Mar 13, 2022 - Day 18




March 13, 2022

there will be NO green corridors

We continue working on their organization and further.



✊ Occupiers left Skadovsk. This was stated by the mayor, Oleksandr Yakovlyev.

According to him, the situation in the city is under control.



❗️Rockets hit in the area near the United States consulate in Erbil, Iraq.

According to the media, the strike was inflicted from the territory of Iran.



Air alarm in Kharkiv.



❗️There is an air alarm in Kyiv!



❗️Kharkiv, Vinnytsia - air alarm!



❗️Dnipropetrovsk and Volyn - air alarm!



☢️ The Director General of Rosatom informed IAEA that the organization has no intention of taking control of Zaporizhzhia NPP.



❗Explosions can be heard in Kherson.



📢 Attention. Chernihiv 🔴 Air Alarm IN THE REGION CONTINUES ❗

Stay in shelters! 🔴



🤷🏻‍♂️According to journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk, Russian soldiers who were captured in Ukraine were released retroactively in Russia.



🤬In Popasna, Luhansk region, the occupiers are using phosphorus ammunition. - Deputy Head of Patrol Police Oleksiy Bilotshitsky.

Russian occupiers continue to shell and bombard the civilian population. In the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, Russian missiles hit churches. Apparently, churches are also considered military targets. And these racist crusaders attack them. These idiots apparently aim to provoke hatred from all Ukrainians towards themselves, which is why they bomb residential houses, maternity hospitals, hospitals, schools, and churches. This is not an army, but a bunch of looters and barbarians. Natural orcs.

And another temple fell under the attack of the occupiers. In the southwest of Donetsk region, in Vuhlehirsk, the fascist occupiers destroyed the temple of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. This hatred towards temples within the Russian-speaking population is becoming systematic.

It seems to me that the world has finally gone crazy. What Russia started in Ukraine and what is happening now in Iraq resembles a fire that spreads rapidly and can burn the world. And it seems that Putin is the one igniting this fire.

Iran has launched a minimum of 6 missile strikes from "Fateh-110" installations on the territory of the US consulate and American military base in Iraq! US Air Force planes have been deployed - a retaliatory strike on Tehran is possible. Joe Biden must address the nation soon.

The first information has already appeared from the scene. At least 14 rockets were fired at the US consulate area in the city of Erbil, reported the Kurdish TV channel "Rudaw".

Rockets fell in the vicinity of the consulate building and the village of Mele Omer. After the shelling, US planes conducted control flights over their territory.



❗️Explosions are heard in Ivano-Frankivsk.

In the Ivano-Frankivsk region, an air alarm has been declared!



❗ Also being reported are explosions in Lviv!

"Polina Kovaleva - daughter of Russian military criminal Sergey Lavrov, laundering money here." - People came to Lavrov's daughter's house in London with such slogans.🏠🔹👨‍👩‍👧🔸👮‍♂️⚠️🔹🇷🇺💸♻️👉🌍 - People came to Lavrov's daughter's house in London with such slogans.



💬In Lviv region, a Ukrainian NGO was working!

Chronicles of Ebanarium. Two morons divide Ukraine according to the Kremlin's manual. Spectacular imbeciles. Especially stupid looks the fat-soaked General Shamanov. Not only his face has sunk in fat, but also his brains.



❗️Air alarm in Ternopil region

This is Mariupol. Or rather, what's left of it after the shelling and bombing by Russian occupiers. Now Russian tanks have entered it, shooting at ordinary apartment buildings where half a million Mariupol residents used to live not long ago. Experts say that every 13th Mariupol resident has already been killed. This is a war crime. And it shows that the Kremlin is deliberately killing Ukrainians. Scum.



Інформуємо: - We inform:

The occupiers carried out an airstrike on the International Center for Peace and Security. According to preliminary data, they fired 8 rockets.

Information about the victims is being determined.

All details will be announced later.



❗️ Zhytomyr, air alarm!



❗️Air raid in Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia, and Odessa.



❗️Shelling in Severodonetsk and Rubizhne hasn't stopped since the evening, at night the Russians opened fire towards Popasna and Lysychansk.

❗️For a week already, the Russian army cynically shoots peaceful civilians in our cities, opening fire on houses. They deliberately target those who cannot resist - women, children, and the elderly. What kind of sane military personnel would shoot at a house for the elderly? From a tank! And the Russians did it deliberately. In Kremenny. What was bothering them about defenseless people of respectable age? The Russians are destroying everyone without hesitation.

❗️In Severodonetsk and Rubizhne, shelling does not stop since evening, and at night, the Russians shelled Popasna and Lysychansk.

Yes, in Lysychansk the gas pipeline and several buildings were damaged. In Severodonetsk, the flames engulfed four houses, in Popasna - five houses and one building was destroyed, the gas pipeline was disrupted in the city. The number of casualties is being clarified.

Notification that the whole country is waiting for from Dmytro Kovalenko.



Russian occupiers carried out an airstrike on the International Center for Peacekeeping and Security in the city of Yavoriv.

📷Turn around alive



❗️On the night of March 12 to 13, near Brusin station in Donetsk region, a passenger train was hit by fragments during shelling. It was heading to conduct an evacuation trip to the city of Lymanske to pick up residents of Luhansk and Donetsk regions who found themselves in the zone of intense fighting.

One of the conductors of this train was killed as a result of the damages caused, while the other was injured and taken to the hospital in Sloviansk, where she is currently receiving assistance.

This is a terrible blow to those who save Ukrainian civilians every day and pave the way of life for over 2 million saved.

Ukrzaliznytsia is currently making every effort to evacuate the train crew and all passengers, including about 100 children, who were waiting for rescue at the Liman railway station.

