurab is sincere and honest. Maybe that's why my dad became friends with him and trusted him wholeheartedly. Zurab is deeply concerned about Ukraine and he believes in us. So, how can we let him down and millions of people around the world? That means we will crush the fascists. That means we will win. That means everything will work out for us. And that means Zurab will be able to help us completely rebuild and restore Ukraine. And not just him. It will be all for Ukraine!

Watching such videos, we are fascinated by Ukrainians. And we despise even more useless men who call themselves the Russian army.

Nova Kakhovka - you're simply the best.

The occupant got lucky. He has a smart wife. This ensured him a chance of survival. He surrendered and they didn't kill him.

I did as you asked: I laid down my weapons and surrendered to the Ukrainian military. I want to stop the war and be with you! - the occupant says to his wife. Occupants, be smart, not dead. Surrender.

This morning, Russian forces deliberately attacked the peaceful population, who were trying to leave Irpin.

Eyewitnesses report that a woman 🚶‍♀️, a boy 👦, a teenage girl 👧 and a man 👨 suffered very serious injuries, with the woman and boy losing their lives.

Blueback, Head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration:

In the morning, the air defense forces of Kharkiv destroyed another combat aircraft of the Russian Federation's military-air forces - the Su-25 attack aircraft.

The pilot of the aircraft managed to eject, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, together with the forces of territorial defense, the National Guard, and the Security Service of Ukraine, are actively searching for the airborne criminal.

In Russia, there is a growing demand in the search engine for "How do people live in North Korea". Are they preparing or fearing their own future?

Radiation background in the Zaporizhia region remains unchanged ☢️.

does not carry

threat to the life and health of the population - Zaporizhia regional state administration

Ian Gillan, vocalist of Deep Purple, about the war in Ukraine:

Saying that not being able to see our Russian friends again is a big sacrifice. But it's nothing compared to not being able to see our Ukrainian friends, killed for the satisfaction of Russia's leader's psychopathic ambitions. I would like to see millions of Russians on the streets expressing their disgust at the invasion of Ukraine. I dream that Russia will soon find a modern leader who will bring them back into the world as friends. We have a lot in common.

Novooleksiivka, administrative border with Crimea. At this moment - the territory is occupied by orcs.

Evacuation from Irpen.

It was. It became. And for our uninvited occupiers, the song "Bayraktar" sounds. And we will repeat this song for them many more times.

Get ready, they are sending us to fight the housing and communal services (ZHKS/Management Company).

And in Russia, the authorities continue to fight against those who are against the invasion and war with Ukraine. Crazy country. And these are mass detentions on Manezhnaya.

Throughout Russia, as of 14:00, a total of 1077 people have already been detained during the protest actions.

Source: independent human rights media project dedicated to political persecution in Russia OVD-Info

Literal translation:As of 14:15 on March 6th, more than 1077 people have already been detained in 31 cities, according to OVD-Info.

In each police department, there may be more detainees than those listed publicly. We only publish the names of people we have reliable information about and whose names we can disclose.

OVEd-Info presents lists of detainees in different cities. The largest number of them is in Novosibirsk (at least 264 people have been detained), Yekaterinburg (199), Tyumen (122), Perm (89), Krasnoyarsk (78), Irkutsk (66), Ufa (50), Chelyabinsk (43), Moscow (29), Omsk (26).

"Over 1.5 million refugees from Ukraine have crossed into neighboring countries in 10 days - this is the fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe since World War II," wrote UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi on Twitter.

Danilov: Russia is preparing for a second wave of large-scale offensive against Ukraine. We must be fully prepared for it.

We gave the Muscovites a beating in Sumy region.

The Security Service of Ukraine has confirmed that the page has been hacked and this is a fake message on behalf of a person.

Let's be more attentive to such things. Russian special services are working against us.

