Mar 1, 2022 - Day 6

Mick Jagger is with us 🇺🇦

📺 Netflix will not broadcast Russian propaganda channels.

📌 Mariupol remains practically without electricity, but is under the control of the Ukrainian army. Mayor of the city Vadim Boichenko.

⚡️ The siege of Kherson has begun.

According to eyewitnesses, the enemy is advancing from the side of the airport towards Mykolaiv highway and the roundabout near the cold storage plant.

‼️ ATTENTION! An air alarm has been declared in Kyiv!

We urgently ask everyone to take shelter in civil defense!


‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!

⚡️⚡️ More sanctions and weapons!

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, held negotiations with the Secretary of State of the United States, Antony Blinken.

And meanwhile, Walt Disney stops showing films in Russian cinemas.

Well, let them admire their Mikhalkov or whoever they have there. 🐷

🤝 President of Poland Andrzej Duda discussed the war in Ukraine with Volodymyr Zelensky over the phone.

In particular, Russian missiles, including internationally banned cluster bombs, are being dropped on residential quarters in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and other cities.

The head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, addressed the Belarusians, who continue to fight against the regime of the blue-dictator, and thanked them for their bravery.






Bridges are destroyed in war.

Some of them can be rebuilt. Like a bridge in Bucha. And we will definitely do it when we win.

Some of them can never be rebuilt. Like a bridge between Ukraine and Russia.

But the real miracle is that bridges appear in war.

Some of them will be destroyed when they are no longer needed. Or if they were built by occupiers.

And some of them will stay forever. Like bridges that arise every minute between millions of Ukrainians.

🇺🇦 🤝 🇪🇺 How quickly everything goes:

Ukraine's application for membership in the EU, registered, the review procedure has started

Can you imagine that those who are sleeping now might wake up in the EU already? 🤣

Sergey Shkarlet announced that the Ministry of Education and Science has exempted primary and basic school students from taking the State Final Certification this academic year.

"Due to the situation in Ukraine, which suffers from the brutal, open and large-scale aggression of the Russian Federation, today I issued an order that exempts students who are completing primary and basic general secondary education in the 2021/2022 academic year from taking the State Final Certification."

Final preparations for the new season of Ukrainian Fashion Week. Macrame by renowned Ukrainian designer Serge Smolin.





🛰 Elon Musk's gifts are already working. According to Speedtest service, Starlink satellites provide download speeds of more than 100 Mbps in Kyiv.

🇬🇧 Russian courts are forbidden from entering British ports.

You will even more -- these sanctions apply not only to vessels registered under the Russian flag and in Russia, but also to those managed by Russian captains or hired by individuals from the Russian Federation.

Row your dumb ass!

Russian warship, go fuck yourself.

In just two days, the total donations for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in cryptocurrency amounted to 12.7 million dollars. Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov reported this.

"The most funds are allocated in Ethereum ($5.5 million), Bitcoin ($4.4 million), Tether ($2.1 million)."

Ukraine continues to receive assistance from Western partners.

Only in the past day we received:

⚡️EU - a lethal weapon worth 450 million euros;

⚡️Norway - 230 million dollars of humanitarian aid.

⚡️Italy - 110 million euros.

⚡️Australia - lethal military.


⚡️ Ukraine has purchased 3,000 automatic rifles and 200 anti-tank weapons from Belgium.

⚡️Germany - anti-tank weapons and 500 Stinger anti-aircraft missiles;

⚡️Czech Republic - weapons and equipment for a total of 18 million dollars.

⚡️Sweden - 5 thousand units of anti-tank weapons.

Thank you! Ukraine will not forget this!


🔴 "He was and remains Ukrainian!" The mayor of Kherson made a statement before the assault on the occupiers.

Russian troops are preparing to storm Kherson, but Mayor Igor Kolykhayev promises not to surrender the city and believes that it will stand.

"This is not a fight, it's a war. And wars are won with smart actions and cold-bloodedness. Kherson will stand. Just let it do it."


❗️There is an air alarm in Vinnytsia.

Two trophy tanks T-90A.





Famous chef Yevhen Klopotenko has developed and published a recipe for the least edible dish "Russian warship - go fuck yourself!"

To prepare this dish you will need:

Russian military equipment of questionable quality.

demoralized and confused personnel of the Russian army 😔💔

- 40 million active Ukrainians who are ready to fight for their independence, freedom, and life. Who are armed with modern technology and weapons.

Enjoy your meal!


❇️What does membership in the European Union give to the citizens of Ukraine?

Ukraine felt the first benefits of future membership in 2017 when it received visa-free travel.

The Center for Countering Disinformation of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine has compiled the main advantages of Ukraine's membership in the European Union for Ukrainian citizens:

✅Border without barriers. In many countries, passports are not checked at the borders.

Strengthening consumer rights. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of new roads and airports, you can submit a complaint to the European Parliament Commission.

✅More goods at affordable prices.

✅High-quality European education.

✅ Impulse for sectoral cooperation

🇦🇺Australia will provide Ukraine with $75 million in aid.

25 million dollars - humanitarian aid.

50 million dollars - weapons and ammunition.



In Poland, they painted a cool street art.

Everyone remembers what happened to the main character in the movie? Putin's death will not be skipped either.

The company Mastercard announced that she blocked several financial institutions in Russia from accessing the payment network.

In the city of Chuguyiv in the Kharkiv region, for the first time since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, they caught a looter. He wanted to take advantage of the tense situation and rob a store - to steal four bottles of alcohol.





🇯🇵 Japan has imposed sanctions against Russia - funds of three banks will be frozen and the sale of anything will be prohibited for 49 companies and organizations, including the FSB, GRU, and military state corporations.

In addition, personally, Putin, Lavrov, Shoigu, Gerasimov, Patrushev, Medvedev have also fallen under sanctions.

Twitter of the Verkhovna Rada

🇺🇸 Actor Robert De Niro supports Ukraine.

Everything is very simple, it's not about democracy, but about what is right and what is not. About truth. We have to do something to stop the aggression. Democracy is a path that we must follow to keep our sanity," the actor said.

Let's remind ourselves:

He starred in the movies "The Godfather", "Irishman", and others.

Source: BBC

The car park of Sumska Regional Administration/SOVA is being replenished with new vehicles, despite the war 😂 The leaders of one of the state enterprises, subordinate to the administration, along with the defense forces, captured enemy equipment with their bare hands!





Ukrainian grandmother, a pensioner, tells that she learned how to make Molotov cocktails with the help of Google and is now ready to confront the Russians.

Be like this grandmother, get ready to burn the fascist pillowcase that came to kill Ukrainians, it will burn on our land and then in hell.

Glory to Ukraine!

✅ We know that you're smart!

But be careful, do not fall for provocation and continue doing what you do.

Sony Pictures has also suspended its operations in the territory of the Russian Federation.



Until the blockade of access of certain Russian banks to SWIFT, as well as already sent humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

As Reuters notes, joining the sanctions is rather a symbolic step, as Taiwan's trade with Russia is already minimal.

‼️ ATTENTION! An air alarm has been declared in Kiev!

We urgently ask everyone to seek shelter in civil defense!


‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!

❗️There is an air alarm in Kiev, Vinnitsa, and Cherkasy!

Command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

During the attack of the occupiers on Vasylkiv and Brovary, Ukrainian Air Force interceptors shot down two Russian planes, while another three Russian planes were brought down by S-300 complexes. In total, on February 28th, 5 enemy fighter jets were shot down, according to preliminary data, these were SU-30 and SU-35.

The AFU shot down a cruise missile and one helicopter using the BUK-M1 anti-aircraft missile systems.

Assigned blows by the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

❗️During the day, the SU-25 attackers bombed columns of armored vehicles in the Kyiv and Zhytomyr regions.

❗️SU-24 M bombers delivered 4 bomb strikes on tank and mechanized columns in Chernihiv Oblast and near Berdiansk.

❗️"Bairaktarami" destroyed a tank and 2 SAM "BUK".

I don't know these losers at all, just like they don't know what they're talking about. They must be some top TikTokers. Maybe your kids know them. Listen to what they say together. The same text is identical for different people. So, the Russian Federation has involved its own children in the war. Our children are only dying, while they receive money and brainwash their peers.

❗️President Volodymyr Zelensky has signed a decree granting the title of Hero of Ukraine to twelve of our defenders. ETERNAL GLORY!

To Lieutenant Colonel Vahorovsky Eduard Mykolayovych (posthumously). He perished while saving our aviation from a missile strike. He gave others the opportunity to take off into the air.

Major Kolomiyts Dmitry Valeriyovych (posthumously). He saved his comrades, diverted enemy aircraft fire onto himself, and was shot down by an enemy plane.

To Lieutenant Colonel Matulyak Hennadiy Vasylovych (posthumously). Hostomel. Destroyed the enemy's accumulated equipment.

· Lieutenant Movchan Vitaliy Anatoliyovich (posthumously). In an anti-air combat, he destroyed two enemy aircraft.

To Colonel Oksanchenko Oleksandr Yakovych (posthumously). He perished in an aerial battle, diverting enemy aviation's attention to himself.

To Senior Lieutenant Radionov Vyacheslav Denisovich (posthumously). Thanks to his courageous actions, the full fleet of the brigade's aircraft took off in the air in Vasilkov, and this saved us from a missile strike.

To Senior Lieutenant Herus Andriy Andriyovych. Enemy Il-76 was shot down over the city of Kropyvnytskyi, preventing the landing of Russian paratroopers with weaponry.

To Brigadier General Krasilnikov Dmitry Sergeyovich, commander of the operational-tactical group "North". For two days, he defended against continuous assault, saved people and equipment, and prevented the enemy from reaching Kharkiv from the Luhansk region.

· To Colonel Kruglov Andrii Mykolaiovych. He led the "Buk" air defense unit out of enemy strikes and personally destroyed two Russian helicopters and one aircraft.

To Colonel Mostovoy Oleksandr Volodymyrovych. Near Vasilkov, the Russian Il-76 was shot down, as well as two Mi-24 helicopters, preventing the landing of the armed forces.

· To Lieutenant General Sodoly Yuri Ivanovich. In the battles for Volnovakha, he saved our guys from encirclement, organized a successful counterattack. Led people out from under enemy fire. Extremely effectively defends Mariupol.

To Colonel Edward Mykolayovych Khoroshun from the Medical Service. Personally organized the defense of the military medical center in the encirclement and conducted the evacuation of the wounded.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

⚡️ The European Union imposed sanctions against:

🔹 press secretary of Putin Dmitry Peskov;

🔹 The head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin.

🔹 Oligarch Alisher Usmanov;

🔹 businessman Peter Aven;

🔹 Billionaire Mikhail Fridman;

Also on the EU black list are: Mordashov, Timchenko, Fradkov. Propagandists Skabeeva, Keosayan, Krasovsky, Prilepin, cellist Roldugin, director Tigran Keosayan, and chairman of the board of directors of Sheremetyevo Airport Alexander Ponomarenko, journalists Arkady Mamontov and Roman Babayan, as well as "Sogaz".

Putin's billionaires are rapidly becoming millionaires. And accomplices in crime. So they'd better solve Putin's problem while they still can.

American military analyst Michael Kofman warns: Russia is revising its tactics for invading Ukraine, the war could become much scarier. He is quoted by the website of the Russian edition of BBC News.