Because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, food security is disrupted worldwide. The point is that Ukraine and Russia are among the world's largest grain exporters. But due to the Russian invasion, Ukraine may fail to sow, and Russia does not have its own seed fund and cannot purchase planting material due to sanctions. In general, the world is under significant strain. After all, for many North African countries, such as Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, and Libya, a large part of the need for wheat is provided precisely by supplies from Russia and Ukraine. The residents of these countries, writes AFP, have already begun to stock up on flour, semolina, and other products, fearing that due to the war in Ukraine, prices for products will sharply rise and a shortage will occur. All of this has already led to a sharp increase in grain prices. Evaluate the prices in the screenshot. But this is still not the final price. Because of this, there is already a lot of tension in China. But I am confident that this tension can be quickly alleviated if China's leader, Xi Jinping, can exert pressure on Putin. Xi has less and less time, and the price is rising faster and faster.



Total combat losses of the enemy from 24.02 to 13.03 approximately amounted to:

▪️personnel - over 12,000 people.

▪️ Tanks - 374 units.

▪️combat armored vehicles - 1226 units

▪️Artillery systems - 140 units.

▪️RSZV - 62 od

▪️ PPE - 34 pcs

▪️aircrafts - 74 units

▪️гелікоптерів - 86 од - ▪️helicopters - 86 pcs.

▪️automotive equipment - 600 pcs

▪️ships/boats - 3 pcs

▪️Tank with Petroleum Products - 60

▪️UAV of operational-tactical level - 7.

Генштаб ЗСУ - General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine



House in Chernihiv after air strike by Russian occupiers.

Previously: 1 person died, 1 injured.

The Ukrainian national team has finished its performance at the XIII Winter Paralympic Games in Beijing, China.

Ukrainian athletes won 29 medals in nine competitive days: 11 gold, 10 silver, and 8 bronze. They ultimately took second place in the overall team standings and in terms of the total number of medals. (Source: Укринформ)

The Ukrainian national team in two sports (biathlon and cross-country skiing) was represented by 29 athletes: 20 Paralympians (13 with locomotor disabilities, 7 with visual impairments) and 9 guide athletes.

To tears! A dialogue soaked with katsap patriotism. Russias get used to living poorly.

The Russian opposition is gathering across Russia today at 14:00 for large-scale protests against Khuyutin. Ugh, against Putin.

People, please help Kherson. Here are two channels that we cannot ban. I ask those who have Telegram to go in and leave a complaint about these channels. Enter the group without joining it, in the upper right corner there is a button with three dots: complain. Choose - other. And leave a comment about how the community threatens the state sovereignty of Ukraine. It will take less than a minute.

Stephen King called for "breaking down the wall of disinformation" around the war in Ukraine. A wonderful writer turned out to be a wonderful person as well. Thank you, King!

On one of the largest platforms for digital democracy in Europe, OpenPetition, a petition appeared on March 11th to Zelensky demanding the lifting of restrictions on travel abroad for Ukrainian men aged 18-60. But men without military experience.

40,000 votes per day have already gathered nearly 30,000.

I'm for it too. Let them go. Enough of this shame with catching...

And since these people are still willing to pay (and pay) bribes to border guards to let them go, - then just officially state the amount of the bribes.

Direct the received funds specifically to provide for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and the Territorial Defense Forces (TDF).

And let them go. Their money will fight for them.

Finally, not everyone can fight. And not everyone's mental state allows them to even be in a country at war. Maybe they will leave and help from abroad. At least someone from them. This is already a greater benefit for the state than keeping them unable to leave.



❗️On Sunday, March 13, for the evacuation of residents of Luhansk regionвідкриють - will open"green corridor. Silence mode in the region announced from 09:00."

At 10:00, evacuation buses will arrive in Bahmut, after which they will immediately depart to the Luhansk region.

Evacuation meeting points:

🔻Lisichansk - vul. Sosyuri, 324, building of the Emergency Situations Service

🔻Kremenna - Titova Street, near Ukrposhta

🔻Rubizhne - Volodymyrska Square, near the city council.

🔻Severodonetsk - PC "Builders"

🔻Гірське – Будинок культури “Україна”🔻Hirske - Cultural House "Ukraine"

🔻Golden - Sunny Quarter, 8a



😡They stole the mayor of Dniprorudne, Yevhen Maviyev.

The head of Zaporizhzhia Regional State Administration, Oleksandr Starukh, announced this.



🥇 The Ukrainian national team won the "gold" on the last day of the Paralympic Games in Beijing.

Ukrainian athletes celebrated victory in the cross-country relay 4x2.5 km.



New trophies of Ukrainian soldiers will be put into service of the state defense forces, - General Staff of the Armed Forces.



As a result of the bombing in Yavorivshchyna, 9 people died, 57 were injured.

Video has already appeared on the Internet, showing how quickly one can connect to Elon Musk's Starlink satellite internet in Ukraine. Now it will be available for all defenders of Ukraine.

Do I understand correctly, during the war with Russia, only common people should have censorship of common sense, and not the representatives of power, right?

If someone doesn't know - Kommersant is practically the printed organ of the Kremlin.



❗️Planes that bombed the Yavoriv range flew from the Russian Saratov to the Black Sea waters. Strikes were carried out specifically from there.

Still, not only Russia claims the title of the most fucked up country in the world. Now, Iran is also vying for leadership in this competition.

This text translates to: "This night Iran launched 12 ballistic missiles at the capital of the Kurdish region of Iraq - the city of Erbil, according to local media. It is believed that the target of the attack was the US consulate building located in this city. However, in Iran itself, they rushed to declare that the actual target of the attacks was not the American consulate, but a secret Mossad base located inside."

Subsequently, this statement was voiced and from official sources in Tehran, stating that the attack was aimed at secret military bases. In addition, Iranian sources noted that the attack occurred at 01:20, just like the time of the elimination of the leader of the Quds Force, Qasem Soleimani, in 2020.