Venediktova signed suspicion to Kiva. Kiva is no longer 🥝. I wonder if those who took Chaus out of Moldova don't want to deal with them? They would also show their level.

Damn! This is fabulous! They brought the Beavereater back to earth and once again reminded her that she's a crazy idiot.

Madness in Putin's Russia. In St. Petersburg, near the Gostiny Dvor, a man was detained for walking with a little child.

Zaporizhzhia is ready to welcome invaders.

Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova promised to declare Ilya Kiva wanted internationally.

"Then there will be arrest, extradition, and fair trial. Such is your fate, there will be no other."

Russians shelled the territory of the National Science Center "Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology" (NSC KIPT) with the Grad Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS), according to the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) in the Kharkiv region.

There is a research nuclear facility called "Neutron Source" where 37 fuel nuclear elements are loaded into the active zone.

The destruction of a nuclear power plant and nuclear materials storage could have led to a massive ecological catastrophe.

Hello, sunshine! I now have an armored personnel carrier (BTR)! What does "vijav" mean? Not "vijav," but "zatrofeiv." Hey! And Vitya conquered a tank. So there will be something to plow the land with after the war.

Igor Shchedrin: Ordinary people perform heroic acts every hour.

You are standing, sometimes, in a position just a few meters away from explosions. And here, a car passes by you. It has doctors, rescuers, electricians, repairmen, and volunteers inside. They are going to the place where the shots are fired. To the place where explosions and gunfire can be heard, where sabotage and reconnaissance groups are active, where enemy fighters, tanks, and artillery are stationed, unknown whereabouts.

They, ordinary people, perform their feat every hour. This feat is priceless.

In these days, every Ukrainian behaves like a hero. There are no words to describe the courage of the peaceful residents of Kherson, Energodar, Berdiansk, and all the cities where Ukrainians, barehanded, went out to stop tanks and stopped them. I bow to the determination of the Ukrainians.

The words "And we will prove that we, brothers, are of Cossack heritage!" were prophetic. We, ordinary Ukrainians, truly proved it. And that's why our enemies will perish, like dew in the sun.

Glory to Ukraine!

This is more than just words...

Moscow. Anthem of Ukraine.

This is what death, injuries, ruined buildings, and human destinies look like.

This is what a Russian missile looks like ‍, flying towards civilians.

Death to the enemy.

Zelensky said that the airport in Vinnytsia was destroyed by Russians with 8 (according to other information, there were 9) missiles.

It is known in advance that they were released from Transnistria.

Vinnytsia airport. Consequences of missile strikes.

🔥 Ukrainian channels have started to be broadcasted in some cities of Russia.

According to the preliminary information, this is a great job of our cyber-viyss. Now on Russian screens, there is not only a holographic insane dwarf, but also data on the number of killed occupiers, cities destroyed by them in Ukraine, and shelling of civilians.

Many people have started hiding their husbands in forests and basements, so they will not be mobilized.

Cyber experts, respect to you! Keep up the good work. Suddenly something might wake up in the Russians (we don't have high hopes, but still).

We are waiting for a photo.

The text ‼️ does not have any specific content to translate as it only consists of punctuation marks and emojis.

Since the beginning of Russia's attack on Ukraine, over 140,000 Ukrainians have returned home.

Only over 1 million 50 thousand people have crossed the western sector of Ukraine's state border since the beginning of Russian aggression.

Out of them, over 900,000 people have left the country - almost 764,000 Ukrainian citizens and approximately 137,000 foreigners.

At the same time, 143 thousand of our compatriots arrived at the entrance to Ukraine, 80% of them are men.

Also, the State Border Service of Ukraine ensured the passage of 2450 vehicles with humanitarian aid sent from abroad.

Russian troops damaged Donetsk-Mariupol main gas pipeline.

Settlements from Vuhledar to Berdiansk may be left without gas. This was reported by the head of the Donetsk regional military-civil administration, Pavlo Kyrylenko.

