Mar 21, 2024 - Day 757

757 days of active phase of a 10-year war. Ukraine will win. I understand that. And then we will have to win the war for the future. Is everyone here?

Great news!



At night over Kyiv and in the area of the capital, approximately 30 enemy missiles, including ballistic missiles, were struck.



During the past day, there were 70 military conflicts.reportsGeneral Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

During the day, the Defense Forces aviation struck at 10 areas where the enemy's personnel, weapons, and military equipment were concentrated.

The missile troops' units struck at enemy ammunition depot number 1.

This is part of the interrogation of a Russian senior lieutenant Kolotov, who was captured by the RDK on March 16 in Belgorod Oblast. And if an officer of the Russian army, who has a higher education, carries out such actions, then what is the level of intellectual development of ordinary soldiers? These are zombified uneducated degenerates who do not want to see reality!

- Population of the Russian Federation?

— 1 billion people.

Do you know about the joint military parade of the USSR and Nazi Germany after the division of Poland?

— No.

— Why?

- Because it wasn't.

- (Showing parade)

- This is editing.

- Putin stated that 2500 RDC volunteers have been destroyed.

I haven't seen them.

Well, if you haven't seen it, maybe it's not true?

— But they reported to the president.

"Why did you attack?"

— This is not an attack, but self-defense.

- Well, crossing the border is an attack, agree?

— Yes. But Ukraine would have attacked first.

— How were we supposed to attack if you have 5 thousand tanks and we only have 300 tanks? You are a military man.

— Artillery.

Biowaste. Stupid. Aggressive. Untrainable. And most of them are like that. They are a dead-end branch of development.



🕯In the morning at 9:00 minutes of silence we honor the memory of those killed in Russia's brutal war against Ukraine.

Nine more Chinese banks have simultaneously stopped accepting payments in yuan from Russia and ceased any financial transactions with Russian partners. The banks are doing so because they are wary of secondary US sanctions. Restrictions were introduced by Ping An Bank and Bank of Ningbo (ranking 13th and 15th in terms of capitalization, respectively), as well as DBS Bank, China Guangfa Bank, Kunshan Rural Commercial Bank, Great Wall West China Bank, Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank, Dongguan Rural Commercial Bank, and China Zheshang Bank.

At the same time, Dubai's main state bank, Emirates NBD, closed its Russian division and numerous Russian accounts (each of which typically contains over $5 million and is associated with individuals subject to sanctions), stopped accepting ruble transfers and payments. As you can guess - this also happened under pressure from the United States.

The economic component is increasingly influencing the future of war, and the US is finding more levers to make sanctions work more effectively.



Polish farmers stopped blocking the movement of trucks in the direction of the checkpoint Medyka - Shehyni, - the State Border Guard Service.

The difference between Ukrainians and Russians is huge and is at the level of basic values. Russians are imperialists, while Ukrainians are lovers of freedom. Imperialists realize themselves through the subjugation of other nations and the appropriation of their property - material or intellectual. Lovers of freedom, on the contrary, find self-realization in conquering new heights of personal growth and in creating their own material or intellectual values. This is precisely in creation, not in stealing from others. We are different. We have different values, we value freedom, not submission. We want to choose our government, not be under the heel of a king. We have different worldviews, we want to live well, not to make someone else live worse than us. We want to live according to our laws and traditions, while they want everyone to start living by their rules. We want to be respected, while they want to be feared. They do not understand us, and we despise them. We are different. And this cannot be changed. By anyone. Ever.



Australia has joined the drone coalition for Ukraine.

The country, together with Great Britain and Latvia, will provide drones for the Ukrainian military within the framework of the drone coalition agreement.

Friends, I'm turning to you for help again. Lieutenant Oleksandr Matyash from the Medoid special unit always smiles, even when it's very hard. Such a person. Can take a hit. And now he's smiling, even though we need to repair three cars that finally died, and buy something deadly. We can't do it without your help. We need help.

Under the bank of his branch.