The expert on the Russian army at the American analytical center CNA writes: the initial plans of the Russian army have failed, Ukrainians are winning the information war surrounding the military actions, but the Russians have not yet fully deployed their forces.

According to Kofman's assessment, in the first stage, the Russian army focused on the rapid advancement of mobile groups, capturing key objects and cities for quick success with minimal casualties. These assaults and mobile groups - without reinforcements, without air cover - are crushing the Ukrainians. By sharing these successes, they are winning the information war in the first five days.

"(But) the fifth day of the war shows that the Russian army is seriously reconsidering tactics, halting fast raids without support, replenishing supplies, and reorganizing," writes Kofman. Russia has enormous resources, and the Russian aviation has not been fully utilized, he warns.

"What's next? The Russian political leadership still doesn't acknowledge the failure of its plan and continues attempts to quickly seize Kiev. But we see that they are increasingly using firepower and air forces. Unfortunately, I presume that the worst is yet to come, and this war may become much more terrifying," writes an American analyst.

At first, Putin wanted to capture us quickly. It didn't work out. Now he wants to destroy us. It won't happen. Then he will want to avoid responsibility for everything he has done. We must not let him have such an opportunity. In any case, a new shameful page has appeared in the history of Russia - a lost war with Ukraine. Because they have already lost the war. And Putin understands that. That's why he's so furious.

Unfortunately, tonight one of the world's best fighter pilots - Ukrainian Colonel Alexander Oksanchenko died in an air battle. 😢👨‍✈️

He distracted the enemy aviation onto himself.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, posthumously awarded Oksanchenko the title of Hero of Ukraine.

Eternal memory to the hero.

Warner Bros studio canceled the screening of Batman in Russia and is ceasing its activities in the aggressor country. Disney and Sony Pictures are also leaving Russia, according to the media.

Everyone despises scoundrels.

I want to explain a little about what sometimes happens in the comments. I'll start with the fact that bots and trolls enter there. I'll continue by saying that these are not people, but programs that have a set of automatically generated responses. And I'll conclude by saying - don't react to them. You don't argue with the TV, do you? So, don't engage in discussions with them. Ignore them. And I will gradually remove their comments and clean up. Which I already do constantly. This is part of information hygiene. Don't give in to emotions. Everything will be fine.

In Cherkasy, a saboteur was arrested. It is fortunate for this person to be alive.

Work of the EOD. Disposal doesn't stop.

Genius moron!

Good morning! Dunedain is with us! 🇺🇦🔥

Who knows how to write a love letter to Mordor as good as Aragorn?

This is just one crime out of many committed by Russian occupiers. Regular killers. Regular thieves. Regular scum. Criminals under the Russian flag. And they die under it too.

The Russian Aviation Authority suggested to Russians in other countries not to wait for "humanitarian flights", but to seek alternative routes to Russia. It's all logical. The problems of the herd do not interest the Russian authorities.

So it will be!

Operational information as of 06.00 from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the day, the enemy has been conducting troop redeployment and carrying out missile and aerial bomb attacks. They have attempted tactical landings and widely used sabotage and reconnaissance groups to attack civilian and military infrastructure objects.

▪️Defensive battles are ongoing in the northern-eastern direction in order to prevent the enemy's advance towards the capital in Sivershchyna.

In the suburbs of Chernihiv, the appearance of separate enemy DRG (sabotage and reconnaissance groups) was noted. With the support of armored vehicles, they tried to break through into the city, but were destroyed by Ukrainian defenders.

On other fronts, the tank and mechanized units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with the support of aviation and artillery, continue to engage in defensive battles on occupied frontlines. The enemy is being targeted by all available means of fire.

▪️In the Slobodzhanshchyna region, mechanized brigades and the Desantno-storming forces of the operational group are destroying the live force and military equipment of the Russian occupiers, who are trying to infiltrate and restore the position on the first defense line.

▪️The defense forces of Kyiv continue to protect the city, maintain the external defense lines, and critical infrastructure objects, preventing the approach of occupation units to the suburbs of the capital. Active measures are being taken to detect and destroy enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups, which, ignoring the norms of international humanitarian law, disguise themselves in the military uniform of the Armed Forces, National Guard, and National Police of Ukraine in order to infiltrate Kyiv through the battle formations of our troops.

▪️The persistent defense of our troops rapidly lowers the enemy's morale and their will to win. Cases of desertion and voluntary surrender of entire units have been recorded.

🔹Thank you for your work, our Air Forces. Only in the past day they have destroyed 5 aircraft of the Russian aggressor. The overall losses of the enemy will be reported later.

Victory will be ours! Evil must be punished! Glory to Ukraine!

Fascist scum struck the center of Kharkiv. They are attacking the civilian population. Just like the Nazis did in the Second World War. There is no difference between them.

This is what the central square of Kharkiv looks like now after the rocket attack by Russian aggressors.

Everything you need to know about Russians and their understanding of what's happening. "I didn't send him there," says the occupant's father. But will he retrieve the body?

Phone conversation with the father of a "lost" occupant. For the Kremlin, they're all cannon fodder and disposable. And it seems like they couldn't care less about any of them. Even his father didn't send him to us.

Now it will be "Russia? Is it somewhere in Ukraine?"

This little one is peacefully sleeping in hiding and doesn't even suspect that in a few years they won't be talking about one great country in geography lessons...

‼️ ATTENTION! Air alarm has been declared in Kyiv!

We ask everyone to urgently go to the civil defense shelter!


‼️ ATTENTION! Air raid sirens in Kyiv!

Please proceed to the shelters!

Did you notice enemy equipment in your city or village? Did you see scared Russians running through your forests, gardens, and fields? Did you shout "spy" to suspicious people on the street, and they started running away?

Help our special forces destroy the occupiers!

Report enemy military equipment and personnel movements.


- Pay attention to the distinguishing features (as shown in the picture below).

— fix the time and place of the move;

— if possible, take a photo of what you see;

write to the special forces bot:

Save the website 👆 and don't forget to tell your neighbor about it.

Phone conversation with the father of a lost occupant: "I didn't send him there."

Snowy Kyiv is incredible 😍❄️

And you shoot from Bayraktars? 😄

So, f-ing awesome.

Thank you.

BUKs flew in, suddenly like 👀.

2022 year. Regular homework in computer science.

Kids, today we will take down Russian websites 😈, Monday will be independent work.

Caught a "Wagnerite". He used to kill people in Syria, and now this scum has come to kill Ukrainians. And now he agrees that Putin is a douchebag.

Good news - everything is quiet in Kherson.

Has Kherson been completely taken?

No, just a dick.

Losses losses of Russian-fascist troops as of 6:00 AM on March 1st:

🔻 5710 military personnel killed and injured.

🔻 200 полонених translates to "🔻 200 prisoners" in English.

🔻 846 combat armored vehicles. Note: In this translation, the emojis have been described instead of translating them into English.

🔻 305 units of automotive equipment.

🔻 198 tanks.

🔻 77 artillery systems.

🔻 29 helicopters.

🔻 29 planes

🔻 24 systems of rocket salvo fire.

🔻 7 means of air defense.

🔻 3 unmanned aerial vehicles of operational-tactical level.

🔻 2 boats

🔻 совість (1 од.). Але втрачена давно.🔻 conscience (1 sing.). But lost long ago.

Photo that the whole world must see.

"This is a shelter in a specialized children's home in Kropyvnytskyi. All the children there are orphans. Many of them are sick. They are asking for help with food, medicine, clothing, and toys! The children also need warm mattresses, blankets, and diapers. If you are in the city or nearby, please, do not pass by."

This emoji signifies that the content is restricted to individuals of 18 years and older.

News of the Armed Forces

🇺🇦 - Ukraine

They came to kill us. But now their mothers are killing themselves over their corpses.

London - Kyiv

At the end of World War II, the Nazis began shelling the territory of Great Britain with ballistic missiles V-2. Over 3000 missiles were launched (mostly targeting London). Hitler considered it a "weapon of retaliation".

London survived.

The fascists released 113 "Calibers" and "Iskanders" across the territory of Ukraine. Their goal - first of all, to spread panic among the civilian population.

But their calculation is despicably false: almost all of us are now soldiers or officials of the People's Army, which no Huylo can defeat.

Kyiv will stand strong. Ukraine will win.

We will destroy the Death Star together, my friend Luke.

Russian media once again write that their troops are in Hostomel. Oh really. They are there. And that's exactly what the occupiers and their equipment look like in Hostomel.

According to preliminary data, six people were injured or injured as a result of shelling of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration building, one of them being a child. The number of casualties is being specified by the State Emergency Service.

😡Kharkiv. Consequences of the fascist air strike on March 1.

🇺🇸❌Declaring captured Russian tanks and other equipment is not necessary, as the cost of this garbage does not exceed 100 subsistence minimums (248,100 UAH). –

National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption

The National Agency for Prevention of Corruption has a good sense of humor.

How do volunteers of DemSokiry work?

Desperately. Tirelessly. With swearing.

Look for yourself:


The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) 24/7 identifies and neutralizes agents, saboteurs, and accomplices of Russian invaders. The cleansing is carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine.

Here is a short selection from the regions in the last day:

🔹In Rivne region:

SBUs counterintelligence detained an agent of Russian special services.

He photographed and filmed strategic and military facilities in the region. This information was necessary for the invaders to prepare sabotage.

In addition, the traitor organized subversive activities on social networks. He tried to find accomplices who would spread hostile content for money.

🔹In Zhytomyr region:

SBU special forces neutralized a fire adjuster. He was detained directly at the moment when he was placing a radio beacon on the bridge while leaving Zhytomyr.

During the document check, he started shooting, but the security forces immediately eliminated him.

In addition, during the day, 8 people were detained who, for a monetary reward from the enemy, were placing markers for correction of fire and committing diversions.

🔹 In Mariupol:

Employees of the SBU have detained two traitors. They were passing information to the enemy about the location of checkpoints, the deployment and movement of Ukrainian military equipment. In social networks, enemy agents tried to sow panic and agitated residents to surrender Mariupol to Russian aggressors.

🔹In Dnipropetrovsk region:

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has reported suspicion of assisting Russian occupiers. A local resident was filming the movement of Ukrainian military equipment on his phone. Later, he transferred this data to a subscriber from the territory of the Russian Federation.

🔹In Zaporizhia:

SBU operatives arrested a hostile agent, who turned out to be a fighter of the so-called "DNR" and the leader of the "Vostok" battalion.

The fighter disguised himself as a local resident, and from the first day of the war, he was near military objects and photographed them.

Work continues!

Let's defend Ukraine together!🇺🇦




Near Kyiv, 2 helicopters of the occupiers were destroyed.

Spread it!

First Putin wanted to quickly capture us. It didn't work out. Now he wants to destroy us. It won't work out. Then he will want to avoid responsibility for everything he has done. We must not let him have such an opportunity. In any case, a new shameful page has appeared in Russian history - a lost war with Ukraine. Because they have already lost the war. And Putin understands that. That's why he's so furious.

What is happening now is not only a war for our future. No, it is also a war for the destruction of Russia, which Putin himself started. And he is losing the war. The whole world has united against him. He has already brought sanctions to Russia, an economic collapse, disconnection from SWIFT, restrictions on the use of Western technologies, and exclusions from international organizations, price increases, and the collapse of the ruble. And he has also brought death to Russia. Mothers will bury their children, whom Putin sent to fight in Ukraine. There are already thousands of them. And there will be tens of thousands. Significantly more than there were coffins from Afghanistan in the USSR. Russia is turning into an outcast state. And it is the merit of the same Putin.