In general, if the riffraff in their inflamed imagination finds biolabs in Ukraine, then the freaks from Iran managed to see Mossad's base in Iraq. Damn, what are they sniffing???

Reasons invented in the Kremlin to explain the need for a "special operation" in Ukraine are changing one after another, but do not inspire trust in anyone. Over these two weeks, these versions have taken on different forms - up to the most creative and absurd. We await a new version. Apocalyptic.



🚫Russia and Belarusзаборонили = prohibitedtake part in the Universiade-2022



🚌 UkraineleadsNegotiations with the world's largest companies regarding gasoline and diesel supply - Shmyhal.

I have repeatedly observed who and how officially announces the conduct of military operations in Israel. This is always done by representatives of the IDF, the Israeli army. And here, anyone who feels like it is involved in this - from the country's chief railway worker to the advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs, or some other talking head in the Presidential Administration. I believe that official information about everything related to the conduct of military operations, reflecting attacks and everything else, should be voiced by representatives of the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Defense, or the President personally, and not by those who just want to associate themselves with the achievements of our soldiers. And I believe that we should learn from the experience of a country that has been at war for over 70 years. Because when people who are not official spokespersons of the Armed Forces or the Ministry of Defense speak out or make contradictory statements about military operations, it smells bad of parasitizing on other people's merits. Everything related to war should be commented on exclusively by representatives of the Armed Forces or the Ministry of Defense.



🍞In the capital, a two-week supply of essential food products has been formed for two million Kyiv residents who have stayed in the city.

✔️The city has prepared for possible actions in the event of a blockade. Those two million Kyiv residents who have not left their homes will not be left alone in case the situation worsens.

✔️The city government, in collaboration with businesses, has done its utmost to ensure that shops and pharmacies are opened, and prices in them are kept at an affordable level.

🤍The city is grateful to Ukrainian and foreign partners who were able to provide large and small stores with the most essential goods in the shortest possible time and organized their almost uninterrupted delivery.

❕In addition, salaries and pensions are paid in the capital, so we ask residents of Kyiv, if possible, not only to buy everything necessary in stores, but also to pay for utilities, which are provided in full. And also help those who are nearby!

Ah, good! Ah well done!



😥 As a result of the bombing in Mykolaiv, nine people died, - Kim.



❗️"On this day, Irpin is not captured - 70% is ours, the Ukrainian city. We are fighting for the remaining 30%."— Mayor Markushin.



📲СБУ - 📲SBUlaunchedTelegram chat-bot, where you can send information about the movement of Russian equipment and military units.

Distinguished military pilot of the Russian Federation, Colonel of Aviation Gennady Isaakovich Shtern, appealed to Russian military pilots to immediately stop the destruction of peaceful Ukrainian cities and villages. There are still decent people in Russia. But how few they are...



😢 35 people died as a result of shelling of the peace and security center, - Head of Lviv Regional State Administration Kozitsky.

This is already the fifth katsap tank for this Stugna. Glory to ZSU!!!



The SES told how they sheltered a dog: fed and warmed up.

Once upon a time, there lived a dog in Chernihiv. Scared by explosions, hungry, and very tired, he came to our rescuers today.

Fed and warmed… fell asleep with a happy dream. We take care of everyone.



🇺🇸 Berdyansk held a rally against Russian occupiers.



❗️Russian occupiers are attemptingобійти (Ukrainian) - bypassMykolaiv, to attack Odessa, - Ministry of Defense of Britain



Important for today. About the war. We will win. Glory to Ukraine!

Spiegel magazine's new issue cover: How far is Putin willing to go?

Can he rewind back? - With such a cover, another issue of the German weekly magazine was released.

New masterpiece from Andrey Ermolenko



🇺🇦ZSUdestroyedOccupation column, moving towards Kyiv.



In Kherson, the occupiers are shooting at peaceful residents.

The end of the third week is approaching, but there is still no Novorossiya. We were expecting a festival of Donetsk republics, but we got Kherson instead. Occupied Kherson, where regional parliament deputies vote at gunpoint of Russian tanks to stay in Ukraine. It looks more like a Russian autumn than a Russian spring. I'm trying to imagine a vote in the Duma under similar circumstances. I see Volodin wrapped in an American flag, and 450 unanimous votes for immediate impeachment, combined with lynching. This is Russia, and that is Kherson. Feel the difference. Of course, I don't believe in numerous unverified fakes about the repressions in the FSB in connection with the misinformation of Russia's leadership. But objectively, the topic exists. There are no republics from Kherson to Odessa. There are no uprisings. There are simply no protest demonstrations. In order to bring to the stage a single collaborationist woman.,had to kidnap the mayor of occupied Melitopol. What is happening to the Russian world, comrade Boroday? Why are you still not in Kherson? That's where you belong.

I want to thank the Ukrainians who are currently blocking the katsap trucks at the Polish-Belarusian border. They are amazing!

Excuse me...



💵 В Україні почав - 💵 Started in Ukrainerecoverвалютний ринок - currency market



😢In Irpen, the occupiers shot international journalists from the New York Times.

One of them died, the other got injured.

Israel condemns Russia's unjustified invasion of Ukraine and calls on Russia to cease shelling and attacks.

As Ukrinform reported with reference to the Israeli MFA, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel Yair Lapid stated this in his press release following a working meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania Bogdan Aurescu in Bucharest.

Like Romania, Israel condemns Russia's invasion of Ukraine. It has no justification, and we urge Russia to stop shelling and attacks and resolve this conflict at the negotiating table," he said.

According to Lapido, Israel will do everything possible to help achieve a peaceful solution.

We are working in full coordination with our ally, the United States, and our European partners to try to end this cruel tragedy as quickly as possible," said the Israeli minister.



🇮🇳India temporarily moves its embassy from Lviv to Poland.