Your donations will be poured into tanks, purchased for spare parts and killer tricks, and simply buy household stuff and sometimes some cool stuff.

subunit bank

🎯Goal: 300,000.00 UAH

🔗Link to the bank

💳Bank card number

5375 4112 1667 8099



New Russian missile attack on Kyiv. More than 30 missiles shot down, including aeroballistic ones. People have been injured. Necessary help is being provided to everyone.

Every day, such terror at night. World unity can stop it when helping us with anti-missile defense systems. Russian terrorists do not have missiles that could bypass the defenses of the "Patriots" and other leading global systems.

Now this defense is needed here, in Ukraine. From Kyiv to Kharkiv, from Sumy to Kherson, from Odesa to Donetsk. This is entirely possible if there is enough political will among partners.

We must show that terror is always defeated. We must prove to Russia that it will have to accept normal free life in Ukraine. We need the support of partners. And I am grateful to everyone in the world who is truly helping.

What is happening in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine? Why have the necessary bills for Ukraine not been voted on yet? Not enough votes? A kind of strike in the Rada? Have deputies stopped coming to work? How to get out of this crisis? Analyzed the situation in his own author's blog



Today we honor the memory of Major of the State Border Service Vyacheslav Gorbachevsky.

He was born into a military family, so from childhood he dreamed of becoming an officer. In 2008, he joined the ranks of the National Academy of the State Border Guard Service. In the first days of the full-scale invasion, the border guard joined the ranks of the Kherson border unit. In a year and a half, he became a role model for the personnel. The warrior's life was cut short while carrying out a combat mission on the Kherson front on February 17, 2024.

For courage, bravery, and selfless actions shown during the performance of combat missions, the border guard was awarded the breastplate "For courage in guarding the state border."

Ever in line!



On the Sknilivsky Bridge in Lvivhappeneda large road transport accident involving about 27 vehicles.

As reported by the Patrol Police of Lviv region, there were three car accidents on Sknylivskyi Bridge, on Horodotska street, involving around 25 vehicles.

At the same time, Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi noted that about 27 cars were involved in the accident.



The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published approximate losses of Russian occupiers for the past day.

Sometimes our government officials are better off chewing than speaking and remembering that they are official figures, not ordinary bloggers.

Danilov's statement will harm Ukraine. This is indisputable. No, there will be no slamming of doors or any other public display of offense from China. But there will be a response. For example, there will be a new wave of supplying the Russian army with dual-use goods, which was managed to be avoided. Or they will not ship spare parts for drones to Ukraine, saying that they are not available. Or something else. And it will be done so that we understand what is happening. When Podolyak blurted out nonsense, that's exactly what happened, and then Zelensky was denied a meeting with the Chinese premier in Davos. We all forgot about Podolyak, but they remember in Beijing. And they too will not forget. And the Kremlin will help China hear and remember this by drawing attention to the statement of the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council.

We already have complicated relations with China, but making them even worse is a huge stupidity.



🇩🇪Germany's Chancellor Scholz will finally agree to supply Ukraine with Taurus cruise missiles, said the leader of the CDU/CSU parliamentary faction Fry.

I, of course, can completely imagine it. Because it seems unquestionable to me that Taurus is a winged rocket that best meets the needs of Ukraine, - he said.



As a result of the shelling by occupiers on the night of March 21 on the territory of Kyiv region, there wasinjuredfour peaceful residents, and due to the enemy attack, 1700 consumers were left without light.

Two multi-storey and 47 private houses, 12 vehicles were damaged.



China is increasing its military and nuclear arsenal, indicating that it may be prepared to invade Taiwan by 2027.

About thisannouncedCommander of the US Indo-Pacific Command Admiral John Aquilino.

He said that Chinese military personnel also perform various tasks related to operations against Taiwan, such as simulating a maritime and aerial blockade.

At the same time, according to American intelligence assessments, China does not want a military conflict over Taiwan, even if it intends to take the self-governing island under its control.



