Mar 28, 2024 - Day 764

764 days of the active phase of the 10-year war. When you argue, remember that the Armed Forces are fighting so you can live, not fight. Everyone here?

Time for some great news!



The enemy struck private civilian homes in Zaporizhzhia with drones.— OWA.

It is already known that 5 buildings are partially destroyed and more than 40 are damaged.

Two people received minor injuries, they were given first aid.



❌26 strike UAVs destroyed.

On the night of March 28, 2024, the enemy launched a missile-air strike on Ukraine using three Kh-22 cruise missiles and an anti-radar missile Kh-31P (from the Black Sea), an S-300 surface-to-air guided missile (Donetsk region), and 28 strike UAVs of the type Shahed-136/131 (launch area Kursk oblast - RF, Cape Chauda - Crimea).

26 Shahed-136/131 UAVs were destroyed within the Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, and Zaporizhzhia regions.



🕯In the morning at 9:00 with a minute of silence, we honor the memory of those who died in Russia's brutal war against Ukraine.



Today we honor the memory of military serviceman Vadim Yefremov.

The guy was from the Varash community in Rivne region. He died on February 9, 2023 during a mortar and artillery shelling in Donetsk region. He was only 19 years old. The defender was buried in the village of Stara Rafalivka in Rivne region.

Forever in line!



Yesterday the enemy continued his terror against the peaceful population of Kherson region, - OVA.

Russian military targeted residential areas of settlements in the region, as a result 2 multi-storey buildings and 10 private houses were damaged. Hits on port infrastructure, critical infrastructure object, shopping center, economic structures and a car were also recorded.

Through Russian aggression 2 people died, another 4 - got injured.



❗️The city of Kiev's defense council has gathered for an emergency meeting to ensure safety in the capital, aimed at responding to threats from the aggressor country.— KMVA

Taking into account information about possible missile attacks and the threat of sabotage groups, a series of decisions were made to ensure the safety of the city's residents.

Among the measures - processing issues related to mass events and reviewing regulatory documents, as well as increasing attention to crowded places and ensuring their safety.

We urge Kyiv residents to remain calm, follow safety rules, and not ignore air alarm signals.— mentioned in the message.



😠The enemy continues to use the tactic of pinpoint missile strikes in southern Ukraine - Sli Defense of the South.

It is noted that in the morning, a controlled aviation missile was launched from an aircraft of tactical aviation from the Black Sea to the Odessa region.

By the efforts of the air defense missile, the rocket was destroyed over the sea.



The Czech government discussed and approved the allocation of funds for its initiative to purchase ammunition for Ukraine, Prime Minister Petr Fiala announced.

According to him, about 20 countries have already expressed interest in joining the initiative.

At the same time, the prime minister did not specify the amount that the Czech Republic will contribute.

Very important post from Olga Len:

I already wrote a couple of days ago that the terrorist attack in Crocus Hall will be the beginning of a new stage of the war against Ukraine by the Moscow regime. And this stage is officially announced.

On the website of the Moscow Patriarchate on March 27, an order of the World Russian People's Council was published, in which the war in Ukraine is called sacred and it is stated that the entire territory of modern Ukraine should enter the zone of Russia's exclusive influence.

Here's the quote for you: During the Cathedral Congress, which took place on March 27, 2024, at the Hall of Church Councils of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow under the chairmanship of the head of the VNRS, His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill, the Decree XXV of the World Russian People's Assembly "The Present and Future of the Russian World" (Moscow, November 27-28, 2023) was approved...

Special military operation is a new stage of the national liberation struggle of the Russian people against the criminal Kiev regime and the collective West behind it, being carried out on the lands of South-Western Russia since 2014. During the military operation, the Russian people with weapons in hand defend their lives, freedom, statehood, civilization, religious, national and cultural identity, as well as the right to live on their own land within the borders of a single Russian state. From a spiritual-moral point of view, the special military operation is a Holy War, in which Russia and its people, defending the unified spiritual space of Holy Russia, perform the mission of "Holding back", protecting the world from the onslaught of globalism and the victory of the fallen West into Satanism.