Fascists shelled the airport in Vinnytsia from the Black Sea, not from Transnistria.

It's interesting that they were already quite scarce with the "Kalibr" emoji.

Make a decision, Israel! This is necessary for everyone. As one very famous Kyiv resident, Golda Meir, said, "We want to live. Our neighbors want to see us dead. This leaves little room for compromise." We also have little room for compromise. And little time. So make a decision, Israel. And bring closer the time when we can put on tefillin without the sound of sirens.

Kakhovka is making history.

And the Russian occupier can go fuck himself.

Peter continues to protest against the war, despite thousands already being detained. Darn it, everyone, just gather together and flush out the trash in a crowd. We did it this way. It works.

🔥 NVIDIA announced the discontinuation of product sales in Russia.

Gentlemen, forget about Cyberpunk 2077 on maximum settings. And forget about all the benefits of civilization in general.

Sanctions are a time machine that will take you back to the Stone Age.

Terrifying statistics 😱

Russian idiots, who thought that repressions wouldn't touch them, are mistaken. Everyone will be imprisoned. Just like in '37.

And now everything is confirmed. "Calibre" was used in Vinnytsia, and the shelling was conducted from the Black Sea waters, partially through the airspace of Transnistria. But not from Transnistria. The Kremlin desperately needs another front. If not Belarus, then Transnistria. Kremlin's resources for conducting ground operations are running out. And they are looking for options for themselves. That's why they are making false accusations. Don't fall for it.

Eight rockets that hit the civilian airport in Vinnytsia were not launched from the occupied Transnistria by the Russians, but from the Black Sea waters, and the information about the missile attack from the occupied part of Moldova is false.

This was stated by "European Truth" at the Ministry of Defense of Moldova.

"The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Moldova denies the missile launch (that hit) the Vinnitsa airport from the Transnistrian territory onto the territory of Ukraine," the statement said.

This is some trash...

These are real marauders. Occupiers are looting a store in Irpin. They're stealing food.

⚡️ Since the beginning of Russia's attack on Ukraine, more than 143,000 Ukrainians have returned home, of whom 80% are men.

- State Border Guard Service.

Together we will win! 💪🇺🇦

I wonder, are there only idiots left in Russia? Sending a saboteur with such a tattoo? They would even give him a tricolor flag in his hands. )))

💪🔥 Near Mykolaiv, the Russian artillery battery was destroyed.

The battery of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation has deployed the 122-mm D-30 howitzers in positions.

Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦

I'm angry.

Russians attacked the children's hospital "Okhmatdyt".

Over the medical facility, we are shot down an enemy missile.

As a result, the window was damaged and the door was slightly broken. They are trying to take the seriously injured children to a medical facility - yesterday there were three such injured babies, but none of them could make it.

Doctors continue to perform surgeries, perform dialysis, and maintain a patriotic mood. 🙏

🇺🇦💪 Counterattack near Kharkiv: Russian fascist equipment column destroyed.

💥 If Ukrainians don't stop it with their bare hands, they will smash it with a conservatory drone jar.

Illustration: Aliona Zhuk

Get out of Ukraine, you unattractive Moskal!

News from Nikolaev. They are currently collecting scrap metal systematically. Russia supplies it in huge quantities. Then we will gather and clean it up.

"Ukrainian military planned to attack Crimea and Donbass in spring 2022, stated the head of the Donetsk People's Republic, Denis Pushilin."

I have a question - is it his hangover or is the jerk high?

Hooray!!! ⚡️Just now, another enemy fighter jet was shot down by our air defense system over Kharkiv. The second one today.

Now we have two main enemies (besides, of course, the Russians): excessive optimism and its absence.

The front has stabilized and a dense battle has begun near the cities, sometimes on opposing courses. Kharkiv, where according to Plan B they were supposed to crown Yanukovych as the "legitimnava president," is under attack. Mariupol is surrounded, and the Ukrainians have launched a counterattack, causing significant damage to enemy equipment. Overall, there is fighting on multiple fronts in Donbas, and rockets are falling in areas that cannot be reached.