Petro Poroshenko said that there is still no temporary commission on fortification structures in parliament.

I believe that a warrior must fight, and we, with you, must provide fortifications," emphasized the leader of the European Solidarity.

He called for the issue of fortification structures to be put to a vote in parliament.

Every penny must be accounted for, and every day we must report on what we have done for the army. It will be very difficult for some to answer this question, - Poroshenko noted.



🇱🇹Lithuania has stopped letting trucks from the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation pass.

At the Russian customs, it was reported that from 23:00 on March 20, Lithuania did not accept any truck without explanation.

The press service of the Governor of the Kaliningrad region clarified that the problems with passing trucks are associated with a massive failure in the operation of Lithuanian customs information systems.



🇪🇪Estonia will provide Ukraine with a military aid package of 20 million euros, announced Defense Minister Hannes Hanso.

The new package of assistance will include, in particular, artillery ammunition, anti-tank guns, explosives, gas masks, sniper gear, smaller caliber ammunition.



Zaporizhia regional council was temporarily dissolved and its powers were transferred to Zaporizhia regional military administration.

Glad for the submission, the Rada approved the decision to transfer the powers of the Zaporizhia Regional Council to the Zaporizhia OVG during the period of martial law.

236 members of parliament supported the decision.

Spent half a day at the Kyiv Security Forum. Interesting performances, interesting communication, interesting meetings. Foreign diplomats and guests, members of parliament and politicians, leaders of public opinion and journalists.

The most touching was the performance of NATO's Military Committee Chairman Admiral Rob Bauer. In short, there were three important theses in his speech.

Among the flags of the members of the Alliance, the yellow-blue flag will not be the only one. Yes, I'm talking about the fact that not only Sweden with its flag, but also Ukraine will be in NATO.

2. Ukraine will receive weapons, ammunition, and everything necessary for defense and the return of its territory. This is a principled position.

3. Do what needs to be done, not take a passive position. The question is about mobilization. You will receive everything you need to fight, but there must also be those who will fight.

This is his. Draw your own conclusions.



🇵🇱Poland will help deliver to Ukraine shells purchased under the Czech Republic's plan, Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said.

We are very happy to make our contribution not only in financial terms, but also in a very effective logistical operation so that ammunition could be delivered where they are needed on the front line,” he said



In Mykolaiv an explosion occurred before the air alarm was announced.

As a result of the attack, a woman was killed, four people were injured, head of the OSCE Kim reported.

Elections in the Russian Federation. How can this performance be summed up? What scenarios are possible after the elections? Will the death of Putin change anything in Russian politics? Why did Putin draw turnout and votes for himself? Will Putin be recognized as legitimate in the world? Will Putin go the way of repression? Political analyst Vitaliy Portnikov answered these questions in a conversation with Borislav Bereza.



🇦🇹Austria opposes the idea of using proceeds from frozen Russian assets to finance weapons for Ukraine, Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer said.

He explained that Vienna supports the idea of using these funds for the reconstruction of Ukraine, but is against using them for military assistance.

The TV channel Freedom is lying again

Vitalii Ovcharenko found a collaborator who works as a journalist for them...

...who took an oath of allegiance to the Donetsk People's Republic while studying at the Donbass Law Academy and openly supported Shariy.

And what is the TV channel doing? Right! Submits a statement to the Security Service about Vitalik!!

Genius, damn! (c)Tim Zlatkin



💥The moment of the missile being shot down en route to Kiev this morning.

Mobile fire group destroyed an enemy missile with a Browning M2 machine gun fire.



‼️ Did nothing for VPO?

✍️ Go into resignation!!!

✅ Resettlers demand the dismissal of Deputy Prime Minister-Minister for Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories Iryna Vereshchuk and Minister of Social Policy Oksana Zholnovich.

🤝 Depriving hundreds of thousands of people of the last help became the last straw, we will not tolerate disrespect for people who have lost almost everything due to Russian aggression!