After the completion of the CSTO, the entire territory of modern Ukraine should enter the zone of exclusive influence of Russia. The possibility of the existence of a Russophobic, hostile to Russia and its people political regime on this territory, as well as a political regime controlled by an external center hostile to Russia, should be completely excluded.

You may recall that a new stage in the war with full-scale invasion was announced in April 2021 by the methodologist Timofiy Sergiytsev on the RIA Novosti website. I also drew attention in April 2021 that the article was a direct call to kill Ukrainians and we need to prepare for an attack.

Document of the Cathedral of the Moscow Patriarchate is a higher level. And this is a call to destroy Ukrainians as a nation, as a state, as an identity. Destroy each of us.

Also, I will remind you that the other day Putin said that the war with Ukraine is becoming the main thing for all Russians.

Therefore, if we want to exist, then defense against Russian aggression should unite us and force us to act immediately. Wake up from a comatose state. Actually deal with what is most important right now.



780 soldiers, 10 tanks, and 21 armored personnel carriers: new data on occupiers' losses



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In Dnipro, SBU employees detained a 22-year-old criminal whoworked for the Russian Federation and planned to adjust a missile strike on a power plant and military hospital in Dnipro.

The Cyber SBU disrupted the plans of Russian special services to strike at the critical infrastructure of Dnipro. A local resident has been arrested, remotely recruited by the FSB in February 2024. He faces life imprisonment. Not a person. Scum.



👊SSO snipers destroy the enemy on the Avdiivka direction.



💬Zelensky on birth rate in Ukraine: When the war is over, there will be a boom.

Answering the question about state programs aimed at stimulating the birth rate, the president replied that the main issue is safety.

I think that the biggest incentive is security, and what's next with the child, and what to do. And it is necessary not only to stimulate financially, because finances, in my opinion, help, but they do not stimulate specifically during the war to give birth. - said Zelensky.

The head of state emphasized the need for shelters in schools and kindergartens, as well as air defense systems. In his opinion, this also affects birth rates.

I understand that the war will end - there will be a boom. I am sure of it, people will be returning, they will be confident in tomorrow, confident in the future and in Ukraine, - said Zelensky.

That's all you need to know about modern ideological Russian preferences. Russians are the new Nazis. In all manifestations. And Russians are so comfortable. If Russian is not destroyed, it will destroy the world.



🤝The Ukrainian delegation has arrived for intergovernmental consultations in Warsaw.

The main topics for discussion will be: border blockade, joint production of ammunition, energy and culture.📹 : Radio Liberty



⛓️The SBU detained a RF agent who wanted to adjust missile strike on the TPP and military hospital in Dnipro.

The perpetrator wanted to establish the approximate number of Ukrainian defenders who were there for inpatient treatment. He also monitored the medical transport arriving at the medical facility.

The information received along with the coordinates of the object the person tried to transfer to the FSB through an anonymous chat in the messenger.

In the future, the occupiers planned to use intelligence information to prepare a missile strike on a military hospital in Dnipro.

Another potential target of the enemy was a local thermal power plant that provides electricity to a significant part of the metropolis.

Under the guidance of the FSB, their agent filmed the perimeter of the power plant and the adjacent territory on his own phone.

The criminal is in custody. He faces life imprisonment.

The Times article "It's time to talk about the fall of Kiev" by columnist Ian Martin was published.

▪ In July 2024, and the Russian army is standing near the gates of Kyiv. President Zelensky speaks on emergency air and repeats bold words, first spoken in February 2022, that he does not need to leave Ukraine, but he needs ammunition to stay and fight the Russians.

If only the West had listened and done more when brave Ukrainians begged for help, it could have fundamentally changed the situation. While allies argued and the US eventually allocated another $60 billion in aid, spring turned into summer and Putin's troops, using the time, broke through the front line in the south and east. The retreating Ukrainian army could only slow down their advancement. When the Russians approached the capital, a new wave of refugees left Ukraine in search of shelter from the relentless bombings.

- The western politicians are currently considering exactly such a terrible scenario. Events force military and civilian leaders in London, Washington, Paris, and Brussels to work out possible scenarios of a catastrophic collapse of Ukrainian troops, deprived of the necessary weapons and ammunition, in the absence of full mobilization.