But it would be unfair not to mention his other merits. Ukraine should thank him. And I will explain why. Because of Putin's actions in 2014, Ukraine began to change its attitude towards Russia. From a country with old Russophile traditions, Ukraine transitioned to anti-Russian preferences. It was the annexation of Crimea and the occupation of Donbass that contributed to this. And we also began to truly appreciate and love Ukraine. We learned to defend it. And we built up our army, which was tempered in the war against Russian mercenaries and occupiers. That's how Putin changed Ukraine's course. And now we are ready to be accepted into the EU. I can say that if it weren't for the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it wouldn't have happened anytime soon. Talks would have taken place, but the process itself... And now we are already one step away from accession. Even the part of the population that was previously in favor of hugs with Russia has changed. Now, even for them, Russia is clearly an enemy. There are still pro-Russian individuals, but they are so few that they have simply become marginal outcasts and no longer influence the general mood. Putin should thank himself for all of this. In general, if a person has nonsense in their head, they will act just as nonsensically. And everything turns out the opposite for them. Just like it is for Putin now.

We are currently fighting for our right to live in an independent and free Ukraine. We pay for this with our lives and health, our homes and our accustomed way of life. We will live on our land, given to us by God. This is our right and our desire. And we have already shown that we can defeat those who surpass us many times over in quantity, military, and financial potential. We did not let Putin implement a blitzkrieg. We burn his equipment and crush his troops. We shoot down his helicopters and planes in packs. And in response, he, like a wretched scoundrel and coward, shell children's gardens and maternity hospitals, residential quarters, and central squares of our cities with rockets. He does this in powerless fury and anger, with a manic copying of what Hitler did. But now it is Putler.

In any case, we will stand and win. And Putin... He will end up like Hitler. In the best, for him, case. But I would prefer a trial. Something like what happened in Nuremberg from 1945 to 1946. And I would really like to see Lavrov, Medvedev, Zakharova, Sukabieva, Solovyov, Kots, Tereshkova, Zhirik, Luka and all the other scum who have cultivated racism and ignited the fire of war. And I hope they will receive a deserved sentence, not an easy death by poison. Because these criminals must be punished. And it will happen. Meanwhile, we need to destroy as many occupiers as possible and save as many lives of our citizens as possible. With faith in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in ourselves, and in Ukraine.

We simply have no right not to win. So let's win. Together! Glory to Ukraine!

‼️ Belarusian troops entered Chernihiv region. The information was confirmed to Suspilne by Vitaliy Kyrylov, the spokesperson for the regional management of defense forces "Pivnich". More details to follow.

17 helicopters of the occupiers wanted to fly into Ukraine. But two of them decided to become submarines. Crappy, but submarines. The Armed Forces of Ukraine helped them fulfill their dream.

Croatian volunteers are with us 🇺🇦🇭🇷

Friends! Thank you for your support! We sincerely thank you and promise that Ukraine will win!

We received from you as of yesterday: 1,966,000 hryvnias.

Expenses yesterday: 673,653 hryvnias.

78,540 ⏤ essential goods for territorial defense and the Armed Forces of Kyiv: warm clothing, food, water.

10 630 ⏤ expenses for "cocktails" from the Cherkasy branch bartenders.

249 030 ⏤ 3 (три!) copters for Kyiv TRO and the Armed Forces brigade.

100 653 ⏤ equipment for TRO and the Armed Forces brigade: socks, gloves, thermal underwear, buffs, headlamps, hats, fleece jackets, mats.

31 800 - purchases in Lviv: medicines, warm clothes, thermoses.

203,000 ⏤ boots, unloading equipment, sleeping bags for the Kyiv TRO and the Armed Forces brigade.

🇺🇸 Don't stop! You can help with hryvnia here ⏤

🇺🇸 Account details for euro transfers:


IBAN Code: UA463052990000026000005007874


Bank SWIFT Code: PBANUA2XTranslation: Bank SWIFT Code: PBANUA2X

Company address: UA 01001 Kyiv, Obolonsky ave 34g apt.78.

Correspondent banks.

Account in the correspondent bank: 400886700401

SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank: COBADEFF

Correspondent bank: Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

🇺🇦 Cryptogamans:

BTC: bc1q7rl8wjyyjgxedfthr6n24uz2u8s94445ee8gtf

ETH: 0xaD7F901b1eba489552c37b071b7D97DDB2DF27B6

DASH: XbKPJBPBdyHDszrtgV3pK2QRFDspywDcmn

LTC: ltc1qfgtjzv2vqg8uymu3xfeflzs546eecvyspmnk0z

MONERO: 843oduRuJ5uD2vZx92eLM3DaMNiAhfFAQYwywV3GCCbehw6JCc5e2KWXZtQxWG6pghjUq1ZFiH4TQ7ih2D1R2ceb8REWfFV


Share our details with friends.

They hugged you tightly. And went to their positions 🙂

Dear compatriots!

Russians are completely deceived by propaganda that has been pouring into their ears for decades. The Russian government remains silent about what is really happening here.

Open your eyes, Russian mothers. Send this video to your acquaintances, friends, or relatives in the Russian Federation and Belarus.

Let them take to the streets! Let them demand that the authorities stop the war!

They write that Lukashenko finally gave the order and Belarusians attacked Ukraine. So, they will be fools. And it's time to multiply Lukashenko by zero.

Fascist scumbags shoot at a high-rise building in the residential area of Kherson. B*tches!!! It's civilian population. They just want to kill as many Ukrainians as possible. I hate them.

Column of captive occupiers. Got the creatures.

These bitches want our blood. They will choke on it!

Russians all over the world complain that they have faced bullying because they are Russian. For example, children get harassed at schools for the war in Ukraine.

Brilliant special operation to protect Russians and strengthen the Russian world, chief!

⚠️The Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine warns citizens against spreading information about infrastructure damage from missile strikes. Sharing photographs with precise coordinates (street/alley, house number, side of the building) allows the enemy, who monitors chats and social networks, to adjust their fire.

👆🏻However, it is necessary to document the results of the shelling so that the whole world can see the crimes committed by Russians in Ukraine.

📸Sharing a photo:

• Choose only photos where the destruction is clearly visible up close.

• On the photo, you should not capture neighboring houses.

Take care of yourselves and pass this information on to others! Reposts save lives! 💪

🇺🇦 Everything will be Ukraine! Let's stop the enemy together!

Buryat liberator. Met with our paratroopers. Already considers Putin a fucker and calls home to be rescued from captivity. Scum.

Shoigu stated that Russia will hold the "first international anti-fascist congress" in August. And this idiot-optimist believes that he will make it until August? Funny.

MVS: Almost 80 thousand of our compatriots have returned to their homeland, the majority of whom are men.

Patriots who worked or temporarily resided abroad are arriving in Ukraine to join the ranks of the Armed Forces, other military formations, and territorial defense forces. We are proud of our compatriots!

Occupied Kupyansk. Kharkiv region. People drive the occupiers out of their native land, by hook or by crook.

Glory to Ukraine!

A friend from Austria, a professor at Vienna University, has shared some news. Russian students have started being expelled from the university and are being asked to leave the student campuses in the nearest future. This is a reaction to the invasion of Ukraine. The attempt by Russian students to solve this problem with money leads to reporting to the police and accelerated deportation. Don't forget to thank Putin, Russians.

In Ukraine, they are launching the app "Air Alarm" that will alert about danger in a specific region.

It can be downloaded:

Google Play Market


Morning press in Great Britain:

📰 On the front pages - reports of the deaths of children during a military conflict at the hands of Russian occupiers. All sympathies are with Ukraine.

📰 The Daily Mail readers have raised £1.2 million for Ukrainian refugees.

📰 Priti Patel ruled out the possibility of visa-free entry for all Ukrainians, but emphasized that the Home Office may soon create a visa route that would allow entry into the country not only for close relatives but also for extended family members of Ukrainian citizens already residing in Britain.

Shortly before the start of the war, Putin spoke nonsense about Lenin and Ukraine. I must admit, I still didn't understand - whether he was defending or accusing him. In principle, my confusion seems justified - you can't understand the logic of a mentally unstable person. But in one of the versions, Putin apparently did praise Lenin after all! Well, then it's worth reminding of one of Lenin's sayings. It should be very relevant in Russia now.

"Financial capital is such a significant, one might say, deciding force in all economic and international relations that it is capable of subjugating and indeed subjugates even states enjoying complete political independence."

And let the fucker read Hitler, of whom he is now a true follower. He once said, "The beginning of every war is like opening the door to a dark room. You never know what is hidden in the darkness." In our case, the answer to this situation is obvious - it's a Ukrainian with a machine gun, shooting in a row while saying, "Russian, go fuck yourself!"

👌💰 Mayor of ChernihivNote: The translation is "Mayor of Chernihiv". The emojis "👌" and "💰" are kept as they are in the original text.

пообіцяв - promised

"To the residents of Chernihiv region 🌇🌳, a reward for disabling enemy equipment."

🔻BTR 150 thousand UAH

🔻BMP 200 thousand UAH🔻BMP stands for "Боевая Машина Пехоты" in Russian, which translates to "Infantry Fighting Vehicle" in English. The text is mentioning the price of the BMP, which is 200 thousand UAH (Ukrainian Hryvnia).

🔻Tank 250 thousand hryvnias.

🔻Captured and killed, $300 per head

A rocket in the central square of Kharkiv is an open, uncovered terror. After such an incident, Russia is a terrorist state. No one will forgive. No one will forget.

The Center for Defense Strategies received the names of 120,000 Russian military personnel who are fighting on the territory of Ukraine.

It's a shame there's no photo. It would be possible to share and send greetings to relatives on social media.


Britain is going to raise the issue of excluding Russia from the UN Security Council, said the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson.

Burn in hell, fascist creatures!

And they want to conquer our country? Ukrainians with bare hands throw themselves at the car with the occupiers and don't let it pass. The damn Russians will never conquer Ukraine! NEVER!

Attention! There is an urgent task now for those who are engaged in information warfare ❗️

We need to block these sales bloggers.

#underthehashtagNote: The original text is in Ukrainian. The translation provided is:#underthehashtag

#Let's make peace.

They publish paid propaganda. Everyone reads it as if it's from a manual, even funny. Perhaps their audience is not so important to them, so we do it as follows:

We go to the link - click on the account - press three dots at the top right - "complaint" - "report account" - "inappropriate content" - "hate speech propaganda" - "send".

All links below.

Your smartphones are your weapons!







































Perhaps in the future there will be more of such videos, you can always check it with the hashtag.

#Let's make peace

So, feel free to complain directly to the account ‼️

Head of the Accounts Chamber Valery Patskan initiates raising the issue of resetting Ukraine's external debt. And it is about 57 billion dollars. He wrote about it on Facebook.

"The scale of destruction in Ukraine caused by Russia's aggression is colossal! Taking this into account, it is necessary to demand the writing off of Ukraine's debts from our external creditors. Currently, the external debt amounts to 1.6 trillion hryvnia or over 57 billion dollars."