In Sumy, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, and Kharkiv regions, villagers and soldiers hunt for trophies and acquire them. Across the Zaporizhia region, enemy columns drive back and forth, but locals chase them away and deter them with large pro-Ukrainian rallies, like in Melitopol. The same situation is happening in Kherson and in the cities of Kherson and Nova Kakhovka. Around Mykolaiv, Sumy, and Chernihiv, there is intense fighting, but there is no airborne assault on Odesa. Vinnytsia, Kramatorsk, Korosten, Ovruch, and other cities have been rocket attacked.

The battle for Kyiv continues. Occupants are leveling Irpin and Bucha to the ground, many casualties. Our people are trying to save lives and fight back at the same time. Another rocket has been shot down over the children's hospital "Okhmatdyt". Fights are also taking place in Hostomel and Makarov.

Bad news: the war will not end in a few days. The occupier is losing thousands of worthless lives, crashing against the walls of big cities and suburbs, and refusing to surrender until we crush at least 50% of its personnel.

Good news: right now, enemy tank columns and artillery are practically competing for the right to enter the streets of Ukrainian cities and burn them down. There hasn't been a sudden assault, it's the eleventh day. In this time period, you could have built a fortress even in a field, let alone in Kyiv or Kharkiv. The self-defense, which was practically a militia from the very beginning, is turning into a normal reserve army with anti-tank and sapper units, properly equipped weapons, coordination, and logistics. And for a moment, 100 thousand Ukrainians have already joined the self-defense - that's around 20-25 full-fledged brigades.

Don't think that the war will end tomorrow. Eventually, more than a hundred thousand invaders have stepped onto our land. Even if they had only entrenching shovels, their destruction would take a long time.

But their best forces are already on the ground, while we are just catching up. We have only just started counterattacking - and damn it, we love doing it and we know how, we have accumulated such a desire over the years of "quiet regimes". Every minute works for us, we are getting stronger, and Russia is weakening. They have taken a beating from all directions and have not accomplished any of the assigned tasks. Missiles and planes are not endless, sanctions and the refusal of the Belarusians to fight destabilize the situation in Russia itself, the movement is gaining momentum, and our victory is only a matter of time.

Carve every rocket, every bullet, every drop of blood in your heart. Carve it, because we are now the strongest army in Europe and one of the strongest in the world. And when we retaliate, we will move forward and ask everyone who was involved.

From everyone. Without exception.

Hit hard, kitties. Hit as much as you can.

Can you all.

Church of the UOC-MP in the village of Bobryk, Kyiv region.

Skrïpny fascists destroy everything. They even wage war against churches. Fascist filth.

Your help to the Ukrainian defense, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the medical staff for yesterday:

417 519, 42 гривеньTranslation: 417,519, 42 hryvnias


2,4272 DASHThis is a series of numbers and letters.

2,7348 LTCTranslation: 2,7348 LTC

0.0134 BTC.

0.365 ETH

The USA has given the green light for NATO countries to supply fighter jets!!!

Oops! Unexpected view on sanctions. ))

🕯 33-year-old actor Pasha Li


, bravely defending Ukraine in the war with Russia.

First, a Russian airplane was shot down over Kharkiv.

Second, the pilot did not survive.

Third, glory to our PPO.


⚡️Operational information from the General Staff

Unable to achieve successful promotion of units, occupational forces, in violation of International Humanitarian Law, continue to launch missile and bomb strikes on civilian transportation infrastructure, shell and kill innocent civilians.

🔻In the village of Lyptsi (Kharkiv region), the occupants confiscated the phones of local residents, forced them to wear white and red armbands, and hung white rags on buildings.