Actually, contrary to the common belief that this is an eternal "frozen conflict" in which neither side can achieve a decisive advantage, fierce battles are raging on the front lines, and there is a real risk that Ukrainian forces will be pushed back. NATO leaders should hope that their July meeting in Washington at the summit commemorating the 75th anniversary of the alliance will not be overshadowed and disrupted by such a crisis.

▪The Russian offensive would undoubtedly be catastrophic for the Ukrainians. It also poses difficult problems for the West. For example, will allies send their troops to defend Kyiv? President Macron clearly feels the danger and is trying to push the West towards a more forceful approach, raising the issue of the possibility of deploying ground forces. Other countries, such as Germany, categorically reject such a scenario.

When will it finally be understood that peace for the population of Europe is guaranteed only by force? When Ukraine falls, and Putin moves on to a direct threat to the Baltics, Poland, Finland, Sweden or Norway?

▪I advocate for maximum military support on the basis that Ukraine must win. The consequences of partial or full defeat would be catastrophic, and the western population has begun to understand this, but in the comfortable West - far from the front line - we have the lazy habit of mistaking the desirable for the real and not being prepared for unpleasant surprises.

▪ Tired western public opinion seems to have resigned itself to the fact that, although we are helping Ukrainians defend their homeland, they have painted themselves into a corner in the face of what is likely to be a kind of "peaceful" agreement that solidifies the current front lines. And then we can think about something else.

▪ Of course, there may be other scenarios besides military defeat. A coup could happen in Russia, or the newly elected president, Trump, could try to impose a ceasefire and actual capitulation of Ukraine. Perhaps Kyiv will hold out, and Europe will take action, using the influence of its GDP, which is ten times greater than Russia's, with a population more than three and a half times larger.

No matter what, we risk losing one of the main lessons of the Ukrainian-Russian war. Rolling back to self-complacency regarding European security after the Cold War is not an option. We need to think very differently about how dangerous the threats are, arm ourselves accordingly, prepare for the worst in a conflict with Russia, and at best hope to be pleasantly surprised.



🚨Air raid alarm sounds in Kyiv. It is also spreading to other regions of Ukraine.



Rocket danger across all territory of Ukraine!

Takeoff MiG-31K from Savasleyka airfield (Nizhny Novgorod region).



🎰A reconnaissance officer of the 59th brigade talked about the critical situation in the Armed Forces of Ukraine related to gambling addiction.

According to him, many soldiers lose their salaries in the casino. Petrichenko suggests introducing a register and player verification during wartime, restricting users who receive salaries from military units.

In total, Ukrainians lost about 400 million UAH in online casinos every day in 2023 - this is over 12 billion UAH per month, according to the National Bank.



More than 1806 children have been affected in Ukraine as a result of full-scale armed aggression of the Russian Federation.

As of the morning of March 28, 2024, according to the official information of juvenile prosecutors:

💔537 children have died

❤️‍🩹1269 received injuries of varying degrees of severity.

These figures are not final. Work is underway to install them in areas of hostilities, temporarily occupied and liberated territories.



The goal of the Russian attack on Ukraine on March 22 was a total blackout.- Minister of Energy Herman Galushchenko.

Thermal power generation, hydrogen generation attacked all over Ukraine. Moreover, main substations were attacked across the country. 12 regions immediately felt the impact. This is the most extensive attack on energy since the beginning of the major aggression.

More than 150 means of attack at once. In 2022-2023, we counted about a hundred means of attack at once.



🚧The temporary blockade of trucks traffic in both directions has ended at the Ukriniv-Dolhobychuv checkpoint.– State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

According to information from Polish colleagues, the passage of freight transport near Uzhhorod-Dolhobychi in Poland is carried out in normal mode.- reported the border guards.

At the border crossing, 120 trucks are expected. At the same time, the adjacent side reported that the rhythmic passage of trucks will last until April 2.

I note that our officials who have nothing to do with service in military formations have started returning to the appropriate civilian dress code. It's about time. (c) Anatoliy Makarenko



Russians have a large number of aviation bombs in their arsenal. Moreover, the occupiers continue to improve them.Natalia Humenyuk, spokeswoman for the Ministry of Defense of southern Ukraine.