"International financial organizations need to review the debt policy and write off Ukraine's debts!" - stated Patskan.

"The aggressor will be destroyed! And we will have work waiting for us on the country's restoration!" - he added.

📌 During the war, Volodymyr Zelensky appoints Mykola Zhernov as the head of Kyiv's military administration.

❗️In Kyiv, Konotop, Zhytomyr, and in Cherkasy region, there is an air alarm — do not leave your shelter.

Belarusian fathers and mothers! Did you not want to stop your children from invading Ukraine? You will be burying your children-occupiers!

Odessa ❤️🇺🇦

❗️Six people were rescued from under the rubble in the Kharkiv Regional State Administration (ODA), at least seven injured. The rescue operation is ongoing - Deputy Chief of the State Emergency Service of Kharkiv Oblast Anatoliy Toryanyk.

Very, very subtle 😉

"This is a civilian MiG. You can buy one at any MiG store in Poland, Bulgaria, and Slovakia."

🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦 Kupyansk. The local population raised a flag over the city. The Russian occupier is heading in the right direction.

We kindly ask to send to the Russians 🇷🇺

The people of Kharkiv came out onto the destroyed after the rocket strike Rakhystiv Square, and sent "hello" to the occupants.

🔥 Algorithm for the entry of foreigners into the Foreign Legion of the territorial defense of Ukraine.

🌀 Algorithm for foreigners to join the Foreign Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine 🇺🇦 ✅ First, you need to express your genuine interest in joining the Foreign Legion. 🤝✅ Then, ensure you possess the following qualifications: 🔹 Age between 18 and 40 years old. ⏳🔹 Good health condition. 💪🔹 No criminal record. 🚫🔍🔹 Adequate physical fitness. 🏋️‍♂️🔹 Strong will and determination. 💪💼🔹 High moral character. 👤✨✅ After confirming your qualifications, you should follow these steps:1️⃣ Contact the recruitment office ( and express your intention to join. 📧📞2️⃣ Fill out and send the required application form. 📝✉️3️⃣ Provide accurate personal details. 📋4️⃣ Attach any necessary supporting documents. 📄📎5️⃣ Attend a personal interview (if deemed necessary). 🗣️6️⃣ Pass the physical fitness tests. 👟🏋️‍♂️7️⃣ Undergo medical examinations. 💉👨‍⚕️8️⃣ Await the final decision from the recruitment office. ⏳✉️✅ If you are accepted, congratulations! You will be given further instructions and preparations for joining the Foreign Legion. 🎉🎊🔴 Remember: Joining the Foreign Legion is a serious commitment, and you will be contributing towards the territorial defense of Ukraine. 💪🇺🇦Good luck! 🍀

❗️Attention! Information attack!

The Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine reports:

The occupants have started an information attack on the residents of Ukraine, mostly targeting elderly residents, using phone calls to spread panic.

Please do not take headphones from unknown contacts, especially if they frequently repeat and appear from different geographical locations.

We urge everyone to ignore such informational terrorism and explain to loved ones that threats and misinformation do not pose a threat to your life, but are solely intended to disturb your psychological state.

Keep calm, do not fall for the enemy's provocations.

Let's stop.



That case when, after getting hit by the anti-tank missile system, the Russian occupiers abandoned their armored vehicle with a full ammunition load. The video shows the ATGM 9K114 "Shur-Strike". Glory to the Ukrainian Armed Forces!

Dimon, for some reason, decided that he is not a stinky underpants, but a dog 🐕, and started barking at people. He even threatens with a war with France. Better let him take a selfie. Or fall asleep, idiot.

⚡️Company Nord Stream 2 AG may go bankrupt due to sanctions - Reuters

Russians might still conquer Ukraine. But in the past few days, Ukrainians have shown that they won't let Russians hold onto Ukraine. (C) Yuval Noah Harari

🇪🇺🇺🇦 Historical video: The European Parliament applauds Zelensky standing up 👏

Powerful motivating speech by Kadyrov to his soldiers. And it's all clear. ))

Kharkiv is being bombed.

"Kyiv Ghost"! Yesterday late at night there were already 18 Russian casualties. And now they are already 21. In a card game, such a result is called a point. And "Kyiv Ghost" easily scored this point from the Russians. 21 Russian pilots were sent to Kobzon's concert. And something tells me that this is not the last Russian point that "Kyiv Ghost" will score!

Glory to the Armed Forces! Glory to the Air Forces! Glory to Ukraine!


Dear Ukrainians! 128 hours of defense.

According to available data, Russian occupants are preparing to launch a large-scale information-psychological operation in the near future.

Her goal is to break the resistance of the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian army with the help of lies.

First, they plan to disrupt communication. After that, fake messages will be mass-produced, stating that the Ukrainian military and political leadership has supposedly agreed to surrender. "Documents" that are allegedly signed will be spread as "proof" of this fake, as well as fabricated videos.

THIS IS A LIE. They won't wait!

There will be no surrender! Only victory!

Warn everyone you can.

Many who expected to take Kyiv in 2-3 days are already in hell. 😈

Hold the weapon firmly! We continue to resist!

Glory to Ukraine!

Hyundai plant in Russia is shut down due to logistics issues.

RBC-Ukraine Auto reports this, citing Interfax agency.

The Russian automobile factory of Hyundai company, LLC "Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus" in Saint Petersburg, suspended the production of cars from March 1st.

"The plant will temporarily suspend production due to a shortage of components caused by ongoing global logistic disruptions in the supply of auto parts," an employee of the Russian Hyundai representative office noted in a comment to Interfax.

As of now, it has been announced that the factory will not be operating from March 1st to March 5th. The assembly line is expected to resume on March 9th. But I think they are hoping for it in vain. They should switch to carts. It would be very timely.

State Special Communication:I'm sorry, but the provided text "Держспецзв'язку" does not contain any content that can be translated. It appears to be a label or a heading for a category rather than a complete sentence or message. If there is any additional context or text you would like to translate, please provide it.

The European Parliament has accepted Ukraine's application to join the European Union.

Special admission procedure started.

Ukraine's application for EU membership has been accepted by the European Parliament. Congratulations to everyone on the first step!

This means that we have taken an important step and begun the actual process of joining the EU. Now we are following the procedure. I think it will be an accelerated one.

😡🇷🇺Head of Mykhailivska Community in Zaporizhia:

"I, as the head of the Mykhailivska community, held talks with the leadership of the Russian troops, who are currently stationed at the police station."

Congratulations to the residents of Taganrog, Russia! War has come to them. But please note that our military does not target civilian objects.

🔥 Raiffeisenbank may completely withdraw from Russia, - Reuters.

Russia has fired 113 missiles at Ukraine since February 24th.

⚡️The world's largest container carrier, Maersk, has decided not to accept new orders to Russia and from Russia — reports Agence France-Presse.

Not surprised. This is just the beginning of a shitshow for Russia.

Kyiv 🆘To everyone who needs water!

The business owner in Kyiv is giving away water with a bottle at these addresses for FREE.

Dots ECO water

40 liters in one hand for unlimited military, share if possible, people need it now.

Joyful and Borschaga

Borshchahivska, 189/1

Nizhynska, 16

Dinцa, 2b

Levse, 9

Boyarka Bilagorodska, 21

Bulgakova, 15

Summer, 22 years old.

Koltsova, 19

Sofia Residential Complex, Lesya Ukrainka 27

LCD Happy, Yabluneva 5

Sevastopol, 27.

Cozy Quarter

Petrovsky Quarter Residential Complex, B. Khmelnytskyi 1b

Cherry Green, 8.

Cherry Perchemay 2

Straw Holosiiv

24-A, Lipkivska

2. Solomianska, 16-B

3. Solomianska, 33

4. Volgogradskaya, 7

5. Preobrazhenska Street, 28

6. Lobanovskogo, 33

7. Chocolate Boulevard, 22

Donetsk, 18/2

9. Volynska, 8

10. Yerevanska, 9Translation: 10. Yerevanska, 9

11. Lobanovskoho, 126-A.

12. McKane, 23/35.

13. Stelmakha, 6

14. Wander, 64

15. Lomonosova, 50/2

16. Mazepa Street, 5/2

Pozniaky, Kharkiv.

Kharkiv Highway, 182

Kharkiv Highway, 16d

Rivne, 15.

Revuts'koho, 26

Verbitskogo 30a.

Poliska, 22

pr-t. Bazhana 10

Street Gmiri, 4

Ave. Bazhana, 24

Bortnychi, st. I.Dyachenko, 20.

Rusanivskyi Blvd, 12

pr. Tychyni, 16/2

7 Zdolbunivska Street

Street. O. Akhmatova, 11

street Chervonotkatska, 14

Yuri Popravka St., 4/39a

m. Brovary, vul. Independence, 9

Obolon' Vinnyk

Makiivska 7

Porika 16a

Stalingrad Street 65

Bulakhovskoho 5d

Danchenka 30

Hongoze 32

19a the truth

Providence. Baltic House 5.

Klavdiivska 40

Oh! Sberbank's shares fell by 91% since the invasion of Ukraine - London Stock Exchange data. And why not by 99%? What's taking so long there?

My acquaintances are seriously concerned about informing the population and have created channels on Viber. Subscribe and help accelerate news and information. The information front is as important today as the military one. Together we will win.

Even more sanctions. The New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq have suspended trading in shares of Yandex, Ozon, and many other Russian companies.

Operator "Nord Stream 2" on the verge of bankruptcy due to sanctions.

It is mentioned.

The company is considering the possibility of filing for bankruptcy and is trying to settle its obligations before the start of the US sanctions on March 2.

Did Russians not want to participate in protest rallies? Get used to waiting in lines for birch bark and moss. And say goodbye to your familiar world.

Visa has stopped the participation of banks under sanctions in its system!

🇺🇦🇨🇳 - Ukraine ChinaThe text does not contain any actual content to be translated. It consists of two flag emojis representing Ukraine and China.

Dmytro Kuleba: China is ready.


efforts to stop the war diplomatically

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, had a phone conversation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China, Wang Yi.

Dmytro Kuleba asked Van Yi to use the level of relations between Beijing and Moscow to make Russia stop its armed aggression against the Ukrainian people.

The Chinese minister assured Dmitry Kuleba of China's readiness to make every effort to end the war on Ukrainian soil through diplomatic means, specifically as a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

More sanctions ahead. The New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq have suspended trading of Yandex, Ozon, and many other Russian companies.


Maximum repost on all possible social networks where there are Russians!

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba had a phone conversation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China, Wang Yi.

Dmytro Kuleba appealed to Van Yi to use the level of relations between Beijing and Moscow to make Russia stop the armed aggression against the Ukrainian people. 😊

The Chinese minister assured Dmytro Kuleba of China's readiness to make every effort to end the war on Ukrainian soil through diplomatic means, particularly as a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

😡Russian filth kills innocent people.

This is Kyiv Oblast, Fastiv district, Kalynivka village.

As a result of bombing on 28.02 at 19:00, the house was completely destroyed. The remains of the homeowner's body have been found, further details are being determined. The search for the man is still ongoing.

😡 Who is surrendering Ukrainian positions?

One of the difficult and important eastern directions. The road to Zaporizhia. The village of Mykhailivka. The last frontier before Vasilivka, where fierce battles are taking place.

🇷🇺 Head of Mykhailivska community Volodya Rykun informed the villagers today on his Facebook page that he has reached an agreement with the occupiers.