🔻At around 14:00, the enemy launched a massive rocket attack on Vinnitsa Airport. Throughout the day, shelling continues in Mariupol, Irpin, and other Ukrainian cities and villages.

🔻Due to significant losses suffered by the occupants since the beginning of the war, a covert mobilization has been initiated in the Krasnodar region in order to recruit volunteers. The dissemination of propaganda materials regarding the "brutality of neo-fascists and the necessity of eradicating fascism" has been intensified (data to be confirmed).

🔻Certain subdivisions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched a counterattack on the Mariupol direction and destroyed 3 tanks, 4 BMPs, 2 "Tiger" armored vehicles, and approximately 30 Russian occupiers. 2 captives were taken. The enemy also suffered losses on other fronts.

We remind you to trust only verified sources. Don't panic.

Together we will win!

Glory to Ukraine!!!

Worked in Kyiv today and a bit, let's say, further north, and I want to honestly say that I don't understand a damn thing about what the enemy is counting on.

On the siege and blockade? It's mind-blowing. Have you ever tried to drive around Kyiv? Have you seen it on the map? It's a huge city with 3.5 million people, plus about a million in the agglomeration. It has a wide river and relatively few bridges. There is no industry in the air, and there will be communication anyway because "Starlink" has arrived. Any blockade will be broken almost instantly by attacks from inside and outside, and logistical lines will be restored because it's the capital, and its importance cannot be overestimated.

Breakthrough in the center? It will piss them off even more. The population, fuckers, hates you and will hit you with everything they can, from stones to javelins, not to mention AKs that were handed out like candy (here cheerful Croatian music from the 90s starts playing). There are more anti-tank obstacles on the streets than usual in the forest, checkpoints with concrete blocks are popping up every minute, and you can believe me that some hot surprises are already waiting for the enemy.

Inside the city there is a complete collection of forces and means for enemy disposal, ranging from defense and police to special forces of the Special Counter-Terrorism Operations, the moral spirit is higher than that of the goddess Kali, everyone is ready to kick ass on an industrial scale, and instead of the expected enemy panic on the streets, there is a cold anger.

Deep and high-rise buildings, armed population, total roadblock, explosive surprises, modern anti-tank weapons, zero tolerance, and ten days to transform the city into a fortress - against "Vanyok" in boxes. Well, fucking knows, but personally, it seems to me that both "Vanyok" and boxes don't stand a chance. Everyone will burn, and brightly, as often happens with technology in the city.

In short, fuck them. Unless, of course, it doesn't blow up.

From the interview of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on CBS.

Chic skooling! The main thing is that it is beginning to sink in. Slowly, but surely.

I saw on FB of Taras Berezovets.

9 years of war have passed. The Russian propagandists have finally noticed the emblem of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Now it is not surprising why Russians do not notice bullets flying towards them 👀

Kharkiv without over-the-air television broadcasting.

In the ODA, it has been confirmed that as a result of the Russian aviation raid, the TV tower has been damaged and TV broadcasting has been suspended.

Kuleba showed photo of a Russian 500 kg aviation bomb.

She fell onto a house in Chernihiv, but didn't explode.

He sincerely wishes a couple of such bombs somewhere in the Kremlin. Closer to Putin.

War is war, but longreads for Anton Shvets are sacred. It's cold to write at the checkpoints, you can frost your fingers. But shooting videos is a piece of cake.

Let's watch Anton's story about how works our Territorial defense, and why the Moskals (derogatory term for Russians) are afraid 🥰

P.S. There will also be a discussion about oil and the Russian economy.

Dear readers, the fourth battalion of the 72nd brigade thanks you for 50 rations!

Glory to Ukraine!

Death to the invaders!

As a result of the shelling by Russian occupiers during the evacuation in Irpin, eight civilians were killed, including a family with two children. It is impossible to forgive this and everything else.

"Karakurt", our friend and brother!

Just like all of us, we started in the 79th brigade.