They continue modernization, in particular, from regular aerial bombs to guided ones. They are equipped with wings and acquire increased aerodynamics. This guided aerial bomb is capable of covering 60-70 kilometers, - she said.

Fucking trash! This is the Verkhovna Rada now! Where are these servants of the people??? I wonder, does Volodymyr Zelensky know that his faction is out partying somewhere right now? Imagine if our soldiers held their positions the same way this Presidential Servant's office works in the hall. That's all you need to know about the effectiveness of Zelensky's parliament.



📞Ukrainian intelligence publishes another intercepted conversations of Russians.

Military personnel of the 3rd separate mechanized brigade, stationed in Horlivka, are discussing ways of desertion and refusing to participate in the war on the territory of Ukraine.



😔An accident occurred at a checkpoint in Chernihiv region, which resulted in the death of the driver of the Renault Scenic car.- regional police.

The event happened yesterday, around 9:00 p.m., at the exit of the city of Koriukivka. Police found that the 23-year-old driver lost control and collided with a checkpoint structure that was not working.



☠️Russian do not give up - finish off with a FPV drone.

This is another occupant who pretended to be dead on the battlefield. In a state of "sleep," he was found, and in order not to leave chances - struck by a strike drone fighters of the Third Assault.



Volunteers were approached by defenders of the KRAKEN special unit with a request to provide quality tactical clothing and footwear (the issue remains relevant).

Also, the guys need Starlink, as theirs was destroyed.

We are announcing a collection for the needs of the unit, and hope for your support 🫶🏻 together to victory!

🎯Goal: 168,888.00 UAH

🔗Link to the bank

💳Bank card number

5375 4112 1666 0071 → 5375 4112 1666 0071

Reports from previous meetings:



🗣️A number of countries, including Ukraine, are discussing how to sit down at the negotiating table.— Schultz.

German Chancellor interview Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung said that mediation initiatives for peace negotiations in Ukraine are ongoing.

He cited an example that immediately after the attack, RF and Ukraine held direct negotiations, but they failed. The Chancellor explained that this happened because the Kremlin used them only as a pretext to cover the transfer of troops to Donbass for a major offensive.

Then mass murders in Bucha and Irpin - unbelievable crimes against humanity committed by Russian armed forces against the civilian population were uncovered. This deprived negotiations of any basis, - emphasized Scholz.

He also reminded us that during the war there were negotiations about the grain corridor, the security of the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, and the exchange of prisoners.

A number of countries, including Ukraine, are currently discussing at the level of security advisors what could lead to a peaceful process. But let me clarify one thing: peace is possible at any time. Putin just needs to end his barbaric campaign and withdraw the troops, - said the Chancellor of Germany.



😈When the occupiers tried to install an anti-personnel mine, their motorboat was swept away by the current onto a similar mine installed earlier.

📹: Madjar



Mariana Bezuhla applied to leave the Servant of the People faction, but her request was rejected due to incorrect documentation.

The deputy herself assures that she left the Servant of the People party and passed all the procedures. Supposedly, all questions are directed to the leadership.

It's funny, until a certain moment. But, as they say, every joke has a grain of truth. So, this is the same case.



All units of the Burshtyn and Ladyzhyn power plants were damaged as a result of a large-scale attack on the energy sector by the Russian Federation on March 22.— Executive director of DTEK Dmitry Sakharuk.

Power units in various degree of destruction: from complete to over 50%, - said Saharuk.

I'm driving in the car, listening to the radio. It turns out, there is no threat to Kharkiv. It's all enemy disinformation. Meduza wrote this! And you, citizens, don't believe the enemies, and get ready for shish kebabs in May.

Déjà vu. Two years have passed, and hundreds of experts, ministers, deputies once again reassure the population: no enemy strike groups have been formed, there will be no advance from Belarus, an airborne assault on Gostomel is impossible, Kharkiv is not threatened by anything...

Do you seriously?.. Maybe there is no war going on in our country?.. Then why are defense lines being built around Kharkov, Kiev, Dnipro?.. Why calm the hamsters down, who, on the contrary, need to be driven to training grounds and taught basic war skills, mobilized to dig trenches, build bomb shelters, organize civil defense units...