Therefore, we urge you to sign the petition at the link and spread it among your close people:



Former Minister of Education of Ukraine Dmytro Tabachnyk was sentenced in absentia to 15 years in prison, - SBU

Also, the former head of the State Registration Service, Dmitry Voron, received 12 years in absentia.

The convicts' property worth over 200 million UAH was confiscated.



🤬 The Russian Federation attacked Veliteneske in Kherson region, - OVA

It is reported that one woman died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital

How do events in the Belgorod region affect Putin? Why does the dictator not react to strikes on oil refineries and other objects in RF? Where should Russian volunteers go to be noticed? Are there people in Moscow who maintain contact with the DNR? Will Putin announce mobilization? Why is Ukraine delaying mobilization? How do we stop the Russians? Answered Boris Berezov.

00:00 Interview of Anastasiya Fedor with Boryslav Bereza

00:05 Putin's statement about RDK

02:39 Strike on the oil refinery is hidden in the Russian Federation

07:04 Need to encourage Russians

09:19 Russia will mobilize 200 thousand

13:34 Problem with mobilization in Ukraine

21:34 Arakhamia liar

24:04 Motivation for soldiers



Russian troops shelled the city of Novogrodovka in Donetsk region - OOS.

A man died, two women were injured

Today, on Thursday, March 21, at 7:00 p.m., we will be on the air with people's deputy Roman Kostenko.

- At the Kyiv Security Forum, the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer, spoke. He stated that Ukraine will join NATO, that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive all necessary weapons, and that Ukraine needs to conduct mobilization to replace the killed and wounded. Should his words be perceived as a real perspective?

- The law on mobilization. At what stage is it now and what is left in it? What about the motivation law and why can't mobilization be carried out without it?

Defense and fortification - why do officials not want a special commission on this topic. Is everything really so bad?

- The efficiency of the Verkhovna Rada. Where did the voices of the servants go? When will the parliament be able to work properly and make important decisions?

Actions of Russian volunteers in Russia. They stated that they opened a second front on the territory of the Russian Federation. Will this help our troops on the territory of Ukraine? What impact do they have on Russia?



💪🏻In Kyiv, sappers have neutralized the warhead of missile X-101 that fell between buildings during the Russian attack.

This part of the shell was found in the Shevchenkivskyi district after the shelling of Kyiv.



❗️Fire extinguished in Kharkiv after Russian projectile hit printing house building

Under the rubble there may still be people. The rescue operation continues.



2 years our DAFs in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We were the first to start supplying trucks not by units, but by hundreds. From the second half of March 2022 to today, they have traveled from the UK to the Ukrainian East and South, and their number is already over 500.

Purchased trucks have a reliable engine, a powerful manual gearbox without electronics - which makes them suitable for the front. Enough to carry ammunition and other equipment.

Our engineers and mechanics went further and made something incredible out of them. Command posts for "Poseidons" and REB systems.

Mobile auto repair shops - especially now needed to restore equipment operational readiness directly on the front line. Tented DAFs, so you can transport the crew - are the most common.

More than 200 DAF are working effectively on the front. Sloviansk, Robitine, Huliaypole, Druzhkivka - you will see them everywhere. Ask the paratroopers, marines or artillerymen - they will give you an honest feedback.

Overall, more than 300 DAF Layland have been contracted - at the expense of our funding with Marina and the involvement of the NGO "Community Affairs".

Together we have achieved this result for our warriors and Victory!


And to understand this, do you have to go to Ukraine???

Two years ago. 21.03.2022. Exactly two years have passed. The beginning of Irpin's liberation. And everything is like yesterday...



😂The Russians flooded their own ship during training.

Trawler Captain Lobanov sank after a missile mistakenly hit it during the exercises of the Baltic Fleet.

As a result of the incident, three crew members died, four others were injured.



❗️SAP is leaving the structure of the Prosecutor General's Office.

From March 21, the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office begins operating as an independent and independent body.

The head of the NATO Military Committee Admiral Rob Bauer personally experienced and highly appreciated the skill and professionalism of the Ukrainian military.