Many days ago, local patriots appealed to him asking to start preparing to defend the community center - smt. Mykhailivka. Rykun hung up the phone and cursed everyone. Literally. There was not a single call for resistance on his FB page. NOT A WORD!

What has this led to? Now there are occupied forces in Mykhailivska community. Nowhere to escape. The settlement is completely occupied.

Please make Vladimir Rykun known - a scoundrel who betrayed the community and put Zaporizhzhia at risk.

We demand decisive actions from the Security Service of Ukraine, Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Glory to Ukraine.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs intends to hold Google and Meta accountable for "incitement to war". It's very funny, but it seems that the Kremlin has decided to disconnect its Zaporozhye brick from Facebook, Instagram, and Google. ))


Dear Ukrainians!

Be prepared for the next fake, which the Russian occupiers will try to resort to. Namely, that supposedly the Ukrainian leadership and government have surrendered the country.

This disinformation can be spread through all possible channels.

But know that this is FAKE! Its purpose is to disorient, sow panic, discourage citizens, and incline our troops to surrender.

But even in the event of a loss of communication and the ability to verify the authenticity of this data, be assured: the surrender and abandonment of Ukraine's interests is impossible!

The leadership of the country, together with the people, resists the Russian troops and does everything possible to liberate the Ukrainian territories from the occupiers.

All government bodies, military forces, law enforcement agencies, and security services will stand until victory!

Glory to Ukraine!




🇷🇺💩 Lavrov, go f%ck yourself.

Diplomats from dozens of countries walked out of the room during Lavrov's speech at the UN Council meeting in Geneva.

What's funniest, Lavrov connected via video communication due to the blocking of European airspace for Russian aircraft.

Well, firstly, this story is very amusing. And secondly, it shows that if a person has racism in their brain, no matter where you take them from Russia, they will still remain racists. Alas.

A student from one of the schools in Rishon LeZion, Israel, whose mother repatriated from Russia, expressed her opinion in support of President Vladimir Putin - and was subjected to bullying and harassment by her classmates. After the incident, the girl's mother filed a complaint with the head of the Education Department in the city of Li'el Even Zoar.

According to the mother, her daughter came home in a heavy emotional state after an incident in class. The girl said that the teacher decided to talk about the war in Europe, and all the students, both those born in Israel and those who moved there from other countries, expressed their support for the Ukrainian side unequivocally. Proud of her Russian roots, the student tried to voice a different opinion but was subjected to harsh criticism and insults.

In the letter that the mother sent to Evan-Zoar, she wrote: "It is unacceptable for a political discussion in the classroom to end with a stream of mud directed towards the student. How is it possible to allow such a thing to happen in school, especially in the presence of a teacher?! My daughter feels offended, and so do I. Our entire family is deeply shaken by this incident."

In general, the "рашисты" (Russians) are suffering from persecution again. ))

Yuriy Gudymenko: "Good evening, we are from Ukraine"

Sorry, I don't write very often today because I have a lot of work.

We should definitely give our enemies a beating.

The background deliberately blurred, obviously for a certain purpose. Surprise, motherfucker.

The authorities of the Republic of Korea plan to suspend financial transactions with seven Russian banks that have been subject to American sanctions, reported the Yonhap agency. The list of banks includes Sberbank, VEB, Promsvyazbank, VTB, "Otkritie" (Open Bank), and Novikombank.

Eat, but don't overdo it. The wheel is just gaining momentum. It will only get worse for Russia from now on.

🔥🔥🔥 Top articles on Wikipedia

We see that 14,217 Russians will now know what a pancake is. 😄

The Kremlin, having no victories in war, decided to invent them and launch them into the information field. Now, point by point:

Ukraine has not capitulated.

2. Zelensky did not record a video about what is being surrendered.

There are no "Kotlov" and the army does not give up.

4. We still have enough weapons for three armies of Russia.

5. The moral spirit of our warriors is at an incredible level. Especially when it comes to tearing down the Rashists for shelling civilian population.

Russia is indeed suffering huge losses, but these scoundrels do not retrieve the bodies of their soldiers. And as it is known, no body - no case. And that means if they don't take the bodies, then there are no losses.

7. In the military airfields of Rostov and Taganrog, they really "took down" planes with pilots. But those were military planes. This is payback for Kharkiv.

So do not read racist media, anonymous TG channels, and bloggers on the payroll of the FSB. Read only verified information and practice information hygiene. Do not succumb to Russian propaganda. And the Russian ship, as always, is going to hell! Along with their airplanes, their economy, and their army.

🍊🇷🇺 Russians couldn't conquer Ukrainians, so they vent their anger on tangerines.

Leave them for the children, you good-for-nothings. Soon in Russia, this fruit will become an exotic.

⚡️ In Kharkiv, an enemy plane was shot down that was bombing Kharkiv. 🛩️

- This is the airplane from which the bomb flew onto the residential building on Novovavarsky Avenue, where they keep clearing the debris.

In Kharkiv, they shot down an enemy plane that was bombing the city. According to preliminary information from the head of the administration of Novobavarsky district, Tetiana Tsybulnyk, the plane crashed in the area of the Losk market, they shot it down.

It is reported that this is the plane from which the bomb was dropped on the residential building on Novovabar Avenue, where they continue to clear the rubble. Preliminary reports say that 8 people died and 8 were injured in the building. The pilot self-destructed. Well, screw him. 😡

There was a first exchange of prisoners in Sumy region. "We exchanged our five people from the Defense for one Russian military police officer," -

says Head of Sumy Regional State Administration, Dmytro Zhyvytsky.

The first exchange of prisoners took place in the Sumy region. Five Ukrainians from the military were traded for one Russian officer.

The largest Ukrainian foodtech company Poster has blocked access to its restaurant accounting service for all customers from Russia and Belarus.

Customers from Russia and Belarus will no longer be able to use the Poster service. They accounted for approximately 40% of the customer base, reported the Poster press service.

"We put everything on our victory. Right now, 10,000 establishments from Russia and their employees, instead of the product and Poster website, see truthful information about the war in Ukraine and a call to take to the streets," said Rodion Eroshek, CEO of Poster company.

The Poster also allocated 1.5 million UAH. The money is transferred to local volunteer organizations and institutions that prepare food for the front, defenders, and checkpoints.

If a Ukrainian establishment works for the needs of the army or volunteers, the company will continue the subscription to Poster for free.

The General Prosecutor's Office of Poland has initiated a criminal case on the attack on Ukraine.

And this is already a low blow for Russians. The thing is, figure skating and artistic gymnastics in Russia are almost national sports, which are supervised by the Kremlin. Remember the hysteria that erupted from Moscow's swamps when an Israeli woman won gold at the Olympics instead of a Russian woman. Now the war will be louder! )))

The International Skating Union (ISU) has disqualified Russian and Belarusian athletes from international competitions. The ban applies to figure skating, short track, and speed skating tournaments.

In the Russian Federation, figure skating enthusiasts say they are "extremely disappointed" with the decision and consider it discriminatory. They stated that the sport is turning into a "political instrument".

Figure skating in Russia - go fuck yourself. How cute it sounds. )))

☢️🇷🇺 OccupiersNote:

they boast

significant contamination in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone - Energoatom

Go and break it! Start with Putin. ))

❗️Tregubov: now Russia is losing another invaluable asset.

This is a myth about the invincibility of her army.

Europeans and even Americans sincerely believed in this. Fueled by the inertia of the Cold War, the Russian army was imagined by them as a monster, a swarm of Zergs with infinite mobilization potential, tons of iron, and readiness to go to Valhalla in whole army groups. Yes, of course, there was Chechnya and Afghanistan, but it was perceived as the inability to effectively fight against guerrilla warfare. Oh, they thought, in a conventional war, Russians are still impressive.

We have now clearly shown that the king is not just naked, but also a little 💩-covered.

And this means that Russia is losing one of its main foreign policy bonuses - the image of a malicious but powerful monster. It is a malicious and weak monster, incapable of confidently overthrowing even a country much smaller than itself. From now on, any talks of confrontation with the United States, not to mention NATO as a whole, will only elicit smiles. Singing about the "medal for Washington's garden" and getting insults in the city of Ohtyrka - this dissonance of the desired and the possible world will be remembered forever. And conclusions will be drawn.


Ukrainians "gladly" "welcome" the occupiers 👌

Energoatom reports that Russian occupants are experiencing significant external and internal radiation in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

It seems that these new racists won't succeed anymore. That's good!

💥 The EBRD is preparing sanctions against Russia and Belarus.

The Board of Directors of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has approved the suspension of Russia and Belarus' access to funding and expertise indefinitely, according to a press release from the EBRD.

Now it's Rada's turn to take control. The decision will be made within 30 days.

Ukraine has proven its European choice and paid a high price for it. Now it's time for Europe to demonstrate that it chooses Ukraine. President Volodymyr Zelensky stated this during the debates at the extraordinary plenary session of the European Parliament on the topic "Russian aggression against Ukraine."

The first cyber war in world history is unfolding before our eyes.

Cyberwar is open and large-scale, with the participation of state bodies, special services, hackers (both white and non-white), and the entire patriotic IT community. And in Ukraine, it's exactly 100%!

And if at the beginning we withstood many powerful attacks, mainly due to the enemy's long preparation in advance, now, thanks to the united spirit of Ukrainians for freedom, we have moved on to a confident offensive.

Kharkiv region

As of 16:00, due to an airstrike between the 2nd and 3rd entrance of a five-story residential building (total of 6 entrances) in Kharkiv, 8 people have died and 6 people have been injured, 38 people have been rescued (including 2 individuals who were freed from under the rubble). The rescue operations are ongoing.

Russian course on the Ukrainian issue (2014-2022).

The Perfect Tombstone. Start a campaign with an energy giant, end up with a whining cocksucker with a sweaty bald spot.

Start with Ukraine, to which Europe is not promising - end with Ukraine, standing on the threshold of the European Union.

To start with Ukraine with almost no army - to end up brutally getting fucked up at every kilometer and at any time of the day.

Finish it, Putin. You are not needed by anyone and you interfere with everyone, absolutely everyone. And I sincerely hope that the last thing I see will be a gun in the hands of someone from the court.

And the last thing seen was your disgusting face.

😏 Putin broke Ukraine's teeth.

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has damaged his teeth due to Ukraine, "but, to be honest, he hasn't broken yet," said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, at a briefing.

Putin continues to search for a military solution and outcome for himself. And so, he throws more and more forces at us, orders his troops to shell peaceful people and residential quarters, unleashes anger on ordinary people. 🙁

Ukraine will do everything to ensure that Putin and his henchmen are held accountable in international courts for their military crimes.

Let's hang on! 💪

Yuriy Butusov: Just now a Russian plane dropped a bomb on a residential house in Borodyanka village, Kyiv region. The Russian army, which suffered significant losses and has been defeated in many battles, has resorted to openly terrorist actions.

The best social advertisement.

Kharkiv Regional State Administration after the Russian air strikes. Svoboda Square, where thousands of Kharkiv residents gather on Independence Day or Day of Freedom and Dignity. The Russian plane that did this no longer flies, and the pilot does not walk.

We know how to avenge.

Heads of Russian regions have started reporting the deaths of servicemen during the war against Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church has received information that Russian troops are preparing an airstrike on the most important shrine of the Ukrainian people since the time of Kyivan Rus - the St. Sophia Cathedral.