No, nothing like that is happening. But the enemy IPSO is being exposed, and grandmothers sitting near the half-bombed entrances of the city are being reassured. Sit tight...

I am driving in the car, listening to the radio. It turns out, there is a Defense Council in Kyiv, which suddenly came to its senses and took over the possibility of penetration into the capital of sabotage and reconnaissance groups, disinformation on social networks, and the security of people at mass events.

What are the mass measures during the war? Let me decode. Someone very smart gave a hint to the Kiev authorities (I think, and in other cities as well) to work out measures in case of protests and disturbances due to the end of the term of President Zelensky's powers prescribed by the Constitution. Hence DRG and disinformation in social networks. In general, nonsense.

I'm driving in the car, listening to the radio. It turns out that Kyiv deputies want to create a communal enterprise for the production of drones in Kyiv. It is proposed to allocate 400 million UAH for this, create new jobs, involve resources...

Overall, blah-blah-blah ... Embezzlement of money in the style of laying paving stones. While across the country dozens of experienced drone assembly teams are sitting without work because the state promised, but did not allocate money.

Such is our radio during the war. (c)Yurii Kasyanov



👨‍👧‍👦 - Father with childrenBecoming a father of many children for $4500 .


The man was going to visit his underage son and twin daughters born in Lithuania. Later, border guards found out that 11 months before the birth of the younger girls, the violator did not leave Ukraine, and with the woman indicated as the mother, the opposite story - she never entered the territory of our state.

The young man admitted to the intention of illegally entering Hungary, as well as to the fact that forged documents were made for him for $4.5 thousand through the Telegram channel.

Forgery of documents poses a criminal liability. A message has been sent to the National Police.



🤬 This year, the services for creating a telethon will least 560 million hryvnias .



🦾🇩🇪🦾 GermanyGermany has handed over a large package of aid to Ukraine

He entered:

- 5 tracked repair-evacuation vehicles and 9 tracked command all-terrain vehicles Warthog.

Ammunition for Leopard 2 A6.

▪️18 thousand rounds of 155 mm caliber ammunition.

▪️14 reconnaissance drones Vector with spare parts and 30 reconnaissance drones RQ-35 Heidrun

▪️180 sets of RF 360 sexual components - drone detection systems.

▪️6 WISENT 1 clearance vehicles

▪️2 BEAVER bridge layers with spare parts.

1 BREM Bergepanzer 2 with spare parts.

▪️9 mine trawls.

▪️2 thousand RGW 90 Matador grenade launchers.

Also, Berlin is preparing to transfer rockets to Kiev for Patriot and 20 Marder BMPs.



🤬 Mykolaivka was shelled by four guided aerial bombs - Vadim Filashkin, Head of Donetsk Regional Military Administration.

According to him, a woman died as a result of the impact.



💬Counteroffensive of the Russian Federation is expected at the end of May or in June, - Zelensky for CBS Mornings.

The President said that Ukraine needs help right now.



🔥Occupants report that the Russian Su-35 was hit by friendly fire in the so-called Crimea.

How much light joy, sincerity in these simple but wise and hopeful words. How many warnings and distrust in the eyes of students from Sumy. Perhaps they are starting to understand that someone born with Instagram and TikTok will definitely return there... But now the boom has a completely different sound and meaning. Especially in Sumy. Ukraine hears it every night and day. And while we laugh on. (c) Stanislav Chepurko

And this is our president...



In Ukraine there is a massive air alarm!

The air forces report enemy aviation activity.

The decline in Zelensky's rating is associated with the fact that the war is currently in a period of stagnation, - believes OP advisor Podolyak.

Mda... They in the NBU believe that what causes the rating to fall is not that more and more people find out and understand that Zelensky did not prepare Ukraine for war, corruption in the president's circle, the servants are constantly in scandals, Zelensky fired Zaluzhny, failures and mistakes in international politics, and much more, but all because of stagnation... Idiots. That's how they successfully bury Zelensky's rating.