⚡️ Famous journalist of the New York Times and documentary film director Brent Renaud died in Ukraine.

The following text is in Russian and the translation into English is:The head of the police in Kiev oblast, Andrey Nebitov, reported this. He also published a photo of the journalist's documents and his body. Another journalist from the publication has been injured. The occupiers have started killing Americans.



📢 Honored military pilot of Russia, Colonel of aviation Gennadiy Shtern calls on Russian military pilots to immediately stop the destruction of peaceful Ukrainian cities and villages.

Stop bombing and shelling Ukrainian territory from the air. I await your decision on my appeal. Time does not wait. Confident in the caring support of all aviation veterans.- заявив Щтерн.- "stated Stern."



⚡️The occupiers launched an artillery strike on the Pushcha-Vodytska Psychoneurological Internat. The staff and the residents were evacuated in advance.

❗️A shell hit the boiler room building: the roof is damaged, there is destruction inside. A second shell hit the morgue building.

▪️ As a result of the explosive shock wave, the residential building of the establishment suffered partial damage.

✔️At the time of the shelling, the students and staff of the boarding school were evacuated to a safe location. Currently, specialists are working at the site of the shelling.

Details of the murder of an American journalist in Irpin.



The name of the deceased correspondent of The New York Times, who was killed by occupiers in Irpin, became known.

This is documentary filmmaker Brent Renaud, who has worked in many "hot" spots and has collaborated with HBO, NBC, Discovery, PBS, and Vice News.



💡The power system is functioning stably, there is no need to save electricity, - Minister of Energy Halushchenko.



⚡️Important decisions of today's meeting of the KMR:

✔️ Increased the municipal budget reserve fund to UAH 1.3 billion. The funds are being directed towards the defense of the city and the protection of the population. This concerns compensation for the metro and transportation companies that transport people from the suburbs. The city provides buses from "Kyivpasstrans" for the evacuation of people from Hostomel, Bucha, Vorzel, and Irpin, from the Brovarsky direction.

✔️ In the conditions of martial law, commission meetings and plenary sessions will be held under special procedures and without online broadcasts and publication of voting results.

✔️ Adopted an Appeal to sister cities, urging them to raise the issue of closing the sky over Ukraine or provide us with military aircraft at the level of their governments.

✔️Funds for addressing socio-economic issues and implementing pre-election programs may be directed towards protecting the population and defending the capital.

❗️The city team is united. The majority of deputies are in Kyiv. The city is ready for defense, and no piece of our land will be occupied by a Russian jerk.

Костянтин Усов - Kostiantyn Usov| Subscribe



🚘ToyotastoppedProduction and import of automobiles in Russia

I met with Masha a couple of days before the start of the war. And we took a wonderful photo then, where we were laughing. I posted that photo on Insta and forgot to post it on FB. By the way, Insta is banned in Russia. And today I met with Masha again. And we couldn't laugh in the photo. The mood wasn't right. So I suggested to her to imagine something very good or positive. Masha joyfully suggested imagining Putin dying. It helped. Both of us had smiles on our faces. See, how little we need to smile, and how little we want things to be good in Ukraine. All it takes is such a small thing, like Putin dying.

I would like this reason for joy to come already in March 2022. Because Putin's death is the end of war and the beginning of peace in Ukraine.



🤯 In Melitopol, Russian military kidnapped the head of the district council, Sergiy Priyma,RIA Melitopol



🚨Kyiv - air alarm!



🚨Brovary, Bila Tserkva, Boryspil - to shelter!



🤬Russian occupiers opened fire on a school in Mykolaiv region. Therefore, the authorities are currently engaged in evacuation.

How stupid they are. It's just a disaster. They came here - got it, went there - got it. They went to the third side - and will get it there., - head of Mykolaiv Regional Administration



UPD:In the edition of The New York Times, it was stated that the deceased American journalist in Irpin was not their employee. He last worked for the publication in 2015.



🇺🇦 The Lithuanian biathlete finished with the Ukrainian flag.

Vitaly Strolia during the stage of the World Cup in Estonia took three flags in his hands on the last meters of the distance - in addition to Lithuania and Estonia, where the competition takes place, also the Ukrainian, yellow-blue!



Consequences of an air strike by Russian occupiers on a school in Mykolaiv.

🎥 Mykolaivska OVA



❗️Every day Mariupol trembles from air strikes by Russian occupiers.

Every day Mariupol suffers from aviation raids by the rascists. In 24 hours, there were at least 22 bombardments of the peaceful city. About 100 bombs have already been dropped on Mariupol.

Occupiers cynically and purposefully strike residential buildings, gatherings of people, completely destroy children's hospitals, and demolish the city's infrastructure. Each bombardment brings terrible destruction and takes away the most important thing - the lives of peaceful residents of Mariupol. Today, 2187 Mariupol citizens have already died from attacks by the Russian Federation. Eternal memory to them...

The biggest threat to 400,000 Mariupol residents, who are currently trapped in the city, comes from the sky. Therefore, closing off NATO airspace over Ukraine or providing necessary missile defense systems is a decision that can save hundreds of thousands of innocent lives throughout Ukraine.



Volodymyr Zelensky visited wounded defenders of Ukraine in the hospital.



❕ As a result of the air strike on March 12, seven people were killed at the Kirovohrad airport, according to the head of the Kirovohrad Regional State Administration.Andriy Raykovych



🚨 Air alarm in Kyiv!

In the area of Hostomel, the Russians decided to set up pontoon crossings. It turned out extremely unsuccessful for them. They got fried.

Overall, the minus is a big plus for Ukraine! The Armed Forces of Ukraine practically destroyed the units of the 155th separate marine infantry brigade. In total, about 600 Russians were killed and the same number were injured," journalist Roman Tsimbalyuk reported.

Damn, how bad it is...