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⚡️ In Kyiv, explosions were heard in the areas of Borschahivka and Dorohozhychi.

- Suspilne

Ruzkies hit the TV tower.

🙏 - PleaseTranslation: Please.

Huawei provides free assistance to Ukrainian operators.

Huawei plans to provide free network equipment to help prevent network overload due to the influx of people in western Ukraine. 50 engineers from the company support the uninterrupted operation of the cellular network throughout the country.

Friends, take care of yourselves! And stay in touch with your families and friends! ❤️

Friends, we remind you that DemSokira has fully joined the fight against the enemy. We are fighting on the streets, fighting in cyberspace, volunteers and we are battling on the information fields.

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No, these are real Nazis. They are shelling the "Babi Yar" memorial complex in Kyiv to target the TV tower.

Racists - they are barbarians and sluts.


Hardware of the TV tower got damage after the hit.

Some channels will not be working for a while.

Reserve broadcasting of some channels will be activated shortly.

So, Belarusian armed forces have entered Ukraine, according to the reports of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is obvious that the Kremlin understands the full tragedy of the situation for itself. Fighting on paper is not quite the same as reality. Therefore, it tried

maximally tighten the time ⌛️

And then an expanded Security Council gathered to smear more people with blood.

The Kremlin urgently needs...

any tiny victory 🏆

"to start telling something from television screens, besides 'there are no losses.' And for this, meat is needed. Belarusian will also do. Sorry for the rudeness."

Belarusian generals are in light shock. Many are actively partying. Approaches to Chernihiv, as the city mayor says,


referred to Belarusians.


declared prices

for damaged equipment (from 5 to 8 thousand dollars) and 💔

killed soldiers (300 dollars)

Russia, by the way, pays families of killed soldiers 11,000 Russian rubles (50 dollars according to the exchange rate. Or whatever the amount is?).

In addition, according to Nika, the data of all undercover agents who will take part in the operation will be.

promptly transferred to the disposal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Yes, in the Belarusian army there are officers who are against war.

Now the choice for Belarusian soldiers is simple:

Either give up or live in eternal fear.

, Ukrainians will come after you. And they will come. The choice is questionable, but these comrades did not leave any other choice for themselves even in 2020 when, instead of taking the side of the people, they shot peaceful civilians in the back.

This is on one hand. On the other hand, it means that the protection of the shaky regime is...

will become several thousand live forces less

Moreover, soon Putin will need both the OMON and other units. Belarusians, do not despair and gather strength. A window of opportunity for change in the country will appear.


entered a new dimension

. Unfortunately. To our mutual shame, which will have to be washed away.

Now the affairs of those who fight for Ukraine should be

Louder than those who fight against.

Tell us about Belarusians in acts of kindness. Provide examples of successful operations. Think about what to do in Belarus. Actions are more important than words now.

Finally, one more piece of advice for Belarusian soldiers,

how to get back home


Fully support historian Mark Solonin.

Nick and Mike

Anonymous bot


Temporary channel broadcasting will not be available. RRT Concern is taking measures to restore broadcasting in the regions. Reserve broadcasting - State Special Communications will be enabled soon.

⚠️10 main narratives that are broadcasted by the Telegram channels "Legitimnyy", "Resident", "Kartel", "Gossip Girl", "Black Quarter", "Political Layout", "Atypical Zaporizhzhia", "Trempekhel Kharkiv", "Odessa Scammer", "Dnipro Live", "Nikolaev Live", "Kherson Live".⚠️


Accordingly - information messages are relayed from one channel to another according to the principle of mutual cross-pollination.

⛔️ Weighing Ukrainian government positions, advancing the idea of the ineffectiveness of resistance, and the absence of a need for it.

⛔️ Demonstration of the bodies of killed Ukrainian soldiers, advancing the thesis about "cauldrons" awaiting the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

⛔️ "Civilian cannot handle the 'Bandera's smudge' ('Molotov cocktail')."

⛔️ Russian forces are capable of launching attacks immediately and everywhere (as an option - delivering missile strikes across the territory of Ukraine all at once)

⛔️ There are no rebel groups, only marauders.

⛔️ The manipulation of photo evidence of Russian shelling, shifting the blame for attacks on the civilian population onto the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

⛔️ Broadcast of Kupiansk's experience for mayors of other cities in Ukraine "with good intentions"

⛔️ Demoralization of the population in big cities due to reports of Russian troops surrounding them.

⛔️ Attempt to discredit assistance to Ukraine from the West.

⛔️ The focus is on the ineffectiveness of sanctions against Russia.


This is what the "Russian world" looks like, which shells the residential areas of Mariupol. These monsters never thought that they would be exposed and this video would become public.

After all car manufacturers refused to supply cars to Russia or assemble them, the prices for cars in Russia almost doubled. Yes, being a Russian is very expensive.


Keep calm, don't believe fakes, help detain occupants! And also follow the instructions so that enemy occupiers cannot move deeper into Ukrainian territory.

Be careful!

In order for you to receive reliable information, an official telegram channel of the head of the regional state administration has been created in every region:

📌 Vinnytska

📌 Volynska

📌 Dnipropetrovska

📌 Donetska

📌 Zhytomyrska

📌 Zakarpatska

📌 Zaporizka

📌 Ivano-Frankivska

📌 Kyivsk

📌 Kirovogradska

📌 Luganska

📌 Lvivsk

📌 Mykolaivska

📌 Odeska

📌 Poltavska

📌 Rovenska

📌 Sumska

📌 Ternopilska

📌 Kharkivska

📌 Khersonska

📌 Khmelnytska

📌 Cherkaska

📌 Cherkasska

📌 Chernyhivska

Subscribe to the channels of the heads of the regional state administrations (RSA), this way you will have up-to-date and verified information.

✅Spread this list.

💪 Thousands of NLAW and Javelin are ready to destroy the enemy!

Did you want our land? - You will stay in it forever!

A good "katsap" is a captive "katsap." Or dead.

‼️ Russian occupiers suffer significant external and internal radiation in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

Being in the exclusion zone now and clearly not possessing personal safety skills while working in a radioactive contaminated area, invaders are exposed to significant external and internal radiation, which undoubtedly will have a stochastic manifestation in the form of oncological diseases.

Ignorance and misunderstanding of dangers, disregard for rules, agreements, and conventions often lead to unfortunate suicide.

Let us remind you that the Russian aggressors occupied the Chernobyl nuclear power plant on February 24th. The Russian armed forces advanced towards the object through the exclusion zone, where later, along the probable directions of their advance, an increased level of radiation contamination was detected.

As previously reported, one of the reasons for this could have been radioactive dust, which was stirred up due to the passage of Russian military equipment and personnel along certain areas of the exclusion zone, where there are areas of increased radiation levels.


⚡️ Five civilians were killed, and another five were injured as a result of the shelling of a TV tower in Kyiv.

, reported by the State Emergency Service.

Burn, bitches, in hell 😡

🇪🇺 The European Parliament voted "for" the resolution.

In which he called on European Union institutions to work on the task of 👨‍💼👩‍💼

to grant Ukraine candidate status in the EU 🇺🇦🇪🇺


‼️Russia is preparing a deliberate provocation to justify the deployment of Belarusian forces.

According to available intelligence data, there are currently Belarusian tanks near the Belarusian-Ukrainian border in a quantity of approximately 300 units.

The column has not crossed the border yet and is waiting on the route from Pinsk to Ivanovo to Dragichin (approximately 30 km from the State border of Ukraine).

It is expected that Russia plans to conduct a deliberate provocation in order to justify the planned attack by Belarusian forces.


⚡ As a result of the shelling of the TV tower in Kyiv, there are casualties. Five people have died - State Emergency Service.

Glory to the special services of Ukraine!

The Ukrainian side has full information about the special operation to eliminate President Volodymyr Zelensky. One of the two groups of Kadyrovtsy, who were supposed to do this, has already been eliminated. Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (SNBO) Aleksey Danilov reported this on the Rada TV channel.

According to Danilov, Ukraine received this information from representatives of the FSB RF, who do not wish to participate in the war.

"Thanks to this, the elite Kadyrov group, which came here specifically to eliminate our president, was destroyed," he said.

Danilov said that there were two such groups. Ukrainian agencies were tracking them. One group was "taken down" in Hostomel, while the other "remains targeted."

"I emphasize once again, we will not give our president or our Ukraine to anyone. This is our land, go away from here," said the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council.

🔥🔥🔥The European Parliament recommended granting Ukraine the status of a candidate for EU membership.

After the United Kingdom banned Russian ships from entering its ports, other countries followed suit. This week, Canada's ban on Russian ships entering its ports will take effect. And the list of such countries will only grow.

💙💛 Viктор Tregubov

The fate of not only Ukraine, but also the whole free world is being decided.

Our generation will already enter the history textbooks of Ukraine. We are the heroes of the Third Liberation Struggles - and in this role we were even better than the heroes of the first two. Now everything is different.

We are entering the textbooks of world history.

Now, the historical turning point depends on our endurance, our courage, our ability to sacrifice which has not been seen for a long time.

Right now, on the streets of Bucha, Kherson, and Ohtyrka, on the shores of Odessa and Mariupol, in the air above Kyiv and Kharkiv, the fate of the entire free world is being decided.

We are checking what is stronger - free spirit or slave submission? May it be clumsy, but democracy - or the kingdom of cynics and scoundrels? May the nation be divided, but it is a nation - or an empire, fueled by oil, blood, and hatred towards others?

We provide an answer to this question for the whole world.

Our victory or defeat will be determined by how humanity moves forward.

💪Heroes deserve glory - now it's about us.

The International Cannes Film Festival has made the decision not to accept official representatives from Russia due to the situation in Ukraine, the press service of the event reported.

"The festival organizing committee has decided that it will not accept official delegations or representatives associated with the Russian government," the press service reported.

It is specified that the decision was made due to the situation in Ukraine.

Cannes Film Festival - an annual international festival held at the end of May in the resort city of Cannes (France).

According to information on bank websites, interest rates on consumer loans at Sberbank have increased from 12.9-21.7% to 21.9-29.9% per year. The cost of mortgage loans for new construction and secondary housing has increased by 7.3 percentage points to 18.6% per year.

VTB bank increased the interest rate on consumer loans from 5.9-13.8% to 15.9-29.9%, and the minimum mortgage rate rose by 4 percentage points to 15.3%.

The exchange rate of the Russian ruble to the dollar on March 1st was 115.35 rub./$, even though on February 27th it was 83.53 rub./$.

Important text. Please repost, friends.

1. Putin is not a new reincarnation of Hitler, he consciously follows his path. And this is easy to prove.

Having come to power against the backdrop of the self-destruction of the Soviet state, the communist elite, disrespect for the security services, Yeltsin's looting, the diminishing role of Russia in the world, he essentially repeated the situation of Hitler, when the Weimar Republic, with its economy destroyed by war and society demoralized, was effectively prohibited from military construction, demilitarized territories, and paid a large contribution to the winning states, without the opportunity to have national pride, which is so important to the Germans.

He obtained power from the hands of the aging leader (Yeltsin), just as Hitler obtained it from the hands of the almost dying Hindenburg, who was happy to get rid of this power. He came to power as a representative of the military forces, while Hitler came on the bayonets of the Stormtroopers in Rome.