We worked together, laughed while chewing fat under a burning tank. Valerka, he was still a platoon commander)))




One day books will be written about him!

Hero of our time!

Commander of the Special Forces unit of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense.

These guys are real professionals and Demons towards the enemy! They inspire horror and fear. And they inflict maximum damage in all directions.

And he will be avenged!

Rest up, friend.

We will definitely meet again !!! ✊

And there is no death more honorable than that.

What are you ready to accept!

For the bones of my ancestors, I will fight.

For the temple of their gods...

Quintus Horatius Flaccus

Putin on the eve of a large war is preparing a pre-emptive strike on the headquarters. The administrative Voronezh will be bombed - the middle and part of the upper apparatus level. For this, Putin took on a new maiden name - Navalny. The recently signed decree on the confiscation of money from the accounts of officials and their family members, including minors, if the amount of income exceeds the family's official income, is a key point in Navalny's program. This does not mean that Putin has decided once again to seize the initiative from his opponents at a critical moment, but rather that a complete defeat of the apparatus resistance to the military adventure is being prepared. Putin fully understands that the main threat now comes not from a defeated civil society, but from an army of concerned officials. They will now be set upon by a crowd of newly minted patriotically inclined hooligans.

In the USA, it is assumed that Shoygu will attempt to stage a coup next week, which Putin strongly fears. It is possible that Shoygu will soon be put on trial for corruption and treason. Or he might succeed in staging a coup.

Musical pause on our channel.

Glory to Ukraine!

⚡️TikTok temporarily suspends operations in Russia due to the law regarding "fake news".

Now Russians will have fun watching Soviet Yeralash.

This is already some kind of theater of the absurd. Endless absurdity. Kaliningrad. A resident of the blockaded Leningrad tells how her parents and brothers died during the war. She does not want to repeat the nightmare of those times. And a despicable creature in a police uniform accuses her of supporting fascists and detains the entire crowd. Disgusting.

In a Chinese store, there is a display of Russian candy called Krokant, with the slogan "Relax with Putin and Kadyrov".

TikTok has stopped working in Russia. And it's logical. Why do Russians need TikTok, if their authorities are acting so crappy.

🔥 Due to the mass blocking of social networks in Russia, we have a question: where will Russians sit now if they do not find the courage to overthrow Putin's regime?

Beauty! They are destroying Ukrainians. The CORPS of Kyiv region is working!

"Rosneft" was unable to repay $2 billion in bond payments today. Tomorrow, "Gazprom" will have to make similar payments amounting to $1.3 billion. This is called an economic collapse.

🔥 Here are the evidence, came along.

Russians are going massively

rushed to protest against the war with Ukraine

shopping at IKEA

Three frames that shook me. Evacuation in Irpen.

Map of the situation in the combat zone today.

Relevant and accurate – without territorial manipulations.

‼️ It is important that the occupiers do not control the territory; they control the roads and some cities/settlements.

Today, the successful disposal of Russian Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Pavlovich Safronov, 61st Separate Naval Infantry Brigade Commander, was carried out. No need to wander around here.

How does KORD work?

Video from the first person.

When words are not needed.

🇺🇦 "Our enemies will perish!"

Damn, what a fantastic bitch.

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill (Gundyayev), delivered a sermon in which he almost supported the Kremlin's version of events in Ukraine, and then mentioned gay parades. This was reported by BBC News.

For eight years, attempts have been made to destroy what exists in Donbass. And in Donbass, there is a rejection, a fundamental rejection of the so-called values that are being offered today by those who claim global power. Today, there is a loyalty test for this power, a certain pass into that "happy" world, a world of excessive consumption, a world of apparent "freedom." And you know what this test is? The test is very simple and at the same time terrible—it's a gay parade. The requirement for many to hold a gay parade serves as a loyalty test to that very powerful world; and we know that if people or countries reject these demands, they do not belong to that world, they become strangers to it.