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Had a phone conversation with House Speaker Johnson. Thanked him personally, both parties, the American people, and President Biden for the vital support to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

He told about the situation on the battlefield, in particular about the sharp increase in Russian air terror. Only in the past week, Ukrainian cities and communities were hit by 190 rockets, 140 "Grad" missiles, and 700 KAB bombs. The largest Ukrainian HPP was put out of order.

In this situation, rapid adoption of aid by Congress for Ukraine is critically important. We realize that there are different positions in the House on how to do this, but the main thing is that the issue of aid to Ukraine remains a unifying factor.

Also discussed the need for the fastest possible closure of the sources from which Russia funds its war, as well as the use of frozen Russian assets for the benefit of Ukraine. In this, we also count on Congress leadership.



🤬 Kadri consequences of shelling of Kherson on March 27 and 28.



🤝Sirsky had a phone conversation with the Chairman of the United States Chiefs of Staff Committee General Charles Brown

Sides discussed the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the coming months, the issue of necessary US assistance to Ukraine, particularly in strengthening defenses against Russian missile and bomb strikes.

Also discussed were fortification development and strategic issues for the perspective of 2024.

Noting the disgraceful situation when the authorities try to infringe on freedom of speech and clear the information field.Details below:

Today, in our department responsible for advertising, a middleman approached us, asking for money to remove material from the Espresso

Standards that our editorial office follows not only do not allow us to charge for clearing the information field, but also require us to inform the public about such attempts in order to prevent further attempts to interfere with editorial policy.Anastasiya Ravva

All details at the link ⬇️



The bill on mobilization is 95% ready, - MP Zheleznyak

According to him, the Committee on Defense today completed consideration of 4051 out of 4266 amendments to the document.



💬 Almost all missiles, drones and guided bombs launched by Russia at Ukraine since the beginning of 2024 have hit civilian targets.

According to Defense Minister Umierov, only 3% of these Russian missiles, drones, and guided bombs hit military targets.

If you feel that there is no more strength, despair has settled in your heart.. look at our guys. This is what I tell myself, because different things happen.. 😔

So, let us remember that incredible people protect us in the rear, this storyline will be here. So stop despairing! Let's move on, donate, and believe in our own! Because they are strong! 💪🔥Ahava Teslenko



There was a lot of international communication. Spoke with the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States Mike Johnson. About what is most important now for protecting life and international security. I informed about the situation on the front line now, about ongoing Russian strikes on our cities - their terror only increases and can be stopped only by the physical force of our defense.

Ukraine is grateful for the support of the United States and every American who feels just like we do that freedom should never lose. And it is very important for Congress to maintain its leadership, so that the defense of freedom remains an idea that unites - unites both within countries and the majority of the world. Right now - with our determination, our joint actions - the world of our children is being decided.

Today practically the same things were discussed by the head of the National Assembly of France. She is visiting Ukraine, and I am grateful for the attention to our state, for how Ukrainians withstand this time - this battle. We discussed perspectives - how we can bring a fair end to this war and expel Russian occupiers.

Thank you to everyone who is helping! Glory to all who defend Ukraine and destroy the occupier!

Glory to Ukraine!

Combat wing InformNapalm, led by Sergeant Mykhailo Makaruk (Erion) from the battlefields in eastern Ukraine, congratulates brothers in arms, friends, and readers on the 10th anniversary of the founding of our international community.

And to this event, the combat wing has already accumulated many needs, which we have postponed for the general collection until the anniversary of the community. Mykhailo today opened a bank for collecting and outlined the most important needs of his unit. Part of which we are closing with our own efforts in the current mode, but there are needs for operational solutions that we need and your support.

💳 Main bank collection ways to make donations, which help us to automatically address current needs in the background.



As a result of an accident near Leipzig, Germany on March 27, two Ukrainians were injured, - Suspilne, referring to MZS.

Information about the death of the Ukrainian citizen has not been confirmed.

I have a feeling that in Belgorod they are hinting at the need for denazification. There, the communal services laid out a rubber coating in the form of... a Nazi swastika on a children's playground.

Rusnya has never been so close to failure.



We have gathered for you the main things you might have missed on March 28th:

🔹Germany announcednew big packagemilitary assistance to Ukraine.

🔹 In temporarily occupied SevastopolA military aircraft of the Russian Federation has crashed in the Black Sea.