3. He started with the national humiliation of the Chechens, as Hitler did with the Jews.

4. He considered it important to integrate private business into the system of state economic governance, like Hitler.

He rebuilt the military industry that had been stifled in the previous 10-12 years, just like in Germany in the 1930s.

6. The West allowed him to practically annex Belarus, just as Germany allowed the Anschluss of Austria.

7. He disregarded the nuclear safety system, just like the agreements on "conventional" weapons in Europe, surrounding Georgia on the southern flank, and then Ukraine. Hitler militarized the Ruhr, which was prohibited by previous agreements.

8. He created a system of suppressing freedom of speech and other freedoms of citizens in democratic Russia, like Hitler did in democratic Germany back then.

9. Putin built his state propaganda media according to the model of Goebbels' media.

10. Putin created a parallel truth for his own citizens, starting a war based on obvious fakes - Gleiwitz, the attack of Bandera followers on the peaceful republics of Donbass.

11. He counted on silent consent from the West. But here is the difference. The United States did not sit idly by overseas, Britain was extremely active in the pre-attack moment, European countries gradually understood the prospects of repeating history and supported fantastic sanctions from hell by the USA. I think the heroism of the Ukrainian people, together with the support of weapons and finances from the West, practically changed the course of history that Putin was counting on, and he is now on the threshold of the Reich Chancellery on April 30, 1945. Next, it's up to the Russian people.

⚡️‼️ATTENTION! These channels are controlled by special services 🇷🇺 of the Russian Federation:

"Legitimate," "Resident," "Cartel," "Gossip Girl," "Black Quarter," "Political Layout," "Atypical Zaporizhia," "Tremple Kharkiv," "Odessa Fool," "Dnipro Live," "Mykolaiv Live," "Kherson Live."

Blocking a channel on Telegram is almost impossible - just unsubscribe if you are subscribed.

And read the Democratic Axe 😊

📌Zelensky had a conversation with Biden.



The Ukrainian Armed Forces urgently request to report information about the accumulation of enemy equipment with fuel. ATTENTION on 📍ZHYTOMYR DIRECTION FROM KYIV AND BELOW TO THE SOUTH!

Maximum repost!

Please send the information to @mediaoboronabot

Antiwar Committee's Address

We address those Russian military servicemen who are currently fighting in Ukraine, and those military personnel serving in the strategic nuclear units put on special combat alert by Putin.

We appeal to you to stop the fratricidal war and prevent both world and nuclear war.

Maybe in Russia not everyone understands what is happening. But you - those who fight in Ukraine - see it with your own eyes. You see that they have attacked a foreign country. You see that they force you to kill both Russians and Ukrainians in the name of a man sitting in a bunker.

We do not exclude that tomorrow you will be ordered to use tactical nuclear weapons against Ukrainian cities. Stop. Do not obey the criminal order.

Putin wages war not for Russia. He wages it for Putin. For his palaces. For his wounded vanity. For his absolute power. For his misconceptions about reality, which are far from this reality.

You see with your own eyes that everything the Putin propaganda has told you is a monstrous lie. You see that you are not fighting against "Nazis" and "Bandera followers," but against the people. For Ukraine, this is the Patriotic War. You are fighting alongside not only those who speak Ukrainian, but also those who speak Russian. Russians living in Ukraine are fighting alongside you.

Putin has already lost this war. Everything went not according to his plan. The Ukrainian people are united like never before. The world stands united in supporting Ukraine and condemning Putin. Now he is starting carpet bombings of Ukrainian cities. Just a little more, and he will unleash nuclear weapons.

If we don't stop this war, the word "Russian" will be covered in shame, and the irreparable hatred between Ukrainians and Russians will continue for generations. After the "Grad" missiles, mutual savagery will begin.

Those who are not afraid, go out into the streets. Those who are afraid - resist with words. If Putin is not stopped, not only Ukraine but also Russia will perish.

Do not obey criminal orders.

Do not kill Ukrainians.

Do not destroy the future of Russia.

Do not destroy planet Earth.

📷 After the rocket attack by the occupying Russian armed forces, Dorohozhychi.

We, Ukrainians, always help each other and show humanity. And we never abandon our own in trouble. So, I am glad that the National Bank offered tools to help all those affected by Russian aggression. Join in and help if you can.

The National Bank has opened an account for humanitarian aid to assist Ukrainians affected by Russian aggression.

👿 Adolf Hitler. Died: April 30, 1945.

👿 Joseph Stalin. Died: March 5, 1953.

👿 Augusto Pinochet. Died: March 11, 1990.

👿 Saddam Hussein. Died: April 9, 2003.

👿 Slobodan Milosevic. Date of death: March 11, 2006.

❓‼️Who's next there? Spring has come!!!

Hello, professional, systematic and large structure! 😉

❗️❗️❗️ There is a threat in the near future that the occupiers may launch their Information-Psychological Operation (IPO) in Ukraine. It will begin with communication disruptions. Then, fake messages will start circulating en masse in all chats, controlled groups, and media outlets, claiming that the Ukrainian authorities have agreed to surrender, and to support this, they will actively distribute some "documents" and videos. So, this is another attempt to break us on a psychological level. And do not even think about believing in such things. We don't give up and we don't surrender. The enemy would really want that. Apparently, they are tired of filling cellophane bags with their disposed citizens-occupants. But we don't fall for such things, and we remember that the Russian ship can go to hell!

Therefore, if I see the beginning of this IPSO in the comments, I will temporarily close the comments so that enemies cannot use my page in their interests. I will limit the ability to comment only for a while. And then I will restore everything. I ask everyone to understand everything that is happening.

In the top 10, the authorities sing along with Russian backers.

📌 Approximately 660,000 refugees have left Ukraine in the past six days.

— UN

All neighboring countries keep their borders open for them.

By that time, nearly 80 thousand of our fellow countrymen, mostly men, turned around.

‼️Important information for orcs‼️

‼️Important information for Russian citizens‼️

I address you, ordinary citizens of Russia! Your future depends on this! Keep watching, in the video!

Do the Putinjugend already exist among the Russkies? In Germany, they only appeared in the spring of 1945. Or is it already their time?

BMW stops production of vehicles under its brand at "Avtotor" facilities in Kaliningrad and ceases delivering cars to the Russian market.

You see what's happening. I told you what would happen next.

⚡️ Nord Stream 2 AG

operator of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline bankrupted.

They present themselves well, devils. It's a wonder why these creatures don't just stay at home.

Russian ship - go... Although you're already there. ))

These are scary shots. Shots that feature innocent victims of Russian airstrikes in Babi Yar. Rashists are following in the footsteps of Nazis.

I gave an interview to CNN and Reuters. It was completely open and honest.

- you promised occupy Kyiv in a 3 days!

- i did not know about Irpin city

⚡️⚡️⚡️How the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the members of the Kadyrovtsy group who were planning to kill Zelensky. Video

⚡️If NATO is not ready to accept Ukraine, we need security guarantees.

- Zelensky

Against the backdrop of Russian aggression, only in eastern Ukraine about 40 thousand people have been left without electricity and food - the enemy does not allow the local population to be evacuated.

‼️ This was reported by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Denis Monastyrsky.

"There is currently a difficult humanitarian situation in the east of the country. The question of evacuating people from the cities of Vuhlehirsk, Sartana, Talanivka, where active combat operations are taking place, is particularly acute. But the Russian side has not responded regarding the evacuation of the population," the minister reported.

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs noted that Ukraine has currently applied all possible international instruments.

Also a critical situation in the city of Bucha, Kyiv region.

"The government has already created a coordination center for providing food, water, medicine, and fuel. Currently, logistics are being established for the delivery of humanitarian cargo to the cities that need them the most," the minister said.

Mariupol City Council:

Ukrainians dealt a devastating blow to the Russian fascists near Mariupol. They report a large number of trophies, including tanks.

Azov, burn the occupiers! Avenge the peaceful residents of Mariupol!

"There is no longer a railway connection with the south of Zaporizhia region," said Chairman of the Regional State Administration, Oleksandr Starukh.

In the photo: a city within a city, Vasylivka, 90 km from Zaporizhia.

I have never seen our rabbi, Moshe Asman, so angry and furious. It was necessary to make an effort to get to him like that. Putin managed to do it.

I am friends with them. Zhena and Sergey live in Ukraine. And they are genuine. I am grateful to them for these words.

⚡️⚡️ The BMW company has stopped exporting cars to Russia and will cease car production in Kaliningrad.

"We condemn the aggression against Ukraine and closely monitor the development of events with great concern. In connection with the current geopolitical situation, we will suspend our local production and export to the Russian market until further notice."

😡🇷🇺 Russians shelled Kharkiv with Tu-22m3. This is a strategic bomber and missile carrier.

Without crossing the state border line, he flew and launched strikes ON PEACEFUL RESIDENTIAL QUARTERS in Kharkiv with air-to-surface missiles.

The bomber made four sorties on the course N.P. Bessedino (Kursk region) - Belgorod, releasing about 16 missiles on the defenseless city.

Command of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

I have a logical question - couldn't you learn it without coming to Ukraine? Was it absolutely necessary to force your way to us? Sit at home, bitches, and learn there that Putin is a dickhead!

This is perfect!

The captive Russian occupant calls his mother and tells her about the atrocities in his army - officers kill their wounded soldiers, leave the dead on the battlefield, and do not notify their families.

"We were sent to our death. They don't even take the ones who are 200! They kill the wounded themselves! A week has passed, and not even a funeral was held for anyone."

This "warrior" was luckier than others - he got captured by Ukraine.

The colonizer cries and asks his mother to contact the "Union of Mothers of Russia", hoping for an exchange.

The soldier is afraid for the fate of his loved ones, so he asks not to disclose the whole truth about the war in Ukraine in order to avoid falling under the reprisals of the Russian special services.

There will be no Russian books in Ukraine.

All Ukrainian bookstore networks have discontinued cooperation with Russia and have removed Russian books from sale. The corresponding statements were made by the networks "Bukva", "Klub sіmeynogo dovіllya", Yakaboo, Bookstore "Є" and "Knyholend".

Russia was trying to expand the "Russian world" and succeeded in making it smaller.


The captured Russian occupant calls his mother and tells her about the atrocities in his army - officers kill their wounded soldiers, leave the dead on the battlefield, and do not notify their families.

"We were sent to death. They don't even take the ones in their 200s! They kill the wounded themselves! A week has passed, and not even a funeral has come for anyone."

This "warrior" got luckier than others - he was captured and brought to Ukraine.

The colonizer is crying and asking for mother to reach out to the "Mothers' Union of Russia", hoping for an exchange.

The soldier is afraid, not only for his own fate, but also for the fate of his loved ones. He asks not to disclose the whole truth about the war in Ukraine, in order to avoid being targeted by the repressions of Russian special services.

Did Filatov know something?

War is war, but safety rules have not been canceled.

Good evening news. The Armed Forces of Ukraine have destroyed a column of Russian military personnel who set off from the direction of Mykolaiv towards Bakhmutka during the day. The offensive has been stopped, says the head of Kirovohrad Regional State Administration, Maria Chernaya.

Kyiv. 03/01/2022. Marauders.

Thank you for not killing me. There is a corresponding order.