❗️Czech Republic sent its last two Mi-24 helicopters to Ukraine



Met with the head of the NATO Military Committee Admiral Robert Bauer.

Discussed the primary defense needs of Ukraine and the need for additional air defense systems. This can help protect Ukrainians reliably from missile and drone attacks by the Russians.

Thank you for the first visit to Ukraine since the beginning of full-scale war. This is an important signal of support for our society. Support from NATO and member states of the Alliance is very important.

Soooo!!! Wait! And what about the bullshit about external control? And what about the fairy tales that Ukrainians are puppets of the West? Have the Russian manuals changed or have they brought coke again?



❗️The enemy deployed two submarine missile carriers in the Black Sea for the first time after a month-long hiatus, according to the forces of the southern defense.

Salvo "Calibers" - up to eight missiles. Report a very high level of missile danger.

Friends, a story about us was filmed. And once again, thank you for your humanity and caring.



‼️Friends, attention ‼️

A request has been received from the military personnel of field communication node 41 OSB military unit A4066 who defend our country on the front line.

They now need additional equipment for support and continuous communication with each other, namely:

- batteries for Motorola radios - 50 pcs.

Communication is the nerve of the army❗️

🎯Goal 100,000 UAH.

Help save the lives of those who bravely fight for Ukraine and our future. Make your contribution to Victory, support the Armed Forces with donations.

Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦

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Purpose of payment: Charitable assistance

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We have gathered the most important things for you that you might have missed by March 21st:

🔹Almost all the missiles that Russian troops attacked Kyiv with early in the morning of March 21 weretargeting objects of the GRU Main Intelligence Directorate

🔹Scholz supported the use of profits from frozen assets of the Russian Federationfor arming Ukraine.

🔹Gladcanceled the status of limited fitnessfor military service.

🔹The Czech Republic has transferred all itsMi-24 attack helicopters.

🔹Australia has joined thecoalition of dronesfor Ukraine.

🔹The RDC announcednew military operations in Russia .

Americans got carried away. A lot.

Their internal political struggle absolutely ruled out rationalism. Only elections, only hardcore.

Ukraine in this election rhetoric is just an excuse for mutual accusations between Republicans and Democrats. Hence - geopolitical impotence, which has been traced since the end of last year.

The desire to win the election has displaced the long-standing position of being a fair world policeman. The cynicism of the Republican representative - Senator Graham, who instead of news about the weapons transfer, brought a message about the need to mobilize Ukrainians 25 years and younger, is striking with cynicism. But no less cynical are the statements of President Biden's advisor - Jake Sullivan. About how Ukraine has already won. And where is the weapon?

Salloivan - this is a long separate story about a person who actually signed his own full inability yesterday. Because Ukraine's support depended precisely on his position in 2021, in 2022, and in 2023. Everything he blew on, like cold water, trying to "not give a reason for escalation." It's a pity that the night attack of the Russian aviation did not catch Sullivan in Kyiv. Because after the ritual dances with ambiguous hints, he quietly flew back to Washington.

And in the morning, US Ambassador Brink wrote a post that "Ukraine needs more help." Screenshot in the first comment. What, seriously? And the US didn't know about it before? Or don't they know now? Are Sullivan's sweet words all they can do at this stage to do nothing in principle?

Insist: in the USA (in the current administration) there were enough mechanisms in recent months to ensure that weapons were delivered to Ukraine in the necessary volumes and on time. But, I repeat, the game of elections turned out to be more important.

P.S. We have work to do. (c)Victor Shlinchak

Today at the Kyiv Security Forum, there were politicians, leaders of public opinion, moral authorities, journalists, and many foreign guests. There were interesting conversations and discussions of future scenarios. But when the air alarm sounded, everyone went to the bomb shelter. And why? Because to the missile, your status, views, and thoughts are not important. If you ignore the threat, you increase the likelihood of your death. That's why no one ignored it. And all the discussions continued already in the bomb shelter. The realities of today.