Mayor of Kharkiv Igor Terekhov


, during the shelling of the TV tower, only one cable was damaged. As soon as the shelling stops, it will be fixed immediately.

And this is a blow to the eggs. Direct hit! Former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly wrote to Rogozin in Russian. ))

For the mood.

‼️ Do not remove PPO ‼️

Imagine a beautiful picture: a Russian plane is flying, and missiles of our air defense system are heading towards it. Phenita, what a comedy. And this "picture" is saving our lives and our homes.

Effective prototype air defense is when the enemy does not know or have any idea where it will come from. So DO NOT PUBLISH videos of such salutes. All videos of launches and missile hits expose air defense systems.

Do not post videos. ⚠️ It diminishes the protection of our cities, thus leading to the death of loved ones and friends.

Ah, Odessa, pearl by the sea...

And now, because of the rashists, we have "hedgehogs" on Deribasovskaya.

🇷🇺❌ The Armed Forces liquidated russian Lieutenant Colonel Safronov. He was the commander of the 61st Separate Marine Infantry Battalion "Vidradyzhennya".

That's it, the business trip is over. It's time to pack up and head home.

📌Netflix has suspended operations in Russia in a sign of protest against Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Putin TV remains.

Sorry, but this is a masterpiece. The first summer in the Russian Federation after sanctions. Oreyro!!!

The Center for Countering Disinformation under the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine reports:

Occupiers do not control the territory - they temporarily control the roads and some settlements.

Presented by Nathan Ruser from ASPI Cyber Policy, this map displays the most up-to-date and accurate information - without any manipulations regarding the territory!

Let's stop.





"We'll find every scoundrel who shot at our cities, at our people" —

Today is Forgiveness Sunday. But they are unforgivable shelled residential buildings. We will not forgive the shootings of unarmed people. And God will not forgive either. And instead of Forgiveness, there will be Judgment Day.

▫️Russia officially announced a shelling of our territory for tomorrow - our enterprises, defense complex. The majority - built in cities. Hundreds of thousands of people live nearby. This is a deliberate murder.

I did not notice any reaction to this announcement from any world leader, from any Western politician. Consider the audacity of the occupiers: they announce planned atrocities.

Boldness of the aggressor is a clear signal to the West that the sanctions imposed against Russia are not enough. Because they didn't understand. Didn't feel. Didn't see that the world is truly determined. Truly eager to stop the war.

▫️I am grateful to every Ukrainian who remains even in the midst of the surrounding, to defend our cities.

We heard the promise that there would be humanitarian corridors. They are not here. Instead of humanitarian corridors, they are capable of creating only bloody ones. Today in Irpin, a family - a man, a woman, and two children - were killed.

The President awarded orders to the heads of regional administrations and mayors of cities who distinguished themselves the most in defending their communities.

Also, Zelensky decided to honor the cities of heroes with a special title - Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Mariupol, Kherson, Hostomel, Velyka Novosilka.

In the Moscow TSUM, the Soviet Union has been restored.

What do we congratulate you, Russians, for?

Nature has cleansed itself so much that "Berkut" has started warring against Ukrainians again.

The most ruthless criminal gang. They were feared even by NATO soldiers.

Joke from Russia:

Money should be kept in rubles. No one would think of looking for money in a pile of rubles.

Zelensky announced the awarding of the title of Hero City to Mariupol, Volnovakha, Kharkiv, Hostomel, Chernihiv, Kherson.

He also decided to award orders to governors and mayors who distinguished themselves in the defense of their communities.

Order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky:The Order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky is a high honorary award in Ukraine. It was established on January 30, 1998, and is named after Bohdan Khmelnytsky, a prominent historical figure in Ukraine. This award is given to individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of the Ukrainian state and society, as well as to the preservation and promotion of its cultural heritage. #🎖️

- Oleg Sinegubov, head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

- Vitaliy Kim, head of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration;

- Pavel Kirilenko, head of the Donetsk Regional State Administration.