🎥Ukrainian and foreign journalists have been prohibited from entering Irpin for their own safety.

About thisповідомив - reportedміський голова Олександр Маркушин.City mayor Oleksandr Markushyn.

Also all media representatives are asked not to publish photographs of Ukrainian servicemen, equipment or anything that may indicate their location.

If the government service is trying to say that by criticizing this service for screw-ups, you are playing into the enemy's hands, then it's simple. They are just trying to hide their worthlessness and prevent talking about their failures. Incompetence is evident even in this. Those who said that Putin would not attack and roads are more important than the army are now trying to change their tune on the fly. It won't work. Once again - the government service is not the government, no matter how much they puff up their cheeks. All these Yermaks, Pololyaks, and other temporizers - nobody. Power in Ukraine is the Verkhovna Rada, the president, and the Cabinet of Ministers. The defense of Ukraine is the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Valeriy Zaluzhny and the General Staff are in charge of military operations and defense of Ukraine. The rest can avoid getting involved.



💰Kyiv City Council increased the reserve fund of the capital's budget from 250 million UAH to 1.3 billion UAH



🚆Current information on railway communication and functioning of stations from Ukrzaliznytsia



👊 Residents of Berlin once again take to the streets of the city to support Ukraine and speak out against war.



🙆‍♂️The strike of the Russian army on the Yavoriv training ground near Lviv is a sign of Putin's disappointment with the course of military actions in Ukraine.Advisor to US President on National Security, Jake Sullivan.

Putin is disappointed..., so he is increasing the number of targets he is attacking, and he is trying to harm every part of the country.



🚨Air alarm in Kharkiv and region!



🍟 The last day of work at McDonald's in Russia.


Краще б на мітинги так збирались.!



After an airstrike on a school near Mykolaiv, according to preliminary information, two people have died and two others have been injured. —ДСНС - Emergency Situations Service



👏Сергія Жадана - Sergiy ZhadanNobel Prize in Literature.

Zhadan is one of the most prominent poets of Ukraine and a wonderful prose writer, translated and awarded worldwide. In our opinion, the laureate of the Nobel Prize. Free Ukraine largely speaks and thinks in the words of Zhadan, attentively listening to them. Today, the poet is in his Kharkiv. And he fights., — committee of literary studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences



🚨Chernihiv, Brovary, Boryspil, and Kyiv - to the shelters!

What a fuck up there. This is even worse than the Soviet...



⚡️Electricity supply has been restored at the Chernobyl NPP., — -> , —(I have retained the punctuation marks and displayed them in the same format.)Енергоатом -- Energoatom

So now the cooling systems of spent nuclear fuel assemblies will again operate in normal mode, not from backup power.

Francis Fukuyama is an American philosopher, political scientist, and economist. In his book "The End of History and the Last Man," published in 1992, he formulated the concept of the "end of history" - a state of equilibrium that the world will reach due to the inevitability of the spread of liberal democracy and the cessation of any ideological conflicts and political system confrontations. On March 10, 2022, the journal American Purpose published Fukuyama's article "Preparing for Defeat," in which he discusses how the war in Ukraine could end. Here is a summary of this text.

Russia will inevitably lose in this war, as Putin made all decisions based on reality-distant data. The defeat of Russia will be sudden and catastrophic, rather than a result of a war of attrition. There will come a moment when the army cannot be supplied, but Putin will also not be able to withdraw it.

The UN Security Council once again proved its uselessness during the war. The only benefit was from the voting in the General Assembly: then it immediately became clear who is who among the states. The conflict cannot be resolved diplomatically, as neither Russia nor Ukraine are willing to compromise.

Joe Biden did the right thing when he decided not to declare a no-fly zone over Ukraine and not to hand over Polish MiG-29s to them. It will be better if the Ukrainians themselves achieve victory over the Russians: Moscow will not get a chance to accuse NATO of an attack, and thus it will be possible to avoid escalation.

Putin will not survive the defeat of his army. He is a "cool guy." As soon as he shows his incompetence and weakness, he will have nothing left to offer.

The war has hit the image of all global populists who sympathized with Putin before Russia's invasion of Ukraine. This includes, for example, the President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro, the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban, and of course, Donald Trump.

The war in Ukraine can be a good lesson for China. Over the past ten years, it has built what appears to be a high-tech army, but in reality, it has very little actual combat experience. There is hope that when considering future actions against Taiwan, the Chinese leadership will not deceive themselves about their capabilities, as the Russians did. Taiwan itself should take care of its security, following the example of Ukrainians, and reinstate mandatory military service.

Defeat of Russia could mean the revival of global democracy, in which many Western minds have managed to become disillusioned. This is worth thanking the brave Ukrainians for.

Electricity supply has been restored at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. In Energoatom, they noted that the nuclear waste cooling systems are now operating in normal mode again. But it is too early to relax as there are still Russian monkeys on the site.



🙏During Sunday's sermon, Pope Francis publicly called the actions of the Russian army barbaric and referred to Ukrainian Mariupol as a martyr city.



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The number of Ukrainian refugees has reached 2.7 million people - UN. If the majority of them do not return, then Ukraine will not only lose a whole generation, but will ultimately lose in the struggle to improve demographics. We need to start preparing for this today. Tomorrow will be too late.



🛩Russian army plane was shot down during a flight to Chernihiv, - Operational Command North

On arrests in Russia, all cops were covered with the swastika symbol Z. They are all F-ed up there.

Russian scum killed a well-known disabled volunteer, entrepreneur Oleksandr Konovalov, who was once released from captivity in the "LNR". According to his friends and journalists who spoke to Oleksandr, the man was shot in his house in Luhansk region while sitting in his wheelchair. "Sanya is no more. Surviving occupation, captivity, a new invasion, and being shot in his own home, simply in a wheelchair. Monsters. Rest in peace, bro. You were really awesome. You are a true Ukrainian from Donbas. Mordor must die," journalist Ruslan Horoviy wrote.