❗️Polish farmers have unblocked the movement of trucks at the Zosin-Ustyluh checkpoint, - State Border Guard Service.

At 21:10 the protesters finished the all-Polish rally in front of this checkpoint.

A deeply depressing discussion at the UN Human Rights Council on Belarus... insane repression against the opposition, civil society, journalists, etc., and the culmination - the shameful participation in the abduction of Ukrainian children... Nonetheless - the disgusting rhetoric of a large number of states demanding to take into account "context," "regional differences," "sovereignty," and my "favorite" - "other values." The gap between ideologies is widening, leaving no chance for dialogue. Universal human rights values are no longer as universal as we would like them to be... some countries of the "global south" - who spoke in support of Belarus - Russia - demonstrated such a lack of empathy that doubts arose not only in the possibility of understanding, but also in the fact that humanity still exists...

Nevertheless, we keep pounding this rock... gratitude to those who did not give up and still have the inspiration to prove the obvious to those who stubbornly refuse to see anything - Karina Moskalenko and team 🙏💛🩵 (c)Hanna Yudkivska



First of all, thank you to our sky defenders for shooting down missiles. More than 30, including ballistic ones. It is very important to achieve such a result in missile defense. And with all our partners, we consistently talk about strengthening our ability to defend the sky. The missile defense systems needed for this are available to partners who can help. It is worth doing it. It is worth defending lives.

"Patriots" and other systems are needed right now in Ukraine, for our cities and communities.

On the other hand, every Russian terrorist attack speaks to the fact that the world's sanctions against the Putin system are not yet sufficient. Each Russian missile with which these inhuman people attack our country contains components made by companies from other countries - not Russia. In the construction of the X-101 missile, there are at least 53 such types of components. In the "Dagger" missile there are no fewer than 49 types of components that Russia does not produce. A significant portion of them is what is made by companies in the free world and is imported into Russia through various "gray" schemes. Blocking such schemes and everyone who supports them is mandatory. We need more sanctions. We need more accountability for the sanctions evasion schemes.

Grateful to all the countries and leaders who are doing this. But more pressure on Russia is needed. Only today, only in rockets fired against Kyiv, there were at least one and a half thousand components imported to the terrorist state from normal countries. This must stop, and there are appropriate levers in the world.

The head of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) Pavlo Kyrylenko purchased real estate and cars with a total value of over 70 million hryvnias during the period 2020-2023.

This is a great estate and two land plots near Kyiv, 200 square meters of office real estate in the capital, two crossovers, three apartments with parking spaces in elite residential complexes in Kyiv and four apartments in Uzhgorod.

Як journalists of "Schemes" investigated (Radio Liberty), this property is mostly registered on the relatives of Kirilenko's wife (retiree parents and grandmother), the family purchased it during the period when he headed the Donetsk Regional State Administration and until his transfer to Kyiv as the head of the Antimonopoly Committee in 2023. And none of the relatives have a business, and the family's official income would not be enough to purchase all this valuable property.

Kirilenko said that it was the starting capital of the family, even since the 90s, when his wife's grandmother lucratively sold shares of the "Styrol" plant in Horlivka, obtained by her as a plant worker. Journalists failed to find official confirmation of these transactions.



❗️67 battles took place on the battlefield, Ukrainian soldiers repelled attacks in the Terniv area of Donetsk region, - General Staff data.

Throughout the day, the Air Force of the Defense Forces struck at 7 areas of concentration of personnel, armaments, and military equipment and 2 enemy anti-aircraft missile systems.

Units of missile troops inflicted damage on 1 artillery weapon and 2 enemy air defense weapons.

Peaceful night 🌙 to all good people

Let the Russian die.



⚽️ Ukraine advances to the playoff final of the Euro 2024 qualifiers!

Ukrainians beat Bosnia and Herzegovina 2:1.

In the final selection, the Ukrainian national team will play against Iceland. The match will take place on March 26.