- Sergey Gaiday, head of Luhansk Regional Civil-Military Administration (✿◕‿◕✿)

- Vyacheslav Chaus, head of Chernihiv Regional State Administration;

- Dmitry Zhivitsky, head of Sumy Regional State Administration.

Order of Courage:

- Igor Terekhov, Mayor of Kharkiv;

– Alexander Senkevich, the mayor of Nikolaev.

- Vladyslav Atroshenko, the mayor of Chernihiv;

- Alexander Lysenko, mayor of Sumy.

- Igor Kolyhaev, mayor of Kherson.

– Ivan Fedorov, the mayor of Melitopol;

- Vladimir Kovalenko, Mayor of Nova Kakhovka.

We play the anthem even against the background of terrible destruction. Because we know that we will win. And we will rebuild everything.

And the Russian occupier is going in the well-known direction.

We wish you a peaceful night.

We didn't have time to wish you a peaceful night when, at least in one Ukrainian city, it is already restless. Muscovites continue to bomb Kharkiv. Loud strong strikes have been heard for over an hour. This information is being passed on to us by the democrats who have remained in the city.

Today Kharkiv received the status of a hero city. And as a true hero, it must endure. We clench our fists for all the residents of Kharkiv.

🇺🇸These photos were just sent to us from Washington. Do you recognize where this is?

#Anonymous group hacked the state television channels of Russia, now they are broadcasting videos about the war in Ukraine and urging Russians to stand up against the genocide of Russia in Ukraine. Did they do the right thing?

Operational information as of 24:00 on March 6, 2022 regarding the Russian invasion.

The enemy continues its offensive operation against Ukraine, concentrating its main efforts on surrounding the cities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, and Mykolaiv, reaching the administrative borders in Luhansk and Donetsk regions, and creating a land corridor from the Autonomous Republic of Crimea towards Mariupol - Novoazovsk.

The enemy group has started accumulating resources for storming Kyiv.

On the Polisky direction, the enemy is trying to establish full control over the cities of Bucha and Irpin and get closer to the capital of Ukraine.

In the area of the city of Irpin, the enemy is making advances of tank and motorized infantry units.

On the Siversky direction, the occupiers are attempting to gain a tactical advantage to reach the eastern outskirts of Kyiv through the Brovary and Boryspil districts, as well as to establish control over the cities of Chernihiv and Sumy.

After units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine inflicted fire damage on enemy armored vehicles in the areas of Nova Basan and Skrypali, the enemy suffered significant losses and is now relocating additional forces to replenish their manpower and equipment.

On the Tavriysky direction, the occupiers with the forces of up to three BTGs are advancing towards the city of Zaporizhzhia. The enemy has managed to restore train traffic across the Antonivsky railway bridge over the Dnipro River.

In addition, the enemy units are advancing in the northeast direction along the Ingul river. The BTG crossed the river and captured the settlement of Kashpero-Mykolaivka.

The Defense Forces continue to conduct a defensive operation on the Southern, Eastern, and Northern fronts.

Released, Chuhuyiv.

Commander Dmitriy Safronov of the 61st Separate Marine Infantry Brigade of the Russian Military and Deputy Commander Denis Glebov of the 11th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade of the Russian Armed Forces have been eliminated.

Together we will win! Let's stand united! Glory to Ukraine!


General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

🔴 The Armed Forces of Ukraine freed Chuguyiv from the occupiers in the Kharkiv region.

⚠️ Russians continue to shell Kharkiv.

These scoundrels will pay for every rocket on our land.

Pentagon reports that Russia has engaged 95% of its initial troops in the conflict.

🇺🇦 The Ministry of Justice announces that since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, almost 3,973 marriages have been registered, and 4,311 babies have been born.

Ukrainians not only believe in the future but also know that the future will come.

Source Ministry of Justice