This is Oreyro!



🙃Short about freedom of speech in Russia

When Russian reality surprises more and more...

Read about the fact that Ukraine's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmitry Kuleba, warned Syrian mercenaries that if they fight on the side of the Russian Federation, they will be considered war criminals. He believes that this will stop them? I personally am not sure. These scoundrels understand what they are getting into. Therefore, it is better to take an example from history, implement it in Ukraine, and convey this information to Syrian mercenaries. It can be done in the form of a video broadcast.

English soldiers did not give back the bodies of killed Afghans to their relatives, but buried them themselves. Moreover, they did it with honors. However, they did one thing that Muslims fear the most in the world. Before burying the killed, they wrapped them in pigskins. According to Muslim beliefs, a pig is an unclean animal. And a dead Muslim will never go to Allah if buried in the skin of this animal. And what do you think? After such public burials, attacks on the English troops sharply decreased.

I think that we will have to repeat this procedure with the Syrians. Moreover, the first clients are already in Ukraine.



🚨Khmelnytskyi Oblast - take cover!

Patriot of Russia Girkin, who is Strelkov, accurately assessed the real prospects of Russia: either introduce all available reserves in Russia, or The Hague.

He is not from the Kremlin pool - Girkhin represents the position of so-called Russian nationalists. And he does not have access to Russian power. It would be good if he continued to be ignored in the Kremlin.


Partners, having lured Kremlin negotiators with yet another slobbery candy and maximally dragging out the time, will ultimately offer them nothing except to capitulate. Moscow - in front of Kyiv. Unless, benevolently allowing to stretch the capitulation over several stages, starting with an immediate ceasefire, followed by the withdrawal of troops, and then - returning to the demands to return Donetsk, Luhansk, and Crimea... And then - as it should be - pay and repent, after which welcome to the trial in The Hague. And until then, no sanctions will be lifted.


This is a rather sober assessment of their future without a victory over the whole of Ukraine (which was planned to be taken in 3 days).

But, by the way, this is an important moment: that someone like Girkіn dared to articulate an unpleasant truth directly. He risked clearly articulating specific points.

So, these feelings are not just in the air of Russia, but are also being fixed in writing. This is a good sign for us.

And this is already known to all, the favorite saying of Marcus Porcius Cato the Elder about Carthage:

Russia will be destroyed!

Together we will win!

👍Ukrainian biathlete Anastasiya Merkushynawent to serveв ЗСУ (in the Armed Forces of Ukraine)

Traitor and propagandist. Use them and throw them away, and they think they can get away with it.



🧳Almost 2.7 million Ukrainians were forced to leave Ukraine due to the Russian attack. This is the largest wave of refugees since World War II!

According to the UN data, the most people went to Poland - 1.6 million, and 246 thousand went to Hungary.

Benedict Cumberbatch plans to accommodate Ukrainian refugees in his home. Cumberbatch intends to join the "Homes for Ukraine" program, within which residents of the United Kingdom offer their homes to Ukrainian refugees.

No, I haven't left and don't plan to leave, but I would definitely take the opportunity to be friends with Sherlock Holmes. So I'm heading to him, settling in his house, having drinks, and... coming back. Though, why go? Benedict, come over. You can stay with me. I'll introduce you to such legendary warriors that you'll be amazed! ))



💔Benedict CumberbatchWant to participate in the Homes for Ukraine program and provide your own home. - Reuters

British actor is confident: it is impossible to ignore what is happening in Ukraine, and everyone should do as much as they can

Generalissimo Nadia Savchenko speaks again in the interests of the same beneficiaries.

After Nadezhda Savchenko fell out of the airwaves for some time after February 24, this latent transmitter of Russian narratives, which she had been on pro-Russian TV channels for several years in a row, returned to activity.

Moreover, in her recent videos, she appears in military camouflage, as if she is back in action, and in her latest address, she completely breaks off the patriotic enthusiasm, saying - we need to counterattack and crush the enemy!

I remind you that the last time when Generalissimo Nadya counterattacked, she destroyed the lives of defenders of Ukraine, and herself, under very strange circumstances, fell into captivity. But now, it's not about that...

The thing is, the Supreme Commander Nadia, who is as unaware of strategy and tactics as she is of Beijing on all fours, is now playing with the emotions of Ukrainians to provoke mistrust towards the actions of the authorities of Ukraine and the General Staff. In other words, she is doing what she has been doing all these years.

It turns out that nobody knows better what needs to be done than Nadia Savchenko, who calls for making a strong advance and ironing out the enemy in three days.

And now I will explain the situation to those who liked the nonsense of the Trojan mare Nadezhda.

Currently, the operational situation is developing in favor of Ukraine. We have dragged Russia into a war it was not prepared for - resource-wise, technically, logistically, economically, and morally.

In the current regime, through pinpoint attacks, guerrilla tactics, and enemy bloodletting through logistical channels, we exhaust the enemy and counterattack in the most weakened directions.

In turn, if we concentrate all our resources for a massive counterattack, this group of troops will be destroyed by the means available to the Russian army and exactly as during the invasion of Ukraine, we destroyed 1/3 of the combat-ready units of the RF Armed Forces, the counterattacking units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will destroy the Russian occupiers.

It is defensive tactics that have already allowed Ukraine to win this war, and further development of this tactics will allow us to drive the occupiers out of our land.Translated text: It is defensive tactics that have already allowed Ukraine to win this war, and further development of this tactics will allow us to drive the occupiers out of our land.

But, Generalissimo Nadya deliberately calls for the tactics that are beneficial to Russia and desired by the not particularly knowledgeable in the methods of war hurray-patriots. Why Nadya does this is understandable. By playing on the hurray-patriotic sentiments, she continues to do what she has always done - destabilize society in the interests of beneficiaries from the other side.