🔹The Economist warned about preparationlarge-scale offensive of the Russian Federation in the summer .

🔹At the checkpoint "Ugriniv-Dolhobychuv" temporarilythe traffic jam endedtrucks in both directions.

🔹In Polandrevealed a spy network, which was engaged in discrediting Ukraine on the international stage.

🔹 Ukraine and Slovakia will launchcommon railway route

I think that the National Security and Defense Council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should pay attention to such individuals, impose sanctions on them and create conditions they deserve. And it doesn't matter what citizenship they hold. Working for Russia? Helping to pay taxes and finance the Russian army? Take responsibility.

It became known that Tony Watkins has been appointed as the CEO of the Russian game development company Astrum Entertainment. In Russia, he is known as the former head of EA Russia.

Watkins headed the Russian branch of Electronic Arts from 2005 to 2019, as well as held executive positions at Kaspersky, ESLFaceIT Group, Lavazza Coffee, Dirol Cadbury, and other companies. If he believes that you can work in Russia for bloody money, then we need to react to this. And not only to him. I wonder if there will be a reaction from Zelensky and his 5 managers to this and other cases? Will Abramovich and Avakov resolve everything?



Prime Minister of Cambodia Hun Manet has ordered the ban of melodic sound signals from vehicles after videos surfaced on social media showing people dancing on the roads and sidewalks as trucks pass by playing rhythmic melodies.

More videos on our TikTok👇

There is this thing called "priorities." Israeli researchers, in between genociding Palestinians and secretly controlling the world, together with Americans, who have a ton of things to worry about (from managing the Kiev regime to worshipping Satan), have developed a technology for early detection of Alzheimer's disease through blood analysis. Previously, it was detected at later stages through studying the history of the disease and analyzing cognitive abilities.

This is a very serious breakthrough. Early detection - early start of therapy plus lifestyle changes - slows down the process - prolongs the patient's normal life.

In Russia the serial production of planning bombs FAB-3000 has begun.




❗️Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to restrain the enemy on six directions, Russians have decreased the number of attacks near Avdiivka, - General Staff information.

Throughout the day, the Air Force Defense struck 14 areas of concentration of enemy personnel, weapons, and military equipment. Also, by the forces and means of Ukraine's air defense destroyed one guided missile.

Missiles troops units have struck 4 command points, 4 air defense means, 2 artillery means, and 1 enemy ammunition depot.

And I remind you that if you love books and reading, then there is a great tg-channel for you. Subscribe!

And about good news...



Ukrainian polar explorers from the station "Academic Vernadsky" showed unique footage of a humpback whale playing in the water.

Once, more than 15 years ago, my wife and I went to the theater. It was Aeneid at the Franko Theater. Anatoliy Hostikoyev played the main character Aeneas, and the role of the Author was performed by Bohdan Stupka. Our seats were near the aisle. During the performance, the Author walked through the audience hall and loudly read his monologue. At some point, Bohdan Slyvetsky took a pause, the hall was silent, but it was interrupted by someone's snoring. Can you imagine? A fantastic performance, emotional tension, a magical play of incredible actors, and in the midst of it all, snoring! Just behind us, my wife and I. It was such a long, loud snoring, and it was almost next to Bohdan Stupka. The hall froze in anticipation of the actor's reaction. I expected either outrage or insult from the master. But the reaction was different. He took a few steps and, standing next to the place where a sleeping person was sitting, he loudly continued reciting his monologue. The man flinched, woke up, and saw the great Stupka next to him. The entire hall was watching them. The man turned red. But Bohdan Slyvetsky reassuringly patted him on the shoulder, finished the sentence, and headed towards the stage. The woman sitting next to him hissed loudly: Did you get drunk, pig? Are you going to keep drinking in the theater? And he replied: I will! If I hadn't gotten drunk, Stupka wouldn't have patted my shoulder.

This story reminded me of something, and that we extremely often expect such a reaction from others, which we are ready to show ourselves. The same goes for perception of information. Because we expect that the person will easily understand what we want to convey, but it is not always so and we all need to remember this. And I also want to go to the theater. Without any anxieties. But that's already a different story.