In Chernihiv, under fire were born two triplets. One young mother Anna named the girls Emilia, Olivia, and Melania. The names of the other triplets are unknown.

Happy birthday, kiddo!

This abomination wants to defeat us. What a terrible mockery. It is true what they say, fools have rich thoughts. This is all that Putin has left. Even our children have joined the information war, of their own volition. This video was edited by a Ukrainian guy, Marko Pasternak. He wants to be useful to his homeland. So who will defeat us?

Russian ship - go fuck yourself!

I ended up being dumbfounded. He finally woke up.

🇷🇺 Russian prisoner: our army doesn't even retrieve the bodies from the battlefield.

"Go to the head and write to the Union of Mothers. These bitches don't even take the 'two hundredth'. They, fuck, kill the wounded. Will they change the prisoners? That's a question at all. Just fuck, they killed everyone. Everyone. They don't even take the bodies. Not even a funeral came to anyone. A week has passed. Just don't shout too loudly that everyone was killed, that they don't take the bodies, then the FSB agents will grab you by the skin. Just say that they should at least change the prisoners."

A captured Russian soldier says and cries while doing so.

Here is how the total disaster for Russia begins. EU country representatives agreed to disconnect 7 Russian banks from SWIFT. Including VTB and Bank "Russia" - Bloomberg.

Jared Leto - it's not like Yegor Letov.

🚰 In Kiev, everything is fine with drinking water. The information about a chlorine deficiency for disinfecting drinking water is fake.

❌False information is being spread on the Internet that chlorine supplies to the water supply are being suspended due to the ongoing conflict, resulting in a decrease in chlorine dosage and a deterioration in the quality of drinking water.

In such posts it is stated that even brushing teeth needs to be done exclusively with boiled water.

"Kyivvodocanal" has sufficient reserves of reagents to carry out water disinfection in accordance with sanitary requirements. We also remind you that already 40% of water in Kyiv is disinfected without the use of chlorine, using more modern reagents. ✔️

❕Keep calm and use official sources of information.

The Russian modern SAM "Pantsir" is on fire in the Mykolaiv region.

🍏📱 Apple has stopped selling its technology in the official online store in Russia.

Nike did the same thing. They stated that they cannot guarantee delivery of goods to the country.

Oh, you won't be able to wear your Airpods anymore and stroll around in your brand new Nike Air Force sneakers. Russians, get ready for valenki (traditional Russian winter boots) and button "Motorola" phones.

⚡️⚡️ The Ukrainian Armed Forces near Mykolaiv destroyed an enemy column of military equipment.

Ukrainian military monitored the movement of the enemy convoy in the Mykolaiv area all day, after which our aviation bombed it in the Bashtanka area. It concerns several dozens of armored vehicles.

As of now, the offensive has been stopped.

Apple and Nike have stopped selling all their products in official online stores in Russia. And you can't order anything. Get used to it, creatures. ))

"Sent a little gift, tomorrow we'll count."

Head of the Mykolaiv Regional Administration Vitaliy Kim wishes a bad night to the occupiers.

I'm so excited for my vacation! 😄

and Ukrainians - good

Damn, why are they so dumb???

🔥 Taras Kotov: Are there normal Moskals (a derogatory term for Russians) - a philosophical perspective.

I'm feeling so 😊 today!

There is V контакте now. You can go to the Russian zoo to see. So many bots there. But there are also real Muscovites. They are sick. So it's propaganda. But propaganda doesn't excuse guilt. My favorite psychologist is Viktor Frankl. One of his main inventions was proactivity. That between event and response there is a manifestation of will.

All the moskals themselves chose rashka, pobydobesiye and did not gather until they could. And now that's it.

There is a point of view that there are normal Moskals. Perhaps. But all abnormal Moskals will pretend to be normal. It is such a cunning tactic for scoundrels when they get fucked. You can't hold yourself back to save the normal ones. The normal ones were not lucky. That's the historical process. The only one who has to figure out which Moskals are normal and which are not is the Lord.

So that zombie land on the right side of the map should be surrounded by fences with barbed wire for another 40 years. And the most technologically advanced thing to supply there are branches and moss. Moskalsky Carthage must be destroyed. All that empire must be destroyed.

Considering that Russians are greedy people, they accept kindness as weakness. That's why they have Putin as their king of the greedy. Greedy people only understand strength. Therefore, only the total destruction of the Russian idea is possible. Otherwise, nothing else.

No change of power in Russia should lead to the weakening of sanctions. Only when the whole world lives in the 21st century and Russia is at least in the 6th century, it will be fine. As soon as the Russians have money, they develop ambitions. Russia should remain a poor relative on the outskirts of civilization for at least 50 years.

Otherwise, no other way.

Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!

If it's true what our guys did to the "ra(sh)ists" under Baštanká, then it will be even crazier than the Ice Battle! Waiting for confirmation!

Frauds! But that's exactly how the Russian propaganda system works.

AAAAA, Mykolaiv, you are simply the best ❤️

Mykolaiv: our forces destroyed about 800 units of enemy equipment, community residents took away 2 armored personnel carriers from the Russian army and handed them over to the defense forces. The occupiers buried themselves in the fields because they ran out of fuel.

Our losses: one helicopter. Both pilots are alive.

❗️Kyiv: Rusanivka, Vyshneve, Kurenyivka Boyarka, and Zhuliany. — bombarding, disgusting❗️

Turkey did not let three Russian ships based outside the Black Sea pass on February 27-28, claims the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu.

If I understand correctly, this is the beginning of the liberation of Donbass from Russian scum.

😢💔 Hold on, little one, we will definitely win.

Zina came out to the match not only with the captain's armband, but also with the flag of Ukraine.

Meanwhile in Russia, children were loaded into paddy wagons as part of a demonstration against the war outside the Ukrainian embassy.

Russians, these children who saw what dictatorship is at the age of 7, it is entirely your fault. Not Putin's. You were obedient slaves all these years. And we are paying the price.

Attention!!!! Repost on all channels!!!

Very need information on PPO systems of the Russian Federation for tonight!


📍 Head of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration provided the residents of Kherson with the geolocation of the Russian soldiers returning to the station after a failed mission.

— Vitaliy Kim asks to eliminate the enemy.

What happened in Zhytomyr. Commented by Mayor Serhiy Sukhomlyn.

I'm so excited for the weekend! 🎉 I can't wait to relax and have some fun.

On this screenshot, you can see what will happen with the Russian economy in the nearest days/weeks.

The main thing is to stand strong together.

🪓 Translation: Ax.

— Your donation will go to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (ATO) and the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF).

🪓 - AxeTranslation: Axe

🇺🇦 Oleksandr Zinchenko led "Manchester City" wearing the captain's armband with the flag of Ukraine, to the applause of the entire stadium.

In Zhytomyr as a result of an air strike.

It intrigued me.

The hospital and adjacent buildings are located nearby — the city mayor.

Kyiv, now! Now it's time to go to sleep. ))

🐷 Sorry, but you have to see this.


As a result of an airstrike, 10 private residential houses have been partially damaged (3 of them caught fire) and the windows of the hospital building have been damaged.

Two people have died and three others have been injured. People may be trapped in the collapsed private residential buildings.

Civil Protection

Officially 🇺🇦

‼️ The channel “NachShtabu” is moderated by a Russian IPSO!

Soldiers, stop adjusting enemy fire!

Stop giving him online information about the damage to objects, the movement of troops, positions, and the mood in the units.

Flood the admins with spam!

Leave the channels!

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

⚠️ We kindly ask for the maximum spread of admins in Ukrainian channels! Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram.

Death to enemies🔥

📰 Headlines of world media

The headquarters of the Western Military District reported that the issue of whether to...

"Collecting the bodies of the deceased soldiers in Ukraine is simply not worth it," - said Russian Senator Lyudmila Narusova.

📌 Russians will ride on horses🐎 and Zhigulis.

🚙 Mercedes-Benz GroupThe Mercedes-Benz Group refers to the company and conglomerate that encompasses the well-known luxury automobile brand, Mercedes-Benz.

🚙 Volkswagen GroupThe Volkswagen Group is one of the world's leading automobile manufacturers, with its headquarters located in Wolfsburg, Germany. It is known for producing a wide range of vehicles under various brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Škoda, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ducati (motorcycles), and more. The group has a strong presence globally, catering to different segments of the market from compact cars to luxury vehicles.

🚙 General Motors (GM)Translation:

🚙 FordTranslation: Ford

🚙 CitroënTranslation: 🚙 Citroën

🚙 VolvoTranslation: 🚙 Volvo

🚙 JaguarTranslation: 🚙 Jaguar

🚙 Land RoverTranslation: Land Rover

🚙 BMW translates to "🚙 BMW" in English.

🏍️ Harley-DavidsonTranslation: Harley-Davidson

🚙 ScaniaIn English, "Scania" is the name of a Swedish automotive company that specializes in manufacturing heavy trucks, buses, and engines.

🚙 EricssonThis is a text that consists only of an emoji and a word. The emoji 🚙 represents a car, while the word "Ericsson" is a brand name. Therefore, the content of the text is simply the mention of the brand "Ericsson" with a representation of a car.

🚙 Hyundai In English: 🚙 Hyundai

Going from Russia 💪

❗️Emergency information as of 24:00 on March 1, 2022 regarding...


The country of Belarus, being a satellite of Russia, provides assistance in accommodating enemy forces and weapons on its territory. In the future, it is possible that it may support the Russian aggressors in the Russian-Ukrainian war and contribute to the achievement of the occupiers' goals.

So, rocket strikes have been systematically carried out from the territory of RB since February 24, 2022, targeting military and civilian objects. It is noted today that the Belarusian troops are in combat readiness and are located in areas concentrated closest to the Ukrainian state border.

During the current day, according to intelligence, significant activity of aviation equipment has been detected. Additionally, the movement of convoys with food and ammunition has been noticed in the areas of the settlements Baranovichi, Lyakhovichi, and Pinsk.

According to available data, the Russian occupants are preparing to launch a large-scale informational-psychological operation in the near future.

Her goal is to break the resistance of the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian army by using lies. Using the tactics of total disinformation and intimidation of civilians, the enemy will try to sow panic and chaos.

Due to the opponent's failure to achieve their goals, thanks to significant resistance from the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the defiantly patriotic civilian population, they have resorted to destroying the information infrastructure and critically important state facilities. Thus, as the occupying forces advance further into Ukrainian territory, they are destroying the relay towers of cellular communication. On March 1, 2022, a missile strike was carried out on the television tower in Kyiv.

The enemy continues to cynically disregard the norms of International Humanitarian Law during combat operations.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are defending specified borders and dealing devastating defeats to the enemy on all fronts.

During intense battles on the Chernobyl direction, the chief of staff of the 36th General Military Army of the Eastern Military District was injured, and in the Siverskyi operational area, the commander of the 11th separate airborne assault brigade of the Airborne Troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was eliminated.

Evil will be punished!

We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Fight the occupant!

Glory to Ukraine!



General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

⚡️ After the EU agreed to disconnect seven Russian banks from SWIFT, namely: VTB, "Russia", "Otkritie", "Novikombank", "Promsvyazbank", "Sovcombank", and VEB.

- Bloomberg

He is only 19 years old. He died defending his hometown Kharkiv.

Ukrainian biathlete, member of the Ukrainian national junior team.

Yevgen Malyshev.

Heroes don't die!