After all, how can she be blamed for wanting the quickest liberation of Ukraine from occupation? But on the other hand, as long as there is no counteroffensive, she will only sow more distrust towards the authorities and the army.

Now answer the question: for what purpose did Nadya emerge from a brief non-existence into which she fell on the day of the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces, and now she is active as Joan of Arc?



⚠️Humanitarian cargo for Mariupol residents again did not enter the city - the convoy stopped in Berdyansk, as the Russians shelled the humanitarian corridor from the air. There are many civilian casualties—міністр реінтеграції Верещук minister of reintegration Vereshchuk.

Despite this, humanitarian corridors were established in Luhansk and Kyiv regions, from where thousands of people left.

The correct perspective on the situation.

It was a Russian BMP-3. But our artillery hit it. Appreciate what a wonderful stuffing turned out.



❕The press secretary of Putin, Peskov, announced negotiations between Ukraine and Russia on March 14 in video communication format.



⚡️A column of occupiers has entered Skadovsk - about 30 units of equipment

It seems to be staying overnight. We settled in one of the children's camps on the outskirts of Skadovsk., Mayor of the city Alexander Yakovlev



🎂 Today, one of the most positive politicians of Ukraine - head of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration - celebrates his birthday.Віталій Кім translates to Vitaliy Kim.

His short daily video messages gather hundreds of thousands of views, on TikTok he is one of the most quoted Ukrainians, and memes with his photos gather thousands of likes.

We wish peace and an independent, free Ukraine to the leader of Mykolaiv region and the entire state!

The Committee of Literary Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences nominated writer and musician Serhiy Zhadan for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

This was reported in a statement on the committee's website.

In our opinion, Zhadan, one of the best poets of Ukraine and an outstanding prose writer, translated and awarded worldwide, is a writer of Nobel level.



🕯In Ukraine, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion by the Russian Federation, three journalists have been killed, - JFJ foundation

A good front page, in keeping with the times. Z-swastika and militaristic, imperial arrogance surrounded by headlines about the economic disaster that the country is already beginning to choke on. (c) Dmitry Navosha

A dashing Russian woodpecker has arrived.

So! Former commander of the British army Colonel Richard Kemp has stated that the West should not rule out the possibility of eliminating Putin, like they did with terrorist Osama bin Laden, who posed a threat.

And I like the position of this colonel.

It's so cute and fun that you can watch it endlessly. Russnies can't understand why? Because you, bitches, support your Reich and your Führer Putin.



🗣Zelensky called on software producers Microsoft, Oracle and SAP to end cooperation with Russia.

A little humor for you in the feed.

This is Kharkiv. One of my favorite cities. A city where I have spent a lot of time and where I have many friends. My heart is breaking with pain and anger.

We will rebuild the city, but we will not forgive these creatures.



‼️ Diplomas issued by Russian universities are no longer recognized by the world.

➖ AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business);

➖ Business Graduates Association

➖ AMBA (Association of MBA Programs)

➖ EFMD (Global network of business schools, companies, and associations involved in management development) decided to withdraw accreditation from all universities in the Russian Federation.

Oh, how sad (no).

In the occupied Vuhlehirsk, Donetsk region, the Russian occupiers killed a military chaplain, Igumen Platon (Morgunov), of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

Source: Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Literally: Sadly we learned that in Volnovakha Russian invaders killed military chaplain, hegumen Platon (Morgunov).

Details: In the BCU (Ukrainian Orthodox Church) they said that Hegumen Platon was tonsured (ordained) as a monk in the Holy Theodosius Monastery in Kyiv, and served for a long time in the Holy Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery.



🏥Russian occupiers are targetingThey hit Ukrainian hospitals.despite the Geneva Convention, - Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko.

Occupants destroyed 7 hospitals that are not subject to restoration. 104 facilities are damaged and can be restored. 34 medical vehicles were fired upon. 6 healthcare workers killed, over 13 injured.



🕯 In the publicationTimeIt was reported that the deceased American journalist Brent Reno, who worked for them, was in Irpin. He covered the global refugee crisis.

We destroyed the myth of the "invincibility" of the Russian army. They expected to conquer us within 48 hours. Maximum reserves of food, fuel, and ammunition were calculated for only 3 days. But we stopped them and foiled their expansionist plans. The enemy is suffering significant losses in personnel and equipment.

This war proves how far we have advanced in recent years. Today, the professionalism of the Russian army is at the level of the beginning of 2014.

An example of their "military aptitude" is the story of the "shot down" Ukrainian Bayraktar.

Today at 9:32 in the VESELE area of ​​Kharkiv region, a Russian UAV was shot down by the air defense unit of the 6th Army of the Russian Armed Forces using TOR anti-aircraft missile system at an altitude of 3200m. The UAV was deployed for reconnaissance on the Kharkiv direction. At the same time, Russian military personnel of the Air Defense reported to the leadership about the destruction of the Bayraktar UAV of our Armed Forces.

The investigation results of the disappearance of the UAV of the RF Armed Forces proved the fact of its downing by its own air defense missile system, but the army command decided to conceal this information. (c) V. Zaluzhny



😏Colonel Richard Kemp, who commanded the British forces in Afghanistan, believes that NATO should consider all options for removing Putin from power.including murder

If the matter came to murder, it could have been unpleasant for many, but his life is no more valuable than the lives of thousands of people he has already killed in Ukraine and other places, and may kill in the future.

EU Ambassadors can reportedly agree on a new fourth package of sanctions against the Russian Federation on Monday, March 14. Journalist Ricard Yozaak wrote about this on his Twitter.

EU ambassadors today discussed the 4th package of EU sanctions against Russia. They will give the green light tomorrow at noon, - the journalist reported.

According to him, the sanctions will include measures such as increasing listing, prohibiting the export of luxury goods, and new EU investments in the Russian energy sector, as well as banning the import of steel and iron.

Russia 2022. Forward to the past!



🚨Krivoy Rog! Air alarm!



On the American television channel CNN, Western allies were urged to provide Ukraine with destroyers and air defense systems. Ukraine needs significant military assistance as it is currently on the front lines of the Russian empire's war against the Western world.

The more assistance you provide us in order to increase the efficiency of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the weaker Putin will become. And it is thanks to this, with your support, the security of the whole world, the United States, and NATO security will be greater.

Ebanarium. Otherwise, you cannot call it the Russian Federation.



💥 Russian occupiers' heavy artillery is destroying residential quarters in Kharkiv.



⚽️🇺🇦Player of the Ukrainian national team Andrii Yarmolenko couldn't hold back tears after scoring for English West Ham. And the fans in the stands stood up and applauded the Ukrainian football player.



🚨Air alarm in Cherkasy region!



🤦🏻‍♂️Russia has asked China to provide technical and economic assistance to continue the war in Ukraine, - The New York Times with reference to US officials.

The fighters of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine are always on guard.



🗣Russian military is planning to land their troops on the territory of Odessa and the Odessa region. However, Ukrainian military is ready to respond, the situation is under control.Олексій Данілов --> Alexei Danilov

Официальные лица США и Украины готовятся к возможной химической атаке РФ - The HillTranslation: Official representatives of the United States and Ukraine are preparing for a possible chemical attack by Russia - The Hill

Sorry to ask, but have they already started distributing gas masks and chemical protection equipment to the population in areas expected to be attacked with chemical weapons? Or are they not thinking about it yet?

Philosophy Rusni. Orcs...



💁‍♂️New portion of distaste from Medvedchuk.

The journalists of found a railway platform and a golden restaurant carriage in the estate of a politician in Puscha-Voditsa.

It seems like Putin's godfather really didn't want anyone to see this.

Financial Times writes that Russia is asking China for military aid. Russia has requested financial assistance and the supply of military equipment to support the offensive in Ukraine. It seems that Putin is doing so well that he is already trying to involve not only Belarus and the rest of the CSTO, but now also China. But it will be rebuffed, like in all other places. Interesting information.



🤳🏻GlobalCheck reports that Instagram has already started blocking in Moscow and St. Petersburg.



🚊 Ukrainian Railways is ready to nationalize Medvedchuk's carriage and use it for transporting children and postoperative patients.



If Apple and Google introduced the function of air alarm notifications in Ukraine on every smartphone in the world, citizens of other countries would quickly feel the horror of war and force their governments to close the sky over Ukraine.

Took captive and he realized that he came not for training, not to set us free, but to perish. And couldn't he understand that before the war? Didn't he want to? Or was he incapable of understanding? But in captivity, he suddenly becomes smarter, damn...



Rocket shelling of the International Center in Yavoriv in Lviv region – it is an act of terrorism on the border with NATO. This was said on the air of the American TV channel MSNBC.

Called on allies to open a second front against Russian aggression.



🤡росіяни🤡Russianпомилково - mistakenlyThey shot down their own drone in Kharkiv region, but they reported to the management that it was a Ukrainian Bayraktar.

What about the world army, you say?



🚨Air alarm in Zhytomyr!



💪The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed about 200 units of equipment that the Russian occupiers had accumulated near Melitopol.

This was also reported by the advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs.Anton Gerashchenko



📺 In Energodar, the local TV channel EnTS refused to cooperate with Russian occupiers and stopped broadcasting.



🎤British singer Tom Odell organized an impromptu concert at the train station in Bucharest in support of Ukrainians who were forced to leave the country.



We are going through the scariest test in our history, in our life.

We protect what is most precious to us.

We must stay, we must fight.

And we will win.

I believe in this.



❗️Talks with Russia, according to David Arakhamia, will take place on the morning of March 14th at 10:30 via video communication.



⚡️Russian military personnel are refusing to participate in combat actions en masse. Operational information as of 24:00 13.03.2022 regarding the Russian invasion from the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

▪️Cases of mass refusal by Russian servicemen to "be sent to Ukraine" for combat actions are being recorded, despite promises of granting "war veteran" status, additional daily allowances, and increased salaries.

🔘 For the building up of groups in Polissky, Tavriski, and Pivdenno-Buzk operational areas, the enemy carries out the formation and movement of strategic reserves to our borders.

▪️Ignoring the norms of International Humanitarian Law, Russian occupiers continue to destroy stationary objects of military and civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.

▪️The enemy conducted demonstration actions along the State border of Ukraine in the Volyn direction with units from the composition of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

▪️In the Siverskyi direction, the enemy has concentrated on regrouping, replenishing supplies, and preparing to resume the offensive towards Brovary.

▪️The enemy is trying to consolidate on the achieved positions in the Sloboda direction, carries out troop redeployment, and attempts to resume offensive actions on the cities of Kharkiv and Sumy.

▪️As a result of the active offensive actions of the Ukrainian defenders on the Izyum direction, the enemy suffered losses in the areas of the settlements of Topol'ske, Shpakivka, Donetsk and retreated.

▪️Enemy units are trying to carry out offensive operations in the Donetsk and Tavria directions, focusing their main efforts on advancing towards Severodonetsk. Attempts to capture Mariupol remain unsuccessful.



👊🇺🇦Throughout the day, Ukrainian PPO forces destroyed four airplanes, three helicopters, and a RF military drone.



❗️In Kherson, explosions are reported.



❗️Air alarm in Kramatorsk!



🤷🏻‍♂️The Chinese embassy in Washington says they are unaware of Russia's request for military and economic assistance.

In turn, Mykhailo Podoliak has already managed to comment on the news about assistance from the Russian Federation.